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SaĂşl G. Corona Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain In this moment in which we advance irremediably towards a completely technological world; in which social distances become more evident and broad; that we are more connected to someone from the other side of the world by means of a device of a few square centimeters, than to the person who has breakfast by our side; in this moment when appearance comes first; the skin, the superficial ... in this fast-moving, fast-burning, disposable and rusty world ... I want to stop for a moment, breathe ... And get inside ... pierce each other ... through physical contact, through breathing, calm ... through a hug. I want to propose Love as the engine to restrain this cold and crazed world by excessive consumerism and pollution. Stop to feel, stop to share the wound, stop to hear and talk to us, stop to cover the wound of the other, stop ... and embrace away from the noise. My intention in painting is not to paint people, but souls: I want to paint souls with a harsh voice that have emerged from the faith of a hopeful cry. We must build love again, build it as a building, a deep and elevated love: not a perfect romance: but a love with all its consequences; a love with forgiveness, a love with new opportunities, love towards the opposite sex and one's own, towards all people, all living beings; a deep and true love, a love without excuses. In my work, to cover all this I use the figure of hugs. In an embrace, each person frees himself from his shell and mask and spreads all his inner tattoos on the other person. In an embrace the silence gallops hitting the breasts, the one goes into the other, the rest disappears. In this world that goes unchecked to the technological and the robotic, towards the cold and the appearance, towards the mathematically and strategically calculated; I am interested in the hot and the near, the imperfect and the felt, I am interested in the strength of feelings and their expression through colors. To define it in some way: I believe in the approach to the animal that, in these times when we forget about Gea, makes us more human

An interview by Josh Ryder, curator and Melissa C. Hilborn, curator

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