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Welcome to The Official Cromer Town Guide 2021/22 © Falcon Publications

Photo: Tina Ewart


The Official Cromer Town Guide 2021/22 has been designed, produced and published by Falcon Publications on behalf of Cromer

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Diary of Annual Events


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Cromer Museum


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Primary Education


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Cromer Town Map


The Arts in Cromer






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Cover photograph by Brenda Stibbons

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Email: Images inside by kind permission of Peter Stibbons, Brenda Stibbons, Tina Ewart, Dave Hubba Roberts, Paul Hurst and Paul Russell Map and history by Peter Stibbons

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Welcome to Cromer

Photo: Paul Hurst

May I welcome you to Cromer whether you are

and Suffield Park. If you’ve visited Cromer before,

local or visiting our lovely town.

you may not know about the new Football Golf

It has been wonderful to see our town come back

course close to Amazona Zoo.

to life after a difficult time due to the Covid

For those that take sport a little more seriously

restrictions. Our amazing ‘end of the pier show’

we have some of the best grass tennis courts in

is back and better than ever, and our cinema is

the country at the Cromer Lawn Tennis and

now open as are our museums and other

Squash Club. And then there’s the Royal Cromer

attractions. You can find out about Cromer’s

Golf Club, Cricket at the Overstrand Road ground

most famous and decorated Lifeboat Coxswain

or you can join me watching the Crabs at the

at the Henry Blogg Museum and learn about the

Cabbell Park Football ground on Mill Road.

West Runton Mammoth at our Town’s Museum. The Amazona Zoo is well worth a visit, especially in these challenging times for nature and the Amazon in particular.

There is much to enjoy on the sea front, so why not take a stroll along the Prom and around our world class pier? If you go to the eastern end of the Prom at low tide you should look out for the

Do not forget our other exciting and fun

wreck of the SS Fernebo and, if it survives, our

attractions, the Crabstix Crazy Golf, our Pitch ‘n’

latest attraction: graffiti thought to be by Banksy.

Putt courses, and bowls at both Runton Road

You can watch the crab boats coming in in the

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morning, go crabbing on the pier, have a swim or

shops are still with us, with some new

paddle, go rock pooling and build sand castles

businesses opening up. It is a sign of the health

on our Blue Flag beaches. All this is for free.

of Cromer that even in these times folk have

While mentioning crabs, ours at Cromer are

been prepared to risk a new venture.

world famous. They can be found at the shops

Sadly we have missed out on our Carnival and

run by our fishermen and, of course, on the

other events during 2020 and 21. However

menu in our excellent cafes, pubs and

things are looking brighter for the New Year’s Day


Fireworks, Crab and Lobster Festival and our

We are now very much aware that this part of the world was joined to Europe through what is called Doggerland. It is amazing to think that people and animals once lived and walked in an area now covered by the sea. The second oldest foot prints in the world were discovered just

wonderful Carnival next year. Also in 2022 we are planning a special event to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the reign of our Queen. We will be combining this with commemorations of other events that we have had to postpone, not least VE and VJ days.

down the coast from Cromer. This fascinating

I hope you find this Town Guide of interest and a

history is told in the Deep History Coast Project.

useful source of information.

Wreck of the SS Femebo

Do download the App and visit the Tourist Information Centre to find out more about this project.

Photo: Peter Stibbons

Do remember to share your adventures in Cromer with friends and family on Social Media. Those of us who are privileged to live here know

I am thrilled to be able to tell you that most of our

what a great place this is, and we are delighted

wonderful independent local coffee shops, cafes,

to share it with those who love it too.

pubs and restaurants have come through Covid and are doing well. They all deserve your support. We have now even added a McDonalds

Mike Bossingham Mayor of Cromer

to our list of outlets. Most of our super local | 5

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From Windows to Doors

To Porches and Conservatories... Call North Norfolk Plastics 01263 512911 1A Middlebrook Way, Cromer NR27 9JR

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Diary of Cromer’s Annual Events January 1st - Fireworks on the Pier

August - Cromer Carnival

May - Folk on the Pier

September - Norfolk Open Studios

May - The Crab & Lobster Festival

November - Firework Display

June - Cromer Pier Summer Show Opens

November/December - Christmas Lights

July - Cromer Hall Concerts July/August - Soapbox Derby

Switch-On December - Boxing Day Dip in the Sea For more information contact The North Norfolk

July/August - Lifeboat Day

Visitor Centre in Cromer on 01263 512497

Photo: Tina Ewart | 7

4-A0 – Posters – Banners – Plans – & more

01263 514148 34 Church St, Cromer NR27 9ES

Davies' Fish Shop, Cromer

For Cromer Crab, Lobsters, Cockles, Whelks and a range of Wet Fish 7 Garden Street, Cromer

01263 512727

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Photo: Dave Hubba Roberts

Council Information

North Norfolk District Council

Cromer Town Council

Norfolk, NR27 9EN

North Lodge

Opening times: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8.30am-5pm, Wednesday - 10am-5pm, Friday - 8.30am-4.30pm

Overstrand Road Cromer Norfolk, NR27 0AH Clerk to the council: Julie Chance FSLCC, Deputy Clerk: Janet Warner PSLCC AICCM,

Council Offices Holt Road Cromer

Tel: 01263 513811 Responsibilities include benefits, council tax collections, environment and waste, housing, planning & design, street cleaning and leisure facilities amongst others.

Tel: 01263 512254

Norfolk County Council

County Hall

Office Hours: 10am-1pm - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Martineau Lane

It is best to telephone or email to make an appointment before visiting the offices as the Clerk and Deputy Clerk are often in meetings.

Opening times: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

Responsibilities include: cemeteries, streetlights, benches, bus shelters and town signs amongst others.

North Lodge is a licensed venue for ceremonies.

Norwich, NR1 2DH

Tel: 0344 800 8020 (main switchboard)

Responsibilities include: Social Services, Trading Standards, Fire & Rescue, transport and education amongst others. | 9

Chartered Building Engineers


Building Design Project Management Building Surveys, Residential, Commercial and Heritage Party Wall Surveyors Dilapidations CDM Consultants Technical Advice, Claims and Disputes

01263 513489 www.purslows­ 16 Louden Road, Cromer, Norfolk NR27 9EF

.com ost levailable p b j . A www ct Now Click &



Telephone: 01263 512134 10 | |

Cromer’s History

West beach Aug 1892 - On Cromer west beach with no west promenade and the jetty rather than the current pier.

At the time of King William's Domesday records,

traded far afield, and Cromer vessels crossed the

1086, there is no mention of the town of Cromer.

North Sea, sailed to the Baltic and even to Iceland

Instead, we read of Shipden, a town that now lies

and Greenland.

beneath the sea. In medieval times we read of Cromer, alias Shipden. The natural break in the cliffs now known as the Gangway was the centre of the town, with fishermen and merchants plying their trade from the beach below, and sheep farmers keeping their flocks on the hills behind the town. In 1285 the king granted Cromer a Friday market

The trading vessels of Cromer continued to land on its open beach until almost the end of the 19th century, when the railways offered a more efficient means of transport. Undoubtedly sea trade declined over the centuries, with the general decline in the importance of the county of Norfolk as a centre for the wool industry. Fishing continued to be a mainstay of the town, with cod,

and a yearly fair of eight days. By the end of the

mackerel and other longshore catches providing a

14th century the town was sufficiently prosperous

year round return, before the move to the crab

for the large church of St Peter and St Paul to be

and lobster specialisation of today. Tourism began

built, replacing Shipden's lost church of St Peter.

to be of more importance from the beginning of

In 1565 Cromer is listed as a landing place with a

the 19th century, and it is from that period that

pier, with 117 householders. The merchants

the first written guide to Cromer dates. | 11

Pier Opening - A crowd gathers for the June, 1901 opening of Cromer pier

The end of the Napoleonic wars provided the

With the decline of the town after the medieval

opportunity for this influx of visitors. The members

period, the church itself had fallen into a

of the Gurney family of Earlham Hall were amongst

considerable state of disrepair. The Reformation

the earliest visitors of this sort to the town. The

and the time of Oliver Cromwell's Commonwealth

mixture of sea views and bathing, the woods and

had also contributed to the deterioration of many

walks behind the town and the activity on the

church buildings. The church windows had largely

beach brought those with leisure time and the

been bricked up and the chancel demolished. The

time to draw and paint to Cromer, including a

Reverend Thomas Gill had resorted to the use of

number of artists of the Norwich school.

gunpowder for this purpose in 1681. The

The coming of the railways and the accompanying publicity started by the travel writer and theatre critic Clement Scott - who coined the name

restoration of the church was undertaken in the reign of Queen Victoria, this work was substantially completed for the beginning of the 20th century.

Poppyland for the area - led to a further rush of

Cromer also became known because of its lifeboat

visitors in the final decade of the 19th century.

station. Today the offshore lifeboat station is at the

Many of those visiting the town chose to stay,

end of the pier, whilst the inshore lifeboat operates

contributing to local prosperity and building of

from the beach. In the 19th century, almost every

substantial houses. Others took the opportunity to

coastal town or village in Norfolk had its lifeboat.

develop businesses based on the holiday trade.

In the 1920s motor lifeboats began to take over

The great hotels, few of which remain, date from

from the pulling and sailing boats. The building of

this time.

the pierhead station at Cromer meant that the

12 |

lifeboat could launch in almost any weather, and

Visitors to Cromer can currently take a trail around

Cromer took over responsibility for much of the

town to see the selection of reproductions of

coastline to the east, and in particular for the

major art works that have been placed at various

Haisboro' Sands. The work of Coxswain Henry

locations - families can be seen with their leaflets,

Blogg and his crew became known nationally, and

tracking down the various images. Just to help

has been continued by his successors led by

matters, an original 'Banksy' appeared on one of

Henry 'Shrimp' Davies, Richard Davies, Billy Davies

the concrete breakwaters at the east end of town,

and John Davies, John being the last of the family

though how long it will survive as the sea and

line in this role, before handing over to today's

beach stones get to work is impossible to tell. The


next additions for Cromer's 'Blue Plaques' are

Cromer remains a very popular spot for visitors. Of course it is not possible to guarantee the sunshine and warmth of overseas destinations, but the summer can offer open beaches, country walks, safe sea bathing and a variety of interesting places to visit. A sunny weekend winter morning

currently being prepared, including those for our lady lighthouse keepers of the 19th century and for suffragette Emily Davison, who worked as a governess in Cromer and was renowned as a keen sea swimmer, even in the coldest of weather. The third plaque is for geologist and Cromer

will see hundreds of people take the walk out on

historian Alfred Savin, a regular collector of many

the pier and a number of other events are held

fossils from local beaches, a selection of which

throughout the year. The Boxing Day swim and the

are now in the Natural History Museum. The 'Deep

New Year's Day fireworks now bring thousands to

History' project looks back to those ancient times,

the seafront in the coldest of weather! Folk on the

with the installation on the west cliff and through

Pier, usually the second weekend of May and the

the displays at Cromer Museum and at the Tourist

Crab and Lobster festival on the third weekend of

Information Centre at the Meadow. There's plenty

May are now well established attractions.

to explore in the outdoors along Cromer's seafront

Writing in the summer of 2021, we have to report of course that most of the regular activities have not been able to operate for the past 18 months, but the net effect of the pandemic has been that the summer months have been even busier than usual, with overseas holidays being largely out of favour and staycations being the choice for many. However, organisations and societies are beginning to swing into action again and we trust

and along the north Norfolk coast by following the 'Deep History' project! Other new attractions are the developments at North Lodge Park, with the bridge and its access to another children's playground and the wild flower areas now being prepared by the Cromer Green Spaces project, complementing the carefully tended traditional flower beds of the town. Peter Stibbons

that 2022 will bring the regular events we mention above back. | 13

"Go to Cromer Carpets and they'll look after you" • Family run business established in 1988 • Specialists in all types of flooring For excellent sales and fitting service come to see us at


01263 512512/514365


1 The Croft, Cromer NR27 9EH (Also in Holt)

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Cromer Museum Cromer Museum offers the chance to step inside this cosy Victorian fisherman’s cottage and imagine what life was like in Cromer at the end of the 19th century. Browse in the Old Cromer Gallery with its huge archive of historic photographs and illustrations of the town.

role as the first official female war photographer. New for this year is the Shaped by You! exhibition which gives visitors the opportunity to have their say in the stories and objects the museum will display in the future.

Discover Cromer’s history as a Victorian seaside

The museum will be open from Monday-Friday

resort with its fine hotels and scandalous mixed

10.30am-4pm. Saturday & Sunday 12pm-4pm.


Last admission everyday 3pm.

Visit the Geology Gallery and see an amazing

Admission: Adult £4.40, Concession £4.20,

collection of fossils – all found in Norfolk on our

Child £4.10, Family (1 adult + 1 child) £7.65,

fantastic Deep History Coast. Enjoy fascinating

Family (1 adult + 2 children) £11.34, Family

displays revealing why Cromer is renowned as a

(2 adults + 2 children) £15.30, Twilight ticket

geological area of international importance. Find

(one hour before closing) £1.50. Museum Pass

out about the famous West Runton elephant,

holders, Friends of Cromer Museum, under 4s

Britain’s oldest and most complete elephant


fossil and see some of its actual bones.

Contact Us:

“Fishermen and Kings: The Photography of Olive


Edis”, is a display of work by the groundbreaking


20th century photographer Olive Edis. The new

Tel: 01263 513543

gallery features her portraits of both the rich and


famous as well as local fishermen and their families. The display also tells the story of Edis’

Cromer Museum | 15


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01263 515844

The RNLI Henry Blogg Museum is a lively, interactive museum with a great deal to discover. Signal in Morse code, learn the story of Monte, listen to the recordings of crew members and create your own ‘medal’ as you explore over 100 years of lifeboat history. Henry Blogg, the RNLI’s most decorated crew

The museum is open from April to November.

member, became

Please contact the museum for details.

known as the

You can find out about special openings, events,

‘greatest lifeboatman

book group visits and school workshops on the

of all time’. He joined

museum website - on

the Cromer lifeboat

Facebook, email or

crew in 1894 at the

telephone 01263 511294.

age of 18 and retired at the age of 71, after 53 years of dedicated service. During this time he

Admission to the museum is free.

helped save 873 lives, braving savage storms, winds and waves to snatch men and women from danger. The lifeboat HF Bailey, in which Henry served as Coxswain, is the centrepiece of the gallery displays and it was in this boat that Henry and his crew carried out some of the most dramatic rescues of World War II.

| 17

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Primary Education Suffield Park Infant and Nursery School

Cromer Junior School

Suffield Park Infant and Nursery School is a local

Cromer Junior School is a medium sized school for

authority maintained school for children between the

children aged seven to eleven from in and around

ages of 4-7. It has been continually rated a ‘Good’

Cromer. We are currently rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted

school by Ofsted most recently in 2019. Nichola

with Outstanding behaviour and safety. Whil de

Stewart has been the Head Teacher since March

Neve has been Headteacher since 2013. The school

2017. Staff and children are led to be ‘Confident,

usually has two classes in each year group. Many of

Resilient, Ambitious and Brilliant.’

our children start Year 3 after Suffield Park Infant

The school has a large Nursery and day-care facility on site which takes babies from ten weeks to age

and Nursery School and most of our Year 6 children transfer to Cromer Academy.

seven. Day care provision is open for 48 weeks of

We are fortunate to have a modern building that is

the year. The nursery has four different rooms

very well equipped as a modern learning

grouping children according to age. Staff are well

environment. The outside area has exciting play

qualified and keen to support our nursery children.

areas to keep children busy outside of the

The main school is a two form entry for pupils in YRY2. A new block was opened in 2017 giving the school community six new appealing classrooms, group rooms and a welcoming library. Staff are dedicated and proud to be part of the school. Our curriculum offer is matched closely to the needs of

classroom. We teach a broad curriculum, enhanced by frequent visitors and visits. Our ASD base (Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist Resource Base) is extremely successful in providing a top quality experience for children that join us from a wide catchment area.

children. A Specialist Resource Base (SRB) which

We are always keen to explore opportunities for

specialises in speech, language and communication

linking with organisations or individuals within the

needs is hosted within the school and supports up

local community. For further information or to

to ten pupils with therapeutic work combined with a

arrange a visit, please contact the school office on

curriculum offer.

01263 512155 or email office@cromer-

The school is set in beautiful grounds. Children can

access a large school field, an area for forest

Cromer Junior School is now a proud member of the

schools and an adventure playground. Visits to the

Synergy Multi Academy Trust.

school are welcomed. If you would like to visit, contact the school on 01263 513296 or email

| 19

48 Church Street, Cromer, NR27 9HH 01263 510809

Catering Services Christenings Birthdays Anniversaries Funerals Private Functions Full Beverage Service Available Contact us now for a quotation and catering advice

01263 511926 20 | |

Secondary Education Cromer Academy Cromer Academy is a secondary school at the heart of the local community. To inspire pupils to

programme supports our Cromer pupils to be responsible, active and respectful citizens within and beyond our beloved community.

be exceptional without exception, through a

Cromer Academy is rated as Good by Ofsted, with

lifelong love of learning is our vision. Preparing

outstanding grades for Ofsted personal

our Cromer pupils for life after school is our focus

development, behaviour and welfare; and for

and we believe that what we stand for will set

leadership and management. We are continually

them up for success.

seeking to develop this through a commitment to

We aim to offer Cromer pupils a character education where relationships and our values take centre stage. We passionately believe that

high quality teaching and learning, and giving children experiences that raise their aspirations and self belief.

our children should be afforded every

We are justifiably proud of our community and

opportunity to succeed. We take pride in

at Cromer Academy, we seek to make the

preparing our children for life after school by

community proud of the next generation. We

living and modelling our values each and

don’t just talk about ‘Cromer values,’ we live

every day.

them each and every day! Our staff model

Our academically rigorous curriculum gives our pupils the powerful knowledge they need to live life to its full potential, through the development of cultural capital. Our wider enrichment

manners and respect and ensure that every interaction with a pupil counts. If you would like to visit our school, please do not hesitate to contact us at

| 21



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by our students who come from across North

Paston College fully equipped to progress to

Norfolk. At Paston College you will find an

university, Apprenticeships or Degree

inspirational learning environment set within our

Apprenticeships or to begin their careers.

stunning campus, enthusiastic and expert teachers, and all the support you need to achieve your ambitions. Whilst we are best known to many for the consistently high quality of our A Level provision, Paston College is home to a wide course offering for both 16 to 18-year-olds and adult learners.

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Health and Welfare

Photo: Peter Stibbons



Corner House Dental Practice

Cromer Eyecare

24 Norwich Road, Cromer, NR270AX Tel: 01263 512390

20 High Street, Cromer, NR27 9HG Tel: 01263 512345

Enslin Ltd Dental Surgery

Lords of Cromer

17-19 West Street, Cromer, NR27 9HZ Tel: 01263 515229

14 Garden Street, Cromer, NR27 9HN Tel: 01263 515482

Out of Hours Emergency Dental Advice Telephone NHS advice service on 111


Pharmacies Cromer Pharmacy Cromer Group Practice Mill Road, Cromer, NR27 0BG Tel: 01263 517777

Cromer Group Practice Mill Road, Cromer, NR27 0BG Enquiries, visits, emergencies & appointments: 01263 513148

Boots 54-56 Church Street, Cromer, NR27 9HH Tel: 01263 512231

Advice NHS 111 Service

Lloyds Pharmacy 51 Church Street, Cromer, NR27 9HH Tel: 01263 512171

111 is the NHS non-emergency number. It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones. For immediate life-threatening emergencies continue to call 999. | 25

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© Cromer Chamber of Trade and Business

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The Arts in Cromer

Photo: Dave Hubba Roberts

Stunning Cromer, with its impressive beach,

Both music and theatre also play a large part in

picturesque coastline and iconic pier, has long

the life of the town. The town’s grade II-listed pier

provided artists and photographers with

is home to the Pavilion Theatre which has a

inspiration. The town itself is also home to many

varied programme of concerts and productions

artists and galleries with a range of exhibitions

throughout the year, including its famous End of

taking place over the year.

the Pier show which opens in June.

In May, the town’s Crab and Lobster Festival holds a very popular art trail, lighting up the town in a blaze of colour and creativity. Previously held in May but now moved to September, Norwich Open Studios offers local artists the chance to open their studios to the public, allowing people to see how they work. It’s a perfect opportunity to purchase work direct from the artist themselves while gaining an insight into the creative process behind the end product.

The extremely popular Folk on the Pier, in May, is a fantastic celebration of folk music. Cromer hit the headlines in August 2021 when elusive graffiti artist Banksy chose the town’s sea wall as the site for one of his famous pieces of work during what he has dubbed his ‘Great British Spraycation.’ The work depicts a group of hermit crabs with one in a shell holding up a sign stating ‘Luxury Rentals Only.’ North Norfolk District Council has applied a protective coating over the work to help preserve it from the elements for as long as possible. | 29


Red Lion

food and rooms by the sea

call: 01263 514 964

30 | |

here? ou were Wish y



Cromer’s All-Weather Lifeboat launching

Photo: Paul Russell

There are two lifeboats stationed at Cromer.

amongst those we remember with pride for their

The ALB (all-weather lifeboat) is at the end of the

years of service afloat and ashore.

pier and is launched down the slipway; it covers up to 100 miles out to sea and along the coast to the flank stations at Great Yarmouth and Wells. The ILB (inshore lifeboat) is kept in the renovated 1902 boathouse at the bottom of the Gangway. The ILB covers inshore services for swimmers and small boat sailors up to its flank stations at Sheringham and Happisburgh. The Cromer lifeboats have a long and distinguished service, with the names Henry Blogg, Henry 'Shrimp' Davies and Richard Davies standing out as long serving coxswains and Lewis 'Tuna' Harrison and Dr Paul Barclay

The lifeboat station at the end of the pier can be visited most of the year. It is normally manned from 10am to 4pm from Easter through to October, although it is often open at additional times. Groups wishing to visit should contact the Lifeboat Visitors Officer by emailing The shop at the pier lifeboat station offers a wide range of presents, including many of specific local interest. The station website at has a wealth of other information about the station.

| 31

32 |

Photo: Tina Ewart

RNLI Lifeguards Keeping watch Through the summer season RNLI Lifeguard station operates to cover Cromer’s east and west beaches. They’re always happy to give safe swimming advice.

The north Norfolk coast is a beautiful place to

Red Flag: If this flag is raised at the lifeguard hut

visit in the summertime, its numerous beaches

or on the beach it means NO SWIMMING. It is

being one of the main attractions. RNLI

unsafe to enter the water if the red flag is flying.

lifeguards patrol on six beaches in the area during the summer months, keeping them safe for locals and tourist alike. Cromer east beach is patrolled by RNLI lifeguards from mid-May to midSeptember. Cromer west beach is patrolled from

Orange Windsock: This means that there are strong winds blowing out to sea, and that it is not safe to use inflatables. Do not take inflatables into the water if the windsock is flying.

early July until early September. During these

If you are going swimming or surfing in the sea

periods beaches are patrolled between 10am

this summer, make sure you always go with a

and 6pm, seven days a week.

friend. If you should find yourself in trouble or

If you are planning a day out at the seaside, it is important to remember to always swim at a lifeguarded beach. The lifeguards will operate a flag system to keep all water users safe: Red and Yellow flags: These flags will be raised to indicate the safest area to swim. Make sure you always stay in between the red and yellow flags when swimming or bodyboarding, where the lifeguards can see you.

out of depth, raise your hand in the air, shout for help and wait for a lifeguard to come to your assistance. If you have a bodyboard, surfboard or inflatable, do not let go of it as it is keeping you afloat. When you get to the beach, go and speak to the lifeguards and ask them about the tides, weather forecast and the best times for you to swim safely. They are very friendly and are happy to help! Emergency only calls for lifeboat

Black and White Flags: The black and white flags

assistance should be made by dialling 999 and

indicate the zone for surf craft. If you are surfing or

asking for 'Coastguard'.

kayaking, stay between the black and white flags. | 33

34 | |

Places of Worship Cromer Church

For all enquiries please contact:

We are a group of people who have discovered the good news and transforming power of Jesus and seek to share that with others, to see lives transformed with Jesus Christ.

The Church Office, Cromer Parish Hall, 65 Church Street, Cromer, NR27 9HH

Cromer Church is in the Church of England Diocese of Norwich. We meet regularly in our three buildings. Services are held in the Parish Church in the town centre and at St Martin's in Mill Road. Many of our regular activities take place at the Parish Hall opposite Boots.

On Sundays we usually meet at the following times:

T 01263 512000 | E

Twitter @cromerchurch The Church Office is manned on Thursday and Friday from 9am-5pm

Cromer Methodist Church


A warm welcome awaits you at the Methodist Church, Holt Road.

8.45 am COMMUNION | Quieter and more traditional

Minister: Rev. Colin Telfer (01692 218657)

10.30am MORNING SERVICE | All-Age and contemporary with groups for 0-16s Please call for information on evening service.

ST MARTIN’S 10.30am MORNING SERVICE | Smaller and more intimate We currently have a particular focus on families, children and youth, however, we run a variety of groups for people of all ages and backgrounds including parent and toddler groups, gospel choir, Alpha courses, Mother’s Union, regular adult socials and a group for vulnerable adults to name a few. We have a church coffee shop running throughout the week.

We offer: Sunday Service: 10.45am Lunch after Morning Service (First Sunday of the month: 12.15pm) Community Matters Cafe (Monday and Thursday: 10.30am-1pm) Messy Church for all the family (Third Saturday of the month: 10.30am-12.30pm) Women’s Fellowship (Tuesday: 2.30pm) Foodbank (Thursday, 1.30pm): We are ‘all people’ friendly with level access and a loop system in both church and cafe. * Some groups or services are currently not taking place due to Covid but we hope to restart eventually. Please call for more information.

| 35

36 |

Photo: Brenda Stibbons

Places of Worship The Catholic Parish of Sheringham and Cromer The Catholic Parish of Our Lady and St Joseph, Sheringham and Cromer, has services at Our Lady of Refuge, on the Overstrand Road, Cromer (next to the golf club) and at St Joseph's on Cromer Road, Sheringham. Further details can be found online at The parish email address is and the Parish Priest can be contacted on 01263 822036. Weekend masses are on Saturday (anticipated) and 6pm at Our Lady of Refuge, Cromer and on Sunday at 9am at Our Lady of Refuge, Cromer and 11am at St Joseph's, Sheringham. When possible, a Mass is said at St. Andrew's (C of E), Holt on Thursday at 9.30am. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is on Saturday at 9.30-10am at St Joseph's, Sheringham and on Saturday at 5-5.30pm at Our Lady of Refuge, Cromer.

Cromer Baptist Church You will find that we now meet in a different building! We’re found on the main road in East Runton, at the far end of the village. We are still the same sort of evangelical Church, worshipping God and serving the Lord Jesus. Whoever you are, you will be welcomed. Services and activities: Sunday Mornings: 10.30am

The Church of God in Cromer The Church of God in Cromer, at the Chesterfield Hall, Cabbell Road is a Bible-based evangelical church, one of a worldwide Fellowship of churches. Our services, to which everyone is welcome, are: Sunday 10.15: The Remembrance of the Lord Jesus (Communion). Non-members are warmly welcomed to observe, but do not take Communion. Sunday apart from the first Sunday in the month: 11.30 Refreshments, followed by Family Service at 11.50, with Sunday Club for children at the same time – a good starting point for visitors. First Sunday in the month: Neighbourhood Tea at 5.15 Everyone is welcome to this free tea. This is preceded by a Bible study every month except June. Wednesday: 8.00 Prayer and Bible teaching. Third Thursday in the month: 2.30 ‘Chatterbox’ informal club for over-50s (although there is no real age limit!) Quiz, tea and short talk. Due to Covid restrictions, some meetings are currently on hold but we hope that things will return to normal as soon as possible. For more details, see our website at or the central website For local contact phone the church Secretary Peter Hickling on 01263 515186 or e-mail

Tuesdays: Bible study and Prayer: 4pm Thursdays (recommencing in Jan 2022): Friendship Group: 2.30pm Pastor: Jon Davies, 01263 576524 For more information on all activities please go to

| 37

Open 9am-4pm 6 days a week Local deliveries to Cromer


38 | |

Clubs, Societies and Associations Health and Welfare British Red Cross: 01603 426361 / 01603 253403 (Equipment loans only) Macmillan Cancer Support: 0808 808 0000 Parkinsons Disease Society: Ann Bowles, 01263 513892

Clubs and Societies Aylsham Chess Club (covering Cromer): Jonathan Reeve, 01263 733744 / Cromer and Sheringham Brass Band: Jane Bussey, 01263 821013 Cromer Community and Hospital Friends: Mike Ayden, 01263 511146 Cromer Flower Club: Hazel Bright, 01263 513408 Cromer and Sheringham Operatic & Dramatic

Friends of Cromer Museum: Audrey Smith, North Norfolk Model Engineering Club: Gordon Ford, Royal British Legion: Hilary Cox MBE, 01263 513820 / 07704 971955 Royal Naval Lifeboat Institution: Paul Watling, 01263 512237 Sheringham and Cromer Round Table: Matt McKee, 07900 268311 Sheringham and Cromer Tangent Club: Laura Girling, 01263 514985 St John Ambulance Adults & Cadets Unit: Richard Earl, 01692 407069 Slimming World: Steve Little - 07585 702854

Private Members Clubs

Society: Amanda Howell, 01603 738356

Cromer Country Club: 01263 513833

Cromer Society: Stella Evans (Secretary),

Cromer Social Club: 01263 512542

01263 514314 Cromer Twinning Association: Jilly Boocock (Chairperson), 01263 512728 / Angela Wrighton (Secretary), 01263 577646 Cromer VEO Ltd: Tony Shipp, 01263 512591 Cromer WI: Judy Roberts, 01263 511372

| 39

40 |

Photo: Tina Ewart

Clubs, Societies and Associations Sports Clubs

Youth Organisations

Cromer Cricket Club: Club secretary,

Cromer Air Cadets: 01263 510873

1st Cromer Sea Scouts & Explorers (Beavers,

Cromer Football Club: Jenna Bedwell, 07984

Cubs, Scouts and Explorers). All groups for boys


and girls.

Cromer Lawn Tennis & Squash Association:

Cromer Rainbows, Brownies & Guides: Please

Matt Jordan, 01263 513741

register your interest at

Cromer Marrams Bowls Club: Neil Patrickson,

01263 513901 / 07814 060413

Cromer Youth Football: Katie Wade, 07788

Cromer Sports Centre: 01263 515669


Elderberries Sports & Social Club: Sheila Saunders (Badminton), 01263 761142 North Norfolk Beach Runners: Vinnie Purdy,

Local Websites from Cromer Chamber of Trade & Business includes business and ‘events’ listings. You can also read this information by using the Cromer App on your

North Norfolk Table Tennis League:

Apple or Android phone. The ThisisCromer

Facebook page also features local activities.

Northrepps Clay Shooting Club: Gary Frost, is the site to discover

07736 130118

all about Cromer Carnival.

Roller Skating (Cromer Sports Centre): 01263 has a wealth of


history on the town.

Royal Cromer Golf Club: 01263 512884 has current and historical

Suffield Park Bowls Club: John Filby, 01263

information on the lifeboat stations.


| 41

Cromer’s East Side

0788 4582808

• Florist • Eco Refill Room • Plants 2c Mount Street, Cromer NR27 9DB4 01263 511116

42 | |

Picture Framing Service

Friendly, expert framing for paintings, prints, posters, photographs, cross stitches and just about anything else!

Members of the Fine Art Picture Guild

3 Church Street, Cromer, NR27 9ER 01263 515745


Hand roasted barista coffee and leaf tea Breakfasts, brunch, lunch, Cromer crab, cream teas, afternoon teas & platters Private hire for celebrations, birthdays, small weddings and wakes Bespoke outside catering, afternoon tea delivery Tel: 07879338585 2 Church Street, Cromer NR27 9ER Open 9.30am - 4.00pm


Bann Thai

Healthy food truly Thai Homemade & cooked to order using fresh local produce

Tel: 01263 513193 1a Church Street Cromer NR27 9ER

5pm to 9.30pm Fri/Sat

Booking advisable Last orders 9pm, Fri/Sat 9.30pm PRIOR BOOKING REQUIRED FOR LUNCH WEDNESDAY TO SATURDAY 12.00 to 2pm

Take Away available (Limited on Fri & Sat)

Opening hours subject to change please check Website/Facebook | 43

Cromer’s East Side


SHILOAH BOOKS Independent Bookshop

01263 512532

Vintage and Modern Costume Jewellery and accessories Women’s Men’s Children’s 10 NEW PARADE, CROMER NR27 9EP

Browne’s On Bond Street

Daily lunch specials & Breakfast Serving good quality home cooked food Using, whenever possible, locally sourced produce. Warm and friendly service. We cater for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free diets. Find us on trip advisor. Open Monday-Saturday 8.30am-4.30pm Well behaved dogs welcome in our courtyard garden. Bond Street, Cromer. Tel: 01263 512320 44 |

Christian Literature • Gift items • Range of Bags 23 Church Street, Cromer NR27 9ES (opp Baptist Church Building)

01263 515691

Open 10-4.30pm Monday-Saturday

Now in it's 21st year • Pottery Painting • Decopatch • Canvas Painting • Foam Clay

Find us on the corner of Mount Street and Bond Street. Call 01263 514306 or scan the QR code

Doggie Diner Cromer

doggiedinercromer | 45

Cromer Man or Woman and Van Tel: 01263 512436 Mob: 07766 986210

Art House Café THE

10 HIGH STREET... CROMER... NR27 9HG www.

House moves Business moves Collection & delivery

Van with two people Quotes on request

01263 649856 Great Food, Great Coffee

BRISBANE ANTIQUES Visit us for a good selection of Antique & Fine Jewellery, Moorcroft, Coins, Militaria. We buy gold, silver, coins, medals & quality items All jewellery repairs undertaken Kim & Phil 33 Prince of Wales Road, Cromer Tel: 01263 512996 Mobile: 07986 982216

46 | |

The Garden Street Grill Licensed Restaurant

Open Daily from 12pm Traditional English Menu Daily Specials

o1263 51511o 16 Garden Street, Cromer Fo you r all gea r sport r in s Nor North folk

Indoor & Outdoor Sports Equipment and Clothing Gift Vouchers now available Indoor ‐ Darts ‐ Pool ‐ Snooker ‐ Table Tennis Outdoor ‐ Badminton ‐ Basketball ‐ Bowls ‐ Cricket ‐ Football ‐ Hockey ‐ Netball ‐ Rugby ‐ Squash, plus Running Shoes & Swimwear

34 Church Street, Cromer, Norfolk NR27 9ES 01263 515888 ‐ 07786 552923

6 Garden Street, Cromer NR27 9HN 01263 516 802

Holiday Cottage. A warm and colourful welcome awaits you at Glory Days in Southrepps, just five miles from Cromer. Bookings via or call us on 01263 711811 for further information. Days. Rated Exceptional (as at September 2021)


SERVICE, MOT REPAIRS, TYRES Coffee • Pastries • Cake • Deli • Smoothies Gluten & Dairy Free Options Available 58 Church Street, Cromer NR27 9HH • 07946 534144 @CoffeeTherapyUK


TEL: 01263 515503 07771 864 676 Unit 2D Middlebrook Way, Holt Road, Cromer NR27 9JR | 47

Publishing is our business

Falcon Publications Units 10a -11 Red House Yard, Gislingham Road, Thornham Magna, Eye, Suffolk IP23 8HH Tel: 01379 773347 (Advertising), 01379 773348 (Editorial) 01379 851158 (Accounts), 01379 788648 (Subscriptions) falconpublications@artseastmag 48 | |

A-Z Directory of advertisers ANTIQUE & COLLECTABLES p46 Brisbane Antiques p42 Fairdeal Antiques & Collectables ART & CRAFTS p28 The Garden House Gallery p52 Samuel Thomas Art p45 Sticky Earth Café p28 Leanda Jaine Illustrations BEER & SPIRITS p22 Poppyland Brewery BOOKSHOPS p18 Norfolk Children’s Book Centre p44 Shiloah Books BOUTIQUES p20 Lily B CAFE’S & TEA ROOMS p46 The Art House Café p44 Browne’s on Bond Street p47 Coffee Therapy p45 Doggie Diner p43 Henry’s Coffee Shop & Cafe p44 North Sea Coffee Co CAR SERVICING & REPAIRS p47 P&S Autos CARPETS p14 Cromer Carpets CATERING SERVICES p20 The Old Rock Shop Bistro CHARTERED SURVEYORS p10 Purslows COMMUNITY & LEARNING CENTRES p45 Merchants’ Place



p46 Amy’s Sweet Shop

p18 Falcon Publications

p47 Harald’s Fine Chocolates



p24 Lords Opticians

p28 Marlene’s School of Dance



p38 Coastal Pets

p18 Jarrold



p43 Norfolk Framing

p10 JB Postle



p8 The Copyshop

p2 Arnolds Keys



p48 Falcon Publications

p30 Will’s Plaice



p46 Cromer Man or Woman and Van

p42 Sea of Flowers



p43 Bann Thai

p20 Happy Feet

p47 The Garden Street Grill


p38 The Grove

p8 Davies Fish Shop

p30 The Red Lion

p16 Jonas Seafoods



p46 Norfolk Sewing Machine Service

p46 Cromer & District Independent


Funeral Services

p42 Hansells

p34 Fox’s Funeral Services



p47 IC Sports

p47 Glory Days



p51 Amazona Zoo

p24 Contact Care

p10 Felbrigg Hall

p20 Extra Hands



p16 C&M Glass Services

p44 Bee-Jewelled



p16 Horsford Window & Conservatory

p22 Karttrak Cromer

Company Ltd p6 North Norfolk Plastics

| 49

50 |

Photo: Peter Stibbons

| 51

Profile for Falcon Publications

Cromer Town Guide 2021 - 2022  


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