Peripheral ARTeries Art Review - December 2013

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Peripheral ARTeries

Nicole Ennemoser (Austria) An artist’s statement “Give me a scribble and I’ll turn it into something beautiful” was one of my favourite activities when I was a little girl. I find joy working with colours, brushes and crayons, and to experiment with lines, forms and textures. Since early childhood, painting is a source of inspiration that I love and that I seek to further develop as an artist. From an early age, teachers recognized my talent and desire for art and subsequently supported me. While others were doing needlework, I was encouraged to engage in portrait painting. At the age of 14, I enrolled at a secondary school for applied arts to refine my skills and to dive even deeper into the world of painting. Whenever I put colour on my palette, spread it with my brush, mix it and try to achieve just the right shade, when I use my little palette knife to create just the right texture, when I start to apply the colour to the canvas – these are the moments when I forget about time. I sink into my thoughts and the world stands still. Whenever I’m joyful or sad, feel desire or melancholia, a pure piece of paper or a glistening white canvas allures me to go on a creative journey. I can hardly resist filling its plain surface with elements, figures, colours or materials. “To forget about time doing something I love – this is what I have found in painting.” Every painting is a piece of me. Laying this piece into the hands of another person, the hands of its new owner, makes me feel incredibly proud. It delights me to make others happy with my art. I also enjoy working on commission projects. The exchange of thoughts and ideas with my client and the translation of these thoughts to canvas is an exciting and beautiful way of cooperation. Inferno,

Nicole Ennemoser

30x40cm, oil pastel chalk on paper