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2019 October / November www.howdo.info




Rebecca Marshall How a globetrotter made Eindhoven her home

40 Citycentrum Veldhoven Urban allure close to home

58 Share the vibe with Eduardo Rocha Everything can change if you want


Bookreview by Rebekah Villon You Can’t Win if You Aren’t at the Table

Notariskantoor Broekmans. Your notary.

Because you’ve found your dream home

The house of your dreams is the place where you and your family feel at home. Do you envision yourself living in a house with a wide view or do you prefer to live in the heart of the city? Your notary understands that agreements between you and the bank must be properly recorded. We are happy to give you advice in Dutch or English, or with the help of an interpreter, in any other language. This ensures that you fully understand which agreements you’re making. And it will also give you peace of mind so you can look forward to a wonderful future in your new home. Your life. Your dreams. Your notary.

040 213 63 60 Like us on Facebook www.jouwnotaris.nl

We are an Apple Authorised Service Provider.

Our technicians are Apple-trained, so you can trust us with all your Apple devices. That means we use genuine Apple parts to deliver certified repairs. What’s more, we’re recognized by Apple for exceptional customer satisfaction.

Dillenburgstraat 11C | 5652 AM Eindhoven | info@repairlab.nl | tel: 040-2870700











HOWDO magazine is a bimonthly publication. Publisher Niels ter Haar Editorial Office Linde ten Broek, Fred van Deurzen, Stephania Kipperman, Caitlin van der Kolk, Marielle Owen, Joost Pool, Rebekah Villon Media Advisor Fred van Deurzen, Arthur van Hest, Stephania Kipperman

Joost Pool

Photography Eddie Mol Design Studio Bonkend Sanne Drieenhuijzen

Welcome (back) We at HOWDO wish our avid and new readers a warm welcome back. Hope you’ve all enjoyed the summer, either here or anywhere around the globe. For the new readers, hopefully you’ve become a little acquainted with Eindhoven and are settling in nicely. The

Distribution waiting rooms

older readers will know that we publish HOWDO every two months

Tour de Ville

to provide you with ins & outs, tips & tricks, and just general

Contact HOWDO magazine PO box 4988 5604 CD Eindhoven

information that will help you get around in town. We’ve done so for 18 months now! As HOWDO grows along the same curve as the expat community does, we are here to stay.


Present as usual are Rebekah Villon (book reviews), Linde ten Broek


(personal stories) and Marielle Owen (Tulip Expat Services) amongst

Would you like to receive HOWDO at home? For € 14,50 a year you will receive the magazine once every two months. Mail contact@howdo.info

many others. In this issue we put a lot of focus on Veldhoven and its ‘Citycentrum’. On the outskirts of Eindhoven and to the northeast of Veldhoven lies the relatively new city district Meerhoven. Due to its nearness to Eindhoven Airport and ASML, Meerhoven has the highest expat community of Eindhoven. For a first, we will be

for inquiries.

delivering HOWDO to each household in Meerhoven. If successful

Copyright and disclaimer

value your feedback!

and appreciated, we might just continue to do so. We’d very much

All matrials and content is protected under Article 15 of the Copyright Act. Copying is prohibited. © 2019 HOWDO magazine

Enjoy the magazine, follow us on Facebook and don’t hesitate to contact the editorial office with questions or ideas. Until we meet again in the end of November: HOWDO!

HOWDO magazine is not liable for the content of the columns and eventual inaccuracies and/or typographical errors.

Joost Pool


19 - 27 october Eindhoven


Amy Root Heavy Lungs Sheer Mag SHHT Tessa Dixson Wooze + over 60 more DDW Music Specials: Rico & Sticks Iris Hond speelt Einaudi Altin Gün + Yin Yin Duncan Laurence

ANY QUESTIONS? CONTACT US TODAY! r +31 (0)40 238 6777



19 – 27 OCTOBER

DDW Music Festival 2019 Once again, during the Dutch Design Week (DDW), the Effenaar organizes surprising shows and killer parties in crazy cool places citywide; From hip-hop to indie, to rootsy and of course party. With your DDW Music Festival wristband, you can choose all your favorite parties,

ANY QUESTIONS? CONTACT US TODAY! r +31 (0)40 238 6777


concerts and locations, all week long. Enter the local nightlife with DDW Music Festival! For more info and the up to date line up, go to: www.effenaar.nl


Una Paloma Blanca

We all have that list of things we want to get too but never seem to find the time or energy for. If learning a new language has been one of the things on that list you have been putting off, look no further than Una Paloma Blanca. We promise that you will actually look forward to learning a new language when you study with our fabulously fun group of native speaking teachers. Take advantage of the kids being in school and join us for one of our daytime classes and make the most of your kid free time! Also, don't forget to schedule some quality language time in our kids program after school for language as well! We know that sports and swim lessons are important for the enrichment of childrens brains but don’t forget about language development! Children can join our fun and interactive after school classes and get a head start on their English or Spanish. Or perhaps you are one of the many expat families moving into the Netherlands and want to take advantage of the excellent public school systems but your child needs a bit of help with their Dutch to get started. You can give your kids an amazing head start in life with early language development and with our fun and energetic teachers they will love every minute of it! Your kids will be in great hands and will look forward to coming to Una Paloma Blanca where they will have so much fun they won’t even realize they are learning!  Una Paloma Blanca Language School www.unapalomablanca.com

19 - 27 october Eindhoven


Primary Education

De Wereldwijzer could be translated as the World wiser or pointing at the World. It offers

Amy Root Heavy Lungs Sheer Mag SHHT Tessa Dixson Wooze + over 60 more DDW Music Specials: Rico & Sticks Iris Hond speelt Einaudi Altin GĂźn + Yin Yin Duncan Laurence

primary education for newcomers and a fluent transformation to the Dutch educational system. All international children in the age of 4 to 12 are welcome. Pupils can apply and start at any given time of the year. They will be able to understand, speak, read and write the Dutch language within 40 to 60 weeks. After that the pupil can enrol in the Dutch system. For more information please contact: Mrs. I. van Kemenade, director Pastoriestraat 88 5623 AT Eindhoven Tel: 040-242 7892 WWW.WERELDWIJZEREINDHOVEN.NL

pinboard Authentic Thai cuisine in Eindhoven

Dining ~ Takeaway ~ Quick Bite St. Bonifaciuslaan 1 ~ 5643 NA Eindhoven ~ 040-737 02 07 ~ www.kingthai.nl

KIP040 Everything is freshly homemade and prepared with the best ingredients. That’s how we serve our dishes, because we love pure and honest food. We get our chicken from Izzet, a Halal butcher in Eindhoven, so everyone can enjoy it. The quality of the meat is evident from the taste! Want to enjoy a delicious, healthy meal at home? Place an order for pickup or have it delivered right to your doorstep. Edisonstraat 4 | Eindhoven | www.kip040.nl


Shopping Centre Terminal M is located in the Meerhoven district, you can find all that you need to do on your daily shopping but at the same time enjoy, relax and be at ease. There is a large parking facility where you can park for free for the first 2 hours. Thanks to extensive programming, there is always something going on and you can count on a sparkling shopping experience. The name Terminal M refers to the rich history of the place; Welschap airport was first located at this exact same spot. It also refers to one of the most influential elements of the environment, namely Eindhoven Airport. Therefore, Shopping centre Terminal M is a place where the past and the present meet each other and young and old can come together. It is a place for families who combine the weekly shopping with a day out, friends who have lunch together before they pick up their children from the sports clubs. Tourists or business people who quickly buy the last things before they get on the plane.

“A place to relax, enjoy and do your daily shopping at ease�

The new owner of Terminal M is keen to turn this

situations playfully. The shopping centre will soon be

property into a place where people like to stay. With

transformed into an outdoor cinema where visitors can

that goal in mind, the owner is developing a vision for

watch various films.

the future that will eventually be propagated by existing and new tenants, which is reflected in the appearance

The latest proud addition to the Terminal M shopping

of the shopping centre and which resulted into active

centre is an indoor playground where children can

programming of the area. The new style of Terminal M

have fun in the fully themed playground. For example,

is implemented in the smallest details, while the new

there is an airplane-style air cushion for the little ones,

story is being communicated over and over again to

while the older kids can have fun in the drone area,

create a support base.

where a trail can be flown with drones. Also, the parents can enjoy a drink and a snack there.

An attentive visitor has been able to see various changes already, such as the styling of the vacant shop

In short, Terminal M Shopping Centre is a place where

windows, the new signage and the cheerfully flags at

young and old come together to enjoy, relax and do

the entrance that lead visitors the way. At Terminal M,

their daily shopping.

you can find everything in one place. There are three national supermarket chains and the rest of the stores also focus on daily necessities. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs are very welcome to join because there are still some retail spaces available. The programming, full of lively events, at Terminal M, is entirely in line with the “Brabantse Gezelligheid� of the area. The new vision of the shopping centre was ushered in with a crowded neighbourhood BBQ and young and old could enjoy the Terminal M traffic square, where they could participate in real-time traffic

A H I G H - Q UA L IT Y PERSO NAL APP RO ACH T O L EG A L ISSUES As one of the largest family law firms in the Netherlands, our office is home to high-quality, well-renowned attorneys and divorce mediators. We offer a personal approach to legal services across a whole spectrum of family law and/or inheritance law disputes, both to international, as well as Dutch clients. Every day we advise and represent our clients in family and inheritance law matters. Our services are based on a personal approach, never losing sight of the human dimension of a case. We are at your side in difficult times, but also when you settle in the Netherlands and want to be informed about the family law-related consequences.

If you are interested in no-nonsense advice on obtaining a decent out-ofcourt settlement or a court decision, we look forward to hearing from you. For more information please visit our website or send an email to cvandervegt@scg-advocaten.nl.



De Lairessestraat 151 1075 HK Amsterdam Tel +31 (0)88 909 49 20 Fax +31 (0)88 909 49 99

Parklaan 54 5613 BH Eindhoven Tel +31 (0)88 909 49 00 Fax +31 (0)88 909 49 99


The Perfect Wedding Planners The Perfect Wedding Planners (Nathalie and Sara) have a novel and refreshing take on how to have the perfect wedding. The concept revolves around the idea of a ‘pop-up wedding’ and will provide the perfect affordable wedding on unique and beautiful locations in the city of Eindhoven, making it the first city in Holland to offer this kind of service. Pinterest and Instagram feeds are filled with

champagne; tuck in to a slice of your personalized

the most gorgeous pictures of sample weddings,

wedding-cake; with a professional photographer

each with its own luxury style. You probably

on hand to ensure you capture these priceless

started planning your own wedding motivated

moments with family and friends forever. On that

and enthusiastically, yet quickly found it as

same day 4 or 5 other couples will get married as

overwhelming as a second full-time job - not to

well. This way they can set up a great ceremony for a

mention the spiraling costs. As we all know, the

very attractive price. No worries, obviously you will

budget for a fantastic wedding could be as much as

not be standing in line to get married. Every bridal

a down-payment for a new house.

pair will have their own timeslot to get married at

the planned location.

The Perfect Wedding Planners provide a service

The Perfect Wedding Planners create the most

which includes location, decoration, full wedding

memorable experience you can imagine, suited to

ceremony and a photographer. With their background

your budget and decadently catered to your needs,

in event planning, styling and promotion, Nathalie

for the most important (and smooth-running) day

and Sara bring a fantastic eye for detail, whole-

of your life.

hearted passion and professionalism to each

customized day. Their themes range from dreamy

The first pop-up wedding will take place in April

and traditional, through fashionable boho-chic

of 2020 in Eindhoven. It will be a classic wedding

to modern and sleek. Each unique atmosphere

surrounded by trees, right in the middle of nature.

is especially created to fulfil a bride and groom’s dream of what their wedding could be, providing not only the most wonderful experience, but lasting memories in the form of professional and brilliant photography. With a starting price of €1950.00 a couple, you

Curious about all the possibilities?

and your significant other can tie the knot in a

T 06 27 02 00 76

sumptuously decorated location, and, with your


guests, toast to your newly declared vows with


William Malucu A brilliant artistic storm

William Malucu

Forty-six years ago, painter William Malucu burst into this world. In Rio de Janeiro to be more precise. The city’s beauty, danger, chaos, corruption, colours, live life to the max as if there were no tomorrow, are the foundation of his explosive work. Although the above is still very visible in his breathtaking paintings, William chose a safer residence and place of work eleven years ago. Why Eindhoven? “In Rio I was approached by Bram Reijnders of AbrahamArt. He partially lives in Rio with his wife and child and is a painter himself. By now he’s not only a good friend but also my sales agent, coach and mentor. I’ve never really had any formal training you know, at least not as a painter. I just have the irresistible need to express myself. I’m a free spirit. I’ve been an architect before, now I’m a painter. All

food on the table and I can have my occasional beer

self-taught. Bram takes care of the business side of

or whiskey I’m fine. I love whiskey. Been to Scotland,

things. I’ve had several expositions, here of course,

just for that. But I have a family to consider. Like any

but also in Germany and Switzerland for instance.”

father, I want the best for my children. I’m very glad Bram takes care of that part.”

‘I'm a free spirit’

Where can we buy your paintings? “Go to AbrahamArt! Some, I would say modestly, are very affordable, others are a bit more expensive. Not to worry, you can also rent my work with an

Are you enjoying life in Eindhoven?

option to buy.”

“In all aspects, it’s a massive change from the Copacabana, but I like Eindhoven. The people here

Text: Joost Pool

are very good to me. To be honest, for the past

Photos: Eddie Mol

eleven years I was only here for six months a year. Spent the other, colder months with my wife and children in Rio. Fortunately, all the documents are in order now and my wife, 16-year old son and 5-year old daughter will be joining me here next year. From then on, each year we’ll holiday for a month in Brazil and live here the rest of the time.”

So the business has been kind to you? “Basically, if I can buy my paint supplies, there’s


Photography: Reportage Fotografie Annie van Schayk

Explore your network with the WTC·E Open Business Community! Are you an ambitious professional and do you want to expand your network? Sharing know-how, experiences and meet ups? Get acquainted with the Open Business Community of World Trade Center Eindhoven! In the hectic of doing business you don’t always take the time for networking. Do you want to be part of the World Trade Center Community and meet other people during seasonal meetings? Program 24th of October – Business Breakfast ‘Meet the Designer’ 15th of November – Business Breakfast ‘Artificial Intelligence is the Future’ Do you want to join us? Then you’re more then welcome to participate in this dynamic community! The participation fee is 75 euros for September until December and 150 euros per year. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and send an email to info@ wtce.nl

Design Your Own Future


Why Dekker Driving School? If you or your partner need a Dutch license and you have to pass the Dutch driving test, Dekker is the driving school for you. We are the oldest driving school in The Netherlands with extensive experience, as you can imagine. Also we have guarantees and a very high customer satisfaction rate. We also do have special discounts on our packages so we’re financially the best choice too. Let yourself be informed in one of our free intakes. We’ll give you the best advice and solutions to be well prepared for the Dutch driving test.


040 - 444 44 44

Do You Know? How to Drink Jenever

Did you know that gin is inspired by, but not related to, jenever? The English made gin in an attempt to reverse-engineer jenever based on taste alone. They landed on an iconic spirit of their own. Jenever, however, is a spirit that dates back to the 15th century in the Netherlands and Belgium. Oude Jenever is made in the traditional way, by distilling malt wine, and then adding juniper berries and herbal extracts into the liquor, for a flavor that resembles a light whisky or herbal bourbon. Jonge jenever was invented during WWI, when malt was difficult to find. Instead, it was distilled from molasses or sugar beets, with the same botanical notes. Legend has it that the Dutch are a bit stingy, so jenever is served in tulip-shaped glasses filled above the brim, to show that you are getting every drop you have paid for. When served in this way, you need to sip a bit of the liquor before you are able to lift the glass. Jonge jenever is typically served cold, and usually enjoyed as an apertif before a meal. Oude jenever is usually served room temperature, and as a digestif after a meal. Outside of meal times, jenever is often drunk with a beer chaser, and this combination is known as a kopstoot (headbutt). If you have had a few, you may end up skipping the middleman and dropping a shot of jenever directly into a pint of lager, making a duikboot (submarine). Jenever is an old Dutch tradition, and not as popular in the Netherlands as it once was. But it's well worth the experience, and know you know the many ways to appreciate this unusual spirit.

Bharat Motiyani

Bharat Motiyani A (Formula 1) race to the top

Exactly on the day that Eindhoven celebrated 75 years of freedom Fontys-student Bharat Motiyani celebrated 20 years of life. And what a life it has been thus far. If past results are an indication of future accomplishments great things are bound to happen for this International Business student. Bharat was born in India and moved to Dubai when he was two years old. In Dubai his father set up a company that imported textiles from the Far East. When Bharat was eight his sister was born. Two things prepared and shaped Bharat for the rest of his life: his father’s work ethic and the strict, but stimulating, Indian high school in Dubai. Tell us about your high school days.

to the Indian Central Board of Secondary Education

“At my school all the classes were in English. We

(CBSE), one of the most difficult, or highly regarded

learned Arabic, which is a compulsory language

high school systems worldwide. One of the most

in all Dubai schools, but we followed the Indian

exciting things I did in high school was being

curriculum. That even meant taking our exams at

part of the STEM based Formula 1 schools’ team.

exactly the same time as our Indian counterparts,

Those cars are 17 centimeters long and accelerate

despite the time difference. This was all according

due to CO2 emission. STEM stands for Science,


Also, I’m still in contact with the GP organizer and he gives us tickets from time to time. I’m very excited about the Formula 1 coming to Zandvoort and I am definitely going!”

Both Europe and Asia were on the list of possibilities. How did Eindhoven become your number one choice? “I put a lot of thought into it. I researched various options for about two or three years and eventually there were two main factors. One: Fontys has a great website and brochure. Besides that, it has partnerships with multinationals such as Philips and ASML. The second factor was that my five best friends all went to Newcastle. I figured I wouldn’t be able to focus on my studies enough with them around. Everything is so wellorganized at Fontys. I made many contacts, whom I still have, during the introduction, and

‘Don’t procrastinate. Get up and do it!’

they often forget I’m a foreigner. They immediately switch back to English though when I’m around.”

How are your studies going? Sounds fantastic!

“Great! I always say: ‘If you

Maths. Besides that, you develop

“It was, and still is on so many












levels. The trip to Texas proved

procrastinate. Get up and do it.’


to my father that I can make

Since I was a child, I never liked

and writing a business plan. We

it on my own, abroad. He was

being home or inside. I have

won the nationals in Dubai and

wary of the US however, but

too much energy! Find a good

therefore a spot in the GP of

fully supported me in pursuing

balance between work and play.


an education in Europe or Asia.

Finish your to-do-list every day





Bharat Motiyani

and the rest of the day is yours.

that, no complaints. The food is

my sister gets so jealous when

I am now in my third year and

good. I can get Indian ingredients

we speak, she wants to come

I’ve just started my internship.

in the supermarkets and the

here as well. She’s only twelve,

That is at Arrow Electronics, an

canteen at Fontys is really good

so she’ll have to be patient for


too. People are nice and friendly.

a few years and work hard in the

My future is here.”





They are one of the world’s biggest distributors of electronic parts. It’s a B2B company. During most




How do you envision that future?

Arrow Electronics gives me the


chance to learn. The internship

eventually want to become a






normally lasts 19 weeks but I’m

CEO. I’ve always set high goals

so fascinated, and eager to learn

for myself. Further down the

about the whole process that I’ve

line I want to become a teacher.

decided to stay for 6,5 months.”

Knowledge, especially sharing knowledge, is one of the biggest

‘Sharing knowledge is one of life’s biggest gifts.’

What are your thoughts on Eindhoven?

gifts of life. Teachers can light a

“I really like it here. I spent my

helped me when I arrived here

first year at the Student Hotel

and I want to be there for future

and now I’ve got a little studio.


The only problem in Eindhoven


is housing. Especially affordable

assisting new students. They’ve

Text: Joost Pool

housing for students. Other than

all got my e-mail address. In fact,

Photos: Eddie Mol

spark in you. Staff and teachers

As I






Moving to the Netherlands Nowadays when moving to a new country, it would be nice to have a couple of services in place just before or right after you arrive. The first one is a local mobile phone number, this can save you money. When you require a sim only card, this can be obtained quite quickly from most providers. When you require a phone also (if you are coming from the US this could be required) there are many stores where you are able to do so. If you would like to have internet and television in your new rental property, this could take some time. Most providers take about a month before the media box or internet box can be delivered and if you need to work from home, this could be a problem. Living in the centre of Eindhoven you would most likely

need a

‘stadspas’. This pass will allow you to use the containers in the street to throw away your garbage. The pass will open the street containers. You will need to apply for the ‘stadspas’ at the town hall. Transferring the account for your utilities is also one of the first things you need to do when you get the keys to your new place. You will need to select a utilities company with which you want to use and transfer the accounts. This can mostly be done online.

Eindhoven and surrounding areas Tulip Expats Services BV +31 6 53 14 70 86 marielle@tulipexpatsservices.com

Postal address: P.O. Box 82301, 2508 EH The Hague +31 70 220 81 56 tulipexpatsservices.com


Finding your new home can be both exciting and daunting. When you work with Expat Housing Network we will be there with you through every step of the process; from viewing homes to signing the contract, right up until you receive the keys to your new home. Team EHN.

WE ARE EXPATS We know what it is like to relocate to a new country. We've been there ourselves and are here to make sure you have a pleasant Join experience. us at our free events: 29 OCTOBER 2019 BUYING YOUR OWN HOME 18:00 - 20:00 The Student Hotel 21 NOVEMBER 2019 RENTING IN EINDHOVEN AREA 18:00 - 20:00 The Student Hotel

eindhoven@expathousingnetwork.nl - 020-261 7434 - www.expathousingnetwork.nl

From Canada with a jetlag straight to Valkenswaard to host the Flower Parade It is obvious that Eindhoven is changing rapidly. North Brabant plays a major role in boosting the economy, and the international companies in Eindhoven have a key position in this process. Inherent to the growing number of jobs in especially the technology sector, is the increase in the number of foreigners who come to Eindhoven and eventually settle here. In addition to the positive consequences of this ( e.g.: would there have been a Downtown Gourmet Market without expats?), there’s some talk about the potential "danger" that the international is mainly socializing with people who are also international and doesn’t mingle with Dutch society.

Of course the Eindhoven Cricket Club has quite a few members with an Indian background, and at The Hub there are mainly internationals for a cup of coffee or to visit an event. At the same time, however, these organizations also make every effort to involve "native Eindhovenaren" in their activities. Also for the various municipalities in the region, "integration" is an important issue. Flower Parade Valkenswaard and the internationals The “international” grand stand at the Flower Parade Valkenswaard is a good example of an initiative created with the desire to attract more internationals to Valkenswaard. Robin Wijnen, spokesperson P.R. and Communication of this yearly event, visited by 25.000 spectators: "We noticed an increasing interest from, in particular, English speaking people for the Parade, both in terms of requests for information and actual visit. Therefore we decided to place a special stand for them during the Parade with English information and to promote this we distributed flyers in English. But we liked the idea that the English presentation would be done from outside our own organization. At the presentation of HOWDO Magazine at Temporary Art Center in July, I asked the people of HOWDO Magazine if they had any suggestions and through Stephania I came into contact with Melanie, who herself is in the HOWDO network through the International Creative Women Group in Eindhoven ". Melanie was approached, and although she didn’t know anything about the Parade, she liked the idea of visiting the Parade and at the same time providing the English-speaking public with information about the floats of the Parade and their subjects. Being relatively

Valkenswaard also had a goodie

new in Eindhoven (she has lived here for 7 months with her boyfriend)

bag for every visitor of the stand,

Melanie, like most newcomers, didn’t know anyone, and to broaden

showing them that there is so

her horizon, she decided to say "yes" more to new and unfamiliar

much more to experience and

experiences. Robin adds: "That was also one of the main reasons for us

do in Valkenswaard beside the

to place the "English" stand. We wanted to express that we are doing


our best to make everyone feel welcome. That's why the municipality of

“A gift to the public” So Melanie wanted to jump in at the deep end, ‘but there’s one

the Expat Grandstand, together

problem," Melanie said: "I will come back from my trip to Canada

with my husband and friends,

the day before the Parade, so I will be presenting with a jetlag ...".

and must give compliments to

On the day of the Corso, Melanie was of course a bit tense, but at the

Melanie for her commentary in

same time excited about what awaited her. "I was very well taken care

English! I will definitely promote

of by the other presenters and we went through the program together.

upcoming editions of the Flower

Peter van den Boogaard, presenter at the Corso for many years, and

Parade to internationals through

that day my mentor, made me feel at ease and together we left for our

our network!"

commentary position. Walking along the route I was astonished by the

In conclusion: The collaboration

large number of spectators, but during the presentation this feeling

between Melanie, Robin, Peter

disappeared quickly. From several people who followed the parade

and the other presenters was

on foot and passed us, we got "thumbs up" and compliments on our

great, best demonstrated by

voices corresponding well. Peter's radio voice ("A lot of smoking, girl,

Peter’s last statement: “Next

and you’ll get the same voice") was a big contrast with my soft toned

year I "demand" that we can

English.... "

present together again: never

Peter smiles when he recalls the start of their presentation together:


“All of a sudden 25.000 or possibly even more visitors hear an English

Leaving Robin no other option

voice explaining the story behind the Parade floats, passing by at the

than offer Melanie to take on the

Eindhovenseweg in Valkenswaard! Melanie has a friendly and fresh

same role next year. Her answer:

voice, slightly insecure at first , but when the second float passed

a heartfelt YES.




already full of excitement, and I could reassure her that she was doing great”. Continuing his song of praise: “Melanie was so focused

If there is more news about this

that I’m quite sure that she didn’t notice that it was actually her, who


made Sunday afternoon of the Flower parade for a lot of people an

internationals and locals, we

even bigger event. And indeed, the spectators who passed through

will let you know!




our presentation spot were complimentary, which I found important, especially for Melanie's self-belief”.

More info about Flower Parade Valkenswaard:

Deepening the idea

Robin Wijnen, communicatie@

According to Robin, the next edition will have a special stand again: "


This was not a onetime experiment. This is part of our wish to make

Need a native English speaker

the Parade more accessible for internationals. Our new contacts with

for your event/ presentation?

Holland Expat Center South, HOWDO Magazine etc. makes it easier for

Contact Melanie at:

us to reach the target group. In the upcoming months we’ll also contact


the companies in the region where many internationals work to see


how we can involve these companies in the Parade". Of course, the most important opinion is the one from the internationals themselves. How do they look back at their visit? Olivia van den Broek-Neri, Project Coordinator Communications & Events at Holland Expat Center: "This was my first time visiting the Flower Parade and I enjoyed it! I visited it partly for my work, because the Flower Parade organization contacted us for cooperation and I wanted to experience first-hand what we were promoting. I enjoyed the Flower Parade from

FAQ for buying a house in the Netherlands Buying a house in the Netherlands might not be like anything you may know from buying a house in another country. Why should I buy a house in the Netherlands? You have real ownership when you buy a house – you are in full control of renovations and decoration changes. A house can be a smart investment with tax benefits and other financial incentives. Am I allowed to buy a house as a foreigner? Yes. There are no restrictions on who may buy a house in the Netherlands. Can I get a mortgage as a foreigner? Yes, you can. Mortgages are capped at 100% of the property value, but you need to take into account additional costs. How can I apply for a mortgage? After your offer is accepted, you can apply for a mortgage. The mortgage-advisor will need the following information from you: Information about you personally, your financial position and the to be mortgaged property. What happens when my bid is accepted? Buyer and seller sign a residential property sales contract. As per the Dutch law, a notary (‘notaris’) handles the transfer and registers the property transfer at the land registry office (‘kadaster’) to complete the process. What additional costs are there? As a buyer you will have to pay property transfer tax (‘overdrachtsbelasting’; 2%), notary costs (approximately€ 1500,-) and costs for a translator (approximately€ 300,-).

de sleutel tot ieders droomhuis

Can I withdraw an offer? Yes. There is a cooling down period of three days (‘bedenktijd’) in which the buyer can legally cancel the agreement. Most contracts also contain a clause in which the buyer can withdraw should they be unable to secure a mortgage. Can I claim a tax refund on this purchase? Yes, you can! Home owners in the Netherlands can do this, provided the mortgage is a capital repayment mortgage and the property is your main residence. Other fees (valuation, mortgage costs and notary) are usually also tax deductible.

Pit makelaars Your real estate agent: Anita Fiers (040) 255 30 03 makelaar@pitmakelaars.com www.pitmakelaars.com

Rebecca Marshall

Rebecca Marshall How a globetrotter made Eindhoven her home ‘Once you’ve seen the rest you know Eindhoven is the best!’ Admittingly not a direct statement but listening to Newcastle-born Rebecca Marshall you might just hear her say that between the lines. After spending her early years in the northeast of England, Rebecca’s mother and stepfather took her across the globe. They lived in New Zealand and Brunei for much of her childhood and teenage years. And yes, also in Eindhoven.


“Eindhoven has developed so much in thirty years”

Rebecca: “We first came to the Netherlands when

years. It now is a very inspiring, active, inventive city.

I was fourteen, but only on vacation. So we did the

But it needs sun. More than most cities, Eindhoven

‘tourist’ thing. The Hague, Gouda, cities like that.

comes alive in the sun but is much gloomier on

Five years later my stepfather was offered a job

cloudy, rainy days than other cities are. With the

in Eindhoven, and I, having just finished school,

changes over the years, Eindhoven can stand its

thought I’d come with them. I didn’t know what else

own against the Randstad for instance. Don’t get me

to do and I’ve never looked back. All that happened

wrong, I like Amsterdam, the city certainly has its

in 1990 and I’ve been an Eindhovense ever since.

pros, but I don’t find it a friendly city. And Eindhoven

Not exactly true, due to a fifteen-year spell near

is! The people here don’t mind if you don’t speak

Bocholt, Belgium, just across the border, but my


social and working life was always here. In Belgium I lived in the same village as my dear Italian friend Eva.”

Can you tell us about your life in Eindhoven, or Belgium for that matter, over the years? “I worked, at Philips and DGW&T, and had, still

What was Eindhoven like in 1990?

have, an amazing social life. I met my husband,

“To be honest, there wasn’t much to do for

an Englishman who worked for Philips and NXP, at

foreigners. Or even for the Eindhovenaren, I’m afraid

O’Sheas in 1995. There isn’t much to say about my

to say. Eindhoven has developed so much in thirty

life in Belgium because like I said, my social and

Rebecca Marshall


Future plans?

‘Embrace Eindhoven as you embrace life’

“As I said earlier: ‘I’ve never looked back.’ But I’m not really a planner either. I live in the present: right here, right now. I sometimes jokingly ‘threaten’ people I’m looking for work but at the moment my life is both full and fulfilling, I wouldn’t know where to find the time!”

working life was all happening here. I did meet Eva at the school gates in Belgium because my son, who is now 21 and her child both attended the same school. So, we became friends. Unfortunately, after a long battle with cancer my husband passed away untimely three years ago. After that, I decided to return to Eindhoven and ‘persuaded’ Eva to come here as well. Luckily, after a lot of convincing on my

‘Eindhoven can stand its own’

behalf she and her husband finally conceded. So I now live in the city centre, my son lives on his own, also in Eindhoven. He’s studying to become a game designer at Fontys.”

What is your life like now?

Text: Joost Pool

“I have almost all my friends close at hand. I move

Photos: Eddie Mol

between my Dutch and English circles. Due to the nearness of Belgium and Germany, Eindhoven is well-located for city trips. Or for further destinations thanks to Eindhoven Airport. My mum lives in the northeast of England, and my in-laws in the southwest. In those cases I depend on Schiphol. As I will in February when a group of my friends and myself go and visit a mutual friend in Thailand.”

Do I sense some restlessness? “No, call it wanderlust. I love travelling, trying new things, meeting new people, getting together with friends. I haven’t the time to sit still. Embrace Eindhoven as you embrace life. That’s what I’d like to say to newcomers. Jump in with both feet. Take the plunge, what’s the worst that can happen? Get out there! I go to comedy nights at the Hub and to O’Sheas and the Carrousel for pub quizzes. The ones at O’Sheas are mainly sports-orientated whereas the quizzes at the Carrousel focus on general knowledge and entertainment.”

Tekst: Linde ten Broek Drawings: Ellen Schoumacher

“L’emozione non ha voce” On a super sunny Wednesday afternoon, I cycle to the Victoriaplein to meet my colleague Ellen Schoumacher and our guest of today, Miriam Frosi. We drink espresso and ice coffee and share love stories. Today, it is all about Italian marriage rituals and that means in a few words, food, food, food and confetti! 22 Course dinner Miriam Frosi is originally from Milano and lives in Eindhoven for quite a long time. But Italian people stay Italian: pure, passionate, to the point. So, as I already said, Italian weddings are all about food. At their wedding they served a 22-course dinner, so you better do not eat for some days before the wedding. Everybody is invited for the whole day, so no separate groups here, like in the Netherlands. And there is another huge difference with the Dutch tradition, the drinks are additional to the dinner, and normally beer is not served at all, and off course no bitterballen…Instead of this, they serve wine, water and soft drinks. And espresso of course. It is 19 years ago that Miriam and Urjan married in Italy. Normally weddings take place in the church, where the legal part is held as well. The bride and groom choose traditional Christian church songs,

Yes I do!

but this lovely couple decided to do

by the sisters, the parents or

it their way. Urjan grew up in a very

friends of the bride.


musical family, and the twin brother of Urjan, Danjel, sung a beautiful

Marry me again please



Are you married for 50 years?

‘L’emozione non ha voce, meaning I

Then you will marry again in

cannot speak about love, there are no

the church! You will wear a gala

words that can describe what I feel.

dress and are accompanied by

And yes, that is true. Really true. So,

all your family, friends, children

we all three look at each other and are

and grandkids as well. Precious

silent. We all know.

moments together! And yes, the




The ‘something old, new, borrowed, blue tradition’, I have written about

confetti is there as well. Golden

earlier, is an Italian tradition as well. Miriam wore a blue garter and

ones! Whooooooo nice!

Urjan was wearing a blue tie. With a lot of theatre, the garter and tie had been confiscated, cut into small pieces and sold during dinnertime.

Ellen, Miriam and I are listening

After the wedding, the money is been given to the married couple.

to the song of Adriano Celentano, and we all three are nearly in

The mother-in-law will make the bed

tears. It is so true, there are no

The night before the wedding, it is not allowed to sleep together. It

words that can describe love.

does not matter if you are for 1 or 10 years together, you sleep at your

Even if you are married for 19

parents or friends house. When you are married, the mother-in-law will


make the bed for the couple. As if she is saying, yes, I agree that this woman will marry my son. Quite interesting, don’t you think?

Did you like this ritual and do you have a special one you would like

Every area in Italy has its own traditions. So, in Sardinië, the guest

to share with us, please do! We

come early in the morning a break a large plate, by smashing it to one

are thrilled and looking forward

of the walls of the house of the couple. The more broken pieces, the

hearing from you. You can send an

more happiness there will be. If the plate does not break, you will face

email to info@lindetenbroek.nl

problems… When you are born in Napels or Sicilië, your hubby-to-be

and share why this ritual means

will perform a serenade for you the night before the wedding! Mmmmm

a lot to you. We love to meet you!

how lovely! Confetti has a huge part in the ceremony, and no, I am not talking about our colorful small pieces of party paper. Italian confetti is a sweet, an almond covered with loads of sugar. Yes, the same as our bruidssuiker. The Italian confetti are not small at all, and yes, the people throw with

In this column Yes, I do! Linde

it as well. Imaging hit by confetti on your wedding day, it destroys your

ten Broek, wedding officiant and

make up, your hair, and a bump on your forehead, so be prepared if you

soulstoryteller, www.soulstories.

want to marry that Italian guy or woman.

nl and Ellen Schoumacher,

The witnesses play an important role in the ceremony. Apart from

wedding officiant and visual

being there in sadness and in happy times, they will buy the wedding

storyteller, @ellentekent, share

rings as well. The dress of the bride is a sacred for the groom, so for

stories about international

preventing him to see this lovely dress, it moves around and is kept

wedding rituals.


the ideal match between expats and finances

As an expat you will face many challenges, or changes to say the least, when arriving in the Netherlands. It is always best to focus on your qualities and work with other professionals to take care of important affairs that exceed your expertise. When it comes to all financial matters, ABN AMRO is the trusted specialist and partner for expats, diplomats, civil servants and international organisations. It has been the financial expert for internationals for over 25 years!

Video Banking You no longer have to leave your home for face-toface financial advice and guidance. With our Video Banking service, you can talk to an advisor at a time that suits you, for instance between doing the shopping and going to the gym. Are you interested in financial advice on mortgages, savings, or your finances in general? Make an appointment at www.abnamro.nl/videobanking. Video banking is personal, quick and easy. You can have face-to-face contact with an advisor wherever on the globe you may be. A video call can be

To make things easier for you, banking with ABN

arranged within 24 hours and can take place before

AMRO can start before arriving in the Netherlands.

or after office hours. Very efficient in your busy

To ensure that all your banking transactions


proceed as smoothly as possible, ABN AMRO has a multilingual International Client Department


to provide specific advice on payments, savings,

International Clients

insurances, credit cards, mortgages, loans and

Telephone: +31 (0)20-343 40 02

investments. And most important of all: on the

Email: International.clients@nl.abnamro.com

rules and regulations for expats. However, ABN


AMRO goes even further. We provide a full 24/7 service, Internet banking, apps and documentation, all in English.

Haven’t discovered the Eindhoven gaming scene yet? eSports Center Eindhoven is the perfect place to get your game on. They have the latest gaming desktops, playstations and other consoles. You can hang out in the lounge or set up camp in one of the quieter area’s or private gaming rooms. eSports center Eindhoven has a full event calendar and many ongoing competitions. The perfect place to kick back after a long day at work or to hang out on a rainy Sunday. The location is completely new and fresh, with a professional interior. There are also plenty of different foods and drinks to enjoy. No reason to hang out at a gaming club that reminds you of a dorm room. Feel relaxed, and be able to game with pro-setups. Not sure yet? Bring this voucher for a whole day of free gaming to make up your mind. www.esportscenter.nl

Free Try-Out Pass (€ 7,50) eSports Center Eindhoven

To be used before 01-12-2019, only one voucher per person      

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Expat Group Let’s meet Valerie van de Pas. She is a young entrepreneur and very passionate about her company, Expat Group.

can assist with as little or as much as they need. From excellent home management, tax, financial and insurance services, assistance when buying a new car, to showing them around town to find

She has been fascinated for some years by the

a hairdresser or new favorite restaurant. If they

process of people relocating to another country. In

bring their family, the Expat Group can provide all

particular how she can provide professional support

information needed to make sure they feel right at

with her passion and personal attention to find them

home, such as finding the right school, help register

a new house and make their new living environment

at the doctor or dentist or finding the right sports

a home away from home. In her experience as an

clubs for the kids.

expat herself, she knows that besides the usual

tension during the relocation process, there are

We work together with the best partners to offer

many questions to be answered.

solution oriented excellent service. ABN AMRO bank, BMW/ MINI van Laarhoven, Bonheur Horecagroep,

Each Expat will face their own unique obstacles,

just to name a few examples.

which Valerie happily wants to help with offering the services she provides with the Expat Group.

By using her experience as an expat and her local expertise, Valerie is passionate and happy to

She always had plans to start her own company, so

help expats making the transition to the South of

she decided to combine her training as a real estate

the Netherlands as smooth as possible. With the

agent and entrepreneurship education to start the

services the Expat Group offers, she would like to

Expat Group.

make sure expats have an unforgettable experience in a beautiful, cultural and ambitious country.

Expat Group can offer a wide range of services and information for expats in the South of the

Check out:

Netherlands and is happy to bring them into


contact with their specialized partners. Expat Group

for more information


Today is ...... day! In this segment our goal is to gather special holidays, moments and occasions worldwide that unite people. We love to point out to you those not-to-miss funny occasions. If you have suggestions for special days in December and January, please send them to fred@howdomagazine.com. October 1st | World Vegetarian Day

November 12th | Happy Hour Day

Celebrated: Worldwide

Celebrated: Worldwide

Since: 1977

Since: 2011.

Why: It is a day of celebration established by the North

Did you know that: The happy hour began as an

American Vegetarian Society in 1977 and endorsed by

event in the military. The term comes from events

the International Vegetarian Union in 1978. It brings

organized in 1913 by a club called the Happy Hour

awareness to the ethical,  environmental,  health,

Social for the United States Navy. We’re not sure

and humanitarian benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle.

if its coincidental that it’s also the birthday of our publisher...

October 5th | World Teachers’ Day

November 14th | International Diabetes Day

Celebrated:Worldwide Since: 1994 Why:







Celebrated: Worldwide

1966 UNESCO/ILO  Recommendation concerning the

Since: 1991, marking the birthday of Frederick

Status of Teachers. World Teachers' Day aims to

Banting who first conceived the idea which led to

focus on "appreciating, assessing and improving the

the discovery of insulin in 1922.

educators of the world".

Why: This day is meant to point out “the urgent

October 24th | United Nations Day Celebrated: Worldwide The



and improve human health, and provide access to treatment and health-care education.”

Since: 1948 Why:

need to pursue multilateral efforts to promote



November 28th | Mickey Mouse Day

recommended that the day be observed by Member

Celebrated: Worldwide

States as a public holiday and is devoted to

Since: 1928, Making his debut on November 18th, we

making known to people of the world the aims and

commemorate the birth of that ever lovable mouse

achievements of the United Nations Organization.

What to do: Put on some ears, make yourself some Mickey shaped pancakes, put on a Mickey shirt … the possibilities of how to tell the world you're a mouseketeer are endless!

foto's: Frans Claassen

La Dolce Vita

After being located in Son for almost a quarter of a century, La Dolce Vita moved to the city of Eindhoven. It's the authentic Italian restaurant the people of Eindhoven were longing for. Love and passion for Italian cuisine play a key role in this restaurant owned by charming Kosta Tasi. Everything is prepared fresh and to order, with respect for tradition. La Dolce Vita started out with a grand opening, and HOWDO was there to join the party. La Dolce Vita | Dommelstraat 24 Eindhoven | 040 209 2888 | www.ladolcevita-eindhoven.nl





IT ED N IO Enjoy a 4-course dinner in 4 different top-restaurants in Eindhoven. Along the way you can experience the GLOW ambiance and artworks. The route will bring you to Restaurant 1910, Fifth NRE, Hey Days and Fling. Tickets can only be purchased in advance through our website: www.walkingdinner.com



Hello and welcome to the municipality of Veldhoven! With 45 thousand inhabitants, Veldhoven is a lively and lovely community close to the city of Eindhoven. We are part of the Brainport region, the high-tech engine of the Netherlands. Thanks to our booming economy there is a lot of employement. Veldhoven has excellent facilities in the areas of care, culture, tourism and sports. Veldhoven is also the right place for shopping. Our Citycentrum is located in the heart of our municipality. It is an easy and complete shopping center with more than 110 businesses. Local entrepreneurs work together with larger chains. Have you finished shopping? Then you don’t have to go home yet. Enjoy a good meal and a drink and visit Cinema Gold or Theater De Schalm. As the Mayor of Veldhoven, I invite you to visit our Citycentrum. There is something for everyone! Marcel Delhez - Mayor of Veldhoven

Citycentrum Veldhoven urban allure close to home Citycentrum Veldhoven, urban allure close to home

customers meet each other. That’s urban allure with

The latest fashion for all ages, gifts, fresh products,

a village character!

daily groceries, banks, a library and a tourist office, art, the theatre, the service cinema, a place to have

Sunday shopping

a good meal or something to drink… The Citycentrum

Every last Sunday of the month there’s Sunday

offers it all, and all around your corner!

shopping from noon to 5:00 p.m. with fun activities. During Sunday shopping you always park for free.

While shopping here you’ll taste the best of both

The centre is easily accessible and there is plenty

worlds: urban allure and the coziness of a village.

of parking space.

All entrepreneurs together make sure that you can spend your free time in an attractive, clean, safe

Welcome to all expats

and cozy centre with 110 shops like Only, Rituals,

Veldhoven is the proud partner of the Brainport

HEMA, Vodafone, Vero Moda and WE.

area. With companies such as ASML, Philips and the High Tech campus only a few minutes away, more


and more expats find their way to Citycentrum. With

At only 8 kilometers from Eindhoven station you can

that information in mind we have launched our

find the CityCentrum in Veldhoven. Ideal for young

English website earlier this year: www.citycentrum.

families, and easily accessible by car, bicycle or


public transportation.

On “Sunday shopping” stores are open from

Lots of events

12:00 until 17:00. Parking is FREE.

The Monday market, events like CityFest, Christmas, Halloween, fashion shows, performances and visits

For more information check our English website:

of famous TV figures, you’ll find it all in ‘the City’.

www.citycentrum.nl/en/ and follow us on

Local entrepreneurs work together with larger

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

chains. They know their customers and the


| WWW.BURGEMISTER.NL | 040-2541475

Voor de fashionista’s vanaf maat 40 Meiveld 161 Veldhoven (city centrum) T 040 253 20 30


Do you want to live in Eindhoven area?

Excellent Mortgage Advice If you want to live in Eindhoven area, our mortgage advisors are happy to help you examine all your options. Make a non-binding appointment with one of our advisors and also receive a â‚Ź50 voucher for a dinner at Berlage Kitchen & Bar in Eindhoven. Call 040 248 22 11 or e-mail eindhoven@hypotheekvisie.nl us for an appointment. Call 040 254 99 06 or e-mail veldhoven@hypotheekvisie.nl us for an appointment.

Don’t forget to mention that you saw our ad in the Howdo!

Pastoriestraat 153 - 040 248 22 11 - eindhoven@hypotheekvisie.nl / Meiveld 163 - 040 254 99 06 - veldhoven@hypotheekvisie.nl





MOTORS (14+)





Agenda Citycentrum Advertentie Howdo september 2019.indd 1

5-7-2019 15:45:48

28th and 29th of September*

City Fest, with A Silent Disco and performances by, amongst others: Rowwen Hèze, Samantha Steenwijk. MAAN, and Het Feestteam!

20th of October

Circus in ‘t City

27th of October*

Halloween in ’t City

16th of November

Entry of Sinterklaas

22nd, 23rd, 24th, 27th, 29th, 30th of November 1st and 4th of December

Pietenhuis (Piet: Sinterklaas’ little helpers)

24th of November*

Pietenparcours in ’t City

14th, 15th, 18th, 20th, 21st ,22nd, 23rd, 24th of December


14th, 15th*, 21st, 22nd* of December

Christmas Shopping

*Sunday shopping


Trick-or-treat at Citycentrum by Jean-Paul van den Tillaar

For over 4 years Jean-Paul van den Tillaar is chairman of the Association entrepreneurs of Citycentrum (Vereniging Ondernemers Citycentrum). “In these times of ever emerging webshops, Veldhoven can be proud of the shopping centre,” he says. The shopping centre was founded in 1978, and

The shops are open from 12.00 to 17.00 hours and

after the second construction phase the indoor

parking is FREE!! After the success of the past years,

Citypassage was realized in 1995. According to Jean-

this year there is another big trick or treat through

Paul, this is also one of the most attractive facilities:

the centre. Children are allowed to dress up and

"The passage is indoor of course, but also the

report to the special trick or treat stall. Here they

rest of the centre is for 95% roofed. Furthermore,

get a form with all participating stores. Then find

the range of offers is very diverse. We have local

all the treats in the City. Children can also carve out

entrepreneurs, but also shops of rural chains. And

their own pumpkin under supervision. They get a

besides the possibility of daily shopping it is also

tealight to put in the pumpkin at home. And the face

a good place to relax on the various terraces, and

paint team is ready to take care of all the scary and

we have social facilities like theatre, cinema, library

creepy Halloween creations."

and swimming pool. A new swimming pool will be opened at a new location in the city centre, at the

Concluding, Jean-Paul sees a positive future for the

latest in 2021”.

city centre and regarding the internationals, he also expects an increase in the shopping visits by this

Every month, especially on the last (Shopping)

target group. "Entrepreneurs adjust the offer of

Sunday of the month, different events take place

their products. Speaking for myself (as the owner

to keep the centre vibrant. Jean-Paul: "Together

of Bruna), we have a separate and larger selection

with the participating shops it is possible to realize

of English books and we recently decided to offer

activities such as the Sinterklaas entry and the

English newspapers. And to be able to serve the

Oranjemarkt. And to support the shops in Veldhoven

international community better, the website of

it is important to buy locally."

the city centre is also available in English and the parking garage under the Meiveld will also be

In the past year several well-attended activities took place and the Jubilee activities end In October. Jean-Paul likes to highlight two of the remaining activities: "On 18, 19 and 20 October we have great circus performances that take 60 to 75 minutes. At each participating store, people can save for discounts on the ticket price. A full savings card delivers a staggering €15,- discount. On Sunday 27th of October, the (Shopping) Sunday is all about Halloween.

provided with English signing".

Getting fit next to your busy job and lifestyle? SWITCH offers you the solution! Terry Labee owner Switch the Gym Time for something new

a lot of calories in a short time

"In our tech-driven boutique

and to make your body stronger.

studios, we offer high quality

With this way of training you

one hour workouts in a group

don't have to be fit or wait for

with the attention of a personal

that, it's just about getting fitter

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own level.





 HIIT isn’t boring - much variety


most important muscle, namely

With HIIT you have to give

your heart. Again, SWITCH is



unique and we focus entirely on "exercising on your heart beat".

important. The gym is also the

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As everyone wears a heart-rate

place to be to train and become

burns as many calories as an

meter during the workouts, it

fitter. SWITCH is not the average



allows real-time measurements.

gym as we know it. It is the gym

sounds unreal, but the reason

These are being forwarded to the

of the future, where the focus is

for this is that at HIIT you deliver

screens in the room and you can

on the sports experience, where



check the results in your app. If

you work out in a group with

intensive-RE effort and this is

you work out in the right heart

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as effective as long-term cardio

rate zone, you will get maximum

a personal trainer and where



goals within one hour at a time.

Research has shown that this way

"Exercising is healthy and makes

Sounds great, right?

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us physically and mentally fitter

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literally and figuratively. A few



 Burn fat while retaining





Not to forget: it strengthens your

training programs are tailormade to suit your needs."

 Improving your fitness/








you can achieve your personal

In this column, we'll go deeper into the training method that we use at SWITCH: the HIIT workout. WHAT IS HIIT? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval




actually says it all, intervals of high intensity, alternated with




health, a busy lifestyle is not BENEFITS FEATURED

 It only takes a little time.

achievable. Exercise is essential in healthy ageing. As we say in

Perfect for people with a

the Netherlands: Rust roest. So

busy lifestyle.

get off that couch, start moving

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your recovery period, you'll continue to burn calories.

 For everyone, starting or

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advanced (self-determining

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Switch to the new workout.

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one free session.

goals, performance measurements and SWITCH points guide you towards your desired results. Your progress is tracked and recorded in the app. That’s how we prove that you’re making progress.

Pleintjes 106 | Veldhoven | 013 - 720 07 27


Rabobank's Daniek van der Zanden on supporting expats Daniek is a mortgage advisor with Rabobank Expat Desk, where she and her colleagues inform expats about mortgaging, opening a bank account and insurances. She explains everything we need to know about the Expat Desk and what they have to offer you as an expat. Daniek: “We know getting started in a new location

and deserve for their matters. I really feel this

can be overwhelming for an expat so we try and

low threshold is necessary to build trust between

offer as much service and guidance as possible.

myself and newly arrived expats. They must feel

We make sure we are a solid partner throughout


the entire financial process. But it’s not just about

financial advice, I love to really be there for the

Rabobank offers expats the same mortgage options

expats that reach out to us. The transition can be

as locals, we finance up to 100% of the valuation.

hard because people don’t speak the language yet,

To make the process go as fluently as possible,

and don’t have a network of friends and family here

the bank can also offer assistance in attracting

to rely on. So, for example if they want my opinion

a notary and having a valuation report made up

on the district that they want to buy a house in, I

for the property. Another advantage of the Expat

can tell them something about this district.”

Desk, is that it can introduce their clients to its expanded network of realtors. Daniek: “When you

Daniek herself is mostly involved in mortgage advice,

have the financial room to buy a higher segment

but is very clear that Rabobank offers extended

home, attracting a realtor for the buying process is

service in every financial area when it comes to

a good idea. Obviously we certainly help out with

expats. Daniek: “Most expats benefit from 30%

understanding the agreements they are signing to

reimbursement ruling but have no idea how this will

purchase a house, but having someone navigate you

impact their taxes in whole, it’s hardly any effort for

through the process itself will give you the chance

me to give some quick tips. But it can have a great

to really make a level headed choice without the

impact for the client to have objective information

added stress. When the client is moving to another

at the ready when they are negotiating their salary

country but wishes to hold on to their Dutch

or have a meeting with a financial advisor.”

property, we will give them advice about renting out

their home. We want to make sure their experience

Rabobank feels it’s key to keep their service easy to

is as carefree as possible.”

access with their open door policy. You can simply

walk in and receive advice immediately or book

Daniek’s best tip:

an appointment for more complicated questions

“Think twice before you make an offer above asking

or services. Daniek: “I work two nights a week so

price. The amount of money you can mortgage, is

customers working a fulltime job can still make

directly linked to the valuation report not to your

an appointment and get the attention they need

offer. The Bank is legally obliged to mortgage a

property for no more than 100% of its value. So make an offer accordingly, or make sure you have enough savings to dip into, if necessary.”

Rabobank Regio Eindhoven

Emmasingel 4 Eindhoven

I hope to see you soon at our Rabobank location at

Daniek van der Zanden

the Witte Dame, or feel free to send me a message

Tel: (06) 13 11 06 18

on Whatsapp!”




p i q c af h q G uF w H I C p mT b i M N w D s ic P w t g





k L a s lo k aa ned e r L a n d s




L e

L e e r s c ho o L


a e f v


t n



th u



S am e n er

Learn Dutch and live like a local Eindhoven is like a global village. People from all corners of the world come together and work on smart solutions that make a difference. Speaking English will get you around, but speaking Dutch will allow you to blend in like a local. At STE Languages our well-trained natives will make you feel at home. They know exactly what you need to make big improvements on your progress. By attending our small group courses we can help you take those first steps! Interested in joining?

Why STE Languages?

 Feel confident in speaking Dutch Stop worrying and start enjoying.

 Small groups

Learn from each other in a supportive atmosphere.

 Personal approach

Tailor-made training based on your personal needs.

 Skilled trainers

Qualified trainers that love to work with world citizens.

 Learn when it suits you

Before work, during lunch break, after work or even on Saturday and during Summer.

Visit www.ste.nl, mail to info@ste.nl or just give us a call: +31 (0)40 - 245 28 60.





Learn to speak as a local Would you like to learn to speak better Dutch, English or German within a short time period? Do you feel that you are quite familiar with the language but that you sometimes just cannot find the right words? Then our language clinics are perfect to help you increase your speaking skills and vocabulary knowledge. In only 8 weeks you will be on your way to better language proficiency and more language confidence. Is it possible to learn to speak a foreign language better in a short amount of time? That question was the reason STE Languages decided to develop a new type of training course: Language Clinics. During classical language courses speaking, listening, reading and writing skills are all equally employed. When attending a language clinic the focus is entirely on speaking skills and that is precisely what can make the difference when using this skill in daily practice. The trainers who teach these courses are "native speakers" who can help students really understand a language. Every lesson is packed with tips and advice Language clinics are characterized by their short duration: eight weekly lessons of two hours each. The groups are small and the topics focus on current affairs. Students learn to participate effectively in meetings, hold presentations, give feedback and effectively communicate on a range of subjects. Students will also learn how to use common colloquialisms but will also be made aware of common language mistakes. Every lesson is packed with tips, tricks and insights that are directly applicable in daily and working life. Learn to speak fluently Language clinics are available in both the Dutch and English language. Whatever language you choose, every clinic has an interactive focus and students quickly increase their vocabulary and learn to both listen better and speak more fluently. Clinics aim to give your language confidence a boost and make you better equipped at conveying your message across.

Are you interested? Visit www.ste.nl, mail to info@ste.nl or just give us a call: +31 (0)40 - 245 28 60.





We are regularly looking for healthcare professionals who suit our residents and give them the personal attention they deserve. We live in solidarity with each other and also feel responsible for our community. Many sisters have done missionary work abroad, which is one of de reasons why we want to offer internationals the opportunity to learn Dutch on the job at Zorg & Wonen (Care & Living) Glorieux.

recognizable style, where homeliness is paramount. Glorieux is relatively small. Living in community plays an important role. Interested? To discuss the possibilities, you can contact our director Maaike Ermerins. Practicing Dutch? Join us as a volunteer! We have opportunities for volunteers in different departments in various functions. For example

We currently have the following vacancies:

as a walking buddy. Or organizing activities for

Grooming IG or nurse for the lifestyle

residents. We also have opportunities on the estate,

homes (PG) m/f for 16-28 hours a week

working in the garden or taking care of the animals.

Caregiver IG or nurse in training m/f

If you are creative, come and join our decoration

team to bring the common areas into atmosphere Care & Living Glorieux

for holidays, such as Easter and Christmas. Do you

The Care & Living Glorieux foundation is located at

already speak some Dutch? Feel free to contact our

Glorieux Park. A small-scale care organization with

volunteer coordinator Carla Bodet.

a unique vision that offers customized care. The Sisters of Mercy and patients live together in the Glorieux care and nursing home. The three lifestyle homes (Vincentius, Lukas Home and Rumah Senang) each offer a home to six

Zorg & Wonen Glorieux

psychogeriatric residents. The spacious, single-

Geldropseweg 170 | Eindhoven

storey houses each have their own unique and

T 040 294 7500


Conferentiecentrum Eindhoven PERSONAL, HOSPITABLE, INSPIRING

The Glorieux Estate, a beautiful green enclave just outside the city center, is home to the Eindhoven conference center. Here you will imagine yourself in a different world and have the space and tranquility to concentrate on your event.

We wish you a nice summer!

Conferentiecentrum Eindhoven is located in a completely modernized former monastery chapel from 1952, with our auditorium as the central focal point. During your event, you can have access to the entire conference center. You can be here among each other without other guests. The beautiful Glorieux Park is ideally suited to, for example, organize a croquet workshop in combination with a pleasant picnic, lunch or high tea during your event. Or come to inspiring insights in our inspiration garden with the world peace flame. We consciously choose fair and honest quality

Conferentiecentrum Eindhoven

products. That is why we apply a sustainable

Geldropseweg 168a | Eindhoven

procurement policy and we mainly opt for products

T 040 211 68 88

that are organic, sustainably produced, fair trade


and/or can be recycled.


Enjoy a 3-course dinner in 2 different top-restaurants while you walk the GLOW route. Along the way you can experience the GLOW ambiance and artworks. The route will bring you to the new Japanese restaurant IKIGAI in the Philips Stadium and to Restaurant KAZERNE, Home of Design. Expect culinary surprises with pairing glasses of wine, the spectacular lightshow in the Philips Stadium and a lot more to stimulate all the senses. Tickets can only be purchased in advance through our website:



Why learn Dutch at Dutch4Me? MORE THAN JUST A DUTCH COURSE

Dutch4Me offers conversation classes which are

Field trips - practical conversation in Dutch

especially meant for internationals who want to

Every very week on Thursday morning we offer an

connect more with the Dutch people around them.

alternative programme in which Dutch culture will

We focus on practical situations that will help you to

be central. Maybe we go out for a field trip  or we

interact with local people.

invite someone. Each activity in itself is a subject

Classes are given in small groups of a maximum of

for conversation!

eight people each.

This will make you learn fast, easily and with fun!

Our programme always contains an interaction between the Dutch language and the Dutch culture.

Children welcome Do you want to start learning Dutch but you do not

Practical learning – no books

have a babysitter to look after your child?

We put away course books in the conversation

Our conversation lessons on Tuesday mornings give

classes. To make you experience the real language,

you the possibility to bring your young child. They

we use authentic material such as Dutch radio,

can play along (or join us) while they are next to you.

commercials and songs, printed material like restaurant menus, newspaper articles, company

Classes are given in Buurthuis Meerhoven, Het

websites, food labels….

Schaapsdijk 109, 5657 AW Eindhoven, every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. For more information please visit our website: www.learndutcheindhoven.nl/ Our aim is to make you learn the Dutch language fast, easily and with fun! So you will feel more at home here!



Do you want to learn Dutch quickly and thoroughly? If you work on the High Tech Campus

Why Regina Coeli?

in Eindhoven, you don’t have to travel


far to do so. Language Institute Regina Coeli provides Dutch language courses

Time-tested method based on scientific insights


Unique method ensures that you learn

on campus. It’s easy to combine with

to speak a foreign language quickly

your daily work, and there’s a course for

and effectively

every level. Learning the Dutch language


and getting to know the customs of the country will help you understand the

Well-educated native speakers who delve into your situation


Easy to combine with your daily work

Dutch and integrate smoothly.

Visit www.reginacoeli.com/htce or give us a call +31 (0)73 684 87 90

Regina Coeili

Speak Dutch with me

Expats in the Netherlands who want to speak better Dutch are better off asking Dutch people to speak Dutch with them. Not to make it easier—most Dutch people can easily switch to English and enjoy speaking the language—but to get better at the language. Even the best Dutch course is no substitute for what you can learn at practice. You have to log the hours! So, how do you keep communicating in Dutch? 1. Set a goal for yourself: what are you going to do

Dutch television shows and read Dutch newspapers,

in Dutch?

magazines and websites. That way, you will always

Make a list of situations you will commit to always

have enough to chat about when standing round the

speaking Dutch in: at the supermarket, the sports

water cooler.

club and your children’s school, for example. Do they reply in English? Oh well, just keep speaking to

4. Speak Dutch at work

them in Dutch.

Do you work in a predominantly Dutch environment? Then speak Dutch at work. Your colleagues will

2. Make a deal with someone that you will always

greatly appreciate it and can even help you. If you

speak Dutch together

work in a more international environment, it will

Do you have a patient friend or colleague who can

feel a bit unnatural to speak in Dutch at work. In

help you? Agree with them that the two of you will

that case chat with your Dutch colleagues in more

always speak Dutch when you chat. A patient person

informal talks.

will let you take your time to say what you want to say and not endlessly correct you.

5. Keep practising online It is easier to keep communicating in Dutch when

3. Read a Dutch newspaper or websites

you feel sure of yourself. To help with that, go online

If you live and work in the Netherlands, the

to keep working on your grammar, vocabulary and

language practice is yours for the taking. Watch



Share the Vibe with Eduardo Rocha (Peru) Everything can change if you want

What do you know about Peru? Have you done

On a very hot and sweaty Friday afternoon, I meet

the Inca trail, or walked all those steps to Machu

Eduardo Rocha. He is preparing dinner for the

Picchu? Can you understand what it really means

weekend where he will be the cook for a group

when someone talks about living in poverty in Lima?

of people. While serving dinner he will share his

When you sit face to face with someone who is so

stories, play the guitar and sing. Eduardo has lots of

full of exciting stories that he is nearly unstoppable?

energy. We talk in a high tempo and jump from one

Well I guess you can understand that I relate most

topic to another. We are sitting outside, drinking

with the last part. I am a storyteller myself, so I

coffee, beer and water. A nice detail to share with

think I understand when people talk about the urge

you, our conversation about where to meet for the

to share their stories. Eduardo is a very special man,

interview went like this: Eduardo: “Hola amiga !!!, I

before he knew the name ‘storyteller’ he already

really don't have a favorite place. I love coffee, but

was one. Are you ready for his story?

also whisky, rum, tequila, etc.” Lovely, don’t you think? I like that.

Share the vibe

Time was not important, nor existing in our

to sing. So, he was standing on that huge podium

conversation. So many subjects followed each

completely silent. So, people began to scream and

other. It was great and Eduardo inspired me a lot.

yell at him. But he only wanted to perform if the

It felt like being together in a huge bubble. There

audience was complete silent. In the meantime, he

were so many focus points that I let it all happen.

was thinking the songs he wants to perform. He

So, we talked about nearly everything. But let me

catches them one by one. Eduardo: “It is of high

start with this...

importance that you feel what particular songs fit best with the audience. The artists before him

The father of Eduardo was a school teacher and a

were playing silly love songs but that was not the

cellist. They lived in a terrible poor situation and

right decision.” So, Eduardo choose a Peruvian Walz.

from an early age Eduardo knew he had to be brave

He borrowed a guitar, found the spotlight, sang his

and do the things he really wanted to do. So, was a

heart out and the audience went crazy. After that

taxi driver at 17 years old, earning money to pay for

he knew he could open the hearts of people by his

his studies. He also loved to play the guitar, and sing.

beautiful Pavarotti voice.

That was what he really loved to do, Sing. He used to live in Lima, together with more than 12 million

The moment Eduardo sings the songs for me he

people. A dirty city, with a lot of nice, but also a lot of

performed at that stage, I had goosebumps all over

unsafe areas. He was performing everywhere, on the

the place. I felt touched and more open through the

streets and in bars. In extremely dangerous places.

energy of the music. Wow!

But he found out that singing was his passport to go everywhere. One night there was a concert in

Although Eduardo had a good job as a project leader and system analyst, he decided to leave the country. With an inflation of 3000% it was not doable

‘Singing was his passport to go everywhere’

anymore. So, he left for Europe where he performed on the streets. Illegal, and with no money at all he focused on being successful and was brave enough to do everything to succeed. One day, he found a job and things became a bit easier. But in the end, he found out it was illegal to have this job and the police caught him because he

a huge theater. It was the chance for everybody

had no working permit. They gave him the task to

to perform, like our ‘Holland got talent shows’, I

find a job within 30 days. Eduardo did everything to

suppose. Eduardo really wanted to visit the concert,

find a job, and within the ultimatum of 30 days he

but it was more than sold out. So, he did something

found one! He asked everywhere and always kept

amazing. He went backstage to the entrance of all

in mind that he could survive and be successful.

the artists and tried again. He was pretending he

That mindset, that winner mentality, finally helped

was one of the artists and they believed him. So,

him to find the job. It is all about mindset don’t you

they put his name on the list of all the performers


and he totally forgot why he was at that particular place. He had a great time listening backstage, until

I am writing my own book

the moment he heard someone announcing him. At

Eduardo has a big dream. He is now writing a book

that moment he realized he had to go on stage and

about his life. It will be full of quotes and important

perform. But he still did not know what he wanted

messages for everyone. I understand what he means


time with tv, or being negative about situations. But you can do something with your time as well. So, be precious with your time and choose with who, with what and where you want to cooperate with or feel sympathy for. Choose luck, it is possible! The luck is an element that always exists. It is an element in all happenings, like a coefficient in mathematics. ‘La suerte es la gran variable existencial de la vida’ (Douglas Kennedy).”

‘Follow your heart, speak out loud, and take the risk’ When he was working as Quality Manager in NL, people came to him and started to share their personal stories. It was as if the atmosphere of with writing with passion, when you are writing with

being honest to yourself and be brave and humble

passion, as a reader, you feel the energy. When you

was around Eduardo. Without asking the people

are writing when you are sad, down or angry, you will

to do that, they did it, and afterwards they felt

feel that as well. All the sentences will be infected

so much better than before. We are talking about

by that energy. And that can be positive or negative.

these magical moments and are trying to explain

That is the big magic part of storytelling, but also

it. Why was this happening? Did he do something

the big magic part of being together and feeling

special? No, he did not. But we both know that it

that the words mean more than their explanations.

is not possible to describe it completely. It is about

More than what people are telling you. You always

feelings and energy. Words are not enough at all.

feel the message under the words, in the words and

Eduardo explains it like this: “We all have the same

the complete story. That is what real storytelling is

hearts. There are people who have more open

about, but this is my theory.

hearts and people that have hearts that are more closed. We all want to be loved.”

Eduardo does not believe that people have no time to develop themselves. Eduardo: “When they are

Eduardo: “I am proud where I am now. Life is about

saying that they have no time to read a book, it is

opening up, be brave, grow and never give up. But

bullshit! You always have time, if you want to. Are you

the best university is the street. It is all about black

waiting for your coffee? Read a sentence, waiting for

or white, people in the middle I hate" says Eduardo.

the copies made by the copy machine? Read a few

"You better speak from your heart. When you have

sentences more. Take your book with you and spoil

no meaning, you are not true to yourself, you walk

yourself with words and stories. You can spoil your

in the grey area.”

Share the vibe


One of my favorite quotes is ‘You can always can start to reveal your future. It does not matter where you are. There is always a possibility, if you want that to happen.” "Do you feel happy? Or are you happy? These are really magical questions. No, it is not about all day long pink unicorn happiness and golden stars all over the place. Happiness is something inside you. It has nothing to do with the outside world, although I know in what terrible situations

Eddie Mol and Linde ten Broek meet internationals and talk about life, love, roots, dreams and more.

I was, I always had in mind, I am strong, I go for the best solution. I will never give up.” “So, if you can, follow your heart, speak out loud, open up and take the risk. Otherwise you will never win. Don’t talk, Act! And do not think so much. Life will give you challenges, but you cannot rule your life, it will show you the way. Life will be different every day, the only thing you have to do is to adjust.” So, what is your goal? Are you brave enough to go for it? Are you ready to focus on positive things in your life as well? You will be amazed what difference that will make. You can enjoy catch at La Peña d’Edu. You will enjoy the typical food while listening to live music performed by Eduardo Rocha, “The Street Experience Coach”. Text: Linde ten Broek Photos: Eddie Mol

Eddie Mol, photographer, www.eddiemol.nl Linde ten Broek, writes and tells your story, www.lindetenbroek.nl

Niloufar Fallahshahrak, Welcome Desk Volunteer at Holland Expat Center South By Olivia van den Broek-Neri

Column Expat Center


Holland Expat Center South has volunteers at its Welcome Desk in Eindhoven. These people welcome internationals to the region and help to answer their questions. In each issue, we ask a different volunteer to share his/her own story as to why they are in Eindhoven. For this issue, we spoke with Niloufar Fallahshahrak (Iran) who lives with her fiancé in Eindhoven.

Wedding plans

The Expat Center

Niloufar moved to the Netherlands for her boyfriend

Niloufar arrives to the Expat Center with a smile on

-- now fiancé. “Everything happened very quickly,”

her face ready to greet newly arrived internationals!

she explains. “Five days after our first anniversary

“Working here, I get to feel useful and meet nice

I literally landed here to start my life!” She and her

people,” she says. “Everyone is so friendly! I also

fiancé got engaged in May and have set a date: “We

learn a lot of things.”

are getting married on August 1, 2020.” The date is significant because it is the anniversary of her

What types of questions does she get asked at the

future in-laws.

welcome desk? “The most basic question is: I want to move. What do I do?” she answers. “I also had

Settling in

someone who wanted to buy a bike for his son.”

As with any move, there can be some difficulties to settling into a new place. For Niloufar it was finding

Multilingual skills come in handy

a job. “I couldn’t even find a volunteer job easily,”

Aside from being fluent in English, Niloufar also

she says. “I applied for a volunteer job, I think in

speaks Turkish. “When I see their [Turkish] passport

autumn,”. Still today she has not received a reply.

I immediately switch to Turkish!” she says. “They

Luckily, she made her way to Holland Expat Center

hardly realize that I’m not a native!” She is happy

South and is now volunteering at the Welcome Desk

to help make them feel welcome in their native

on Wednesday afternoons.


Building a life in Eindhoven

Future plans

In Iran, Niloufar was working on a Ph.D. “I left my

“When I feel that I am a little more comfortable I

dream job,” she explains. However, she is excited

will apply to be an English tutor,” she says. For now,

about building her new life here with her fiancé, and

we are happy to have Niloufar as a member of the

is willing to put in the effort to do so. Part of that is

Holland Expat Center South team!

getting out of her comfort zone. Advice for internationals Niloufar recommends that newcomers read the ‘Expat’s Guide to Brabant’. “Go memorize the book!” She also recommends this: “You have to get out of

Are you interested in volunteering at Holland

your home!” She understands that this advice can

Expat Center South’s Welcome Desk?

be difficult. Even though she seems to have an outgoing personality, Niloufar shares a secret: “No

Send an email to

one can believe that I can be really, really shy!”


foto: Eddie Mol

You Can't Win if You Aren't at the Table by Rebekah Villon

In Play It As It Lays, Joan Didion paints a searing

One of the reasons the book evokes California for

portrait of celebrity culture and excess. Written

me so strongly because so much of the novel is

in 1970, the novel epitomizes a certain aspect of

spent focused on driving. Maria drives obsessively,

California and Hollywood, even though significant

compulsively, relentlessly, day after day, weaving

parts of the story take place in New York and Los

in and out of traffic. At night she rehearses the

Vegas. But no matter where lead character Maria

highways and onramps in her mind, plotting her

Wyeth is, it's the same arid, artificial, glittering

moves. Always she eventually runs out of freeway,

world that surrounds and suffocates and isolates

has to slow and then stop, and she is always


nowhere. Her driving is partly, of course, an attempt

Book Review by Rebekah Villon

to escape something, and partly also obviously an attempt to reach something (many of her drives leave her unexpectedly close to the remote locations where her film director husband is shooting). But the driving is also an act unto itself, a

inside. She thought about nothing. Her mind was a blank tape, imprinted daily with snatches of things overheard, fragments of dealer's patter, the beginnings of jokes and odd lines of song lyrics.


to the place: the songs Hotel California and everything by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The book and subsequent film Less Than Zero echo the exact feel of Play It As It Lays, although written 15 years later and for a Gen X audience. There is something about the place that inspires

way to feel fast and powerful, free and in control. And also,

Didion is an incredible writer,

those who know it best and love



it the most to also fear it a little:







these stories all end in disaster.

incredibly isolating activity: she

who writes with an unflinching

is out of reach of the climate,


the cities, her friends and lovers

ferocity. Play It As It Lays is her

Early in Play It As It Lays, Maria

and thoughts and memories,

second novel. The book was

wonders why a coral snake needs

disconnected from everything in

adapted in 1972 into a well-

two glands of neurotoxic poison

her life, including herself.

reviewed movie, and Didion co-

to survive, while the nearly

wrote the screenplay, though she

identical king snake needs none.

is best known for her essays and

And perhaps that's what truly


troubles her, and all the lovers

Maria did not decide to stay in Vegas: she only failed to leave. She spoke to no one. She did not gamble. She neither swam nor lay in the sun. She was there on some business but she could not seem to put a finger on what that business was. All day, most of every night, she walked and she drove. Two or three times a day she walked in and out of all the hotels on the Strip and several downtown. She began to crave the physical flash of walking in and out of places, the temperature shock, the hot wind blowing outside, the frigid air




of that aspect of California: the Of course, despite the book being

inability to distinguish love from

about Maria and the events that

indifference, beauty from death.

lead to her time in a psychiatric institution, the book is also

Questions or comments about



this review? Ideas for what I

It reminds me of all the other

should read next? Contact me at

works of art that pay homage



Double Dutch

From the Streets of New Amsterdam to the Forefront of Hip-Hop Double Dutch is a game of jumping rope between two ropes turning opposite directions. It requires two people to spin the ropes, and a third jumps between them. The players usually sing a rhythmic song in time with the jumping, which can evolve into elaborate patterns with multiple jumpers. The name “double Dutch� originated with the English, who had adopted the term to refer to anything that was complicated and incomprehensible. When they arrived in New Amsterdam and saw children playing this complex jumprope game, they called it Double Dutch and the name stuck. And so did the game. In New York City, where there were few playgrounds and activities for children, the game continued to be played in one form or another for centuries, on sidewalks and street corners. It was especially popular among African American girls, who didn't have access to formal sports or recreational activities. In the 1980s, double Dutch became associated with hip-hop culture and black feminism in America. The dance-like nature of the jumping, along with the call-and-response singing and the communal nature of the sport, in which players support and rely on each other, fostered verbal and rhythmic expression, and became a powerful symbol of women of color working together. Today the activity is referenced and sounds are sampled in hip-hop albums around the world, particularly in France. It is also an international competitive sport, with formal rules and competitions. Who knew that a Dutch schoolyard game would go on to have such a powerful global legacy?

Happy Liberation Day, Eindhoven! This September marks 75 years since Eindhoven was liberated from the German occupation, and it was one of the first liberated cities in the Netherlands. Because it took several months for Allied forces to defeat German forces in the entire country, May 5th is the National Liberation Day. But Eindhoven still celebrates September 18th as their own special liberation party. While every year is a special event, with the annual Lichtjesroute and ceremonies that recognize the importance of the occasion, this year was a little more special because it marked the 75th anniversary. The music festival Liberation 040 was staged on 18 Septemberplein, and there are several ongoing activities into October to commemorate the event. If you haven't caught up with the Liberation Day celebrations, there may still be time. Check your calendar and be part of this incredible anniversary!


Purchase guidance € 500,You don’t buy a home each day. It’s one of the most valuable purchases in your life. Everything is strange for you: the language, the country, the municipality but also the law. LamotMakelaars knows the market and has the

If we reach an agreement with the sellers about the

knowledge of the region.

purchase price, a purchase contract is made. We control this contract and explain it , so that there

When we go to work together, we start listing your

are no more questions and that everything is clear

living requirements. We also discuss the various

to you. It is a big purchase and everything has to be

locations in and around Eindhoven. Your budget is

100% in order.

also important an important factor. We accompany you with everything including visiting When you have seen a nice house on Funda or

the notary inspecting the property before going to

another website, we go together for a second view.

the notary. From the first moment to the last at the

We validate the correctness of the price for the

notary, we are there for you. We are also available in

house but also check in the land register whether

the evening hours and the weekend.

everything is in order. We also look at the location, how is the house situated in the neighborhood,

There is only one thing that matters to us and that

which facilities are present in the neighborhood.

is a good home for you without problems.

We then discuss our assessment with you and then we purchase a bid which we then issue for you. We

For the very competitive price of € 500,- incl. VAT

then do all the negotiations for you. LamotMakelaars Gebroeders van Doornestraat 32 | 5614 BN Eindhoven 06 574 252 97 | info@lamotmakelaars.nl www.lamotmakelaars.nl


Samuel Jack & Band


Ambrose Akinmusire ft. Brussels Jazz Orchestra


Music * Comedy * Movies Lunch * Dinner * Drinks



BBC Philharmonic Orchestra & Augustin Hadelich violin classical


Alexander Gavrylyuk piano


Belle Perez


Mozart’s Don Giovanni


Bill Bailey

Historic bar close to the center Open 7 days a week 12.00 PM - 02.00 AM Kitchen open 12.00 PM - 22.00 PM



Every Friday: vinyl DJ's Every Wednesday: Live music Every Monday: Shared Diner


Check our website for full program!


www.rozenknopje.nl tickets available at muziekgebouweindhoven.nl Tel: 040 244 20 20 (Mon - Sat 13:00 - 17:00)

Hoogstraat 59 | Eindhoven

agenda Parktheater Wed 2 Oct ENDLESS SONG OF SILENCE - DANCE COMPANY NANINE LINNING An intimate dance duet about love that has been designed in a brilliant way Hertog Jan Zaal / dance Thu 10 Oct THE BATTLE – INTRODANS Dance tribute to the Battle of Arnhem, 75 years ago Hertog Jan Zaal / dance Fri 1 Nov GRUPO SPORTIVO – INTRODANS Movements taken from sports and cast into a gripping and exciting dance. Philipszaal / dance/family 6+ Thu 7 Nov BEST OF BALANCHINE III HET NATIONALE BALLET Three ballets by one genius Hertog Jan Zaal / ballet

Sat 9 Nov MAGIC OF GEORGIA - THE ROYAL NATIONAL BALLET COMPANY The dance sensation from Caucasia Hertog Jan Zaal / dance Mon 11 Nov FIGARO, BARBIER VAN SEVILLA IBÉRICA DE DANZA With the most diverse styles of Spanish dance Hertog Jan Zaal / dance Tue 12 Nov THE TRIBUTE BAND TO ABBA ABBA GOLD EUROPE (GBT) ABBA Gold is a tribute to the music of ABBA in its original form. Hertog Jan Zaal / music

Thu 14 Nov IN ENGLISH JAPANSE MEISJES / FIRMA DRAAK / FEIKES HUIS A brand new contemporary intercontinentalcultureclash-live-Animeepic! Pand P Grote Zaal / drama Sat 23 Nov THE ARTIST - CIRCO AERO & THOM MONCKTON Physical comedy set in a painter's studio Philipszaal / comedy/show

Thu 14 Nov B-BOY - MAAS THEATER EN DANS A theatrical insight into the lives of five b-boys and the world of battles Philipszaal / dance

Holland Expat Center South WELCOME EVENING 04-10-2019, 18:30-20:30 | The Hub (Vestdijk 25, Eindhoven)

WELCOME EVENING 01-11-2019, 18:30-20:30 | The Hub (Vestdijk 25, Eindhoven)

EXPAT WORKSHOP EVENING: HOUSING 10-10-2019, 18:00-20:00 | The Student Hotel Eindhoven

MEET & GREET EINDHOVEN 07-11-2019, 18:30-20:00 | Muziekgebouw Frits Philips Eindhoven (Heuvel 140, Eindhoven)


CONSULTATION HOURS FOR PEOPLE WHO WORK OR HAVE WORKED ACROSS THE DUTCH-BELGIAN BORDER 08-11-2019 | Holland Expat Center South (Vestdijk 27a, Eindhoven) EXPAT WORKSHOP EVENING: DUTCH HIGH TECH WORK CULTURE 28-11-2019, 18:00-19:30 | Holiday Inn Eindhoven

EXPAT WORKSHOP EVENING: HOUSING - RENTING & BUYING 31-10-2019, 18:00-19:30 | Holiday Inn Eindhoven

More info and the complete list on the website: www.hollandexpatcenter.com/events/

PROGRAM HOW TO GET A YES IN A JOB INTERVIEW Turn a stressful job interview into an opportunity by knowing the do’s and don’ts. 11 October, 22 November, 7 p.m. LET’S TALK Improve your Dutch by watching short movies together and discussing them (in Dutch) afterwards. (from speaking level A2).

Eindhoven Library

PERMANENT ACTIVITIES STORYTELLING The Reading Pier will tell stories in English, for children up to 4 years old. Each Wednesday, 10.30 a.m. LANGUAGE CAFÉ

18 October, 15 November, 20 December, 7 p.m.

Learn to speak Dutch. Practice talking about different subjects in small groups in an informal ambiance.


Each Thursday, 10 a.m. in Waalre and 10.30 a.m. in Eindhoven

Learn how to pull a tasty shot of espresso like a professional barista. 19 October, 10 a.m., Expeditie E POSITIVE PARENTING PRACTICES

EATING TOGETHER Eating together = delicious food in an informal atmosphere with everyone from the city.

In this talk we will focus on the positive parenting practices that will help you raise your children without the frustrations of how to discipline your child.

Each last Friday of the month, 6.30 p.m.

27 October, 2 p.m.

Start MAKING! There are unlimited things to build. For young inventors aged 7 to 13.

UNDERSTANDING YOUR ADOLESCENT CHILD This talk is about understanding what our adolescent children go through and how to adjust our parenting to meet their needs more effectively. 17 November, 2 p.m. www.bibliotheekeindhoven.nl/english


Each Saturday 11 a.m. MAKERSPLAATS Work on your own hands-on projects in the library. You can also join our efforts to work on a bigger project. Ages 8+ years. Each Saturday, 2 p.m.

BOOK NOW: 040 - 760 0179




We are the allround (e)bike specialist in Veldhoven / Eindhoven and we supply Urban transport Solutions for you and your family.

SPA - BEAUTY - FACIAL - MASSAGE MANI/PEDI - SAUNA - GIFTS & MORE www.agua.nl - Wilhelminaplein 17 - Eindhoven

www.aqua.nl - Wilhelminaplein 17 - Eindhoven

You are welcome!

Visit us for new or used bikes! Veldhoven Heemweg 2, 040 2558540 Eindhoven Bisschop Bekkerslaan 6, 040 2558545


The course season has started! You can do it. Learn Dutch! Dutch for foreigners: all levels. English spoken courses We have a variety of English spoken courses:

SIKI; Different, special and unique! Streetwear for kids & teens 0-18y. Urban style, for urban people! Dare to be different! Brands: Molo, Grunt, Levi’s, Play-Up, Collegien I Dig Denim, Mini Rodini, Claesens, Yporque, Nadadelazos, Gosoaky, Enfant, Trixie and more!


Introduction Mindfulness, Sept. 30.


Interior Design Now, Oct. 1.


Dutch level 1 to A2, Oct. 2


Resuscitation and automated external

Torenallee 60-02

defibrillator (AED), Oct. 2.


Writing fiction (short stories), Oct. 3.

T 06 330 105 67


See you @Strijp S


Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven www.vu-eindhoven.nl


Open Wed t/m Sun


40% 30%

Juweliers van Sloun Special deal: receive up to


50% 60%

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5.000+ Gold, Diamonds, Pearls, Watches, I T E M S Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings and Earrings Meent 57, Veldhoven (parking Citycentrum) www.vsloun.nl

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HOWDO magazine oktober november 2019  

The magazine for internationals

HOWDO magazine oktober november 2019  

The magazine for internationals