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Table of COntents Ceramics & SCULPTURE.......4-5 Dance & Movement.................6 Drawing & painting...........7-10 Photography & Digital...11-12 Jewelry & Glass...................13 Theatre..................................14 Writing...................................15

Cover Art: “Upstairs Room“ by Lily Strozier Smith

“What I hope to capture in my paintings is a bit of the feeling of a daydream--not the fantastical kind of daydream but the kind where place takes on atmosphere and a subject becomes a character. Painting imprints reality outside the flow of time and space; subjects take on a finite form, and, like memories or stories, things simply “are” in a way that feels both more real and more dreamlike. This dream feeling is a balm to the tensions of reality, and I hope that my paintings, though realistic, allow people to get a little lost.” - Lily Strozier Smith

Scholarships The ArtsCenter is pleased to offer a limited number of scholarships for ArtSchool classes, based on financial need. Applications can be downloaded at about/scholarships or picked up in person from the front desk. Scholarships are considered on a first come, first serve basis.

Become a Member Becoming a Member of The ArtsCenter comes with many benefits, including a 15% discount on classes and performances! Your membership and donations to The ArtsCenter, a 501(c)3 non-profit, directly support The ArtsCenter’s mission to educate and inspire creativity and enrich the lives of people of all ages. All donations are tax-deductible. For more information, visit

All class enrollments are subject to a $3 registration fee. The ArtsCenter receives financial support from the North Carolina Arts Council, the Orange County Arts Commission, and the Nicholson Foundation.


Visit for full course descriptions.

Summer Workshops Workshops are short courses - 8 hours or less designed as an introduction to an artform, or an intense focus on a specific aspect of a discipline. These classes are structured to make it easy for you to take time to create, and are suitable for artists of all skill levels! A list of all our workshops is below, and schedule information can be found later on in the catalog.

Restorative Yoga (Pg. 6) drink & Draw! (Pg. 7) Cast Drawing at the Ackland (Pg. 7) Acrylic underpainting for Oils (Pg. 8) Subconscious Expressive Art (Pg. 8) Make your own stamps! (Pg. 10) INtroduction to Block Printing (Pg. 10) Random Weave Baskets (Pg. 10) Introduction to Photoshop (Pg. 11) Digital Retouching with Photoshop (Pg. 11) INtroduction to Adobe Illustrator (Pg. 11) INtroduction to Adobe Indesign (Pg. 11) INtroduction to Darkroom Photography (Pg. 12) Introduction to Digital Photography (Pg. 12) Stained Glass Crash Course (Pg. 13) The Poet’s Circle (Pg. 15) All ArtsCenter Members receive 15% off the cost of tuition.


Ceramics & Sculpture Ceramics tuitions include one bag of clay and studio fees, unless otherwise noted. Extra clay can be purchased for $20. Students may attend Open Studio during class and up to two weeks after class ends to finish work.

Summer Wheel-Throwing Intensive Study In this short summer session you will be encouraged to set a challenging new wheelthrowing goal for yourself and be guided to its successful completion. Perhaps you want to throw a lidded form? A teapot? A set of matching mugs? Perhaps you want to try a new engraving technique or master trimming a proper foot? Come ready to work towards a personal goal and we will work to get you there in June! Molly Cronenwett - $150 - Wednesday, 6:30-9pm, May 30 - Jun. 27 Prerequisite: at least two prior wheel-throwing classes—participants should be confident with throwing basic forms.

Beginning WHEEL-THROWING Section A w/ Delores Hayes - $200 - Thursday, 6:30-9pm, May 31 - Jul. 12 Section B w/ Rebecca Clewell - $200 - Thursday, 6:30-9pm, Jul. 19 - Aug. 30

MIXED LEVELS WHEEL-THROWING Section A w/ James Ward - $175 - Tuesday, 6:30-9pm, Jun. 5 - Jul. 10 Section B w/ Jason Abide - $225 - Monday, 6:30-9pm, Jun. 11 - Jul. 30 Section C w/ James Ward - $175 - Tuesday, 6:30-9pm, Jul. 24 - Aug. 28

Sculpting the Human Head This course takes beginner and advanced students through a conceptual and observational approach to sculpting the human portrait. Students will build their own armatures and learn a variety of modeling techniques to sculpt a realistic bust using oil-based clay. A life model will be present for each session for reference throughout the process. Some drawing and sculpting experience is recommended. Brian Kuebler - $250 - Wednesday, 6:15-9:15pm, May 30 - Jul. 18 (No class June 20th & July 4th) The tuition for this course includes a model fee, but doesn’t cover clay as it uses a different type of clay than what we stock for our ceramics courses. Please visit for a materials list.


Visit for materials lists.

Ceramics & Sculpture Handbuilding and Ceramic Sculpture: Compound Form This course will provide a survey of handbuilding methods and decoration techniques used in ceramic sculpture, with an emphasis on the assemblage of compound forms from simple components. Beginners welcome! Isys Hennigar - $200 - Wednesday, 6:30-9pm, Jul. 11 - Aug. 22

Handbuilding and Wheel-Throwing Nina Otterness - $225 - Saturday, 9:30am-12pm, Jun. 9 - Aug. 4 (No class Jul. 14)

“Untitled“ by Cynthia Hunt “Foggy Morning” & “Spiders Everywhere!” by Kristen Vitro

Ceramics Open Studios Monthly Open Studio Pass - $115 Valid for 30 days from the date of purchase, includes attendance to all Open Studio sessions, access to glazes, firing fees, and one bag of clay.

2-Month Punch Card - $72 Valid for 60 days from the date of purchase, includes attendance to 7 Open Studio sessions, access to glazes, firing fees, and one bag of clay.

Questions about a class? Call (919) 929-2787 for more information.


Dance & Movement

Relax in our new Restorative Yoga class with instructor Jennifer Krueger. (pictured above)

REstorative Yoga Restorative yoga is a rest-based practice specifically designed to support down-regulation of the nervous system. The goal of restorative is to fully support the body with props in restful positions, so that it cannot help but let go and relax. Section A w/ Jennifer Krueger - $84 - Thursday, 7-8:30pm, May 31 - Jun. 21 Section B w/ Jennifer Krueger - $84 - Thursday, 7-8:30pm, Jul. 12 - Aug. 2 Section C w/ Jennifer Krueger - $84 - Thursday, 7-8:30pm, Aug. 9-30 No experience with yoga is necessary to participate.

Lindy Tuesdays with Richard Badu JUNE 5 & 12 Beginning Lindy 6 - 6:15-7:15pm (Beginning Lindy 1-5 or basics required) Intermediate Lindy - 7:15-8:15pm (at least 6 months of Lindy required) Advanced Lindy - 8:15-9:15pm (at least 9 mos. of Lindy & permission of instructor required) Two 1-hour classes: $23 / Single Class: $13

Swing, Blues, & Charleston Wednesdays w/ Richard Badu JUNE 6 & 13

Intermediate East Coast Swing - 6:15-8:15pm (begins with the tucks) Two 2-hour classes: $46 / Single Class: $26 Continuing Blues - 8:15-9:15pm Two 1-hour classes: $23 / Single Class: $13


Visit for full course descriptions.

Drawing, Painting, & Mixed Media Sketchbook Journaling Sketchbook Journaling is an incredibly dynamic way to record your experiences out in the world without using a camera. Learn techniques to quickly capture the expression of the human form, or the essence of a scene, all while telling a story in sketches! Stacye Leanza - $180 - Monday, 6-9pm, Jun. 4 - Jul. 9

Introduction to Drawing & Design * Renzo Ortega - $150 - Tuesday, 6:30-9pm, Jun. 5 - Jul. 17 (No class June 19th) *Bilingual - The instructor is fluent in Spanish & English.

Observational Drawing Vanessa Murray - $180 - Thursday, 6-9pm, Jul. 26 - Aug. 30

drink & Draw! Get past the stress of making a drawing come out “right” and rediscover the joy of drawing as play! Fab Bianchi - $28 - 7-9pm, 2nd Friday of every month

Cast Drawing at the Ackland Traditional cast drawing demystified! Learn how to draw portraits from the Ackland Museum’s sculpted portrait bust collection. Our focus will be on techniques for obtaining accurate proportions, rendering light on form, and composition. Bring all materials to the museum and be inspired drawing on site! Small folded stools are provided by the museum. Brian Kuebler - $84 - Saturday, 1-4pm, Jul. 21 & 28

Life Drawing Open Studio This is an informal weekly session geared for individual development in drawing with nude models. No instructor is provided, although there will be a moderator present to provide direction to the models. Punch cards can be purchased at The ArtsCenter’s front desk. Studio Pass - $52 / Drop-In Pass - $15

All ArtsCenter Members receive 15% off the cost of tuition.


Drawing, Painting, & Mixed Media INtroduction to Oils There is a long tradition of techniques and various mediums used in oil painting. In this particular course we will explore some of these concepts while using some amazing contemporary alternatives to the more traditional, outdated and toxic solvents used in the past. Through class projects we will explore ways of layering color, creating texture, light and shadow and describing form in the astounding ways that oil paint can lend itself to one’s painting practice today. Vanessa Murray - $210 - Thursday, 6-9pm, Jun. 7 – Jul. 19

Oil Painting Crash Course This weekend crash course will be an introduction to the fundamentals of oil painting. This is an intensive overview of techniques and mediums used in oil painting practice. Through demos and exercises we will explore the way oil paint behaves and lends itself in various techniques of mixing color, underpainting, glazing, and alla prima. Vanessa Murray - $140 - Saturday & Sunday, 10am-5pm, Jul. 28 & 29

Acrylic underpainting for Oils During this course students will learn to paint efficiently and expressively by first blocking in shapes and values using fast-drying acrylic paint, then painting on top with vibrant oil paint. This layered painting method not only speeds up the oil painting process, but allows for more freedom and exploration that comes through in a finished piece. This class is intended for anyone with some basic oil painting experience. Ben Hamburger - $105 - Saturday, 1-3:30pm, Jun. 30 - Jul. 14

Subconscious Expressive Art * This workshop is designed for people to express themselves subconsciously through painting. Students will chose the colors for their palette according to their mood and be encouraged to stroke the paint onto a blank canvas as they feel the need. Once the background is created the instructor will lead a group critique as to what they and/or their fellow students see and how they can pull those visions out using references as needed. Students should come to class with an open mind and heart. Section A w/ Marcela Slade - $112 - Tuesday, 6:30-8:30pm, Jul. 3-24 Section B w/ Marcela Slade - $112 - Tuesday, 6:30-8:30pm, Aug. 7-28 *Bilingual - The instructor is fluent in Spanish & English.


Visit for full course descriptions.

Drawing, Painting, & Mixed Media FLora & Fauna in Watercolor Inspired by the colors of spring and summer, this fun-filled course will focus on the basics of painting flora and fauna, both real and abstract. Beginners and all levels are welcome. Joy Meyer - $120 - Monday, 6-9pm, Jul. 9-30

The Sea & The Sky in watercolor Have you been wanting to turn your vacation photos into paintings? This fun filled course will focus on the basics of painting water and skies. Beginners and all levels are welcome. Joy Meyer - $120 - Monday, 6-9pm, Aug. 6-27

Painting the Figure Learn to paint the human figure from life! While we will address anatomy, proportion, and other life drawing topics in this class, our focus will be color, mixing flesh tones, and paint application. Students will explore varied ways of beginning a painting and the subsequent stages of the painting process. Learn how to integrate these stages into your own studio practice and investigate how different painting techniques can be used to convey expressive qualities. Brian Kuebler - $220 - Wednesday, 6:15-8:45pm, Jul. 25 - Aug. 29

“Serenity� by Maureen Dunlap

Questions about a class? Call (919) 929-2787 for more information.


Drawing, Painting, & Mixed Media INtroduction to Abstract Art Abstraction allows an artist to observe the world in a wholly individual way and translate complicated ideas and emotions through nonverbal means. Abstraction also welcomes the viewer to bring their own experiences to each work, encouraging artist and viewer alike to participate in a process of interpretation. Wayne Marcelli - $125 - Wednesday, 6:30-9pm, Jun. 6- Jul. 11 (No class on July 4th)

Intuitive Painting Heather Gerni - $120 - Saturday & Sunday, 10am-4pm, Jun. 9 & 10

Make your own stamps! Luna Lee Ray - $56 - Saturday, 10am-2pm, Jul. 14

INtroduction to Block Printing Luna Lee Ray - $56 - Saturday, 10am-2pm, Aug. 11 A materials fee of $10 is due to the instructor at the beginning of class.

Monoprints Unlike other forms of printmaking, monoprints do not require much technical skill or preparation, so they are great for beginners and people who don’t like to plan. The process tends to unleash the imagination, so it’s a great place for some untethered self-­expression! Stacye Leanza - $90 - Monday, 6:15-9:15pm, Jul. 23 - Aug. 6

Collagraphs Stacye Leanza - $90 - Monday, 6:15-9:15pm, Aug. 13-27

Random Weave Baskets The random weave embraces several fundamental structural components and allows for a range of forms to be built with highly textured surfaces. Great for those new to artistic work as well as artists wanting to learn a new medium. Anne Willson - $70 - Saturday, 2-4:30pm, Jun. 23-30 A $15 materials fee, payable to the instructor at the first session, includes all reed and most supplemental items.


Visit for materials lists.

Film, Photography, & Digital Arts Introduction to Photoshop Fab Bianchi - $112 - Monday, 6:30-8:30pm, Jun. 4-25

Digital Retouching with Photoshop Using Adobe Photoshop, this course will explore the foundations and techniques involved in digital image manipulation. Using a specific workspace, students will focus on improving photos using advanced tools like healing brushes, clone stamping, content aware, adjustment layers, layer masking and certain special effects. Fab Bianchi - $112 - Monday, 6:30-8:30pm, Jul. 9-30

INtroduction to Adobe Illustrator This course introduces students and media professionals with little to no prior knowledge to using Adobe Illustrator. You will learn how to create high-quality illustrations, logos, and other custom artwork. This class is for anyone who needs to understand the workspace, tools, and drawing features that are available in Adobe Illustrator. Some of the topics covered include: Illustrator workspace, essential tools and panels, working with color and drawing tools. Fab Bianchi - $84 - Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm, Jul. 11-25

INtroduction to Adobe Indesign This course introduces students and media professionals with little to no prior knowledge to using Adobe InDesign. You will learn to create designs for print through the use of advanced typographic controls and intuitive graphic features. You will also find techniques that will help to make your publications look polished and professional. Fab Bianchi - $84 - Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm, Aug. 15-29

Darkroom Pass The Darkroom is available for rental to experienced developers and students who have taken, or are taking, a Darkroom class at The ArtsCenter. One Month Pass - $35 / Three Month Pass - $85

All ArtsCenter Members receive 15% off the cost of tuition.


Film, Photography, & Digital Arts INtroduction to Darkroom Photography Lindsay Metivier - $112 - Tuesday, 6:30-8:30pm, Jun. 5-26

Introduction to Digital Photography This course seeks to help develop an understanding of the mechanics, visual language and history of the photographic medium. Specifically, we will work with digital photographic practices, learning the fundamentals of DSLR cameras, Adobe editing software such as Photoshop and Bridge, inkjet printing, and basic digital work flow and file management. There will be a few readings, students will actively look at photographs, utilize social media as a means of dissemination, and generally engage in a discourse surrounding historic and contemporary photographic issues. Lindsay Metivier - $112 - Tuesday, 6:30-8:30pm, Jul. 24 - Aug. 14

Macro Photography The world of Macro is an amazing and fun place; it is a world that most never deeply see. Learn the best techniques and practices to get the most from your cameras and lenses to create amazing close-up images! Chris Moses - $120 - Thursday, 6:30-8:30pm, Jun. 7 - Jul. 19 (No class July 5th)

“Fall Revisited� by Sean T. Bailey


Visit for full course descriptions.

Jewelry & Glass Beginning Metalsmithing: The First Step is a pre-req for most jewelry courses. Attendance to the first class is required for all courses, and all classes are 18+.

Beginning Metalsmithing: The First Step - Basic Techniques This class is the first step into the creative world of metalsmithing. In this class, students will learn basic techniques and tool care, and projects will start with metal preparation, design layout and sawing. Students will learn filing and sanding techniques and finally how to apply a texture and final finish and/or patina. A copper or brass pierced pendant, earrings or key chain will be made. Chrissy Jahnes - $120 - Saturday & Sunday, 10am-4pm, Jun. 30 & Jul. 1 A studio fee of $8 plus an additional materials fee between $8 to $15 (based upon current market prices of metals) is due to the instructor at the beginning of class.

Beginning Metalsmithing: Soldering Soldering, a technique used for thousands of years, employs heat and solder to join pieces of metal together. It is the most commonly used technique for joining metal. In this class, students will learn torch use and safety and some basic soldering skills such as sweat solder joins, butt solder joins, and the use of sheet and wire solder. Students will make stacking silver rings. Susan Walser - $120 - Saturday & Sunday, 10am-4pm, Jul. 28-29 A studio fee of $7 plus an additional fee for the ring material between $3 to $15 (based upon current market prices of metals) is due to the instructor at the beginning of class.

Stained Glass Crash Course If you have always appreciated the beauty of stained glass, discover how it’s done by doing it yourself. In a relaxed and casual atmosphere at the artist’s studio in Mebane, overcome the intimidation of breaking glass with your bare hands (and a few handy tools). This one-day workshop is designed for complete beginners, but is also perfect for those who need a quick refresher course. Students will choose from several patterns and glass combinations including seasonal, traditional, contemporary and whimsical. Section A w/ Jennifer Austin - $112 - Saturday, 9am-5pm, Jun. 16 Section B w/ Jennifer Austin - $112 - Saturday, 9am-5pm, Jul. 14 Section C w/ Jennifer Austin - $112 - Saturday, 9am-5pm, Aug. 19 A fee of $40 for materials is due to instructor at first class meeting (cash or check only, please). Please bring a bagged lunch & wear closed toe shoes.

Questions about a class? Call (919) 929-2787 for more information.


Theatre Improv 101, 201, & 301 Improv 101 w/ Anoo Brod - $110 - Monday, 7-9:30pm, Jun. 11 - Jul. 2 Improv 201 w/ Anoo Brod - $110 - Monday, 7-9:30pm, Jul. 9-30 Improv 301 w/ Anoo Brod - $110 - Monday, 7-9:30pm, Aug. 6-27

Summer IMprov Immersion Spend the weekend learning, playing, connecting, challenging yourself, and growing in an immersive improv environment! Just as language learners become fluent more easily when immersed in a foreign culture, improv students can more easily get the improv “quantum leap” they crave when they are immersed in an intensive experience that allows them to fully relax into the tools of the trade. This weekend retreat experience is suitable for any experience level. Anoo Brod - $168 - Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 10:30am-3:30pm, Jun. 23 & 24

Screenwriting, Acting, Directing, and Film Distribution Laura DeBar - $90 - Saturday, 1-4pm, Jun. 16-30

Advanced Acting Through Scene Work With the eclectic provision of tools and exercises adapted from the techniques and methods of the masters of acting training, students will develop new skill sets by working on scenes, rehearsals and cold readings, leading to a reliable approach to performance customized to work for each individual actor. The goal of that approach is to bring not just themselves, but their imagination to the part and create characters and performances that transcend and change people’s lives. Danielle Fenton - $160 - Thursday, 6:30-8:30pm, Jun. 14 - Aug. 2


Visit for full course descriptions.

Writing The Poet’s Circle The goal of this course is to create a nonjudgemental space in which participants can discover their voice as poets and explore new ways of seeing and saying. In each class we will discuss poems by contemporary poets, such as Emilia Phillips, Marie Howe, Natalie Diaz, Catherine Barnett, Donna Masini, Tyree Daye, Alan Shapiro, and Ross Gay, among others; generate new poems in response to in-class prompts; and workshop each other’s work. In addition to facilitating workshop, I will provide individualized feedback and reading recommendations for each participant. This course is open to all levels. Section A w/ Grace MacNair - $112 - Monday, 6-8pm, Jun. 4-25 Section B w/ Grace MacNair - $112 - Monday, 6-8pm, Jul. 9-30

Imagine a Children’s Book Pt. I For years you’ve dreamed of writing a children’s book. You may even have a vague story idea. But how do you turn that into a workable plot? Susie Wilde, children’s book columnist for the Raleigh News and Observer, unites 30 years of writing and reviewing experience to teach you the steps that help give your story structure. Susie Wilde - $150 - Wednesday, 7-9:30pm, May 30 - Jul. 11 (No class July 4th)

Imagine a Children’s Book Pt. II How do you get your children’s book down on paper? What makes for a book that sparkles with style? With a focus on images, dialogue, and vivid verbs, this class blends hands-on exploration of children’s books with writing exercises. Susie Wilde - $125 - Wednesday, 7-9:30pm, Jul. 18 - Aug. 15

Reading Methods to Further Students’ Emotional LIteracy The workshop begins as participants open boxes of newly published children’s books. Participants will examine and explore these books to discover how they aid students’ emotional literacy. We will seek books that emphasize qualities such as honesty, caring, and more. This workshop allows teachers time to explore new books, examine their content and worth, and discuss which ones matter. Susie Wilde - $120 - Wednesday & Thursday, 9am-2pm, Jun. 13 & 14

Questions about a class? Call (919) 929-2787 for more information.


“La Conquista (The Conquer)”, By Renzo Ortega August Nicholson Gallery Artist

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