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Kai Lossgott

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Kai Lossgott, Natalie Moore claim top spots in the Barclays L’Atelier ’15 Art Competition The 2015 Barclays L’Atelier drew to a close on 15th July with the announcement of this year’s award winners. Barclays L’Atelier is regarded as Africa’s longest-running and most influential art contest. It specifically targets established and emerging young artists aged 21 to 35 with the objective of showcasing and growing their diverse talents. It is hosted in partnership with the South African National Association for the Visual Arts (SANAVA), and is renowned for its role in inspiring, motivating and promoting young and emerging artists. The competition has become a much-anticipated annual highlight on the calendars of emerging artists who thrive on the exposure their works receive from the countrywide exhibitions and the exhibition catalogue, both of which play an important part in further establishing their budding careers.

Overall Winner: Kai Lossgott (Pretoria, South Africa) walked away with top honours as winner of the overall award and main Barclays L’Atelier prize for his video installation, small and common matters.

Kai Lossgott, small and common matters, Video, 3 min 13 sec. This 3-minute video that explores people’s limited grasp of concepts outside of a human moment or even lifespan. In seeking the further perception of ‘the tiniest thing’ visible to the naked eye, Lossgott speculates on the scientific pursuit of particles within the realm of the everyday. Invested with pragmatism, the microtopias in our back yards and pavements become a site for personal exploration. Where we place ourselves, or what position we inhabit in relation to what is bigger and smaller (the problem of scale or space), what is older or younger (the problem of time), and what is seemingly useful or useless (the problem of taxonomy) is fundamentally a problem of perception or aesthetics. Lossgott holds tertiary qualifications in dance theatre, documentary film, creative writing and fine art, all cum laude, including an MA from the University of Cape Town. He has been entering the L’Atelier awards since 2003. In 2013, Lossgott was one of the top 10 finalists; and in 2014 was awarded the Sylt Foundation Residency by an independent jury. He has also curated international travelling motion image programmes. As part of his prize, Lossgott wins a six-month art residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, which includes return airfare, R150 000 cash for the residency and a solo exhibition at the Absa Gallery.

The Art Times asked Lossgott about his experience of entering and winning the competition: When I found out I had won, I was shocked, and thrilled. I climbed the stairs in a trance. There was an explosion above me and blue confetti rained down on me like money. My mouth hung open for a while, I think. I had to snap out of it just to smile for the small army of flashing cameras. I live a small, simple life, so the sheer magnitude of the event is still sinking in. I have been entering the competition since 2003, and this was the first time I even made the top ten. Sometimes I was not selected at all. At 35, this is the last year I could to enter, so it is undoubtedly a big milestone in my career as an artist. As artists, we often deal with other people’s perceptions of failure and success. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We have to live and work experimentally to figure out an existence that will enable our voices to be heard clearly in an overwhelming age. I would like to think that my story could encourage other artists to be insanely brave in pursuing their dreams. Now and in future, we will have to be smarter and more creative in how to approach the viability of surviving as contemporary cultural workers. I have no idea what I’m going to do in Paris yet, or when I get back. I will persist, that’s all. I won this award because I was stubborn enough to keep going and wise enough to be flexible in how to do that. For this I must thank the many generous mentors, teachers, patient ears and kind hearts who have encouraged me over the years, beginning with my parents Kurt Lossgott and Celia De Villiers, who are both artists. The standard of selection was high in this competition and was entirely based on merit. This could not have been an easy task for the judges. It is a rare pleasure to be part of this generous opportunity, on behalf of Barclays, to raise the viability of artists’ lives on the African continent.



Gerard Sekoto Award Winner:


Natalie Moore (Johannesburg, South Africa) was awarded the Gerard Sekoto Award, sponsored by Alliance Française, for the most promising artist with an annual income of less than R60 000 for her photographic triptych Once upon a time Jozi.

Natalie Moore, Once Upon a Time Jozi, Digital Prints.

This photographic triptych is both a light hearted and didactic exploration of the generic fairytale within the African context. It takes a look at the archetypal mould of the world stage, by forcing Africa into that mould. The incongruence of the realism of the photographic medium and the whimsy of the fairytale also come into play, spotlighting the starkness of real life. A designer with a particular leaning towards the field of architecture, Gerard Sekoto winner, Natalie Moore, is currently completing a BA (Architecture) at the University of the Witwatersrand As part of the Gerard Sekoto Award, Moore wins a three-month art residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, which includes return airfare, a stipend and a travelling exhibition in South Africa.


I am told that I was producing recognizable pictures at the age when most were producing scribbles, but when it comes to the formal art world, I am a newbie. This was my first time entering the L’Atelier competition, so to take home a win is a dream come true. To have those with a trained eye endorse your work and see the potential in you is priceless. Winston Churchill famously said; “My education was interrupted only by my schooling”. The perspective, insight and platform this competition has afforded and will continue to afford me cannot be replicated in any textbook. Upon my return from my residency, I will have a travelling exhibition of my new work. I am a multi-disciplinary designer and artist, so it is my hope that the new experiences gained from my time spent in Paris will add to my artistic and creative expression. My aim is always to create something new, to create something that does not yet exist and to blur the lines between different disciplines. I’d like to thank my sponsors: The Alliance Française, the French Institute and the French Embassy, as well as Barclays for this exciting opportunity. More about the Barclays L’Atelier Finalists on page 15

Header: Back row from left: Finalist Jonette Erwee, SANAVA President Dirkie Offringa, David Wingfield, Head of Marketing at Barclays Africa Group: Absa, Barclays, 2nd Merit Award Winner Nina Kruger, Absa Art & Museum Curator Dr Paul Bayliss, 3rd Merit Award winner Nelmarie du Preez, Gerard Sekoto winner Natalie Moore, finalists Simphiwe Ndzube and Daandre Steyn. Front row seated from left: Finalist Benjamin Skinner, 1st Merit Award winner Gideon Appah, overall Winner Kai Lossgott and finalist Paul Senyol. All images Courtesy Barclays L’Atelier





The Art Times asked Moore about winning the Gerard Sekoto Award:


FNB JoburgArtFair - For Everyone The FNB JoburgArtFair returns to the Sandton Convention Centre from 11 - 13 September 2015, presenting 54 modern and contemporary exhibitors from eight different countries.

There is a lot to look forward to this year at the visual arts, the Fair has become an exciting FNB JoburgArtFair. We decided that we needed and ambitious context for the curating of Special Projects. This year, we turn focus to the to hear more from its curator:

The 2015 fair’s focus is on the vigorous forms of experimental film and live performance. The new ‘Theatre in the Round’ will host a programme

of film screenings, performances and talks to highlight the growing significance of these multidisciplinary forms in contemporary African art. Providing an ideal anchor to the film and performance programme, Feature Artist Candice Breitz masterfully combines the modes of film and performance. The Johannesburg Art Gallery in partnership with Artlogic and Goodman Gallery proudly present her film installation, Him + Her (1968 - 2008), for its first ever showing in South Africa. Also launching this year is the new section Gallery Solo Projects, featuring single artist statements that offer visitors the chance to see several works by the same artist and understand a broader range of their work. Other items to look forward to are the announcement of the annual FNB Art Prize winner, the new stylish FNB Private Wealth VIP Lounge, Absolut’s Art Bar designed by artist Cameron Platter, and lastly Egon Zehnder’s exciting programme of VIP events.

Lucy Macgarry

Once a year, artists, curators, collectors and culture experts from the continent and the diaspora descend on our disruptive and fantastic African metropolis called Johannesburg. We know it fondly as Joburg: an electrifying place undergoing rapid rebuilding and transformation. The FNB JoburgArtFair has become a place to make new encounters, confirm or find new talent and create new approaches in the conceptual view of contemporary art in Africa. Beyond its instrumental role in growing and sustaining a commercial industry for the

vigorous forms of experimental film and live performance. The ‘Theatre in the Round’ will host a programme of film screenings, performances and talks to highlight the growing significance of these multidisciplinary forms in contemporary African art. Providing the ideal anchor to this year’s programme Featured Artist, Candice Breitz masterfully combines the modes of film and performance. The Johannesburg Art Gallery in partnership with Artlogic and Goodman Gallery proudly present the film installation ‘Him + Her’ for its inaugural showing in South Africa. International film content is brought to our audience by the Goethe-Institut who have invited the prestigious Short Film Festival, Oberhausen to participate in this year’s event. Furthermore, Loop Barcelona will screen the works of their 2015 Discovery Award finalists and the artists of the Johannesburg Pavilion will debut new work created in-situ during the 56th Venice Biennale. Created in partnership with the 133 Arts Foundation and with the support of the City of Joburg, the Johannesburg Pavilion is new programme that operates as an ongoing platform for the exposure of African artists abroad. Our live performance programme ranges from emerging artists such as South African artist Kieron Jina to the internationally acclaimed Mamela Nyamza. Benjamin Patterson, an American musician, artist and one of the founders of the Fluxus movement is also making a rare appearence. This year’s Talks programme features a number of exciting speakers including Koyo Kouoh (RAW Material, Dakar); Jacqueline Uhlmann (LISTE, Basel); Hilke Doering (International Short Film Festival Oberhausen) and Giovanni Carmine (Kunsthalle St. Gallen); Zoe Whitley (Tate Modern) and Karolina Ziębińska-Lewandowska (Centre Pompidou). Also launching this year is the new section Gallery Solo Projects featuring single artist statements that offer visitors the chance to see SA ART TIMES | AUGUST 2015


Opposite page header: Left to right: (1) Tony Gum, Frida Kahlo, 2014, Photographic print. Photography: Aubrey Ndiweni, Courtesy Christopher Moller Gallery.

(2) Bjørn Melhus, Freedom & Independence (still), 2014, Expanded cinema project. Courtesy International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

(3) Gerald Machona, Uri Afronaut, 2012, Decommissioned Zimbabwean Dollar, Old South African Rand, Foam Padding, Fabric, Wood, Perspex, Rubber, Plastic Tubing, Nylon Thread. Courtesy Iziko South African National Gallery.

Opposite page bottom: Patrick Willocq artwork presented by Baudoin Lebon Gallery at the 2014 FNB JoburgArtFair. Above: Lakin Ogunbanwo, Untitled, 2015, Archival ink-jet print on Cotton Rag, 841 x 594 mm, Edition of 10. Courtesy WHATIFTHEWORLD. Below: Video art by William Kentridge presented by Goodman Gallery at the 2014 FNB JoburgArtFair.



Muafangejo (Namibian 1943-1987) Medium: Linocut


Peter Clarke, Light, A Man is hunting an Colour Eland inWoodblock Forest and skinning it John Ndevasia

several works by the same artist and understand a fuller range of their work. South African artist Jenna Burchell, for example, will be presenting a series of largescale, interactive sculptural pieces that combine art, technology and people. Cyrus Kabiru creates intricate sculptural works from recycled materials that he finds within his hometown of Nairobi. His practice has rapidly evolved in recent years to also include larger sculptural works and installations like his bicycle series, ‘Black Mamba’, which forms the basis of his presentation at this year’s Fair. This year’s FNB Art Prize, which gives a young artist a cash prize and the opportunity to create a new project for the Fair, was juried by Senegalise curator Koyo Kouoh and Nigerian curator Bisi Silva. The winner will be announced at the media launch on 12 August at the Four Seasons Westcliff, Johannesburg.

We are extremely proud to be collaborating with the Iziko South African National Gallery (SANG) and the Friends of SANG to present a programme of Talks – a series of lectures, discussions and interviews – that engage with the live dynamics of the Fair. This year we also welcomed a team of accomplished experts to help guide the Fair on a strategic or programmatic level. Thank you to the 2015 Advisory Committee members: Koyo Kouoh (RAW Material Company, Dakar), Bisi Silva (Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos), Jay Pather (Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts, Cape Town), Karolina ZiębińskaLewandowska (Centre Pompidou, Paris) and Zoe Whitley (Tate, London). New this year, FNB Private Wealth will host a stylishly designed VIP Lounge, Absolut presents the Art Bar designed by artist Cameron Platter and Egon Zehnder hosts the full VIP programme of curated events. We are also happy to continue our relationship with the Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture & Recreation and the Department of Trade & Industry. Thank you to our admirable galleries, talented artists and loyal visitors.

We Buy Fine Art Prints E-mail prints that you would like to have evaluated and possibly sold to info@printgallery.co.za Fine Art Prints include: Investment Class : Battiss, Walter – Clarke, Peter Dumas, Marlene – Hodgins, Robert – Kannemeyer, Anton – Kentridge, William – Muafangejo, John Page, Fred – Pierneef, JH – Shilakoe, Cyprian Mpho Skotnes, Cecil – Spilhaus, Nita – Victor, Diane SA Old Masters : Abrams, Lionel – Atkinson, Kevin – Boonzaier, Gregoire – Cilliers-Barnard, Bettie – Davis, Lionel – Davis, Bill – de Jong – Goldin, Alice – Harries, Katrine – Higgs, Cecil – Kay, Dorothy – Koloane, David – Mandindi, Buyisile Patient (Billy) – Mason, Judith – Meerkotter, Dirk – Sebidi, Helen – Sibiya, Lucky – Trechikoff – Tyrrell, Barbara – van der Reis, Gunther – Van Essche, Maurice – Verster, Andrew – Welz, Jean – Williamson, Sue Young Masters : Aggenbach, Sanell – AVANT CAR GUARD – Bailey, Beezy – Barker, Wayne – Bell, Deborah – Benade, Hanneke – Berman, Kim – Boshoff, – Willem – Botes, Conrad – Botha, Hardy – Botha, Wim – Bull, Katherine – Catherine, Norman – Clarke, John – Cohen, Steven – Comerford, Jonathan – Cullinan, Connor – De Bliquy, Leon – de Wet, Bevan – Dicks, Trudi (Gertruida) – Diedericks, Chris – Dixie, Christine – Edmunds, Paul – Emmanuel, Paul – Esmonde-White, Eleanor – Ford, Simon – Geers, Kendell – Geusteyn, Eunice – Goje, Sandile – Gratrix, Georgina – Greenblatt, Francine Scialom – Hlungwane, Philemon – Hobbs, Phillipa – lnggs, Stephen – Langerman, Fritha – Louw, Johann – Mashile, Colbert – Midlane, Peter – Miles, Joshua – Moore, John – Motswai, Tommy – Murray, Brett Nerf, Christian – Nhlengethwa, Sam – Oltmann, Walter – Payne, Malcolm – Ratcliffe, Jo – Richards, Colin – Schreuders, Claudette – Siopis, Penny – Siphungela, Zolani – Skotnes, Pippa – Thorburn, Dominic – Vorster, Alma – Vorster, Thea – Voyiya, Vuyile-Cameron – Wafer, Jeremy – Woodbourne, Judy – Zietsman, Derek and many more.

www.printgallery.co.za 11

TULBAGH ARTS FESTIVAL Tulbagh Arts Festival returns to the beautiful valley for the 5th time, from 11-13 September. A weekend of wine and olive tastings, museum tours, more than forty visual artists and various classical concerts will feature the Cape’s best. Tulbagh, with its magnificent views and surrounding mountains is the third oldest town in South Africa. Church Street has been elegantly restored to its pre-earthquake glory and has the most historical houses in one street, countrywide. As if you needed another reason to visit Tulbagh, the annual Arts Festival is set to stand out this year. The festival will be opened by well-known filmmaker and Festival patron, Herman Binge. The opening will be at the Mission Church in Van Der Stel Street on 11 September at 6pm. Exhibitors here will be Susan Smuts, Alexander Laurean, Ian Simons and Jan Wolmarans. Acclaimed singer Gert Vlok Nel, will also do a short concert performance.

Some Visual Art Highlights:

Fawa Conradie

Susan Smuts has been a professional artist for more than 40 years, with 25 solo exhibitions under her belt. The theme of her September exhibition is ‘vulnerability’. Her reason: “I have become increasingly aware of the vulnerability of everything around us - animals, plants, humans and the planet itself. In creating these works, I surrendered completely to what was given to me on any specific day. On a morning walk an exquisite tree might catch my attention and then become that days’ focus point. Throughout the day other objects get added as they appear and by now this exhibition is a diary of the past few months of my life.” Smut’s work is done in many styles and mediums, as required by commissions received, but her favourite mode of expression is collage. “To me, collage asks: Who are you today and what glorious art

Theresa Jo

adventures will you have today? This fits in with my theme of ‘vulnerability’ as we have no certainty about anything but the present moment. Robert Motherwell once said: ‘In the brush doing what it’s doing, it will stumble on what one couldn’t do by oneself.’ I totally identify with that statement. The experience of being only an instrument is truly humbling and fulfilling.” Alexander Laurean will be exhibiting alongside Susan Smuts in the Mission Church. Laurean is a young ex-resident of Tulbagh, currently living in Leeds. He visits Tulbagh every year to take part in the festival. He has exhibited in South Korea and China, as well as in South Africa. He works mainly in oils, with the subjects of his paintings leaning towards magical realism. Tulbach Textures is a multimedia exhibition by a group of established Winelands artists: Theresa Jo

(Artvark Gallery in Kalk Bay), Fawa Conradie, Anne vd Westhuizen, Chrismie Kirsten (all Stellenbosch), Nannette Ranger (Paarl), Jan Wolmarans (Tulbagh), Victor Harley (Pringle Bay), and more. Works on display will include monoprints, etchings, oils, sculptures and mixed media pieces. The opening of this exhibition will follow the festival’s Mission Church opening, on Friday 11 September at 8pm in the Oude Pastorie. All artists will be present for a walkabout. Philip de Vos, award-winning author of books like Moenie ‘n mielie kielie nie, Vincent van Gogga and Mallemeuleman, will be exhibiting photographs from his series Milieu and The Journey at De Oude Drostdy, home of Drostdy-Hof wines. On 12 September de Vos will perform songs based on some of his bestknown works set to music by Albie Louw. He will be SA ART TIMES | AUGUST 2015

accompanied on piano by Tertia Visser-Downie. Salon des Refusés features works by a diverse and exciting gfeatures works by a diverse and exciting group of artists at 40 Church Street: Rochelle Jeanne Beresford, Vernon Swart, Louis Stroh-Art, Gert Vlok Nel, Tanja Erasmus, Lex van Heerden, Hendre Retief, Gerhard Vlok, Neels Venter, and Johan Smit. You can be assured that this will be a very diverse and exciting group exhibition. Susan Proctor Hume and Ronel Bakker will be exhibiting at the Oude Kerk for the duration of the festival. Cape Town artist, Susan Proctor Hume, specialises in oil on canvas, mixed media, and aesthetic design including remodelling of furniture and home makeovers. The clay studio of Ronel Bakker Keramiek is situated in the shadows of the Klein Winterhoek Mountains. Living in a rural village surrounded by more nature than technology, allows free thinking and organic transformation in all her work. All this is just a small taste of what the Tulbagh Arts Festival has to offer. For a full programme of visual art, as well as information regarding concerts, museum tours, tastings, and literary events, please visit www.tulbaghartsfestival. co.za or contact the Tulbagh tourist office on 023 230 1348.

Alexander Laurean

JH Pierneef, Bushveld near Thabazimbi, 1953, Oil on canvas, South African Reserve Bank

A Space for Landscape

The work of JH Pierneef

Susan Smuts

Standard Bank Gallery, cnr Frederick and Harrison Streets, Johannesburg

8 July to 12 September 2015 Monday to Friday 8am – 4.30pm and Saturdays 9am – 1pm Tel: 011 631 4467 www.standardbankarts.co.za Authorised financial services and registered credit provider (NCRCP15) The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited (Reg. No. 1962/000738/06) Moving Forward is a trademark of The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited SBSA 205807-5/15


Moving Forward


Blue Colonies


Wayne Barker Through the late 1920s to the 1950s, JH Pierneef’s paintings and prints became a symbol of national pride for art-loving South Africans. Representing the ultimate in natural beauty that our country offers, Pierneef’s art continues to be admired by the global public. Contemporary artist Wayne Barker, is perhaps less enamored with Pierneef’s work than most. At times described as an artistic prankster or hooligan, Barker’s life and artistic career have been peppered with anarchic acts. In one such act of performance art, Barker walked into a shebeen and there, destroyed Pierneef’s Apies River (it was only a forgery, but Barker’s actions towards the honoured painter’s depiction were considered scandalous, none the less). In general, Barker’s artistic practice questions societal values, and a lot of the time, the value that society places on art. As one of South Africa’s mosthonoured master artists, whose work currently sells for millions of Rands on auction, Pierneef seems a worthy target for Barker’s discussion. In his book, Painters of South Africa, Dr A.C. Bouman refers to Pierneef’s representation of the landscape as “decorative”. To bring out the best in a scene, Pierneef would allegedly alter the composition of natural elements and remove those that did not please his eye; leaving only the simplified, stylized elements in an attempt to ‘perfect’ nature. Although he would at times leave human settlements in his compositions, he tended to exclude people and animals. Bouman explains the representational and psychological impact of this exclusion when he observes: “Mankind recedes into the background when he contemplates the grandeur, but also the emptiness of these veld scenes.” Somewhat detached from reality, they are perhaps idyllic in their silence. Pierneef’s paintings began to receive significant international exposure thanks to a commission from the Railway Administration in 1929. The artist was to produce thirtytwo large paintings for the, then, new Park Station in Johannesburg. Upon the panels’ installation in 1932, international tourists traveling the country were able to enjoy Pierneef’s scenes representing a diverse range of the best views in the country. Barker has copied one of these panels in his mixed media piece, Blue Colonies. Pierneef’s Okahandja, S.W.A., is a view over the vistas of (what is now known as) Namibia. Upon this reference, Barker has superimposed domestic symbols familiar to most South Africans. At first glance this act seems perhaps a meaningless violence against the Master’s work, a superficial cry for controversy. On closer introspection, the conceptual weight of these superimposed images grows and becomes identifiable as instances of European influence on South Africa: • The repeated circular motif is that which decorated the Dutch East India Company’s (VOC) dinner service; a design was widely circulated between 1660 and 1680, shortly after the Dutch East India Company claimed the Cape as a refreshment outpost (in 1962). • Two ceramic figurines in 17th Century European attire stand against Barker’s painting. Perhaps these represent the metaphorically porcelain-skinned English settlers. • The ‘Bakers Man’ logo and ‘Blue Label’ text refer to the Bakers company founded in Cape Town by an German-born Englishman in 1851. According to Percy Mabandu’s article, “A patricidal imperative”, Barker’s vandalism of Pierneef’s representation points to “the chaos of modern life” symbolised and promoted by the proliferation of commercial symbols. The silence of Pierneef’s unpopulated landscape is violated by the collective propaganda of years of commercial interest. In Barker’s own words (quoted by Wilhem van Rensburg): “I am interested in how the media, through popular images, informs, confuses and rapes the African continent.” Also superimposed on Pierneef’s scene are the numbers: ’27 - 4 - 1994’. This is the date of South Africa’s first democratic elections – the indigenous countrymen’s final freedom from colonial oppression. Its inclusion in the piece makes little sense in the current discussion of commercialism, but it brings a further layer of significance to the commercial imagery, and in turn to the work itself. The Dutch, the English, and even the German are represented by the commercial symbols. The date of South Africa’s first democratic elections represents the indigenous people of this country, or alternatively, all citizens of South Africa. Wilhem van Rensburg identifies that together, the symbols imposed on Pierneef’s landscape represent the co-habitation of different people-groups and the social development of the place we call South Africa. No longer is the land colonised or ‘owned’ by one group or another. Blue Colonies re-iterates that it now belongs to all who live in it, without forgetting the history that brought us to the point of democracy. As idealised by Pierneef’s perspective, the ultimate beauty of South Africa is now free to all. By Lyn Holm

Go and See: Wayne Barker’s Blue Colonies is currently exhibited as part of the exhibition: A Space for Landscape - the Work of JH Pierneef, at the Standard Bank Gallery, Johannesburg. If you would like to see it up close, make sure to get there before 12 September 2015, when the exhibition ends. All thirty-two of Pierneef’s Park Station Panels, including Okahandja, S.W.A., are viewable as part of Rupert Museum’s permanent collection (Stellenbosch).

Wayne Barker, Blue Colonies, 1995, mixed media on canvas, 169 x 160cm, Private Collection. Image courtesy Standard Bank Gallery and SMAC Gallery.

JH Pierneef, Okahandja, S.W.A., 1929-1932, oil on board, Rupert Collection. Image courtesy the Rupert Museum.

SOURCES CONSULTED: » Bouman, Dr A.C. 1948. Painters of South Africa. Cape Town: H.A.U.M., 29-33. » Dodd, Rebecca & Maurice, Emile. 2011. A Learner Resource on the Art of Wayne Barker – Super Boring. The Heritage Agency. Johannesburg: Standard Bank Gallery. [Online]. Available: http://www.standardbankarts.co.za media/ 3191/superboring. pdf [2015, Jul. 10]. » Jacob Hendrik Pierneef.2012. Everard Read Cape Town. [Online]. Available: http://www.everardread-capetown.co.za/?m=3&s=4 &idkey =711 [2015, Jul. 20]. » Mabandu, Percy. 2011. A patricidal imperative. City Press [Online], 13 February: 4. Available: http://www.waynebarker.net/wp-content/uploads/City-Press-2011w.pdf [2015, Jul. 10]. » van Rensburg, Wilhem. 2013. Wayne Barker.[Online]. Available: http://www.waynebarker.net/ wayne-barker/ [2015, Jul. 10].


Continued from page 9 Barclays L’Atelier Finalists For the first time in its 30-year history, the Barclays L’Atelier was expanded to include emerging visual artists from Botswana, Zambia, Ghana and Kenya. The structure of the competition’s merit awards was altered to reflect this: the first merit award with a residency in Johannesburg as its prize was open to non-South Africans only. This was awarded to Kweku Ampadu Appah (Ghana) for his mixed media piece, Worn out family. The second merit award, which boasts a residency at the Kuns: Raum Foundation, Sylt Quelle, in Germany

Top: Kweku Ampadu Appah, Worn Out Family, Mixed Media, 150 x 127.5 cm Bottom: Simphiwe Ndzube, Untitled (Figure with Nails), Acrylics, collage and gold leaf on perspex print, 150 x 100 cm

as its prize, was open to all entrants and was awarded to Nina Kruger (Pretoria, South Africa) for her wood installation entitled Those forgotten. The third merit award offering a residency at the Ampersand Foundation in New York, USA, was open to South Africans only and awarded to Nelmarie du Preez (Pretoria, South Africa) for her piece To stab, a single-channel video with sound. “These coveted residencies are a critical part of the Barclays L’Atelier art competition, as they specifically further one of the event’s core objectives – fast-

Top: Nina Kruger, Those Forgotten, wood, 86 x 180 x 70 cm Bottom: Paul Senyol, Simple Sentences, mixed media on wood, 145 x 125 cm

tracking the careers of the winning artists by exposing them to international opportunities,” said Dr Paul Bayliss, Absa’s Art & Museum Curator. The top 10 fin alists have been invited to attend a two-day art professionalism course in Johannesburg that will assist them in managing their careers. In addition to this opportunity, each finalist will be paired with a mentor who will work with them for a year. The ten finalists include all of the above-mentioned, plus: Jonette Erwee, Simphiwe Ndzube, Paul Senyol, Benjamin Skinner, and Daandrey Steyn.

Top: Nelmarie du Preez, To Stab, Single-channel video with sound, 45 seconds Centre top: Benjamin Skinner, Happy Brain Surgeon, Photography, 109 x 200 cm Centre bottom: Jonette Erwee, Coin, Fabriano, 82 x 200 cm Bottom: Daandrey Steyn, Holofernus Contemplating Suicide, Video, 2 minutes 40 seconds All images Courtesy Barclays L’Atelier



Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef

13 August 1886 – 14 November 1957

JH Pierneef was born in Pretoria in 1886, the year that Johannesburg was founded. His father, Gerrit, built the first house in the new town. His mother was the daughter of a Voortrekker. His godfather, sculptor Anton van Wouw, encouraged him to pursue art. Painter Frans Oerder introduced him to painting in oils and George Smithard taught him both etching and woodblock printing. Self exiled, Pierneef received some art tuition at the Rotterdam Academy during the Boer War and in 1900, he studied drawing under an architect at Hilversum. At the age of 17, Pierneef carried on with night classes in drawing even while pursuing outside employment, first in a tobacco shop, then the State Library, and then a paint factory. At the age of 27 he hosted his first solo exhibition. He went on to draw illustrations for Die Brandwag magazine. He exhibited as a member of The Individualists Group and lectured at tertiary level. In 1929, he was commissioned to paint 32 panels for Park Station in Johannesburg – a project which gained him significant exposure both nationally and internationally. Pierneef’s style was inspired largely by the simplification of form in San rock paintings. The South African countryside as his subject-matter, his work came to represent the country’s growing spirit of independence from Europe. To this day, Pierneef is considered an important pioneer of South African painting and printmaking. » Jacob Hendrik Pierneef (1886 – 1957). 2015. Johans Borman Fine Art website: http://www.johansborman.co.za/artist-biographies/pierneef-jh/. » Jacob Hendrik Pierneef (1886 – 1957). 2012. Everard Read Cape Town website: http://www.everard-read-capetown.co.za/?m=3&s=4&idkey=711.

Cyprian Mpho Shilakoe 3 August 1946 – 7 September 1972

Paul Birchall 15 August 1959 –

Cyprian Shilakoe was born in Barberton, Mpumalanga. He grew up on a mission station with his grandmother as his parents were migrant workers. In 1968, he became one of the first to study Fine Arts at Rorke’s Drift. Shilakoe used highly symbolic imagery to produced sculptures, etchings and aquatints recording African legends the effects of Apartheid. He held his first solo exhibition in 1970 and went on to exhibit on four continents. In 1972, he had a vision of winning first prize in an international printmaking competition. This he did in fact win, but not before he was tragically killed in a car accident. Shilakoe was awarded the Standard Bank National Arts Festival’s third guest artist award retrospectively in 1990.

Paul Birchall was born in England. He completed his studies at the Wimbeldon School of Art in London and further at Delhi School of Art in India, receiving a BA Hons in Painting. He then studied photography, print making and ceramics at the Blackpool and Fylde College. From 1997 to 2003 he was the commissioned artist for a London contemporary art publisher. Since settling in Cape Town in 2003, he has exhibited widely in South Africa, including the ABSA KKNK in 2008. He teaches from his studio in Observatory, Cape Town and is regularly involved in community work through the Truworths Social Investment Trust.y website: http://www. ava.co.za/paul-birchall-inge-du-plessis-ann-gadd/.

» Joe Dolby. 2015. Cyprian Shilakoe. 2015. Revisions webiste: http://www.

» Paul Birchall Bio. 2014. Paul Birchall website: http://www.paulbirchall.



» Gilfillan Scott-Berning. 2015. Cyprian Mpho Shilakoe (1946 - 1972). Life with Art website: http://www.lifewithart.com/artists/cyprian-shilakoe.html.

Sarah Pratt 7 August 1972 –

Kathryn Smith 17 August 1975 –

Sarah Pratt was born in Zimbabwe. She is a skilled printmaker, specializing in etching, linocut, collograph and monoprint. She holds a Masters degree in Fine Art. After lecturing at UCT’s Michaelis School of Fine Art for ten years, she is now a full-time artist based in Cape Town. Inspired by the loss of her beloved dog, Laptop, and intrigued by The Wood Between the Worlds in C.S. Lewis’s The Magician’s Nephew, her most recent work playfully alludes to the existence of a world between life and death.

Kathryn Smith was born in Durban and graduated from Wits University with a Masters in Printmaking (with distinction). A senior art lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch from 2006 until recently; she is currently based in Dundee, Scotland, studying forensic art. She has curated several high-profile exhibitions and has written monographs and anthologies on contemporary SA art. Her mixed media and photographic art deals with violent crime and uncertainty. It has been exhibited and published in over 20 countries and has been recognised by residencies, awards and grants, including the Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Visual Art (2004). She is a registered member of two Disaster Victim Identification response units in SA.

» Sarah Pratt Artist Interview. 2015. Revolution Daily website: http://www. revolution-daily.com/sarah-pratt-artist-interview/.

» Dog Days. 2015. SALON NINETY ONE website: http://www.salon91. co.za/?tag=sarah-pratt.

» Kathryn Smith. 2015. Academia.edu website: http://sun.academia.edu/ KathrynSmith.

Emil Nolde 7 August 1867 – 13 April 1956

Matthew Hindley 18 August 1974 –

German Expressionist, Emil Hansen was born in the German town of Nolde (he would later adopt the name of his birth town as an artist’s pseudonym). He trained as a furniture designer and wood carver, and taught industrial drawing until 1898. In his spare time he produced small drawings of the Swiss mountains and was only able to study art formally when after these had been reproduced as postcards. Fervently religious and racked by a sense of sin, Nolde later created the violently religious paintings and prints for which he is best known. Although a supporter of the party, the Nazis forbade him to paint.

Matthew Hindley is a multidisciplinary artist from Cape Town. He has explored sculpture, drawing, video, print and painting; as well as being one of the first practitioners of physical computing. He graduated from the Michaelis School of Fine Art (UCT) in 2002, after winning three student awards. His work deals with the psychopathology of everyday life and celebrity. Together with fashion designer Richard de Jager, he launched a fashion label, HA-ii. His work is permanently displayed on the facade of Iziko South African National Gallery.

» Emil Nolde. 2015. Art Directory website: http://www.emil-nolde.com/. » Emil Nolde. 2014. Encyclopædia Britannica website: http://www.britannica.com/biography/Emil-Nolde.

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» Matthew Hindley. 2013. OneArt website: http://www.oneart.org/biographies/artist/matthew-hindley.



Andy Warhol

6 August 1928 – 22 February 1987

Andrew Warhol was a successful commercial illustrator who led the Pop Art movement in the 1960s. He was born in Pennsylvania, USA, to Slovakian parents – a construction worker and an embroiderer, both devout Byzantine Catholics. At the age of 8, Warhol contracted a rare disease of the nervous system. During the months of bed rest that followed, his mother gave him his first drawing lessons. He went on to receive a BA in Picture Design from Carnegie Institute for Technology and then landed a job with Glamour magazine, where he frequently won awards for his work. In 1962, his paintings and prints of everyday products (starting with Campbell Soup cans) created a major stir in the art world, as did his celebrity portraits (Eight Elvises eventually sold for $100 million in 2008, making it one of the most valuable artworks in world history). In 1964, Warhol opened his own studio, The Factory, which became a scene of lavish parties for New York’s wealthiest socialites. Warhol produced more than 60 short films in his time, and towards the end of his life, television programmes. In 1968, he nearly died when he was shot by radical feminist, Valerie Solanis, after he refused to use a script she had written. Warhol is widely believed to have been homosexually inclined. He allegedly died a virgin, at the age of 58. » Andy Warhol Biography. 2015. The Biography.com website: http://www.biography.com/people/andy-warhol-9523875#related-video-gallery.

Aubrey Beardsley 21 August 1872 – 16 March 1898

Aubrey Beardsley is best-known for his black-and-white illustrations typifying English decadence. Satirized in Punch magazine as “Aubrey Weirdsley”, he became a major figure in Art Nouveau design as well as the Aesthetic movement. Beardsley was born in Brighton, England. His mother provided a small income by giving piano lessons after his father lost his fortune and became a drunkard. While working for an insurance office, Beardsley attended night classes at the Westminister School of Art. This was the only formal training he ever received. He illustrated books and periodicals successfully throughout his short career of 6 years, including Oscar Wilde’s scandalous play, Salome (1894) and other erotic material. He became the arts editor of quarterly magazine, The Yellow Book in the same year, but was dismissed (due to association) when Wilde was tried and convicted of sodomy in 1895. Sixteen years after his initial infection with tuberculosis, the disease took his life at the age of 25.

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres 29 August 1780 – 14 January 1867

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres was a French neoclassical painter, and one of the major portrait painters of the 19th century. His father was a successful jack-ofall-trades in the arts, a painter of miniatures, sculptor, decorative stonemason, and amateur musician. Ingres was in love with women all his life. At age 61, he married married Delphine Ramel, aged 20. One cold winter day in his 87th year, he accompanied a young beautiful model to a carriage, as a gallant man he stayed bareheaded. He caught a cold, which developed into pneumonia and ended his life. » Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. 2000. Olga’s Gallery website: http://www.abcgallery.com/I/ingres/ingresbio.html.

» Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres Biography. 2002. Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres – The Complete Works website: http://www.jeanaugustedominiqueingres.org/biography.html.

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Man Ray 27 August 1890 – 18 November 1976

Jacques-Louis David 30 August 1748 - 29 December 1825

Emmanuel Radnitzky was born to Russian-Jewish immigrants in the USA. They changed their surname to Ray in fear of anti-Semitism. Ray’s first name evolved at the shortening of his nickname, Manny. Influential photographer, Alfred Stieglitz, introduced him to photography. Ray went on to invent two photographic techniques. He is perhaps best known for his photography but worked in a variety of media. Largely overshadowed by friend and collaborator Marcel Duchamp, Ray played a major role in the Dada and Surrealist movements. Duchamp and Ray founded the Societe Anonyme - the first museum for American modern art. He continued working on new art objects right until his death of a lung infection at age 86.

Jacques-Louis David was born into a prosperous, Parisian family. When he was about nine his father was killed in a duel and his mother left him with his prosperous architect uncles. They saw to it that he received an excellent education but he was never a good student: he had a facial tumour that hindered his speech, and he was constantly distracted, drawing in class. He grew up to become a highly influential French painter in the Neoclassical style. » Jacques Louis David Biography. 2002. Jacques Louis David – The Complete Works website: http://www.jacqueslouisdavid.org/biography. html.

» Man Ray. 2015. The Art Story website: http://www.theartstory.org/ artist-ray-man.htm.

THE ART TIMES WOULD LIKE TO CELEBRATE ALL MEMBERS OF SOUTH AFRICA’S VISUAL ART COMMUNITY BORN IN AUGUST, INCLUDING: 1 Lisette Forsyth | 3 Marlene Dumas | 4 Dee Donaldson | 5 Ann-Marie Tully, Kilmany-Jo Liversage, Genevieve Herman | 9 Mary-Jane Darroll | 11 Steven Cohen | 15 Stuart Bird, Pranas Domsaitis | 18 Willie Jacobs | 19 Jane Gerrans Oliver | 20 John Kramer, Jan Ernst Abraham Volschenk | 22 Ephraim Ngatane | 23 Michelle Le Grange, Ivor Powell | 24 Carl Buchner, Julia Rosa Clark, Julia Mary Grey | 25 Michael Tietz-Geldenhuys, Alexandra Dodd, Lara Mellon, Suzy Bell | 26 Obie Oberholzer | 29 Peet Pienaar | 30 Ruarc Peffers | 31 Julienne Lemb, Mike van Graan, Tracey Rose, Michele Batchelder FAMOUS, INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS BORN IN AUGUST: 2 Arthur Dove, William Gear | 4 Hedda Sterne | 5 Tom Thomson | 9 Yinka Shonibare | 13 Hannah Gluckstein | 15 Leonard Baskin, Judy Cassab | 17 Larry Rivers | 19 Gustave Caillebotte | 21 Asher Brown Durand | 25 Dorothea Tanning | 27 Jan Cox | 29 Jack Butler Yeats, Wu Guanzhong | 30 Isaac Levitan Editor’s Note: All content is appropriated from its source and includes elaboration for the sake of enrichment.

The Cape Gallery, 60 Church Street, Cape Town seeks to expose fine art that is rooted in the South African tradition, work which carries the unique cultural stamp of our continent. featured artist: Chris Bladen THE CAPE GALLERY

Open Mon - fri: 9h30 - 17h00 Sat: 10h00 - 14h00 27 21 423 5309 cgallery@mweb.co.za www.capegallery.co.za

GALLERY GUIDE www.arttimes.co.za/gallery-guide

Art about The Arch Richard Scott helps Archbishop Desmond Tutu sign (stamp) one of Scott’s portraits of Tutu. Photo courtesy Richard Scott.

Rust-en-Vrede Gallery & Clay Museum invites you to an incredible opportunity to see 100 portraits selected by the judges of the 2015 Sanlam Portrait Award. The 3 judges for the 2015 Sanlam Portrait Award competition will select 100 works from all the entries. The judges will select 40 works from their initially selected 100, which they deem to be the TOP 40 portraits. This group will include the Award winning artwork, which will be exhibited and announced at a private function held by the sponsor at Rust-en-Vrede gallery in Durbanville. Rust-en-Vrede Gallery will simultaneously show the other 60 works at the Irma Stern Museum and at the Casa Labia gallery. About the Judges: Tanya Poole Primarily a portrait artist, she has also worked with video, performance, installation, theatre design and paint animation; a lecturer at Rhodes University in Grahamstown since 2009.

Ernestine White She is the curator for contemporary art at the Iziko South African National Gallery in Cape Town. Her work is represented in local and international collections including the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.

Craig Wylie His work features in many private and public collections including the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery in London. He won the BP Portrait Award in the UK in 2008.

Why PORTRAIT 100? Rust-en-Vrede Gallery, as the initiators and organizers of the Sanlam Portrait Award competition, will show 100 of the entries in 3 different venues. The Top 40 portraits, which include the winner of the Sanlam Award, will be presented at the Rust-en-Vrede Gallery, 10 Wellington Rd Durbanville. The opening takes place on Friday evening, 28 August 2015 at 19:00. In the Clay Museum, ceramic sculptor Wilma Cruise presents a solo exhibition titled “Red Queen to Play”. John Maytham will be the guest speaker. Canapés and wine will be served. Cash bar available. This exhibition runs until 8 October 2015. 30 Portraits will be shown at the Irma Stern Museum, Cecil Rd, Rosebank, Cape Town. The opening takes place on Saturday morning, 29 August 2015 at 11:00. Ernestine White, one of the judges, will be the guest speaker. Champagne & Orange juice will be served This exhibition runs until 26 September 2015. 30 Portraits will be shown at the Casa Labia gallery, 192 Main Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town. The opening takes place on Saturday afternoon, 29 August 2015 at 15:00. Stefan Hundt, curator of the Sanlam Art Collection will be the guest speaker. Red & White wine will be served. This exhibition runs until 26 September 2015.

An Unforgettable Weekend of Art, with PORTRAIT 100 Enjoy the cream of contemporary portraiture in South Africa. View 100 selected portraits on an art-filled weekend around Cape Town and the Winelands. Rusten-Vrede Gallery & Clay Museum invite you to join in its three-day festivities over the weekend of 28 - 30 August 2015. The offer includes transport everywhere, Saturday & Sunday lunch and morning / afternoon refreshments each day, along with the services of tour leader Marion Ellis of Cape Insights – a special interest company that offers niched tours in art, craft & design. You can make your own accommodation arrangements or take up our special deal suggestions. The festivities begin on Friday evening 28 August, with the opening celebration of the Top 40 Portraits of the Sanlam Portrait Award at Durbanville’s Rust-en-Vrede Gallery & Clay Museum. Simultaneously, in the clay museum, ceramic sculptor Wilma Cruise presents a solo exhibition titled “Red Queen to Play”. Over delectable canapés and drinks you can meet the host John Maytham, engage with prize winners, and mingle with the artists. On Saturday, 29 August, kaleidoscope your day surveying the remaining 60 portraits … In the morning, take in a further display of 30 Portraits at the Irma Stern Museum. With director Christopher Peter experience Stern’s zest for living and love of abundant colour in the uniquely furnished interior that houses her avidly collected artefacts, furniture, ceramics and textiles while enjoying refreshments in the secluded garden. Ernestine White will share her thoughts on Portraiture. Then head south, to meander around the picturesque fishing village of Kalk Bay with its boat-filed harbour, galleries, seaside shops and quirky locals, having a relaxing lunch to the sound of the sea and the gulls. In the afternoon, complete the viewing circle with another 30 Portraits at Casa Labia, a national monument and cultural centre on Muizenberg’s ‘’historical mile’’ the overlooks the Indian ocean and False Bay, with some potential whale watching thrown in. Hear about the building’s Italianate-style heritage and history before being privately guided around the gallery. Stefan will present his view on Portrait 100. The evening is open and we’d be happy to make suggestions about delicious restaurants and vibrant night life attractions. On Sunday , 30 August, savour a day in the breathtaking Cape Winelands First up, a private visit to The Rupert Museum where some 350+ works in this premier collection of contemporary South African art reveal the discerning eyes of its collectors, where museum director Deon Herselman shows you over the best of celebrated local artists. Linger a while in the heart of Stellenbosch with its singular beauty of charm. Glimpse some unique Cape Dutch architecture – gabled gems, oak lined streets of this historical university town with its bustling student life and restored streetscapes. Just outside Stellenbosch on the crest of the spectacular Helshoogte Pass is Delaire Graff Estate, a leading luxury destination with award winning wines, to say nothing of one the most eclectic art collections assembled by its owner Laurence Graff. You’ll be shown around some pivotal works that adorn the interiors and sculptures that fill the landscaped gardens and enjoy a light lunch here before returning in the mid afternoon to Cape Town. (We could drop you off at the airport on our way back if that helps your return journey plans). If you live upcountry, why not fly / drive to Cape Town for a stimulating weekend away? And if you are a local, why not join in for all three days, or take part selectively – according to your availability. To find out about accommodation suggestions and the 3-day package price or just the daily rates, speak to Cape Insights, Marion Ellis: 021 424 0018 / marionellis@ capeinsights.com SA ART TIMES | AUGUST 2015

Karl Schoemaker

Depth Perception 05 August 2015 - 04 September 2015

www.underculturecontemporary.co.za facebook.com/underculture 98A Park Drive, Central, Port Elizabeth

current exhibition: Rina Stutzer: G(raven) III

a virtual platform for contemporary visual art in South Africa


BLACK, WHITE, RED & YELLOW An imaginative exploration of the life of Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Header: Archbishop Desmond Tutu and painter Richard Scott with large paintings behind Above: Two of the paintings in the series

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Richard Scott having fun in the studio

A visual feast awaited guests attending the celebration of Archbishop Desmond and Mrs Leah Tutu’s 60th wedding anniversary in Cape Town’s City Hall. Giant canvases adorned the inner walls of the building from which liberated Nelson Mandela first addressed the South African people 25 years ago. These canvases feature iconic pop art interpretations of historic and private moments in Archbishop Tutu’s life: the Archbishop at prayer in his chapel at home, with his beloved wife in the garden, in conversation with Greenpeace crew aboard one of their vessels – and that special day on which he thrust newly-elected President Mandela’s hand in the sky, like a champion boxer’s, before a heaving crowd outside the self-same City Hall. “I thought the cartoonist, Zapiro, was exaggerating; I didn’t think that I really had such a big nose,” the Archbishop said. By the renown Cape Town pop artist Richard Scott, the paintings are based on documentary photographs by Benny Gool. Gool is an award-winning photojournalist and member of Archbishop Tutu’s media advisory team. The photographs and paintings will be exhibited in New York, Rotterdam and Cape Town after being official unveiled later this year. The works also form the basis of an exclusive Art Box spinoff containing unique, signed and numbered prints and sketches, together with a large-format artistic biography of Archbishop Tutu – all enclosed in a royal purple, leather case. All proceeds from sales of the artworks will be split equally between the artists and the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation. Executive Director of the Foundation, Reverend Canon Mpho Tutu, said the art project was a perfect fit for a legacy foundation focussed on securing and maintaining an archival record of her parent’s work. Next year, the Foundation is scheduled to take occupation of a +200-year-old building leased to it on generous terms by the City of Cape Town. “I hope that by the time we’re ready to open our newly-renovated Granary building, the art project will be ready to come home,” she said.


Tel: +27 (0)21 872 5030 Fax: +27 (0)21 872 7133 zetler@icon.co.za www.houtstreetgallery.co.za




Eastern Cape Alexandria Quin Sculpture Garden This is a permanent exhibition of the sculpture of Maureen Quin, Alexandria, T. 046 6530121, quinart@mweb. co.za, www.quin-art.co.za

Clarens Art and Wine Gallery The gallery houses an exquisite collection of art and fine wines, Clarens, T. 058 2561298, anton@artandwine.co.za, www. artandwine.co.za


East London


Ann Bryant Art Gallery The Peep Show Exhibition. Entries are invited for this exhibition. Closing date for entries is Monday 24th August 2015, 27/08/2015 until 12/09/2015, Southernwood, T. 043 7224044, annbryant@ intekom.co.za, www.annbryant.co.za

Absa Art Gallery Absa L’Atelier: Awards evening and announcement of winners, 15/07/2015 until 28/08/2015 L’Atelier winner 2013, Pauline Gutter, 06/09/2015 until 25/09/2015, Absa Gallery, 161 Main Street. T. 011 3505139, paulbay@absa.co.za, www. absa.co.za Alice Art Gallery Celebrating 25 Years, Michael Heyns, 05/09/2015 until 06/09/2015, Ruimsig, T. 011 9581392, info@aliceart.co.za, www.aliceart. co.za Art Afrique Gallery Contemporary Art Gallery, Sandton, T. 011 2927113, art@artafrique.co.za, www.artafrique.co.za Artist Proof Studio Places and Faces (Uk’hamba Uk’bona), Sizwe Khoza and Nkosana Nhlapo, 25/07/2015 until 22/08/2015, Newtown, T. 011 4921278, gallery@artistproofstudio.co.za, www. artistproofstudio.co.za Candice Berman Fine Art Gallery “I stand in the middle of city life and observe its crookedness, its beauty, its mysterious people from all over” Gospel stories, nature and women (her unique strengths, her passion, her masterpiece figure, her patience and her dramatic birth giving experiences which inaugurate, unify and balance the conflicts within my creative space) also inspire me” - Louise Almon, Bryanston, T. 011 4638524, info@candiceberman.co.za, www. candicebermangallery.com Cherie de Villiers Gallery Dealers in fine paintings and sculptures by leading South African artists. Sandton, T. 011 3255395, cheart@global. co.za, www.gallery.co.za/ CIRCA on Jellicoe This and That, Colbert Mashile, 11/07/2015 until 13/08/2015 Spoor, Dylan Lewis, 11/07/2015 until 13/08/2015, 2 Jellicoe Avenue, Rosebank, T. 011 7884805, grace@everard.co.za, www. circaonjellicoe.co.za Crouse Art Gallery Paintings and sculptures by well known South African artists, Llwellyn Davies, Gerrit Roon, Errol Boyley, Anton Benzon, David Novella, Makiwa, Maria, Christiaan Nice and many more, Florida, T. 011 6723821, suzette.crouse@ telkomsa.net, www.artdealers.co.za/ Diedericks/Faber Fine Art The gallery promotes the work of local as well as international artists in association with Galleries as well as at local and international art fairs and art shows. We also offer international artist residencies to local and international artists and printmakers. Melville, T. 011 7263638, elton@diedericksfaberfineart. com, www.diedericksfaberfineart.com Everard Read When Feelings Associate Consciousness Forms, Ricky Burnett and Michael Meyersfeld, 30/07/2015 until 22/08/2015 Close | Perspective, Lionel Smit, 27/08/2015 until 03/10/2015, 6 Jellicoe Avenue, Rosebank, T. 011 7884805, grace@everard.co.za, www.everardread.co.za Fith Avenue Fine Art Next Auction: Sunday 6th September 2015, 404 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall Park, T. 011 7812040, stuart@5thaveauctions. co.za, www.5thaveauctions.co.za Gallery 2 Gallery 2, presenting emerging and established artist, Parkwood, T. 011 4470155/98, info@gallery2.co.za, www.gallery2.co.za Goodman Gallery History after Apartheid, Haroon Gunn-Salie, 22/08/2015 until 19/09/2015, Parkwood, T. 011 7881113, nonhlanhla@goodman-gallery.com, www. goodman-gallery.com Graham’s Fine Art Gallery Exhibits a selection of South African masters including Irma Stern, Maggie Laubser and Alexis Preller, as well as contemporary artists such as Norman Catherine and Paul Blomkamp, Bryanston, T. 011 4637869, info@grahamsgallery.co.za, www. grahamsgallery.co.za Halifax Art Specialising in contemporary art, Parkhurst, dana@16halifaxart.co.za, www.16halifaxart.co.za/C. 0827846695

Vincent Art Gallery The home of Contemporary Fine Art and the Masters. We also offer professional framing, décor, ceramics, pewter, semi-precious stones and silver jewellery. 8 Dawson Rd, Selborne, East London, 5201 Telephone: 043 7221471 Cell: 083 700 4711 Email: vinceart@lantic.net www.vincentartgallary.co.za

Port Elizabeth ArtEC - EPSAC Community Art Centre artEC is a non profit organisation and Community Art Centre, set up for the advancement of the Visual Arts and Art Craftsmanship by working to uplift the arts in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, helping artists and encouraging a public interest in the arts. T. 041 5853641, gallery@artecpe.co.za, www.artecpe.co.za Galerie NOKO An accessible art gallery for visual arts, exhibitions and interpretations of works of art and for the development of public understanding and appreciation of art, 109 -111 Russell Road, Richmond Hill, T. 041 5822090, manager@ galerienoko.com galerienoko@gmail.com, www. galerienoko.com Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum is home to a comprehensive collection of South African art and craft and specializes in the art of the Eastern Cape Province, Park Drive Central, T. 041 5062000, artmuseum@ mandelametro.gov.za, www.artmuseum.co.za Underculture Contemporary Depth Perception, Karl Schoemaker, 05/08/2015 until 04/09/2015 Solo Exhibition, Marc Pradervand, 09/09/2015 until 09/10/2015, 98A Park Drive, Central, T. 041 3730074, admin@underculturecontemporary. co.za, www.underculturecontemporary.co.za

Free State Bloemfontein Oliewenhuis Art Museum Sojourn, Brent Meistre, 14/07/2015 until 23/08/2015 Across My Father’s Fault, Brent Meistre, 14/07/2015 until 23/08/2015 27th Sophia Gray Memorial Lecture and Exhibition, The Department of Architecture, University of the Free State instituted the Sophia Gray Memorial Lecture in honour of the first architect active in a professional capacity in Bloemfontein, who was also the first woman architect in South Africa. Anton Roodt accepted the invitation to present the 27th Sophia Gray Lecture and Exhibition, 27/08/2015 until 27/09/2015, Waverley, T. 051 0110525 ext 611, karen.marais@nasmus.co.za, www.facebook.com/OliewenhuisArtMuseum Gallery on Leviseur Gallery On Leviseur occupies 126 square meter in contemporary creativity. We aim to promote and represent contemporary South African artists who have the potential and professionalism to be successful in a competitive market. Westdene, admin@ galleryonleviseur.co.za, www.galleryonleviseur. co.za C. 0828352335

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Buhle Wonder Mbambo, Revolving Time, charcoal, soft pastel and acrylic paint on fabriano

The Henry George Gallery Jane Digby, Pascale Chandler, Buhle Wonder Mbambo & Thando Makhosini Ngwenya: After the Winter, A group exhibition curated by Darryl Gray and Mandy Walker, 03/09 – 24/09 45, 6th Str, Parkhurst, Johannesburg, T. 011 880 2698 darryl@henrygeorge.co.za/mandy@ henrygeorge.co.za; www.henrygeorge.co.za

Standard Bank Gallery A Space for Landscape, The work of JH Pierneef, 08/07/2015 until 12/09/2015, T. 011 6311889, arts@ standardbank.co.za, www.standardbankarts. co.za Stevenson Wim Botha, Solo exhibition, 06/08/2015 until 11/09/2015, Braamfontein, T 011 4031055/1908, jhb@stevenson.info, www. stevenson.info UJ Art Gallery Top Up Inside Out, Group Show, curated by Thulani Zondo, 26/08/2015 until 23/09/2015, APK Campus, Auckland Park. T. 011 5592099, aedempsey@uj.ac.za, www.uj.ac.za/ EN/ArtsandCulture


Adèle Oldfield MA (Fine Arts)

Helen Wallace Day Exhibitions: The Upper Deck Gallery, Plettenberg Bay; Bamboo Gallery, Melville, Johannesburg; Sharon Samson Gallery, Illovo, Johannesburg; Henry Taylor Gallery, Sandton, Johannesburg; The Turbine Hall Art Fair 2013, Johannesburg Enquiries to: Helenday1007@gmail.com +27 083 458 6040

In Toto Gallery Kirsty May Hall’s Flight, Kirsty May Hall, 23/07/2015 until 24/08/2015, Birdhaven, T. 011 4476543, megan@intotogallery.co.za, www. intotogallery.co.za Johannesburg Art Gallery Construct to Deconstruct, A solo exhibition by Happy Dhlame, 24/05/2015 until 23/09/2015 1:1, Alinka Echeverría, 09/08/2015 until 25/10/2015, Joubert Park, T. 011 7253130, TinyM@joburg.org.za, www.gauteng.net/ attractions/entry/johannesburg_art_gallery/ Lizamore & Associates Gallery The masters of misdirection, Jenny Nijenhuis, 06/08/2015 until 29/08/2015 (M)other, Bev Butkow, 06/0 8/2015 until 29/08/2015, Parkwood, T. 011 8808802, suen@ lizamore.co.za, www.lizamore.co.za

outoftheCUBE outoftheCUBE current exhibitions: Printmaking: oh my ears and whiskers! The outoftheCUBE current exhibitions explore aspects of SA printmaking from the technical to the conceptual. We look at etchings and monotypes, and narrative themes through to the democratic nature of the print exchange. This image shows the etching ‘Stacey plays “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”: Twin Towers’ by Andrew Munnik. www.outofthecube.co.za

Res Gallery Res Gallery is an art gallery involved in promoting and selling digital media art, from limited edition prints to interactive installations, and mixed media artworks. Parkwood, T. 011 8804054, info@resgallery.com, www.resgallery.com Springs Art Gallery 2015 Thami Mnyele Fine Art Awards | Competition submission, 18/08/2015 until 19/08/2015, Springs, T. 011 999 8726/7, Thabo.Sekoaila@ekurhuleni.gov.za, www. artmap.co.za/568/springs+art+gallery/

A detail from “Heirloom” by Adèle Oldfield MA (Fine Arts) Included in the Fine Art & Collectables Auction at Stephan Welz and Co. 4 & 5 August 2015 Ground Floor, South Tower, Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton. Please contact on: 082 838 9243 or adele. oldfield@gmail.com

Alette Wessels@Pretoria Kunskamer Art gallery & art consultancy, specialising in SA art as an investment, dealing in Old Masters & selected contemporay art. T. 012 3460728, alette@pretoriakunskamer.co.za, www. pretoriakunskamer.co.za Association of Arts Pretoria A river runs through it, Stefan Rossouw, 07/08/2015 until 19/08/2015 Small is beautiful, Jerice Doeg, 14/08/2015 until 02/09/2015 A tribute to South African women of the past and present, curated by Avitha Sooful, 31/07/2015 until 19/08/2015 Altered Realities, curated by Johan Conradie, 21/08/2015 until 09/09/2015, Nieuw Muckleneuk, T. 012 3463100, artspta@mweb. co.za, www.artsassociationpta.co.za/news.html Centurion Art Gallery Centurion art festival, Different types of primary and high schools around Centurion as whole, they will participate at the art development schools project, 13/08/2015 until 27/08/2015, Moreletapark, T. 012 3583477, artg@tshwane.gov.za, www.pretoriaartmuseum. co.za/centurion

Fried Contemporary Opening – Collector’s Room ‘Angus Taylor: New Work’, Thu 30 Jul 6-8pm, ends Thu 3 Sep 2015. Showing: Room 1 of the gallery, a solo exhibition by Nigel Mullins: Painting open Sat 5 Sep 12pm-2pm, ends Sat 3 Oct. Showing: Room 2, a solo exhibition by Tanya Poole: Ink on Paper, opening Sat 5 Sep 12pm-2pm, ends Sat 3 Oct 1146 Justice Mahomed St, Brooklyn, Pretoria. t: 012 346 0158 e: info@friedcontemporary.com www.friedcontemporary.com www.abalonegallery.co.za

Pretoria Art Museum The Pretoria Art Museum document and conserve outstanding examples of mainly South African art; research and compile exhibitions from the permanent collection and host major national and international exhibitions, Pretoria, T. 012 3586752, mmutlekg@tshwane. gov.za


Louis Jansen van Vuuren, Morrocan Interior, copperplate etching

Level 0, Cape Quarter Square, 27 Somerset Road, Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa Phone: 0214213333 / 0832528876 Email: carmel@global.co.za www.carmelart.co.za

The very best of SA fine arts prints now to be found in the ....... Karoo! The best of SA fine art prints are found in our Woodstock + Prince Albert Print Galleries or view us at www.printgallery.co.za The SA Print Room -Prince Albert c/o Prince Albert Gallery, Main Road, Prince Albert kevin@printgallery.co.za www.printgallery.co.za Connor Cullinan - Conrad Botes: Silkscreen


The Leonardo Gallery Private collection of Suzette Rocher, 01/08/2015 until 01/09/2015, Arcadia, Pretoria, T. 012 9970520, leonardo.gal@telkomsa.net, www. theleonardogallery.com St. Lorient Fashion & Art Gallery ROOFTOP VII - The Inner Child, Andre Otto, Andre Prinsloo, Adriaan Diedericks, Caitlin Greenbreg, Gordon Froud, Guy du Toit, Noko Mello, Francois Venter, Marke Meyer, Michelle le Grange, Nelson Thaba, Yannis Generalis, Ronit Judelman, Setlamorago Mashilo, Ruhan Janse van Vuuren, Rossouw van der Walt, Sarah Richards and Sanna Swart, 26/07/2015 until 30/10/2015, Pretoria, Brooklyn Circle. T. 012 4600284, stlorientfashion@gmail. com, www.stlorient.co.za UNISA Art Gallery The Gallery hosts a range of exhibitions each year, focusing on diverse and relevant aspects in the arts. Research and education form part of the Unisa Space Art Gallery’s services to its community. Artist walkabouts, workshops and learning sessions serve to inform and empower vistors to the gallery. Muckleneuk, T. 012 4415683, botham2@unisa. ac.za, www.unisa.ac.za/gallery

KZ Natal Durban

Newcastle Carnegie Art Gallery Our collection includes works by leading South African artists on the theme of Landscapes. A good collection of African Art & Zulu artefacts has also been accumulated. There is a well-stocked craft shop on the premises. We also run the following variety of visual artistic skills workshops: eg. beadwork, papermache, printmaking, painting, drawing and embroidery etc…, Newcastle, KZN, T. 034 3287622, Phumzile.Dlamini@newcastle.gov.za, www.carnegie-art.co.za

Pietermaritzburg Tatham Art Gallery Ceramics Room - Contrasts: Vessels and Containers, For this display we have selected South African vessels and containers: Zulu beer pots, Rorke’s Drift and Ardmore ceramics, pieces made by students and teachers of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and a selection of commercial studio ceramics. You are invited to compare differences in material, method, size and texture whilst contemplating functional or decorative intent, 17/07/2015 until 31/03/2016, Pietermaritzburg, T. 033 3922801, brendan.bell@ msunduzi.gov.za, www.tatham.org.za

Umhlanga Rocks Makiwa Gallery Fine Art Gallery. Fine South African Art, original paintings & sculpture. Shop 5B Lighthouse Mall, Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga Rocks, KwaZulu-Natal, T. 031 5611194, info@ makiwagalleries.com, www.makiwagalleries.com

Mpumalanga Graskop Le Gallerie Restoration, Maria Koch, Gustavo Vink, Anica, Jana Branca, Wendy Malan, Michael Heyns, Cornelius Bosch, Christian Nice, Munro, Gerrit Pitout, Roema Photography, 01/01/2015 until 31/12/2015, T. 013 7671093, le_gallerie@ mweb.co.za, www.legallerie.co.za artSPACE durban

White River

3 – 8 August IEB Matric Art Exhibition/Comp 10 August – 29 August 2015 “Reflections on Light” – group show “The Essence of Trees” - Kim Wessels 31 August – 19 September “Sea Fever” - Jane Strod–e “disintegration” - Corné Eksteen 3 Millar Road (off Umgeni Rd), Durban tel: +27 31 312 0793 www.artspace-durban.com

The Artists’ Press New Lithographs by Anton Kannemeyer, His most recent lithographs, signed at the end of 2014, add to his ongoing Alphabet of Democracy series, Currently on our website, Waterfield Farm near White River. T. 013 7513225, mark@artistspress.co.za, www.artprintsa.com The Loop Art Foundry & Sculpture Gallery A collaboration and network for the avid art patron and collector as well as a full service facility for the artist. White River, T. 013 7582409 , theloop@ worldonline.co.za, www.tlafoundry.co.za The White River Gallery Contemporary Impressionism, Gerrie van Tonder, 01/08/2015 until 08/09/2015, White River, art@ whiterivergallery.co.za, www.whiterivergallery. co.za C. 0836758833

Durban Art Gallery Colouring-in, Clive van den Berg, Andries Botha, Helen Sebidi, Andrew Vester & Charles Sokhaya Nkosi, 09/06/2015 until 23/08/2015 Circular gallery: Legacy Projects 21 years of democracy, 21 artists, 18/07/2015 until 22/08/2015 Gallery 2: DUT Center for Confucius – photography exhibition, 23/07/2015 until 31/08/2015 Confucius Institute: Collection of photographs, Group show of works portraying South Africa’s and Chinese relations, 30/08/2015, T. 031 3112264, Thulani.Makhaye@durban.gov.za, www.durban.gov.za

KZN Midlands

Kimberley William Humphreys Art Gallery Gariep Kunstefees: Die laatmiddag het room geword, Joshua Miles (woodcut printing), 26/08/2015 until 27/09/2015, Civic Centre, T. 053 8311724/5, whag@eject.co.za, www.whag.co.za Imbizo Gallery In the heart of the bushveld, Imbizo Gallery presents a large selection of works from top S.A. painters and sculptors together with selected glass art, ceramics and individually handmade jewellery, Vanessa Lomas, Marke Meyer, Mpenja, Hannetjie de Clercq, Sarah Richards, Vince Reid and many more, Hoedspruit. T. 087 808 2826, geoffrey@lantic.net, www. imbizogallery.com

North West Potchefstroom Commissions & Small editions for purchase Portrait busts • Monumental statues • Birds • Animals • Figures www.sarahrichards.co.za sarah@sarahrichards.co.za 0837070126

Cape Town ArtB Gallery, Bellville The Arts Association of Bellville, through its vibrant art gallery, creates a platform for and showcases visual art and artists in the Western Cape to raise public awareness of art. Bellville, T. 021 9171197, artbellville@gmail. com, www.artb.co.za Artvark Gallery Exciting new works by Christiaan Diedericks, Liz Hansen, Titia Ballot, Alma Vorster and Boris Guderjahn, until 31/09/2015, Kalk Bay, T. 021 788 5584, artvark@iafrica.com, www. artvark.org Barnard Gallery Selah, Katherine Spindler, 04/08/2015 until 08/09/2015, Newlands, T. 021 6711553, brad@barnardgallery.com, www. barnardgallery.com Bronze Age Bronze Foundry, Woodstock, T. 021 4473914, info@bronzeage.co.za, www. bronzeage.co.za Carmel Art Dealers in fine art, exclusive distributers of Pieter van der Westhuizen etchings, Green Point, T. 021 4213333, carmel@global. co.za, www.carmelart.co.za Casa Labia Gallery PORTRAIT 100: an exhibition of 30 selected works from the 2015 Sanlam Portrait Award competition (in association with Rust-en-Vrede Gallery). Opening 29 August at 15h00, Various artists, 29/08/2015 until 26/09/2015, Muizenberg, T. 021 7886068, gallery@casalabia.co.za, www.casalabia.co.za Catherine Timotei Art Catherine Timotei scheduled to open in October her New contemporary art gallery in Cape Town: Leonardo Da Vinci, to promote well established as well as emerging talented artists, V & A Waterfront, abstractart@catherinetimotei.com, www. catherinetimotei.com/C. 0837456073

Northern Cape


Sarah Richards Bronze Sculpture

Western Cape

North-West University Gallery Unrest, Hasan & Husain Essop, 30/07/2015 until 18/09/2015, NWU Potchefstroom Campus, T. 018 2994341, gallery@nwu.ac.za, www.nwu.ac.za/nwugallery North-West University Botanical Garden Gallery The Garden Gallery is closed for the Winter season. It will open again in August, NWU Potchefstroom Campus, gallery@nwu.ac.za, www.nwu.ac.za/nwugallery

Commune.1 The Other Camera, Angus Gibson Collection, Ikamva Youth Project, Isolezwe Collective, Lucky Sipho Khoza, William Matlala, Bobson Sukhdeo Mohanlal, Daniel Morolong, Ronald Ngilima, Linda Qampi, The Ruth Sack Collection and David Selepe, 21/07/2015 until 11/08/2015 Twenty Journey, Sipho Mpongo, Wikus De Wet, and Sean Metelerkamp, 18/08/2015 until 03/09/2015, Wale Street, Cape Town, T. 0214475918, gallery@commune1.com, www. commune1.com Diedericks/Faber Fine Art I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor, Vanessa Berlein, 10/07/2015 until 06/08/2015, Woodstock, T. 021 552 8871, elton@diedericksfaberfineart. com, www.diedericksfaberfineart.com Deziree Finearts A collection of Contemporary Colonial and African Oil Paintings, Fish Hoek, T. 021 7851120, dez@dezireefinearts.co.za, www. dezireefinearts.co.za Die Kunskamer Works by leading artists, Irma Stern, Hugo Naude, Cecil Skotnes, Cynthia Villet, Norman Catherine, Hardy Botha, Bill Davis, Gail Catlin, Simone Stone, David Brown & Pierneef. Sea Point, T. 021 4349529, info@kunskamer. co.za, www.diekunskamer.co.za

Call Eugene to advertise here 021 424 7733 / sales@arttimes.co.za

Donald Greig Gallery & Bronze Foundry Private Gallery permanently exhibiting artworks of Donald Greig – internationally renowned sculptor of wildlife bronzes. The casting technique and bronze pour can be viewed in the foundry. Open Mon-Fri 09.30 - 17.30, Sat 09.30 13.00 14 West Quay Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town 021 418 0003, www.donaldgreig.com

Eatwell Art Gallery Winter Show, Lynne-Marie Eatwell, Eric Oswald Eatwell and Mags Eatwell, 22/08/2015, Noordhoek, T. 021 7892767, toonlynne@gmail.com, www.eatwellgallery.com EBONY Cape Town Modern Masters, A group exhibition of works by Walter Battiss, Jack Heath, Pierneef, Erik Laubscher, George Diederick During, Deborah Bell, Simon Stone and Norman Catherine, amongst others, 06/08/2015 until 01/09/2015, Cape Town, CBD, T. 021 4249985, gernot@ebonydesign.co.za, www.ebonydesign. co.za Eclectica Art & Antiques Purveyors of antiques, furniture, bespoke pieces of objet d’arts and fine art, including South African masters. Wynberg, T. 021 7627983, melissa@eclectica.co.za, www. eclecticaartandantiques.co.za/ Eclectica Modern Gallery An eclectic mix of contemporary art by various artists such as Helen van Stolk, Mary Visser, Claire Denarie Soffietti, Tyrone Appolis, Peter Pharoah and Hannes du Plessis, 9A Cavendish Street, Claremont, T. 021 6717315, margie@eclectica. co.za, www.eclecticaartandantiques.co.za/ modern Erdmann Contemporary Co-Existence Part II, Manfred Zylla, Antonin Mareš & Garth Erasmus, 21/07/2015 until 29/08/2015, Gardens, T. 021 422 2762, galleryinfo@mweb.co.za, www. erdmanncontemporary.co.za Everard Read West by Ben Coutivides & East by Lisa Strachan East, 23/07/2015 until 06/08/2015 Homage, Group exhibition, 02/09/2015 until 27/09/2015, V & A Waterfront, T. 021 4184527, justine@everard.co.za, www.everard-readcapetown.co.za 34 Fine Art CRISP-Winter Group Exhibition, Norman Catherine, Mr Brainwash, Sir Peter Blake, Goncalo Mabunda, Asha Zero, Jade Doreen Waller, Esther Mahlangu, AME72 and more, 04/07/2015 until 06/11/2015, Woodstock, T. 021 461 1863, info@34fineart. com, www.34fineart.com

Gallery F Specialists in Collectable Photography 78 Shortmarket Street Cape Town www.galleryf.co.za gavin@galleryf.co.za 021 423 4423 083 594 8959

Goodman Gallery Edge of Silence, 23/07/2015 until 29/08/2015, Woodstock, T. 021 4627567, zach@goodman-gallery.com, www.goodmangallery.com







G2 Art We are a permanent gallery in the Cape Town CBD. Offering a diverse range of painting, mixed media and sculpture by South African artists, including, Jimmy Law, Nicole Pletts and Kelly John Gough amongst many others, Cape Town, T. 021 4247169, di@g2art.co.za, www. g2art.co.za/contact-us/ Hout Bay Gallery Situated in the beautiful seaside town of Hout Bay. Artworks include Paintings, Furniture & Sculptures by South African artists. Art by Sarah Danes Jarrett, Koos De Wet, David Kuijers, Russell Travers, Sam Allerton, Schalk van der Merwe, Claude Chandler, Candice Dawn B and many more.Open every day, All welcome. Hout bay, T. 021 7903618, info@ houtbaygallery.co.za, www.houtbaygallery.co.za

Lauren Redman “African woman” Charcoal

Red! The Gallery Lindy van Niekerk Art Gallery Dealers in Contemporary South African Fine Art (& the Old Masters) and picture framing. 114 Kendal Rd, Eversdal, Durbanville, 7550 T. 021 975 1744 lindy@artpro.co.za www.artpro.co.za

In-Fin-Art - Picture Framers & Art Gallery Expert advice | Extensive range of moulding profiles | Custom made hand-finished frames | Conservation framing with museum glass | Original art by local contemporary artists 9 Wolfe St, Wynberg Tel: 021 761 2816 gallery@infinart.co.za www.infinart.co.za

Iziko SA National Gallery Between Darkness & Light, Jodi Bieber, 28/08/2015 until 19/11/2015, Cape Town Central, T. 021 4674660, mediaofficer@iziko.org.za, www.iziko.org.za Johans Borman Fine Art Spectra, Hussein Salim, 09/08/2015 until 19/09/2015, Newlands, T. 021 6836863, art@johansborman.co.za, www. johansborman.co.za

Lutge Gallery We showcase South African antique furniture and architectural features as well as Allan Lutge’s table designs that are constructed in reclaimed indigenous woods, Cape Town Central, T. 021 4248448 or 021 788 8931, lutgegallery@netactive.co.za, www. lutge.co.za Michaelis Galleries Michaelis Galleries allows visitors to the campus where they can view regular exhibitions by local and international artists. It also hosts an annual end-of-the-year exhibition of fourth-year student works, which has become a highlight of the South African arts calendar, T. 021 480 7170, nkule.mabaso@uct. ac.za, www.michaelis.uct.ac.za/galleries/

Contemporary Art Gallery and interlinked Café, for “The love of art and the art of food”. Featuring art by leading SA artists and emerging artists, incl: Andrew Cooper, Michael Waters, David Kuijers, Derric van Rensburg, Rick Becker, Lauren Redman. Sculptures by Jean Doyle and Louis Chanu. Steenberg Village Shopping Centre, Reddam Avenue, Tokai. Phone: 021 7010886 red@redthegallery.co.za www.redthegallery. co.za

Rose Korber Art No formal exhibition in August, but ongoing selection of works available through Rose Korber, William Kentridge, Willie Bester, Sam Nhlengethwa, Richard Smith, Deborah Bell, Claudette Schreuders, Lyndi Sales, JP Meyer, Robert Slingsby, John Kramer, Beezy Bailey, Norman Catherine, Laura du Toit, Louise Gelderblom and a selection of handmade beaded jewellery by Gordon Radowsky, 8 Vrede Street, Gardens, off Hatfield Street, T. 021 4330957, roskorb@icon.co.za, www. rosekorberart.com Ryno Swart Art Gallery Venice 2015, 12 days of painting in the city of dreams under the expert guidance of Ryno Swart, 19/10/2015 until 31/10/2015, Simon’s Town, T. 021 7863975, ryno@artistvision.com, www.artistvision.org Rust-en-Vrede Gallery Portrait 100, Sanlam Portrait Award 2015 Winner and Top 40 Finalists, 28/08/2015 until 08/10/2015 Rust-en-Vrede Clay Museum - Red Queen to Play, Wilma Cruise, 28/08/2015 until 08/10/2015, Durbanville, T. 021 9764691, rustenvrede@telkomsa.net, www.rust-envrede.com/

Mogalakwena Gallery “A World of Baskets” Binky Newman Elbé Coetsee Opens 6 August until 31 August 2015 Mogalakwena Gallery 3 Church Street, Cape Town Between Adderley Street and St George’s Mall

Kalk Bay Sculpture Studio Fine Arts Foundry and Sculpture Studio, Jean Tiran, Pete Strydom, Chris Bladen & Gilbert Banda, Ongoing, Kalk Bay, T. 021 7888736, ignoblis@iafrica.com, Leonardo da Vinci Gallery Catalyst 2015, Damien Hirst, 03/08/2015 until 31/08/2015, Cape Town CBD, info@davincigallery.co.za, C. 0837456073 Lesley Charnock Art Gallery A selection of work by Lesley Charnock and Helen van Stolk, Open 7 days a week, Newlands, helenvstolk@gmail.com, www.lesleycharnock.com, C. 0824241033

Provenance Auction House 8 Vrede Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001. T. 021 4618009, unati@provenanceart.co.za, www.provenanceart. co.za/ Quincy’s Antiques Art and Collectables Art, Antiques, Curios & Gifts, Rondebosch, T. 021 6851986, elsa.moeks@gmail.com


Contact Eugene: Very affordable prices, your listing will stand out & circulate. Call 021 424 7733 or email sales@arttimes.co.za

The art to live on top of the world with Robert Hodgins, Walter Battiss, Diane Victor, Wilma Cruise, Judith Mason and many more. Swing by and adventure through our oils, drawings, prints and sculpture. 62 Mount Rhodes Drive, Hout Bay 071 602 1908 www.redroomart.co.za

Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection Everyday Eden 16 September - 10 October 2015 A solo exhibition by Kirsten Beets presented by Salon Ninety One 91 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town 021-424-6930 info@salon91.co.za www.salon91.co.za

Sanlam Art Gallery UItsig, Ashley Walters, 24/06/2015 until 14/08/2015, Bellville, T. 021 9473359, Stefan.Hundt@sanlam.co.za, www. sanlam.co.za SMAC Art Gallery, CT Surface Light, Peter Eastman, 23/07/2015 until 03/09/2015, Woodstock, T. 021 4225100, info@smacgallery. com, www.smacgallery.com South African Jewish Museum The Voice of a Citizen – An Exhibition of Paintings by Arlene Amaler-Raviv, 12/08/2015 until 02/10/2015, Gardens, T. 021 4651546, gavin@ sajewishmuseum.co.za, www.sajewishmuseum. org.za/

Call Eugene to advertise here 021 424 7733 sales@arttimes.co.za

Cape Town SA Print Gallery New Reduction Woodblock prints by Joshua Miles Waboom Ingang, Reduction Woodblock 42x56cm, Edition 10 109 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock www.printgallery.co.za, Tel 021 4626851

South African Society of Artists SASA was founded to cater specifically to the practicing artist. We hold four exhibitions annually. All work at all four exhibitions is available for sale. Cape Town Central, T. 021 6718941, gchambers@ mweb.co.za, www.sasa-artists.co.za StateoftheART Gallery Ongoing violence in South Africa is the backdrop to LOVED THY NEIGHBOR in which the artist contrasts the personality of her characters against the coldness of their ID documentation., A solo exhibition by Lisette Forsyth, 06/08/2015 until 22/08/2015, Cape Town CBD, T. 021 8014710, jennifer@ stateoftheart-gallery.com, www.stateoftheartgallery.com Stevenson I Can Feel It in My Eyes, Portia Zvavahera, 23/07/2015 until 29/08/2015 Still and Moving, Penny Siopis, 23/07/2015 until 29/08/2015 Ramp, Buhlebezwe Siwani, 23/07/2015 until 29/08/2015, Woodstock, T. 021 4621500, cpt@ stevenson.info, www.stevenson.info/ Sulger-Buel Lovell University of Stellenbosch Museum in association with Sulger-Buel Lovell, Morning After Dark | David Lurie, 05/08/2015 until 31/10/2015, Woodstock, T. 021 4475918, info@ lovellgallery.co.za, www.sulger-buel-lovell.com/ The AVA Gallery 35 Church Street, Cape Town, 8001, T. 021 4247436, info@ava.co.za, www. ava.co.za The Cape Gallery To be in the world - the annual wildlife exhibition, various artists, 06/08/2015 until 29/08/2015, Cape Town, T. 021 4235309, web@capegallery.co.za, www.capegallery.co.za The Framery Art Gallery This vibrant and friendly 20 year old gallery in metropolitan Sea point have a permanent exhibition. Expert picture framing done on our premises.Painting and mosaic by Marcelino Manhula, Ronald Muchatuta, Loyiso Mkize, Fikile Mqayi, Elizabeth Robertson, Elizabeth Wood, Tatyana Binovska, Stuart ValentineRambridge, Richard Pike, among others, Sea Point, T. 021 434 5022, debbiegrewe@gmail. com, www.theframeryartgallery.tripod.com/ framery/index.html The Framing Place Conservation framing, framing of art, Block mounting and Block frames. Observatory, T. 021 4473988, info@ framingplace.co.za,

THE d’VINE art ROOM at New Heritage Gallery In the courtyard of historic HERITAGE SQUARE, these 2 boutique galleries feature art; photography; sculpture and mixed media. With owner-curated, new exhibitions on a monthly basis, and the participating artists on hand, the shows are interactive and edgy. Heritage Square (inner courtyard), 100 Shortmarket Str (cnr Bree), Cape Town (027) 0711915034 capetown.gallery@gmail.com www. newheritagegallery.com



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Framing Place 46 Lower Main Road, Observatory, 7925 Tel: 021 447 3988 info@framingplace.co.za www.framingplace.co.za

With unwavering commitment to quality and timeous delivery, our Key Services include: •

Custom colour wood frames

Conservation Framing

Framing of art, objects, mirrors & prints

Stretcher frames


UCT Irma Stern Museum A City Refracted by Graeme Williams, Ernest Cole Photographic Award Winner. Visual journey symbolically reflecting shifting typographies of inner city of Johannesburg using an experimental style of street photography, 01/08/2015 until 22/08/2015, Rosebank, T. 021 6855686, mary.vanblommestein@uct.ac.za, www.irmasternmuseum.org.za Wall Art Gallery Figure and Ground: A selection of paintings by leading South African artists, Walter Battiss, Christo Coetzee, Peter Clarke, Gerard Sekoto, Dumile Feni, Robert Hodgins, Cecil Skotnes and Norman Catherine, Opens 01/08/2015, 10-6pm, V & A Waterfront, T. 021 418 1953, info@ wallsaart.co.za, www.wallsaart.co.za/ What if the World Gallery The Line of Beauty, Morné Visage, 16/07/2015 until 16/09/2015 Two Works, Julia Rosa Clark, 16/07/2015 until 16/09/2015, Woodstock Cape Town, T. 021 4472376, info@whatiftheworld.com, www. whatiftheworld.com

Bot River De Geheime Botrivier Femme Fatale, Mtini’s vibrant acrylics take a look at women in many states of mind. The exhibition explores the female in many aspects. Also August is the month where we celebrate female artists and craftmakers. We also celebrate the powerful poetry of Nicolette Fouldien in which she explores her heritage and her life. This month also see the judging of “The Prentjies van die Overberg Children’s Art Competition, 01/08/2015 until 31/08/2015, Botrivier Hotel, Main Road, mtini.michael@gmail. com / degeheimekelder.botrivier@gmail.com, C. 0823484539

De Rust Portal Gallery Selected contemporary artists, including Carl Becker, JP Meyer, Estelle Marais, Diane McLean and Hermann Niebuhr. Gallery hours flexible. De Rust, T. 082 2976977, art@art. co.za, www.art.co.za

Franschhoek Art in the Yard Local and international artists: Alexandra Spyratos, Vanessa Berlein, Frans Smit, Chris Denovan, Lindsay Patton, Varenka Paschke and Mark Hilltout. Franschhoek, T. 021 8764280, lizelle@artintheyard.co.za, www.artintheyard.co.za EBONY Franschhoek We are proudly showing recent acquisitions by a selection of classic SA Masters including Erik Laubscher, Simon Stone, Cecil Skotnes, Peter Dean and others. Contemporary works by Zarah Cassim, Joan Peeters, James Nilsen-Mira, Hugh Byrne, Marlene von Durckheim, Ashleigh Olsen, Caroline Gibello and more on display as well as the usual mix of great South African craft and design. Franschhoek, T. 021 8764477, gernot@ ebonydesign.co.za, www.ebonydesign.co.za IS Art See Me, A Photography Exhibition by Anthony Lucas, 08/08/2015 until 31/08/2015, Franschhoek, T. 021 8762071, gallery@isart.co.za

Makiwa Gallery Makiwa Gallery opened it’s second branch in the picturesque and tranquil town of Franschhoek in July 2015. On show is an ever changing selection of breathtakingly beautiful paintings and sculptures by top South African artists such as Marlien van Heerden, Tony de Freitas, Makiwa Mutomba, Sarah Richards, Nicole Pletts, Elbe van Rooyen and others. Open Daily from 9:30am to 5:30pm. Makiwa Gallery, Place Vendome Centre,13 Main Rd, Franschhoek. Tel: +27 (0)21 876 2600 infofk@makiwagalleries.com www.makiwagalleries.com

The La Motte Museum Offers a cultural-historical experience featuring the estate’s history and architecture. Current exhibitions: Heritage collection of South African old master, JH Pierneef and contemporary exhibition Thoughtful Journey – a celebration of female artists. Experiences: Historic Walk – Wednesdays & Sculpture Walk – Thursdays (10:00-11:00 bookings essential) T 021 876 8850, E museum@la-motte.co.za, www.la-motte.com

The Gallery at Grande Provence A collection of the Finest Contemporary South African Art, including: Grace da Costa, Phillemon Hlungwani, Theo Megaw and Karl Roberts, Franschhoek, T. 021 876 8630, gallery@grandeprovence. co.za, www.grandeprovence.co.za/franschhoeknews-and-events/gallery-news.html The Shop at Grande Provence Collection of works, Fine tribal African Art and Jewellery by Ilse Malan, Ongoing, Grande Provence Estate, T. 021 8768630, gallery@grandeprovence.co.za, www.grandeprovence.co.za/gallery-and-artfranschhoek/The-Shop.html

George Crouse Art Gallery Various Artists, Christiaan Nice, Makiwa, Maria, Walter Meyer, Gerrit Roon, Anton Benzon, Ella, Este Mostert, Charmain Eastment, Diane Erasmus, Bea, Carla Bosch, Daily 08h00 to 18h00, George, T. 044 8870361, suzette.crouse@telkomsa.net, www.artdealers. co.za Wonki Ware Di Marshall pottery. South African Dinnerware and Table Accessories. George, T. 044 8841883, info@wonkiware.co.za, www. wonkiware.co.za



Bay Gallery Art in the Heart of Langebaan - Marra Square, Bree St. A joyful selection of artwork by local artists, including Joan Schrauwen, Patrick Mokhuane, Sandy Esau, Thea Darlow, Michele Batchelder, Jannie Jordaan, Antonia Velissariou and more, celebrating Spring on the West Coast. Langebaan, baygallery@xsinet.co.za, www.baygallery.co.za the ART SQUARE studio/gallery The ART Square offers a creative and social platform where the artist and public can meet. Solo exhibitions every last Thursday of the month. West Coast hospitality- everyone welcome., Langebaan, arts2gether@gmail.com, www. facebook.com/ThePumpkinHouse

Art at Tokara Harbinger - an exhibition with the character of a considered, private collection. As ‘a messenger bringing news of the future’, Harbinger heralds a change in approach to Art at Tokara, William Kentridge with Marguerite Stephens, Walter Oltmann, Owusu-Ankomah, Regi Bardavid, Cassandra Wilmot, Colijn Strydom, Claire Gavronsky, Guy du Toit, Johann Moolman and Gerhard Marx, 06/07/2015 until 16/09/2015, Stellenbosch, T. 011 788 0820, info@juliameintjes.co.za, www.juliameintjes. co.za Oude Libertas Gallery The gallery is open to the public free of charge. New exhibitions every six weeks. Stellenbosch - c/o Adam Tas and Libertas roads, T. 021 8098412, oudelibertasgallery@ gmail.com, www.oudelibertas.co.za Rupert Museum JH Pierneef’s Johannesburg Station Panels – considered to mark the high point of his career. Twenty-eight panels are of landscapes and the remaining four of indigenous trees, Stellenbosch, T. 021 888 3344, deh@ remgro.com, www.rupertmuseum.org/?m=2 Sasol Art Museum Permanent collection of paintings, graphic works and sculptures, as well as anthropological collection. Regular temporary art exhibitions of national & international artists, Stellenbosch, T. 021 808 3690, UW2@sun.ac.za Slee Gallery Available works by Johann Slee, Stellenbosch, T. 021 887 3385, gallery@slee. co.za, www.slee.co.za/gallery SMAC Art Gallery Infinite Loop, Kate Gottgens, 01/08/2015 until 19/09/2015, Stellenbosch, T. 021 887 3607, nastassja@smacgallery.com info@smacgallery.com, www.smacgallery.com Stellenbosch Art Gallery, You are welcome to our gallery in picturesque Stellenbosch where an extensive selection of paintings, sculpture, handmade glass and ceramics by selected Western Cape artists are on offer to the discerning buyer, Stellenbosch, T. 021 8283489, mjg@kingsley.co.za, www.stellenboschartgallery.co.za

Oudtshoorn ArtKaroo Fine Art by artists from the Karoo, Oudtshoorn, T. 044 2791093, janet@artkaroo. co.za, www.artkaroo.co.za

Paarl Hout Street Gallery Specialising in paintings and fine art by more than thirty SA artists., Paarl, T. 021 8725030, zetler@icon.co.za, www. houtstreetgallery.co.za

Plettenberg Bay The White House Venue & Theatre Exhibition venue, Plettenberg Bay, T. 044 5332010, caitlin@whg.co.za, www.whitehousevenue.co.za

Prince Albert Prince Albert Gallery Established in 2003, the gallery always has an eclectic mix of art on display, Prince Albert, T. 023 541 1057, karoogallery@intekom.co.za, www.princealbertgallery.co.za/

Great Brak River Art@39Long Boutique Gallery showcasing work by mostly Southern Cape Artists. Beautiful ceramics and designer craft by established artists, Great Brak River, artat39long@gmail.com, C. 0825763338

Hermanus Abalone Gallery Group exhibition: Breaking Light, Alta Botha, Elzaby Laubscher, Judith Mason, Pat Mautloa, André Naudé, Lynette ten Krooden, Jeannette Unite, Louis van Heerden and Kristin Hua Yang, 04/08/2015 until 31/08/2015, Hermanus, T. 028 3132935, art@abalonegallery. co.za, www.abalonegallery.co.za Rossouw Modern Art Gallery Rossouw Modern and Rossouw Modern SPACE will be closed for our annual winter break. We all return on the 7th of July and the galleries reopen on the 20th of July. You can only reach us through e mail. Hermanus, T. 028 313 2222, info@rossouwmodern.com, www.rossouwmodern.com Willie Botha Sculpture Gallery Permanent Exhibition of sculptures by Willie Botha and paintings by Charmaine de Jongh Gelderblom, Hermanus, T. 028 3132304, decolite@mweb. co.za, www.williebothasculptures.com

Knysna Knysna Fine Art Phillemon Hlungwani, Gary Stephens and Toby Megaw, 01/08/2015 until 31/08/2015 A Different Drummer - We never dreamt of seas… Krisjan Rossouw, 01/08/2015 until 31/08/2015. Thesen House T. 044 382 5107gallery@finearts. co.za, www.finearts.co.za

The Kraal Gallery

Prince Albert SA Print Gallery We stock the largest range of exciting SA artists prints. Louis Jansen van Vuuren Morrocan Interior, copperplate etching www.printgallery.co.za kevin@printgallery.co.za Cell 0837492719

South Africa’s premier hand weaving artists. Hand weaving is our passion (est 1973 by the Daniel family). Commissions welcomed for silk and wool wall hangings, tapestries, rugs of all sizes locally and globally. Enquiries: 021 8562130/ 021 8833881. Proudly Hand-woven, Socially Responsible, Environmentally Aware shopping@thekraalgallery.com www.thekraalgallery.com

Riebeek Kasteel Riebeek Kasteel The Gallery, situated in the picturesque Riebeek Valley, only an hour’s drive from Cape Town. The Gallery features an eclectic mix of contemporary paintings, etchings and ceramics. Curator, Astrid McLeod, Riebeek Kasteel, astridmcleod@mweb.co.za, www. galleryriebeek.co.za, C. 0836533697

Somerset West Dante’ Art & Decor New Nicole Pletts. Always in demand, come and check out her new pieces before they go!, Somerset West, T. 021 8518142, info@danteartgallery.co.za, www.danteartgallery. co.za/index.php Liebrecht Gallery Statues on the Street, Jaco Coetzee, 23/07/2015 until 16/08/2015, Somerset West, T. 021 8528030, vineyardartists@gmail. com, www.liebrechtgallery.com

US Art Gallery University of Stellenbosch Museum in association with Sulger-Buel Lovell, Morning After Dark | David Lurie, 05/08/2015 until 31/10/2015, Stellenbosch, T. 021 808 3489, corliah@sun.ac.za, www.blogs.sun.ac.za/ kunsgalery/about/ D-Street Gallery Gallery currently closed for annual winter break. Exciting new Spring exhibition to re-open the gallery after the Winter break, Stellenbsoch, T. 021 8832337, info@ dstreetgalelry.com, www.dstreetgallery.com

Wilderness Beatrix Bosch Studio Beatrix Bosch artworks now on permanent display at the Wilderness Hotel, Garden Route, Wilderness, T. 044 8770585, bosch@beatrixbosch.co.za, www. beatrixbosch.co.za







6 7

8 9


12 13




1 Artist Helen Wells (centre) in front of artworks by Clare Menck, Theo Kleynhans, Jacobus Kloppers & others 2 Artists Mandisi Mncela & Marcelino Manhula


3 Hamlin Jansen van Vuuren, Elise Macdonald, Ed Bredenkamp & Ian Macdonald 4 Nikki Basson, Vanessa Berlein & Jan Ludik 5 Paul Birchall & Ziggy Keil 6 Richard Conyngham & Heather Gourlay-Conyngham 7 Ruan Huisamen & Bernard Bredenkamp


15 16 17

16 18

8 Hannetjie du Preez, Chief Director of Cultural Affairs, gave the opening address 9 Imtiyaaz Hashim (Imam of Noor Al Hamedia Mosque), artist Jacquez Coetzer, & Father Allan Goliath of St. George’s Cathedral 10 Hot Water singer Donovan Copleyl



17 Tamlyn Delponte, Monde Patrick Goniwe & Dominique Warner 18 Lelane Fourie, Charl Malan, Bill Jones & Rina BadenhorstdeWet





Amsterdam International Art Fair | Beurs van Berlage 28 - 29 August 2015

Gilbert & George: The Early Years | MoMA 9 May – 27 September 2015

The first edition of Amsterdam International Art Fair presents over 150 exhibitors from over 30 countries. Attracting art galleries, cultural institutions, art critics and collectors, offering over 3000 art pieces for exhibition and sale; this is a prime opportunity to immerse oneself into a rich collection of global art either as investor, dealer or purchaser.

Gilbert & George have created a wealth of sculptures in ways never imagined before their union, fully integrating their daily existence into their artistic philosophy. Comprising the Museum’s multi-departmental holdings of their art, this exhibition focuses on their early years, from 1969 through 1975, during which they established the ideology that continues to shape their vision today.

BEIJING William Kentridge: Notes Towards a Model Opera | Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art 27 June - 20 August 2015 This retrospective spans 25 years of artistic practice, including key pieces allowing viewers to understand the trajectory and the evolution of Kentridge’s social and humanistic concerns. The exhibition includes major multimedia installations, recent ink paintings, and a new film relating to the particular aesthetics of modernity in socialist China.

PARIS Congolese Beauty – Congo Kitoko 1925-2015 | Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain 11 July - 15 November 2015 From the emergence of modern Congolese art in the 1920s to contemporary art, discover the paintings by Lubaki, Djilatendo and Chéri Samba. Become immersed in the critical work of the Eza-possibles collective. Don’t miss the photos of Jean Depara, reflecting the nightlife of Kinshasa, or the extremely tiny robotic sculptures of Rigobert Nimi.

MELBOURNE Melbourne Art Fair | Carlton Gardens 5 – 9 August 2015 Presented by the Melbourne Art Foundation, a not for profit organisation, Melbourne Art Fair is one of Australasia’s most celebrated contemporary art events, showcasing outstanding work from the region’s best galleries. For 25 years the Fair has stimulated critical and commercial attention, presenting a rich and diverse cross-section of the region’s visual art scene.

VIENNA Tracey Emin & Egon Schiele: Where I Want to Go | Leopold Museum 24 April - 14 September 2015 A major attraction will be the inclusion of new work and installations by Emin but there is an added draw in that the display will incorporate a personal selection of drawings by the Austrian expressionist Egon Schiele. How the blend works is intriguing.

SOURCES: » » » » »

http://www.amsterdamartfair.com/ http://www.goodman-gallery.com/news#3221 http://melbourneartfair.com.au/ http://www.moma.org/visit/calendar/exhibitions/1573 http://en.visitparisregion.com/events-paris/exhibitions/congolese-beauty-congokitoko-1925-2015-332652.html » http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2015/jan/15/top-10-must-see-art-exhibitions-europe-citybreaks-amsterdam-berlin-london » http://www.leopoldmuseum.org/en/exhibitions/66/tracey-emin-egon-schiele


Nushin Elahi’s London Letter read more at london-letter.com

Art exhibitions in London this summer seem to have gone beyond the mere two-dimensional plane and need to be experienced rather than simply seen. Standing in front of Barbara Hepworth’s monumental hardwood carvings, peering through the hollows of the inside white-painted surfaces which catch the light, one understands why this much-loved sculptor so enjoyed the challenges of carving into wood. Best known for the huge bronze which stands outside the United Nations Plaza in New York, Tate Britain’s Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture for a Modern World (until 25 Oct) is the first London museum retrospective on Hepworth since 1968. Although her early figurative works show the parallels with fellow Yorkshireman Henry Moore, she soon moves away from that into the pure abstract and the juxtaposition of solid mass and empty space. Hepworth’s strong profile features in many of her lover Ben Nicholson’s works and this artistic dialogue is shown in one of the early rooms, while the final room recreates an outdoor pavilion in Holland which she felt was an ideal showcase for her sinuous bronzes. Watching her confident hands as she chisels a block of wood in footage from the Fifties, you see an artist at the height of her powers. It is this direct experience of working in wood that resulted in her most inspiring creations, which over half a century later still do look modern.

Soundscapes is an interesting multi-sensory experiment by the National Gallery (until 6 Sept). Six composers were given full access to the gallery’s collection, and invited to create a response to a work. So the discordant notes of the broken lyre in the background are explored in Holbein’s majestic The Ambassadors, The Wilton Diptych is placed as an altarpiece with devotional music and Cezanne’s group of nude female Bathers is accompanied by a woman singer. Elsewhere the staccato pointillism of a seascape is represented in a fractured urban score, while the languid tones of water on a Finnish lake are accompanied by an atmospheric documentation of Nordic sounds. Interpreting those works will depend entirely on how much the viewer is prepared to invest in the experience. Most engaging is undoubtedly the 3-D model of a Renaissance painting that shows St Jerome in his study with his lion nearby, while the light plays on lakes and mountains in the distance beyond the pillars of this monastic structure. Building what looks like a set design, installation artists Cardiff and Miller have unpicked the architectural detail of this tiny but complex image by Da Messina, no doubt opening it up to a new generation of viewers.

Joseph Cornell’s boxed curiosities have long intrigued Americans, but Wanderlust at the Royal Academy (until 27 Sept) is the first chance British audiences have had to see his work in 35 years. An eccentric New Yorker who made fantastical trips to Europe only in his mind, Cornell was a loner who frequented junk stores and old book shops for his material. His works are almost like miniature scrapbooks, sometimes hundreds of bits and pieces that are placed together as a snapshot. The glass cases reveal a magpie mind, with images ranging from Medici princesses, the cosmic universe and endangered birds to the washing lines that typify the streets of Naples. It is easy to see how Cornell influenced later generations of artists with the seeds of current images, whether the paper art that involves cutting up old books or the brightly coloured pharmacy bottles that Damian Hirst used for one of his series. Small and intimate, they can delight the eye for ages as you pick out each curiosity.

Header: A recreation of Barbara Hepworth’s bronzes in an outdoor pavilion in Holland. Photo: Nushin Elahi

Left, top: An installation view of Hepworth’s exhibition with the Tate’s Pelagos (1946) in the centre. Photo: Nushin Elahi.

Left, centre: Installation shot of Joseph Cornell’s Wanderlust exhibition. Photo: Nushin Elahi.

Left, bottom: Soundscapes at the National Gallery: Cardiff and Miller’s 3-D model of da Messina’s St Jerome in his Study. Photo: Nushin Elahi

Centre, top: Barbara Hepworth, Corinthos, 1954-5, Tate Britain. © Bowness, Hepworth Estate Centre, bottom: Antonello Da Messina, Saint Jerome in his Study, about 1475. © The National Gallery London

Above: One of Joseph Cornell’s Pharmacy series on show at the Royal Academy. Photo: Nushin Elahi.


New: The AT Sales Room

Niki Saunders, Hopland Jewel, Acrylics & oil on stretched canvas Price: R15 000.00 nikatita.art@gmail.com www.nikatita.com

Leonie.e.Brown, Gone Home Abstract / Portrait format, 180 x 130cm Price: R35 000.00

Niki Saunders, Playful Duo, 860 x 580mm unframed Pen & ink Crosshatch on paper Price: R50 000.00 nikatita.art@gmail.com www.nikatita.com

Connor Cullinan, Pieter Hugo 2012 Screenprint Price: R4 200.00 www.printgallery.co.za

Diane Victor, Undertaker Single Colour Lithograph Price: R8 780.00 www.printgallery.co.za

Peter Clarke, Light 1999 Silkscreen Price: R5 600.00 www.printgallery.co.za

Leonie.e.Brown, Fishing for You Abstract / Portrait format, 100 x 120cm Price: R18 000.00

INTRODUCING THE ALL NEW AT SALES ROOM PAGE Sell your artwork directly to our art buying readers through our comprehensive art news network. Single entry costs just R 600 ex vat OR Contract of 6 months, 6 images and text for R 500 x 6 (R 3 000 ex vat) paid upfront. Simply supply us with an image of your artwork and 30 word text in the Business Art Section of The Art Times. For more information: Eugene 021 424 7733 or email: sales@arttimes.co.za 13


Samson Kambalu: Nyau Cinema A catalogue of moments from Samson Kambalu’s video artworks made between 2011 and 2015, this book is like a photo album from an event that the voyeur was unable to attend. In order to get a complete perspective of Kambalu’s video work, one needs to watch it (the artist uploads to Facebook and YouTube as a matter of course). This being said, the book itself is interesting for the reason of it being a collection of moments. The imagery of these moments carries an uncanny intrigue and a spontaneous energy that inspires creativity. Kambalu’s performances recorded on camera, are simple, everyday rituals made significant by their capture. There is an insightful interview at the back of the book, in which the artist’s mind is opened to the reader. The mingling of his Chewa upbringing and his Situationist philosophy brings about surprising innovation. Published by and available through: STEVENSON (Johannesburg & Cape Town)

The Mirror in the Ground By Nick Shepherd (Foreword by Pippa Skotnes) Written by an Associate Professor of Archaeology and African Studies, it is no wonder The Mirror in the Ground is a not only focused on archaeology but the sociological aspects of the archaeological endeavour. In particular, it admires the aesthetics of formative South African archaeologist John Goodwin’s photography – shot on the field (mid 1920s – late 1950s). The general discussion is quite pleasing to read, a narrative spun together through research and interpretation of Goodwin’s archive. Of particular interest is the discourse around how the ‘other’ is portrayed or excluded from the socio/archaeological records (either dead or alive). The subject’s and the camera’s gaze are important aspects here, both interesting and applicable to a broader pool of research. Respectful and sincere, but somehow also intimate, this investigation into the construction of history is insightful but also complexly emotional; a relevant study of photography for the sake of both communication and aesthetics. Published by and available through: Jonathan Ball Publishers


Drawing People: The Human Figure in Contemporary Art

Agnes Martin: Her Life and Art

By Roger Malbert

Published by Thames and Hudson

By Various

Published by Thames and Hudson

Available through: www.loot.co.za | Exclusive Books

Published by Hatje Cantz

Available through: Reader’s Warehouse | www.thamesandhudson.com

By Nancy Princentha

Louise Bourgeois: I Have Been to Hell and Back

Available through: Reader’s Warehouse | www.loot.co.za



Invitation to consign for our next auction | 12 September 2015 Art, antiques, objects, furniture and jewellery

Catalogued Auction Sales of: South African and International Paintings, Silver, Porcelain, Antique Furniture, Bronze Sculptures, Persian Carpets, Rugs & Other Works of Art and Collectables




Walter Whall Battiss, Watercolour on card SOLD R38 000



083 675 8468 • rka@global.co.za

www.rkauctioneers.co.za Corner Garden and Allan Roads, Bordeaux





L I M I T E D A– Z C O L L E C T O R’ S E D I T IO N

This completely original new edition showcases the sheer ingenuity of more than 65 artists. Featuring a wide variety of works created by hand through beading, basket weaving, ~‡¾rª—~ÂŘźçź}¾‡źr¾ÈŘź‘¤rÂÂź sculpture, metal and wirework, recycling, and woodcarving.

Editioned and signed by the author, Elbé Coetsee. Quarter-bound hard case in black wooded paper (Napura Khepera) with copper-foiled lettering and silk-screened linen design, front & back. Presentation box in black wooded paper, with a magnetic lid, and copper-foiled lettering with orange ribbon. For more information or to place an order, contact Ingeborg Pelser on +27 (0)21 469 8911 or ingeborg.pelser@jonathanball.co.za. www.jonathanball.co.za


Bonhams, London

Biannual SA Art Sale Promises to be the Best Yet The next sale of South African Art will be held at Bonhams London on 9 September. The auction will feature a number of important works by Irma Stern, including an atmospheric architectural vista, St Mark’s Square, Venice (estimate GBP300,000500,000). Although not Impressionist in style, the painting displays great sensitivity to light and tone. The city’s most celebrated plaza is depicted with deft brushstrokes creating an illusion of weightlessness. The shimmering façade of the Doge’s palaceand the sun-drenched dome of the basilica are picked out in pastel colours and white highlights, enhancing their ethereal quality. The auction will also include an arrestingflower painting by the artist, Still Life with Tiger Lilies (estimate GBP200,000-300,000). Stern’s own garden at The Firs was much admired by her friends and neighbours. Many of these blossoms became the subjects of her art. On meeting Stern in 1937, the British sculptor Jacob Epsteincomplimented her ability to paint flowers, stating that even Renoir’s roses “look like paper” beside hers. Still Life with Tiger Lilies shows the artist at her

most experimental.There are multiple viewpoints at work; the vase of lilies is presented from the side, whilst the table and bowls of fruit are depicted from above. In abandoning the illusion of depth and perspectival traditions, Stern encourages the viewer to appreciate the vigorous brushwork and colour harmonies. This still life celebrates the act of painting as much as it does the subject matter. Other highlights include a magnificent landscape by John Meyer, one of the country’s greatest living practitioners. Fields of Promise (estimate GBP35,000-50,000) depicts the Compassberg, the highest peak in the mountainous region of the Karoo. Meyer’s work captures the stark beauty of South Africa’s vast arid plains. The farm located in the foothills is entirely dwarfed by the surrounding landscape; the inhabitants face these solitary and harsh conditions with quiet stoicism. Also on offer is an unusual oil by Walter Battiss. Landscape with Two Quagga (estimate GBP15,00020,000) marks the artist’s transition from his early Impressionist style to his mature linear aesthetic. The shift was affected by his discovery of ancient

San cave painting in 1933. After visiting Le Roux’s of Malopodraai, Battiss abandoned Western perspectival traditions and adopted the Bushmen’s flat areas of colour and bold outlines. The artist exhibited a very similar work at the XIVth London Olympiad in 1948, helping to date Landscape with Two Quagga to this year. Sculpture will be well represented in the sale. The top lot is a bronze Bust of a Zulu by Anton van Wouw (estimate GBP50,000-80,000). The sculptor executed a number of studies of the ‘native’ population, including this Bust of a Zulu. Cast by the G. Massa foundry in Rome, the bust is a superior example of this genre. The muscular neck and smooth face are counterposed by the rough yet precise peppercorn hair and beard. The facial features, the deep-set eyes in particular, exhibit van Wouw’s characteristic attention to detail. Other editions of the work can be found in the collections of the Johannesburg Art Gallery, the Reserve Bank art collection and the Pretoria Art Museum. This will be the first time since 1988 that a Bust of Zulu has been available at auction.

Above, left: Jacob Hendrik Pierneef (South African, 18861957), Highveld Storm, signed ‘J H.Pierneef’ (lower right), oil on board, 41 x 56cm. Estimate: £70,000-100,000 Above, centre: Walter Whall Battiss (South African, 19061982), Landscape with two Quagga, signed ‘Walter Battiss’ (lower right); inscribed with title, artist’s name and address (verso), oil on canvas, 56 x 61cm. Estimate: £15,000-20,000 Above, right: Irma Stern (South African, 1894-1966), Still life with tiger lilies, signed and dated ‘Irma Stern / 1960’ (lower right), oil on canvas, 85 x 69.5cm. Estimate: £200,000-300,000 Far left: Irma Stern (South African, 1894-1966), St. Marco Square, Venice, signed and dated ‘Irma Stern/ 1948’ (lower left), oil on canvas, 70 x 70cm, within an original Zanzibar frame. Estimate: £300,000-500,000 Left: Anton van Wouw (South African, 1862-1945), Bust of a Zulu, signed ‘A VAN WOUW. S.A.’ and inscribed ‘FOUNDRY – G. MASSA – ROMA’ (to back of neck); brass label inscribed ‘D.L. SMIT ESQ/ SECRETARY FOR/NATIVE AFFAIRS/1934-1945/FROM/HIS STAFF’ (to base), bronze, 55 cm high. Estimate: £50,000-80,000



Stephan Welz & Co., Johannesburg

Homegrown Artworks set to soar at Johannesburg Auction With South African artwork attracting bidders worldwide, stand-out political works by contemporary artist Wayne Barker of Walter Sisulu and Steve Biko, a colourful township scene by Ephraim Ngatane, and paintings by Pierneef, Stern and more are sure to make for an exciting auction at the upcoming Stephan Welz & Co. Fine Art and Collectables Auction in Johannesburg, on Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 August 2015. “Each year, we are seeing more and more international interest in South African art” says Imre Lamprecht, Head of the Art Department at Stephan Welz & Co. “We are thrilled to be the conduit through which so many collectors are discovering the diversity and merits of our great artists, from best known masters like Pierneef to the artists of the turbulent 1960s and 1970s who are now becoming hot commodities, to 21st century talent, such as Wayne Barker.” Barker’s works largely deal with the subject of South Africa’s colonial and apartheid past, and the two works for sale are part of the artist’s Legends series. CBS News – 1990: Walter Sisulu, 2010 and Fighting Field: Steve Biko, 2010 are both mixed media and neon tubing on canvas, and are accompanied by small sculptures commissioned from his friend Richard Chauke. Each is valued at R120 000 – R160 000. “Known for his depictions of South African townships, which are also doing well on the international auction scene, Ephraim Ngatane is one

of those painters from the late 20th century whose works are finally receiving their due,” said Lamprecht. Valued at R150 000 – R200 000, Ngatane’s Our Gang was painted just a year before his death in 1972, after a life-long battle with tuberculosis. “It is a significant example of Ngatane’s technical proficiency and important because it was painted in the last year of his life,” said Lamprecht. “His late work displays a development of his style into rhythmically balanced, almost abstract compositions.” In 2008, Ngatane’s Township Children Dancing in the Snow, Soweto sold at a Stephan Welz & Co. auction for R560 000, at well over its estimate. Pierneef and Stern: South African Legends Hot on the heels of the recent opening of the first major Pierneef exhibition in many years, A Space for Landscape: The work of JH Pierneef at Standard Bank Johannesburg, Stephan Welz & Co. will be auctioning a rare Pierneef bushveld painting. Acacia Trees in the Bushveld, which has an estimated value of R180 000 – R240 000, was painted with the age-old but much forgotten medium of casein paint. “In this work, most probably painted pleinair, the artist has rapidly rendered, with painterly brushstrokes, his impression of beautiful dense acacia trees in the bushveld; creating an inimitable atmosphere. Although a theme that he painted often, the visible mark making in this piece creates an electric energy and dynamism,” said Lamprecht.

Other traditional auction highlights include Irma Stern’s Coast Scene, Probably Zanzibar, which has an estimated value of R600 000 – R900 000 and Maggie Laubser’s Trees at Lake with Boat, which has been valued at R300 000 – R400 000. Contemporary collectors will have plenty of other interesting and collectable works to choose from, including Lyttleton, a work painted by Pretoriaborn Anton Karstel, which is valued at R80 000 – R120 000. Karstel is an intense and prolific painter who deals with serious political issues of the pre- and post-apartheid years. The four drawings of baskets by South African sculptor Walter Oltmann, each valued at R8 000 – R12 000, is also one to watch. Oltmann is most renowned for his giant insect woven wire sculptures such as Silverfish, 1997, which is housed at the Johannesburg Art Gallery. Earlier this year, one of Oltmann’s pencil drawings sold at auction for R62 524, at double its estimated value. The Stephan Welz & Co. Fine Arts and Collectables auction will take place on 4 and 5 August at Stephan Welz & Co. on the 4th floor, South Tower, Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, Johannesburg. For more information visit www.stephanwelzandco. co.za or contact Imre Lamprecht on (011 880 3125) or email Imre.Lamprecht@stephanwelzandco.co.za. Follow Stephan Welz & Co. on Twitter @ StephanWelzCo or ‘Like’ facebook.com/StephanWelz-and-Company-Fine-and-Decorative-ArtsAuctioneers for regular updates

Ephraim Ngatane’s Our Gang was painted just a year before his death in 1972, valued at R150 000 – R200 000.



Strauss & Co, Cape Town



South Africans are in for a rare double treat this month when a selection of works from the Kilbourn Collection of Modern and Contemporary South African Art go on show alongside the many gems of the famed Boerneef Collection, comprising works by Irma Stern, Jean Welz, Maggie Laubser and other South African master painters permanently housed at the historic Welgemeend House in Cape Town. Passionately assembled over almost 30 years by Frank and Lizelle Kilbourn, it is only the second time that a selection of works from their collection is being shown in the public domain and, since Welgemeend itself is seldom open to the public, it will be an extraordinary privilege to view both these collections on designated days throughout August at the magnificent 17th century estate in the heart of the Mother City. Boerneef is the pen name used by the late Professor IW van der Merwe, linguist, poet, author and lecturer in Afrikaans and Dutch literature. He never owned a car

or travelled abroad preferring to fuel his passion for buying paintings and, on his death, ensured a public place for his magnificent collection by bequeathing it to Jan van Riebeeck High School. Indicative of the enthusiastic support and interest in the arts is that tickets are already sold out for the fundraising dinner that will precede the opening of the exhibition. Sponsored jointly by Strauss and Co and the Kilbourns (and the wine by Delaire Graff Estate), the dinner will be followed by a discussion titled “The Art Market: Driven by Collectors or Investors?” and feature Stephan Welz, South Africa’s art doyen and managing director of Strauss and Co, Herman Steyn, the executive director and founder of the Scheryn Art Fund and Frank Kilbourn, businessman and art collector. Funds raised from the sale of the dinner tickets, as well as a mini auction of select items will boost those raised annually to support the ongoing upkeep, restoration and conservation of the Boerneef Collection. “Strauss and Co are proud of their long-standing association with Welgemeend and the Boerneef Art Collection which goes back to the close relationship shared by my father Jean and Boerneef. By committing our time and energy to selected causes we can help ensure that important historical treasure-troves of art such as Boerneef’s are preserved for posterity,” said Stephan Welz. “It is no coincidence that the two collections are being shown together as besides sharing a love and passion for art, the Kilbourns share Boerneef’s commitment to education and cultural development, particularly for the youth”. “They share Boerneef’s determination to expose children to art and his philosophy that by making your collection accessible to the public you create future artists and collectors. Like Boerneef, the Kilbourn Collection is built on their love and passionate interest not only in the paintings, but also for the artists with whom they have formed close ties.” “They collect artworks that appeal to them, they buy works that are dictated by their heart and soul. They invest in quality paintings, not necessarily the most expensive. They have built an honest collection of art, not by following whims and fashion, but one that is a source of daily inspiration”. “We encourage everyone not to miss this rare opportunity to see an important sector of our cultural heritage. Schools and scholars of all institutions in particular, should be encouraged to arrange a visit,” said Stephan Welz. Address: Welgemeend, corner Welgemeend Road/Lingen Street, Gardens Enquiries: Helena Le Roux: welgemeendfriends@gmail.com | 082 4619753 See below schedule of times to visit Welgemeend and entrance fees.

Programme at Welgemeend

Christo Coetzee (South African 1929-2000), Baroque Shell signed and dated 65, oil on canvas, 75 x 75cm, Kilbourn Collection






10h00 – 11h00 12h00 – 13h00

6 August

Guided tour of Kilbourn Art exhibition and Boerneef Art Collection

R 50

Booking essential

10h00 – 11h00

7 August

Guided tour of Kilbourn Art exhibition and Boerneef Art Collection

R 50

Booking essential

10h00 – 13h00

11 – 15 August

Gallery will be open for viewing of the Kilbourn Art exhibition and Boerneef Art Collection

R 30 Public R 10 Friends of W R 5 Scholars

No booking necessary

10h00 – 13h00

17 – 20 August

Gallery will be open for viewing of the Kilbourn Art exhibition and Boerneef Art Collection

R 30 Public R 10 Friends of W R 5 Scholar

No booking necessary

10h00 – 13h00

24 – 27 August

Gallery will be open for viewing of the Kilbourn Art exhibition and Boerneef Art Collection

R 30 Public R 10 Friends of W R 5 Scholars

No booking necessary



Michael Coulson: 1938-2015 Erudite financial journalist and art-loving bon vivant

By Chris Barron. First published in the Sunday Times Michael Coulson, who has died at the age of 76, was a formidably intelligent, erudite financial journalist who served for 16 years as deputy editor of the Financial Mail and was rather bitter about never getting the top job. He also grumbled about not being made editor of Business Day. Calling him a financial journalist does no justice to the extraordinary scope of his talents. He had an encyclopaedic knowledge about many things, including art, art auctions, theatre, literature, classical and jazz music and cricket, and wrote about them with consummate ease and an authority and depth of understanding that amateurs found compellingly readable and professionals in these fields rated very highly indeed. Although he said he was useless at the game himself,

perhaps his greatest love was cricket. He was a member of Marylebone Cricket Club. Sitting at Lord’s, watching the Ashes in his MCC tie, he was as close to heaven as he could be. He bought a flat in London to cater for his thrice-yearly cricketing trips and forays to the West End, for theatre was another passion. He was an amateur actor and once contemplated turning pro. Coulson had 30 000 or so books in his otherwise sparsely furnished home in upmarket Forest Town, Johannesburg. If you mentioned an author or title, he could pick it out with lightning precision. He haunted second-hand book shops and never came away from once-a-week visits to Exclusive Books without at least five new purchases. He loved reading history and poring over newspapers (the weekend edition of the British Financial Times was his financial bible) but his great weakness was crime fiction. He thought English women writers were best at this genre, but by the time he died rather suddenly – of kidney failure due to undiagnosed cancer – he had become an ardent fan of the Scandinavian crime writers, too. A member of the genius’s club Mensa, he devoured crossword puzzles. Word got around and people he often barely knew would phone up with a clue that was driving them mad. There were plenty of reasons Coulson’s sense of being cheated out of the editorship he felt was rightfully his might have been justified. Nobody knew more about the technical business of producing a financial publication, and few, if indeed any, financial editors or journalists could match his technical expertise, which he picked up without the benefit of any formal financial education – his majors at the University of the Witwatersrand had been English literature and history. But there were also good reasons for keeping him out of the editor’s chair – much the same as those that made him a

difficult, if indispensable, colleague. He did not suffer fools at all and could be cruel and abrupt if colleagues did not meet his own high standards. He was judgmental and dismissive of views he thought were ill-informed and with which he disagreed, usually the same thing as far as he was concerned. He did not bear his knowledge lightly. He could be pompous and a bit of a show-off. Any newsroom he led might well have been a rather fraught and divided place. He became deputy editor of the Financial Mail in 1987 and retired in 2003, but remained on as a consultant for a few years. Although something of a ladies’ man – even if his endeavours in this regard were not always welcomed – Coulson, who padded about the newsroom in his socks and smoked cigars, did not make for easy company and did not socialise much with colleagues. An only child, Coulson was born in Yorkshire in England on October 9 1938. His father, Donald, went off to war when he was not much more than a year old, and when he returned Coulson did not know who he was. His mother, Doris, he idolised all his life. He kept a photograph of her in his bathroom and said barely a day went by that he did not miss her. The family fled postwar austerity in England for South Africa when he was seven. They settled in Krugersdorp, where his father taught divinity, or biblical studies, at Krugersdorp High School, where Coulson himself matriculated. He was raised an Anglican but came to hate religion. His marriage to a Glasgow-born scenic designer, Liz, ended acrimoniously after seven years when she became too religious for his liking. Before becoming a journalist, Coulson lectured briefly in economic history at Wits. He is survived by his partner of 15 years, Sheree Lissoos, a historical curator at the Johannesburg Art Gallery.

Karin Maria Skawran: 1937-2015 Eminent academic and art historian

We would like to pay tribute to the former Head of the Department of Art History, Visual Arts and Musicology at Unisa, Karin Skawran, who lost her battle with cancer on July 5. She started her academic career at Unisa under Professor Walter Battiss, where she retired in 1996. She was a well-known Byzantine scholar. After Professor Battiss’ retirement in the early seventies, Karin took over the reins and steadily built up an internationally acclaimed art and art history department. She also established one of the most important art collections featuring South African art. Whilst it was still financially possible during the 1970s, she

acquired a superb collection of prints by David Hockney, Tom Wesselmann, Jim Dine, Andy Warhol and many others. Owing to the ever increasing student registrations in the department, the need for a scholarly art journal was soon recognised and a pilot edition of de arte was launched as early as 1965 with Battiss as the first editor and Karin Skawran and a newly appointed colleague, Frieda Harmsen, as the advisory editors. Initially this journal served the broader arts and literary community of the university but under the editorial guidance of Karin the contents of the journal became more focussed on art and architectural history. Today this accredited journal is acknowledged as the foremost art historical journal in the country. Karin wrote widely on aspects of South African art. In 1983 she published a book on Irmin Henkel in collaboration with his wife Margot Henkel and in 1985 she co-edited a book on Battiss. She edited or contributed to many catalogues on our foremost artists, among these Edoardo Villa, Battiss, Willem Strydom, Alan Crump, Neville Dubow, Jan Neethling and many more. She curated exhibitions, served on selection committees and was a much desired speaker at conferences and exhibition openings. In addition to her academic career and many other activities, Karin occupied a significant position as a member of the South African National Gallery board of trustees over

a long period of time. She was appointed to the board in 1990; she became chairperson four years later, and remained in that capacity until February 1999, when the last meeting of the national gallery as an autonomous body was held. Karin served on the acquisitions committee and earned the admiration and trust of all for her outstanding leadership, unfailing wisdom and inspiration during times of profound change in our country and our national art museum. Fortunately she was appointed by the new government to the council of what became Iziko Museums of South Africa; here she continued to promote and enforce the importance of collections, museological functions and the work of the Art Collections Department. Apart from her interest in South African art, artists and museums, and her own practice as an artist and writer, Karin was deeply involved in the accreditation and examination processes of the Grade 12 art syllabus at Umalusi, where she played a pivotal role for many years. As a member of the International Soroptimists, Karin Skawran was also a founding member of the Mapula Embroidery Collective situated to the north of Pretoria. The creative work of this embroidery collective is today internationally renowned. She will be sorely missed by her colleagues, the art community and many, many friends. By Marilyn Martin & Eunice Basson



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THE SOUTH AFRICAN SALE Wednesday 9 September 2015 New Bond Street, London

IRMA STERN (1894 -1966) Arab in Black, 1939 £700,000 - 1,000,000 ZAR 13.5 - 19.5million

© Irma Stern Trust | DALRO


ENQUIRIES +44 (0) 20 7468 8213 sapictures@bonhams.com




















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Johannes Petrus Meintjes (SOUTH AFRICAN 1923 - 1980) BLONDE SEUNTJIE signed and dated 47 oil on panel 21 by 19cm Est R 30 000 - R 50 000 Johannesburg, 4 & 5 August 2015


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Kilbourn & Boerneef Art Collections 1 Alexis Preller, New Eden (detail), charcoal on paper laid down on card, 121,5 x 152 cm, Kilbourn Collection. Image courtesy of Frank and Lizelle Kilbourn

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