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Gema Herrero (Spain)

"Luz, more light" An artist’s statement

Gema Herrero's work is linked to the photo, the video, the installations and the use of the technology. The sonorous portraits, the texts, the “emotional cartographies� and the photomontage (Intervened Images in with multiple layers of reading). The temporary things, the state of change and the transformations, are a constant in all projects, which feed with the records gathered in the covered trajectories and which are the proper traces and the tracks left by others from the experience of the state of transit and provisional state. Artistic education -school of fine arts- and Master's degree in Audio- visual Production Applied to Multimedia (Univ . Carlos III of Madrid). Professional activity: developed in parallel form to artistic activity during 18 years in the scope of the art direction and transmedia creativity of independent groups of multimedia communication. She is part of the founding team of Nooxfera (professional independent from different areas: audiovisual, design, theater, TV, media and global communication). Professor of monographic courses of design and creativity.

Gema Herrero #196 Winter 30

Peripheral ARTeries Art Review June 2014  
Peripheral ARTeries Art Review June 2014  

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