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Cover Image: Lynsay Raine Old, New, Borrowed no.4, 2011, resin, silver, primer pendant.

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regarding the running of the space are made through careful

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dialogue. In this way Second Storey is a community that is open and

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gallery guide / art insights / Aug - Sept 2011


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Just (2/1) Thurs 04/08 - Sat 20/08 Rm Ground floor, 295 K’rd, Newton, Auckland Image: Studio floor, courtesy of Laura Robertson

Image courtesy of Second Storey

Victoria University Ph: 04 4635229

On Christmas Eve last year I received an email from Peter Deckers inviting me to name my three biggest Super Heroes of all time. Easy I thought: Lisa Walker, Otto Kunzli and Karl Fritsch. I almost emailed these names straight back to him but hesitated as the enormity of the project Peter was orchestrating set in.

A groundbreaking global contemporary jewellery project Article by Sharon Fitness

In a nutshell: the opportunity to work with and be mentored by your super hero for two years.

As a result, via the wonders of email, skype, facebook and wordpress, each artist has developed their own virtual studio space laying bare the processes of thought generation, critique, development of works and experimentation. The website is being watched all over the world and several other super heroes have asked Peter if they too can be involved in this ground breaking global mentoring project which is creating an exceptional learning experience for all. Works resulting from the first six months of this project will first be shown at the HandShake exhibition, which will run from August 9 - 21, 2011 at Studio 20/17 in Sydney, as part of Sydney Design 2011, then crosses to Wellington as the

I took a few moments to think a bit more about who had really influenced me on my journey through Art School and who had remained a big influence in my thinking since graduating in 2007. My list grew and fluctuated for several weeks as I discovered that this task was not such an easy one. Erwin Wurm kept topping the list, Jonathan Bonner, Judy Darragh, Allan Kaprow, Shelley Norton whose graduate work turned me towards

feature exhibition at the New Zealand Jewellery Show in September and finally to Masterworks Gallery, Auckland in December. A second larger touring show and a publication is planned for phase two of the project culminating in 2013. Visit the HandShake website to learn more about the project and keep track of the unfolding leaps of progress achieved by the inspired – and inspiring – apprentices:

contemporary jewellery in the first place. Dick Frizzell, Fran Allison, John Carpenter (for Darkstar), Warwick Freeman, Ross Malcolm and of course Marcel Duchamp. Sally Marsland made it into my top five list when I read an essay she wrote quoting ‘The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy’ and listed four of the other people in my then top five list. As this was essentially a jewellery project, I trimmed the list to people who were still alive, not living in Auckland, and predominantly making jewellery. In the end it came back to my original three super heroes. The hardest task was actually picking number one. I really really wanted Otto Kunzli but was terrified at the actual prospect of getting him. He is just too super. I was delighted to finally hear the news that Lisa Walker had agreed to be my guide for the duration of the Handshake project.

embarked on a voyage of discovery with our super heroes who are situated far and wide from Auckland, Wellington, the Netherlands, Detroit, Germany, Italy and Sweden. Our brief was quite flexible. It was up to us to plan and negotiate how this project would evolve with our mentors, and document our exchanges and progress with them on our web pages, including information about our own practices and how our super heroes have shaped and influenced our work over

the futility of taking out an animal, this installation reflects on a human’s

desire for recreational violence.

These brooches act as memory tokens, actively protesting against human

killing behavior, for pleasure. The work consists of 72 brooches, most

depicting carved and painted animal figures.

Carved masonite, acrylic paint, aluminium, lazertran, magnifying glasses,

nails, crushed bullet cases.

Image courtesy of the artists and The See Here.

How did The See Here come into formation? And why?

The See Here was formed in June of 2010, when Sunni Gibson approached

a number of colleagues, with the concept of creating an artist run micro

(window) gallery specifically for contemporary jewellery in Wellington. Sunni

had recently finished her Bachelor of Applied Arts degree (in jewellery) at

Whitireia New Zealand and was keen to keep the momentum in her practice

going. She also wanted to start a new and exciting space for the work she

and others were creating. Sunni approached myself, Peter Deckers, Vivien


Artists Alliance is pleased to announce Jessica Pearless as their inaugural artist-in-residence! This residency invites Jessica Pearless to work within a reconfigured office and studio space over a highly concentrated seven week period from September 1, to October 23, 2011. Pearless intends to use the residency opportunity to progress her ongoing research into non-objective abstract painting and to develop some recent drawing and installation site work. Artists Alliance welcomes Pearless and her ten year contribution to her field. Pearless will present an open studio and artist talk during Auckland Art Week October 13 – 23, 2011. For more information please contact: Artists Alliance 1b Ponsonby Road, Auckland (09) 376 7285

installation for the larger work shown as part of that event.

years Auckland Art Fair, and is employing The See Here space as a satellite

one of the artists invited by Masterworks Gallery to be involved in the this

The next exhibition at The See Here will feature Peter Deckers. Peter was

Tell me about the next exhibition at The See Here.

materials, associations and techniques of the jewellery discipline.

have a background in contemporary jewellery and the work references the

might not always make jewellery in the traditional sense,but they generally

conceptual art and installation. The artists involved, and the invited artists,

space into their work to create a holistic exhibition that references jewellery,

and hope, that artists will incorporate the dimensions and location of the

might not be possible to show anywhere else. This is with the intention,

We invite people to use the space for more experimental work that perhaps

The See Here negotiate this territory?


upcoming and past exhibitions, possible guest artists, and all other relevant

group. We meet every six weeks, usually over cake and wine, to discuss

gallery space, and an online forum that is sponsored and managed by the

The See Here isn’t a jewellery collective as such, rather, more of the physical

doesn’t require a price tag; this space has filled that gap.

and applied arts galleries, but few places to show experimental work, that

still actively involved. In Wellington, where there are several dealer galleries

all agreed to be involved in the project, and with the exception of Lisa, are all

Kelly McDonald and Lisa Walker, who had just moved back from Munich. We

There is often uncertain ground between fine and applied art, How does

This residency is made possible with the support of Creative New Zealand

Image courtesy of the artist

Atkinson, Tara Brady, Matthew McIntyre Wilson, Sarah Read, Nadine Smith,

sport allows the taking of a life, without any moral hesitation. Alongside

entertainment. It is built around the notion that a commonly accepted Michelle Beattie spoke to Jhana Millers

Gallery at the Auckland Art Fair 2011 comment, and join the discussions on contemporary jewellery issues.

Give & Take is a satellite installation focused on animals that are killed for

SATELLITE poster-work for GIVE & TAKE (Pleasure Beast), Masterworks jewellery and its many facets. The See Here warmly invites visitors to browse,

work. It is also a platform for the exchange of ideas about contemporary

The online space lets you contact the artists and find out more about the

Newtown, Wellington, New Zealand.

at the physical space, The See Here micro gallery, 12 Constable Street,

from members and invited guests, displayed both at and

The See Here has a programme of two or three week shows includes work

results of this exploration.

investigating contemporary jewellery and showcasing the many and varied

THE SEE HERE micro gallery: August 1 – 14 Peter Deckers

the years.

the border between fine and applied art. The See Here is dedicated to

Exhibition 2: September 9 -11, 2011 the New Zealand Jewellery Show, Wellington,


In February, myself and eleven other NZ emerging contemporary jewellers

The See Here is a group of artists and jewellers whose practice occupies

Exhibition 1: August 9 - 21, 2011 Studio 20/17, Sydney, Australia

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