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May 2008

In this issue: Architecture, Digital Collage, Photos, and Mixe Media Paintings



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ArtStew started as a small, grass-roots art ’zine for Lawrence, Kansas and its surrounding areas back in January of 2006. It was made for the local art community, by the local art community, supporting all categories of self-expression. Whether visual, auditory, or any other arrangement of aesthetics, we’ve showcased it in the magazine or on our website. Our original purpose was merely to reach out, meet, and collaborate.


Today, the magazine’s intention is pretty much the same. Remaining dedicated to promote and inform, we are continually bringing together the creative do-it-yourselfers, collaborators, and any other artistic networkers that we can. We are helping to foster an outlet to join diverse ideas and information through discussion and presentation. Simply put, ArtStew’s goal is to help create new opportunities for art to flourish in Lawrence by bringing the artististic community together. Whether you consider yourself an artist, or just an art lover, we welcome you.

ArtStew Magazine P.O. Box 442398 Lawrence, KS 66044 contact@artstew.org www.artstew.org

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Office Helpline P.O. Box 442398 Lawrence, KS 66044 (785) 843-8521 info@ohonline.biz www.ohonline.biz ArtStew is a ’zine in progress, with a mission to promote local contemporary artists as well as connect them to people in the community who appreciate their art. ArtStew Magazine is published by Artstew Design and Creative Arts. Reproduction in whole or part without permission is prohibited. ArtStew welcomes submissions but cannot be held responsible for unsolicited material.

Dear Reader, Welcome to the fifth issue of ArtStew Magazine. We’ve got some great local art in this issue, along with a non-local artist. This magazine is dedicated to local art but we do get submissions from artists outside of the Lawrence area from time to time and will include them occasionally. Please go see the paintings by Jane Flanders at Aimee’s coffee house that are up for the month of May. She was nice enough to place an ad in this issue and if you like this mag, go support people that support ArtStew. Right now we are not sure when the next issue will be coming out, but hopefully soon. My design business (Artstew Design and Creative Arts) has been keeping me very busy and I have not had much time to work on ArtStew magazine or the website. Unfortunately I am not very good at asking for help and the effect is that ‘zine does not get the attention that I think that it deserves. I am in the beginning stages of putting together a collection of local artist information (a directory of sorts), so if you are a local artist please pass along your info and we will get it out to the community in some form. Thank you for your interest and support. Everything is Art and Art is Everything. Scott Stewart, Publisher

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05 www.artstew.org

Portfolio / Architecture Scott Johnson wwwdotscott@gmail.com

Scott Johnson is a KU student about to get a Master of Architecture degree from the School of Architecture and Urban Design. Scott is also starting a intership this summer with Roggeo Architecture in Beijing, China. www.roggeo.com

Abolitionist Museum Project Location: Central Industrial District, Kansas City Total Area: 80,000 sqft Program: Museum (permanent & changing exhibition space), Abolitionist Historical Library, 4 Rooftop Sculpture Gardens, Restaurant, Auditorium (seats 250), Retail

2 6 5














Ground Floor 1 Lobby/Gallery 2 Gallery Space 3 Retail 4 Gift Shop

Second Floor 5 Gallery 6 Bridge Gallery 7 Sculpture Garden 8 Auditorium

06 www.artstew.org


River Thames Pavilion

07 www.artstew.org

South Sections: (clockwise from top) Theatre, Internet Cafe/ Lounge, Exhibition Space

Location: London Total Area: 7000 sqft Program: Internet Cafe/Lounge, Display/ Exhibition Area for non-permanent exhibitions, Theatre (seats 180)

08 www.artstew.org

Campus Temple

09 www.artstew.org

Location: Lawrence, Kansas Total Area: 2500 sqft Program: Space for observances by all religions (120 person capacity)

Hotel Avenida Atlantica Location: Rio de Janeiro Total Area: 73,000 sqft Program: 87 Rooms, Skyline Restaurant, Fitness Center, Lounge/Bar, Conference Halls, Pool Deck, Parking

Versatile Furniture Prototype Molding Table

Materials: Plyboo Reclaimed Crown Molding FSC Certified Cherry Construction: Designed using only hand tools

10 www.artstew.org

Client: The Porch Community Organization, New Orleans Function: Children & Adults, Seating, Desks, Stage, etc. Cost: $1200 (all from fundraising) + donated materials Team: ARCH400 Studio

rodin rembrandt okeeffe munch bernini hockney lichtenstein matisse tatlin miro kandinsky michelangelo dali poussin leger daumier vermeer kline duchamp botticelli

12 www.artstew.org

a r t i s t w o r d s e a r c h


13 www.artstew.org

Spotlight / Digital Collage Charles Goff III

Hats Make The Perfect Accessory

Charles has lived here in Lawrence for 12 years, participated in the Harvest of Arts film festivals, performances, shown up to exhibit and sell things at various events over the years; he also organized the International Dada Celebration in 2006 at the South Park Rec Center. He makes computer art, straight up photos, videos, poetics, stories, but is best known as an avant garde sonic sculptor/musician/recording artist. Awakened

Visit TAPED RUGS PRODUCTIONS webpage at: www.geocities.com/padukem http://www.myspace.com/tapedrugsproductions Some of his videos are on You Tube at: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Padukem

14 www.artstew.org

Conis Imperious

Three Against Three

15 www.artstew.org

16 www.artstew.org

Construction Workers

Photos Simple Splendor Photography & Designs

17 www.artstew.org

Emporia, KS - www.simplesplendor.etsy.com simple.splendor@hotmail.com

Sunny Sunflower(s)

18 www.artstew.org

Buffalo, Kansas; September, 2007

Out-of-Town/painting Aunia Kahn

19 www.artstew.org


We Soon Forget

Aunia Kahn is a self-taught award winning mixed media artist, musician, graphic & web designer. With an amazing history in exhibiting her work she’s pushed the limits being a part of approximately 94+ shows in just three years. A large part of her work deals bring awareness to woman’s issues and more specifically taboo subject matters like domestic violence. Kahn is the designer of the “Silver Era Tarot” deck, a producer on the film “The Dead and the Dreaming”, one of the 8 voices for the “Voices Love Music Tour” speaking out against domestic violence and spousal abuse, working on her solo music project “AfterChain” getting ready for a 2008 release of her CD Single “Void, an animal advocate, mentor, and student of psychology which is her passion and can been seen through the way she creates her art. You can find more of her work at: www.afterchain.com

20 www.artstew.org

One Day After

21 www.artstew.org

Blue Sewer

Experimental Side Effect

22 www.artstew.org

Avowal Indestructibility

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Artstew Magazine Issue #5  

Featuring art from: Scott Johnson, Charles Goff III, Simple Splendor Photography, and Aunia Kahn

Artstew Magazine Issue #5  

Featuring art from: Scott Johnson, Charles Goff III, Simple Splendor Photography, and Aunia Kahn

Profile for artstew