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CONTENTS Introduction ............................................ 3 Exhibitions ............................................... 4 - 6 Artsparks & Stitch in Time ....................... 7 - 8 Soundbite ................................................ 9 - 10 Art Commissions & Design .................... 11 - 13 Evaluation ............................................... 14 - 15 Our Supporters ........................................ 16 “The lead inspector of the CQC Quality Summit said that the art work in the hospital is the best she has ever seen and at Gallery standard. This was a key factor in how positive they felt about the environment! Well done to you and your team�

Judy Rodrigues: Circadian Gardens in the Central Gallery, Autumn 2016

Sarah Truelove, RUH Director of Finance August 2016

Images on Front Cover: Centre - Physical Therapy at Bath Hospital, Watercolour by E. Horton 1918, Image courtesy of the Wellcome Collection Bottom Left - Natural Theatre Company Actors walking through the RUH Central Gallery, Photograph taken for The Bath Chronicle on the opening of the Bath War Hospital Exhibition Bottom Right - Screen shot of tapestry figures from Bath War Hospital film


Introduction “Art at the Heart of the RUH is now in its 17th year since its inception in 2000. This year the programme and team has excelled with its ambition to stage an exhibition and series of events commemorating 100 years since the opening of Bath’s War Hospital in 1916. When I first looked into the idea of a heritage exhibition I had very little knowledge about the War Hospital, and it turned out that I was not alone! This gave the team and local partners the impetus to act and with the aid of Heritage Lottery funding and the expertise of our voluntary historian Alison Guerin; we managed to gather an extensive amount of research which culminated in an exhibition ‘Acts of Kindness make a Difference’ The exhibition reached almost 50,000 people directly in our community and many more through the press and our website. Soundbite and Stitch in Time projects continue to flourish and we are grateful to St John’s for awarding a Community Grant to welcome Edwina Bridgeman back to the Children’s Ward to run art workshops for one day a week in the New Year. A particular focus will be mental health and finding ways to signpost young people to some great mentoring and youth creative organisations in the community. We are also finalising plans to continue Soundbite and Stitch in Time as part of a larger volunteering project to run creative activities with older patients. Next year we will start exciting plans for art and design for the new RNHRD and Therapies Centre, starting in spring 2017, as well as the Dyson Cancer Centre, where we will work with the project team and architects to plan the art and interior design of in consultation with patients and staff. This year I commissioned an artist for the new Pharmacy department, which is almost ready for staff to move into. The artists carried out some research with Bath University’s Pharmacy Department and produced 4 striking responses to current university research. I hope that you enjoy reading our 2016 Review.”

Hetty Dupays. Arts Programme Manager

RUH Pharmacy Laboratory Drawings: Detail By Dr Michele Whiting

Stitch in Time Workshop with Artist in Residence, Edwina Bridgeman

Frankie Simpkins, Musician in Residence performing in the Lansdown Foyer

Patient playing Piano on Combe Ward during a workshop


Exhibitions The 2015/16 exhibition programme included 4 main exhibitions in the central corridor, numerous exhibitions in the South and West Corridors and re-installation of both Bath Photographic Society in the North Corridor and Bath Artists Printmakers on the central 2nd Floor. We have had a record number of 750 artworks on display throughout the year on a temporary rolling basis.

The 2016 Highlight

13th June - 13th October 2016 The main exhibition this year was the Bath War Hospital ‘Acts of Kindness’. Art at the Heart secured Heritage Lottery Funding (HLF) from the ‘1st World War, Then and Now’ fund to commemorate the history and heritage of the war hospital. The exhibition and participatory tapestry commerated the opening of The Bath War Hospital in 1916. Demand for beds at that time rapidly outstripped supply and large tents were erected to accommodate up to 1400 patients. We showcased an exhibition in the RUH Central Gallery to reveal how ‘“small acts of kindness” from the community helped to support the operation of the hospital and were invaluable to the wellbeing and rehabilitation of the traumatised soldiers and how this was reflected in the day-to-day life at the Bath War Hospital, including reproductions of letters, photographs of soldiers, illustrations, poems, and artefacts sourced from local archives.

The Bath War Hospital Hen, 1917 ‘Plasticine Model’

Bath War Hospital Panels in the RUH Central Gallery

The Bath 1st World War Hospital Exhibition will be on permanent display on the 1st Floor from 2017. It’s also intended to show the Panels at the BRSLI, with a Bath War Hospital event day in Queens Square put together by the Natural Theatre Company. We produced an evaluation film on the project and we are currently in the process of creating a new dedicated Heritage website.

Animals in the glass display cabinet created by Children in the Bath War Hospital workshops


Alongside the Bath War Hospital exhibition we displayed a Bath Schools exhibition from Beechen Cliff and Ralph Allen in addition to a sealed auction of pictures by Bath Artists’ Studios with 50% of proceeds to the RUH Arts Fund.

Earlier this year...

In Spring 2016 we showed a series of photographic exhibitions that included work from the Royal Photographic Society and Wildscreen’s: Fragile exhibition that informs on conservation issues as well as providing beautiful pictures to look at. It’s always good to broaden the appeal of our exhibitions beyond the purely visual and it also provides another opportunity to link with local and national charities.

Magpies and Eucalyptus by Georgia Cox, Bath Artists’ Studios

‘The Unravelling Brain’ by Claudia Stocker and ‘Cartilage’ by Stephen Magrath, Sci-Art Synergy Exhibition

Cental Gallery

21st October 2016 - 12th January 2017 On display this Autumn is the Sci-Art exhibition and this celebrates what can be created when artists and scientists collaborate. There is work taking inspiration from science, where scientists are using art to show their work in a new light and artworks that have been produced from exciting collaborations. Examples from this exhibition include visual interpretations of quantum dynamics, nano-technology, genetics, the cosmos and the diseases of old age. This Sci-Art showcase will be an opportunity for RUH patients, visitors and staff to see science, and art, in new and interesting ways. Furthermore, The central gallery is showcasing local artist Judy Rodrigues’ work that was produced on a 6 month residency and inspired by Ventor Botanic Gardens. It explores the Gardens micro climate heritage and its core themes of well being and sustainabiility. The project was kindly supported by an Arts Council research grant. The appreciation of the artwork is also reflected in the exhibition income provided by sales commission that equalled the previous year at around £5,000 (VAT deducted). We also achieved a further £1,000 in RUH Arts Fund donations and £3,400 by developing internal and external contracts, this included installing exhibitions for Creativity works and curating 2 exhibitions at the Circle Hospital. The Palm Garden by Judy Rodrigues


The exhibition programme is fully advertised both internally and externally by local and social media as well as on-line, including regular updates on our website. The exhibitions enhance the hospital environment and provide a beneficial experience for patients, staff and visitors. The enjoyment of the art has been rated by our audience on the What do you think? exhibition feedback cards. Rating the Enjoyment of Art on a scale of 1 - 10 6% scored 8/10 18% scored 9/10 76% scored 10/10

H o f th e RU e H ea rt A rt a t th

What do k? n i h t u o y

We continued to receive excellent feedback from the exhibitions and this was evident from remarks in the comments book and feedback cards in the central corridor:

“Brilliant - I grew up in Bath, I am just visiting today and I have learnt a heartfelt snap of history - Thank you.” Visitor, Bath War Hospital Exhibition

RUH Art Map A major project this year has been to design a new art map so that RUH patients, visitors and staff can locate exhibitions, artworks and sculptures in courtyards around the site. Two students from Bath Spa University worked on the project and were managed by the arts team.

The idea is to indicate the many locations of exhibits around the hospital, and for it to offer @artaawelcome distraction. Bath Spa Arts Management (MA) student, Mao Takata has completed a 7 month work placement with Art at the Heart, first updating the arts inventory of around 500 artworks within the hospital, then locating them around the site and working with the arts team to develop and produce the final map.

We wanted the art map to be a work of art in its own right, and Mao introduced (BA) Textiles Student; Ayane to the project who screen printed the corridors on fabric to create the outline of the map and stitched where the art exhibitions, sculptures and individual artworks are located. The Zone colours are coherent with the colour scheme used in the official RUH map: Zone A purple, Zone B - green, Zone C - yellow and Zone D - blue. This Textile piece has then gone through a digital process to produce a printed arts map that is available to pick up from various points throughout the hospital. It highlights certain wayfinding features including the Friends Coffee Shop and Lansdown Restaurant.

“The arts map provides a real asset to enable staff and visitors to explore and discover all the artworks on display at the RUH.” Tony Smith, Exhibitions Manager 6

Artsparks Artsparks is led by Artist in Residence, Edwina Bridgeman and brings a series of regular creative workshops to young patients on the Children’s Ward. The workshops take place both in the playroom and by patient bed sides. The intention is to allow children to enjoy the freedom to produce their own artwork in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental setting.

Elephant created in a Artsparks workshop

This project is fully inclusive, building relationships with many of our regular patients.

Multimedia 3D Tapestries

Screenshot of Children’s workshop from pARTicipate film

Animals created for a Bath War Hospital 3D Tapestry

Visual artist, Edwina worked with children and their families to create 4 tapestries that are based around the history of Bath War Hospital. The workshops proved extremely popular with patients on the Children’s Ward, the subject matter really capturing imaginations. The appeal has been widespread and much of the making has been shared with Elders on Combe Ward. Furthermore, a Bath War Hospital workshop with children also took place with Edwina at the Weston Village Heritage Day event, organised by Weston Heritage and Research Society.

“A programme that shows the hospital in a good light is of benefit to the hospital.” Parent

Return of Artsparks in 2017! We are delighted, thanks to a generous grant from St John’s Community Grant, that Artsparks will recommence in January and is funded for the next two years. The artist, Edwina Bridgeman, will deliver 2 workshops a week and offer inspiration to ward staff and families to continue with activities throughout the week. These workshops are a huge benefit to all ages and for the next 2 years we would also like to focus on adolescent mental health and encourage adolescents to join youth groups like Mentoring Plus and the egg Theatre. We also aim to work with Bath Museums and invite curators to the ward to do a handling workshop with their artefacts. Everyone can also expect more brilliant artworks for the ward’s walls and a dedicated public Artsparks Gallery.


“Really nice to see Mum doing a creative activity - this is something completely different and not tried before. She seemed to really enjoy the experience.”

(Activity - Felt making)

Stitch in Time

Recent workshops have included hand making felt, an extremely engaging, tactile and sensory technique which in just one session can produce a beautiful finished piece of art. This technique is ideal for the hospital environment where patients change weekly, allowing projects to be finished on the day, so patients can see the end result of their work.

2016 Highlight - Felt Making Stitch in Time provides weekly creative textile reminiscence workshops on the RUH older patients units led by our Artist in Residence and co-produced by textile students and volunteers.

Patients have been encouraged to use their own creative abilities to choose colours and make patterns as well as being guided and inspired by themes and ideas from books and discussions. An example of this can be seen in the image below of a felt bird made in response to the bird book that was brought to the ward. The patient who created this piece had previously kept birds, and was upset that he was no longer able to. The book brought back some sad memories for the patient, but the process of making the felt distracted and relaxed him, he enjoyed physically rolling and turning the work.

The workshops are intergenerational and incorporate a range of images and creative textile processes, taking elements from oneto-one and group conversations on the wards as well as sharing of memories. By encouraging and supporting social skills and interaction between patients, we hope to increase patients’ self-esteem and confidence by introducing them to a new skill that they can then share with their family, friends and loved ones. Work created during the workshops is often developed by our volunteers and students or sometimes even by patients on the children’s ward to create a series of public artworks throughout the year.

The technique of felting is extremely sensory allowing a wide variety of patients to be able to engage despite any sensory difficulties they may have. The technique is extremely tactile which can be a particularly engaging sense to connect with people, especially for those living with dementia. Sensory stimulation has been shown in recent studies to decrease agitation and restlessness, as well as improve sleep for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.


“Where else but in an innovative hospital can one hear such delicate and evocative sounds – a delight”

Soundbite The Soundbite programme has had a busy year reaching more patients, staff and visitors around the hospital than ever before, starring in our fantastic documentary film pARTicipate and collaborating with the War Hospital Art exhibition. In brief, this year we have had 28 Lunchtime performances taking place from Bath Folk Club and Live Music Now musicians, including a week of performances for the Bath Folk Festival. As well as this Frankie has performed over 147 ward sessions reaching just under 4000 patients, visitors and staff. Frankies performances Our Musician in Residence Frankie Simpkins works 2 days a week providing weekly music performances on the Older Peoples Units and occasional visits to the Children’s wards and other wards when requested. She acts as a continuous familiar link between the Soundbite programme and the wards, building relationships with staff and long term patients. This rapport with the wards allows Frankie to make informed decisions with regards to choosing suitable visiting musicians for the lunchtime performance programme to compliment her own performances, and thus providing a tailored service to the varying wards she visits at the RUH. Lunchtime performances Our lunchtime performance programme, generously funded by the Joyce Fletcher Charitable Trust allows us to bring a variety of musicians to patients, visitors, staff and volunteers, with performances monthly and sometimes twice a month in public areas and wards across the RUH. We pride ourselves in providing a variety of musical performances to suit most if not all tastes, from folk, jazz and blues, to classical and world music. This year due to the generosity of the Joyce Fletcher Charitable Trust, we have been able to provide an increased number of lunchtime performances reaching a record of 8,500 patients, visitors and staff. Bath Folk Festival 2016 was one of the most successful years to date, we were able to reach a wide variety of areas in the hospital and all performances were very well received. The publicity surrounding the event appeared to be well done as we experienced our highest number of visitors coming to the hospital especially to see performances, as well as inpatients seeing posters around the hospital and choosing to come to the public areas to listen.


Frankie and patient on the childrens ward

Toby Noble and band in the Friends Coffee Shop as part of Bath Folk Festival

7 performances from Live Music Now (LMN) 12 performances from Bath Folk Club 5 performances from Bath Folk Festival 3 performances from Community Groups Soundbite Audience Figures 2015/2016 Comparison

Live Music Now (LMN) Musicians

Further Research... Rosie Mead, a PhD Candidate from the University of Exeter, has started undertaking a study at the RUH as part of her PhD. Rosie is conducting an ethnographic study, observing wards for patients with dementia, and looking at the role of music within this. Rosie will be observing Frankie Simpkins and other musicians whilst they perform on the wards, and noting any behavioural changes in patients with dementia. We have recently been collaborating with Live Music Now, RICE Centre, and Norma Daykin, a researcher from Winchester University, about hosting a large research project at the RUH assessing the impact of music activity on the wellbeing of patients with dementia, carers and staff in an acute hospital environment. The research would look at performances by our Musician in Residence Frankie Simpkins alongside performances by musicians provided by Live Music Now. The study will inform understanding of contribution of music to wellbeing and cost effective care of people with dementia, as well as identifying critical determinants of effective and sustainable practice in arts for health and wellbeing. Funding is still being sought for this.

“What a treat - such therapy and a delightful lady. Thank you so much - it was so relaxing. That was a very special moment� Patient, Charlotte Ward Combe Ward Tea Party


Art Commissions & Design Pet CT: RUH Radiography Department A PET/CT scanner has been installed within a purpose built suite encased with lead lined walls within the Radiography Department. This facility will transform cancer diagnosis at the RUH as well as diagnosing dementia conditions including Alzheimer’s. The environment needed to be carefully designed for that the patient as it can be a stressful experience for a patient to go through. We commissioned a series of bespoke vinyl wallpaper designs by Katy McIntyre Brown for each Patient Bay to coordinate with the feature wall colours and they were designed purposefully not to be too ‘busy’ in order to minimise brain activity and not over stimulate the patient.

Wallpapers Designed by Katy McIntyre-Brown

Sky Ceiling Light

They have to wait in a side bay on their own for an hour prior to the scan and it’s important to remain relaxed and very still in order for the procedure to work effectively. The individual colour and wallpaper design for each Bay also helps the patient to navigate to and from the scanner room unaided. A six 6 panelled lit ceiling by Sky Inside UK was installed above the PET CT scanner adds another dimension to the room and helps to distract the patient whilst undergoing their scan. Including artwork into the design, such as these wallpapers and the sky ceiling has been shown to improve the patient experience by alleviating anxiety and stress and acting as a distraction. Staff and patients alike are amazed that the whole department, lined with lead brick, could exude such a gentle and comforting aura.

Teenage Chill Out Room

A selection of artwork by Graffiti Prints and view of the Teenage Chill Out Room


The Children’s Ward relocated their Teenager’s Chill Out Room and Art at the Heart created mood boards and consulted with young patients and ward staff to make sure that the furnishings and equipment met their wishes. Graffiti Prints generously donated a signed LE print by graffiti artist Martin Whatson, which adds a unique contemporary ambience to the room. The sofa and ottoman’s were designed especially for the scheme and we have received excellent feedback. The IT and gaming equipment will be installed ready for occupation by Christmas!

RUH North Re-Development Pharmacy

In October 2015, the RUH started work on the construction of our new pharmacy facility. This marked another milestone in the Trust’s Fit for the Future programme, as we work to transform our estate and further improve the services we provide.

Aerial View

It’s a very exciting time for the Trust, as the new pharmacy is now in its final construction stages and staff are looking forward to moving in to a modern state-of-the-art building in early 2017. New location, improved facilities, future focused... The project team worked closely with staff and pharmacy users during the design process, to make sure our new pharmacy best meets the needs of patients and staff. As part of this process Art at the Heart led consultation workshops with staff to gage their impressions for suggested colour schemes to include feature walls, flooring, impact panelling and furniture. This is a very sterile area but we want to try and soften the internal working areas with sensitive and imaginative additions of colour and also art. AATH ran a series of workshops with staff as well as thoughts towards an arts commission, which staff agreed should relate to the natural world and Pharmaceutical Research. This led to a commission with artist Dr Michele Whiting, whose suite of four drawings represent aspects of current research at Bath University with plants including the daffodil, as points of departure. Dr Whiting was supported by Dr Sarah Bailey, Prof Stephen Husbands, and Dr Lorenzo Caggian, Researchers at the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology at Bath University. The finished building is bright and airy; it has a contemporary feel with accents of colour for walls and floors. The large scale series of artworks will add a unique asset to the department. Laboratory Drawings: Works on Paper 150 x 100cm By Dr Michele Whiting


RNHRD and Therapies Centre The Pharmacy is nearing completion ready for the old Pharmacy to be demolished and construction for the RNHRD and Therapies Centre will commence. Every art and design project is different and this one is no exception, the RNHRD, also known as ‘The Min’ is relocating from the centre of Bath to the Combe Park site and the existing RUH Therapies Centre will share this new 3 storey building with the RNHRD. There are opportunities to incorporate elements of Bath’s medical history into the fabric of the design; from Bath’s healing waters and the Roman mosaic pavement can all be alluded to in flooring, wall and window graphics. There will be several garden/outdoor spaces that can accommodate sculpture and other art forms into the external design. Art at the Heart is involved in several engagement events with staff and patients from the RNHRD and RUH Therapies over the next few months. The results of the engagement process will be disseminated and ideas developed with lead architects IBI. RNHRD and Therapies Centre Building Design

May 2016, Brainstorming Ideas with IBI Architects Concept board: Inspiration for artwork and outside spaces


Evaluation AATH Website and Publicity We launched our brand new website in January 2016! Therefore, our Art at the Heart (AATH) website is no longer attached to the RUH website as we developed our own domain name It was refreshed with a new look, designed by AATH team’s former member of staff Diane Samways. Marketing & Programme Support Officer, Jessica Shoemack now manages the AATH website, along with all the publicity and quarterly e-newsletters. There have been a total of 12,110 visits to the website so far this year, averaging out at 40 visits to the website per day. Our profile online has really grown over the course of the year, gaining new followers on social media and a 10% increase in newsletter sign ups via our website. There are several people now using the ‘contact us’ section of our website to get in touch with sales enquiries, queries and questions for the arts Screenshot of website homepage and team. article from Insight Magazine The publicity continues to thrive. The programme is publicised throughout the RUH to staff, patients and visitors internally and to the general public externally. We have managed to achieve exhibition features in Bath Life and The Bath Magazine, as well as Evolver, The Bath Chronicle, Visit Bath, Arts & Health South West, Cultural Forum, BANES council and Wiltshire Loves Arts. Our Arts programme is firmly established in the local surrounding arts sector and often gets recognised for its high standard of temporary changing exhibitions.

Puppets made in a Stitch in Time workshop on Combe Ward

pARTicipate film In early 2016, we produced a pARTicipate Evaluation film with film director Andy Kemp and Bath Spa Media student, Georgina Epps. We wanted to showcase the work that goes on behind the scenes, in particular on the wards of the hospital with patients. The film is an insight into the music performances and art workshops that take place on the older patient’s wards and children’s ward. A pARTicipate report was also assembled with external evaluators 5x5x5=Creativity. “The invitation to experience and participate in the arts has shown clear evidence of improved motivation and engagement of those involved. The artists really listen, observe and respond to the different needs of each individual. An improved sense of wellbeing through participation in the arts is a vital aspect of this work. The creative team have grown through working together, professional development, mentoring and creative approaches to evaluation. The film is a testament of this” from pARTicipate report 2016


Awards We were very pleased to be shortlisted in February 2016 as Finalists in the Arts Category for The Bath Life Awards. Furthermore, we won Highly Commended in the Arts & Health South West Prize 2016 and the arts team attended the awards ceremony at the Arnolfini in June this year. We submitted our project Fusion; a collaboration with Bath Spa University which resulted in a major exhibition at the RUH in summer 2015. This was an inaugural project for the hospital and we were very pleased with the final exhibition that went beyond the usual boundaries of the central corridor and resulted in installations of 3D works displayed inside and outside the hospital as well as an audio visual work displayed in a hospital waiting room. More recently, in November 2016 we attended the Remember WW1 awards ceremony at the Army and Navy Club in Pall Mall, London on 2nd November and achieved runner up in the Arts & Creativity category. The project Bath War Hospital: ‘Acts of Kindness’ showcased at the RUH received a great deal of recognition by going through to finalist stage. There were 20 projects in total selected across 5 categories from over 160 entrants.

Feedback “Skilled Musicians and very lively uplifting music. Certainly lifts the spirits.” Visitor “Fantastic to have an art exhibition in hospital, and so much diversity in it as well, great for patients to be able to engage with.” Staff Member “There is a world outside of hospital wards, very inspiring!” Patient The RUH Art Team and Volunteer, Alison Guerin at the Remember WW1 Awards

Bath War Hospital Film & Heritage website You can now view the evaluation film on the Bath War Hospital Exhibition by visiting the evaluation section on the website We are currently in the process of building a new RUH Heritage website to create a digital platform to show the film as well as research, archive and interviews so that ongoing research and collection of memorabilia from members of the community can continue with our volunteer researcher, Alison Guerin.

Screen Shot from the Bath War Hospital Evaluation Film


Historical Researcher & Volunteer Alison Guerin talking about the War Hospital items on display

We would not be able to run the RUH Art Programme without our sponsors and partners, we would like to thank the following organisations: Sponsors Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Foundation Trust Friends of the RUH Bath & North East Somerset Arts Development [Strategic Partners 2014 - 2017] Arts Council England: Grants for the Arts Joyce Fletcher Charitable Trust Forever Friends Appeal Partners Bath Folk Festival Live Music Now Bath Hospital Radio Bath Spa University City of Bristol College Natural Theatre Company Weston Heritage & Research Society Bath Records Office Bath War Hospital Sponsors Heritage Lottery ‘1st World War, Then and Now’ Fund Bath & North East Somerset Arts Development Theatre Royal Bath Creative Fund Bath Boules Bath Decorative and Fine Arts Society 5x5x5=creativity were involved as external evaluators for pARTicipate until May 2016 and The Medlock Trust supported their involvement in the programme. Contact Us: Arts Programme Manager, Hetty Dupays: Exhibitions Manager, Tony Smith: Marketing & Programme Support Officer, Jessica Shoemack: Art at the Heart of the RUH Estates and Facilities Directorate Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust Combe Park Bath, BA1 3NG

Tel: 01225 824987



Twitter: @artatruh

Charity No. 1058323

ART AT THE HEART Annual Review 2016  

Projects, news and events in 2016.

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