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Eindhoven News 10 years anniversary Top 10 reasons to attend the 10th anniversary!


Ruimte in beeld Oasis of peace and quiet just outside of Eindhoven

28 The Flower parade Valkenswaard

Sunday September 8th


Ecehan Onay Tarlan Welcome Desk Volunteer at Holland Expat Center South

Notariskantoor Broekmans. Your notary.

Because you always want to be in control

In some cases, due to sickness or an accident, you can’t decide on your own life anymore. You have to rely on the people around you. With a living will, you stay in control. In the will, someone you trust unconditionally, gets the authority to make your medical wishes known and to organise proper healthcare. You also give the authority to manage your finances and you can leave comprehensive instructions on how you want that to happen. At your notary, your wishes are key. Your life. Your choices. Your notary.

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We know what it is like to move to a new country and call it home. It can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. We’ve been there ourselves and are here to make sure that ďŹ nding your own home is a pleasant experience. Helping you purchase your new home. Team EHN. - 020 261 7434 -



HOWDO magazine is a bimonthly publication. Publisher Niels ter Haar Editorial Office Linde ten Broek, Fred van Deurzen, Stephania Kipperman, Caitlin van der Kolk, Marielle Owen, Joost Pool, Rebekah Villon Media Advisor

Joost Pool

Fred van Deurzen, Arthur van Hest, Stephania Kipperman Photography Eddie Mol Design Studio Bonkend

Coming, going or staying? For some, spring is the season of change. For others it is the fall. Expats and internationals however, are most often faced with major changes during the summer. Especially those amongst you who have children or are students.

Sanne Drieenhuijzen

So this summer we say goodbye to some readers we’ve gotten to Distribution waiting rooms

know during the past few years and wish them all the best in the

Tour de Ville

next country they’ll start to call home. Many others have been here

Contact HOWDO magazine PO box 4988 5604 CD Eindhoven

for some time and will hopefully stay for years to come. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading HOWDO magazine so far and will continue to pick up a copy. Because even for the ‘almost Dutch’ among you, each edition will shine a light on various topics you are not quite familiar with. Would you like to receive HOWDO at home? For € 14,50 a year you will receive the magazine once every two months. Mail

We gladly welcome the newcomers. We wish the students a fantastic experience, both educational and on a personal level, either at the TU/e, Fontys or Design Academy. As for the expats, we hope you and your family smoothly blend in with the Dutch way of life. Of course, HOWDO isn’t your only guide to Eindhoven. In this issue,

for inquiries.

Ecehan Onay Tarlan, volunteer at the Holland Expat Center South,

Copyright and disclaimer

Duffels of Tulip Expats Services and Eindhoven News which is

All matrials and content is

celebrating its 10th anniversary!

protected under Article 15 of the Copyright Act. Copying is prohibited. © 2019 HOWDO magazine HOWDO magazine is not liable for the content of the columns

explains how they can assist you. Not forgetting Marielle Owen-

Flip through the pages and find out what activities catch your fancy in and around Eindhoven. It could be the Creative Women’s Club (also open to men), or historical parades in Valkenswaard and Heeze. Read, enjoy, and get inspired. As always: HOWDO!

and eventual inaccuracies and/or typographical errors.

Joost Pool



ZO 1 SEP 2019


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Rootsy crooners and raw blues for fans of Tom Waits and C.W. Stoneking. Ben Caplan is not only one of the best crooners and roots artists of his time, he has also emerged as a great entertainer in recent years. His timeless mix of raw blues, musical and swinging gipsy jazz is very addictive stuff. He will kick of September

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in style. Nothing casual about it! Check for our complete program


Una Paloma Blanca

School is back in session and now is the perfect time to learn a new language or brush up on an old one! At Una Paloma Blanca we believe that anyone can learn a new language in our fun and interactive environment. We offer language classes in Dutch, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese by native speakers committed to helping you with with all your language goals. Group classes start back up in September! Join our small group classes tailored to your specific language level and enjoy learning a new language with a group of fun people who want to learn at

Intensive courses last four and a

grow with you. Learning is always more fun as a group!

half hours per day for five days. Don’t worry, we will have a thirty

You can’t wait to get started? Una Paloma Blanca is offering a

minute break and provide lunch

second round of intensive summer courses in Dutch and English.

(this is a perfect time to get a bit of

We had so much fun on the first round we had to do it again!

extra practice in).

Check out our website for all your language needs!

ANNE&MAX Anne&Max’s doors are open all day for coffee, breakfast, lunch or drinks. Enjoy a lovely lunch for two or order a high tea. Everything is prepared fresh and with mostly organic products. They have many vegetarian and vegan options to choose from. Don’t forget to try the high wine!

FEEL WELCOME AT ANNE&MAX! Kleine Berg 79-81 | T 040 303 2607


Primary Education

De Wereldwijzer could be translated as the World wiser or pointing at the World. It offers primary education for newcomers and a fluent transformation to the Dutch educational system. All international children in the age of 4 to 12 are welcome. Pupils can apply and start at any given time of the year. They will be able to understand, speak, read and write the Dutch language within 40

Mrs. I. van Kemenade, director

to 60 weeks. After that the pupil can enrol in the

Pastoriestraat 88

Dutch system.

5623 AT Eindhoven Tel: 040-242 7892

For more information please contact:


pinboard FREE



10 & 19 SEPT. 2019 19:00-21:00 Sint-Joriscollege - Eindhoven

French courses Day & Evening

French events Conferences, cine-club, cafe

Contact Sophie Hery : | 06-83214777 | www.

KIP040 Everything is freshly homemade and prepared with the best ingredients. That’s how we serve our dishes, because we love pure and honest food. We get our chicken from Izzet, a Halal butcher in Eindhoven, so everyone can enjoy it. The quality of the meat is evident from the taste! Want to enjoy a delicious, healthy meal at home? Place an order for pickup or have it delivered right to your doorstep. Edisonstraat 4 | Eindhoven |

Pictures by: Snehal More from Dimensions photography

International Creative women International creative women is an organisation that hosts events for the female international. They encourage international women to venture out in the city, explore their creativity and be powerful entrepreneurs. Every few weeks they organise an evening full of workshops, music and fun. Women get together to show their artwork, sell their products and spend time together in an inspirational environment. The events are hosted by internationals for internationals, however the local woman with a taste for the international is more than welcome to attend. The event has many different aspects and gives you the opportunity to create your own experience. Whether you want to meet other international mothers and bring your kids or just hang out and have a drink at the bar you are welcome to do either. There are also many interesting workshops to keep you entertained throughout the evening.

International Creative women

If you are new to the city this is a great place to meet new people and find other initiatives that could help you settle into the city of Eindhoven. They also offer great training sessions and workshops for entrepreneurs. You can find out everything you need to know about selling online, product photography and co creation. The stands sell everything from lovely gifts and natural cosmetics to tasty baked goods so don’t forget to bring your wallet! Obviously men are also welcome to visit the events.

Next event

September 6th 18:30- 22:30


Warehouse of Innovation (Old V&D)

International Creative Women


Top 10 reasons to attend the 10th anniversary! Eindhoven News is celebrating 10 years of connecting cultures. Starting 2009, Eindhoven News has been delighting the Brainport internationals with its online news platform. Millions of people have read the English news articles, received an abundance of background info on expat life and attended the thousands of events publicized. Hundreds of international volunteers have contributed to this cause and experienced the benefits of this news and info service first hand. 1.

Celebrate with a great community of internationals and locals. Readers, volunteers (past and present), fans, supporters and Brainporters interested in Eindhoven News will be there! Are you one of the thousands planning to attend?


Meet the Who’s who of Brainport. Listen to talks and views from the remarkable people of this region. Can you guess who’s attending?

3. 4.

Join in and take part in invigorating dialogues. What are your

A day for everyone: single,

views on internationalization in 2029?

family, young and older,

Contribute to the cause of internationals. Eindhoven News stands

international and local!

for connecting cultures and that means each one of you. Don’t 5. 6. 7.

you want to promote this?

21 September 2019

Sit back and enjoy the spectacular cultural events being planned.

The Hub, Vestdijk 25, Eindhoven

Interested in a Tango or perhaps an Indian folk dance?

14:00 to 00:00

Coming with kids? No problem! They will have plenty of fun at the kids’ corner. Can it get better than this?

Free entrance but donations on

Enjoy a game or two. If you want to get to know the other guests

the day are highly appreciated to

or just have some fun, this is the place to be. Which game are you

fund our foundation.

going to pick? 8.


Tantalize your taste buds. Pick your choice from the various

You can find more

international cuisines. Fancy Mexican, Dutch or may be some

information on our website

Asian delicacies? Are you ready for a culinary treat?

Test your luck. What event is complete without a lottery? The tenth anniversary bash has a special lottery planned. Are you the

For participation, contribution or

lucky one?

exposure for your organisation

10. Dance the night away. The party goes well into the night with great DJs to keep you entertained. Are you bringing your dancing

before, during and after, contact

shoes? We are looking forward to see Muktha Kartik Iyer, Eindhoven News

you on 21 September!


‘t Parelbosch takes pride in the fact it provides day care fitting for ever unique child. But its efforts don’t stop at the door of the day care facility. ‘t Parelbosch believes a positive contribution to the community is also very important. Our kids don’t grow up at day care exclusively. For that reason ‘t Parelbosch recently became a “Great Friend” to playpark the Splinter. For years now the children from day care ‘t Parelbosch have been visiting the playpark. Especially now with summer day care programs it’s a favourite location. HOWDO magazine was allowed to come along on one of their trips to the Splinter. The Splinter is dependant on the city and volunteers, but receives extra support and help from their “Great Friends”. Great Friends like ‘t Parelbosch feel it is important that the children of Eindhoven will always have a place like The Splinter to play at. With their contribution the playpark can keep developing along with children and explore new (interactive) options. “Great Friend” ‘t Parelbosch doesn’t only support the playpark with obtaining new playsets but is also active in coming up with new ideas to give an extra boost to existing and new activities. This way the Splinter will be able to distinguish itself, and ‘t Parelbosch is making sure the children from Eindhoven will always have a very unique playpark. So day care ‘t Parelbosch is not only providing inspiring environments for its own locations but also for the community. The trip to the playpark was a great success. The children could play freely carefully watched by many lovely supervisors from ‘t Parelbosch. Visit for the upcoming summer activities at playpark the Splinter. For more information about activities or summer day care at ‘t Parelbosch visit: If you have any other questions about placement and availability call: T 040 256 9090 or visit their location at: Pasqualinistraat 10, 5622 AW Eindhoven



We are regularly looking for healthcare professionals who suit our residents and give them the personal attention they deserve. We live in solidarity with each other and also feel responsible for our community. Many sisters have done missionary work abroad, which is one of de reasons why we want to offer internationals the opportunity to learn Dutch on the job at Zorg & Wonen (Care & Living) Glorieux.

recognizable style, where homeliness is paramount. Glorieux is relatively small. Living in community plays an important role. Interested? To discuss the possibilities, you can contact our director Maaike Ermerins. Practicing Dutch? Join us as a volunteer! We have opportunities for volunteers in different departments in various functions. For example

We currently have the following vacancies:

as a walking buddy. Or organizing activities for

Grooming IG or nurse for the lifestyle

residents. We also have opportunities on the estate,

homes (PG) m/f for 16-28 hours a week

working in the garden or taking care of the animals.

Caregiver IG or nurse in training m/f

If you are creative, come and join our decoration

team to bring the common areas into atmosphere Care & Living Glorieux

for holidays, such as Easter and Christmas. Do you

The Care & Living Glorieux foundation is located at

already speak some Dutch? Feel free to contact our

Glorieux Park. A small-scale care organization with

volunteer coordinator Carla Bodet.

a unique vision that offers customized care. The Sisters of Mercy and patients live together in the Glorieux care and nursing home. The three lifestyle homes (Vincentius, Lukas Home and Rumah Senang) each offer a home to six

Zorg & Wonen Glorieux

psychogeriatric residents. The spacious, single-

Geldropseweg 170 | Eindhoven

storey houses each have their own unique and

T 040 294 7500


Conferentiecentrum Eindhoven PERSONAL, HOSPITABLE, INSPIRING

The Glorieux Estate, a beautiful green enclave just outside the city center, is home to the Eindhoven conference center. Here you will imagine yourself in a different world and have the space and tranquility to concentrate on your event.

We wish you a nice summer!

Conferentiecentrum Eindhoven is located in a completely modernized former monastery chapel from 1952, with our auditorium as the central focal point. During your event, you can have access to the entire conference center. You can be here among each other without other guests. The beautiful Glorieux Park is ideally suited to, for example, organize a croquet workshop in combination with a pleasant picnic, lunch or high tea during your event. Or come to inspiring insights in our inspiration garden with the world peace flame. We consciously choose fair and honest quality

Conferentiecentrum Eindhoven

products. That is why we apply a sustainable

Geldropseweg 168a | Eindhoven

procurement policy and we mainly opt for products

T 040 211 68 88

that are organic, sustainably produced, fair trade

and/or can be recycled.

Do you want to live in Eindhoven area?

Excellent Mortgage Advice If you want to live in Eindhoven area, our mortgage advisors are happy to help you examine all your options. Make a non-binding appointment with one of our advisors and also receive a â‚Ź50 voucher for a dinner at Berlage Kitchen & Bar in Eindhoven. Call 040 248 22 11 or e-mail us for an appointment. Call 040 254 99 06 or e-mail us for an appointment.

Don’t forget to mention that you saw our ad in the Howdo!

Pastoriestraat 153 - 040 248 22 11 - / Meiveld 163 - 040 254 99 06 -

Design Your Own Future


A H I G H - Q UA L IT Y PERSO NAL APP RO ACH T O L EG A L ISSUES As one of the largest family law firms in the Netherlands, our office is home to high-quality, well-renowned attorneys and divorce mediators. We offer a personal approach to legal services across a whole spectrum of family law and/or inheritance law disputes, both to international, as well as Dutch clients. Every day we advise and represent our clients in family and inheritance law matters. Our services are based on a personal approach, never losing sight of the human dimension of a case. We are at your side in difficult times, but also when you settle in the Netherlands and want to be informed about the family law-related consequences.

If you are interested in no-nonsense advice on obtaining a decent out-ofcourt settlement or a court decision, we look forward to hearing from you. For more information please visit our website or send an email to



De Lairessestraat 151 1075 HK Amsterdam Tel +31 (0)88 909 49 20 Fax +31 (0)88 909 49 99

Parklaan 54 5613 BH Eindhoven Tel +31 (0)88 909 49 00 Fax +31 (0)88 909 49 99

The Legend of the Flying Dutchman The Flying Dutchman is a legendary ghost ship, bringing misfortune to all who look upon her. The story of the ship originated in England in the 17th century, but the ship is Dutch, and her captain was based on the exploits of Frisian-born Barend Fokke. Fokke was a captain for the Dutch East India Company, and traversed the oceans so quickly he was said to be in league with the devil. The legend of the Flying Dutchman is that she was rounding the Cape and fighting a head wind. The captain stalked the deck, swearing at the wind. When asked if he would turn aside, he said he would not, and would fight the wind until the day of judgment. So to this day the vessel roams the sea, her sailors doing penance, and the ghost ship been seen on the oceans into the 19th and 20th centuries. Today, despite these spooky origins, the Flying Dutchman as become a popular symbol in Dutch culture around the world, and is frequently referenced in popular media, as well as in advertising for KLM.

Ruimte in beeld Oasis of peace and quiet just outside of Eindhoven.

Atelier and sculpture garden “Ruimte in beeld” recently opened its summer exposition (until October 6th). On their inspiring location in Nuenen, an oasis of peace and space in a rural setting, you can also follow sculpture workshops and drawing and painting courses. “Ruimte in beeld” is the permanent workplace of an

der Kraan (ceramics) and Geert Cooijmans (stained

artists collective, formed by Antoinet Verhagen, Jan

glass) also contributed. The uniqueness of this

Opstelten, May Oudenhoven, Rob Zweerman, Ton

sculpture garden is that it is located at the atelier,

Swinkels en Kitty Tijbosch. According to Antoinet

so chances are that you will be welcomed by one

Verhagen, approx. 60 sculptures are displayed.

of the permanent sculptors and see him or her at

“You can enjoy a wide assortment of styles, from

work. Artists who are interested in exhibiting in the

abstract to figurative in various price categories and

sculpture garden are invited to contact us as well.”

materials”, Antoinet continues. Sculpting in stone is Antoinet’s passion and work. “We present sculptures of our collective, but

“In 1992 I started a sculpture course at the Centre

also work of guest-artists, and for the summer

for the Arts. After that I worked several years for

exposition Jody & Chris Vingoe (paint-sculptures),

various artists and at a stonework in Zutphen.

Saskia Overzee (collages), Rolf Maas (wood-print),

Under the guidance of various professionals I

Peter van den Akker (sculptures in steel), Wim van

learned the profession. In 2011 I set up the atelier

Ruimte in beeld

Photo: Trudy Sturkenboom

and collectively “Ruimte in beeld” . The atelier and

consists of two large meeting rooms, a lounge and

the collaboration with colleagues make it possible

a kitchen. These rooms are ideal for meetings of

for me to be a full time sculptor. I work for myself

small and large groups from two to a maximum of

and on assignment, teach at workshops, organize

30 people. Attached to that there’s the sculpture

sculpture holidays and manage the summer school.

workshop with a large overcut outdoor space.

I am now where I always wanted to be: fully engaged in art. Nature and people are my greatest sources

If you have any questions, please contact

of inspiration”.

Antoinet Verhagen ( or Tel: 0623670405)

Location “Ruimte in beeld” is surrounded by meadows and forest edges and is located just outside of

Ruimte in Beeld


Dubbestraat 9a, 5674 AE Nuenen

Next to the sculpture garden there is a large lawn,

Open: Saturday & Sunday from 12.00 till 17.00 hrs.

a square, several seating areas and ample space for

Entrance is free.

parking. The outdoor space is ideal for all sorts of activities from picnic to survival. The interior space



While American English is often mocked for being ridiculously complex and difficult to spell or pronounce, at least American English only has one dictionary. Dutch, on the other hand, has multiple dictionaries, and an all-out spelling rebellion. • •

The Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal is the comprehensive dictionary of the Dutch language. It took nearly 150 years to complete, and includes every Dutch word since 1500. The Van Dale Groot woordenboek van de Nederlandse taal, on the other hand, is the most used Dutch dictionary. Because the “Grote Van Dale” is a privately authored book, it isn't considered authoritative. The Woordenlijst Nederlandse Taal is the “Green Book”, a dictionary of official word spellings and usages compiled by the official Dutch Language Union. However, many people feel that the Green Book is needlessly complex, and in 2005 there was a widespread rebellion. • The Witte Boekje is a guide to Dutch usage and spelling that was created and is used by media organizations in the Netherlands. It has reformed and simplified spelling that is not approved by the Dutch Language Union, but is widely used in print publications. • If that wasn't enough, we also have the “Yellow Booklet”, which includes Dutch words as spelled and used in Flanders, which is endorsed by media organizations outside of the Netherlands. So if you're having trouble spelling Dutch words, don't worry: the Dutch can't agree on it either.

Did You Know:

In 1942, Audrey was living in Velp, using

A Young Audrey Hepburn Supported the Dutch

her health and strength, she regularly

Resistance During WWII


the name Edda van Heemstra. Although the occupation was already affecting






ballerina These





underground in


homes, with the windows blacked out and sentries posted to be alert for German soldiers. Zwarte avonden raised money that was passed to the Dutch Resistance movement, and it was one way that 14 year old Audrey felt that she could contribute to the effort. After the war, Audrey's dance and theater training continued in Amsterdam, where she landed her first film role in 1948. And the rest, as they say, is history.


Today is! Our goal is to gather special holidays, moments and occasions worldwide that unites people. We love to point out to you those not-to-miss funny occasions. If you have suggestions for special days in October and November, please send them to August 2nd 2019 | International Beer Day

August 26th | Women's Equality Day

Celebrated: Worldwide

Celebrated: U.S.A.

Since: 2007 to 2012 on August 5th in the USA, and

Since: 1973

is nowadays being celebrated in more and more

Why: To commemorate the 1920 adoption of the

countries. As the weekends starts on Friday, it

Nineteenth Amendment to the United States

seemed more convenient to celebrate it then, so

Constitution, which prohibits the states and the

therefore since 2012 the first Friday of August it’s

federal government from denying the right to vote

time for a beer.

to women.

Why: Firstly to refuel of course. Also to thank those beer brewers of course, who make this alcoholic

September 5th | International Day of Charity

beverage available to us. Finally, this day encourages

Celebrated: Worldwide

you to try a new beer too. A special one, or one from

Since: 2012

another "culture".

Why: To honour the important work that charity

nice bartenders that provide you with beer. The

August 7th | Transgender International Rights and Education Day

organisations around the globe do, the United Nations decided in 2012 to nominate this day as an official day of recognition and celebration. The

Celebrated: Worldwide

reason the date was chosen is because it is the

Why: To get attention and knowledge for trans-

anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa.

genders. Transgenders often have to deal with misunderstanding,




September 7th 2019 | World Beard Day

discrimination. On this day, awareness is asked.

Celebrated: Worldwide

attention to this phenomenon

Since: The origins of World Beard Day is unknown,

August 23rd till 25th 2019 | International Redhead Days

which isn’t surprising considering that there is evidence that the Danish Vikings have held a day in honour of their beard going back as far as 800 AD.

Where: Tilburg (The Netherlands)

Why: World Beard Day celebrates the beard and all

Since: 2005

it has been, become, and will be in days to come,

What: The Redhead Days is an event organised for

and is all about promoting and elevating the global

all redheads around the world. Expect a fun packed

status of the beard.

program with 50 different activities: photoshoots, lectures, music, food, kids activities etc etc.

It is all about the sun and the moon, and turmeric One year ago, I met two beautiful souls who were getting married in May 2019. They shared a small part of their story and told me that they were going to have a traditional Bengali Hindu wedding as well in Bangladesh. I immediately was interested and wanted to know more about it. And it was after receiving the beautiful pictures of that wedding and meeting his and her family, that I finally had the chance to get to know more about it.

for you. For instance, you cannot marry at new moon. Here in the Netherlands,



are in the summer month. But in Bangladesh the marriages do always take place after sunset, and must end before sunrise. The ceremony takes place at a

Yesterday I had a call with his sister and his mum. Accompanied by a

holy place. The priest is the most

lot of photos I jumped into the ritual and learned a lot about timing,

important person, and directly

the pureness of ghee and a lot more. The traditional Bengali Hindu

after him is the father of the

wedding takes place in several days and is divided in different parts as

bride, the family of the bride.

the pre-wedding, the wedding itself and after the wedding rituals. Here

On the wedding day the bride

I share a small part of it with you. So, let’s go!

and groom and her parents as well are not allowed to eat. The

First of all, you cannot choose the wedding date yourself. According

fasting ritual has everything

to the Bengali calendar and the position of the sun and the moon, the

to do with purifying the body.

priest chooses the right date for the couple. Not all dates or months

Marriage is a sacred ritual and

are good for marriage you know. The priest can choose the right date

the body has to be there with full focus. At dawn, when the bride wakes up, seven married women come into the house and adorn the hands of the bride with red white conch shell and bangles. The day before they were there as well and had been putting some turmeric paste on the body of the bride and the groom as well. At the day of the wedding the priest comes to the house of her parents. He will pray for the seventh past generations. After this the bride will dress up and go for the make-up. They both have to wear traditional dresses,

Yes I do!

the girl has to wear a sari, the boy must wear Dhoti

having the food, the bride and groom are taking to

and Punjabi. They both have to wear a huge hat, a

the house of the parents of the bride where they will

Topor as well.

sleep their first night together. The next night they will sleep at the house of the parents of the groom.

The wedding starts with only the groom, the bride is

And yes, there is a lot of crying. The girl is leaving

in another room at that time. The priest is chanting,

the house and that is a ritual moment, although it is

all the people are there as well and the groom is

also a sad moment as well.

sitting next to the priest. After 1,5 hours, the bride comes in the room. She is accompanied by relatives of the girl. By the way the mum of the groom is not allowed to attend the wedding, they say it is harmful for the couple. When the bride comes in, they are sitting together. The groom cannot see the face of his fiancée. It is covered by a veil. The father of the bride is sitting next to his daughter. There is a lot of

"Ghee is very sacred, it stands for a god, mother earth"

chanting in Sanskrit. Then the priest lights the fire that is between the man and woman. He puts ghee

Bride and groom are not allowed to speak to each

(butter) in the fire. The ghee is very sacred, it stands

other during the ceremony. Yes, they are chanting,

for a god, mother earth. It is a very pure. After this

and repeating the words of the priest. There is

the bride and groom will walk seven times clockwise

no kissing, no hugging, no touching at all in the

around the fire while chanting mantras. After this

ceremony. Only one time the priest takes the hand

holy ritual the groom is allowed to see the eyes of

of the bride and puts it on top of the hand of the

the bride, this is called Shuvo Dristi, after this they

groom. What a huge difference with the ceremonies

exchange the flower garlands, this is named Mala

we do in the Netherlands. We always invite people


to kiss and hug a lot of times, even before the kiss. But I can understand how sacred and special it can

I marry you

feel when you are not allowed to touch each other…

Now an important part of the ritual will take place. The grooms puts his finger in the red powder and

Did you like this ritual and do you have a special one

puts a bit on the top of the forehead, close to the

you would like to share with us, please do! We are

hair of his wife to be, like saying, ‘yes, I marry you’.

thrilled and looking forward hearing from you. You

After this the father of the bride gives the groom

can send an email to and

a blessing while touching the forehead of him and

share why this ritual means a lot to you. We love to

putting raw rice and grass on it. With this he is

meet you!

giving his honor to the marriage and gives actually away his daughter. After this he puts it on the top of the head of them and all guests will repeat this

Tekst: Linde ten Broek Drawings: Ellen Schoumacher

ritual. There is no hurry, everything needs time for receiving this holy ritual.

In this column Yes, I do! Linde ten Broek, wedding officiant and soulstoryteller,

Crying, crying, crying and Ellen Schoumacher,

After this ritual everybody is eating together and

wedding officiant and visual storyteller,

the couple is breaking the fasting. The mum of the

@ellentekent, share stories about

groom comes in and is blessing the couple. After

international wedding rituals.


We are TAC

We are TAC The Temporary Art Centre (TAC) is a cultural

The cafe and restaurant at TAC breathe a comfortable

incubator and meeting place located in the centre of

and relaxed atmosphere. With an unique bar-design

Eindhoven. The triangle shaped building is home to

and secret garden, you can wine and dine in the

over 100 young artists and designers from different

middle of a creative environment. TAC is also host

backgrounds and disciplines. For visitors, TAC

of the kitchen from talented Korean chef Minyoung.

provides a mix of cultural events like art exhibitions,

Her restaurant Minyoung Korean Foodlab fuses

poetry nights and dance events. This makes TAC a

Korean dishes with Dutch ingredients.

place for everyone. TAC is open for public from Thursday until Sunday. TAC has various spaces available for corporate

Make sure to check out our website for

and private use, and can host events from 10 to

more information about our exhibitions, events,

1000 guests. The industrial areas can provide an

restaurant and corporate use. See you soon!

inspirational environment for meetings, or can be transformed into the most romantic wedding venue

Vonderweg 1, 5611 BK Eindhoven

in Eindhoven.


Welcome at the Flower parade Valkenswaard Sunday September 8th Every year, on the second Sunday of September,

Several hundred people are working on the wagons



and on the cultivation of the dahlias. In the last 3

(Foundation Flower parade Valkenswaard) organizes

days before the parade the dahlias will be assembled

the annual Flower Parade. This parade consists of

into the wagons. In total 2,5 million flowers, which

14 wonderful wagons covered with dahlias (flowers).

will be affixed to the wagons with nails. The 2nd

These large wagons are 12 meters long, by 4,5 meters

Sunday of September early in the morning, the local

wide, by 6 meters high (= 40 feet x 16 feet x 20 feet).

homemade floats will leave the tents and proceed

Together with several music bands, the floats make

along the route in the centre of Valkenswaard. The

up a feast for the eyes and ears within the streets

Flower Parade is one of the largest socio-cultural

of Valkenswaard, performed in front of more than

events of the province of Brabant.



30.000 spectators. The yearly revised theme of the Flower parade is being acted out by the wagons and

All around the route activities are set-up for the

all the acts around them, in a combination of street

young and old. These activities will start at 12.00,

show and music theatre. The flower floats are being

continuing during the parade and switching to the

built by people of all ages in 14 neighbourhoods of

Dahlia After Party. At this party, several bands will


perform. The activities offer the opportunity for

everyone to enjoy a Sunday of Flower Parade in the dazzling and welcoming village of Valkenswaard. Each year you can enjoy new activities, however the kids will have some of their favourite ones, such as


the climbing wall, carousel and other entertainment

• Children till 12 years: free entrance

for children. In addition, all around the route you

• Persons of 12 years and older: € 7,50 per ticket

will see street shows and artists.

(price on Sunday September 8th is € 9,00) • Combi-ticket | Grandstand Expat: € 13,00

Specially for English speaking people we have a grandstand with Information in English about the parade and the flower wagons.

(price on Sunday September 8th is € 17,00) • Book your tickets at • Your need more information? Send an e-mail to of check our social media accounts • Valkenswaard is easily reachable by bus from Eindhoven. Take line 317 or 318.

Share the Vibe Maitane Rojo (Spain) We put our soul in almost everything we do

On a very sunny Monday afternoon we meet Maitane

Everything happens for a reason

on the terrace of ZwartWit coffee. I met her before at

Although I planned to interview only Maitane, I

an event at the Hub. We immediately had a click and

always think that everything is happening with a

we decided to meet each other at one of her favorite

reason. So, instead of only the story of Maitane,

places in town. Famous for the lovely iced chai

you will read here a part of both of their stories.

latte’s and a place where you can be who you are,

It is the power of two. Eddie and I got infused by

write and get inspiration. And just a few steps from

their pure passion for life, love and new beginnings.

her house. Yes, I completely understand her choice.

And that is exactly how they met. They both wanted

When I arrive at the place she introduces me to her

to improve their English, and met each other in

friend Antonia. Tomorrow Maitane, her boyfriend

Devon, while working in a bar. They had a great

and Antonia go on holiday, so the atmosphere is full

time and Antonia was always pushing Maitane to do

of excitement and sparkles. Maitane and Antonia are

something together. They inspired each other a lot.

friends for a long time. They met at work in Devon

Why not starting a podcast with several different

and now Antonia has plans to come to Eindhoven

themes? Talking about feminism for instance.

as well. It is for sure she loves it here, like Maitane

Maitane: “I always am a bit against the rules and


I choose my own path. I used to play basketball

Share the vibe

with only boys around me. I was the only girl in

dreams and stories. That is the spirit we are all

class and always thought, it seems like the world

longing for I guess.

is ruled by men, it is a men’s world.” But she felt something else as well. That there was and still is a

Putting all imagination to her drawings

need for feminism. In Spain it was more difficult to

But let me take you back to the story of Maitane. She

feed that longing, here in the Netherlands, people

originally is from Bilbao, in the north of Spain. Since

are more open and readier for that. She became a

she was 10 years old she was creating drawings and

member of a group of women in Eindhoven, who

illustrations, like animals, landscapes, technical

are organizing events and discussing about the role

things. She put all her imagination in it. She always

and big importance of women leadership and other

had a big goal for the Netherlands and wanted to

feminism items. Antonia and Maitane are looking at

come to Eindhoven. And it seems like that she and

each other, perhaps they can start the podcast on

her sister Ruth are constantly following each other.

holiday, apart from the trip, take their dreams to the

It was Maitane who decided to live in Eindhoven and

next level. Go for it. I am very curious for their first

start a carrier here. Ruth followed her and a lot of


magical things happened. Maitane: “My sister and I used to work as duty managers in Shetland Islands

Tanzania, Zanzibar and Kenia

(Scotland) and chief de rang in Thurlestone (South

The fiancée of Maitane is originally born in Tanzania.

Devon). Our professional careers are different. She

She met him while living in the Student Hotel in

is a nursery teacher, and nowadays she lives in

Eindhoven. They shared the kitchen, had a great

Eindhoven and is working in the logistics business

time chatting with each other and step by step they

at DHL.” “We see each other every week, it's lovely

fell in love… Maitane remembers the first time they

to live in the same city, we have a very close

went out and had nachos on the market. Her eyes are


shining and I see she has very good memories about that time. He asked Maitane to marry him and of

Trained as a veterinary nurse and working as a

course she said yes! Now he is in Tanzania preparing

private pet walker in Spain, Maitane decided to go

all paperwork for the wedding. And because he has

for her dreams. She got an Erasmus+ Traineeship

a lot of appointments there to get things done,

and worked six months at Jeldi metaal in Veldhoven

they asked Antonia to accompany them. Apart

and six months at Shapeways. After that she got

from Tanzania, they will visit Zanzibar and Kenia as

another job, but did not feel quite happy there. She

well. Go for the wild parks and explore nature how

was missing the real creative part and had a longing

it is. Maitane: “I am really looking forward to meet

for creating something of her own. For instance, in

the Masai. We will stay at a low budget campsite

clothing, furniture, jewelry, graphic design.

in Amboseli and will enjoy safaris with the Masai community, organized by Wilson from WE4Kenya.

Living in Eindhoven is getting a bit crazy

That is a lovely story as well because he is married

Maitane: “After living for several months in

to Evelien, a woman from Brabant.”

the Student Hotel we moved to this place of Holland2Stay Victoriapark Lighting, that used to

Holiday energy, is that what I feel here? I think so.

be a Philips building. I love to live here in the city

Eddie starts to share a story about his favorite

center. Walking in Eindhoven is nice and everything

holiday spot in Turkey, Dalyan village where every

is so well designed. The city is doing her best to

year the Caretta Caretta turtles are laying their eggs

let you feel comfortable and welcome. I love that.

on the beach and I share my dream about living in a

And look around you, design is everywhere, don’t

gypsy van and collecting stories in Portugal. Sharing

you think?” “Here you can explore a lot of things by


long term? I am not quite sure about that. There is

“The city is doing her best to let you feel comfortable and welcome”

a sort of big imbalance in that housing business at the moment. The prices are becoming higher and to begin here with a house of yourself is nearly impossible.” “In Spain a lot of students still live at their parents’ house and are more doing or copying what their parents dictate them. Here everybody is more independent, here you can live on your own and design your own life.” Put your soul in everything you do

yourself, the city and the people are open for that.

That is exact the reason why Antonia is loving The

You can join music events and also at the university

Netherlands. She worked very hard for five years

they are organizing a lot of nice things. In Eindhoven

in sales and is now looking for a new job. For both

you always can learn something new! It seems like

women, this is really a great present. Last years

here are a lot of creative people that are technical

their friendship became stronger and they would

at the other hand as well. That is a rare and very

love to see each other more and really want to start

inspiring atmosphere”, Maitane says.

something together. And they are doing something else as well. With their warm and outgoing

“But I see something else as well. A lot of people

temperament and character they bring in the way

are working so hard to get things done for their

they are living life, a lot more passion, energy and

houses and work. The housing business is getting

fun. When you look at the women, you see that they

a bit crazy now, a lot of houses are being built for

are talking with their hands and that the whole

short stay, is that what the city really needs on the

body is communicating too. For us Dutchies, that is

Share the vibe


one of the things we can learn from them. Be open, direct and adding more expression to daily life. Their way of interacting is different than we are used to. For most of the people from Spain it is normal to help others, and putting your soul in everything you do. Maitane says: “I think it is because of the weather and that we are more living outside and together with others than here in the colder Netherlands. We do things with a lot of passion. We feel everything a lot more than you normally do, talking

Eddie Mol and Linde ten Broek meet internationals and talk about life, love, roots, dreams and more.

about the good and bad things.” “Down Town gourmet market is an example of the Spanish culture. Sitting together, having dinner and enjoying life to the max.




always change in life, but that is important to have them and share them with others.” Eddie and I really felt that warmhearted energy of these two women, and I am sure you will hear something from them in a couple of months or years. We are really looking forward to that, and perhaps, one day they will ask us to share our vision about things we love. Giving more soul and love to work, yes that is exactly what Eddie and I had in mind when we started this column.

Text: Linde ten Broek Photos: Eddie Mol

Eddie Mol, photographer, Linde ten Broek, writes and tells your story,



Do you want to learn Dutch quickly and thoroughly? If you work on the High Tech Campus

Why Regina Coeli?

in Eindhoven, you don’t have to travel


far to do so. Language Institute Regina Coeli provides Dutch language courses

Time-tested method based on scientific insights


Unique method ensures that you learn

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Regina Coeili


Ordering an ice cream? Do it in Dutch! Summer has arrived with a splash, and since the last few years have been fairly warm, it is good to be ready for them as an expat. One of the essential skills you will need is to be able to order a nice, cold ice cream. And you can do it in Dutch.

Step 2: choosing

Imagine yourself standing in a busy ice cream

Step 3: speaking the right language

parlour, the display case brimming with all sorts of

And then, the moment supreme! Ordering!

When it is your turn, you have to be ready to order right away. There are three important questions: •

Would you like a cup or cone?

How many scoops would you like?

What flavour(s)?

ice cream flavours just within eyeshot. Some of the names are fairly straightforward because English or

Typical things ice cream sellers say:

Italian names are used, but what do all the Dutch

Zegt u het maar… How can I help you?

names mean, exactly? It is now finally your turn

Wilt u een hoorntje of een bakje? Would you like a

and you have to order quickly—20 hot people are

cup or cone?

standing behind you, anxiously waiting to order!

Dat was het zo voor u? Would you like anything else?

These tips should help you order that ice cream

Dat is dan 5 euro. That’ll be 5 euros.

quickly and effortlessly. What you say in return: Step 1: decoding the offering

Ik had graag een hoorntje met twee bolletjes.

The Dutch names of popular ice cream flavours

I’d like a cone with two scoops.

might not necessarily look familiar, such as:

Ik had graag een bakje met drie bolletjes.

Aardbei Strawberry

I’d like a cup with three scoops.

Citroen Lemon

Ik had graag aardbei, citroen en sinaasappel.

Kersen Cherry

I’d like strawberry, lemon and orange.

Smurfenijs Blue ice cream with gumball flavour

Hoeveel kost een bolletje?

Framboos Raspberry

What does a scoop cost?

Sinaasappel Orange

‘Smakelijk’ and enjoy the summer!

Let Me Tell You About A Book I Read by Rebekah Villon

First and foremost, Let Me Tell You About A Man I

character and personality of the artist, who wasn't

Knew is a stupid name for this book. I chose it

the kind of person she imagined him to be. Based

because it has great reviews, but the title implies the

on a few lines in the letters about the people van

book will be in the first person, and gives no hint of

Gogh met and painted at Saint-RĂŠmy, including the

the staggering glory of the words within.

portraits of Madame and Monsieur Trabuc, Fletcher invented the lives and characters of the Trabucs,

Without spoiling the book, I will explain upfront what

and tells the fictional story of Jeanne Trabuc and her

author Susan Fletcher doesn't explain until the very

interactions with van Gogh.

end. In reading Vincent van Gogh's correspondence with his brother, specifically during his time in the

All of this is true, and yet it once again fails to do

sanatorium at Saint-RĂŠmy, Fletcher was struck by the

justice to this novel. Jeanne is deeply sensual,

Book Review by Rebekah Villon

almost animal-like character, absorbed in the smell

seen by them. Jeanne is desperate to be seen, and

of crushed mint leaves, the secret paths of water

van Gogh, as the outsider, as the madman, as the

underground, the way light shines on an olive tree,

artist, is the person who finally sees her. Through

even as she lives the life of a middle-aged woman

him, her frustrated hopes and desires crystalize into

in a small village, and goes to market and does

visibility, becoming sharp and real and unignorable.

laundry and cares for her husband and grown sons. When Vincent arrives at the hospital her husband

And the sheer beauty of this novel, the reason that

oversees, she is fascinated by his newness, his

it's not just another Stoner, with its aching silences

wildness, his boldness... she thinks he lives the life

and indifference, is that Jeanne finds a way back to

she might have, or should have.

herself, and to love and connection with the world around her. It's a book in which the longing and grief

This newness that's come. If this were late autumn or early spring, Jeanne might think that dark, northern wind was blowing – moving under aqueducts, spinning through town squares. But there is no such wind now. What there is, she knows, is a patient – perhaps violent – in the abandoned east wing of the hospital who, at this moment, is painting. Who is finding something of worth amongst the cobwebs and corridors. The heart of Let Me Tell You... is about the act of being seen. About how a person can go all their lives, year in and year out, among the people who know them most, and love them best, but never be

of the characters is ultimately healed, and they are made whole again. Let Me Tell You About A Man I Knew is Fletcher's sixth book, and I found it impossible to put down. It fascinated me and made me cry and made me think and it's basically everything I love in a book. I will now go on to devour everything else she has written. Questions or comments about this review? Ideas for what I should read next? Contact me at


Summer is an outside experience. Join us and take a step into the past! This open air museum, located in the vast Genneper Parken, shows how life in the Netherlands has been over a period of 15,000 years. Every day is a new historic adventure at the preHistorisch Dorp; from canoe competitions to archery, from medieval artisans to a real encampment of knights. Play authentic instruments, chat with the local inhabitants or take a look at our exhibition of dolls and marionettes. It’s probably the only museum in the Netherlands where you’re allowed to get dirty. There’s no better way to learn about history! Cooling down on a hot summer's day Looking to escape the heat? The preHistorisch Dorp has many ways to beat the heat. Come splash in our loam-pit, take a tour of the water in a dugout canoe, or find a place to relax in the shade of our trees or old homesteads. There's always space outside on the terrace to enjoy a beer while the kids play historical games in the square. Knights!

The preHistorisch Dorp has taken the title of

Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th of August you

the Kidsproof museum of North-Brabant for

can experience an encampment of knights in the

the second time in a row in 2019.

preHistorisch Dorp. Visit knights, ladies, artisans, jugglers, and merchants from the 15th century.

Boutenslaan 161B

With activities for young and old, come and watch

5644 TV Eindhoven

a dramatic knight's tournament, an informative weapons demonstration, or relax with music and

For more information visit



Purchase guidance € 500,You don’t buy a home each day. It’s one of the most valuable purchases in your life. Everything is strange for you: the language, the country, the municipality but also the law. LamotMakelaars knows the market and has the

If we reach an agreement with the sellers about the

knowledge of the region.

purchase price, a purchase contract is made. We control this contract and explain it , so that there

When we go to work together, we start listing your

are no more questions and that everything is clear

living requirements. We also discuss the various

to you. It is a big purchase and everything has to be

locations in and around Eindhoven. Your budget is

100% in order.

also important an important factor. We accompany you with everything including visiting When you have seen a nice house on Funda or

the notary inspecting the property before going to

another website, we go together for a second view.

the notary. From the first moment to the last at the

We validate the correctness of the price for the

notary, we are there for you. We are also available in

house but also check in the land register whether

the evening hours and the weekend.

everything is in order. We also look at the location, how is the house situated in the neighborhood,

There is only one thing that matters to us and that

which facilities are present in the neighborhood.

is a good home for you without problems.

We then discuss our assessment with you and then we purchase a bid which we then issue for you. We

For the very competitive price of € 500,- incl. VAT

then do all the negotiations for you. LamotMakelaars Gebroeders van Doornestraat 32 | 5614 BN Eindhoven 06 574 252 97 |

Tea for Two in Eindhoven Tea is definitely having a moment. While the Dutch are rightly famous for their coffee consumption, consistently ranking in the top 3-5 coffee drinking countries in the world, the Netherlands also has a special relationship with tea. Tea is definitely having a moment. While the Dutch

for grading tea quality may have originated with

are rightly famous for their coffee consumption,

the House of Orange-Nassau. And Douwe Egberts

consistently ranking in the top 3-5 coffee drinking

has been selling tea in the Netherlands since 1753,

countries in the world, the Netherlands also has a

but in 1937 they separated tea products off to their

special relationship with tea.

Pickwick brand, which is now available in many countries around the world.

In fact, tea was first imported to Europe from Asia by the Dutch East India Company. It was enjoyed as

Dutch teas are known for big flavors, enjoyed

a fashionable and exotic beverage in The Hague,

without milk, simply and without the more ritual

before being introduced to Germany, France, and

trappings of an English tea-time, and always with a

the Americas. The term “orange pekoe� as a term

single cookie.

Tea spots

Today, tea and teahouses are seeing a resurgence in popularity. Tea is enjoyed for being more relaxing




coffee, and cafes are introducing local variations of high tea menus




drinks that have people coming back for more. To explore some of the thriving tea






Tea Stories

is in the midst of their expansion.

If it's been a while since you

Located inside the YKSI Expo in

Tea lovers will be happy to know

explored the flavors, perfumes,

Strijp-S, Tea Stories offers loose

that they are soon launching

and pleasures of tea, there's no

tea, brewed tea, tea drinks like



better time to start exploring.

a Blue Tea Matcha Lemonade,

specialize in afternoon tea, and

And if you want to experience a

kombucha, and a light selection



new side of Eindhoven and Dutch

of vegetarian and vegan meals.

Okay, maybe I'm more excited

culture, these tea houses are a


great way to do it.




Wonderroom, ice




about ice cream cocktails than

atmosphere, and people love the

afternoon tea, but isn't it nice to

quality and care that goes into

have both?

Text: Rebekah Villon

every cup. The Happiness Cafe InfiniTea Teabar

After ice cream cocktails, hit

InfiniTea has a wide variety of

the Happiness Cafe for a detox

unique tea blends and flavors,

that will get you back on your



feet. In the heart of the city, the

like InfiniTea's Dream, a blend of


Happiness Cafe serves a wide

herbs, fruits, and bamboo leaves

variety of blended teas, along

with an incredible scent. Inside

with fresh mint or ginger tea.

Vershal het Veem, the staff

They also have chai and matcha

at InfiniTea are proud to offer


advice and recommendations to

fresh detox juices, and an all-

help you have the best cup of tea

day breakfast menu that will

of your life.

help you recover from nearly



anything. Their mini high tea Intelligentia Taste Rooms

includes tea and an assortment

Better known for their ice cream,

of homemade sweets from the

and possibly still undergoing

bakery, and can also be served

some construction, Intelligentia

with vegan options.


Interview Kalihd


Khalid Berrouayel Truly international

Some people become internationals by moving from one country to another. Others might be considered internationals because their parents have different nationalities. A third group fits into both categories. One of them is Khalid Berrouayel. Born in Spain, his father is Spanish with French roots, his mother Moroccan. And naturally, Khalid wouldn’t be portrayed in HOWDO if he hadn’t been living in the Netherlands. A great mix of nations and cultures which can lead to a few surprises here and there, both good and bad, and to a broader horizon. In







HOWDO talks to Khalid about the Netherlands, his experiences and plans. His life basically.

Obvious first question: what brought you to the Netherlands? “A few things really. I was born and raised in Alcalá de Henares, nearly as big as Eindhoven and 35 kilometers north of Madrid. Best known however as the birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote. But you know, after high school you like to spread your wings. So, I took a gap year and travelled around Europe. That trip also brought me to the Netherlands, a country I was already quite familiar with. In my third year of high school I spent an exchange year in Haarlem. After my gap year I made up my mind, I was either going to the TU in Delft or the TU/e.”

Being slightly subjective I can understand your choice for Eindhoven. What was the deciding factor for you? “Two factors really. The TU/e offers an excellent Computer Science program and Eindhoven is a very international city. I didn’t like the environment, or atmosphere, as much in Delft.”

"I really like the environment in Eindhoven"

Text: Joost Pool Photos: Eddie Mol

And that feeling hasn’t changed?

What’s your daily life like here?

“No, I arrived here in August 2018 and both the

“Besides studying I keep myself quite busy. I live on

university and city have met my expectations

the campus and also work at the Spar supermarket

and it’s getting better still. After my bachelor’s in

right here. I have both Dutch and international

Computer Science I will do my master’s in Data

friends and colleagues. What I like is that Dutch

Science here, so I’ll be an Eindhovenaar for the

people automatically switch to English when

years to come.”

they’re joined by others who don’t speak Dutch. I go swimming at the sports centre once a week and

Don’t you miss Spain?

visit many (student)events. I’ve also been to a few

“From time to time, naturally. But after each

PSV-games, with PSV-Barcelona being the highlight.

exam period I go back for a week and during the

You know, you must see Messi if you get a chance

summer I will be in Spain for about three weeks. My

to! Whenever I’ve got the time, I try to visit other

mother has already visited me, and she really liked

Dutch cities as well. I’ve been to quite a few already.

Eindhoven too and saw I made the right choice.”

Apart from the ‘usual suspects’ I really enjoyed Giethoorn.”

Interview Kalihd

Did you have trouble adjusting to the Dutch way of life? “To a few things yes, but it hasn’t been too difficult. Here, six o’clock is six o’clock. In Spain it could easily be six-thirty. I had to get used to dinners at six. And I find it annoying to buy water. Spanish people hate sparkling water! Then again; I eat cheese


"I now eat cheese sandwiches and drink beer instead of wine"

sandwiches now and started drinking beer instead of wine or sangria.”

What are your plans for the future? “Like I said, I will be here for quite some time, so in

here is great and there are plenty of opportunities

August I’m starting with Dutch classes at the TU/e.

in Brainport Eindhoven. We’ll see what the future

I’ve always been interested in NASA and hopefully I

has in store, but I’m sure I’ll be doing what I enjoy

will be working there in the distant future. If not, life


Authentic Thai cuisine in Eindhoven

Dining ~ Takeaway ~ Quick Bite St. Bonifaciuslaan 1 ~ 5643 NA Eindhoven ~ 040-737 02 07 ~

Dutch Foods: The Secrets of Tompoes tompouce or tompoes, is the plural tompoucen? Tompouces? Tompoesen? Tompoezen? There doesn't seem to be an agreed-upon term for more than one tompoes, even though everyone wants more than one. Even more mysterious, how do you eat tompouce? It's always served with a fork, but attempting to stab it with the tines or break it with the edge

There is no doubt that the Dutch adore tompoucen, and what's not to love? Two layers of light, crispy puff pastry, with cream sandwiched inside, and icing on top. It's an iconic Dutch treat, and did you know you can get a free one from the HEMA on your birthday?

simply results in squashing it and squeezing

But the tompoes is also a mysterious little thing.

However you enjoy it, and however you spell it,

For one thing, what is the plural? If the singular is

tompoes is a true Dutch delight.

out all the creamy goodness. In fact, one site suggests that the Dutch serve it to outsiders just to see them wrestle with it. (Hot tip: the most delicate way to eat tompoes with a fork is to turn it on its side, so that you can use the edge of the fork to slice off a bite without crushing it).


Group accommodation Now there are many more requests made for group accommodation in the area. Groups of internationals coming to the Netherlands for a short term assignment. They need accommodation and preferably together. There are limited places which would like to have group of usually only male participants. Partly due to their experience in the past or their permits do not allow longer stay rentals. The company moving a group of employees to another European country for a job of a couple of months has challenges in itself. Who can go when, individuals with their own needs and wishes, some individuals leaving or arriving during the given period? Overall it is quite an organisation. The HR manager or Project Manager can either do this themselves or find someone in the host country to help them find the accommodation needs they are looking for. The local knowledge and language can be the edge you are looking for in order to get the deal made. Around Eindhoven there are several locations which can facilitate larger groups for longer periods (2 - 3 months). At the moment this is still not a problem but this could change. These business deals are frequently only finalized relatively close to the start date of the project, giving little time and flexibility for all parties. Everyone needs to be ready for when the deal is approved. We are able to find for you accommodation that will suit your needs and your budget.

Eindhoven and surrouding areas Tulip Expats Services BV +31 6 53 14 70 86

Postal address: P.O. Box 82301, 2508 EH The Hague +31 70 220 81 56

Ecehan Onay Tarlan, Welcome Desk Volunteer at Holland Expat Center South By Olivia van den Broek-Neri

Holland Expat Center South has volunteers working at its Welcome Desk in Eindhoven. These persons welcome internationals to the region and help to answer their questions. In each issue, we ask a different volunteer to share his/her own story as to why they are in Eindhoven. For this issue, we spoke to Ecehan Onay Tarlan.










get out of the house and to meet

Eindhoven in March 2019, Ecehan

welcome bag that she and her

people. But it also helps her to

has been familiar with Holland

husband received during their

settle into her new life in the

Expat Center South for a while.

appointment at the Expat Center,

Netherlands. “Every day I learn

“I came here when my husband

particularly useful. Inside the bag

something about

registered,” she says. Soon after

was, amongst other items, a flyer

she says.

his appointment, she returned to

from Eindhoven Sport about the

Turkey to complete her Master’s

swimming pools in Eindhoven. An

Tuesday mornings at the Expat

in Pharmaceutical Technology,

avid swimmer, Ecehan was happy


but Ecehan was already busy

for the information. “I kept the

Ecehan can be found at the

preparing for her own move to

flyer for the swimming pool for 1

Expat Center’s welcome desk

the Netherlands.

½ years!” she says.

on Tuesday mornings. Between


09.00-13.00, she welcomes other Ecehan began to go swimming at

newly arrived internationals to

the National Swimming Center

the region, and informs them

the Tongelreep. “It is big and

about the upcoming events that

clean, with a timetable that you

the Expat Center is organizing.

can always check,” she says. Of


course she recommends that

internationals go to events; meet

anyone who is interested in

and connect!” she says.




swimming also check out the Volunteers speak several

swimming pools!

different languages Soon





She points out that everyone is

Eindhoven, Ecehan started to

welcome to contact the Expat

volunteer at the Expat Center. For

Center’s welcome desk with their

her, the volunteer job is a way to

questions. “Even if they are not

Column Expat Center

good in English, we have people who speak other languages,” she says. “They can be comfortable!” On Tuesdays, she is usually able to speak her native language. “Most of the time there is at least one Turkish person who registers on Tuesday!” she says. “When I see their passport from Turkey, sometimes




Turkish.” For those who do not want to ask their questions in person, Ecehan points out that internationals can





center via email, telephone or social media. The Go-To Person Amongst Friends Her time volunteering at the welcome desk has turned her into the go-to person for people with




friends. “It is satisfying to be able to answer, at least some of them!” she says with a smile. For all other inquiries, she asks the Holland Expat Center team. Internationals



about settling into the south of the Netherlands, are welcome to contact Holland Expat Center South. The Expat Center is a nonprofit governmental agency. There is no charge for our services and no appointment necessary for asking questions.

Vestdijk 27a, Eindhoven

Our office is open from 09:00-

+31 (0)40 238-6777

17:00 on Monday through Friday.


To Brabantsedag for free

Nilüfer, Aljo, Sofie, Geetika, Clara, Dorángela and their invitees were the lucky winners of 10 free entrance tickets to the spectacular Brabantsedag Heeze. Through the cooperation of Brabantsedag with Eindhoven News these readers can enjoy this spectacular parade on 25 August bursting of Brabant history.

It takes place yearly in a small town called Heeze, at a 10kms cycling distance from Eindhoven. The whole town is involved from young to old through building, organising and theatre play. The theme of the 62nd Brabantsedag is:

‘What moves Brabanders?’. This question has been haunting many a Heezenaar since the announcement of the theme in November

Visiting Brabantsedag is ideal for internationals who

last year. After the first designs and sketches at

like to know more about historical facts, mishaps,

the beginning of this year, the icing is now being

glamour, traditions, politics, public opinion, and

put on the cake in the construction season, from

the rich culture of Dutch and Flemish Brabant over

June to August. In barely three months and in huge

the ages. It is a great moving theatre display of

construction tents, the creative translations of the

interesting facts and even more revealing oddities

theme really take on the form of the towering rolling

of the Brabant people.

theatre sets.

with Eindhoven News This year, on Sunday 25 August, the sixteen float groups will take their audience on a journey through the former Duchy of Brabant: on the hunt, on the run or on the winding path of life of Vincent van Gogh, for example. Various well-known Brabant places will be visited, such as Cuijk, Uden, Breda and Vught. Special: in the year that 75 years of liberation and D-Day is celebrated, three groups bring a topic from the Second World War to life. Renewed structure Brabantsedag Heeze was given a new look last year. Now it is one complete day out, packed with entertainment, art, (street) theatre, music and entertainment throughout the whole village from morning till evening; squares with well filled stages and trucks with tasty food and drinks. If you want to listen to well-known Dutch singers, this is your chance: Bertus Borgers, Björn van der Doelen, Nederpop All Stars with Erik Mesie (Toontje Lager) will perform.

More info Brabantsedag Heeze is from 10.00 till about 20.00 hours. There is entertainment all day long, culminating in the theatre parade which starts at 13.30 hours. Entrance and stand tickets can be ordered via Children up to and including 12 years of age have free access. The website also contains the complete programme, as well as more information on accessibility and parking.

World of Rhythm


Casual Classics XL Classical music, food & drinks With Dominic Seldis English spoken


World of Rhythm Featuring The Ruggeds Music, beats & dance


Music * Comedy * Movies Lunch * Dinner * Drinks Historic bar close to the center Open 7 days a week 12.00 PM - 02.00 AM Kitchen open 12.00 PM - 22.00 PM Every Friday: vinyl DJ's Every Wednesday: Live music Every Monday: Shared Diner Check our website for full program! Hoogstraat 59 | Eindhoven

agenda Parktheater Sun 25 Aug - 14:00 BUS TRIP TO RUHRTRIENNALE Join us on an unforgettable daytrip. On location Fri 13 Sep - 20:30 PREMIÈRE THE NEW PIECE / UNITED COWBOYS A performance about identity, individuality and generosity Philipszaal dance Thu 19 Sep - 20:30 FUNNY, SOFT, HAPPY & THE OPPOSITE / CONNOR SCHUMACHER Six dancers demonstrate a highintensity training for body and mind. Pand P Grote Zaal dance

Sun 22 Sep - 10:15 & 11:15 HET BABYCONCERT / KRULMUZIEK A concert for babies from 0 to 1.5 years Kameleon family leeftijd 0+

Fri 27 Sep - 20:00 GUILTY PLEASURES SING-ALONG / CRAZY PIANOS Singing, swinging and humorous musicians Hertog Jan Zaal

Sun 22 Sep - 14:00 HET GROTE KAMPEERAVONTUUR Brandweerman Sam Live! Fireman Sam is back with a new, daring rescue Grote Zaal /Hertog Jan Zaal family leeftijd 2+

Fri 27 Sep – 20:30 BLUEPRINT ON MEMORY / WARD/WARD – ANN VAN DEN BROEK Powerful dance, daring performance and forceful rock concert Natlab dance

Thu 26 Sep - 20:00 COMEDY VIBE INTERNATIONAL XL Top comedians from America and England will be on stage. Grote Zaal /Hertog Jan Zaal comedy COMEDY VIBE INTERNATIONAL XL: Top comedians from America and England on stage. These comedians perform in clubs where celebrities like Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock got their start! Come and enjoy hardcore jokes and hilarious anecdotes. THURSDAY, SEP 26, Parktheater Eindhoven, 8.00 PM Tickets:


Speeltuin Philipsdorp | Eindhoven

Speeltuin de Kieviet | Nuenen

A.S.V. d’Ekker | Veldhoven

Speeltuin Sint Joseph | Eindoven

Gouden Woud | Liempde

Speelpark de Splinter | Eindhoven

Speeltuin Geenhoven | Valkenswaard

SV Kabouterdorp | Veldhoven

Speellandschap De Heiberg | Veldhoven

Speeltuin De Klimbim | Waalre

ABN AMRO Bank experts in expats

One of the first things an expat or international needs to do after arriving in the Netherlands is opening a bank account. ABN AMRO just happens to be the bank for internationals. What makes ABN AMRO the ideal partner to handle your finances as an expat?

Make more money with your money! We have over 200 years of experience in investments and can inform you which type of investment suits your situation best. Contact us The above is just a very brief summary of affairs ABN AMRO can assist you with. Naturally, we are the

International Clients Desk and Mortgages

bank to go to for all financial matters. Please feel

The staff of ABN AMRO’s International Clients Desk

free to contact us directly or visit our website!

has years of experience in helping expats and can do so in fifteen languages. All advisors are fluent

For general information or direct services in the

in English and specialists can assist you in the less

Netherlands, call 0900 8170.

common languages. Though you might only live here for a few years, buying a house could be more

interesting than renting. Chances are you will sell it


with a profit. It’s also not uncommon for expats to stay here much longer than originally expected. Insurances and Investments The insurance system in the Netherlands might differ from the one you are used to back home. ABN AMRO’s insurance might save you a lot of trouble and assistance is available 24/7.


Expat friendly bikeshop We are the allround (e)bike specialist in Veldhoven / Eindhoven and we supply Urban transport Solutions for you and your family.

You are welcome!

Visit us for new or used bikes! Veldhoven Heemweg 2, 040 2558540 Eindhoven Bisschop Bekkerslaan 6, 040 2558545

Learn Dutch! From beginner to conversation, all levels Choose your day and time for registration

Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven Tongelresestraat 146A | Eindhoven Check our website:

BOOK NOW: 040 - 760 0179

SPA - BEAUTY - FACIAL - MASSAGE MANI/PEDI - SAUNA - GIFTS & MORE - Wilhelminaplein 17 - Eindhoven

rg Rosenbe Johnny


Trijntje Oosterh

Jorge Castro


The Rosenberg

Ruth Jacott

Jill Helena

Guido’s Orchestra the Maestro


Wendy Kokkelkoren


Roy Verbeek

Profile for LICHT op Eindhoven

15. HOWDO magazine August September 2019  

The magazine for internationals

15. HOWDO magazine August September 2019  

The magazine for internationals