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David Bender Upstate


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PHOTOGRAPHY ENTER NOW Jennifer Georgescu Untitled #2, from "Sand, Stones, Dead Leaves & Bone's" Series Cover Artist Issue 5 Photography Only Issue


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issue 7

PORTFOLIO magazine Artist Portfolio Magazine is a free digital online art magazine that contains the art of both emerging and established artists from around the world. The artwork featured in this issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine comes directly from the Artists who participated in various art exhibitions throughout the year at The Winners were chosen not by their status in the art world, but by the merit of their work. Artist Portfolio Magazine was created by artists for artists as a platform to get your art seen. We would like to thank every artist who participated in the various themed art contests over on because without the support from these artists, Artist Portfolio Magazine would not exist. We hope you enjoy the art in this issue and if you would like to get your art into Artist Portfolio Magazine then please visit us at the websites below. Artist Portfolio Magazine does not sell art. If you are interested in any of the art in this magazine then please contact the artist directly.

from the Publisher Wow! Is all I can say about the amazing art we have received at In this issue we received well over 1000 works art from all corners of the planet and the quality of the art is truly amazing. As our online art exhibitions continue to grow, it becomes harder and harder for us and our jurors to pick the top art submitted. It seems to be somewhat subjective and if you have entered an art exhibition and your art was not chosen, do not let this discourage you in any way because the next juror may have a completely different perspective and background in the arts. Keep on creating and learning your skill because art is a way of life and is always evolving.

CopyrightŠ 2012 Artist Portfolio Magazine All contents and images cannot be reproduced without written permission from artists. Artists in Artist Portfolio Magazine and retain rights to all images.

Joseph Crone Indianapolis, IN

Statement With the intention to explore through realistic technical drawing, Joseph Crone seeks to further convey the significance of the human mind through his artistic process. Crone starts from a single, intense human experience, often reflecting moments of a hazy nostalgia or nightmarish delusion heavily influenced by Film Noir and the elements that bind an earlier period in time, and then begins to develop an intensified narrative stemming from these influences. All scenarios are then uniquely scripted for each still, then reenacted and recorded through the collaboration of model and camera. Numerous photographs are taken in order to capture the ideal tension Crone seeks to portray, creating a sense of cohesiveness that runs throughout his work like chapters in a thought provoking novel. With the assistance of jeweler始s magnifying glasses and other varying techniques, Crone proceeds to use methods of pressure based drawing on layered, frosted acetate to recreate the finalized photograph that has seen its way through multiple stages of editing. Unlike conventional drawing on paper, the transparent quality of the acetate enables the colored pencil to penetrate the surface with a higher depth of contrast and saturation often seen in colorized photographs. White thermoplastic board, utilized as a drawing table with just the right amount of cushion, allows every thoughtfully placed line to show through. Although a seamless pattern of mark making is essential to achieve this heightened sense of realism, accidental or stray marks are inevitable yet kept in order to demonstrate his drawing process. These combined elements help to compose his vision of an altered realistic, viewing environment that assists these gritty narratives, aspiring Crone to further develop and capture with each subsequent work of art.

Off the Beaten Path Colored Pencil on Frosted Acetate 7" x 9"

Paula Dixon Los Angeles, CA

Portraiture has always been, for me, a way to tell a story by bringing an aspect of a person to the surface in an almost narrative environment. This photo is part of an ongoing series about the ways in which women allow themselves to be treated. It is titled "Mother In A Dog Cage" because the subject is, in fact, my 65-year-old, twice-divorced mother. The door, you will notice, is not locked; she is in this prison of her own accord, and she doesn't completely seem to mind it.

Mother in a Dog Cage Digitlal Photography 24" x 30"

Nick Kushner Binghamton, NY

As discussed on Playboy Radio, printed in Bizarre Magazine, featured in LA Weekly, and interviewed on A&E's Biography, New York based artist Nick Kusher has garnered attention from both the major and alternative press for using a most personal pigment - his own blood. Kushner likens his work to "Art as modern-day alchemy by the literal and complete immersion within it, using the most personal and symbolic medium innately possible." His art, which tap into the darker recesses of the human psyche with esoterically surreal imagery that is driven not only by his knowledge of the occult, but by life experience as well, has been exhibited across America and published throughout the world. in downtown Los Angeles at Studio ServitĂş marked Kushner's first solo art exhibition. Sponsored by Jade Absinthe, Evil Wine, Lip Service and Monster Energy Drink the opening night was DJed by Twiggy Ramirez (Marilyn Manson bassist/guitarist/songwriter) and boasted an attendence of over 500, including Marilyn Manson himself who world premiered the public listening of his forthcoming album Born Villain. Kushner's exhibition, entitled 'Les Crimes De L'Amour', ranked as #4 on LA Weekly's 'Top 10 Badass Parties of 2011' year in review, beating out high profile events such as the Playboy Mansion's Kandyland party and others celebrated Kushner's major followup as a collaborative exhibition between himself, award winning photographer Anthony Silva and legendary magician and illusionist Rudy Coby. Among other celebritries, artists and musicians, Ginger Fish and super-model Janice Dickinson were distinguished guests at the opening. In 2012, Kushner's painting, 'Maldoror', was recently featured on the cover (which he also designed) of the new Russian edition of 'Les Chants de Maldoror', a work which is considered to be the first ever surrealist novel. 'Maldoror' will also be displayed the Museum Of Fantastic Art in Vienna in April 2012. Kushner is additionally a lifelong pursuant of the occult. He authors the site The NACHTKABARETT, a site which is an analysis and dissection of the occult imagery within the art of Marilyn Manson which is scheduled to be published in book form by a major publisher.

The Immoralist (Seul Contre Tous) Blood 22" x 30"

Zel Brook Corvallis, OR

Self Portrait on Dysfunctional Wheelchair Mixed Media 50" x 40"

Allan Gorman Upper Montclair, NJ

Red, White and Blue Oil on Linen 36" x 36"

Marcus Pierno New York, NY

Albie Oil on Canvas, 16" x 20"

Natasha Natale Adelaide, Australia

Decomposition (Series I) Blown and Sandblasted Glass 20 x 5 x 3 cm

Sabine Blodorn Broadbeach, Australia

Blue Belly Button Acrylic/Glitter/Collage 30 x 30 x 4 cm

Joseph Moniz Acushnet, MA

Reverie Oil on Canvas 23" x 19"

Katya Nurutdinova Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Gott ist Tot, Viva la God Collage 594 x 420 cm

Masri Hayssam Florence, Italy

Clouds Falling Mixed Media - Oil, Acrylic Pigmenti, Charcoal 50 x 40 cm

Shelly Sol Fima Tel-Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Unknown Photography 28.5 x 20.5 cm

Michael Williams Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Mirrored Reflection No. 3 Oil and Watercolor on Canvas 2 Canvases, 108" x 96" (216" x 96" Overall)

Stefanie Etow Chicago, IL

Untitled (Oysters) Digital Photography, Empty Oyster Shells, Bubble Wrap, Shampoo, Woldflowers and Red Netting 851kb

Krystina "Raelynn" Cutler Blair, SC

Sweetness Follows Acrylic 30" x 40"

Sona Mirzaei Los Angeles, CA

Circa 1919 Mixed Media on Canvas 48" x 72"

Michael Hemphill Los Angeles, CA

Portfolio Presentation Assemblage 24" x 48" x 8"

Markus R

Untitled Acrylic on Canvas 36" x 36"


Untitled Acrylic on Canvas 36" x 36"

Cyryl Zakrzewski Poznan, Poland

Eternal Struggle Tree Bark, Chess Figures 50 x 50 x 50 cm

Clash of the Titans Oil on Panel 16" x 16"

Tim Ripley - Chicago, IL

Courtney Murphy Ashburn VA

Staccato Oil on Panel 22" x 30"

Brigid Russell Savannah, GA

Female Type Acrylic on Army Combat Uniform 60" x 36"

Leyla Munteanu Windsor, Canada

Self Portrait 2010 Mixed Media 15" x 30" x 6"

Neal McDannel Hilton, NY

Untitled Vision Lithographic Drawing 22" x 26"

Joseph Crone APM: Joseph, thank you for taking time out of your schedule to do this little interview and congratulations on having your art, Off the Beaten Path, selected as the cover art for issue 7 of Artist Portfolio Magazine. Can you give is a little insight as to,why you drew this and what was your motivation in this drawing? JC: Thanks again for selecting my work to be showcased for the cover of APM’s Issue #7. It’s quite an honor to say the least, especially with all of the unique talent that entered the contest. As for my drawing Off the Beaten Path and the development for the piece goes, I had originally finished this piece specifically for a group show that took place earlier this year at the Stutz Art Space, which is located here in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. The group show was titled10 Yards and coincided with this year’s Super Bowl, so ultimately each participating artist had the opportunity to select from ten iconic Indianapolis locations and interpret them in their own artistic fashion. In my case, I selected the Monon Trail, a highly active greenway surrounded by woods that had previously operated as a railroad system. Since I’m a huge fan of film Noir and the early 1900’s, I figured that I would recreate a classic case scenario of suspense and mystery through a voyeuristic eye. So in the end, I wanted to leave it up to the viewer to decide for themselves what exactly is going on within this blurred environment. You’re probably asking yourself if I have any idea what’s really going on. Quite possibly, but I don’t want to spoil any future companion pieces just yet.

APM: What is your creative process and your medium of choice? JC: My creative process tends to be pretty straight forward, so here’s a quick summary of how I operate from start to finish: Heading into the process with a rough script and my Nikon 5100 DSLR, I take multiple staged photographs of each model in site specific environments and then proceed to capture a more intense mood through changes in highlights and shadows via digital manipulation, i.e. Adobe Photoshop. With the use of Prismacolor Verithin colored pencil over frosted acetate, which is also my medium of choice, I lay in flats of tones and textures with circular patterns. Since the frosted acetate has the ability to pick up subtle textures, I work on a vertical white thermoplastic board that allows just enough cushion between surfaces that supports the ranges in the lights and darks without jeopardizing the layer of acetate. From there on, I pencil in the meticulous detail throughout each area with the assistance of jeweler’s magnifying glasses and then finish up by creating sharp highlights through the use of an electric eraser until I get that warm, content feeling inside which usually means I’m finished. And that’s the basic approach of my creative process. Prisoner of One's Device 16" x 20" Colored Pencil over Frosted Acetate

While the Cold Night Waiting 18" x 11" Colored Pencil over Frosted Acetate

APM: Why art? What is your main reason for diving into the world of art? JC: For some reason this is such a simple yet somewhat difficult question for me to answer without sounding cliché. I’ve been entertaining myself within the arts since a very young age; I never have really given myself any other option but to pursue art. I have roots as a farm boy from a small historic town in Indiana that is literally called Farmland, which had little to do with the art world. It was difficult to find a creative outlet, so I built worlds around me with action figures and other various objects that interacted with my given surroundings, communicating through the means of drawing what my eye perceived. I still visit that art world I created on occasion to remind myself of why I make art. So I guess, in summary, art is a part of my makeup and to be without it would be like having my drawing hand removed. It has always been there. APM: And lastly; where do you see yourself and your art in the future and where can one find your art right now? JC: Over the next few years, I will continue to push myself as an emerging artist in hopes for a more prominent position in the art world, all while seeking gallery representation outside of Indianapolis. Don’t get the wrong impression, residing here (Indianapolis) has been great for my artistic development, exposure as an artist, and camaraderie between those in the local art scene, but representation doesn’t really exist as of now. As far as where you can find my work, there is a handful of ways you can do so. Currently I occupy a studio space through a one year residency program thanks to the Stutz Artist Association and their generosity. I also have an end of year solo show at wUG LAKU'S STUDIO & gARAGE in the Circle City Industrial Complex and a couple of group shows beforehand. You can find more information in regards to those shows, finished drawings as well as works in progress, and my contact information all on my website, I enjoy visitors whether online or in person, so feel free to connect.

Inside Job, 10" x 7", Colored Pencil over Frosted Acetate

Decaying Consciousness 14" x 25.5" Colored Pencil over Frosted Acetate

Lindsey Jackson Orlando, FL

Rescafria Madrid Summer 2012 2 Digital Photograph 2.2mb

Lindsey Jackson Orlando, FL

9 Weeks Digital Photograph 2mb

David Bender Brooklyn, NY

Nicole Oil 16" x 16"

Alison Oil 16" x 16"

Kayli Rideout Concord, NC pages/ KayliRideoutArt/2294138404 46378

Self Portrait 3 Colored Pencil 15" x 21"

Kayli Rideout Chunt Colored Pencil 16" x 21"

Concord, NC

Katherine Rohrbacher Los Angeles, CA

La Petite Fleur Oil on Board 48" x 36"

Amanda Rombach Philadelphia, PA

Kent Ellingson Oil Paint 20" x 15"

Armando Cabba Montreal, Canada

Kim Oil on Canvas 30" x 40"

HeeJae Lee Tulsa, OK

Boxy Foxy Pastel 18" x 24"

Kerri Warner Sacramento, CA

I Have Walked a Mile in Her Shoes Collage/Acrylic on Wood 36" x 48"

Lindsey Crabtree Oldtown, MD

Today's American Gothic Acrylic

Ruel Pascual Thousand Oaks, CA

Love Remains the Same Oils 24" x 36"

Madeline Richards Montreal, Canada

Your Word is My Bond Graphite and Ink on Paper 12" x 31.5"

Sarah Swenson Gowrie, Australia

En DĂŠsordre Photography 16" x 10"

Carly Govind San Francisco, CA

Chaz Charcoal 18" x 24"

Melisa Fauceglia Aquara, Italy

Wosauski Oil on Wood 9" x 7"

Anna Mendes New York, NY

Rose Oil on Canvas 4' x 6'

Kye Kim Chicago, IL

The Mask and I Oil Paint 22" x 39"

Lewis Isaac Testa Massapequa, NY

Contemplation Pastel 11" x 14"

Michael Dumas Peterborough, Canada

Daydream Oil in Russian Birch 7" x 5"

Sarah Murphy Pittsburgh, PA

My Secret Self Pencil, Pastels, Pen & Sharpie Marker 11" x 14"

Nan Liu Tallahassee, FL

Before and After Painting Self Portrait Oil on Canvas 60" x 60"

Aristeo Jaure Fort Collins, CO

Keep Right Oil on Canvas 24" x 48"

Fang Tong Surrey, Canada

Christmas is Coming Photograph 849kb

Dani Pozo Madrid, Spain

Sarura Photograph 7'1" x 5'

La Pluie Acrylique 60 x 80 cm

Gaetan Dupuis

Douai, France

La Peur Acrylique 80 x 60 cm


Metro 2



80 x 60 cm

80 x 60 cm

Juan Roger Bethke Valley Village, CA

Man with Tattoos, 40 Ounce, and a Fox Oil on Panel 13.5" x 17.75"

(Juan) Roger Bethke is an Illustrator based out of Los Angeles, California, and has a highly eclectic interest in retro art and Science Fiction. My personal artistic style merges classic comics, science fiction, underground & retro art together. My experience spans from comics, story boarding, and caricature art to commissioned oil paintings for distinguished patrons. I have currently work as a freelance Storyboard Artist with Storyboards Online/ Interactive Art Services Inc. I have produced Storyboards for several major TV Commercial campaigns for companies such as Ebay, Reebok, Chevy Motors, Baskin Robbins and other major brands. On the technical side of my work, I have an avid interest in oil painting. Most of the full color pieces on my Illustration page were painted in oil. The rest of my work utilized digital painting and hand-drawn comic book techniques, and a few are purely digital paintings.

Maghan Holton - League City, TX

Inadequate Housewife # 2 Digital Photography 6" x 4.75"

I am currently a photography student living in Denton, Texas, originally from Houston and I love spending my Summers and Winters there visiting family and friends. I really enjoy taking pictures of the places and spaces that I live in because I love the personalities that come out of domestic spaces.

Magdalena Cooney - Seattle, WA

Connection Watercolor and Pen & Ink 15" x 20"

ARTIST STATEMENT I am a self-trained artist whose wish is to create art that evokes emotion through color and abstract organic pattern. I have worked with various media types over the years: I started with pen and ink, then moved to acrylics, and after much trial and error, settled on watercolor. I have enjoyed working with each style for different reasons, and moving onto a new media has always been bittersweet. Ultimately, I have ended up with a style I am most comfortable with and which most reflects who I am as an artist. Developing a style I can call my own took some time, but it has been a wonderful process where I was able to learn not just about the different styles and applications, but in the end, I have learned a lot about myself. Watercolor has opened a new world of possibilities for me. I love how playful I can be, let my imagination go wherever it wants to at that moment and see what happens, and there is always an element of surprise. My approach to watercolor is quite untraditional in its abstract form as well as my choice to paint on mixed media board instead of traditional paper. I still enjoy painting on paper at times, but my favorite surface has become the wonderful mixed media board for its versatility and more modern finish. ARTIST BIO Magdalena Cooney was born and raised in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) by professional artist parents. Her father was a well known theater set designer, puppet maker and children始s books illustrator, and her mom was a theater set painter and industrial design artist. Magdalena spent most of her childhood under communism where the lack of materialistic possessions she now believes fuelled her young mind始s imagination and made of her the artist she is today. Growing up among artist parents and their large group of creative and expressive actor, writer and painter friends, she felt constantly challenged and inspired by them. They were her first critics and never held anything back. She has been living in the United States for the past 14 years and spends her days taking care of her young children and during any free moment, painting and trying to establish her art career.

Jasmine Collins Villalobos - Greensboro, NC

Compassion - Eyes of the Heart Series Coffee 9" x 11"

Jenny Meyer Austin, TX

Dr. Shoes Acrylic on Canvas 16" x 12"

Mark Hosmer Anaheim, CA

Mom & Pop #1/Palm Market Oil 36" x 32"

A.D. 1906, Oil, 27" x 41"

Maghan Holton - League City, TX

Inadequate Housewife # 1 Digital Photography 7.47" x 5"

Juan Roger Bethke Nerve Tonic Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

Valley Village, CA

Katie Broyles Atlanta, GA

Fate in the Hands of a Child Mixed Media 36" x 27"

Johwey Redington Loves Park, IL

Opus 6, No. 1 Altered Book 12.5" x 9.5" x 4"

Eric Peterson

I have been a reasonably dedicated artist since I was very young, but it was not until I was 20 years old that I knew it may take me a good fifty years of practice to come anywhere close to realizing some of my most inspired ideas. Being nearly 31 years old now and having worked in many different mediums since then, such as clay and digital art, I know that the relationship between an inspired idea and the quest to master technique is a crucial one. Even at my least inspired, attentive repetition in practice can lead to innovation. Fleeting ideas can turn into stories or whole worlds with an endless list of potential details. This fuels my passion. I will live the rest of my allotted lifespan continuing on this path.

2008 Digital Creation Awards Honorable Mention 2005 Masterpiece in Motion international snowboard art competition Grand Champion.

151 Digital Painting 1000 x 1600 pixels 2012

Wang Xiang Zhai Ballpoint Pen and Paper 35.6 x 43.2 cm 2012

Debra Houston Portland, OR

Red Blooms Oil 24" x 24" x 2"

Melanie Nogawski Pacific Palisades, CA

Hidden Treasures Acrylic/Mixed Media 18" x 24"

Ana Filipović Utovac Keik, Croatia

Let Me Dream of Her Arcylic on Canvas 150 x 100 cm

Lindsay Carron Los Angeles, CA

Predatory Ballpoint Pen on Paper 11" x 17"

Geoffey Schorz Brea, CA

Scivia Mixed Media 18" x 25" x 11"

Michael Hemphill Los Angeles, CA

Transfer Assemblage 13" x 34"

Adi Zur - Thornhill, Canada

Abstract Sweetness Mixed Media 48" x 36"

John Box Colorado Springs, CO

Venice Canal Art Photograph 12" x 16"

Greta Grigorian Los Angeles, CA

Street Prophet Acrylic, Paper, Masonite 8" x 10"

Sabine Blodorn - Broadbeach, Australia TumbaRumba Synthetic Polymer 80 x 80 x 4 cm


Katherine Rohrbacher - Los Angeles, CA

Shift Oil and Glitter on Wood 36" x 36"

Sydunkit Digital Collage 15" x 20"

Vincent Mattina - Long Beach, CA

Thanasatith Kongsatith Nonthaburi, Thailand

Chary Creature Oil on Canvas 35.5" x 15.7"

Junsoo Kim San Francisco, CA

Sense of Loss 1 Oil on Canvas 18" x 24"

Junxian Poon - Los Angeles, CA

Self Portrait (Triangle) Plaster, Spray Paint and Acrylic Paint 14.5" x 34" x 34"

Andrew Park Ellerslie, MD

Texting & Driving Oil and Charcoal 8" x 10"

Joseph Demaree - Ranchita, CA

Harmonica Under Firewood Oil 24" x 24"

Jiang Yue Temecula, CA

Indian Girl Oil Painting 16" x 20"

Susan Bolen San Andreas, CA

Red Couch Acrylic on Masonite 18" x 24"

Rollence Patugan - Los Angeles, CA Elly Photography 12" x 12"

Ben Walker

Ingrid Reeve

Bitch - Acrylic on Canvas Paper

Pool - Oil on Canvas

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