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HOSSAM DIRAR  –  BIOGRAPHY     Egyp3an-­‐born  visual  ar3st  Hossam  Dirar  (1978)  celebrates  beauty.  Combining  fragmented  images   of   faces,   at   3mes   of   the   whole   body,   Dirar   paints   chao3c,   impulsive   and   richly   mul3-­‐layered   texturized  paleRes  to  express  individual  iden3ty.  Selected  as  one  of  the  twelve  emerging  ar3sts   of  great  promise  from  around  the  world  by  Saatchi  chief  curator  in  their  series  'Invest  in  Art'  in   2013,   Dirar   resuscitates   the   two-­‐thousand   year   old   art   of   the   Egyp3an   Fayoum   portraits.   And   while   the   Fayoum   portraits   were   created   to   preserve   the   memory   of   each   individual   in   the   closest   way   possible,   Dirar's   portraits   are   invented   iden33es,   borrowed   from   an   instantaneous   stolen   glance.   Each   work   depicts   an   anonymous   woman   Dirar   met   –   at   a   café,   in   a   street,   at   an   airport.   He   conceives   his   work   as   a   re-­‐interpreta3on   of   his   memory,   of   that   brief   encounter,   overlapping   between   the   mul3-­‐cultural   characters   of   where   they   met   and   his   personal  take  of  that  instant  of  visual  pleasure.  Dirar  creates  his  own  portraiture  universe  with   knives  and  oil,  elaborately  adding  layer  over  layer.  Yet  he  manages  to  give  the  feeling  of  a  quick   rendering   of   a   face   before   it   is   forgoRen.   Perhaps   the   invisible   that   the   ar3st   is   chasing   in   his   work  is  the  phantom  idea  of  beauty,  trying  to  con3nue  the  tradi3on  of  personifying  3me.       1995-­‐2000  BA  Fine  Art,  Faculty  of  Appied  Arts,  Helwan  University   Graphic  design,  pain3ng,  printmaking  and  mixed  media.    

Hossam Dirar  selected  as  one  amongst  12  new  emerging  ar3sts  of  great  promise  from   around  the  world  in      

Invest in  Art  -­‐  on  Saatchi  Online    

Curated  by  Saatchi  Art,  Chief  Curator  Rebecca  Wilson.    








Tale As Old As Time, 2013 Oil and mixed media on canvas 122 x 122 cm USD 5,200 HD-101 SOLD

Once upon a dream, 2013 Oil and mixed media on canvas 121 x 115 cm USD 2,900 HD-102 SOLD

Won’t you come with me to paradise, 2013 Oil and mixed media on canvas 131 x 84 cm USD 2,300 HD-103

Tell me there is a heaven, 2013 Oil and mixed media on canvas 107 x 81 cm USD 4,000 HD-104

On the other side of the road, 2013 Oil and mixed media on canvas 131 x 84 cm USD 4,000 HD-105

Before she disappears into midnight, 2013 Oil and mixed media on canvas 127 x 127 cm USD 3,900 HD-106

She is like the wind, 2013 Oil and mixed media on canvas 141 x 133 cm USD 7,150 HD-108

Good girls go to heaven, 2013 Oil and mixed media on canvas 141 x 141 cm USD 6,800 HD-109 SOLD

I promise you a rose garden, 2013 Oil on canvas 121 x 111 cm USD 5,200 HD-110

I think we met before in my dreams, 2013 Oil on canvas 121 x 111 cm USD 6,200 HD-111

Mirror, mirror, on the Wall Oil on canvas 121 x 121 cm USD 7,200 HD-107 SOLD

Founded in 2010, ArtTalks | Egypt has established itself as a highly selective search e n g i n e f o r E g y p t ’s n e x t g e n e r a t i o n o f contemporary artists and an authority on high quality secondary market works by twentieth century Egyptian masters and many of the most important artists working today. ArtTalks manages the estate of the late pioneer painter and sculptor Sobhy Guirguis (1929-2013). Part of ArtTalks income is channeled into an Art Fund to support high potential emerging artists and to finance an extensive educational program aimed at growing the number of art collectors and art patrons in Egypt. We run a yearly curriculum on the history of Egyptian modern and contemporary art and invite scholars from abroad to give talks to the public.

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Founded by arts patron Fatenn Mostafa, former CEO of Gianaclis Vineyards for Beverages and former advisor to Bozar, Center of Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium, the gallery is committed to the defense of freedom of art in Egypt and to strengthen Egypt's position on the regional art map.



Egyptian-born visual artist Hossam Dirar (1978) celebrates beauty. Combining fragmented images of faces, at times of the whole body, Dirar p...

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