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After 26 years in business as an independent builder we weren’t sure what a franchise could offer; initially the computer software offered by AR HomesTM was the motivation. Now, after 4years in the franchise it’s one of the best business decisions we ever made. The training and support is second to none and, of course, the custom design department is directly attributable to our sales success.

Jim Sanders

Franchise Owner

BE IN BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF, NOT BY YOURSELF. In an industry dominated by larger production builders, Art Rutenberg was on the side of the local, independent builder. He spent a lifetime honing systems and processes to provide smaller builders with the big company resources and tools they could never afford on their own. Today, with AR HomesTM, they don’t have to. Going at it alone is costly and can take years to acquire the necessary resources, operational systems and managerial skills. Plus, there’s the difficulty of establishing and maintaining a distinctive brand name among the legion of competitors out there. As an independent AR HomesTM franchise owner, you can tap into the largest network of custom home building franchises in the country to grow your business into the market leader. Since 1978, our operating format has been thoroughly tested, modified, and refined. Our independent franchised builders combine their local knowledge and expertise with a highly respected brand elevating their credibility with suppliers, contractors, developers and customers.

LOWER RISK. INCREASE MARKET SHARE. In an industry that is inventory-heavy and subject to the cynical ups and downs of the economy and housing market, our pre-sale focused business model has proven time and again to promote faster and more organized growth during normal market conditions, and greater stability during more difficult down cycles. At AR HomesTM we have developed extensive business resources, home designs, computer systems, marketing programs, and more to enable custom homebuilders to effectively grow their business and more quickly achieve their true potential with less risk. And, if you’re a corporate building company executive thinking of launching a new business, we can support you too. Either way, our team is comprised of experts from every area of the industry and have insights to help you succeed. If you’re an independent homebuilder interested in long-term growth and stability, or simply looking to improve operational efficiency, we invite you to learn more about AR HomesTM. A R F R A N C H I S I N G INC .

MULTIPLYING YOUR EXPERTISE, EXPONENTIALLY. Nobody knows your market like you do. Your familiarity with the real estate community & understanding of the region is invaluable, as is your local reputation and relationships with subcontractors and land developers. And while many small business owners find themselves stretched too thin to make use of these advantages, AR HomesTM can help you achieve complete control.

IT STARTS WITH A PLAN. HUNDREDS OF THEM, ACTUALLY. The obvious attraction to AR HomesTM are the homes themselves. Design is a cornerstone of our business and our design team continually creates plans to stay ahead of industry innovations. Access to new home plans, often a shortcoming for small business owners, will instantly become a strength as a franchise owner. Our plan collections include designs for specific geographic markets and architectural styles. These include home designs ranging from 1,900 sq. ft. to over 7,200 sq. ft. with hundreds of elevations and garage configurations. Any of our plans can be personalized for customers within 3 business days thanks to our dedicated design team whose sole purpose is to help you sell a custom home. As we expand we will continue to develop local plans to ensure that you will always have available the best plans for your market. The combination of our beautiful designs and our franchise owner’s exceptional craftsmanship is simply too good for customers to pass up.

Dozens of new plans each year gives you access to a continually evolving portfolio. A R F R A N C H I S I N G INC .

A MODEL FOR SUCCESS You can have the website, home plans, and the beautiful pictures. But nothing compares to seeing, feeling, and experiencing an AR HomesTM home in person. Our network of luxury model homes is that extra step that can spark buyers, realtors, and land owners into action. Every franchise operates at least one furnished model home, while some operate several. Each is professionally furnished and staffed with a highly-trained team that is well-versed in our collection of plans – the industry’s best. These assets, coupled with our ability to rapidly customize and price homes, are at a level well beyond the industry norm. Today’s consumers demand information quickly, and our builders deliver. Our decades of delivering spectacular model homes have earned us an unequaled reputation in the industry. Realtors and home shoppers alike seek them out, but they don’t have to look hard. We promote the locations of model homes through our awards-winning AR Living magazine, social media, and website.

OUR MODEL HOMES OPEN MANY DOORS Differentiate our quality & service from the competition Generate “pre-sales” – a business model of reduced risk Demonstrate our exceptional craftsmanship Encourage realtors to bring customers, making their job easier Generate traffic Introduce customers to our plans Create an environment for selling Demonstrates our all inclusive pricing philosophy

WHO WE REACH Our model home network caters to discerning families, empty nesters, retirees, and single professionals who desire an unmatched custom home value. We also reach Baby Boomers, a quarter of the U.S. population who are nearing their peak years for a second home purchase.

TECHNOLOGY IS RIGHT AT HOME HERE. There is true artistry in our homes. But there’s pure science and technology in the systems we use to make it all happen. Our Arthur Rutenber Information System, better known as ARIS, is the industry-leading enterprise software that ties your entire business together. ARIS is a fully-integrated system that provides smooth communication with trades and clients during construction, serves as a customer database during warranty and beyond, and provides fully integrated controls and information to effectively manage your business. This proprietary, cloud-based software provides a major operational advantage over the competition. It is used by all AR HomesTM franchisees to effectively manage their businesses. This indispensable tool helps with sales and customer relationship management, budgeting and estimating, business planning, scheduling, accounting, warranty, and much more.



AR HomesTM is also at the forefront of architectural design technology. Our dedicated team of designers use powerful 3D software technology to produce plans buyers can experience virtually before construction starts. This can include 3D lot fits, walk-throughs and so much more. Plus, this BIM technology also helps improve quantity take-offs.

In addition to ARIS, we provide an extensive online library of business forms, documents and operations manuals. These documents provide you with what you need to quickly and effectively operate and manage your business.

Each AR HomesTM design includes a complete Standard Bill of Materials. Plus, our Estimating department saves you time by loading all of the detailed material quantities into our ARIS software system, enabling you to focus on getting the best local costs. A R F R A N C H I S I N G INC .


SMART BIDDING & PREFERRED PARTNERS We enjoy long-standing relationships with the industry’s leading brands and suppliers. By leveraging our size, we have buying power resulting in product discounts and model home incentives, giving you another edge over other independent builders. Additionally, our proprietary cost-comparison system and bid request process improve buying decisions because it helps you know what to pay.

BACK OFFICE SUPPORT With growth comes the need for help – and that’s a good thing. The AR HomesTM team stands by your side with rock-solid support. Our trained personnel are available to help and can even augment your staff as you grow. Fee-based services include purchasing, estimating, and accounting, and you’ll continously benefit from the relationship with our executive team. When you grow, we’ve got your back.

MARKETING & ADVERTISING The prestige & credibility of our brand is instantly yours in print, email and social media, a robust website, and our award winning AR Living magazine. This is a level of professionalism that small homebuilding companies – and even large ones – simply can’t match. It’s all aimed at driving traffic and helping you put your best foot forward. And, better yet, our in-house graphic design team can handle most of your advertising needs.

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING As a franchise owner, you and your staff will receive tailored, on-site instructions as well as training at our classrooms in Florida and North Carolina. From sales and quoting to purchasing and construction scheduling, our team is here to help your team learn and succeed quickly. A R F R A N C H I S I N G INC .

BUILD MORE THAN HOMES. BUILD YOUR BUSINESS. Custom builders looking to streamline their business and achieve a new level of growth have been turning to us for more than 40 years. We are focused on providing our franchise owners with large company resources while they continue to operate with autonomy, giving personalized attention to their customers. We provide a competitive edge: better product, better marketing, better process and better tools. Our team provides a balance of both long-serving AR HomesTM employees who helped shape the company as well as hand-picked professionals who bring new perspectives and insights. Along with the rest of the AR HomesTM team, we are here to help your business thrive.

AR HomesTM is the largest network of independently owned and operated custom homebuilding companies in the nation. For more than 40 years our franchise builders have enjoyed industry leading tools and resources. Come build your business with us.

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Build your Business 2020  

Be in Business for yourself, NOT by yourself

Build your Business 2020  

Be in Business for yourself, NOT by yourself