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Artist Portfolio Magazine was created by artists for artists. It features artists from around the world, averages over 46,000 unique readers per issue and continues to grow. In 2013, we decided to start "zooming in" on communities, cities and regions around the world. San Francisco vs Chicago is our second issue that is “zooming in” on the local art scenes of San Francisco and Chicago. Choosing the art that came from these regions was a difficult task and we really like the choices we made for this special issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine. We’re really excited about this transition and hope you enjoy it too! Thank you to all the artists who participated in our San Francisco vs Chicago Art Exhibition because without you this magazine would not exist.

cover art Asli Uludag - Chicago, IL Self Portrait in Ritual Copper page 93

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PORTFOLIO magazine

Artist Portfolio Magazine Presents New Opportunities for Emerging and Established Artists Artist Portfolio Magazine is branching out and zooming in creating new opportunities for community based artists by restructuring the magazine to feature smaller regions, communities and particular cities. In each new issue, Artist Portfolio Magazine will showcase two distinct cities or regions. Each artist who submits artwork will be featured in the Artist Portfolio Magazine blog, and 20 select artists will be included in the popular online art magazine. These will include artists who present a unique voice, and also artists who seem to exemplify common themes in their community, such as the colors, media, or ideas that repeat themselves. Artist Portfolio Magazine is accepting work in the following mediums: visual art (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography mixed media, etc.) and video art (short films, performance art, conceptual art, experimental film, etc.). Each artist should select their region or city from the following categories: Los Angeles vs New York Chicago vs San Francisco The South vs The North Southwest vs Northeast Midwest vs West International

2014 Lanscapes Art Exhibition Art Submission Dates: April 15, 2014 - July 15, 2014 We are pleased to announce an open call for Landscape Art. Open to all artists worldwide. Landscapes are works of art that feature scenes of nature: mountains, lakes, gardens, rivers, etc. They can be oil paintings, watercolors, gauche, pastels, photographs, phone photos, digital art, etc ... Landscape can also refer to: cityscapes - views of an urban setting urbanscape - same as cityscape seascapes - views of the ocean waterscapes - views primarily featuring fresh water


Gina Tecson - Berkeley, CA (510) 304-4454

Gina Tecson earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drawing and painting at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She specializes in oil paintings, often concentrating on cityscapes. Her work is known for being highly textured and created using only a palette knife. The highlight of her exhibition work was a piece for the Food and Wine Magazine Award Show at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. She has exhibited nationally at venues such as: CW Gallery of Fine Art in Arkansas, Cortile Gallery in Massachusetts, and Upstream People Gallery in Omaha. Locally, her work has been represented at: Edward Montgomery Fine Art Gallery, Petri's Fine Arts, STUDIO Gallery, Smith Gallery, Chico Art Center, and Santa Cruz Art League. In 2011, Gina won a spot at the US Capitol Christmas Tree show. She received a special recognition award in 2008 from the Upstream People Gallery Contemporary Art Competition. She also received a first place award in the landscape category in 2006 at the Academy of Art Annual Juried Spring Show.

Black as Night Oil on Canvas 20" x 24"

Amber Glow Oil on Canvas 30" x 40"

Rosedust Oil on Canvas 20" x 20"

opposite page -> Sienna Oil on Canvas 14" x 11"

Marguerite Garth Los Gatos, CA

Marguerite Garth is a photographic artist living in Northern California. Her artworks probe the nature of place and the complex ecological and societal issues present and observable in the landscape of the American West. Her work has been honored with 32 international photography awards since 2011, including, ‘Photographer of the Year’ by the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, the prestigious Salon Prize in London, several 1st place honors from The International Photography Awards Competition (Lucie Awards) and international solo shows. Garth describes her work as ‘visual poetry’. More of her artwork can be seen at:

City by the Bay - Photography - 15" x 22"

City by the Bay 4 - Photography - 15" x 22"

Deliquescing Into the Sea 1 - Photography - 15" x 22"

Deliquescing Into the Sea 5 - Photography - 15" x 22"

Laura Lineback San Francisco, CA Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Laura received her BFA from SFSU. She's interested in creating unconventional, unexpected paintings and bringing them into a fine-art setting. Currently, she lives, works and paints in San Francisco proper.

Nice Towel Rack - Oil on Canvas - 30" x 40"

What the Fuck Do You Want - Oil on Canvas - 22" x 30"

Pussy - Oil on Canvas Over Stretched Panel - 39" x 52"

#creepychan - Oil & Acrylic on Canvas - 30" x 48"

Stanislav Groz San Francisco, CA

Born in 1973, in Saint Petersburg (then Leningrad), Russia, Stanislav studied in School at the Academy of Fine Arts, and at Saint Petersburg State University. He worked in computer graphics beginning in the middle of the 1990s and was the lead graphic designer for electronic expositions of biggest Russian museums, including the Moscow Kremlin, State Russian Museum, and Kunstkamera. While in graphic design, Stanislav developed as a painter and began exhibiting his works at the end of the 1990s. His most recent personal exhibitions were held in Saint Petersburg – one with the support of State Hermitage Museum in the palace of Grand Duke Vladimir, which belongs now to the Russian Academy of Science, and the other in the Anna Akhmatova museum at the Fountain House. In 2011 he moved to San Francisco, where he now lives and works.

How Are You Doing? Oil on Linen 48" x 48"

In My Opinion - Oil on Linen - 60" x 36"

Actuation - Oil on Linen - 60" x 40"

Digital Life - Oil on Linen - 54" x 30"

Rachel Bussieres Jenner, CA

Born and raised in Quebec City, Canada, in 1986, Rachel Bussières received a BA from Laval University, Quebec City, in 2011, before moving to California. She is a recipient of the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation and the 10,000 Degrees Foundation. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Spain. While experimenting with analogue photographic processes, Rachel finds a relationship between the contingent of topographies in the landscape a relationship between the contingent arrangements of topographies in the landscape, the social interactions between people and the process of making the work, by working with the chemistry, light and water. She is currently an MFA candidate at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Cave - 8" x 20" - Gelatin Silver Print

Untitled - 15" x 19" - Gelatin Silver Print

Fissures - 20" x 24" - Gelatin Silver Print

Disagreements - 8" x 10" - Gelatin Silver Print

Ersi Zhao San Francisco, CA

Ersi Zhao of San Francisco, California, majored in Visual Effect and An- imation at the Academy of Art University. He is a successful compositor and director of commercials and film projects. Experienced in VFX process and creative development while building partnerships with talent.He always know the best way to express and communicate his ideas with artist to achieve the goal. In addition, Ersi enjoy the process expanding his knowledge and explore the world from multiple perspectives. His architect and engineer experi- ence give him the unlimited possibility to rebuild the world in his mind. Introduce “Assimilation series� The assimilation of Ending/NYC/SF Ending means reborn in chaos from the world we are living, disgusting, loving, hoping. If everything will go back to the very beginning what is the thing or who is the one you would remember.

Ending - 20" x 13.3" - Digital

Attack - 40" x 26.7" - Digital

next page -> Unknown - 25" x 16.7" - Digital

Tobias Johnson Petaluma, CA Instagram @tobojofasho Meet Toby, a simple guy with a very complex imagination. Since the dawn of his days, his aim is to change the ordinary into the extraordinary. From scribbling in textbooks to carving tree stumps, there is nothing too far-fetched for this oddball. Residing in the Bay Area of California, he is currently tucked away exploring new mediums and ways to get his ideas out (while having a beer or two along the way). “Expression is essential to a fulfilling life. Some people write in journals, some play sports, I make art.�

Fusion - Acrylic on Canvas - 36" x 36"

Plant Meets Animal Oil on Canvas 36" x 48"

opposite page -> Hairy Eyeball Acrylic on Canvas 36" x 36"

Exit Strategy - Oil on Canvas - 18" x 24"

Doug Sandelin Livermore, CA

Doug Sandelin was born in Alameda California. Doug paints in watercolor and his works have been shown in San Francisco, Pasadena, Santa Ana and in Tennessee in group shows. he has also been published in the Art Buzz the 2014 collection volume 7. Doug lives in Livermore California where his studio is.

Folsom 2 Watercolor on Paper 32" x 40"

Pride 4 - Watercolor on Paper - 32" x 40"

Pride 3 Watercolor on Paper 20" x 25"

Katherine Salassi Sonoma, CA

Katherine Salassi is a visual artist who creates original pen and ink works and then transforms them into many variations using photography and other media. Salassi became interested in pen and ink as an art medium while studying at the University of New Orleans. Combining the intricacy and technical skill of traditional pen and ink with modern modalities allows Salassi to create a myriad of colorful images while maintaining the basic core of the original drawing. Inherent in her work is the concept of infinite possibilities depicted in color and form. Most of her art is inspired by nature, animals, and spiritual influences. A native of Louisiana, (New Orleans and Lafayette), Salassi now resides in Sonoma County, CA.

Lion - Pen, Ink, Digital - 8" x 10"

Buddha - Pen, Ink and Digital - 8" x 10"

Red Buddha - Pen, Ink and Digital - 8" x 10"

Blue Angel - Pen, Ink and Digital - 8" x 10"

Stephen Von Mason Vallejo, CA

As a fine artist and African American I must start with; The Harlem Renaissance has been claimed as an American “Cultural Movement” as opposed to America’s first “Fine Art Movement”. This is a misrepresentation. Through painting I try and provide the viewer with an overview of the disconnected dots in American History, World History and World Mythology. World mythology is fascinating because a culture’s mythology in ancient times was their religion. When I examine ancient cultures it is always part of the search for historical truth, fueling my interest to make paintings that explore, challenge and honor. My work is primarily about triumph, celebration and sanctuary while paying homage to extraordinary people that brought us humanity from their pivotal contributions to our development. My mission as an artist is to try and secure their inclusion in the historical narrative of monumental achievements that matter and make a difference. With my art I hope to change the current conversation to a more open and honest dialogue and force us all to revisit the way we view Art, History and one another.

Toussaint L'Ouverture - Oil on Canvas - 30" x 48"

Two Giants Oil on Canvas 60" x 72"

The Reanimation of Lorraine Hansberry Oil on Canvas 60" x 72"

Giants Among Us Oil on Canvas 60" x 72"

Life of an Artist Two female artists have paired together with an art critic and manager to better navigate through the difficult and tumultuous terrain also known as the art world. Together, they must conquer the battles to “make it,” and they’ve set their sights high. These three women tackle real life trials and tribulations and strive to make their way to blue chip collaborations in fine art. We watch as they hope that the road to success in the art world won’t destroy their relationships, their bank accounts or their practice. Follow this docustyle reality series to view the struggles and progress of these professional artists in Life of An Artist.

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Andrzej Michael Karwacki Berkeley, CA

EQ Series in Blue 03 Acrylic and Resin on Birch Panel 36" x 48" x 2.5"

opposite page -> EQ, Fairy Tales Series 1-5 Acrylic, Book Pages and Resin on Birch Panel (5) 6" x 48"

EQ2014 Sq3 - Acrylic and Resin on Birch Panel - 48" x 48" x 2.5"

Still Water Series 1101 - Acrylic and Resin on Birch Panel - 36" x 36" x 2.5"

Shang Ma San Francisco, CA

Fireworks with Water #002 - Oil on Canvas - 24" x 30"

Fireworks with Water #001 - Oil on Canvas - 24" x 30"

Keith Parks Le Mesa, CA

The Truth of the Matter Photography 20" x 20"

Lithium Photography 30" x 18"

Alex Merchant New York, NY

Cell - Mixed Media - 102" x 108"

Grace Clouse Lindale, TX

Wonder - Oil on Canvas - 62" x 62"

Christie Chew-Wallace Chicago, IL

Inward Glance that Finds the Universe Dancing Acrylic 20" x 24"

Eun Hye Kang Brooklyn, NY

Spatial Space Cotton Yarn 150" x 200" x 2100"

Steven Fisher Marysville, OH

Cheers! - Acrylic - 18" x 24"

Michael Benevenia Montclair, NJ

In Bocca al Lupe - Steel Fabrication and Acrylic on Panel - 18" x 8" x 5"

Aazam Irilian Canyon Country

Ethereal Mixed Media, Fabric Dye and Ink on Canvas 24" x 24"

Dongze Huo San Francisco, CA

Forbidden Colors 3 - Oil and gesso on Canvas - 30" x 40"


Mara Goldfine Chicago, IL

Like most foundry rats I am obsessed with complex fabrication, casting, and sculpting with metal and silicone. Creating tools to increase versatility, I imagine what the body would look like with unlimited flexibility, many limbs, unfolding into new and useful shapes, like a good Swiss-army knife. My wearable sculptures explore limitations that thwart their apparent benefits. Silk linings, with in the rigid metal sculpture, offer a small concession to comfort. The sculptures visibly demonstrate their own wearability and the function they are designed to accomplish, but are so strange and heavy that they serve no purpose. Recently, my work has become much more performative, in a static kinetic manner, interactive rather than wearable.

I have been moving towards installations combining cast metal sculpture, simple machines, and

atmospheric conditioning such as lights and the burning of incense. I am interested in pursuing the notion of creation with in these installations. These pieces have a self-sustaining agency with in themselves, denying the hand of the artist as creator, while simultaneously affirming it by the clear hand of the artist with in the work. I was educated at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where my interest in sculpture grew side by side with my exploration of a yoga practice. The two have become entwined in such a way that the machine of the body both makes the art and is what the art is about. In this way, the work serves the body, as much as the body serves the work.

Touch Without Touch - 4" x 1/2" x 20" - Steel, Silicone

Behind the Curtain - 36" x 48" x 36" - iron, Light Bulbs

Balancing Legs - 24" x 6" x 6" - Iron, Silicone, Nails

next page -> Muscular Meditation - 48" x 12" x 12" - Bronze

Paul Pinzarrone Maschesney Park, IL

Leda Waiting for the Swan Digital print on Aluminum 36" x 12"

Girl With a Non=Pearl Earring Digital Print on Aluminum 20" x 20"

Ex-Right Brain - Digital Print on Aluminum - 24" x 24"

Purpose (Peace) - Digital Print on Aluminum - 30" x 30"

Stephanie Karmitos Carol Stream, IL

opposite page -> War Torn Acrylic/Collage on Hardboard 18" 24"

I’m a lifetime Chicagoan with a fondness for San Francisco, but I think my heart probably resides here. I also might be something of a “re-emerging” artist. When I threw myself into PhD studies/dissertation writing (1995-2005) at Northwestern University, Performance Studies Department (interdisciplinary/art history), I all but abandoned visual art. At the same time, my focus then was not only on academic work, but making art became about performance almost exclusively. However, I have since returned home to my first love – painting. I have also been completely fascinated with combining collage as a significant dimension of these works. The possibilities seem endless. At long last, as the birthdays had accumulated well over 50, I found a dream-come-true situation enabling full devotion to my work. My recent exhibition record is rather scant, but I have only been seeking out exhibition opportunities for the past couple of years. Most significantly, I have become more productive as an artist than ever before! It also seems my development has advanced tremendously. It truly feels like I’ve “arrived” at that place where I might hope to continue the lifetime journey that is my passion - as an artist.

Cartographic Caress Acrylic on Hardboard 18" x 24"

Cartographic Vogue II - Acrylic on Hardboard - 24" x 18"

Knot Love No. 2 - 36" x 48" - Acrylic Collage on Canvas

Ingrid E. Albrecht Chicago, IL

Metro Canyon - Watercolor - 28" x 18"

Catching the Brownline - Watercolor - 26" x 20"

Alley Grit - Watercolor - 26" x 20"

Smokin' High - Watercolor on Yupo - 14" x 11"

Jillian Van Volkenburgh Highland, IL History is written many different ways. With our eyes, we constantly capture history. History is not just a compilation of centuries. We see, and we remember. We document as not to forget. Our attitudes, our beliefs, these are shaped by our individual histories, and every history is unique. I was born in the Midwest, surrounded both by agriculture and industry. These two elements create a natural tension, and my work seeks to find balance in a complicated tapestry. I have worked as an educator, an appraiser, a writer, as well as an artist and photographer. These different experiences have afforded me unique opportunities and perspectives. I seek the similarities in contradiction and the subtle re-occurrence of symmetry. Currently, my focus is black-and-white portraiture and figural compositions that also encompass the same visual elements as my urban and nature-focused photographs.

The Tiger - Digital Photography - 20" x 24"

Diptych/Thermostat - Digital Photography - 24" x 28"

His Name Was Valentine - Digital Photography - 24" x 28"

Keri Joy Colestock Pingree, Grove, IL

I have been a professional contemporary fine artist since 2002. I reside in rural Illinois. I currently have artwork online for sale in my Etsy store: kerijoy. My artwork is also available in galleries in Illinois. One home is the 4Art Inc Gallery located within the Zhou B Art Center. If you are a gallery owner interested in carrying my work, please visit my website or email me for more information. My wish is to continue to create beautiful but also fun works of art fueled by passion and imagination. I am recycling found objects and having a blast! One man's trash becomes a "Keri treasure!' So the flea markets provide me with the items needed for my work. I specialize in creating "feel good" art sculptures but I also incorporate polymer clay in many of my pieces. Most are whimsical, unique & on the FuNkY side. I would like to further expand my artwork into more galleries & boutiques. I would also like to broaden the reach of my artwork through possible licensing and the help of an artist representative.You can stay up to date on my work on Facebook: https:// I am on LinkedIn. I am an artist who was told "creating would be pretty impossible" as I have battled Lyme Disease for 13 years. I have now made 1500 original pieces of art! Makin' Purty Music Recycled Found Objects Sculpture 24" x 14" x 6"

With Love and Respect - Found Recyled Objects - 64" x 25" x 15"

Howdy Partner Recycled Found Object Sculpture 42" x 39" x 25"

Chinese Gnu Year Recycled Found Objects Sculpture

Asli Uludag Chicago, IL

Asli Uludag was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. She received a BFA degree in performance and sculpture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013. She continues to live and work in Chicago.

Uludag merges the ideas of culture and society from the past and the present by utilizing motifs, shapes and objects from art and architecture. Her material preferences, bronze, iron and copper, which were all essential to the development of civilization, are symbolically specific to the narratives she creates with her sculpture and performances. In her research she seeks historical themes that are relevant to current political and social issues, and she presents them within contemporary designs. By recycling loaded images and ideas from the past and offering them in a new context, she creates platforms in which these themes can be rethought and reevaluated.

We Are History Steel, Cast iron, Copper, Nickle Silver, Cement 30" x 19" x 15"

Detail View

Self Portrait in Ritual Copper

Home Afar, by the Sea Copper 9" x 7" x 7"

When Everything We Know has Collapsed, Walk with Me Bronze, iron Installation Approx. 4' x 8' x 5'

Detail View

Jordan Eskovitz Chicago, IL

I am interested in art that tells a story, art that conveys a message, art that does not achieve style at the expense of substance. I am inspired by romantic, fantastical and philosophical material in art, literature, and film, as well as works of fantasy, drama, science fiction and fairy tales. I am continually fascinated at how fabrications and fiction can often be some of the most powerful devices for confronting truths about reality. I believe that art shapes culture. I believe that art is a very important and powerful tool to the understanding of who we are, and much of my work is the exploration of truth, love, design, and the human condition. I predominantly work with pencil, ink, watercolor and digital media. I like to find ways of marrying these mediums when possible but use a particular medium as I feel it is appropriate to the nature of the given piece. My work tends to focus on the figure though I do enjoy most subject matter. I see the lines between illustration, conceptual art, fine art and graphic design to be grey and enjoy experimenting with ways of coupling the various genres. Each genre has particular strengths that I feel, when combined, create a richer, grander work of art.

Petra - Watercolor

Untitled - Pencil, Watercolor & Gesso - 12" x 12"

Maiden - Pencil, Watercolor & Gesso - 10" x 20"

Frontier - Pencil & Watercolor - 10" x 20"

Virginia Melanson Chicago, IL

Virginia is a Chicago based artist that lives and works in the city. She received her B.A. in Art from Cornell College in Mount Vernon, IA in 2013. She has been featured at Peter Paul Lous Gallery, Coe College, The Mausoleum Gallery, Water Street Studios, Side Street Gallery, Both Sides Gallery, The Microsoft Center and has had work tour throughout the city of Chicago. Melanson’s paintings are made to challenge and expand the illusion of two diminutional object-hood and the illusion of gender and female object-hood within painting. By using the artifice of the 3D painting technique the painted illusion not only goes back into the painting’s space, but it comes out into the viewer’s as well. She uses this 3D illusion with the goal of giving the traditional female model a perceived physical space to break the traditional gaze and to expand painting’s 2D definition.

Untitled #3 - Acrylic - 7' x 5' opposite page -> Accused Acrylic 5' x 6'

Control Acrylic 6' x 5'

Sandra Bridges Hazel Crest, IL

Sandra Bridges was born in Chicago Illinois on Oct. 14, 1951. Creative since early childhood it was her years in high school after winning awards for painting that she realized her destiny as a painter. She went on to graduate from Southern Illinois University (74) with a BA in Art Education and Roosevelt University (77) with a MA in Education, however Sandra would not proceed on her artistic path but give back to her community by teaching in the inner city schools. The thought of devoting herself entirely to being a fine artist would not be realized until 35 yrs. later. In 2011 she decided to pursue a full time career as a fine artist. After retirement Sandra would find like minded artists to paint beside at the Palette and Chisel Academy in Chicago and Tall Grass Association in Park Forest, Illinois. She has participated in numerous shows and her recognition as an accomplished painter to watch has caught the attention the artist community and collectors alike.

Miles Ahead - Oil on Linen - 30" x 24"

Not Just Any John - Oil on Linen - 24" x 30"

Duke Ellington - Oil on Linen - 30" x 24"

<-- opposite page Billie Holiday Oil on Linen 24" x 30"

Artist Portfolio Magazine - Issue 16  

Artist Portfolio Magazine was created by artists for artists. It features artists from around the world, averages over 46,000 unique readers...

Artist Portfolio Magazine - Issue 16  

Artist Portfolio Magazine was created by artists for artists. It features artists from around the world, averages over 46,000 unique readers...