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Drawing/Yue Huang

e B , u o y e B



rts Unleashed took on the theme of Unique for this spring 2011 issue. Inspiration for the theme came during brainstorming in Mrs.Jepson’s 7th period journalism classroom. Dozens of names and ideas were developed yet one central theme thrived through out, Unique. In this issue we want to celebrate the artists and writers as individuals. Each represents themselves in an unique, different way. We dove even further into the creative minds of students and got their take. What really makes an artist? Where do these stories come from? What makes a diva singer tick? And so much more...

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Arts Unleashed 2011: Unique Carson Bailey Editor-in-Chief

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spring 2011 Unique

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Shelby Abudato Matthew Best Caralyn Boese Jared Bumgarner Drake Dickerson Lindsey Duca Alec Gilliam Charlene Haupt

Trevor Khan Stephen May Ellen Mccormack Chris Moskal Ana Nogueria Sabrina Omar Courtney Rothermich Aiyana Saletto




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Editorial Policy Arts Unleashed Literary Magazine is produced by the Journalism 1 class. Students of Oviedo High School submited art and literature displayed in Arts Unleashed. Submissions are carefully considered by the editors and adviser based on creativity and quality. The cost per magazine is $10.00.

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Dear Readers, Unique is defined as having no like or equal. Therefore, every student on the Oviedo High School campus reflects the characteristic of being unique. Whether you embrace your individuality or not there will always be a dividing line separating you from the kid next door. Digging further down, our creative processes work the same way. Ideas and thoughts come from past experience or special moments that define us. This issue of Arts Unleashed stands on the grounds of celebrating the individuality of creative minds. Everyone creates from a different place, situation, moment. The list could go on. The point is we must embrace it all and appreciate the art we create for what it is and what the artist has created as a unique individual. In addition to this printed magazine,


spring 2011 Unique

another creative outlet was born: I created this website for students to upload all of their submissions to the literary magazine. This also allowed students to create their own profile and comment on other peer’s work. With the addition of the online website this year, we saw a sky rocket in the number of submissions in comparison last year. Unlike last year, we didn’t have to go searching for student’s work. We did, although, have much help from these special individuals: The Foundation for Seminole County Schools: We owe a huge thank you to the Foundation for the $1,000 grant to the literary magazine. Ms.Leto, Mr.LaWarre: Without your help,

Photos/Carson Bailey we could not have put out this magazine. Thank you. Ms.Pope: Many thanks to Alicia Pope who insisted that we could do this and for her belief in the importance of art in our lives. Mr.Lundquist: Nothing is possible without the support of the administration. We appreciate your continued support for the arts. And here it is - Arts Unleashed 2011: Unique!

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MICHAEL MELLI Currently enrolled in both AP art classes, Michael Melli lives and breathes art.



A budding film director rises to the top of local and national film festivals.

Writers let us in to their minds to reveal untold stories about their writing and influences.

ADAM SMITH & CODY SINGLETON Two best friends make instrumental beats to their own imagination and melody.

Thespian. Drumline. Horizons. This girl can do it all, and she did.




APRIL SULLIVAN With plans on attending one of the most prestigious acting academies, April Sullivan is destined for the stage.

page 10 Check this out page 10 SPIDER SONG.

Hanging under lids and deathly bright corners of the home, sit invisible the spiders... page 25 SPARKS FLY ACROSS THE SKY

Life is full of ups and downs, turns and u-turns... page 26 AMONG THE HEROES OF THE DAY

Blood stains the soil, Still warm trails run along the caked earth... page 43 ROBOTICS

AP 3D student Claire Cook creates a whole new planet of electronics for her AP portfolio

spring 2011 Unique


Supression the

by Rachel Winnie

t make the cut,” echoed in my “head,Youas didn’ if I were auditioning for a part in a



he fact shocked me, of course, but it bothered me more that my wife and unborn child didn’t make it either. Walking behind her up the stairs, I dragged my feet but was still watching her every move. The tears blinded her and it didn’t help that she was top-heavy. Her round belly meant less food for some, but for me the baby stood for the beginning of the new world. The sunlight illuminated the tiny shelter behind me but I was careful not to look behind me, as I did not want to show my defeat. I wasn’t giving up that easily, but my face showed my doubts. The policeman, Gary, offered a hand which I firmly held as I hoisted myself up. 10 minutes, 9 minutes 59 seconds, 9 minutes 58 seconds. Stubbornly, the old rabbi refused to move from the homeless shelter. “We need to get a move on buddy,” Gary said tugging the rabbi’s We have sleeve impatiently. “Don’t tempt me. I’ll leave in a New York minute if you don’t get your bum a-moving now. Come on!” “When it’s time, it’s my time, if that’s what the universe wants, so be it.” The old rabbi muttered keeping his cracked eyes fixated toward the sobs. “George,” Susan, my wife managed to squeak out between sobs. She wiped the tears from her fleshy cheeks with the back of her hand as she began to nervously twirl a strand of matted hair. My hearts drooped only to be raised again with the sound of the symphony of clanging metal. “Hey, help us!” I shouted imitating a bird. “We have room for two people,” the camouflaged man said as if the words were running out of his mouth. Looking at Gary, no words needed to be said, women first. “Wait on, hang on there. Is she pregnant?” the man questioned. “She counts for two people.”

On instinct I bluntly stated, “Just get her somewhere safe.” I knew that Gary would understand, put others before yourself. No time for good-byes. The last I saw of her as she disappeared over the horizon were her pale eyes mouthing the words “I love you.” Enough said. 6 minutes 47 seconds. 6 minutes 46 seconds. 6 minutes 45 seconds. Still glued to the same spot, a hand lightly rested on my shoulder. In the kindest stern voice Gary said, “We need to take shelter and quick. I’ve given up on that immovable old fart.” “I have a plan,” I thought aloud. “Those mountains over there. They were once used for mining, but in 2014 the government shut them down for not having the proper paper work. If we’re lucky those mines might still be there. There’s a chance that it room for may collapse with the implosion of the bomb, but it’s our only choice.” people. “Well then what are we waiting for?” The gravel shifted under my feet as I sprang forward. Even with the head start Gary didn’t even make it a competition; each stride was larger than the last. 2 minutes 24 seconds. 2 minutes 23 seconds. 2 minutes 22 seconds. The sky lit up as smaller bombs were flying over our heads. First one to land was directed straight toward the shelter. The cement building hobbled over as soon as the destroyer laid a metal finger on it. The rabbi crossed my mind for a split second but the old man knew what he was doing. An opening in the mountains was before us. Hurdling over rocks and debris didn’t seem to slow us down but in reality we appeared to be standing still as the clocks held their breaths, waiting for the outcome. Before I decided to marry Susan I went to a psychic.



spring 2011 Unique

Photo manipulation/Justin Boyarsky

I’m not a whack-job. If anything, I’m skeptic about anything outside the realm of our world. But to quote the great Lloyd Alexander, “We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.” This led me into the shop that one afternoon. I figured she was more than likely going to sacrifice a chicken or shower some of her “magic” powder on me. She did nothing of the sort. Reaching for my palm something bothered her, since she stopped in her tracks and said, “I see some misfortune coming your way, not soon, but surely. I can tell you more if you like.” I retracted my hand and declined anymore of her services. I didn’t believe her at the time but now I longed for the ending to her story. My thoughts were shattered by a blanket of rocks that now blocked our pathway out. The alert alarm sounded as we sunk in further into darkness.

“George, if this is the end I’d just like to say…you’re a good man. And I’ve only known you for an hour now and I can strongly say it,” the police officer said holding out a hand. Without another word I ignored his hand and embraced him with a hug. No words can describe the emotional pain that I saw in Gary’s halfhearted smile. People who’ve had near death experiences say they saw their life flash before their eyes. Well, I can certainly say that’s a myth. All I could see was me, holding my daughter in my arms for the first time. Maybe in another world this was true but this fake memory would have to do for now. This nostalgia over-powered me and I soon felt that I was not in a cave huddling in a corner; I was in fact with my family, in spirit and in mind. I kissed my wife on her forehead and little baby Brooke wrapped her hand around my finger and we were one. 3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second.

spring 2011 Unique



Sculpture/Nafeeza Rahaman


spring 2011 Unique

Promises by Amyliz Rodriguez He told me he loved me he promised me he cared but in those beautiful brown eyes I only saw a blank stare So now I sink lower as he rises up and every time I see his smile I realize I’m never the cause He was the liar I was the victim And like a thief he stole my only remaining heart



a aH




lan /A g n




spring 2011 Unique

Photo manipulation/Morgan Casavant

by Buck Mussatto

Hanging under lids and deathly bright corners of the home, sit invisible the spiders. Spiders wandering in the dark, making circus of the sleeping like disfigured faeries dancing eight obscene and swollen legs. They can lie white and statuesque in the sun, to be passed or clasped and stepped upon. But never seen. Tiny spider banquets meet on eyelashes, dirty dishes and the backs of necks They can gather up in spider throng, gesturing wildly the thick and thin needle arms to play the silver spider-song. eight fingers for eight hours sleep are weeping, eight eyes or eight dark planets watch the sleeping.

ROBOT MAN Drawing/Jonah Bascombe

spring 2011 Unique





My heavy involvement in both AP 3D and AP 2D. I am a bit of an anomaly being in both programs and working so hard at it. It hasn’t been easy but I learned a lot. .02 DO YOU PREFER 3D OR 2D WORK?

I prefer 3D, although I haven’t been making 3D sculptures as long as my 2D work. It has really captured my attention, though. I adore the firingglazing process and ceramics allow me to explore art in ways paint and pencil can not. The chemistry behind ceramics also entices me, as well as throwing. .03 WILL ART INFLUENCE YOUR FUTURE?

I intend to get a degree in either fine arts or art education, specialising in ceramics. Teaching would be an excellent future for me. with role models like Ms.Letzo and Mr.Lawarre, it’s easy to hope to do it. .04 HAVE YOU ALWAYS ENJOYED ART?

I was not particularly interested in art. In fact, art turned me off. I didn’t want to be in art classes because my sister was the famed artist in the family. I didn’t want to be a part of it. I waved it off as silly and pointless. But due to a hole in my schedule freshmen year, I had to take the intro Art 2D class.

I load and unload the


I clean up the rooms as well .


spring 2011 Unique

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All Art/Michael Melli


c a Lil bulbs by Stephanie O’Sullivan

Painting/Ebone Grayson

The little slivers of memory still wound her heart every night she wakens from a nightmare, the nightmare that was once a reality the time when you said your goodbyes, and left. terror still buzzing in her ears, she wonders if you’ll ever come home to her, or has “forever and always” finally ended? as she slips her way down the winding path, she stumbles on the familiar ground as the memory of your gaze pierces her heart, finally she reaches the meadow, forever stark empty,

no trace of you, washed away with the rain, to her knees, she tumbles, numness hushes the pain, the lilacs settle over her like a protective blanket, the bulps cry with her “you said you’d come back!” she screams to the stillness around her, no one replies the ground below her becomes drenched with the shower of her tears each one she cries for you the lilacs weep over her, they shed petals for condolence the little slivers of memory still wound her heart spring 2011 Unique


GRADUATION by Krystal Secor

We’re graduating, and we know Our lives will be different and new; We’re going out into the world, Our goals and dreams to pursue. But one thing will never, ever change, As we go our separate ways; The friends we’ve made in school will be. Our friends for all our days.


spring 2011 Unique

Drawing/Yue Huang




This past year I was the only girl in Oviedo High School Drumline and there hadn’t been one in years. I also inspired two other girls to audition for drumline for the upcoming school year and they made it. On top of performing during marching season, I was part of acting and chorus, giving me a challenging schedule to work around. .02 WHAT MAKES YOU THE MOST ANGRY WHEN PERFORMING?

I wouldn’t say angry - but sometimes I get frustrated when I have to perform something with a lack of preparation. I usually end up just winging it during times like that. .03 WHAT DO YOU PLAN ON DOING IN THE FUTURE AS A CAREER?

Somewhere between getting my doctrate in music education, a conductor, or performing on stage as a singer. .04 WHO IS YOUR BIGGEST ROLE MODEL?

Alicia Keys is my bigest role model. Her talent has brought her far and she’s a woman of color who knows what she stands for. Piano, cello, vocals. Never ceased to impress me.

Photo/Carson Bailey

All in one year

Watch Dana Rozier perform. Scan Here




spring 2011 Unique


by Jose Arroyo Remember the past But do it with a closed heart So the tears won’t start

The Reality by Mychel Walrath

Change is fake It’s impossible to morph ourselves Perception defines

Control Painting/Ebone Grayson

by Nia Mcgill

Empty minded Mellow soul as tough as coil, question Who’s in control? spring 2011 Unique


all Watch A Drop of Summer Scan Here

All Photos courtesy/Allison Tate-Cortese


spring 2011 Unique



by Jessi Whitacre


hat started as a mere bored-in-band-classdaydream grew into a four-minute film, A Drop of Summer, that won awards and served as a tool to help senior and director, Allison Tate-Cortese get accepted to University of Southern California. “My friend Sadie [Yanckello] was daydreaming to a song “March of the Boyars” by Dallas Wind Symphony Orchestra, that they always played in band class, and she thought the idea had potential, so she brought it to me,” Tate-Cortese said. Just one example of the achievements of Tate-Cortese’s short film is that it became the first high school film accepted into the Enzian Film Slam in Winter Park and won first place. “A Drop of Summer is one of the most tightly written movies I’ve seen,” Texas film festival organizer Jensen Yancey said. “It’s a great high school movie. I am very, very proud. I’m happy for her. Allison has progressed better than I could have possibly imagined. Her progress is astounding…I’ve actually learned stuff from her,” TV production teacher Kyle Snavely said. Tate-Cortese said it was genetics that first inspired her interest in creating films, because her mother was in the video production industry for 20 years working for Time Warner. “She’ll easily get in full-length films in the film industry. Her mom was in the industry and her dad is in the business. She was born to do this,” Snavely said. The short film took time to produce, about a week of preproduction, two eight hour shooting days and around three months of editing. The girls spent an entire day just playing the song that inspired Yanckello’s daydream over and over, and they eventually both came up with the idea that it should be a race. “It was so much fun. We would listen to the song and be like ‘Oh! This is the part where they start to run,’” Yanckello said. The girls also had to write a script timed to the “March of the Boyars” and draw their own storyboards and camera plots. Based on the previous, they constructed a shooting schedule and scheduled the actors that appeared in the short. “It has been crazy. We’re winning way more than I thought we would. It’s been so unreal. And to think it was just for fun,” Yanckello said.

spring 2011 Unique



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a bag’s life Watch A Bags Life Scan Here

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spring 2011 Unique




by Brianne McGuire

In a forest of trees where all look the same, there was one that was different with a bit of hidden shame. It’s branches were bare and also quite weak. It was awkward and scrawny and it’s colors were bleak. Though the tree didn’t always exactly look this way; all passers-by saw it as a beautiful day.

All other trees managed to stay strong, but this single tree had forgot to move on.

But the tree has grown weary throughout all it’s years, witnessing sad people stop by and shed tears.

From that day on, the tree failed to see sun. It couldn’t find a reason and felt it was done.

For that was all the tree noticedit shunned all joy. Ever since the Great Wind, it didn’t have a voice.

Then one day the Great Wind returned. The tree accepted while others grew concerned.

The tree had loved the breeze, it’s full branches swaying. It thought wind was good until it’s good started fading.

But the tree was foolish to accept the Wind’s offer for it’s roots were ripped out and it was carried far yonder.

Way back then was when the Great Wind blew. Everything went wrong and twigs and leaves flew.

So it seems that despite the love the tree had for wind, it should have moved on for the breeze had sinned.

Mixed Media/Morgan Cassell spring 2011 Unique


spar F

Photo/Andrew Cranston

rks FLY

a c ro ss


by Amanda Ferguson Life is full of ups and downs, turns and u-turns. Things won’t always work out the way you want.


You will have to change your plans to fit your ever-changing life. But never get discouraged when something doesn’t go your way. Never listen to someone who says you can’t, never give up, never surrender, never let your fire die. You need that spark of empowerment to finish out life. When everything seems to be working against you, It is that very spark that will go through you and tell you to keep going, to keep trying. By keeping your fire lit you will change the remainder of your life. Strangers will admire your strength and aspire to be like you, You encourage people to be the best they can be, and overcome anything thrown at them. Showing the world you can do it, and they too can do it. The spark travels through the world, like a fire in the woods. When one starts it the whole town will ignite. spring 2011 Unique


C A T C H I N Gstars

Photo/Lindsay Broadhurst

Photo/Nicole de Leon

by Trevor Khan

The fall you take comes from the mountain you climb. I see no better way to spend my time, than climbing a mountain to reach for the stars. step by step finding out who you are. You reach the top and breathe in the air, no other feeling can compare. You jump off the top, flying through the sky. You sit back and watch your life flash by.


spring 2011 Unique

The fall you’ve taken is near the end, Falling through the stars, the grounds round the bend. You reach out your hand, to take the stars in your palm, living in the moment, the memory will soon be gone.

by Harry Traber Blood stains the soil, Still warm trails run along the caked earth.


The young man all alone now, his heart begins to boil. The cold faces of boys his age still so close to birth.

Notched and dirty weapons lay about the bodies. The young man alone weeps, lost on the field of battle. The luke warm sacks of men spill their blood on the ground. With each droop their hopes, dreams and memories of ones loved pool without a sound. Crimson stains mark the young man highlighting his shame. Coward the eyes of dead men call him, the living reflect the same. Names of heros are called, cold faces immortalized on stone. The young man is not there, his coward face wont be shown. Alone again in a dark room the young man sits. Blood runs from a hole in his head, Invisible hands steal the dignity from his skin. “Brothers,” still lips call, “How can I ever say I’m sorry? I lived while you all died - lost in honor, now lost in life.”

Drawing/Buck Mussatto

spring 2011 Unique



by Trevor Khan and Aiyana Saletto ne thing that most students interviewed look toward God. were able to agree on was the Just as Smith based her characters importance of the meaning behind on real life people, Brunkala based the writing. When asked if she thought money, her poem “Another Face” on real life fame, or meaning was more important, junior experiences. At the time, Brunkala Devin Smith said, “Meaning, honestly. Money is felt alone and was being yelled at nice. But definitely meaning. I don’t want to be by her parents for doing something famous, though.” wrong. Smith based characters in her play on people Brunkala said “I wrote this that she knows, mostly in her family. Specifically, one night and because I figured letting old couple based on her grandparents. Although out your feelings on paper is a lot Smith is good at writing, she does not plan to healthier than other choices and just pursue a career in it. keeping it bottled up inside.” Sophomore Rachel Winnie, on the other hand, ­S ophomore Brianne McGuire, has different plans. poet, also sheds her skin to let her “I’ve always dreamt of pursuing a career in innermost feelings come through in screen writing. I would prefer to be in the field of her writing. The story she claimed television and create new stories and follow them was the hardest to write was her through,” Winnie said. story “That Night in Her favorite writer at the November” that was letting out your moment is Anne Tyler, author inspired by a rape of Dinner at the Homesick incident. Restaurant, because of her insight “It was really traumatic and it on paper is a lot about family issues. Even as a was hard for me to get out verbally healthier... younger child Winnie would or on paper,” said McGuire. jot down notes, and her mother With titles based on her life, helped her to have the courage to share her work. Brianne creates her own sanctuary in her writings. Another writer walking the halls of Oviedo “I like writing because it’s a creative outlet for me High, sophomore Lindsey Brunkala, can be not to self harm,” says McGuire. Brianne tries to found online at, a website for teen “erase what happened,” by sharing her feelings on writers. Brunkala doesn’t have a favorite writer, a page. but her favorite poem is currently Annabel Lee Teenagers have somehow acquired the image by Edgar Allan Poe. Brunkala writes poetry as of being shallow and superficial people. But a lot a hobby with the purpose of inspiring people to of them are not given the credit they are due. By




spring 2011 Unique

Photo/Carson Bailey

writing poetry with deep and personal meanings and getting inspiration from classics like Poe, the students have clearly broken this stereotype. And although the outlook may be dim for actual printed books in the future due to an increase in electronics, Winnie managed to summarize the feeling most writers have about their meaning. “ I think as long as there are people around to hear my stories then at least they will be told,� said Winnie.

Rachel Winnie is blogging. Check it out! Scan Here

spring 2011 Unique


Sculpture/Karen Thomas

Sculpture/Jenny Atkinson


spring 2011 Unique

Sculpture/Zoraida Torres

Sculpture/Allie Boyd


Painting/Buck Mussatto

by Aiyana Saletto I write poetry on my legs and draw stars on my fingers and stay up all night waiting for you to talk to me when I know you’re asleep. I walk to the library and read semi-obscure books and wake up to pens stabbing me in the side and friends stabbing me in the back. I wear bright colors to dull places and play with my hair constantly and collect soda bottles. And I’m alive. But when I die, bury me with my notebook because I want to write wistfully about life for a change. spring 2011 Unique


Photo/Kristina Bordulious

Photo Manipulation/Emily Williams

Photo/Chris Taylor

spring 2011 Unique


Sculpture/Jenny Atkinson


spring 2011 Unique

Photo manipulation/Emily Williams


Nothing but

by Rachel Winnie

The sky once a clean canvas now just an astray for the artist no one else around to view such an image which had driven society by their fright our town once in its glory now just a flick of dust on the globe ready to be vacuumed away

spring 2011 Unique


codysingleton Listen to two of Cody and Adam’s instrumental songs


“Like the Egyptians”

adam smith

Photo/Julia Thorncroft

by Julia Thorncroft


ooking out at a nearly empty auditorium, seniors Cody Singleton and Adam Smith stood on stage along with three of their peers, performing for the first time center-stage. While the room might’ve been barren, their talent and ability proved otherwise. Smith stated that no other feeling compared to that night of performing with his friends. Singleton agreed. “It was so freakin’ cool. I’ve performed with the marching and concert bands for a while, but I’ve never been center stage with all eyes on just me and four other people before. I was just a little bit nervous,” Singleton said, somewhat sarcasticly. The two performed their song “Euphoria,” for the senior project recital on Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011. With them were seniors Kyle Lyon (drums), Will Murley (keyboard), and Sam Jones (guitar). Smith wrote the bass parts of the song while Singleton wrote the guitar parts. What began as a way of helping Smith perform his senior project, turned into something they all loved - performing together. “I think it’s good to play with different people. I feel that I play


spring 2011 Unique

differently depending on who I’m with,” Singleton said. “I prefer making music with friends because people bring new musical ideas to the table that could benefit the song we’re making, an idea that wouldn’t have been thought of if that person wasn’t there.” Although this was their first time performing their song onstage, playing together was no strange experience for the two best friends. “The music we make is definitely out of left field kinda stuff. It’s all instrumental which will turn most people off right away,” Singleton said. “The structure of the music is like most popular music. For example it has verses and choruses. But instead of a singer, I use my guitar to voice the melody.” Smith cites his music experience as the main reason for his aspirations to be a recording artist. “It has opened a huge door in my life and it shows me the way to my success,” Smith said. “Because I’ve found something I’m good at and can pursue.” While Smith hopes to form a band, Singleton claims to be an accomplished recorder player and kazoo-ist - a possible professional career if pharmacy doesn’t work out.

It has opened a huge DOOR in my life.


Shiraz by Carlos Perez

Painting/Carlos Perez

Over Shiraz, the angels scatter their pearls and hang as lamps in the cold night. Snow blanketed over everything... Like fine lace of a dancer’s veil, over the love-blushing roses, the emerald junipers forthing over the abergris-scented fountains. Each nightingale sings to the Moon’s bright face! And every tulips unveils its soft purple cheeks. From Shiraz...rise the perfume of God’s vanity! From Shiraz...the most endowed poets, write the stories of their souls across the hearts of lovers Shiraz lies in the sea of mountains... like a jewel in the snow.

spring 2011 Unique


aHEARTS mome An excerpt from...

by Devin Smith


cene shifts to the young married couple. Before any lines are said, it shows them doing their laundry together and not talking. Their actions show strong annoyance toward one another. They bump shoulders. AVERY: Oh sorry. McKAYLA: For what? Bumping into me or for missing your child’s graduation? AVERY: For the last time, I had to work. I could’ve gotten fired if I didn’t go in. McKAYLA: So working is more important than your family? AVERY: Working is important when you’re the only one working in the famMcKAYLA: Woah woah woah, I’m sorry, what? AVERY: That’s not what I meant. You know what I’m trying to say.


Photo/Linsey Du


spring 2011 Unique

McKAYLA: Sarcastically and aggressively folding clothes. You are so right; you are the only

promise? promises


ment one that works in this family. I, the housewife that is raising your children, of course does no work. I am so sorry for thinking that making dinner for four people, including a child who switches between Big Macs and being a vegetarian every other day, is work. It’s my mistake for thinking that cleaning up after four people who make new messes everyday and then driving the kids to school, driving back to the school to give them their lunch that they forgot then going back to pick them up while I’m trying to clean the mess that they just made at home, is work. Oh oh oh, and going to my son’s graduation. AVERY: Please McKayla, I didn’t say that. And I don’t see why I had to go to Lance’s graduation. He’s in Kindergarten. McKAYLA: It’s important to him! But if you didn’t want to go, then I didn’t want you to either. AVERY: That’s what you don’t get. Whether I wanted to go or not, which I did, I could not take off work. I had no choice. I never have any choices. McKAYLA: I can’t talk about this

for so

anymore. You’re not listening to me. There is silence again. Finally…


AVERY: When this project goes through I will be home more, I promise.

AVERY: I don’t unders-

McKAYLA: You promise? I’ve heard promises for so long. “I promise I won’t be late. I promise the game is almost over. I promise I will go to that stupid graduation.” I hear promises,Paul, but I don’t see them. You are the reason that I have lost my heart because you take it with you when you leave every morning and you don’t come back until after we’re asleep and I never see my heart because you are never here.

McKAYLA: I don’t either! I mean it’s there one minute and gone the next.

They sit in silence while folding the rest of the baby clothes.

Avery, there is something I have to tell you. AVERY: Worried. What is it? McKAYLA: Hesitant and worried how Avery will take it. Pause. I lost my heart.

Silence. Neither one knows what to make of this. AVERY: So what does that mean exactly?

Want to read the entire script? Scan Here

McKAYLA: I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore… AVERY: Maybe we can try to find it. McKAYLA: If you were home more often maybe we would have time to look for it. spring 2011 spring 201139 Unique 39 Unique

Another face by Lindsey Brunkala

To some boys and girls I am no one. I’m just there to fill empty space. Each day is a long run And I never seem to win the race. I’m just another face. My heart becomes weaker everyday Even when I do the right things I change but not in a good way. And to me everything is crumbling I’m only trying to find my place. I’m just another face. Lord I don’t understand I am seriously lost. Please give me a hand. Lead me to the cross. Help me to overcome the obstacles I can’t erase. I’m just another face. I always put myself down And now I’ve stopped having hope Continuing to feel unfound. I have this pain and it is like a rope. Pulling away what I attempt to embrace. I’m just another face. Why can’t I see joy? Why do I feel trapped? My life cannot destroy Happiness is what I need to adapt I can’t always hide. For this behavior mustn’t continue this way I struggle to find my stride And this is what I pray. Fulfilled life is the case. I’m just another face.


spring 2011 Unique

Drawing/Jonah Bascombe

Out of Office, Out of LOVE

by Jake Smith


elationships are usually a lot like presidency. At first, it’s great. You feel on top of the world. Nothing could be better in life. There are so many benefits to your current situation. Everything is so enjoyable in the beginning. Then, the issues start piling on top of each other and you’re expected to fix them all. The pressure begins to build, but thoughts and memories of the good in your scenario convince you from abandoning your post. You decide to stay and keep trying to move forward. But you can’t help but think how great it would be to just get away from it all because the stress is sometimes unbearable. Unfortunately, you realize it’s a full-time commitment. The cons then begin to outweigh the pros. Eventually, days,months go by; and your term is finished. Your time is up. You’re out of office, out of love.

spring 2011 Unique




SING. ACT. DANCE. (she can do it all)


spring 2011 Unique


I am a triple threat performer which means I sing, dance and act. I have also performed in several professional shows which I missed a lot of school for. But I worked really hard to keep my grades up as performing is totally worth it.

Photo/Linsey Duca


I prepare myself by warning up my voice and warming up my body as it mentally gets you ready for the performance. I also try to think like my character so it’s easier to become that person.



Words can not described the feeling when you perform on stage. I feel what makes me happiest is to entertain people and make them happy and take them to another world and forget their troubles for an hour or so.

My proudest moment was being accepted in to the Guildford School of Acting. I was excited as I really wanted to get in to GSA - it’s such an amazing school. View videos of April singing Scan Here

Sculpture/Claire Cook

spring 2011 Unique


Photo/Elizabeth Baker

Photo/Taylor Gibson

Photo/Alex Latrell

Photo/Angie Canzanella


spring 2011 Unique

spring 2011 Unique



Listen to another song by Chris and his band Scan Here Photo manipulation/Anthony Savino

Pre-Chorus 2 Cause if this is it, then I want you to know This was the best night of my life

by Chris Ganoudis

Verse 1 I can’t believe what this could be It’s got me begging on my hands and knees Said, “Baby, come and set me free.” ‘Cause I’ve got so much more inside of me Pre-Chorus She wants to know, is her worth her love For more than one night Chorus Flip through the memories of dying days and used-to-be’s To when we felt so good that night Remember how it was, counting airplanes just because We started directly in the light, and we made it out alive Verse 2 The clock is ticking, the time is now Let’s make a memory in this town ‘Cause we’re on the ropes and falling fast So let’s forget about the past


spring 2011 Unique

Chorus 2 Flip through the memories of dying days and used-to-be’s To when we felt so good that night Remember how it was, counting airplanes just becasue We started directly in the light, and we made it out alive (Alive, alive) We made it out alive (Alive, alive) Bridge And I remember you, naming places two by two Where we could spend tonight and forever. Instrumental Break Ending Chorus Flip through the memories of dying days and used-to-be’s To when we felt so good that night Remember how it was, counting airplanes just because We stared directly in the light (We started directly in the light) We stared directly in the light (We started directly in the light) We stared directly in the light, and we made it out alive.

Design/Kara McGuire

n g i s e D Extravaganza Interior Design classes 1 - 4

Design/Courtney Sullivan

Design/Lindsay Broadhurst spring 2011 Unique



Arroyo, Jose Brunkala, Lindsey Ferguson, Amanda Khan, Trevor McGill, Nia McGuire, Brianne Mussatto, Buck O’Sullivan, Stephanie Perez, Carlos Rodriguez, Amyliz Saletto, Aiyana Secor, Krystal Traber, Harry Walrath, Mychel Winnie, Rachel

SHORT STORY Smith, Jake Winnie, Rachel


Ganoudis, Chris


Smith, Devon


PHOTOGRAPHY Baker, Elizabeth Bordulis, Kristina

19 40 25 26 19 23 10 15 37 9 30 16 27 19 35 41 6 46

Boyarsky, Justin Broadhurst, Lindsay Canzanella, Angie Casavant, Morgan Cranston, Andrew De Leon, Nicole Duca, Linsey Gibson, Taylor Latrell, Alex Salvino, Anthony Taylor, Chris Williams, Emily

7 26 44 10 25 26 38,42 44 44 46 33 32,35

Bascombe, Jonah Huang,Yue Melli, Michael Mussatto, Buck

11 2,16 12 27



Harris, Alana Perez, Carlos Mussatto, Buck Grayson, Ebone


Cassel, Morgan 38 Melli, Michael


Broadhurst, Lindsay McGuire, Kara 45 Sullivan, Courtney 33

SCULPTURE Atkinson, Jenny


spring 2011 Unique

Cook, Claire Melli, Michael Rahaman, Nafeeza Thomas, Karen Torres, Zoraida

43 12 8 30 30

Behind the Writing Melli, Michael Rozier, Dana Singleton, Cody Smith, Adam Sullivan, April Tate, Allison

28 12 17 36 36 42 20


Unique Colophone

Arts Unleashed: Unique Literary Magazine 2011 was produced on Apple 9 Macintosh G5 computers. 37 All spread were designed using Adobe Indesign CS3. 31 14,18 Adobe Photoshop CS3 was used to edit all art work. Titles are set in Minon 23 Pro, Myraid Pro, and Desyrel. All body text is set 12 in Minon Pro regular size 10 font. Unique was printed 47 by Creative Printing and 47 Publishing of Sanford, 47 Florida. The cover is 100# gloss and the inside pages are 80# gloss text.


Drawing/Morgan Casavant


spring 2011 Unique

Arts Unleashed: Unique, Volume 2  

Oviedo High School's Literary Magazine - Arts Unleashed. This is second volume of Arts Unleashed and includes the finest arts, literature, v...

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