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“Flying High” Sculpture by Viviana Puello Clay, Enamel And 24K Gold, 8” Official Sculpture Of The ATIM’s Top 60 Masters Awards

“...Something amazing happens when the creator gives himself over completely and surrenders to love – the painter becoming one with the canvas, the sculptor fusing with the stone. Art happens when the artist lets the masterpiece reveal itself. Then there is the fusion of the two, with no one leading – just two becoming one, just love and art in a vast universe. That is how master artists work and how masterpieces are created, more often than not; the masterpiece outlives the master and remains as a testament to the miracle that once took place, when creation brought to life a creator and when the creator produced what the world considers a precious gift.” - Viviana Puello

“The Power Of Thought'' Oil On Canvas Plus Object 41''x49''x4'' By Katrin Alvarez

DEDICATION To you my flying angels, I’ve been here for five days now. I decided to isolate myself in a hotel room in NY to focus entirely on the curatorial work of the publication; I wanted it to be perfect for you. I wanted you to see it and be inspired by this works, and I wanted no distractions. My first two days were all business, planning, directing, designing, reviewing articles, etc. The phone ringing nonstop, and working till late night. By the third day, it hit me, I felt I was missing out on the bigger picture, too busy, too pre-occupied, so I stopped. I tuned out. No phone calls, vacation reply set on my email and then meditate, just be. All of a sudden I was overwhelmed with a profound sense of love and oneness, I was feeling you, I was feeling your energy through your artworks, it was magnificent. I felt liberated. I realized I had finally arrived at the center of the vortex, in the ocean of universal love where we are all one. How magnificent this can be, and that is what art can do. I'm in awe of how sixty souls gravitate towards the center of one purpose, how can we all be so connected in feeling, desire, sensibility, love for our planet and passion for human rights. The universe has a mysterious way of reuniting us, like.minded, like-hearted. Is it possible maybe that we are all creating one big, universal masterpiece and each one of our works is but a piece of this work inspired by our source? Are we all one but we have forgotten it? There’s a higher purpose; there’s greater reason why an artist creates. Beyond the human need of self-expression, there is something that drives the artist with no arms to paint with her mouth, the musician with no hands to play violin with his feet; there is a stronger force that drives us all towards this passion that burns within each one of us. Some of us feel the paint to see humankind in a state of turmoil. Nonetheless, you keep going, keep creating, keep inspiring, and you do it with the dedication of one that wants to give its best. You allow inspiration flow through your soul and blend in with the canvas, the chisel, the stone, the violin, the vocal cords, you surrender and bring forth a work of art that no eye has ever seen before. This year, we dedicate this publication to you, creator, divine being, that brings joy and beauty to the world. Especially those that carry the light to darker areas of our world, artists that are living in countries affected by war, hunger, and social apathy. I want to say, we are here, we feel your pain, but above everything, we are one and feel your love. You amazing beings, that keep painting, sculpting, creating, loving, giving, and won’t ever give up. That have held on to your passion with a stubborn heart. In the darkness, you are the light. You are flying angels because you have risen above all circumstances to fulfill your purpose. You are not only masters of contemporary art, but also masters of love and masters of life. To you all, thank you, blessings, keep going, keep living, keep giving it all and keep opening your heart. Keep flying high. Stay inspired.

Viviana Puello Editor-in-Chief ArtTour International Publications Inc.


“Fishers Of Men'' Oil On Canvas, 54''x33'' by O. Yemi Tubi

“Create 4 Peace” is a program founded by ArtTour International Magazine to reduce the transgenerational transmission of pain and suffering, utilizing art to impact the imagination and creativity of people to transmit love, peace, and personal responsibility.” For more information email:

FOREWORD ArtTour International Magazine is proud to present a highly anticipated and groundbreaking publication, a testament to our dedication and involvement with some of the most talented and inspiring artists operating in the world today: the ATM'S Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art! Featuring sixty top master artists, we bring you inspiration from the best of the best in the contemporary art world. Curated by international art personality Viviana Puello, Editor-in-Chief of ArtTour International Magazine, the publication spotlights top talent from a broad range of artistic forms. Over the years, many internationally renowned artists have been showcased in the pages of this stateof-the-art book, including Fernando Botero, Lorenzo Quinn, Hesham Abrishami, Fabian Perez, Vladimir Volegov, Kurt Wenner, Dale Chihuly, Rafael Espitia, Belarmino Miranda Montoya, and Edilson Barbosa, among many others. Most recently, the ATIM’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art was awarded the Medal of Honor by the National Academy of Fine Arts in Brazil, and Puello received the title of Member Ad Honorem from the same prestigious organization. This award-winning publication has reached over 2.1 million readers, and there have been over 600,000 views of the video production that accompanies the multimedia platform and digital publications. With this, our fifth edition, we thank and celebrate the figures making an impact in today’s international art world. This special edition book is brimming with the creations of some of the world’s most aweinspiring artists – an eclectic mixture that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone! Enjoy this magnificent selection of art! Yadira M. Roman Managing Editor ArtTour International Publications

Born and raised in the U.S, artist, writer and activist, Yadira Roman embraces her passion in a broad scope of career paths. Director of the ATIM “Create4Peace" program, Roman is an advocate for the arts and creates events and opportunities to promote arts and culture to children in underprivileged areas of Los Angeles through outreach programs. Roman is also a resident Reiki Master in the city of Los Angeles. She approaches painting and writing in a holistic way, managing to structure and compose diverse and intriguing thoughts about profound and meaningful issues, like existence, self-awareness, and spirituality. The young artist is an example of a promising new generation as she balances her passion with contributing to that of ArtTour International Magazine as Managing Editor. “Everything I do comes from a place of love, every conversation, act, and thought. I believe in the love that carries into ATIM and for that very reason support their vision of making an impactful platform for artists”.

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Preface Welcome to our fifth edition! Enjoy a new compilation of works with very inspiring messages from sixty top contemporary artists operating in the international art scene. This issue was a complete collaboration with each participating artist. We decided together what artworks to include, aesthetics, concepts, ideas and design, one by one of the pages of this publication. It was a beautiful journey. Having a publication where artists can openly express their opinion is fundamental. The aim of the ATIM's Top 60 Masters Of Contemporary Art is to inspire and transform hearts worldwide. To create a multi-cultural bridge with those who speak the universal language of the arts. Art is a powerful tool; it allows you to connect, move and touch people around the world. I firmly believe it is a vehicle to inspire our global community to a renewed collective consciousness. This magazine is created, supported and inspired by the artists and for the artists. Our mission is to promote their works; their mission is to document history. We are working on accomplishing both missions with each issue of ArtTour International Publications. We are creating content that will transform lives, ultimately, that is the purpose of art. At some point, someone will look back and find in the pages of this magazine a bit of history; but they will consider it according to the sensitive eyes of the artists. In the pages of this publication, you will find a group of people that acknowledges what goes on around them and have a voice that needs to be heard. We're happy to be here to make that happen, and we're glad you are there to listen to their message. Just open the eyes of your soul, you won't believe your eyes! Viviana Puello

Viviana Puello Editor-in-Chief ArtTour International Publications Inc.



e Curator

Viviana Puello Artist, Curator, Writer, And Activist.

Author of the inspirational book "Just Be Inspired," ColomboAmerican artist, curator, writer, and activist, Viviana Puello is highly recognized for her active role promoting the arts globally. She has most recently received a Medal of Honor by the National Academy of Fine Arts in Brazil, for her valuable contribution to fine arts and culture with her work with ArtTour International Magazine and the Vivid Arts Network. In 2011, after working as a curator for over twenty years, Viviana founded ArtTourInternational Magazine; with the help of her creative team and her husband Alan Grimandi as Co-Founder. The first issue of the magazine was published in December 2011 and distributed to fifteen hundred readers. Today, ArtTour International Magazine has over 2 million readers and is present in over 201 countries. The publication is distributed in print through Barnes & Nobel and over 1200 bookstores and newsstands worldwide and on digital format on iTunes, Magzter, and Kindle. Puello is also the founder of the Vivid Arts Network, an organization that serves as a platform for professional and emerging artists looking to receive international exposure. With Vivid Arts Network, Puello focuses her efforts as activist to abolishing human trafficking for the prevention of this crippling social issue. Following the success of the magazine, in 2012 Puello founded ATIM Web T.V. Using her past experience in journalism and communications. ATIM Web T.V. has become a successful channel to promote the arts through the broadcast of events and the “Art 2 Heart” interviews to the artists. The year 2017 marks a new journey as Puello becomes a certified producer for the Manhattan Neighborhood Networks MNN and launches the ArtTour International T.V. Show, as a new platform to promote the arts in the city of New York. Viviana Puello began her career as an artist in her native Colombia at a very early age. She emigrated to the US at the age of 14. Puello is collected internationally and has premiered in film, television, and theater. Following up with the demanding schedule of her career, In May of 2017, Puello moved her office to Harlem, New York where she works now. She enjoys painting, writing, traveling and, in her spare time, working on her farm in Italy where she can enjoy quiet respites in between her trips.



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ArtTour International Presents:

Guest Master by Yadira Roman

“Tiffany With Tea" Acrylic On Canvas

Argentina born, master artist Fabian Perez's is a highly skilled painter and sculptor known for his intriguing and stunning depictions of unforgettable memories and compelling moments. Perez paints the human emotions and loving relationships, his works of art share a combination of expressionism with a high, technically sophisticated realism focused on the representation of the human figure portrayed with considerable accuracy. With the use of light, shadow and paying careful attention to facial expressions, Perez captures the essence of his subjects giving his paintings a strong appeal. Trained in classical methods, Fabian Perez works meticulously and engage in the narrative of each work.

meticulously and engage in the narrative of each work. Each piece has a dramatic or romantic character and tells its story. In his paintings, color, line, and light are orchestrated giving his figures a commanding physical presence. Perez enjoys the versatility of acrylic colors, as he values greatly the rapid drying properties of the medium which present the opportunity to apply various layers of pigments within a short period of time, something impossible to do with oil paints. Capturing the authentic nature of his subjects while also narrating their story is a central aspect of Perez' work, and the sense of movement, space, and texture


Master Fabian Perez

unique of his paintings showcase his technical mastery. His work proposes not only an elegantly structured visual result but also the underlying emotions that play a huge part of his work thematically. It is a work that despite being heavily influenced by the artistic heritage of Impressionism, has managed to be detached and become a unique approach he has entitled "Neo-Emotionalism." With an excellent sense of composition and a bold use of line and color, Perez's paintings depict figures that often have a connection to the past, bringing back to the collective historical memory a society decades ago, which is familiar but still has many fundamental differences. In many ways, it is a reference to his turbulent childhood and teenage years, that were full of emotional moments and traumatic events. The artist continuously develops and introduces new ideas, references, and new creative paths, as his new sculpture series, “Black Phone,” “Surprise At Moonlight” and “Waiting For Romance.” On his three-dimensional sensuous works, Perez is not short of the same expert artistry present in Cont. next page... “Monika At The Nightclub" Acrylic On Canvas




“Sri Sri Ravi Shankar” Acrylic On Canvas


“Fabian Perez presents a portrait to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar” Sri Sri Ravi Shanka has been noted as a legend in India as a Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Perez’ proactive stance in honoring great leaders keeps his audience in awe and pleased with his delivery in talent as he did recently with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, allowing us all to feel the joy and determination of the great leader himself. The artist is very open about his Spirituality and appreciation for a universal knowledge. The experience is one that honors the humility within both individuals coming together through gratitude for each other.

his paintings. Working mostly in bronze, Perez creates thoughtful and compelling sculptures with intricacy. His new work despite implementing new elements and techniques keeps the core aesthetics that has been developed throughout his career and what has earned him the international recognition. Fabian Perez proves that he is an artist who consistently pushes the boundaries of his a r t i s t r y. T h e wo r k s re s o n a t e w i t h compositions previously painted by Perez and now appear as spatial artistic creations that reveal new elements of his creative world. There are figures of women, dancers and gentlemen, all of them being recurring themes, and demanding from the viewer to take a step back and visit some of the previous artworks of the artist. At first glance, Perez works act as sculptural portraits created with a unique, well-defined visual language; one that speaks to the timeless concept of love, passion, and romance. His bronze figures capture a sense of nostalgia, of moments and stories frozen in time, reflecting the artist’s experiences, emotions, and personal history. An element that transcends past the static feel of the medium itself, proposing the conceptual background of the Argentinian artist. This recent chapter of his work carries an “emotionalist” style, a neo-noir artistic expression, inviting his viewers into a new level of intimacy. Fabian Perez’ new series tells individual stories of works conceived and executed with masterful artistry, a high degree of freedom, and exceptional physical and mental strength. Perez' new work despite implementing new elements and techniques, keeps the core aesthetics that has been developed

“Waiting For Romace”

throughout his career and is a trace of what earned him the international recognition the carries as a painter. He continues on the high artistic profile that he has carefully structured throughout his years of hard work and dedication. A personal artistic expression that places the human figure at the forefront, a protagonist who evokes feelings and memories. Cont. next page...


“Cool Breeze And Cigarette II" Acrylic On Canvas

Perez continues to stretch the scope of his talent, taking the time to look within, before focusing out. His artworks become essential to the way that the public can approach his work, as they offer multiple new pathways of interpretation that become pivotal in the structure of his artistic expression. It is the most recent part of a successful career that includes not only exhibitions all around the world but also numerous awards and recognitions. All these features characterize an artist with great dedication and an immense status in the contemporary artistic society. Once again creating a moment worth noting, Fabian Perez presents portrait to Sri Sri Rai Shankarrr personally handing the Spiritual Leader a self-portrait painted with the great gusto of Perez’ realistic approach. His recent presentation of the painting to Shankar in Los Angeles is a transitional moment in his career. The detailed portrait of Shanka includes his distinctive facial appearance, highlighting his peaceful essence and offering a sense of serenity for all that may gaze at it. Perez portrays the leader’s enlightenment through detailed technique and a great sense of joy in the smile of Shankar that is contagious. A skill that Perez showcases consistently is the accurate portrayal of both essence and physique.

“Black Phone”

For more information about Fabian Perez, please visit his website


Alejandro Carrillo (Alexati) “Highlighting

e Lime-Light”

by Yadira Roman

“Le Petite Charlotte" Oil On Canvas, 24"x35"

Alejandro Carrillo's art develops from the beauty, glamor, eroticism and aesthetics of individuals, especially women. This quality is clearly evident by some of his latest works such as the “Blue Noise,” “Carmen in Black,” “The Spoiled Life” and many others. Carrillo focused on art as a way of capturing the magnificence in his life. It later came to be a refuge when the immediate world became dull or dark. Carrillo has established himself mainly as a figurative artist drawing on art deacon and art nouveau influences. Highly evident is his indebtedness of work from Tamara de Lempicka, which resonances through his very own artworks. He also looks for inspiration from other painters: to the daintiness of figures from Louise Elisabeth Vigee and the Dali and Kahlo wilderness, also to add photographers Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton for the glamorous line of attack they carry with their work.

through an excellent use of color. Enfolded in vibrant, colored gowns and furs, embellished with makeup, an arm’s reach or less from a glass of champagne or cocktail, Carrillo's figures denote the essence of luxurious life. An illusion a few of us adore holding onto our minds, so as to be capable of retaining the stand in the world while trying to achieve our goals.

While working with oils, Carrillo achieves very smooth skin tones

“Duality and Pleasure" Oil On Canvas, 31"x47"




Katrin Alvarez e Power Of

by Viviana Puello


“In Good Hands'' Oil On Canvas + Objects, 26''x37''x3''


“The Power Of Thought'' Oil On canvas + Object, 41''x49''x4''

Award-winning master artist Katrin Alvarez is known for her compelling, dreamlike, surreal paintings that represent the complexity of human situations. Alvarez focuses on the human figure while introducing multiple references such as objects, animals, etc. to enrich the composition conceptually as well as visually. Katrin Alvarez started as a journalist, going in-depth into the writing profession, but along the way she taught herself the art of painting, influenced and inspired by Michelangelo and Brueghel. Hidden inside each of Katrin Alvarez' paintings is a mood that is impossible to miss, the artist takes her audience on a visual journey as witnesses of people in different stances and circumstances along with elements that make an impact, slowly managing to blend in and propose some radical aesthetic and conceptual ideas.

“Pain'' Colored Pencil On Board + Object, 14''x18''x2''

Alvarez's works are the perfect combination of expressionism and surrealism. Her paintings are troubling and provoking yet soothing, intimate and sensitive yet bizarre, upsetting yet blissful. The compelling and transcendent imagery in her art has a form of teaching, evoking an array of emotions in the viewer. Her masterful use of color and light and skilled knowledge of the human figure allows for perfectly balanced compositions that expand the perceptions of her audience, creating room for each viewer to form different self-interpretations of the art. Showcasing masterful drawing skills, Katrin Alvarez depicts all of the figures and other objects or elements on her canvas with exact precision, something that shows her work is the product of dedicated research. Alvarez uses the gaze in her subjects’ eyes as the focal point of her pieces carrying a full palette of fascination, the result, paintings that are thought-provoking, making use diverse media to have a multidimensional approach. Cont. next page...

“Lost'' Oil On Canvas, 26''x30''




“Dummer Zufall (Stupid Accident)" (2013) Oil On Canvas + Object, 17”x21.5”


“Bis Da+ƒ Der Tod Euch Scheidet (Till Death Do Us Part)" (2015) Oil On Canvas, 33.5”x25”

Alvarez uses references that have an innate symbolic side tied to them and thus demand time to be decoded and understood. It is like watching a visual dialogue of images, where words are silent, and symbols become protagonists, carrying messages and ideas along with them. Just having a look at artworks like “Pain” is enough to understand that she is a truly conceptual artist. She uses a symbol of the technological intrusion that is happening in society, as a topic extremely relevant in the contemporary context and one that demands a careful artistic approach as well as a philosophical one. Katrin Alvarez offers both personal and universal messages, as she aims to raise awareness and establish a fruitful discussion with her public considering a vast number of topics that need more consideration. Thus it is very Cont. next page...

“Leichte Beute (Easy Prey)" (2007) Oil On Canvas, 28”x28”x2”




"Trauma" (2009) Oil On Canvas + Objects, 33.5”x25.5”x2”

natural that she structures her artistic expression in a way that invites active participation from the audience for the interpretation of her works. The viewer finds in her narrative the love and compassion of one who creates from a perfect point of inspiration. Transcending the barriers of human limitations that the ego imposes on each one of us, and reaching out to the highest and deep places of one's being. A sense of oneness is evident in Alvarez's works, which leave a lot open to interpretation, evoking emotions and creating for the viewer a unique and unforgettable experience. Alvarez is an internationally renowned artist whose works have been exhibited all over the world. She has received many awards for her paintings since 1968, including The First Group show in Cologne in 1968, Art Basel in Switzerland in 1978, and Agora Gallery in New York in 2004, among others. In 2007, her piece Exorcism won the Allan Edwards Award - Painting On the Edge. In 2009, she received the Vivid Arts Network Award at the Museum Castello Estense and a Leonardo Award for Applied Arts in which she was

given the first prize in 2013. In 1972, she received an award for her first solo show in Cologne, and in 2012 she came out with yet another celebration in Vienna. Katrin Alvarez' diverse and vibrant work is what has promoted her as an artist who has established her presence in the global art scene as a distinguished contribution to her creativity.


L. Ramachandran

e Embodiment Of by Viviana Puello

“Celestial Universe Aurora" Fine Photography & Mixed Media

e Feminine”

“Celestial Universe Lyra" Fine Photography & Mixed Media

"When I see an unclothed woman, I do not see nudity; I see the beauty of nature, I see God in every female form." - L. Ramachandran Working with a broad variety of media, photography and body painting, fine art photographer L. Ramachadran orchestrates a complex artistic profile that emphasizes on the female figure, capturing the beauty and eroticism of the female presence. He is a self-taught photographer internationally recognized for being the first photographer from India to showcase his works in Playboy magazine. His masterful compositions often make use of diverse and even dream-like environments. His works range from architecture, travel, lifestyle, fashion to fine art photography and performing arts. With an excellent use of color and dramatic compositions, Ramachandran creates stunning images with the perfect blend of abstraction and realism. In his works, his exploration of light is fundamental, and he plays with contrast to forge environments suspended between fantasy and reality, erotism and romance. He has mastered the photographic representation of the human form while elevating the female body as the depiction of the universal feminine energy. The viewer is then provoked to follow a journey that goes deep into the human psyche, unraveling the mysteries hidden in mind. Capturing the alluring forms of the human figure with his technique of manipulating light the work of L. Ramachandran has conquered art critiques and earned him international acclaim.

“Alive Art" Fine Art Photography, Mixed Media, Body Painting, Installation


“The Guardian” Oil On Canvas, 45”x63”


ĂƒAÂ?ʟŸÊ袨 Susan McCollough “Between The Linesâ€? by Viviana Puello

"New York, New York“ Oil On Canvas, 60�x40�

"I paint from the excitement of the blank canvas. I paint with freedom of inner-feelings, movement, the connection of space, combination of colors, playing with negative space until it all speaks to me. My ideas come from so many things that just fill my head all the time. It comes from our travels, the faces I see, the architecture, the people we meet, sometimes and mostly just the feeling I get just waiting to start a new canvas." Susan McCollough

The magnificent work on the cover of this publication is what we consider the representation of contemporary expressionistic art with a unique and personal approach by the hands of master artist Susan McCollough. It doesn’t take long for the viewer to be captivated by McCollough’s colorfilled compositions that give the impression of three-dimensional works for their rich texture and unexpected changes of directions. The audience is drawn by a visual symphony to uncover deeper

meanings “between the lines� and forms of her vibrant paintings. Using color as a natural communicator in her pieces and the emphasized symbol of expression, Susan McCollough brings forth an exciting journey to her audience with imagery filled with freedom of movement and spontaneity. With a carefully orchestrated use of color, McCollough creates her paintings on over-sized canvases with the use of oil, acrylic and mixed media, allowing her pallet spread


“Melting Into Spring” Oil On Canvas, 48”x60”

“Londolozi” Oil On Canvas, 48”x60”

across the canvas, bursting with energy and fluidity. She accomplishes this by keeping her palette to two or three saturated tones, contrasted with areas of solid, deep black and primary colors in the background. She explores color, line, texture, and patterns with a powerful ability, and creates juxtapositions for maximum impact. Her abstract works may be interpreted as depictions of human figures, cityscapes, or imaginary objects that create a very engaging narrative. The consistency of her bold color use carries into each creation, however, the essence and play with texture changes each time, showcasing the emotional investment of her art. Both abstract and linear forms take place in exhibiting the world she portrays. Her fondness of life and its conceptual complexities is what gives her audience the intimate experience of seeing her works as she openly expresses the joy in living possibility within each stroke. Originally from the Bronx, New York, Susan McCollough lived in Dothan, Alabama from the age of six until she graduated from high school. She received a bachelor of science degree in speech and art from the University of Alabama and continued study with accomplished artists, including Professor Gary Sussman at the Art Students League of New York, Vytlacil Campus, for sculpture and “Cascading Falls” Oil On Canvas,48”x72”

“Her Earthly Vision“ Oil On Canvas, 50”x40”

Sonia De Franceschi at the Accademia D’Arte in Florence. She has produced close to 600 paintings and exhibited in over ten solo exhibitions. Her works are held in gallery collections in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, New York, California, Virginia, New Jersey and Washington D.C. McCollough has served on the Arts Committee of the United States Sports Academy for over ten years and is now artist Emeritus and serves on the Board of Trustees. She is also a member of the Women’s Art World organization. McCollough owns a gallery in Gulf Shores, Alabama, where she also has a studio where she creates most of her works. During her creative process, the artist envisions her paintings and “Heart Of The Matter” Oil On Canvas, 36”x36”

 "5*.4501."45&340'$0/5&.103"3:"35 designs; once she is convinced of which direction to go, she is ready to place the first brush stroke and let her creativity flow. "Before I paint a new canvas, many times, I will envision painting it as I fall asleep and I work it out in my head until I know the direction I will take the next morning. Sometimes I do not wait until the next morning. I find it all a labor of love, fun and exciting with every brush stroke I take . . . " Freedom of expression and spontaneity are some of the highlights of McCollough’s works. She goes beyond boundaries, infusing her works with unique visual energy, creating art of aesthetic appeal and profound emotion while inviting the viewer to an intimate dialog. McCollough has shown her works internationally and received numerous awards. She is highly collected and has been since the early stages of her career. She has sold almost every painting she has created throughout the years, a large part of it created by commission. Her new creations are

“Between The Lines” Oil On Canvas, 45”x63”

rapidly acquired and highly anticipated. The artist has a passionate devotion to her work and creates from the point of genuine, pure inspiration. We congratulate Susan McCollough and thank her for the creation of “New York, New York” featured on the cover of the ATIM’s Top 60 Masters Of Contemporary Art 2017, Susan McCollough has been awarded with the “Artist Of The Year Award” by ArtTour International Magazine in 2017. She has also received the ATIM Masters Award for her work “Between The Lines” during a ceremony held in Florence, Italy on May 27th 2017.

“Over The Rainbow” Oil On Canvas, 48”x72”


Barbara Moore

“Art In Every Corner” by Yadira Roman

Fine art photographer Barbara Moore brings forward intriguing elements that demand a very careful approach to the composition. She is a self-taught photographer, always refining and enhancing her artistic prowess to produce thought-provoking photographs. Her work focuses on different subjects, ranging from landscape to nature and abstract photography. One of the most visually striking and masterful skills of Moore's photography is the way that she depicts landscapes, a theme common in photographers but through her eyes and pictures transforms into a majestic display of the splendor that surrounds us. Moore seizes the opportunity of taking a picture which is at the same time raw and beautiful but also extremely well defined and composed, making excellent use of artistic elements to become something m o re t h a n a d o c u m e nt a r y n at u re photographer.

“Meander 2” Fine Art Photography

Barbara Moore's skillful use of light creates dramatic results that remind the viewer that beauty is something that often needs search and devoted research to uncover and manifest. Throughout her work light is not only a tool to handle the theme artistically and manage to structure the picture carefully, but it is also a way to convey the atmosphere of the given landscape. In her abstract works, Moore usually depicts landscapes viewed in a way that obscures their original reference. Moore m a n a g e s t o t o y w i t h re a l i t y a n d perception, presenting us with landscapes that forge unusual and new patterns that establish a fruitful and exciting dialogue between the artist and the viewer.

“A Bit Of Heaven” Fine Art Photography

The work of Barbara Moore is an awakening, a call that wishes to wake up society and support others in evaluating their use of sight, as she evokes the notion that art is everywhere. All these features complement her already rich and prestigious career which has spanned already for many years. “Wise Men, On The Death Of A Fish” Fine Art Photography




“Between Dark And Moonlight”

Riya Sharma by Viviana Puello

“Majestic Elephant" Photography, 38"x59"

Award winning artist Riya Sharma is an internationally renown travel photographer from India who creates works with an unrelenting focus and beautiful simplicity that has earned her a spotlight in the international art scene. She has created a compelling artistic portfolio, being active in her home country, India, as well as in the U.S. where she has studied at the New York Institute of Photography. Riya Sharma aims to capture moments in her photographs while sticking to her personal style and vision creating imagery that evokes a sense of connection, understanding, and integrity. The subjects of the photographs are moderately diverse,

and the stylistic aspects remain relatively consistent throughout her series. Sharma's primary focus is the depiction and documentation of humans all around the world catching their everyday lives. Her images become the center of her work showcasing her artistic maturity despite her young age. Travel attractions, historic venues, poverty, social inequality, and beautifully orchestrated portraits are all within the parameters of Sharma’s photography. She captures all of these themes under the watchful eye of her stylistic approach and her wish to establish connections. Riya Sharma captures the core of the human soul inviting


We congratulate Riya Sharma and thank her for the creation of “Talking Eyes” featured on the back cover of the ATIM's Top 60 Masters Of Contemporary Art 2017. For her excellent work, dedication and career achievements, Riya Sharma has been awarded with the ATIM Masters Award 2017 during a ceremony held in Florence, Italy on May 27th 2017.

“God's Eye" Photography, 30"x45"

us to a new awareness and openness to cultural diversity and connection to humanity through the appreciation of the universes that surround us. Carrying an excellent sense of lighting, she exploits the natural outdoor light to create the contrasts and chromatic tensions of her pictures. She has learned to utilize every given moment to quickly balance in her mind the lights, shadows and the composition of her image creating an aesthetically pleasant result. As a topic that demands less spontaneity and a more wellthought process, she captures pictures that showcase exactly such characteristics, exhibiting images that balance between land, sky & water to create a

compelling and artistic result. Thematically, her creative work shows high levels of accomplishment, as it is a portfolio that depicts many common aspects of life in areas of the world portrayed through the eyes of an artist. Riya Sharma promotes each human as the protagonist, focusing on issues that resonate with each culture. The viewer can witness a full range of emotional states by exploring her work, showcasing the complexities people face in their everyday life. Riya Sharma dances with the concept carrying it into her lifestyle. Spending her time to make connections, Cont. next page...




“Moonlight Tree'' Photography, 25''x40''

“Miraculous Taj" Photography, 50"x75"


and reaching a deep level of intimacy from her subjects into her pictures. She uses landscapes as her form of storytelling into the what differentiates each culture and their ways of interacting. Her audience witnesses the beauty of many areas contrasted with the sadness and the poverty of the people living there and the way that within this place there are still glimpses of joy and hope found. This introduction of space within the context of her work becomes pivotal as it comes to complete her project as a photographer and gain a more holistic view on her chosen matter. Combining both aspects of her work into two sub-themes that complement each other, while retaining artistic and thematic autonomy. Sharma meticulously structures her work. New levels of understanding are created with every photograph she exhibits, and the relationships will last for long after the observer has left the gallery. While they may not look at the picture for decades to come, remembering it and being reminded of it has its own right. Capturing shots that she draws is Sharma’s work philosophy—and this goes hand in hand with her mission of creating bridges. She strives to take the perfect photograph, a symphony of technique, style, and the impact that people will continue viewing for decades to come. All these features showcase Riya Sharma as a master artist with a profound social awareness, carefully tackling global issues in direct need of public discussion. Sharma is welcomed into the world of photography as a powerful voice, effectively being heard.

“The Splash" Photography, 27"x35"

“The Art Of Pottery" Photography, 38"x59"

Riya Sharma is an official member of more than 70 associations, magazine, international art and cultural federations. A prodigious and immensely talented professional - freelance travel photographer who has represented India in many International Countries as a Sole Indian Photographer bringing pride to her country with numerous Global Awards. ( 100+ awards ) Adding to her vast array of awards Sharma has been invited and seen in many forms of media including television, newspapers, magazine, etc.




Aldo Basili

e Abstract Lens” by Yadira Roman

Italian photographer Aldo Basili has structured a uniquely personal style throughout his career showcasing his exceptional skill. An active artist who delivers consistency in offering works that bring forward many elements creating photographs that are not only masterful regarding realization but also deeply thoughtful and conceptually rich. His most recent chapter of work focuses on pictures that transcend photography and create a depiction that can be paralleled to painting. This unique characteristic, often described as photopaintings, has been the focus of his work and exhibits interest for its unique a p p ro a c h . B a s i l i c re a te s b ro a d e r chromatic fields in his photographs that have a sense of movement and fluidity, transcending the static nature that photography often has. It is an act that vividly enhances colors and creates pictures that appear as impressionist paintings, where light and contrasting tones become the dominant factors of the composition. A technique that offers a new view of urban landscapes and the portrayal of people, as the audience witnesses something entirely unique to their experience.

“Rio Dei Meloni” Analogue Phototography On Film, Copyright Aldo Basili 2001. All rights reserved.

Basili transforms photography into an abstract form of art, a comment on the fluidity of time and society, which leaves nothing untouched and has an effect that when unearthed becomes evident and crucial. In essence, his artistic expertise is something recognized by his long presence in the community of contemporary art; he proves to be an individual that constantly wants to explore new ways of artistic expression showing that there can always be new forms and techniques that transcend any boundaries and any borders.


“Il Medico Non Serve” Digital Phototography-Digitalart, Copyright Aldo Basili 2012. All Rights Reserved.

“Il Gondoliere” Analogue Photography On Film, Copyright Aldo Basili 2002. All Rights Reserved.




Alexandru Darida

“Seduction With A Brush” by Yadira Roman

Alexandru Darida draws his audience in with his warm use of romanticism in each stroke of his brush. Offering a light-filled experience to the viewers his painting makes use of great traditional influences; He combines Renaissance and Baroque influences with a more personal figurative approach which includes backgrounds with thick, impasto layers that create a solid foundation for the depicted figure. It is a personal style which emphasized on reinterpreting traditional techniques and placing them within a contemporary context, something which is also evident in his chapter of abstract works. Darida's depiction of abstraction is one that focuses on vibrant chromatic fields that create gorgeous patterns and include figurative references; he breaks the boundaries of twodimensional art and moves towards sculptural interpretation. This last element is seen as a bridge that connects his paintings with his sculptures that pose similar interest and expertise, as they often portray themes and patterns that already exist in his paintings. A very common recurring theme within his artworks are the figures of musical instruments. A feature that underlines his interdisciplinary approach towards art in general, as he structures an elaborate production that can be seen both as three distinct chapters as well as a similar artistic language which has aligned goals and ideals that fuel his tireless creation. In essence, Alexandru Darida is an artist who constantly reinterprets forms and concepts to create a lavish production which is relevant to the contemporary world, exhibiting to the numerous public ideas with great success. It is a personal journey that has led him from Europe to the United States and has earned him worldwide recognition as a prominent artist who creates thought-provoking pieces of art that help him establish a very robust foundation within the world of art. Alexandru Darida received the Award of Excellence from the city of Chicago, where he lives and has his studio-gallery. His powerful art is present in many galleries, museum shows, private and public collections in over 30 countries around the world.


Annette Tan

“Reflections Of Nature” by Yadira Roman

Annette Tan is an artist born in China living in the San Francisco Bay area for the majority of her life, where her interest in painting bloomed and reached her artistic maturity. Being active as a painter since the mid 1990s, she has created a rich background focusing on a skillful depiction of the natural world, ranging from landscapes and seascapes to flowers and still lifes. Tan's approach to her theme is robust and straightforward, aiming to portray the immense beauty of nature and capture the essential elements that characterize the landscapes that surround her, bringing forward the existing beauty that many of us forget. Traditional features are present in many of her works, like the paintings "Summer" and "Reflection", where she creates depictions of the natural world, balancing between the tranquility of water and the majestic mountains. Her color palette is one that successfully reflects the nature and makes use of bold, vibrant colors in order to introduce the viewer into her point of view, something she effectively manages. This, combined with her high level of drawing and compositional skill, is what elevates her work to creating impactful results. Annette Tan is an artist that promotes important ideals through her art. Such as beauty, tranquility and sheer virtuosity, managing to capture the mind of the viewer in a journey through nature's splendor. Tan effectively vibrates in a unique and personal manner in the artistic context of our contemporary society.

“Reflection” Acrylic On Canvas, 16"x20"

“Misty River” Acrylic On Canvas, 11"x14"

“Summer” Acrylic On Canvas, 18"x24"




A.C. Lindner

“A Touch Of Inspiration” by Yadira Roman

“Les Hortensias” Oil On Linen, 30”x30”

"I live on a small horse farm just outside of Austin where I have my studio. The studio has perfect northern light for painting, and I can look out and watch the deer and other wildlife while I paint. I also have a cutting garden, where I can readily find subject matter for paintings. I find inspiration in the smallest things; it may be a butterfly or the way the sunset rakes light across the landscape. Beauty is all around us, and it is this pure beauty that I try to convey to the viewer in my paintings." - A.C. Lindner Texan creator, A.C. Lindner instills life within her subject with significant technical expertise combined with highly refined visual aesthetics. Employing old masters techniques, she approaches her subjects showcasing great knowledge of drawing and color use. Lindner creates museum quality oil paintings, masterful compositions accurately drawn, conveying intricate details, such as silky furs of dogs portrayed in her works, and the lush forests of her landscapes. Her compositional expertise is underlined by the form that she depicts still lifes, a theme she embodies with innate complexity. All these are realized by using oil colors and glazes, delivering her work in luminous yet soft, gentle strokes, which evoke calm and inner peace.

“Conch” Oil On Panel, 12”x12"


Bette Ridgeway “ Wo r k i n g i n b o t h 2 D a n d 3 D s u i t s m y temperament, and the many facets of my creativity. Beginning with drawing and graphic design in advertising, then painting in oils, finding my way into acrylics, and along the way, realizing I was a sculptor as well. Then came cell cast acrylic (which looks and feels like glass), mysterious and translucent, another lens to look through. Joining paint and resin to aluminum and steel, plexiglass, designing and fabricating minimal towers of welded aluminum. Fusing color and layers of gloss. Reflective. Meditative. Everything connects. Aluminum bends, torches heat, paint flows, plexi fuses into a new substance. Movement translated to form. The left side of my brain demands deep dives into online branding and marketing. Dabbling in code. Bringing new language to another aesthetic. Designing custom websites and apps fuels the opposite side of the brain. Office – studio. Studio – office. The Computer has made friends with the paint and pigment. Complete balance. Harmony. Satisfaction. Rewards, deep rewards.” “Tropi” Acrylic On Canvas, 80”x50”

“Birth Of The Blues” Acrylic On Canvas, 80”x60”




Carlos Aranha

“Journey Into

by Yadira Roman

e Soul”

"Throughout the years, art has allowed me to understand nature, humanity, life and time and the world we live in. Art goes beyond the beauty of any form of artistic expression towards a more profound philosophical concept of life. ’Crackism' began to take place in my mind a result of exploring and trying to change the way I express myself with colors and other materials. During this time, I was working increasingly on sculpture and installation projects and studying designs for a new installation using solid colored strings. The idea came to me when one of the strings I was using cracked and got cut, creating a space or an interruption. While I was studying how this break affected and altered the artwork, I realized that these cuts belonged there. By accepting these cracks and interruptions, the artwork took on a different dimension; it looked more powerful and had more character. At that moment, I related the concept of line with life and time, which are made up of an infinite succession of moments. This conception of life and time, or 'crackism' as I call it, has since become an important part of my artistic expression. My objective is not to paint moments, but rather the spaces between moments and to capture how these spaces affect the moments without one noticing the changes that they produce." - Carlos Aranha

“Behind The Thought'' Acrylic On Canvas 42''x84'

Carlos Aranha has roots in the deep cultural heritage of Latin America; his work has profound elements that are connected to the rich culture of his background incorporating mystical, transcendental and dream-like features in his compositions. Aranha combines figurative elements with abstraction and broad color fields, creating works that express the essence of the mind, body, and soul and welcomes the viewer to experience an alternate reality which is pure and free of any “Life And Time” Acrylic On Canvas, 42"x48"


“Nature's Family" Acrylic On Canvas, 48"x58"

"Cupid" Acrylic On Canvas, 48"x60

limitations tied to the natural world. One can experience the human presence as a form that represents every individual, becoming a symbol of humanity as a whole, something truly important in the contemporary context that demands the spectator to be part of the artistic process. His style of drawing is one accompanying the thematic approach as it is free and as precise as needed to act as a reference to humanity. All these combine and bring forward both his personal, cultural heritage as well as a global level of consciousness inviting a profound exploration by the viewer to unlock all the mysteries hidden in his work, a process which becomes a journey through one's soul.

“Kiss" Acrylic On Canvas, 60"x48"




Suzanne Duncan


An interview by Viviana Puello


Suzanne Duncan has been an active and creative photographer for the last ten years, managing to forge a diverse artistic profile that explores indepth the essence of fine art photography. ArtTour International celebrates this 10th anniversary of her artistic career by presenting her work and gorgeous artistic productions through the years, while also including a personal interview with the artist. Her body of work is one of ke e n i n te re s t , a s s h e manages to handle masterfully and carefully a multitude of elements that combine into artworks that are aesthetically brilliant as well as conceptually intriguing. Thus it is an artist that is worthy of the a cc l a i m t h at h a s g a i n e d throughout this last decade. Tell us about your journey from being a make-up artist to a fine art photographer, how did you become an artist? “Hello, Everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, I am Suzanne Duncan. My journey started out with the ambition of being a wedding planner many years ago! After I had seen that movie, I thought – Yes that is for me. Fortunately for me, it didn’t work out that way. A friend of mine wanted to become a makeup artist and asked me if I was interested in joining her course. Never had the intention of being a makeup artist. I ended up coming out of in with a kit, business cards, I started shooting my portfolio, and in 3 weeks I appeared in my first magazine. Six months after finishing my course I landed my first front page cover! From that, I still had my ambition of being a wedding planner. I would get into charity work to get more experience. At the time, we were organizing a fashion show. I had a clash with

Fine Art Photography by Suzanne Duncan. Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved.

a male photographer on set. What he thought was “sexy” and to what I thought was “sexy” was two different sides of the coin. I got so mad at that moment because I knew what he thought was sexy was for him for women to show more skin. What men see as sexy (and I am not saying all men) versus women to think what is sexy is two different things. So that didn’t sit well with me, so that was the turning moment for me. I wanted to learn photography. Not thinking I would ever become a photographer, but I wanted to understand angles. I looked at the directory saw a private tutor or school. Went with the private tutor, had two lessons, practice loads to try to understand what I was doing! Working as Cont. next page...


Fine Art Photography by Suzanne Duncan. Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved.




Fine Art Photography by Suzanne Duncan. Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved.

a makeup artist on lots of photo shoots I had good access to models. This one-day was different when I organized a shoot, this time I was directing and being behind the scenes. I always wanted the other photographers to see my potential and my ideas and to credit me.: not take the credit for themselves since I was younger and only the “make-up artist.” After my trial photo shoot, I took them to my wonderful mentor Coral Johnston. I showed her everything, all my pictures, good, bad, ugly! I asked her what she thought? At that moment she invited me to photograph her whole collection that year and I appeared in magazines since that moment. Six months later I decided to study photography. The technical side. I don’t think anyone can teach you the creative side; I believe that it’s something we have within. The technical side we all have to learn. I studied it for six months, and on completion of my course, I got my first photography front-page cover! I had my first exhibition in Sydney at the end of 2006. From there I thought right let me conquer Los Angeles. I was obsessed with the TV show America’s Next Top Model. 2008 I emailed everyone from that show, all the photographers. I sent 100’s of emails. And I got five replies. Thanks to one photographer in particular who took me under his wing, Mike Rosenthal. He showed me the ropes and gave me a chance to come on set and see what the industry was all about!” “From there I was traveling to New York, and I fell in love with that city, and it is a place I still aspire to make it big

there. I wanted to get into a particular travel magazine. I would do a lot of research, and I knew I could go into their office and drop my portfolio without making an appointment. So here I am on a 6th avenue of the stars, dressed smartly ready to conquer. I get past the desk and security without even a question! I made my way to the office. I thought this is going perfectly. Then I get this receptionist; clearly, she didn’t have time for me and didn’t want to help me. She asked me whom I was there to see. I responded, whoever, she wanted me to have an extension number for the lady who I need to drop my portfolio to and gave my excuse “sorry I don’t have it at the moment” but I knew the name, but clearly had no idea of her extension number. I asked if she could help me out since I didn’t have it, she didn’t want to help and wanted to send me to the loading dock to drop my portfolio. I’m like okay, annoyed inside. I knew there was another way. Lucky at that moment I was getting into the elevator, and a nice man was talking to me, he worked for one of the other magazines. And I told him what happened, (this was 15 seconds this all happened) that he said follow me; I will get it for you! With a big smile on my face I went back up to that lady and told her what the extension number was, and she couldn’t believe that I had it! I said so can I see this lady now! If you can’t get in through the front door, go around the back! There is always a way!.” “From then in 2010 I experience an ugly side of the industry, and things weren't following so easy. I was questioning whether I still wanted to be a part of this

Fine Art Photography by Suzanne Duncan. Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved.

fashion world. That was my year to go within. SoulSearching and asking myself what I wanted to do. At the end of the year, I was back in the game! In 2012. I was asked to be published in a photography book and was offered to exhibit in Art Basel Miami, in Red Dot Art Fair. Not doing my research before the show, I had no idea it was the biggest show in the world! I couldn’t believe it. In front of me was showcasing Jane Seymour. Since my work was opposite hers, I got a lot of attention. Since then things have been a world wind. 2013 I thought it was time to make my mark in New York and try it out. I was exhibiting in Italy, Canada, Hong Kong, and Miami, New York. That year a fantastic year where my art took to a new level. I was on Vogue Italia website twice; I got the Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2013 back cover.” What are the primary themes of your work? “The style of my art is very sensual, romantic and feminine. I photograph as much as artists paint. I love creating art in photography, using fashion elements and for it to be natural as opposed to being very touched up. I love the freedom I have in the shooting. I like going into a photo shoot with a vision but nothing set in stone and not to limit anyone who I work with. I love when you create magic; your creativity comes to life and being able to capture it in a second.” You are in the world of Fashion Photography, what differentiates your work with that of other fashion photographers? “The fashion industry is an interesting place and the best part about it there are no limits. Fashion is getting more and more extreme, with different styles, colors, fabrics

and designs. I think what separates me from other photographers is the fact is my vision. No two people can see the same image in your mind; sometimes you can’t explain the images that you can see until you execute the image and show people. I'm always creating in the photograph a feeling or a mood to tell a story through my pictures.” You have a special message for your audience about beauty, what is that message? “My concept of beauty comes from within. It is an essence of whom you are and how you want to convey to the world. Being happy with who we are and having confidence! I think beauty comes in many different ways through everyone, which makes us all unique. It’s not about certain features, hairstyles, wearing certain colors. It is about being our true self and showing the world that we are. It’s finding the inner glow, and that’s where real beauty comes from! The rest compliments it! It’s the imperfections that make us beautiful!” Which of your artwork pieces is your favorite, or have been most significant to you as an artist? “I think the water pictures are the ones that are my favorite. I believe that it’s been the first moment that I could see I had something unique. It was the starting point where I could see there was something more there. It was special and had potential. I knew they were amazing, but it took such a long time even to get recognized or a chance to showcase them. I didn’t give up, and three years after I photograph them I got the break that I was looking for! It was a game-changing photo shoot for me in my career. I always saw the potential in these photographs when other people didn’t. Cont. next page...



Also, these were the ones to get me into Vogue Italy and to showcase at Art Basel – so they have a special place in my heart! “ How do you feel when people interpret your artwork differently? “I always find it interesting to hear people’s opinions. Sometimes it’s things you hadn’t seen before or thought about, and it opens your eyes in a different way or a feeling it gives to them. That’s the thing about beautiful art it is very subjective!” I remember a few years ago hearing from you how you prepare for your projects; it would be great if you could walk us through your prep process that was very inspiring! “How I prepare for a photo shoot is first figuring out what is my inspiration for this shoot! I get my creative inspiration in many different ways. There is never the same way; they are always random. I get this idea and let it bubble inside me and get this vision. Then I think how can I make this happen, Sometimes I just go and shoot by myself with a model or sometimes I have a small team who I work with. And then I will create my vision. I will go out and pick up clothes for the shoot, choose a location. When I collaborate with a team, I always allow everyone to be the most creative because I believe you will always get the best results that way instead of being controlled and forced. The theme is always guidelines to make sure we are on the same page!” What advice do you have for aspiring artists? “I would say to any photographers or artists out there to keep going and believe in yourself! Keep being determined, impulsive, focus and persistent. Try to find different ways to showcase your work. The trick is finding people who love what you do and believe in you! It’s surrounding you with a great team and support. Always follow your passion and drive. Keep positive, keep determine, keep working on your portfolio and even when things get hard to KEEP GOING! I promise it will all pay off. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough. Trust your instincts and go out and Shine!!!”

Fine Art Photography by Suzanne Duncan. Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved.

What is your personal quote you would like to share? “My quote is ‘It's time to step out and show the world who you truly are.” What do you like about photography? “I love so many things about photography! I love the form of expression that can be translated into art through your creativity, freedom, and vision. It’s a moment in time that you get to capture. Being able to see it come to life. Being able to exhibit my work is such an incredible and humbling experience I get to share with everyone. There is nothing like seeing your work big and up on the wall with people admiring it!” @suziedee


Carole Boyd “Nature's Lens” by Yadira Roman

“Sisters” Digital Painting, 36”x36”

"I am a pioneer in the field of digital fine art painting. My goal is to paint a work of fine art using a computer and the basic Microsoft Paint software program with only the tools provided and a mouse. I use no software filters, no photographs imported onto the screen or painted, no manipulations or any other artificial devices from software programs which produce effects such shading, texture, clouds, watercolor painting, oil painting, etc. My entire work of a digital fine art painting – color, texture, detail, and subject matter - is painted entirely by hand using my mouse as a brush." - Carole Boyd Carole Boyd combines digital art with traditional artistic elements. It is a process that places her in an extremely contemporary context as she makes use of technology to synthesize her diverse creative portfolio. Thematically, one can see that she is inspired by her environment as she depicts the vast American landscapes, horses that are emblematic of Texas, and a scope into the life of Native Americans, a symbol of the purity of pre-colonial history in North America. The resulting artworks are vibrant, with a unique composition as it is experienced in paintings like "Mesa Verde," an image of a prehistoric cliff dwellings. Boyd's choice of creative tools showcases her dedication to art as a process that knows no boundaries and can be realized in a digital environment as successfully as it has been done traditionally through the ages. Viewers get to connect with the essence of Boyd's imagination and are left in awe by her innovative technique which has led her career to many awards and great international recognition.

“On The Fly” Digital Painting, 22”x28”

“Mesa Verde” Digital Painting, 36”x36”




Cynthia Miller

“Rose Nebula On Twelve Panels” Glass Kiln Fused Onto Burnished Copper, 34”x54”

“I have always been fascinated by brilliant, jewel-like color. Glass and jewels kiln fused onto burnished copper panels capture and celebrate light, depth, and color like no other medium I know. Withstanding weather, his medium installs beautifully on outside walls as well as residential, business and health venues. Through copper enameling, I communicate my joy and delight in nature’s scintillating array of hues and luminosities. Colors overlay and peek through each other. Just as jazz “Swan Nebula in Twelve Panels” Glass Kiln Fused Onto Burnished Copper, 34”x54” and chamber musicians explore, dialogue, and trade musical themes from one instrument to another, so color moves from one area to another on the copper. Creating copper enamel art is an adventure. The kiln interior has been heated to a glowing orange; powdered glass melts and fuses onto the copper as it is fired. It is exhilarating to explore the evolution of a composition as each successive layer adds luminosity and depth. Each composition is unique and intended to stimulate your imagination.” - Cynthia Miller


Cornelia Steckhan “Come Into Her World” by Yadira Roman

California-based, German artist Cornelia Steckhan's artworks balance between abstract and figurative art, creating a unique, personal style which has high relevance to the artistic heritage of Germany. Throughout her work, she e m p l oys a d i ve r s e a n d t h o u g ht f u l approach, her use of bold, vibrant colors brings forward her compositions. This palette is supported by forms that act as the foundation of the painting. Her works incorporate the human figure, portraits, and objects that are distorted and focus on a sentimental - conceptual depiction, magnifying a raw representation. Her composition along with her skillful use of color mirrors a tribute to the German Expressionism of the first half of the 20th century. A highly intriguing chapter of her work is the more abstract style that she often uses, an approach that focuses on experimentation regarding techniques, composition, and palette. One can note that she often uses many differing mediums, following the contemporary flow of German art. In essence, it can be seen as a continuation of her expressionistic work, as she retains the vibrant and conceptual aesthetics while reaching an artistic purity. Such a result is emerging from the freedom and visual strength that her creations emit, features that captivate her audience. Steckhan is consistent in delivering a rich thematic background of work. Her paintings generate an intimate connection as she lures the viewer in through waves of impact in every stroke of her brush.

“Pandora Planet" Acrylic On Canvas, 35"x71"

“Herbst" Acrylic On Canvas, 26"x39"

“Hunts In Forest” Acrylic On Canvas, 14"x19"




Charles Whiting

e Elegance Of Nature” by Thomas Liuthas

Charles Whiting is a true master of photography. His work incorporates a vast array of topics and approaches that promotes the elegance of nature. Being active in the area of Colorado since 2009, he has managed to portray natural beauty through his art, while at the same time also having chapters in his work that depict the underwater world as he has extensively photographed coral reefs. In Whiting's skillful compositions, the artist shoots pictures of extreme visual interest that introduce the viewer in a world carefully constructed to portray the full beauty of the surroundings. His landscapes make excellent use of depth, managing to include multiple layers of the depicted area to create a natural result, one that is close to an experience of the illustrated image regarding clarity. His technique also includes a brilliant approach to incorporating water in the composition, as the true reflections are exploited as mirrors that create an inverted icon which balances the picture while at the same time bringing forward elements that enhance its contrast. Thus, it is a tool that promotes tranquility, visual strength, and a skillful approach which is hard to master and successfully use. Another interesting feature in Charles Whiting's work is the way that he balances colors in his photographs, as they are carefully structured to bring forward the elements that act as the focus point while the rest of the composition orchestrates the eventual climax of the artwork. These elements, combined with his implementation of lighting in the picture which is the essential tool for the photographer, creates photographs that manage to capture the eye of the viewer and become true works of art instead of mere natural documentations. His treatment of his other topics of works showcases the same skillful approach as once again color, composition and light are masterfully implemented in his underwater photography, his seascapes as well as his depictions of animals in their natural environment.

“Golden Aspens” Telluride, Colorado, October 2016, Digital Photograph

“Abandoned Homestead” Lizard Head Pass, Colorado, October 2015, Digital Photograph

Ultimately, it is a need to underline that Charles Whiting is more than a photographer as he is a complete artist, one that has absolute control over his depicted themes and manages to have a dominating presence on the scene of contemporary landscape photography. Such a feat is truly commendable as it is a very competitive scene, one that has many photographers aiming for visual perfection but few reaching the level that Whiting has managed to. “Sunrise Reflections” Crested Butte, Colorado, July 2015, Digital Photograph


Kate Taylor

e Scope Of Fluidity” by Yadira Roman

“Whirlwind” Acrylic On Stained Birch Panel With Resin, 30”x60”

“Humanity is connected to nature; our place within it and the energy we derive from this relationship. My work explores the unique forms and colors of nature and how they are an integral part of our lives – bringing contentment, grounding, and joy. Capturing the energy in dynamic flower petals or communicating the movement of water, the visual is simplified to the barest elements, while exposing the wood grain. The unexpected color combinations create energy and vibration, again encompassing the theme of joy. Viewers are encouraged to enter the work and reflect on their current state, reconnect with the natural world around us and move forward with positivism.” - Kate Taylor Toronto-based artist Kate Taylor is recognized for her energetic, and colorful pieces of vibrant and vivid fluidity. These colors become the dominant factor of her work as they formulate robust forms, lines, and shapes that create dance-like movement on the birch panel that renders them intensely dynamic in nature. “Square Falling Petals” Acrylic On Stained Birch Panel With Resin, 36”x36”x2”

Taylor’s palette knife and inspired use of color have garnered her much attention in the art world. With skillful applications of impasto, Taylor offers visual intensity, immense precision, and boldness to her compositions. She frequently uses an Epoxy coating to get more light and reflection into her works. These technical features bring forward the thematic context of her work which predominantly focuses on the form that movement flow effectively dominates the mind of the viewer, while at the same time proposing other elements in a more subtle way.

Taylor considers her work as an ode to the visual power of nature in scenes like the flow of water, the flower on a field and a dense forest, elements (semi colon) that are portrayed in a bare, minimal but yet powerful approach. This beautifully raw work is the backbone of her artistic expression. It is a work of intellectual and technical research which is always evolving and reaching new heights of expertise, implementing the same evolutionary elements that are present in nature in her own, unique artistic style.




Edgar Francisko


rough Culture”

by Viviana Puello

“Carnival Cumbia" Acrylic On Canvas, 36"x30"

Edgar Francisko, a graduate in Fine Arts from the National University in Bogota, Colombia, has been tirelessly working as a professional artist since the 1970s and carefully structuring his personal artistic profile. He produces cutting-edge compositions of vibrant colors and juxtapositions of texture, line, and form. Francisko’s fragmentation of form is a compelling method that leaves his audience in awe. Francisko’s artistic practice can be traced back to his cultural roots, specifically to the Colombian traditions, aesthetics as well as dances, a recurring theme of his artworks. These themes are depicted realistically and are present in his art, a choice that underlines his interest towards his cultural roots and the influence that it has on contemporary artistry. One’s first impression of his work is that it is a reflection of pointillism but actually it is not, it is Edgar Francisko´s own style. With irregular dots He portrays figurative

and abstract images, frozen in time, with an energetic radiance of color, essence, and being. Through this, movement as well as immobility turn into a new pictorial invention. A subtle liveliness jumps from his pieces, keeping them alive. While Francisko predominantly paints his figures realistically, he uses abstract references to the background and creates a visual contrast that enhances the depicted character. A predominant subject in Francisko’s works is the female figure, which he portraits with a perfect balance between aesthetic vision and advanced technical knowledge. His explosive eye-catching works evoke a sense of joyful movement and dynamism. Based on the first volume of the Colombian Art History book “The resources of imagination, Visual Arts of the Colombian Caribbean Coast” (by Eduardo Marceles Daconte), it has been said that the paintings of Cont. next page...


“Dance Flow" Acrylic On Canvas, 40"x60”




“Ribbon dance" Acrylic On Canvas, 30"x35"

Francisko have become Barranquilla's carnival vernacular figures. In his remarkable artworks, the artist includes Marimondas, Toritos, Garabatos, Congos, and the vivacious Zoo that invades the metropolis during the carnival season. Through his extraordinary watercolor like techniques, he portrays movement, dance, and culture, emphasizing the Caribbean light, together with its vibrant colors and warm characteristics. It is a culture filled with love, historical appreciation, and class, which are all depicted in his work. Francisko’s pieces are in the

permanent collections of the Colombian Consulates in New York City, the Hong Kong Cultural Center, The international School in Berlin, Germany, the Embassies of Venezuela, and Colombia in Beijing, China, the Bolivariano Museum of Contemporary Art in Santa Martha, the Fenalco art collection in Bogota and the Art Collection of the Opera House in Cairo ,Egypt. Edgar Francisko studied Etching at the Atelier 17 in Paris, with the renowned Master Stanley Hayter, Lithography at the Arts and Craft School in Barcelona,


“Weightless Worlds Ballet" Acrylic On Canvas 60"x40"

Spain, Traditional Chinese Painting and Chinese Calligraphy at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China. Once he learned the strokes of Chinese Calligraphy he came up with his “Calligraphic dance style” and produced with Chinese ink on paper his astonishing eye-catching dancers. After finishing his studies in Beijing, Francisko decided to go to Hong Kong. Here, he taught expression using ancient Chinese methods with ink. During this period, he began an exploration of acrylic on canvas, with dancing as his main subject. An essential element of his work is movement, as he exhibits remarkable fluidity in the way that he portrays figures in his works. He has painted broken spheres and transparent bubbles, touching on topics such as humans’ lack of commitment to the fragile world they live in. His rich artistic voyage through the years led him to his remarkable success as an artist with numerous exhibitions and awards all around the world, gaining recognition as an important figure in the contemporary art scene.

“Moon dance" Acrylic On Canvas, 30"x35”




Donna Bonin

“A New Direction” by Thomas Lioutas

Donna Bonin is a full-time artist, avid traveler, leader of artists’ travel vacation “workshops” and painting instructor. Bonin is primarily a watercolor artist whose paintings of florals, seascapes, landscapes, cityscapes and animals give the impression of realism. She is best known for attention to bold details and use of color. Her paintings are influenced by her love for animals and nature. Travel has inspired many of her paintings, especially from Europe to the High Arctic. The subject matter of her art is influenced by many life-long passions.

"Plumage” Watercolor, 21”x27”

Bonin delves into her creativity in the tranquility of her garden, this reveals itself in the stillness of each painting she exhibits. Powerful, subtle, and delicate strokes bring forth her take on color. Her new abstract works show the generous scope she holds as an artist giving her audience a new taste of her imagination. In her recent works, Bonin has honed her skill with sign and pattern bordering on semi-abstract with the use of juxtapositions and unusual colors to allow viewers a flight into individual interpretation. It does not take much to feel Bonin’s tranquility in nature. It is her desire to make her viewers feel the inner hope and peace through the use of color as an essential part of a vibrant life. Her brushwork is smooth and patient, giving life to her artwork. Bonin captures the enchanting characteristics found in the glitter of robust rocks or sparkles of flowers and changes them to vivacious essences as hopes to attract and captivate her audience using seemingly real-life depictions of nature and diverse environmental aspects. Bonin continues to deepen her connection with her work and her audience offering new levels of vulnerability.

“Fireworks” Oil On Canvas, 18”x24”


Fatima Al Obaidi “Serene Expression” by Viviana Puello

Fatima Al Obaidi is a bold artistic presence in the world of contemporary art, producing artworks of high artistic value that pose significant interest both thematically and technically. Al Obaidi born Iraq, a country that has suffered immensely due to constant wars in the last decades, manages through her art to instill hope and promote a message of peace, the most essential of all human values. It is a theme she explores with the use of beautiful, vibrant colors that are structuring abstract patterns and drawings, unique compositions that have their roots in the local artistic culture which has a rich history of design patterns. Al Obaidi takes this influence and freely transforms to contemporize it and introduce it in her personal context that has a liberating approach. It is a work that focuses on spirituality and sense of calmness, elements that soothe the soul of the viewer and invite one into a journey through raw color and free forms that evoke tranquility. Al Obaidi aims to inspire peace through her work, a kind of peace which is not based on direct anti-war messages but by positively influencing and inspiring the audience and for these reasons she awarded a title of " Ambassador Of Peace Through Art ", in 21st , International Fine Art Festival, in Slovakia, 2014.

“Hovering To The Sky" Acrylic On Canvas, 23"X31"

Al Obaidi's carefully structured imagery delivers chromatic dances, having an immense sense of movement and fluidity, always retaining the freedom which is essential to Abstraction. A prime example of her work can be seen in the “Carnival Cumbia" Acrylic On Canvas, 36"x30" painting "Light Of Hope," where a masterfully orchestrated abstract design is placed in the center that swirls and oscillates due to its compositional complexity. It is situated on a multicolored background that acts as a balancing agent and offers stability and robustness to the artwork. It is through this unique and ingenious work that Al Obaidi is recognized internationally, having exhibited in many countries of the Middle East and Europe and being awarded numerous prizes throughout her career. “Light Of Hope" Acrylic On Canvas, 28"X20"




e Beauty And Wonder Of

e Samburu”

Breathtaking Images Of A Remote Culture Captured By Hélène DeSerres by Viviana Puello

“Samburu Series” Fine Art Photography. Copyright © Helene DeSerres 2017. All rights reserved.


Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Helene DeSerres is recognized globally for her art as a painter, photographer, and sculptor. DesSerres paints in a variety of styles, including abstract, impressionism, and realism, and her work incorporates acrylic paintings, sculpture, and photography, She has been using art to highlight some of the most distinct subjects from around the world, regularly flying to remarkable sites to capture exclusive sights through her photography. Describing art as her "oxygen," DeSerres cares deeply about the environment and protecting animals. Natural landscapes, majestic creatures, and bold pigments are prominent features of her work as a painter, and many of her series delve deep into the theme of environmental conservation. Recently, DeSerres traveled to Kenya to manifest subtle and arresting photographs of The Rift Valley, a province known for its dry and somewhat barren land. DeSeres takes a storytelling approach to each photo creating carefully orchestrated compositions that remain as witnesses of sublime moments spent with the locals. Located in Northern Kenya, the Rift Valley province is a place where one can find the Samburu people, a fascinating tribe of Kenya of semi-nomadic pastoralists who relocate every five to six weeks to find fresh grazing grounds. Samburu men are known for their strength and deep connection with nature, they’ve been known to use their bare hands to kill lions that attack their camels.

“Samburu Series” Fine Art Photography. Copyright © Helene DeSerres 2017. All rights reserved.

This notable tribe of Kenya is called Samburu because of its butterfly-like people. Samburu is a literal translation of the word butterfly. Both women and men of this tribe are vibrantly beautiful and adorn themselves in a wide array of colors, women’s tribal dress’ consist of several rings of beaded necklaces, symbolizing their wealth. DeSerres has captured the true essence, soul, and spirit of Samburu people in her current series. She presents to us Images of locals in their day-to-day routines where men are tending young cattle while women are diligently working to gather roots and vegetables. Warmly welcomed in the households of Samburu women, DeSerres captured them in their organic state of being. Samburu women possess a sophisticated dressing style, elegance dangles from their accessories, and cotton dresses called khangas. Their look becomes more remarkable and sensational because of their elaborative necklaces. The traditional values of this tribe encouraged DeSerres to capture this much older artistic tradition in her photographs, and she is now all set to reveal her notable work to the world. Women from each generation, in their everyday routines, have a subjectivity of their own, flawlessly interpreted in these photographs. From Samburu dancers to mothers with their infants, every photograph has something new, something Cont. next page... “Samburu Series” Fine Art Photography. Copyright © Helene DeSerres 2017. All rights reserved.




“Samburu Series” Fine Art Photography. Copyright © Helene DeSerres 2017. All rights reserved.


unique and expressible to show her viewers. These images are part of her ongoing personal project to document one of the most colorful tribes of Africa. This semi-nomadic communitybased in the Central Rift Valley area of Kenya is easily distinguishable because of their elegant approach to fashion. DeSerres spent a lot of time in the province while experiencing the unique flair and essence of the Samburu spirit. These stills showcase DeSerres’s ability to capture intensely emotive and powerful photos. It is evident she has created a vulnerable, connected, and trusting space with the community in this tribe. The intimacy captured through her lens showcases the warmth of the people of Samburu towards the artist. Dancing is considered critical in Samburu culture, and DeSerres paid particular attention to documenting the dancers. From the blessing of cattle to the preparation for war, there are more than many reasons to celebrate and dance. Capturing Samburu in its splendor has revealed their magnificence which every art-lover across the globe can cherish. A proud warrior race of cattle-owning pastoralists, Samburu tribe, is virtually isolated and considerably unaware of the momentous changes the country has been witnessing in last few decades. Unlike other neighboring tribes, Samburu isn't following the footsteps of western civilization and are still enjoying their raw culture. They are immensely proud of their culture and traditions and have retained the customs and ceremonies of their forbears until now. These eye-catching images invite the viewer to explorations of culture on the brink of extinction. As globalization and digitization become the end of many of African's tribes, and their traditional ways of life and their contact with modernization threatens to change their way of life forever. The need for survival and sustenance forces the young generations away from tradition into a modern lifestyle that will ensure provision to meet their most immediate needs but slowly leaves behind the richness of a fast disappearing world. DeSerres has seized each and every celebratory moment of this tribe with utmost zeal and passion. Offering her audience an insight to the treasured and deeply honored way of life in a tribe that so gracefully creates their ideals in this modern day. With this images, the artist has served a much needed good to humanity and the Samburu culture, immortalizing with her work this remote tribe. Creating a photographic document that will stand the test of time and will serve as a record of this precious world of human purity and authenticity.

“Samburu Series” Fine Art Photography. Copyright © Helene DeSerres 2017. All rights reserved.

“Samburu Series” Fine Art Photography. Copyright © Helene DeSerres 2017. All rights reserved.




Edward J. Morét

e Art Of Awareness” by Viviana Puello

“Bengal’s Inner Peace” Acrylic On Canvas, 30”x40”

"I know that within the depths of my soul the light of creativity prevails and orchestrates a symphony to the rhythm of our hearts." - Edward J. Morét Edward J. Morét's brightly colored and vibrant paintings combine realistic depictions with dream-like scenes centered on environmental issues like global warming and endangered species inspired by his love for ocean and nature. He has accomplished a highly acclaimed artistic career for more than forty years, with an impressive portfolio that poses extreme interest to the viewer. Morét creates photorealistic imagery with close attention to detail and a masterful use of color. His surrealistic compositions depict animals, plants, and landscapes in a contemporary context as he includes topics that refer to our modern society. One can see references to global warming, pollution and the human-driven destruction of animal habitats, issues that are relevant to the global ecological crisis. A world traveler, Morét has experienced firsthand the

“Ascension” Acrylic On Canvas, 36”x36”


“Imagine” Acrylic On Canvas, 36”x36”

effects of climate change witnessing melting glaciers and deforestation during his trips to Peru, Iceland, India, Nepal and the Amazon jungle. This experience has inspired the artist to bring awareness about the direct impact of global warming on our civilization. This theme is presented carefully in awe-inspiring paintings that incorporate different elements demonstrating the artist compositional skills combined with an in-depth knowledge of color use and techniques that originate from the old masters. The viewer is arguably mesmerized by his paintings, as they offer a vantage point to a new reality, one that has ties to our world but has an immensely higher spiritual and conceptual level. Morét creates an inviting space for his audience to connect, and commit to his pieces period. These artworks provoke interaction and deliver their message successfully establishing a dialog about our present as a community as well as our (potential) future. “Time For Peace” Acrylic On Canvas, 36”x36”




Eric Wiles by Thomas Liutas

Eric Wiles is an American photographer from California who has managed to create a diverse and thoughtful body of artistic work, one that focuses mainly on depicting landscapes as well as objects through a more personal and artistic point of view. His body of work is defined by the technical expertise that he has in the realm of photography, as well as the conceptual and artistic depth that he showcases even in the most simple photographs. The primary focus of Wiles' work is the depiction of landscapes. Thus it is an area which is familiar to this artist and manages to handle it with extreme elegance and technical skill. His pictures are refined to the last pixel, offering to the viewer an experience of unprecedented clarity, an invitation to delve deep in the very essence of the e nv i ro n m e nt d e p i c te d a n d t h u s manages to transcend on higher aesthetic grounds. The color palette used by Wiles is quite thoughtfully realized to adequately express both, the emotions that artist wants to convey as well as the structural elements that are needed to be enhanced. Specifically by implementing contrasting color tones to create a visually striking final result, one that manages to structure a dramatic tone to the landscapes.

“280" Fine Art Photography, 22"x28"

“Flying” Fine Art Photography, 22"x28"

Another fascinating part of his creative work is his more abstract “Carnival Cumbia" Acrylic On Canvas, 36"x30" artistic creations; it is a chapter of his work that once again showcases his mastery over technical elements of photography, as well as establishing some even more exciting ideas and technology refinements that manage to focus on more fluid and philosophical concepts. It is a body of artworks that relies heavily on digital manipulation/photomontage and through its meaningful use manage to create an atmosphere both surreal and compelling. Wiles is an artist that manages through his excellent use of technical elements and artistic composition to visualize an incredibly diverse and compelling creative work. It is an approach to photography that remains faithful to the essence of the art, reaching great heights regarding concept and context, thus showcases a deep delving into the realm of art.

“Art Web" Fine Art Photography, 28"x22"


“Faberge Creations With A Modern Twist”

Sveta Long by Viviana Puello

A native of Russia, now based in North Carolina, USA, Sveta Long has a unique style given the name of "Faberge Art Deco." Her work is a colorful nod to the Faberge eggs and Art Deco era. A walk into the innovative window of her work is a precious gift to all. Long's artistic techniques are a unique craft; she takes us into an imaginative world of play and craftsmanship drawing intricate lines, flowers, faces, and mermaids that catch the light to shimmer on vases, plates, fabrics, and eggs. She incorporates the use of kitchen appliances such as plates, cups, utensils, and a variety of objects to depict her abstract world. Long has a love for all things that shimmer, and she brings her fresh new style to numerous things. What once was a form that was traditionally kept to elaborate and ornate painted eggs has expanded to multiple items. She began to recreate well known and highly desired Russian crafts, using designs that at some point were solely made for royalty. Her venture with this concept started at home, as she recreated and developed her household items. The chances are that if you see a unique plate, fabric, vase, glass, or mug with intricate gold painting on it in the Faberge style, it might be one of Long's works. The style brought to mind the admired vintage intricate glory of Russian nobility and their possessions, transformed and made fresh in a completely new and inventive New World style.The pieces are not only frequently 3-D but pop out at you with vibrant and delicately contrasting colors, beautiful borders, and storytelling patterns. Such is the grand style of these Faberge and art deco items, which demand to be viewed and never go unobserved.

“Sugar Bowl” Ceramic, 9”x7”

Long's one of a kind creations, are colorful and vibrant in a sea of stuffy material things. Check out her stylish kettle adorned with elaborate snaking gold vines and white flower buds over a tea set that is a gorgeous shade of teal accompanying its viewer's desires of elegance and expression. Her work is both functional and expressive art. Whether it's a long glass that you are drinking white wine out of or an immense plate that you are leaning against a wall in your home, Long's creations are truly unique and inspired. Her hands get ahold of all mediums and materials to bring to life the warm quality she carries within. Whether fabric or glass, Long has transformed her love for this modern art deco style and made it entirely her own. Something from the old world, a bit of the new world integrated all into one to take place and share space in the heart of many. Sveta Long's top quality designs and creations compliment that of a polished hand and an eye for richness. With a bit of Russian magic and a bit of American production, Long has burst onto the modern art scene with a bang. From vases to home sets, she brings a touch of Faberge Art Deco to everything she touches. Rooted from Faberge inspiration, applied to tangible objects-- Long is bringing a whole new wave of functionality to an older traditional style.

“Burgundy Tapestry” Hand Made Glass, Acrylic




Pauline McLean Dutkowski

“When Fibers And Textiles Meet by Yadira Roman

e Touch Of Emotion”

A unique case within the world of contemporary art is that of Pauline Dutkowski, currently residing in Canada and active in the arts since the early 1970s. Her body of work consists mostly of paintings and sculptures created by fiber and textiles, being an artistic expression that balances b e t we e n c o n te m p o ra r y a r t i s t i c production and traditional tapestries, creating a combination which is both thought provoking and aesthetically pleasing. Dutkowski encompasses multiple t o p i c s , p o r t r a y i n g t h ro u g h h e r intricately woven creations landscapes, still lifes, scenes of marine life as well as more abstract patterns. It is a diverse collection of images that are fresh within the context. The technical expertise that she exhibits as an artist is supreme, as she controls a complex medium in ways that seem natural and unbiased, having freedom regarding composition, drawing, and coloring. The patterns and drawing used in the creation of her artworks are carefully worked to provide the basis of her pieces and create a background that serves as the foundation of the overall artistic composition. It is important to note that her approach to drawing, has an impactful strength provided by the 3-dimensional aspect of her materials.

“Continuum” Woven Stuffed Wool Tubes On Cotton Base 30"x42"x5"

Using earthy tones that promote an organic flow in each one of her pieces, Dutkowski's technique is based on woolen hand dyed fibers, drawing and color into a single element that combines into awe-inspiring compositions with a reinterpretation of the traditional forms of art. Her unique style is widely recognized in the international art scene. “Amphora” Wool And Silk, 30"x42"x1"


Anna Paola Gorozpe “Painted Fairy Tales” by Viviana Puello

“The Trip Of Fortune” Mixed Media On Paper

“Dessider Has To Arrive” Mixed Media On Paper

Anna Paola Gorozpe is a young artist and star writer born in 1978 in Mexico City, also known as Perezpria. Gorozpe produces pieces that are delightful, and in most cases contain a powerful spiritual message. Her art flares with emotions and has great relevance for individuals of all ages which motivates her to write children’s picture books. Her pieces bring forward the thematic concerns of optimism, love, forgiveness, and gratitude. Her pieces have a strong and warm connection to innocence and love. Her art ignites the memory of the unfolding of your favorite fairy tales when you were a child. Overall there is a great sense of felicity in her work: an inspiring playground for one's palette, imagination, and the source of love. She is reminding us all to regain that peace and pure essence. Gorozpe’s intention is to expand her viewer's awareness of the metaphysical world; to not bring only feelings of joy, but also of dismay, and melancholy. Her paintings refer to situations in contemporary society. She uses symbols to assert her joie de vivre, using typical characteristics of her native land.

“The Star, The Feather, And The Rose” Mixed Media On Paper

Anna Paola Gorozpe often plays with the titles of traditionally known fables showing the innocence in imperfections, demonstrating that perfection is but an illusion within itself. Gorozpe is an artist driven by her desire to evoke immeasurable emotion in her viewers. She shows great dedication to her mission. /thestarthefeatherandtherose @annapaolagorozpeperezpria




Jim Fitzpatrick

“American Reflections” by Thomas Lioutas

“King Kong’s Cousin” Color Photography Converted To Black And White

South San Francisco-based artist and fine art photographer Jim Fitzpatrick has an extensive a r t i s t i c b a c kg ro u n d w i t h a structured and impressive body of work of diverse thematic, ranging from portraits to sports a n d a n i m a l s . A m a s te r of p o r t ra i t u re F i t z p at r i c k i s a phenomenally prolific, and natural born, close-up portrait draftsman who has reinforced the striking vitality, individuality, and distinctiveness of the genre with great ability. His emotionally intense works, consisting of portraits in charcoal, colored pencil, and pastel as well as all types of photography, are both expressive and

realistic. Both as a painter and as a photographer, his work is characterized by an immediate, straightforward approach that focuses on transferring raw emotions to the viewer Created in a down-to-earth, prosaic style, Fitzpatrick’s works depict ordinary people of all ages, races, and ethnicities as well as animals from magnificent wildlife to humble house pets, and picturesque locations around the world bringing his audience a wide array of visual relations. His innate gift, masterly technical skills, and conspicuous sensibility, coupled with meticulous attention to the smallest details and the value of shadows and highlights, imbue his artworks with vivid, gripping likenesses. Using mixed media (colored pencils, pastel, and charcoal), drawings on Arches watercolor paper, often combined with color


“What’s Going On?” Mixed Media Drawing And Color Photography

photography, he masterfully combines images into an astounding likeness, instantly recognizable when the subjects are world-famous people. His compositions showcase an inherent skill, as the combination of digital photography and paint is a realistic reflection of its subject. The works convey a sense of an intimate rendezvous with the subject, with its attendant deep emotions. In these pieces, he depicts detailed facial features, rendering every pore and imperfection, and intimately correlates them with the subject's particular emotional states through contour, line, and reflected light. Revering drawing especially for its immediacy of realistic expression, Fitzpatrick has produced some of the most riveting and culturally resonant examples of drawing in contemporary art. Jim Fitzpatrick works can be seen as a reference to modern American pop culture, a field that can offer various stimuli to the artist for its diversity. He has established himself in the artistic scene of the U.S., providing a uniquely fresh view to American culture, becoming an artist that brings forward contemporary topics. Using cool tones to meet half way into his viewer's eyes, always consistent in his delivery.

“And The Words Of The Prophets Are Written On The Subway Walls” Color Photography Digitally Altered




“Glimpses Of Nature”

A Journey To The Inspiring Universe Of Svetlana Kanyo by Viviana Puello

“For me, art brings personal growth: I can step back from my creation and uncover deeper layers of myself. This expanded vision inspires my future work and my teaching. If a viewer can identify him or herself, or make a connection with my art, then the audience can believe that what is felt is real and justified. Art brings faith and faith is what we all are searching for. Through art, people find their inner peace and envision or become aware of a better place for themselves in this world.“ - Svetlana Kanyo Svetlana Kanyo is an artist known for her timeless pieces -- creations that are appealing to the eye and soothing to the soul. Her artistic focus is depicting the beauty of nature in its various glorious forms. Her work is known for the tenderness and healing effect it conveys. The use of subtle colors brings forth a touch of natural beauty, from Mother Nature itself.

“Fall In Drops”, 2015, Oil On Canvas, 18"x24"

Apart from the painting still lifes, views, and glimpses of nature, Kanyo believes that women are among the most beautiful creations. Her work reflects her thoughts on the feminine spirit, making the female form the focal point in her pieces. Kanyo has explored different aspects of a women's beauty – from her most sensuous curves to her nurturing energy. Her work reflects upon the innocence of women, their serene calmness, and their touching stillness when lost in thought. Kanyo's paintings are a great amalgamation of the inner strength and external beauty that the universe has endowed in each person. She highlights human emotions in her work. She believes that through art, one can capture the beauty of life and the pain it gives us. Her artwork draws viewers in, welcoming them to share a deep connection with each piece. Such opulent images, gentle strokes, and creamy color schemes bring us into her world: a window into a valley, observing a goddess, and taking strolls through nature. Each piece is an invitation to a warm shift of color. Her use of color radiates energetically, creating waves of positivity and invoking the connection some may have lost with nature. A fun play with contrast, and subtle relationships between cool hues. The combination of elements, from the sky with those of water, creates the base of Kanyo's breathtaking paintings. She uses her imagination and the reality of places to create meadows and mountains. Faithful to her beliefs, her paintings capture those moments that one wishes to hold onto forever. s to make the world a more colorful and beautiful place to live, and let's see where Life will take me!

“Apples”, 2016 Oil On Canvas, 18"x24"

“Day Dream”, 2016, Oil On Canvas, 18"x24"


MIRKO by Viviana Puello

“Vanitas Vanitatum On 3 Colors Of Soul”- “Vanity Of The Power” – “Vanity Of The Money” – “Vanity Of The Beauty” – (2013–2016) Acrylic On Canvas, 236”x 60”

"Divine Dichotomy everything is true... and the opposite too. “ Let us forget one moment these concepts, so profoundly anchored in our cultures which set realism versus abstract, and let us wonder if instead of being opposite they would not be rather complementary. Mirko's painting is "committed" as could be a comic or a graffiti portrait where the humor would always be present as a wink to a POP ART reviewed nowadays. His favorite subject is the human being, and more exactly his love for the human being. As a portraitist, he does prefer to paint “Macroportraits” which allow him to express thousand of nuances of the human character. Devotee admirer of painters of the last centuries, he likes paying them tribute by creating free reinterpretations of some of their major works to which he added a personal touch: the insertion of precious stones. As regards the abstracted part of his work, the human being is always in the center of his searches, but this time it is his perception of the infinitesimal and the infinitely big which interests him. His Master in this domain is unquestionably Piet Mondrian with whom Mirko like "to have a dialogue." Mondrian ruled out "the form and the natural color," Mirko regained control of them.

The Master gave to the right angle a universal meaning when nature and life are only curves and meanders. But Mirko joins fast the Master for whom the black, the gray and the white are unchanging, and for whom the notion of center disappears to give way to a "wellbalanced imbalance.” He also proposes an entirely personal continuation in the spiritual search of Mondrian: the creation of a simple but recurring symbol, capable of being developed on any supports, giving the impression that every working part of a bigger work and that lines and colors could extend to the Infinity. "The curves of the soul .” According to Jaïna Dharma, one of the oldest philosophies of the world (5 centuries BC), in every soul corresponds a color or "Leshyâ," revealing of its degree of purity. There would be thus seven colors for seven states of consciousness. The new challenge of Mirko is to build a bridge between his representational and abstract works, to propose a current concept based on the symbiosis and not on the opposition. He called this concept, "Divine Dichotomy" or the “complementary of the abstract and realism .




Lisa Levasseur

by Thomas Lioutas.

Lisa Levasseur is a self-taught Canadian artist that has been producing art since 2010 and showcases and an impressive amount of work despite recently starting her professional artistic career. As an artist, the techniques that she uses are highly innovative, creating artworks unlike any other that are abstract regarding form and highly virtuosic regarding technique. Specifically, she uses an interesting and innovative technique that balances between painting and sculpture, thus has an immensely diverse approach to art. Innovation lies at the very core of Lisa Levasseur's artistic work. PalleteArt™ which is her personal technique fuses elements of painting and sculpting, creating forms that are uniquely brilliant and fresh. She works them in an intensely personal way, by adding and sculpting layers of dried acrylic color, recycling the material and reshaping it into new artistic forms that contribute to the development of her rich artistic expression. The concept of transmutation which is innate to such a process leads to artworks that are original thematically and technically. Thus the viewer experiences an entirely unique and new experience, something extremely rare and admirable. These artworks, abstract in nature, revolve around the core ideas of abstraction in art, namely self-referring artworks that exist on their own and develop a wide array of concepts not by direct visual depiction, but rather through more cognitive processes. The artworks that she produces remain faithful to these core ideas and even expand them by introducing material as a part of the conceptual processes of the realization of artwork. Specifically, the recycled acrylic color is not only a choice of materials but also a choice which is deeply thematic as it is connected to contemporary social and environmental issues. The acrylics that would otherwise be discarded become protagonists in this picturesque scene spearheading the proposed aesthetics and managing to become a rich and novel material. Thus one can say that Lisa Levasseur approaches her art in a complete way, by managing not only to cooperate and balance concept with technique but rather take another step and forge them into a single entity. Apart from the innovative features that are mentioned above, her artworks are highly unusual regarding aesthetics, as they are not just innovative thematically, but they are also realized in a profound and masterful way. The depicted compositions are elegantly structured in forms that subconsciously refer to organic shapes, but there is also an in-depth knowledge of geometry evident. This multitude of cooperating forms forges a final result which exhibits a high degree of compositional knowledge showcases the way that self-taught artists can reach profound depths of artistic creation via personal inquiry and research, something which is even more admirable.

“Copper Moon” Recycled Paint On Canvas 48”x24” Private Collection In Rancho Mirage, California

“Bright Lights I” Recycled Paint On Canvas 24”x16” Permanent Collection In A Museum In Las Vegas

“Endless Nights II” Recycled Paint On Canvas 24”x16” Permanent Collection In A Museum In Las Vegas

Another feature of the creative work which is implemented in a very successful way is the color palette that she chooses throughout her artworks. Regarding color selection, it is diverse and employs the full range of the spectrum but always balancing the colors on an artwork into a harmonious and coherent unity. She also makes extensive use of contrasting color tones to highlight shapes and features that play a fundamental role in the final composition. It is a work that approaches the very quintessence of concepts like form and coloration, as these elements


“Gypsy Rose” Recycled Paint On Canvas, 10”x10”

“Firestorm” Recycled Paint On Canvas 24”x36” Is In A Hotel In Manhattan, NYC

“Mind's Eye” Recycled Paint On Canvas 20”x16” Awarded On Broadway Stage, NYC

are created by the colors themselves instead of being mere illusions as it happens throughout the majority of the artistic production. Thus honesty becomes a crucial feature of her work, as the te c h n i q u e u s e d i s e m p l oye d accordingly and honestly to the general concept which is proposed by the artist. It is rare to find an artist with the conceptual scope of Lisa Levasseur. Throughout her dedicated and avant-garde approach to artistic production, she has managed in just a few years to introduce entirely new features to the realm of abstraction in art, operating though to distance herself from the most academic approaches that were conducted throughout the 20th century. Her work is not innovative because it follows the rules of abstraction, rather it is innovative because it goes one step beyond and introduces bold and dynamic ideas of technical and conceptual fusion. Such approaches are admirable w h e n t h e y a re i m p l e m e n t e d successfully as the horizons of artistic production are broadened, a n d o u r co l l e c t i ve c u l t u re i s promoted to new heights.

“Ocean Vibes” Recycled Paint On Canvas, 24”x36” One Of The Newest Pieces

03 73



Jani Jan J.

“Vibrance In Fluidity” by Yadira Roman

“Sky Dancer” Mixed Media On Paper, 47 X 33,5cm, 2017

Jani Jan J. is a self-thought sculptor and painter, an art therapist graduate and a multimedia director. Jani Jan J. was born in Salzburg, Austria, he lives and works in his studios in Enzersdorf/Staatz and in his self-proclaimed studio “Iliotropio”, on the island Karpathos in Greece. His works are carefully orchestrated, thought-provoking compositions, flowing with colors, line, and form. The artist employs patterns and figures to depict nature and spirituality. Empowering his audience through fluid imagery and vibrant hues Jani Jan J. creates predominantly abstract works, while also retaining many figurative elements, as one can see human figures and objects situated in bold chromatic patterns that dominate his subtle, yet powerful compositions. In a work that exhibits such thoughtfully structured constructs, the final addition is that of the human figure. It is often a serene presence that manages to play a prominent role in the composition as it becomes the symbol of the universal human presence. As a reference, it touches humanity in its entirety introducing his works on an inclusive

level, relevant to our society as a whole. Another excellent feature of his work is the implementation of bold colors that enhance the overall visual strength of the presented artworks. His masterful color use complements the skillful drawing and composition and manages to play a prominent role in the artistic process of Jan J. I n Ja n i Ja n J 's wo r k s , co l o r i s t re ate d a s a homogeneous field that acts as the foundation of the painting, while at the same time it can locally become differentiated and promote compositional features that play extreme importance to the final result, according to the taste and choice of the artist. Jan creates a rich and diverse world with references to the subconscious and the vibrancy of the human imagination while making successful use of compositional skills to convey his artistic expression.


“Right After” Iron Painting - Mixed Media On Wood, 63 X 46 X 4cm 2017

“A Second Before” Iron Painting, Mixed Media On Wood, 24”x18”x1.5”

“Transforming, Red Bird” Iron Painting, Mixed Media On Wood, 24”x18”x1.5”




Karly & Anne V.


e Scope Of Curiosity” by Viviana Puello

In the world of art, singular passion and expression are often seen as par for the course. Rarely are collaborative efforts ever seen beyond the scope of curiosity, or as a mere functional exercise between two artists. This paradigm, however, is shifted forever after one views the collaborative works of French artists Karley, and Anne V. Before one focuses on the style and method used on their collaborative relief paintings, one cannot escape the essence of the synergy that their finished works express. The art of Karly and Anne V is a clear demonstration of the oneness and interconnectedness of creation. When Karly, a cognitive psychology expert, and Anne V, a knowledgeable art historian and trained cabinetmaker, came together to collaborate on art pieces, the results were ethereal. The productive synergy between form and color used by these two artists captures the eye of the viewers with their unique perspective of the concepts of time malleability similar to those found in quantum physics. Much like that scientific discipline, their collaborative work invokes a sense of salience. No element of their work, be it form, scale or color is mundane. With creations that range from floormounted and wall-mounted sculptures and paintings, to those that are suspended, Karley and Anne V know how to incorporate dimensional perspective to their art form. “Le Dramaturge” Drawing Spray Paint, 28”x20”

Karley and Anne V's creations strongly emphasize their approach, which is based on three main ideas: cube games, vortex walls, and raised chassis. The cube game is an art piece consisting of various canvas-covered frames of different depths. These are usually depicted as wormholes, or black holes, an indication of their passion for quantum physics and the cosmological form. Vortex walls represent their ideas on politics, showing traces of history, social demands, and urban attributes such as buildings. As for the raised chassis, it is a representation of the restoration of the human habitat. As a testament to what two kindred spirits can do, each of these two artists unleashes their particular talent exclusively within a given plane. Anne V brings forth her talent for dimensional artistry by creating the form and frame, while Karley infuses her artistic magic of color and luster with paint. Each artist brings forth her best independently. The essence of the concluding piece is thus obtained from what seems to be a pre-ordained complimentary fusion of their talents. Their pieces will take viewers away from reality. It makes people stare, dream, and imagine. They will awaken a sense of appreciation for what collaborative art represents -- a synergistic form of conveying a message by tapping into the minds and emotions of those who observe it. It is the sort of art that one is drawn to repeatedly for the depth of meaning that one can draw from it.

“Bad Trip” Drawing Spray Paint, 28”x20”


“Le Dramaturge'' Drawing Spray Paint 28''x20''

“Reflexion” Drawing Spray Paint, 31”x24”

“Tetre” Drawing Spary Paint, 28”x20”




Thomas T. Thomas

“Coloring With Emotion” by Yadira Roman

“The Creature Within" Acrylic on Canvas, 16.25" x 12.25"

Thomas T. Thomas welcomes us into gates of emotion; he has created a personal form of abstraction, rooted in the cultural heritage of the modern U.S. art since the 1950s’. His paintings are fresh and innovative, combining techniques to create artworks that have a high visual strength and a rich emotional background.

“My African Roots'' Acrylic On Canvas, 33''x25”

Thomas’ approach is one that presents color as the protagonist of the composition, applying bold and vivid chromatic tones to create powerful contrasts that often include dozens of overlapping layers. It is a technique that enables him to attain extraordinary levels of compositional complexity, inviting the viewer to unravel a vibrant nexus of color and discover intricate patterns hidden behind the stunning first image. These patterns are not only chromatic, as he also scratches the surfaces to sketch by removing color, thus implementing more physical elements that enhance this visual explosion. The form of all these patterns is free in nature, focusing on his natural fluidity. It is a contemporary take on action painting, focusing on conveying the emotional status and mental freedom of the artist, a theme which has color, rhythm, tone and passion as the primary creative tools. Thomas, a professionally trained classic and jazz musician, has developed an artistic style that values composition and improvisation. Thus one can see that his approach towards painting has a great synesthetic value, a balance between the freedom of music and the composition of painting.

“Hallucinations'' Acrylic On Paper, 11.25''x8”


Roberta Grewcock


rough Color”

by Yadira Roman

Roberta Grewcock has made a noticeable entry into the global artistic community, her works revolving around a reinterpretation of Abstract Expressionism, bringing forth images that feel multi-dimensional, courageous strokes, and colors that contrast with emotion. Grewcock draws her audience in as she implements a high degree of movement and dynamic in her drawings, composing artworks that carry a kinetic energy. It is an artistic production similar to a chaotic dance with wild trajectories traced by bold brushstrokes and forms that comprise a visually rich final result. This feature is enhanced by her skillful use of color. Playing an important role in the composition and becoming elements that complement the complex scale of the structure, remaining balanced within her works. Grewcock plays with time and space in the depths of each layer in her paintings. Magnifying certain colors and strokes as the focal point of the intended experience.

“Sparkle” Acrylic On Canvas, 38"x38"

Ultimately it is a work that promotes freedom at its core, not only artistic and visual freedom but an emotional release of expression through each stroke. It is a valuable topic that Grewcock introduces through her work, establishing a dialogue with her viewers. Essentially it is her work that becomes the defiant cry of the creator towards any oppression, proclaiming freedom of thought and action through her profoundly free approach to artistic production. An empowering, and warming imagination projected onto a canvas for her audience to experience within themselves.

“Lucid Dream 1" Acrylic On Canvas, 24"x30"

“Ignite Your Bones” Acrylic On Canvas, 120"x60"

“Lucid Playground“ Acrylic On Canvas, 120"x60"




Liana Gor/Goroian “Aesthetic Flow” by Yadira Roman

During her time in the U.S. Liana Gor/Goroian has worked as an illustrator and designer, combining visual with applied arts. All these structures a distinct artistic profile of an artist that has been active since the early 1980s when she graduated from the University of Yerevan. Gor/Goroian's thematic approach as an artist is one that focuses on the depiction of the human figure, quite often the female presence. Gor/Goroian explores the depths of the feminine energy, bringing forward all the mysticism, eroticism and sheer passion that is hidden within a figure. She portrays her subjects dancing or having a similarly dynamic presence, bringing forward the power exhibited through such forms of self-expression. Women are often alone in her paintings, becoming the sole protagonist of the artwork and often surrounded by abstract-like color patterns and brushstrokes that structure a dazzling background enhancing the overall sense of movement and passion. “White Dress” Oil On Canvas, 36”x48”

Gor/Goroian introduces abstract emotional features in the context, focusing on the wider concept of existence. It is commendable the form in which she draws her subjects reflecting detailed traits of her subjects, creating a realistic depiction of human figures as she highlights her natural touch on realism. There is a high sense of fluidity and freedom in the movement of her works, something that enhances the naturalism regarding artistic depiction, a feature that lets the viewer sink into the images and feel as if they are involved in this orchestration of dance. Gor/Goroian implements color into the composition in a lavish stroke, exhibiting a deep knowledge of her color palette, as she creates a dazzling and bold result. She creates subtle transitions in her strokes from the body into a playful space. Vibrating into a warm dance of color, carrying abundant chromatic strength. These features form an overall sense of composition that leaves the open invitation for the mind to wander into each brush stroke. There is great depth with the layers of her work, highlighting Gor/Goroian's innate ability to understand and effectively communicate the presence of time and space within the realm of aesthetic appeal.

“Summer Time” Oil On Canvas, 36”x48”


“Giving Heart II” Oil On Canvas, 36”x48”





The Compelling Works Of Mark Lenn Johnson by Viviana Puello

“White Dress” Oil On Canvas, 36”x48”

“Dayo” Photograph Printed On Dye-Infused Aluminum, 24”x36”

faceted lenses of color. His artworks are monuments to the freedom that one can see in art, as they have no conventional shackles and let the viewer explore raw color and composition to delve deep into these features. His content is art as a detached existence that can have relevance in our society.

In his expressionist photography, American contemporary artist Mark Lenn Johnson captures textures, lines, and movement creating awe-inspiring compositions of color, light and ever-evolving forms. Born in Kentucky, Johnson has managed to create a compelling artistic body of work in a wide array of media. He has mastered the technique of glassmaking applying a personal approach towards abstraction and has also developed a portfolio of painting and photography. In his vibrant photography works, eyecatching use of color and an impactful essence leaves his viewers craving for more. A unique approach to the multi-

In term of technique, Johnson has dedicated years developing his refined style with mediums that have an inherent value attached to applied art. His patterns and compositions are bold, employing a diversity of colors and motifs to structure the final result and create something that is immensely virtuosic as well. Specifically, concerning coloring, he makes uses of vibrant and decisive tones to create artworks that are visually compelling. In a way, color and form become the centerfold of his work, elements that become the defining factor of visual balance. In his creative photography, Mark Lenn Johnson’s water drops are presented at extreme close-up shots that showcase more abstract qualities of the exhibited subject. Combined with the obscured, multicolored background, the result is images that project the impression of sculptures made of water that take dramatic and fluid poses. All these are implemented in compositions that are thought provoking and showcase balance in its fluidity. Thus, one can see a body of work dedicated to the freedom of artistic expression, not only theoretically but also regarding the creative techniques used.


“Masika” Photograph Printed On Dye-Infused Aluminum, 24”x36”

“Lesedi” Photograph Printed On Dye-Infused Aluminum, 24”x36”




Clare Page

“Capturing Nature’s Wonders” by Viviana Puello

“Exhilirating" Fine Art Photography

Originally from New Zealand, Clare Page has traveled widely in pursuit of capturing the truth in each scope of land. She has featured remote locations in South East Australia, South West USA, as well as Queensland and Wanaka in South Island, New Zealand.

“Exquisite" Fine Art Photography

Adventurous and technically skilled, Page’s work is a celebration of nature. A visual symphony that portrays dramatic landscapes with color extravaganza, infused with a dose of wonder. Her work features horizons overflowing with light, love and the awareness of the beauty that surrounds us. Awe-inspiring scenery, sparkling waters, romantic sunsets, mysterious forests, and the harmony of the earth are presented by the artist in a refined style that captures movement with a soft focus that reflects


“Outbreak" Fine Art Photography

the atmospheric changes of the day. Everything depicted to expose the textures and vibrant colors found in nature. Her quest is to enhance man’s love and preservation for the natural environment as she alters it with infrastructure at an ever increasing rate.

“Paradise" Fine Art Photography

Page has perfected the art of capturing images in natural light by manipulating the shutter speed and applying filters to give natural light its life while using it to bring out the details of the natural world. While working outdoors, Clare Page has mastered her technique of working in unique light conditions such as those emanating from brightly lit skies or foggy atmospheres. Page revels in such weather which she considers mysterious and inconsistent. According to Page nature is incomplete without all facets of its climate and seasons. As such, landscape photography needs to depict the land during different seasons to bring out its real character, depth, beauty, and authenticity. Cont. next page...




“Infusion" Fine Art Photography

“Enlighten" Fine Art Photography

“Conqueror" Fine Art Photography

An excellent example of Page's ode to nature is her work "Infusion" taken at Central Park, New York. The photo has captured a sunrise on the lake; warm sunlight shines on the water with reflections of the trees on a beautiful autumn day. In yet another image, Page has captured a dazzling bright orange on Lake Wanaka at sunrise as the sun rises beyond some distant hills. The world is full of beauty - there is a miracle to uncover in every one of Clare Page's landscapes. Each image offers the viewer the excitement of a journey to discover something entirely new, new horizons, a new day, the world from a perspective never seen before, a universe on full display of beauty, light and divine love. Page lives and works in Brisbane, Australia.

“Scenic Splendor" Fine Art Photography

“Pulse" Fine Art Photography



Michael Lam

“A Bridge Between East And West” by Yadira Roman

Michael Lam is an internationally acclaimed Chinese-born New York artist that manages through his vibrant work to bridge the gap between eastern and western culture. His work is deeply rooted in his memories and experiences as he grew up in China, where he made his first contact with one of the most intriguing parts of their visual culture, calligraphy. This early life experience marked the beginning of Lam's successful career, the basis for his current artistic structure that has eastern foundations and that he expresses in a more westernized manner. Lam’s art has often been referred to as representing a “New York Line” due to his excellent line technique. These traditional roots are transformed into an artistic expression relevant to our days by the Lam who is now operating in a contemporary context, reevaluating the way that the origins of any culture can have an impact on our society. Calligraphy is a practice venerated in China, a tradition going back thousands of years and in a way, it combines artistic expression with actual writing. This way of performing just a few strokes with a brush (or even a single one) and managing to create a symbol that has not just a crude meaning but an aesthetic value corresponding to its purpose as well, is something which is genuinely fascinating and indeed can be correlated with contemporary art. Through his expertise in this practice that formed the foundations of his artistic work, Michael Lam manages to create meaningful artworks that introduce one to an experience that feels both familiar, and quite new. Notably, there is an engaging dialogue between one and his works, as he presents a symbol which is abstract as a form but can be highly representative of an extremely clear notion or object. One is drawn into exploring the image which is presented in front with the yearning to discover every hidden aspect of it. This stimulation which is posed to the viewer as the witness is a benefiting feature that renders such a form of art contemporary. It transcends the roots that are interwoven with tradition and enters the world contemporary art, which demands the audience to become an active participant in the experience of the work itself, a thinker instead of a reader. Michael Lam also has a series of artworks that derive from the same technical roots but at some crucial points take a different route, thus having their personal existence. It is his work around the single stroke, a technique which is not only aesthetically pleasant but also demands a high degree of concentration and is extremely virtuosic when practiced with mastery. It is an unforgiving technique, as the artist is not allowed any mistake on the given artwork. One needs to be at the same time calm, bold, decided and elegant to have an extremely high degree of control over the brushstroke, a brushstroke that considers at the same time pressure, direction, rhythm, and movement. The outcome might initially be mistaken as the result of "just a few seconds," but it is the work of years or even decades concentrated in a fraction of the time. Lam’s work explores concepts of opposites such as good and evil and balancing the yin and the yang through the interplay of light and dark.

“White & Black 03'' Ink On Paper 18''×24''

Lam's underlying messages in his work express the concept of acceptance for the natural state of all that exists and the importance of attaining a state of complete spontaneity which will lead us to be what nature intended. In an article describing Lam's work, ATIM Editor-in-Chief Viviana Puello wrote "To appreciate his work, one must transcend the external manifestation of his excellent technical skills to understand the spiritual freedom of his art, which focuses on the spontaneous nature of the universe. Two important messages in his work are that everything in the world has a natural state and that one should strive to attain a state of complete spontaneity to become what nature intended." An impacting artist that is sharing his vision through his scope of life, one is ensured that this artistic journey can be a fruitful one for anyone that loves art which combines aesthetics, technique, and concept. It is the most crucial part of this dialogue as the viewer needs to show extreme care to distinguish the many overlying elements present on these artworks. Once these items have been interpreted, new and exciting p at hways a p p e a r t h at l e a d to m a ny


“White & Black 01'' Ink On Paper 18''×24''

realizations about the nature of symbols and their significance for our society. In 2016 Michael Lam’s philanthropic efforts were recognized. For his significant contribution and devotion to promoting global peace through his works of art, ArtTour International Magazine presented the title of “ATIM Messenger Of Peace” to Lam through the "Create 4 Peace". A program created by ArtTour International Magazine to reduce the transgenerational transmission of pain and suffering, utilizing art to impact the

pain and suffering, utilizing art to impact the imagination and creativity of people to transmit love, peace, and personal responsibility. Michael Lam is a storyteller evoking passion, peace, inner truth and connecting us all to higher levels of consciousness through his art.




Nicolas Sorin Novac “A Moment In Time” by Yadira Roman

“The Oneiric Lace" Mixed Media Acrylic 36"x24"

“Ephemeral Idyll" Mixed Media Acrylic 72"x48"

Nicolas Sorin Novac was born in Romania and currently lives in Quebec, Canada. He loves to produce artworks from pastel, charcoal, acrylic, ink, watercolor, stained glass paint and aluminum. Novac’s paintings capture the back and forth of time like a pendulum based on everyday reality although he likes to merge it with dreamy aspects which captivates his audience. He hopes that his viewers can see themselves in his paintings and have their lives reflected upon various works so that in them faith and appreciation of life are ignited. Novac produces unique artworks by combining disparate compositional elements. Depiction and combinations of mechanical elements in human figures are underlying themes in many of his works. One can find many motifs connected to the overall message in his works such as butterflies, fallen ancient structures, carefully displaying a concept of time, ideals, human habit and the inevitable metamorphosis we must all face. Novac uses bold, warm colors to create a highlight for the focal points of his works. His backgrounds carry a message about the human expression. In many pieces, his audience will find the human form to be expressed in white and black hues, the contrast to his warm light filled backgrounds. A playful artist as he has mastered many mediums such as metal, paint, aluminum, and digital content among other substances to create an iconic mixed media art. Nicolas Sorin Novac’s artwork dating from 1997 can be found in private collections in Germany, Italy, Canada, and the USA.

“The Unbearable Fragility Of Being" Mixed Media Acrylic 60"x40"


Sara Arianpour


e Human Psyche”

by Yadira Roman

“Untitled From The Stricken City Series" Acrylic & Colour Collage On Canvas 79"x75"x2"

Setting a positive example for young artists Sara Arianpour has attained great recognition worldwide as she has taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions, always producing work of high quality and aesthetic value. Her work focuses on human form as a subject and depicts it in a raw delivery to her audience. She employs robust and memorable brushstrokes that characterize the features of the human form while retaining an inner abstract side, being profoundly kinetic and dynamic. This combines with a shifting vibration of the abstract background that enhances this mysterious profile proposed through her art and forms a unique amalgamation of figurative and abstract features, the primary characteristic of her work.

“Untitled" Acrylic & Colour Collage On Canvas 40"x26"

Arianpour's technical approach underlines the themes that play a fundamental role in her artistic work. Her works focus on the depiction of the raw human existence, often seen in poses and expressions that indicate suffering, introducing the viewer to the world which is at times quite uneasy to face. It is a work that can be essential as it welcomes her viewers to experience repressed sides of his/her psyche. As a whole it is a profoundly existentialist approach to painting, being parallel to some key figures of Post-Modern art, focused on the depiction of a uniquely simple and detached human figure, lying within a complex message. Undeniably, is a fresh presence that exhibits interest and above all promises a long career with even more successes and above all even more intriguing and innovative works.

“Untitled" Acrylic & Colour Collage On Canvas 40"x26"




Lawrence R. Armstrong “A Renaissance Man” by Mia Tina

Award winning artist Lawrence R. Armstrong describes his work in art and architecture as a continuous exploration of the “concept of layers.” Armstrong is an architect, painter, and sculptor who has created a niche for himself as an expert in the fine arts. His pieces represent an ongoing exploration of the concept of layers -- specifically, how they interact and intersect with each other to depict meaning. He describes his art as having been founded in an awareness and fascination of layers in the natural and built environment, in space and time, intellect and emotion. He finds inspiration in “fl ash es of light,” which h e notes appear involuntarily to him through his sensory perception via artistic mediums, like music and writing, architecture both built and natural, or events, people, and moods. Blends of all of these, create

“Fan Fare” Layered Canvas, Acrylic, Wood, 53”x71”

even more complex layers. After absorbing these layers, Armstrong allows the concept to gestate before arriving at the exact media he will use to produce the piece. Then the process happens quickly in a series, with many sketches and pieces being created one after another. Though the process is sequential, they regularly correlate with the first “flash of light” that inspired him. Armstrong says that many of his life’s passions manifest in the same way. Lawrence R. Armstrong has been called a “modern Renaissance man,” and for a good reason. Not only is Armstrong an exceptional artist and architect, but as the chief executive officer of the international design firm Ware Malcomb, he has seen the award-winning company through consistent growth, with a notable boost in annual revenue of more than 170 percent between 2010 and 2015. A testament to the Renaissance man’s artistry as much as to his

“Flourish” Layered Canvas, Acrylic, Wood, 61”x97”


business acumen and expertise in design and technology. In an “Art 2 Heart” interview with Viviana Puello, editor in chief of Art Tour International Magazine, Armstrong speaks about his process. “I notice layers in the natural world and the built environment; I notice physical layers, and I see events that happen in a very planned way and in a very disorderly way. I listen to layers in the atmosphere of sounds: music that is very orderly and other sounds that are random. The atmosphere of different moods, different people that might fill a room. And so, my work is an expression of the very orderly versus the very chaotic and unplanned.” “I love everything that I do,” Armstrong tells Viviana Puello, “and I think that’s a vital part of anyone’s life – you have to love what you do. I love being an architect; I love running my company and helping my clients and our people grow. That inspires me, so on the weekends and in my downtime, I’m inspired to go to my studio, and I create this work based on those inspirations. For me, it’s an outlet, and it’s a way to continue to be creative and to contribute.”

“Triniti 2.0” Acrylic On Canvas, 24”x24”

Armstrong’s work as an artist blends into his leadership as the CEO of the visionary design company Ware Malcomb. The firm’s chief marketing officer, Ruth Brajevich, speaks to this synthesis, “His work as an architect is enhanced and inspired by his work as an artist, and his corporate clients appreciate this unique sensibility. At the same time, his art is inspired by modern architects and artists, as well as his international travels.” The success of both the firm and Armstrong’s personal work are mostly owed to technology, according to Armstrong. We may all have associated him with artistic ingenuity, but it appears this talented artist is not swift to take credit for his beautiful masterpiece. Virtual architectural models, constructed through building information modeling, provide an endless virtual vision of coordinated views for various architectural designs and projects, allowing both the designers and the firm’s clients to envision the outcome through the creative process. This tool also benefits Armstrong’s multilayered sculptures and paintings, with their intersections and interacting layers.

“Echo” Layered Canvas, Acrylic, Wood, 58”x88”

A world traveler who brings his art everywhere his feet land, and design- and business-savvy man, Lawrence R. Armstrong lives and works in Irvine, California. He is an accomplished designer, architect, and CEO of a successful international architectural firm. This great visionary has paved his way in his career, earning his place as a master of the arts.




Michael Carini

e Acrylic Alchemist”

Michael Carini is an American artist that has been gaining wide acclaim for his masterfully created and above all beautiful body of work. He has been trained in the prestigious Loyola Marymount University and has apprenticed under well-respected contemporary artists like Roland Reiss and Jane Brucker, thus having a rich past in artistic education that has offered him a robust foundation for his work. This diversity of influences and his deep personal research into the world of painting has resulted in his own, unique approach to abstraction, a work which poses immense interest in the context of contemporary art.

by Viviana Puello

“As The Caged Bird Sings'' Acrylic On Canvas 72''x45”

Carini's most common medium of choice is acrylic colors as they allow him to apply multiple layers overlapping, combining and contradicting without becoming mixed due to the rapid drying time. He is a true "Acrylic Alchemist," a term that he has adopted for his style of work, as it is evident that he pushes acrylic colors to their very limits regarding artistic expression, creating results that are hard to imagine being made by human hand. Most of his paintings have a monochromatic background which serves as a foundation that holds the multiple layers, lines and forms implemented by the artist, having a subtle, yet important, role in the composition. On this “The Hitchhikers- Take Us To Wonderland (Alicinner)” Acrylic On Canvas 72''x96”


fi r m fo u n d a t i o n , C a r i n i a p p l i e s hundreds of brushstrokes, using bold colors, to slowly construct a complex visual environment that consists of dozen overlapping lines. His characteristic element when creating these elaborate linear structures is that they are almost predominantly curved, creating complex vortexes that have an immense sense of depth and movement. Another important element in his approach to abstraction is the form that he implements textures on his paintings to support the dynamic brushstrokes that are placed above. Drips, splashes, and even some large geometric forms can be seen in the drawing and become an interesting addition which despite being subtle, is primarily relevant and offers a new depth into his work. The technical style which is adopted by Carini leads to an equally compelling and exciting conceptual background that focuses on paralleling his painting style to theoretical notions that he wishes to bring forward. Concepts like rhythm, music, the fluidity of time and space become evident in his rich artistic portfolio. It is a body of work that invites the viewer to take a journey through many raw concepts of nature in a unique way and possibly become a truly valuable experience that will help one to redetermine identity, self, and existence. It is a work which is emotional and poetic, but at the same t i m e d e e p l y i n te l l e c t u a l i n i t s realization, dealing with transcendent notions that can have a profound impact on society as a whole. The spiritual nature of Michael Carini's work renders it relevant within the contemporary artistic and societal context, as it helps people redefine their personality and in turn humanity as a collective existence. It is truly universal concerning scope and realization, disregarding any societal gaps and differences, referring only to the purity of the human life.

'’The Day Pandora Set Me Free (Misteriora)'' Acrylic On Canvas 60''x60''

“A Father That Was The Son'' Acrylic On Canvas 60''x96''

“Foreverandever'' Acrylic On Canvas 60''x96”




Alex Slingenberg by Viviana Puello

“My passion for art and wildlife in particular has come from many sources and influences it is an on going journey of self discovery a joyful learning process that fires and feeds my soul, and that which I hope to share with others.”

“Serendipity”, Oil On Canvas 32” x 24”

“Silent Protector” Oil On Canvas 27.5” x 40”

Nature, beauty, and art have always been part of Alex’s life. As a child, she traveled throughout the Far East Middle-America and the U.S. with her Diplomat parents, who were also avid art collectors. Surrounded by the lush vegetation of the tropics with its bright colored wildlife combined with the exquisite Antiques her parents collected, beauty was everywhere. China, Thailand, The USA and Mexico, the different cultures and native wildlife instilled in her a love of al things beautiful and a strong desire to express herself creatively. Slingenberg drew instinctively since a young age and later won awards in school competitions with her natural talent. All this made an indelible impression upon her mind, thus shaping the future artist. Trained initially as a Goldsmith, she graduated as a Designer Craftsman in the UK and then moved on to work as a p h o to g r a p hy s t y l i s t . N a t i ve American culture and art captivated her to the extent that it became a serious interest and subject of study. Silk being her f avo r i te f a b r i c , s h e s t a r te d researching ways to paint on it and soon developed her formula, medium and technique to suit that particular textile. From there on, she began experimenting with painting on leather.


Phyllis Terrell

“A Gift To Nature” by Yadira Roman

“Basket of Flowers” Watercolor

Phyllis Terrell originated from northeastern Georgia, having a rich artistic career she exhibits a mature profile that offers a diverse body of work. Her delivery is subtle, and grounded in its clarity; her pieces bring forward qualities that are impactful and their value is always of utmost importance to society. Terrell focuses on a realistic depiction of the natural world, welcoming her audience to witness the raw beauty of flowers, the serenity of a grove or the dominating presence of the mountains. Topics that are inspired by her personal experiences as she has been living in a rural area that offers a vast amount of stimuli to the painter. It is evident Terrell has not forgotten the natural aesthetic aspects of our existence, the link to the beauty of the environment and the majesty of nature. All these are implemented in her work mostly watercolors, a technique that she has mastered. Her freedom in the process of drawing, composition, and coloring, is evident as she creates a natural result mirroring the reference while retaining a personal touch as an artist. Terrell works have been exhibited in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Japan. Her work is a gem to all those who are influenced by the positive messages her paintings emit, a profound success for the artist, as she strives to reach the spiritual healing process that hidden within the depths of artistic expression.




Frans Frengen

“Painting With

One of the unique contemporary artists to emerge on the scene, Belgian artist Frans Frengen has developed a work process that is as intriguing as the artwork he creates. Frans Frengen began drawing as a young boy, and his talent as an artist was quickly recognized. He studied painting and drawing under prominent artists for some years before developing the signature "Fumagine" technique that forms the basis for much of his work.

e Light Of A Candle”

by Yadira Roman

“A Living Drone And A Wild Rabbit, A Human Right” Fumagine (Paint With A flame) And Acrylic Dots - 28”x28” - 2017

While in Wemmel, near Brussels, Frengen conceived and developed the fumagine technique, which is best described as the equivalent of painting with a candle. More than just painting with soot, this method gives a distinctive, stylized look to Frans Frengen's paintings and drawings. It gives his primarily black and white compositions a mere appearance, emphasized by the great shading that is created by the fumagine technique. Despite the bold, thick lines, smudgy appearance, and simple nature of Frengen's drawings and paintings, they are still highly detailed and reveal the artist's deep level of skill and technique. In addition to the simple shades of gray smudging created by the fumagine technique, Frengen also

“The Protected Group” - Fumagine (Paint With A flame) And Acrylic Dots And Movable Square - 28”x28” - 2016


“Noah's Ark, The Return”- Fumagine (Paint With A flame) And Acrylic Dots And Movable Square - 28”x39” - 2016

adds bold spots of color to the paintings. The primary colors of red, blue, and yellow are often featured in his work. It is clear that this is the work of a talented artist who has spent many years studying technique and artistic styles. Most of his art features people and scenes from everyday life portrayed in a unique way and with a great perspective. Several of Frans Frengen's fumagine paintings stand out from the rest. One, "Hunting a Human Right," features a musket-bearing hunter and his dogs chasing a wild boar. This simple drawing, painted by Frengen with a candle, is not only remarkable because of the striking details and intense expressions on the faces, but because of his choice to use a single spot of red paint as the only color in this mostly monochromatic painting. Another piece to note is "Mirror on Newport," which features two ships in a beautiful harbor. While the artwork is mostly black and white, a few splotches of purple and green acrylic paint are strategically placed in the water. The ships are delineated with high precision, and the small numbers on the bows of the ships add an extra dimension and detail to these works of art. The bright colors of the acrylic paint contrast effectively with the calm and serene waters. Frans Frengen's unique fumagine technique showcases his brilliant yet simple paintings and drawings. It is clear that this Belgian artist has remarkable talent and skill, as well as a clear voice that has something important to say.

Homejacked By Herself” Fumagine (Paint with A Flame), Movable Square – 39”x 28” – 2011




“Father Abraham, Henri From Albi And The Albatross” Fumagine (Paint With A flame) And Acrylic Dots And Movable Square - 39”x28” - 2016


John Nieman

“New Release: Private Lives” by Viviana Puello

“Private Lives” Series, Watercolor On Canvas, Mixed Media Installation, By John Nieman

Award winning artist, and writer John Nieman is an internationally recognized American author of numerous novels and art books, well known for his unique realist style of painting that utilizes the subject overlaid with words to create an underlying message, a riddle, that the viewer is invited to explore with deep concentration and thought. Nieman manages to combine visual arts with literature, creating a result which is highly conceptual and balances between these two distinctive media to create a harmonious outcome that intellectually challenges the public. In his new series, John Nieman moves the realm of curiosity into the lives of people by inviting his viewer s into a sh ifted p er specti ve as he experiments with the scope of intimacy and vulnerability. Exhibiting the experience of New York as train rides turn into glimpses of a stranger's life. "All the apartments that line the tracks have their windows visible without any blinds." "We already have not much privacy in our lives, and these subjects seem to indicate that people do very little to protect their privacy" he states, as he shifts towards a more social conceptual focus in his artistic expression while utilizing his already welldeveloped creative tools. In essence, it is a work that refers to contemporary society and the privacy, solidarity, social life and all such concepts that are under radical redefinition. Thus the viewer is confronted with the hidden truths that most desire to keep private, yet openly leave themselves in a vulnerable position to be discovered, and seen for their truth.

Nieman's invitation lures us into reflecting how much we wish to hide who we are: and the unconscious choices we make to experience some form of liberation in allowing an unknown world see us for who we are, something he exploits creating a unique vantage point towards art. Carrying his experiences into these pieces, and proposing questions we all carry within. A courageous artist indeed, once again John Nieman offers a broader spectrum of art and human language, stimulating his audience on an intellectual, and emotional level. Nieman is known for his unique approach and playing with a visual poetic duality, honoring his understanding of the world as both a writer and painter.

“Private Lives” Series, Watercolor On Canvas, Mixed Media Installation, By John Nieman




O. Yemi Tubi

“Painting From His Roots” by Yadira Roman

“Fishers Of Men'' Oil On Canvas, 54''x33''

Rooted in the lands of Nigeria, O. Yemi Tubi has established himself as a prominent Graphic Designer and painter that incorporates political and social messages in a skillful artistic realization. His extensive career started in the early 1980s in the U.S. growing into his artistry now to the United Kingdom where he works as a Graphic Designer and continues to create compelling works of art that have a profound connection to his roots in Africa. Tubi works are diverse and exhibit a high degree of knowledge regarding mediums and techniques, as one can see both historical and modern influences in his work. It is evident that he has studied in depth the painting and drawing style of old masters, inspired by painters like Delacroix and Goya. O. Yemi Tubi exhibits a complexity that delivers unique artworks which can leave quite the impression on the viewer. This emotion is enhanced by the thematic approach of Tubi, as he has a bold political context, showcasing through his work many of the contemporary events of the war as well as the social inequalities in his home continent, Africa. It is a topic which can motivate emotions and establish a dialogue with his audience. “Violinist'' Oil On Canvas, 18''x24”


“Hunger In The Land Of Plenty" Oil On Canvas, 24" x 36"

O. Yemi Tubi is in large part a significant contribution to contemporary art. Works of art that carry a powerful and robust presence a feature well respected and needed in the context of the modern society. In essence, it is a body of work that promotes and unearths all these topics that many might avoid to look at, but are imperative regarding the formation of a healthier and much more peaceful society.

O. Yemi Working On His Painting - Oil: “Africans Wealth And Woe”

“Soyinka An African Literary'' Oil On canvas, 25''x36''




Sónia Domingues

“An Extravagant Touch” by Yadira Roman

E l e g a nt a n d fi g u rat i ve , t h e invitation that Sonia Domingues offers at first sight of her works. Domingues employs a wide number of techniques and media to convey the full range of emotions and thoughts that she delivers. In her bold pieces, Domingues differs from a direct representation to compositions that are rooted in Surrealism. She uses her in-depth knowledge of applied arts, stained glass, and design, to bring forward such influences and enrich her paintings. Symbolism becomes central to Domingues' work as she juxtaposes objects, and other contrasting compositions onto the focal point of her pieces, introducing new features that have a correlation with the main one. It is a way to let the viewer freely interpret these additions to become an active part of the exhibited artwork and thus establish a strong personal connection with the public. Her drawing is elegant and accurate, portraying the depicted figures, objects, and scenes in a form that approaches reality and yet plays with abstraction. Her chosen formula is to split her images into geometric shapes, an element that can be paralleled to artistic movements of the modern era like cubism and futurism, coloring each shape independently. The result is staggering as she introduces a thought-provoking element within the context of a painting style that is both intriguing as well as charming to her viewers. Domingues is an artist that shows through her dedication in painting that creating a combination of painting with applied techniques is not only something beautiful and aesthetically pleasant, but it is also something that evokes many conceptual elements promotes a practice central to contemporary art.

“Palácio Chiado Collection: Nr. I The Tragedies" Mixed Media On Canvas, 63"x43"


“Palácio Chiado Collection: Nr. II Farrobodó & À Grande e á Francesa" Mixed Media On Canvas, 63"x43"

“Palácio Chiado Collection: Nr. IV The Butler Becomes Protagonist" Mixed Media On Canvas, 63"x43"

“Palácio Chiado Collection: Nr. III Vivifying Tea & Hybrid Guitar Harp" Mixed Media On Canvas, 63"x43"

“Palácio Chiado Collection: Nr. V An Extravagant Escape From The Banal" Mixed Media On Canvas, 63"x43"




Shifra Levyathan by Yadira Roman

“Floating Earth” Fine Art Photography

“City Density” Fine Art Photography

“I would love for my art to touch p e o p l e . To i n fl u e n c e t h e i r outlook and thoughts. To leave an emotional impact.” Israeli contemporary photographer Shifra Levyathan has been active for many years and has a rich background with many exhibitions and awards throughout her career. Predominantly an urban photographer, the majority of Shifra Levyathan's works focus on scenes that can be witnessed in a city or around people, often in public spaces or in general appearing in a setting which is a reference to the contemporary way of life.

“New Solutions” Fine Art Photography

With a great passion for travel which was ignited since she was a child, Levyathan takes inspiration from the colors, s m e l l s , tex t u re s a n d t h e energies of her surroundings. The tones and hues found in


the desert sand, the diversity of people and their culture, the contrast between modern and antique buildings at the grand metropolis, all become the center of attraction in the images captured by her camera. A common element in her work is the digital manipulation of the original photographs, to shape, rearrange and combine elements, thus ensuring that she has a significant level of control over the outcome, a method the a r t i s t re fe r s t o a s " d i g i t a l interference." Her perception of people through her works is a recurring theme throughout her portfolio. The human figure is often portrayed in the urban environment as an integral part of it, always moving and never static. They are not merely citizens, but one could consider people to be the lifeblood of any city, motivating any activity and becoming the very soul of the area regardless of night and day. Shifra Levyathan handles excellently both the depiction of the faceless masses that operate in any urban landscape and the most individual approach of a single human being portrayed in a personal manner. The first is something intriguing as it can strongly correlate with the feelings that anyone has once visited a real buzzing metropolis, as people become a crowd, being charming and menacing at the same time. These figures translate into a mirror for the viewer; they are highly selfreferring. This element is crucial to creating an active dialogue with the viewers, enabling them to ponder freely on the interpretation of the images presented. Such a characteristic is essential in any contemporary approach to visual art, as a c o n t i n u e d n a r r a t i ve m i g h t restrain and potentially tire the viewers. On the other hand, sometimes throughout her work, one can see a more realistic showcase of people, who are not faceless and stand out, becoming the focus of

“Ghost Of War I” Fine Art Photography

“Ghost Of War II” Fine Art Photography

the given photograph. When this is the case, the depicted figure is often juxtaposed to elements highly contrasting, in the form of digital manipulation, a staple in Levyathan's work which can be either subtle, demanding careful observation to notice or even being the dominant feature of the photograph. Thus even then it is not such a narrative approach to the subject, but rather one that focuses on the surreal connection of the person with the surrounding environment. A great example is her series "Ghost Of War," a humanitarian series depicting victims of war. In this series, the artist opens a window to her soul bringing awareness of the pain and tragedy experienced by many in current times. Levyathan lives and works in Ramat Gan, Israel.




“Ghost Of War III” Fine Art Photography

“Ghost Of War IV” Fine Art Photography

“The Street Corner” Fine Art Photography “Different” Fine Art Photography


Rosemarie Armstrong “Natures Raw Beauty” by Yadira Roman

“Solitude" Oil On Canvas 24"x48"

Within the contemporary context of art, Rosemarie Armstrong has established her voice and impact in the industry by focusing on a realistic representation of landscapes and seascapes, her prominent themes throughout her body of work. Armstrong's delicate strokes create a striking and profound realistic depiction of nature in movement. She creates dynamic and bold images, underlining the difference that one can witness in nature, creating compositions that range from unbalanced scapes to absolute serenity. Thus, it is a work that has many contrasts thematically, creating a diverse portrayal of our surroundings in ways that many people have had no chance of experiencing. It is her form of communicating to the viewers the majestic features that one can see when being free of the urban lifestyle, something that she has an experience of by living in a country property in Ontario.

“Revelation II" Oil On Canvas 30"x30"

Rosemarie's compositions showcase her artistic expertise as they are well-balanced, having an accurate sense of depth while also a sense of movement and illumination. Intricate details which enhance the realism of the painting include torn and decayed branches on a beach, the creamy foam of waves, the light and action in the atmosphere. With masterful use of colour and excellent drawing skills, she portrays her theme with breathtaking accuracy. Rosemarie Armstrong is an artist that offers virtuosic and imaginative works, providing work of immense artistic interest. “China Beach" Oil On Canvas 12"x20"




Sho Tsunoda


e Tone”

by Viviana Puello

“The Fueled Mind" Oil On Canvas, 36"x28" 2016-2017

“My body of work analyzes how one's sense of self, seems lost in our continually expanding society by portraying my struggle to find an identity. In such a large society, it is easy for one to feel almost replaceable as the importance and purpose of individuality are often forgotten. I aim to raise questions to this situation and advocate the strength and importance of identity. Through painting with my fingers, I attempt to deliver momentum, directness, and honesty. Using part of my body helps me express humanity. Through the rawness and momentum, I aim to convey the energy and vibrancy of life. As a child, I was fascinated with nature and cared many species of insects, plants, and animals. Observing them made me aware that every line of every species has a particular purpose. For this reason, I attempt to make each line in my painting functional to the human mind. I am especially interested in the way invisible ultraviolet light becomes visible in the form of fluorescent colors as I believe one of the roles of art is to make invisible things visible such as feeling, idea, thought. The extreme vibrancy of fluorescent colors helps me express the vividness of life.” - Sho Tsunoda

“Screaming At The Sky" Oil On Canvas, 36"x18"

The art of Sho Tsunoda is an extraordinary implementation of multiple techniques and ideas which include the use of his fingers to paint and become one with his works during the creative process. Throughout his career, Tsunoda has shown a highly experimental nature that focuses on the way that interwoven chromatic patterns and designs interact, creating an unusual form of abstraction evoking connections through the ongoing cords of color, pattern, and dimension. Working with oils, he applies layers that interact with each other and bring forward this pluralistic chromatic nature. It is a work which uses predominantly bold and vibrant color tones that complement and contrast each other,


“Space Expo" Acrylic On Canvas, 18"x36"

creating an optical intensity that has fluidity and a strong sense of motion in the composition. Tsunoda balances them as he works on his paintings and creates imagery that exhibits a unique optical symmetry as a dance of colors and patterns. Sho Tsunoda's works focus on the way that our contemporary society is expanding with fervor, creating in the process a world that balances on its chaotic ex p a n s i o n a n d h a s h u m a n existence to the center of this process. Urban life can be p a ra l l e l e d to h i s b o l d a n d dynamic paintings that bring forward these very ideas and structure a thematic context relevant to our contemporary as well as our future world. It is an artistic work that respects one of the ultimate goals of art within society, becoming a force that connects people and discusses concepts to enlighten, educate and question ideas, authorities, and practices. As a result, his work has been praised and is always gaining, even more, attention, promising to become a truly essential figure within the world of contemporary abstraction.

“Mindscape" Oil On Canvas, 40"x60"




Hema Thakur

“A Rich Step Into Indian Lands” by Viviana Puello

“Sailing In Love” Acrylic On Foam Board, 23.5”X32’’

"In life no matter what you do, you have to take a leap of faith, as none of us know what life is going to serve us in the next moment. If you learn to swim, float, balance and adjust yourself through difficult and good times, only then life will bring you to enjoy." - Hema Thakur

H e m a T h a k u r 's v i v i d a r t wo r k s a re influenced by the traditional Warli paintings that are created in her native land of Maharashtra, Western India. She introduces them with a personal artistic approach, and the result is masterful and innovative compositions that present an old technique within the society of contemporary art creating something thought to provoke which is almost unknown to the people outside of India.

“Unstoppable” Acrylic On Canvas, 24’’X32’’

The technique she uses in her work is one of a stylized approach, creating a balance between figurative and abstract art, producing a combined result that has the strengths of both realms. The first characteristic, which is also a direct reference to the traditional roots of the artworks, is that she often includes decorative motifs that are repeated to form beautiful visual patterns. In a similar way, the figures that appear in her artworks follow a path that avoids a direct, detailed portrayal and rather aims to a more emotional depiction. In essence, it is the choice that renders the value of the artwork more holistic, as it has a wider symbolism and focuses on the entirety of human existence. Thakur portrays backgrounds in a figurative way, with some Impressionistic influences. Her vision drives her work with the message that every person gets to understand their great inner strength and use this power to manifest dreams, needs and express his/her feelings. Thus, the work of Thakur offers a dialogue, while presenting a view within the reinterpretation of tradition and the ways that society gets to honor and treat the customs to be educated by them. Cont. next page... “Zadacha Zoka” Acrylic on Canvas, 22.5’’X32.2’’



“Peace Of Mind” Acrylic And Oil On Canvas, 23.4’’X24.5’’


“Change Is Possible" Acrylic And Oil On Canvas

“Situation Makes Them Change" Acrylic And Oil On Canvas

Hema Thakur 's works evoke the notion that nothing is dead until people forget it and that we could always find influences in the past that relate to our present and future. All these qualities, both technical and thematic, can be seen throughout her imagery evident in her artworks "Peace Of Mind," "Sailing In Love" and "Unstoppable." All three of them have the common element of placing a stylized female figure in a vibrant, colorful environment using water as an essential part of the composition, something that has profound conceptual implications. It is a direct reference to the tranquility, fluidity, and spiritualism that Cont. next page...




“Freedom Of Soul” Acrylic and Oil On Canvas, 17.5’’X23.3’’


“Being Yourself” Acrylic On Canvas, 32.2’’X22.5’’

has been traditionally connected with water throughout the ages, creating not only a visual background to her figures but a thematic one as well. The color palettes exhibit diversity as she uses it with the same elegance and eases the warm hues of a sunset and cooler tones that dominate the forested cove of "Peace of Mind." The figures depicted portray feminine energy, becoming protagonists that refer not only to humanity as a whole but to women as they become the general focus of these artworks. Thakur has effectively offered her audience a walk through past, present, and future all in the whisk of her brush. “Life Is Fun” Acrylic On Canvas




Elizabeth Brownrigg “Forms Of Nature” by Viviana Puello

“I have been in the corporate world as an administrative assistant for 25 years, and out of the 25 years I have changed jobs approximately 28 times and moved over 32 times... to most people, that is "Crazy"... My rational for it was, life is too short to be somewhere or work for someone and not be happy; but, I continued to do what I had too for my family... Through the years, I thought there was something wrong with me and questioned: "why can’t I just be normal"... once I rediscovered Art and began working with clay, I found myself again. Finally, I felt at peace and centered, I no longer was looking outside of myself but realized what I was searching for was within me, most of all, that "normal" was overrated!” - Elizabeth Brownrigg

“Masquerade Beauty” Clay Sculpture, 13”

Offering a grounding experience into a series that honors all elements of the feminine, Elizabeth Brownrigg gives her audience a grand scope into her works. Using clay as her principal tool of expression, this simple, yet rich material becomes the basis for her series focused mainly on figurative elements that become the central theme of her body of work. Facial characteristics and the female form are the common protagonists of her works, taking often distorted poses that propose an emotional complexity of the depicted figure and thus create an intricate dialogue between the artwork and the viewer. She uses nature as an active force in her pieces, inviting the idea of unity between the human flesh and that of mother nature. There are often floral patterns that coexist and combine with her characters, creating a dreamlike result which is based both on the richly decorated Baroque-influenced sculptures, as well as to the more Surrealist elements that have such subconscious images which evoke the dreams and the imagination of the creator. Brownrigg has another absorbing body of work, one which is more “Solar Trifecta” Clay Sculpture


“Deeply Rooted” Clay Sculpture, 18”

closely related to traditional pottery as she consistently creates decorated vases, plates, and other objects by utilizing her knowledge of sculpture as well as her personal artistic touch. What differentiates them from most ceramic/clay objects is that she has a unique approach towards each and every one of her creations, having different coloring, textures and a plethora of patterns implemented as well as a vivid imagination regarding the actual shape of the object. Thus the public experiences a new view on the approach of pottery, something which is always refreshing to see on such an ancient tradition of our collective cultural history. Her work is a fusion between the ageless tradition and her creative imagination, an artistic body of work that offers many unique vantage points which illuminate pottery and sculpture in a fresh and exciting way. It is work with elegant simplicity, but not without the depth of study and careful creation, a combination which creates the unique personal touch of Elizabeth Brownrigg.




Kay Gri th

“Freedom Of Color” by Viviana Puello

“Abstract U-310” Oil On Canvas

Award-winning American artist Kay Griffith c rea te s vi vi d an d ma sterf u l a b s tr a ct compositions with a personal artistic approach that pinpoints conceptual and structural elements while at the same time remaining faithful to the nature of abstraction. Employing oils on canvas with the masterful use of palette knives, Griffith skillfully plays with texture, color, light and rhythm, the result, a magical symphony where emotions come to life in an open invitation to intimate dialogs with the viewers. It is a painting style that she has created over the years of her personal experimentation on art, combining studies on color and design with the fresh approach of the self-taught artist who has matured through years of constant work. The predominant factor of her body of work is color, as she uses it in thick, vivid layers that dominate the painting and create a bold visual statement captivating the viewer. One of her most characteristic features is her use of thick “Abstract U-325” Oil On Canvas


sheer strength and influence of color; one can see some elements that can act as references to actual landscapes or objects, thus employing some subtle figurative themes within her artworks. These features though are fragmented and distorted to the point that they are hardly recognizable, becoming instead a choice that aims towards unraveling her personal view and reality. With her works, Griffith manages to intrigue the viewer and reach conceptual depths in a journey that has no actual end or beginning, but rather an adventure which follows an unconventional and highly complex route. Such a path can become quite an enjoyable journey, if one has enough patience to delve deep into its splendor, then this process can be beneficial for the way that we perceive and conceptualize our reality and our everyday experiences. “Abstract U-153” Oil On Canvas

impasto layers that structure architectural shapes with lines and more geometrical forms, while at the same time employing a free abstraction that values fluidity and movement above all. It is a choice that shows her skill in utilizing different techniques to create her artworks and convey her themes that are closely related to the emotional and cognitive status of the painter. It is a work that focuses on the

Through her vibrant and eye-catching pieces, Kay Griffith delivers a new gateway into imagination for all that view the high textures of her creativity. Kay Griffith combines all these elements and creates her unique artistic expression, one that has roots in the rich artistic heritage of the 20th-century abstraction, while at the same time investing her personal touch and having this rich, diverse result.

“Abstract U-307” Oil On Canvas




Mitch Barrett

“Together In Brokenness” by Thomas Lioutas

“Together In Brokenness” Mixed Media, Acrylic, Egg Tempera, Oil Glazes And Silver Leaf On Canvas. “The story behind the painting was taken from my feelings of being in a damaged relationship, of my defects being complemented by my partners flaws. In the painting there is a physical attraction in the conflict, they are bound to each other in the physical struggle, but they support each other in their vulnerability. The apparatus that they were wearing helps them to endure their injuries and the limitations that bind them together.”

Mitch Barrett is an award winning English artist who has an impressive, personal approach towards painting & sculpture, one which is based on his long search in different artistic movements and ideas of the historical past as well as of the 20th century. The result is an elaborate concoction which has the figurative painting at its core, while he makes use of Abstract, Symbolic and Surreal elements that complement the central figures of the painting.

sacrificing their true self and character during the process. It is an idea proposed through his elaborate depiction of the figure looking at the mirror with excess vanity, with the idol being heavily distorted and decaying. Utilizing similar materials and techniques, “Together in Brokenness” presents to the public even more of

The most fundamental aspect of his artistic expression is the accurate depiction of the human figure, one which is influenced by the art of the old Masters, as he frequently uses techniques that have a reference to these historical eras of painting, like the traditional egg tempera. At the same time, the background of his paintings can be a simple monochromatic field, an elaborate pattern or objects and fi gures with mystical, symbolic meaning. Something evident throughout his body of work, especially in paintings like “Dorian Gray,” “Equus” and “Together in Brokenness.” “Dorian Gray” is an artwork that can be paralleled to the famous novel as it revolves around similar ideas that Barrett had and wanted to voice through his art. It is a work which acts both as a self-reference and as a social critique against the hidden duality of many people in our society, who choose to deliberately lead a life with a good, happy façade,

“Equus" Bronze Sculpture


the rich conceptual patterns that he chooses to propose and brings forwards the complex idea of being interdependent and attracted to someone, even if this can be a harmful torment. The struggle of the bound figures depicted and their high vulnerability, mitigated only by their mutual support is what structures this rich narrative and successfully portrays these messages. Lastly, “Equus” is a concept of the artist that once again exhibits a duality by proposing the hybrid form of Man and Horse. This portrayal of the complex figures that twist and hug, a man with a horse body and a woman with a horse head, is one that proposes the inner, wild freedom that people hide within, something which many times can only be shown during the most erotic and lustful of times. The art of Mitch Barrett is one that demands from the public a careful investigation to unravel all these intricate details and references that can be pivotal to fully experience his complete work as an artist. It is a process both exciting and rewarding, as the viewer is not passive but rather takes an active part in the interpretation of the artwork which is being presented. “The Illusionist” Mixed Media, Acrylic, Egg Tempera, Oil Glazes And Silver Leaf On Canvas, 40”x24” The painting represents the artist's unique perception and creative interpretation of his surroundings, mediated by his psyche and experiences. We create our reality, which is an illusion.

“Dorian Gray” Mixed Media, Acrylic, Egg Tempera, Oil Glazes And Silver Leaf On Canvas, 24”x24” A picture of Dorian Gray is re-interpreted by Barrett as a self-portrait, alluding to his younger years as a fashion model. The artist the subject of the painting wants to be perceived as attractive,  but his  beauty becomes distorted and fragmented when reflected in the mirror.




Sheefali Asija “My machine meditations appeal to my heart equally as my love of figurative work – telling stories of these magnificent machines is as compelling to me as exploring the lives of the extraordinary people I have met in my travels.“ Sheefali Asija “Asija’s images refer to stories of optimism, determination and hope, leaving open space for the viewer to determine the image's interpretation. Through her work this artist looks to honor the mystery and paradoxes of life. In her series "Pattern Seekers," Asija employs images of accelerators and particle detectors while reducing the different forms to simple geometric shapes painted on large canvases. The result is one-of-akind patterns and shapes similar to the domes on antique cathedrals and churches. These dynamic images of patterns and shapes are thought-provoking and inspiring. This type of dynamism is centered on the viewer and the eye's perception of movement. As the eye reads the image, it comprehends the effect of motion the artist is trying to create.” - Viviana Puello

“Pattern Seeker II - ATLAS” Oil On Canvas, 72”x48”

Award winning artist Sheefali Asija's work is an artistic statement with a bold message relevant to contemporary issues within our society. Having structured an artistic career that focuses on depicting the human traits, she now continues to explore art in a different field. The new direction of her work is one that integrates scientific developments within an artistic expression, as she depicts geometric compositions that are influenced by images of particle accelerators, like the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva. It is a work that focuses mostly on flat chromatic surfaces and elaborate patterns combined to create a beautiful optical result which is a reinterpreted portrayal of the parts of these machines. The result of this accurate artistic depiction are artworks that are well realized, having the precise drawing, rich color tones and above all a sense of composition which is masterfully balanced and exhibits her immense talent.


“Pattern Seeker III - Compact Muon Solenoid” Oil On Canvas, 72”x60”

The thematic context that accompanies Sheefali Asija's art is equally rich as it is a work that starts from the most recent scientific breakthroughs of our society and continues to an ambitious journey through metaphysics. Using the powerful symbolic imagery of science, she brings forward these ideas that unlock new parts of reality previously unknown to us. It is the cohesion of spiritualism and scientific thought, an idea proposed by Asija herself, as the reality that is unearthed by these experiments proves to be even more complex, beautiful and magical than the wildest imaginations. Such themes invite the public to paths that lead in new realizations about our existence and its meaning, becoming an essential dialogue within the society. Sheefali Asija's recent works have become the spearhead of her artistic expression and continue to evolve as she works with care and dedication to promote her ideas and art. An artistic journey that has already led her to many cities and exhibitions, even more, will follow as she develops these new, original artworks.

“Pattern Seekers I - Liquid Argon End Cap Of ATLAS” Oil On canvas, 72”x36”




“Love And Peace”

Subodh Maheshwari by Crossley

“My paintings give me space to feel and express my visual delight in color, shape and form.” – Subodh Maheshwari

Subodh Maheshwari's vibrant compositions are a celebration of life, love, and creative energy. She uses symbolic elements to create works that are emotionally evocative, personal, spiritual, and profound. Maheshwari has an uncanny ability to fuse eastern symbolism with the western composition in bright pools of undulating color. Rajasthani art influences are apparent in her pieces, and she manages to put accents of Hindi and Sanskrit symbols in a highly individual way. Subodh, who was born in Aligarh, North India, studied fine art at Agra University in India, California State University, and finally, earned her Masters at the University of California. It was at Irvine, where she won the Regional Fellowship Award and blossomed as an artist. She has since gone on to participate in prestigious exhibitions, and her works have been featured in renown publications. From her body of work, one can tell that Subodh finds her inspiration in nature and life. She manages to take life experiences society and everything in between and paint them into various forms and hues. Her paintings tell a story that shifts according to the viewer's mind.

“Love Is In The Air” Acrylic On Canvas 40”x30” 2014

When she's not breathing life onto canvas, she teaches art at the local community college and conducts workshops for aspiring artists. Subodh Maheshwari lives and works in California.


“Love and Peace” Acrylic On Canvas 40”x30” 2014


“Wishing Tree'' Acrylic On Canvas 36''x24''




Banjerd Lekkong

“New Depths Of Perception” by Viviana Puello

Banjerd Lekkong creates beautiful, wrought, steel sculptures of intrinsic details that depict characters of Hinduism both as single figures and full action scenes. With figures of Hindu Gods that stand up to six feet tall, well poised, full of grace and serenity or dancing and flying the artist proposes an unseen, contemporary view of his subject. Upon closer observation, the viewer will discover that each one of Benjerd's works has been created by smaller curvy figures that interconnect to form one single body. This fascinating technique intrigues the audience and invites to a close examination of all the elements of the composition. Lekkong's bold, dynamic, carefully orchestrated multi-layer sculptures explore concepts of unity and interconnectivity opening new, unexpected perspectives to the viewer. A unique concept that draws his audience in for the observation of the smaller sculpted bodies entwined with one another that narrate a different story from that one of the central image. “Hanuman's Standing" Iron, 72"x56"x20"

Proposing a deeper study of Hinduism using steel and iron to deliver his message, Lekkong’s sculptures attest to the statement that they are an art of intelligence stimulating an awakening and evoking a different outlook on the usual stories, norms, and cultures of Hinduism as they are heard and viewed. Through the masterful use of form and a brilliant creativity, he speaks a new language to the world of art and succeeds in making unfamiliar what is usually familiar. An accomplished architect and interior designer, Banjerd Lekkong is an artist who reconstructs the perception of his viewers. Original from Thailand he lives and works in Bangkok.

“An Owl Gives a Life" Steel, 31.5"x26"x8.5"



William Downey

“Spontaneous Imagination” by Yadira Roman

“Ode To The Son Of The Wind" Oil On Canvas, 90"x140"

William Downey creates compelling paintings inspired by his meditation practice by which he combines imagination and technique. His approach allows him to create paintings as inscriptions of a resonance with the Self. Downey paints in oils and besides abstract work, also specializes in landscapes, portraiture, and figurative painting. He completed his BA at the University of Waterloo in Ontario Canada, and his MFA at the University of Calgary. William has lived, painted and taught art throughout Canada as well as in Europe and Asia, and he currently resides in Nova Scotia. He also practices and teaches Sahaja Yoga meditation, an essential element in his creative process. William’s paintings and drawings hang in collections around the world including many prominent private and public institutions. “Bhasa" Oil On Canvas, 20"x26"



“Naturally Beautiful Also Needs Make-up'' Acrylic Oil 53''x37''

“Myth" Acrylic Oil 62"x31"

“Communication” Acrylic, Oil, 53”x37”




Zach Christopher

“A Sophisticated Scope” by Thomas Louts

The multidisciplinary scope of Zach Christopher is both intriguing and exceptional in the world of contemporary art. Christopher's art ranges from written word to photography. He showcases a skillful as well as a thoughtful approach to multiple topics and compositions, often creating art which is pioneering regarding scope. Christopher's work consists of three different methods, all of them unconventional and unique regarding realization. He has a personal view on landscape photography, as he focuses on an upwards directed depiction of urban skylines, something that poses immense interest due to the regular/abstract forms that appear as a result. It is also a theme with profound theoretical implications, being parallel to an overall sense of transcendence, connecting the viewer with the purity of the sky. All in one, he has produced two other distinct chapters of work that introduce the human figure in the context, isolated or situated within rooms and such places of the urban world.

Christopher's forms of the female figure are free of any narration dancing with abstraction. Christopher inserts these figures in a series of his work, entitled "Narratives; Passages; Perception," within a narrative that invites the viewer to a silent journey across images that reach dreamlike proportions. The figures depicted are robust and quiet, proposing their existence a passionate story which is emitted by looks, stances and the artistic composition. His subjects are reversed, reflections are carefully implemented, the clarity of the shot is always wellthought, and above all, there is a highly in-depth knowledge of drawing, regarding situating his subjects while keeping balance with his use of space. Zach Christopher is truly an artist worth every hour spent exploring his work, as it can offer a truly innovative and fresh look into topics that are deeply rooted in our nature.


Mahdieh Shahriari Moghaddam “A Cry For Peace” by Thomas Lioutas

"I’ve never intended to become a visionary artist. When I was a U.N staff, I used to draw all my observations when I was on duty on a canvas or sketchbook. War and its bitter consequences, orphan children, head of family women and refugees affected me profoundly. At work, the only matter I paid attention to was how to depict violence so that it could help to reduce it. I think my obsession with drawing violence started there. I began painting because I had no other way to respond to what had affected me. The other reason for drawing was the fact that I just wanted to cry out my objections against violence, what is known as art therapy. My art is something beyond the surrealism or expressionism it does not take any –ism; it’s a part of my mission to send a message of peace to the world in a visionary art framework." Playing her role in social transitions, Mahdieh Shahriari Moghaddam’s work acts as an outcry against the violence and chaos that people experienced in times of war. It is work that underlines the social problems in the Middle East and promotes the human factor that suffers and is continuously suppressed by the economic motives. As an artist, Mahdieh Shahriari Moghaddam focuses on sketching, drawing, and painting, creating striking artworks that serve as testaments of her real-world experiences and feelings. A self-taught artist, Mahdied has formed a unique style. Her drawings evoke feelings and ideas that are pivotal to our existence, as one can see the images of suffering that she has experienced throughout her life. The bodies are contorted and expressive, having the clear marks of violence on them, while at the same time she will often include references to motherhood and childhood, ideas that she has experienced first-hand as a woman who grew up in a world tormented by wars. These experiences are depicted by a drawing style which is straightforward and robust, bringing forward an emotional power connected to the artist. When color is implemented in her artworks, it is usually a bold chromatic patch (like crimson red) that dominates the composition and becomes the central focus.

“Wounded Me” Collage, 30”x20”

Mahdieh Shahriari Moghaddam’s artistic work is relevant to the recent dramatic occurrences that have plagued our world and demands not only her dedicated creation but also our personal appreciation of her tireless effort to promote the opposition of art against violence.ave plagued our world and demands not only her dedicated creation but also our personal appreciation of her tireless effort to promote the opposition of art against violence.

“Women Execution” Collage, 57”x42”




Stefan Duncan


Stephan Duncan has dedicated and committed his life to his global vision as a beacon of light for all that come across his works. Duncan came up with the impressionistic styles of Squiggelism known as a new branch of Neo-Gogh and impressionism. Each squiggle represents a unit of the divine that exist in all that is. The unblended strokes are applied beside each other with the intention to highlight its effect and cause stimulation to the mental psyche. His compositions are bold, and his choice of color is selected carefully with intention. His depictions of nature are gentle, and soothing in their everlasting fluidity, yet there is a grounding and strong presence in the subjects that surround it. A spiritual guide who leads with his art and compassion in the world. Duncan has a mission to bring more light to people through his paintings and thus hope to humankind. Expressing gratitude his realization to be an artist while conversing with God. Duncan feels that we never feel the earth under our feet because of the concrete nor see the stars because of the light in the streets. He desires to bring wonder and the sense of awe that exist in the world as a whole. His paintings are created with the intention to illuminate the world of his audience experiences on an individual level. He states that even in the darkest of times, there is always a glimpse of light to give people hope and encouragement. Duncan's paintings are collected throughout Canada, US, and Europe. He paints an average of 12 hours a d ay m a i nt a i n i n g h i s wo rd a n d commitment to the path and purpose he feels strongly for.

e Eyes Of A Visionary” by Viviana Puello

“Raven's World'' Acrylic On Canvas 36''x72''x2''

“My Sacred Place'' Acrylic On Canvas 36''x36''x2''

“AlI In The Woven'' Prismacolor Pencils On Wood Panel 24"x36"x1"


ArtTour International Magazine is proud to present a highly-anticipated and ground-breaking publication, testament to our dedication and inv...


ArtTour International Magazine is proud to present a highly-anticipated and ground-breaking publication, testament to our dedication and inv...