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Contemporary Art

Peripheral ARTeries meets

Diana Frankovic Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

The Hacked Mind blurs the lines between art, spirituality, science and technology. It is a story that challenges and encourages the audience to go on an inner journey through image experience and consciousness movement. This multimedia installation is pointing out inevitable challenges we will face on our life’s journey. It is a journey into inner space. It is an interplay of video, 3D-sound, light and smell. The Hacked Mind follows a seven chakra clearing method which is experienced internally through visualization. Here it is translated digitally outwards - from the inside to the outside. The sound follows the specific frequencies which are associated with specific chakras because we can physically feel each chakra when it is activated by its corresponding frequency. Harmonic resonance is the base of the soundtrack created for this installation playing with senses.

An interview by Dario Rutigliano, curator and Melissa C. Hilborn, curator

To be honest, my studies did not really affect me artistically. I chose these subjects back then because I was interested in the topics. What had and still has great influence on me are the cities. Berlin with its wild, raw, carefree vibe and underground party scene. I have been living in Berlin for almost 18 years and I have experienced a lot of change, which has also turned me into a cameleon. There was and still is room to try something new. London was not less exciting for me, I was very young when I studied there. Everything was somehow dazzling and stylish. Especially the British music scene like Shoegaze and its fashion still characterize me today, even if I do not run around like that anymore. But when it comes to new trends, I'm still looking towards London and getting inspired by it.

Hello Diana and welcome to Peripheral ARTeries. Before starting to elaborate about your artistic we would start this interview with a couple of introductory questions. You have a solid training and you hold a master’s degree in English philology, political science and journalism, that you received from the Free University of Berlin and London: how did those formative years influence your evolution as a creative? Moreover, how does your cultural substratum due to your 15 years career as a radio presenter for public service broadcasters direct the trajectory of your current artistic research?



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