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Our Vision


ur vision of Wolcott as a place, rather than a project, is a challenging path. It requires that we remain authentic, that we unlearn much of what the last 35 years of development in this region has taught us. At the heart of this place, a village has been re-created. The land and the river have set its parameters, while trails, both land and water, give it form. This trail system connects the people with gathering places while also providing escapes to solitude. By connecting with the Valley’s colorful history, we can continue its legacy of living well. This link to the past also requires that we connect to the present. The Mountain’s land, its rivers, its people, its ideals, its spirit - they are all integral parts of the Wolcott Community. Despite the meticulous planning that is going into the creation of this place, we will not be predictable in our approach. Rather, we will remain exible, allowing ideas to evolve and nurturing the visions and goals of the community as a whole. In doing so, Wolcott will remain, as it has been for decades, a place of discovery and surprise.


e do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.


legacy like no other....

Once known as “Russell”, Wolcott became an important rail shipping point for agricultural products from Northwestern Colorado. In 1886, a wagon road was completed to Steamboat Springs, by way of State Bridge, on the Colorado River. The arrival of the railroad the next year made Wolcott, as it was soon called, one of the largest shipping points on the Western Slope. At the height of this traf c, two thousand carloads of cattle were shipped from Wolcott annually. Regular inhabitants of the community catered to the needs of travelers and those transporting cattle. Businesses included livery barns, stockyards, a hotel, general merchandising store, saloon, and blacksmith shop. Wolcott’s prosperity abruptly came to an end after the Moffat tun-

Above: View of Wolcott from the east

nel was built in 1928 causing rail traf c to bypass the once prosperous community. In the 1920s, Peter Jou as purchased a homestead on Ute Creek and added to his summer range property by purchasing additional homestead and private land holdings in Cache Creek. The Jou as family has continued agricultural uses on much of their lands as the Eagle River Valley and Wolcott grew and evolved.

Left: Senator Edward Oliver Wolcott, for whom Wolcott is named

Ab bove: Russ ellll Tr ain i De D pot Above: Russell Train Depot

Above: Jouflas Family Photo

As soon as the railroad was extended to the Wolcott area in the late 1800s, the stage route started to carry mail, supplies and travelers to the area. It served the little towns as far north as Steamboat Springs. Unlike our daily mail service, back then, the mail ran only three round trips per week. Large wheels provided clearance for rocks and up to 6 horses were needed to pull a fully loaded Concord stage. A new road, which crossed the Grand River, Above: Rancher and dog

was established to help with the stage traf c. The rst freight was hauled over the road from Wolcott to Steamboat in 1889. The long journey meant the stage would spend the night at roadhouses along the river. There were also stations, every 10 miles, where tired horses could be traded out for a fresh team; up to 85 horses would be kept at the stations.

The stage stop was run by Charles McCoy, who also operated the ferry near present day McCoy. The coach would cross the river on a huge barge attached to steel cables and pulleys. It wasn’t until 1891 that a bridge was built, now called State Bridge. Building roads at that time required horse drawn scrapers, plows, sledge hammers, and the use of black powder.

McCoy Stage Coach


ne touch of nature makes the whole world kin.


he Vail Valley

There is nothing quite like it. Wolcott is bordered by two miles of the Eagle River and pristine conserved wetland areas and is surrounded by 54 holes of the best resort golf the Vail Valley has to offer. Located only 20 minutes from the Vail International Airport to the west, and 15 to 20 minutes from world class skiing in Beaver Creek and Vail, Wolcott’s distinctive location allows for activities for all seasons.


ow we play....

Whether you are at Wolcott for a weekend or a lifetime, you’ll never lack for things to see and do. Perhaps today you’ll get up early and catch a few sh as the sun begins to rise. Later you can head out and explore via land and river but will you choose a kayak, a bike, or a golf cart? Upon your return it’s time for a relaxing Spa treatment, a sunset cocktail on the rooftop terrace, or an evening stroll through carefully lit neighborhoods, discussing what tomorrow holds.

WOLCOTT Master Plan Wolcott Community Plan

Phase One The Village and South Meadow Estates Master Plan Inset


ny river is really the summation of the whole valley. To think of it as nothing but water is to ignore the greater part.


e goes not out of his way that goes to a good Inn.

Artist Rendering of The Inn at Wolcott

Delightfully Civilized...

The Inn at Wolcott


it back and contemplate the endless possibilities for dining in Wolcott - home of multiple diverse and authentic restaurants that soothe the soul and delight the palette. Enjoy a cocktail at Shepherd’s Rest Bar or reside s’mores on the lawn. Our restaurants honor the High Country’s rich and unique culinary history by using the freshest of ingredients harvested from the surrounding rivers, woods, and local farms, creating a one - of - a - kind epicurean experience. At the Inn you can nd an extensive choice of ne wines, cigars, craft beers, and unforgettable cocktails to complete your culinary journey, where good taste is always the avor of the day.

Executive Retreat Concept

Artist Rendering of The Spa and Women’s Retreat


emories in the Making...

W O M E N’ S R E T R E A T You could not wish for a more romantic setting than the Village Green Chapel, offering expansive views of the Eagle River, and pristine wetland conservation areas. Just a few steps away is the quaint Wolcott Inn where you can welcome your guests. Then, host your reception or meeting in either the comfortable executive retreat or the rustic yet elegant Riverpark Hall. There are four key elements to a balanced life - exercise, nutrition, peace of mind and care of the body. The Women’s Retreat Programs are focused on balancing and rejuvinating the mind, body, and spirit.





olcott is the ideal setting for wedding celebrations. Bringing your vision to life in a way that re ects your style and taste is what we do with a seasoned hand. Imagine your special day as perfect as ever as we walk you through the charming venues and entertainment options at Wolcott.

Riverpark Hall



The kiss that sealed it. That approving wink from a cherished relative. The sun setting over the mountains after the toast that said it all. Of the many special moments you will take away from Wolcott, your experience at Riverpark Hall will be one to relive forever. You and your guests can share evcn more memorable moments together with a wide range of activities that can be incorporated into your wedding celebration at Wolcott. A spa day, a day of shing or golf for the Groomsmen - options abound when planning your special day in Wolcott.

ld T own O S hopping

& Entertainment District



S oul


Lined with quaint shops and historic brownstones, The Promenade will serve as true common ground for residents and visitors alike. Anchored by the Wolcott Inn and Spa, it is a place of connection and convergence - where diverse residents and visitors cross paths, sharing everything from a friendly hello to a cup of coffee and lingering conversation. Time itself seems to slow in homage to life as it should be lived.





The Family Barn is an amenity like no other and one designed to create the kind of experiences your family will thank you for. Boasting a summer swimming venue, and nostalgic soda fountain, it’s an offering for families that prefer places to bond over places to be seen. The Family Barn also embraces the great worth of creative expression through art, and in this breathtaking community sources of inspiration will never be in short sup-

Family Barn Grill Concept

Children’s Spray Fountain Concept Family Barn Porch Swing Concept


elax and Play

A place of family experiences and connections. A place of discovery, surprize, and authenticity. A place where legacies are shared and passed from one generation to the next. A place of traditions and values. A place to slow down and appreciate all that this land - and this life - have to offer.


ometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.



ustic yet

There is nothing quite like it in the Vail Valley. The Rocky Mountain Brownstones offer all the amenities of town living with a mountain lifestyle. Enjoy living in the heart of Old Town Shopping and Entertainment District and experience the vibrance of a downtown atmosphere with shopping, restaurants, and entertainment just outside your door.



ocky Mountain


The Village The Mountain Farmhouse relaxed vernacular, both in terms of architecture and landscape, has been the template for Wolcott. Old Town, with its pedestrian edges and quaint architecture, adds a touch of formality by encouraging more classical farmhouse style.

Remington Ranch Pioneer Park


n the Remington Ranch and Pioneer Park neighborhoods, fulltime and part-time residents live together by choice - walking or biking to virtually everything - and it is this interaction that fuels the energy of the area as a whole. Parks, trails, ponds and waterways meander throughout each neighborhood. These traditional neighborhoods embody the philosophy of “connectedness� with their close proximity to village shops, restaurants, and social amenities. On the rural edge of Timbermill and Pioneer Park neighborhoods the equestrian ranches blend the convenience of village living with the comfort of a private ranch retreat.

Historic Architectural Character Commercial and Civic Buildings

Reclaiming Time.... The character of Wolcott is like none other and we intend to adhere to the vision which ultimately will protect the investment of each property owner. This is a place from another time, when kids would stain their knees on the village lawn, and a walk around the block could take hours thanks to friendly stops along the way. As part of The Village at Wolcott, it is critical that the commercial structures t within the fabric of the town center yet retain an appropriate architectural identity. The design team has studied historical precedent to identify and incorporate both functional and period - appropriate elements.

The Village


ventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.

S outh M eadow E states A Family Legacy Property


he South Meadow Estates are made up of only seven spectacular family estates overlooking the Eagle River and Eagle Springs Golf Club, all within close proximity to The Village. These are among the most dramatic and desirable properties remaining anywhere in the Vail Valley. Four-board black fencing frames the South Meadow Conservation Area and each homestead. The neighborhood boasts historic Colorado architecture, quiet country spaces, and the legacy value of family compounds.

Artist Rendering of Estate Lot 1 Concept

Artist Rendering of Estate Lot 1 Concept


uxury Redefined


family legacy....

When there is a desire for a bit of elbow room, the South Meadow Estates answer the call. For those who equally value privacy, acreage, and natural surroundings, the South Meadow Estates are a perfect choice. Here, the views are epic and recreation and dining are a comfortable walk or bike ride away. These Estate properties are among the most dramatic, desirable, and exclusive properties in the Vail Valley.

Conceptual Main Floor Layout - Primary Residence Courtesy of Historical Concepts


ejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!


f ever there were a place where

time would stop and stand still, surely it would be here.

Surrounded by unsurpassed natural beauty and abundant wildlife you’ll be secure in the knowledge that all who call this place home will remain forever committed to its preservation and conservation.

Nature and the Environment In describing the natural beauty and majesty of this place, words simply fail. Listen to the sounds of the river as it runs past, pausing long enough to hear the irrepressible symphony of the birds and the winds. Experience the magic of this place for yourself, day after day. Only then can one begin to fathom the worth of this place - not in terms of wealth or property - but as a playground for the imagination and a liberator for the soul.

Park s, Trails, and Special Places From its inception, Wolcott has been an extraordinary endeavor. This place rich in history and heritage yet remarkably unspoiled will stand testament to the capacities of man and nature to respectfully coexist.

This will be most evident along the countless trails, open spaces, and conservation zones that will traverse the property. Paths for walking, biking, and running will connect the village and neighborhoods and lead to overlooks and parks where nature reveals even more of her incomparable majesty. The Eagle River will enable similar connections by way of kayak or raft, further enhancing the enormously rich opportunity for residents and guests to explore and discover the secrets nature has up, until now, kept only for herself.


layground of the


Our trail system crisscrosses the property with paths and trails for walking and biking, connecting the residential neighborhoods and the Inn to parks, recreational activities and the best of Wolcott Village. When you take advantage of the trails at Wolcott, you’ve never felt more connected - to the land, to the community and even to yourself.

Wolcott Environmental Trust The Wolcott Environmental Trust is a formal organization created to protect and maintain the areas of river and wildlife conservation. Additionally we are committed to helping each and every resident and visitor understand what those resources are, why they are important, and how they are to be preserved and protected. The Wolcott Environmental Trust is a not - for - pro t organization that provides educational programs and activities, assists property owners and others with environmental protection strategies, implements wildlife and riparian management plans, and maintains partnerships with local communities to leverage education and outreach efforts.

Stewardship & Sustainability What is “sustainability� other than a word that everyone de nes slightly differently? For us it means working to introduce a community into a natural landscape without sacri cing natural resources, locally or globally. The achievement of such a complex compromise relies on an extraordinary level of collaboration, communication, planning, negotiation, education, and research. One of the greatest tasks that we face in retaining ecological integrity and proper management of our natural resources is the tremendous economic pressure af liated with human expansion and development. The Colorado Rocky Mountain Region is the poster child for the con ict in decision to develop, conserve, or preserve. Wolcott serves as a great case study of a residential development that aims to build an environment where residents and guests can live and recreate in a more environmentally compatible manner.


Hermes Group has been creating communities that re ect the awe-inspiring Colorado landscape since 1990. The Hermes Group incorporates a talented team of architects, designers, craftsmen, builders, and planners who work together to provide a seamless process from infrastructure through nal product. Hermes Group has built a solid reputation for exceptional customer service and superior quality which has established the company as a leading developer in the discriminating Vail Valley. That reputation has enabled Hermes Group to expand beyond the Vail Valley to other notable communities across Colorado and to the opening of an of ce in South Carolina where it has been selected as one of the signature builders designing and constructing homes in the exclusive Cliffs and Palmetto Bluffs communities. Hermes Group looks forward to welcoming you to its newest mountain community - Wolcott.


Overview of Wolcott Project