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Publisher: Ben Walker Editor: Ingrid Reeve Writers: Deborah Johnstone Tim Ruane Sarah Kate Jorgensen

Artist Portfolio Magazine is an art magazine that contains the art of both emerging and established artists from around the world. The artwork featured in this issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine comes directly from the Artists who participated in the Anniversary II art exhibition at The Winners were chosen not by their status in the art world, but by the merit of their work. Artist Portfolio Magazine does not sell art. If you are interested in any of the art in this magazine then please contact the artist directly by clicking on the link under their name.

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from the Publisher Artist Portfolio Magazine celebrates two years of art packed magazines and this is the biggest magazine we have published to date. In this issue we have over 230 artists and more than 250 works of art, plus an interview and a couple of art reviews. I would like to give a special thank you to all the artists who participated in our Anniversary II Art Exhibition because without the artists this magazine does not exist. To all the art collectors, art enthusiast, art galleries, art museums and those who browse Artist Portfolio Magazine searching for that one artist or that one amazing work of art; we hope we have been helpful and thank you. I can始t forget to thank our writers in this issue and on our art review blog: Sarah Kate Jorgensen, Deborah Johnstone, Ingrid Reeve and Tim Ruane. Thank you all for your contributions in helping make Artist Portfolio Magazine what it is. Thank You

Steve Wilda

Interview by Ingrid Reeve

APM: Hi Steve, thank you so much for taking a moment to tell us more about you and your work. We’re huge fans of your work and were blown away by the beauty of Coffee Break. Can you tell us more about this piece? Wilda: It’s an honor to have been chosen for the cover of Artist Portfolio Magazine, thank you very much. Primarily, objects in deterioration appear in my work. Textures and character of objects that develop through time and neglect fascinate me and drive me to create art. Since last working in the medium thirty years ago, Coffee Break was my second acrylic painting. That being the title, I wanted to leave part of the painting incomplete, suggesting the artist had likewise taken a break. The dark foundation was the logical decision, and also enhanced the contrast with the lace doily. When initially arranging the composition, the doily was draped straight across, but appeared too pedestrian. Once I squeezed it together accordion-like, that gave the picture an added grace. The table objects were found at a century old trash site, the tarnished spoon inside of the halfcup added a touch of amusement. APM: It is a very graceful composition. This being your first acrylic painting in 30 years what can you tell us about the process for this painting? Wilda: I always work from photographs I’ve taken, composing in the camera, rarely making any major changes later. A tight, preliminary drawing is always the first step in my artwork. With the still life paintings, I refer back to the actual objects for additional details if necessary. I’m working directly on the white board throughout the entire painting, I don’t lay in basic color values. Applying glazes works for me generally, but there are instances where I use thicker opaque paint, especially with heavily corroded objects for instance.

Coffee Break Acrylics 24" x 16.5"

APM: Will you continue painting with acrylics? Wilda: Yes! There’s a still life series I’m excited about, a large number of paintings with various themes, all in aged wear. The objects, titles are there, waiting to be painted. APM: What can you tell us about your background and life before rediscovering acrylic paints? Did you draw or paint with a different medium? Wilda: I knew art would be my life at an early age. I had no formal training, for years I was a freelance graphic artist. My fine art career began with the millennium. Having a great passion for the black and white image, graphite was my medium of choice for a decade. It’s an undervalued art medium, plus I quite enjoyed the challenge of working without the use of color. Large drawings could take upwards of three or more months to complete, much more involved for me than a painting. With the graphite drawing subjects, it was ‘the discovery’ that was exciting, the icons of ruin in the rural environment, abandoned houses, rusted trucks, trains. This extensive series of still life paintings I’m now producing feels more creatively controlled with composition possibilities, lighting, what perspective works best, etc. Finding those unique objects in disrepair that now relate together for a particular theme is still the most invigorating part of the creative process. For me, those finds are like discovering gold, though they may be a bit tarnished. APM: So the theme of decay began with the graphite drawings and continued into this new series of paintings. It sounds like the search for what to paint is really an adventure for you. The final product (painting or drawing) is refined, like gold, but the appreciation for those discovered objects really comes through in the painting. Are there artists that influence your work? Lemon Drops Acrylics 19.5" x 29"

APM: So the theme of decay began with the graphite drawings and continued into this new series of paintings. It sounds like the search for what to paint is really an adventure for you. The final product (painting or drawing) is refined, like gold, but the appreciation for those discovered objects really comes through in the painting. Are there artists that influence your work? Wilda: Undoubtedly, Andrew Wyeth. Discovering his work in my teenage years was an instant soul bond. His subdued, often near monochromatic palette, the contemplative portraits, the intimacy of simple objects, all of these things were an immediate connection. His pastoral environments were familiar and similar to mine, being a native New Englander, living in a farming community. I had the great fortune of meeting Mr. Wyeth ten years ago, one of the most memorable moments of my life I must say. A drawing of mine is part of the Farnsworth Museum’s collection. It is of Andrew’s brother-in-law, a docent at the Olson house, and has been on display inside of that house in Cushing, Maine. Maxfield Parrish I also greatly admire. His work, of majestic grand oaks, rock Parade of the Metal Soldiers, Graphite, 30" x 18" formations, idealistic vistas, often romanticism while at other times whimsical in nature. Both artists are very different, but such inspiration. APM: Amazing! We’re huge fans of Andrew Wyeth and James Welling, who is also deeply inspired by the work of Andrew Wyeth, is the focus of a wonderful art review by Sarah Kate Jorgensen for our blog. I can see Wyeth’s influence in your color palette and Maxfield Parrish in the poetic nature of your compositions. Besides here and over at the galleries, where can our readers enjoy your work? Wilda: I’m a member of the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic and Allied Artists of America, both in New York City, and others. It’s always exciting to be involved with those national juried exhibition organizations. Also, in the autumn of 2015 at the D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts in Springfield MA, I’m curating an exhibition of pencil artists. It’s a fantastic, diverse group including two pencil sculptors. Here is a link to my website: APM: We’d love to see the shows and want to encourage all of our readers in Springfield, New York and surrounding areas to head out there and see the show in person. Past the Destination, Graphite, 23.5" x 17"

Steve Wilda Hadley, MA

When We Get a Little Older Acrylics 16" x 10"

Tai Taeoalii Murray, UT Statement: "Using techniques cultivated from urban influences and concepts spawned from my admiration for Salvador Dali and obsession with the Pop Cultures of the 20th Century, my goal is to bring to fruition a visual experience that is honest & hopefully profound." - Tai Bio: Tai is an American/Samoan mixed-media artist and award winning filmmaker from Salt Lake City, Utah with international recognition. His admiration for the arts at an early age led to experimentation with many art-forms including tattoo, graffiti, comic illustration, sculpture, music and film. His most recent body of work uniquely combines the use of ballpoint pen, spray paint, acrylics and marker inks and provides a refreshing visual experience. Subscribing to the defiant and raw spirit of urban influences, Tai has forged an unlikely union between the liveliness of Street art and the conventionalism of Fine Art. Tai has sold thousands of his original pop art pieces worldwide and recently he has been touring with his wife and two children, selling his work at art festivals across the nation, while generating a wide variety of collectors and winning a multitude of awards for the accomplishments he's made with his craft. In 2010 Tai wrote, produced and directed the feature film Darkroom which is now available on DVD.

If You Want to Fly, Let Go of the Thing's Weighing You Down Ballpoint Pen, Spraypaint, Stencils and Marker Inks 36" x 60"

Onomatopoeia: Sounds of Science Ballpoint Pen, Spraypaint and Marker Inks 30" x 60"

Organic Boba Accompanied by a Ring-Tailed Lemur Ballpoint Pen, Spraypaint, Stencils and Marker Inks 16" x 30"

Geniuses Keep Their Bright Ideas Close Together Ballpoint Pen, Spraypaint and Marker Inks 20" x 30"

Justine Serebrin New Orleans, LA

When Birds Bloom Oil on Translucent Paper 25" x 20.5"

Seaweed Tree House in Winter Oil on Translucent Paper 14" x 11"

Origin Oil on Translucent Paper 23" x 17"

Justine Serebrin Artist My ultimate goal is to inspire, encourage imagination, evoke passion, awaken the sleeping creator in each soul and ultimately help unite the planet through the universal language of visual art. I am interested in painting abstract, surreal worlds, landscapes, seascapes and everything in between, which only exist in the imagination. I am inspired primarily by nature and the life force that drives growth, change and evolution. It is this unseen experience that I find humbling yet majestic. It is what connects us all to one another and what I hope to delicately unravel in each painting. I grew up along the coast of Southern, California which is where my affinity for the ocean was born. As a child, I spent countless hours snorkeling in the seas of Hawaii and California. The effect this had on my imagination has greatly impacted the work I create. I am currently living and working in New Orleans, LA and will soon be traveling to countless oceans to broaden and enhance my next series of paintings. _______________________________ Please feel free to contact me anytime: Some Bodies Mixed Media on Translucent Paper 42" x 72"

IAM Independent Art Museum

Carroll Fitzpatrick Goose Creek, SC

Construction/Reconstruction Acrylic, Charcoal, Ink, Gesso, Wine, Shoe Polish, and Coffee on Unpimed Canvas 108" x 54"

Order/Reorder - Acrylic, Ink, Charcoal, Wine, Galss, and Gesso - 108" x 54"

GayLynn Ribeira Brookline, MA

Memory Oil and Graphite on Board 24" x 24"

Dreamer Oil on Board 24" x 36"

Michiko Ito - Gardena, CA

Across the Universe - Oil on Canvas - 60" x 84"

Country Roads Oil on Canvas 60" x 48"

Shifra Levyathan Ramat-Gan, Israel

The One Who Got Away Photography 55 x 45 cm

City in a Glass Photography 70 x 50 cm

Luis Alderete San Ysidro, CA

Musa Oil on Canvas 48" x 24"

Pirata - Mixed Media/Paper - 18" x 24" Diptych

Catherine Danae Luthersburg, PA

Concealment Two Performance Installation

Concealment One Performance Installation

Stephen Anderson Santa Ana, CA

It's Worth a Double Take Collage on Hand Cut Wood, Plastic 24" x 17" x 7"

Appropriately Complex Collage on Hand Cut Wood 41 3/4" x 31" x 6 1/2"

Dan Pyle West Hollywood, CA

Predicament Charcoal Drawing 28" x 34"

Saving Time Charcoal Drawing 11 1/4" x 11 1/4"

Tim Hughes Chicago, IL

Edwin J. Hughes Acrylic on Canvas 25" x 32"

Cocktail Hour Acrylic on Canvas 29" x 32"

Tamara Robertson Nacogdoches, TX

Ethereal Rhapsody Paper 36" Diameter x 8"

Lake Currents - Mussel Shells - 50" x 4"

Patrick Chandler Wayland, MI

Skullpture Welded Steel 48" x 24" x 20"

Not Quite Finished Limestone and Steel 18" x 10" x 12"

Michelle Stoute Fair Lawn, NJ

Twisting Vase II Ceramics 17.5" x 9" x 9"

Twisting Rocket Ceramics 14" x 8.5" x 8.5"

Tanatorn Buranasinapin Maueng, Thailand

Miss You Too ... Salvador Digital 120 x 80 cm

Bodhilattva and the Self Mortification Man Digital 120 x 80 cm

Veronica Jaeger Pharr, TX

Fallen 2 Oil on Canvas 48" x 60"

Fallen 1 Oil on Canvas 48" x 60"

Maria Angeles Gonzalez Tijuana, Mexico

Anecdotes V Bees Wax, Oil, Metal Paper, Carbon on Canvas and Wood 36" x 36"

Anecdotes II. Bees Wax, Oil, Metal Paper, Carbon on Canvas and Wood 36" x 36"

Gina McCormick Bancroft, MI

Shark vs. Army Men Oil 18" x 24"

Godzilla vs. Army Men Oil 18" x 24"

Ulrike Scheuchl Laguna Beach, CA

2 Hours Digital Photography 16" x 24"

40 Percent Digital Photography 16" x 24"

Noemi Kosmowski Glenwood Springs, CO

Morning Sun Oil on Canvas 30" x 40"

Ewa Grapefruit Oil on Canvas 30" x 40"


Bushwick: At Alchemyʼs Edge by Deborah Johnstone

Bushwick Collective Wall Mural - Photo Credit: Deborah Johnstone

Get off the L train at Jefferson Street in Bushwick and youʼve suddenly entered a mythic landscape – nothing like the regimented, urban sprawl of Manhattan. Block after block of abandon industrial brick gyrates with vibrant graffiti – each brick wall more fantastic than the next. The art acts as marker, a signal that you have entered a zone where transformation is a state of mind. During seventh annual Bushwick Open Studios (BOS), the streets were busy; all the hip new restaurants were packed, and the denizens were raucous. From Friday, May 31st to Sunday, June 2nd, BOS hosted over 600 events including: exhibitions, individual studios, performances, musicians and designers. BOS is a testament to sheer determination: the all-volunteer organization pulled together a massive and complete guide to every single studio and event over the three-day fest. READ FULL REVIEW

Jennie C. Jones: Higher Resonance The Hirshhorn Museum May 16th- Oct 27th, 2013 by Tim Ruane

Jennie C. Jones pushes the world of art to a new place. An African American artist, Jones does this with her minimalist show, “Higher Resonance," which turns a room of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington D.C. into a neat, pristine place. Jones shows three works on paper, two sculptures and more than ten paintings; she also adds something novel and powerful. Like a director of silent film, Jones accompanies her works with organized unusual sound: recomposed avant-garde African-American music—uncanny, futuristic, jazzy kind of stuff.

photo info: Jennie C. Jones, Bold, Double, Barline (variation #1), 2013. Photo: Cathy Carver

Jones begins her show with the works on paper, and she ends it with her sculptures. Structuring her show like this, Jones shows a certain genius. Her works on paper, a triptych, are passive, light, soft and even innocent, with mild long curving lines. They welcome viewers to the show giving them a sense of comfort and calm. Her sculptures are masculine—compact, firm, stout, with strong curves and powerful grooves. They usher the viewer away from the most powerful part of Jonesʼ show -her paintings- while reminding those who have experienced the show that they cannot live forever in a space that transforms them. They must return to the real world with its inevitable harsh realities. READ FULL REVIEW

Dorian Monsalve - Spirit of the Jungle

William Francis Brennan - A Man with His Monkey

Davyd Whaley - Orphan Maker

Wenli Liu - My Pieces of Clouds

Katelyn Abernathy - Untitled

Princess Tan - Mermaid - Princess I

Diana Patterson His Heart Beat, As His Spirit Burst Sarah Murphy - Eve

Valyry Finnerty - Flooding

Danielle Kirby - Blind Contingency

Judy Sprague - Old Mill Pigeon Forge

Gene Newell - Soft and Lovely

Rochelle Abraham Donkeys of Peru

Addie Fisher Ferris Wheel

Maghan Holton Lost #1

Eonju Jeon Wind Blown

Katy Brack I Left My Soul There, by the Sea

Stephania Kim - Flan

Haoyu Shen - A Man with Cross

Erin Shackelford - Beginning to See Clearly

Zainab Ali - Birth of Kronos

Ilea McGee - Moth

Deborah Stabile - Suits

Lyndsey Warren - Teamwork http//

Judith Czapak - Vortex

Deb Houston - Chemistry

Phil Andrey Zanoulou - Energy

Divya Rajasekaran - Diguised

Eric Isaiah Eggleton Somerville, NJ

Soul Eyes Acrylic and Black Sharpie 50" x 25"

A Sunset Over Mountains Acrylic Paint, Black Sharpie, Acrylic Ink & Pen 25" x 42"

Amaka Nzeadibe Take Your Mask Off Ellen Benfatti - Georgia on My Mind

Louise MacDougall Springtime Clouds Patchwork Louise MacDougall - Midnite Alive in the Forest

Denise DiYanni Fairy Water 2

Nate Weatherby - Happiness 12.12.12

Aimee Cozza Divide

Betina Schnaid Festival in the Forest

Ngoc Phan - Self-Portrait

Phil Scally - Of Being V

Sona Mirzaei - Ceres

Juan Roger Bethke - L.A. Liquor Store Scene, Wildfires Present

Katrina Kelly - The Coat Ala Leresteux - I Dare You

Matthew Tanzi - Burlesque Miltiadis Igglezos - Electronic Map I

Mary Gaspar - Wanderlust

Zeliha Kayalar - Lillies

Shadrach Ensor - Exhibit Shocked

Ezgi Y端ksel - Child Syndrome

Brett Mason - Isolated Contemplation

Jerard Chapman - Surroundings

Andrew Giulio - 5150 56

Celeste Ruby - Untitled 2

Aazam Irilian Mesmerized.

Eleanor Schnarr Nike

Kristina Chan Obelisk

Greta Grigorian - Madonna

Spyros Kolyvas - Untitled

Amanda Coe - Presence/Absence

Guerin Wolf - Amazing Grace Claudia Samper - Searching for Elmo

Nicole Owen - The Native's First Knight

Viola Litvinova - Time

Steven Garcia - Shh Beaker Box

Gayatri Mahesh - Solitude

Aldyn Alexander Disclosure Future with a Cyber-Mask

Cat Wooley - Hi Tea

Allan Rosen-Ducat - The End of the Field

Jennifer Newstat - Egyptian Turquoise

Katherine Thorell Lady Isabella

Victor Valente Comedia

Linda Peterson Returning Home

Rosemary Bonnin Blue Horse

Jazz Rode - This, Too

Sabine Blodorn - El Mundo Nuevo

Sean Ruttkay - Yesterday

Cora Grettenand - Jota William McSherry Pan's Nightmare

Neal McDannel - A Day in the Life Mary Wahr Lemons Nikki "Sticky" Farris - The Demon Inside http://www.facebook.nikki.farris.16

Gary Johnson Jr. Minula

Ralf Kopp - Daughters of Eve 01

Athanasios Papadopoulos - The Pose Shawn Kawa Allambie (to remain awhile)

Nicholas Allen Feeling Nostalgic https//

George Liang Cowboy Rodeo

Natasha Laxton Morning Wake Up

Christian Garcia Bright Eyes

Gerardo Blancarte - Nevermore

Frank Courtney - Marilyn

Kimia Arya - Untitled

Isaac Arambul - Puzzle Lovers

Cathal O'Malley - Valley Sheep

Keith Milton Mitchell - Tik Tok Tik Tok Tik Tic Time Quake

Hugo Daniel Kiekeben - Selin

Laura Temmes - Angry Birds

John Dunkleman - Shan 1

Emi Ohta - 201301-2

Sharon Rodriguez - A Star is Born

Michele Agung - Honu and Tang

Laurie Tylec - Droplets

Brandy Bryant - Mind of an Artist

Minh Hang - Lotus

Courtlandt Swartz - Harley

Amber Rody - Surrender

Stacey D. Miller - Star Crossed

R Bruce Brennan - Endless Journey

Haiyi Huang - Self-Portrait

Erin Beachy - Tree

Jennifer Feagler - Dirty Words

Emilie Riggs Iceberg 19

Keri Warner At the Market

Susan Dooley - Casings Lisa Ricondo - Poppy Fields

Carob Bradlyn - 99% Claudi Moody-Jones - Gemstones

Ellen Edwards - Jimi

Ver贸nica Giraldo Canal Saudada (Nostalgia)

Lona Moody - God Complex I

Yukihiko Nishijima - Flower Girl

Monica Meas - Dear Journal

DeAnne Olguin Williamson - Eternal

Daniel Edward - Focal Lantana

Christie Chew-Wallace I Sing the Tornado of a Stark Heart

Armin Mersmann - The Simplicity of Silence

Minh Hang - Oxygen

Justine Duhayon - No Title: Travel of a Mind.

Rachael Rendon - Hidden

Christopher Rice - Entanglement 1

Candace Primack - Nostalgia

Diana Zhao - A (Perspective) Focus in the Middle of the End

Sedel Anne Washing Machine

Rachel St. Angelo Wanna Play?

Aazam Irilian - Meditation Michael Nicholson - The Guardian

Jennifer Anttila - Black & White Rock Face Tülay Çakır - Untitled

Alex Kang - Dia de los Muertos Hyunmoo Lee - Self Portrait

Jerry Ray Orr - History Lesson

Kristoffer Ziegler Salvation Drip

Ione Citrin The Knitter

Anyes Galleani - Judgement

Matthew Felix Sun - Liberation Road

Sue Coyle - La-Di-Da

Josue Roman - Self Portrait

Jihane Mossalim - The Walk

Fulvio Celico - Embrace

Janice Sich - Embankment

Nancy Belle - Metatron

Necla Yilmazseker - Walking Keith Dillon - Desire and the Jack of Hearts

Jared Conley - Infusion Vedran Pasalic - Crucified Saint with Holy Horses

Loretta Zaganelli The Indefinite Color of Light

Leyla Munteanu Broken

Steven Sims - Explorer

Barry Teague - The Walrus

Maciej Zabawa - The Butterfly Effect Ladan Baradaran - Untitled

John JP Morrissey - KO

Linda Tribulli - Smile

Vera Mercurio - Home Invasion

Eleni Andronis Ibrahim This is Who I Am ...

Cathryn Coffman - Twisted

Kendra Wright - North Brewer Street

Kendra Wright - Charlie Vettiner

Robert Hughes - The Struggle

Erika Baez - Tooth Decay

Alexander Exhevarria Lady Liar-Pants

Nancy VanNoppen - In Essence #1

Anya Rubin - Where Do We Come From

Bob Craig - City Lights

Lauren Hume - Exodus

Teri Nittler Watching the Giant with Falcon Eyes

David Bender - I Don't Have Words

Marisa Aceves - Winds 1

Jessica Matousek - The Unconscious Mind

Striking Out Toward th

Shirley Verrette he Sublime in a Vessel Constructed of the Commonplace

Christopher Gray - Magnetic Field #3

Rachel Wooldridge - In the Eyes of a Cat

Runcie Tatnall Rocket Morton

Justin Cooper - The Machinist

Joy D'Orsay - Peace Out Girl Scout

Iona Irimescu - Creep

Mark Garcia - Ortiz

Terence Kneale - Spring

Lorenzo Mini - IdentitĂ Perdute 01

Nicole Brenton - Death of a Street Mop

Madina Ziganshina Liberty

Laura Voth - Crow Child

Rich Smukler - Heart of Texas

Lucyna Kolendo - Corpo Solido Christine Anziani - Pinocchio

Alexander Landerman Rabbit Soup

Sonni Brickhouse - Dodging Bullets

Christina Madison - The Bricklayer's Daughter

Christine Dana - Open Eyes

Peter Bullock - Impressions of the Wright Ridge Fire

Liliane Cohen-Favresse - Woman with Red Boots

Moritz Jaeger - Cube Head

Davina Hsu Blue Smoke Bum-Bum

Justin McElroy Port of Tomorrow

Meredith Nichols Paul

Helen Houghton School Play



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