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Anna Rose Bain Lee Munsell






Issue 2 - Spring 2011 ArtistPortfolioMagazine.com



4 Cover Allan Gorman - Montclair, NJ “On Old 17” Oil on Linen 36” x 24” http://www.allangorman.com

A Bit About Our Cover Art

18 Lee Munsell

Our Cover Art was selected out of many great pieces entered into the 2011 international juried Cover II Art Contest. After much deliberation we chose this piece because it exemplified what we were looking for: something memorable, beautiful and unique. All we knew about the artist when we awarded him first place was that we loved his work; nothing more, nothing less.

21 Realism

Allan Gorman Brooklyn, NY born Allan Gorman has always been passionate about the aesthetic of things -- first applied to his career as a celebrated advertising, branding and marketing guru, and now with a parallel career in the fine art world too. Only exhibiting his works since 2009, Gorman’s unique point of view and engaging style — a nostalgic exploration (ala Hopper and Sheeler) of place, time and mystery applied to industrial objects and architecture — is now being exhibited widely and with increasing interest, with solo exhibits in both 2010 and 2011 and two more planned for 2012.  Gorman's work was also chosen as part of the 2010 NJ Arts Annual at the NJ State Museum in Trenton,    for a major three-person event at The Perkins Art Center in the coming year, and for a feature story in Poets and Artists Magazine.  Largely selftaught, Gorman took his first painting course with celebrated artist Power Booth (now Dean of Painting at University of Hartford) at NYC’s School of Visual Arts in the mid-1980s.  More recently, he’s studied with artists Gary Godbee and David Kapp, and was been awarded a month’s residency at the Vermont Studio Center in Jackson VT in March of 2011. Copyright©2011 ArtistPortfolioMagazine.com All contents and images cannot be reproduced without written permission from artists. Artists in Artist Portfolio Magazine and MyArtContest.com retain rights to all images.

30 Anna Rose Bain

34 Group Show

50 Portraits III



Issue 2 - Spring 2011 ArtistPortfolioMagazine.com


ABOUT US Artist Portfolio Magazine is a free digital online magazine that contains the art of both emerging and established artists from around the world. The artwork featured in this issue comes directly from the winners of various themed and juried international art contests held at MyArtContest.com in 2010 and 2011. Each winner was chosen not by their status in the art world, but by the merit of their work. Artist Portfolio Magazine and MyArtContest.com would like to thank every artist who entered, especially those featured in these pages. Without the wonderful works from these artists, we would not have Artist Portfolio Magazine. We are grateful for their contributions. If you are interested in buying any of the artwork is in this issue, please contact the artists directly. We do not sell art, but we do promote artists through Artist Portfolio Magazine and MyArtContest.com. We hope you enjoy this unique collection of artists and artwork. To view current art contests or to enter one of our current art contests, please visit www.MyArtContest.com. ArtistPortfolioMagazine.com





Allan Gorman Montclair, NJ http://www.allangorman.com



Martyna Wolna - Ruda Slaska, Poland http://www.wolnamartyna.bee.pl

“Blue Pompon”


Acrylic on Canvas 97cm x 97cm



Adrian Wong Chicago, IL http://www.adriankaywong.com Graphite Pencil 7” x 12”


COVER II ART CONTEST editor’s choice awards

Chuck Light - Los Angeles, CA “Untitled” 14” x 14” - Mixed Media http://chucklight.tumblr.com

Adrian Wong - Chicago, IL “Portrait of First Pet (Unconditional Love)” 10” x 8” - Graphite Pencil http://www.adriankaywong.com


COVER II ART CONTEST editor’s choice awards

Matthew Felix Sun - Berkeley, CA “The Song of Orpheus” 30” x 24” - Oil on Canvas http://matthewfelixsun.com/home.html

Cecil Williams - Fort Gratiot, MI “Nocturn” Oil on Canvas - 36” x 30” http://www.artwanted.com/ artist.cfm?ArtID=46580


COVER II ART CONTEST editor’s choice awards

Lorie McCown - Fredricksberg, VA “Moving Water” Fiber - 36” x 47” http://loriemccown.com

Cherry Calcote Duncan Dallas, TX “Silent Roar” Water Mixable Oils - 36” x 36” http://www.cherichan.com


COVER II ART CONTEST editor’s choice awards

Donna Abbate - Los Angeles, CA “Napoleon’s Rabbit Army - 1st Lieutenant” Oil Paint on Canvas - 9” x 12” http://www.abbateart.com

Sophie Pickard - Benton, UK “Consolation” Photography - 1.2mb http://www.sophiepickard.co.uk

COVER II ART CONTEST editor’s choice awards

Yvonne Lundehøj - Vemb, Denmark “Astmatikeren” Painting - 60cm x 80cm http://www.lundehoej.info

Allan Gorman - Montclair, NJ “Zim” Oil on Linen - 40” x 30” http://www.allangorman.com

COVER II ART CONTEST - honorable mentions

Jason Limberg - “Hiles” http://jasonanthonylimberg.wordpress.com

Priscilla DeFilippo - “Cotton and Candy” http://www.pdefilippo.com

Kristine Ballard - “Make Mine Mad!” http://kristineballard.com


Sara Richard - “Noatzin Muse” http://www.sararichard.com

COVER II ART CONTEST - honorable mentions

Catherine Graham - “Childhood Dance” http://www.wix.com/catherineleagraham/memories-haven

Kenneth Hadlock - “Hierophany III” http://www.kghofsf.com

John Silva - “Light Suspended in Time” johnnysilva78@gmail.com Deno Angelopoulos - “Chowchilla” http://www.doastudio.com


COVER II ART CONTEST - honorable mentions

David Reyes - “Serenity” http://www.paintingsilove.com/artist/davidreyes

Benjamin Childress - “Untitled” http://www.flickr.com/photos/benjaminchildress

Kristen Michael - “The Price of Loyalty” gummy_gators9@hotmail.com

Donna VonVolkli - “Panthera Tigres” http://donnarae.smugmug.com


COVER II ART CONTEST - honorable mentions

Christie Chew-Wallace - “MyRainbow Becomes Static when I Focus on You” http://www.christiechew-wallace.com Sandra Segovia - “Ocean” segoviart@gmail.com

Amelia Lewis - “Fire Escape (Untitled Red)” http://amelial.com/home.html

Hella Maas - “Sunny” http://www.hellamaas.nl


Rebekan Foord - “Blossom” http://rebekahfoord.com Anne Bond - “Overcoming Her Fear of Flight” http://spotlightrose.deviantart.com

Andrew May - “Of Dreams of Contortionism” http://www.bluecanvas.com/andrewmay

COVER II ART CONTEST honorable mentions

Sabine Blodorn - “Intergalactic Treasure Hunt Bendicoot” spart334@yahoo.com.au


Ingrid M. Reeve

A Poem in the Wind, 2011, Oil on Wood Panel, 9" x 12"

IngridReeve.com Mission Viejo, CA ingridreeve@gmail.com 17


Interview by Ingrid Marrero-Reeve

“Reaching for You”

APM: Lee, Thank you for taking a moment to discuss your artwork and the painting process with us. I want to start by thanking you for judging one of our contests. We felt honored to have you as a juror for the Realism Art Contest at www.MyArtContest.com. How was the judging experience for you? Lee: Hi Ingrid, thank you for asking me to be a judge. It was at the same time enjoyable and a challenge. There were many good works to review; it was difficult to just pick three for those top spots. As you could see there were many that could have been right there, that’s why the high number of honorable mentions. There was such a variety of unique works and styles. I liked being able to go to a particular artist’s link and see more of their work on line. I know what it feels like to put your work out there and receive “thanks but no thanks” replies. I want to encourage those who didn’t make it this time around to keep at it. APM: Your paintings are breathtaking. What can you tell us about your painting process? Lee: There are so many steps; I’ll give an over view. I go to a particular site and take a lot of reference photos, especially lots of detailed close ups. When I get back to the studio, I work with sketches and the photos to develop the composition. Then I will sketch the major elements of the picture (horizon, mountains, trees and rocks) directly on the canvas. From there I begin the painting process by building first from the most distant elements and gradually working to the foreground, which becomes more intense in color and detail. I have a demonstration of the process that I typically go through on facebook. If someone is interested in seeing that, they can email me at lmunsell@aol.com and request a link. Be sure to mention reading Artist Portfolio Magazine so I know who you are.

“China Cove”


APM: How do you decide what to paint? Lee: When I’m out exploring and taking pictures, I look for something that resonates emotionally with me. Then I check if it works in sketches and pursue it. The challenging part of the process is honing it down to a picture that works. Getting the composition just right is really a learning process for me each time. I once saw a photograph of the “Old Veteran Cypress” which is up in the Point Lobos State Reserve near Carmel. I asked the photographer if I could use his photo to paint a picture and he said no, that I should go find it myself. So I went up there and found the tree and took hundreds of shots and composed and painted the picture my self. I am thankful that he didn’t let me use his picture as it forced me to do my homework. I realized later that I would be encroaching on his work.

“In Quietness and Trust”

APM: “In Quietness and Trust is Your Strength” is the name of that painting, right? It’s been one of my favorites for years. Apart from doing research, do you have any other tips you’d give emerging artists aiming to achieve realism? Lee: The first thing that comes to mind is finding someone to mentor you. Find an artist that you really like his or her work and see if they do classes. If not, see if they will look at your work and give you some constructive criticism. Don’t be too thin-skinned. Take their suggestions in and use them as a springboard. If you can’t find an artist, look for books or magazines that provide exercises. Another great resource is the museums. Just go and study the work. If I’m in a dry spell a trip to a show or museum will often prime the pump. “At Lands End”


APM: What is the best aspect of painting for you? Lee: Every time I do a picture it seems like I’m learning something new. It feels great when you have been able to get the effect you are striving for. Sometimes I will lay down some paint in a certain area of the picture and don’t like how it’s turning out so I’ll scrub it off and start over. It’s a process of discovery. If I feel I’ve accomplished what I set out to do then that’s a reward in it’s self. If others enjoy the work that is icing on the cake for me.

“When You Search for Me”

APM: Where can our readers view your work in person? Lee: Currently I have work in Primary Elements Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Which may be too far for some people to go to see, but the Oregon coast is definitely worth the trip. If someone is interested we might be able to set up a studio tour. I don’t know how that would work, but I would be open to that. If they contact you at MyArtContest@gmail.com or email me at lmunsell@aol.com we could set something up. Once again, I would like to express my appreciation to you Ingrid and Ben for inviting me to participate in the Realism contest and hope everyone will continue to develop that God given talent and desire to produce art, what ever kind it may be. To learn more about Lee Munsell and to view more of his work visit http://www.leemunsell.com




Sandy Moser Sheet Harbour, Canada http://www.sandymoserart.com

“Night Owl”


Acrylic 16” x 20”



Natan Pernick - Beit Zayit, Israel natanpernick@gmail.com

“Grass Composition”


Oil on Canvas 35” x 14”



Trudy Wood - Oak Hills, CA trudywoodart@hotmail.com

“Sail Another Day”


Colored Pencil 12” x 15.5”

REALISM ART CONTEST - honorable mentions

Michael Raymond - “Modern Man” http://www.mpraymondartist.com

Lauren Gallegos - “The Bubble” http://www.laurengallegos.com

J.D. Hillberry - “Fooled” http://www.jdhillberry.com


Randy Hage - “Brick Storefront” http://www.flickr.com/photos/mindseyeminiatures/sets/ 72157624130020676

REALISM ART CONTEST - honorable mentions

Tom Acevedo - “Taking Inventory” - http://www.beguilestudio.com

Mary Felton - “Honeymoon” - http://MaryFelton.blogspot.com


REALISM ART CONTEST - honorable mentions

Lisa Ambrose - “Aegina Ways and Means” http://www.myartspace.com/LisaAmbrose

Dwight Hoffman - “The Conversation” ddhoffman@belldouth.net

Charles Wallis - “King of the Hill” http://www.charleswallis.com

Ali Hammad - “The Dance” http://www.wix.com/aleehammad/ali


Dot Bunn - “Calves in the Field” - http://dotbunn.com

REALISM ART CONTEST - honorable mentions

Erica Moore - “I’ve Been Here Before” - ekabb240@gmail.com


REALISM ART CONTEST - honorable mentions

Donna Greenstein - “Zebra Face” http://donnagreenstein.com

Amelia Landes Taylor - “Pewter Pitcher” http://amelialandes.blogspot.com

Linda Massey - “Magnificent Seven” - http://www.16handsstudio.com


REALISM ART CONTEST - honorable mentions

Matt Wren “Rio” wrenmj@hotmail.com

Sandra Hildreth “Massawepie Pitcher Plants” http://sandrahildreth.com

Lois Mitchell “Marbles” http://www.LoisMitchellArt.com

John Pompeo “San Francisco Peaks, AZ” http://www.JohnPompeo.com


An Interview with Anna Rose Bain Interview by Ben Walker APM: First off I just want to congratulate you on taking 1st place in MyArtContest.comʼs Portraits III Art Contest this past Spring. Your painting, “Twin Arts” is beautiful and very deserving of 1st place. How does it make you feel when your art is viewed so highly by others? Anna: I think every artist needs affirmation from time to time. Even though I feel like I have to paint, because it is my absolute passion, there is certainly some joy and satisfaction in finding out that others are inspired by my work as well. I love knowing that I am making a positive impact on the world through my art, and not just creating art for my own sake. APM: Twins? Is your sister an artist too? Anna: Yes, we are what you might call the “third” kind of twin: mirror image. For example, she is right-handed and I am left-handed. She and I are both artists and musicians, but her first love is music, particularly playing and composing on the piano. I created “Twin Arts” not only to represent our special connection as sisters who share so much in common, but as an allegory of the intimate relationship between music and art. APM: I read that your Grandfather was a major influence on you as an artist. Can you shed some light on that and give us a little bit of background info on your life? What made you want to become an artist? When did you realize you wanted to become an artist? Anna: Yes, my grandfather was the first in my family to seriously take up oil painting, and he started at the age of 70! I had been drawing already from a very young age, but my grandfather helped me take it to the next level. He gave me my first oil painting lesson, and I did a small painting of a horse (which was, at the time, the only subject matter I cared about!) Now at the age of 93, he doesnʼt paint much anymore due to failing eyesight; however, he loves to see my paintings because in a way, he has passed on the torch to me, and I am incredibly honored to carry it! I always knew I wanted to be an artist, as drawing consumed most of my free time as a child, and my parents, who recognized my talent from early on, encouraged me to keep going. I continued practicing all through high school (my twin and I would compete to see who was the better artist), but aside from occasional lessons with my grandpa, I was primarily self-taught until college.


Twin Arts - 48" x 40" - Oil on Linen

APM: Okay, there will be other artists reading this and as an artist myself I am always intrigued by the process of other artists. Can you give us some details on your painting process? Anna: I work from life and from photos, depending on the sitterʼs availability. I would love to have the luxury of working exclusively from life, but that is not always possible, especially when Iʼm doing commissioned portraits and portraits of young children. So I usually end up having a photo shoot with the subject, where I take my own photos in my studio or a setting of the clientʼs choice. I narrow the photo references to 5 or 6 of my favorites, present them to the client, and determine the pose and canvas size from there. Most often, the end result is a combination of several reference photos used together. In the case of “Twin Arts,” my sister and I took some photos together, but she ended up modeling from life for a couple of painting sessions so that I could get more accurate anatomy and skin tones. I donʼt have a piano or carpeting in my painting studio, so I added those to my reference shots using Photoshop. I had to be very careful to make sure the lighting was consistent throughout. For a large painting like “Twin Arts,” it takes me several months to complete the painting; smaller works can take 1-4 weeks, depending on their complexity.

The English Sweep - 24" x 18" - Oil on Linen

APM: What is your personal favorite piece out of all of your paintings? Is it the pony you painted in watercolor at the age of 5? Anna: Well, that pony does make me smile every time I look at it! But, Iʼd have to say that my personal favorite is “Twin Arts,” because it means so much to me, personally. It represents relationship, passion, music, art, and beauty – which are all things I canʼt live without! APM: Do you feel like you are accomplished as an artist? What do strive for as an artist? Anna: I feel that I have accomplished a lot for my age, but I still have a very long way to go. There are so many different directions I could take with my art, and still so many things to learn and explore! As an artist, I strive to continue learning from the great artists of the past and the present. I hope to help others not just look at something, but really see it. I also strive for a deeper meaning in my work that is perhaps less about me and more about the inherent, God-given beauty of my subject matter. My goal is to have, at the end of my journey, a body of work that has a positive message and a timelessness that inspires young artists to continue making representational art.


APM: Final question. What does the future for Anna hold? Anything coming up that you would like to share? Anna: I donʼt know what the future holds for my art, especially in the area of “success” as the world perceives it, but as long as I keep painting, I will continue to grow and develop as an artist and a person. During times that Iʼm not painting commissioned portraits, I hope to continue starting some narrative figurative works, and exploring some classical themes that have been swimming around in my head for a while. I find that the ideas that take a while to come to fruition end up becoming the best paintings.  For now, you can look for my work as a finalist at the Hunting Art Prize event in Houston on April 30. Also, starting in May, I will have a piece in a traveling exhibition around North Texas, called “Portraits of Hope,” which will help raise funds and awareness for Make Way Partners, a ministry dedicated to rescuing women and children from human trafficking. Finally, I am working on writing a book for other traditional painters to teach them how to use Photoshop to improve reference photos, create marketing pieces and web files, and much more. Music of the Spheres - 50" x 48" - Oil on Linen


ben walker

Tree 4 of 2011, acrylic on canvas, 25� x 50�


raven studios 207 n broadway, ste e santa ana, ca 92701 714.651.2919 33 theravenstudios.com

GROUP ART SHOW - 1st place


“Untitled #5 (Humbly, a Silent Blue Utterance)” Alessandra K. Cellini - San Francisco, CA http://www.wix.com/alicellini/home

Toned Cyanotype on Rives BFK 22” x 15”


GROUP ART SHOW - 2nd place


Shunmuga Sundaram - Chennai, India shunmugam_colours@yahoo.com

“Untitled I” 35

Watercolor on Paper 34cm x 53cm

GROUP ART SHOW - 3rd place

Asim Amjad - Lahore, Pakistan http://www.asimamjad.com


“Untitled” 36

Oil on Paper 24” x 24”



Melissa Bryant - Bethlehem, PA mmebryant@gmail.com



Oil 11” x 14”



Unda Arte - Stockholm, Sweden marie.lundvall@mail.com

“Untitled” 38

Photography 15” x 21”


Sally Jiehui Hong - Goodyear, AZ jiehui_sally@live.com

“Girl in the Playground-3-a”


Illustration, Digital Print on Canvas GROUP ART SHOW



Cha Lin Jean - Taipei, Taiwan http://www.mobigallery.com

“Nostalgia B”


Digital Painting 30” x 22.5”


Albert Ortega - El Paso, TX ortegtino@yahoo.com

Acrylic 24” x 30”






Edmund Royster - Tallahassee, FL - http://www.rufus-royster.fineartamerica.com Watercolor, Charcoal and Decretive Paper 15” x 20” “Lil’ Miss Sunshine”




Virna Mulino - Mugla, Turkey http://www.virnamulino.com

“Pink Waterlily”


Acrylic 15.7” x 19.7”


Deborah Jean Burdin - Colorado Springs, CO “Unveiled Intentions” http://www.djeanstudio.com

Minjin Lee - New York, NY “Pavilion” http://minjinah.com


GROUP ART SHOW Thomas Albany - San Marcos, CA “One Year of Color” http://www.thomasalbany.com

Max Stadnik - Novato, CA “Fat and Happy” http://www.maxstadnik.com


Kelly Shi - San Jose, CA “Soak” kelterskelter33@yahoo.com

Rachael Sherer - Spanish Fort, AL “Bella” http://rshererart.com Michele Janée - Santa Barbara, CA “Yellowfin II” http://michelejanee.com




Roland Descombes - Winter Park, FL “Grass Roots I” roland@arch-art.com

Shunmuga Sundaram - Chennai, India “Untitled II” shunmugam_colours@yahoo.com Davyd Whaley - Los Angeles, CA “Anima” davydwhaley@mac.com



Laura Atria - Ft. Lauderdale, FL “Eve’s First Day Out” http://lauraatria.wordpress.com

James Windham - Columbia, MO “Beginning” jzwdh8@mail.missouri.edu

Sally Jiehui Hong - Goodyear, AZ “Girl in the Playground-Twins” jiehui_sally@live.com

John Schneider - Columbia, MO “Feed me Rembrandt” jms83d@mail.missouri.edu


Lisa Ambrose Plainwell, MI Aegina Ways and Means Watercolor on Arches Coldpress 20” x 28” LisaAmbroseStudios.com




Anna Bain - Garland, TX http://www.annas-blank-canvas.com

“Twin Arts” 50

Oil on Linen 48” x 40”



Andrea Moroz - Calgary, Canada Andreammoroz@gmail.com

Acrylic 18” x 24”

“Jericho” 51



Marc Schimsky - Commack, NY http://web.mac.com/ maschimsky/Site/Welcome.html

“Decon’s Pipe” 52

Oil on Canvas 30” x 40”

PORTRAITS III ART CONTEST - honorable mentions


Mariana Smith - “Mother” msmith.1@ccad.edu

Lala Aliyeva - “Portrait of an Old Woman” http://www.saatchionline.com/profiles/index/id/155194

James Van Fossan - “Girl in White Dress” http://jamesvanfossan.com

Mary-Anne Murphy - “Escence”


PORTRAITS III ART CONTEST - honorable mentions

Valentina Ruggiero - “Nina” http://valentinaruggiero.carbonmade.com

Harry Slutter - “Frogman” hslutter@yahoo.com

Judith Clay - “Portrait of Ruth Zimmerman” http://www.bluecanvas.com/judithclay


Nicolas - “King Street” nicholas.n.nicholas@gmail.com

Virna Mulino - “Self Portrait” http://www.virnamulino.com

Kenneth Brown - “Rosey La Rouge: http://www.kennethbrowne.com


GayLynn Ribeira - “Jackie” http://gaylynnart.com

PORTRAITS III ART CONTEST - honorable mentions

Will Pealatere - “Beauty Queen” pealatere@hotmail.com

PORTRAITS III ART CONTEST - honorable mentions

Stephen Rotella - “Farmer’s Plight” tjrotella@verizon.net

Timothy Rand - “Chuck” http://www.trandart.com

Michelle Deardorff - “Firefighter” http://www.bluecanvas.com/michelledanae

Stacey Turcotte - “Up Light” http://staceyturcotte.com


PORTRAITS III ART CONTEST - honorable mentions

Katushka Milones - “The Emperor’s Rattle” katushkab1@gmail.com

Katherine Brown - “Hannah” http://katherinebrownportraits.com

Kyle Hackett - “A Portrait of Identity” http://www.wix.com/kylehackett/studio


Richard A. Moore, III - “Julius Geezer” http://www.rmooresculptures.com


Carl Spartz Lubbock, TX WEBSITE

Under My Wings Everything Prospers Charcoal Pencils, Ink Pens Various Papers 2010


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Profile for Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist Portfolio Magazine - Issue 2  

Artist Portfolio Magazine is a free digital online magazine that contains the art of bothemerging and established artists from around the wo...

Artist Portfolio Magazine - Issue 2  

Artist Portfolio Magazine is a free digital online magazine that contains the art of bothemerging and established artists from around the wo...