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Ingrid Kamerbeek

Waldkirchen, Bayerischer Wald, Germany

Webism-art connecting the world Webism is an international art movement. The "Webism Group of Worldwide Artists" was brought to life by Pygoya, USA and Ingrid Kamerbeek, Germany after their 2003 "1st European Real Life Art Tour". Webism not only is a virtual community but far more beyond an idea - the idea of creating art collaboratively without borders in time or space. Moreover Webism also carries the idea to bring together humans from all over the world more deeply and thus promoting global understanding. Born in 1952 in Gummersbach, Germany. High school, afterwards education of graphic arts under her grandfather and father, both painters. Own galleries in Kaarst near Düsseldorf (1978 - 1980) and in Mönchengladbach (1980 - 1982). Several national and international artshows and collaborations on- and offline. Together with Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya), Honolulu/HI/USA founder of "Webism Group of Worldwide Artists" after their "1st European Art Tour" in 2003.