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18 Interview Iveta Hanusova

How a short stay turned into a love for the Netherlands

32 Share the Vibe

With Pascale Theron form South Africa

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CURL UP! Sophisticated but edgy: the new curly updo is not for sweet little girls. Lush, radiant curls seem pinned close to the head in an effortless manner, but there’s nothing haphazard about this look.





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Sanne Drieenhuijzen

We at HOWDO all hope you have enjoyed a very festive December, hopefully with friends & family, either here or back home. And we wish you all the best for 2019: may you all become more and more settled in and have a fantastic year!

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Our main goal is to ease internationals and expats into the Dutch way

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of life. Providing tips & tricks, places to go and things to see. That is

Eddie Mol, The Hub Design Studio Bonkend

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all very nice and well, but basically most of us at the editorial office are born and bred in the Netherlands. We see this country through Dutch eyes without the surprise, bewilderment or amazement of a foreign glance. Therefore, starting now, a few internationals who have been here for years will be portrayed in each issue. What did they experience here in the early days and how have they built a life for themselves?

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What they all say is: learn the language! Consequently, we have included an article in this edition about learning Dutch quickly. Or join PSV Handball, whose teams consist of a mixture of locals and internationals. A great way to be active throughout the year, make contacts and learn some Dutch.

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a cold blanket. As I said two months ago: far from being my favorite

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season. And I do not stand alone. To get you through these cold, dark months read ‘An Expat’s Guide to Survive the Winter’ by Vaish from the Hub.

and eventual inaccuracies and/or

Well, for now it’s HOWDO till spring welcomes us and we welcome

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Queen of England, this show is one of the greatest successes in the history of British theatre shows. This breathtaking concert takes you back to the heyday of artists like Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder. Prepare yourself for an evening filled with pure Motown classics: Ain’t No Mountain, Signed Sealed Delivered, Grapevine, Get Ready, Dancing In The Streets, My Girl, Blame It On The Boogie,

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Uptight, Endless Love, My Cherie Amor, All Night Long, Heatwave. Check the complete Effenaar agenda here: www.effenaar.nl

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‘Let’s go to the Netherlands, long live the adventure!’

Paul Scholey

A Canadian in Waalre Canadian-Dutch Paul Scholey spent the first sixteen years of his life in Canada. “I was born in Toronto in 1971. My brother Marc followed two years later. In 1974, our family moved to a farm in Owen Sound, two-hundred kilometers north of Toronto. When I was eight my family moved west in search of work. There we lived in Lloydminster, a small town straddling the provincial border of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Finally, in 1987 when I was sixteen, we emigrated to the Netherlands.”

Dutch lullabies

I say “houdoe” more and more, as one does here

So, you are half Dutch? “Yes, my mother was Dutch.

in Brabant. During the week, my brother and I

She emigrated to Canada in 1958, as many Dutch

would get on the train at 7.00 AM and head off to

people did in the fifties. She was 23 years old at the

Eindhoven where we attended the International

time. When she arrived in Toronto, she found work

School of Eindhoven (ISSE). My fellow classmates

as a librarian. My father and mother met in a yoga

were mostly children of Dutch expats. One of my

class in 1969. Even though my mother was Dutch, I

best experiences during my time in secondary

was brought up very Canadian. My mother used to

school was attending karate lessons at the Dynamo.

sing us Dutch lullabies. That’s all the Dutch I was

What an awesome place. As an expat, if you want

familiar with. And of course words like ‘lekker’ and ‘dank je wel.’” Why did your family ‘cross the pond’ in 1987? “Well, my mom got homesick. I was 15 at the time. I remember her asking me if I wanted to go. For me it was clear. Without a blink, I said: ‘Let’s go. Long live

‘In Venray I was rather exotic’

the adventure.’” to get into Dutch culture, go to the Dynamo. I went Karate lessons at Dynamo

there three times a week. I still remember my karate

What was your first impression of the Netherlands?

teacher. Kenneth was his name. After graduating

“Like stepping into the past. In the train, I would

from the ISSE, I decided to enlist for Dutch military

watch the green fields and Holstein cows rush

service. I figured I could learn Dutch that way.

pass my window. It seemed like a picture book. We

Ironically, I was rejected due to poor language

settled in Venray, which is a small town in Northern

ability…. For lack of better, I went to Delft to live at

Limburg. Especially in those days, Limburg was

my uncle’s place. That was a rough time. I couldn’t

provincial. Nothing like the Randstad or Eindhoven.

enroll in a Dutch university. Even to study English,

Frankly, I was suddenly rather exotic. Kids my age

one needed to pass a Dutch exam. Just for simple

loved meeting up to try out their English on me. To

work, Dutch was pretty much required. Without

this day, I love Limburg. Even now, I still say “hija”,

Dutch, I found myself in limbo. Eventually, I did start

as they do in Venray. Though I must confess that

Dutch lessons in a class where most of my fellow


Paul Scholey

students were asylum seekers. I know how it feels. Anyway, my Dutch improved rapidly. And in August 1990, I was drafted into Dutch military service.” Refinding lost Catholic Faith And then? “In 1991, My life took an unexpected turn. I rediscovered my Catholic faith. I happened to visit Paray le Monial, which is a place of pilgrimage in the region of Burgundy in France. I was inspired by the young people I saw there. I stayed on, attending a school of Catholic faith. After spending two years in France, I returned to the Netherlands to study English and history at the University of Nijmegen. Throughout my student years, I seriously considered a calling to the priesthood. But around 2003, I fell in love with Sandra, who is now my wife. I must confess that we had both known each other for quite some time. Fifteen years previously, I had met Sandra for the first time at a Catholic youth weekend organized by the Community of Emmanuel. In 2005, we married, and now have two beautiful children, Caitlin (2007) and Elliot (2012). I am deeply thankful for having received so much. A beautiful family and beloved friends in a country I have also come to love!” Advice What is your advice to newcomers? “Learn Dutch! Build up relationships, both expat and local. Although expat community friendships are much easier to make, they are less stable. If you really intend to stay here, put in that extra time to cultivate Dutch friendships. Join clubs. Do volunteer work. If you’re young, do sports at the Dynamo in Eindhoven. And if your heart longs for more, my tip is to find an (English speaking) church community where you feel at home.” Will you stay here forever? “Yes. This is truly home. And besides - the Netherlands is an underrated country. Dutch people ask me: ‘You come from Canada? Why did you come here?’ But the truth is that Holland is a lovely place. And the Dutch are trustworthy, and frank. They get things done, they like to talk things through, and they are approachable. Of course, my wife is Dutch, so I confess that I am biased here. But I kid you not. Having become a Dutch citizen, I studied here for free. The Dutch have the best healthcare in the world. I am happy to pay my taxes with the money I earn as an English teacher. My kids can bike on bike paths

‘I think the Netherlands is an underrated country’ instead of the street. In terms of diet, the Dutch actually eat fresh vegetables. At affordable prices. And even when it comes to the weather, it rains far less than we like to complain it does. What can I say? I am really thankful to live here. It takes effort to set down roots here. But it is certainly worth it.” Text: Joost Pool, Photos: Eddie Mol


Why cooperation is key Of course, we can do a lot on our own, really a lot, but I believe that we can reach further by working together.

Why coorperation is key

The dependency factor is still in our genes from the

Also for our volunteers, working for Eindhoven News

time we were roaming the wild steppe in groups. We

has ‘benefits’ for them, or better, it brings them

physically needed the protection and the different

something too. This can be satisfaction, new skills,

skills of our fellow band members. Also, socially we

a network, friends or significance. Win-win. Also

behaved so not to become outcasts. We literally

the organisations we work together with see the

wouldn’t survive if we would be on our own in the

advantage of giving something to us and we see an

fields surrounded by lions and hyenas.

advantage of giving something to them. Very often this is publicity, exposure, entry in a network and

Since we live in stone brick houses and built

knowledge. In return we get content, a service, or

city walls, this physical and social dependency

entry in their network.

disappeared. We can survive on our own. So by now there are many organisations we work But in order to have a community where all kinds of

with. Studio040 as the local news source, Library

organisations, groups and companies can thrive, to

Eindhoven, Holland Expat Center South, Parktheater,

give way to development where we all can benefit

TEDx Eindhoven, CLO, Meerhoven International

from, it will be more successful if we cooperate and

Platform, The Student Hotel, International School

work together.

Eindhoven, Eindhoven Cycling Tours, Urda, Eyal Eindhoven,




We all have many experiences, skills, sources and

Comedy Nights, I am not a tourist-Fair, Frits, Thuis

resources, networks, knowledge and ideas on an

in Eindhoven, SamenUIT/OUTtogether agenda just

individual (organisation) level, if we can combine

to mention a few, and not to forget HOWDO of

them, match them and share them, we all separately

course. Therefore, next to making the news, writing,

can profit from it again.

translating, keeping the website in the air and social media, relationship management is a large chunk

At Eindhoven News we call this ‘value exchange’.

of our organisation’s actions. The possibilities

Value exchange not necessarily in the form of bills

never stop, there is always room for new forms and

and coins but (okay we became strong in this out of

collaborations. In line with the changing outside

necessity :) ) in the form of exchanging ‘in kind’ or

world the cooperations change with it.

‘social entrepreneurship’ as they call it as well. We became master in this kind of enterprising. This is

It is a ‘warm business model’, it is building

how we could survive and even grow and develop

relationships, it is sustainable. It is about people.

for (yes, this year) 10 years.

Entrepreneuring in a really enjoyable way.

Our volunteers are our biggest asset of course, all of them offer valuable hours to keep Eindhoven News

Irene Martens

‘in the air’. In return, to reward our volunteers, we

Manager Eindhoven News

try to arrange (next to a lot of appreciation) free entry, free food and discounts or other fun things.


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Changes for 2019 Firstly I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year in good health and prosperity. I hope all enjoyed their time with their family and/or friends during this festive season. With the New Year there are important changes in the Dutch law. Here are a few; •

Partner leave will increase from 2 to 5 days (for full time employees).

Child care benefit will increase to help cover increasing day care costs.

The maximum duration of the 30% ruling has now been decreased from 8 to 5 years. There is a transition period until 2021.

There is a start to a changing Dutch Tax system, an increase in a general tax credit and an employee tax credit resulting in a higher take home pay. Minimum wages will increase as will unemployment benefits.

State pension will increase and those who are receiving pension will benefit from a higher tax credit. Also resulting in a higher take home pay.

Having said this, VAT taxes have increased from 6 to 9 percent which will make the groceries more expensive. Tax on gas will also increase however tax for electricity will decrease.

A mortgage with the NHG (National Mortgage Guarantee) will be increased to €295.000 this was €265.000 this would mean a lower interest percentage. The provision for the NHG will also decrease to 0.9% of the total mortgage sum. This was 1%.

The tax return on the mortgage interest has also decreased to 49%.

If you have any questions we are always willing to help. Look forward to hearing from you. Mariëlle Owen-Duffels Eindhoven and surrouding areas Tulip Expats Services BV +31 6 53 14 70 86 marielle@tulipexpatsservices.com

Postal address: P.O. Box 82301, 2508 EH The Hague +31 70 220 81 56 tulipexpatsservices.com

Iveta Hanusova – How a short stay turned into a love for the Netherlands

Iveta Hanusova Czechian Iveta Hanusova first arrived in the Netherlands in the summer of 2003. As she wrote in her diary at the time: ‘I am so happy here, this country is made for me!’ Iveta: “I did write that yes, and still feel the same way, although at the time I couldn’t have expected everything that followed over the next fifteen years.” What brought you here? “Coincidence partly, the search for adventure also,

old at the time. I decided to go for it, and anyway,

I had just ended my relationship. Various reasons

The Hague is not too far from Eindhoven. During

really. My dad was, and still is, a contractor and

my first week Guido and Ellie took me out on the

therefore also works for Dutch people buying and

town. They asked me if I was interested in finding

renovating houses in the Czech Republic. Among

a boyfriend but that was the furthest thing on my

them were Annette and Jan from Noordwijk, near

mind. That night Martijn, a friend of Guido and Ellie,

The Hague. They invited me to drive to Noordwijk

was also there. Well, long story short: he slightly

with them and stay for a week. Eventually, I ended

irritated me at first, but I fell in love with him that

up staying with them for six weeks in which period

first evening and have been ever since!”

they showed me all the hotspots of the Netherlands. Like I said: I fell in love with the country and the

How long did you stay with Guido and Ellie?

Dutch. Being slightly naïve I thought Annette knew

“Through the employment agency for a year, and

everybody. Little did I know that it is quite common in

then we added another year and a half ourselves.

Holland to talk to strangers while waiting in a queue

Kevin and Jarno were wonderful little boys and I

or just have a little chat on the street. That’s not

learned most of my Dutch from interacting with

done in Czechia. I had also just become a vegetarian

them. And although nowadays we only see each

and was taken by surprise that that was not frowned

other at birthdays and stuff it is fantastic to have

upon as it is in the Czech Republic. Anyway, after six

been there, on the sideline, and see them develop

weeks I returned home knowing, or at least hoping,

into the young men they are today.”

that my future lay in the Netherlands.” Yoga and Applied Psychology

But you also came here to study?

‘I find yoga and psychology a fascinating combination’

“Yes, after I finished au pairing, I started studying Applied Psychology at the Fontys. Busy days. Having been here for less than five years I was not allowed a student grant. So apart from studying I was also working part-time in the Catharina hospital. For my thesis I researched the effect of yoga on children. Especially the ones with ADHD, sleeping disorders and autism. I had been into yoga since I was sixteen

Au pair

and I find it a fascinating combination. The body

“Back home I registered with an employment agency

(yoga) and the mind (psychology). Having completed

that specializes in placing au pairs. I told them I

several courses, I am now a certified yoga-

wanted to work for a family, more specifically one

instructor. My practice has been growing ever since.

in The Hague. Unfortunately, or so I thought at the

From toddlers, children (also with Down syndrome)

time, the only available option was with a couple

to teenagers and adults. Pretty soon I will also start

from Eindhoven, Guido Cox and Ellie Fontijn. They

with the combi of yoga and psychology at retirement

had two sons, Kevin and Jarno, three and four years



‘Our daughters are brought up bilingual but prefer Dutch’ More about Iveta? Check out ivetahanusova.com

Iveta Hanusova

Family life

What’s your personal life like nowadays? “Wonderful! Martijn and I are celebrating our fifteenth anniversary in February. We have two beautiful little girls, Ilja (5) and Meije (3). They are brought up bilingual but prefer Dutch. However, when we visit my parents Ilja easily switches to Czech and I suppose Meije will too when she gets to be a bit older and more talkative. The relationship with my parents also improved after we had our girls. I do feel a bit more homesick now, but we visit my parents every holiday and sometimes I go there myself to organize yoga retreats.”

‘This country is made for me!’ Any tips for newcomers? “Tips? Well, of course, learn the language. I feel I have the best of two worlds. Everything is so well organized here. The downside may be that some things are too organized. The bureaucracy of course, but I was also amazed at little things such as sliced potatoes in a package. And the trees! They’re all in line. In Czechia nature is real nature. You can see it in the woods and smell it in the air!”

Text: Joost Pool Photos: Eddie Mol


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at the beginning and end of the

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lease. In between they can offer

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Do you want to learn Dutch quickly and thoroughly? If you work on the High Tech Campus

Why Regina Coeli?

in Eindhoven, you don’t have to travel


far to do so. Language Institute Regina Coeli provides Dutch language courses

Time-tested method based on scientific insights


Unique method ensures that you learn

on campus. It’s easy to combine with

to speak a foreign language quickly

your daily work, and there’s a course for

and effectively

every level. Learning the Dutch language


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Easy to combine with your daily work

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Learn Dutch


Learn Dutch quickly alongside your job Really, it can be done! Would you like to learn Dutch so you can communicate more easily with people at the sports club, at your children’s school or just to chat with someone every now and then, but you can’t find the time? Then read on for some tips for success! Tips for learning Dutch efficiently:


Focus on learning the language for short bursts of time The easiest way to learn a foreign language is get into a flow. You can create that flow by learning intensively for a short period of time—for a few weeks alongside


Tap into all your skills If you’ve lived in the Netherlands for a number of years, you may have a good passive knowledge of Dutch at this point. You can understand written Dutch, know a few of the grammar rules and are able

your job, for example. After that focused

to follow the better part of conversations.

stretch, be sure to get loads of hands-on

But can you also apply all those rules and

practice and plan another study sprint

speak and write Dutch yourself? Tap into

later on down the road. If you want to follow a Dutch course, choose one in which


you have lessons several times a week so you can get into that flow. Learn from others It may be quite tempting to learn Dutch using an app, but communicating well is really something you learn from people. A


all your language skills to really learn to use the language! Don’t be afraid to speak Dutch In many places in Eindhoven, you don’t even need to speak Dutch. Nevertheless, there are also plenty of opportunities to get a bit of practice in. Don’t be afraid to speak the language; Dutch people think

Dutch person can explain exactly why what

it's great when people learn their language

you said was a bit off the mark or how you

and will be happy to help you.

could express yourself even better. Text: Regina Coeli

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Finding a house Your wishlist

Looking for a home starts with working out what you want. Everyone has a different wishlist. Here are some pointers to help you on your way: •

Newbuild or existing property?

A move-in ready home or one requiring light renovations or a complete conversion?

An apartment, a terraced house, a semi-detached house or a detached house?

How many rooms?

Where? In the city centre or the suburbs?


Garage and/or study?

Closer look If you have spotted a property then you should take a closer look. We can arrange a viewing appointment and accompany you. Have a look around the area before your viewing. Keep your home wishes and future plans in mind during the viewing. Meanwhile, we will take a critical look at the property. Among other things, Anita will in this regard look at the maintenance needs of the property, the presence of any defects and

de sleutel tot ieders droomhuis

any necessary repairs or conversions that need to be made. She can also advise you to engage a construction expert to take a closer look. She will also enquire about practical matters, such as the number of other viewings and the negotiation procedure that is being used. Construction expert If you take a strong liking to a certain property, then request advice from Anita whether it is necessary to engage a construction expert.

Pit makelaars

This is a way to compile a record of the precise condition of the

Your real estate agent:

property. Anita can direct you to an independent expert for this.

Anita Fiers (040) 255 30 03 makelaar@pitmakelaars.com

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


We are happy to assist you!

Warehouse of innovation Eindhoven, the design and technology capital of

of this building. Every born and raised Eindhovenaar

the Netherlands, recently developed a new hotspot

did shop here!.

to bring creative new ideas to life. The well-known former V&D building in the city centre is transformed

Ellen and Harm formed the board for the new

into the “Warehouse of Innovation”, the place to find

non-profit “Warehouse of Innovation Foundation”,

everything that Eindhoven has to offer in the field of

negotiated with the owner of the building, shared

technology and innovation.

their ideas and got the green light. From there on it was up to them both to fill the immense floor area,

The instigators of this initiative are Ellen Albers

with in the back of their heads: “What is the future

and Harm Rensink. They worked together at several

of technology and what does this mean for our daily

occasions, amongst others at editions of the “Dutch

lives? How do technological developments take

Design week” in the exhibition “Modebelofte”. Their

place and how can we all play a role in this?”

out-of-the-box thinking took “Modebelofte” to places that you normally not immediately associate

Since the start of the Warehouse of Innovation in

with design, such as the PSV Stadium and… the

June 2018, it hosted almost 500.000 visitors (with

abandoned V&D store! Both saw the huge potential

Dutch Design Week and GLOW as highlights).

Warehouse of Innovation

It’s an understatement to say that the instigators where right with their approach. For 2019 a number of special events are already planned. Ellen: “We noticed that the centre of Eindhoven has no spot where you can be physically active, and therefore, from February 1st onwards, the ground floor will be transformed in a sports area, with fitness equipment, dart boards an urban hockey field and pool tables. For the real fanatics there will be a bootcamp programme in cooperation with Bootcamp Club Eindhoven. The Netherlands Table Tennis Federation developed a new application and placed 10 game tables, giving members the opportunity to challenge each other and keeping track of the scores and become the “Ping Pong Boss of Eindhoven”. I have to mention that without the support of Decathlon all of this wouldn’t have been possible”. Harm adds: “But that’s not all you’ll find in the Warehouse. In cooperation with Eindhoven Library there is a “Makersclub” with a special kids programme every Wednesday and Saturday. Do you want to learn how to saw, 3d print or work with electronics? Make your own lamp, a telephone stand or a nice window hanger? Always wanted to make a drone but do not have the equipment? Do you want to create a website but do not know where to start? Tell us your idea and for a small contribution we’ll give you materials and tools like laptops, Arduino‘s and even a 3D-printer”. And last but certainly not least: in the V&D era, “Restaurant LaPlace” hosted the visitors of the store and thousands of Eindhovenaren had coffee or tea there, while reading the newspaper. Now the Eindhoven Cafe will be the venue of “After Work”, another Ellen and Harm initiative. The idea is to create a spot where people have the opportunity to drink a cup of coffee or tea and interact with others. In most places you’re not too popular when you open your laptop and fill your table with paperwork, at The Warehouse there’s a big table and you are encouraged to bring others to share ideas and possibly cooperate. The abandoned V&D building is changed into a vibrant meeting spot for both Eindhovenaren and internationals to meet, mingle and to share innovation and even technological thoughts.

The Warehouse of Innovation will be open on weekdays from 09.00 hrs and on Saturday/Sunday from 11.00 hrs onwards. Want to know more? Please send an e-mail to: warehouseofinnovation@gmail.com


Eddie Mol and Linde ten Broek meet internationals and talk about life, love, roots, dreams and more.

SHARE THE VIBE with Pascale Theron (South Africa) After having the appointment with Pascale, I sat for a while at home and kept on thinking about the softness of the Ostrich feathers. Beautiful, curious animals that I was afraid of because of their immense power and brutal faces. I have never touched it, until today. Pascale showed me photos with proud Victorian and Edwardian women that wore hats with huge feathers. I did not know that the industry of making hats with feathers was booming one hundred and fifty years ago, and that it all came from the South African ostrich feather industry in Oudtshoorn ‌ Did you know?

Pascale Theron


Deep connection with people

she experienced the ultimate way of sharing. Having

Pascale and her boyfriend’s house is full of plants,

a family Farm in the Free State too, also meant that

conserved insects and birds, precious objects full

the land had to be worked by various different

of stories. Pascale is an artist and just graduated

people that took care of the veggies, the flowers, the

from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2018,

cattle, the cleaning. They all did it with so much love

Department Man and Well-Being. She is fascinated

and respect for nature, they inspired her a lot. For

by the story behind the story, and with her work she

example, Dominic who brings every day a bowl with

gives power to the hidden voices and wisdom of the

fresh flowers to the house, made with tenderness

South African people. What fascinates me most, is

and love. You can observe it for hours. Or Geelboy,

her proudness of her heritage, interested as I am

the man that knows everything about horses and

in traditions, rituals and the personal wisdom of

the rural South African landscape. People that are

people who live life as they are. The people that

rich because of who they are without screaming it

inspire Pascale are the ones who used to live in her

out loud. These precious stories, heritage and old craftmanship are art pieces worth conserving. To be

‘By creating I learn so much about my own roots’

proud of. To share with the world. Slow stories In the past, only the feathers of the ostrich were used, nowadays the big birds are famous for their meat and leather. What if we start using these feathers again? So everyone can feel the softness, warmth and beauty of it. South Africa is so much

hometown and near surroundings. People that are

more than the thin picture of huge townships,

so in tune with nature and their inner wisdom, and

robbery and violence. We cannot close our eyes

at the same time so far from the digital world we are

to this, but we should have an eye for more. The

living in. People who have so many stories to tell

richness of the roots that we all have. Do you have

when you take time to be with them. For instance,

time for a slow story? Pascale would love to share

the group of Mogalakwena women in Limpopo, that

more with you. www.pascaletheron.com

create beautiful hand embroidery panels, with this art they tell profound stories, without using words. The old beautiful heritage Pascale uses her art to tell stories. She gives voice to the old traditions and mixes the real South Africa with the Netherlands, where she is living now for five years. But how does it feel to be South African, with a colonial British and Dutch family past, now living in Eindhoven? In one of her art pieces she explains: “I fall somewhere between shore and ship (tussen

Eddie Mol, photographer, www.eddiemol.nl and

wal en schip). I do not belong here, I do not belong

Linde ten Broek, writes and tells your story,

there any more either. And the more I am here, the


more I lose the real feeling of the country I was born in.” As a daughter of an artist and civil engineer,

Text: Linde ten Broek

raised in a big house in the Johannesburg suburbs,

Photos: Eddie Mol


7 / 6 5/ PRIL A












Survive the winter

An Expat’s Guide to Survive the Winter


Layer-up and Visit a Bookstore I may be writing this article from under a sea of blankets and with the heater set at 35°C, but, I know that stepping out to a cold and sunny day (provided you are properly layered-up) can immensely improve the mood. Especially so, if you appreciate bookstores that are also attached to nice cafes

It is that time of the year when our bad karma is upon us. Winter months can be very unforgiving, especially, if you spent most of your life in the sunny South and are new to the nippy North. As someone who has spent two-thirds of her life in a coastal city that feels like the Sun itself, I feel your pain. So, here’s a list of stuff that could help get you through (and even, dare I say, savor) the winter months, my fellow patrons from the Tropics.

and can head to one near you. I, personally, love van Pierre that houses Coffeelovers. Let’s face it, it’s warm inside, there’s croissant that melts in the mouth and reduces to a buttery deliciousnes and coffee! You can either purchase a book from van Pierre or lend one from the café’s library and sit there for as long as you wish (or at least until they close and kick you out). It’s a win-win-win situation. Indulge in Good Films You wouldn’t want to stay indoors to watch a film in the summer anyway. So, why not make the best

Hot chocolate with shots of Espresso (and I don’t

of at-home time this winter by indulging in films

mean Mocha)

that can vastly improve the mood. Or, put your 3D

Even if it earns you looks of utter disapproval from

glasses to good use and head to the nearest Pathe

Baristas, this is well worth a shot. With two shots of

to take in a nice Marvel film (frankly, I wouldn’t mind

espresso and whipped cream on top, the world is

doing this throughout the year).

yours for the taking. The effect can be felt almost immediately. So much so that you would want to

Invest in Perfumes

shed the top most layer (although, I don’t advise it).

I know I do. Honestly, I think I invest a tad too much

If you are immune to the effects of caffeine like me,

in this. But, if you’ve a good nose for scents, and

down your cup and repeat until social interactions

can find a fragrance that can transport you to a

become more bearable.

vacation that was spent on sunny, azure beaches or on the boulevards laid with bougainvilleas, this can

Maroni AKA Roasted Chestnut

set your winter straight. There’s nothing that a little

At the risk of filling up this list with food and

nostalgia and Chypre can’t fix.

drinks, I will go ahead and say it. One of the best things about this time of the year for me is maroni. Berlin had spoiled me rotten with its maroni-filled Christmas markets that are nothing less than Wünderbar. If you can fetch yourself a nice paper bag full of maroni, just hand it over to your partner and let them handle the peeling while you keep your warm gloves on and enjoy this delicious treat. Written by Vaish. If you want to contact the writer or comment on this article, send a message towriteratthehub@gmail.com



Essink Result program • Complete a full-body workout in 35 minutes • Personalized fitness program • Frequent check-ups with your trainer

g fo Ach ra iev gym the r e your g ? ight oals supp with ort

Join now! first 3 months

• Use your personal progress card to automatically adjust our machines





• exercise easy, safe and efficiently

unlimited access

Schedule a free appointment on www.essink.nl * discount depends on choice of membership.

Milon Circle

Pixformance Circuit


Yoga (all levels)

Large variety of group classes with local and expat participants! KidsClub



Free parking



Genneper Parken Eindhoven

Centrum Eindhoven

Toon Schröderlaan 2

Willemstraat 22

040 211 56 39

040 843 01 37



The golden years of Philips records Exhibition February 15 - July 14



Join our swimming and exercise lessons Swimming is a great and healthy way to exercise. It is a low-impact cardio workout that uses all of the body’s muscles and, as an extra bonus, a sport that is not at all prone to injury. Would you like to try working out in the water? At Nationaal Zwemcentrum de Tongelreep (in the south of Eindhoven) and ir. Ottenbad (in the north of Eindhoven) you have the opportunity to swim laps or join our swimming and exercise lessons. Different types of lessons

our swimming pools, you can

as an adult is not a problem at the

It doesn’t matter if you are a

swim at your convenience; in the

Tongelreep and ir. Ottenbad. And

trained swimmer or a beginner.

morning before you go to work,

you don’t have to worry about

For some exercise lessons, like

on Saturday or Sunday or in the

joining pre-schoolers either, as

Aquapower and Aquaspinning,

evening. And if you still have

there are separate swimming

you don’t even need a swimming

some energy left, you can always

lessons for adults, where you

certificate, because they take

add an exercise lesson to your

can obtain the full swimming ABC

place in shallow water. Other

workout for free, because you

or improve your technique. In

lessons are reserved to skilled

pay the entrance fee per visit.

addition to swimming lessons for

swimmers like Aquabootcamp

adults we also have swimming

and Aquarobics. If you have a

Swimming lessons for adults

lessons exclusively for women,

busy life, it can be very relaxing

Are you not being able to swim and

as well as lessons for children

and good for your health to

do you feel like you are the only

with a disability and lessons for

swim laps on regular basis. At

one? Fret not. Learning to swim


Time schedule and details Would you like to find out what lesson suits you best, check our websites for the time schedule and the details about our different swimming and exercise lessons. Nationaal Zwemcentrum de Tongelreep www.tongelreep.com Ir. Ottenbad www.ottenbad.com

Ed Heerschap about ‘Living In’ Ed Heerschap (53) has been employed by Eindhoven municipality in various functions since 2006. He has worked in finance, project management and event management. In 2016 he was able to create his own job as program coordinator of Living In.

Interview Ed Heerschap


to live far away from friends and relatives whom you only see a few times a year, or maybe even less. These experiences help me understand how internationals feel here.

You created Living In which is located in Holland Expat Center. People know about Holland Expat Center but not much about Living In. How did everything start? What was the program’s aim? The idea of Living In had been raised in Holland Expat Center before Brainport had addressed it. The program began as a small project in Brainport, but the municipality of Eindhoven eventually took leadership. Brainport is about the attraction of talent, Living In is all about retention of talent.

‘Our goal is the retention of talent’ So many people come to the Netherlands as students, knowledge workers and researchers, often accompanied by their family. Our ambition is to create an environment for these talents to stay here. In order to achieve this ambition, I work together with the international community. We discuss how we can invest in the well-being of internationals and create a hospitable environment

Could you tell me a little bit about your background?

for all of us. That is the most enriching part of my

Originally, I am from Rotterdam. I consider myself to

from and about their first experiences. We study the

be a bit of an expat because I used to live in Belgium

journey that internationals make. We are working on

until 2006. In Flanders, people speak Dutch but

a warm welcome not only by the Expat Center or The

there are many cultural differences. Also, my former

Hub but by all the stakeholders of the region such

wife was Australian. Her family lived there, so many

as employers and cultural institutions. We want to

times I have experienced what it is like to leave your

create a feeling of inclusiveness for international

loved ones behind. Therefore, I know what it is like


job. On a daily basis I listen to their stories, I learn

‘Nowadays I hear so many languages on the streets’

How many partners does Living In have? Who do you work with mainly? We have so many partners. I talk to everyone who is on the field. But we have a steering committee. I am responsible for this committee. They suggest what to develop and what to do but I also have freedom. In the steering committee there are companies like ASML and Studyportals and knowledge institutions

Interview Ed Heerschap

‘We have several female ambassadors for partners of internationals’ such as TU/e, Fontys and ISE. Organizations like

next step. This is the main content of the program. I

Brainport, Holland Expat Center, The Hub and

believe this is our most significant project because

hospitality and marketing services as Eindhoven

it creates awareness within companies in this region

24/7 and Eindhoven 365 are also involved. I believe

about the international talents and their families.

we have the right stakeholders on board, combining different views and experiences.

Could you give some examples of future goals or projects of Living In?

Do you have a team?

We will have the third edition of our women

In the Netherlands, Eindhoven is the only city which

for women project. But my goal is to create an

has a small team dedicated to retention of talent.

environment in this region so every talent stays.

So, every city is taking us as an example. I have one colleague who helps me on cultural and sports projects.

Do you live in Eindhoven? How do you experience the rapid change in Eindhoven with internationals?

Could you share the most significant project you have accomplished in Living In?

I live in Eindhoven. I see this rapid internationalization

We have many projects. The well-being of the

while I’m out on the street. Five years ago this

partner is also the center of our attention. I have

was not the case, totally different. Meerhoven is

examples of international talents that moved from

a good example, one-third of the inhabitants are

the Netherlands because their partner was not


of Eindhoven. I hear so many different languages

connected here and didn’t feel at home. Also, it is important to see how the locals are coping When an international moves to the Netherlands, he

with this change.

or she does not have a network here. Therefore, we

this project. We asked several female ambassadors

What is your own projection about Eindhoven in the near future? How will the city transform?

from companies around Eindhoven to become a

I think more and more international people

mentor for women who moved here. We did not ask

will come. Every time I am amazed to see how

for a job.

the number of newcomers is increasing in this

created a project called women for women. We have reached several companies from our network to join

region. Economically speaking, I do not know how We asked three months mentoring time to prepare

Eindhoven will grow. I have trust in the future and

international women for the labor market in the

in innovation. Because as a society we have learned

Eindhoven region. What type of challenges these

from every social challenge and we overcame these

women can face during this job seeking period,

challenges through innovation.

what the gaps are in terms of language and culture and what we can do together to carry them to the

Text: Pinar Sardar, Photos: Eddie Mol


Play with words Talk: One step to success in life while living abroad

Explore, discover and experiment with new words! Experiment with flying objects or discover what shapes you can make

Kirtika van Hunen, owner

in the shadow. Several artists challenge children (ages 2 to 8) and their

of Between 2 Cultures, will

parents in a variety of activities to explore, discover and experiment.

teach you about the crucial

The wide range of available materials stimulates your child to take on

step that one needs to take

whatever tickles its fancy, and an artist is always near to support and

in order to succeed in life.

guide them. And while playing, your child is learning new words!

Sunday 31 March:

Wednesday: 10.30 – 12.00 (ages 2 to 4)

14.00 – 16.00

Friday: 15.30 – 17.00 (ages 4 to 8)


Get Making!

Have you always wanted to 3D print? Come to our

Get “MAKING” at the ‘Warehouse of Innovation’

maker space on Saturday afternoon to make a start.

Eindhoven! Want to learn 3D printing, soldering,

Easily construct models on our computers and get

sawing or work with electronics? Or make your own

them printed right away. In the end you can take

lamp, telephone stand or a cool window hanger?

your 3D printed objects home.

Have you always wanted to make a drone but never had the tools? Or maybe you'd like to make a

Every Saturday in January from 14:00 - 15:30

website but don’t know where to begin?

and from 15:30 - 17:00. Ages 7 - 99 years.

We have various materials and tools at the

Make for example a keychain of your name, your



favorite monster or a simple mechanical part that

Arduino’s and a 3D printer, all to help you realise

fixes a long broken appliance. Find out what the

your ideas! Each week we bring an example of

possibilities are!





something you can make, or you can work on your own creative and/or technical project.

Begin with the software that suits you the best. Everybody can find a suitable tool. Make easy

There’s room for 10 children at one time. If more

sketches with Doodle3D, fun figures with TinkerCAD

sign up we’ll stay open an hour longer. One week

or serious parts with Fusion360. Programs that you

the ‘Techniekbieb’ will be there to help you and the

can also use at home. You can also bring STL files

other week there’ll be fanatical librarians.

from home and get them printed for a suitable fee.

These workshops are for young inventors

If you just want to have a look, you are more than

aged 7 plus.


Gestelse bazar WELCOME to the most fun Toy Store in Eindhoven

Sylvanian Families, a lot of board games, Llorens

and surroundings. We have existed for over 90

dolls, model cars, construction sets and much

years, so we know our way around toys. You can


find us right outside the city centre, where you

You can also order online with us, and we have

can park for free right near the entrance.

our very own delivery service in the Eindhoven

We are an independent toy store with a very

area. If you can’t find a product, we will tap into

diverse collection. Next to all the known brands,

our large network of suppliers and try to order it

we also offer a lot of specialty toys like: Haba,

for you regardless.

We hope to see you soon in our store. Opening hours: Monday 13:00–18:00, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 09:00–18:00, Saturday 09:00–17:00. www.gestelsebazar.nl Hoogstraat 198 | Eindhoven

Una Paloma Blanca Una Paloma Blanca isn’t your average language school. We take a very personalized approach to teaching so that each student can learn as effectively as possible.  All of our teachers are native language speakers who use a huge variety of methods to provide our students with the best experience they can have.   This means providing students with traditional teaching Whether you’re looking to improve a language for work, or chat with the natives on holiday, Una Paloma Blanca will make it happen! P. Czn. Hooftlaan 12 | Eindhoven www.unapalomablanca.com

methods as well as unconventional ones that are creative and fun. Who doesn’t like fun? We sure do! We apply different types of tactics that help students find their sweet spot for learning. From board games, role playing games, simple conversation, to mock job interviews, we make sure that each student can feel like they’ve succeeded and had fun doing so.


‘t Parelbosch I walk into a busy and cosy daycare, everybody is excited because Sinterklaas will visit today. Fortunately mister Jean can find the time to chat with me. It should be clear, mister Jean is like a pea in a pod at ‘t Parelbosch. As an education veteran and a former teacher for Mad Science he found his home at daycare/after school care ‘t Parelbosch. Jean: “It’s very important that kids have off-time after school”. Parelbosch is not a standard daycare, they are all about freedom, feeling at home and creativity. They lean on a diverse and challenging offer of toys and educational material. “One week we have a sjoelbak, in the weeks after they will play with a big box of tools. Kids are very able to choose their own activity”. Mister Jean responds to the questions kids may have immediately, with experiments and roleplay. A curious kid is heard here. Mister Jean is very clear about the approach of daycare/after school care ‘t Parelbosch. They want kids to have a second home. Leaving your child with “a stranger” is never easy, but here they strive for kids to be able to be themselves. Children need a place outside of school they can count on. Jean: “We are independant, and because we pick the kids up from school, their time here feels like free time. They are on a different playground, playing with different kids”. Mister Jean is a remarkable man. While I am interviewing him, children walk in and out. He sends them on their way with a sandwich, cookies or some encouraging words that Sinterklaas will be here soon. Although I have never been here myself, I instantly feel very welcome. 't Parelbosch Daycare Their doors are always open to come and take a look, so hopefully they

De Weghemakersstraat 1B

will see you soon at ‘t Parelbosch.

Pasqualinostraat 10 Eindhoven T 040 256 9090 info@parelbosch.nl www.parelbosch.nl

Join the PSV Handbalteam

Join the PSV Handbalteam! Are you interested to exercise in a nice atmosphere? Do you like to sport in a team and are you into handbal?

Other things which make PSV Handbal unique is the

Finally, we also would like to mention the biggest

If so, then we like to make you aware about PSV

outdoor tournament of the Netherlands during

Handbal located in Eindhoven North!

Ascension Day which is organized by PSV Handbal.

PSV Handbal has a big heritage and was founded

Maybe you think, does this fit for me (as a non-

in 1932. Please have a look at our website:

native)? Definitely! We have diverse member


base with a multitude of nationalities from Spain,

Beach Handbal facilities which allows PSV Handbal to train and play in the summer season outside.

Morocco, Serbia, Poland, Denmark and more. Currently we have 14  teams, both senior and

Recently we welcomed 2 coaches with a Syrian

youth,   and increasingly we have a multitude of

background who played in the national team!

backgrounds in terms of background, language, age

and reasoning of playing.

That illustrates that we are used to help people to

get on board even if the Dutch skills are limited;

For example: our Woman’s 1 plays in the national

think about it, this might also a good way to improve

league and aims to promote this season and

these skills!

therefore they train intensive (4 times a week under a semi-professional coach). Also our Men 1 team

So we surely think there is a lot we can offer and

is very ambitious to promote this season, while

if you are interested to learn more and explore the

they promoted last year as well. For both men and

options (i.e. joining a trail lesson), please respond to

women, PSV Handbal has also teams which have the

this email: irisvandelaar@hotmail.com

more recreational players who like to enjoy playing

on their own level (training once a week with having

Many warm regards,

1 game a week).

PSV Handbal

Next to that, we are extremely proud that our member base is growing especially with the youngest. We have several teams in almost every category in terms of age and our daily management and volunteers are enthusiastic and ambitious to grow. On several occasions there are events organized for our members i.e. around Halloween, Sinterklaas, and more.


Johan Vlemmix the Prince of Carnaval If you are an expat in the south of the Netherlands, you may already have been witness to the age old tradition of carnaval. Although to the average expat it must seem like it’s all about dressing like an idiot and drinking in the street, it is actually a festivity with many customs and rules that go back a long time. One of the traditions surrounding carnaval is, every year carnaval clubs elect a prince. For the period of a year leading up to carnaval this man is literally the prince of his club or in the case of Johan Vlemmix prince of a city. To add extra value to this tradition the Prince of Carnaval is offered the key to the city by the mayor himself. This year Johan Vlemmix is the prince of carnaval for the city of Veldhoven. Johan is well known in Eindhoven, as well as the rest of the country. He is known to be a kindhearted, eccentric fun loving man. It’s not just carnaval that makes him tick, he was a royal family enthusiast for many years and created his own replica of Soestdijk palace. He is also a musician and has produced many comical songs.

Johan Vlemmix


This year Johan will also launch a carnavals song: Koning Carnaval (King carnaval). As a true Prince of Carnaval he will promote his song, at several parties, tv shows and festivities. Over 300 new carnaval songs are launched yearly, and it seems the competition is killing. Especially with our southern neighbours in Limburg, however Johan has managed to get a spot on a local tv show as the only performer not from Limburg himself. When we ask about his plans to make carnaval great this year in the town of Veldhoven, he tells us his plans. His idea is to break many funny records that reference to carnaval and the people of Brabant in particular. He will attempt to break the world record of “Brabants” kissing. People in Brabant seem to give each other

colorful robe along with his court ladies.

Fun facts about Johan you never knew!

Johan isn’t new to the whole carnaval game, he is an honorary


member of many carnaval clubs, and has been on tour with the

professional at living the good

former Prince of Carnaval from Eindhoven. This year he will make

life, and being fun in general

his own tour, promoting his song and bringing life to the party

he is actually a nuclear survival

everywhere. This is in line with his message to expats who want

consultant. He is an expert at

to take part in the festivities. Johan: “Join the party, carnaval is a

nuclear bomb shelters, gas masks

special celebration that is all about being with friends, making new

and survival packs.

three kisses on the cheek every chance they get, even when they introduce themselves! Obviously being the Prince of Carnaval also means having ceremonial duties, Johan has to present the parade and declare the start of carnaval. While doing this he will wear a special





friends and belonging. Carnaval is about including everyone, no matter who you are or where you are from”.

Most expats will know Veldhoven and ASML, when ASML was still

He also has some advice for the expats who wish to venture out,

brand new and not nearly as large

and explore carnaval. “Step into carnaval with an open mind,

as they are now, Johan hosted

a good mood and a happy face. Also make sure you dress up in

their very first employee party at

something ridiculous, special or funny, don’t be ashamed, neither

his Soestdijk palace.

are we! Apart from the fancy dress make sure you wear warm clothes under your outfit, Dutch weather does not go well with

Johan enjoys throwing the party,

drunk people. If going out on your own seems a bit daunting, just

so much more than being a party

bring your own friends te get in the mood, I don’t doubt by the end


of the day you will all have made new friends”. Everything aside, Johan wishes Text: Stephania Kipperman

you all the best of fun this

Pictures: Martijn van Grevenbroek



Living My Dream: How I Came to the Netherlands By Rebekah Villon @rvillon

“What are you doing here?”

but I was making good money, and my animation

As I have traveled around Europe over the past few

career opened up new opportunities for me to

years, I often get asked the question: “So, what are

travel and see the world.

you doing here?”. I don’t have a standard, short answer for that question, and tend to answer it

“Travel broadens the mind”

differently every time. And the funny thing is that,

Of course, traveling exposes a person to new

however I answer it, where ever I am, who ever

perspectives on life, and how other people

I’m talking to, they often reply by repeating the

experience the world. And I was fascinated by how

question, even more baffled. “But what are you

Europeans interacted with work and with their

doing here?”

careers; that many of them seemed to find a way to be successful at work, but also have thriving

To answer that question, it may be helpful to look

personal lives. That their careers didn’t dominate

back 20 years. I was employed by a large medical

every aspect of their lives from morning to night,

insurance company, and had worked my way up

and demand everything they had to give. It made

to a specialized, technical position. I was making

me think and examine my situation.

good money and had good benefits, and did all the things you do: got a better apartment, took myself

Once again in my life, I had a good job and good

to Morocco, bought nicer Stuff... and then I started

Stuff. But I wasn’t truly happy, and, as far as I could

thinking about the future.

see, I would have to forever be sacrificing my time

I was on a leadership path with this company, and

and my energy and my life in order to have this

knew that if I worked there for 20 years, I could become the vice president of my division. But then... I knew my vice president, and didn’t want her job. And I didn’t want any of the jobs between mine and hers. I quit that job and went to art school to study animation. It wasn’t the first time I made a dramatic life change, something that seemed random and unexpected to everyone around me. And it wouldn’t be the last. After I graduated, I spent the next 10 years working very hard to build my career in the animation industry. It often meant 18 hour days, 7 days a week,


Stuff, in order to shelter it and keep it and drag it

values” are shouted louder than ever, with even less

around with me. But I didn’t want to live like a snail

examination and scrutiny.

with a big shell of Stuff; I wanted to live like a bird, resting where ever I landed.

“What brings you here?” In the spring of 2016, I got a job in Amsterdam

I had always excelled at English, and had dabbled in

through a friend, producing an animated TV

literature and creative writing when I was younger.

series at a new studio there. I was excited for the

My time in animation and advertising had exposed

opportunity, and the job also sponsored me for a

me to a lot of advertising and marketing techniques

visa, which I very much wanted. A year later, in the

and strategies, and I’m a great project manager who

summer of 2017, the show was done and I was trying

knows how to scope and schedule a job. So I started

to figure out my next steps. I had no personal desire

exploring ways of becoming a freelance writer,

to go back and live in the US, and find the current

someone who could earn money from anywhere

political climate intolerable. I had been working so

with an internet connection. The more I did, the

much that I felt like I barely scratched the surface

more I realized that it was a viable way for me to

of living in the Netherlands (I STILL don’t know how

support myself.

to ride a bike!), but there are so many things I love

“Let it go”

about the country that I didn’t want to leave it.

In the summer of 2014, I quit my job, got rid of my

“What brings you here?”

Stuff, and bought a one-way ticket for Germany (it


didn’t really matter where I landed; it was the most

expensive, so I was looking for somewhere more

affordable flight at that moment). For everyone

affordable to live while I sorted out what I would

else, this all seemed sudden and dramatic, but

do next. Almost by accident, I stumbled across

I had actually been researching it and planning it

Roermond, which is such an incredible, charming

for a year. Which doesn’t mean it was easy, and I

place, and got myself an apartment there. I started a

didn’t have a lot of moments of doubt, but... but

business of my own, working as a writer and content

overcoming doubt and fear is the only way to do

strategist, specializing in inbound and content

anything good in life. I felt the trepidation and did it

marketing, and settled in to see if I could make it

anyway. I only had what I could carry, and followed

work. It turns out, it does work, and is going better

my impulses from place to place for the next 18

than I expected. I offer my clients a rather unique

months or so.

set of skills and experiences that have a lot of value.

While I expected to learn new things and be

With everything there is to love about Roermond,

challenged in unexpected ways, I didn’t expect the

and as infatuated as I am with the city, it doesn’t

degree to which travel would reveal and inform my

have much of an expat community. I felt lonely

own American-ness. I think it’s true that often you

and personally disconnected, and was so happy

can’t really see something until you step outside of

to find The Hub online and realize that there is

it, and, while my European friends often say that I’m

such a thriving, vital resource for expats so close

not a “typical American” (and I know they intend it

by. I have gotten involved with The Hub as a way to

as praise, and I take it that way), I also know now

form deeper connections, and try to make my own

that I am more deeply American than I ever realized.

contribution, in whatever way I can.


I have come to understand a lot about what being an American really is, at a time when “American

Twitter @rvillon






1 2 3

There is a special skill involved in writing in English for European audiences, particularly

Some of the things I have learned along the way:

when the readers are Dutch. They like their marketing language to be factual, informative, and direct, without a lot of the superlatives that other countries respond to.

Despite what some people say about the Dutch, I have always found, from my earliest visits to the Netherlands, people to be incredibly open, giving, generous, and thoughtful. I have so much affection and respect for the country, and am honored to be here.

I am the luckiest girl in the world.


Prepare yourself for the most colorful party of the year


Dress up for Carnaval in Eindhoven! Traditionally Carnaval will be celebrated from Saturday until Tuesday.

Program 15.11

Although traditions vary from town to town, Dutch Carnaval usually

The start of “Salon op ‘t

includes a parade and a “Prince Carnaval" plus cortège. During these

Plein” at Wilhelminaplein

days Eindhoven turns into “Lampengat”. Because in Eindhoven lies the


origin of the Philips Production of the light-bulb “gloeilamp”. Everyone is dressed up in all kinds of costumes, enjoying music and drinks.

15.30 Performance “Ik ben Willy &

Friday the 1st of March we announce the most colorful entrepreneur of

gij Rene” by Willy and Rene

Eindhoven. Do you want to be part of the celebration and meet other

van de Kerkhof with the

people? Then come to “Salon op ’t plein” and enjoy the carnavalshit “Ik

Durbloazers Band

ben Willy & gij Rene” by PSV Soccertwins Willy & Rene van de Kerkhof. 16.00 Location

Announcement of most

Salon op ‘t plein, Wilhelminaplein Eindhoven

colorful entrepreneur “Lampegatse Bons 2019”

Join us! Do you want to experience Carnaval?


Then you’re more then welcome to join us! Entrance is free.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and send an email to info@wtce.nl

Get Out of Town: Great Day Trips from Eindhoven By Rebekah Villon @rvillon

Get Out of Town If you are new to the Netherlands, or if you are only living here for a year or two on contract, it would be a shame to let the time go by without exploring a little and getting to know the country better. Using your weekends or holidays to take quick day trips gives you a richer and more diverse experience, and is also just a great way to break up your routine and do something a little different. All these destinations are within about an hour’s drive or less, or 1-2 hours on the train from Eindhoven, making them great for a day trip.

Aachen, Germany

Bergen op Zoom

Aachen is a charming little city with a legendary

Bergen op Zoom is a small city with a fascinating

cathedral. You can see Charlemagne’s throne,

military history. It has interesting examples of

visit gorgeous thermal baths, see the ancient city

ingenious Dutch defensive works and a military

towers, and tour the Gothic town hall. The city has

history museum. It also has a charming beach, and

an amazing place in European history, and is a

is a great way to take advantage of warm weather.

lovely spot to visit. Antwerp, Belgium McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Mall, Roermond

Antwerp is only an hour from Eindhoven by car or

If your idea of a day trip involves posh shopping

bus, and is well worth exploring. In fact, Antwerp

at an affordable price, nearby Roermond has

is probably more than you could do in a day, but

a designer outlet mall that attracts millions of

should be kept in mind as a place to see while you’re

visitors a year. It has shops, cafes, and a charming

in this part of the world. Antwerp is an extremely

atmosphere. It’s also just a couple minutes into the

popular city for tourists, with a huge diversity of

charming historic city center of Roermond.

sights and activities, but, since you’re so close, you have the luxury of visiting outside of prime tourist


season and avoiding the crowds.

Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands, recognized by the Romans, and still has some fragments of Roman remains that can be seen today. It has a fascinating historic museum, a Carolingian chapel, and museums of modern art, African art, and a museum of oriental and religious art. For such a small city, it’s full of culture and history with surprising international connections. Nationaal Park de Biesbosch If you are looking for a day in nature, Nationaal Park de Biesbosch is an idyllic spot for boating, biking, hiking, and enjoying unusual plants and animals seldom seen elsewhere in the Netherlands. Home to beavers, deer, foxes, and many unusual birds and birds of prey, and with a year-round calendar of tours and activities, it’s a great place to get away from it all, and fantastic for families.

With so many incredible cities, sights, and destinations just a short distance from Eindhoven, it’s easy to take a day or two here and there and explore the Netherlands. The region is rich in history, art, and culture just waiting to be discovered.


InterNations helps you feel at home around the world Two young German students (Malte Zeeck and

The Eindhoven Community

Philipp von Plato) meet in 1997 at the University of

In 2011 the Eindhoven community started and 8

St Gallen in Switzerland. In 2007 they meet again

years later has 5700+ members. There’s 1 official

and agree: being an expat, no matter where your

event every month, in general visited by 40 to 60

work or travels take you, you are confronted with

people. There are 3 Internations Ambassadors in

the same problems; because every time you arrive

Eindhoven: Elsa Kamberi, Marco Iachello and Shiv

in a new place, you start all over again.


Finding new friends, making new business contacts,

Shortly after moving to Eindhoven in 2011 from

sorting out all the essentials for your daily life are

Taiwan, Elsa (originally coming from Albania) joined

very time-consuming. Wouldn’t expat life be so

Internations, where Eelco Kuijper was the first

much easier if there was just one place you could

Ambassador. As she enjoys being in an international

turn to and find everything you need?

environment and loves networking, she’s the perfect promoter for the Internations spirit.

Malte and Philipp get td Christian Leifeld on board to develop a platform where expats from all

In 2016 Marco found his way to Eindhoven. Being a

countries of the world can network, socialize and

PhD in Systems Engineering, ASML was an appealing

find trustworthy information and services. And so

employer and currently Marco’s has the position of

InterNations was born….

Team Leader there. His passion of organizing social

InterNations Facts Internations






for expats and has 3 million members and 420 communities all over the world. Members are mostly people with an international background, working for international companies that sent them abroad.

If you want to join Internations: Register (for free) at internations.org



events and bringing international people together

That “only” 40 to 60 people attend an event, is

makes him an ideal Internations Ambassador. Also

logical says Elsa: “Although more than 5.000 people

ASML recognized his social talents, and now Marco

are registered at Eindhoven Community, most of

is responsible for organizing team building events,

them come to our events directly after they moved

corporate outings and farewell dinners for his

to Eindhoven. They have their questions and know


that they can get answers and suggestions when they meet other members. During their first months

The third Ambassador, Shiv, is originally from

acquaintances are made and people start making

Chennai (India) and moved to Eindhoven in 2010.

their own, smaller, groups. That means they come

He founded his own consulting firm which helps

to our meetings less often, but it’s nice to hear that

Indian companies to expand to Europe. He joined

through initial Internations events people found it

Internations in 2017 and as he lived in 6 countries,

easier to settle down in a good way”.

Shiv can share a lot of his international experiences and loves helping expats to connect. What the 3 Ambassadors have in common is their passion for organizing events. Elsa: “Already as a child I started organizing events for the children in my neighbourhood. After moving to Eindhoven, and being in a sales position at an English company, I meet international people on a daily basis, so I

My question about their favourite event still brings

combine expanding my professional network with

a smile to Marco’s face. “In 2017 we organized a

being socially active”. She mentions the cooperation

charity event where we raised money for UNICEF.

with the other Ambassadors: “ The drive that

It was great to have an enthusiastic crowd and at

Marco and Shiv show, gives you a boost when

the same time being able to present a cheque to

brainstorming about events. All three of us want to


bring out the best and there’s no better motivation”.   What their goals are with Internations? The answer Marco’s connection with Internations was the

is unanimous: “Lifting the attendance for the events

regular one: someone moves to another country

to 100+”. Elsa is convinced that in the very near

and wants to start making friends. He joined an

future this will happen: ”In the early days, we always

Internations event and soon was asked to become

had to look for places where we were welcome, but

Ambassador. ”The great thing about organizing

nowadays, as our events get more attention, we get

is that you really can connect people with each

asked to have events at upscale places”. (f.e. the last

other and make it easier for them to settle in the

get together was in a skybox at PSV Stadium).

Netherlands. It’s obvious that Internations is blessed with these 3 Although we get a lot of thank you’s for our work,

highly motivated Ambassadors, and that Elsa, Marco

that’s really not what it’s all about: the real

and Shiv aren’t finished yet with their ambition

gratification comes from seeing people who are

to make Internations even more noticed in the

strangers to each other at the beginning of the

Eindhoven international scene. So, we’ll be following

evening, start talking and change thoughts and

them and in the upcoming HOWDO editions there

ideas and planning to meet for a cup of tea or

will be more attention for Internations and the


people behind it.

Parktheater 18 FEBRUARY DANS Isabelle Beernaert ‘Le temps perdu’ 21 FEBRUARY MUZIEK The Simon & Garfunkel Story 26 FEBRUARY DANS Conny Janssen Broos  12 MARCH Pip Utton ‘And before I forget, I love you, I love you’  16 MARCH Greg Shapiro

BAR RESTAURANT ROZENKNOPJE Music * Comedy * Movies Lunch * Dinner * Drinks Historic bar close to the center Open 7 days a week 12.00 PM - 02.00 AM Kitchen open 12.00 PM - 22.00 PM

The madness of King Donald

Every Friday: vinyl DJ's

18 MARCH Blackeyed Theatre

Every Wednesday: Live music Every Monday: Shared Diner

Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four PARKTHEATER EINDHOVEN Theaterpad 1 | Eindhoven www.parktheater.nl

Check our website for full program!

www.rozenknopje.nl Hoogstraat 59 | Eindhoven



01: Welcome evening with Holland Expat Center

01 & 02 & 03: Carnival

01: Pub Crawl

02: Festa do Samba Latin American Carnaval 

01 & 02: 6 Nations games

05: Photography Meetup

05: Photography Meetup

08: Welcome evening with Holland Expat Center

06: Chili Con Comedy Show

08: Pub Crawl

08: Salsa Workshop & Salsa Party

16: 6 Nations game final

09 & 10: 6 Nations games

17: Saint Patrick’s Day

16: Music with Latino’s

20: English Comedy Night

20: English Comedy Night

23: Music with Strangers

23 & 24: 6 Nations games 

27: Extra English Comedy Night

agenda Kids agenda 26 JANUARY TILL 25 JULY De Enck Oirschot Exhibition ‘A Je To’ Neighbor&Neighbor 17 FEBRUARY Klokgebouw Feelgoodmarket 23 FEBRUARY Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven Children’s Club 27 FEBRUARY Warehouse of Innovation Makersclub Warehouse 1 MARCH Bibliotheek Eindhoven Play with Words 2 MARCH Eindhoven Centrum Carnival parade 4 MARCH Bibliotheek Eindhoven Face painting and balloons clown 4 MARCH TILL 10 MARCH Philips Museum Museum Kids Factory 10 MARCH TILL 21 APRIL ‘t Geiteboerke Goats Viewings


London Philharmonic Orchestra

Arseny Tarasevich-Nikolaev, piano Beethoven Piano Concerto no.5 & Symphony no. 5


Stargaze plays Björk’s Debut

Classically trained musicians with a love for electronic & pop music


Netherlands Chamber Choir

Featuring rare 17th century Russian repertoire


Alison Moyet


The Residents


Katia & Marielle Labèque

The Other Tour 2019

50 years a mystery

Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring

tickets available at muziekgebouweindhoven.nl


Tel: 040 244 20 20 (Mon - Sat 13:00 - 17:00)

Asparagus in the Fields Between 15 and 30 May POP-UP RESTAURANT Starting from May 15th until May 30th, the

Are you planning a birthday party,

fifth edition of Asparagus in the Fields will

a business meeting or do you have

take place. A unique event where flavour

anything else to celebrate and are you

and excellent service will meet in good

looking for a special location in the nature?

atmosphere in an extraordinary ambiance.

Would you like to experience a fantastic

During two weeks a stylish pop-up restaurant

3-course lunch or 4-course dinner in our

will arise in the middle of the asparagus

pop-up restaurant?

fields in the rural area of Veldhoven. Every

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for

day lunch and dinner will be served to our

further information and send an email to

guests, prepared at the spot with fresh


asparagus directly from the field by top-chefs and renowned restaurants.


BOOK NOW: 040 - 760 0179

SPA - BEAUTY - FACIAL - MASSAGE MANI/PEDI - SAUNA - GIFTS & MORE www.agua.nl - Wilhelminaplein 17 - Eindhoven

Cristal Cleaning cleans everty type of clothing and textiles for consumers and businesses Geldropseweg 50 | 5611 SJ Eindhoven T. +31(0)40 211 2764 | eindhoven@cristalcleaning.nl www.cristalcleaning.nl

Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven

Learn Dutch! In February, March and April different levels Dutch courses (e.g. level 1 and conversation) Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven Tongelresestraat 146A | Eindhoven

Buying a house?

Know what you’re buying and don’t pay more than you have to! Bring your own agent for independent guidance and advice.

Please check our website www.vu-eindhoven.nl

040 - 84 331 84 www.aankoopmakelaardijvanweele.nl

Natural stone, beautiful and low-maintenance. Together with you, we make the loveliest creations.

more than

structures, headstones and urns

Kanaaldijk Noord 113 5642 JA Eindhoven Phone: 040 281 35 69 info@kluijtmansnatuursteen.nl www.kluijtmansnatuursteen.nl

100 years

of craftsmanship and tradition

Profile for LICHT op Eindhoven

HOWDO magazine February March 2019  

HOWDO magazine February March 2019