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Lisa Levasseur

Saving the planet with Palette Art™

Hélène DeSerres

“Environment, My Life, My Heart!”

Jill Love Revolution “The Catalyst For Change”

“African Wealth And Woes” The Work Of O Yemi Tubi


Come For A Journey To The Amazon with Aldo Basili

Artists For A Green Planet From the Arctic to Africa, the Earth is feeling the effects of climate change. The environment is deteriorating. The ocean, the land, and the air are suffering a process of degradation – with unpredictable consequences. The exploitation of natural resources has caused deforestation, desertification, oil depletion, greenhouse gas increase, water pollution, the extinction of species – and the list goes on. With our special issue, "Artists For A Green Planet," we want to take a stand and join the green cultural revolution that is transforming lives worldwide. Standing at the center of the green innovations are the spirited individuals who are speaking up and building global consciousness. These visionaries are the pillars of sustainable development. In this issue, we share the works of the creative minds that decided to take their love for our planet a step further, producing art from recycled materials or creating a strong statement through their work. I hope that "Artists for a Green Planet" will inspire you to choose an eco-friendly lifestyle with a high degree of ecological integrity. Join us today in our work for an environmentally, economically, and culturally restored planet.

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2017 Fall Issue Artists For A Green Planet SPECIAL ISSUE

Cover Story

Lisa Levasseur - “You can make a diference, let's paint the world with Recycled Paint, help support the artists behind our social environmental art movement!" Written by Viviana Puello

Page 72 Jill Love Revolution “The Catalyst For Change” Written by Tel Hero

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Hélène DeSerres “Environment, My Life, My Heart” Written by Mukund Karki

Page 92 Travel: “Amazonia”

Page 54 Spotted Curator: Amy Li

by Aldo Basili

Written by Thomas Lioutas

Written by Yadira Roman

Ed Morét “Walking The World” Written by Yadira Roman Page 58

Barbara Tyler Ahlfield “From Fashion To Fine Art” Written by Viviana Puello Page 38

Anne Grandin “Heart Into The Planet” Written by Thomas Lioutas Page 16

Katrin Alvarez “Nadeshda” Written by Katrin Alvarez Page 96

Elizabeth Brownrigg “Forms Of Nature” Written by Viviana Puello Page 100

O Yemi Tubi “African’s Wealth And Woes” Written by Yadira Roman Page 76

Featured Artists Alex Slingenberg Alexander Makarenko Alexati (Alejandro Carrillo) Alison Barrows Young Banjerd Lekkong Bruce Allardyce Cornelia Steckhan Darlene Winfield Delphine Collot Durga Garcia Elvira Spinatelli Eric Wiles Fabian Perez Fatima Al Obaidi Frans Frengen Giga Surameli Gudrun Alvebro Hema Thakur Igor Eugen Prokop Karly & Anne V Kimberly Berg

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Cover Artist

by Viviana Puello

“New York Bash” PaletteArt™ Recycled Paint (100% Acrylic On Canvas), 16”x20”

"You can make a di erence, let's paint the world with Recycled Paint, help support the artists behind our social environmental art movement!" - L J Levasseur.


isa Levasseur is a well-known name in the modern contemporary art for a one of a kind art form known as Palette Art™, an innovative movement created by the artist to help protect the environment. Levasseur creates paintings and 3D works with the use of recycled paints which are 100% acrylic and the result from a Artist mixture painting Sheefali of Asijaboth in her studio in London.and Photo piece. courtesy of The Sheefaliinspiration Asija. Copyright © behind 2017. sculpture to culminate in a 3-dimensional Palette Art™ is to transmit love for the environment to the viewers as well as to encourage more painters and artists to use recycled paint and contribute to saving the environment. Born in Canada, Lisa Levasseur has dedicated her life and artistic career to her love for nature and animals. Her works are an expression of her journey in life, from pain and challenges to the joy of surrendering to and reconnecting with her passion for art. Levasseur enjoys playing with color, often choosing – vibrant warm tones 08 | FALL 2017

“Black Ice” PaletteArt™ Recycled Paint (100% Acrylic On Canvas), 24”x36”

“Take Another Piece” PaletteArt™ Recycled Paint (100% Acrylic On Canvas), 16”x20”

earth tones, or monotone – allowing her palette to explode dynamically across the canvas with simultaneous contrasts. Her brushstrokes are varied, freeform, with areas of solid colors, textures, and intricate layers of 100% acrylic recyled paint that create depth and threedimensionality to the works, challenging the traditional dichotomy between painting and sculpture in a unified form of art she has developed and called PaletteArt™. Lisa Levasseur started at an early age by drawing horses, demonstrating great talent. At the age of twelve, she left home and grounded

“Clownfish” PaletteArt™ Recycled Paint (100% Acrylic On Canvas), 16”x20”

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FALL 2017 | 09

“Eye Of The Storm” PaletteArt™ Recycled Paint (100% Acrylic On Canvas), 16”x20”

“Diamonds & Frills” PaletteArt™ Recycled Paint (100% Acrylic On Canvas), 16”x20”

10 | FALL 2017

I am moved by the actions, history and events that shape mankind, by nature or anything that touches the human spirit. It translates into all this energy, which I can express in a positive way through artwork; I only hope it inspires the same passion, love and hope in others. You can make a difference, let's paint the world with Recycled Paint !

“Lost In Confusion” PaletteArt™ Recycled Paint (100% Acrylic On Canvas), 16”x20”

“Firestorm” PaletteArt™ Recycled Paint (100% Acrylic On Canvas), 16”x20”

herself in California to commit to training with horses. After returning home in 1989, she opened a horse training facility in Stony Plain, Alberta, in partnership with her dad. At age 23, due to severe health conditions, Levasseur ended her career as a horse trainer. In 2010 the artist found herself immersed in the world of abstract art. After a few months of creating her first series, her paintings were sold out, and Levasseur started attracting the attention of industry professionals worldwide. Some of her most admired pieces include “Clownfish,” featured on the cover of this issue, “New York Bash,”

“Wonderland” PaletteArt™ Recycled Paint (100% Acrylic On Canvas), 24”x36”

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FALL 2017 | 11

Dress designed and created by Lisa Levasseur with her “Palette Art™” technique using re-fashioned second hand clothing and recycled paint.

12 | FALL 2017

and “Take Another Piece” among others. When working with acrylics she can achieve a distinct contrast within dark, transparent washes through her ingenious use of the media. This award-winning artist doesn't fall short as a businesswoman, having followed her father's wise path. She runs Terracana Ranch Resort in the heart of the Rocky Mountains near Jasper National Park where she also expresses her creativity as the interior designer. Her art studio is set up as a retreat center Terracana, a dream haven for artists and painters due to the scenery, climate, peace, and tranquility that surrounds the area. There, the artist offers insightful lessons on creating art through recycled paint and also shares her passion and love for nature with motivated and passionate artists who are interested and willing to learn Palette Art™. Human behavior, global history, events, and nature all have a significant impact on her work. Her inspiration is driven by all the forces flowing on the same parallel frequencies. Lisa Levasseur believes that all human beings are interconnected, and she uses her art to express her thoughts on life, environment, and social conditions. She intends to help people understand what they may be overlooking, ignoring, or sacrificing in life. Her positive message conveys itself in all of her work. Dress designed and created by Lisa Levasseur with her “Palette Art™” technique using re-fashioned second hand clothing and recycled paint.

FALL 2017 | 13

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Anne D. Grandin “Heart Into e Planet” by Thomas Lioutas

“Aquinnah" Oil On Linen, 48"x48"


merican artist Anne D. Grandin has developed a rich essence in her work revolving around the depiction of nature and its beauty, a concept which lies behind her tireless artistic creation. Her work has been influenced by her in-depth research around the roots of Native American culture. Nature is at the heart of Grandin's inspiration, becoming highly didactic for the public and helps the viewer appreciate many aspects of life easily overseen. Thus, it is a body of work which demands careful examination to convey the full spectrum of notions and concepts hidden behind it, initiating a fruitful discussion with the viewer concerning our place in the world.

Anne D. Grandin

16 | FALL 2017

The backbone of Grandin's depiction is the accurate drawing of the subject, usually animals ranging from doves to lions and dogs as well as lush forests, majestic mountains, and serene plains. The implementation of color follows the same path, being accurate and vibrant to convey the full splendor and beauty of the depicted scenes, mesmerizing the viewer with the intricate realization which Cont. Next Page

“Cliffs" 48"x36"

“ e Circle of Life found in Native American Culture influences Anne D. Grandin’s paintings. e artist uses circular and organic shapes to connect all elements of nature. She works on wood, panel, canvas, clayboard, gesso board or constructed forms. Her paintings are based on Native American Spirituality and the belief that all life forms depend on each other and live in harmony with one another to exist peacefully within the Circle of life.”

“Katavi" Acrylic, 48"x36"

FALL 2017 | 17

“Kilimanjaro" 48"x36"

“Serengheti" Acrylic, 36"x24"

“In Memory Of Big Bird" Acrylic, 36"x24"

18 | FALL 2017

“World Peace" Oil On Canvas, 18"x24"

“Acacia Tree" Acrylic, 24"x18"

is vital for the final artwork. Chromatic patterns are elegantly coexisting with the more traditional approach of her subject, with a bold color palette. All these elements create a result which is treading both on tradition and modernity, retaining the vital characteristics of both paths and combining them to create the desired style of painting. All these elements of the works of Grandin characterize her as a painter with a rich artistic expression which earns the recognition of the contemporary art community and thrives in its genre of painting and promoting the beauty of nature. As an artist, she evolves and invites her viewers to a beautiful artistic journey which is vital in our contemporary society.

“Study" 18"x24"

FALL 2017 | 19

Alexander Makarenko

“A Sweet Surrender”

by Yadira Roman

“Human And Nature” Mixed Media, 24"x36"


lexander Makarenko is a Ukrainian graphic designer and artist who has lived and worked since the 90s' in Atlanta, Georgia. His career started in the 1980s in his home country after he graduated from the School of Art of the Ukrainian State University and continued after he settled in the United States. These experiences of long traveling profoundly influenced his artistic production, becoming the fuel behind his creation.

“Birds Are My Friends” Mixed Media, 24"x36"

Should the viewer explore the work of Makarenko in depth then another fundamental theme arises, the appreciation of the natural environment and its beauty. It is a recurring topic throughout his work which frequently depicts flowers, plants, ponds, and animals, showcasing his interest towards the preservation of our fragile ecosystem. The artist aims to raise awareness by promoting sheer beauty to the public, a way in which is immediate and efficient to achieve the ultimate goal of social awareness. The public is left with the final opinion when confronting the work of Makarenko, a work which presents the reality of the artist and demands from the viewer a very personal interpretation.

20 | FALL 2017

“Nature Is My Donor” Mixed Media, 24"x36"

Banjerd Lekkong

“New Depths Of Perception” by Yadira Roman


anjerd Lekkong creates beautiful, wrought, steel sculptures of intrinsic details that depict characters of Buddhism both as single figures and full action scenes. With figures of that stand up, well poised, full of grace and serenity or dancing and flying the artist proposes an unseen, contemporary view of his subject. Upon closer observation, the viewer will discover that each one of Banjerd's works has been created by smaller figures that interconnect to form one single body. This fascinating technique intrigues the audience and invites to a close examination of all the elements of the composition. Lekkong’s bold, dynamic, carefully orchestrated multi-layer sculptures explore concepts of unity and interconnectivity opening new, unexpected perspectives to the viewer. A unique concept that draws his audience in for the observation of the smaller sculpted bodies entwined with one another that narrate a different story from that one of the central image. Through the masterful use of form and a brilliant creativity, Lekkong speaks a new language to the world of art and succeeds in making unfamiliar what is usually familiar. An accomplished architect and interior designer, Banjerd Lekkong is an artist who reconstructs the perception of his viewers. Original from Thailand he lives and works in Bangkok. “Thich Quang Duc"

FALL 2017 | 21

Alison Barrows Young

“Setting by Sanjouli

e Tone”

“Hoping For Rain” Oil On Canvas, 48”x36”


r i g i n a l l y f ro m N ew Yo r k , Landscape painter Alison Barrows Young portrays the essence of the environment in her paintings. The artist finds living in the isolated northern woods of the Pacific North West to be highly inspiring to her work. Through her passion for art, she widens the horizon of the viewer, keeping in mind the indiscriminate treatment meted out to nature; she strongly resonates with the cause. In “The Night The Stars Fell” the artist uses refined lines and bold brush strokes with a glossy surface to magnify sparkling silver stars that come alive in the pitch dark sky. “Hoping For Rain” points out the drying up of lakes due to lack of rains. Using vibrant hues from the palette to color the sky, Barrows enthuses the world to adopt greener methods to rejuvenate the parched water bodies. “Deluge Idaho Spring” Oil On Canvas, 30”x24”

22 | FALL 2017

“No Water in Flint” Oil On Canvas, 24”x20”

“Crazy Clouds & Beautiful Koans Oregon January” Oil On Canvas

“The Deep Woods” Oil On Canvas, 60”x36”

A l i s o n B a r rows h a s p ave d t h e way fo r h e r contemporaries to take up ecosystem preservation issues in their stride. Through her art, she hopes to encourage others to stand for the cause of a green planet and the appreciation of the Earth as a fertile, nurturing and loving mother to all her children. “My artistic vision speaks to an acute awareness of the effect of emotional context upon perceived reality. Painting is a daily process of embracing my inner subjectivity with that which is outwardly apparent. I prefer to use an expressionist approach as I find it relays my feelings and musings most clearly to myself and others. My subject matter is primarily nature as I find within it an immediate fascination and awe. Over the last few years and especially since we have a political administration that wishes to undo the advances we have made on global warming my landscapes have begun to represent a disquieting element, focusing on the dramatic weather conditions at play with the environment. My medium of choice is oils on canvas, and yet at times I feel compelled to add secondary media to a particular work or take on an entirely different medium to adequately express what I find compelling in my chosen subject. In all of my work, I find the use of light to be a central concern to animate and bring the dynamic qualities I am looking for within what I perceive as time frames. I wish to connect the viewer with an immediate, sensual lure, to absorb them into a visual conversation about our environmental concerns."

“Giant” Oil On Canvas, 60”x36”

FALL 2017 | 23

Darlene J. Winfield “Layers Of Nature” by Sanjouli

“Clear Destiny" Oil, 30"x60"

“Protect Our Green" Oil, 40"x60"

24 | FALL 2017


sing oil on canvas, acclaimed Canadian artist Darlene J. Winfield creates dramatic landscape paintings using traditional application methods enhanced by layering with a palette knife. Credited with bringing forth the Canadian landscape to the world, Winfield specializes in representational art. Her paintings emphasize texture and atmosphere inviting the viewer to enter the world she has created. Winfield blends color, texture and form to create harmonious compositions. A masterful use of natural colors combines with bursting brushstrokes to create landscapes that pulse with drama and dynamism. Darlene J. Winfield has lived in Mexico and Indonesia and travelled around the world. The self-taught artist augments her paintings with multiple impasto layers of color. She reflects on the life of humans and animals as they are sheltered in the refuge of the Earth, the lap of nature demonstrated as being a comforting haven. Winfield stands as a catalyst for awareness to the now deteriorating planet, hoping to preserve the beauty and necessity of our natural world for all to survive. Destructive means of human activities have caused irreplaceable damage to Mother Nature. “Protect Our Future” shows a gushing brook coming toward the viewer. The water and the greenery are surrounded by the strength of the rocks. It is a commentary on the cleansing nature of water and the fresh air provided by the trees that are supported by the strength of the rocks. This vision is fast disappearing from our world. The environmentalist urges the citizens of the world to take immediate action in preserving nature. She undertakes the necessary efforts to achieve the desired results. Another invitation into global contemplation is brought by her piece “Waiting For You”. She delivers the image while shifting the focus onto a young sapling. Destructive means of human activities have caused irreplaceable damage to Mother Nature, making it difficult if not impossible for regrowth. The statement of nature lost is through her artwork. She believes in calling for action. Winfield firmly ascribes that an artist immerses the brush right into his very own soul. She is a firm believer that an

“Waiting For You" Oil, 36"x60"

artist paints his own life story and that titles are messages. At present, she lives in the greater Toronto area in Canada and is an avid supporter of several charities and foundations. She has planted over a hundred trees to be there for the next generation.

"Landscape for me is the world’s stage. I paint to explore relationships using nature as the characters and the weather as the storyline. e ability to communicate to others with my art and connect on an emotional level is my quest." - Darlene J. Winfield

FALL 2017 | 25

Durga Garcia

by Sanjouli

“Mother In Italian Garden 1" Photography


urga Garcia is a leading personality in the sphere of fine art photography and an award-winning fine art photographer recognized for her unique storytelling and surrealist images. Well versed in headshots, animal portraits, and conceptual photography, Garcia has an unrestrained connection with the symbol of femininity, describing the female form as a reminiscent of care, nurture, empathy, sensitivity, and kindness. Using tints of monochrome and earthy colors to relate to the idea of the environment, applying desaturated tones in all her images. The human figure is a fundamental element in Garcia’s works, dramatically captured against theatrical backgrounds suggesting mysterious imaginary places. With particular attention to color, texture, and light, her compositions lead the eye through a narrative imbued with curiosity and fascination. Garcia takes the viewer to exciting discoveries, using nature, fashion, and theatrics to embody her vision. Playing with light, she takes a highly imaginative approach to photography capturing movements and strong gestures which flow freely through her lens. The internationally acclaimed artist expanded her horizon and turned author with the book, "Your First Photography Book" intended for children. She conducts collective and solo exhibitions for her works in Palm Beach, New York, and other international venues.

26 | FALL 2017

“Mother In Italian Garden 3" Photography “Giant” Oil On Canvas, 60”x36”

“Mother In Italian Garden 2" Photography

“Once again, the timeless quality of durga Garcia’s images shine, in the series of a “Young Mother in Italian Garden.” A visual feast of dreamlike organic tones, that draw the viewer into the peaceful warmth of the garden, seeing the light and shadow nuances is the reward. Freshly proving why the artistically brilliant durga Garcia is one of the most sought after portrait artists of our generation.”

Bruce Allardyce “Endless Plains” by Yadira Roman

“Serengeti" Acrylic On Canvas, 48”x24”


anadian artist Bruce Allardyce trys to portray wilderness. Often, his art depicts what he believes should be the human role in this wilderness, as observer, protector, custodian. As a member of the species Homo sapiens, clearly the planet's most voracious predator, Allardyce wants us to learn to live with the earth's other great predators.

“Predator And Prey" Acrylic On Canvas, 48”x24”

The message of "Predator and Prey" is that predation is critical to protecting the vigor of the prey population. Bruce would like to see an end to trophy hunts,bounties, open season on predators and the fur trade. "Pivotal Moment" tries to capture a surprise encounter. Bruce wants us to remember that the wilderness is the home of the Grizzly Bear, Wolf and Cougar. Keep your distance. There is a critical distance determining "Run Or Come". Maybe this is 50 yards, as in "Pivotal Moment". In "Serengeti", Allardyce tries to remind us of the great antiquity of this planet Earth. The granite outcrops, "Kopjes" are millions of years old. The volcanos are eroded and long extinct. The grazers and browsers migrate, following the grasses, the predators, smaller in number control the population of herbivores. And so, dreams Bruce, it will be for a very long time. Bruce Allardyce was not, is not, a career artist. He is a surgeon, educator and was a Rugby player for 40 years. These activities pretty much filled his lifetime, as observed by his first wife. He has to admit painting was a hobby. Hobby or not, Bruce still wants to send a message: Protect this planet and every living thing. 28 | FALL 2017

“Pivotal Moment" Acrylic on Canvas, 48”x24”

"Homo sapiens was a recent evolutionary event on this planet. Two hundred fifty thousand years ago, there were only a few million of homo spread thinly in East Africa and Eurasia. Man's first painting was of an animal; see the cave painting of Southern France where Bu alo gallop by. Giant Deer, Lions, Rhinoceros, captured in realistic motion, with a few pure pigments and tools, given form by intelligent use of the rock contours. Now there are almost 8 billion of us. In my father's and my lifetime, homo sapiens have ravaged the forests, raped the oceans and polluted the precious atmosphere. Paint and photograph the wilderness while some are still left." -Duncan Bruce Allardyce“Giant” Oil On Canvas, 60”x36”

Delphine Collot “Playing With Senses” by Delaok

“4 Mixed Color/Yellow" Mixed Media On Canvas, 23"x23"

“It's coming to life that I fell in art is falling in life I came to art.” - Delphine Collot


elphine Collot, a lover of all things nature’ has long been a supporter of the environment and all issues that surround its preservation. However, Collot is not just a supporter; she is an avid campaigner for the green planet. Collot’s work embodies much that such movements aspire to, passive acceptance, mere observance, are not enough, involvement at a practical level is a necessity. While celebrating the natural rhythms around us, her work seeks to transcend mere normality by its emphasis and exaggeration of color and the effect that color can have in re-interpreting all it comes into contact with. It is less a matter of her trying to change the world she sees, as to her inviting it to be viewed, remembered and, above all, preserved in different ways. In this, certainly, her work is visionary. Collot’s re-interpretation of the world around extends to a re-examination of the very concept of color. In her seminal works, blue mixed media, green mixed media, and yellow mixed media, she uses texture to challenge the viewer to see through different eyes and explore her art on her own. While a qualified architect- a passion she still shares with her audience- much of her painting reaches inside living things and attempts new found belief at a cellular level. Perhaps it is this profound understanding of structure that imbues her work with its symmetry. Not balance regarding its shape, but concerning the satisfaction, the viewer feels in its embrace. Each piece is as it was intended to be. Using the senses, our immediate form of understanding she is a catalyst for change in perception and action.

“4 Mixed Color/Blue" Mixed Media On Canvas, 23"x23"

“4 Mixed Color/Green" Mixed Media On Canvas, 23"x23" FALL 2017 | 29

Cornelia Steckhan

“Evoking Global Transformation” by Sajamouli


ornelia Steckhan is a German artist who resides in Munich Germany and Imperial Beach California. She is given credit for popularizing Corky Art among her contemporaries, her inclination towards the themes of the universe can be seen in her abstract paintings where she showcases the galaxies and cosmos. Steckhan infuses life into extraterrestrials through her works. Steckhan invests her time profoundly in traveling the nook and corner of the world. She explores less traversed paths to enliven the exotic experience of the locales. Cornelia Steckhan devotes herself in observing the humble nature around her; her paintings send a strong message to preserve the environment. It garners immense attention to sensitive global issues invoking emotion through her steady brush strokes. Her realistic artistry strives towards making our planet more habitable. She captures the audience imagination by her powerful stroke play.

“Under The Bridge To Shangri-La China" Acrylic, 90"x47"

Cornelia Steckhan makes a heavy impact through her art to voice her concern over the destruction of natural resources and the ever depleting ozone layer which is the leading cause of global warming.

“Wasserfall In Guangxi Acrylic, 90"x47" “Giant” Oil China" On Canvas, 60”x36”

30 | FALL 2017

Alex Slingenberg by Viviana Puello

“Want to Play” Oil On Canvas, 27”x35”

“My passion for art and wildlife in particular has come from many sources and influences it is an on going journey of self discovery a joyful learning process that fires and feeds my soul, and that which I hope to share with others.”


ature, beauty, and art have always been part of Alex’s life. As a child, she traveled throughout the Far East MiddleAmerica and the U.S. with her Diplomat parents, who were also avid art collectors. Surrounded by the lush vegetation of the tropics with its bright colored wildlife combined with the exquisite Antiques her parents collected, beauty was everywhere. China, Thailand, The USA and Mexico, the different cultures and native wildlife instilled in her a love of al things beautiful and a strong desire to express herself creatively.

Slingenberg drew instinctively since a young age and later won awards in school competitions with her natural talent. All this made an indelible impression upon her mind, thus shaping the future artist. Trained initially as a Goldsmith, she graduated as a Designer Craftsman in the UK and then moved on to work as a photography stylist. Native American culture and art captivated her to the extent that it became a serious interest and subject of study. Silk being her favorite fabric, she started researching ways to paint on it and soon developed her formula, medium and technique to suit that particular textile. From there on, she began experimenting with painting on leather.

FALL 2017 | 31

Hélène DeSerres

“Environment, My Life, My Heart” by Mukund Karki

“Golden River" Acrylic On Canvas, 30"x40"


orn in Canada, Hélène DeSerres is an internationally recognized multidisciplinary artist who c o m p l e te d h e r c l a s s i c a l academic studies obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, before enrolling in a Plastic Arts program. She is a painter, photographer, sculptor, and jewelry designer. DesSerres paints in a variety of styles, including abstract, impressionist, and realist, and her work incorporates various media. Putting Her Travels Into Works Of Art Enthralled with adventure, travel and the sheer beauty of the planet, the award-winning DeSerres attended creative workshops with Albert Rousseau and subsequently discovered her interest in the art of sculpture and copper enamel. She has always had a love for travel and a desire to capture the beauty she experiences. She is also an avid photographer, using various media to create images in a range of different textures and colors. She is fascinated with exploring the diverse cultures she comes across in her travels, capturing people in their natural environments as well as some of the vivid landscapes of which they are a part. When she gets back to her studio, she creates new images using different textures, transparencies, and vibrant colors, making use of various media. 32 | FALL 2017

“Red" Mixed Media, 24"x36" “Giant” Oil On Canvas, 60”x36”

“Aquatic World" Mixed Media, 30"x40"

Art is DeSerres' Oxygen Describing art as her "oxygen," DeSerres cares deeply about the environment and protecting animals. Natural landscapes, majestic creatures, and bold pigments are prominent features of her work. Aquatic environments and plants are other natural mainstays of DeSerres' works. Most often, these are illustrated in an impressionistic s t y l e . I n h e r a b s t ra c t s e r i e s , DeSerres takes a storytelling approach with each stroke using i n t r i c a te a r t i s t r y - - c a re f u l ly orchestrated compositions of bold colors that come to life with a spontaneous twist, splashing elements that add drama and depth. The result is eye-catching works of simultaneous contrast that invite the viewer to new worlds of imagination.

“Planète Lointaine" Acrylic On Canvas, 24"x24"

Inspired by the Chinese watercolorist Ming Ma, Hélène DeSerres became immersed in the world of watercolor, and later, at the Allende Cont. Next Page

FALL 2017 | 33

“Surging Whale” 2015, Acrylic On Canvas, 40"x30" “I am appalled by the fact that whales have been the center of overexploitation by the whaling industry for so long; despite progress made, so much remains to be done to protect them. This sentiment of urgency stays with me always. “I applied lays of acrylic and other medium and suddenly a silhouette emerged, jumping to safety, covered with blood, like a cry in the night. And there she was: a beautiful humpback whale asking to come forward”.

34 | FALL 2017

“The Eye Of The Storm” Mixed Media, 30"x40"

“Environment, My life, My Heart...” Institute in Mexico, she began to experiment with the lost-wax technique, creating her first bronze sculptures. Drawing Attention To The Plight of Animals DeSerres' work has been recognized all over the world through many exhibitions and galleries in countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Canada, Portugal, Mexico, Tunisia and the Czech Republic. The versatile artist has also embarked on a m i s s i o n t h a t w i l l d e l i g h t e v e r y n a t u re conservationist - exhibiting artwork in such a way as to draw attention to the need to preserve and protect nature. Fragile Coral and Vanishing Elephants are just some of the pieces that are part of her "Environment My Life My Heart" collection. DeSerres says that she has always loved animals and sees the need to protect them, and that painting for them has become part of her life.

“I paint for elephants to walk freely, for whales to jump joyously and for corals never to disappear!”

Hélène DeSerres delivers with tenderness and

Cont. Next Page

FALL 2017 | 35

“Green Sea" Acrylic On Canvas, 30"x40"

“Fragile Coral” 2015, Mix Media, 30"x30" “One-third of the reef-building corals is in pressing need of conservation action. Worldwide, sea surface warming is subjecting reef corals to severe stresses resulting in diseases and ultimately, decline. Meanwhile, those silent creatures sit quietly at the bottom of oceans threatened by human activities. “When diving I was in awe of the beauty of this incredible world! I am worried how long they will survive...”

36 | FALL 2017

“Vanishing Elephants” 2015, Mixed Media, 24"x30" “Elephants have been on this planet for millions of years and today experts agree those iconic creatures could disappear in a little more than a decade due to poaching bloodbath! “My trip to Kenya and Tanzania was awe-inspiring; I took hundreds of photographs; I was particularity taken by the dignity of the elephants, the way they congregate and move with such a grace from one feeding ground to another. While proud and erect they remained fragile and exposed to unscrupulous hunters. This duality, this vision stayed with me when completing this painting.”

truth. She can introduce striking disparity to muted backgrounds, each decision skillfully made. She playfully uses realistic images as focal points on abstract back-grounds, welcoming waves of creativity. Using the canvas as a part of a new world she creates, DeSerres allows objects to trickle their way off the canvas. Making use of every tool in hand, she brings to life timeless pieces, incorporating the laws of art and making some of her own.

“I have always nurtured unconditional love towards all living beings. Animals are part of us and we, are part of them. ey play a vital role in our lives, and so does nature. My heart stops each time I witness atrocities done to animals, whether they live close to me or in remote regions of the world like elephants or whales, two great species we should cherish and protect. Painting for them, with them close to my heart has become a life journey for me”.

“Vanishing Elephants,” “Surging Whale” and “Fragile Coral” are part of the “Environment My Life My Heart” collection the artist presents as an ode to life in its diversity.

“Le Jardin Bleu" Mixed Media, 30"x40"

FALL 2017 | 37

“From Fashion To Fine Art” The Compelling Works Of Barbara Tyler Ahlfield by Viviana Puello

“Feline Fashion Harem" Oil On Canvas, 60"x48"


he name Barbara Tyler Ahlfield has been long associated with the runways of America. She has had a successful run in the global fashion scene working as the lead fashion illustrator for over eight major U.S. department stores among them Hutzlers, Dillard's, Foley's, Lord & Taylor, John Wanamaker, Lazarus and Nordstrom; a journey that has proven to be rewarding and very stimulating for the artist. The head-turner boldly left her lucrative career in Fashion Illustration to follow a very successful career in fine arts, developing a body of work that fuses classical portraiture with fashion illustration. Additionally, she also explores animal portraiture. Ahlfield studied at Ohio State University, Columbus College of Art and Design, and the Schuler School of Fine Arts. The lushness of color, line, form, and texture found in Ahlfield's compositions result in sensuous and extraordinarily compelling works of art. She skillfully blends classic artistic figure painting styles with fashion illustration and modern elements executing each painting with a great sense of femininity and elegance. Her masterful use of luminous, vivid colors gives each of her pieces a strong sense of contrast and dynamism. Barbara Tyler Ahlfield

Barbara Tyler Ahlfield captures the textures of clothing keeping Cont. Next Page

38 | FALL 2017

“Borzoi Strut" Oil On Canvas, 60"x48"

“Lily Pad" Oil On Canvas, 60"x48"

consistent and smooth line quality to add personality to her subjects while reflecting the shape of character movements such as walking or simply lounging. Her skillful use of light and shadow gives a sense of depth and drama. The artist admits that she is attracted to a dramatization of the characters she portrays. She 40 | FALL 2017

creates life-size paintings reaching over five feet tall, ditching the usual pen and paper to work with oil on canvas. Her figurative paintings reflect trending modern themes converged with classic and accurate elements.

Ahlfield has dedicated a series exclusively for animals. "Glamour Portraits With Pets" aims at increasing public awareness about protecting the endangered species of wildlife. The contemporary artist's collection includes "Borzoi Strut" where she displays a Russian Wolfhound walking with the tail erect and spread out. The haughty walking style of the breed equaled to the status of the aristocracy. The leashed dog is taken on a stroll by its elegantly dressed owner. "Feline Fashion Harem" is yet another work which has earned critical praise. The lounge-like setting showcases a model named Alexandra laying on a decadent pillowed daybed accompanied by her three pet cats. The artist decks out the female model in a ravishing brown velvet attire. The protagonist is seen lazily reclining; the feline beauties are relaxing on the cushioned bed with plush pillows in the luxuriously self-indulgent painting. Barbara is a proud sponsor and board member for the foundation, Pet Philanthropy Circle. The mission of this non-profit charity vies to improve the quality of life for animals by promoting greater public awareness of their welfare and the causes that protect them. She supports welfare causes by donating her prints, paintings and services as an animal portrait artist to raise funds for deserving animal rescue groups. The most recent work unveiled by the artist is the "Lily Pad." It is an oil portrait painting starring a charismatic blonde woman with a dog seated on the ruffled frills of her outfit.

“Best Friends Rendezvous" Oil On Canvas, 60"x36”

The lady is dressed up in an elaborate gown with sparkly sequined adornments. The loose, flowy white dress could be compared to a blossoming water lily. The Greenpeace activist aims at conserving the natural ecosystems filled with ornamental flowers. During her career as a Fashion Illustrator, Barbara Tyler Ahlfield has received several awards which include the NORMA award for lingerie and cosmetic advertising, the Seklemian award for reflective color advertising, the Federated Dept. Store advertising award, Lazarus Division for three consecutive years, and she is also a member of the Society of Illustrators. Since her transition to fine art five years ago, Barbara was named “one of the top 50 international new artists of 2014” by Art Business News magazine. “Algonquins Matilda" Oil On Canvas, 36"x36"

FALL 2017 | 41

Giga Surameli

e Waves Of Mankind” by Yadira Roman


iorgi Bliadze was born in Surami, Georgia; he derives his signature name Giga Surameli from his birthplace. During the initial years of his career, soulful music was his muse to paint. He shares that the melodious sounds made him recreate the serenity on canvas. The international artist travels the globe to absorb the atmosphere emotionally. “Heavenly Landscape" Oil On Canvas, 34"x32"

“Cliff & Seagulls" Oil On Canvas, 23"x31"

He has performed many experiments to discover the most efficient painting materials, using enhanced technology to create fresh styles of art. In this due course, Bliadze has mastered the skill of weaving his canvas. Focusing on four characteristic styles of painting. Among them, the one which is closest to his heart is seascape. He employs new techniques to depict the sudden highs and lows of the alluring waves. He personifies a single drop of water as a human being in this sea of humankind. One of the painter's much-acknowledged work is the "Heavenly Landscape," an oil on canvas exhibit using the Avant-Garde style. A vibrant fusion of fortifying colors completes the piece. Through art, he is fuelling the cause for a greener planet. The awe-inspiring "Mountain Scenery" has muffled textures to lift up nature to center stage. The focal motive of the artwork is to throw light on the state of conservation for the environment. Ice-capped mountains are melting, lifeline rivers are dying, and lung spaces trees are cut down. Beads also pitch in the direction of preserving nature. It is an unorthodox, radical style of painting using acrylic. A mirror reflection of today's society that brings about fresh air in the minds of his viewers. “Giant” Oil On Canvas, 60”x36” “Valley Taba Klde" Oil On Canvas, 19"x27"

42 | FALL 2017

Gudrun Alvebro

“A Touch Of Humanity” by Yadira Roman

“The Light Of The Night" Collograph, 10.6"x10.6"


udrun Alvebro is a visual artist from Sweden who predominantly chooses an abstract form of artistic expression and creates various a r t wo r k s t h a t i m p l e m e n t a multitude of techniques and concepts. Her work is mostly in the realm of painting, but she also has a large body of work dedicated to collograph, a process about printmaking but having some fundamental differences. Throughout her work, there is an extreme dedication to accomplish an aesthetically pleasing result, while at the same time remaining faithful to the ideas and concepts that are intrinsically tied to abstract art.

“Window House" Oil Painting, 31.5"x39"

Alvebro's works cleverly contrived, "Hidden Space" accesses multiple layers of bright colors used subtly. Though the layers are thin, vibrant patterns make it pop out. Bold lines fluid texture indicate the constant movement of all life forms in the environment. Emphasizing on the uniqueness of human existence, "Light Of The Night" matches the clear message, bright hues and solid patterns, a result of her gifted hands is the combination of organic and geometric prints. She navigates her viewers into the rich wildlife by employing earthy crimson and royal blues. Alvebro uses a childlike approach towards portraying harsh realities of humankind. She combines expression with a composition to create a compelling atmosphere for the audience.

“Giant” Oil On Canvas, 60”x36” “Hidden Space" Oil Painting, 23.6"x31.4"

FALL 2017 | 43

Eric Wiles

“Back To

by Sanjoli

e Roots”

“Santa Cruz" Photography, 36"x20.25"


aster of art photography is the gifted lensman Eric Wiles. Eric shows extensive expertise in the fields of Landscape Imaging, Still Life and Fine Art Photography. He admits that being behind the camera allows him to capture the fleeting moments of life. Through his work, Eric takes the viewer into a surreal paradise. He shares images from his adventure in Kauai and California, capturing the audience attention by his knowledgeable visualization of the Garden Isle. His photos exhibit the Kauai forests lined by dense green trees, waterfalls, secret caves and dramatic cliffs of California. The photographer captures the breathtaking scenic backdrops with finesse. Isolated beaches well emote Eric's works of untouched natural beauty. The California coastline is a heavenly spectacle with gentle waves, unmatched vistas, and solitary sandy shores. Wiles shares images to support environmental conservation. Photographs of wildlife in their natural habitat is in the line of the muchneeded protection of endangered animals. His agenda is the protection of long flowing rivers, lake beds, and other dying water bodies. Eric Wiles encourages for replenishing natural resources to its original self.

44 | FALL 2017

“The Coast" Photography, 36"x20.25"

“Kauai Forest" Photography, 36"x20.25"

Elvira Spinatelli “A Changed World” by Thomas Lioutas

“Enjoying the Moment" Mixed Media On Canvas, 60"x40"

“Art is my best way to express the love and gratitude I feel for nature, the importance of caring for our only real home and beautiful gift from God called Mother Earth, and respect for all living beings is my greatest inspiration to create and speak through my artworks. ank you, Mother Earth!” - Elvira Spinatelli


isplaying a symphony of colors, shimmering light in her canvas, Venezuelan painter and sculptor Elvira Spinatelli promotes the importance of our global ecological system in which all living things are interdependent. Painting still lives and natural scenes, Spinatelli highlights the beauty of the organic world, creating luminescent, vibrant compositions with the use of bold and vivid colors. Forms, patterns and shapes evoke figurative and abstract elements, blending and bringing forward her refined, expressionistic style. Inspired by her love and respect for nature and all living beings, Elvira Spinatelli works to raise awareness for environmental conservation causes. In her work “Breathing With Nature,” pine tree cones that On Canvas, 60”x36” captured natural patterns are delicately painted“Giant” andOilsoftly blended awaking feelings of purity and tranquility, similar to those that occur 46 | FALL 2017

“Conscience" Wood Carved, Cedar Wood, 21"x16" “Protection" Mixed Media On Canvas, 36"x48"

“Turtles Safety Place" Mixed Media On Canvas, 36"x48"

when one strolls in a lush forest. Other prime examples of such thematic concepts are “Protection” and “Conscience,” both of which portray animals, the other vital part of our ecosystem. Spinatelli raises awareness about the effects caused in the lives of these animals, largely by human means and constant exploitation of the ecosystem. Spinatelli voices through her works the stand people can take protecting those we are cohabiting this planet with, becoming the source and inspiration for a global shift of consciousness.

“Breathing with Nature" Mixed Media On Canvas, 48"x48"

Elvira Spinatelli's artworks have been exhibited in major galleries, museums and art shows achieving relevant awards. FALL 2017 | 47

Fatima Al Obaidi “Serene Expression” by Viviana Puello

“Hovering To The Sky" Acrylic On Canvas, 23"x31"


atima Al Obaidi is a bold artistic presence in the world of contemporary art, producing artworks of high artistic value that pose significant interest both thematically and technically. Fatima Al Obaidi was born in Iraq, a country that has suffered immensely due to constant wars in the last decades manages through her art to instill hope and promote a message of peace, the most essential of all human values. It is a theme she explores with the use of beautiful, vibrant colors that are structuring abstract patterns, unique compositions that have their roots in the local artistic culture which has a rich history of design patterns. Al Obaidi takes this influence and 48 | FALL 2017

freely transforms it and introduce it in her context that has a liberating approach. It is a work that focuses on spirituality and sense of calmness, elements that soothe the soul of the viewer and invite one into a journey through raw color and free forms that evoke tranquility. Al Obaidi aims to inspire peace through her work, a kind of peace which is not based on direct antiwar messages but by positively influencing and inspiring the audience. Most recently, Fatima Al Obaidi received the Messenger Of Peace Award from Create 4 Peace and the ATIM Masters Award by ArtTour International Magazine.

“The Island..The Dream" Acrylic On Canvas, 28"x28"

“Light Of Hope" Acrylic On Canvas, 28"x20"

"Volatile Wishes To The Sky" - Acrylic On Canvas, 39"x31,5"

“We as artists can tell the whole world that we are equal and that our language is the brush, our colors, and our mission is to spread peace and love. We need to love one another and live in peace and security. We must teach our children to love everyone and not hate any human being because of the color of their skin, language, religion or nationality. rough my work, I am trying to send the message to the whole world that we Iraqis are peace-loving people and our civilization, which began five thousand years ago, has a great legacy. It was here that the first letters of the alphabet where developed, the wheel was also invented here and we were the first to build outstanding gardens and to have the enactment of laws. I am trying through my work to show the world that we are civilized people and we want to convey our love and peace to all the people of the world and for our children to live in peace and safety and wish for a beautiful and happy tomorrow."

“Sun And Hurricane" Mixed Media On Canvas, 28"x28"

-Fatima Al Obaidi

FALL 2017 | 49

“A Living Drone And A Wild Rabbit, A Human Right” Fumagine Paint With A Flame And Acrylic Dots, 28”x39”

Frans Frengen

“Painting With

e Light Of A Candle”

by Cathy Crocco


ne of the unique contemporary artists to emerge on the scene, Belgian artist Frans Frengen has developed a work process that is as intriguing as the artwork he creates. Frans Frengen began drawing as a young boy, and his talent as an artist was quickly recognized. He studied painting and drawing under prominent artists for some years before developing the signature "Fumagine" technique that forms the basis for much of his work. 50 | FALL 2017

While in Wemmel, near Brussels, Frengen conceived and developed the fumagine technique, which is best described as the equivalent of painting with a candle. More than just painting with soot, this method gives a distinctive, stylized look to Frans Frengen's paintings and drawings. It gives his primarily black and white compositions a mere appearance, emphasized by the great shading that is created by the fumagine technique. Despite the bold, thick lines, smudgy appearance, and simple nature of Frengen's drawings and paintings, they are still highly detailed and reveal the artist's deep level of skill and technique. In addition to the simple shades of gray smudging created by the fumagine technique, Frengen also adds bold spots of color to the paintings. The primary colors of red, blue, and yellow are often featured in his work. It is clear that this is the work of a talented artist who has spent many years studying technique and artistic styles. Most of his art features people and scenes from everyday life portrayed in a unique way and with a great perspective.

“Noah's Ark, The Return” Fumagine Paint With A Flame, Acrylic Dots And Movable Square 28”x28”

Several of Frans Frengen's fumagine paintings stand out from the rest. One, "Hunting a Human Right," features a musket-bearing hunter and his dogs chasing a wild boar. This simple drawing, painted by Frengen with a candle, is not only remarkable because of the striking details and intense expressions on the faces, but because of his choice to use a single spot of red paint as the only color in this mostly monochromatic painting. Another piece to note is "Mirror on Newport," which features two ships in a beautiful harbor. While the artwork is mostly black and white, a few splotches of purple and green acrylic paint are strategically placed in the water. The ships are delineated with high precision, and the small numbers on the bows of the ships add an extra dimension and detail to these works of art. The bright colors of the acrylic paint contrast effectively with the calm and serene waters.

“The Protected Group” Fumagine Paint With A Flame, Acrylic Dots And Movable Square, 28”x28”

Frans Frengen's unique fumagine technique showcases his brilliant yet simple paintings and drawings. It is clear that this Belgian artist has remarkable talent and skill, as well as a clear voice that has something important to say.

FALL 2017 | 51

“Mystic Beach IV" Oil On Canvas, 9"x24"

Rosemarie Armstrong

“Clashing With

“Rogue Wave" Oil On Canvas, 36"x36"

e Laws Of Nature”

by Yadira Roman

“Illumination" Oil On Canvas, 28"x28"

“ e most magnificent thing about being a painter is being one with nature and the canvas. Painting defines my life; it is a gift that permits me to respect and interpret the world I live in, especially when painting on location.”


nspired by her love for nature, Canadian artist Rosemarie Armstrong creates work that reflects the constant transformation of the natural world.

Armstrong makes informed use of colors and swiftly layers them in her paintings playing with different techniques of motion, shadow, and light to capture the natural atmospheric changes in her landscapes. Elements of earth, water and atmosphere have laid the foundation stone in her works. In her paintings, Armstrong aims to present a rendition of worldly emotions to experience solitude, anger, peace, and enlightenment. She describes how both peace and chaos are coexisting in the world, emphasizing that in 52 | FALL 2017

the context of development, man is clashing with the laws of nature.. Rosemarie Armstrong is a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation, the world’s leading artist group supporting the environment, representing 500 of the world’s leading nature/wildlife artists from 27 countries. Armstrong believes that humanity needs to express concern and respect for nature. Her family lives on the land in a heritage Victorian home in Ontario, Canada.

Reily Perez-Nomm

“Metamorphosis” by Thomas Lioutas


eily Perez-Nomm is an Estonian-born artist currently based in Miami who focuses on photography to narrate stories about human experiences and self-transformation.

Combining great technical skills and an excellent sense of composition, Perez-Nomm captures beauty in its full splendor and presents to us her collections "Alchemy," "Metamorphosis" and "Trapped," a series of black and white photography complimented with mixed media collages. In her quest to transcend and expand global consciousness, Perez-Nomm uses her works to raise awareness about the hidden treasures of our planet, opening a dialogue with the audience that comes face to face with the wonders of our environment through her photography. It is a muchneeded call for help to a contemporary society which values industry and trade much more than ecological progress.

“Metamorphosis" Acrylic Photograph, 24"x36"

“Metamorphosis" Acrylic Photograph, 16"x20"

“Metamorphosis" Acrylic Photograph, 24"x36"

FALL 2017 | 53

Maya Vinokurov

“Messenger" Acrylic, 24"x30"x1.5"

“Illumination" Oil, 16"x20"

"My interest in drawing, painting, and designing began at a very early age. My paintings convey a feeling of harmony between nature and humanity, featuring a dab of art deco, a dash of the surreal, and a touch of aboriginal charm. I'm pleased to know that art-lovers find my work thought-provoking, meaning, and worthy of frequent visits. My objective is to continue to work in my contemporary style, combined with techniques of the old masters - in an expression of optimism, joy, and serenity." - Maya Vinokurov

“Knowledge" Oil, 26"x36"

“Aura" Oil, 20"x30"



The Magical Protective Power of Vulnerability

“Swimming Naked with Sharks" Mixed Media on Canvas, 8"x8" Luminous Colors/Oceanic White Tip Shark Series #4

"Indigenous Hawaiian culture has an ancient but enduring tradition of families having ancestral animal guardian spirits or ëaumakua, such as the shark or dolphin. Individuals must care for and protect their 'aumakua. I'm lucky enough to have swum with a pair of nature's deadliest predators and emerge unscathed. Initially terrified, I now feel eternally specially blessed, mysteriously and magically protected, humbled, forever imprinted by the fragility of all life. Convinced by this extraordinary encounter that the shark is my 'aumakua I have dedicated the "SWIMMING NAKED WITH SHARKS" Series to prevent the imminent destruction of sharks as a species through overfishing." - Tara Del Rey

“Swimming Naked with Sharks" Mixed Media on Canvas, 12"x16" True Ocean Colors/Oceanic White Tip Shark Series #7

Post-postmodern Performance Art Video & Multimedia Canvases


lways ahead of her time TARA DEL REY declared herself a Post-Postmodern Artist in 1996 while still at Art College. Fatigued by the Cynicism and Moral Relativism of Postmodernism and in direct defiance of her tutors, Del Rey stated fearlessly 'Postmodernism is Dead.' Del Rey insistently pioneered a new movement of Postpostmodern Art focusing unapologetically on sincerity, beauty, and wholeness until the rest of the world caught up. Del Rey's jewel-like mystical oil paintings and wide-ranging but always challenging art performance and art films have been shown widely to public and professional acclaim.

“Swimming Naked with Sharks" Mixed Media on Canvas, 8"x8" Luminous Colors/Oceanic White Tip Shark Series

FALL 2017 | 55

Igor Eugen Prokop “Organic Inspiration” by Yadira Roman


gor Eugen Prokop has created an elaborate series of works with vivid colors and messages in each tone. His inspiration revolves around his interest in nature and the intricate patterns that arise from natural beauty. His background is one which combines arts and science, as his career started as a biology teacher and then he continued to study design, film aesthetics and philosophy. All these features combine to create his unique expression which makes use of intricate patterns to depict his concepts. The complexity of these models seem to dominate his artworks, but there is always a hidden harmony behind them which 56 | FALL 2017

stems out of his background in drawing and his compositional skills. The notions streaming through each line in his works are the thoughts of an artist/scientist who has traveled extensively and gathered experiences that fuel his imagination, while at the same time exploring the beauty of nature through his background as a biologist. Thus he offers the viewer an in-depth view of our environment and its fragile beauty, something seen in his artworks like “Earth’s Rescue” a vibrant flow with overlapping forms and patterns that blend and

“Everything is connected - nothing is meaningless. It does matter how you live, what you create, if you are going to have children, and what you are going to leave to them and their children as well. It does matter how much enlightenment you achieve! Every one of us has his own inner world made out of experience and personal learning within the system.” - Igor Eugen Prokop

“Earth Rescue" Painting, 43"x39"

“Phoenix Bird" Painting, 43"x39"

promote the message of the title. It is as chaotic as our ecosystem, yet follows a similarly intricate order hidden behind the chaos. These compositional and conceptual values are seen in many of his works, like “Nature’s Freedom” a calm, cool breeze that evokes a peaceful joy mirroring the influence of organic network, intimate pieces that honor the perfection of nature and its beauty. The message of Prokop is straightforward and powerful: It is a message worth communicating to the public, a notion which demands contemplation and careful examination to evaluate its importance.

“Nature's Freedom" Painting, 43"x39"

FALL 2017 | 57

Ed Morét “Walking

e World”

by Yadira Roman

“Imagine" Acrylic, 36"x36"

"I know that within the depths of my soul the light of creativity prevails and orchestrates a symphony to the rhythm of our hearts." - Edward J. Morét Award-winning artist Edward J. Morét has recently received international recognition for this artwork centering on environmental themes such as Global Warming and Endangered species. He says this about his art, "My paintings are richly textured, brightly colored and extremely detailed. Although the scenes I paint contain varying degrees of surrealistic elements, they become entirely convincing with my almost photorealistic level of detail. I want my compositions to transcend the boundaries of time and space, so the strength of light becomes the central theme of landscape." My hope is for my artwork to touch the hearts and souls of many throughout the world, helping people to see the rapid changes the Earth is undergoing and learn to care for our home as I do." 58 | FALL 2017

“Bengal's Inner Peace" Acrylic, 30"x40"


dward J Morét was born in the Caribbean nation of West Indies. His native land became a source of inspiration to paint in his days. A virtual embodiment occurred when he decided to consider Earth his living canvas. The contemporary style artist has encapsulated the terrestrial revival dealt by humans. His artworks ponder over subjects concerning the environment like global warming, climate change and endangerment of species. Morét's works showcase vibrant colors, intricate textures, and details with the use of unique elements to portray actualization of a landscape. Ed Morét has extensively globe-trotted to India, Nepal, Iceland, and Peru. These countries presented him a first-hand view of the erratic deforestation and melting glaciers of rivers. To Cont. Next Page

“Climate Change" Acrylic, 32"dia

FALL 2017 | 59

“Share The Earth" Acrylic, 24"x30"

“Lungs of the Earth" Acrylic, 24"x30"

“Waterworld" Acrylic, 36"x36"

underline the context of his work, he hiked the rainforests and river basins of the Amazon jungle. "Imagine" is a work of impact presented by Morét. It dwells on the theme of climate change by forking out the drowning Earth. It testifies the overwhelming mess created by human activities. Morét's piece, "Climate Change" projects a polar bear, native to the region being doled out by the wrath of nature. He showcases the melting glacial ice of enormous icebergs that will gradually eat up land masses in time. Morét champions for the cause of a healthy ecosystem wherein all living organisms live in harmony with their surroundings. "Share the Earth" is a piece Cont. Next Page

“Time for Peace" Acrylic, 36"x36"

FALL 2017 | 61

“Children of the Earth" Acrylic, 36"x36"

“Ivory" Acrylic, 36"x36"

that figuratively shows a family of great chimpanzees huddled together. He advocates that as stakeholders of the environment, animals too should get their worthy share of space, touching on the matter of Illegal encroachments into natural habitats endangering the livelihood of wildlife. "Home," as in the only habitable planet Earth is the latest offering by the talented artist. The envisioned image deciphers the aftermath of permanent damage. The drastic shift in the ecological balance is the reason behind unruly natural disasters affecting the planet. Presenting the massive increase in sea levels that may flood our world. A man who has lived his purpose through a greater vision of a balanced world. “Home" Acrylic, 48"dia

FALL 2017 | 63

Spotted Curator!

Amy LI A

by Thomas Lioutas

my Li is a prominent art curator in the contemporary art scene in China, a country which has d eve l o p e d d u r i n g t h e l a s t 2 -3 decades a thriving community of artists and a buzzing art market. It is a country with many great Art Galleries, Art fairs & organizations, hosting both renowned European and American artists, but also presenting to the world the new generation of Chinese Artists who become increasingly popular. Art curators like Amy Li have contributed vastly to the development as mentioned earlier, as her dedication, vision, and management has resulted in the rapid rise of fame both of her gallery and the artists that she represents. Despite not being an artist herself, she is an important part of the creative artistic process not only preparing the setting and management of exhibitions but also having a direct dialogue with the artist and provide valuable help to overcome any obstacles. Thus, the art curator in the contemporary art world is a silent ally of the artist, a person behind the scene who guarantees the technical quality and the conceptual elegance which in demand in the artistic production by the public and the institutions. The work of an Art curator is not an easy task, and we at ArtTour International Magazine want to show our commitment to supporting curators around the globe who have demonstrated exceptional creativity and prescience in their events. This year Amy Li's contribution to the international art scene is recognized with the "Curator Award For Excel l e n c e ," T h e a w a rd c e l e b r a t e s curatorial excellence. Revealing the role of the Art curator to the public is also crucial, as it enables us to create a more rounded view of how artistic ex p re s s i o n i s a m u l t i - l aye re d , complex progress, instead of simply being the wishes and ideas of a single person.

64 | FALL 2017

Sergio Rapetti


e Beauty Of Our Planet” by Thomas Lioutas

“For The Remembrance Of History” Oil on Canvas. “For The Remembrance Of History” represents an interpretative philosophical concept. These impressionistabstract works bring back to life the history of the Native Americans who lived in the desert plains of Mexico, Arizona, and California, struggling to survive. The works remind us that everything was taken away to them, even their own life, for their misfortune of being born in an area of immense wealth, gold, oil, and so forth. This fact is still a reality in present times." - Sergio Rapetti

“Ducks On The Lake" Oil On Canvas


talian artist Sergio Rapetti is a selftaught painter, sculptor, and poet who has been committed to creating his vision in the arts focusing on the essence of life as a whole, ranging from beautiful landscapes, wild animals, lush forests and humanity in its raw nature cohabiting with the environment. The train of thought depicted in his artworks is one that honors the simple beauty of life and nature, showcasing the harmonious coexistence that people can have with its natural habitat.

“Thoughts" Oil On Canvas

FALL 2017 | 65

Sónia Domingues “Global Shift” by Yadira Roman

Collection “Living Eye of Life - Nr VIII” "Do you See our Planet? One Day it will be So Green..." Circular Sculpture Work | Diameter - 40” Suspended Effect


continuous process of reinventing her creativity with each piece. The dynamic artist procures freshly discovered pigments to add a dash of verve to her paintings.

Fondly called Sonny by art enthusiasts, she is a

Domingues has a never dying motivation to design various distinct compositions. The themes of her paintings mainly dwell in nature. The fearless artist captures the complex intensity of the universe in her

ónia Domingues is glass painter and designer of French origin. Born in 1978, she moved with her family to Portugal at a very young age. The multi-talented artist is skilled in various art forms centered on revolutionary change. On her trips to diverse countries, she cultivated an unusually high sensitivity to beauty, as in nature.

66 | FALL 2017

works. Emphasizing that art is capable of converting silence to sound, stillness to motion and inanimate to living. In her own words, she constructs, creates and paints what she has dreamt before. She affirms that every painting of hers casts itself through her innate vision. In her work "Do You See Our Planet," a a mixed media painting on waterproof MDF with suspended effect, Domingues touches on the elements of floral, technological and diamond. The pristine beauty throws light on the need to conserve the environment. The green warrior struggles to educate art lovers to imbibe everyday practices that are ecofriendly. She vehemently persuades people to support campaigns targeting the preservation of the planet. Sónia Domingues has participated in both collective and individual 36"x36"She is highly exhibitions in“Ivory" theAcrylic, world. collected in art museums and galleries all across the globe.

“One Day our Planet will be so Green that even at night it will bloom with a bioluminescent glow because there will be overabundance on the summit of the mountains, in the desert plain will be planted the Juniper. The king's fruits will grow as in Lebanon, and in cities, people will flourish like the vegetation of the Earth..." Thus, says the Holy Scriptures - Psalm 72:16 / Isaiah 41:19 Mixed Media & Pointillism, Silver Leaf, and Pointillism, Green Translucide and Silver, Gold, Red Gold, Swarovski Elements & Luminescent Micro-points. In Symbol of an ideal life in and of our planet. Inspired by the Biblical Prophecy by Isaiah, the Countries/Continents are presented with an Equitably density of population and with the creation of luminescent micro-points, the Planet Glows in the Dark - by Sonny.

“Love And Peace”

Subodh Maheshwari by Crossley

“My paintings give me space to feel and express my visual delight in color, shape and form.” – Subodh Maheshwari

“Heaven and Earth” Acrylic On Canvas, 20"x16"


ubodh Maheshwari's vibrant compositions are a celebration of life, love, and creative energy. She uses symbolic elements to create works that are emotionally evocative, personal, spiritual, and profound. Maheshwari has an uncanny ability to fuse eastern symbolism with the western composition in bright pools of undulating color. Rajasthani art influences are apparent in her pieces, and she manages to put 68 | FALL 2017

accents of Hindi and Sanskrit symbols in a highly individual way. Subodh, who was born in Aligarh, North India, studied fine art at Agra University in India, California State University, and finally, earned her Masters at the University of California. It was at Irvine, where she won the Regional Fellowship Award and blossomed as an artist. She has since gone on to participate in prestigious exhibitions, and her works have been

“Magic Canyon II" Acrylic On Canvas, 24"x36"

“Wishing Tree'' Acrylic On Canvas, 36''x24''

“Fall II" Acrylic On Canvas, 36"x24"

featured in renown publications. From her body of work, one can tell that Subodh finds her inspiration in nature and life. She manages to take life experiences society and everything in between and paint them into various forms and hues. Her paintings tell a story that shifts according to the viewer's mind. When she's not breathing life onto canvas, she teaches art at the local community college and conducts workshops for aspiring artists. Subodh Maheshwari lives and works in California. SUBODH MAHESHWARI, M.F.A. Tel: 951 735-3043 Email:

“Gold Tree" Acrylic On Canvas, 36"x24"

Shifra Levyathan “A New World”

by Sanjoli

“They Will Come At Night" Fine Art Photography


ward-winning artist Shifra Levyathan is a contemporary Israeli photographer whose works focus on scenes that can be witnessed in a city often in public spaces or appearing in a setting which is a reference to modern life. She is comfortable in clicking both the natural landscape and cityscape and utilizes juxtaposition of colors to create a three-dimensional effect. Levyathan takes inspiration from the colors, smells, textures and the energies of her surroundings. The tones and hues found in the desert sand, the diversity of people and their culture, the contrast between modern and antique buildings at the grand metropolis, all become the center of attraction in the images captured by her camera. She mirrors the mood of the city dwellers In her humanitarian series "Ghost Of War," Levyathan depicts victims of war, opening a window to her soul she brings awareness of the pain and tragedy experienced by many in current times. Levyathan lives and works in Ramat Gan, Israel.

“Floating Earth" Fine Art Photography

70 | FALL 2017

"When l discovered the digital camera and the software to go with, l became addicted to this medium and its vast possibilities. e photograph is for me like the canvas for a painter: I add or subtract from the photo and create what I see in my mind’s eye. My pictures reflect my moods, and life around me, be in private or general. I'm an Urban photographer. I love the city, its people and its Architecture. e high-rise buildings with glass and chrome create beautiful distorted reflections. People are intriguing with their colorful personalities and actions. When l stroll in the streets with my camera anywhere in the world, l try to capture moments and episodes that will never come back. Even though it 's hard today to create something e n t i re l y n e w , e v e r y a r t i s t h a s something unique only to him. I hope that my art, or at least my eye, is unique only to myself."

- Shifra Levyathan

FALL 2017 | 71

Jil Love Revolution “The Catalyst For Change” by Tel Hero

“STOP Drilling Off The Coast Of Canarias Islands Spain" 2014 Photo By Marcos Bolaños


il Love is a global artist who voices opposition to environmental destruction, social oppression, and inequality through the social movement Jil Love Revolution which creates ARTivism, Art + Activism, to raise awareness and expand consciousness. With the cry "We are the voices of the unheard, We are the images of the unseen." Jil Love's performance is an impactful influence in the global community creating a window into the experience of many harsh realities occurring globally. Her performances, aim to awaken the public. The destruction of the ecosystem by industry, especially the oil sector, is one of the key focal points of her work, performing many times against the destruction that such practices bring to the environment. A crucial aspect of her work is the opposition against the abuse of animals, occurring in the food and clothing industry among many others. She wants people to understand the importance that animals have in our ecosystem and the respect that they deserve; she is vocal about the torment that they receive in facilities that resemble prisons instead of farms. Thus her approach towards the conservation of nature is holistic, involving both our ecosystem and all the creatures that live in it, aiming to remember the lost peace that was disturbed through massexploitation. Jil Love's social movement, Love Revolution, has 72 | FALL 2017

“The Angel of Death" San Francisco November. Photography By Richard Quinn

garnered worldwide critical acclaim. A Hollywoodbased artist, activist, and filmmaker originally hailing from Tarragona, Spain, Love launched her Love Revolution in Spain shortly after her mother's passing. Love received a divine calling to bring a moment of beauty and love in her performance protest against austerity measures during the height of the 2012 Spanish Riots in Madrid. That image of her, naked and vulnerable, laying down and praying for peace went viral around the globe. A photo of Love's artivist performance in solidarity with Cataloniaís independence was not only selected as one of the ìPhotos of the Day by The Washington Post but was also chosen by The Wall Street Journal as one Cont. Next Page

“Green Goddess" Artivism Performance In San Francisco For The Legalization Of Medical Cannabis. July 4th 2016 In San Francisco.

“NO Oil Drilling Off The Coast Of Ibiza Spain" February 2014. Photo By Jordi Cervera

of their selections in the Year In Photos, 2014. Both Nation of Change and True Activism also selected her artivist performance-protests to raise awareness about the ongoing Palestinian genocide as "Number 3" in their lists entitled, one of the Most CreativelyAmazing Protests Ever! Jil Love's most recent work was on her birthday, March 4th, 2017, in Mexico City where she brought together 43 women to portray the pain and suffering of the mothers of the 43 Mexican students who went "missing" September 26, 2014, while commemorating the anniversary of the 1968 Tlatelolco Massacre. Love created a procession around the Historic District using the Mexican folklore legend of the Whipping Women who are looking for their missing children. Her performance got international media coverage, and thousands of people around the world were informed of this tragedy that the Mexican Government is still silent about.

“#NOKXL Pipeline" Artivism On Hollywood Blvd May 2015. Photo By Michael Wiznu Wisnieux.

Jil Love's Artivism protests have been featured in major Newspapers and Magazines like the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Huffington Post, LA Times, Grazia Magazine, Art Tour International, Art Sheep, Le Monde and much more. Jil Love has been recognized by the city of Los Angeles for her efforts and achievements. She has published a large-format book that documents all her Artivism protests to date entitled "We Are The Voices Of The Unheard. “ Available for purchase on Amazon.

“Oil Is Death-Water Is Life" Artivism For Standing Rock San Francisco November 2016. Photo By Richard Quinn.

Susanne Hauser by Yadira Roman

“Planet" Ballpoint Pen On Paper, 20"x28"


usanne Hauser is an accomplished Swiss artist whose works explore notions and ideas concerning our world and society, while always experimenting with innovative art forms. The forms and patterns that appear in her works are predominantly biological, while less frequently she has a more architectural approach which serves as a solid foundation for her artworks which exhibit greater expressive freedom. Nature becomes one of the protagonists throughout her art. Shapes, patterns and direct references to animals or plants combine drawing with elements of abstraction, collage, and graphic design. Thus, it is a personal work which values diversity greatly, a feature seen as a hint towards the Utopia and organic diversity of our natural world.

“Oceans" Charcoal & Ink On Paper, 39"x28"

FALL 2017 | 75

O Yemi Tubi

“African’s Wealth And Woes” by Yadira Roman

“African Wealth And Woes'' Oil On Canvas, 59"x59"

" is painting is about the ecological disaster in the oil-rich region of Nigeria. Very few Nigerians have become selfishly wealthy through oil while oil pollution of air, water, and farmlands has made very many extremely poor. Developed world contributes to the ecological disaster of our planet. e abuse of our planet leads to climate change which may result to flood like the recent one in Houston Texas USA." - O Yemi Tubi

76 | FALL 2017


labamiji Yemi Tubi was born in the West African city of Ibadan in 1955. A prominent Graphic Designer and painter, O Yemi Tubi incorporates political and social messages in a skillful artistic realization, expressing his personal views focusing on the social and cultural upheavals of today. "Africans' Wealth And Woes," is an oil on canvas inuenced by the unprecedented exploitation of natural resources in Nigeria. The idea originated after being witness to the dire consequences of petroleum invasion in his native land. The piece shows air and water pollution in the Oil-rich and deprived Niger Delta in Nigeria. It displays the bright blue sky turning gray due to toxic emissions threw out by burst oil pipes. Under the dark sky are shoddily built huts in a dilapidated condition, representing the poor lifestyle and economic status of the inhabitants. O Yemi Tubi's work illustrates the aftermath of the sudden rise in the oil industry. The painter stresses the intentions of revenue-minded government causing an unaccountable destruction on his homelands. Tubi's works are diverse and exhibit a high degree of knowledge regarding mediums and techniques, as one can see both historical and modern inuences in his work. It is evident that he has studied in depth the painting and drawing style of old masters, inspired by painters like Delacroix and Goya. O. Yemi Tubi exhibits a complexity that delivers unique artworks which can leave quite the impression on the viewer. This emotion is enhanced by the thematic approach of Tubi, as he has a bold political context, showcasing through his work many of the contemporary events of the war as well as the social inequalities in his home continent, Africa. It is a topic which can motivate emotions and establish a dialogue with his audience.

FALL 2017 | 77

“Fishers Of Men'' Oil On Canvas, 54''x33''

“Hunger In The Land Of Plenty'' Oil On Canvas, 38''x26'' 78 | FALL 2017

Wei Yan

“Waves Of Awareness”

by Yadira Roman

"My art is influenced by a couple of Chinese masters: Chang Ta Chien and Zao Wou Ki. I am very fascinated by the unexpected e ect and forms created by splashing ink and watercolor. e patterns of colors and the layers of ink I apply to reflect the magnificence of nature give me endless inspiration and let me enjoy to describe endless beautiful scenery and fantasy from the mind.

“Wave Series #2" Ink And Water, 12"x18"

I create my art with a unique style and my passion. I used almost every medium and art materials, but ink, wash, watercolor, and acrylics are my favorite. As a Canadian artist with Chinese background, my mission is to merge with Eastern and Western culture. I am very proud to promote traditional Chinese culture to the Western art lovers via my art piece.” - Wei Yan


orn in Beijing, China, Wei Yan's bases his technique on traditional Asian art with the use of rice paper, silk, ink, and brush for his creations.

After relocating to Canada, Yan developed a style that mixes his original traditional techniques with modern oil and acrylic painting from the west. Wei Yan's recent series takes inspiration in ocean waves. Deeply affected by the uncivilized sightings, he addressed this collection to nature. Through his customary innovations and individualized alterations, he chose to carry forward his eco-friendly intention. The piece flags a warning signal to awaken the minds of the people. All images of the scene originate from the artist's dream and imagination. They are all symbols of great love. The tide will rise up or down, the loving heart of nature will remain unchanged, because the artist believes there is love in the heart and great beauty in the world.. He is a global advocator of preservation of the existing flora and fauna.

“Conflict" Ink And Water, 12"x18"

Wei Yan currently resides in Oakville, Ontario he often showcases his work in the US, Canada, France, China and Italy. “Wave Series #1" Ink And Water, 12"x18"

FALL 2017 | 79

Karly and Anne V “Aligning

by Sanjoli

e Vision”

“The Engulfed Gardens" Spray Paint On Canvas, 59"x78"

" e reef is a sublime, colorful and strange universe Every rock detour is a spectacle where the incredible rubs the unreal. e reef is a theater of shadows and colors where rare creatures throb .... e ocean is still alive. Hearts still palpitate. e sea should not be emptied of its souls." - Karly & Anne V


rench artist duo Karly and Anne V are celebrated for their work involving proteiform. Their principal artistic topic revolves around the state of emptiness. Karly was born in a town near Paris, called Ile de France in 1965. She holds a doctoral degree in cognitive psychology. She presented her thesis on the conspicuous characterization of colors. Karly's perception of her painting style evolved from her apprehension. The talented artist uses the raw skin of the paint. Her partner Anne V is an expert in the fields of the 2D and 3D framework of art. Furthermore, the duo holds sharpened skills in wooden craftsmanship. 80 | FALL 2017

Detail of “The Engulfed Gardens"

Detail of “The Engulfed Gardens"

Demonstrating multidimensional pieces of art on canvas alongside wood. In the architectural space, innovating with full installations, substituting the traditional canvas with walls or floors. Owing to their similar tastes, Karly and Anne V joined hands to work as one; they share common liking towards cosmic events, radical customs, implausible feature films and new age art. The artists employ the timeless technique of chassis to confront the fervor of street art. A manifold of volumes achieved by using the Italian drape method. Engulfed gardens is a piece dedicated to the cause of environmental preservation. The work evokes curiosity, popping colors of flowers amidst amassed greenery depicting the authentic beauty of nature. The couple has aesthetically conveyed the message about the muchneeded awareness of a green planet. At the moment, they build modular and polymorphic art forms. These structures respond to sensory units and are related to the pictorial text. They are open to collaborations to instill newness in their existing work. The endowed personalities develop the idea of time to be an elastic thread. They abolish the bridge formed by human evolution and mythologies.

Detail of “The Engulfed Gardens"

FALL 2017 | 81

New Releases

“God embellish the world with the wonder of nature, and the artist's job is to embellish it with artwork. As a painter I use materials that protects the environment, water base paint instead of oils. Still, when I make a decision to use something or to bay things, my major concern is to be focus in the essential. Because I believe that the excess or abusive expends is what put our beautiful world in danger. For instance I can get a wood chair, but is not necessary to change it every year or mine while is functional. Many people get new things permanently because they get bored of things quickly, or just because they can. But if we consume what is essentially necessary, the world won't be in risk”

“The Engulfed Gardens" Spray Paint On Canvas, 59"x78"

- Fabian Perez - October 2017.

“Black Phone"

82 | FALL 2017

“Cool Breeze And Cigarette II”

“Monika At The Night Club” “Waiting For Romance”

FALL 2017 | 83


delightful children’s picture book with a powerful and positive spiritual message, written and illustrated by Mexican - Italian ar tist AnnaPaola Gorozpe PérezPría. Presented in a bilingual format in English and Spanish, this book promises not only to deliver a profound message but also to instill cultural exchange to children and promote an innovating language learning skills throw art. In this tender story touched with emotions , the writer has created a moving parable for readers of all ages that offers profound and valuable life lessons , teaching the importance of optimism, gratitude, forgiveness love and a serene acceptance of one’s capacity to love. Written and Illustrated by Anna Paola Gorózpe PerezPria. Published by ArtTour International Publication 45 Rockefeller Plaza – New York, NY 10111 Tel USA +1 (800) 807–1167 Distribution contact:

@Anna Paola Gorózpe PerezPria

Sharon Ross “Zentangles” by Yadira Roman

“My work tends to be in two mediums, Acrylic, and Pen and ink. My work uses an abstract form and inspiration from Zentangle using of color. is exploration allows me to create from within and disappear into my work."


haron Ross' paintings deal with the spirituality of both the artist and the subject, containing calming and emotive feelings through the atmospheric nature of her subjects. Her works are soothing and provoking depictions of the animal kingdom. In her series, she explores animal symbolism and the influence of the animal spirit on one's development. For the artist, animal symbolism can be of great help in our quest for self-discovery, and each creature emerges in our consciousness to guide us in our journey. With her work, Ross presents to us a choice of interpretation. For animal lovers, her work is a great proponent of the beauty endowed by nature to these wild beasts; on the other hand, the symbolic meaning of the works gives us a pictorial representation of the courage and strength that these animal spirits come to teach us. “Evanescent" Pen and Ink On Paper, 22"x16"

“Tropical Riot" Acrylic On Board, 31"x39"

Lucy Mattos by Yadira Roman

"Celebración De La Vida (Life's Celebration)" Installation With 17 Baby Dolls In Acrylic Spheres, Variable Size


rgentinian artist Lucy Mattos grew up surrounded by the flowing rivers and robust mountains of her native Argentina.

Mattos is a fine arts professor whose works showcase references to her roots with imaging of flora and fauna, drawing parallels to the memories of the natural vegetation in her childhood. From monumental sculptures to artistic jewelry, Mattos’ work plays with shape, reflectivity, color, proportion, and flow. With masterful use of materials such as bronze, silver, wood, white metal, acrylics, stone, alabaster, polyester resin, and natural fibers, Mattos creates sculptures of intense contours, flowing lines, and dynamic forms, depicting the human figure. The sculptor exhibits the feminine figure by surpassing traditional techniques. She created an illuminating method called polyester intraluz, wherein visually bright light is emitted from the sculpture.

86 | FALL 2017

“¡Basta! (Enough!)" Bronze With Green Patina Finish, 8"x24"x16"

The root and inspiration of Mattos'creations come from Mother Nature. She utilizes naturally available resources such as stone, marble, resin, and wood. Similarly, in her art installations, she uses lace cloths, leaves, feathers and natural sunlight by shunning plastic. Mattos has a made an eco-friendly choice sustaining renewable energy. In 1994, Mattos began an environmental movement in the city of Buenos Aires. She brought awareness to the increasing environmental pollution caused by humans. In the backdrop of a botanical garden, she shaped mannequins and baby dolls with acrylic balls. Mattos titled her work Celebracion de la Vida, meaning 'celebration of life' in Spanish. Mattos' latest creation “Basta” (Enough) unveiled in the year 2016, is a magnetic bronze installation with a shiny patina green finish. The fundamental theme of the figure was of universal oneness and unity. She targeted people from all walks of life, despite their nationality, race, color or religion.

“¡Basta! (Enough!)" Bronze With Green Patina Finish, 8"x24"x16"

Lucy Matto's works include art installations, inevitably reverting to nature. A powerful catalyst for awareness, and a shift in her community.

FALL 2017 | 87

Susan McCollough by Thomas Liouthas

“Cascading Falls” Oil On Canvas, 48”x72”

“Over The Rainbow” Oil On Canvas, 48”x72”


merican painter Susan McCollough has a rich body of artistic work, making use of many different techniques and concepts in the process of creation. It is a body of work which has been recognized worldwide, as she has exhibited both in the U.S. and abroads. Technically, her paintings are expressionistic, making use of bold colors and free drawing, elements that stem out of her emotional approach to art. Her palette focusses on powerful contrasts, backed up by grayer tones, while many times her paintings become a b s t ra c t a n d d e p i c t a s t a g g e r i n g ly c h a ot i c combination of colors. Thematically, nature plays a prominent role in her work, as she frequently portrays landscapes and seascapes that underline her love of the environment. These are artworks that promote the beauty of our planet, not merely by copying the splendor of nature, but more importantly by implementing the personal emotional status of the artist once she faces these majestic scenes. Her paintings remind us how humans have a profoundly spiritual, sentimental connection with our natural environment, something which tends to 88 | FALL 2017

“Melting Into Spring” Oil On Canvas, 48”x60”

“Her Earthly Vision” Oil On Canvas, 50”x40”

become obsolete due to the rapid urbanization of the modern world. Her artworks like “Cascading Falls” underline this conceptual focus, as she creates an image in calm blue and turquoise, emanating a sense of tranquility and movement to the viewer and thus promoting the beauty that can be found all around our world. The work of Susan McCollough is one which includes exquisite environmental sensitiveness, the work of an artist who loves nature and wishes the public to experience an alternative view on this timeless subject of art. Finally, environmental awareness is not promoted by portraying the destruction caused by our technological society, but rather by showcasing the spirituality of nature and the way that people can find multiple causes to protect our fragile world. “Heart Of The Matter“ Oil On Canvas, 36”x36”

FALL 2017 | 89

Ruby Purple Creations “Connections 21, 22 & 23 (Abstractions Of Connections 19)" Acrylic, 4"x4 Courtesy of “Out n About” Photography


uby Purple is an internationally recognized Australian artist who creates abstract expressionistic paintings of vibrant colors, textures, and movement. Conceptually, her art aims to bring awareness to the preservation of our environment by exploring the elemental and emotional impact to humanity and our natural world. Purple's works are personal pieces inspired by her life experience and transformed to convey her message. She extends her creativity by offering wearable art where she designs bespoke pieces and Vegan-friendly scarves made of fabrics displaying her transposed artworks. She also provides a licensing service allowing designers the use of her artwork images. Founder of Ruby Purple Creations, she is dedicated to providing aspiring artists with a variety of services designed to expand and enhance their fine arts awareness and ability. Services focus on abstract painting and the art-making process as a whole.

“Connections 27 (Abstraction Of Connections 19)" Oil, 16"x16"

These works reflect Ruby Purple’s progression from the real to her abstraction. She extracts the underlying essence of what is seen and presents her abstract impression. A reveal of Ruby’s conceptual process aiming to bring awareness to the preservation of our environment.

“Connections 19" Oil, 30"x30"

90 | FALL 2017

Hema Thakur

“A Rich Step Into Indian Lands” by Viviana Puello

“In life no matter what you do, you have to take a leap of faith, as none of us know what life is going to serve us in the next moment. If you learn to swim, float, balance and adjust yourself through di cult and good times, only then life will bring you to enjoy.” - Hema Thakur she often includes decorative motifs that are repeated to form beautiful visual patterns. In a similar way, the figures that appear in her artworks follow a path that avoids a direct, detailed portrayal and rather aims to a more emotional depiction. In essence, it is the choice that renders the value of the artwork more holistic, as it has a wider symbolism and focuses on the entirety of human existence.

“Peace Of Mind” Acrylic And Oil On Canvas, 23.4’’x24.5’’

Hema Thakur 's works evoke the notion that nothing is dead until people forget it and that we could always find influences in the past that relate to our present and future. All these qualities, both technical and thematic, can be seen throughout her imagery evident in her artworks "Peace Of Mind," and “Sailing In Love”. Both of them have the common element of placing a stylized female figure in a vibrant, colorful environment using water as an essential part of the c o m p o s i t i o n , s o m e t h i n g t h a t h a s p rofo u n d conceptual implications. It is a direct reference to the tranquility, fluidity, and spiritualism that has been traditionally connected with water throughout the ages, creating not only a visual background to her figures but a thematic one as well. Thakur has effectively offered her audience a walk through past, present, and future all in the whisk of her brush.


ema Thakur's vivid artworks are influenced by the traditional Warli paintings that are created in her native land of Maharashtra, Western India. She introduces them with a personal artistic approach, and the result is masterful and innovative compositions that present an old technique within the society of contemporary art creating something thought to provoke which is almost unknown to the people outside of India. The technique she uses in her work is one of a stylized approach, creating a balance between figurative and abstract art, producing a combined result that has the strengths of both realms. The first characteristic, which is also a direct reference to the traditional roots of the artworks, is that

“Sailing In Love” Acrylic On Foam Board, 23.5”x32’’

“Zadacha Zoka” Acrylic On Canvas, 22.5’’x32.2’’ FALL 2017 | 91

Aldo Basili

“A Journey To

e Amazon”

An exclusive series of images never published before! Stunning photos captured by the lens of award-winning photographer Aldo Basili on his crusade to the Amazon more than twenty years ago. by Yadira Roman

“Perù, Amazonia - Alba Sul Rio Madre De Dios" Photography - Copyright © Aldo Basili, Turin. All rights reserved.


talian photographer Aldo Basili has traveled the world on his research to capture the most fascinating locations with his lens. The works presented here are the result of Basili’s travel to Peru over twenty years ago, these photography series is an exclusive treat for our readers never published before. Basili has structured a uniquely personal style t h ro u g h o u t h i s c a re e r s h o w c a s i n g h i s exceptional skill. An active artist who delivers consistency in offering works that bring forward many elements creating photographs that are not only masterful regarding realization but also deeply thoughtful and conceptually rich. His work focuses on pictures that transcend photography and create a depiction that can be paralleled to painting. This unique characteristic, often described as photo-paintings, has been the focus of his work and exhibits interest for its 92 | FALL 2017

“Perù, Amazonia - Pescatori Sul Rio Madre De Dios" Photography - Copyright © Aldo Basili, Turin. All rights reserved.

unique approach. Basili creates broader chromatic fields in his photographs that have a sense of movement and fluidity, transcending the static nature that photography often has. It is an act that vividly enhances colors and creates pictures that appear as impressionist paintings,

“Perù, Amazonia - Bambina" Photography - Copyright © Aldo Basili, Turin. All rights reserved.

“Perù, Amazonia - Famiglia Del Rio Madre De Dios" Photography - Copyright © Aldo Basili, Turin. All rights reserved.

“Perù, Amazonia - Lago Sandova" Photography - Copyright © Aldo Basili, Turin. All rights reserved.

“Perù, Amazonia - Piroga Sul Lago Sandoval" Photography - Copyright © Aldo Basili, Turin. All rights reserved.

where light and contrasting tones become the dominant factors of the composition. A technique that offers a new view of urban landscapes and the portrayal of people, as the audience witnesses something entirely unique to their experience. Cont. Next Page

“Perù, Amazonia - Traghetti Per Il Brasile" Photography - Copyright © Aldo Basili, Turin. All rights reserved.

FALL 2017 | 93

“Perù, Amazonia - Villaggio Sul Lago Sandoval" Photography - Copyright © Aldo Basili, Turin. All rights reserved.

“Perù, Amazonia - Funghi Nella Jungla" Photography - Copyright © Aldo Basili, Turin. All rights reserved.

94 | FALL 2017

“Perù, Amazonia - Jungla" Photography - Copyright © Aldo Basili, Turin. All rights reserved.

“Perù, Amazonia - Radici Volanti" Photography - Copyright © Aldo Basili, Turin. All rights reserved.

Basili transforms photography into a comment on the fluidity of time and society, which leaves nothing untouched and has an effect that when unearthed becomes evident and crucial. In essence, his artistic expertise is something recognized by his long presence in the community of contemporary art; he proves to be an individual that constantly wants to explore new ways of artistic expression showing that there can always be new forms and techniques that transcend any boundaries and any borders.

“Perù, Amazonia - Scimietta Nella Jungla" Photography - Copyright © Aldo Basili, Turin. All rights reserved.

"Perù, Amazonia - Il mercato di Puerto Maldonado" Photography - Copyright © Aldo Basili, Turin. All rights reserved.

FALL 2017 | 95

Katrin Alvarez

“Premio Alla Carriera” Award 2017

“Nadeshda” by Katrin Alvarez

“How To Shoot A Shadow’’ Oil On Canvas + Objects, 20’’x24’’x3”


omewhere, in some far-away world of imagination, lived a wild bird. Nobody knew from which in-between realm that wise and charismatic creature had come. He possessed a special pair of eyes in which people could lose 96 | FALL 2017

themselves. They would then be shown the possibilities of self-knowledge and change. They were huge eyes, grey-green with a speckle of orange. Clear, gleaming eyes, full of warmth, understanding and intelligence.

“Till Death Do Us Part 2015" Oil On Canvas, 32"x24"

People came to him from all over. They came because their hearts and minds were weighed down by thoughts and feelings, because they felt crushed by worry, anguish and helplessness. Some only looked once into his eyes and could return to their reality glowing with a sense of relief. Others needed much longer to heal, seeking the intimacy of the wild bird again and again. But all who came were healed by the power he radiated. Suddenly everything changed. The eyes of the wondrous bird misted over, his look turned inward, and his plumage became flaccid and dull. People from all over kept coming, but now to watch in sadness as he grew ever weaker and ever smaller. Bewildered and helpless, their desperation deepened.

“Lost" Oil On Canvas 26"x30"

Until one of them finally hit on an idea. “I've got it! It's obvious!” he screamed. Dancing around the bird, he joyously explained: “We've been living from his power for centuries and now it's used up. We must give some back! Just a little from each and he'll make it!”

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FALL 2017 | 97

“The Power Of Thought'' Oil On canvas + Object, 41''x49''x4'’ Featured on the back cover of the ATIM Summer issuem this masterpiece by award-winning artist Katrin Alvarez was also published in the interior pages of the ATIM Top 60 Masters 2017, our annual publication that compiles sixty of the most recognized master artists in the international art scene. ArtTour International was proud to present the award “Premio Alla Carriera" to master artist Katrin Alvarez, in recognition for a very successful career, and for her dedication and excellence in the arts. Only one “Premio Alla Carriera" is presented each year, and we are honored to recognize this great artist of our times.

98 | FALL 2017

Artist Katrin Alvarez during the ATIM Masters Award Ceremony where she was presented with the “Premio Alla Carriera” 2017 by ArtTour International Magazine

The people came and sat down around him in row upon row, stretching to the horizon. They surrounded the enfeebled bird with all their love and strength. And lo and behold – one day he opened his eyes, stretched upward, tentatively spread his wings, and thankfully heard within himself the powerful sound of life returning. The cheering rolled toward him like a gigantic wave. As it wrapped around him, his plumage flushed brightly in the colors of the rainbow. He was again ready to give hope.

“In Good Hands'' Oil On Canvas + Objects, 26''x37''x3''

“Dummer Zufall (Stupid Accident) 2013" Oil On Canvas Plus Object, 17"x21"

Elizabeth Brownrigg “Forms Of Nature” by Viviana Puello

“Deeply Rooted Clay” Sculpture,18"x8"

“Deeply Rooted Clay” Sculpture,18"x8"

“Deeply Rooted Clay” Sculpture,18"x8"

"As an Artist, I feel Mother Earth has provided me with one of the most forgiving, pliable and limitless mediums to use ~ Clay! Taking a chunk of clay from the earth, molding it, sculpting, carving, and pushing the limits of what it will withstand is very exciting to me. Working with Clay is forever evolving and allowing me to push myself to explore some crazy, wonderful possibilities. Another beautiful thing about working with clay is its ability to be forgiving ~ if I am not happy with a piece or it flops while working on the wheel; I can remove it, kneed it (like a pie crust) and start over again. If for some reason I am not happy when it comes out of the kiln and is glazed; again, I can recycle it and break it into piece ~ creating a mosaic ceramic backsplash, table, etc. I love recycling everyday items, for example: when I do a Raku firing, I use things like paper, pinecones, tree fallen needles, leafs, ext., for fire reduction. We have become a “ row Away” society, and this saddens me because there is still so much beauty in what we discard. Since I picked up my first “chunk” of clay, all 3 of my eyes have been opened; I see things very di erently. If we take care of Mother Earth, she will take care of us ~ provide trees; giving us some of the essentials to live, clean air, purifying our water, repairing our ozone, etc., all while working with the Devine to inspire us with landscapes that are beyond our imagination." - Elizabeth Brownrigg

FALL 2017 | 101

“Solar Trifecta” Sculpture

“Solar Trifecta” Sculpture


ffering a grounding experience into a series that honors all aspects of the feminine, Elizabeth Brownrigg gives her audience a grand scope into her works. Using clay as her principal tool of expression, this simple, yet rich material becomes the basis for her series focused mainly on figurative elements that become the central theme of her body of work. Facial characteristics and the female form are the typical protagonists of her works, taking often distorted poses that propose an emotional complexity of the depicted figure and thus create an intricate dialogue between the artwork and the viewer.

“Mother Earth Crying" Sculpture

She uses nature as an active force in her pieces, inviting the idea of unity between the human flesh and that of mother nature. There are often floral patterns that coexist and combine with her characters, creating a dream-like result which is based both on the richly decorated Baroque-influenced sculptures, as well as to the more surrealist elements that have such subconscious images which evoke the dreams and the imagination of the creator.

Her work is a fusion between the ageless tradition and her creative imagination, an artistic body of work that offers many unique vantage points which illuminate pottery and sculpture freshly and unexpectedly. It is work with elegant simplicity, but not without the depth of study and deliberate creation, a combination which creates the unique personal touch of Elizabeth Brownrigg.

Brownrigg has another absorbing body of work, one which is more closely related to traditional pottery as she consistently creates decorated vases, plates, and other objects by utilizing her knowledge of sculpture as well as her personal artistic touch. What differentiates them from most ceramic/clay objects is that she has a unique approach towards every one of her creations, having different coloring, textures and a plethora of patterns implemented as well as a vivid imagination regarding the actual shape of the object. Thus the public experience a new view on the approach of pottery, something which is always refreshing to see on such an ancient tradition of our collective cultural history.

FALL 2017 | 103

Kimberly Berg “ ese paintings are intended to open a door, making it possible for a woman to once again, as in Neolithic times, see her body as holy and her mission in life as sacred.” - Kimberly Berg

“Embracing The Goddess” Mixed Media, 36"x32"

“Free For All” Pastel, 26”x19”

“Genesis” Pastel, 26”x19” “Stepping Into The New Millennium” Charcoal, 36"x32"

104 | FALL 2017

Alexati (Alejandro Carrillo) “Highlighting

e Lime-Light”

by Yadira Roman

“Duality And Pleasure (Dualità e Piacere)” Oil On Canvas, 31,5"x47,2"


eauty and glamour are evident in Alejandro Carrillo's beautifully created figurative paintings. Drawing on art deacon and art nouveau influences Carrillo's work captures the magnificence of life. Alejandro Carrillo makes careful use of color to paint the smooth tonal transitions that exist on human flesh. At the same time, there is remarkable accuracy in drawing, a feature that enhances the overall realism of the image and manages to introduce the viewer more fully into the scope of his work. Carrillo's work has a profoundly surrealistic, dreamlike essence, as these paintings are his way of creating an alternative reality, detached from the problems of our contemporary society, thus many times his works depict scenes that resemble the past, especially the early years of the 20th century. This thematic background underlines his opposition to many contemporary practices that fracture our society and our environment with restricted oppression. His choice to use art as a refuge is an action which ignites a conversation about issues in our society and raises awareness to find new, viable solutions. His work is deeply rooted on his wish of a better world, a world of respect where dreams can 105 | FALL 2017

“Le Petite Charlotte (La Piccola Charlotte)” Oil On Canvas, 23,6"x35,4"

become a reality, just like in art. All of these exciting elements of his work orchestrate an elaborate artistic journey which demands from the viewer to actively engage the presented ideas and reach personal conclusions, a practice which is both rewarding and demanding but can yield excellent results in promoting the awareness towards the problems of our fragile world and nature. www.vividartsnetwork/alejandrocarrillo

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DETAIL OF “Le Jardin Bleu" Mix Media On Canvas, 30"x40" by Hélène DeSerres

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