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–Thornton Wilder, The Skin of Our Teeth I knew about Thornton Wilder before I could read. My Mom trained as an actress and had an amazing scrapbook of all the plays she’d starred in during college. For a 3-year-old kid, it was fascinating to thumb through it, trying to understand who all these women were that looked like the woman who cooked breakfast in the morning. One of her favorites (besides Elizabeth the Queen) was the role of Sabina in Thornton Wilder’s The Skin of Our Teeth. She was dolled up in what looked like a sexy, red, hot-pants outfit, and she loved recalling the wild journey Sabina traveled through mankind’s major cataclysms. When I was old enough to read plays, I picked up The Skin of Our Teeth and fell for its wit, smarts and grand scope (you can see this play at the end of Artists Rep’s season in May, directed by my friend Dámaso Rodriguez). Here was an author who clearly had an interest in the sweep of history, in man’s relationship to the cosmos. I somehow avoided reading Our Town until graduate school (which I can’t quite figure out, because I think I may have been in a production in high school), when we had to design it for a scenic design class. Curled up in my tiny apartment in snowy Pittsburgh, I was blown away by the dramatic ingenuity and hard-nosed spirituality of the piece. We tend to think of it as folksy and heart-warming (of which it offers brief glimpses), but the author was clearly focused on our relationship to death, the afterlife, and how very difficult it is to see the miracle of the life we are living right now at this moment. The first signs of religion and art show up at the same time on the planet (about 70,000 years ago) and that connection can’t have been happenstance. As mankind’s brain was evolving, our awareness of “spirit,” the animating force within an individual, must have provoked profound unrest: “Where does it go when we die?” And indeed, so much of art since that moment has been an attempt to connect that sense of spirit, of life force within each of us, to the larger story of our culture and our race. So we begin our journey this year, in 2015, with Our Town — offering both a look at our history, and at our present; at others, and at ourselves.

I remember having lunch with a pair of patrons several years ago and asking how they met (one of my favorite questions). They answered “in college in Michigan,” — he was a few years older and, shortly after graduation, was shipped overseas in the armed forces. So, for several years, all of their interaction was via the U.S. Postal Service. Clearly the pace of that courtship gave them time to get to know each other (or at least to know what they were willing to disclose at that point), because the friendship, the partnership, stuck. Times, tempos, technologies change. In Laura Eason’s play, Sex with Strangers, she is tackling the increasing speed with which it’s possible to find yourself on intimate terms with a potential partner, using that interaction as a metaphor for what’s shifting in the larger culture. Speed, technology and anonymity can provide options, convenience and connections that might never happen in a lower tech setting. But what gets lost in the process? And, if you’re an artist, what actually allows you to connect to the source of your inspiration, if you’re constantly hypnotized by the swift and shiny surface of the culture? I remember hearing Thomas Friedman, the award-winning columnist for The New York Times, speak about his need to shut down all of his technology at least two days a week in order to sense what was actually important to him. That tension — between loving Facebook and wanting to break up with it — is a real tension. The characters in Sex with Strangers are wrestling with similar questions: what is going to satisfy me? What is the tension between art and commerce? And what are the layers of attraction within a single psyche? Enjoy the dance. Chris Coleman PORTLAND CENTER STAGE | P 1





Scenic Designer

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Diane Ferry Williams

Sound Designer

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Assistant Director K.L. Cullom

Tony Cisek

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Rick Lewis

Assistant Stage Manager

Marialena DiFabbio*

Casting Rose Riordan and Brandon Woolley

Our Town © 1938, 1957, The Wilder Family LLC Copyright agent: Alan Brodie Representation Ltd www.alanbroadie.com

PERFORMED WITH TWO INTERMISSIONS. The videotaping or other photo or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited. *Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States. Our Town cover art by Mikey Mann.




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SHAWN FAGAN*.......................................................... Stage Manager


PAUL COSENTINO*..............................................................Dr. Gibbs CHRIS MURRAY*...... Joe Crowell Jr./Si Crowell/Mr. Carter and others VIN SHAMBRY*...........................................................Howie Newsome GINA DANIELS*...................................................................Mrs. Gibbs TINA CHILIP*.......................................................................Mrs. Webb SATHYA SRIDHARAN*..................................................George Gibbs HAILEY KILGORE......................................................... Rebecca Gibbs HENRY MARTIN................................................................ Wally Webb NIKKI MASSOUD*............................................................. Emily Webb LEIF NORBY*....................... Professor Willard/Joe Stoddard and others JOHN D. HAGGERTY*......................................................... Mr. Webb LAUREN MODICA..................................Woman in Balcony and others GARY NORMAN...........................................Simon Stimson and others SHARONLEE MCLEAN*.................................Mrs. Soames and others CHRIS KARCZMAR*.................................................Constable Warren RICARDY CHARLES FABRE.............................. Sam Craig and others LAURA FAYE SMITH*............................................ Lady in Box and others HOLDEN GOYETTE........................................................................Townkid AIDA VALENTINE.............................................................................Townkid *Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

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It’s called Our Town. Two simple words that mean something complex, and utterly different and personal to the individual human experience. This play takes place in a small town, and its story is told by the inhabitants who give us spare descriptions of the span of life and events we all universally experience — it’s what binds us together no matter where we are in the world. We all live in versions of small towns — our neighborhoods, the coffee shop that knows your name, the place we went to school, where we work, our family, friends — they are all small towns. Thorton Wilder’s play is one of the most progressive and unflinching looks at the human experience in American theater. It returns theater to the simplest form and requires that we tell the story with very little of the assistance that we’ve grown accustom to having — like scenery, props and the illusion that the actors are characters. We are constantly reminded of two things: death is imminent and this is a play. Wilder uses the character of the Stage Manager as our guide, our narrator and observer — our playwright. He interrupts characters mid-scene, he foreshadows their deaths, he constantly asks us to remember how we felt about big life moments — falling in love, birth, death — as though we’ve experienced it all already. He tells us that no one from this little town did anything remarkable, and somehow slowly reveals how remarkable it all really is. We spend more time with the Stage Manager than anyone in the play and learn absolutely nothing about him. As I write this, we are about to begin tackling the practical, the logical, and all things that are unknowable before we start rehearsals. I am excited to take on this giant classic and learn what it’s really about. It’s something you never really discover in advance, no matter how much you research beforehand. The play’s entire manifesto is about life experience and what we understand while we are living it. This could only mean that we won’t understand this play until we experience it — as the ones charged with putting it on, and as the audience who comes to watch it. We are definitely all in this together. PORTLAND CENTER STAGE OUR TOWN | P 3

A Journey through

Our Town WHAT’S IN A NAME? Imagine Our Town had been called M Marries N. That’s the title Wilder considered when he scribbled out a list of play ideas on July 2, 1935. Just two weeks earlier, the playwright had served as best man for his brother Amos and was struck by the wedding day custom of the groom not seeing his bride until the ceremony. If you listen closely, at the end of Act II, you’ll hear the Stage Manager say “M. … marries N. … millions of them.” It’s speculated that this phrase is perhaps the oldest original wording in Our Town. In 1936, the play’s working title was Our Village. It was not until 1937 that Wilder hit upon the now iconic Our Town. Speaking of names, the character of Emily Webb was called ‘Amy’ in earlier drafts.

LATITUDE 42 DEGREES 40 MINUTES; LONGITUDE 70 DEGREES 37 MINUTES Our Town’s fictional village of Grover’s Corners is actually Peterborough, New Hampshire. Wilder wrote major portions of his play there during the summer of 1937 while in residence at The MacDowell Colony, an artists’ retreat. The forested colony was an ideal ‘office,’ as long walks were central to Wilder’s writing process. He is quoted as saying that he couldn’t work at a desk if he tried and one day’s walk was productive of one fifteen-minute scene.

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THE PEOPLE’S PLAY Despite mixed overnight reviews from the New York critics, 26 people were waiting in line when the box office opened the morning following Our Town’s Broadway premiere in 1938. By early afternoon, the police were called to control the crowds and allow the matinee audience to enter Henry Miller’s Theatre. The box office take for that first day was $6,500 — quite a haul at a time when the minimum wage was 25 cents an hour and the average weekly paycheck was $33! A VERITABLE WHO’S WHO Over the decades, a host of noted actors have played a part in Wilder’s masterpiece. Paul Newman and Helen Hunt share the distinct honor of having played two of

with Production Dramaturg Mary Blair

Our Town’s chief characters during their careers. Newman portrayed George Gibbs in a 1955 televised musical version of Our Town (where the song “Love and Marriage” was first heard). He later served as the Stage Manager for the Westport County Playhouse production of 2002, also televised in 2003. Hunt took over the role of Emily Webb during the 1988 Lincoln Center revival and replaced Michael McKean as the Stage Manager in the acclaimed Off-Broadway production at Barrow Street Theatre in 2010. (Geraldine Fitzgerald is recognized as the first woman to play the role of the Stage Manager at Williamstown in 1976.) Other Stage Managers of note include Frank Sinatra, Henry Fonda, Hal Holbrook and Spalding Gray, in addition to Thornton Wilder himself, who played the role in seven different productions. William Holden and Montgomery Clift were both early Georges and, before she won numerous Academy Awards, Teresa Wright portrayed Emily, as did Eva Marie Saint. Even the Wicked Witch of the West, Margaret Hamilton, John Houseman and William H. Macy made appearances as Grover’s Corners residents over the years.

A DARKER OUR TOWN The original Our Town book was published in March of 1938 by Coward-McCann, having gone to print before the Broadway premiere on February 4 of that same year. During the rehearsal process, Wilder wrote a close friend to share that director Jed Harris was inserting revisions into the play which were wearing down the “edge of boldness” that he was trying to achieve. The Samuel French acting edition of Our Town, published in 1939 and based on the Broadway premiere’s heavily revised prompt script, was used for Our Town productions until Wilder himself revisited his CowardMcCann text and published his final version of Our Town in 1957. He did not re-insert many of the bolder elements or lines from the first script. FUN FACT $3,125: The asking price for a first edition of the original 1938 book of Our Town inscribed by Wilder (Bauman Rare Books).

Thornton Niven Wilder Chronology 1897......................Born in Madison, Wisconsin (April 17) 1906......................Moves to Hong Kong in May and to Berkeley,

California in October 1906–1910..............Emerson Public School in Berkeley 1910–1911 ...............China Inland Mission School, Chefoo, China (one year) 1912–1913...............Thacher School, Ojai, California (one year); first play known to be produced: The Russian Princess 1915.......................... Graduates from Berkeley High School; active in school dramatics 1915–1917...............Oberlin College; published regularly 1920......................B.A. Yale College (three-month service with U.S. Army in 1918); many publications 1920–1921..............American Academy in Rome (eight-month residency) 1920s....................French teacher at Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, New Jersey (’21-’25 and ’27-’28) 1924......................First visit to the MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, New Hampshire 1926......................M.A. French Literature, Princeton University; The Trumpet Shall Sound produced Off-Broadway (American Laboratory Theatre); The Cabala (first novel) 1927......................The Bridge of San Luis Rey (novel, Pulitzer Prize) 1928......................The Angel That Troubled the Waters (first published collection of drama—playlets) 1930s....................Part-time faculty, University of Chicago (comparative literature and composition); lectures across the country; first Hollywood screenwriting assignment (1934); extensive foreign travel 1930......................The Woman of Andros (novel); completion of home for his family and himself in Hamden, Connecticut 1931.......................The Long Christmas Dinner and Other Plays (six one-act plays) 1932......................Lucrece opens on Broadway starring Katharine Cornell (translation of André Obey’s Le Viol de Lucrèce) 1935......................Heaven’s My Destination (novel) 1937......................A Doll’s House (adaptation/translation) opens on Broadway with Ruth Gordon

1938......................Our Town (Pulitzer Prize) and

The Merchant of Yonkers open on Broadway

1942......................The Skin of Our Teeth opens on Broadway

(Pulitzer Prize); screenplay for Alfred Hitchcock’s The Shadow of a Doubt 1942–1945.............Service with Army Air Force in North Africa and Italy (Lieut. Col. at discharge Bronze Star and O.B.E.) 1948......................The Ides of March (novel); performing in his plays in summer stock in this period; The Victors opens Off-Broadway (translation of Sartre’s Morts sans sépulture) 1949......................... Major role in Goethe Convocation in Aspen; lectures widely 1951–1952..............Charles Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry at Harvard 1952......................Gold Medal for Fiction, American Academy of Arts and Letters 1953......................Cover of TIME Magazine (January 12) 1955......................The Matchmaker opens on Broadway starring Ruth Gordon; The Alcestiad produced at Edinburgh Festival with Irene Worth (as A Life in the Sun) 1957......................German Peace Prize 1961.......................Libretto for The Long Christmas Dinner (music by Paul Hindemit) premieres in Mannheim, West Germany 1962......................“Plays for Bleecker Street” (Someone from Assisi, Infancy, and Childhood) premieres at NYC’s Circle in the Square; libretto for The Alcestiad (music by Louise Talma) premieres in Frankfurt, West Germany 1963......................Presidential Medal of Freedom 1964......................Hello, Dolly! starring Carol Channing opens on Broadway 1965......................National Book Committee’s Medal for Literature 1967......................The Eighth Day (National Book Award for Fiction) 1973......................Theophilus North (novel) 1975......................Dies in sleep in Hamden, CT on December 7; buried at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Hamden, Connecticut



Thank you for our first ten years in the Gerding Theater at the Armory!


Tina Chilip is delighted to be back at Portland Center Stage, where she appeared in Chinglish in 2014. She was recently in after all the terrible things I do at Huntington Theatre Company. OffBroadway credits include Golden Child (Signature Theatre), Flipzoids (Ma-Yi Theater Company), Joy Luck Club (Pan Asian Repertory Theatre), A Dream Play (National Asian American Theatre Company). Other regional credits: The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide... (Berkeley Repertory Theatre), Chinglish (Syracuse Stage), M. Butterfly (Guthrie Theater), Yellow Face (TheatreWorks), Trinity Repertory Company, American Conservatory Theater, among others. Internationally, she was in David Henry Hwang’s Golden Child at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. TV: Royal Pains. Tina is a proud graduate of the Brown University/Trinity Rep M.F.A. Acting Program. www.tinachilip.com PAUL COSENTINO Dr. Gibbs

Off-Broadway: The Mapmaker’s Opera (Perry Street Theatricals); American Dreams: Lost & Found, As You Like It (The Acting Company). Regional Theater: Gross Indecency, Macbeth, Don Quixote (Denver Center Theatre); Suddenly Hope (Momentum Productions); The Madness of George III (Palo Alto Players); Oberon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the title role in Pericles (Festival Theater Ensemble). TV: Biography Channel, The Blacklist. A native of Northern California, Paul earned a Bachelor of Music degree from San Jose State University prior to graduating with an MFA from the National Theater Conservatory. Recently, he has been traveling with a solo show called Bad Connections? that was written specifically for him by New York playwright Michael Levesque. Thus far it’s played in Edmonton, Orlando, Toronto, Rochester, Santa Cruz and Vancouver, BC. Paul lives in New York City and is delighted to be making his debut at PCS! www.paulcosentino.com


Gina, a company member of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, is delighted to make her way north to PCS. OSF shows include A Midsummer Night’s Dream, A Streetcar Named Desire, Julius Caesar and Well. Originating the role of Coretta Scott King at OSF, Gina was a member of the Broadway company of Tony winner All The Way. She has worked extensively in New York, internationally, and regionally including The White Snake (Wuzhen Theatre Festival); Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike (Paper Mill Playhouse); Broke-ology (TheaterWorks); Measure for Measure (Lake Tahoe Shakespeare); Doubt (Kansas City Rep); Cyrano (Willamette Rep); All’s Well That Ends Well (Utah Shakespeare); Private Lives (Shakespeare Santa Cruz); Taming of the Shrew, Macbeth (Delaware Theatre Company); Ideal Husband (Center Stage); The Story (Milwaukee Rep); Medea (Pittsburgh Public); As You Like It (Arden Theater). www.gina-daniels.com RICARDY CHARLES FABRE Sam Craig and others

Ricardy Charles Fabre is originally from New York and is a resident actor at The Flea Theatre (NYC). He was a 2012–2013 acting apprentice at Portland Playhouse. Ricardy is ecstatic about working with Portland Center Stage where he was last seen as an ensemble member in Othello. Past Portland credits include: Jitney (Portland Playhouse), Belleville (Third Rail Repertory Theatre), The Lion in Winter (Northwest Classical Theater), Cymbeline (Portland Actors Ensemble). Ricardy would like to thank his friends and family for their support and Rose Riordan for the opportunity. SHAWN FAGAN Stage Manager

Favorite regional roles include Prince Hal/ Henry in The Making of a King: Henry IV & V (PlayMakers Repertory Company); Caleb in The Whipping

Man (Cleveland Play House); Krogstad in Ingmar Bergman’s Nora (Westport Country Playhouse); Hugh Voysey in The Voysey Inheritance (Denver Center Theatre); and Marchbanks in Candida (Utah Shakespeare Festival). He’s also worked at Arena Stage, Dallas Theatre Center, Shakespeare Theatre Company (DC), Arden Theatre Company and American Players Theatre. In New York, Shawn has been seen in Wife to James Whelan, Fashions for Men, Rutherford and Son (Mint Theatre); Henry IV Part 1, The Misanthrope (Pearl Theatre); Peninsula (Soho Repertory Theatre); Dearest Eugenia Haggis, Freakshow (Clubbed Thumb); Milkn-Honey, AJAX: 100% FUN, Shutter (Lightbox). www.shawnfagan.net HOLDEN GOYETTE Townkid

Holden is a 10-year-old 5th grader from Sherwood Oregon. Acting since the age of five, he has enjoyed such roles as Young Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web (Oregon Children’s Theatre), Gavroche in Les Misérables (Sherwood Foundation for the Arts), Charlie in Peppermint Bear (Lakewood Theatre), Pinocchio in My Son Pinocchio (STAGES), and Bert in All My Sons (Valley Repertory Theatre). Holden has done several films and commercials working for the likes of Dreamworks, Hallmark Channel, Intel and OMSI to name a few. He can be seen as Francis in the upcoming feature film Zilla and Zoe, and as the voice of Snowby the Polar Bear on Hallmark Channel’s Polariffic. This is Holden’s debut with PCS and he would like to thank Rose and Brandon for this amazing opportunity! JOHN D. HAGGERTY Mr. Webb

Portland Center Stage debut! Other regional theater includes I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change (Barnstormers Theatre), the King in The King and I (Forestburgh Playhouse), Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (La Jolla Playhouse, Des McAnuff, dir.), Engineer in Miss Saigon (Media Theatre), A Man for All Seasons, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (North Carolina Shakespeare Festival), Dr. Parker in Bat Boy (Red House Arts), PORTLAND CENTER STAGE OUR TOWN | P 7

OUR TOWN | CAST Fa Zhou/Emperor in Disney’s Mulan (Tuacahn Arts). John lives in New York where he has appeared on Broadway in Les Miserables (including Toronto and the National Tour) and has worked with B-Side Productions, The Directors Company, Ensemble Studio Theatre, Mirror Repertory Company, MultiStages, National Asian Artists Project, New York Musical Theatre Festival, The Actors Company Theatre, Target Margin Theater, Theater Masters and York Theatre Company. TV: Gotham. B.A., Brown. CHRIS KARCZMAR Constable Warren

Chris is delighted to be making his first appearance at PCS. Regional theater credits include: Mark Taper Too/ The Groom, The Wedding; Steppenwolf II/Ben Redleaf, Canadian Gothic; Northlight Theatre/Zappy, Angel’s Fall; Chicago Shakespeare Theater/Pompeii, Antony and Cleopatra; Stratford Festival/ Ensemble-Caliban understudy, The Tempest and Outlaw, Two Gentleman of Verona; Court Theater/Humphrey, Lady’s Not for Burning; Wisdom Bridge Theater/Pablo Gonzalez, A Streetcar Named Desire; National Jewish Theater/ Title Role, The Dybbuk; Center TheatreChicago/Title Role, Anatol and Angelo, Measure for Measure; Stage Works on Hudson/Uncle Peck, How I Learned to Drive. Television/Film: The Border, Dark Justice, Lady Blue, Chicago Story, Unsolved Mysteries, General Hospital, Above the Law, Thief. Awards: Joseph Jefferson Citation, L.A. Weekly, Metro North. Chris holds an M.F.A. in Theatre and Diploma in the Teaching of Acting from York University, Toronto. He is an acting teacher and coach. Inquiries at chris.karczmar@gmail.com. HAILEY KILGORE Rebecca Gibbs

Hailey is so excited to be making her professional debut as Rebecca Gibbs at PCS! She is thrilled to share the electricity of theater with her fellow actors. Hailey is a junior at Clackamas High School


where she enjoys studying all aspects of production. Hailey’s theater credits include Hairspray (Lil Inez), Fiddler on the Roof (Fruma Sarah), Romeo and Juliet (Prince, Friar John, Page and chorus), Peter Pan (Tiger Lily), Crumbs from the Table of Joy (Ermina Crump), Perfect Works in Progress (Donald) and Oregon Symphony’s A Gospel Christmas (Northwest Community Gospel Choir, Soloist). Hailey recently represented Portland at the National August Wilson Monologue Competition in the August Wilson Theatre in New York City. Hailey hopes you all embrace Our Town and return to Portland Center Stage for Ain’t Misbehavin’! HENRY MARTIN Wally Webb

Henry was previously seen at PCS in A Christmas Story and as Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol. He is an intern at Northwest Children’s Theater where he has been seen on stage in Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Seussical, Busy Town and Goodnight Moon. A sophomore at Skyview High School, he is an avid sports fan, a connoisseur of shoes and probably available to guest DJ your wedding. NIKKI MASSOUD Emily Webb

Nikki is thrilled to be making her PCS debut! Regional: Marina in Theresa Rebeck’s Zealot (South Coast Repertory, world premiere); Laila in A Thousand Splendid Suns (American Conservatory Theater, extended workshop); Ruthie Joad/Musician in The Grapes of Wrath (Trinity Repertory Company); The Dove in Conference of the Birds (B Street Theatre); Laura/Ensemble in The Glass Menagerie Project (Arena Stage); Celia in As You Like It, title role in Marisol and Mary Swanson in Middletown (Brown University/Trinity Repertory Company). Education: M.F.A., Brown University/ Trinity Repertory Acting Program; British American Drama Academy; B.A., Georgetown University. Love and gratitude to the amazing Bernard Bunye, my friends and my beautiful family.

SHARONLEE MCLEAN Mrs. Soames and others

Sharonlee has worked for Portland Center Stage since 1995 (most recently The Typographer’s Dream, Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike and JAW 2015). Portland credits include projects at Artists Repertory Theatre, CoHo Productions, Portland Playhouse, Clackamas Repertory and Portland Repertory Theatre. Her recent film/TV credits include Signal Flare, guest starring roles on Leverage and Grimm, and the feature film Extraordinary Measures, where she played Harrison Ford’s secretary. Drammy Awards: A Question of Mercy at Artists Repertory Theatre (1999), The Thugs (2007) and The Receptionist (2009) at Portland Center Stage, and Body Awareness at CoHo Productions (2013). PAMTA Awards: Nomination for Fiddler on the Roof at Portland Center Stage (2014). Sharonlee comes to Portland from Hollywood. In her 30-something years there, she did her share of film, television and stage, and was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for the role of Annie Degeralamo on the soap Santa Barbara. LAUREN MODICA Woman in Balcony and others

Lauren is beyond excited to be returning to PCS after two (soon to be three) seasons of making mischief as Mrs. Cratchitt in Twist Your Dickens, and JAW 2014 (Promising Playwrights). Area work includes Ruth in the West Coast premiere of In The Forest She Grew Fangs and Jessica in the world premiere of Undiscovered Country (Defunkt Theatre), The Fool in King Lear (Northwest Classical Theatre Collaborative), Tituba in The Crucible (Theatre Vertigo/Anonymous Theatre), Rose in Gretchen Icenogle’s Trailing Colors and Agnes in Silence (Jakers Productions), Verges in Much Ado About Nothing (Willamette Shakespeare), Queen/Belarius in Cymbeline (Portland Actors Ensemble) and others. Gratitude to Rose, KL, Brandon, cast/crew, and all of the incredible people at PCS who make it such a killer place to play. Love to all who have her heart. G$.

OUR TOWN | CAST & CREATIVE TEAM CHRIS MURRAY Joe Crowell Jr./ Si Crowell/Mr. Carter and others

Chris is happy to be back working at Portland Center Stage with Rose and this amazing cast. Previous credits at PCS include ten years at the JAW Festival, futura and Sometimes a Great Notion. Regionally, Chris has worked on readings, workshops and premieres of new plays at several theaters including The New Play Summit at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and the 38th Annual Humana Festival at the Actors Theatre of Loiusville. Chris has acted in many local stage productions, has appeared on Grimm and Portlandia, and is the founder of Whiz-Bang Productions. It is an honor and a privilege to create art in the greatest city in the world. LEIF NORBY Professor Willard/Joe Stoddard and others

Leif was last seen as De Guiche in Cyrano. Other PCS appearances include Rodrigo in Othello, ensemble in both Anna Karenina and Sunset Boulevard, Richard Hannay in The 39 Steps, Tateh in Ragtime and Benny Southstreet in Guys and Dolls. Other recent Portland appearances include Dr. Givings in In the Next Room (Profile Theatre), Tom in The God Game (Brandon Woolley prod.), Jane/Edgar in Mystery of Irma Vep, Sam in Grace (Third Rail Repertory Theatre), Verne/ George in And So It Goes… and Frank Keller in Red Herring (Artists Repertory Theatre), Charlie in The Scene (Portland Playhouse) and Beast in Beauty and the Beast (Pixie Dust). TV credits include Oregon Lottery and Leverage. Leif is a proud member of Actors’ Equity, sends Love to his wife Susie, and thanks you for supporting live theater. GARY NORMAN Simon Stimson and others

Gary Norman is delighted to make his PCS debut in Our Town. This is his third time working with director Rose Riordan; the first was The Receptionist at CoHo Productions and the second was Telethon

at Portland Playhouse. He has appeared on stages all over town including Artists Repertory Theatre in The Playboy of the Western World, Theatre Vertigo in The Adding Machine, Shaking the Tree in One Flea Spare and Broadway Rose Theatre Company in Chicago, to name a few. He has also appeared on NBC’s Grimm and TNT’s Leverage and The Librarians. Originally from Virginia, Gary has called Portland home for 19 years and vows never to go back. VIN SHAMBRY Howie Newsome

Vin is honored to be back at PCS, where he was last seen in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. He is a resident artist at Artists Repertory Theatre where credits include Intimate Apparel, (I Am Still) the Duchess of Malfi and Superior Donuts (2011 Drammy Award, Lead Actor). Other Portland credits: Executioner in Salome (Portland Opera); August Wilson’s Jitney, King Hedley II, Gem of the Ocean and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (Portland Playhouse); two productions with Oregon Children’s Theatre; and Songs for a New World (Staged! and Miracle Theatre, 2011 Drammy Award, Lead Musical Actor). Broadway credits include Tom Collins in Rent and John in Miss Saigon. National tours: Rent, Miss Saigon, Honk and Big River. In 2007, Vin was awarded the Audelco Award for Best Actor in a Play for Black Man Rising. He has a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC and is working on a collection of short stories about his childhood. www.vinshambry.com LAURA FAYE SMITH Lady in Box and others

Laura last appeared at PCS in JAW 2015 and The Typographer’s Dream. Other PCS shows include Anna Karenina, Pride and Prejudice, The Thugs, How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found, Frost/Nixon, A Christmas Carol, The Receptionist, A Christmas Story and JAW in 2008–2014. She has also performed in The God Game (Brandon Woolley prod.); God of Carnage (Gulfshore Playhouse); International

Falls, Day of the Docent, The Receptionist, Boy Gets Girl and Spinning Into Butter (CoHo Productions); Mr. Burns A Post Electric Play and The Scene (Portland Playhouse); Last of the Boys (Third Rail Repertory); Mr. Marmalade (Artists Repertory Theatre); The Heiress (triangle! productions!, 2005 Drammy); and The Trip to Bountiful (Profile Theatre, 2010 Drammy). Television credits include NBC’s Grimm and TNT’s Leverage. She is the current voice of Princess Rosalina for Nintendo, and has narrated several audio books that are available on Audible.com, iTunes, and Amazon.com. SATHYA SRIDHARAN George Gibbs

Regional: Hapgood (Williamstown Theatre Festival); The Philadelphia Story and As You Like It (Chautauqua Theatre Company). Off-Broadway: The Fatal Eggs (The Araca Project); Faster Than The Speed Of White (co-writer, New York International Fringe Festival). NYU: Richard III, The Seagull and Adam Rapp’s The Eggs. TV: Madam Secretary. Film: Open Roads, Tourists and Daastar. Sathya is a proud actor-volunteer at The 52nd Street Project in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC; winner of the 2013 Princess Grace Award (Grace LeVine Theater Award); native of St. Louis, Mo. Education: M.F.A. from NYU Tisch Graduate Acting Program. AIDA VALENTINE Townkid

Aida is a 5th grader at Arleta elementary. She has enjoyed working with many theater companies around Portland including Broadway Rose Theatre Company, Lakewood Center for the Arts, Stumptown Stages and Portland Opera. Though her first love is musical theater, she just finished filming her first movie where she played the title character, Zoe, in Zilla and Zoe. She is excited to be playing James in Oregon Children’s Theatre’s production of James and the Giant Peach this coming spring. Aida is ecstatic to perform for PCS and thanks Rose and Brandon for the opportunity. All my love to Baz.



Born in Madison, Wisconsin and educated at Yale and Princeton, Thornton Wilder (1897–1975) was an accomplished novelist and playwright whose works explore the connection between the commonplace and the cosmic dimensions of human experience. The Bridge of San Luis Rey, one of his seven novels, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1928, and his next-tolast novel, The Eighth Day received the National Book Award (1968). Two of his four major plays garnered Pulitzer Prizes, Our Town (1938) and The Skin of Our Teeth (1943). His play The Matchmaker ran on Broadway for 486 performances (1955–1957), Wilder’s Broadway record, and was later adapted into the recordbreaking musical Hello, Dolly!. Wilder also enjoyed enormous success with many other forms of the written and spoken word, among them translation, acting, opera librettos, lecturing, teaching and film (his screenplay for Alfred Hitchcock’s 1943 psycho-thriller, Shadow of a Doubt, remains a classic to this day). Letter writing held a central place in Wilder’s life, and since his death, three volumes of his letters have been published. Wilder’s many honors include the Gold Medal for Fiction from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the National Book Committee’s Medal for Literature. On April 17, 1997, the centenary of his birth, the U.S. Postal Service unveiled the Thornton Wilder 32-cent stamp in Hamden, Connecticut, his official address after 1930 and where he died on December 7, 1975. Wilder continues to be read and performed around the world. Our Town is performed at least once each day somewhere in this country, with his other major dramas and shorter plays not far behind. In 2008, Our Town and The Bridge of San Luis Rey were selected as a joint choice for the National Endowment for the Arts’ Big Read program. In recent years Wilder’s works have also inspired a growing number of adaptations, among them an opera based on Our Town (music by Ned Rorem, libretto by J.D. McClatchy) and a dramatized version of his novel, Theophilus North (Matt Burnett). Reflecting the renewed interest in Wilder, the Thornton Wilder Society sponsored the first international conference on Wilder in fall 2008. thorntonwilder.com P 10 | PORTLAND CENTER STAGE OUR TOWN


Rose is in her 18th season at Portland Center Stage, where she serves as associate artistic director. At PCS she has directed The People’s Republic of Portland (2013 and 2015), Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, The Typographer’s Dream, LIZZIE, A Small Fire, The Mountaintop, The Whipping Man, The North Plan, Red, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, A Christmas Story, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, The Receptionist, A Christmas Carol, Frost/ Nixon, How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found, Doubt, The Underpants, The Pillowman and The Thugs, which won four Drammy Awards, including Best Ensemble and Best Director. She has also recently directed, for various other theaters, Adam Bock’s Phaedra, The Passion Play, Telethon and The Receptionist. In 1999 she founded Portland Center Stage’s annual JAW: A Playwrights Festival. JAW has been instrumental in developing new work for the PCS repertory: Threesome, Bo-Nita, The People’s Republic of Portland, The Body of an American, The North Plan, Anna Karenina, Outrage, Flesh and Blood, Another Fine Mess, O Lovely Glowworm, Celebrity Row, Act a Lady, The Thugs and A Feminine Ending. Rose has also directed some of the staged readings for JAW festivals: The Thugs (2005), Telethon (2006), A Story About a Girl (2007), 99 Ways to F*** a Swan (2009), The North Plan (2010), San Diego (2012), The People’s Republic of Portland (2012), Mai Dang Lao (2013) and A Life (2014). She enjoys being part of a company committed to new work and having a beautiful building in which to work. TONY CISEK Scenic Designer

Tony Cisek has collaborated with Rose Riordan on the PCS productions of A Small Fire, The Whipping Man, The North Plan, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, A Christmas Story and Frost/Nixon. For PCS he has also designed the premieres of A Feminine Ending and Sometimes a Great Notion. Tony’s work has been seen OffBroadway and regionally at Roundabout Theatre, Arena Stage, Guthrie Theatre, Goodman Theatre, Ford’s Theatre, South Coast Repertory, Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Cincinnati Playhouse, Alliance

Theatre, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Center Stage (Baltimore), Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Indiana Repertory Theatre, Syracuse Stage, New York Theatre Workshop, Cleveland Play House, Folger Theatre, The Kennedy Center, Round House Theatre, Studio Theatre, GALA Theatre, Berkshire Theatre Festival and Signature Theatre. He has received four Helen Hayes Awards in Washington, four Drammy Awards in Portland, and a Barrymore Award nomination in Philadelphia. www.tonycisek.com ALISON HERYER Costume Designer

Alison Heryer is a costume designer for theater, film and print. She is thrilled to be returning to Portland Center Stage, after designing costumes for Three Days of Rain and Threesome. Other theater credits include The Bluest Eye (New Victory Theater); The Fall to Earth, A Lesson Before Dying, Orange Flower Water and World Set Free (Steppenwolf Theatre Company); Pippin, The Whipping Man, A Little More Alive and The Who and the What (Kansas City Repertory Theatre); The King and I, 33 Variations, RENT and Doubt (ZACH Theatre), Jackie and Me (Indiana Repertory Theatre), Bum Philips All-American Opera (La MaMa) and The Price (Artists Repertory Theatre). Recent awards include the Austin Critics Table Award and the ArtsKC Inspiration Grant. Alison is a faculty member at Portland State University. She is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and The University of Texas at Austin and a member of United Scenic Artists. DIANE FERRY WILLIAMS Lighting Designer

Diane Ferry Williams is pleased to be returning to Portland. Diane has worked for many theaters around the country and abroad. Her most recent design is a national tour of How to Succeed beginning in Beijing, China. In the U.S., she has worked for many theaters around the country, including the Marriott Theatre in Chicago, Alliance Theatre, Theatre Under the Stars, Goodspeed Opera House, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Goodman Theatre, Pittsburgh Public Theater, ACTSeattle, Alabama Shakespeare Festival,

OUR TOWN | CREATIVE TEAM Ford’s Theatre, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and Regional Dance America. Other international work includes The Harlem Gospel Singers in Paris and the European tour, and Die Schone und das Biest in Berlin and the European tour. She has also lit several national tours and premieres. Awards include a Jeff Award, an After Dark Award, a Carbonelle Award, five Drammy Awards (the most recent being The Whipping Man) and seven Jeff nominations. Diane has an M.F.A in Theatrical Design from Northwestern University.

Award, “Outstanding Musical Review”). Musical supervisor for the West Coast regional premiere of Next to Normal (Artists Repertory Theatre). Assistant conductor/vocal director for the preBroadway workshop of Cy Coleman’s The Life. Rick has written for Disney Live Family Entertainment, American Hawaii Cruises, American Classic Voyages and developed The Cinnamon Bear Cruise. Rick is a private vocal coach, concentrating on musical theater audition/performance technique. www. rlewismusic.com

CASI PACILIO Sound Designer

K.L. CULLOM Assistant Director

Casi is the resident sound designer at PCS, where recent credits include Three Days of Rain, Cyrano, The People’s Republic of Portland, Other Desert Cities, Threesome and Dreamgirls, The Last Five Years, Othello, A Small Fire, Twist Your Dickens, The Mountaintop, Fiddler on the Roof; Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike with composer Jana Losey; and nine seasons of JAW. National shows: Holcombe Waller Surfacing and Wayfinders; Left Hand of Darkness, My Mind is Like an Open Meadow (Drammy Award 2011), Something’s Got Ahold Of My Heart and PEP TALK for Hand2Mouth Theatre. Other credits include Squonk Opera’s BigsmorgasbordWunderWerk (Broadway, PS122, national and international touring); I Am My Own Wife, I Think I Like Girls (La Jolla Playhouse); Playland, 10 Fingers and Lips Together, Teeth Apart (City Theatre, PA). Film credits include Creation of Destiny, Out of Our Time and A Powerful Thang. Recordings: Glitterfruit’s fruit snacks. RICK LEWIS Music Direction and Vocal Arrangements

PCS shows: Dreamgirls, The Last Five Years, Twist Your Dickens, Fiddler on the Roof, Somewhere in Time, Sweeney Todd (Drammy Award), Black Pearl Sings!, Oklahoma!, The Huntsmen (JAW), The Imaginary Invalid, Sunset Boulevard, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Ragtime (Drammy Award), Grey Gardens, A Christmas Carol (Composer), Guys and Dolls (Drammy Award), Cabaret, West Side Story (Drammy Award), The Fantasticks and Bat Boy. He is the creator of the hit Off-Broadway musicals The Taffetas and The Cardigans (NYC Bistro

Kelly (K.L.) has been part of the Portland theater community for more than a decade, with the exception of her three-year hiatus for graduate school. She worked full time in stage management and lighting from 2004– 2010. She holds an M.F.A. in Directing from The New School for Drama in NYC. New York directing credits include: Five Flights by Adam Bock, Saudades (original adaptation), Aperture (world premiere) and Jackie (U.S. Premiere, dir. Tea Alagic, Women’s Project Theater). Last season she assisted on The Typographer’s Dream at Portland Center Stage (dir. Rose Riordan) and Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made at Oregon Children’s Theatre (dir. Marcella Crowson). You can see her directing work at Theatre Vertigo in October with Adam Bock’s The Drunken City. JANINE VANDERHOFF Stage Manager

This New York native is proud to call Portland her new home. Janine has had the pleasure of working the world premiere of DC Copeland’s Play (stage manager/production manager); as well as stage managing How to End Poverty in 90 Minutes and The Other Place (Portland Playhouse). Janine’s touring experience is primarily with Broadway musicals such as Cats, Jekyll & Hyde and Show Boat. However, she has also toured plays such as The Graduate starring Morgan Fairchild and The Vagina Monologues. While in NY, Janine had the opportunity to work on The Lion King on Broadway, as well as with many Off-Broadway and regional companies.

Production management credits include: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for “Democalypse 2012 Republican National Convention” (Tampa, FL); Straz Center (Tampa, FL); and The Fox Theatre (Atlanta, GA). Janine is thrilled to be working at Portland Center Stage. Proud NYU graduate and proud AEA member. MARIALENA DIFABBIO Assistant Stage Manager

Maria is thrilled to be working on this show! Portland credits include: 2015 JAW Festival and Dreamgirls (Portland Center Stage), The God Game (Brandon Woolley prod.), Love’s Labour’s Lost (Post5 Theatre), Revival/ Dear Momma (Fertile Ground) and Twelfth Night (Portland Actors Ensemble). Before heading west, she worked for two years at Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, CT. Sending love to my family.


Our company, The Standard, was founded in Portland, Ore., in 1906, just five years after the curtain rises in fictional Grover’s Corners. For more than 100 years, The Standard and our employees have been focused on helping our customers achieve financial well-being and peace of mind and on supporting the places we live and work. We find ways to make a difference in many areas, but we are especially committed to supporting the arts and fostering the kind of creativity that contributes to a vibrant community. We think that’s part of what makes the City of Roses so special, and we’re especially proud to sponsor Thornton Wilder’s timeless classic, Our Town, which brings all the magic and complexity of everyday life to the stage. As Mrs. Gibbs would say, “Look at that moon. Potato weather, for sure.” Or perhaps, in our town, more like rose weather. Enjoy the show.


There are, on average, some 400 productions of Our Town in the US each year, and at least twenty more throughout the rest of the world. Wilder’s attempt “to find a value above all price for the smallest events in our daily life” resonates with people from Portland to Paris, Toledo to Tokyo, because he recognized our universal need to make sense of the bewildering business of being alive. It is my favorite play and I never tire of revisiting it. Don and I are very proud to be a part of bringing Rose Riordan’s vision for Our Town to the PCS stage.






Scenic Designer

Tony Cisek

Costume Designer Christine Meyers

Lighting Designer Kristeen Willis Crosser

Sound Designer

Stage Manager

Production Assistant

Scott Thorson

Kelsey Daye Lutz

Bailey Anne Maxwell


Brandon Woolley


DANIELLE SLAVICK................................................................................. Olivia CHRISTOPHER M. SMITH...................................................................... Ethan New York premiere produced by Second Stage Theatre, New York, 2014, Carole Rothman, Artistic Director. Sex with Strangers was developed through Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s New Play Initiative, was presented as part of its First Look Festival of New Work and the world premiere was produced by Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Chicago, IL; Martha Lavey, Artistic Director and David Hawkanson, Executive Director. Sex with Strangers is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York. The videotaping or other photo or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited. The actors and stage manager employed in this production are members of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States. Sex with Strangers cover art by Julia McNamara.





Portland Center Stage receives support from the Oregon Arts Commission, a state agency funded by the State of Oregon and the National Endowment for the Arts.




SEX WITH STRANGERS. That title alone was enough for me to sit up and take notice when reading through new plays. It’s alluring, intriguing and potentially dangerous. It’s why I wanted to direct this play, and probably why you’re sitting in this theater. Laura Eason seduces us with her title and then drags us into two starkly different locations with two drastically different people. It’s easy to forget worldly troubles and outside responsibilities when you’re in a secluded retreat. But when you have to reenter the real world, with all its distractions and ugliness, people don’t always look or act the same. I was immediately interested in the way Eason sets up this idea of public versus private. Ethan is a “personality.” He has fans, supporters and even enemies. Olivia is “happily alone.” She’s a writer, an intellectual and an introvert. It’s an odd pairing to start with, but when there is an inherent physical attraction, something is bound to happen.

SEX CAN BE EASY. The thrill of this play is not just that we get to watch two people engage in intimate ways on stage, but that we get to witness what happens after the fact. They have things in common that make a relationship seem like a good idea; but life experience, baggage and ambition always seem to get in the way. What happens when your new lover finds out you may not be exactly who you say you are? And what’s more important: Developing a meaningful relationship, or pursuing your dreams? Are these ideas mutually exclusive, or can they somehow coexist? These are the questions that Olivia and Ethan are forced to answer once the afterglow of a snowy, secluded writers’ retreat fades into the distance and they are thrust back into their own busy worlds.

RELATIONSHIPS ARE HARD. I’m excited about digging into the gritty, sexy, startling world of sex with a stranger turned lover, turned career-maker, turned …? In the end, the sex can be great, the journey can be fun, and the outcome can be scary.



Broadway: The Other Place u/s (Joe Mantello, Manhattan Theatre Club). Off-Broadway includes: I See You (Jim Simpson, The Flea), Through the Yellow Hour (Adam Rapp, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater), Bright New Boise (Davis McCallum, Partial Comfort), That Pretty Pretty or The Rape Play (Kip Fagan, Rattlestick), Blind (Lucie Tiberghien, Rattlestick), 10×25 (Annie Baker, Atlantic Theater Company), Love Song of an Albanian Sous Chef (Moritz von Stuelpnagel, Ensemble Studio Theatre) and the cover for the female roles in original productions of Annie Baker’s Circle, Mirror, Transformation and The Flick (Sam Gold, Playwrights Horizons and Barrow Street Theatre). Regional credits include: World premiere of Sam Hunter’s A Permanent Image (Kip Fagan, Boise Contemporary Theater), The Diary of Anne Frank (Paul Barnes, Denver Center), Plainsong (Kent Thompson, Denver Center). TV/Film: While We’re Young (Noah Baumbach), Adult Beginners, recurring roles on Hostages and Guiding Light; Unforgettable. M.F.A. from the National Theatre Conservatory. Originally from Timberlake, Ohio, Danielle lives in Brooklyn. CHRISTOPHER M. SMITH Ethan

Christopher M. Smith is excited to make his PCS debut! Theater credits include: Other Desert Cities (Boston premiere), The Pavilion (Los Angeles premiere), Orange Flower Water, True West, Tennis in Nablus (New York premiere), Eurydice, Antigone; and many others in New York and Los Angeles, including site specific productions of Fool For Love (set in an apartment in Brooklyn) and The Cherry Orchard (set in a Victorian-style house in Echo Park). Most recently he co-adapted and performed in a four-actor production of Washington Square by Henry James, with The Actors’ Ensemble in New York. Film work includes: Something Blue (Best Feature, Sonoma International Film Festival), Wart and The Golden Age. He studied theater at the University of La Verne. Originally from Southern California, Christopher resides in New York City. www.christophersmithactor.com








When Sex with Strangers had its world premiere at Steppenwolf Theatre Company in 2011, playwright Laura Eason spoke to Artistic Director Martha Lavey about the public versus private self: LE: I feel like it’s such an interesting time now. People who

are in their early twenties have, for the most part, lived a lot of their life online. They know things about people before they meet them, they Google everybody, there’s so much information they bring that the blank moment that used to happen doesn’t happen so much anymore. Those of us who are not in our early twenties anymore came of age at a time where the internet was not so prominent. The experience of encountering someone totally new to you, without being able to read up about them or find out information about them meant that you could meet them in the moment. That experience is going away. Encountering someone really fresh is going away. We used to be able to choose what we would disclose and when we would disclose it and how we would disclose it. Now, particularly with Facebook, you meet someone for two minutes at a function and you can go online and look at pictures of their children. It’s just incredibly interesting how we’re moving through the world and what that means about how we come to know each other. KNOW YOUR PARTNER’S HISTORY

You’re already familiar with Laura Eason’s writing if you’re a fan of the Netflix political drama series House of Cards. Eason was a staff writer on the show for two seasons, and has sole writing credits for some particularly memorable scenes (such as Season 2, Chapter 17, when Claire reveals she had an abortion during a live CNN interview). Sex with Strangers was the writing sample Eason gave to showrunner Beau Willimon to get the gig on House of Cards. Speaking of Emmy Award-winning shows, the 2014 New York premiere of Sex with Strangers was directed by David Schwimmer (who played Ross in Friends) and starred Anna Gunn (best known for her role as Skyler White on Breaking Bad). The Hollywood Reporter asked Gunn about the differences between playing Skyler and being on stage as Olivia in Sex






with Strangers. She said it was like breathing new air: “Skyler was so shut down and closed off — that was part of the storytelling and character, so I had to abide by that, that was my job. But then I’m able to take full breaths, stretch and be open, fun and loose and all those different colors — because Olivia changes, she’s like a little girl sometimes and then she stands up and roars like a lion.” THE GAME HAS CHANGED

According to Author Earnings’ January 2015 report, 18% of the titles on Amazon’s Book Bestseller List were self-published. That number increases to 33% for e-book titles. Of course, those numbers only represent a small section of the industry, and they’re debatable because all the avenues for production and distribution make output difficult to track. But you don’t need numbers to know the game has changed. Blogs emerged in the 1990s, opening up the floodgates to a new avenue for story sharing (in 2014, there were over 172 million blogs on Tumblr and 75.8 million blogs on WordPress alone). And e-books have become mainstream with the help of brave DIY authors and digital pioneers, such as Stephen King, who became one of the first major authors to release a title exclusively as an e-book in 2000 (his novella Riding the Bullet sold 500,000 units in the first 24 hours at $2.50 a pop). Interestingly, King made headlines again in 2013 when he released the print-only Joyland, telling Wall Street Journal that his fans could, “stir their sticks and go to an actual bookstore rather than a digital one.” Even for established authors, the myriad options — selfpublishing/traditional publisher, e-book/print, blog/ novel — provide exciting and daunting opportunities. And then there are the overnight sensations; the bloggers turned best-selling authors. One of the more infamous is Tucker Max, whose tales of sexual exploits spurred on by a bet scored him a long stint on The New York Times’ Best Sellers list — his true tale is much like the path of Ethan in Sex with Strangers. The publishing industry is a complex, ever-changing world, full of hard choices and unanticipated plot twists — a perfect setting for a steamy, layered, provocative drama.


Laura Eason is the author of 20 plays (original work and adaptations), a musical book writer and a screenwriter. Selected productions include Sex with Strangers (Second Stage, NYC; Signature Theatre, DC; Steppenwolf Theatre, Chicago; Sydney Theatre, AU; published by Overlook Press); The Undeniable Sound of Right Now (Rattlestick Theatre and Women’s Project Theatre, NYC; Rising Phoenix Repertory, NYC); The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Hartford Stage, CT; New Victory, NYC; People’s Light, PA; Actor’s Theatre of Louisville; Kansas City Repertory Theatre; Repertory Theatre of St. Louis; Denver Center for the Performign Arts, published by Dramatists Play Service) and Around the World in 80 Days (New Vic Theatre and Royal Exchange Theatre, UK; Lookingglass Theatre; Center Stage (Baltimore), published by Broadway Play Publishing). She wrote the book for the musicals Days Like Today, music and lyrics by Alan Schmuckler (Writers Theatre, Chicago) and Summerland, music by Jenny Giering, lyrics by Sean Barry (Chicago Shakespeare Theatre commission). Additional plays include: The Vast In-Between (Denver Center commission, also developed by the Vineyard Theatre, NYC), Remarkable Invisible (Ambassador Theatre Group commission), Every Reason to Hope and Believe (Repertory Theatre of St. Louis commission), 40 Days (NEA grant, developed by New York Theatre Workshop and Lookingglass Theatre), Plainfield Ace (developed by Two River Theatre, NJ and Atlantic Theatre Company, NYC) and an adaptation of Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates (Arden Theatre commission), among others. As a screenwriter, Laura wrote on season two and three of the Emmy-winning Netflix show House of Cards. She is an ensemble member and former artistic director of Chicago’s Lookingglass Theatre (2011 Regional Tony Award). In New York, she is a member of Rising Phoenix Repertory, New Georges and an alumna of Women’s Project Playwright’s Lab. www.lauraeason.com and @LeasonNYC on Twitter.


Brandon is a director and producer in Portland, Oregon. Sex with Strangers marks his Portland Center Stage directing debut. He most recently self-produced and directed The God Game by Suzanne Bradbeer. Later this season he will direct The Few at CoHo Productions and The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler with Post5 Theatre. He has directed/produced shows at CoHo Productions (International Falls), Theatre Vertigo (The End of Sex), Bag&Baggage Productions (Dial “M” for Murder) and Portland Center Stage (JAW kickoff events, 2012–2015). Brandon has worked with Rose Riordan on multiple shows at Portland Center Stage as an assistant director (LIZZIE, The Whipping Man, Red, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and A Christmas Story). He has also collaborated with Third Rail Repertory Theatre, Broadway Rose Theatre and Live On Stage. Brandon is the producing associate at Portland Center Stage. He’d like to thank Rose and Chris for this incredible opportunity. Much love to Sean, Mom and Brittney. TONY CISEK Scenic Designer

Tony Cisek has collaborated with PCS on the productions of Our Town, A Small Fire, The Whipping Man, The North Pool, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Christmas Story and Frost/Nixon, as well as the premieres of A Feminine Ending and Sometimes a Great Notion. Tony’s work has been seen Off-Broadway and regionally at Roundabout Theatre Company, Arena Stage, Guthrie Theater, Goodman Theatre, Ford’s Theatre, South Coast Repertory, Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Cincinnati Playhouse, Alliance Theatre, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Center Stage (Baltimore), Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Indiana Repertory Theatre, Syracuse Stage, New York Theatre Workshop, Cleveland Play House, Folger Theatre, The Kennedy Center, Round House Theatre, Studio Theatre, GALA Theatre, Berkshire Theatre Festival and Signature Theatre. He has received four Helen Hayes Awards in Washington, four Drammy Awards in Portland, and a Barrymore Award nomination in Philadelphia. www.tonycisek.com


Christine Meyers is a costume designer, production designer and cinematographer who has created for opera, theater, dance and film. Current pieces include Napoli at Oregon Ballet Theatre and the upcoming indie film I Am That (production/costume design). Her work spans genres, ranging from a collaboration with dance company Zoe|Juniper, to a music video for The Head and the Heart’s “Let’s Be Still,” to Crayola at Oregon Ballet Theatre and Tartuffe at Seattle Shakespeare Company. She has created dissolving dresses for an Alice in Chains video, Lesson Learned, and costumes for classic Handel opera in Germany. Regional credits: Seattle Repertory Theatre, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Book-it Repertory Theatre and The Huntington Theatre. Broadway credits: Matilda (assistant design) and How the Grinch Stole Christmas (associate design). Film credits: 48-hour film short Lethal Cotillion (costume design), which was selected to screen at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008, and the independent feature film Bhakti Boy (cinematography). KRISTEEN WILLIS CROSSER Lighting Designer

Kristeen is thrilled to be designing for Portland Center Stage this season. She was privileged to win 2014 Drammy Awards for Outstanding Scenic Design (Gidion’s Knot) and Outstanding Lighting Design (A Bright New Boise). She has designed for several area theaters, including Artists Repertory Theatre’s The Cherry Orchard and Eurydice, Third Rail Repertory Theatre’s The Night Alive and Belleville, Northwest Children’s Theater’s Willy Wonka and Pinocchio, Profile Theatre’s Buried Child and Thief River, CoHo Productions Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune and The Outgoing Tide, and Miracle Theatre’s Mariela in the Desert and How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents. She was also recently nominated for a Los Angeles Ovation Award for her lighting design of Foxfinder in Pasadena. She thanks her husband, Mike, for all of his love and support.



Scott Thorson has been living the dream as a sound engineer at Portland Center Stage since 2010. PCS credits include live audio engineer for world premiere musicals Somewhere in Time and LIZZIE, sound designer for The Mountaintop and The Typographer’s Dream, live translations for Chinglish, associate sound designer for The People’s Republic of Portland and four seasons of JAW. Other Portland designs Sweet and Sad, Noises Off, Middletown and The Night Alive (Third Rail Repertory Theatre); Ivy and Bean (Oregon Children’s Theatre); Uncanny Valley (Hand2Mouth Theatre); and Fish Girl as part of the Fertile Ground Festival (Best in Fest, San Francisco Fringe). He holds a degree in architecture from the University of Oregon and is a proud Kenton resident. Many thanks to Casi for her mentorship and much love to Alice. KELSEY DAYE LUTZ Stage Manager

Kelsey Daye is a North Carolinian dairy farmer’s daughter. PCS credits include: stage manager for The Lion, The People’s Republic of Portland (second engagement), Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, The Typographer’s Dream, The Last Five Years and A Small Fire, and production assistant for Clybourne Park, Venus in Fur, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The North Plan and Anna Karenina. Kelsey Daye is a graduate of University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She would like to thank her boys for all their unconditional love, and Shamus for being wonderful. BAILEY ANNE MAXWELL Production Assistant

Bailey Anne Maxwell is thrilled to be joining Portland Center Stage for another season, after acting as production assistant for Other Desert Cities, Twist Your Dickens and Dreamgirls last year. Bailey most recently worked as a production assistant with Artists Repertory Theatre on The Motherf **ker with the Hat, Foxfinder, Ten Chimneys, The


Lost Boy and Seven Guitars. Bailey has recently enjoyed being the stage manager on Tamer Tamed and the assistant stage manager on Taming of the Shrew with Portland Shakespeare Project. She has also worked with Profile Theatre as a stage management apprentice on Buried Child and Eyes for Consuela. Bailey is a Linfield College graduate and a proud member of the EMC program. CHRIS COLEMAN Artistic Director

Chris joined Portland Center Stage as artistic director in May, 2000. Most recently, he directed the OffBroadway debut of Threesome at 59E59 Theaters (a production that had its world premiere at PCS and was also presented at ACT-Seattle). Before coming to Portland, Chris was artistic director at Actor’s Express in Atlanta, a company he co-founded in the basement of an old church in 1988. Chris recently returned to Atlanta to direct the world premiere of Edward Foote at Alliance Theatre. He also directed Phylicia Rashad and Kenny Leon in Same Time Next Year at True Colors Theatre Company in Atlanta in 2014. Favorite PCS directing assignments include Three Days of Rain, Threesome, Dreamgirls, Othello, Fiddler on the Roof, Clybourne Park, Sweeney Todd, Shakespeare’s Amazing Cymbeline (which he also adapted), Anna Karenina, Oklahoma!, Snow Falling on Cedars, Ragtime, Crazy Enough, Beard of Avon, Cabaret, King Lear, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Man and Superman, Outrage, Flesh and Blood and The Devils. Chris has directed at theaters across the country, including Actor’s Theater of Louisville, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, ACT-Seattle, The Alliance, Dallas Theatre Center, Pittsburgh Public Theatre, New York Theatre Workshop and Center Stage in Baltimore. A native Atlantan, Chris holds a B.F.A. from Baylor University and an M.F.A. from Carnegie Mellon. He is currently the board president for the Cultural Advocacy Coalition. Chris and his husband, Rodney, are the proud parents of an 18-lb Jack Russell/Lab mix, and a 110-lb English Blockhead Yellow Lab.


We are thrilled to be sponsoring Laura Eason’s Sex with Strangers for several reasons. The subject matter, dealing with the impact technology can have on a budding relationship, is timely and compelling. Another reason is our excitement to be a part of director/producer Brandon Woolley’s Portland Center Stage directing debut! Brandon has worked as an assistant director, alongside Rose Riordan, on some stellar PCS productions such as The Whipping Man and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Lastly, we are longtime supporters of Portland Center Stage because they continue to produce well known and loved classics, along with exciting new works, while never forgetting to push the boundaries.

SHARON MUELLER AND REYNOLDS POTTER We are longtime fans of Portland Center Stage and always happy and enthusiastic to support their productions.


Actors take chances. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don’t. But none of these actors would be on stage tonight without taking chances. It’s part of growth, and we’re all made to grow. That’s why we’re such a proud supporter of Portland Center Stage. Let this performance inspire you to take the chances that power your own growth.

P6 photo credits (l-r, from top): David Studwell in Fiddler on the Roof*; P.J. Sosko in Sometimes a Great Notion; Kelley Curran in Anna Karenina*; Gregory J. Hanks, Timothy Ware and Jarran Muse in Oklahoma!*; Rodney Hicks in The Mountaintop*; Storm Large, Scott Weddle and Jim Brunberg in Crazy Enough; the cast of Cabaret; Tim Sampson and Gretchen Corbett in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; Jeffrey Johnson and Valerie Spencer in Apollo; Gavin Gregory and the cast of Ragtime; Doug Tompos in R. Buckminster Fuller: The History (and Mystery) of the Universe; and Courtney Laine Mazza, Ivette Sosa and Dayna Tietzen in West Side Story. Photos by Owen Carey, except as noted. *Photos by Patrick Weishampel.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mary Boyle, Chair Civic Volunteer Mardilyn Saathoff, Vice Chair Senior Vice President and General Counsel, NW Natural Ted Austin, Second Vice Chair Senior Vice President, The Private Client Reserve of U.S. Bank Brigid Flanigan, Treasurer President, Shamrock Holdings, LLC Steven E. Wynne, Secretary Executive Vice President, Moda Health Steve Hedberg, Immediate Past Chair COO, Perkins Coie Chris Coleman, President Artistic Director, Portland Center Stage Sharon Barnes, Community Volunteer Sarah Crooks, Partner, Perkins Coie, LLP Evelyn Crowell, Retired, Portland State University Tracy Curtis, Regional President of Oregon and Southwest Washington, Wells Fargo & Company Gail Hayes Davis, Civic Volunteer Randy Foster, Partner, Stoel Rives LLP Diana Gerding, Community Volunteer Lani Hayward, Executive VP, Creative Strategies, Umpqua Holdings Corp Betsy Henning, CEO and Founder, AHA! Strategic Communications Yuki “Lynne” Johnston, Advocate for the Arts Jim Knoll, President, Knoll Mediation Karen O’Connor Kruse, Partner, Stoel Rives LLP Dedre Marriott, Community Volunteer Bob Packard, Managing Partner, Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects Peter V. Potwin, Retired, CFO, Benson Industries, Inc. Bruce Ramseyer, Senior Vice President, Private Banking, Washington Trust Bank Pat Ritz, Chairman and CEO, Footwear Specialties International Dave Robertson, Vice President, Public Policy, PGE Joe Sawicki, Vice President and General Manager, Mentor Graphics, Design-To-Silicon Division Marcy Schwartz, Senior Vice President, CH2M HILL Michael Sheridan, VP, Financial Advisor, The Newhouse Sheridan Group, Merrill Lynch Ann E. Smith Sehdev, Physician, Cascade Pathology Doug Smith, Senior Vice President, AMEC John Taylor, Co-founder, Arcadia Investment Corporation Brian Wilson, Principal, Mainland Northwest, LLC J. Greg Ness, Director Emeritus, Chairman, President and CEO, Standard Insurance, StanCorp Financial Group Julie Vigeland, Director Emeritus, Civic Volunteer In Memoriam Bob Gerding

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Phone: Noon – 6:00 p.m., Daily Walk-Up Window: Open Until Showtime Single tickets and season tickets may be purchased in person, online at WWW.PCS.ORG, or by phone at 503.445.3700. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY. Late seating may be

offered but is at the discretion of the House Manager; late seating is not guaranteed. Those arriving late to a performance or exiting the theater during the performance may be asked to view the show on the lobby monitor until intermission. Refunds and/or exchanges are not available for late arrivals. NO LATE SEATING AVAILABLE IN THE STUDIO.

Because of the intimate nature of the Ellyn Bye Studio, it is not possible to accommodate late seating. NO CAMERAS OR RECORDING EQUIPMENT.

No recording devices of any kind are allowed in the theaters. PLEASE SILENCE ALL CELL PHONES. You may

check your cell phones with the concierge and they will notify you in case of an emergency. CHECK BACKPACKS and LARGE PARCELS. For safety purposes, please check large backpacks and parcels at the coat check. THE GERDING THEATER IS FULLY ACCESSIBLE FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES. Anyone with

a special seating need (such as moderate sight or hearing impairment) is encouraged to inform the Box Office in advance to accommodate the request. ASSISTED LISTENING DEVICES ARE AVAILABLE.

Listening devices are available at the concierge desk free of charge. CHILDREN, UNDER THE AGE OF SIX, NOT ADMITTED. While we encourage you to bring

interested children to the theater, as a courtesy to other patrons and actors, we do not admit anyone under the age of six years to PCS performances. FOOD IS NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE THEATER.

Beverages are allowed, but must be in a compostable cup with a lid. All food must be consumed in the lobby. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR STRONG PERFUMES/ COLOGNES. Strong perfumes or colognes can be

distracting for other patrons and for people with allergies. Please use moderation when applying strong fragrances before the performance.



Portland Center Stage gratefully acknowledges the supporters of our 2015–2016 season. Their generosity allows us to inspire Portland Center Stage gratefully acknowledges the supporters of our 2013–14 season. Their generosity allows us to inspire our community byour bringing storiesby tobringing life in unexpected thank them. community stories to ways. life in We unexpected ways. We thank them.


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INDIVIDUAL GIFTS (AS OF JULY 31, 2015) The membership levels and names listed below are determined by your individual gift membership renewal date and are recognized for twelve months. We make every attempt to acknowledge your name accurately. If you find a mistake, want to make a change or think your name should be listed and want to inquire further, please don’t hesitate to call 503.445.3744 to let us know. We are more than happy to make changes for the next playbill. Those donors whose names are in bold are a part of our Sustaining Supporters group. We want to honor those donors who have given every year for the last five years. Your consistent support to Portland Center Stage means a great deal to us and keeps our theater thriving. Thank you for your loyalty and generosity. OVATION PRODUCERS ($100,000+) Keith & Sharon Barnes Don & Mary Blair

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STARS ($500–$999) Anonymous (2) Charles & Gloria Adams Margaret & Stuart Albright Stacy Allison Thomas & Brada Bailey Susanne Baumann & John Gragg David & Bonnie Bennett Dr. Janet Bennett Phil & Julie Beyl Christian, Lisa & Ella Bisgard Bob Schuler & Debra Blanchard Jill Blanchard Diane Boly Lesley Bombardier Joan Brandaw Stephen & Marge Brenneke Brooke Psychologists, LLC Brentley & Caroline Bullock Mr. Bruce C. Carey & Joe Rogers Brenda Charpentier Leslie Copland Herbert & Pamela Crane Kathryn Crawford Erik Cubbage Tracy A. Curtis Kirk & Marsha Davis Richard & Anne De Wolf Amy & Bruce Dobbs Paul Dockter Richard & Betty Duvall Stephen Early & Mary Shepard Ed & Marilyn Epstein Gregory Flick Charlie Frasier & Rick Taylor Carol Fredlund & John Betonte Charles & Kyle Fuchs PORTLAND CENTER STAGE | P 1 9

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Elizabeth Perris & Beverly Schnabel Jim & Pam Phillips Sue Pickgrobe & Mike Hoffman Wallace & Elizabeth Preble Carolyn & Henry Raz Dick & Linda Reedy Drs. Scott & Kay Reichlin Helen Richardson & Don S. Hayner Scott & Kelly Ritz-Einstein Kelly Ritz-Eisenstein & Scott Eisenstein Michael Rompa Halle & Rick Sadle Steven & Carol Sandor Stephen Schapp Brad Simmons & Shannon Hart J & C Skuster Walter & Carol Smith Carl Snook Sonny & Diane Sonnenstein Rick & Denyse Stawicki Elaine R. & Rudolph B. Stevens Janice Stewart & Gordon Allen Dan & Linda Sullivan Dr. Jeffrey & Mrs. Roberta Swanson Robert Swanson Libbi Layton & Lawrence Tamiyasu Kara & Tyler Tatman Bruce & Rebecca Teborek Beverly Terry Don & Judy Thompson Marcia K. Timm Carol & David Turner Lewis & Susan Van Winkle Virginia Vanderbilt & Michael Garrison Karen & Charles Waibel Richard Wallace & Patricia White Wendy Ware & Dan Gleason Marion Weatherford Dr. & Mrs. Bennett Wight Dennis & Jean Wilde Denice & Dave Williams Brian R. Wilson Bradley T. Wulf Fabian & Julie Yeager

PATRONS ($150–$499) Anonymous (17) Jose Alcarez Richard & Kristin Allan Joan & Brian Allen Philip & Pip Allen Linda C. Anderson Thomas R. Anderson & Joan Montague Mr. & Mrs. John K. Ankeney Lee & Lynn Aronson Elizabeth Ash & David Morganstern Jean & Ray Auel Jean & David Avison Susan Bach & Douglas Egan

Grover & Susan Bagby Mrs. Bernice Bagnall Thayne & Mary Anne Balzer Gary & Christine Barbour Theresa Barney Mr. & Mrs. Peter Barnhisel Jan Baross Diane & Arthur Barry Sidney & Barbara Bass George W. Bateman Richard Baumann Donald C. & Doris Beard Rob & Sharon Bennett Pam Berg Rachel Berrington Cheryl A. Bittle Anita & Clark Blanchard Ms. Catherine Blosser & Mr.Terry Dolan Jeffrey Bluhm Jacquelyn Boardman Lynne & Frank Bocarde Suzanne Bonamici Brian & Karen Borton Douglas Bouland Norma Bradfish Kay Bristow Peggy Bromley Richard & Julie Bronder Rich & Kathy Busse Mary Butler Ms. Stacey Caldwell-Roberts & Mr. Robert Roberts Matt & Celice Carlough Brett & Barbara Carson Clay & Carolyn Carter Michael Carter & Teresa Ferrer Sue & John Carveth Brent & Barbara Chalmers Gordon B. Chamberlain Candice & Russ Chapman John & Lou Chapman Bob & Patty Chestler Valri & Vincent Chiappetta Susan F. Christensen James & Cynthia Church Susan Clarke Miguel Cobian John & Kathryn Cochran Dr. & Mrs. Frank P. Colistro Bruce & Janis Collins Rick & Jean Collins Lisa & Skip Comer Alan & Leslie Comnes Sonja L. Connor Elizabeth Cordrey Jerry & Jean Corn Karen Costello Jennifer & Diego Covarrubias John & Ann Cowger Allen & Sue Craig Lyall & Phyllis Crary John Crawford Marian & Neale Creamer Stacy Cross Karen & Ward Cunningham Micheal & Carmen Cutting Arthur & Winnifred Danner Marcia Darm & Bruce Berning Betty Daschel Jim & Ilene Davidson David & Alice Davies

Larry Davis & Maureen Ryan Maureen Sproviero Davis & Kerwin Davis Robert & Ruth Deal Robert & Jane D’Entremont Linda & Jerry Dinan Ken & Laura Dobyns John & Danuta Donovan Steve Dotterrer & Kevin Kraus CDR Robert duBiel & Nancy Dougherty Beverly Downer David & Erin Drinkward Julie & Jim Early Mary A. & Peter Eisenfeld Kris & R. Thomas Elliott Ronnie-Gail Emden & Andrew Wilson Sharon Ewing-Fix Renee Ferrera & James Johnson Patrick Fiegenbaum Colleen Finn Sally & Jerry Fish Chuck & Pat Fisher Mary Flahive & David Finch George H. Fleerlage John & Paula Fogarty Steve & Susan Ford Bernard A. & Loretta E. Fox Larry & Judy Fox Ronald Fraback Sharon Frank Terry Franks & Carolyn Duran Bruce & Kate Frederick Gail & Kim Frederick Richard Smith & Patricia Frobes Jerome & Mary Fulton Susan & Seth Garber Colleen Gekler Sarah Giles Scott Goins Patricia & Tim Gray Mark & Michelle Greenwood Nancy & Ron Gronowski Frank & Margery Guthrie Patricia Guthrie & Joe Grosh Elisabeth Hall John G. Hall Ulrich H. Hardt & Karen Johnson Gary Hargett Pat & Kelley Harrington Tom & Jan Harvey Fred & Sara Harwin Mark & Paige Hasson Susan M. & Robert S. Hatfield Tracey Heinrich Paul Hempel & Bruce Newman Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Hering Diane M. Herrmann Justin Hirsch Suzanne Hiscox Barbara & Mark Hochgesang Janet Hoffman & John Harland Thomas Hoffmann Laurie Holland

Barry & Fanny Horowitz Anne & Thomas Horton Michele Houck Jeanne Provost & R. Brian Hough Donald & Lynnette Houghton Dr. Hal Howard Nancy Hull & Chris Sproul Lynn & Diana Husband Kathy & Tom Iberle Robina & Tim Ingram-Rich Willard & Shirley James Katharine Jansen Joanne Jene, M.D. Betsy & Jerry Jeronen Cecily Johns Dennis & Karen Johnson Tony & Sarah Johnson Becky & Jarrett Jones Joan Jones Vanessa Abahashemi & Soren Jorgensen Jack & Farol Kahle Ross Kaplan & Paula Kanarek Beth & Chris Karlin Chad & Mary Karr Ron & Ruth Katon Katherine Keene Helen P. Kelley Tom & Barbara Kelly Jane Kennedy Bill & Kathleen Keryan Marion & Bart Kessler Janice & Mark Kettler Jeffrey & Carol Kilmer Jin-Hee Kim & Paul Levy Nancy Kingston Frederick Kirchhoff & Ronald Simonis Bob & Rose Klas Lucien & Sally Klein Richard & Rita Klein Romy Klopper Michael Knebel & Susan Shepard Kohnstamm Family Foundation Drs. Bill & Ricky Korach Jon & Karen Kruse Ed & Margaret Kushner Kevin & Ida Lafky Brian & Annika Lamka Diane Lancon Margaret & Greg Lapic David Lapof Sarah & Jim Laughlin Robert & Nancy Laws Bob & Sally LeFeber Roger & Joy Leo Ti Cycles Bicycles Brian & Chris Lewis Bob & Debbie Lindow Craig & Anne Lindsay Peter & Janice Linsky Ralph & Barbara London Mary E. Long R. Lubomirski Marvin & Sylvia Lurie Elaine & Richard Lycan Jerry & Judy Magee Jeanne & Jim Magmer Tauna Magness Don Main & John Ahlen

Jane Maland Linda & Ken Mantel Kenneth & Nancy Martin Pamela Matheson Susan & Bill McConnell Dr. Louis & Judy McCraw Maryl M McCullough Betty McDonald & William Hansen Charles & Kathleen McGee Alan & Daina McLean Gretchen McLellan Steven McMaster & Kathleen Brock Julia Meck Richard Meeker Mariellen Meisel & Steve Glass Peter & Joan Melrose Patty Merrimon William & Janis Mildenberger Louis R. Miles Lani Miller & George Gust Roger & Karen Miller Sherry Mills Douglas & Georgina Miltenberger Stephanie & Spencer Moersfelder David & Machteld Mok Grant Molsberry & William Apt Douglas & Malinda Moore Jane Moore & David Pokorny Linda Moore William & Jane Moore Linda Moraga & Dave Clarke Clint & Donna Moran Mike & Jan Morgan Sonny Jepson & Felice Moskowitz Laura & Joseph Munoz Bill & Pat Nelson Jeanne Newmark Ann Nickerson Landscape Design Jim & Michelle Niegowski Linda Aso David & Anne Noall Ron & Janet O’Day Bonnie & Robert Olds Ric Oleksak Carillon Olmsted Eileen & Alfred Ono Beverly J. Orth Lottie Goodwin Callie & Ana Winner JoAnn Pari-Mueller & Dan Mueller Robyn Parnell & Mark Waggoner Justin R. & Amy Paterson Janet Peek Jennifer Peery Steve & Melissa Peterman Cheryl Meyers Kevin Phaup JB Phillips Nancy Pitney Art Dodd & Diane Plumridge Randy Pratt David & Margo Price Kathy Querin Edgar & Prudence Ragsdale


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DONOR LIST (CONTINUED) Jay & Barbara Ramaker Margie Sutherland, MD Michael R. Rankin Mr. & Mrs. John Sutton Bonnie & Peter Reagan Jeanette & Matthew Ed Reeves & Bill Fish Swafford Leslie Rennie-Hill & Ken Roger & Gale Swanson Hill John & Jan Switzer Mark Reploeg Elizabeth Tabaka Leslie Richards Amy & Emanuel Tanne David Robertson & Chuck Ellen Tappon & Ted Wilson Brimmer Leif & Marjorie Terdal Michael Robertson & Gwyn William & Lori Thayer McAlpine James & Linda Thomas Curtis Robinhold Robin Thomas & Carl Addy Greg Roderick George & Nancy Thorn Elmer & Karen Rogers Grant & Sandra Thurston Charles & Judith Rooks Sandra Teel Trainer Kelly & Tomilynn Ross Tom & Priscilla Turner Ted & Holly Ruback Phil & Mimi Underwood Davia & Ted Rubenstein Ann & Thomas Usher John & Stephanie Saven E. & P. Alderwerelt Dianne Sawyer & Richard David & Julie Verburg Petersen Dawn Vermeulen Karen Schartman Ginni Vick Jim Scherzinger & Claire James N. Stamper & Carder Jennifer P. Villano Sheldon & Jean Schiager Dan Volkmer & Frank Dixon Jennifer Schuberth Mark & Mary Ann Vollbrecht Katherine Schultz James & Nancy Vondran Peter C. & Jeanette M. Karen Waibel Scott John N. & Betty K. Walker Sheila & Gary Seitz Nancy Walker & Terry Foty Michael & Pam Shanahan Michelle & Guy Weisenbach Shawn & Beth Shelby Karen Whitaker Dr. Jeffrey D Sher Chris & Jana White Karen Sheridan JD & D’Alene White Ron & Lynn Sherwood Scott Whiteford Peter Shinbach Maurice & Lauretta Carl R. Shinkle Williams Rodger & Marcella Sleven Marjorie & Tom Wilson Christine Smith Alan Winders Constance Smith Jeff Winsor Richard & Leonie Smith Greg Winterowd Kimberly Smith-Cupani Loring & Margaret Winthrop Janelle Snyder & Valerie Don & Jan Wolf Wallander Richard & Leslie Wong Neil Soiffer & Carolyn J. J. Marcus Wood & Sue Smith Hennessey George Soule & Maurice Linda M. Wood Horn Robert & Vickie Woods Doug Sparks CaseyonBass Martha Flatbed &seats all Delta OneWoodworth flights. Sheryl Stauffer Paul Wrigley Jim & Debbie Steele Jack Wussow & Kyle Adams Zach & Vassie Stoumbos Russ & Mary Youmans Rhonda Studnick Kaiser Alan & Janet Zell



IN TRIBUTE Amanda Ashley in honor of Cynthia Fuhrman

JS and Robin May in honor of Chris Coleman

Jan and Bill Beebe in memory of Chris Wetteland

Richard Meeker in honor of Ellen Rosenblum

Randall J. Brown in honor of Karen Alexander-Brown

Joan Peacock in loving memory of Ben Buckley

Susan C. Campochiaro Confrey in honor of JoAnne Luccarelli

David Pollock in honor of Rosemary Trierweiler

Ginger A. Carroll in memory of J. Michael Carroll

Doug and Kathy Querin in memory of Chris Wetteland

Judy Dauble in memory of Chris Wetteland

Gertrude Robinson in memory of Arnold Robinson

John and Danuta Donovan in memory of Robert Gerding

Lisa Sanman and Ebbe Roe Smith in memory of Shirley Sachs Hort

Elisabeth Baerg Hall, Catherine Hall Wedge and Micah Hall in memory of Shirley Sachs Hort

Carl Snook in honor of Andy Linehan

Dr. Hal Howard in memory of Carol Howard Douglas and Selby Key in honor of Charlie Frasier Jim Rosenbaum and Sandra Lewis in honor of Tim and Mary Boyle

Becky Todd in honor of Ginny Kaiser-Shipman Ted and Julie Vigeland in memory of Patricia Beckman, a great lady, a wonderful friend, and a passionate supporter of PCS from the beginning.

TRIBUTE GIFTS Why not try something different? Instead of searching for that perfect gift or struggling over how to acknowledge a special achievement, you can recognize someone with a 100% tax deductible Tribute Gift to Portland Center Stage. We’ll make it even easier for you by specially notifying the appropriate person that a Tribute Gift was made in honor or memoriam and list your gift in the playbill. If you would like to make a Tribute Gift, please contact Karen Johnson at: 503.445.3744 or karenj@pcs.org.



Flat-bed seats on all Delta One flights.


STAFF | PCS Artistic Director | Chris Coleman FOR OUR TOWN PRODUCTION DRAMATURG Mary Blair CARPENTERS Jeffrey Kauffman, Phil Shaw PROPS ARTISANS Teresa Pilar Huarte, Shawn Mallory SCENIC PAINTERS Tori Dewar, Shawn Mallory, Kiona McAlister, Ryan Nicolai RUN CREW Zahra Garret, Patrick Lily ASSISTANT TO THE COSTUME DESIGNER Brandilyn Scott COSTUME CRAFTS Sarah Frechette STITCHERS Jea Alford, Foggy Bell, Susi Jenkins, Virginia Kilkelly, Fuschia Lin WARDROBE Jessica Carr, Jamie Hammon, Julio Maxwell, Kat Reid LIGHT BOARD OPERATOR Alexz Eccles SOUND BOARD OPERATOR Em Gustason ELECTRICIANS Alex Agnes, Liz Carlson, Delandus Clark, Michele Collins, Rob Forrester, Duncan Lynch, Amy Morel YOUNG ACTOR MONITOR Danielle Pettet


Jeffrey Kauffman, Phil Shaw PROPS ARTISANS Teresa Pilar Huarte, Shawn Mallory SCENIC PAINTERS Geno Franco, Shawn Mallory, Kiona McAlister, Ryan Nicolai LIGHT BOARD OPERATOR Em Douglas SOUND BOARD OPERATOR Scott Thorson ELECTRICIANS Alex Agnes, Liz Carlson, Delandus Clark, Michele Collins, Rob Forrester, Duncan Lynch, Amy Morel


Associate Artistic Director: Rose Riordan Producing Associate: Brandon Woolley Literary Manager: Benjamin Fainstein Company Manager: Don Kenneth Mason Literary Associate: Mary Blair


Education & Community Programs Director: Kelsey Tyler Community Programs Coordinator: RJ Hodde Resident Teaching Artist: Matthew B. Zrebski


Chief Operating Officer: Cynthia Fuhrman General Manager: Creon Thorne Human Resource & Capital Campaign Director: Lisa Sanman Finance Director: Lisa Comer Accountant: Alan King Executive & HR Assistant: Nia I. Adams Database/Tessitura Consultant: Bob Thomas IT Administrator: Christian Kisanga IT Assistant: James Dixon


Development Director: Charles T. Frasier Associate Development Director: Jennifer Goldsmith Grants Manager: Marlene A. Montooth Development Associate: Karen Johnson


Director of Marketing & Communications: Cynthia Fuhrman Public Relations & Publications Manager: Claudie Jean Fisher Group Sales & Promotions Manager: Mandy Morgan Marketing & Communications Associate: Alice Hodge Graphic Designer: Mikey Mann Multimedia Designer: Kate Szrom Webmaster: Christian Bisgard Production Photographer: Patrick Weishampel


Patron Services Manager: Luke Robertson Patron Services Assistant Managers: Hannah Katibah, Klint Keys Senior Patron Services Associate: Emily S. Ryan Patron Services Associates: Megan Harned, David Harper, Sierra Walker Sales Associates: Madelyn Clement, Michael Erickson, Katie Watkins Season Ticket Sales Agents: Dayne Ledet, Barbara Morley, Cate Ridenour, Mark Woodlief


Operations Manager: Ryan Collins Operations Lead: Lauren Knapp Operations Assistants: Mitchell Bohanon, Katie Cronin

Events & Rentals Manager: Jessica Metteer Rentals Assistant: Elizabeth Hjort Lead Custodian: Joel Hartman


Production Manager: Liam Kaas-Lentz Production Coordinator: Lydia Comer Stage Managers, AEA: Kelsey Daye Lutz, Mark Tynan, Janine Vanderhoff Assistant Stage Manager, AEA: Marialena DiFabbio Production Assistants: Stephen Kriz Gardner, Bailey Anne Maxwell, Kristen Mun Technical Director: Derek Easton Assistant Technical Director: David McCrum Scene Shop Manager: Seth Chandler Staff Carpenters/Welders: Nick Foltz, Benjamin F. Mills, Noah Phillips Properties Master: Michael Jones Lead Props Artisan: Rachel Peterson Schmerge Scenic Charge Artist: Kate Gilles Scenic Artist: Lauren Newey Costume Shop Supervisor: Mike Floyd Cutters/Drapers: Paula Buchert, Eva Steingrueber-Fagan First Hand: Larissa Cranmer Costume Crafts Artisan: Barbara Casement Wardrobe Supervisor: Bonnie Henderson-Winnie Wig Mistress: Danna Rosedahl Lighting Supervisor: Ben Courtney Master Electrician, U.S. Bank Main Stage: Alexz Eccles Master Electrician, Ellyn Bye Studio: Em Douglas Deck Manager: Tim McGarry Resident Sound Designer & Sound/Video Supervisor: Casi Pacilio Sound Engineer & Lead Programmer: Scott Thorson Sound Engineer & Programmer: Em Gustason


Concierges: Miles Bennette-Eaton, Marialena DiFabbio, Meghan Howard-Hakala, Wynee Hu Volunteer Coordinator: Robyn Hodges Lead House Manager: Michael Rocha House Managers: Jenna Barganski, Emerson Scott Food and Beverage Managers: Jamie Bilderback, Noelle Melberg Kitchen Supervisor: Erik Sanchez Food & Beverage Service Staff: Stacy Hagen, Lucia Oneil, Ellie Percival


Office Assistants Chair: Connie Guist Entertainers Chairs: Jo McGeorge, Olivia Jacobus Supporting Cast Chair: Karen Watson


Whether you’re a musician or a marketer, an actor or an accountant, getting better at what you love helps you—and those around you—thrive. So bravo! Encore! We’re proud to support your potential with the services and the savvy to help you grow. umpquabank.com 1-866-4UMPQUA (1-866-486-7782)

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