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Graduation project 2013 by Annemiek Hagen, Associate degree Interior designer


If you make your own music, dance, act, write, draw or practise any other form of art, you know how good it feels to create. At ArtEZ your passion becomes your profession.

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Art plays an essential role in shaping society. It provides people with beauty, comfort and an emotional outlet, but also insight, knowledge and reflection. Without art, there can be no human society. And this is why ArtEZ trains about 3000 ambitious and talented students each year as actors, architects, artists, dancers, choreographers, teachers, musicians, music therapists, designers and writers.

44 Award winners

It all revolves around your ideas and distinct skill set, which you develop to touch and inspire people. To be successful as an artist, you need to be able to create. You need creativity, innovative ideas and a feel for the artistic, but also knowledge and involvement in society. This is why ArtEZ focuses on the artistic, intellectual and personal growth of students. Artistry, craftsmanship, social responsibility, collaboration with other disciplines and professionalism all play a central role in the study programmes. We ask you to challenge yourself, by conducting research, by being curious and asking questions. We ask you to let go of your certainties and examine your own motives, so that you develop a personal vision. A vision that will enable you to make an important contribution to the world, in a professional role that best suits your talents, personality and ambition.

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Study Programmes


“Our Moeremans & Sons theatre collective performs based on the plug-and-play principle. If there’s a power socket, we can play.” Matthijs IJgosse, studied at the School of Acting “I chose ArtEZ in Arnhem because of the atmosphere I felt during the second and third selection rounds of auditions. You hear stories about who studied at what academy. Pierre Bokma in Maastricht. Theatre company Het Barre Land (The Waste Land) in Arnhem. But these stories didn’t tell me anything about how the school would suit me personally. I made the choice based on the contact with lecturers, the teaching methods, the intensive guidance and the space students are given to make their own discoveries. I discovered that there’s a very direct way to share a story with an audience. A large part of the magic can be found in the contact a performer has with the audience in the moment. To do this, you involve people in a search surrounding a very specific theme. You form a bond with these people to investigate something that you’re both confronted with in this world.”

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“The lecturer in your main subject is the engine of your development as a musician.”

Ruben Tekelenburg, studied Classical Music, piano “Music is one of the few things that never bores me because of the degree to which you become absorbed in the world of music. There are so many things to do and time flies by so fast. The ambitions of those around you at the School of Music are contagious. Everyone knows each other and you build a solid network. You make good friends, and soon find various performance opportunities. Be careful that this doesn’t take too much time away from your studies. At the start of the school year I worked on the Tournedos Rossini project: music, dance, song, theatre, fine arts, food and drink, costumes, hairstyling and make-up all in one evening. The audience soon exhausted their senses. It was a unique and valuable experience. This is an amazing opportunity to focus all your attention on what interests you most.”


Graduation work by Anna Kobierowska, Product Design

Zwolle, Academy of Architecture

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Students MediaMusic at work in a studio

Performance by the Theatre in Education students in Zwolle


ArtEZ Art, knowledge and creation; these are key factors at ArtEZ. You will study in a multidisciplinary environment, where you will be encouraged to develop your artistic, intellectual and personal talents.

ArtEZ is one of the largest art institutes in the Netherlands, with locations in Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle. The institute provides a broad range of top-quality Bachelor’s and Master’s courses for almost 3000 students. The central focus of these degree courses is art, knowledge and creation. The institute has more than 600 lecturers, most of whom are active in the world of art alongside their lectureships. The majority have more than earned their spurs in the professional field, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Study programmes The artistic, intellectual and personal growth of students. This is what ArtEZ is all about. The institute provides a solid basis for developing craftsmanship, artistry and innovation. The art of creation plays an important role in the study programmes. Students create their own performances and products so that they learn about the interaction between creating and performing, and between theory and practice. These products are often commissioned by companies in the industry and supervised by a lecturer. ArtEZ believes that both the collaborations between the different disciplines and the ties to the professional field are important assets in preparing students for a career as an artist. ArtEZ students spend a lot of time working together on projects and research. This introduces them to perspectives from different art disciplines, generating new insights and opportunities. Learning in an interdisciplinary environment offers the opportunity to look beyond the limits of your own field, a quality that ArtEZ sees as the essence of being a modern-day artist. The activities of the Studium Generale are a perfect example of interaction between the various art disciplines and between art education and society. Studium Generale organises presentations about all the latest developments relating to society, science, art and culture. A real incentive for debate on art and everything it entails. Entrepreneurship The degree courses pay a great deal of attention to how you achieve success after you have earned your degree. The courses address the commercial side of the work and how to position yourself and your work in the market. ArtEZ supports students and alumni who want to start their own business. The ArtEZ Art Business Centre (ABC), for example, provides training, advice and coaching and has a Starters Desk for questions about the tax, legal and economic aspects of starting a business. ABC offers its services to ArtEZ alumni up to three years after their graduation. The ties with the professional community also take the form of projects, internships and the commercial ArtEZ enterprises, which bring students into contact with the

Facts Students About 3000 (bachelor and master) 20% from abroad Lecturers 630, most of them are also active in the art world Courses 24 bachelors, 10 masters, 1 Associate degree and Preparatory courses in Dance, Music, Art & Design and Theatre. Locations Arnhem, Enschede, Zwolle Facilities Dance-, music- and theatre studio’s, theatre- and concerthalls, workshops for photography, printing, wood, metal, ceramics, computer, audio visual, graphics, plastics, silk screening, media libraries, digital learning environment. Selections Selection procedure for all bachelor’s-, master’s- and Associate degree courses. There are also entrance exams for the preparatory courses in Dance, Music and Theatre. The preparatory course in Art & Design has no selection procedure.

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work field and with real clients. The production company of the Academy of Pop Music and MediaMusic is a good example of this. It maintains contacts with venues, studios and other contacts. It schedules bands, acts as an agent for music and audio production assignments, organises sessions at music venues and supports students in setting up their own graduation and other projects. Research ArtEZ is an institute for both education and research. ArtEZ has four research groups: Fashion Design; Art, Culture and Economy; Theory in the Arts; and Art Education. These research groups boost the arts education and ensure there is interaction between research, education and the professional community. Sharing knowledge and collaborating with the professional community is a given at ArtEZ. Students reap the benefits of the attention that is paid to research and innovation. The School of Dance, for example, works with an innovative programme that significantly reduces the chance of injury. ArtEZ also has its own publishing house to boost its research and development of theory: ArtEZ Press. ArtEZ Press publishes results from productions, research and projects carried out in cooperation with other institutions. These publications provide ArtEZ with the opportunity to share its in-house knowledge and skills in art, culture and education. ArtEZ Press also publishes a series on successful alumni. See The Honours Programme also offers Bachelor’s students the opportunity to gain more theoretical knowledge and conduct research in their own field. See page 16.


Marie van Leeuwen, head of Bachelor of Fine Art, Arnhem “For quite some time now, the value of fine arts has no longer been the equivalent of only the market value of a piece of art. The social engagement, the power of thought and research of artists is important and goes beyond the creation of art. The new Fine Art programme in Arnhem offers much more than just painting, sculpture and drawing. It’s a unique educational programme where research, collaboration and exploration play a central role and where students are nurtured, encouraged and challenged. You will discover how best to develop your artistic skills.

“The students of Fine Art are the makers of the new society.”

You and your tutor put together a study programme based on your interests and talents. You study together with students from other years and are supervised by excellent artists and theorists. A great deal of attention is paid to current developments in the field of fine arts. You develop your own strategy on how to make your voice heard as an artist.”

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Locations ArtEZ is spread over three different cities. Arnhem, Zwolle and Enschede all offer unique and inspiring settings for our study programmes. These locations house excellent workshops, theatre and concert halls and sound and dance studios. Each city has an extensive library and excellent ICT facilities. ArtEZ in Arnhem In Arnhem ArtEZ is located in several buildings in and around the city centre. Along the Rhine are the three main buildings. The Rietveld building, the Theatrium and the Kraton building, which are interconnected. The Rietveld building, designed by architect Gerrit Rietveld, is connected to the Theatrium and the School of Music. The Academy of Theatre and the School of Dance are housed in the Theatrium. This building, designed by architect Hubert-Jan Henket, is built largely underground and only a small part of it is visible above ground. The School of Music and the Creative Writing programme are located in the Kraton building and can be reached by a glass and steal walkway. The building also houses studios and a concert hall, for Jazz & Pop and Music Theatre. The Fine Art and Product Design programmes are taught near the Rietveld, along the Oude Kraan. The Master of Typography (Werkplaats Typografie) is located in the Klarendal quarter; the Fashion Masters and the Master of Fine Art are located in the city centre.

The Rietveld building by architect Gerrit Rietveld houses the Academy of Art & Design and the Academy of Architecture.


ArtEZ in Enschede The Academy of Art & Design (AKI ArtEZ) in Enschede is housed in a former textile factory. The building is located in the Roombeek suburb on the outskirts of the city centre and is one of the last remaining industrial buildings in Enschede. The building’s original industrial exterior has been maintained as much as possible. The School of Music is located in the city centre of Enschede. The building is part of the National Muziekkwartier [national music quarter], the cultural heart of Enschede. This means that students benefit from being able to use the concert halls.

Tetem II is the building of the Academy of Art & Design (AKI ArtEZ) in Enschede. The renovation was done by Marx&Steketee.

ArtEZ in Zwolle The Academy of Art & Design, the Academy of Theatre, the Academy of Architecture and the master of Education in Arts are housed in the former Sophia Hospital in Zwolle. In early 2000, the hospital was converted to make the premises suitable for ArtEZ under the supervision of architect Hubert-Jan Henket. In the 1930s, an extension was added under the supervision of architect J.B. Wiebenga. The modernist style has been left intact. The School of Music in Zwolle is located on the site of a fifteenth-century monastery. A small part of the building is still in its original state.

The ArtEZ School of Music in the centre of Zwolle. The building is connected with the Broerenkerk (a bookshop and former church). Music students get the opportunity to perform here.

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Jovan Avramoski, studied Theatre in Education “During my internship at the National Theatre in The Hague I focused on education. I performed, held discussions at primary school schools that had visited performances and taught workshops at secondary schools. It was all about bridging the gap between the performances and the people. You consider all of the facets: décor, text and theme. As a theatre teacher you need to be able to explain and justify your profession. You need to be able to crystallise everything and have a clear vision. The study programme has made me much stronger at a linguistic level and I’ve come to recognise more correlation in dramaturgy. I have quite a strong personality and that was not always appreciated during my studies. That in particular was useful input for me. I can now observe from more of a distance instead of jumping to voice my thoughts. I’ve learned to research things first.”

“My studies have taught me to do more research.”


Student at work in one of the workshops

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Honours Programme You want to learn more. Look beyond boundaries. Gain more theoretical knowledge and conduct artistic research in your own field. The ArtEZ multidisciplinary Honours Programme makes these opportunities available to you after completion of your first year programme. The Honours Programme has a duration of two years, alongside your Bachelor’s studies and is taught by research coaches and guest lecturers. In the Honours Programme you attend lectures and discuss these lectures with students from other disciplines. You learn to see things from a different perspective. You discover new things. You learn how to do research. The programme also makes it easier for you to extend your studies with a university degree or artist-in-residence programme here in the Netherlands or abroad. But above all: the programme is inspiring and educational. Bachelor students from all disciplines can apply for admission to the programme. Upon successful completion of the programme, students receive an extra certificate along with their Bachelor’s degree. See

The students of the Honours Programme visit regurarly museums, for example photomuseum Huis Marseille in Amsterdam


Tjalling Mulder, former Honours Programme student, studied Fine Art “I had heard that the Honours Programme, open to second-year students, included a form of artistic research. That’s something I really wanted to do during my studies. The research I conducted as part of the Honours Programme is about the decline of contemporary art. My art often consists of organic material that decays quickly. I started this research to learn how to handle this difficult material. In the first year, I attended the most amazing lectures with students from other disciplines and developed new contacts as a result. I wanted to broaden my knowledge of art. It worked. The knowledge I’ve gained during this programme is of a higher level than the theory taught in my own programme. It has taught me that think at a more academic level.

“You have to like theory and not be adverse to writing or reading.”

The Honours Programme is very interesting, but also extremely challenging, especially in combination with my arts studies. It takes up a lot of time and energy, but it’s more than worth it. It contributes greatly to your own development in the arts.”

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Performance by the School of Acting, Kleine Tententheaterfestival


“I don’t want to be pampered.” Mirjam Sögner, studied Dance “You feel the power and energy here at ArtEZ immediately. Attention is given to you as a person and to the care of your body, but at the same time you’re pulled at and pushed. That’s what I need. I don’t want to be pampered. I want to get everything out of it that I possibly can, Discover all the possibilities and seize my chances. In recent years, I’ve absorbed everything like a sponge and as a result I’ve discovered what suits me best. I’m more of a ‘creator’ than a dancer. It’s not enough for me to just be performing the choreography. I have a vision and dance is my language. This year I worked together with a video artist. She worked with images, colours and atmosphere. I worked with the body. My intention was not to tell a story. My idea was that the audience would simply experience what was there. Without interpretation.”

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Students of the Product Design study programme at work


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Rehearsal for the Final presentation of the bachelor of Dance study programme


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Rehearsal of the ArtEZ Bigband


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Graduation collection by Henriëtte Tilanus (Fashion Design). Henriëtte won Lichting 2013, the G-Star RAW Talent Award


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“You have a great deal of influence on what and how you learn.” Jorien van Glabbeek, studied the master of Interior Architecture “I wanted to do more research, instead of working with the design itself and the Master’s in Interior Architecture offers the opportunity to learn more about the theoretical side of the profession. It’s a special privilege to be able to make the world a more beautiful place. As an interior architect, you will design spaces that are perfectly tailored to the user. At the moment, I’m doing a case study together with other students on how an interior can enhance a learning environment. This study will take one year. That makes it even more interesting as you keep discovering new things. I feel that this case study has become richer as a result. What really inspires me is the many classes taught by guest lecturers. There is a constant stream of new people with new ideas. Time and again, you’re challenged to take a different approach to how you think or work.”


Preparation for an exhibition of the Preparatory course in Art & Design

Final play of the School of Acting, ‘Kill your Character’

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Roos Koenders, studied the master of Education in Arts “I completed the Fine Art and Design in Education study programme and worked as a teacher for five years. Teaching in secondary education is quite demanding. I felt the need to discover more, to reconfirm and continue developing my strengths. I wanted to learn more and gain more in-depth knowledge. I realised that I may not have gotten everything I could have out of my teaching course. The added value of the Master of Education in Arts is that your fellow students have different backgrounds. They come from different disciplines and all bring different perspectives to the table. That’s very inspiring. I’ve gained a much broader view of the field and learned to work together with other disciplines. I’ve learned to make connections, searched for similarities and found comparable values. I feel like a true professional now.”

“I gained a much broader view of the field.”


Bachelors Architecture and Interior Interior Architecture As an interior designer, it is important to be able to relate to the people who use your spatial designs. They do after all form a physical element in the designed space, and experience interior design at mostly a physical level. Interior Architecture therefore pays a great deal of attention to the relationship between the human dimension and space. The programme gives you the room to develop as an independent, driven and critical spatial designer with your personal view of space. Location: Zwolle

Interior designer (Associate degree) The Associate degree Interior Designer is specifically intended for students with a Dutch MBO qualification. The Interior Designer Associate Degree involves a two-year course that is concluded with a recognised qualification: the Interior Designer Associate Degree. Do you enjoy designing interior spaces and developing these designs? Are you drawn to the design of interiors or do you prefer making furniture? You will learn to design through brainstorming sessions, discussions with others and critical reflection, and above all, by doing! During the programme, you will be given the space to develop your own personal profile and to become acquainted with the professional field. Location: Zwolle

Fine art Fine Art

porary, international professional practice. You can study Fine Art in Arnhem or Enschede. The two study programmes differ considerably. Location: Arnhem / Enschede

Dance Dance Today’s dancer/maker dominates the contemporary dance repertoire, has the ability to co-create, has a distinct personal style as a dancer and maker, reflects on their own development and proactively navigates their own career through the contemporary work field. The Bachelor of Dance (Dancer/Maker) trains you as widely as possible in various modern dance techniques, providing you with the space to discover your own qualities as a dancer. You will also be trained to develop your skills as a creator. The study programme has received an excellent rating and has been awarded for its special approach using periodisation. This unique form of dance education contributes to the development of excellent dancers and makers. As a result of its effective combination of training, rehearsal and performance, periodisation improves students’ ability to learn and develop their artistic skills. Location: Arnhem

Dance in Education As a dance teacher, you can interest children and adults from all walks of life in a creative experience involving dance and art. You can teach at vocational dance colleges, youth theatres, in primary and secondary education or in the educational department of a dance company. Or think of community art projects and the demand for dance projects from businesses and community organisations.The ArtEZ Dance in Education programme helps you to develop your teaching, technical, creative and entrepreneurial skills. The study programme also offers you a large network in the world of dance education. Location: Arnhem

Artists’ personal way of viewing and thinking make them indispensable to society. The Bachelor of Fine Art teaches you how to make your voice heard as an independent artist. You study subjects from the fields of art, science and society and link these to your own work. Under the guidance of renowned artists and theorists, you learn to develop your artistic skills while experimenting, and align your skills with the contem-

This is ArtEZ


Education in art ArtEZ offers education in art programmes in Dance, Music, Theatre and Fine Art and Design. Dance in Education: page 33 Music in Education: page 34 Theatre in Education: page 35

Bachelor of Fine Art and Design in Education The Bachelor of Fine Art and Design in Education combines the fields of art, design and education. The main focus is on arts education. As an art teacher, you have an important role in a society where a broad cultural interest and development of talent is considered valuable by both young and old. Artistic experience is an important part of personal and general development. In the Fine Art and Design in Education programme we give an equal amount of attention to developing your artistic vision and preparing you for teaching. You develop at both a professional and practical level in the areas of art theory, educational theory and didactic methods. Location: Arnhem / Zwolle

Fashion Fashion Design Fashion is more than just clothing. What we wear says something about who we are and how we feel on a particular day. It accentuates the individual or can emphasise a group feeling. Fashion reflects the era in which we live and the identity of the wearer. As a designer, you make a real contribution to this. The Bachelor of Fashion Design at ArtEZ is open to students who are driven and talented. This programme, launched in 1953 by the legendary Elly Lamaker, is now regarded as one of the best fashion degrees in Europe. In 2011, the Fashion Design department was awarded the Grand Seigneur, a lifetime achievement award from the Dutch fashion industry. It was the first time this prestigious lifetime achievement award was awarded to an institute of learning. Location: Arnhem

Music Music in Education Making music is your passion. Your enthusiasm and professionalism inspire others to make music, which in

turn energises and inspires you. This quality makes you perfect for education. Teaching too requires a specific set of talents! Creativity, music teaching and teamwork go hand in hand in this study programme. The study programme is known for its positive atmosphere, the quality of graduates and the renowned teachers who are not only specialists in their own fields, but have also developed innovative teaching methods. Location: Enschede / Zwolle

Jazz & Pop Music to you is a basic necessity. You play an instrument or sing at a high level, feel a constant urge to make music and have a tremendous drive to constantly improve. Talent is very important if you want to study at a school of music. However ArtEZ requires more than just talent. During the audition we look at your commitment and attitude. Music is so personal. It is important to make choices that suit you. This is why the study programme is located in three different cities: so that we can offer you a wide range of choices. Distinguishing yourself − which is very important in the business − starts with your decision about where to study. Location: Arnhem / Enschede / Zwolle

Classical music The world of classical music is experiencing rapid development. Other styles and art forms are being mixed with classical music, leading to different types of performances. We are also seeing an increasing demand for musicians who can teach in both school and commercial settings. Particularly the younger generation of musicians see opportunities in and aspire to all-round careers, often by starting their own business. ArtEZ responds to these changing needs by offering musicians an interdisciplinary approach, providing a wide range of subjects and encouraging students to development an entrepreneurial attitude. Location: Zwolle

MediaMusic You feel a strong attraction to professional studios and music controllers. You are already into music and sound, you may have even started mixing and composing. Is this an accurate description of you? Then you might just be cut out for a profession as a music producer, DJ or game/film music composer. The MediaMusic programme would be a great choice to help you become even better at what you love doing. The ArtEZ School of Music has professional recording studios, where you spend a large part of your time during your studies. This study programme also lets you tap into your own musicality. This is what differentiates it from other similar MediaMusic programmes. Location: Enschede


Music Theatre You have a talent for narration through acting and music. You have little trouble putting yourself in the shoes of others. When you are on stage, something magical happens to you; that is where you belong. If you recognise yourself in this description, you will take to studying Music Theatre like a fish to water. This study programme gives you the room to draw on your multiple talents. The plural is intended here as this programme provides ample room for all your talents and is ideal for those who want to become all-round professionals. Students doing this study programme combine music, dance and theatre into unique, socially engaged productions. Location: Arnhem

Music Therapy You like people just as much as you like music. You seem to have a sensitive perception for emotions; you notice them in people, you hear them repeated in music. You instinctively know that there is a connection between music and emotions. Thanks to recent scientific studies (including research by our own lecturers), we know that music really does affect our brain. Music therapy has been used for years to help people with mental health problems or mental, neurological or motor impairments. If you have that sensitive perception, you could turn this into your profession. Location: Enschede

fiction and non-fiction. This creates what is referred to as ‘multiple literacies’. The Creative Writing programme at ArtEZ works together with Literary production company Wintertuin in responding to these developments. Location: Arnhem

Theatre Theatre You enjoy playing, and have an excessive interest in theatre and film. You regularly visit performances, which only increases your love for acting. You want to stand on the stage and tell the audience about the world around you. You are prepared to work hard to achieve your ambition. ArtEZ School of Acting provides you with the knowledge and tools needed to become an independent actor in the widest sense of the field: for theatre, film and television. The degree programme gives you the opportunity to develop skills such as those of director or writer. You also have the opportunity to create your own films and performances. You will be coached and assisted by a large variety of lecturers from the Dutch and international professional field. Location: Arnhem Ranked by the Keuzegids HBO Voltijd 2013 as best theatre programme

Academy of Pop Music

Theatre in Education

Music has become a product and artists are seen as a brand. It is now your turn as a ‘networking musician’, partly due to the diminishing role played by record companies. This means that in addition to musical talent, you need an entrepreneurial attitude. The ArtEZ Academy of Pop Music considers it important for students to have an understanding of the professional field. During your studies you start working on your own projects and productions together with other students from MediaMusic and people from the industry. The academy produces professionals; musicians with experience, a product and a relevant network. This gives you an important advantage at the start of your career. Location: Enschede

Creating, sharing and teaching theatre – this is what a teacher of theatre and creative arts does in schools, but increasingly also in other settings. You can work as a producer in amateur theatre, in community art projects or as an educational officer for professional theatre companies. A teacher of theatre is often an independent professional who works in different places and with a range of different people. ArtEZ trains you as a teacher in theatre: you will soon be skilled in the craft of both creating and teaching theatre. Students in all ArtEZ art in education programmes – music, dance, visual arts and design and theatre – do a large amount of group work during the study programme. Location: Arnhem / Zwolle



Creative Writing

Animation Design

The way we write, save and disseminate texts is seeing a profound change. We can read books from a screen, or listen to them; blogs increasingly guide us through specific topics; and the Twitter format forces us to use pointed language. There is increasing interaction between text, multimedia and stage, and between

You have a strong imagination, love for the moving image and a unique view of the world. Animation Design combines these qualities to develop your ideas into stories that shape your animations. Animation is a creative profession in which you learn to narrate by using moving images. You develop your way of

This is ArtEZ


viewing the world and narrating by doing a lot of drawing and creating, both by hand and using digital methods. The main focus of the degree programme is developing a personal approach to narration. You develop this personal approach by making auteur films, as well as short commercials, manuals, banners and informational items. Location: Zwolle

Comic Design The literary comic, or graphic novel, is now a recognised form of art, and the graphic story now has a number of different new genres – journalism, autobiographical or poetic. Comics have risen above the level of street culture. Marianne Satrapi, for example, depicted her Islamic childhood and teenage years in Iran in the book Persepolis. In the Netherlands, Erik Kriek made a graphic novel based on the book of Genesis and Typex made a graphic biography of Rembrandt. Comic design is also used today to shape other, more information intensive materials such as user manuals. What comic design authors all have in common is that they can tell a good story – they are both drawer and narrator – which is why this Comic Design programme, a one-of-its-kind in the Netherlands, places a great deal of emphasis on storytelling and drawing skills. Location: Zwolle

Crossmedia Design Crossmedia Design is a broad, media-independent study programme. The key questions within this study programme are ‘What do I want to communicate?’ and ‘What means can I use to do so?’ The many new changes and possibilities mean that today’s designer has to have skills that go beyond those needed to design static information. A poster, for example, that is static today will contain moving images in a few years’ time. This means that a future designer needs to be aware of the limits and possibilities of the different types of media, and that modern-day design is a lot more about asking the right questions rather than giving the right answers. Location: Enschede

Graphic Design The field of graphic design is constantly evolving. There are an increasing number of possible methods for us to communicate with each other. As a graphic designer, you acquire knowledge about the most diverse forms of transferring visual information, you have a critical attitude, analyse a design question and know the effect of different media. You focus on shaping information, visualising identities and developing communication strategies. The essence of the profession is still you as a designer composing meaningful designs using image, colour, shape, typography and sound, and placing these designs in a social and cultural context. Location: Arnhem / Zwolle

Illustration Design You are inquisitive, socially engaged and unique, and you want to share your stories and ideas with others. The Bachelor of Illustration Design at ArtEZ trains illustrators who enrich the world with new stories, images and meanings. They capture messages in image. Images that invite us to reflect on things like current affairs, people or life’s questions. The Bachelor of Illustration Design helps you develop your personal style and search for a position of your own as an illustrator in the professional field and in society. Based on your personal experience and view of the world, you learn to make meaningful illustrations for books, newspapers, magazines, iPad, websites and e-books. Location: Zwolle

Interaction Design You rarely think twice while navigating your iPhone, watching a festival programme on your tablet, or sharing photos on Facebook, but behind these simple actions lies a wealth of creativity, research and innovation. Someone thought about how to shape the text, images and sound. Someone else explored the technical possibilities to convey the information. And another person investigated how design can strengthen interaction between people and media. These are all issues that you as an interaction designer work on. You will examine, understand and unravel the media that surrounds us to convey your personal message. Location: Arnhem

Product Design Are you fascinated by design? Are you inspired by the achievements of others? Would you like to invent new materials and products using an inquisitive approach? Do you have an entrepreneurial attitude? Product Design might be just the thing for you. For over 40 years ArtEZ has been training product designers in every dimension of the field, instilling them with a modern vision of local and international design. Ambition, craft and expertise are very important aspects of the programme. However, the true quality lies in understanding the material and reinterpreting it. We look for students with an inquisitive approach and a critical view of the world. Students who love learning by doing. Location: Arnhem

Moving Image The three year programme is the first of its kind to combine an intense study of theoretical components and a hands-on translation into the practical domain and is an exciting and creative alternative to more theory-oriented academic studies. The study synergizes the search for ‘what makes images move’ with a strong development of the practical skillsets needed for the creation of moving images. You will challenge the boundaries of this medium and develop new forms of audio-visual communication. Location: Enschede


Masters Master of Architecture

Master Fine Art

The structural realisation of a building is certainly interesting, but an architect thinks bigger and on a more conceptual level. An architect is an outstanding designer. This four-year Master’s programme trains architects and consists of an on-campus curriculum (component taught on Friday and Saturday at the academy) and the off-campus curriculum (the experience gained from working at an architectural firm). The combination of studying and working allows you to directly apply what you learn. And vice versa, your work in the professional field gives you insights that enrich your design studies. Most of the on-campus curriculum includes design projects in the form of workshops. Location: Arnhem

The Dutch Art Institute (DAI) is the two year Master of Fine Art at ArtEZ. This inspiring Master’s programme gives students the chance to learn more about the theoretical, conceptual and productive aspects of being a contemporary artist. In the past years, DAI has developed into an international meeting place for progressive makers, thinkers and mediators. The programme is organised around the concept of the ‘working community’. Students, teachers and guest lecturers meet once a month for a week-long intensive programme of seminars, workshops, lectures, discussions and presentations. Location: Arnhem

Master of Theatre Practices The ArtEZ Master of Theatre Practices has evolved from the Master of Choreography (MoC) and now incorporates expanded notions of theatre including dance. The programme sees artistic practice and research as dynamically inter-related practices; as sources for embodied and intellectual enquiry that, when rigorous, can challenge, rejuvenate or perhaps even trespass more traditional models of artistic production itself and education. The master is a two-year, full time and partially residential practice-asresearch programme. Location: Arnhem

Fashion Masters Fashion is one of the most influential forms of expression in our culture. Serving as a mirror of our time, fashion is regarded as a metaphor of what goes on in society. Gaining the full grasp of fashion as a cultural phenomenon requires a broad, interdisciplinary approach. ArtEZ Institute of the Arts offers two unique, accredited Fashion Masters: the Master Fashion Design and the Master Fashion Strategy. Our aim is to educate fashion professionals who from a personal fascination critically interrogate the current mainstream fashion system and seek out the boundaries of the prevailing fashion discourse through research and design. Location: Arnhem

Master of Interior Architecture As an interior architect, you are increasingly confronted with specific research questions that go beyond the immediate design and layout. The answers to these questions lead to a broader design horizon and a shifting design framework. The ArtEZ Master of Interior Architecture uses the term ‘corporeality’, which stands for the relationship between a person’s body and the interior. There are three distinct dimensions within this corporeality: the physical, social and reflective dimensions. In just two years, you will be trained as an interior architect and be well equipped for the complex assignments and partnerships that are becoming increasingly common for professional designers. Location: Arnhem and Zwolle

Master of Education in Arts The Master of Education in Arts is a part-time, two year teacher training programme. The Master’s degree offers professional art teachers a challenging interdisciplinary programme with an emphasis on broadening their views on teaching and learning about the arts. The Master’s programme focuses on the following domains: art and education, art and culture, art and research and art and management. Students develop their skills and knowledge by conducting their own practice-based research and working together with other students on a collective graduation project. The programme’s unique curriculum with only one fixed day of lectures a week (on Monday) makes it ideal for the experienced secondary and higher education art teacher. Location: Zwolle

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Master of Music

Master of Typography

The Master of Music gives you the opportunity to continue working on your artistic identity, or ‘performing identity’. Encounters with various aspects of professional practice allow you to formulate your own vision and define your personal position within a number of relevant fields. The Master’s programme includes a research project, during which students are required to motivate their artistic choices. These projects may vary from a thesis to a themed concert, or a musical production to a multimedia presentation. Students are also encouraged to work together with others from different ArtEZ disciplines. Location: Arnhem, Enschede, Zwolle

The two year Master of Typography (Werkplaats Typografie) gives talented designers who wish to start their own business the opportunity to further develop their own style. The programme takes a broad approach, and has a strong emphasis on artistic development and theoretical foundation, through concrete practical assignments. Students are in direct contact with their clients and are expected to carry out their entire projects independently, from receiving the assignment to the moment of completion. In this informal but professional setting, they develop a strong awareness of their own creative capacities and their qualities and limitations as future freelance designers. Location: Arnhem

Master of Music Therapy The master of Music Therapy (intended starting date September 2014) gives bachelor students of Music Therapy the option to deepen their knowledge of music therapy. Location: Enschede

Preparatory courses Art & Design preparatory course Are you thinking about doing an art degree but you first want to explore your own talents and knowledge and get an introduction to the different disciplines? The Art & Design preparatory programme and introduction course and workshops may be the answer. The preparatory programme helps you discover which field of study suits you best and will also prepare you for the entrance exam, increasing your chances of admission. If you are not yet ready for this step but would like to become acquainted with art studies and the different disciplines, you can do one of our introduction courses. Whether you already know what you would like to do, or you are still having doubts about which field of study to chose, you can sign up for one or more of our introduction workshops. Location: Arnhem / Enschede / Zwolle

Dance preparatory course A preparatory programme significantly increases your chances of becoming a good dancer, which is why the ArtEZ School of Dance offers several preparatory programmes for talented primary school students aged nine and older. The preparatory programme in dance, which is taught in both Arnhem and Venlo, starts with an intro-

ductory phase for primary school pupils in grades seven and eight. Once they move to secondary school, they combine this programme with their secondary school training. The Fast Track Dance, offered in cooperation with Rijn IJssel, is an accelerated two-year vocational programme for talented secondary school students who want to do a vocational study programme as an intermediary step in developing their talent for dance. Location: Arnhem / Venlo

Music preparatory course A sense of music is something you are born with and which often manifests at a very young age. If this urge to make music remains, a preparatory programme may have a great deal to offer you. Even if you are not yet sure whether you want to make music your later profession, a preparatory programme offers you an outlet, will help more than a music school, and introduces you to music education and professional resources without any further obligations. And if you eventually decide to do a degree at a school of music, you will be fully prepared. Location: Arnhem / Enschede / Zwolle / various other locations ArtEZ also offers a variety of other courses. For more information:


“The biggest impact is the perception of space and environment and the work of other designers.”

Holger Mührmann, coordinator for Interior Design Associate Degree “Interior Design is a spatial study programme. It’s not a styling degree. Its central focus is analysis and research of space: the material, the building and the environment. There are no standard formulas. Each project requires new research and new designs. The aim is to make sure that concept and craft complement each other in the design of each room or object, making each both thoughtful and aesthetic. Students are given the space to develop their own profile and style. For many students, the biggest barrier and challenge is the translation from concept to design. Not all students can handle it, while others bloom. Studying means asking questions. Wanting to ask questions. Discovering what the question is and being curious about the answer. It is essential that you have an interest in society and culture. That you have a sense of aesthetics and design. But there is no such things as the ideal student. And even less so the ideal teacher.”

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Hall of the Rietveld building in Arnhem

Academy of Art & Design in Zwolle


Linda Jacobsen, studied Jazz & Pop “I was worried that Jazz & Pop vocals might be boring, because I wanted to act and dance as well as sing. But it was anything but boring; it was discovering who I am and getting everything out of it that I could. I was often confronted with myself, which helped me grow as a person and as an artist, and I learned so much more than I’d expected. I learned how important it is to be honest with yourself and question yourself: Why do certain things work but others don’t? Why do I feel this way? What do I want? The course gives you all the freedom you need to discover your identity as an artist or musician. Music really is my passion and it is wonderful to work with people who feel the same way. We work together to create a worthy product; a product that makes people laugh, cry and think. How amazing is that!?”

“You’re free to discover your identity as an artist or musician.”

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“Naturally you receive criticism, but it is always constructive.”

Lea Suijkerbuijk, student of Crossmedia Design “I had already earned a degree in Germany, but I wanted to do more. I wanted to try new things. Search for ideas. I particularly wanted to restrict myself as little as possible. The Crossmedia Design building in Enschede is located next to the independent artists of Fine Arts. That’s my main source of inspiration. It inspires me to work more freely. It also helps that we’re often given the freedom to choose the medium we want to use to bring our ideas to life. I’m becoming bolder in depicting my own ideas and taking them seriously. I used to be afraid to create. I was easily dissatisfied and worried what others would think of my work. My studies have taught me to believe in myself. I’m developing my own style and I get everything out of it that I possibly can.”


Graduation work Graphic Design

Final presentation Dance, ‘Internationally Mixed’, in cooperation with the Schools of Dance of Valencia and Cologne.

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In the footsteps of Fashion designer Alexander van Slobbe, dancer Andrea Hackl, singer/songwriter Bertolf, fashion designers Viktor & Rolf, visual artist Daan Roosengaarde, actor Dragan Bakema, director, drama writer Erik de Vroedt, graphic designer Fred Smeijers, actor Jacob Derwig, product designer Ineke Hans, fashion designer Iris van Herpen, graphic designer Irma Boom, designer Jaap Drupsteen, actor Jeroen Spitzenberger, designer Job van Bennekom, actress Johanna ter Steege, actress Kitty Courbois, theatre company Dood Paard Kuno Bakker, Manja Topper en Gillis Biesbeuvel, visual artist Levi van Veluw, LUST graphic designers Thomas Castro en Jeroen Barendse, product designer Marcel Wanders, actress Maria Kraakman, singer/songwriter Miss Montreal, fashion illustrator Piet Paris, dancer Reut Aviran, designer Roelof Mulder, mezzo-soprano Rosanne van Sandwijk, vocalist, composer Simin Tander, fashion designers Spijkers en Spijkers, designer Stuart Bailey Krystl, former student at the Academy of Pop Music “I was initially rejected for the Academy of Pop Music because of a vocal condition. Can you imagine how happy I was when a few days later I received a call telling me I could come after all? I was allowed to start on the strict condition that I would not sing during the first year. That was no fun, but it served a greater purpose. I only had theoretical subjects and a good voice coach, for which I’m very grateful. She helped me fully recover. The lecturers look at more than just your voice. They look at who you are. There are many who can sing well, but you need to show motivation as well. And you have to want to work hard. The course really motivated me and gave me the right tools. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss a subject like musiconomy. I benefit from that subject every day, now that I have my own business.”

fashion designer Iris van Herpen

product designer Marcel Wanders

singer Krystl

Award winners A selection of awards won by ArtEZ students in recent years: Gouden Penseel 2014 Best illustrated Childrens book Floor Rieder Illustration Design Grote Prijs van Nederland 2014 (singer/songwriter) Sofia Dragt Popacademie International NO BALLET Choreographic Competition Noa Shadur Dance

Audience Award H&M Design Award 2014 + ‘Lichting 2013’, G-Star RAW Talent Award Henriëtte Tilanus Fashion Design Kemn-A-ward 2013 most promising actor/actress Eva van Gessel School of Acting Contemporary Sculpture Award 2013 (US) Outstanding Student Achievement Kevin Bauer Fine Art ECHO 2013 Bester nationaler Act in Deutschland (D) Henning Verlage Mediamusic

BMIM Talent Award 2013 Jan Garritsen Mediamusic Media Culture Award 2013 Roel Donkers and Hella Duijs Fine Art and Design in Education Frans Molenaar Couture Award 2014 Karin Vlug Fashion Design 2013 Henriëtte Tilanus Fashion Design 2012 Peet Dullaert Fashion Design 2011 Magnus Dekker Fashion Design


Simone Atangana Bekono, Creative Writing student “I’ve always been interested in stories of all forms: I wanted to discover the meanings, link stories to social patterns, and let myself get carried away by film and literature. During your studies, you are constantly working on stories, experimenting with methods of storytelling and processing meanings in your text. You’re encouraged to form your own opinion. One of the main things I learned last year was the importance of style. There is no ‘best’ way to tell a story, but some styles are better suited to a specific story than others. I learned how crucial it is as an author to be versatile and to experiment. I think we all adapted our idea of what it means to ‘be a writer’. There are lots of ways to make money as a writer, as long as you know what the options are.”

“You will be forced out of your comfort zone, so you can explore more of the options out there for writers.”

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Martijn van Boven, coordinator for Interaction Design “We live in an information society where interaction design is constantly evolving. The major influencers at this moment are companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook. But there are always new entrants such as these. You as a designer have no control over that. The trick is to develop your own vision and a critical mind by examining the modern times we live in, by being socially engaged and knowing what is happening, for example, on the Internet. Naturally, the basis is still the art of ‘creation’, but it’s about more than just practising this art. It’s about authorship. What are your ideas? Interaction Design will shape the near future. As a designer with a degree in Interaction Design, you can shape the information society that we live in today. You can be a leading developer of ideas for the future. We provide the fundamental knowledge; you add the rest.”

“Interaction Design shapes the future.”

Graphics workshop, Zwolle

Ever tried Ever failed No matter Try again Fail again Fail better (Samuel Beckett)

Colophon Photography


Open days

Portraits: Duncan de Fey (portrait

Communication department ArtEZ

In November you can visit the Open

p. 30: Nico van Maanen). Fashion:

and Veldman Communicatie.

Days. For most studies there are also

Peter Stigter. Theatre: Pepijn Lutgerink,

Translation: Radboud In’to Languages

Open Days in Spring.

Suzanne Ophof. Dance: Duncan de Fey,


Robert Benschop. Music: Duncan de


Fey. Facilities: Nico van Maanen, Hans

Simons en Boom, Arnhem

Vroege, Sanne Zurné, Alain Baars, Bern

ArtEZ finals May, June, July: exhibitions, concerts,

Wortelboer, Yolande Willink. Final exam


theatre, dance and fashion shows by

work: Hans Vroege, Sanne Zurné and

Tuijtel, Hardinxveld - Giessendam

the ArtEZ finalists.

students. Photo Marcel Wanders: Erwin

Olaf. Photo Iris van Herpen: Ioulex x


Iris van Herpen. Photo Krystl: Universal

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publication may be reproduced

without the prior permission of the communication department.

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