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Jennifer Georgescu , Untitled 1st place, 2011 Photography Contest www.jengeorgescu.com

gallery 207

gallery 207 207 n broadway, ste e santa ana, ca 92701 www.gallery207.org located in the historic santora arts building - http://www.santoraarts.org


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Art from Iran

Various Artists from the World

FOLIO magazine Artist Portfolio Magazine is a free digital online art magazine that contains the art of both emerging and established artists from around the world. The artwork featured in this issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine come directly from the Artists who participated in our 1 Year Anniversary Art Contest at MyArtContest.com. The Winners were chosen not by their status in the art world, but by the merit of their work.

This has been by far our biggest issue to date with over 160 pages and art from over 350 artists from just about every country in the world. We are honored to been choosen to share with you the art from Image and Imagination Artistic Group: an art collective from Iran. This group of talaented artists are able to freely express their artistic talents directly through Artist Portfolio Magazine and we are excited to share their art to you and the rest of the world. Artist Portfolio Magazine was created by artists for artists as a platform to get your art seen. We would like to thank every artist who participated in the various themed art contests over on MyArtContest.com because without the support from these artists, Artist Portfolio Magazine would not exist. We hope you enjoy the art in this issue and if you would like to get your art into Artist Portfolio Magazine then please visit us at the websites below. Artist Portfolio Magazine does not sell art. If you are interested in any of the art in this magazine then please contact the artist directly.

http://www.MyArtContest.com http://www.ArtistPortfolioMagazine.com CopyrightŠ 2012 Artist Portfolio Magazine All contents and images cannot be reproduced without written permission from artists. Artists in Artist Portfolio Magazine and MyArtContest.com retain rights to all images.

The Girl Next Door Charcoal/Acrylic on Canvas with Walnut Branches 74.4" x 49.2" x 20"

Andreea Anghel Cluj-Napoca, Romania http://cigaro.carbonmade.com

BIO: I am currently 23 and as of October 2011 I am studying for my Bachelor's Degree in Graphics at UAD Cluj-Napoca, Romania / ASP Wroclaw, Poland. I'm a visual artist who manipulates photos, paints and draws on various surfaces with all kinds of materials. Recently I've started creating installations as well. Notable Exhibitions: Damned II & III, Detroit, USA (2009 and 2010) - group exhibition "I am Abnormal" - Group Exhibition, Berlin, Germany (2009) Damaged People - Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2011) - Solo Exhibition Human Being (The places of presence) - Venice, Italy (2011) - Group exhibition Crucifiction of Modern Man - Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2011) - Solo exhibition Publications: nEgoist’s “Obscene seduction” art book (2010, Poland) George Canon’s “175 photographers” contemporary art book (2010) Datacolor’s “Colors of my life” art book (2009) ABOUT THE ART/SERIES: “Damaged People” is a series of 6 installations created between January-June of 2011, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and Wroclaw, Poland. The artworks presented include close friends and well-known models. I chose models in contrast to relatively unknown people because anybody can be famous, anybody can be damaged, no matter how good their life is. The five characters represented have a strong, even contagious sexuality, as they are a result of our modern society, which inevitably revolves around sex. Through these works I am questioning who and what we perceive as damaged, because apparently it may happen to anyone, regardless of background or current situation, and whether or not they’re actually damaged, or we just choose to question this based on what we think happens inside them. People transform their bodies in sync with what they’re going through inside. When they exceed socially-accepted limits, they become damaged in the eyes of others, but also interesting to a few who are open-minded. The artworks question making yourself accepted in a society that sees you as (mentally) damaged: being borderline anorexic, having most of your body covered with tattoos, visually exposing what you believe in, trying to be something you’re not, or maybe trying to show people what you really are and, because of this excessive sincerity, people reject you. Regarding the installation itself, the need for branches is supported by wanting to project the inner self of my models outside of the canvas in an expansive and interactive way. I am trying to express the rebirth of a generation, of something new, and I want the public to take part in it by feeling a strong connection to the artworks presented, to the fact that they break the barrier between what’s depicted in two dimensions and what people see as their three-dimensional continuity. The technique used, a loosely realistic charcoal drawing on canvas, is in opposition to the raw branches, and the characters’ interaction with them suggest borderline reality, questioning what we perceive as real (the drawings or their 3d projection and continuity).

Ice Cream Packages Tower Stained Paper with Mixed Media 23.6" x 15.74" x 33.46"

Takanori Aiba Tokyo, Japan http://www.tokyogoodidea.com

Takanori Aiba was born in 1953 in Yokohama, Japan. Studied Japanese traditional textiles and dyed clothing in Tokyo Zokei University. Built a first career as a freelance maze illustrator since 1978. His maze works were serialized in “POPYE”, Japanese fashion magazine for 10 years. Founded his own company,”Graphics and Designing Inc.”, in 1981. Expand a range of his career to a concept maker and art director for architectural spaces. Total production of “Shin Yokohama Chinese Noodle Museum”, “Muse Du Petit Prince De Saint Exupery A Hakone”, “NINJA AKASAKA“ were one of his major works.Since, 2003, He put his mind to create three dimensional art works which combines his knowledge and experience of both maze illustrator and architect. On September, 2010, He had a solo exhibition, “Adventures of the Eyes” at Kakiden Gallery, Tokyo Japan with his works. Kazuko Todate, Art Critic, talks about our exhibition, *1 Works are created through Aiba’s extraordinary fantastic and sometimes even chimerical imaginations. However, they do not look like pipe dreams. In fact people believe that they are real buildings and spaces because Aiba depicts not only the outline but also all of the elaborate details in each works. Though the paintings are flat and two-dimensional, Aiba creates images of the side, back, and even the inside of the buildings. Aiba’s eyes circle around, and sometimes intentionally wander between buildings in the space. His eyes are like those of a bird or like those of wind.” *2 If you explore any small part of Aiba’s works, you find amazing stories and some unique characters. Those works are not just imaginary compositions; it is indeed possible to construct the amusement parks. Murakami, who makes Aiba’s models, is also a civil engineer. He is a realist sharing dreams with Aiba. The early bonsai-type models look like bonsai art. Bonsai reflect the Japanese traditional aesthetic sense of expressing the magnificence of nature in a small potted plant. However, the density of decoration and the rich stories of Aiba’s works contain extraordinary times and spaces which differ from the bonsai world determined by plants physiology. *1*2 “Adventures of the Eyes: AIBA Takanori’s Aesthetics of Space Creation, KAZUKO TODATE, Art Critic” AWARDS 2011-Hong Kong Design Award’ 11 ”Bonsai-B” 2005-Japan Display Design Association Award/ Display Design Award ”Doutonbori Shoutengai” 2002-Hong Kong Design Award’02 “NINJA AKASAKA” 1995-New York ADC Award ’95 ”Shinyokohama Chinese Noodle Museum” 1992-New York ADC Award International “Unix CI design” SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2011-solo exhibition “Adventures of the Eyes”- Kakiden Gallery, Shinjuku, Tokyo 1980-solo exhibition “Maze Metamorphosize”-Sapporo, Kazazawa 1979-solo exhibition “Maze Metamorphosize”- AXIS Gallery, Roppongi,Tokyo PUBLICATIONS 2010-Tokyo Good Idea Development Institute-Nikkei Publishing Inc. 1992-Takanori Aiba’s Maze World -Shin- Hyoron Publication 1992-Maze Metamorphosize <Series of World Masterpieace>, Shin-Hyoron Publication LECTURES 2010-Musashino Art University, School of industrial, interior, and craft design, Tokyo, Japan 2008-Nihon Kogakuin College, Tokyo, Japan

Mona Akbari Kashan, Iran mona_akbari2011@yahoo.com

George Barecca Brooklyn, NY http://www.georgebarecca.com/Gallery_Main.htm

Boy in the Chicken Mask Oils on Canvas 64" x 48"

Michael Ward Costa Mesa, CA http://www.tmichaelward.com/michaelwardartist.htm

Beautify Your City Acrylic on Canvas 24" x 30"

Joan Lamb Midland City, AL Joanlamb001@gmail.com

Oyster Lunch on Dock Acrylic 28" x 20"


Joe Walsh

Aerosal & Acrylic

Montclair, CA

26" x 36"


Mari Yamagiwa Kyoto, Japan http://mariyamagiwa.web.fc2.com

Do You Have to Return? Mixed Media 80.3 x 80.3 cm

Tim Dangaran Livermore, CA http://dangaran.com

White Lace Graphite on Board 20" x 30"

Anna Rose Bain Garland, TX http://www.artworkbyannarose.com

The Prima Ballerina Oil on Linen 24" x 24"

Anna Tihanyi Budapest, Hungary begumchat@yahoo.com

Hommage a' Lichtenstein Photography 90 x 105 cm

John Haverty Savannah, GA Haverty86@Gmail.com

Haunting Shore Ballpoint Pen on Paper 72" x 150"

Todd Pospichal Granger, IN http://toddpospichal.carbonmade.com

Quagmire Mixed Media 5' x 5'

Francene Levinson Boca Raton, FL http://www.francenelevinson.com

Reveal Paper Sculpture 8" x 10" x 9"

Meredith Dytch Chicago, IL http://meredithdytch.com

Through the Looking Glass Oil 20" x 20"

Marylene Camacho Los Angeles, CA http://marylenecamacho.com

Fragments of War Airbrushed Ink on Panels, Wall and Floor 48" x 30" (4 Panels)

Ariel Bowman Flower Mound, TX http://www.arielbowman.com

Orpehus Ceramic 18" x 25" x 16"

Ione Citrin Los Angeles, CA http://www.artbyione.com

Shahrzad Mixed Media on Canvas 50" x 40"

Michael Dumas Peterborough, Canada http://www.natureartists.com/dumasm.htm

Trust Oil on Russian Birch 16" x 10"

Allan Gorman Upper Montclair, NJ http://www.allangorman.com

Big Silver Oil on Canvas 36" x 48"

Saba Soleymani Tehran, Iran Unknown Mixed Media 120 x 160 cm


Bozorgmehr Ejlal Tehran, Iran ejlel_b@yahoo.com

Untitled Photography 50 x 70 cm

Maryam Tabatabaeezadeh Kashan, Iran mtabatabaeezadeh@yahoo.com

Distant or Near Mixed Media 80 x 60 cm


Takanori Aiba www.tokyogoodidea.com


The Lighthouse-A

iran image and imagination artistic group Iranian visual arts have been noticed more than before in the recent years. The increased number of sells in famous international auctions is proof of this point. Iranian art entered a new phase of presenting the works of its visual artists to the world after the commencement of first Christieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s institute auction in its Emirates branch and also with the increased interest of other international auctions in Middle Eastern art. For the first few years most of the clientele of these auctions had mostly been Iranian and Arab buyers, but gradually new audiences from all over the world were added to the previous list of buyers. We have also seen an increased presence of Iranian visual artists in established European and American museums and galleries. This fact verifies the increased interest of the world in Iranian art. On the other hand if we consider the current situation of art in Iran, we undoubtedly will encounter some difficulties and insufficiencies. Among these problems we can mention a lack of systematic introduction of young artists, limitations in freely and desirable presenting artistic productions, the low cost that is paid for buying these works. Image and imagination is an artistic group which started its work in 2011 with the aim of introducing the works of Iranian artists to the world. The primary goal of this group is to compensate for the lack that exists in terms of introducing domestic artists and sale of the works and ultimately it strives to establish a place for talented artists in the international community. In this edition of Artist Portfolio Magazine the works of several Iranian artists have been published. The works of a group of young artists who have achieved their special grammar and are currently looking for further grow and develop their art. Saeed Rezvanian Manager of Image and Imagination Artistic Group

Saeed Rezvanian - Before the Beginning http://www.saeedrezvanian.com

Saeed Rezvanian - Inside https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1304810386

Mitra Bakhshesh - Memoirs artim_art@yahoo.com

Afshin Kusha - Untitled afshinkusha@gmail.com

Elham Nabavi Self Portrait elham_n6752@yahoo.com

Alireza Chitaee Dissection alireza_chitaei@yahoo.com

Ali Moghadam Heydari Continuum amhaidari@yahoo.com

Bozorgmehr Ejlal - Untitled ejlel_b@yahoo.com

Ali Vafaei Nezhad Untitled mona_akbari2011@yahoo.com

Dana Jafari Religion danajafari@yahoo.com

Faraz Falahi My Memories II faraz_falahi@yahoo.com

Eiraj Jalalvand My Birds II http://www.khanehkhorshid.com

Farzaneh Rezaei Dance of Solitude www.rezaeiranianpainters.com

Foad Seyed Mohamadi Untitled foad_sm2001@yahoo.com

Hamid Reza Ghasemi Fard Untitled arghasemifard@gmail.com Hakim Hemadi Untitled hakim.hemadi@yahoo.com

Jeyran Mahdavi - Untitled jeyranmahdavi@yahoo.com

Maedeh Tajafary Moghadam Transformation marjantajafari@yahoo.com

Mansoor Mohamadi Untitled mansoor_mohamadi@yahoo.com

Mansoureh Rezaei Position 1 http://www.rezaeiranianpainters.com

Maryam Tabatabaeezadeh Please Take Me to My Childhood mtabatabaeezadeh@yahoo.com

Katy Brack - Beautiful Detachment

Eduard Kazarian - Moving Towards ...



Ian Kirkpartrick - Crossroads

Nicole Spranger - Blow Me



Valerie Lisyansky - Water http://valerielisyansky.com Jennifer Clay - Insect http://claybyclay.com

Constance Vepstas - Many Screams http://www.flicker.com/photos/cevimages

Denise DiYanni - Rock Face diyannidenise@yahoo.com

Michelle Armitage armitagedesigns@gmail.com

Opening Night

The Conversation

Aimee Hertog http://aimeehertog.com

Bluebeard the Sociopath's Closet, detail #1

Bluebeard the Sociopath's Closet Red Bridesmaid #2

Tammy Novak - Fly Away

Betsy Cochrane - Feather #2



Handoko Luo - Two http://www.facebook.com/handoko.luo Lizzy Cross - Pancake Gradation http://www.lizzycross.com

Kristin Lockhart - Tech 'til Death http://kristinlockhart.com L'Andrae' Bradley - Between Me & You http://landrae.imagekind.com

Julia Pappas - Autumn Rain

Sonja Wise - Doors



Fei Xi “The rhetoric of symbols” itself has been endowed with the theoretical criterion of a kind of “puppet vision” http://www.xifeiart.com

Resheda Pullen - Brothers

Cheyne Gravatt - Baby Boy



Pedro Flores - Be Considerate of Your Teachers

Rachel Simonson - Man Interpretation 2



Kye Kim Mirror, Mirror akim17@saic.edu

Alexandra Markiewicz - Rest in Peace

Theresa Valdespino - Beauty



Gunther Stransky - N ER G gstransky@hotmail.com

Patty K. Wongpakdee - Time & Tide kulruedee@aol.com Leo White Horse - Red Warrior leowh11@yahoo.com

Thanaporn Kongsatith Away with the Bite http://www.aofkongsatith.com

Winyagorn Junthasiri - Portrait from Native https://www.facebook.com/J.WINYAGORN

Branimira Calvanese - Enchantress mirra_bella@yahoo.com

Troy Young Reclining Nude http://troyyoung.nobullart.com

Mark Ragoonathsingh - Agent Orange http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=732710222

Andrew Slackta - Julia Rayne Cloud http://www.slackerart.com

Neslihan Baser - Mask

Gary Price - Blowing Bubbles




Ralph White http://www.RalphWhite.com Amplify

Ione Citrin Los Angeles, CA www.artbyione.com

Spectrum Mixed Media on Paper 40" x 30"

ARTIST STATEMENT: "I dream, therefore, I am" I create art because I must. It is a necessary extension of my life. It identifies and substantiates my existence. It is my profile and my legacy. I want to intrigue and entertain. I want to initiate wonder and questions. I want to communicate my thoughts, dreams and desires. most of all, I want to be! ______________________________________ ARTIST CONTACT INFO:


Ione Citrin 2222 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 2302 Los Angeles CA 90067 phone: (310) 556-4382

Mixed Media on Canvas 40" x 50"

http://www.artbyione.com ICitrin@aol.com

The Rose, Bronze Sculpture, 23"h x 15"w x 13"d

Succulents Acrylic on Canvas 34" x 24"

BIOGRAPHY – “MY ART IS MY VOICE" Ioneʼs art has shown nationally since 1998 when, after years of world travel, a successful television, radio, theatre and film career in the performing arts, she decided to focus her richly diverse talents on the visual arts. Ioneʼs artistic expression, creativity, and passion for communication have resulted in numerous awards for her painting, sculpture, mixed media, and assemblage. Her work has also been featured in several important publications. Ione maintains an extensive exhibition schedule in juried, non-juried, and invitational arts venues. “Ione Citrin is one of the most dedicated artists of our day, painting, sculpting and mixing media with delightful abandon. She turns out piece after piece, and the work has a purity of expression that is rare in an artist that is as eclectic herself.” DATE \@ "MMMM d, yyyy" September 9, 2011Marjorie Kaye, Director – Caladan Gallery, Beverly, MA “Thank you for submitting your work to Montserrat College of Art Gallery. In reviewing your works it is apparent that your creative energy knows no boundary. Your courageous experimentation with a variety of techniques and styles is a testament to your devotion to the arts. I was most impressed with your mixed-media work, which provides the viewerwith the opportunity to enter and explore the environments youʼve created.” Leonie Bradbury, Director/Curator-Montserrat College of Art Galleries. Thank you for your gentle spirit and wonderful talent. I loved your painting in the current show in Korea Town. Thank you for the beautiful catalogue. Your work is amazing. I think you are the most diversified artist that I have ever met. Have a beautiful week. You are an artist who has no fear of any medium.

Never change.” – Tony Clark/Affinity Gallery, West Hollywood, CA.. I am simply amazed at the work you have done. I believe that art is everything. It's a gateway to higher consciousness. It's a statement about who we are as human beings, it's a look into our own subconscious mind, a direct expression of our souls. I have a slogan I came up with called "Life is Art!" I truly believe that Life IS an art and the Creator of all is the master artist. It is infinitely creative and infinitely beautiful. Have a great day! James A. Mitchell – Artist

Tiffany Davis-Rustam - Upwards Through the Brambles http://tiffinityart.com

Patricia McNally - Uncover ... Discover http://art-on-google.com Katie Hubbell Flesh Room kjanstaett@gmail.com

Line Marsdal - Little Chief

Ingrid Arencibia - Banana Boat



Pat Abellon - Spring Herd

Aaron Madden - Faded Memory



Linda Iorio - Facelift Happiness

Lowell Reynolds - Sunny Side Up



Maurizio Rivera - This Was My Life

Kostas Papanastasopoulos - Freedom



Zach Liberman - Hands to Untangle Wire

Sung Eun Park - Graduation Party



Patrick Sweitzer - Octopus

Emily Gumming - Hope for an Untamed Heart



King of Collectibles Bow Tie

The Scavengers

Jen Hardwick http://www.flickr.com/photos/redheadhardwick

Evernus Williams - Drawing a Rose from Water

Rebecca Saffran - A D贸nde va/ Where to Go



Gregory Ingerson - Green with Orange Spikes

Gregory Ingerson - Spherical Transformation



Ronald Biischetto - Oh Brother They're "Sole" Mates http://www.ronaldbrischetto.com

Ronald Brischetto - Shower Time http://www.ronaldbrischetto.com

Helen Zakhtser - Danse de Salon, Esquisse 3

Helen Zakhtser - The Mountain Wreath



Carolina Murillo-Morales - Introspection

Claire Menegatti - Harp II



Shelley Lowell - Fiery Sun http://www.shelleylowell.com

Jennifer Aiello - Hummmm ... jjaiello64@gmail.com

Bridget Jones http://facebook.com/bridgetjonesart Girl in Green

Roger Washington - Good in Every Mess r4brothers@msn.com

Birgül Özçelikci Tasören - Little Ballerinas

Linda Iorio - Girl with Pink Mustache



Andrea Welton - Bubbles

Graham Smith - In the Hood



Viswan Vinod - Bansuri Buddha - The Sound of Silence http://www.ancientarcticowl.com

Gwendal Uguen - Black Hole http://www.centrifugue.fr

Gretel Lapica - Crossing Borders http://www.gretellapicafineart.com

Virginia Lee - White Buffalo Woman http://www.virginialeeart.com

Bryan Dansdill - War bryandansdill@gmail.com

Peggy D'Errico - Ode to Monet

Gilbert Kieffer - American Digital Mythology III



Danielle Weires - Kait

Gabriela Molina - Deadly Beauty



Tsung-Ying Hsieh - Simultaneous teddy0130@yahoo.com.tw

Nicholas Naber - Construction 5 http://nicknaber.com

Elena Mateescu - White Bust http://www.facebook.com/MateescuEArt

Neida Mora-Maus - Leri,Oggi e Domani;Homage to Fibonacci mausaic@hotmail.com

Justin Slattum Forest Thinking http://www.jslattum.com

Elaina Posey - Converse


Jake Wittrock - Removed


Brian Williams - Layer 01

Claudia Moody-Jones - Analisa



Michael Blake - Thirteen


Ashley Peters - The Departure of Architect Forest http://www.etsy.com/shop/ArdentPrints?

Richard Baker - It Matters Not http://bakerstudio.carbonmade.com

Nanci Patterson-Pretzer - Big Bang

Kelly Zhang - Harvest Basket



Sirampuj Choniada - YIM

Puilam Law - Unicorn



Brendon Perkins - Rialto Seastack

Susan Sudbrink - Deconstruction Study 75



Micah Linton Portal http://www.micahlinton.com

Katie Monahan - Wild Orchid

Robert Hendrickson - Kelsi (Before a Mirror)



Raymond Perez - Boys of Summer


Orlando Castro http://orlandocastroortiz.com

Diurno y Nocturno As Good As it Get

RĂŠquiem del Caos

Ivana Dolejs radovan.d@email.cz

Shimabei-Wonderland-Page 1


Walt Curlee

Blackberry Patch Rural Farm Landscape

waltcurlee@bellsouth.net Josh Hozey Alice, Friends Should Make You Wonder Not Wander



Grand Combe Chateleu, France


Plantusbolaris, Peinture Numérique - imprimé sur Aluminium, 120x80cm

Du détail naît la perception Explorant depuis plusieurs années les possibilités offertes par l’informatique, j’ai, petit à petit, élaboré mon propre vocabulaire créatif, allant rechercher l’esthétique picturale au-delà de ce que les logiciels permettent de réaliser de manière simpliste, pour en extraire un moyen d’expression artistique personnel. Mon univers de création s’exprime à travers une écriture empruntée au monde du design graphique et puise son inspiration dans la photographie. Retouchant, déstructurant les images, je les décompose pour mieux les recomposer à ma façon. Analysant l’ombre et la lumière à l’aide de lignes, trames ou motifs, j’élabore des textures et des brosses, disposant ainsi d’une inépuisable palette d’outils de création que j’utilise comme un pinceau sur la toile pour créer des nuances et enrichir la composition de subtiles touches de couleurs et de formes. Je travaille simultanément détail et vue d’ensemble, créant ainsi des oeuvres complexes dont la perception change selon notre éloignement du tableau. Ce qui parait monochrome dans une lecture globale est en réalité composé d’une multitude de petits éléments ou de lignes qui oeuvrent comme des pigments macroscopiques incitant à s’approcher du tableau, à entrer dans l’mage pour se perdre dans les détails. De l’atome à l’univers, tout ce qui nous entoure est le résultat d’un assemblage d’éléments plus petits. Ce que l’on croit lisse apparaît rugueux sous le microscope, ce que l’on voit uniforme est hétérogène, tout est une question d’échelle. Comme un voyage dans le microcosme, je réalise des oeuvres offrant plusieurs niveaux de lecture, pour qu’audelà des apparences, on découvre les pierres de l’édifice. De 1986 à 1998 : Vit à Paris. Etudie à lʼENSAD puis travaille en tant que maquettiste volume, designer et graphiste en agence sur des projets dʼaménagement dʼespaces muséographiques et expositions temporaires. Réalise et met au point un système utilisant lʼimage vidéo incrustée dans un décor miniature en volume - travaille sur le scénario, conçoit et réalise les décors (installations à la Tour Eiffel, événement Chanel au Printemps, magasin Sephora). 1998: Quitte Paris pour sʼinstaller en tant que graphiste indépendant dans le Haut-Doubs. Multiplie lʼutilisation de la photographie et le travail de lʼimage dans ses créations, réalise de nombreux reportages photographiques dans le cadre de ses projets et pour son travail personnel. Au travers de ses projets, il développe son style graphique, associant photo, typographie et recherches graphiques. Conjointement à son travail professionnel, il utilise lʼoutil informatique pour sʼexprimer au travers de compositions numériques personnelles. 2005: Il travaille sur le traitement vectoriel de lʼimage. Une technique qui permet de générer des motifs géométriques dont la taille et la forme varient en fonction de lʼombre et de la lumière du sujet. Il associe très rapidement ses recherches à son travail créatif voyant au travers de cette technique un formidable outil de création lui permettant de développer un vocabulaire dʼexpression artistique personnel. Aout 2010: Expose ses premières créations imprimées sur toile lors dʼune exposition collective de peinture - Grand Combe Châteleu - Doubs Décembre 2010 : Réalise sa première exposition solo à la Galerie lʼEntre-Deux - Morteau - Doubs Aout 2011: Est sélectionné pour participer au Salon International Artistique de Haute-Loire - Puy en Velay

SekoisBins Peinture Numérique imprimé sur Aluminium 98x65cm

Clinton Marstall - Inner Self http://www.clintonmarstall.blogspot.com

Sabina Nore - A Thought http://www.sabinanore.com

James Rodriguez - Just Doodling

Joerg Karrenbauer - Martin2



Marshall Harris - The Hand that Feeds http://marshallharrisstudios.com

Luis Lamboy - Sam

Sabine Blodorn - Above Attatoll



Sona Mirzael - The Tablet of Darius the Great http://www.sonaart.com

Laura Kiro - Waterfall Mountain http://laurakiro.com

Erika Pochybova Johnson - PLAY

Joseph Jusinski - Moonscape



Davyd Whaley http://davydwhaley.com

Kiss Them 4 Me Units and Measures

Andrew Beliakoff - Martian Mother http://www.drewbeliakoff.com Gail Butler - Dog ... Gone Happy http://artid.com/gbutler MOO | Monika Mori http://www.mori-art.at

Sea of Roses | Rosenmeer

Nicholas Young - Tools of the Trade nickdrums@msn.com Domenico Giacalone La libertĂ ...l'idea ....il sogno... dogiacal@hotmail.it

Carolyn McDonald Group Therapy http://carolynmcdonaldfineart.com

Tina Bell - Fallen Tree jimtina.bell2@gmail.com

Rik Jonna - The Red Guitar http://www.avantzato.com

Lawrence Juniper - Flower

Mark Mayer - Lets Call it Boogie-Woogie



Michelle Ferrera Hazy Grainy Daze http://www.MDFerrera.com

Alexander Dimitrov Portrait of a Child http://dimitrovart.com

Joseph Demaree - A Little Bird Told Me http://www.fineartsbaroda.com/JosephDemaree

Craig Cossey - Father and Son http://craigcossey.com

Jennifer Bricker-Pugh Sniper http://www.jenniferbricker-pugh.com

Jill Walkan - Deconnaisance

Patrick Cabry - Frozen in Motion



Fred Andrews IV - The Rebirth of Venus http://artofwarstudios.tumblr.com Pablo Azar - Amor Iiuminado http://www.pablo-azar.com


Old Caked Cog

Jersey's Finest

Allan Gorman www.allangorman.com

Early Light

Andrew Pearce - Harmony http://www.krop.com/andrewpearce

Nina Pancheva-Kirkova - Utopia http://nina.smyart.com

Chan Kwok Hung Goal http://www.chankwokhung.com

Barbara Mastej - Carlos, Bartender at Hinano Cafe http://www.barbaraofvenice.com

Zachariah Holte - Portrait of Ines http://zachariahholte.jimdo.com

Mathias Kniepeiss - The Way Out

John Ransom - Two Red Pools



Nancy Belle - SeaTron

Karem Agraligil - Concealed Order



Jeannie Choe Flowering http://www.choeart.com

Wesley VanDinter http://www.wesfoto.com Siah Opposite Page

Urban Lights Streets of Red

Ricky Sikes https://www.facebook.com/ pages/Ricky-W-Sikes-Jrart/306854762670947

Nathan Higbee - Pieces

Tumadi Patri - Corruption



Stacia Gates - Good

Jason Goldsberry - Parasite



Bev Short - American Psycho 1

Dallas Owens - Daryl



Cathy Fox - September http://www.thevillageartists.webs.com/ originalelements.htm

Daniel Mortensen - Rainbow Bee-Eaters http://www.danieljmortensen.com

Joell Pierre-Paul - The Tree and the Swing

Alexander Ovcharov - Table No. 1



Shari VeDepo - Whirlwind

Lindsey DePra - Untitled



Streets Paved with Water

Roland Morin http://www.morinmodernart.com

Green Eyes

Andrea Rincon - What is Your Story Made Out Of? http://driusk.tumblr.com

John Maiorino - Santa Monica Pier, on Post-it-Note jlmaiorino@hotmail.com

Catalina Ouyang - Pan, the Boy

Bruce Wilson - Portrait on Brown



Matthew Felix Sun - In Distant Country

Lyndol Descant - Corporate Mystic



Taylan Akdag - Change of Culture akdagtaylan@hotmail.com

Senem Demirhan The Boundary Between Life and Death http://www.senemdemirhan.com Kayla Challinor - Journey 1 moonshadow780322@msn.com

Eric Leppanen Belfast, ME http://www.eleppanen.com Eric Leppanen is a Maine artist living and working in Belfast, Maine. Leppanen's interest in physics, the universe and the unknown is depicted in his large abstract paintings. He says "In my experimental art, I take ideas, thoughts, colors, action, materials - add energy and let the paint flow. I attempt to direct its interaction with the forces of nature creating texture and depth that encourages viewers to travel in their minds.” His materials used for art can be found in nature, aside the road or from discarded materials...a sort of upcycling. Eric loves discarded paraphernalia – giving it a new life and purpose. After 16 years working in the corporate world...banking, finance, budgeting and reporting...I was “released” or laid off. I really look at it as if I were released from a prison like world where my life was “ones and zeros”, “black and white” and “accuracy and attention to detail”. After leaving I felt this inner urge to paint with pure energy flow from within. I have never felt more fulfilled in my exsistence then the last two years. I get to paint and create and also run a business. While in school I always dreamed of creating a product and bringing it to market. Art has allowed me to fill both of those goals. My work over the last three years has been composed mainly of recycled materials. I find my paint and accessories aside the road that people discard or in old barns and basements that I clean out. A majority of my canvas, board, media and frames are made or recovered from discarded paraphernalia. I hope my work connects with you and inspires thoughts and emotion. Leppanen says that painting creates a peaceful balance in his life that he will continue to embrace and explore. He lives in Belfast near friends, family and with his wife Linda and two amazing children Brogan and Zepherin. They drive everything he does! Leppanen has been sharing his work at galleries, schools, and businesses in the Mid-Coast, Portland, Brunswick and Bangor, Maine. He is currently represented by Asymmetricks Arts in Rockland with a current Holiday show. Leppanen's work is in private collections and he was recently involved in a creative arts experiment “Resisting Entropy” with Asymmetrick Arts, creating an installation piece using all found materials. You can view more information at www.ealart.com or follow him on Facebook under www.ealart.com. Indebted States of America - Plastic, Paint and Quarters - 30" x 40"

Transition Reclaimed Paint on Canvas 36" x 48"

I am an "action painter" letting the nature of the medium take over, add energy, and try to orchestrate a constellation of effects with paint. I look out to the evening sky, often sitting by a small fire or at the ocean edge, my mind opens and energy for creating grows. I appreciate the lucid beauty of nature, it's imagery created both in precision and serendipity. I hope my work connects with you and inspires thoughts and emotion. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When I am dead and gone my energy will be frozen in time - here...there...somewhere...â&#x20AC;? - Eric Leppanen

Cleopatra Griffin cleopatra.griffin@yahoo.com

Anne Labovitz - Sage II www.labovitz.com

Todd Siegel - What Are We Comparing? http://www.toddsiegelart.com


Megan Steele - Loss of Equilibrium meganlsteele@gmail.com

Mark Ross - Float in Time http://www.markfighterross.com

Joseph Jusinski - Shenco

Susan Toler - Glorious Song



Nancy Richmond - Confidence

Kristine Synowka - Edge of Inspiration



John Pompeo - The Edge http://www.JohnPompeo.com

Scott Sesko - As the Duck Swims http://500px.com/ssesko

Lesley Rutherford - Sincere Gifts: Chinatown, Los Angeles http://www.lesleypaige.etsy.com

Brian Parker - A Toast http://brian-parker.artistwebsites.com

Richard Lund - Distant Gray

Bryana Zurad - Beautiful Tragedy



Queen City Dreaming

Hasaan Kirkland http://kairosindustry.com


Vanessa Wiggins - All Roads Lead to Isis

Steven Sewell - Johna



Rachel Mosey - Self Portrait

Bruce White - Pynq



Rebekah Foord - Born This Way http://rebekahfoord.com

Heidi Cowgill - Numbers http://www.facebook.com/HeidisPaintBrush

Richard A. Moore, III - Dad http://www.rmooresculptures.com

Elysha Gould Destruction Creation http://www.elyshagould.com

Yasuaki Okamoto - Born to Die, Live to Sin http://yasuaki.info

Martin Rocha - Jimi Hendrix http://martinmrochaart.com

Kelley Sullivan - Sweet Absence http://kelleyjsullivan.com

Paula Shaughnessy - Tex Rowe

Kevin Proctor - Santa Fe



Eldred Boze - Verbier Snow eldredboze@frontiernet.net Suzanne Maruska - Fritz http://www.suzannemaruska.com

Song of Amber Light

Almine The Countess of Shannon http://www.paintingsoflight.com

Electric Light

Spaceless Space I

Stacia Gates Tujunga, CA http://StaciaGates.com

Good Photography 18" x 24" From the age of eight, Stacia Gates recalls using art as a form of therapy. Growing up in an unstable, abusive home, she found comfort in drawing. When her mother left her abusive father and raised her as a latchkey child, her passion for art kept her company and gave her self confidence. “I remember as a little girl entering an art contest that I heard about on the radio. It was for an orange drink. I drew this picture of an orange with big lips, and when they announced I had won on the radio, I was overwhelmed.” Ironically, later when Stacia’s mother left her abusive relationships to focus on raising Stacia and her brother, she had to fight yet another battle with cancer and lost. Stacia’s mother died at the age of 37. At 18 years-old, Stacia found herself alone again but this time she had to also take care of her little brother. Aside from working to support her brother and herself, Stacia found solace in studying art design at the local community college. Art was always there to take care of her when no one else could. With so much darkness in her young years, Stacia says she tries to show the bright side of life in her work. “I love color and use it as much as possible. I’m very spiritual. I look at everything in life with color like the energy of the sun --the strongest form of light. I love to reflect the sunlight on glass or water and create images. It fills up my soul and I get lost in it. I can do it forever. I hope my art triggers an emotion and a sense of well being. I hope my work inspires and brings that energy to others when they see it. I hope to generate that spiritual feeling so that they can go into their world and maybe carry some of that positive light or energy with them for the rest of their day.” Today, Stacia’s family life is stable with a supportive husband and two teenage sons. For the last 20 years she has kept up her passion of art with projects for her son’s schools and various home productions. Now that her sons are older, she can finally focus on her art. Last year she started buying canvases and painting seriously. By May she was showing her work at The Happening Gallery in Marina Del Rey. By the end of 2011, her photography was being shown in the Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts. She has continued to win more awards across the country including first place in Art Scene Today for her acrylic painting of a piece appropriately titled “Spiritual Sky.”

Statement; The soul of a child is a precious thing. It can absorb all the light that it form and transcend it into a journey of great joy. But when the soul has no light to absorb it will breakdown and the journey is dark and lonely. As the soul develops it learns that it is very powerful. It takes the dark canvas and splashes it with light and color, creating the journey it needs. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is through light we find our spirituality, and it is key to a peaceful journey.â&#x20AC;?

Happiness - Photography - 18" x 24"

Anthony Castrillon - Beneath the Blue anthonycastrillon@gmail.com

Jennie Brott - Moon Fire slipsy123@comcast.net

Claudia Neumann - Heroes Eclipse http://www.facebook.com/pages/ MC²/188069841224475

Halina Domanski - Las Vegas Streets http://www.halinadomanski.com

Fraser Radford - Psychedelic Forest http://fraserradford.weebly.com

Martin Bustamante - Degrees of Separation

Demaries Isom - Higher Elevation



Judith Krongard - Hummingbird judykron@yahoo.com

Yvonne Lundehøj - PrimÌr Egenskab yvonnelundehoej@gmail.com

Dan Simoneau - Reflecting

Nicole Johnson - At Mercy



Amy Lee - Nala's Pipe

Nate Filipiak - Blue



Seung Baick - Flooded Seoul I

Ally Beck - Angry Arnold



Byron Conn - Demilune

Ed Ciolina - Hell of a Storm



Kaye Evans - Wildwood

Akiva Huber - The Right for Happiness



Jack Azar - Untitled

Miro Tomarkin - The Wrapping



Jennifer Zielinski - Suicidal Dreamer http://syncgallery.org/zielinski.html

Maureen Jamieson - Exaited

Alissa Siegal - Benaglia's Crouching Lion



Danuta Loane - Day at the Beach www.danutaloane.com

Christie Chew-Wallace Chicago, IL www.oilpaintingsbyccw.com

The Incessent Shine Inside, Oil, 36" x 36"

Expressions Worn While Being Touched, Oil, 22" x 48" The innovative artist Christie Chew-Wallace was born in St. Louis, Mo. in 1956. She met her husband, Robert, in high school and they married in 1981. They moved to Los Angeles that same year and Christie began her formal art instruction at a private art school called Mission: Renaissance. Christie has always been interested in creating and has done so since she was old enough to pick up a crayon. Her parents were very proud of her talent but did not have the funding for an art education so they bought her an art course from a T.V. commercial. Christie passed with flying colors! Christieʼs husband was a tad more generous and agreed to fund her education at Mission: Renaissance. She received excellent instruction under the guidance of Mr. Larry Gluck. Along with her private instruction Christie has completed many college courses in the arts from Fulton College, Glendale College in Los Angeles and College of DuPage in Illinois. She has complimented her formal training with a variety of seminars, workshops and panel discussions on every subject from “How to take slides of your artwork” to “How to sell your art out of a tent”. During her education her artwork continued to change and grow from reality based art to abstract. In the midst of all the art schooling and creating Christie and her husband had two children; the artwork slowed a little but never stopped. They continued to raise their children and Christie continued create and participate in shows both locally in California and nationally. In 1990 Christie and her family moved to Chicago. She promptly joined the Chicago Artists Coalition and The Arts Alliance and began to show her work throughout the city and suburbs. She has been in several gallery stables, Gallery 500, the Blue Mule Gallery and Gallery Atlantis to name a few. Christieʼs children are now completing their college educations (one in the arts) and are on their way to becoming selfsufficient adults. She is the proud owner of three English Bulldogs, two of them are certified therapy dogs, she and her Bulldogs work all over the city helping 2 and 3 grade children improve their reading skills through SITSTAYREAD and helping the mentally and physically handicapped children and adults use their minds and their bodies to work with animals and make their lives a little better. This is accomplished through Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy. Christie donates up to four pieces of artwork each year to her favorite organizations, including Treehouse Animal Foundation, NOW, Rainbow and a variety of other worthy organizations who might be having a silent auction to raise money for their cause. nd


Christieʼs family resides in the South Loop of Chicago and Grant Park is her dogsʼ back yard. Her studio is in her living room, spreading throughout the house. She works with oils and acrylics on canvas and is quite prolific as well as inquisitive and moves forward with her art by striving to become more creative and original with each new series. Her paintings fully occupy her time and she works hard to produce art that speaks about her own acknowledgements on life. Contact info: (312) 542-9395


Oliver Nome - Dream and Death and Friends

Thomas Pierson - Weight Straps



Linda Weyl - Steven's 47th

Itsuka Hiraga - John Cornelius O'Callaghan V



Lisa Levasseur - Diamonds & Frills

B. Avery Syrig - Winged Escape



Antoine Faddoul - New York - New York

Linda Tribuli - Masterind



Jessie Trinchard - Untitled

Jacob Crawley - Wild Turkey



Giovanni Greco - Coniuratus Deus Ex Machina http://www.giovanni-pigreco.com

Lauren Gallegos - Gluttony

Steve Vandervort - Tribute to Kevin M Bays



Antoine Saba - Eduardo http://www.ArtbyAntoine.com

Joel Tingle - Talkging Garden http://visioneyezed.com

Fukuko Harris - Construction by the Sea http://www.fukukoharris.com

Kathleen Kaller Invocation http://www.kathleenkaller.com

Jason Astorquia - Distorted http://storksplace.com

Teresa Young Jewel Rise http://www.teresa-young.net

Michael Davis - Centre II http://myspace.com/davis_art

Lyl Favresse-Cohen - Garden Party in White http://www.lyl-favressecohen.com

Ako Jacintho - Festival http://www.akojacintho.com

Loy Khambay - Mango

Bob Craig - Mixed Media Artist



Danielle Ewans - Maya's Friend http://www.zazzle.com/continuous_gifts


William Francis Brennan http://www.william-francis-brennan.com


Pierre Duranleau - Baby Wormwood

Pierre Duranleau - The Martian Princess



Jennifer Hodges - Synergy Dimension927@gmail.com Jennifer Hodges - Light on the Inside Dimension927@gmail.com

John Zimmerman - Pipes of Notre Dame johnzimmerman@videotron.ca

Bob Craig - Cosmic War Bonnet http://www.bobcraigcollage.ca

Dennis Faherty - War Monger

Belinda Fair - Check Mate

http://www.cultureinside.com/homede/e-space.aspx/ %20Artist/coltscoach56


Cristina Calhoon - Green Lady

Lara Brechun - Lyle



Johnny Otilano - Strawberry Fields http://www.johnnyesjotilano.com


Maryam Zarnegar - I Get the Same Color

Masoud Jazani - Mental Architecture 2



Mitra Mobinzadeh Untitled mtabatabaeezadeh@yahoo.com

Mohammad Karami - Untitled morsasong@gmail.com

Mojib Mohamadi - Untitled http://www.mojibmohamadi.com

Mona Akbari Untitled mona_akbari2011@yahoo.com

Roja Aboutalebi Qoghnous (the Secular Bird that Burn, but Born Another) roja_star_1359@yahoo.com

Roya Etemadifar Untitled royaaaetemadifar@gmail.com

Saba Soleymani Unknown Soleymanisaba_peace_s@yahoo.com

Sadegh Hosseini - Paradise

Saeedeh Hatami - Untitled



Saeedeh Karegar - Earth Downfall saeedeh.karegar@gmail.com

Shiva Sadat Akhavi Beginning shiva_sakhavi@yahoo.com

Zeinab Mohseni Untitled http://www.zmohseni.com

Santora Arts Building

Southern California's premire artists colony in the Santa Ana Artists Village.

207 N Broadway Santa Ana, CA 92701

17 Artist Galleries/Studios to visit inside a historical landmark


1st Saturday of every month visit all the galleries from 5-10 during the Santa Ana Art Walk

Profile for Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist Portfolio Magazine - Issue 6  

This has been by far been the biggest issue to of Artist Portfolio Magazine with over 160 pages and art from over 350 artists from just abou...

Artist Portfolio Magazine - Issue 6  

This has been by far been the biggest issue to of Artist Portfolio Magazine with over 160 pages and art from over 350 artists from just abou...