Peripheral ARTeries Art Review - February 2014

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Peripheral ARTeries

Alina Serebrennikov (Ukraine / Germany)

“I don’t limit myself, neither in my statements nor in my style, nor in my way of communicating.” Alina Serebrennikov’s works consist of dialogue with everyday things where she seeks to interpret and understand the world and human existence. From the general she creates “the personal mine,” fragments of life that for every observer is his. The diversity of life’s realities is also reflected in the wealth of facets of the presentation forms she uses. Alina Serebrennikov was born in 1983 in Zaporozhe in Ukraine and emigrated in 1996 with her family to Germany. After studies in material design (20042005) at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences she from 2005 to 2011 studied communication design at Rhine-Main College in Wiesbaden with a focus on film and has since getting her degree in 2011 lived as a freelance artist in Cologne. 2012

Women Museum Bonn (Germany), 22nd Art Fair 2012, (Frauenmuseum Bonn) 5th Teltow Art Sunday (5. Teltower Kunstsonntag) 2011

“the last breath” (short film), 9. Internationales Festival “Signes de Nuit”, Paris (France) “the last breath” (short film), Black Box, Aarau (Switzerland) 2010


“Grasnarbe”; DVD for SS concentration camp memorial site Hinzert, Landeszentrale Politische Bildung Rheinland-Pfalz, )