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WIBOND Andon Board

“Management by View“ for your company -


Andon Board Visual Production Control The WIBOND Andon board helps you to visually monitor your company’s production process. The WIBOND Andon board is a visual information display for lean production. Its goal is fast, simple worker communication to ensure that problems are prioritised and addressed quickly. In real-time, it collects, analyses, prepares and visualises production-specific indicators such as disturbance variables to the worker in charge, enabling immediate performance feedback and promptly detecting deviating values. It contributes significantly to making production workers more quality-aware. The WIBOND Andon board makes current production performance clearly visible at all times. Employees can identify with their achievements so there is a constant drive to improve performance.

Openness and visibility of communication channels prevents misunderstandings and makes people take responsibility of their processes. Visibility of workflows accelerates business decisions because consequences are visible and foreseeable. Warehouse inventories are reduced because improved processes minimise the need for emergency stocks. The WIBOND Andon board helps you to spot problems early and address or display them on time. This increases your production output without employing more staff.

This makes the WIBOND Andon board a must for both large and medium-sized businesses.


Lean production as a corporate philosophy.

System architecture WIBOND


DisplayManager PLC



WIBOND PickVision System





network internet/intranet WIBOND





WIBOND Input device

WIBOND Input device

Peripherie Loudspeaker Signaler SMS / e-Mail

Use the WIBOND Andon board to visualise

Benefits and goals

■■Key process indicators

■■Real-time visualisation for increased production

■■Faults and production downtime

■■Locate errors and faults to optimise production capacity and manufacturing workflows

■■Current line and station states ■■Target vs. actual data, and comparable quantities

■■Motivate employees by visualising ▪▪ target and actual states ▪▪ faults and errors ■■Visible communication channels for improved quality ■■Reduce rework and emergency stocks ■■Connect your escalation levels in the event of errors or faults ■■Consistently promotes your company's lean culture ■■Increases your company's efficiency and competitiveness ■■Remarkable ROI

Smart Information System for manufacturing.


Benefits of the WIBOND Andon board

This results in:

■■Enables customisation

■■Ambition to perform motivation

■■Can be integrated with existing corporate network (Ethernet, ProfiNet, Profibus, etc.)

■■Engagement to take responsibility; employee feels a "part of the whole"

■■Enables upgrade to autonomous Andon system

■■Independent detection and correction of vulnerabilities in the production process

■■Numerous options: ▪▪ Version for potentially explosive areas ▪▪ Input and operating devices ▪▪ Comprehensive parameterisation and application software ▪▪ Audio output (e.g., MP3 files) ▪▪ DCF receiver, temperature sensor, many GPIOs ▪▪ Independent calculation of indicators on Andon board ▪▪ Various protection classes, e.g., IP54, IP65

■■Improved quality awareness and process ergonomics ■■Stronger team and company spirit

■■Enables data transfer from ERP system and/or ODBC.compatible databases ■■Wide range of accessories, e.g., signal light, signal horn ■■Easily upgraded to MDC system ■■Eco design: Energy-saving future technology ■■Quality made in Germany: developed & produced in Parkstein


Andon board: Visual Production Control

WIBOND software Thanks to an intuitive, ergonomic user interface, WIBOND’s DisplayManager application software allows extremely simple configuration and parameterisation of the Andon board. Very often, customer-specific adjustments and/or versions are required to ensure a perfect fit with the production process. This applies to the user interface as well as to the services for integrating higher-level IT systems (e.g., databases, ERP, MES, PPS systems). It is also possible to run Display Manager in Excel.

DisplayManager enables the following: ■■Parameterise base settings ■■Define dialogs and fields ■■Calculate trends ■■Rosters (up to 4 shifts) ■■Online connectivity ■■Program the text memory ■■Generate sequence control system ■■Custom display of time, date, and temperature ■■Parameterise counters ■■Define I/O functions (e.g., output switches in case of change) ■■Parameterise optional data integration (e.g., ERP system, database) ■■Animation: Marquee, default font, blinking text ■■Optional customisations

Scope of services: Andon system software


ACO logic and interface modules The modular ACO series basically consists of industrial-strength I/O modules and provides the opportunity of extended data capturing and control in the Andon system. ACO modules are either integrated with the industrial monitor or installed in external "breakout boxes" in machines or switch cabinets. Use the ACO modules to integrate required peripherals (e.g., pushbuttons, screwdrivers, scanners, scales, signal lamps, etc.) for the visualisation system. You can also connect Andon-boards directly to the PLC. Extending the system functions provides the Andon system with remote monitoring and enables you to integrate escalation and priority levels (e.g., to automatically send e-mails and text messages).


ACO modules: ■■ACO-AD

Analog/digital interface


Adapter unit with potential-free I/O


Serial converter RS485 - RS232


Profibus interface


ProfiNet adapter 1PORT/2PORT


USB serial converter


Ethernet serial converter


Wi-Fi interface

System extension: Logic and interface module

WIBOND accessories WIBOND input device Example: Every key can programmed for a customised function. Red key: Yellow key: Green key: White key: Black key:

Trigger the relay contact to detect belt stop Call for help Need material Pre-assembly station ready Acknowledge fault message

You can also use a WIBOND industrial touch panel for entering data.

WIBOND IPC touch panel You can also use WIBOND industrial touch panels for entering data into the Andon system. This makes it possible to upgrade to an MDC system.

WIBOND audio system We provide a variety of loudspeakers and amplifier units.

System extension: Input devices and audio system


WIBOND ProScreen Smart Information System

■ Custom 7”–65” industrial monitors for process visualisation/control ■ Modular ACO system for extending monitor functionality ■ All standard industrial interfaces, e.g., Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, AD converter, pot. I/O, etc.

WIBOND ProView Visualisation software

■ Independently create your own templates ■ Display, control, monitor production and logistics processes ■ Parameterise, diagnose, and manage ProScreen monitors

WIBOND AndonBoard Visual information displays

■ Communication visibility to increase motivation, efficiency, and quality ■ Locate errors and faults to optimise production capacity and manufacturing workflows ■ Visualise current production data in real time

WIBOND Pick-to-Light system Innovative picking system

■ PokaYoke: "Zero defects" in logistics and production processes ■ Independent and cost-effective integration as no specialist computer skills are required

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■ Paperless picking

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