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PORTFOLIO magazine PUBLISHER Ben Walker EDITOR Ingrid Reeve Artist Portfolio Magazine was created by artists for artists. It features artists from around the world, averages over 46,000 unique readers per issue and continues to grow. In 2013, we decided to start "zooming in" on communities, cities and regions around the world. LA vs NY is our first issue that is “zooming in” on the local art scenes of Los Angeles and New York City. Choosing the art that came from these regions was a difficult task and we really like the choices we made for this special issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine. We’re really excited about this transition and hope you enjoy it too!

Cover Art: Blue Cap - Ceramic - 22" x 12" x 12" Marilyn Richeda Port Chester, NY Imclayz2@aol.com

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Thank you to all the artists who participated in our LA vs NY Art Exhibition because without you this magazine would not exist. ArtistPortfolioMagazine.com

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6 Los Angeles

46 Col Wallnuts Interview

50 New York

Best in Show - 2014 Portraits Art Exhibition MyArtContest.com

Nina Fabunmi Split Image

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Image courtesy of our 2010 Realism Art Exhibition Lisa Ambrose

Thai-Trade on the Khlong Damnoen Saduak

2014 Realism Art Exhibition

Art Submission Dates: Feb 5, 2014 - May 2, 2014 We are pleased to announce an open call for Realism Art. Open to all artists worldwide. Enter early, by March 5, 2014 and save on your entry fee. realism [ree-uh-liz-uhm] noun 1. interest in or concern for the actual or real, as distinguished from the abstract, speculative, etc. 2. the tendency to view or represent things as they really are. 3. Fine Arts. a. treatment of forms, colors, space, etc., in such a manner as to emphasize their correspondence to actuality or to ordinary visual experience. b. ( usually initial capital letter ) a style of painting and sculpture developed about the mid-19th century in which figures and scenes are depicted as they are experienced or might be experienced in everyday life.

enter at MyArtContest.com

Edith Waddell 3830 Glenfeliz Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039 323.810.9766 waddelledith@yahoo.com edithwaddell.com

Edith Waddell, a Peruvian born artist, lives and works in Los Angeles where she received a BFA from Otis College of Art and Design in 2012. Waddell’s surreal and whimsical paintings are inspired by her interest in subjects such as psychology, mythology, metaphysics and religion. Through her anthropomorphic and hybrid creatures, she develops a critical and satirical commentary on modern society, and controversial matters such as genetic experimentation, overpopulation and pollution. She explores the use of different art media such as acrylic painting, printmaking, and digital art, and at times combines traditional and non-traditional media. Her goal is to force viewers to confront the dark and mysterious aspects of the human psyche, our internal emotional conflicts, and our relationship with our natural environment. Her work is an invitation to an introspective examination and reflection upon our existence beyond the physical world.

In Trance - Acrylic on Canvas - 52.5" x 26"

Ego and Lid - Acrylic on Canvas - 29" x 39"

opposite page -> Gestation Acrylic on Wood Panel 10" x 8"

Transcendental Carousel Acrylic on Digital Print on Canvas 40" x 27.5"

Kevork Cholaklan - Los Angeles kevorkcholakian.com Corky@kevorkcholakian.com Born in New York City Kevork Cholakian earned a Bachelor of fine arts from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. After graduation began working in broadcast television as a graphic designer and later moved to Los Angeles to take a senior design position in that field. Throughout his career he has maintained a strong interest in fine art, expressed through his still life paintings. His work has been exhibited at galleries in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. After leaving television to pursue his art fulltime Kevork developed an interest in ceramics. His work focuses on sculpture related to his still life painting as well as decorative and functional ceramic ware. Kevork currently lives and works in LA where his work continues to evolve.

Red Stool Hand Formed Stoneware and Slip Cast Ceramic, Decals, Luster 28" x 17" x 17"

Peaches - Oil on Panel - 26" x 18"

Peaches II - Oil on Panel - 27" x 19"

Blue Stool - Hand Formed Stoneware and Slip Cast Ceramic - - 33" x 18" x 18"

Kay Erickson Santa Monica, CA okaycards@yahoo.com kayerickson.com

Kay is a second generation photographer who watched her Mother hand color photographs. She received her first camera at age 7, and went on to study at the University of Minnesota, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Summa cum Laude, in Photography and Sculpture; and subsequently earned her Master’s degree from Mankato State University. Her work has been exhibited in various cities throughout Europe, including Amsterdam, and Stockholm. Her images have been licensed worldwide. Kay has exhibited her work locally in Southern California in the Long Beach, East Village artist’s community. Kay has been awarded a Mayoral Proclamation from the Major of Santa Monica, California for her work as an artist in residence with the Santa Monica/Malibu School District, teaching math standards through the art of photography. Through her extensive travels, Kay captures images of the people in local communities around the world in their cultural surroundings. Through these images, she hopes to convey the humanity that we all share, an in the process, hopefully eliminate some of the present stereotypes that are contributing to worldwide unrest. Kay just returned from Calcutta, where she photographed various charities sponsored by Calcutta Rescue, including an elementary school, clinic, and handicrafts training center; and is currently working on a project with the Ojibwe people in Northern Minnesota to archive their legends and ceremonies.

Waiting Photography 20" x 30"

Clinic Kitchen - Photography - 20" x 30"

Student - Photography - 20" x 30"

Red Bundles - Photography - 20" x 30"

Diane Marshall-Green Los Angeles, CA dianemarshallgreen@gmail.com

Marshall-Green was born in Dallas, Texas. She moved to the east coast in her early teens, and attended the Art Students League of New York and the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute while in high school. Marshall-Green matriculated at New York University's TISCH School of the Arts, minoring in Art History. In 2000, her work was featured in a live drawing show at the New York Art Students League with her figure drawings gracing the invitation. She also had work in two seperate group shows at the World of Wonder Gallery in Hollywood in 2006 and 2007.In 2009, she exhibited her work in a joint show with fellow American artist Vanessa Prager, sister of notable photographer Alex Prager, entitled Double Vision hosted by Flaunt Magazine and actress, Bijou Phillips. Her first solo exhibition, LOLITAS, took place at the Silverlake Art Company (formerly the America Martin Gallery) on October 27, 2012. The show debuted to extensive hype, some of it controversial, for her portrayal of adolescent girls in potentially provocative poses. The photo realistic drawings were rendered from images culled from a Parisian teens Facebook page, thus garnering attention for artist and subject for spanning language barriers and continents. The show was featured in the Huffington Post and Juxtapose Magazine with the Huffington Post calling it, “...an art project for the digital age that could make Humbert Humbert blush.� She is currently working on her next series, tentatively titled ANGELENOS, and has begun a grey scale series of oil paintings. She continues to live and work in Los Angeles.

opposite page -> Angeleno #1 Colored Pencil on Bristol Board 29" x 32"

Girl 2014 Oil on Wood Block 16" x 20"

Angeleno #2 - Colored Pencil on Bristol Board - 29" x 32"

Mona Lisa - Colored Pencil on Bristol Board - 28" x 34"

Linda Kosoff - Woodland Hills, CA lindakosoff.com

EDUCATION 1982 BFA, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI SOLO EXHIBITIONS 1996 Fritto Misto, Santa Monica, CA 1995 The Armory for the Arts + Catavino’s, Pasadena, CA 1994 The Ambassador of Arts Gallery, Pasadena, CA 1992 Pacific Design Center, Brown Jordan Showroom, West Hollywood, CA 1990 Chicago Design Center, Brown Jordan Showroom, Chicago, IL 1989 Bloomingdale’s “California Lifestyles Furniture Show”, New York, NY, Boston, Boca Raton, Washington D.C. and Connecticut. GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2013 Gallery 825, “Open Show 2013”, Los Angeles Artist Association, Juror: Jenny Gheith, Los Angeles, CA 2012 Arc Gallery, “Masquerade”, Juror: Jack Fischer, San Francisco, CA Long Beach Arts, “Pastiche” Honorable Mention, Juror: Ron Linden, Long Beach, CA 1997 Orlando Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA 1996- 2000 LACMA Rental Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 1995 Westside Art Forum, Santa Monica, CA 1987 Richard/Bennet Gallery, “LA Emerging Artists Salon” Los Angeles, CA 1982 Woods-Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI PRINT 2014 Artist Portfolio Magazine, Volume 15, “Los Angeles vs. New York” 2014 ArtBuzz “The 2014 Collection”, Honorable Mention COLLECTIONS Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas, CA First L.A. Bank, Los Angeles, CA Princess Cruiselines, CA Healthnet, Oakland,CA Dee Ann Preis + Associates, Los Angeles, CA ET Consultants, Los Angeles, CA RB Realty Group, Los Angeles, CA Nicole Howell, PH.D, Encino, CA Penni + Ross Smith, Rolling Hills, CA Tracy + Craig Steinhauer, Calabasas, CA Carolyn Juster, West Hills, CA Penny + Carey Mulloy, Camarillo, CA Phylis + Jeffrey Jasnoff, Louisville, KY Valerie + Brad Center, Alexandria, VA

Summer's End Acrylic on Canvas 60" x 152"

Fleeting Beauty Acrylic on Canvas 48" x 100"

Wait Up Acrylic on Canvas 60" x 100"

Chris Burks - Whittier, CA theworldofchrisburks.com

A Southern California native, Christopher (Chris) Burks, creates distinctly American artwork that depicts a kind of “robotic or cybernetic” vision of America’s past or future. Burks’s artwork draws from his experience as a sheet metal worker combined with his love for comic book art, Japanese animation and films like RoboCop, Rambo, and Aliens. Burks's "Cooley Stew" collection is a collection of oil paintings and three dimensional pieces from a graphic novel written and illustrated by Burks himself. It depicts a story set in the New Mexico territory, shortly after the Civil War. These works of fiction feature men of all colors racing steam powered motorcycles. Still a young concept, these cowboys and former soldiers, compete on their machines as an alternative way to deal with the struggles of post war America.

Pit Stop Melee Oil on Canvas 16" x 40"

Cooley Stew

Dirty Gomez

The Race (Diptych) Oil on Canvas 30" x 80"

Steam Engine Stage Paper and Wood 10" x 11" x 27"

Alan Disparte - Los Angeles, CA alandisparte.com

Alan Disparte comes from a long family line of farmers and was raised in a rural area of Southern California. Disparte works in a variety of mediums, including painting, drawing, video and collage. He is inspired by ecological malleability and interested in the coexistence and conflicts which occur when nature and culture intersect. Disparte received his B.F.A. from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, and his M.F.A. from the San Francisco Art Institute. Currently, he resides in Los Angeles, California.

Studio - Acrylic Mixed Media on Panel and Canvas

Hindsight Bias - Acrylic on Wood Panel - 60" x 48"

Atmos - Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas - 18" x 18

Trail of Gold - Acrylci and Mixed Media on Canvas - 18" x 18"

Halina Donamski - Yuba, CA halinadomanski.com

Born in Poland. My love affair with the arts started in pre-school. I was studying music, art simultaneously until age of fourteen. I attended Nursing College for five years.Jan.1982 I came to live in the United State, with my husband. I had workshops with Judith Hale -student Helen Frankenthaler. I had 76 juried competition and over 51 awards. I obtained status of Signature Membership in the National Collage Society, Inc. with headquarters in Hudson, Ohio. My artwork has been published in several books, magazines and newspapers. My works belong to private and public collections.

Beverly Hills Show Mixed Media 40" x 30" x 1.5"

Hollywood Attraction - Mixed Media - 30" x 24" x 1.5"

Honolulu Fun Mixed Media 36" x 24" x 1.5"

Kansas City Mixed Media 60" x 48" x 1.5"

Simon Raab Simon Raab Studio 820 East Montecito Street Santa Barbara, CA 93103 www.parleau.com

Simon Raab was born in Toulouse/France in 1952 and now lives and works in Santa Barbara, California. He was formerly a scientist and engineer and brings his rich technical training in materials to bear on his art. He works in a unique medium, he coined and patented as "Parleau", whose etymology is French for "through the water". Multiple layers of colored polymers are applied to stainless steel and aluminum and then "crushed" or sculpted to give the appearance of an image just under the surface of water. Raab identifies with the symbolism of the grenade, as an expression of disruptive ideas and the change agents from which they come. Recently, he decided to become an art publisher in order to give back to the arts community in Los Angeles. His upcoming project is called www.prettygrenade.com.

Bad Apple - Polymers and Stainless Steel on Wood - 36" x 80"

Tablet of Moses #3 - Polymers and Stainless Steel on Granite - 42" x 25" x 16"

We Wove - The Remnants of Our Intrigues Polymers and Aluminum on Wood 71" x 95"

opposite page -> Marilyn's Goodbye Polymers and Aluminum on Wood 61" x 43"

Hilary Sloane 7514 Sunset road Joshua Tree, CA 92252 C: 213 220-2323 www.HFS.photoshelter.com

With a creative career spanning photography, fine art, film and fashion, Hilary Sloane found a passion for shooting uniquely beautiful imagery based on but not dependent on reality. She uses manipulated imagery to lead the viewer to witness landscape and portraits, close up and personal. Her photographs have been displayed at the Tah Gallery in Pasadena, California, the Julia Dean Gallery in Venice, California, A Roadside Attraction in Joshua Tree, California, and the Glass Outhouse in Twenty Nine Palms, California, in 2012 and 2013. Exhibited at the Saguaro Palm Springs (sponsored by the Palm Springs Museum Arts council), for the month of January 2014. Her journalistic photographs have been published in the Basin Wide Spirt Magazine. Sloane’s work has also been purchased by big-name corporations and powerhouse artistic companies from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, as well as private collectors.

A Sense of Place

Bird on Lamp

Salt Lake

In the Sand Dunes

An Interview with NYC Artist Col Wallnuts by Ingrid Reeve

APM: Col, we are huge fans of your work. We first became familiar with your work when contributing writer Deborah Johnstone included your artwork in a brilliant art review she wrote titled "Bushwick: at Alchemy's Edge" and we unknowingly credited the collective for your work. We were thrilled to find out it was created by a single artist and enjoyed your portfolio. You've created a recognizable style, what inspires you and/or drives your style? Col: The Bushwick Collective is a great project to be a part of. Joe, who curates the spots, has done a great job of helping transform these buildings to wonderful works of art. I have always tried to keep things interesting and different. Sometimes it has been successful and other times it flopped, but that has helped me get to where I am today with my style. So much around me is inspiring: the art of DeKooning, Johns, Pollack, Stella to name a few, as well as architecture, music, travels, family, friends, everyday life and the emotions that come along with that, to me this creates an amazing mindset for endless possibilities. Brooklyn, NY APM: Tell us about your background. Col: I am a born and bred New Yorker and have been drawing and painting since I was a little kid. Started getting up in Brooklyn and Staten Island around 1993-94. My work consists of mixing 3d styles and silhouettes of my letters that create a wide graphical palette with color and movement. The pushing and pulling of these elements make for very strong markings in my works. Using an open medium of acrylics, spray paints, oils, papers and found objects, my works become emotional with an array of surface life. A lot of my pieces contain heavy strokes, negative space and strong drip work, with the application of various textures and environments. These different elements within each piece create a complex statement that provides energy and life to surface structures and the environment the work has been painted in. With each work I create I hope to facilitate a new and varied interpretation of color and life for the viewer. To me that helps in creating successful works built on emotion and thought. Israel

Israel APM: How did you get into street art? Col: I think I got into graffiti the same way we all did, seeing it up and wanting to do it. Growing up in NY, it was everywhere. Now with graffiti and street art mixing it has really helped the movement grow on such an amazing scale. I am a graffiti artist first and foremost, always focusing on what I see and consider my alphabet. With the progression of the graffiti/street art scene, I am very grateful for all the opportunities of collaboration that I have had and look forward to the ones that lie ahead.

Brooklyn, NY

APM: Do you work mainly in the Bushwick area? Col: I have done a lot of traveling within the states painting and have been given opportunities to paint in places around the world. Some great experiences painting in Germany as well as a recent trip to paint in Israel. In NY I have work throughout the 5 boroughs, some come and go. Some recent works in Israel are in Golan Heights, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. APM: Do you sell your work or do commissions? Col: I am very grateful for being able to sell my works and take on more commissions. As artists we hustle everyday to try and make things happen and survive, it's always challenging.

Queens, NY APM: Yes, it is! Artist Portfolio Magazine is created by artists and run by artists, so we are very familiar with the unique struggles of being an artist. On that note, do you have any advice for aspiring artists? Col: Always believe in yourself and never be afraid to try something challenging. Only you can really push yourself to make it happen and get it out there, enjoy the ride of ups and downs within this pursuit, it will define you and make you appreciate all that is around you in journey. Also please don’t take what you do so serious that your ego takes over, you should love what you do and take the time out to help educate the next batch of upcoming artists.

APM: Love it. Great advice for emerging and established artists alike. Is there anything else you'd like to share? Col: Thank you for the opportunity to have my work featured in this article. Thank you to all who have supported, followed and enjoyed the art that I live and love doing. APM: Thanks to you too for the work that you do and for sharing it with us and our readers!

Manhattan, NY

Buswick: at Alchemy's Edge http://artistportfoliomagazine.wordpress.com/2013/06/17/bushwick-at-alchemys-edge/

Buswick Collective http://artistportfoliomagazine.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/5-bushwick_collective_wall_2.jpg

Col Wallnuts colwallnuts.com

Queens, NY

Manhattan, NY

Jennifer Gennari - New York, NY jennifergennari.com

Jennifer Gennari is a classically trained figurative artist and Illustrator. She began her professional studies at the Ringling College of Art and Design where she majored in Illustration and upon graduation in 2005 she began a career Illustrating for Hallmark cards. In 2007 Jennifer left her job to pursue further artistic studies in classical fine art and was accepted into the Florence Academy of Art in 2008 where she spent three years abroad studying classical realism under Daniel Graves. Jennifer currently teaches at the National Academy, and is represented by Dacia Gallery in New York City. opposite page -> Something Borrowed - Oil on Linen - 42" x 36" Portrait of Ryan - Oil on Linen - 36" x 48"

In the Deep Oil on Panel 64" x 20"

Portrait of Andrew - Oil on Linen - 12" x 18"

Justin Kim - Long Island, NY Reis Studios 43-01 22nd Street Long Island City, NY 11101 justinkim71@gmail.com www.justinkim71.blogspot.com 413-210-7092

Justin Kim’s work combines the grand tradition of figure painting with a contemporary sensibility, exploring themes including archetype, pastiche, authenticity and the relationship between technology and the artist’s hand. In addition to landscapes and figures, Mr. Kim works on miniature collages, combining landscapes with forms and figures from traditional painting. His work generates tension between artifice and reality while challenging traditional painting structures. Born in Hartford, CT, Mr. Kim received a B.A. from Yale and an MFA from the American University in Washington, D.C. He interned with the artist David Hockney, has taught at Yale, Dartmouth, Smith College and Deep Springs College in CA. The recipient of several residencies, he has exhibited both regionally and nationally.

Big Pine Lake - Mixed Media on Paper - 44" x 60"

<- opposite page Deep Springs Valley II Mixed Media on paper 44" x 60"

Deep Springs Valley III - Mixed Media on Paper - 44" x 60"

Lonsdale Avenue - Mixed Media on paper - 44" x 60"

Michael LaBua - Brooklyn, NY michaellabua.com

Michael LaBua was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1986. LaBua seeks the directness of his subjects to evoke emotion within his audience. His paintings act as a device to ask questions that delve deep into the caverns of the human psyche.

opposite page -> Calloused Hope Oil on Canvas 48" x 72"

Verminal Dark Oil on Canvas 48" x 72"

Mimicry - Oil on Linen - 40" x 60"

The Orphans - Oil on Linen - 44" x 70"

Marisa Adesman Roslyn, NY marisaadesman@gmail.com MarisaAdesman.com

Marisa Adesman was born and raised in Roslyn, NY. Marisa received a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis, where she majored in painting and psychology. Marisa graduated magna cum laude and received the Hazel H. Huntsinger Memorial Prize in Painting in 2013. She also attended Yale University’s Summer School of Art in Norfolk, Connecticut in 2012 and Columbia University’s Advanced Painting Intensive in 2013. Marisa’s work has been exhibited at the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis as well as at several galleries in St. Louis and New York.

Split Ends - Oil on Canvas - 70" x 59"

Scanned - Oil on Canvas - 48" x 72"

opposite page -> Untitled Oil on Canvas 48" x 60"

Paned Oill on Canvas 80" x 60"

Marilyn Richeda Port Chester, NY Imclayz2@aol.com For the past 28 years Marilyn Richeda has lived in South Salem, New York. While raising her son she became interested in ceramic sculpture. Starting with classes and numerous workshops she evolved into a full time ceramic artist. She has taught ceramic glazing and has been co-instructor critiquing ceramic work. Her work has been published in ceramic magazines such as Art & Perception, Kerameiki Techni, Int'l Ceramic Art Review and books including Making Marks: Discovering the Ceramic Surface. Ms. Richeda's work has been shown in the UK and numerous galleries throughout the US including Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts, Oja, Ca., Virginia Brier Gallery, San Francisco, Ca., Blue Pony Gallery, Charlotte, N.C. and Target Gallery in Alexandria, Va. Richeda maintains studio space in her home and at the Clay Art Center, Port Chester, New York.

Feeling Pretty Ceramic Sculpture 23" x 22" x 16"

Dream Girl - Ceramic Sculpture - 18.5" x 12" x 12"

Blue Cap - Ceramic - 22" x 12" x 12"

Lifeboat - Ceramic Sculpture - 22" x 17" x 9.5"

Yu-Chun "Pony" Ma Brooklyn, NY ponymaillustration.com Yu-Chun "Pony" Ma was born in 1983 in Taipei city, Taiwan. He began drawing at an early age and was heavily inspired by Japanese manga. Ponyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s art stopped progressing at the age of 15, when he went to study Electronic Engineering in high school. Since then, he hadn't had a chance to pursue his art career. In 2005, Pony receive his Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Engineering. In 2007, Pony moved to New York and two years later, he has decided to pick up his pencils and keep pursuing his childhood dream of being an artist. Therefore, he went to study Illustration at Fashion Institute of Technology. At the school, he had learned perspective and color theory, and developed his skills with acrylics. Pony got influences by many contemporary Pop Surrealism artists such as Robert Williams,Todd Schorr, Greg Simkins, Scott Musgrove, Nathan Ota, and Mark Ryden etc opposite page -> Arrgk Series 1: Sea Monster Acrylic on Panel 18" x 24"

The Coin Protector Acrylic on Canvas 20" x 20"

opposite page -> Pop Has Gone Wild Acrylic on Canvas 16" x 20"

Elevate Acrylic on Canvas 11.5" x 37.5"

Dana Crossan Brooklyn, NY danacrossan.com

Dana Crossan (b.1979 Wilmington, DE) received a BA in painting from the University of Delaware in 2001 and an MFA in painting from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2004. During her stint in Grad school she studied abroad in Lacoste, France and shortly after graduation was given a residency at the Hungarian Multicultural Center in Budapest, Hungary. Crossan has participated in multiple gallery showings and events, nationally and internationally. In 2011 she held her first solo exhibition at Standpipe Gallery in New York. October of 2012 Crossan exhibited in a group show at the Delaware Art Museum and in the summer of 2013 she won a monetary award from Agora Gallery, NY. These are just a few of her achievements. Crossan currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Three: 2014 Acrylic on Canvas 34" x 28"

Oh James Franco - Acrylic on Canvas - 24" x 18"

One: 2014 - Acrylic on Canvas - 36" x 48"

WOP3_4/1/13 - Acrylic on Paper - 24" x 18"

Abie Sussman New York, NY morgangaynin.com/sussmanar

I've been a professionally graphic designer and advertising art director for over 35 years. I¹ve done everything from create award winning album and CD covers to successful ad campaign for national and International brands. I¹ve worked or consulted for every important record label Columbia, Atlantic, PolyGram and RCA. I¹ve worked in several ad agencies on a wide range of accounts from airlines to consumer electronic to fashion, to beauty to Swiss Army Watches and I have been a principle partner in an advertising agency. I¹ve either won or have been included in every major advertising award show and nominated for a Grammy for album cover design. All that said I am relatively new to the fine art community and slowly feeling my way. Although I¹ve entered several juries shows as yet only one has seen the wisdom of including me in their exhibit and of course Artist Portfolio Magazine which has done the honor of letting help represent New York in this competition. I have shown locally in Manhattan at the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park in 2010 and 2011 and I¹ve sold to a couple of private collectors who have gone to the trouble of seeking me out.

New Aging - 36 x 53

Indifference - 36 x 53

Get Up and Go to Work - 36 x 46

Seth Scantlen - New York, NY sethscantlen.com

Living and Working: New York, New York Born: Warsaw, IN, 1979. Education: Columbia University, MFA (2008) Columbus College of Art and Design BFA, Painting and Printmaking (2002) Selected Solo Exhibitions: 2010 “Dissolving Dimension” – Chashama - New York, NY 2006 “Circular Reasoning” - Neo-V Gallery, Columbus, OH 2005 “Something Wicked this Way Comes” - The Sky Lab Gallery, Columbus, OH 2002 “Spectacular Ego on Display” - Beaton Hall Gallery, Columbus, OH 2000 “Recent Works” - Addition 13, Columbus, OH Two Man Shows: 2004 "Real Simple" - Mahan Gallery, Columbus, OH 2003 Untitled – BLD Gallery, Columbus, OH Publications: 2012 “Mt Duum” – issue 01 – 4 page spread 2008 “Face Forward: Portraiture in Contemporary Art” - 2 page spread 2006 “Faesthetic #4” (yearly artist publication) - 2 page spread 2003 “My Silver 25th Anniversary...” – a 40 page limited edition book of My Sketch Book works from 2002-2003 on display at the Wexner Center for the Arts Teaching Experience: 2010 Professor, Silk screening, Columbia University, New York, NY 2008 Professor, Silk screening, Columbia University, New York, NY 2006-2008 Teaching Assistant, Columbia University, New York, NY Residencies and Grants: 2010 National Endowment for the Arts. Grants 2009 Artist in Residence, Ox-Bow, School of Art and Artists’ Residency 2008 Columbia University Arts Council Project Grant The Arts Initiative at Columbia University (CUarts) Guest Lecturer: 2011 Pratt Institute, New York, NY 2010 Columbia University, New York, NY

PCS-34 Acrylic, Ink on Vellum 25" x 40"

PCS-29 Acrylic, Ink on Vellum 17" x 14"

opposite page -> PCS-08 Acrylic, Ink on Vellum 14" x 11"

Jordan Schieber Plainview, NY jordanschieber.com

My Name is Jordan Schieber and Photography is my calling, my passion and the way that I view the world. Although I'm only 15 I've been an active photographer for 7 years. My passion is studio Photography though I also like to photograph the obvious as well as themes of the past. opposite page -> Bastidors Photography 3456 x 5185

Catherine - Photography

Beth - Photography

Misteri - Photography

Kevork Cholaklan Los Angeles Peaches II Oil on Panel 27" x 19"

Profile for Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 15 - LA vs NY  

Artist Portfolio Magazine was created by artists for artists. It features artists from around the world, averages over 46,000 unique readers...

Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 15 - LA vs NY  

Artist Portfolio Magazine was created by artists for artists. It features artists from around the world, averages over 46,000 unique readers...