Peripheral ARTeries Art Review - Special Edition, Autumn 2017

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Shahar Tuchner Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel

In my art, mostly revolving around video-art, installation, sculpture and painting, I often deal with social issues that are on the global agenda such as consumerism, multiculturalism and representations of reality through the media. My video-art works attempt to examine the relations between image, movement and music and the cultural baggage each of these elements contains. In my sculptures and installations I frequently use readymade materials as a means to explore the tension between the common nature of various everyday objects, and their potential to become part of a work of art. Many of my works deal with the cultural weight various foods hold, and use food and its cooking and consumption methods as a symbol for cultures associated with it, while referring to the unique social context of each dish. My art also deals with social issues and explores the power administrations and establishment hold on individuals, especially those that are part of minorities and weakened groups. In my work I often use humor as a way to integrate different worlds and cultures and allow for a new perspective on them. The humor usually hides a more serious message of social criticism in regard to current issues. As part of my artistic process, I use the vast realms of the Internet as a virtual field where I gather my readymade video and audio materials, that come from different times, places and genres (documentary, commercial, etc.). The cultural mixture I create in this way becomes a post modern tapestry of East and West, high and low, and various post modern formalistic contrasts such as sound and image. I work in a freestyle manner and the technique I use for each work is determined in the process of creation, often altered and adapted to best suit the idea behind the piece. My work process is born from a concept that becomes matter or from matter that becomes a concept, but both of these aspects always retain an unexpected relationship and attempt to remain fresh and expand the boundaries of the artistic object's role.

An interview by Josh Ryder, curator and Melissa C. Hilborn, curator

rejects any conventional classification regarding its style, to explore a wide variety of social issues regarding consumerism, multiculturalism and representations of reality through the media, that affect our media driven and

Revolving around video-art, installation, sculpture and photography, Shahar Tuchner's work