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Hans van Breukelen Tilburg Nightlife ‘Keep the party spirit alive’





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Just before the release of this magazine the World Cup soccer championships have just begun. Read all about our former national goalie, Hans van Breukelen. He defended our goal during one world cup. Having won the European Championship with the national team and the Champions League with PSV he’s a great character to be portrayed here.

Starting with this issue, editor Ton van Rooij shines a light on theatres in the province.

We have improved Howdo! We’re broadening our horizons, and we’ll take a look at the history of North Brabant. In the past issues we have been informing you about the going-ons in the Eindhoven area.

I hope you will enjoy this Howdo! and we’ll see you again in August. Best regards, Joost Pool

Media Advisor Jay Aarts, Ed Mol

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Do you miss the coffee you used to get back home? Check out our article on the Hot Coffee Club. Be amazed to find great coffee at a good price. Not pleased with the nightlife in Eindhoven? Read what our new editor Avon Senstius van der Meulen has to say about the Tilburg scene.

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Hans van Breukelen History of Brabant Hotel & Restaurant Parkzicht

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Tilburg Nightlife


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3 course menu in the neighbourhood restaurants are priced at only

â‚Ź per7. meal


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Pasar Ma lam Asia is an Asia different n fair with oriental p a lot of roducts, paintings wood carv , clothing in gs, , jewelry items and and man psychic s y more ervices. F you can g or your a o to resta p petite, urants wh Indonesia ich serve n food. T authentic here is als and danc o a stage e. for song Date: 4-7 -2014 till 6-7-2014 Visiting h ours Friday: 1 3:00 to 22 :00 Saturday : 13:00 to 22:00 Sunday: 12:00 to 1 9:00 Tickets: Adults € 8.00 50+ only on Friday s € 6.50 65+ CJP/ MJK- Stu dents / C Children ity Passes 4 till 12 y € 6.50 ears € 3.0 0 Location : Beursge bouw Lardinios straat 8 Eindhove n For more informati on, pleas website: e check th e sarmalam



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Hot Coffee Club Lichttoren 32, Eindhoven 06 -29 837 940

Text: Maryam Afroozeh

Victoria is quite a busy woman! “When I came to Eindhoven, I immediately joined the Start Up in Eindhoven at the High Tech Campus. I’m also part of the Eindhoven Start Up community. It’s a group of around 200 members who like to be involved with new initiatives. We are organizing meetings once a month. When I moved here, I wanted to meet people interested in entrepreneurship but I could not find anyone. So if there is nothing, just start it yourself! I started with this project last July and at the same time I try to do small projects for other organizations.”

Hot Coffee Club “Hot Coffee Club” is a team of coffee geeks who believe that finding great coffee and making a cup of coffee that makes you smile shouldn’t be hard or expensive. Victoria Martinez is the business developer of “Hot Coffee Club”. She is originally from Spain and loves traveling but last summer she decided to stay in Eindhoven!


“I have been moving around since I was nine years old. When I went to university, I tried to study abroad as many semesters as I could. I studied Telecommunication Engineering at Milan Polytechnic, Liverpool University and Berlin University. After I finished my studies I went to Finland. Meanwhile, I met my boyfriend at a congress in France. After a while we decided to live together and I came to Eindhoven. I like the weather in the Netherlands more than in Finland because winters in Finland are very cold.”

Victoria is a coffee addict. She has been working for the “Hot Coffee Club” since April. She loves fresh coffee in the office and GUATEMALA is her favorite one. Fresh roasted beans and convenient delivery distinguishes our coffee from our competitors. After ordering the coffee, we roast it and deliver fresh coffee! For example we receive an order on Monday, and then we roast it immediately and deliver it within four or five days. People are able to drink fresh coffee which they cannot find in the supermarket. Moreover, it is very convenient to receive the coffee in your mailbox because of the packages design. For a small amount of money per package, people can drink fifty cups of coffee. People can easily order different coffees from South America (EL SALVADOR, GUATEMALA, COLOMBIA, HONDURAS, and BRAZIL) and one from Africa (ETHIOPIA). We usually offer free samples for the first subscription with a box of six small coffees. And we make it possible for people to find their own taste. People are always welcome to drink coffee at “Hot Coffee Club” after making an appointment. Or they can ask for samples. Check the website Drinking coffee with enthusiastic people is always nice!

Did you know? Herring is a national dish in the Netherlands. Dutch people eat 12 million kilograms of herring with chopped raw onion every year. This means that every person eats 5 fish.

A person drinks on average 74 liters of beer per year in the Netherlands. However, statistics show that the Netherlands are not even in the top 10. In 2012, the Czech Republic (158.6 liters), Ireland (131.1liters) and Germany (110 liters) were known as world’s heaviest drinking countries.

In 2001, the Netherlands was the first country which granted and legalized same sex marriages.

Gin was invented in the Netherlands. Called “jenever”, it was originally used for medicinal purposes. Dutch physician Franciscus Sylvius, Professor of Medicine at Leyden, is often credited with the invention of gin. He intended his medicine as remedy for kidney disorders.

Statistically, the Dutch are the tallest people in the world; with an average height for men of 185 cm and 170 cm for women. Only 100 years ago, 25 percent of Dutch men were rejected from the army because they were too short. Statistics show that the Dutch pay attention to early childhood care and a diet rich in dairy products. A fairly even distribution of wealth has also contributed to making the Dutch the world’s tallest people.


Text: Joost Pool

Hans van Breukelen

The penalty killer speaks What better place to meet PSV’s most successful goalkeeper ever than in the PSV-stadium? In bar/restaurant de Verlenging Hans van Breukelen reflects on his glory days and looks forward to the upcoming world championship in Brazil. For the past fourteen years Van Breukelen has had his own consultancy agency and four years ago he became a member of the board of directors of PSV. Hans van Breukelen after winning the European Championships with Dutch national team.

Could you tell us what the function at PSV entails? “I’m the first former player to join the board. But to be honest, when I was asked four years ago I didn’t really know what was to be expected from me. I decided to give myself a year to get accustomed to the job. We play an advisory role and supervise the day-to-day business. The other board members all come from the corporate world. So their take on soccer is different. They don’t know the smell of sweat in the locker rooms. How it feels to win and lose and deal with the reaction of fans and media. Soccer is very opportunistic, the corporate world has a relatively long-term vision of at least a year. In soccer, every match is the next moment of truth.”


“They don’t know the smell of sweat in the locker rooms.”

“You have to run a soccer club as if it were a company. This can be done 90% of the time. I mean running it financially and safeguarding the identity of the club. The last 10% is emotion and perception. You have to manage the perception and the quotes in the press. Whereas a company ‘belongs’ to the shareholders, a soccer club is ‘owned’ by the people; the supporters, sponsors and employees. It’s all about creating synergy. You have one common goal in mind. So building up a good relationship with the press is really important. The media’s interests are quite often the opposite of the club’s interest so it takes a certain finesse to deal with them. That’s why it is very important that we combine our backgrounds in favor of PSV, our club and serve them.” Howdo’s target group are the expats in the region. You could say that you were an expat in your Nottingham Forest days. “Yes, I suppose I was. It wasn’t as common then as it is

Photos: now. Nowadays there are many expats in European soccer. Some teams are actually referred to as ´foreign legions.´ Fortunately, expat players receive better counselling now than thirty years ago. I only got assistance in purchasing a car and a house. But no matter how much support you get from the club, in the end it´s all up to you. You got to get out there. I still have friends in England from way back then. More often than not though, these friends have no connection to the world of soccer.” Why did you leave Forest? “You know, I had a fantastic time in Nottingham. Admittedly, social customs and mentality differ. For example, in the Netherlands I was used to socialize at home, in England it all happens in the pub. I was also used to more training sessions than I got at Nottingham, so I asked for more. But whenever I spoke to the manager, Brian Clough, in my opinion the friendliest dictator in the world, he´d say: ´Listen, I bought you to save balls and I´ll

manage the club. So shut up.´” “The most important reason for me to leave Nottingham were the FIFA rules upheld at that time. In those days clubs weren´t obliged to permit a player to play for their national team. Because I had the ambition to become the national goalie and also win the national championship I decided to go to PSV. While at PSV I experienced my most successful period. In a matter of ten years we won the national championship six times and the KNVB Cup three times. This said, the highlights of my career were winning the Champions League with PSV and the European Championships with the Dutch national team in 1988.” Did you ever aspire to become a trainer? “No, after my professional career I had very little to do with soccer for three years. Then in 1997 I was asked to manage FC Utrecht, the club where my career began. I held that position for three years but it wasn´t exactly my thing. It´s a much politicized environment and you are on call 24/7. Besides that, the media was, and still is, very patchy and colored. So I decided to start my own management consultancy agency in 2000. In my early days as a goalkeeper I used to be a teacher at a secondary school. I take that experience, as well as my soccer knowhow and general life experience, to help others forward.” Despite your long and successful career you were only active in one World Cup. How do you foresee the Netherlands´ chances in Brazil? After all, we made it to the final four years ago. “If the coach, Louis van Gaal, succeeds in teambuilding they might really get far. Then again, judging the countries Holland drew it´s an achievement on its own to make it


through the preliminary round. Van Persie and Robben are exceptional, and maybe Sneijder can pull off a final stunt. The rest of the team have to be instrumental. Maybe Depay (PSV) can make the difference. But I believe Germany is favourite for the title. If not, Brazil holds the best cards. They´ve just won the Confederations Cup and naturally have the home-advantage.”

“Germany is favourite for the title.”


The Netherlands have a history of excellent goalkeepers. What´s your opinion on the current generation? “Unfortunately, there´s not one, like Van der Sar in the past, that really sticks out. There are about five or six goalkeepers who are each other´s equals. My money is on Ajax goalie Cillissen. I´m also very impressed with the progression Jeroen Zoet of PSV has made and I’m sorry he didn’t make the cut.” You´re on the board of directors. In what

direction do you envision PSV going? “PSV needs grounding. It needs to stay true to its own DNA. Informal yet professional, suited to the region, up-and-coming, innovative, hospitable and proud. We, at PSV, have to create an environment in which people feel safe, but are challenged at the same time.”

“PSV needs to stay true to its own DNA.” “I hope that expats enjoy going to PSV, or for that matter, hockey-club Oranje Zwart or the Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming stadium. And if not, enjoy the shops, the bars and other facilities. I believe Eindhoven is going full throttle when it comes to the possibilities available to expats. This small town has so much to offer.” Small town? “Yes. Not many people know that Eindhoven is the smallest city ever to win the European Cup.”












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Semi-furnished house of 240 m2, a total parcel of 275 m2 and 5 bedrooms. Located in a beautiful area in a new neighborhood in Best.

Newly renovated (2013) spacious semi-detached house with 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large garden and driveway. Conveniently located in the beautiful representative area ‘Brandevoort’.

Luxurious and high quality finished villa with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Situated in one of the most beautiful spots in Veldhoven with a magnificent view of the beautifully landscaped garden. HTTP://STOIT.COM/EN/VELDHOVEN/KAPTEIJNLAAN

Spacious and nicely architected detached villa (2000) with 2 bathrooms, a double garage and a capacity of 1350 m3. This luxurious villa is located within walking distance of the charming village of Eersel.

Luxurious furnished 2-bedroom apartment with parking garage on the 11th floor in the nearly 100 meters high, prestigious residential tower 'The Regent'. Located in the city centre of Eindhoven with several bus stops in front of the building to reach ASML or the High Tech Campus. HTTP://STOIT.COM/EN/EINDHOVEN/REGENT-DE-14



T: +31 (0)40 2140660

In this first article of a nonchronological series about the highlights of the history of North Brabant we’ll go back a solid 150 years to the reign of the beloved King Willem II (1840-1849), with a preface to the conception of the modern Dutch state. To kick-off with the era of King Willem II is to start with the rise to prominence of this beautiful southern province within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Although North Brabant nowadays is one of the biggest, most populated and prosperous provinces, it hasn’t always been that way.

HISTORY OF BRABANT King Willem II, war, textiles & soccer


Half of its existence as integral part of Dutch sovereign territory, starting with the Dutch Republic (1581-1795), officially known as the Republic of the Seven United Provinces, North Brabant wasn’t on equal par with the other provinces as it wasn’t even recognized as a full province. During the Dutch War of Independence against Spain, the Netherlands – present day Belgium included – was divided along religious fault lines. The seven northern provinces who made up the Dutch Republic were Protestant and the southern provinces still occupied by Spain were Catholic. The region that is now the province North Brabant came to be one of the most contested and fought over regions as the war progressed; ultimately ending in Dutch victory and occupation of the area. Since the inhabitants remained Catholic the Protestant Dutch government refused to grant them full citizenship and instead reverted to repression and economic abuse. So rather than obtaining provincial status the North Brabant region was deemed the inferior status of ‘ Generaliteitsland’ i.e. being under direct government control as military buffer region. This situation only ended with the French Occupation (1795-1813) and the spread of civil rights during the Napoleonic era.

Noord-Brabant came to be one of the most contested and fought over regions as the war progressed After the Napoleonic era the northern and southern halves of the Netherlands were artificially joined together by the Congress of Vienna to create a stronger buffer nation against future French aggression. Just two decennia later this unfaithful marriage came to a grinding halt with the Belgian Revolt (1830-1839) which led to the dissolution of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. Already given full citizenship during the French Occupation it was the period of the Belgian Revolt that marked the beginning of the ascendance of North Brabant within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the reemergence of its inhabitants as the industrious, mercantile and prosperous people they were before the two centuries of economic and religious oppression by the Republic. As a consequence of the Belgian Revolt the historical region Brabant – which extends as far south as Brussels and west to the city of Antwerp – was

Text: Avon Senstius van der Meulen

split in two parts with the Netherlands remaining in control of the northern half. This made cities as Breda, Tilburg and Eindhoven yet again frontier cities. King Willem I didn’t acknowledge Belgian independence and he sent his son prince Willem II with a large army to the south to restore order in the rebellious Belgian provinces. Since only the inhabitants of what is now North Brabant remained loyal to the Dutch Crown Willem II billeted his troops in civilian homes notably in Tilburg. Because of this, the textile industry in Tilburg expanded enormously as they were commissioned by the Crown to produce military garments. It was the beginning of a lasting love-affair between Willem II and the citizens of North Brabant. With their support prince Willem II – experienced and battle-hardened during the Napoleonic Wars – launched a lightning military campaign in which he decisively defeated the Belgians. Tragically his military successes couldn’t be converted into lasting political success and the Belgians won their independence.

whole. King Willem II died at the age of 56 in Tilburg on March 17, 1849. Presently his legacy is most palpable in the cities of Den Bosch and Tilburg, where schools, factories and even a soccer club are named after him. This soccer club started out as Tilburgia in 1896 but quickly changed its name to Willem II in 1898. Willem II has a rich history and even managed to become champion of the Netherlands three times in the early years of its existence, but the results went down the drain in recent years. This year, however, Willem II is celebrated once again, as the club won promotion to the Eredivisie, the highest Dutch soccer league. In the next issue we’ll look into another part of the history of North Brabant.

It was the beginning of a lasting love-affair between Willem II and the citizens of Noord-Brabant. For North Brabant, however, it was a different story. Because of the predominantly catholic uprising in the south of the Netherlands, the Dutch high command mistrusted its catholic military personnel and transferred them to the northern provinces Groningen and Friesland. However, the ‘Brabanders’ had shown their loyalty and dedication to the Dutch Crown during the war and that won them the trust of their fellow compatriots. Moreover, Willem II had come to appreciate Tilburg, the city where he had taken residence during the Belgian Revolt. As a result he favored the city – he planned to make Tilburg his southern residence and accordingly started construction of a brand new palace which he never saw finished. In return the crown prince gained the love of the ‘Tilburgers’ and the majority of the people of North Brabant as a



ABN AMRO International Client Desk: custom-made flexible service As the technology capital of the Netherlands, Eindhoven is an enormously attractive city for expats. When it comes to all their financial matters, they can expect a warm welcome from the ABN AMRO International Client Desk. ‘Expats want flexibility. We give advice wherever and whenever the customer wishes’, says Erik Gommers, International Client Desk branch manager for the South and East Netherlands region.

Our dedicated team at the International Client Desk in Eindhoven.

The International Client Desk recently assisted a future expat from China. ‘He was still in China and was planning to buy a house in the Netherlands’, recalls Gommers. ‘Our advisor discussed all the various mortgage options with him online, and he made his decision based on that. So before he had even arrived in the Netherlands, he knew exactly what type of mortgage he would have.’ If Gommers could summarise the service provided by the International Client Desk in one word, it would be ‘flexible’. ‘We are there for our clients at any time, and at any location. We also give advice via WebEx, as in the case of the Chinese expat. This online conference system allows our employees and clients to see and hear each other, and to share documents. What makes our advisory discussions unique is that they are always in fluent English.’ Many cultures Expats from all over the world have settled in Eindhoven – from China, Japan, Europe, the United States, and more and more people from India. Everyone brings their own culture and habits to the Netherlands. ‘This means the cultural awareness among our advisors is very important. What does someone from India look for? What do people from the United States want? These aspects are all taken into consideration when holding advisory discussions with our clients. But it is important to provide custom-made products and services in any case.’ Because of the presence of the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the number of expats with a connection to the world of technology is especially large. ‘I suspect that in Eindhoven it is ninety percent. In the entire south-east of the Netherlands, they account for three-quarters of our client base. Technologists are interested in details – they always want to know the ins and outs. We also have many clients with links to the Eindhoven University of Technology, and of course we hope to be able to assist more employees at the university in the future.’

Ignorance Gommers has noticed that there is a great deal of ignorance about how the bank can help expats. ‘As soon as someone arrives in the Netherlands, there is so much they have to arrange. That includes opening a bank account. However, many clients do not know that they can also come to us for a mortgage or for help in managing their income and assets. Examples that come to mind are investments and pension products.’ ABN AMRO International Client Desk also assists with practical payment matters. Gommers mentions a service specially aimed at expats: ‘To be able to open a bank account, you need a “burgerservicenummer” (Citizen’s Service Number). It takes several weeks for the government to issue one, which therefore means that expats cannot open a bank account in the meantime. Thanks to the International Client Desk, however, they can, so that their first salary can be paid straight away.’ Many expats are also unaware of the benefits they are entitled to under the so-called ’30 percent tax rule’. ‘This means that they are liable to less tax, and can keep more of their income for themselves. As a result, they may be in a position to take out a greater mortgage than they originally imagined’, explains Gommers. Assistance everywhere As many expats are employed on the High Tech Campus, ABN AMRO has an International Client Desk office there. The other branch in Eindhoven, the largest, is on Vestdijk 18, in the centre of the city. ‘But if a client lives in Deurne, for example, we can also arrange to meet them at their home or at the local ABN AMRO office. But of course for simple services such as activating a bank card expats do not have to go to a branch of the International Client Desk – they can simply go to any branch of ABN AMRO bank. That, too, is all part of the flexible services we provide.’ ABN AMRO International Client Desk, south-east Netherlands Office addresses: Vestdijk 18, 5611 CC Eindhoven Professor Holstlaan 4, 5656 AA Eindhoven (The Strip at the High Tech Campus) Telephone: +31 (0)40 237 90 00 E-mail: ABN AMRO International Client Desk also has branches in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. For more information, please go to

Industry along the Dommel

The river the Dommel flows through 17 kilometres of Eindhoven and was indispensable for the many factories that were along the river bank in the 19th century. The area between the Dommelstraat and the Paradijslaan was the industrial centre of the city during that time. Products like cigars, textiles, hats, soap, Utrecht velvet, and leather were made here. The Dommel provided the drive for the machines in all those factories. Water from the river was also used to produce textiles and the waste products of the factories were dumped in the river. The first factory in Eindhoven also depended on the Dommel. This factory was the textile factory which belonged to the Smits family. Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;n Bouw opened in 1810 and was built at the spot where nowadays the town hall is located. During the first years, the factory used the Stratum watermill to power the machines. The watermill remained intact when the factory burned down in 1896. The factory was never rebuilt and the Stratum watermill was demolished in 1928. At that time, the industry in Eindhoven switched from waterpower to diesel and electricity.

Nowadays, the Dommel has a different role in Eindhoven; she has traded her economic role for recreational use. There are walking and cycling routes along the bank of the river. Eindhoven Museum is also part of this recreation. The water lover can fancy himself in the past by canoeing in a hollowed tree trunk on the part of the Dommel that belongs to Eindhoven Museum.

Eindhoven Museum A long lost city comes to life at Eindhoven Museum. In the historical heritage parks in Genneper Parken, you will meet the prehistoric and middle age residents of Brabant. Become familiar and participate in the routines of daily life of that era. The history from the 17th century onwards is presented in the museum collection, which can be found on multiple locations around the Kempen. Eindhoven Museum organizes educative programs, expositions, events, readings and demonstrations. The lively history and collection combined give an astonishing image of daily life in â&#x20AC;&#x153;The beginning of Eindhoven.â&#x20AC;?


De Blauwe Kei and Markant Cultural hotspots in the Veghel-Uden region Do you feel like going to a concert, entertainment show or some other theatre performance in the Veghel-Uden region? Then two excellent venues to visit are De Blauwe Kei (‘The Blue Boulder’) in Veghel and Markant (‘Striking’) in Uden. We took a look at the best that both theatres have to offer in the upcoming months.

Why should people in general and internationals in particular definitely visit De Blauwe Kei? “We try to distinguish ourselves by incorporating special performances in our program, most notably interesting foreign productions,” says Van der Heijden. “Together with people from about 25 theatres, I’m involved in Raamwerk (‘Framework’), a foundation endeavouring to bring international productions to the Netherlands. Every August, I visit the biggest theatre festival in the world, held in Edinburgh. Around 20,000 performances by 1,300 productions take place there. I always attend it during the last week, for by then, it’s quite clear what productions have proven themselves. You can only attract really big foreign productions in collaboration with other theatres. Otherwise it’s financially not feasible to bring over, say, a company of 25 persons from Australia. Furthermore, I’m part of an informal consultative body of twenty self-proclaimed good theatre programmers who all want to offer something beyond your average programming.”

De Blauwe Kei, Veghel

What De Blauwe Kei focuses on mostly are stand-up comedy, theatre, musicals and dance. The rest of the program consists of music and arthouse cinema.


The forthcoming season’s opening show, on 8 October, is by Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. “This is truly a world act,” director Yan van der Heijden enthuses. “It’s top of the bill classical ballet from New York, but with a twist: all female roles are played by men. But it’s not travesty. With a dose of humour, they spoof ballet, theatre and comedy, making this show accessible for a broad audience.”

Only in Veghel! That’s ‘Admission: One Shilling’, performed on 21 December by British actress Patricia Routledge (best known as Hyacinth Bucket in ‘Keeping Up Appearances’) and Australian top pianist Piers Lane, playing music by Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Beethoven and Bach. This performance comes with a drink and starter beforehand and a dinner afterwards. “Routledge is an extraordinarily crafted actress and story-teller,” Van der Heijden knows. “Supported by photos, she tells the touching story of legendary pianist Myra Hess, whom she’s personally known. During the Second World War, Hess saw that the National Gallery in London stood empty, as all the art had been stored elsewhere to protect it from the Germans. She then decided to hold classical concerts there every weekday at lunch time, which proved to be a resounding success.”

Text: Ton van Rooij

“Our season’s opening show is truly a world act” Yan van der Heijden, De Blauwe Kei

Music-wise, De Blauwe Kei serves a smorgasbord of many different styles. It ranges from exhilarating swing music with a touch of salsa and a dash of ethno-jazz by Dutch percussion group Slagerij van Kampen (4 October) to endearing chanson music by Filip Jordens with his tribute to Belgian singer Jacques Brel (17 October). And from beautiful country rock by The Dutch Eagles, covering classics from The Eagles and their contemporaries (13 November) to high-class opera with a folk flavour by The Celtic Tenors, celebrating Christmas the Irish way (20 December).

Markant, Uden

Music takes up practically half of Markant’s program. Covering all ranges of the spectrum, there’s something for all tastes.

How does Markant select its popular music acts? “Gijs de Louw of pop centre De Pul in Uden helps us out eight hours a week,” says director Maarten Prinssen. “With programming regular concerts you’re sticking much closer to the game than with programming theatre concerts. Right now, we’re already scheduling theatre concerts for 2015-2016, but when three months from now an interesting concert hall act is in Holland, we want to book it for that period.” What, according to Prinssen, makes Markant unique? “I think Markant is unique in experiencing hospitality. I know this sounds very easy, but our customer satisfaction surveys and e-mails from visitors have clearly shown this. You can’t change a show, but you can put every effort in welcoming people hospitably at the front door. I once wrote a business plan entitled ‘Women and children first’. And this still stands, for I believe that when you ensure that women and children have a good time, the men will automatically follow.”

“You can’t change a show, but you can put every effort in welcoming people hospitably” Maarten Prinssen, Markant

If you like chamber music, then the concert of the Goldberg Trio on 17 September could be just your thing. Or are you already getting excited by the mere thought of the combination of blues, pop, soul, gospel ánd girl power? Then worth checking out is Big, Black & Beautiful on 3 October. Although The King of Reggae, Bob Marley, passed away in 1981, he lives on in the tribute band Rootsriders, performing live on 17 October. And everybody out there loving R&B, soul and rock ‘n’ roll is bound to have a jolly good time on 1 November during the concert by ex-Rolling Stone Bill Wyman & The Rhythm Kings with special guest Mary Wilson of The Supremes.

In addition to music, Markant brings a lot of stand-up comedy, a fair amount of theatre and a bit of dance and entertainment. For instance, on 6 and 7 October, renowned Dutch magician Hans Klok will leave spectators in awe with ‘The New Houdini’. In late 2013, Markant was extended with the events hall and a restaurant. “In all our wisdom,” Prinssen recalls, “we believed we needed something that would attract other audiences than theatre audiences and would get them acquainted with Markant’s comfort, so that they would say: ‘Hey, it’s so nice here, let’s go to the theatre for an evening!’ Our aim? To have 120,000 visitors in 2016, more than twice the current number. Because our entire building has climate control, we could also start programming summer shows. I really would like that, as I’m sure there are people who, after having sat on a terrace all day, want to do something else in the evening. I think this could very well work.”

CAROLA INDIGO “Get in Touch in Eindhoven”

Some years ago, Indigo-Wereld developed the program ‘Get in Touch’ for spouses of international knowledge workers in Eindhoven. The program helps the spouses to find an anchoring in their new residence. Along with their partners, they face the challenge to create a stable home to live up to the investment of their mission. “Get in Touch” is a social introduction and support program. On a weekly basis spouses meet in small groups to discover people and places in Eindhoven and build up their personal network. Carola Eijsenring, is the founder and owner of Indigo- Wereld. She has worked for many years in all kinds of projects to connect different worlds. Get in Touch is one of her current projects.

“She was confident enough to start her own business.” Why did you start this project? “We heard from many international expats that when they arrived in Eindhoven, they were feeling fine at the beginning. The Netherlands is a happy country and people are very helpful. But when you want something more serious, like a job, a relationship or socializing on a deeper level, it feels as if you have to break through a very tough wall.”


“Many couples are moving to the Netherlands because one of them received a job offer or a scholarship. The spouses (female or male), find themselves alone at home all of a sudden,

Living abroad is an exciting and memorable experience for most expats. It is not only the next step in their career, but also a new challenge in their life. This exciting experience offers many possibilities but also confronts them with entirely new difficulties and issues. Staying physiologically healthy is one of the biggest challenges in their life; however, trying to adjust to a new culture, foreign language, places and unfamiliar situations could also be very stressful.

without the significant activities they were used to, without their close family and friends around them. In many cases the one who stays at home becomes depressed. For example, the man mainly focuses on his career, while his wife ends up waiting at home. This situation makes them grow apart from. The spouses don’t have anything interesting anymore to talk about. When they start to look for a job, there appear to be no vacancies for them. On top of that, it seems to be very difficult to become friends with Dutch people, because of the language and culture. All this could easily instigate the feeling of being rejected by Dutch society.” “Many spouses remark that they feel shut out from everything, although they have finished interesting studies and have often gained v aluable work experience. Unfortunately, a lot of them lock themselves in the house and get absorbed in Skype, Facebook and nostalgic home movies, which don’t help to make them feel at home or get familiar with Dutch culture. That is why we developed this idea to help, make connections with the outer world and support finding their way.” Get in Touch activities The main activities are: weekly meetings, going out together, visiting cultural events, trips to museums, parks, spicy shops, secondhand markets, library and other useful places. There are also workshops about various themes and presentations by the spouses themselves or

Text: Maryam Afroozeh others and regular celebrations of various Dutch and international feasts. Besides that, there are group talks about “the challenges of living abroad” or other side projects such as dance groups, conversation groups and theme workshops. Carola tells us about a young woman from India whom she helped set up her Bollywood Dance Classes. “When we talked, I noticed that her passion was Bollywood. I brought her into contact with a dance studio where she organized her first workshop. Through the Get in Touch group, she was confident enough to start her own business. I have heard similar remarks from other spouses as well.”

“Happy spouses make happy employees.” Joint venture The current program is a joint venture between Indigo-Wereld and TU/e, grown in the past years into a broad service for the international TU/e spouses.

“The TU/e commits to their international researchers by investing in their spouses through offering them the Get in Touch program. This support program could also be interesting for other companies with international employees, to get connected with Get in Touch. Happy spouses make happy employees. More than often, it has happened that employees, who did not feel happy, left the company before the end of their contract. Get in Touch could help positively with this special composed socializing and energizing support.” If you would like to get in touch with Carola Eijsenring, send her an E-mail or call her. She works wherever she can meet people. “My work is in companies, on the street, in whatever meeting places. It’s not confined to one location, it is as colorful as the people I meet and try to lend a hand”.

You want to “Get in Touch”? Check their website for more information: +31 (0)6 40 55 22 02


Hotel & Restaurant Parkzicht Situated in a picturesque environment, right on the edge of the buzzing city centre of Eindhoven with a beautiful view of the grand Stadswandelpark, Parkzicht – Dutch for ‘view at the park’ – should be the establishment of your choice. For a 3-star hotel you get much more than the indication might qualify for. Located in the most expensive neighbourhood of the city, spending the night or having dinner at Parkzicht is a rich experience. However, neither beautiful surroundings nor superior facilities solely account for a quality experience. At Parkzicht it’s all about hospitality. “We cherish our guests and their opinion”, says Derk van Westenbrugge, who runs Parkzicht with his wife Nicky.


Open since two years, this formula already assured many regular customers. As a family business, Parkzicht radiates that typical warm, at home feeling. When you book a room, for example, you find a handwritten welcome message on the desk in the hotel room. It’s

those little things that make you smile. If it doesn’t – because you don’t really care for such things in your busy schedule as travelling businessman – you’ll find loads of other perks to your liking. One of the greatest advantages of Parkzicht, for any traveller, is the location. Opposite to the huge city park in a rustic environment, you’re within walking distance – ten minutes – of the lively city centre. Moreover, there’s abundant free parking space close-by and if you don’t feel like doing anything, you can go for a walk in the park or just bask in the sun on the sun baked terrace. What makes a stay at Parkzicht really enjoyable is the quality food. Parkzicht offers you a taste of the Burgundian life. As connoisseur Van Westenbrugge handpicks his fresh meat, sea fish and the best French wines. “Six days a week we have fresh meat, and fish straight from the sea,” confirms the young hotelkeeper proud. The menu is mostly made up by French kitchen courses

but sometimes you can also enjoy the taste of a course with a playful wink to other kitchens. It changes at least three times a year – spring, summer and fall – and is inspired by the season. The more adventurous traveller can also enjoy the surprise specialty of the day. Upcoming June, 24th the spring-menu will be replaced by this year’s summer-menu, which promises to be fantastic. The menu of Parkzicht is of such fine quality that it even attracts celebrities like cabaret performers, singers and actors. It might have something to with the extreme care Van Westenbrugge takes in the selection of his wines and food. He only selects the highest quality mark and sustainable products. For example, their seafood comes from Yerseke, a Dutch town in the province of Zeeland with some of the most cultivated fishing grounds in Europe and world-famous for their oysters. Moreover, Van Westenbrugge personally goes to France to select the wines for the seasonal menu. It makes dining at Parkzicht a true delight. Afterwards you can enjoy an undisturbed nights rest in a comfortable bed. Good to know for people fighting a daily battle against allergies – hay fever for example – is that you’re hard-pressed to find a cleaner hotel and the bed linen is from the best quality antiallergen material. Besides aforementioned advantages, you have at your disposal every thinkable facility from free Wi-Fi to laundry service. Hotel & Restaurant Parkzicht Alberdingk Thijmlaan 18, Eindhoven


Eric Caron

on the bankability of ABN AMRO When you move to the Netherlands, one of the first things you do is open a bank account. But maybe you also want to take out a mortgage, have your properties insured, invest your money or even arrange your pension. ABN Amro, the third biggest bank in the Netherlands, offers all that, and more. It also has an International Client Desk to help out, as the name already indicates, internationals.


On handling bank matters with ABN Amro, we spoke with Eric Caron, who originates from France. He’s a Supplier Quality Manager and Industrial Manager at Philips for the company’s outsourced operations for the LED lighting business in Europe.

When did you settle in the Netherlands? On January the first of this year. For how long are you working for Philips now? I’ve been working for Philips for 25 years. For about 17 years, I worked at a town close to Paris. Next, I worked for 7 years in Poland. Currently, I spend about half of my working time in Eindhoven, at the High Tech Campus, and the other half in Lodz, Poland, or travelling. How did you proceed with looking for a bank in the Netherlands? I was helped by a relocation agent who told me about the benefits employees can get when settling in the Netherlands. Of all the Dutch banks that exist, why did you choose for ABN Amro? I wanted to get a mortgage and I heard that for this, I could close an advantageous contract between Philips and ABN Amro. This offered me some interesting benefits.

Text: Ton van Rooij What do these benefits include? They mainly include a reduced mortgage interest, which in my case helped at great deal. Did ABN Amro also tell you that expats and migrants who meet certain conditions can get a 30% income tax reduction? Yes, they did, and it turned out I’m eligible for this tax benefit. Have you ever made use of the bank’s International Client Desk? Yes, when I once was in Eindhoven, I was contacted by the International Client Desk, because I was already looking for a person who could explain to me how to apply for a mortgage. We then had several interviews to discuss this matter.

Because your Dutch office is located at the High Tech Campus, did you always visit the branch ABN Amro has there? I had two or three meetings at the branch on the High Tech Campus. But to open an account, I went to the main office in Eindhoven’s centre. All remaining contacts took place by phone, e-mail and web. Did you also ever utilise of ABN Amro’s WebEx conference system? Yes, I did once. That was useful me, because it enabled me to see the bank employees before looking for a mortgage. It also gave me some insight in how the mortgage application works and what process you have to go through to buy a house. That was quite beneficial to me. Were you aware of the fact that already before obtaining a Citizen’s Service Number (burgerservicenummer, BSN) you can open a bank account at ABN Amro? Yes, but by the time I opened an account, I already had a BSN. Have you also asked the bank to handle other financial matters for you? I’m in the process of selecting a house and car insurance. But the first step is to have my mortgage application approved, which, I think, will occur around mid-June. And finally, how would you qualify the services of ABN Amro? With the people, such as my mortgage advisor, I’m very satisfied. They were very helpful. I’m also very satisfied with the web application to get access to your account. For me, the only area that calls for improvement is the language in which e-mails and some documents, such as the mortgage application form, are written, as these are all in Dutch. Without the help of an advisor from the bank, this would have been quite difficult to understand for me. For an international bank, the next step should be, in my opinion, to improve this. For more information visit



Hockey for beginners

Website: email:


This year, hockey club EMHC welcomed a “beginners’ team”, consisting of members from all ages and cultures. They come together every week to learn to play hockey and meet new people.

than that. They organize get-togethers, attend birthday parties, watch hockey matches on Sunday and go out partying together on weekends. Every new person is welcomed wholeheartedly and gets involved in all the activities. The goal is not just to play hockey; it’s about meeting new people and having fun.

It all started last summer, when a few new members wanted to join EMHC. However, they did not have any experience playing field hockey. EMHC decided that, if they wanted to join, a new beginners’ team would be created. The new members asked around and found more people who were interested in joining the team. They started the season with seven enthusiastic members of varying ages and origins. As time passed, the beginners’ team became better known and more people wanted to join. After the winter, the team had reached its peak with around 20 members, both men and women between the age of 20 and 40. The amazing thing about this team is that it is a mix between locals and expats from Brazil, Portugal, France, India and Pakistan. Once a week they come together to be trained by a more seasoned member of EMHC. They are taught basic techniques as well as the rules of the game.

“I joined beginners hockey for one reason and that is the love I have for this game. I was an old dog trying to learn new tricks and thanks to Lotte’s dedication and enthusiasm I did. I felt great, young and fresh in the process that I decided to join a team. I would like to thank EMHC, Lotte, Anke and my teammates for their support. I have high regards and love for you all.” Mohsin

While the intention was only to learn to play hockey together, the team has become more

After a year of training, some of the members will be joining other teams to play matches. Others will stay with the beginners’ team to learn more about playing hockey. Because of its success, EMHC will make sure the beginners’ team continues, hopefully with more new enthusiastic members. If you want to know more about EMHC or the beginners’ team, come join us during the summer. Every Tuesday, EMHC hosts ‘summer hockey’, where anybody and everybody is free to join us for a game of hockey.

Opgroeien in een internationale omgeving NIEUW: kinderdagverblijf Columbus, Eindhoven

• Professionele, Nederlandstalige kinderopvang met • • •

een internationaal karakter Spelen en leren met baby’s, dreumesen en peuters van diverse nationaliteiten Nieuwe, moderne locatie op sfeervolle campus van Internationale School Eindhoven (ISE) Ook voor kinderen die (later) niet naar ISE gaan

Kinderdagverblijf: 10% korting van mei t/m dec 2014:


6,29* per uur

*neem contact op met Servicebureau Kinderopvang voor de voorwaarden: t. 013 – 583 80 40

kdv Columbus, Oirschotsedijk 14B t. 040 – 24 90 238

HealthCity: The Transformation Challenge In the last edition I was talking about finding the Holy Grail. That is hard to find, therefore, I would like to be the person to support you with that. We make wrong choices, because we aren’t very good planners. It sounds strange to plan for your health. But is it? If you want to eat healthy and exercise, you must accommodate for free time in your agenda. Otherwise, you are not likely to achieve results. Your health should be of great importance to you. I can teach you how to shop and how to to cook in an efficient manner. That way, you won’t be short of time to exercise and enjoy a healthy meal. Scheduling exercise moments is important as well. The flexibility of the health club is a solution for many people that work irregular hours, but it is also an immediate pitfall due to the freedom. Therefore, planning your time for sport is very important and we can definitely help you with that. Therefore, we have a new program at HealthCity, “the Transformation Challenge”. It guides you from A to Z and we supply you with a package of supplements. The challenge lasts 8 weeks and it will not only change your body but also help you continue living healthy afterwards. Transform your body and plan for success!

TILBURG NIGHTLIFE ‘Keep the party spirit alive’ – DJ Francois North Brabant is known for its vibrant clubbing scene with clubs as 013 in Tilburg and the Effenaar or the notoriously famous street full of bars called Stratumseind, both in Eindhoven. Moreover, the province is considered fertile ground for a wide variety of musicians from Guus Meeuwis to Hardwell. As fifth city of the Netherlands, Eindhoven towers above all in fame and casts its shadow over the other three large cities– Den Bosch, Breda, and Tilburg – of North Brabant. Or does it? This depends on what you like. Each city has its own charm. Closely behind Eindhoven, as the sixth city of the country, Tilburg has enough to boast about.


Already mentioned before, 013 is by far the most famous club of Tilburg and perhaps of the whole province. Founded in 1998, the Tilburg Poppodium 013, as is the official name, offers a wide range of festivals and concerts in almost every thinkable genre. The club has something for everyone. “013 invites the best national and international artists and offers them a podium in one of the largest music halls in the Netherlands,” says 013-spokesman Joost Abeelen. “Thanks to the extraordinary architecture of the building, visitors have an amazing view of the artists at all times. It makes you feel immersed in a huge concert without losing intimacy.” With a capacity of 2000 to 3000 visitors the club is huge indeed. By any means the biggest entertainment establishment in Tilburg.

As top player in the Tilburg nightlife, the attraction of 013 extends far outside the city borders. From all over the country people flock to the club for its spectacular concepts. “Because of the frequency with which we book international artists, the attraction to our neighbouring countries is quite big as well,” Abeelen proceeds. “With huge festivals as Neurotic Deathfest and Roadburn we’ve also established a link to the Scandinavian countries.” Regarding the international orientation of 013 it is good to know their website is accessible in English and in-all the organisation is very consumer-friendly. As mentioned, when you check the program of the club, the variety is distinct. The same goes for the rest of the Tilburg nightlife scene. “Tilburg is characterized by a varied nightlife, based on the many students that live here, around two core areas: Korte Heuvel and the Piusplein. There are bars and cafe’s as well as the good old traditional Dutch pubs called ‘bruine kroegen’. Besides all that there’s also room for the more alternative styles and live music,” explains Abeelen.

“It makes you feel immersed in a huge concert without losing intimacy” DJ Francois Zoontjes, born and raised in Goirle, a small town a stone’s throw away from Tilburg, is manning the wheels of steel for a quarter of a century now. During this long career he signalled a trend towards these ‘small and friendly bruine

Text: Avon Senstius van der Meulen kroegen’. “Big locations and clubs have suffered greatly from the financial crisis, social media, cell phones and the smoking ban,” advocates the DJ. “Going out clubbing back in the day was way more intense. It was crowded everywhere. The vibe was totally different. Nowadays most people go to the big festivals. They absorb most of the budget.” Francois is more positive, however, when he talks about Epic, a club in Tilburg where he is a residential DJ. Amongst other genres – like Francois’ own mix of house music, classics and freestyle – they have a weekly hardstyle night. “That’s a good thing. Before, Tilburg didn’t have any other location that promoted the harder styles,” states Francois.

“Starting out with guerrilla marketing tactics, we initiated a revolution” Hardstyle isn’t the only innovation in the Tilburg nightlife scene. Techno is rising in the second biggest city of North Brabant. The protagonists in this upcoming community are two young entrepreneurs: Karim Zarouala (21) and Rick Sterk (27). They own and host ‘Fack It-The Rave’. “It all began in 2012,” remembers Sterk.

“Before we arrived there was Kindergarten on the scene. Then, techno exploded. There are about five different organisations now that host their own parties, which all sell out. Starting out with guerrilla marketing tactics, we initiated a revolution.” Although still testing out their concepts by trial and error, Fack It already expanded to Eindhoven and hosted their second edition of Fack It-The Rave in the Klokgebouw (PopEi) on May 31, 2014. Moreover, Fack It hosts a stage – July 16, 2014 – at ‘Matrixx at the Park’ in Nijmegen during the world famous ‘4-days marches’. It says fourday-party, but it’s actually a whole week of craziness. The future shines bright for these young event organisers. “We mainly focus on Brabant with our parties, primarily in Tilburg and Eindhoven,” tells Sterk. The secret behind the success? “We are a community.”

Contact information: 013 Poppodium Veemarktstraat 44 013-4609500

Epic Tilburg Heuvelring 116 013-8226784

Fack It-The Rave Karim Zarouala & Rick Sterk Follow DJ Francois on Facebook or listen on



Agenda June & July Jeroen and Sandra van Veen Canto Ostinato 13 June- Classical music & Opera De Schalm Veldhoven Tango Extremo Maestros Music 14 June De Schalm Veldhoven Bosch Parade 19, 21 and 22 June ’s-Hertogenbosch Beursvloer gemeente Bladel 19 June Pius X- College Bladel Playful Arts Festival 19 June Willem II Fabriek Boschdijkstraat 104 5211VD ’s-Hertogenbosch The Def Americans The Sound of Johnny Cash 20 June De Schalm Veldhoven CKE Fame 20 June Parktheater Elzentlaan 50 5615 CN Eindhoven Open Court 20 June Oude Rechtbank Eindhoven Philips Symphonie Orkest 21 June Muziek Gebouw Eindhoven 80’s Anders 21 June Effennar Eindhoven


Atmoz Classics Outdoor 21 June De Ijzeren Man Javalaan 149 Eindhoven

Kersenpopfestival Uden 21 June Bevrijdingspark Uden

Naked Song Festival 28 June Muziek Gebouw Eindhoven

Church Concerts Boxtel 22 June Sint Petrusbasiliek Oude Kerstraat 20 5281 BA Boxtel

Brandevoorterdag 29 June De Plaetse 34 5708 ZJ Helmond

Irish Session 22 June Oude Boomgaard 3, 5283 VV Boxtel Bazaar Boxtel 22 June Park Molenwijk Boxtel

Orkestconcert, Koorconcert 22 June Vredesconcert Philips Harmonie en Kempenkoor Muziek Gebouw Eindhoven De Lage Landen Zaal Exhibition Eindhoven 22 June HITO STEYERL Van abbe museum

Robby Hecht & David 23 June Muziekgebouw Frits Philips Eindhoven

Robby Hecht & David Berkeley 23 June Muziek Gebouw Eindhoven Cody Simpson 27 June Effenaar Eindhoven Festival Mundial 27 Juni till 29 Juni Spoorzone Tilburg Zoks Festival 2014 27 & 28 June Lambertusplein Venlo

Birds of Paradise presents... Ben Folds and Orchestra 3 July Muziek Gebouw Eindhoven Trixie Whitley 3 July Effenaar Eindhoven Zinderend Oirschot Musicfestival 4 till 6 July Markt OIRSCHOT

Zomerkamp festival 5 July Wilhelminapark Tilburg Top Veldhoven 5 & 6 July De Schalm - Veldhoven

WISH OUTDOOR Festival 4, 5 & 6 July Festival site ‘de Aa’ Lekerstraat Beek en Donk (municipality of Laarbeek) Noord-Brabant

Factury Magnifique Festival (voormalig Slokdarmfestival) 11, 12 & 13 July N.C.B.-Laan 52g Veghel XO Extrema Outdoor 12 July Aquabest Ekkersweijer 1 5681 RZ Best

About the Effenaar Pret Festival 12 July till 20 Jully Ijssportcentrum Eindhoven Summer Market 17 July, 24 July, 31 July Markt OIRSCHOT Kermis 18 till 27 July Markt Uden De Tilburgse Kermis 18 Jully till 27 Jully Tilburg Center Totaalfestival Markt Bladel 22 juli till 27 July Bladel Center Walhalla Summer Festival 2014 17, 18 & 19 July Kasteel Domein Haageind Haageind 37 5751 BB Deurne

If you never heard about the Effenaar, don’t be ashamed. However, if you like music, partying, dancing and tasty restaurants, you might want to get to know Effenaar a little bit better. Read all about pop/rock concerts, dance nights and more on the Effenaar website: www.effenaar. nl. To finish, a short history of the venue; Since 1971 bands like Stromae, Gotye, The Ramones, The Cure, Joy Division, Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M., Queens of the Stone Age en Lil’ Wayne all played the Effenaar!

Thursday July 3, 2014 Trixie Whitley + Ian Clement Roots / pop / second hall Trixie Whitley is destined to become one of the greats. It sure helps that she grew up with them. Her father was guitarplayer Chris Whitley and he introduced her to guys like Dave Matthews, Keith Richards and Bruce Springsteen. Okay, back to Trixie, because she is incredible. Her debut album ‘Fourth Corner’ sounds like a million dollars, it’s pure ‘greatness’ from start to finish. Her cool and modern songs are firmly rooted in American pop history.

Thursday August 7, 2014



Pokey LaFarge + Luke Winslow-King Blues / Folk / second hall Blues, folk, country, gipsy, Pokey. What? Pokey LaFarge! This American guy releases his stuff on Jack White’s label Third Man Records, he builds parties any day of the week and he leaves a lasting memory wherever he goes. He sure left a good one last year, when he and his wonderful band played some of the best pre war music ever played after the war. You may have heard his songs in the award winning series Boardwalk Empire, you may have seen him at a festival or you may have never heard of Pokey LaFarge. Either way, you should come and join this intimate party. More info:

What does stone-coal have to do with language training?

Well, it is part of a well known Dutch saying we use... ...when somebody translates typical expressions word for word into another language. You can imagine the effect this could have on the listener! At Regina Coeli, we strongly believe that an important success factor in speaking a language naturally and conďŹ dently is to understand the true meaning and cultural origin of the well known sayings and expressions. If you really want to come to grips with another language, Regina Coeli is the place to be. We offer language training in German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish. Many top managers, expats and knowledge workers choose Regina Coeli and have been doing so for more than 50 years! We are often asked what our secret is. The truth is, we focus on a learning style that suits you, and because it is intensive you learn a lot in a short period of time. At Regina Coeli, everything revolves around you. You have the undivided attention of native speaker trainers and other staff who are there to support your programme in whatever way possible. And, last but not least, we are famous for our hospitality and state-of-the-art facilities.

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Howdo 6  

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