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2013 Art School Graduate Feature New R500M Zeitz MOCCA African Art Museum launched

Indulge in the fruits of success Be part of Strauss & Co’s superior yield Forthcoming auctions Cape Town, 17 March 2014 Closing date for entries: mid December 2013 021 683 6560 / 078 044 8185 Johannesburg, 26 May 2014 Closing date for entries: 24 March 2014 011 728 8246 / 079 367 0637 Strauss Online February 2014 Closing date for entries: end January 2014 011 728 8246 / 021 683 6560

Art Valuation Days with Stephan Welz & Colleagues Cape Town – Monday 9 December Strauss & Co, The Oval, 1 Oakdale Road, Newlands Hermanus – Tuesday 10 December The Marine Hotel, 9 Marine Drive Somerset West – Wednesday 11 December The Lord Charles Hotel, cnr Main Road M9 & Broadway Blvd R44 To book an appointment, please call: 021 683 6560 / 078 044 8185

Walter Battiss Watermelon Eater Sold for R909 440, November 2013


Jackson Xidonkani Hlungwani was born in 1923 at Nkanyani in the now Limpopo Province and passed away in 2010. At the time of his death he was widely acclaimed and considered a national treasure.

South Africa’s late sculptor, preacher and visionary, Jackson Hlungwani, is being honoured with an exhibition tribute titled Jackson Hlungwani – A New Jerusalem. This retrospective exhibition features some 45 artworks by the legendary artist and healer, whose work has attracted anthropologists, theologians and art historians for decades. Hosted by the Polokwane Municipal Art Museum, the exhibition is open to the public from 29 November 2013 to 31 January 2014. Sole funder MTN SA Foundation is inspired by the project, particularly because it offers citizens in the artist’s province of birth a unique opportunity to see his works. “Hlungwani’s artworks have a privileged position in the annals of South African art, yet in his home province, Limpopo, relatively few have enjoyed access to his artworks, and even fewer a comprehensive body of his works on display,” says Kusile Mtunzi-Hairwadzi, General Manager of the MTN SA Foundation. The project was initiated in 2011 by the Museum, in partnership with Limpopo Arts and Culture Association. Polokwane Municipal Art Museum’s resident curator, Amos Letsoalo, points out that “…the road to bringing Hlungwani’s artworks back in the Province has not been an easy one, and we are glad that MTN SA Foundation helped us to make it a reality.” Hlungwani’s sculptures combine the spiritual and natural worlds in unexpected ways, with one of the leitmotifs of his work being the fish – a creature of significance in both Christian and African traditions. According to A New Jerusalem guest curator, Nessa Leibhammer, “We could say Hlungwani was a person who moved easily between

worlds – between Christian and Tsonga beliefs, between sacred and everyday experience, and between urban and rural environments – reconciling them conceptually in his life and work.” Hlungwani is popularly remembered for his most significant artwork, an Acropolis-like structure, built on a hill at Mbhokota village, 38km from Makhado in Limpopo. Here Hlungwani found remains of old rock-wall structures, left behind by people who had lived there many years before. On this site he built his “New Jerusalem, the new country home of God and Christ”, where he coached his followers about the Gospel, healed the sick and taught sculpture. Hlungwani also constructed a pilgrimage route up the hill, on top of which he built his Altar to Christ and Altar to God, comprising stone platforms with sculptures of God, Christ, angels and his Map of God. Hlungwani received no formal training. He was taught by his mine-worker father, Mundun’wazi, to carve household objects and to work with iron. But at about 18 years of age he left Nkanyani village in Limpopo Province and went to Johannesburg to find work. He only started carving full-time after losing a finger in an industrial accident in Johannesburg. Hlungwani’s work was formally exhibited in 1984 and since then it has been shown at a number of local and international exhibitions. A New Jerusalem offers visitors insight into Hlungwani’s philosophy ingrained in wood. Viewers can see how he was not only inspired by a Tsonga carving and building tradition, but how he embraced a multitude of influences, including Medieval, Romanesque, Oriental and traditional African art.

For further information please contact Amos Letsoalo at the Polokwane Municipal Art Museum: 015 290 2177 or visit



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Global Art Information Group

This issue marks our 7th year as the SA Art Times. With our design and content ever-improving, I am sure that we will evolve beautifully for the next 7. Indecently, we started with a magazine of 8 pages and a circulation of 2000 copies. We now see how far we have come, having grown to a magazine of 64 pages with a circulation 5-10 times the original. Given this growth rate (also evident on our online platforms), we intend to see our influence grow another 10-fold in the next 7 years. The last edition of the year always seeks to put it all in context. To this end, we are lucky to have the opinions of 2 of the finest minds in the industry as Michelle Constant and Michael Coulson wrap up 2013 and introduce 2014. This year has brought with it its own unique surprises, including the introduction of 2 new art fairs to our country. Both the Cape Town and the Turbine Art Fairs were a great success, wonderfully complimenting the Joburg Art Fair. Now visitors have 2 more opportunities to see the best of the best SA art under one roof. It is only sensible that the concept of the art fair seems set to grow as each visitor sees more galleries in a few colourful hours than is s/he is likely to see in as many years. The bright star on the top of this year’s art market must be the launch of the world-class, R 500M Zietz MOCCA Art Museum in Cape Town. The construction of which is under the keen eye of globe-trotting, SA curator Mark Coetzee. Many years ago I was fortunate enough to know Mark personally. He held court from a tiny gallery the size of a grand piano. Now, he is the producer of the 9-floors of an innovative, contemporary art collection and educational centre that is simply inspiring. This is the testimony of one who has burning ambition but is gentle and kind in his dealings. This year marked the breaking of art auction house records. Among these, the sale of the Jane Alexander’s so-called “fourth butcher boy” by Strauss & Co for over R5.5M. The original buyer, a fellow student at the time, bought it for a few thousand rands, paying the artist in monthly instalments. This might serve well as a model for not-so-wealthy but serious art buyers among us. The moral of the story: If you are going to invest,

buy something that grabs you and even if you have to pay it off over 6 months, the time will fly by and you will enjoy the work for the rest of your life or it will become valuable to you in another way. Vying for the art market’s attention is the return of another record-breaking SA artwork to our shores. Trechikoff’s “Chinese Lady” was bought by David Graaf and is to be housed at his Delaire wine estate in Stellenbosch (As an aside: This work was also bought off Trechikoff by a student who paid for the painting over a period of time). The return of SA art from abroad proves SA art’s maturity in the global art market; as does the international success of contemporary names: Kentridge and Dumas, and many new rising South African art stars. Galleries and auction houses have had to acclimatise to the global recession, scrambling into unchartered waters both locally and international to gain young, active buyers. Locally a small, obscure, Russian painting of a snow storm found itself on auction. The new avenue of online auction saw the work being snapped up by someone in the Ukraine, reaching ten times its estimate in the process due to the artwork’s exposure on the net. With such an opening-up of the market, there is no stopping quality pieces finding the right buyer on the other side of the world. Currently raising eyebrows from the old guard is Alan Demby of Stephan Welz & Co who is constantly trying out new incentives to invite people to engage with the market. My personal opinion is that most folk aren’t waiting for the economy to pick up. The truth is that there is an incredible amount of money in the world, a rapidly rising educated middle class, and a lot more empty walls that need filling in these homes. Those I admire are busier than ever pushing new ways of marketing, promoting local talent and recent graduates internationally. I believe that the doors to making quality work as well as acquiring and enjoying art are open wider than ever before. Giving the uniqueness of SA’s complex political and social dynamics as well as South Africa’s friendship with innovation, hard work and beauty; art can celebrate our past and infuse fresh insight and hope to beautify our present and future.

When it comes to colour, all artists start with a fresh palette. Whilst we are not artists in the true sense, we are passionate about art and colour. Many an artist has come to us to reproduce their artwork, and we reproduce it perfectly everytime. Call us on 021 448 8593 or visit


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Anton Chapman ‘Found’ (2013) Oil on canvas

ANTON CHAPMAN In Arcadia: New Paintings 30 Nov to 18 Dec

World record art sales as super-rich snap up Freuds, Koons, and Warhols

Online Art Collecting Finds Its Footing

Art sales records shattered with global rise of billionaires Anton Chapman ‘Transition’ (2013) Oil on canvas

A showcase for the best of SA Masters and leading contemporary artists Recovery rate for stolen art as low as 1.5%

Booming Chinese art forging business hurts U.S. artists...

Australia’s first police team to investigate art crime

Telephone: 021 683 6863 E-mail: Mon-Fri: 09h30 - 17h30 Sat: 10h00 - 13h00 or by appointment

16 Kildare Road, Newlands Cape Town

The secrets to investing in art

A 30-year-old Qatari is the most powerful person in art—even if she didn’t buy a $142 million painting

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Cecil Skotnes ‘Kitchen still life’ Carved and painted wood panel

ART TIMES | NEWS / 2 Minutes with Mark Coetzee

2 minutes with Mark Coetzee

Mark Coetzee The SA Art Times catches up with executive director and chief curator for the recently launched Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa. Recalling his first foray into the art world, Mark Coetzee says: “The first space I opened was called The Cabinet. I called it that because it was so bloody small.” “In fact,” he laughs, “while interviewing me around that time, a journalist said to me: ‘This place is so small, it’s about the size of a loo.” Small beginnings have, however, led to much bigger things for Coetzee, who is currently serving as executive director and chief curator for the recently launched Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa.

The museum, which is set for completion in 2016, will feature an expansive list of works by an equally expansive list of contemporary artists from 54 countries across Africa and its diaspora. Born in Johannesburg, Coetzee’s formative years as an art practioner only really kicked off with his relocation to Cape Town. “I studied fine art and art history at the University of Stellenbosch and UCT. I then went on to study at the Solvone University in Paris. After that, I went to work, much like everyone else, really.” It’s not everyone, however, who then, like Coetzee, goes on to manage the collection such as the Miami-based Rubell Family Collection. Says Coetzee: “At the time it was a groundbreaking model: using a collection to build a museum.” “At the time I was also a professor at the new World School of the Arts, where I taught fine art, which was tiring but so, so, so amazing. I was also an adjunct curator at the Palm Springs Art Museum in California.” In additon to being an artist in his own right, Coetzee has also written extensively, not only in publications such as Huffington Post, Mail & Guardian and Revue Noire, but has also written over 30 monograph catalogues on variuous artists including Keith Harring and Hernan Bas. Although he describes his nine-year sojourn with the Rubell collection as “amazing”, his face lights up when he starts

waxing lyrical about his time as programme director at Puma Vision and chief curator at Puma Creative. Says Coetzee: “Puma basically initiated a corporate social investment program to create a platform for environment, peace and creativity. This was really amazing because it redefined the way corporations engaged with art. It took on all sorts of different issues - the way corporations take from nature and give nothing back, for example.” After a short, reflective pause, Coetzee says: “So many artists tell me that they want to have a say - a real say - in what’s happening the world today; not just make pretty pictures or whatever. So my time there was amazing because it taught me - reminded me, rather - how art can impact on the greater world. How it can be used as something that engages everyone and not just be something for an elite group of people.” By way of illustration, Coetzee says: “While there, I did project where we got artists to make the designs for the uniforms of the Afcon and 2010 World Cup football teams. One of the artists later came up to me said that more people had seen his work during that one football match than in his entire carreer. Smiling knowingly, Coetzee adds: “The thing is this: quality is not necessarily compromised by popularity. It’s not contradictory. All you need is engage – really engage - with the world.”


Retrospective Journey

After 5 years in the making and projected R 500M Zeitz MOCAA is set to be a cornerstone of Contemporary African Art

A day after the opening of the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA) Pavillion, attended by Cape Town’s well-heeled culturatti set, Mark Coetzee, executive director and chief curator of Zeitz MOCAA, are looking decidedly relaxed. This appearance is, however, a deceptive one. “I’m so excited,” he says. “I still can’t believe this is happening. We have been working on this for five years - developing the collection specifically for this museum.” And while it may be five years in the making, the slick, yet intimate 350 square meter-space is only the beginning of construction. The planned build of the nine-floor, 9 500 square meter Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa will replace the Waterfront’s abandoned grain silos.. With the completed project scheduled for completion in 2016, there is clearly still some slog lying ahead. The not-for-profit museum takes its name from the Zeitz collection, Jochen Zeitz’s collection of ‘cutting edge’, contemporary art from 54 countries across Africa and its diaspora, which will form its founding collection. Zeitz will commit his collection in perpetuity, underwrite the running costs of the museum and provide a substantial acquisition budget to allow the museum to acquire new important artworks. For now, though, the Pavillion’s debut offering features the works of Swazilandborn, Michaelis School of Fine Art graduate and 2011 Standard Bank Young Artist for Visual Art winner, Nandipha Mntambo. SA ART TIMES. December 2013

The reason for this choice? “It just made perfect sense to open with her work. When I first saw her work at the 2010 Sydney Bienalle, I thought to myself: ‘This is amazing; I must have it’. When I found out she is a South African, I felt like a bit of an idiot, because I should really have known that,” he laughs. “When we started collecting her work, people were saying: ‘Why so much of it?’ now, of course, they understand,” he says, with a cat-has-cream smirk. Forward thinking has clearly paid off. “We now have the largest holding of her work; over 70 works in total” So, would a few seminal works by individual artists not be enough? “No, no, no, that doesn’t work,” Coetzee shakes his head, laughing. “You really want to show the depth, complexities and variables in an artist’s work. It’s like meeting someone and thinking you are going to know them by simply saying ‘hello’. It’s not going to happen. You need to have a conversation with them to understand them.” As to the amount of artists included the collection, Coetzee, runs his fingers through his mane of hair and stares up at the ceiling, before eventually offering: “Phew… that I can’t even tell you. Hundreds. Hundreds and hundreds of artists.” And while tallying up the number of artists in the expansive collection might leave him somewhat flummoxed, there is not the slightest hesitation when he states the reason behind the collection: “ We want to use this institution to connect our artists with the rest of the world… and vice versa. For so long, so many African cultural artifacts were taken from us. But now we are - very fortunately - in the position where we can import these back to where they belong. And this, in turn, allows us to export our cultures ourselves; to take them all over and make a much broader cultural community aware of exactly what we have here.” 09


South African Jewish Museum

11 November – 28 February 2014

88 Hatfield Street, Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa 8001 Phone: +21-465-1546 Email: Sun to Thurs: 10.00am - 5.00pm Fri: 10.00am - 2.00pm Closed Saturdays and Jewish Holidays Open Public Holidays

Culture of Roots. 1996. Oil on Linen. Image courtesy Pucker Gallery

Jochen Zeits & David Green

into the art of

Anathi Tyawa Face of Xhosa (My Fore Fathers) Oil on canvas 80 x 60cm Collection of the artist

SPI National Portrait Award Exhibition Stephan Welz & Co, The Great Cellar, Alphen Estate, Constantia, Cape Town 22 November 2013 – 10 January 2014 Stephan Welz & Co 021 794 6461

Sculptors from the Cape ISAAC MAKELENI ISHMAEL THYSSEN SHEPHERD MBANYA TIMOTHY MAFENUKA THAMI KITI Sanlam Art Gallery, Sanlam Head Office, 2 Strand Road, Bellville 3 December 2013 - 7 February 2014 Monday to Friday 09:00 – 16:30 Sanlam Art Gallery 021 947 3359


Movers & Shakers of the South African Art Community 2013 As an eventful 2013 closes behind us, we at the Art Times office thought it would be interesting to ask some important people who they thought the 2013’s most influential figures in the South African art scene could be. Each of our 40 participants was asked for 5 to 10 names. Their votes were then tallied and the top 50 identified. With a wopping 166 people nominated, we wonder whether South Africa’s art scene is developed enough for an accurate and fair estimation of who is most influential. Another concern is that the South African art scene may not benefit from more inflated egos and the diminishing of the less-established. One of the gallerists who we approached declined to give us a list of names, stating the following: “The Arts is one of the very few areas in life where nobody is right or wrong as it is a matter of personal taste, interpretation, beliefs, expectations, etc. I believe all artists and role players in the art industry contribute to it on many different levels – as long as they are sincere and authentic in their participation, nobody should be more or less important than any other. Unlike the winner-takes-all attitude in our contemporary society, we should celebrate the differences and uniqueness of all artists and role players – let them all ‘move and shake’ – no winners required to be at the ’top’.” Anonymous Participants: Les Cohn, Taryn Cohn, Anthony Harris, Mary Corrigall, Michael Coulson, Andrew Lamprecht, Baylon Sandri, Melvyn Minnaar, Annali Dempsey, Carol Brown, Monica Ross, Marilyn Martin, Tamzin Lovell Miller, Leon du Preez, Dirk Oegema, Johan Myburg, Gordon Froud, Steven Sack, Christopher Moller, Gabriel Clark-Brown, Chad Rossouw, Greg Dale, Charles Rudd, Natalie Knight, Brendan Copestake, Clive van den Berg, David Krut, Juliet Lomberg, David Tripp, Charles Shields, Ross Douglas, Walter Oltmann, Pieter van Heerden, Nandi Hilliard, Dr Paul Bayliss, Heidi Erdmann, Michelle Constant, Eunice Geustyn, Sue Williamson, Stephen Hobbs Other Nominees: Irma Albers, Mark Attwood, Beezy Bailey, Steve Bales, Lerato Bereng, Esme Berman, Lael Bethlehem, Pieter Binsbergen, Johans Borman, David Brodie, Christine Cashmore, Mandy Conidaris, Greg Dale, Dr Lydia de Waal, Alfrieda Dreyer, Mary Duker, Amanda du Preez, Heidi Erdmann, Barbara Freemantle,

Jonathan Garnham, Raimi Gbadamosi, David Goldblatt, Paul Harris, Stephen Hobbs, Carol Hodes, Lydia Holmes, Sue Hoppe, Glynis Hyslop, Ashraf Jamal, David Jones, F Kilbourn, David Koloane, Eric Itzkin, Tony Lankaster, Ester le Roux, Jonathan Liebermann, Barbara Lindop, Anton Loubser, Brenton Maart, Namusa Makuba, Bettina Malcomess, Gerhard Marx, Paul Mashitile, Judith Mason, Gordon Massie, Ray Mehlala, Melvyn Minnaar, Zayd Minty, Makgati Molebatsi, G.V. Mona, Zanele Muholi, Christina Naurattel, Karel Nel, Leigh-Anne Niehaus, Gabi Ngcobo, Siphiwe Ngwenya, Pitika Nthuli, Dirkie Offringa, Alex Opper, Matthew Partridge, Jay Pather, Christopher Peter, Lesley Perkes, Lloyd Pollak, Ann Pretorius, Lindeka Qampi, Trent Read, Jeff Rankin, Jill Ross, Steven Sack, Dorelle Sapera, Louis Schachat, Charlotte Schachat, Greg Schultz, Fred Scott, Charles Shields, Christopher Till, David Tripp, Clive van den Berg , Pieter van Heerden, Alet Vorster, Zapiro

What do you think about identifying a few top influential people in the SA art scene? Make your voice heard by writing on our Facebook wall click onto and then - click onto our facebook profile

SA ART TIMES. December 2013



Dr Paul Bayliss : Director of the ABSA Art Gallery

Emma Bedford : Senior art consultant at Strauss & Co

Brendon Bell-Roberts : Director of Bell-Roberts Publishing

Suzette Bell-Roberts : Publisher of Art South Africa

Gabriel Clark-Brown : Publisher SA Art Times

Kirsty Cockerill : Current Director of The AVA Gallery, Independent Curator

Mark Coetzee : Executive Director and Chief Curator, Zeitz MOCAA

Michelle Constant : CEO of Business and Arts South Africa (BASA)

Dick Enthoven : Director of Spier & numerous art support ing companies

Liza Essers : Director of The Goodman Gallery

Gordon Froud : Art Teacher, artist and art personality

Joseph Gaylard : new head Jhb liaison office of Pro Helvetia in 2014

Stefan Hundt : Curator of the Sanlam Art Collection and arts patron

William Kentridge : Artist Extrodenaire

David Krut : Director of DK Art, art innovator

Bronwyn Law-Viljoen : Arts Writer

Antoinette Murdoch : Director of The Johannesburg Art Gallery

Johan Myburg : Arts Journalist for Die Beeld Newspaper

Dirkie Offringa : Director Pretoria Art Museum

Sean O’Toole : Art Journalist and Writer

Warren Siebrits : Art consultant and dealer

Harrie Siertsema : Art Consultant and dealer

Michael Stevenson : Director at Stevenson Gallery

Dominic Thorburn : HOD: Rhodes School of Art


SA ART TIMES. December 2013


Jeanetta Blignaut : Dir. Jeanetta Blignaut Art Consultancy

Joost Bosland : A director at The Stevenson Art Gallery

Elana Brundyn : Director of Brundyn and Gonsalves

Julia Charlton : Senior Curator Wits Art Museum

Alan Demby : Chairman Stephan Welz and Co.

Annali Cabano-Dempsey : curator of the UJ Art Gallery

Ross Douglas : Director of Art Logic and Joburg Art Fair

Neil Dundas : Curator at Goodman Gallery

Jack Ginsberg : Art Collector and art patron

Antony Harris : Innovator of the Arts Journey art route, Port Elizabeth, Artist

Paul Harris : Collector and one of the innovators behind the Joburg Art Fair

Nandi Hilliard : General manager : Asso. of Arts, Pretoria

Benji Liebmann : Creator of Noxos Cradle of Mankind Sculpture Park

Jonathan Liebermann : Creator of Arts on Main, Johannesburg

Ismail Mahomed : Director of The National Arts Festival, Grahamstown

Monna Mokoena : Director of the Monna Gallery, Jhb

Hayden Proud : Curator at The Iziko SA National Gallery

Mark Read : Director Everard Read Gallery, Jhb.

Baylon Sandri : Director of SMAC Art Galleries

Gordon Schachat : Art Collector

Mandie van der Spuy : arts sponsorship manager at Standard Bank

Piet Viljoen : Private Art Collector

Stephan Welz : Director at Strauss & Co, Art Auctioneer

Sue Williamson : Founding editor of Artthrob, artist and writer

SA ART TIMES. December 2013



INVESTMENT ART MEET INVESTMENT ART BUYERS AND SELLERS. VISIT – HTTP://WWW.INVESTMENTART.MOBI is dedicated to helping individuals and institutions make educated purchasing decisions and maximize proceeds through investment art. We recognize the aesthetic and conceptual value of art for private and public collections. We also analyze the global art market so that we can apply a methodical approach to evaluating an artist’s growth potential within an investment art portfolio.





Investment Art

Investment Artist


FINE ART COURSES Situated in a fully-equipped studio in Sandton, JHB, The Fine Arts Studio offers parttime courses in Oil Painting, Drawing and Conceptual Art. Designed for beginners and experienced artists alike, courses combine lectures on Art History relevant to the exercises being taught. Following a step-by-step structure, students are able to develop the depth and range of their skills encouraging an overall appreciation of art.

Read the Review of: My Mother’s Garden Exhibition

Studio 18: Arts on Main, Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg Artists:Cathy Abraham, Christina Bryer, Nicola Bailey, Erica Elk, Katherine Glenday, Anne Graaff, Josie Grindrod, Michelle Kriek, Lorienne Lotz, Tracy Megan, Taryn Millar, Kathy Robins, Gwen van Embden Review by Fiona Melrose: The somewhat whimsical name of the second group show from this collective produced an exhibition that was at once a surprisingly cohesive single narrative as well as a showcase for widely divergent interpretation. This was their second show, after “Domestic Departures” in 2012.

Read the review by Fiona Melrose at The SA Art Times Gallery Guide at


Eastern Cape Alexandria Quin Sculpture Garden A permanent exhibition of Maureen Quin’s sculpture’s, drawings and paintings. Maureen Quin’s work is exhibited in her peaceful garden and gallery, where you can not only enjoy refreshments but also engage with the artist. R15 entry fee. / 5 Suid Str. Alexandria. T. 046 653 0121 / 082 770 8000 Bathurst The Workshop Art and Craft Gallery Showcasing over 100 local artists & crafters - art, sculpture, ceramics, stained glass, mosaic, hand weaving, handspinning, handcrafted furniture, antiques, Oregon frames, easels, fabric art, leather work, handcrafted jewellery, paper mache and handmade candles. / 289 Kowie Rd, Bathurst. C. 073 3929 436 East London Ann Bryant Art Gallery Main Gallery Thurs 3 Dec at 18h30 until 12 Dec 2013. Walter Sisulu University B-Tech degree graduation Exhibition. This is a culmination a of a 4 year course in Fine Art where students get the opportunity to display their works in a gallery setting for the first time. Ann Bryant Art Gallery Coach House Until 4th Jan 2014. Solo exhibition by Sandra Thomas. An established fine artist, essentially a painter. Born in the Eastern Cape of South Africa she feels that the Eastern Cape landscapes has a certain wildness. / 9 St Marks Road, Southernwood. T. 043 7224044 Floradale Fine Art Ongoing: ‘Poetic Licence.’ Greg Schultz, Rose Warren, Jeff Rankin, Glenda Gendall, Judy Fish, Bazil Raubach, John Steele, Dianna Castle, Hela Bonell, Pierre Marc are all participating. Ranges from abstract to watercolour sketches of note. / Old Gonubie Road Beacon Bay East London T. 043 7402031 C. 078 2947252. Port Elizabeth ART Gallery Regular exhibitions showcasing leading South African artists, in particular artists from the Eastern Cape. / 51B Cuyler Str, Central Hill. T. 072 379 5933 ArtEC - EPSAC Community Art Centre 36 Bird Street, Central, Port Elizabeth. T. 041 585 3641 Fischers Art Gallery The Gallery’s unique Art Nouveau architecture houses a stunning display of Fine Art and giftware. / 33 Govan Mbeki Avenue, Central PE. T. 041 585 6755 GFI Art Gallery This Art Gallery is unique in South Africa and possibly the world, as a corporate collection devoted to the science of aviation. / 30 Park Drive, P.E. T. 041 586 3973

SA ART TIMES. December 2013

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum 18 Jan. 2014. -June 2014’. Journeys’ A passage through time, moving places or spaces , adapting, changing, metamorphosing, these themes as they relate to the idea of a journey will be expressed.4 Dec.2013.- 12 Jan. 2014. ‘Who’s Who and What’s New? Artists old and young, professional and first time are invited to submit their latest and greatest works and be a part of the Bay’s brightest and most diverse group exhibition. Closing 24 March 2014. Journeys in Beadwork: The Art of the Mfengu. Closing date: 23 February 2014. ‘Beautiful Things ‘ Exquisitely decorated Chinese garments to dazzling ceramics and colourful paintings and a light installation by Clive van der Berg , this exhibition promises to be a delight to your eyes. / 1 Park Drive, Port Elizabeth. T. 041 506 2000 Underculture Contemporary Until 24 Dec ‘For Play.II’ Group Exhibition. / 98 A Park Drive, Central, 6001. T. 041 373 0074 C. 0828871612

Free State Bloemfontein Oliewenhuis Art Museum 3 Dec 2013 - 9 Feb 2014. ‘My Country’ by John Meyer. The collection was created in response to a collector’s desire to have a coherent body of iconic works that celebrate the diversity and beauty of our country.Until 19 Jan. 2014. ‘Nelson Mandela in Kimberley’. Andrew Lamprecht has been invited to curate an exhibition from the Permanent Collections of Oliewenhuis Art Museum, the William Humphreys Art Gallery, Kimberley and the Johannes Stegmann Gallery at the University of the Free State 30 Jan.– 9 March 2014 ‘The purple shall govern’ Standard Bank Young Artist 2013 winner Mary Sibanda is celebrated for her practice of employing the human form as a vehicle through painting and sculpture to explore the construction of identity in a postcolonial South African context. / 16 Harry Smith Str, Bloemfontein. T. 051 011 0525 Gallery on Leviseur Opening : 30 Nov 2013. ‘BODHI /awareness/enlightenment/alignment/open-mindedness’ Curated by Kezia Gerber Artists: Mari-Louis de Plessis; Yolanda Els; Kezia Gerber; Dawid Griessel; Minè Kleynhans; LouiseKruger; Sandy Little; Dot Vermeulen / 59 Dan Pienaar Avenue, Westdene. C. 082 835 2335 Clarens Art & Wine Gallery on Main Housing a collection of art by well-known artists including: Frederike Stokhuyzen, Gregoire Boonzaier, J.H. Pierneef, Erik Laubscher and Jean Doyle, amongst others. / 279 Main Str. T. 058 256 1298 Housing a collection of art by well-known artists including: Frederike Stokhuyzen, Gregoire Boonzaier, J.H. Pierneef, Erik Laubscher and Jean Doyle, amongst others. Johan Smith Art Gallery The gallery permanently exhibits a wide variety of classical and selected contemporary art works featuring Johan Smith, Elga Rabe, Graham Carter, Gregoire

Boonzaier, amongst others. Specializing in ceramics, the gallery supports artists such as Hennie Meyer, Karen Sinovich, and Heather Mills, among others. / Windmill Centre, Main Str. T. 058 256 1620 Richard Rennie Gallery Gallery exhibits the work of Richard Rennie and a few personally selected guest artists. Known internationally for his water colours, he has recently been concentrating on modern works in oil. Main Str. T. 058 025 6017 C. 083 447 9925 / Main Str. T. 058 025 6017 Gallery exhibits the work of Richard Rennie and a few personally selected guest artists. Known internationally for his water colours, he has recently been concentrating on modern works in oil. The Gallery Clarens Dedicated to exhibiting and promoting established, mid-career and emerging artists of imagination and ability. / c/o Main and Market Street. T. 058 256 1913 Kokstad Dog on a Leash Art & Gift Art gallery and coffee shop. Arts and crafts. / 93 Main Str, Kokstad. C. 083 690 3437 Smithfield Biba’s Gallery Until end of Jan. 2014, Recent work by Peter Retief/ Phineas Dhlamini in the Vincent Kunskamer. In the Right Gallery, work from the Southern Free State Group. / 20 Juana Square, Smithfield, Free State C. 073 845 1488 C. 082 7116866

Gauteng Johannesburg 5h Ave Auctioneers Auctioneers of Fine Art, Antiques and Collectables / 404 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall Park. T. 011 781 2040 Absa Art Gallery Re-Sampled’ The exhibition features 18 selected historic artworks, dating from the early and mid-1900s alongside modern interpretations of each piece, created by a group of 19 artists selected from the Absa L’Atelier top 10 winners from 2000 to present. Until 24 Jan. 2014 / Absa Towers North, 161 Main Str. T. 011 350 5139 Alice Art 1 Dec. Miniatures for Christmas. 7-8 Dec. Stan Polson in action. 9 Dec until 2 Jan 2014 Gallery Closed. / 217 Drive Str, Ruimsig. T. 011 958 1392 C. 083 331 8466. Art etc Showcasing a wide variety of SA artists, ranging from old masters to the budding future masters. Each artist has been hand-picked to make sure a high standard is maintained. We send paintings all over the world as well as deliver locally. / Banking Level, Sandton City. T. 011 783 0842.


Karin Daymond new lithographs



A collection of ten South African landscapes

Only Just. Hand printed lithograph, 57 x 77 cm. Edition 25.

3 December 2013 - 9 February 2014 Annex Gallery, Oliewenhuis Art Museum

The Artists’ Press

Box 1236, White River, 1240 ‡7HO083 676 3229 PDUN#DUWLVWVSUHVVFR]D‡ZZZDUWSULQWVDFRP

rt Times Karin Nov 2013 advert.indd 1

Raisonne_92x122 11/26/13 4:49 PM Page 2

Oliewenhuis Art Museum is a satellite of the National Museum, Bloemfontein, an agency of the Department of Arts C and Culture. M Y CM

22/11/2013 4:00 PM




GAUTENG / GALLERY GUIDE | ART TIMES Art Eye Gallery Our Storeroom Sale - ‘End of year Art Clearance’ As each year brings the must we! With the blessings of participating artists we offer you, our valued client the opportunity to purchase works at Artists Price! Until 8 Dec 2013. Shop 109, The Design Quarter, Corner of William Nicol drive and Leslie Avenue, Fourways, Johannesburg Opening date and closing date of Show: 28 November 2013 to 8 December 2013 / Shop 109, The Design Quarter, Fourways. T. 011 465 7695. C. 0713862198 Art Unlimited Gallery ‘The Gift’, an ongoing exhibition by Louwtjie Kotzé. Can be viewed daily from 10 am - 4pm Monday to Friday. / 18 Baobab St, Sonneglans Ext 4, Randburg. T. 083 779 9021. Artist Proof Studio Art Education Centre that specializes in printmaking. / Bus Factory, 3 President Street, Newtown Cultural Precinct. T. 011 492 1278 Bonhams International Auctioneers Auctioneers of Fine Art, Antiques and Collectables / Penny Culverwell, Representative for South Africa. T. 071 342 2670 Carol Lee Fine Art / Upstairs@Bamboo, Bamboo Lifestyle Centre, 53 Rustenburg Road, Melville. C. 011 486 0526 Christie’s International Auctioneers. Auctioneers of Fine Art, Antiques and Collectables / Gillian Scott Berning, Independent Consultant. T 031 207 8247 CIRCA on Jellicoe Written in the Stars’ Berco Wilsenach. Until Jan. 2014 / 2 Jellicoe Ave. T. 011 788 4805 Cire Perdue Art Focused on the selection and distribution of limited edition works of art, specifically bronze sculptures. / T. 011 465 8709. David Krut Projects / 142 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood. T. 011 447 0627 Everard Read Jhb Bruce Backhouse painting exhibition January 2014. ‘Karoo Preserved’ / 6 Jellicoe Ave, Rosebank, Jhb. T. 011 788 4805 Ferreira Art Gallery Dec 2013. We have new works of Rob MacIntosh on permanent display at our Gallery. Open 7 days a week, enjoy our Tea Garden, beauty therapy and ‘while-u-wait’ framing. / 300 Main Rd, Bryanston, Sandton. T. 011 706 3738. Gallery 2 Until 21 Dec 2013. ‘My Jo’burg, An exhibition of work by Themba Khumalo, David Koloane, Abe Mathabe, Ross Passmoor and Dominique Shabangu. / 140 Jan Smuts Ave, Parkwood Jhb. Tel. 011 4470155

SA ART TIMES. December 2013

Gallery AOP Contemporary artworks on paper. / 44 Stanley Ave, Braamfontein Werf (Milpark) Jhb. T. 011 726 2234 Goodman Gallery JHB Until 21 Dec 2013. Gerhard Marx solo exhibition. ‘Lessons in Looking Down ‘ / 163 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood. T. 011 788 1113 Graham’s Fine Art Gallery SA masters are on display: Artists include Irma Stern, J.H Pierneef, Gerard Sekoto, Maggie, Laubser, Gerard Sekoto and Walter Battiss. / 68 on Hobart, Block A, Corner of Hobart & Dover Road (Off William Nicol Drive) Bryanston. T. 011 463 7869 16 Halifax Art Who’s afraid of Irma Stern’ A solo exhibition presenting paintings, photography, and jewellery. / 16 Halifax Str, Bryanston. Dana: 082 784 6695 In Toto Gallery The Batha Group: Gerhard Batha, his daughter, Leila Batha and his son, Luke Batha present the viewers with the spectacle of such closely associated artists producing such a diverse body of work. Until 17th Dec. 2013 / 6 Birdhaven Centre, 66 St Andrew Str. T. 011 447 6543 Isis Gallery Range of paintings and stone sculpture by leading South African artists. / Shop 334, Upper level, Rosebank Mall. T. 011 447 2317 Johannesburg Art Gallery / King George Street, Joubert Park. T. 011 725 3130/80 Lizamore & Assoc. New Voices II’ Steven Bosch, Heidi Fourie, Rebecca Haysom, Claire Jorgensen, Vivien Kohler, Nina Liebenberg, Isabel Mertz, Tshepo Mosopa, Ross Passmoor & Talita Swarts. An exhibition of aspiring artists exploring the fleeting encounters of their existence. Opening date and closing date of Show: 30 Nov. 2013 - 14 Dec. 2013 and 14 Jan. 2014 - 1 Feb. 2014 / Chester Court, 142 Jan Smuts, Parkwood. T. 011 880 8802 Manor Gallery The famed Manor Gallery in Norscot Manor Centre houses some of the most distinguished artworks. Each month an artists’ watercolour work is showcased. / Norscot Manor Centre, Penguin Drive, Fourways. T. 011 465 7934 Market Photo Workshop Gallery / 2 President Str, Newtown. T. 011 834 1444 Peacemakers museum An exhibition of Nobel peace prize laureates / The Peacemakers Museum, shop L32, Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton.T. 079 545 2701 Protea Gallery Specialising in well-known South African Artists, as well as those up-and-coming. Also specialise in professional framing. / 94b Rietfontein Road, Primrose. T. 011 8285035

Purple Heart Gallery ‘Where we colour outside the lines’and are ‘Proudly South African’. Currently showcasing a variety of established, as well as new, SA Artists. / Honeydew Village Centre, Cnr. Christiaan De Wet & John Vorster Avenue, Weltevreden Park, Roodepoort. Tel. 011 475 7411 Resolution Gallery / Unit 4, Chester Court, 142 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood. T. 011 880 4054 Russell Kaplan Auctioneers Auctioneers of Fine Art, Antiques and Collectables. / Ground floor, Bordeaux Court, Corner of Garden & Allan Rds, Bordeaux. T. 011 789 7422 C. 083 675 8468 Standard Bank Gallery Until 7 Dec. ‘But Men Do Not See It’. Justin Fiske’s installations manufactured from wood, metal, string and pebbles. / C/r of Simmonds & Frederick Str. T. 011 631 1889. Stephan Welz & Co Auctioneers of Fine Art, Antiques and Collectables. / 13 Biermann Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg. T. 011 880 3125 Stevenson Until 7 Feb. 2014 by Jane Alexander. ‘Survey: Cape of Good Hope’ a series of 54 black-and-white manipulated photographs and photomontage images combined in a arge-scale slideshow sequence. / 62 Juta Street,Braamfontein. Tel. (011) 403 1055/1908, Strauss & Co. Important South African and International Art. Inaugural Online Auction of Fine & Decorative Arts is now closed. The next auction takes place in February 2014. Enquiries and Catalogues T. 011 728 8246 / 079 367 0637 www. / 89 Central Str, Houghton. T. 011 728 8246 The Bag Factory Includes 18 studios, workshops, and a gallery, where local and international artists work together. The Bag Factory also runs a diverse program of regular exhibitions, workshops, and community projects. / 10 Mahlatini Str, Fordsburg. T. 011 834 9181. The Fine Art Studio Offers part-time courses in Oil Painting and Drawing. Designed for beginners and experienced artists alike. Situated in a beautiful, fully-equipped studio in Rivonia, Sandton. michelle@ /

Send your show listings to: 17

Lizel by Frans Smit

The Yard, 38 Huguenot Str Franschhoek 7690 Tel: 021 876 4280 |



The Eatwell Studio

Exhibition opening 15 December 11AM-6PM Corner of Noordhoek Main Rd & Avondrust Circle Noordhoek, Cape Town Visit the working studio of the Eatwell family, original oil paintings and professional picture framing

For more details and directions go to Facebook/eatwellgallery


GAUTENG / MPUMALANGA / KZ NATAL / GALLERY GUIDE | ART TIMES UJ Art Gallery Produces student and professional performing arts in three theatres as well as exhibitions, concerts and a range of cultural and creative activities across all four UJ campuses / Cnr Kingsway and University Rd, Auckland Park, Jhb. T. 011 559 2099 White House Gallery Featuring a wide ranging portfolio of renowned masters such as Chagall, Marini, Miro, Moore, Stella, Picasso, Dine & Hockney. / Shop G11 Thrupps Centre, Oxford Rd, Illovo. T. 011 268 2115

St. Lorient Fashion & Art Gallery Until-28 Dec ‘Glass & Jewellery exhibition’ Featuring Artist: Thelma van Rensburg, Bongani Dlamini, Ryan Manuel, Kgotso Pati, Marina Louw, Thabang Monoa, Sonja Zytkow, Mano Cristelis , Steve Fakude, Lothar Bottcher Daniel Holl, Greg Miller, Nadia Lossgott and Suvette Classeens / 492 Fehrsen Str, Brooklyn Circle. T. 012 460 0284.


Telkom Art Collection A collection featuring artworks by over 400 artists, some of them well established and some still up-andcoming. / Telkom Towers North, ground floor, 152 Johannes Ramokhoase Str (formerly Proes Street), CBD Pretoria. Curator: Sophia van Wyk. T. 012 311 7260

Alette Wessels Kunskamer Operates as an art gallery and art consultancy, specialising in SA art as an investment, dealing in Old Masters, and selected contemporary art. / Maroelana Centre, 27 Maroelana Str, Maroelana. T. 012 346 0728

UNISA Art Gallery The UNISA Art Gallery aims to provide a range of experimental and challenging exhibitions that invite debate and educational stimulation. / Kgorong Building, Ground Floor, Main Campus, Preller Str, Pretoria. T. 012 441 5876

Art in the Park Art works in watercolour, oil, pastel, acrylics, batik, sculpture, pottery and photography. / Contact Hannes: 071 676 3600.

University of Pretoria Permanent exhibit: Artefacts of the iron age site called Mapungubwe which has been declared a World Heritage Site. / Mapungubwe Gallery, Old Arts Building. T. 012 420 2968

Association of Arts Pretoria Until 13 Dec 2013. ‘Posing on pedestals’ by Angela Banks. An exhibition of human/animal portraits depicting some odd human behaviour with mild humour. Until 13 Dec. 2013. At Smit: Revealing the inner beauty of wood. At Smit exhibits turned wood in the shape and form of bowls, pots and vases. To him, woodturning reveals the inner beauty of wood that nature hides within trees. 24 Jan. 2013- 12 Feb. 2013. Annual Members’ Exhibition. There are more than 100 members participating in the Association of Arts Pretoria’ annual members exhibition. It is a sparkling showcase of creative talents and ingenuity. / 173 Mackie Str, Nieuw Muckleneuk. T. 012 346 3100 Centurion Art Gallery A commercial satellite of the Pretoria Art Museum. / c/o Cantonment and Unie Avenues, Lyttelton T. 012 358 3477 Fried Contemporary Art Gallery The Gallery is held in high esteem due to the calibre of the artists exhibited and promoted and its curator’s association with the University of Pretoria. / 1146 Justice Mahomed St, Brooklyn. Tel. 012 346 0158. Cell 082 523 6989 Front Room Art R1,000 & below’. Open days 7 & 16 Dec (13:00-16:00) otherwise by appointment. Our annual art sale and studio clearance offers bargains from artists such as Diek Grobler, Malose Pete, Katlego Modiri, Jahni Wasserfall, Wilna Panagos, Deirdre Taylor, and many more. / 116 Kate Ave Rietondale. T. 082 451 5584 Pretoria Art Museum An art museum of world renown, specialising in South African art. / Cnr Francis Baard (Schoeman) and Wessels Streets, Arcadia Park, Arcadia. T.0 12 344 1807.

SA ART TIMES. December 2013

Graskop Artistic Journey Art Gallery Workshops, Art classes and Art Gallery. / Panorama Rest Camp and Chalets. T. 082 600 3441

Mpumalanga White River The Artists’ Press Professional collaboration, printing and publishing of original hand-printed artists lithographs, by the Artists’ Press. / Waterfield Farm near White River. T. 013 751 3225 The Loop Art Foundry & Sculpture Gallery A collaboration and network for the avid art patron and collector as well as a full service facility for the artist. / Casterbridge Complex Corner R40 & Numbi Rds, White River. T. 013 758 2409 White River Gallery U / Casterbridge Shopping Centre. T. 083 675 8833

Kwa Zulu Natal Ballito Imbizo Gallery Drawn to Africa’ Pencil Art by Vincent Reid. Solo Exhibition. Opens 18h30 on Thursday, 12 Dec 2013. Wine and snacks will be served. Closes 31 Dec 2013. / Shop 7, Ballito Lifestyle Centre. T. 032 946 1937

Durban Artisan Gallery Ensemble 2013. An exhibition proudly supporting South African artists with an array of quality work in a variety of different disciplines and paintings by artists such as Ryno Swart and John Smith. Artwork also suited as gifts for the Festive Season. Until 15 Jan 2014. / 344 Florida Road, Morningside. Tel. 031 312 4364 ArtSPACE Durban 11th Annual Affordable Art Show. Is one of our most popular exhibitions. Selecting a wide range of fine art and keeping the prices down, gives people the chance to start their collections at an affordable price. 9 Dec 2013 until 18 Jan 2014. / 3 Millar Rd (off Umgeni Rd). T. 031 312 0793 Christie’s International Auctioneers Fine art and antiques / Gillian Scott Berning, Independent Consultant. T 031 207 8247 Durban Art Gallery The Durban Art Gallery collections include everything from current and historical art and artefacts of KwaZulu Natal. / 2nd Floor City Hall, Anton Lembede (Smith) Str. T. 031 311 2264 Elizabeth Gordon Gallery Xmas Exhibition - Durban and Districts. Group exhibition. Variety of works, from landscapes, botanicals to bronzes. Opening Wed. 27th Nov until 21st Dec 2013. / 120 Florida Road, Morningside. T. 031 3038133 Fat Tuesday Eclectic blend of paintings, phototgraphs and ceramics. / 5 Bellevue Road, Kloof. T. 031 717 2785 Gallery Umhlanga Contemporary African art. / Shop 11, Umhlanga Centre, Ridge Road, Umhlanga. T. 031 561 2199 KZNSA Gallery 21 Jan 2014 - 16 Feb 2014. KZNSA Members Exhibition 2014 / 166 Bulwer Rd, Glenwood, Durban. T. 031 277 1705 Tamasa Gallery A broad variety of contemporary KZN artists. / 36 Overport Drive, Berea. T. 031 207 1223 The African Art Centre Exhibits the work of both young and established black artists, working in contemporary and traditional styles. / 94 Florida Road, Morningside, Durban. T. 031 312 3804/05 The Collective ‘It’s A Wrap’ For emerging, younger artists. The exhibition consists of fine art along with a mixture of design stuff, street art, jewellery, and more. Coffee, Wifi and Dirty Collective’s range of merchandise available. 23 Nov. 2013 - mid-Jan. 2014 / 48b Florida Rd (entrance in Fourth Ave). T. 031 303 4891



‘Home Is Wherever I’m With You’ - End of year Group Salon in aid of the Ithemba Labantwana Children’s Home. Accessible, affordable artwork across a broad range of mediums by some of Salon91’s favourite emerging and established local creatives.

Proudly presented by Salon91 | 6 DEC 2013 - 25 JAN 2014

R U S T- E N - V R E D E G A L L E RY

Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection 91 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town +27 21 424 6930 +27 82 679 3906


Alice Elahi : Fishing Factory at Hout Bay 1973, oil on canvas 98A Park Drive, Central, Port Elizabeth


Hartbeespoort Dam

Blue Caterpillar Gallery Gallery exhibiting wide range of styles and mediums covering both established and up-and-coming artists from South Africa and beyond. / 37 Willowton Rd. T. 033 387 1356

Edwards Fine Art, Modern and Contemporary Featuring works by William Kentridge, Marlene Dumas, Robert Hodgins, Cecil Skotnes and Edoardo Villa.

Tatham Art Gallery This major exhibition celebrates the life and work of Zululand artist Diamond Bozas. Lorna Ferguson Room. Until 19 Jan 2014. / Cnr of Chief Albert Luthuli (Commercial) Rd & Church Str. (Opposite City Hall). T. 033 392 2801 Newcastle Carnegie Art Gallery, Newcastle South African Landscapes, Permanent collection on view of artists’ impressions of the South African landscape. Well stocked gallery shop. / Voortrekker Street, Newcastle. T. O34 328 7622 Nottingham Road Aladdin’s Art and Ceramics Gallery / 2 Robin Road, Nottingham Road, KZN. Tel. 033 266 6460 Underberg The Underberg Studio Set in a delightful garden facing the mountains, the gallery specializes in landscape photography & ceramics. / 21 Ridge Rd, Underberg. Signage from R617. T. 033 701 2440

Mpumalanga Lichtenburg Jonel Scholtz Art Studio and Alice Art LTX Mielieland Exhibition. Ongoing exhibition of well-known SA Artists - Jonel Scholtz, Isabelle le Roux, At Botha, Nic Oosthuizen, Stan Polson, Mariaan Kotze and many more..This Gallery in the heart of Mielieland country is a small unexpected treasure. Come and see for yourself. Dec to Jan 2014 / Corner of Church str and Bandjes str. T. 082 853 8621

North West Potchefstroom North-West University Gallery Until end Jan 2014, ‘A Void in the Landscape’. A group exhibition by artists Gordon Froud, Marco Cianfanelli, Pauline Gutter, Retha Buitendach, Rina Stutzer, Strijdom van der Merwe & Wilma Cruise. Showing at Clos Malverne Wine Estate, Devon Valley Rd, Stellenbosch. / North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus), Hoffman Street, Building E 7. T. 018 299 4341

SA ART TIMES. December 2013

Sculpture by Anton Smit. / Shop 24, Xanadu X-ing Shopping Centre, Cnr. Xanadu Boulevard & R511, Xanadu, Hartbeesport. T. 076 472 9812. C. 076 472 9812

Western Cape Cape Town 34FineArt 10 Dec- 25 Jan 2014. ‘Inventory’ Group Exhibition. / Second Floor, Hills Building, Buchanan Square, 160 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock T 021 461 1863 C. 072 536 7109 A Word of Art Focus on art activism projects within communities in South Africa. / 66 Albert Road, Woodstock Exchange. C. 083 300 9970 Absolute Art Gallery We stock superior quality art by the Masters, as well as contemporary artists. / Shop 43 Willowbridge Lifestyle Centre, Carl Cronje Drive, Tyger Valley, Bellville. T. 021 914 2846 Alex Hamilton Studio Gallery Painter whose work is heavily influenced by, and reflective of, pop culture / 3rd Floor, 9 Barron st, Woodstock. T. 021 447 2396 C. 084 409 6801 Allderman Gallery Until 30 Dec 2013, ‘Collage’ Solo exhibition of Judy Conway collages. / Newlands Quarter, Dean Street, Newlands. T. 083 556 2540 Art.b Until 13 Dec 2013, UNISA Cape Town third year exhibition. Third year UNISA Multimedia and Visual Arts students exhibition. Featured artists: Cara Friedman, Christel Liebenberg, Etiennne Beyers, Hanne-Lize Delport, Sulandi Hunter, Willeen Wagenaar. Opening speaker: Emma Willemse / Bellville Library Centre Carel van Aswegen Street Bellville. T. 021 917 1197 C. 083 700 9669 ArtMark Mixed media, mix of watercolour on paper by Pam Quinlan and black and white Mandela portrait’s, oil on canvas by Marc Alexander. 20th Sept to 30th Oct / Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie Road. C. 082 303 6798 Artvark Gallery Art by Robin Daniels. In-house showroom and parttime studio of SA artist Robin Daniels. Until 25 Nov Featuring new work by various SA artists - Margot Hattingh, Eric Duplan, Joshua Miles, Alison Riordan, Thelmi Bekker, Vernon Swart, Theo Paul Vorster, JJ Riley and Janet Ranson. / 48 Main Road, Kalk Bay, Cape Town. T. 021 788 5584

Ashbey’s Galleries Antiques and fine art auctioneers and appraisers. / 43-51 Church Str, CT. T. 021 423 8060. Association for Visual Arts Gallery Monday, 2 Dec at 6 pm -9 Jan 2014, ‘Vanitas’ 2013, a group exhibition curated by Clare Menck. 21 painters, aim towards a new take on this age-old theme in terms of contemporary South African painting, with a sterling list of celebrated and promising contemporary painters. / 35 Church Street, Cape Town. T. 021 424 3674 Avital Lang Gallery Solo exhibition of paintings by artist Clair Greenspan. ‘Bridging Polarities’. In working with polarities, I have begun to explore certain themes such as, growth and decay; restriction and freedom; internal and external landscapes and questions relating to personal identity. Until 7th Dec. / Two Oceans House, Surrey Place, Mouille Point (next to Newport Deli)T. 021-439 2124 Barnard Gallery Until 5 Dec, ‘I, John, am the one who heard and saw these things.’ Mixed media paintings. Exhibition by Jaco van Schalkwyk / 55 Main Street Newlands 7700. T. 021 671 1553 Blank Projects This is the Thing’ 28 Nov-11 Jan 2014. Igshaan Adams, Belinda Blignaut, Jan-Henri Booyens, Dineo Seshee Bopape, Kerry Chaloner, Jared Ginsburg, Donna Kukama, Moshekwa Langa, Turiya Magadlela, Misheck Masamvu, Kyle Morland, Gerda Scheepers, James Webb / 113-115 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock. T. 021 462 4276 Bronze Age A multifunctional art foundry specialising in casting of bronze sculpture, as well as undertaking sculpture, interior and architectural commission work. / Woodstock Foundry, 160 Albert Rd, Woodstock. T. 021 447 3914 Brundyn and Gondalves Familia Obscura’ solo exhibition by Sanell Aggenbach comprising of new paintings, monotype prints and a bronze sculpture. / 71 Loop Str, CT. T. 021 424 5150 Carmel Art Dealers in fine art, exclusive distributers of Pieter van der Westhuizen etchings. / Cape Quarter Square, 27 Somerset Rd, Green Point. T. 021 4213333 Casa Labia Gallery 10 Dec-23 Feb 2014. ‘Muse’- landscape, still-life, portrait. A group contemporary show which explores sources of inspiration and contemplation with the ‘Muse’ being that which has the ability to stimulate our creative power and passion. 192 Main Rd, Muizenberg. T. 021 788 6068


NEW OUT NOW The biography of Tinus de Jongh

Lavishly illustrated R245.00 Available from or

Tel: +27 (0)21 872 5030 Fax: +27 (0)21 872 7133

Art & Antiques

Paul du Toit Demitri Chiparus (1886-1947)

Demitri Chiparus (1886-1947)

Georges Gori (c.1925)

Lipsych (c.1925)

11A Chelsea Village,Wynberg Tel: 021 - 762 7983

Russel Travers

Peter Pharoah

Richard Scott

Shop 2, 9 Cavendish Street, Claremont Tel: 021 671 7315

WESTERN CAPE / GALLERY GUIDE | ART TIMES Christie’s International Auctioneers. Juliet Lomberg, Independent Consultant. T. 021 761 2676 Christopher Møller Art Solo exhibition by Aldo Balding ‘Perceptions’ Until 23 Dec. / 7 Kloofnek Rd, Gardens, C T. T. 021 422 1599 Clementina Ceramics Showcase of contemporary South African ceramics, featuring one-off works by Clementina van der Walt, and complemented by designer crafts. Open Monday to Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-3. / Shop c 101/b, The Old Biscuit Mill, 375 Albert Road, Woodstock. T. 021 447 1398. C. 082 925 0871 Commune.1 Gallery Mime’ by Dale Washkansky. An exhibition of sculptures and re-photographed collages. Conceived as an exhibition that unpacks the concept of traumatic repression, ‘Mime’ encourages viewers to remember otherwise silent and concealed histories. 5 Dec 2013 - 23 Jan 2014. / 64 Wale Street, Cape Town, 8001. T. 021 423 5600 Culture – Urban + Contemporary Gallery Group exhibition ‘Lovely Creatures’ until 14 Dec by Anja Venter, Mariette Bergh, Shirley Fintz / First Floor, Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Rd, Woodstock. T. 021 447 3533 David Krut Projects Cape Town A gallery and print room associated with David Krut Projects, in Johannesburg and New York. Showcase for prints and editions from the David Krut Print Workshop (DKW), Johannesburg, by leading and emerging South African artists. / Montebello Design Centre, 31 Newlands Avenue, Newlands, CT. T. 021 685 0676 Die Kunskamer Works by leading Artists, Irma Stern, Hugo Naude, Cecil Skotnes, Cynthia Villet, Norman Catherine, Hardy Botha, Bill Davis, Gail Catlin, Simon Stone, David Brown and Pierneef. / Fresnaye Sea Point. T.021 4396572. T 021 4349529 Donald Greig Gallery & Foundry Private Gallery permanently exhibiting artworks of Donald Greig. Foundry is open to the public. Bronze pouring can be viewed every Tues, Wed and Thurs at 11 am. Please call us to confirm time. / West Quay Road, V&A Waterfront. T. 021 418 0003 Eatwell Art Gallery Summer Opening the 15 Jan 2014. Join us at the Eatwell Studio for an exhibition of the latest paintings by the artist of the Eatwell family, Lynne-Marie Eatwell, Eric Oswald Eatwell and Mags Eatwell. / Opposite the ‘Noordhoek Farm Village’ on the corner of Noordhoek Main Rd & Avondrust circle, Noordhoek, Cape Town. T. 021 789 2767 C. 076 4999 507. EBONY Cape Town ‘Duo’ a duo show with Clare Menck and Olaf Bisschoff of Paintings and Monotypes. 5th Dec until 4th Feb 2014. 67 Loop Street, Cape Town, CBD. T.021 424 9985 C. 0790859390

SA ART TIMES. December 2013

Eclectica Art & Antiques Purveyor of fine arts, antiques and objects d’art. Emphasis on finding beautiful, interesting pieces both locally and internationally. / 11A Wolfe Str, Chelsea Village, Wynberg. T. 021 762 7983

Iziko SA National Gallery Standard Bank Young Artist Award- Mary Sibande ‘The Purple Shall Govern’ opens 28 Nov. Until 9 Feb, ‘ Plato’s Cave’ by Kevin Atkinson. / 25 Queen Victoria Str, CT. T. 021 467 4660

Everard Read, Cape Town Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Everard Read, founded in Johannesburg in 1913. Until the end of April 2014. The Mount Nelson Hotel and Everard Read, Cape Town will once again be showcasing an exhibition of South Africa’s top sculptors throughout the summer season. / 3 Portswood Rd, V&A Waterfront. T. 021 418 4527

Johans Borman Fine Art Until 18 Dec 2013 ‘In Arcadia’ New Paintings. Recent abstract paintings by Anton Chapman from his Stanford Studio. / 16 Kildare Road, Newlands. T. 021 683 6863 C. 082 566 4631

G2 Art Situated in vibey downtown Cape Town. We offer a diverse range of affordable art and sculpture by local artists for discerning buyers and filled, with new offerings for Summer. Open 10am -5pm Weekdays and 10am - 2pm Saturdays. / 61 Shortmarket St, between Loop St & Bree St. T. 021 424 7169

Kalk Bay Modern Contemporary art gallery and craft shop, focused on showcasing eclectic selection of emerging talent. / 1st Floor, Olympia Buildings, 136 Main Rd, Kalk Bay. T.021 788 6571 Kalk Bay Sculpture Studio Fine art bronze foundry offering a sculpture and casting service for artists as well as commissions for corporate and private collectors. / 11 Windsor Rd, Kalk Bay. T. 021 788 8736. C. 073 180 7209

Ghuba Gallery Ongoing collection of new works and contemporary African art. / 73 Victoria Ave, Hout Bay. T. 021 790 0772

Lindy van Niekerk Art Gallery A selection of artworks by new and prominent SA artists and SA old Masters. / 31 Kommandeur Rd, Welgemoed, Bellville. T. 021 913 7204/5

Goodman Gallery Cape Town Exhibition by artist Carla Busuttil ‘Post-National Bliss’ until 7 Dec. / 3rd Floor, Fairweather House, 176 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock. Tel. 021 462 7567

Lutge Gallery Antiques, art, ceramics and tables designed from reclaimed wood. / 109 Loop St, Cape Town. T. 021 424 8448

Heather Auer Art and Sculpture Original paintings, sculptures and ceramics by Heather Auer and other SA artists. / Quayside Ctr, Wharf Str, Simonstown. T. 021 786 1309 Hout Bay Gallery Specialises in the work of South African artists. Artworks include paintings, sculptures and furniture / 71 Victoria Avenue, Hout Bay. T. 021 790 3618. Infin Art Gallery A gallery of work by local artists. / 2 branches: Wolfe Str, Chelsea Village, Wynberg. T. 021 761 2816 & Buitengracht Str, CT. T. 021 423 2090 Irma Stern Museum Dec 11 2013 until Jan 18 2014. ‘In Good Company’ A group show curated by Michael Chandler to celebrate the lush Company Gardens of Cape Town, the source of nutrition and inspiration for locals and visitors since 1652. Works are inspired by different aspects of the Garden and themes like horticulture, agriculture and Cape culture will be explored through paintings, drawings, ceramics and photography / Cecil Rd, Rosebank, CT. T. 021 685 5686 C. 083 4232001 Iziko Michaelis Collection Ongoing: Dutch works from the 17th–20th centuries in Iziko collections / Iziko Michaelis Collection, Old Town House, Greenmarket Square. T. 021 4813800

Michaelis Galleries From 5-18 Dec. Michaelis Graduate Show 2013 / University of Cape Town, 31 – 37 Orange St, CT. T. 021 480 7170 MM Galleries Offers a platform to showcase the wealth of talented artists whose works are affordable and are of high quality. / Shop 3, 31 Palmer Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town. T. 082 739 7567 Mogalakwena Gallery Exhibitions with a cultural focus. / 3 Church Street, between Adderly St and St-George’s Mall, CT. T. 021 424 74 88 Out of the Cube Online gallery. A virtual platform for contemporary visual art in South Africa / Provenance Auction House Auctioneers of Fine Art, Antiques and Home Luxury. / 8 Vrede str, Gardens, CT. T. 021 461 8009 Quincy’s Antiques Art and Collectables / Shop 8, Riverside Mall, Main Rd, Rondebosch. T. 021 685 1986 Red! The Gallery A dynamic art gallery featuring work from SA’s best contemporary and emerging artists. Including works by Andrew Cooper, David Kuijers, Derris van Rensburg, Wakaba Mutheki and Michael Waters, to name a few. / Shop G9 & 10 Steenberg Village Shopping Centre , Reddam Avenue, Tokai. T. 021 701 0886


11-7-13 Art Times.pdf



1:20 PM







Level 0, Cape Quarter Square, 27 Somerset Road, Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa Phone: 0214213333 / 0832528876 Email:



The Cape Gallery, 60 Church Street, Cape Town seeks to expose fine art that is rooted in the South African tradition, work which carries the unique cultural stamp of our continent. featured artist: David Kuijers


Open Mon - fri: 9h30 - 17h00 Sat: 10h00 - 14h00 27 21 423 5309 www.capegallery


Rose Korber Art Rose Korber’s Summer Show 2013-2014. From Sunday 15 Dec 2013 to 31 Jan 2014. A comprehensive annual overview of the current state of South African art, featuring paintings, mixed media works, original limited-edition prints, photography, sculpture and contemporary Shangaan beadwork by leading artists. Included are William Kentridge, Sam Nhlengethwa, Robert Slingsby, Willie Bester, Richard Smith, John Kramer, Stephen Inggs, Anthony Lane, Deborah Bell, Pamela Stretton, Georgia Lane, Louise Gelderblom, Wiebke von Bismarck and Hennie Meyer. / 48 Sedgemoor Rd, Camps Bay. T. 021 438 9152 C. 083 261 1173 C. 082 7816 144 Rosendal Art & Framing Fine art, community craft and affordable picture framing. / 23 Oxford Str, Durbanville. T. 021 976 8232 Rudd’s Auctioneers Antique, Fine and Decorative Art. / 87 Bree Str, CT. T. 021 426 0384 C. 083 406 4261 Rust-en-Vrede Gallery 14 Jan-13 Feb 2014. Heinz Modler will be exhibiting a range of unique photographic prints in Salon A & B titled ‘Kitchen Art’. Russian artist Sana Zee exhibits ‘Visions and Dreams’ in Salon C. . / 10 Wellington Rd, Durbanville. T. 021 976 4691 Sally Louw Gallery Ceramics: Decorative bowls, platters and vessels. / 77 Roodebloem Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town. T.072 713 8907 Salon 91 Contemporary Art Collection / 91 Kloof Street, Gardens. T. 021 424 6930 Sanlam Art Gallery Until Feb 2014. A selection of paintings and sculptures ranging from the naturalists paintings of Thomas Baines through to the expressive works of Maggie Laubser, Irma Stern and Harry Trevor to the contemporary installations of Gavin Younge, Jan van der Merwe and Adam Letch. / 2 Strand Rd, Bellville. T. 021 947 3359 SMAC Art Gallery, CT Until 7 Dec Willem Boshoff ‘Big Druid in his Cubicle’ / In-Fin-Art Building, Buitengracht Str. T. 021 422 5100 Sophea Gallery & Tibetan Teahouse Various forms of fine art including photography, glasswork and digital art. / 2 Harrington Rd, Seaforth, Simonstown. T. 021 786 1544 South African Jewish Museum Until 28 Feb 2014. Retrospective exhibition of Samuel Bak. A world renowned artist will for the first time a retrospective exhibition of his life’s work. / 88 Hatfield Road, Cape Town. T. 021 465 1546.

South African Print Gallery Until Jan 2014. Exhibition of recent Reduction Woodblock Prints. The gallery aims to showcase South African printmaking, with an emphasis on quality, good and unusual prints. / 109 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock, CT. T. 021 462 6851 South African Society of Artists 23 Jan-5 Feb 2014. Merit Exhibition. The South African Society of Artists Merit Exhibition will be held at the Sanlam Hall, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. The Exhibition features SASA artists who achieved a sufficiently high scoring by external judges to ‘merit’ a place, and as such represents some of the finest art to be put on display for sale. / The Sanlam Hall, Kirstebosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town. T. 021 6718941

Retrospective Journey into the art of


StateoftheART Gallery Permanent gallery offering a dynamic selection of affordable contemporary art. Selected works on show include paintings by Chris Denovan, Alvira and Alouette Ferreira, Olga du Toit and Lisette Forsyth. Visit our online gallery for a full inventory of available artwork / 61 Shortmarket Str (between Loop & Bree). T. 021 801 4710. Stephan Welz & Co Cape Town SPI National Portrait Award 2013 exhibition. 26 Nov until 10 Jan 2014 / The Great Cellar, Alphen Estate, Alphen Drive, Constantia. T. 021 794 6461 Stevenson Cape Town A Sculptural premise’ The works on this exhibition explore our understanding of our three-dimensional reality through contemplations of space, volume and sculptural form across a range of mediums: sculpture as well as painting, video and photography. Until 11 Jan 2014. / Ground Floor, Buchanan Building, 160 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock, CT. T. 021 462 1500 Strauss & Co The Oval, First Floor, Colinton House, 1 Oakdale Road, Newlands. T. 021 683 6560 The Art Connection An online gallery curated by Priscilla Schoonbee, offering top class artwork by established and up-and-coming artists / C. 082 463 6307 The AVA Gallery Vanitas’ 2013. 2 Dec-9 Jan 2014. A group exhibition of 21 painters. Curated by Clare Menck. The Latin term ‘Vanitas’ can broadly be translated as vanity, or transience, and is interpreted in Dutch and Flemish stilllife painting of the 16th and 17th centuries with symbols like skulls, smoke, hourglasses, fish and hunted animals, fruit, insects such as flies and butterflies, and bubbles. The exhibition aims towards a new take on this age-old theme in terms of contemporary South African painting, with a sterling list of celebrated and promising contemporary painters. / 35 Church Street, CBD. T. 021 424 7436

South African Jewish Museum

11 November – 28 February 2014

88 Hatfield Street, Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa 8001 Phone: +21-465-1546 Email: Sun to Thurs: 10.00am - 5.00pm Fri: 10.00am - 2.00pm Closed Saturdays and Jewish Holidays Open Public Holidays

Departing, 1975-98, oil on canvas, image courtesy of Pucker Gallery, Boston

Rialto Art Centre Ongoing exhibition by local artists. / 22 Mill Str, Strand. T. 021 853 8061

our Key Services include: •

Conservation Framing

Framing of art, objects, mirrors & prints

Stretcher frames


Cotton Rag Paper Decal edges: 300 gr Min. order: 50 sheets Sizes: 120 x 80.5 cm 106 x 78cm

wholesale from: Live Wire Learning (Pty) Ltd (t) 011 807-7716





Custom colour wood frames



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With unwavering commitment to quality and timeous delivery,

Great art knows no “COMPROMISE”


Framing Place 46 Lower Main Road, Observatory, 7925 Tel: 021 447 3988


Hermanus FynArts 2014 is set to rock! Launch of TONDO Art Competition Hermanus FynArts presents :

Tollman Bouchard Finlayson Art Award The top 40 tondos will be exhibited on the barrelheads in the Bouchard Finlayson Wine Cellar with a winner’s prize of R30 000 with three merit prizes of R 5000 each. See more on

WESTERN CAPE / GALLERY GUIDE | ART TIMES The Avital Lang Gallery Currently displaying the work - including paintings, sculpture and ceramics of local artists. / Two Oceans House, Surrey Place, Mouille Point. (Next to Newport Deli) T. 021 439 2124 The Cabinet A new independent gallery space and home for pop up design exhibitions and events. ‘Paper Cuts’ an exhibition of limited edition prints from local and international designers. Opens 5 Dec. / 64A Wale Street, Cape Town. C. 082 08444 22 C. 073 698 5211. The Cape Gallery Carnivale’. Solo exhibition by Margot Hattingh. The Carnivale I paint is not just mine; it belongs to all of us. My paintings are a reminder that we can choose our masks. Until- 14 Dec. 2013 / 60 Church Street, CBD. T. 021 423 5309 The Cellar Private Gallery Dealing exclusively in original and investment art, offering works by a variety of renowned and upcoming SA artists. / 12 Imhoff Str, Welgemoed, Bellville. T. 021 913 4189 The Framery Art Gallery Until end Feb 2014. Summer Salon 18 shows mosaic , painting , relief work, sculpture and etching. Ishmael Thyssen , Marcelino Manhula, Marnus Havenga, Elizabeth Robertson- Campbell, Zach Mukwira, Godfrey Ndaba, Malachi Smith, Patrick Mokhuane, Siphungela Zolani, Loyiso Mkize, Jaun Splinter, Kate Pearce among others. / 67g Regent Road, Seapoint. T. 021 434 5022 C. 078 122 7793. The Framing Place Conservation framing, Framing of art, Block mounting and Box frames. / 46 Lower Main rd, Observatory. T. 021 447 3988 The Lisa King Gallery Specializing in top SA abstract/contemporary art, sculpture and exotic glassware. / Cape Quarter Piazza, 72 Waterkant Street, Green Point. T. 021 421 3738 The Lovell Gallery A treasure trove of artworks by gallery and guest artists, curated to inspire appreciation for South African contemporary art. Until 1 Feb 2014. Emma Willemse, Neill Wright, Andre van Vuuren, Neville Petersen, Benon Lutaaya, Vivien Kohler, Mark Hilltout, Robyn Denny, Gordon Williams, Berna Thom, Tanisha Bhana. / 139 Albert road, Woodstock. T 021 447 5918 The Photographers Gallery za & Erdmann Contemporary Summer Group Exhibition introducing works by Ilidio Candja (Mozambique), Hannalie Taute and Marna Hattingh. / 63 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town. Tel. 214 222762. The Pot Luck Club Gallery Both eatery and art gallery. / Contact curator Las Madurasinghe on 074 180 4895, The Old Biscuit Mill, 375 Albert Rd, Woodstock.

SA ART TIMES. December 2013

The Studio Kalk Bay Until 11 Dec. Deziree Smith,’ Incredible Insects’. Dez Smith presents her amazing collection of Incredible Insects.26 15 Jan. 2014. Marc Alexander presents his latest work after a hugely successful show in Sandton. Johannesburg. / The Studio, The Majestic Village, 122 Main road, Kalk Bay. T. 083 778 2737 What if the World/Gallery Until 8 Feb 2014. The Future White Woman of Azania. An exhibition by Athi-Patra Ruga. / 1 Argyle Str. Woodstock, CT. T. 021 802 3111 Windermere House The private art collection of Cape Town based artist Rachelle Bomberg, showcasing large, mystical/surreal abstract oils. Artist available by appointment. / 58 Windermere rd, Muizenberg. T. 021 788 1333 Worldart Gallery Until 16 Nov ‘The Discomfort Zone’ solo painting exhibition by Karlien de Villiers / 54 Church Street, Cape Town CBD. T. 021 423 3075 Brak River Artat39long A beautiful collection of affordable art by new signature and established artists to satisfy the art connoisseur / 39 Long Street , Great Brak River C. 082 576 3338 www.artat39long Breede River Edna Fourie Gallery An intimate, light-filled gallery space with the feel of a sanctuary. The exclusive home of Edna Fourie’s ethereal art: oil paintings, readymades and installations. / Main Rd, McGregor. T. 083 302 5538 Calitzdorp Kraaldoring Gallery Summer exhibition. Group mixed media exhibition. Ceramics by Clementina van der Walt and others. Apricot festival activities in first week of December. Gallery open by appointment (email only) Through December and early January. / Groenfontein Rd, 11kms outside Calitzdorp T. 082 575 7969 C. 082 925 0871 Marinda Combrink Studio & Gallery Open on all public holidays. A fine Art Miscellanium. You are invited to view recent paintings and drawings by Marinda Combrinck. Marinda-Combrinck-Art/125183554192012 / 33 Andries Pretorius St, Calitzdorp. C. 079 968 1588 De Rust Portal Gallery An intimate gallery with works by selected contemporary artists, including Carl Becker, JP Meyer, Estelle Marais, Diane McLean and Hermann Niebuhr. Gallery hours flexible. / December - January41 Schoeman Str, De Rust. T. 082 297 6977

Village Art Gallery Ongoing exhibition with work by artists Mariaan Kotze, Glendine, Diane McLean, Neels Coetzee, Duggie du Toit, Ann Gadd, Karien Boonzaaier, Bill Strapp, Estelle Marais, Kevin Standly, Ella, Marianne Vorster and Lana van Blerk, amongst others. / 29 Schoeman Str, De Rust, T. 044 241 2014 Clanwilliam Kunshuis Summer Holiday Exhibition: Paul du Toit, Joy RoseInnes, Walter Westbrooke, Heather Garisch, John Robert, Steve Bassett. Until 20 Jan 2014 ‘San Alive’ Cederberg and West Coast cederberg rockart. / 14 Main Rd, Clanwilliam. T. 027 482 1940 C. 0836755606 www.kunshuis Elgin South Hill Gallery and Sculpture Garden A new Beginning’ curated by Carina du Randt of Art Event. Until end Dec. / South Hill Gallery and Sculpture Garden, 113 The Valley Road, Elgin. C. 084 4124107/083 6277950 Franschhoek Art in the Yard Until 12th Jan 2014. Holiday Group Show. A group show of Cape Town artists including Varenka Paschke, Frans Smit and Mariette De Villiers. A vibrant, energetic mix of mediums and subjects, highly original art works all whilst keeping true to craftsmanship and skill. / The Yard, 38 Huguenot Street, Franschhoek. T. 021 876 4280 C. 083 4630392 Art Event Sat. 7 Dec 2013 at 18h00 until 3 Feb 2014. ‘Yours Sincerely, Africa’. The theme suggest the end to a letter and artists submitted work to complete the content of the letter with a visual narrative to communicate their personal experience. A group show with more than 20 participating artists with work in all mediums. / No. 13, Place Vendome Centre, Huguenot street, Franschhoek, 7690. C. 084 412 4107.C.084 412 4107.https://www. EBONY Franschoek Group Show. Artists exhibiting for the Festive season include , Greg Lourens, Conrad Botes, Don Madge, Trevor Coleman, Peter Gray, Fred Schimmel, Richard Smith, Krisjan Rossouw and many more South African masters. 4 Franschhoek Square, 32 Huguenot Street. T. 021 876 4477 C. 0825582221 Is Art / Le Quartier Français, 16 Huguenot Str, Franschhoek. T. 021 876 8443 The Gallery at Grande Provence An exhibition of sculpture by Angus Taylor and the DSW Studio. / Grande Provence Estate, Main Road, Franschhoek.T. 021 876 8630 C. 082 552 7262


ART TIMES | GALLERY GUIDE / WESTERN CAPE The Shop at Grande Provence Jewellery by Ilse Malan. / Grande Provence Estate, Main Road, Franschhoek. T. 021 876 8630 C. 082 5527262 George Cape Palette Art Gallery / Engen Centre, CJ Langenhoven Str, Heatherlands. T. 044 873 6581 Crouse Art Gallery Original paintings by well known South African Artists: Anton Benzon, Carla Bosch, Maria, Gerrit Roon, Makiwa, Danielle Novella & many more. We deal exclusively in original SA Art, specifically investment art. / Shop no 83, Garden Route Mall, George / 368 Ontdekkers rd Flrorida Park, Roodepoort, Jhb. T. 044 887 0361 / 011 672 3821 Strydom Gallery Selection of South African masters. Electronic exhibitions. / 79 Market Str, George. T. 044 874 4027 Greyton Adele Claudia Fouche Ongoing exhibition. The artist exhibits her works which are mainly concerned with light. Adele also offers workshops and retreats in this beautiful setting. / T. 082 522 4010 Mossel Bay Artbeat Gallery Kastrol Straat Pottery. The Gallery boasts its own range of pottery and sculpture, by Alex Potter. These will be for sale from the Gallery and will be made available to various other outlets. / 35 Gys Smalberger Street, Mossel Bay CBD. Tel. 081 356 5295 Art@39Long Quaint gallery, set in a delightful garden. Carefully selected art, complemented by beautiful ceramics and designer craft to be enjoyed in a warm and friendly village on the Garden Route. / 39 Longstreet, Great Brakriver. C. 082 576 3338 Hermanus Abalone Gallery Main Gallery-1 Dec 2013 until 31 Jan 2014. Summer Group Exhibition. Titia Ballot, Christo Coetzee, Hannes Harrs, Judith Mason, El Loko, Carl Roberts, Susanna Swart, Lynette ten Krooden, Louis van Heerden.Annex Gallery-1 Dec 2013 until 31 Jan 2014. ‘Visions: Works on Paper’ Lionel Abrams, Lien Botha, John Clarke, Elzaby Laubscher , Pippa Skotnes. / 2 Harbour Road (The Courtyard) ) Hermanus. Tel. 028 313 2935 Art Amble Hermanus Village Browse the Galleries along the Art Amble (Hermanus central) / Terry Kobus: C. 083 259 8869 Originals Gallery / Shop 22 Royal Centre, 141 Main Rd. Tel. 083 259 8869.


Rossouw Modern Art Gallery Hermanus 10 Dec 2013 until 20 Jan 2014. Group Show. The summer collection this year include: Hugo Maritz, Bastiaan van Stenis, Adriaan de Lange, Obert Jongwe, Jono Dry, Maeve Dewar, Glenn Cox, Russell Travers, Jenny Jackson, Jeanne Hendriks, Mawethu Ntakana. / 3 Harbour Rd, Hermanus. T. 028 313 2222


Village Art Gallery The gallery was established in 2006 by artist and owner Brian Robertson, who exhibits work in both oil and watercolour. / Hemel en Aarde Village. T. 028 316 3355

Sheena Ridley Art Studio & Sculpture Garden / Langkloof, Klein Karoo. C. 083 589 2881.

Walker Bay Art Gallery View the wide selection of paintings, sculpture & ceramics by established as well as up-and-coming SA artists. / 171 Main Rd. 028 312 2928

Edna Fourie Gallery Ongoing exhibition which includes a permanent collection as well as works for sale- all by the artist Edna Fourie, / Main Rd, Mcgregor C.083 302 5538

Willie Botha Sculpture Gallery Permanent exhibition of work by Sculptor Willie Botha, Paintings by Pieter Vermaak, Johan Calitz and Shelley Adams. / 171 Main Rd. T. 028 313 2304 C. 082 7832663



Rosenhof Art Gallery Artworks from well-reputed South African artists. / Baron van Reede Str. C. 082 7696 993/044 2722232 /

A Different Drummer New lamps by Trevor Opperman and new Nico Masemolo ceramics. / Thesen House, 6 Long Street, Knysna. T. 044 382 5107 C. 082 552 7262

Bay Gallery Supporting excellent, local artists, many of whom are members of S.A.S.A. All mediums exhibited. / Marra Square, Bree St. C. 073 304 8744 Langkloof


ArtKaroo Gallery / 107 Baron van Reede, Oudtshoorn. T. 044 279 1093

Prince Albert

Dale Elliott Art Galleries Leaders of the painting course concept in South Africa. / Shop 11, Knysna Mall Shopping Centre, Main Rd. T. 044 382 5646

Prince Albert Gallery Established in 2003, the gallery always has an eclectic mix of art on display. / 57 Church Str, Prince Albert. T. 023 541 1057

Knysna Fine Art Ceramic vases by Lucinda Mudge, Colour Reduction Woodcuts by Joshua Miles and Karoo Paintings by Gert van Tonder. / Thesen House, 6 Long Str, Knysna. T. 044 382 5107 C. 082 5527 262

Riebeek Kasteel

Lynn Schaefer Gallery Artworks and ceramics by SA artists including Derric van Rensburg, Ann Nosworthy, Darryl Legg and Lynn Schaefer. / Thesen House, 6 Long Street. C. 072 174 4907 Sally Bekker Art Studio Exhibition of Pastels by Marion Weymouth and Oils and Watercolours by Sally Bekker and Dave Croad. / Shop 23 Woodmill Lane Knysna. C. 082 3423943

Deziree Fine Arts Until 11 Dec ‘Incredible Insects’ hosted at the Studio Kalk Bay. / 122 Main Road Kalk Bay. T. 021 785 1120 The Gallery - Riebeek Kasteel Curated by Astrid McLeod, The Gallery features a selective mix of paintings, sculptures and ceramics by established and emerging South African artists. / Main Street, Riebeek Kasteel. C. 083 653 3697 Robertson

The Knysna Art Gallery / Old Gaol Complex, cnr of Main and Queen Street. T. 044 382 7124

The Robertson Art Gallery We specialise in original art of more than 60 top South African Artists. / 3 Voortrekker Rd. T. 023 626 5364. C. 082 921 2697


Somerset West

Shell, Sealife & Art Experience Shells and More’ A permanent exhibition of silk scarves, original oils, watercolours and constructions by Mosie Hope including unique displays of local shell collections. Open from 10h00 in Dec. & Jan. 2014. Seashell House, 8 Golf Street. T.028 435 7888 C. 0822960144.

Gallery 91 Fine art and gifts. Collection incorporates scultpure,cera mics,functional art, paintings, etchings and photography. / 91 Andries Pretorius Str. T. 021 852 6700

SA ART TIMES. December 2013

WESTERN CAPE / GALLERY GUIDE | ART TIMES Liebrecht Art Gallery By the sweat of your brow’ A look at labour by Kennett Sinclair, Lisette Forsyth and Jaco Coetzee. The first in a ‘labour series’ aimed at stimulating discussion on the matter of man as a labourer. Until 17 Jan. 2014. / 34 Oudehuis Str, Somerset West. T. 021 852 8030 C. 0826826710


Sasol Art Museum Permanent collection of paintings, graphic works and sculptures, as well as an anthropological collection. Regular temporary art exhibitions of national and international artists. / 52 Ryneveld Str, Stellenbosch. T. 021 808 3691

Beatrix Bosch Studio Unique works in leather, paintings & photography can be viewed at her studio. / 57 Die Duin, Wilderness. T. 044 877 0585

Wallace Hulley Gallery Hulley specialises in Portraiture in watercolours. / 27 Silverboomkloof Rd. C. 083 268 4356

Slee Gallery The Collar and the Cuff as symbols of Power and Oppression at the Seventeenth Century Cape of Good Hope. Carla Maxine Kruger creates contemporary art jewellery that aims to provoke critique around the ‘hybrid’ effect colonialism and slavery had on culture and identity in South Africa. Opening 22 Jan. @ 18:30 until 25 Jan. 2014 28 January 18:00 for 18:30 - 2 Feb 2014. ‘Paper Child’ Sabina Feroci is an Italian artist who creates exquisite sculptures of children with papier-maché. She uses this ancient method of sculpting to create her ‘paper’ children. / 101 Dorp Street. T. 021 887 3385 C. 083 3033372

Stellenbosch Art at Tokara / Crest of the Helshoogte Pass, Stellenbosch. T.021 808 5900 Art on 5 A studio gallery run by 2 artists, Maryna de Witt and Emzi Smit, exhibiting their work. / 7b Andrings St. T. 021 887 7234. C. 072 249 3312 Cavalli Gallery Opening exhibition curated by Julia Meintjes Fine Art in an exciting new gallery space at an exciting new venue - Cavalli Equestrian Stud and Winery. 6 Dec 2013 to Feb 2014. / C. 083 675 1825. Cavalli Equestrian Stud and Winery. R44 between Stellenbosch and Somerset West. D-Street Gallery Panorama’ Landscape as Mapping of the Soul. Brahm van Zyl; Clare Menck; Cobus van Bosch; Corlie de Kock; Eric Duplan; Henk Serfontein; Jacobus Kloppers; Peter Midlane; Peter van Straten; Strijdom van der Merwe; Greg Schultz; Kim Berman. Landscape genre exhibition which includes the following categories: traditional landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, skyscapes, cloudscapes, riverscapes, moonscapes, aerial landscapes, inscapes, mindscapes and hardscapes. Until 15 Jan. 2014 / 112 Dorp Str. T. 021 883 2337 Oude Libertas Gallery New Oude Libertas Gallery Inauguration.’ 5th March 2014. Open until 29 March 2014. Preparation for opening a Revamped Gallery at Oude Libertas is on its way. Inauguration on 5th March 2014 with Louis Jansen van Vuuren as part of Woordfees 2014. This exhibition will be part of the Woordfees 2014 Art route. / Cnr of Adam Tas & Oude Libertas Str. T. 021 809 7463 Rupert Museum Showcasing the unique private art collection of Anton and Huberte Rupert. / Stellentia Ave. T. 021 888 3344

SMAC Art Gallery Willam Boshoff 7 Nov -7 Dec. ‘Big Druid in his Cubical’ / 1st Floor, De Wet Centre, Church Str. T. 021 887 3607 Stellenbosch Art Gallery An extensive selection of paintings, sculpture, handmade glass & ceramics by selected Western Cape artists / 34 Ryneveld Str. T. 021 887 8343 US Art Gallery Regular temporary art exhibitions of national and international artists, as well as permanent exhibitions of the visual art collections, anthropological and cultural historical objects, and the University history. / C/o Dorp & Bird str, Stellenbosch. T. 021 828 3489 Swellendam Kunstehuijs Fine Art Gallery Representing a variety of established and up-andcoming South African artists. / 19 Swellengrebel str, Swellendam. T. 028 5142905 Die Steg Art Galery Solo exhibition of new paintings by resident artist Marnitz Steyn. / 1 Voortrek Str, Swellendam. 028 514 2521 Villiersdorp Dale Elliott Art Gallery Gallery, Framing and a teaching studio for Art Courses. / 80 Main Rd, Villiersdorp.T. 028 840 2927

Pharoah Art Gallery / Wilderness Centre, George Road. T. 044 877 0265 Paarl Hout Street Gallery Specialising in paintings and fine art by more than thirty SA artists. / 270 Main Str, Paarl. T. 021 872 5030 Piketberg The Art Business Contemporary Gallery and Art Consultancy Specialising in: painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, ceramics, sculptures end limited edition Artists’ books by South African artists. / 17 Main Str, Piketberg. C. 083 739 6196 Plettenberg Bay Lookout Art Gallery Featuring a wide variety of both new and well-loved artists, including Fiona Rowett, Jocelyn Boyley, Sue Kemp and Gail Darroll, amongst others. / Main Str, Plettenberg Bay. T. 044 533 2210 Old Nick Village Old Nick Village comprises a varied selection of individual shops and galleries showcasing some of the best of South African creative manufacturers and fine artists. / Easy access from the N2 highway, 3km east of Plett. T. 044 533 1395 The White House Venue & Theatre Psycles’ Group Show. An investigation into the mechanics, patterns, rhythms and forms that exists within our known Universe. Through creative inquisition, the artists reveal fresh insights and interpretations of cyclic/psyclic states of being. 22-31 Dec 2013. C. 0847688199 / 6 Crescent Str, Plettenberg Bay. T. 044 533 2010 Port Owen The West Coast Art Gallery Showcase of leading West Coast artists. / Shop 2 Harbour Centre, Port Owen, Velddrif. T. 082 460 6650

Send Your Listings To SA ART TIMES. December 2013



Linki Lutz, Consumed, Photography. 600x600 / Aimee Geyser, Untitled 2013, Photograph. 420 x 594 Desiree Burger, Gathering 2013, Found objects. 360 x 345mm / Sarah Akerman, Dress / Zara Jansen, Milignant still, dried plants and plaster of paris/ Maike Felmore, Print. / Stephane Conradie, Hand coloured Litho. 326 x 536 mm

SA Art Graduate Show Feature 2013 For a more comprehensive catalogue of art grad shows go to Michaelis School of Fine Art (UCT) Stellenbosch Art Department Nelson Met. University Art Dept University of North West Art Dept. University of Johannesburg Art Dept. Unisa Pretoria and Cape Town Rhodes School of Fine Art Ruth Prowse

Jonathan Van Der Walt: Next level Shit, Painted Bronze


- Amie Soudien, Elicit Texts Part One 2013, Pine, Perspex, Fluorescent Lights and Wax / Amie Soudien, Unions Part 2, Digital Print 91.5 x 60 cm Angus MacKinnon, Mancane and Amusa, Kruger Street, Johannesburg Giclée Print on 308gm Photo Rag 45 x 45 cm - Rudi le Hane, Untitled 2013, Meranti & iron, timber, polyurethane & leather 170 x 30 x 7 cm / Gareth Morris Davies Installation View/ Isabella Knemeyer, Courtyard 2013 Concrete, Steel, Wood, Glass, Mosaic, Tar 100 x 400 x 100 cm / Jake Singer, City in The Sky, Installation of Slabs of polystyrene, Concrete Substitute and Steel. - Marion Sandwith The Faces of the Moving Year (A Grammar of Colour) 2013, Engraved Plexiglass, Lithography Inks and LEDs, 12 x 13 x 70 cm / Mawande Ka Zenzile, Installation View / Mitchell Messina, I fixed it!, Enamel on Canvas - Platts, Freerange, Miniature porcelain eggs with lingerie jackets / Pascale Desfontaines, Conquest of the Air #52013 . Fabric, string and latex / Rose Mudge, Keepsakes, Found forgotten children’s sculptures


Nalize Venter, Blom Kat, Sculpture / Engela Meyer, Installation / Phineas Makhuriting, Ceramics Thabang Monoa, Glass/ Nalize Venter, Fos, Sculpture / Sarah Kirsten Northcote, Mixed media / Installation / Noko Mello, Spirits of the Ancestors, Resin/fibreglass


installation by Catharina Scheepers 5 / Sindile Mfundisi Painting / Nikita Stevens Photography Carolina du Plessis, Do you like me yet? / Angelica Luthi, Escape: an exploration into the sublime, painting / Alexandre Rochard, To Safeguard a Nation, Photograph


Toni Van Huysteen: Vere van dieselfde voël Roadkill owl ,Taxidermy materials and bone / Jonathan Van Der Walt : Next level Shit, Painted Bronze Christine Olivier: The Theatre of the Self, Mixed Media / Jonathan Van Der Walt: The Warhol Affects, Painted Bronze Victoria Urquhart: Quite Contrary, Paper cut –out/hand cut (Cartridge paper ) / Wesley Mclean: Troph Series 1-8. Bronze/ Quintin Weyer: Mournful carrier Epoxy, acrylic and pen on wood


Mhlonishwa Chiliza. Pillars. charcoal on paper / Nhlakanipho Ndimande 2013 Who am I Mixed media Ayanda Myeza, Silver neck piece / Chantal Benson, Leaf Necklace, Vitreous enamel and silver / Jabulani Mbil 2013 Untitled mixed media.


- Marina Le Roux, Hand puppets 1-2 / Hanco Gerber Erotic chair (bite) Reflective usage of furniture 1-3 / Janus Badenhorst, - Boksem Craft Beer / - Willie Blignaut,Agent Jones, 3D printed sculpture / Joubert Loots, Paper sculpture installation / Jo-Ann Chan,Blood from a stone / Ciska Joubert,Under water photography


Andrew Swanepoel / LEANIE JOUBERT, Sacred Scarred / Zelda Cloete, Basick / Anna-Marie Saayman Patricia Longs to Escape / Maria v R Pienaar, Early Morning News / Tricia Visser, Cultural ‘Heroes’ at Play


Willeen Wagenaar in progress / Christel Liebenberg / Sulandi Hunter


State of South African Visual Art 2013 The Art Times asked Annali Cabano-Dempsey, Leon du Preez and Michelle Constant what their impressions of the state of art in SA were in the past year, as well as what they foresee for 2014. Here’s what they had to say: Art highlights of 2013: Cabano-Dempsey: South African artists are progressively breathing the refined air of international podiums. We note the inclusion of our shining lights in major global collections, art fairs and biennales, being granted residencies and in general acting as ambassadors for the tip of Africa. Kentridge has been named one of the top ten living visual artists in 2013 sharing the stage with the likes of Ai Weiwei, Jasper Johns, Gerhard Richter and Jeff Koons according to a straw poll by Vanity Fair earlier this year. Other highlights include David Goldblatt’s magnificent act of activism at the Jo’burg Art Fair in reaction to the removal of an Ayanda Mabulu painting. He poignantly focused our attention on the hard earned right to freedom of expression. There has been ongoing support from the artist community for Diane Victor, who is due for a life- saving kidney transplant. Some of the top artists donated work for a benefit auction hosted by the Goodman Gallery in April this year raising R1,8 million. Another auction, with more than 150 donated works was hosted by the University of Johannesburg through the UJ Art Gallery and the FADA Gallery on 30 November 2013. (At time of going to press the results are not yet known) Corporate provision for the development of visual arts has been sustained. The Helgaard Steyn Award for sculpture this year amounted to R500 000. The newly fledged SPI National Portrait Award drew close on 1 800 entries with a prize money of R100 000. Together with stalwart competitions such as the Absa’Atelier, the PPC Cement Sculpture Award, Sasol New Signatures, the MTN New Contemporaries Award and the Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Award the consequences are invaluable for emerging and established artists and serves as an indication of the depth of quality to be found locally.

Who/what to watch (artists/trends)for 2014: Cabano-Dempsey : I look forward to observing the cultural shift from the hallowed halls of malls and other ivory towers to more democratic shabby chic domains such as Maboneng, Arts on Main and Braamfontein in Johannesburg and Woodstock in Cape Town serving as incubators for new ideologies. I also imagine there will be a rise in re-appropriation of small dorps such as Richmond in the Northern Cape, pop-up spaces and rooftops addressing the cross-pollination of various artistic disciplines bringing along an eclectic mix of fine art, good food and wine, literature, home-grown fashion and quality crafts. This supported by a nostalgic and emotional economy expressed through the collaborative nature of the arts industry. du Preez: South African Art is sought after worldwide. South African’s take pride in what they do and this has contributed to the definite shift towards the South African Art market both locally and SA ART TIMES. December 2013

abroad. The auction houses are starting to take an interest in young emerging artists: such as: Jane Alexander, Wim Botha, Hanneke Benade amongst a host of emerging artist’s especially young black talent. I would suggest collectors buy what they like and feel comfortable with. Time will tell if the painting realises to be a valuable investment. Buying on this premise will ensure good returns in the future. Constant: Next year BASA will be releasing the research on 0% Interest for Emerging Art Buyers. I look forward to seeing it gain traction.

Financial climate for 2013 and 2014: Cabano-Dempsey : We are part of a global economy and therefore subject to waves of crises and whiplash effects. Auction houses are doing great business and will most probably do so next year as well, while emerging artists selling at more affordable prices are getting a boost. Market fluctuations will possibly bring about more realistic prices. du Preez: South Africans are buying local art like never before. These trends are key for those looking to invest in art. Although the high-end market has fallen in the beginning of 2013 the middleend market is growing. The auction houses are including a lot young contemporary artists; this will really boost the art market and broaden the art investment industry. Returns on investing money in banks or financial institutions are giving low returns and the global financial market is very unstable, more and more investors a turning towards physical assets such as property, gold and artwork. These investments are showing the greatest returns. Constant: I think the election next year will to some degree impact financially, economically and politically on the art world, and even the sale of art.

Issues to dominate 2014: Cabano-Dempsey : Environmental ethics, an increasing interest in land art, an acknowledgement of heritage and museum building, emphasis on interconnectedness of all systems , recognition of the effect of postmodernism’s absence of guiding principles and structures as well as the rise and fall of social and electronic media allowing artists access to previously unexplored platforms and markets. Constant: I suspect the rub between Freedom of Speech and Cultural Diversity will become more fractious, given the electoral debate.



Charis Futcher,Contagion 1-3 Caitlyn Long, Goodbye Horses / Dee Ellis,Rule Number One Gemma Marion Garmen, 33°18’53.11”S, 26°31’46.65”E / Gemma Marion Garmen, 33°18’53.11”S, 26°31’46.65”E / Dudley Hibbert, The Orchards Jana Tomas, Ztraceno v překladu / Inge Heide, Mein Pass


Joseph Coetzee, The Invaders 1-3 / Kelsey Leigh Aspeling, Anomie, painting Phiwokuhle Khumalo: Zukiswa, Noluvuyo, Zandile / Caitlyn Long: Goodbye Horses / Michelle Nel: Affect Kelsey Leigh Aspeling, Anomie / Madelein Du Toit: Kokkewiet / Chiro Nott, The Tjak of Washkibat

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Bambi. Tata ( Red ) 2013. Stencil print with diamond dust on paper. Edition of 15 & 5 A/P. 102 x 67cm. R 35 000 Banksy. Flying Copper 2005. Serigraph. Edition of 150. 100 x 70cm. Published by Pictures on Walls, London, with their blind stamp Signed in pencil and edition. Accompanied by COA from Pest Control. P.O.A Jade Doreen Waller. Focus on fantacy 2013. Oil on canvas. 80 x 60cm. R 25 000 Asha Zero. Surmob 2013. Acrylic on board. 60 x 45cm. R 48 500


Find these works on

Andrew Lord, Still Life with painted Sky 1, oil on canvas, 51 x 76cm, R 8 330.00 Pippa Lee Pennington, Some Things on my Table, oil on canvas, 107 x 77cm, R 45 000.00 Clare Menck, Self portrait with reservoir, Albertinia 2011, oil on board, 40 x 30cm, R 19 500.00 Elize Vossgatter, Made in China, oil paint, charcoal, gold dust on wood panel, 1,2m x 1,2m, R 23 000.00


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Gabrielle Raaff. Muizenberg 8. Japanese Ink on Fabriano. 700 x 550mm (framed). 2013. R 4 800 Galia Gluckman. LEVI. limited edition embellished archival print 1/20. 110cm x 110cm (Framed). R 12 500 Paul Senyol. DPL. Mixed media on Hahnemuhle bamboo 285gm. 660x930mm (framed). R 5 800


SA ART TIMES. December 2013

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Art Home is a platform for Home owners to buy quality art from the comfort of their home. Art Home is a printed catalogue inserted into the SA Art Times and is distributed to over 30 000 Top SA Homes. The idea of Art Home is to have the potentual buyer read the catalogue and go directly to the advertising gallery website. Art Home’s website clicks through of the galleries selling through it’s catalogue, rather than stores the works for sale.

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Karin Daymond. On a Clear Day I. Oil on canvas. 120 x 160 cm. R 54 800.00 (incl VAT) Bambo Sibiya. Nize Nisikhonzele Phela Banodla Bo II. Linocut. 124 x 108 cm. R 19 000.00 (incl VAT). Unframed


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Arman, Roy Lichtenstein and Joe Tilson works were produced as a series of Anti Apartheid Posters produced in the co-operation with the United Nations Special Committee Against Apartheid under the title of 15 Artists Against Apartheid. Arman. Hope of Africa, Shattering the chains, lithograph on paper 850 x 650mm R4000-6000 Karel Appel.Two Faces, colour lithograph on paper, signed with edition artist proof,550 x 750mm. R10,000 - R15,000


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Lolly Hahn-Page. Liquid Dreams. Oil on canvas: 125cm x 125cm. R45,000 Peter Pharoah. Kanyisile. Acrylic on canvas: 115cm x 115cm. R35,000 Richard Scott. Studio 7. Mixed media on canvas: 90cm x 90cm. R75,000


SA ART TIMES. December 2013

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Battiss, Walter Whall. Metaphysical Figures, Oil on Canvas, 33 x 43cm Price on request Hodgins, Robert Griffiths. Family in a Barren Field, Oil on Canvas, 91.2 x 121.8cm Price on request


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Robert Hodgins. What’s your case, heh? – 2003. Oil on canvas. 45 x 45 cm. R150 000 Cecil Skotnes. Kitchen still life. Carved, incised and painted wood panel. 100 x 122,5 cm. R750 000 Marlene von Dürckheim. Still life with apples and jug – 2012. Oil on canvas. 70 x 60 cm. R22 500


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William Kentridge:Universal archive, Ref. 20a (Large cat). 2012. Linocut printed on non-archival pages from Shorter Oxford English Dictionary mounted onto Arches Cover 400 gm paper,Edition: /30. Framed. Price on request Claudette Schreuders. Abba. 2011. Eight colour, chine collé lithograph, Ed /35. Image size: 43 x 31cm. Price (including frame): R 7900 (Excl. VAT) Sam Nhlengethwa. So Then Who Did It?. From the Conversation series, 2012. Seven colour lithograph. Edition size: 35. Image size: 30 x 33cm Framed. Price: R 7500 (Excl. VAT )

SA ART TIMES. December 2013


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Susan Grundlingh. Soetdoring (acacia Karoo). 100 x 100cm. Acrylic on canvas. R 25 000 Hannes van Zyl. Bottles and Bowls No. 3. 90 x 60cm. Acrylic on canvas. R 17 200 Hannes van Zyl. Bottles and Bowls No. 6. 60 x 60cm. Acrylic on canvas. R 11 430


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Donna McKellar. Borrowed Time. 70cm x 70cm, R28500 Donna McKellar. The French Bin 160cm x 70cm, R59 280


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Cobus Van Der Walt. Three flamingos, 150 x 73 cm, Oil, R 52 200 Unframed Frederike Stokhuyzen. Goegap Nature Reserve - Namaqualand. Size: 57 x 81 cm. Media: Oil. Price: R 40 000 Framed Hilary Iwański. Jade on Emerald Green. Size: 50 x 61 cm. Media: Oil.Price: R 12 500 Framed David Kuijers. Elephant Ideas. Size: 58 x 58 cm. Media: Acrylic on Hinterglasmalerei. Price: R 6 100 Framed


SA ART TIMES. December 2013

The South African Print Gallery, Woodstock CT Proudly presents a fresh new body of work by:

Joshua Miles CitysCape : Until 10 January 2014 View Josh Miles’s online catalogue at South African Print Gallery: Home of SA Fine Art Prints. 109 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.

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Lion’s Shadow, 2013, 100x35cm, Ed 10, R 20 800.00 View from Cape Town Eye, 2013, 42 x 56cm, Ed 10, R 6 400.00

Fynbos and City, 2013, Ed 10, 34 x 69cm, R 8 000.00 Peak of the devil, 2013, Ed 10, 2013, 42 x 56cm, R 6 400.00

Kalkbaai from Boyes Drive, 2013, Ed 10, 30 x 50 cm, R 4 160.00 Long Beach, 2010, Ed 10, 28 x 44cm, R 4 160.00


SA ART TIMES. December 2013

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From Rhodes Memorial 2010, 33 x 50cm, R 4 160 Above the city centre, 2011, 42 x 56cm, R 6 400.00

From Deer Park 2013, Ed 10,56,5 x 42cm, R 6 400.00 Deer Park Stream 2013, Ed 10, 42 x 56,5cm, R 6 400.00 Camps bay palms, 28 x 38cm, R 4 160.00 Long Shadow Greenpoint 2012, Colour Woodblock, 41 x 56cm, R 6 400

City Blocks, 2013, Ed 10, 28 x 38cm, R 4 160.00 Waterfront First Sun, 2013, Ed 10, 21 x 26,5cm, R 8 000.00 Woodstock Main Road, 2010, Ed 10, 42 x 57cm, R 6 400.00

SA ART TIMES. December 2013


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Koedoesberge 2012, , 54x74cm, R10 400.00 Brandende Boom, 2012, 27x43cm, R4160.00 Gifberg 2011,Ed 10, 28x38cm, R 4 160.00


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Fynbos River Mouth, 2010,Ed 10, 42x56cm, R 6 240.00 Louis se Bakkie, 2011,Ed 10, 28x44cm, R 4 160.00 Op pad na Kruisrivier 2012, 54x74cm, R10400.00


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Bbos Drankwinkel, 2012, Ed 10, 27x43cm R 4 160.00 Twee Rooi Visse op ‘n Groen Bord, 2011, Ed 10, 28x38cm, R 4 160.00


SA ART TIMES. December 2013

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Whisper, 2013, Linocut, 27.5 x 34.5cm R 2 600.00 Girl with Swallows, 2012. Linocut, 35.5 x 44cm R 2 100


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Nude on Couch 2012, Linocut, 35.5 x 44cm, R 2 100.00 Still life 2011 58 x 62cm R 4 130.00


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Blossoms and Vase, Ed 25, 2011 15 x 15cm, R 910.00 Koi, 2011, Ed 25, 2011 15 x 15cm, R 910.00 Apple on a Plate 2011,Ed 25, 15 x 15cm, R 910.00

SA ART TIMES. December 2013


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Hanneke Bernard : Gaze Litho, 50.5 x 70.5, R 5 780.00 / Hanneke Bernard : No more bobby pins Litho 38.5 x 46cm R 5 040 Hanneke Bernard : Tied in a bow Litho 38.5 x 46cm, R 5 040 / Conrad Botes : Haunted, lithograph, 56.4 x 42.2cm, Ed: 30, R 4 590

Anton Kannemeyer : A Black Woman, litho, 41 x 70.2cm, Ed: 25, R 5 950 Anton Kannemeyer : N is for Nightmare, litho, 49,5 x 60cm, Ed 35, R 5 950


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Stanley Seagrief Seaweed series

Limited Edition Digtal Print, 50x65cm R 1200 Neuroglossum binderianium / Carpophullym scalore / Red Coral / Ulva


SA ART TIMES. December 2013

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Malcolm Bowling Bird Studies

Limited Edition Digital Print, 48,5 x 33cm R 1 800 Blue Waxbill / Lilac Breasted Roller / Little Bee-eater II


Zaan Claarsens Floral Studies Series Limited Edition Digital Print, 36 x 48cm

Dietes Grandiflora / Protea Dracomontana / Pelagonium cucullatum Protea lorifolia, Leucadendron loeriense / Leucaspermum pluridens Leucadendron pubibracteolatum / Leucondendron elimense / Aloe Succotrina

SA ART TIMES. December 2013



Launch of the Zeitz Mocca Art Museum

Artist Nandipha Mntambo / Jochen Zeits & David Green / Jochen Zeits, David Green, Mark Coetzee

Retrospective Journey into the art of Samuel Bak: A Retrospective

Artist Samuel Bak with his wife Jose / artist Samuel Bak chats with Jeni Rabinowitz / Katrine Claassens

Artisan Gallery, Ensamble 2013

Sharle Matthews, Lucille Kapperer, Wendy Gaybba, and Christa Oosterhuizen / Nicola Gardiner appreciating “The beginning of summer” / dyptych / The curator trying to control a rowdy crowd

The unveiling of The Chinese Lady, Delaire Wine Estate

Mini Mercorio and Natasha Swift Monica Pon-su-san and her 2 daughter Vigil and Margot Pon-su-san / Stephan Welz, Andrew Lamprecht, Boris Gorelik


Everard Read Gallery CT Centenary Exhibition

Alessandro V. Balestri de Verrand and Jo Otten / artist John Meyer and Gillian Gorfil / Graeme Prevost chats with artist Dylan Lewis

Opening of the Irma Stern Casa Labia - Irma by the sea

Countess Sylvia Labia with Tim Sale / Andre Sales and Morne Visagie / Sue Isserow, David Bellamy, Cate Wood Hunter and Ian Hunter

Underculture Gallery

Christo Noel Silver Booth, Monde Patrick Goniwe / Nina Allchurch and friend

Opening of the Josh Miles Cityscape Show, SA Print Gallery, CT

Artist Joshua Miles / Kevin de Klerk, Joshua Miles, Albrey, Gabriel Clark-Brown / Joshua Miles and Gabriel Clark-Brown


Neil Rodger 1941 - 2013

Neil Rodger sadly passed away on the evening of Friday the 8th of November 2013. RIP Neil in his studio 2012. A wonderful, and supremely talented artist.Basil Brady Neil Rodger was born in 1941 in Mowbray, Cape Town. He lived and worked in the Eastern Cape, where he thrives on the austerity and solitude of the region. It seems that this environment is conducive to the enigmatic silence so characteristic of his finest work. Rodger belongs with those individual realists who have, throughout the modern era, defied categorisation. Instead his art is characterized by his pursuit of the universality, timelessness and harmony found in all great art regardless of period or place. It is a measure of his conviction

Monthly catalogued themed auctions; Valuations for insurance, probate & divisional purposes; Corporate & private collection consultancy; Exhibitions & events

of the continuity of great art that he remains unmoved by revolutions, fashions or changing attitudes around him. His cultural connections lie with Europe – to the Mediterranean by inclination and to the Netherlands by training – both of which are resounding influences. His surreal landscapes and architectural capriccios, his controlled, quiet, contemplative interiors, his heraldic animals all bespeak these inspirations. There is a self-confessed ambiguity in Rodger’s art. His subjects are deeply peaceful yet elusive, often remaining anonymous. There is a classical timelessness in these contemplative scenes, and yet his works remain unmistakably contemporary. His search for ever -increasing refinement of conception and means remains constant. Rodger is currently one of the most popular, respected and admired artists in South Africa and he is rightly considered one of the great artists of his generation. ARTIST’S STATEMENT: ‘I believe that pictures rarely benefit from commentary by the artist. In general I would say that while most good art has been extremely difficult and taxing in the making, it is a prerequisite of great art that this is not evident – that it appears effortless or even inevitable.’


Another year reminiscent of the curate’s egg By Michael Coulson Just as 2012 was a year of two parts in the market for SA art, so was 2013. The difference was that while much of 2012 was disappointing, with a marked pick-up towards year-end, 2013 was precisely the reverse: an excellent first 10 months, with two disappointing sales in Joburg in November. This was all the more marked after two excellent sales in Cape Town in October; Stephan Welz & Co’s R22m was its best anywhere for years, if not ever, and Strauss grossed R15m more than last year. Indeed, every sale so far had taken more that the 2012 equivalent. It’s partly against that context that the final Joburg sales must be seen. While Strauss almost reached the low estimate, that was entirely thanks to the stunning result for the much-hyped Jane Alexander sculpture titled Untitled; take that away, and a notional gross of only R23.5m would have been one of the firm’s worst ever. Unlike Strauss, Stephan Welz & Co conservatively offered fewer lots and a lower gross estimate than last year, but this hardly paid off with by far the lowest percentage of lots sold for any auction in recent years, sales being especially weak in the upper estimates. Of course, results sometimes -- though not always -- reflect quality, and it must be said that in my admittedly subjective eyes the two November sales were, to be polite, not the most impressive selections I’ve ever seen. I’ve written before that the boom in the market may have brought lesser items out of the woodwork, especially by names whose best work has fetched astronomical prices, and it’s auctioneers’ function to try and sell these, not to debar them from the market. At the same time, there’s a general view that the market is getting tougher, not least because the economic outlook remains uncertain -- especially in SA -- and the run-up to the 2014 election may be starting to focus people’s minds on other concerns. The Citadel Art Price Index also faltered in the third quarter -- the latest available -- though on volumes so small as not to be statistically significant. Still, let’s not overstress the negative. Taking the year as a whole, there was a strong bounce back from the setback of 2012, in both the London and local markets (remember, I cover only major houses with detailed printed catalogues, a smaller universe than Citadel covers) to within 3% or so of the excellent year of 2011. While traditional market leaders Pierneef and Irma Stern may be said to have marked time, others continued to set new records. A broadening of the market is to be welcomed, though few could have expected it to go so far as the long-derided Tretchikoff being the highest-price artist in three auctions. one in each centre. Of course, such shifts in artistic fashion are not unknown. Think of SA ART TIMES. December 2013

the prolonged lack of interest in English Victorian art, which 50 years ago could be picked up for little more than the value of the ornate frames. Whether Tretchikoff was as good a painter as some of these is debatable; certainly his quality was uneven, and good prices on some occasions were matched by failures to sell on others. While all three houses did better in absolute terms, only Stephan Welz & Co gained market share, mainly at the expense of local rival Strauss, although the latter remains unchallenged market leader by a handsome margin. Maybe the more unabashedly commercial approach of Stephan Welz & Co’s new controlling shareholder, SA Gold Coin Exchange’s Alan Demby, is paying off. For the first time, I’ve also analysed the geographical breakdown of local sales. While the figures have been there for all to see, I was surprised to find that in two of the past three years Cape Town has been a bigger market that Joburg. Three years may be too soon to establish a trend, but on the face there’s a steady R90m or so a year looking to buy art in Joburg, while the Cape resource is far more volatile. Will that continue? Just one of many questions that will confront us in 2014.

THE MARKET IN SUMMARY Table One -- The local market House Strauss S Welz S Welz Strauss S Welz S Welz S Welz Strauss Strauss S Welz *Rm

Venue Month No of lots % sold Low est* Gross* Top price* CT CT Jhb Jhb CT Jhb CT CT Jhb Jhb

Feb Feb Apr May Jun Aug Oct Oct Nov Nov

218 292 249 313 247 160 273 233 249 251

81.7 29.6 38.7 11,7, Stern, Malay Girl 65.8 10.0 9.0 0,8, Van Wouw, Bushman 60.2 13.2 6.4 1.7, Tretchi, Fruit Seller 76.0 39.7 40.0 5,9, Pierneef, landscape 61.5 15.7 13.7 1.7 Laubser, Meidjie 66.9 10.2 8.6 1,1 Stern, landscape 68.9 32.3 22.0 3.9, Tretchi, Miss Wong 80.3 42.2 42.8 9.7, Stern, two lots 72.3 29.5 29.0 5.5, Alexander, Untitled 39.1 15.7 6.1 0.6, Hodgins, Night Points

Table Two -- Bonhams in London Month March October

No of lots % sold Gross Low est (Rm) GBP/R rate Top price (Rm) 150 81 63.5 67.8 14.12 13,9, Tretchi, Chinese Girl 128 61 52.5 65.7 16.26 19.6, Stern, Malay Bride

Table Three -- Slicing the cake House Gross (Rm) Market share (%) Gross Market share Gross Market share -------------2013-------------------- ----------2012---------- -----------2011--------Strauss 150.5 45.3 124.6 49.3 153.5 44.2 S Welz. 65.8 19.8 36.6 14.5 50.3 14.5 SA Total. 216.3 65.1 161.2 63.8 203.8 58.7 Bonhams 116.0 34.9 91.4 36.2 143.3 41.3 Total. 332.3 252.6 347.1

Table Four -- The local split Gross (Rm) Market share (%) Gross Market share Gross Market share ---------------2013------------------ -----------2012-------- --------2011-----------Jhb. 90.1 41.7 90.5 56.1 89.4 43.9 CT 126.2 58.3 70.7 43.9 114.4 56.1



Conrad Botes : Blue Face Jane Alexander: Untitled

Strauss & Co Facts + Figures 2013 Turnover of R183 million, second highest since the company opened 5 years ago, showing a 19,3% increase compared to 2013 Overall sell through average = 81%, the highest in the current market Maintains position of global leader in the South African Art market, despite weak rand Packed salerooms continue to celebrate Strauss & Co’s auctions in Cape Town and Johannesburg Artist world records achieved in 2013: Gwelo Goodman - Dawn on Table Mountain Sold R 966 280 Wolf Kibel - Houses with Red Roofs Sold R 3 564 800 – the previous record was set by Strauss & Co in 2009 for Self Portrait, which sold for R1 225 400 Penny Siopis - Imaging, 1989 Sold R 668 400 Jane Alexander – Untitled Sold R 5 456 640 – the previous record was set by Strauss & Co in 2010 for Bad News, which sold for R2 228 000 In addition, the R5,5 million achieved for Untitled by Jane Alexander, is also a: · record for South African sculpture · record for contemporary art in South Africa 58

Stephan Welz & Co Stephan Welz & Company (Pty) Limited provides a wide range of services across a full spectrum of Decorative and Fine Arts. Our areas of specialisation include South African Masters and Contemporary Art, Silver, Jewellery, Watches, Clocks, Furniture, Carpets, Ceramics, Books, Maps, Stamps, Gold Coins and Collectable Cars. Founded in 1968, Stephan Welz & Company (Pty) Limited is one of South Africa’s long-established Auction Houses, with salesrooms in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Six annual auctions of Decorative and Fine Arts offer a substantial selection of beautiful, rare and unique items for purchase. In addition to rewriting auction house records for unset diamonds, Cape furniture and Cape silver, Stephan Welz & Company (Pty) Limited has facilitated the sale of significant, historic artworks and achieved several local and world record prices for South African artists including William Kentridge, Ephraim Ngatane, J H Pierneef , Cecil Skotnes and Gerard Sekoto. Stephan Welz & Company (Pty) Limited continues to support the South African art market through a number of supplementary educational programmes, events and initiatives. As part of an ongoing collaboration, both corporate and private clients may benefit from the guidance of our Art and Collection Advisory Services. Other services include Household Content and Private Treaty Sales. Two Postage Stamp, Postal History and Gold Coin auctions are held in Johannesburg annually. For further information, please contact: Johannesburg +27 11 880 3125 Cape Town +27 21 794 6461 SA ART TIMES. December 2013


Provenance Wealth of Showcased Items Sold at Themed Auctions 2013 has been a bumper year at Provenance Auction House and as the year draws to a close we fondly reflect on this boutique auction house’s many achievements this annum. From the writing of a book, now in its second print – David Botha: In Conversation – which chronicles the life and times of this beloved South African artist, to the launch of The Art de Sade Gallery; Provenance is covering a wide variety of bases in the arts, entertainment, design and culture sector. Presenting themed auctions with captivating titles such as Madame Butterfly, La Belle Epoc, Liberace Rock, and Heritage and Salvage, this little auction house is making a big impression. Not only does Provenance do auctions with flair but they also incorporate stylish entertainment to dazzle patrons beyond their expectations. The Art de Sade Gallery launch was a lavish Burlesque affair with dancers, top class performers and quirky eats. Each auction holds a “walkabout” session prior to the sale which serves to educate patrons on catalogued items and is regularly accompanied with delectable food and beverage treats. Walkabouts host the very best speakers to give their expert opinion on highlighted items thereby incorporating education with sales. Provenance Auction House’s list of realised prices reads like an encyclopaedia of the delightful, desirable and quirky: It is their great passion and flair that drives the Provenance team to present their wares in the most tantalising and unique of manners. Whether it is one of the numerous closing down sales that they have overseen (Zulu Azania Gallery, Herman Noy Antiques, Zoom) or one of their offbeat Basement@provenance sales (the newly introduced household component), you can be sure to be charmed and enthralled by this firm as they take not only Cape Town but the world by storm. From their live auctions on to their young and fresh attitude in the art/design/home luxury sector, Provenance Auction House is your one stop terminal for the unique, antique and sleek. SA ART TIMES. December 2013

Diane Victor

Russell Kaplan Firmly and distinctively established as a boutique-style auction house, Russell Kaplan Auctioneers continues to attract a growing market of younger, style-forward collectors in search of cuttingedge, contemporary art and design. In touch with the fast-increasing numbers of bidders, both national and international, the auction house’s database continues to develop and expand. Russell Kaplan Auctioneer’s regular catalogued art auctions result in a faster turnover time in the selling of works. With another year of strong, robust and record results Russell Kaplan Auctioneer’s unique, niche, boutique positioning is proving to fill a much-needed gap in the auctioneering world for both sellers and buyers on a local and global level. 59

Nushin Elahi’s

London Letter

“Make sure you don’t miss this one,” said a Chinese friend who has spent decades studying art both in the East and the West. She was talking about the V&A’s Masterpieces of Chinese Painting 700 - 1900 (until 19 Jan 2014). “It’s like seeing room after roomful of Mona Lisas.” What she didn’t explain was how different, and at times, difficult, it is to decode what you are seeing. Nothing prepares the Western eye for the unfolding of the scroll, reading images that here stretch up to an incredible 14 metres in length, where a quick glance reveals almost nothing. This incredible treasure-trove demands careful contemplation, but is worth visiting simply to catch a glimpse of another world view, even if the nuances of the changing dynasties are lost on you. In the final room, where the multiple vanishing points of traditional Chinese painting have been replaced with a linear European perspective, the work seems more accessible, probably because there are magnificent vertical scrolls that make up images of fantastic landscapes in the vivid greens and blues of the Tang Dynasty, or great landscapes in the tradition of the Old Masters, but on a scale that impresses across the room. For most of the rest, you will need to peer into the glass cases and observe the mastery of the brush strokes, the peculiarly Chinese way of drawing mountains, the seals that mark the work. Beginning with the amazing find of Buddhist work in the caves of Dunhuang, the show covers the 1200 years that follow with loans from across China, as well as many from the Musée Guimet in Paris and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Among the many highlights are two of the longest scrolls – the twisting Nine Dragons that dates from 1244, and the painstaking depiction of life in Prosperous Suzkou (1759) that took a team of court painters three years to complete. Iconoclasm is an interesting subject in the history of British art. We’ve all wandered through churchyards and seen a statue with its nose or limbs hacked off, and perhaps even wondered at who this person was who sought to disfigure a work of art in this way. There’s so much drama and passion in this protest. Unfortunately, none of this translates into the Tate’s dry exploration of the theme in Art Under Attack, Histories of British Iconoclasm, at Tate Britain until 5 Jan. 60

The show is divided into three sections: religion, politics and aesthetics. Religious intolerance and the sweeping reforms of the monasteries in Henry VIII’s time is the most common period associated with iconoclasm, but in fact some of the most vicious acts were performed later, particularly during the reign of Edward 1. Perhaps the most interesting exhibit is the lacerated statue of Christ that was found in the Mercer’s Hall. By its very nature, though, there are usually only fragments left of what was destroyed, resulting in an academic treatise rather than a visual treat. Pop Art epitomises all the glamour and confidence of a prosperous America. The colours are loud and brash, the statements playful and the spirit happy. So much of it is infused into our daily life, that we now don’t even notice it as a thing apart

SA ART TIMES. December 2013

NUSHIN ELAHI’S LONDON LETTER | BUSINESS ART The Barbican’s Pop Art Design (until 9 Feb) highlights the period’s roots in design, and its enduring legacy. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to hear that Andy Warhol started out as a commercial designer – hence the focus on brands, now iconic symbols of our modern age. Fifty years on, as we look back at pivotal moments in our history, like Kennedy’s assassination, Pop Art has an energetic optimism that defines the era. Lichtenstein’s comic strip images, Gaetano Pesce’s outsized floor lamp or Studio 65’s Leonardo sofa, covered in stars and stripes, hark back to a time when technology, consumerism and celebrity culture represented a seductive post-war shift. And even if the postmodern incarnation of the movement has a more jaded tone, seeing the originals is guaranteed to make you smile. Forget Klimt’s lavish gold paintings, and think rather of Freud, neurosis and hysteria. That is what Vienna at the turn of the century reflected. In fact, as

The city became an incredible hothouse of artists finding a new modernist idiom in what had been a rigid social order defined by class, but they reflected all the anxiety of their displaced subjects. That brief flowering of art resulted in work that has a raw and direct power, but is seldom easy viewing: Egon Schiele’s imagined family; a nude self-portrait by Richard Gerstl, a promising young artist soon to commit suicide; Oskar Kokoschka’s portraits which critics of the time decried as smelling of decay or the atonal composer Arnold Schönberg’s blue self-portrait. The faces that stare back at you are not the polite elite, rather the tortured souls about to face a holocaust.

National Gallery director, Dr Nicholas Penny joked at the press opening of Facing the Modern: The Portrait in Vienna 1900 (until 12 Jan), there have seldom been more “distressed, demented, deluded and deceased people” on show together! Vienna was a city transformed by immigrants after the monarchy had declared equal rights for all citizens in 1867 and portraiture was the means of declaring your identity in this society.

Images: Nine Dragons (detail) Artist: Chen Rong Date: 1244 The Dead Christ c.1500-20. Courtesy The Mercers’ Company Installation shot - Pop Art Design, Barbican Art Gallery Egon Schiele (1890 - 1918) The Family (Self Portrait), 1918 Oskar Kokoschka (1886 - 1980) Children Playing, 1909 Simon Ling : Streetscape

SA ART TIMES. December 2013

Painting Now: Five Contemporary Artists (until 9 Feb) at Tate Britain doesn’t inspire one as to the future of painting as an art form. There is no linking cohesion in the choice of these artists - four women and one man - other than that they are all in their early or late forties. Turner Prize winner from 2006 Tomma Abst shows tiny abstract oils, Lucy McKenzie trompe l’oeil pinboards of ephemera, Simon Ling gritty streetscapes, Gillian Carnegie black cats on stairs and Catherine Story cubist camera shapes. An odd bunch thrown together for no particular reason, their work doesn’t talk to each other, or, for that matter, to the viewer. A fascinating exhibition entitled Paul Klee: Making Visible is on at the Tate Modern until 9 March. This extensive show follows the artist from his earliest work through his intense career, and is reviewed in the next edition of Art Times and at




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