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PORTFOLIO magazine ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE Is a free independent online art magazine that features emerging and established artists from around the world. Artist Portfolio Magazine was launched in 2010 and is a juried art publication with an open submission process. In this issue you will find the art from our 2017 Q2 Art Competition with118 pages of art from some very talented Artists from around the globe. Please enjoy this issue and feel free to contact the Artists directly if you have an interest in their art.

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c o n t e n t s page 6 Anya Anti

page 10 Sam Dolman

page 12 Joshua Talbot

page 16 Honorable Mentions

Anya Anti - Brookly, NY

Anya Anti is a New York based internationally published and award winning photo artist who specializes in on-location fine art and conceptual female portraiture. Originally from Ukraine she moved to United Stated in 2014. Anya's been into photography since 2009 and as a self-taught she gained all her knowledge and inspiration through social media and online photography communities. A year-and-a-half later, she started creating fine art surrealistic female portraits, which became her preferable genre and a hallmark of her work. Installations, costumes and Photoshop manipulation help Anya to embody her fantasies into a finished piece of art. She shoots mostly with old vintage manual lenses like Helios and Petzval. Their imperfections help her be more creative and achieve that dreamy effect. As a workshop instructor, Anya has already taught in different countries. She has showcased her work at exhibitions and been published all around the globe. In 2015 she was a lucky winner of Broncolor GenNEXT sponsorship and took 2nd place at Fine Art Photography Awards Professional Fine Art category.

Last Flight - Photography - 3714x3714px

Foxes - Photography - 5062x5062px

Tree - Photography - 6615x6615px

Sam Dolman - Chesterfield, UK

I have always been a keen artist but it wasn't until after University whilst pursuing a dull career in Accountancy that I realised my true calling. I started painting seriously when I moved to Spain. The sunsets were spectacular which I painted from a villa in the southern mountains. When I returned to England, the Peak District motivated me in a different way... One day I stumbled across some cows whilst photographing the landscape. It was my first real encounter as I leant over a fence. Soon they had all come over to give me a lick and say hello. Cows, with their intelligence and curious nature remain my favourite animals to paint to this day. Nature provides me with a constant source of inspiration. I often spend considerable time with the animals I paint; they all have unique personalities which I try to capture in oil paints. I work very slowly, my paintings are usually worked on over several months to allow drying in between different layers. Nowadays I paint entirely on wood. I use synthetic brushes, carefully blending each brushstroke into the next to create a very smooth finish.

Maggie Oil 16x20

Joshua Talbot - Los Osos, CA

From humble beginnings in Georgia, Joshua Talbott's early experiences in scenic art for film and theme parks led him to New Orleans where Josh sold paintings on Royal Street to people from all over the world. Connecting with a group of artists in an this environment resulted in a path to technical refinement. Stormy weather inspired an empty pocket trip cross country and introduced Josh to the beauty of the southwest and California. Josh lives in a small coastal California town. Audiobooks are always going while he paints, fueling an insatiable curiosity. In addition to painting, he loves his garden and can often be found afloat on the ocean. I live in a small coastal California town and my little home is my studio. Where I sit to paint there is a bookshelf of oddities looking over my shoulder. Things I have built or collected over the years, old books, rubber dinosaurs, and scraps of paper that are markers for various ideas. These are artifacts of a genuine and playful curiosity. These odds and ends in this little world of my bookshelf will sometimes fall into relationship with one another or take on a different context. I like the idea that nothing"is" on it's own but rather identity is reflected from relationship. I enjoy seeing how people tell the stories for these still life paintings and show themselves in the process. This is part of my process of rediscovery that keeps me deep in a weeds of ideation. Ideas are magic. Taking one to completion means five more knocking at your door, till eventually you just take the door off the hinges. I work hard to refine my eventually you just take the door off the hinges. I work hard to refine my humanity, pushing the envelope on sincerity and transparency.

The Picnic - Acrylic - 26x36

Fossil Fuel - Acrylic - 36x48

Hot Pursuit - Acrylic - 24x36 Entropy - Acrylic - 24x36

Lisa Taylor - Nashville, TN

Yummm... - Oil - 6x6

Mmmm... Oil 10x20

Patrick Santoni - Angers, France

Lost in Paradise, Last - Acrylic - 27.6x27.6

Swedish Children - Acrylic - 31.5x31.5

Shana Levenson - Albuquerque, NM

Home - Oil - 22x36

My Butterfly - Oil on Panel - 47x41

Thomas Acevedo - Dorchester, MA

Cloistered - Acrylic on Canvas - 24x30

The Protege Acrylic on Canvas 24x36

Vivian Antonini - Suwanee, GA

Fauve III - Mixed Media - 30x30

Fauve I - Mixed Media - 30x30 next page ->

Marie Poirier - Villebon Sur Yvette, France

Spem, La RĂŠsignation Photography 80x100 cm

Spem, La ColĂŠre Photography 80x100 cm

Agnieszka Glowacka - Lodz, Poland

Crepuscular Zeal - Mixed Media - 120x50 cm

Western Encounter - Mixed Media - 50x130 cm

Deandre Norman - Wixcom, MI

Native Ghost - Acrylic on Wood - 36x48

Exodus Love Soul Mixed Media Collage 54x37

Joshua Gogarty - Pacific Grove, CA

Origins - Acrylic - 50x50

Bootlegger - Acrylic - 16x20

Barbara Martin - Hillsboro, OR

Kick it Up - Acrylics, Oil Pastels, Pencil - 12x12

Laser Chicken (Carpe Diem) Arcylics, Oil Pastels, Pencil 24x16

Jonah Welch - Austin, TX

Bathroom Legislation - Ball Point Pen, Colored Pencil - 4x6

Horses & Centaurs - Pen, Copic Ink - 14x17

Hannah Williams - Glen Falls, NY

George Michael - Oil - 12x24

Temptress Oil 24x36

Stephen Mangum - San Francisco, CA

Fetish - Oil on Canvas - 50x50

Lady Fillmore Oil on Linen 72x48

Emily Thompson - Doylestown, PA

Jiffy Car Wash - Oil - 12x12

Manny's - Oil - 12x12

Shi Ting Han - Lewisville, TX

Dusk - Oil - 20x24

Path - Oil - 24x30

Michael Ballesteros - Downey, CA

Chinatown - Photography - 2000px

Chinatown Photography 2000px

Wei Feng - San Francisco, CA

Impressions of Rhythm 2 - Watercolor - 11x17

Impressions of Rhythm 3 - Watercolor - 11x17

June Kim - Los Angeles, CA

Intersection - Plexiglass Acrylic Sheets and Red Thread - 6'x6'x1'

Intersection (Detail) - Plexiglass Acrylic Sheets and Red Thread - 6'x6'x1'

Randall Stoner - Orange, CA

The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Wood Sculpture 20.5x30x7.5

Steam Age Gunslinger Wood Sculpture 21.25x13.5x6.75

Brooke Borcherding - Seattle, WA

Best Coast - Acrylic - 24x30

next page -> Sixth and Pike Acrylic 36x36

Ryan Waldman - Seattle, WA

The Whimper - Micron Pen and Sharpie - 8.5x11

Dogfight - Micron Pen and Sharpie - 8.5x11

Michael Jicha Philadelphia, PA

Lady in Waiting Photography 20x24

Oshun (African Goddess of Wealth) Photography 20x24

Kathy Morton Stanion - Girard, OH

Horse Spirit Mixed Media on Sintra 20.5x20.5

Journey of Wonder Mixed Media 25.25x16.75

Sara Hupas - Krakรณw, Poland

Matrix - Glued Cardboard - 40x34, 5x7 cm

SOURCE - Aluminum - 21x20x3,5 cm

Leon Robertson - Dallas, TX

Fly Like Paper in the Wind - Mixed Media & Found Objects - 24x24

Elevate - Mixed Media & Found Objects - 24x24

Isabelle Samberger - Le Cernix, France

Sans Titre 3 Acrylic & Marker 100x65 cm

Sans Titre 4 Acrylic & Marker 100x65 cm

William Francis Brennan - Zossen, Germany

On the Edge - Oil - 60x80x2 cm

On the Jetty - Oil - 90x90x2 cm

James Bush - Scottsdale, AZ

Roadrunner on the Fly - Acrylic on Plywood - 24x12

Weary Rabbit - Acrylic on Plywood - 12x18

Gayla Worrell - Half Moon Bay, CA

Point Reyes Shipwreck Photography 16x20

Jim Haller - Berryville, VA

Side Effects Ink & Pills 22x28

Just Some Lady Pen & Ink 12x17

Masahiro Ito - Tokyo, Japan

Fluctuation World - a1.8 - #1 - Photography - 483x329mm

Fluctuation World - a1.64 - #4 - Photography - 483x329mm

Debbie Horton - Irvine, CA

Xoxochilta - Tissue, Acrylic - 12x12

Warrior Spirit - Tissue, Acrylic - 30x30

Minhee Kang - Seoul, South Korea

12 Memoirs - Monofilament, Reflective Yarn - Installation at Fort Adams, Newport, RI

Gene Jimenez - Orange, CA

Elsewhere - Acrylic on Canvas - 18x20

Masai - Acrylic on Canvas - 40x40

Tajana Blinja - Toronto, Canada

Gabriel, Uriel, Michael - Clay

Jophiel - Clay - 8x9

Adam Chaplin - Stephenville, TX

Cygnets - Oil - 24x48

Barbara Lawrence - Santa Cruz, CA

Horses in Vineyard - Oil on Canvas - 30x40

Cypress in the Sun - Oil on Canvas - 36x36

Konstantine Angelsopoulos - Astoria, NY

Burnside - Oil on Canvas - 20x22

RFK West - Acrylic, Silicone on Canvas - 20x20

next page -> Kelley Sullivan - Bozemon, MT

1 - Sea Wraith Acrylic, Charcoal, Gel Pens on Canvas 20x40 2 - Will-o'-the-Wisp Acrylic, Charcoal, Gel Pens on Canvas 40x20

Tenterhooks Acrylic, Charcoal, Gel Pens on Canvas 36x24



Emily Halpern - La Jolla, CA

Onwards Valhalla - Oil on Linen - 40x40

Neurotic Exoriations - Oil on Linen - 76x76

Deborah Griebel - Reno, NV

Heron - Pen & Ink - 14x17

Pisces Pen & Ink 14x17

DM Davis - Las Vegas, NV

Overcome - Digital Photo Art - 1500x1500px

Greetings - Digital Photo Art - 1500x1500px

MagdĂŠleine Ferru - Labarthe, France

Glacier Art: The Hole - Photography - 90x60cm

Glacier Art: Hands - Photography - 90x60cm

Keri Joy Colestock - Pingree, IL

I March to My Own Beat Recyled Found Objects 37x15x16

Stop in the Name of Love - Recycled Found Objects - 33x38x20

Dale Lewis - Hastings, MN

Out of Africa Stainless Steel Flatware 12 ft

Slim, The Elephant - Welded Mixed Metals - Life Sized

Marlene Rye - Florence, MA

Expansion - Pastels - 12x30

next page -> Forest Medley Pastels 19x19

Erika Pochybova - Lubbock, TX

Reach Out - Acrylic - 48x48

Healing Hands - Acrylic - 48x48

Michael Goldman - San Francisco, CA

Urban Pictograms - Street Signs Reflective Printed Vinyl, Aluminum Sheet & Sign Hardware 10x10x2

Park Bench Galv. Steel, Reflective Vinyl, Aluminum & Misc. Hardware 22x18x8

Ulrike Scheuchl - Laguna Beach, CA

Traffic Stop - Photography - 16x24

Flour Power - Photography - 16x24

Cory Still - Gilroy, CA

America's Pastime - Markers - 15x11

Shaken, Not Stirred - Markers - 11x15