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History may  say  what  it  wishes  in  the  name  of  Egypt.       Egypt,  for  me,  is  the  most  beloved  and  most  beau:ful  of  things.       I  love  her  when  she  owns  the  earth,  east  and  west.       And  I  love  her  when  she  is  down,  wounded  in  ba=le.       I  love  her  fiercely,  gently  and  with  modesty.       I  hate  her  and  curse  her  with  the  passion  of  the  lovesick.       I  leave  her  and  flee  down  one  path,  and  she  remains  in  another     She  turns  to  find  me  beside  her  in  misfortune       My  veins  pulsa:ng  with  a  thousand  tunes  and  rhythms     In  the  name  of  Egypt.  

Salah  Jahin  (1930-­‐1986)  

GUIRGUIS LOTFY  -­‐  LOVE  AFFAIR   It   is   not   far   fetched   to   draw   the   analogy   that   Guirguis   Lo6y   is   to   Egyp9an   visual   arts   what   Salah   Jahin   is   to   Egyp9an  poetry.  Both  possess  a  rare  ability  to  get  to  the  core  of  the  Egyp9an  iden9ty  and  master  the  art  of  being   close   to   the   people.   Their   poetry   or   pain9ngs   are   of   a   colloquial,   genuine   nature   yet   command   a   profound   effect.   Both  celebrate  Egypt's  uniqueness  while  not  shying  away  from  its  shortcomings.Describing  his  ar9s9c  process  as   literally   looking   out   of   his   window   and   pain9ng   what   he   sees,   Guirguis   Lo6y   has   shown   an   indefa9gable   commitment  to  his  country  by  bringing  forth  its  homogenous  character  and  highligh9ng  the  importance  of  unity   and   solidarity.   Genuinely   capturing   what   it   is   to   be   Egyp9an,   he   shows   that   neither   religion   nor   ideology   can   tear   us  apart.  In  fact,  Lo6y  is  probably  the  only  Egyp9an  painter  who  has  a  work  depic9ng  each  and  every  Egyp9an   feast,  celebra9on,  ritual  and  tradi9on  -­‐  be  it  Pharaonic,  Islamic  or  Cop9c.       In   Love   Affair,   Lo6y's   stunning   canvases   proudly   immortalize   our   collec9ve   cultural   iden9ty   and   draw   from   our   most  important  common  denominator  -­‐  our  popular  rituals.  Showcasing  works  from  the  early  1990s  un9l  today,   Love  Affair  is  a  mini-­‐voyage  into  Lo6y's  unparalleled  knowledge  of  these  rituals,  many  of  which  are  s9ll  prac9ced   in  contemporary  Egypt;  others  long  forgoPen.       His  upbringing  in  a  populous  neighborhood  in  Alexandria,  that  s9ll  believes  in  magic  and  folkloric  legends,  is  his   primary  source  of  inspira9on.  His  use  of  beewax  or  tempera  colors  dissolved  in  egg  yolk,  an  ancient  elaborate  and   forgoPen   pain9ng   technique   used   in   religious   iconography   and   the   famed   Fayoum   portraits   almost   two   millennia   ago,   is   his   legacy   to   resuscitate   and   pass   a   pivotal   part   of   Egypt's   visual   arts   history   on   to   future   genera9ons.  Guirguis  Lo6y  ensures  the  transmission  of  Cop9c  art,  which  simply  refers  to  an  iden9ty  rather  than  a   religion.    

Born in  1955,  Guirguis  Lo6y  lives  and  works  in  Alexandria,  Egypt.       AVer  receiving  a  Bachelor  of  Arts  degree  from  the  Alexandria  Faculty  of  Fine  Arts  in  1980,  Lo6y  went  on   to  receive  a  Masters  Degree  on  “Cop9c  Pain9ng  from  the  4th  to  the  8th  Century”  in  1990.  Finally  in  1994,   he  was  awarded  a  PhD  on  “Cop9c  Art  and  its  influence  on  Modern  Art”  from  the  Cairo  Faculty  of  Fine   Arts.   Hamed   Owais   and   Hamed   Nada,   two   of   Egypt’s   pivotal   modern   pioneer   ar9sts,   were   closely   involved  at  different  stages  in  the  supervision  of  Lo6y’s  masters  and  doctorate  degrees  respec9vely.    

A Visit  to  the  Zoo,  2014     Oil,  tempera,     gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  153  x  153  cm     GL  -­‐  500  

Miami Beach,   Alexandria,  2014    

Oil, egg  yolk,  tempera,     gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  153  x  153  cm     GL  –  501    


Montmartre, 1991    

Oil, egg  yolk,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  122  x  70  cm     GL  -­‐  502  

El Hay  Elazi  Askon  Fi,  2013-­‐14   My  Neighborhood  

Oil,  egg  yolk,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  244  x  122  cm     GL  -­‐  503  

El Balcona,  2014    

Oil,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  wood   Dimensions:  120  x  77  cm     GL  –  554    


The Fortune  Teller  and  the  Lovers,  2014    ‫ زﻳﻦ‬ ‫أﺑﲔ‬-­‐  ‫ ﻋﻮه‬ ‫ﻧﻮة‬   Oil,  egg  yolk,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  canvas   Dimensions:  120  x  70  cm     GL  -­‐  505  


Coffee Time  with  Friends,  2014       Oil,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  canvas   Dimensions:  120  x  70  cm     GL  -­‐  542  


Henna Eve,  2014    

Oil,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  canvas   Dimensions:  120  x  70  cm     GL  -­‐  543  

Magic, 2014    

Oil,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  wood   Dimensions:  120  x  77  cm     GL  -­‐  551  

Kahk el  Eid,  2014    

Oil,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  wood   Dimensions:  120  x  118  cm     GL  -­‐  552  

El Sebou3e,  CelebraOng  Child’s  Birth,  2014       Oil,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  canvas  on  wood   Dimensions:  122  x  80  cm     GL  –  527    


Fi Entezar  el  Tabib,  2014    

Oil,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  wood   Dimensions:  117  x  101  cm     GL  -­‐  553  

Children’s Games,  2013    

Oil,  egg  yolk,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  60  x  50  cm     GL  -­‐  506  

Lady in  Pearls,  2009      

Bee wax,  gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  54  x  44  cm     GL  –  507  

Lady with  Red  Necklace,  2009  

Beewax,  gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  51  x  31cm     GL  -­‐  509  

Lady with  Gold  Necklace,  2009     Bee  wax,  gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  55  x  30cm     GL  -­‐  510  

Woman with  Blue  Necklace,  2011     Oil,  beewax  on  wood   Dimensions:  55  x  32  cm     GL  -­‐  548  

Woman with  Red  Necklace  II,  2011     Oil,  beewax  on  wood   Dimensions:  42  x  33  cm     GL  -­‐  549  

Last Supper,  2013    

Oil,  egg  yolk,  tempera,     gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  60  x  50  cm     GL  -­‐  511  

The Holy  Family,  2012    

Oil,  egg  yolk,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  120  x  60  cm     GL  –  513    


Palm Sunday,  2013    

Oil,  egg  yolk,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  122  x  45  cm     GL  -­‐  514  

Mother and  Child,  2011    

Oil,  egg  yolk,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  80  x  30  cm     GL  –  515    


Lady with  Fish,  2011    

Oil,  egg  yolk,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  60  x  25  cm     GL  –  516    


Standing Lady,  2011    

Bee  wax,  gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  83  x  45  cm     GL  –  517    


Adam and  Eve,  2011    

Beewax,  oil,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  67  x  28  cm     GL  –  518    


Three GeneraOons  of  Women,  2014       Oil,  tempera  on  canvas   Dimensions:  62  x  49  cm     GL  -­‐  544  

Motherhood, 2011    

Oil,  beewax,  gold  leaf  on  wood   Dimensions:  57  x  32  cm     GL  –  545    


Motherhood II,  2011    

Oil,  beewax,  gold  leaf  on  wood   Dimensions:  57  x  32  cm     GL  -­‐  546  

Lady at  the  Beach,  2004       Oil,  gold  leaf  on  canvas   Dimensions:  100  x  70  cm     GL  -­‐  519  

Fishermen Story,  2013    

Oil,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  canvas   Dimensions:  152  x  122  cm     GL  -­‐  520  

Fisherman Family,  2011-­‐14    

Oil,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  canvas   Dimensions:  120  x  80  cm     GL  -­‐  521  

Lover boat,  1999    

Oil,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  canvas   Dimensions:  100  x  80  cm     GL  -­‐  522  

Coffee Time,  2011    

Oil,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  canvas   Dimensions:  40  x  30  cm     GL  –  523    


Seven cows,  2011    

Bee  wax,  gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  85  x  25  cm     GL  -­‐  525  

Agabi –  Fig  leaf,  2010    

Oil,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  181  x  125  cm     GL  -­‐  528  

Holding Hands    

Oil,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  treated  wood   Dimensions:  122  x  70  cm     GL  -­‐  531  

Lying woman  

Beewax on  wood   Dimensions:  20  x  30cm   GL  -­‐  533  

Fishermen with  their  boat,  2000       Pen  on  paper   Dimensions:  70  x  50  cm     GL  -­‐  535  

Boats on  the  Mediterranean,  2000       Pen  on  paper   Dimensions:  70  x  50  cm     GL  -­‐  536  

La Récolte,  1995    

Oil  on  wood   Dimensions:  100  x  70  cm     GL  –  537    


Le Port  de  Rashid,  1981       Oil  on  wood   Dimensions:  67  x  170cm     GL  –  538    


Sufi, 2011    

Oil,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  canvas   Dimensions:  70  x  25  cm     GL  -­‐  541  

Dinner /  El  Rizk,  2010    

Oil,  tempera,  gold  leaf  on  wood   Dimensions:  50  x  40  cm     GL  -­‐  547  

Founded in 2010, ArtTalks | Egypt has established itself as a highly selective search e n g i n e f o r E g y p t ’s n e x t g e n e r a t i o n o f contemporary artists and an authority on high quality secondary market works by twentieth century Egyptian masters and many of the most important artists working today. ArtTalks manages the estate of the late painter and sculptor Sobhy Guirguis (1929-2013). Part of ArtTalks income is channeled into an Art Fund to support high potential emerging artists and to finance an extensive educational program aimed at growing the number of art collectors and art patrons in Egypt. We run a yearly curriculum on the history of Egyptian modern and contemporary art and invite scholars from abroad to give talks to the public.

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Founded by arts patron Fatenn Mostafa, former CEO of Gianaclis Vineyards for Beverages and former advisor to Bozar, Center of Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium, the gallery is committed to the defense of freedom of art in Egypt and to strengthen Egypt's position on the regional art map. 48

Portfolio | Guirguis Lotfy | Love Affair  

It is not far fetched to draw the analogy that Guirguis Lotfy is to Egyptian visual arts what Salah Jahin is to Egyptian poetry. Both posses...

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