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The Arthur Terry School Kittoe Road, Four Oaks Sutton Coldfield B74 4RZ Tel: 0121 323 2221 Fax: 0121 308 8033 Designed and Printed by leachprint, Abingdon, Oxon.





Arthur Terry School is committed to providing

excellent teaching & learning

in an environment that enables


to gain

the highest possible academic and


Personal Achievements. The school actively supports the development of social responsibility and self worth.

A Warm


I am very pleased that you are considering sending your child to The Arthur Terry School. The prospectus and our website ( contain useful information about our school but you are very welcome to come and make a personal visit so that you can experience what we do and see for yourself how enjoyable and exciting our school truly is.

CHRISTOPHER STONE Executive Headteacher The Arthur Terry & Stockland Green Schools National Teaching School

Ofsted has confirmed that this is an ‘Outstanding School’. It gave us 37 ‘Outstanding’ and 2 ‘Good’ grades out of a maximum 39 areas. However, we are not at all complacent. We have set ourselves more challenging targets which will see us further improve as we strive to maintain our position as a World Class School. That journey took a huge stride forwards as we were recently designated a Teaching School: one of only a hundred in the country (there are over 25,000 schools) so classified as the leadership, learning and teaching are Outstanding at such a consistently high level that we are charged with the responsibility of helping other schools to improve. As the Chair of the School Improvement Board for Birmingham’s Secondary Schools and the Chair of the Sutton Secondary Schools, this is a responsibility that I and the School take tremendously seriously. Academic success is important to us, it is also important for us to acknowledge that schools are about more than excellent examination results. Whilst we want our children to succeed, we also want them to be happy, to enjoy coming to school and to thrive and participate fully in all that we have to offer, both in lessons and in the wider curriculum. Our School is about developing, in partnership with Parents, rounded, responsible, caring young adults who contribute to the society that they live in. We are deservedly proud of our School. It lies at the heart of the community, accepts its responsibilities fully and is committed to local accountability and comprehensive values. Ours is an outstanding school with high principles, moral purpose and very high expectations for all and of all. Our Teachers, Support Staff and Governors work hard with our Students to ensure that they achieve well. Our Students are cared for, nurtured and helped to be the very best person that they can be. As you can see, we all feel passionately about The Arthur Terry School. As a Parent, choosing a school that shares your values and aspirations is vitally important. Should you choose to send your child to The Arthur Terry School you can be confident that they will receive the love, care and commitment necessary to ensure that they too will feel at home here.

Excellence in Education

We owe it to our students to provide them with every opportunity to achieve success and become responsible citizens. Our Aims

• To create a stimulating environment in which individuals achieve their highest possible attainable academic standard through independent learning • To work with, and then build upon the achievement of our partner primary schools • To maintain, a disciplined, enthusiastic, safe, happy and caring community • To broaden cultural and aesthetic horizons whilst celebrating individuality • To develop the whole child by creating a full programme of additional enrichment opportunities • To raise the expectations of all through mutual respect and shared responsibility • To develop positive, personal, social, moral and spiritual growth and respect for different beliefs and ways of life • To develop a partnership of parents, staff, students and governors working for everyone’s benefit

Personalised Learning Vertical Tutoring ensures student support is at the heart of the school. Small numbers of students from years 7 to 13 become part of a new tutor group. This enables peer mentoring, coaching and new friendships to develop. Target setting for students becomes more meaningful and manageable; progress of students is monitored more easily. Vertical Tutoring allows students to learn from each other and at specific times of the year be guided by other students’ experiences. It enables positive relationships across year groups to develop. Due to the small numbers of students in each tutor group, tutors will be able to form closer relationships with individual students. Your child’s tutor is the most important person in their school life. The tutor is the first link

between school and home, and it is the tutor who should be contacted by either student or parent to assess progress. We encourage the closest possible contact between school and parent; where problems arise parents are always consulted and we seek at all times to act jointly with them.

GLOUCESTER SCHOOL (BLUE) Mrs J Oliver, Assistant Headteacher, Head of School Mr P Carrick, Progress Leader Mrs J Wilson/Miss D Davies, Progress Leaders Miss R Holley, Activities Co-ordinator

HEREFORD SCHOOL (PURPLE) Mrs D Read, Assistant Headteacher, Head of School Mrs S Maguire, Progress Leader Mrs S Clayton/Mrs J Ridley, Progress Leaders Mr M Simmons, Activities Co-ordinator


School (House) System Each student is placed in one of four “schools” : Gloucester, Hereford, Lincoln and York. Each of the schools is made up of approximately 400 students and is led by its own Head of School. Each school also has two Progress Leaders who regularly monitor student progress and welfare and there is also a House Activity Co-ordinator who organises opportunities for students to represent the School in social and sporting competitive activities.

Mr P Hanlon, Assistant Headteacher, Head of School Miss G Cox, Progress Leader Mrs K Cornell, Progress Leader Miss S Cresswell, Activities Co-ordinator

YORK SCHOOL (YELLOW) Miss E Sheridan, Assistant Headteacher, Head of School Miss H Price, Progress Leader Miss K Bird, Progress Leader Mrs L Hurn, Progress Leader Mr R Glazebrook, Activities Co-ordinator

“” We believe that the care of each individual student is of the greatest importance.

Excellence in Our Curriculum

The change to a two-year Key Stage 3 curriculum and a three-year Key Stage 4 curriculum was introduced in September 2008. This reflects the school’s absolute focus on ensuring that students achieve well, by giving more time to core subjects and developing the attributes that contribute to their future economic well-being, while at the same time focusing on developing the whole child.

Key Stage 3

(2 year programme)

The personalisation of learning is at the heart of our curriculum provision and planning. We work very hard with our local primary schools to ensure students have a smooth transition from Key Stage 2 to 3. On entering school in Year 7 students follow programmes of study in the following subjects:

” OFSTED 2009

English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Religious Education, Drama, Music, Art, Physical Education, Technology, Modern Foreign Languages and Information Technology. The Building Learning Power Programme is being developed across the school in all subject areas and across all year groups to help our students

become better learners through increased independence. This exciting programme will ensure our students are prepared for a lifetime of learning.

Additional learning support is provided to assist with Special Needs, with the availability of smaller group sizes in English and Mathematics to develop further Literacy and Numeracy skills.

Key Stage 4

(3 year programme) At Key Stage 4 students study a common core of subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, Information Technology, Physical Education, Religious Education and Citizenship (incorporating PSHE). Students, with guidance, make a free choice of up to four other subjects to study. In addition to those listed under Key Stage 3, students also have the opportunity to study Dance, Business Studies, Child Development, Textiles and Health and Social Care. All subjects lead to GCSE or Vocational qualifications (Applied GCSE & BTEC). A work related learning programme includes work experience, careers guidance and enterprise learning.

Special Educational Needs We are a school, which prides itself on providing for children of all academic abilities. The needs of students vary, some needing full-time support programmes whilst others may need intervention for shorter periods of time. These needs could be academic (both more and less able) physical, medical, sensory, behavioural or emotional. The School’s Learning Support Policy follows the New Code of Practice and the LA’s inclusion policy. The school also operates an in-class support system, which fully utilises our team of Teaching Assistants. If your child has special educational needs, please contact: Ms. S Vaughan, SENCO.

At Arthur Terry, we aim to give every student all the help and support they require to be successful, both during their time with us and in the future. This is reflected in the wide range of student support services available throughout our school. The Every Child Matters Team (ECM) The role of the ECM team is to support the social, emotional, academic and personal development of students and to respond to their different needs for help, offering advice and information. The ECM team’s main drive is to work alongside Progress Leaders, Tutors, Teachers and Parents to tackle any barriers which may prevent young people from fulfilling their potential.

“ ”

The Learning and Support Centre The Learning and Support Centre provides a high-quality service to students to support their social, emotional and behavioural needs, by offering a range of interventions and programmes, which will enable them to succeed.

The Vocational Support Programme (VSP) The Vocational Support Programme offers a range of alternative Qualifications and tailored programmes, to support the individual needs of students.

The curriculum meets all statutory requirements, it is thoughtfully and creatively conceived and meets the needs of all students exceptionally well


Reports/Progress Files

Parents receive written communication about the academic progress of their son/daughter every term. At the beginning of the year, students are issued with a Target Grade in every subject. Working at Grades (WAGs) are then reported to show how much progress students are making. This data forms the basis of an ongoing conversation between the Student, Tutor, Progress Leader, Subject Teacher, Mentor and Parents as progress is monitored throughout the year.

On top of this, a Full Report is also issued to parents once a year. This summarises the student’s skills in each subject area and provides opportunities to include details of the student’s personal qualities and all-round achievements both in and out of school. There is one formal opportunity a year to attend a Parents evening to discuss your child’s progress, although we encourage regular communication between school and home throughout the academic year.

The Sixth Form - Developing Skills For Life The Arthur Terry Sixth Form is one of the West Midlands largest school-based sixth forms, the numbers have increased year on year with currently over 450 students. It is the normal progression route for over two thirds of our own Year 11 students. We welcome applications from students from other schools, and an increasing number from all parts of Central and North Birmingham and South Staffordshire are choosing The Arthur Terry Sixth Form for their post-16 education.

The Arthur Terry Sixth Form is fully comprehensive with high expectations of all its students. Curriculum provision includes a wide range of subjects at AS and A2 level, including academic and applied subjects. Students take four advanced subsidiary (AS) courses in Year 12 and then three or four advanced level (A2) courses in Year 13; the vast majority of our students go on to university. Entrance to Sixth Form is by application and interview. We stipulate that students must achieve 5 GCSE passes at grades A*-C including English and Maths. In addition they must have a record of hard work, good attendance and behaviour at pre-

16. Detailed information about the subjects and courses and their entry requirements are published in our Sixth Form prospectus. We are proud of the wide range of social and cultural activities available to our students at The Arthur Terry School. Achievements in Art, Music, Sports and Drama match the high level of academic performance in subjects and courses. Not least is the contribution that has been made by our Sixth Formers to the development and welfare of younger students through our Vertical Tutoring System. The Arthur Terry Sixth Form is friendly, welcoming and purposeful. By encouraging

Beyond School hard work and a constructive contribution to the running of the school we strive for an adult atmosphere in which freedom and responsibility are evenly balanced.

Mr N Bowater, Director of 6th Form/ Assistant Headteacher

“ Mr J R Townsend, Post 16 Admissions

The quality of teaching is outstanding. A very broad curriculum is offered that meets the needs of students very well. Progression routes beyond Key Stage 4 are comprehensive and based upon individual need, with high quality guidance helping students to make the right choices.� OFSTED 2009

Performing Arts at Arthur Terry . . . .

. . . . . has had a significant impact on improving the quality of teaching and learning and on raising achievement and standards in the school. Its impact in the wider community is outstanding and, linked to the school’s excellent extended schools provision, is demonstrating excellent provision and support in relation to community cohesion.

” OFSTED 2009

Arthur Terry has an excellent reputation for outstanding Performing Arts Education. The faculty continues to go from strength to strength consistently providing excellent achievements in our vibrant Dance, Drama, Music and PE departments. We enjoy superb purpose built facilities which provide an ideal environment for creative work within Performing Arts these include : three drama studios, a large dance studio, specialist music rooms and recording studio, music rehearsal rooms, state of the art school hall with tiered seating. All students have the opportunity to gain performance skills by joining drama and dance clubs, Soul band, Orchestra, Choir, and Ensembles, and participating in the Young Persons Arts Award. A full programme of events is offered from the annual Musical Theatre production to a series of

small productions, concerts and inter-house events. Students are guided by specialist staff to unlock potential through engaging in performing arts, and specialist and experienced staff have guided students into National Youth Theatre, National Youth Musical Theatre, CBSO Youth Orchestra, Birmingham Schools Symphony Orchestra, and a series of professional stage and film productions. Several past students have gone on to further development and are achieving national success and recognition in the arts, theatre and film industries. The legacy of Performing Arts College status continues to enable us to provide enrichment activities and career/vocational links with professional artists and a fantastic community cohesion with our primary partner schools and the wider community.

Opportunities in Sport The school has a large Sports Hall, Gym, Fitness Studio, Dance Studio, Netball and Tennis Courts, as well as playing fields, including a large all weather pitch, which are all used for a number of sporting activities.

We run a wide range of activities aiming to involve as many students as possible whether their interest is in games, gymnastics, athletics or dance. We enter a wide range of teams and are successful in local, regional and national competitions. We are proud of the number of students who take part in extra curricular activities. The school has specialist P.E. teachers and well-qualified volunteers whose extensive range of experience and expertise enable us to provide a wide range of well-run activities. In Key Stage 4 students can attain a qualification called the Sports Leadership Award. The Arthur Terry School recommends that all field players wear shin/ankle guards and mouth guards, e.g. shin pads for hockey and soccer; mouth guards for hockey and rugby. N.B. Helmets are provided for school cricket matches.

Extra Curricular Activities Outdoor Education We are firm believers in the value of teamwork. During Year 7 and Year 9 students are encouraged to take advantage of an opportunity to visit Outward Bound Centres and undertake a Personal Development Programme based upon learning through adventure. In Year 7 the emphasis is on settling in, making new friends and building teams. In Year 9 this is extended to offer students the opportunity to experience and develop leadership skills. In Key Stage 4 and 5 opportunities have been made available to extend these skills through international visits.

International School Status We run regular school trips to visit countries worldwide. We have recently visited schools in South Africa and Tanzania to support communities. We have raised a huge amount of money to contribute to the development of school facilities in these communities. Business links have been developed through our trips to New York and there have also been educational trips to Poland, Belgium and France. The annual skiing trip has visited the Italian Alps and The Rocky Mountains in recent years.

Duke of Edinburgh Award This is available to students from Year 10 onwards. Students can participate in the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. For more information, visit

Additional Information Admissions

Detailed guidance regarding admissions can be found on the school website. The admissions procedure is administered by Birmingham Local Authority.

Citizenship & PSHE

At Arthur Terry education in Citizenship and Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) is recognised as a necessary part of a young person’s full education entitlement. Citizenship education is about helping young people understand the rights and responsibilities they have as members of society and is delivered at GCSE level. Through PSHE we aim to promote students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepare them for the opportunities and experiences of life.


The Arthur Terry School takes pride in its effective discipline policies. The school relies upon each individual student following a responsible code of behaviour as well as specific school rules. Similarly, parents are advised that verbal abuse and intimidation of anyone will not be tolerated. By far, the best method of encouraging good behaviour and high standards of effort and attainment is through recognition and praise; the school has developed a system of rewards to this end. The school’s code of conduct is available on request. At times students are required to do detention after school for up to 60 minutes, but parents will always be given 24 hours notice.

Mobile Phones

Students should not bring valuable personal possessions to school e.g. mobile phones, mp3 players etc. Any student who uses such items to the detriment of their learning may have them confiscated and returned only when a parent or other responsible adult comes to collect them. The school takes no responsibility for such items should they get damaged, lost or stolen.

Primary School Liaison

One of our school aims is to have

a smooth transition from Key Stage 2 to 3. This is to ensure continuity and progression and build upon what students have learnt in primary school. Our Induction Team will work closely with our primary/junior school colleagues. We will visit your child in their own junior school and offer the opportunity to spend a day with us. You will be invited to come and meet us as well.

Religious Education

The Arthur Terry School is nondenominational and welcomes students of all races and religions. Our religious education courses comply with the Education Acts.


The latest results for GCSE,AS and A2 level are published on the school website.


Students are rewarded achievement points for work of merit or exceptional quality and for any service that contributes to the successful running of the school. Students are then recognised for meeting achievement point targets through a variety of awards ranging from certificates, gift vouchers through to access to special events. The Betty Lawton Merit Trophy is awarded to the student obtaining the most achievement points over the academic year. Students are also awarded for excellent attendance through certificates and praise breakfasts.

School Lunch/Breakfast

A school breakfast, at a reasonable price, is available to students from 8.00 am to 8.40 am. Students who have school lunch choose from an extensive cafeteria menu whilst provision is also made for students to stay in school for a sandwich lunch. Children in Year 7-11 are required to stay on site at lunchtimes.

Sex & Relationships Education Policy

The Government legislation on sex education in schools indicates that all sex education should be in the context of family life and/or scientific education. The Governors fully support this and recommend it as

part of the curriculum for all children. Our programme is taught as part of the PSHE and science curriculum, which should help develop personal moral values and mutual respect, thereby preparing children for family life in the community.

Teacher Training Days

There will be five teacher-training days within this school year. The dates of these will be communicated to parents of students starting in September 2011 on the school website

Travel to School

Special buses are provided from some parts of Sutton Coldfield. Some children travel on the train, or by other public transport. The school emphasises road and rail safety and the need for good behaviour on the way to and from school. Parents are asked to make very clear to their children the standards they and the school require. Children are legally responsible for their own safety at this age as they travel to and from school.


Every student in Years 7-11 wears school uniform and is expected to dress in accordance with the school rules, e.g. shirt tucked in. Details and suppliers are listed on a separate sheet and, to prevent variation in colour and style, items should be obtained from the nominated suppliers. Sixth Form students are provided with a dress code.

The School Day Registration

8.50-9.10 am

Period 1 Period 2

9.10-10.10 am 10.10-11.10 am


11.10-11.25 am

Movement Bell - 11.25 am Period 3 Lunch

11.30-12.30 pm 12.30-1.15 pm

Movement bell - 1.15 pm Period 4 Period 5

1.20-2.25 pm 2.25-3.25 pm



Arthur Terry School is committed to providing

excellent teaching & learning

in an environment that enables


to gain

the highest possible academic and


Personal Achievements. The school actively supports the development of social responsibility and self worth.

The Arthur Terry School Kittoe Road, Four Oaks Sutton Coldfield B74 4RZ Tel: 0121 323 2221 Fax: 0121 308 8033 Designed and Printed by leachprint, Abingdon, Oxon.



ATS Prospectus 2011  

This is the full version of the Arthur Terry 2011 Prospectus.

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