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2019 June / July www.howdo.info



12 Expat Fair 16th June Klokgebouw Eindhoven

19 Interview Kim & Marco 28 Share the Vibe with Minha Lee (Korea)


Hotel The Match Welcome tot he least welcoming hotel in the world


Interview Eva Bellocchia An Italian volunteer at the Catharina Hospital

Are you eligible?

During our free event on 16 June we will give you all of the information you need about how to buy a house in the Eindhoven area. Are you eligible? If you have lived in the Netherlands for six months or longer and have a permanent job, you may be eligible to buy a house in the Netherlands! However, there are a lot of rules and regulations to do this. During this event, we will explain things, such as residency, contracts and salary. We will also take you through the process of buying a house in the Netherlands. https://www.abnamro.nl/en/personal/specially-for/ expats/seminar-buying-a-house.html

FEEL AT HOME in one of our new private lease cars

WHY PRIVATE LEASE? Private leasing provides you with financial security, because you pay one fixed monthly amount for the car. This is an all-in price: you only pay for fuel. You are also insured with an extensive service plan, such as replacement vehicles or roadside assistance both domestically and abroad: we handle everything for you. €

USP’s English-speaking contact person Flexible contract Fixed amount per month


€ 385,-

VOLKSWAGEN up! € 349,-

AUDI A3 € 269,-

Security for clients Fast delivery Choose from all models


*Costs are based on 48 months/10.000 kilometre per year.



Wekkerstraat 43 – 53 5652 AN Eindhoven, the Netherlands (0031) (0)40 219 7700

Meerenakkerweg 33 (Navigate to Heistraat 33) 5502 NJ Veldhoven, the Netherlands (0031) (0)40 253 7037





HOWDO magazine is a bimonthly publication. Publisher Niels ter Haar Editorial Office Linde ten Broek, Chanique de Groot, Stephania Kipperman, Caitlin van der Kolk, Marielle Owen, Joost Pool, Rebekah Villon, Nicola Wood Media Advisor Stephania Kipperman, Tim Pennings

Joost Pool

Photography Eddie Mol Design Studio Bonkend Sanne Drieenhuijzen

Not a Tourist Most of our readers are here to stay for a considerable amount of time, either for work or studies. Or they’ve migrated to this ‘tiny country below sea level’ because Cupid led them here. Everyone

Distribution waiting rooms

has their own reasons. Not to worry, even if you are a tourist, flip

Tour de Ville

through to the ‘I am not a tourist Expat Fair’ article. Now organized

Contact HOWDO magazine PO box 4988 5604 CD Eindhoven info@howdomagazine.com www.howdomagazine.com

for the fourth year in a row it is becoming a bit of a tradition and very interesting to all. It informs you about working, housing and education in the Netherlands. You can enjoy a complete day of info and fun, especially if you combine it with the FeelGood Market right next door. Actually, if you are a tourist, consider booking a room at Hotel The

Would you like to receive HOWDO

Match. It is located in the center of Eindhoven and inspires and

at home?

stimulates guests to explore the city as much as possible. Also an

For € 14,50 a year you will receive the magazine once every two months. Mail contact@howdo.info for inquiries. Copyright and disclaimer

option for friends and family of internationals who are cramped for space. Fortunately, summer is here for all of us. We at HOWDO, wish you a great time! Whether you explore the Netherlands, other parts

All matrials and content is

of Europe, or have the opportunity to visit friends & family in all

protected under Article 15 of the

corners of the globe. Enjoy! We’ll get back to you in August. Have a

Copyright Act. Copying is prohibited.

fantastic summer. HOWDO!

© 2019 HOWDO magazine HOWDO magazine is not liable for the content of the columns and eventual inaccuracies and/or typographical errors.

Joost Pool



ZO 16 JUN 2019


r +31 (0)40 238 6777




ST. PAUL & THE BROKEN BONES St. Paul & The Broken Bones is a seven-man soul sensation from Birmingham, Alabama. The band's leader is Paul Janeway, a white singer who sounds like the reincarnation of Otis Redding. Together with his six companions (guitarist,




organist and two wind players) he turns every

ANY QUESTIONS? CONTACT US TODAY! r +31 (0)40 238 6777


concert into a steamy southern soul party. You won’t regret checking them out! Check www.effenaar.nl for the complete program


KIP040 Everything is freshly homemade and prepared with the best ingredients. That’s how we serve our dishes, because we love pure and honest food. We get our chicken from Izzet, a Halal butcher in Eindhoven, so everyone can enjoy it. The quality of the meat is evident from the taste! Want to enjoy a delicious, healthy meal at home? Place an order for pickup or have it delivered right to your doorstep. Edisonstraat 4 | Eindhoven | www.kip040.nl

Enjoy a wicked lunch or dinner at de Bengel! In the heart of Zeelst, Veldhoven, and in close proximity to ASML and business park de Hurk


you will find restaurant de Bengel.

Primary Education

De Bengel is known for its delicious spareribs,

De Wereldwijzer could be translated as the

burgers and satay and prompt, friendly

World wiser or pointing at the World. It offers

service. But de Bengel also has a great lunch

primary education for newcomers and a fluent

menu with a wide variety of salads, hot

transformation to the Dutch educational

sandwiches and of course tasty fried eggs and


ham sandwiches. All international children in the age of 4 to We are aware that some people have limited

12 are welcome. Pupils can apply and start at

time to enjoy their lunch. Therefore, it is

any given time of the year. They will be able to

possible to order in advance (from 11:00). Then

understand, speak, read and write the Dutch

we ensure that your delicious ‘Bengel’ lunch

language within 40 to 60 weeks. After that the

is ready for you to pick up or enjoy in our

pupil can enrol in the Dutch system.

restaurant. We provide the same service for our dinner guests. Order in advance and your

For more information please contact:

dinner will be ready to takeaway. Mrs. I. van Kemenade, Of course, large groups are also welcome at de


Bengel, please book a few days in advance.

Pastoriestraat 88 5623 AT Eindhoven

Restaurant de Bengel Veldhoven

Tel: 040-242 7892

Heuvelstraat 4 | Veldhoven veldhoven@debengel.com T 040 230 0012


pinboard VR 31 MEI


Roots-gospel by three mamas from Como, Mississippi VR 31 MEI


Beautiful Dutch americana singer-songwriter ZO 9 JUN

JASPER STEVERLINCK Ex Arid singer back to the bare essentials in De Rozenknop ZO 16 JUN


Una Paloma Blanca


Sun, sea, sand, and…. school! Once again, Una Paloma Blanca is offering its intensive summer courses for those who want to learn a foreign language in between stocking up on vitamin D.

Must see southern-soul live sensation


Australian singer-songwriter best known for the hits 'Be Alright' and 'Waves' VR 16 AUG


Outdoor Drum 'n bass festival in the woods VR 23 AUG


KIKAGAKU MOYO + THE SOFT MOON + ICEAGE + NIGHT BEATS E.A. The biggest benelux psych-festival back in Eindhoven

check our complete program:


Join one of our CEFR-based groups, taught by native speakers, and spend a week studying your choice of English, Dutch, Spanish, or German. Our interactive teaching methods include games, excursions, and plenty of speaking practice! The summer intensive course lasts for one week, with 4 and a half hours of study per day from Monday to Friday. Don’t worry, there’s also a 30-minute break, during which we’ll provide an internationally themed lunch. Want to aim higher? You can also extend your course to two or even three weeks! Our lessons are designed to maximise learning and significantly improve your skills in your chosen language. Lessons start at 10:00 daily and finish at 14:30. Check out our website for more information: www.unapalomablanca.com Una Paloma Blanca P.Czn. Hooftlaan 12 | Eindhoven

A culinary adventure right from your seat Dining between leprechauns and “the Dutch Masters”

Enjoying an elaborate dinner in a completely different world. A spectacle involving leprechauns walking on the table and soup being served with a catering can. That is Dinner in Motion. A 360 degree restaurant where taste and experience come together. You can experience this new and unique concept at the Piazza at the city centre of Eindhoven. Unique experience Playing with your senses is what it’s all about at Dinner in Motion. During this culinary adventure you and the other guests will all be seated at one long table while the most beautiful images are projected all around you. This makes for a unique experience with fitting music, special effects and surprising dishes completely in tune with the scenes of the show. Tasteful art There are no simple dishes at Dinner in Motion, only culinary masterpieces with a wink. Entrepreneur and founder Bram van der Vorst tells us: “You


Dinner in Motion Piazza 64 (second floor) Eindhoven T 085 303 86 94 E info@dinnerinmotion.nl W www.dinnerinmotion.nl

visit Dinner in Motion to have a night out, to be

The perfect match

entertained. Silliness is very important to us. We

The Piazza is the ideal location for Dinner in Motion,

are constantly seeking ways to offer our guests a

it is close to the train station, close to parking areas

unique experience. The combination of technology

and it is right in the center of Eindhoven. And with

and gastronomy is leading in this process. “During

our 1000m2 restaurant we can really go big! Next to

the show you will find yourself in an adventure right

the two spectacular dinner spaces we have a large

from your seat, taste the paintings of the Dutch

foyer with a bar, that way you can enjoy a drink after

Masters and be surprised by the four elements.

the show.

Have you ever eaten fire? Tasted air? A night of Dinner in Motion will guarantee you a culinary

Eindhoven being the technology city, the arrival of

expedition with a lot of show.

Dinner in Motion is a match made in heaven. The reviews of our concept are great, greater and best.

Departure times

Enough reasons to swiftly make reservations! Check

The 360 degree restaurant is open every friday and

the website for availability and prices.

saturday. You can choose from 2 different starting times. You will be dining with all the guests in an impressive space. On weekdays Dinner in Motion is open to companies and groups. They can reserve private rooms and if desired we can add a custom made intro-projection to the show. A great company outing or business dinner.

w FR GE w E T w E YO .e TI U xp CK R at ET fa S ir. nl

‘Meeting the expat community in the South of the Netherlands’ E X P A T I C A



Education for Expats

1,500 visitors

Useful presentations

10 themes

Music & Entertainment

Jobs for Expats

Food stalls

Houses for Expats

Meet like minded expats Sponsored by


i am not a tourist Expat Fair & FeelGood Market Eindhoven

Sunday 16th June 2019 – Klokgebouw - Strijp-S,

Houses for Expats


Whether you have just relocated to The Netherlands

New to The Netherlands? Looking for a job? Want

or are looking to buy your first property here, you

to learn Dutch and get involved in your local

may need help understanding the ins and outs of

community? Then come down to the Klokgebouw,

the Dutch housing market. You will find real estate

Strijp-S in Eindhoven to the i am not a tourist

agencies, relocation experts, mortgage advisers

Expat Fair & FeelGood Market; the largest event for

and notaries.

internationals in the south of the country. Education for Expats Find all you need to know about life in The

The Dutch are rightly proud of their varied and high

Netherlands in one place. Over 50 exhibitors, plus

quality education system. When you first arrive

fun workshops and useful presentations. Experts

the educational options and terminology can be

on housing, working, studying, taxes and schooling

dizzying. The Netherlands boasts many highly

will all be there, ready to share their knowledge and

regarded schools, colleges and universities with

experience with you. This year the FeelGood Market

an international perspective, many of which offer

provides even more to do; with live music, fresh

courses taught in English.

food and children´s activities. The whole family is welcome to come and explore! It’s all possible at

FeelGood Market

the i am not a tourist Expat Fair & FeelGood Market!

The Expat Fair FeelGood Market Eindhoven will

Check out an impression of the day and get your

take place outside the Klokgebouw. The FeelGood

free ticket now online!

Market is a lively event where you can rest up and relax. Enjoy live music and workshops or purchase original, handmade products from a range of inspiring businesses.

Join the Expat Fair & FeelGood Market Eindhoven and meet the Expat community in Jobs for Expats

the South, a unique combination of Business

For those internationals looking for a (new) job,

and Entertainment. Order your FREE tickets

to widen their professional network, look into

right here! And follow us on Facebook for all

further study, or start an enterprise of their own,

the latest updates!

we have the Jobs for Expats track. You can attend presentations from experienced and insightful professionals.


What's the Story With: Dutch Cocoa? You probably take for granted that chocolate, like all other foods, is processed before it reaches your store shelves. But it may surprise you to know just how much processing goes into chocolate, and what the “Dutch process” is. The cocoa tree originated in the Americas, where the Mayan and Aztec people fermented the bitter seeds to develop flavor. The fermented beans are then dried and can be ground into chocolate liquor. As Europe rapidly developed a taste for this New World ingredient, the Dutch controlled almost all transAtlantic trade in chocolate, and it was distributed from the merchants in Amsterdam. In 1828, Dutch chocolatier Casparus van Houten Sr. invented the cocoa press, a hydraulic press that efficiently separated cocoa nibs from cocoa butter, producing cocoa powder that transformed how cocoa was used. Later his son Coenraad van Houten would further refine the processing of chocolate by alkalizing the powder, resulting in the product still known today as “Dutch cocoa”. Dutch cocoa is deeper in color and smoother in flavor, with less acidity and improved water solubility. Because the Dutch not only imported chocolate, but marketed it, popularized it, and invented processing methods that made it more versatile and affordable, the Dutch are largely responsible for all the chocolate we enjoy today. Now you know the story!

Did You Know They Were Dutch? Eddie Van Halen Rock legend Eddie Van Halen of the eponymous band Van Halen is actually Dutch-American. While we associate Van Halen with the decidedly California-flavored American hard rock hits of the 1980s, founder Edward Lodewijk Van Halen was born in 1955 in Amsterdam. His father was a classical musician, and his mother was from Indonesia. In the early 60's, the family emigrated to California, and brothers Alex and Eddie became naturalized US citizens. Eddie is named after Beethoven, with his middle name being the Dutch equivalent of Ludwig, and he later continued the family tradition by naming his own son Wolfgang. He and his brother Alex learned music on the piano, then switched to the guitar in his early teens, before settling on the electric guitar as the instrument of choice. Both boys were forming rock bands and performing shows as early as elementary school, before founding Van Halen in the early 1970's. Eddie Van Halen is a rock legend, repeatedly referenced among the top guitar virtuosos and most influential guitarists of all time. He has also patented several designs and innovations in the electric guitar itself, enabling it to be played in entirely new ways. And although he is an icon of a certain style of American music, it all began in the Netherlands.

4 Short articles

Kwispellezen: The Most Wholesome Dutch Trend of 2018 “Waggle reading” is the practice of helping children who struggle with reading, by having them read aloud to a specially trained dog. The dogs are attentive listeners, who do not interrupt or correct the child, and children tend to be more motivated to read to dogs and enjoy the interaction. Studies have shown that kwispellezen helps improve children's reading skills, because the children feel less pressure to perform, and because they enjoy teaching and sharing stories with the dogs. It is more effective at motivating children to learn than reading to adults, other children, or to stuffed animals. Kwispellezen was a strong candidate for Dutch word of the year last year, and has the overlapping meanings of “reading while a dog is wagging [its tail]” and “reading in order to cause a dog to wag [its tail]”. Through a partnership with Hulphond Nederland, kwispellezen sessions are available for children at the Bibliotheek Midden-Brabant, and you can learn more about this adorable trend at kwispellezen.nl or at bibliotheekeindhoven.nl. It's a fun, cute way to help children improve their reading skills, and may help to explain why there are dogs in the library.

Dutch Legends: The Pig-Faced Woman Starting in about 1630, tales of a pig-faced woman spread like wildfire through England, France, and the Netherlands. The earliest version of the tale was published in Holland in 1638, and tells the story of a pregnant Amsterdam woman named Jacamijntjen Jacobs. One day, Jacamijntjen was approached on the street by a beggar woman, asking for food for her three starving children. Jacamijntjen told the woman to leave and called her children “filthy pigs.” In response, the beggar woman said, “Are my children pigs? May God then give you such pigs as I have!” Later, when Jacamijntjen's daughter was born, she had the head and face of a pig. The story reported that the daughter (then a teen) ate from a trough and grunted for speech. This story bearsw resemblances to earlier, medieval Dutch legends, and it took northern Europe by storm. In 1639, stories began to be told in London of Tannakin Skinker, the pig-faced woman. Samuel Pepys's diary references a 1640 ballad about a pig-faced woman born in Holland who was visiting London. In the 18th and 19th centuries, stories of a pig-faced woman continued to resurface in England, Scotland, and France, each with local variations. In Dublin, local recluse Griselda Steevens was rumored to have the head of a pig. Traveling fairs and freak shows displayed mock pig-faced women. In 1814, the legend sprang up of the PigFaced Lady of Manchester Square, a story that still persists to this day. The legend of the pig-faced woman is a reflection of the belief that what a woman experiences while pregnant influences her offspring. And the pig-faced woman herself is often a tragic figure, a woman of many accomplishments and a kind, charitable nature, cursed with the face of a pig. The tragic figure of the pig-faced woman resembles the real-life story of the Elephant Man, and one single Dutch story spawned centuries of legends.


Notariskantoor Broekmans. Your notary.

Because you’ve found your dream home

The house of your dreams is the place where you and your family feel at home. Do you envision yourself living in a house with a wide view or do you prefer to live in the heart of the city? Your notary understands that agreements between you and the bank must be properly recorded. We are happy to give you advice in Dutch or English, or with the help of an interpreter, in any other language. This ensures that you fully understand which agreements you’re making. And it will also give you peace of mind so you can look forward to a wonderful future in your new home. Your life. Your dreams. Your notary.

040 213 63 60 Like us on Facebook www.jouwnotaris.nl

Design Your Own Future

Why broadening your job search doesn’t work Be alert if you find yourself willing to do any job

Instead, narrow down your job search.

– Job search tips included.

First, think about what you really want. Let that

Finding a job and starting work as soon as possible is

be your main focus. Dare to narrow down your

what many Expat Partners strive for.

options and focus entirely on that. You will find any recruiters and hiring managers you meet much

Open to any job

more enthusiastic. They will see you as the perfect

After taking some time to get adjusted to your

match for the job. Your experience and enthusiasm

new environment, you slowly start looking for

will lead to an interview sooner.

employment. At this point, you realize your job search has taken you longer than expected, and you

Narrowing down makes it easier:

feel trapped. By that time, you’re ready to accept any

• You are more dedicated.

job. Many Expat Partners think being flexible will lead

• Your search is connected to what you’re good at;

them to a job more quickly. The opposite is true. If

that’s what people are looking for.

you start applying for jobs you don’t really want, you

• You will have more energy to press on.

will find yourself in a long-term struggle.

• People around you will remember you more easily, which can always be useful.

I’m going to explain what happens if you broaden

• It’s easier for them to support you, simply

your job search.

because they believe you.

Top 6 reasons why you should not broaden your job

Having trouble narrowing down your wishes for


your next career step?

1 Searching for something that isn’t true to your

You’re not the only one. 
Contact DYOF if you’re

destiny will not serve you in a positive way.

finding it difficult to narrow down what your next

2 It drives you away from what you really want to do.

career step should be. When you know what you

3 You will have less experience compared to the

truly want, the chances of your job search being


successful will increase immensely.

4 Or, even worse, you will be seen as overqualified for the job.

Go to www.designyour-ownfuture.com and find

5 Recruiters will not identify you as their best

your answers. Grab the free download (called

option for several reasons.

Passport) to get started on the first steps.

6 Your job search will take longer than planned, or it may never end.

I wish you a great career abroad. -Heidi Los


A H I G H - Q UA L IT Y PERSO NAL APP RO ACH T O L EG A L ISSUES As one of the largest family law firms in the Netherlands, our office is home to high-quality, well-renowned attorneys and divorce mediators. We offer a personal approach to legal services across a whole spectrum of family law and/or inheritance law disputes, both to international, as well as Dutch clients. Every day we advise and represent our clients in family and inheritance law matters. Our services are based on a personal approach, never losing sight of the human dimension of a case. We are at your side in difficult times, but also when you settle in the Netherlands and want to be informed about the family law-related consequences.

If you are interested in no-nonsense advice on obtaining a decent out-ofcourt settlement or a court decision, we look forward to hearing from you. For more information please visit our website or send an email to cvandervegt@scg-advocaten.nl.



De Lairessestraat 151 1075 HK Amsterdam Tel +31 (0)88 909 49 20 Fax +31 (0)88 909 49 99

Parklaan 54 5613 BH Eindhoven Tel +31 (0)88 909 49 00 Fax +31 (0)88 909 49 99

Local Kim & Expat Marco

Local Kim & Expat Marco From a pizza date to living together

Kim Hoogendoorn and Marco Iachello recently moved from an apartment in the centre of Eindhoven to a rustic house with a garden in the "green" Veldhoven. Was it a good choice?

we are within walking distance of the Citycentrum, with a great diversity of shops and convenient for the daily groceries as well." Marco, smiling, adds: "What I certainly don’t miss are the parties at the neighbours’ till the middle of the night, then again, that is kind of normal when you







live in the centre of Eindhoven amongst students.

Eindhoven was great, we definitely feel at home here. We have a garden now and live in a green

Buying a house

area, so we ended up fine. Our street is a mix

Initially I thought that the preparations for buying

of internationals and locals, and our neighbors

a house would take a lot of time, but looking back,

immediately introduced us to an app, specifically for

it all went smoothly. Fortunately we had a good

our street, with Q&A’s and helpful tips. Furthermore,

mortgage consultant, who was really helpful, and


took us step by step through the process. I can

From a pizza date to living together

recommend that to everyone.

It resulted in a "pizza appointment" and from there things went fast. Marco, again with a smile: "It felt

Purchase agreement, appointments with the notary

good and within weeks Kim had a key of the house.

f.i. were handled efficiently, but of course, changing

It worked both ways: Kim lived in Venray and had to

houses absorbs a lot of time. So we have not been

travel 30 miles every day to go to work in Eindhoven.

"outside" enough in recent months: we like running

Now she had to drive only for 10 minutes and we had

and cycling, and we regularly went to the gym.

more quality time together."

Unfortunately, there wasn’t too much time for that, but we certainly will be picking up those activities.

Although Kim loved her job in hotel management, it

When Kim and Marco met two years ago at a meeting

was not an ideal situation. Kim: "The travelling time

of InterNations, they had no clue about how fast

was a problem, but more importantly, our working

things can change. "As a host at InterNations I meet

hours didn’t match. I had to go to work sometimes at

a lot of people and that night I also spoke briefly

6.30 AM, or returned late at night. I also worked a lot

with Kim. Later in the evening we met again and

of weekends, and had a day off during the week, but

only when the bartender told us it was time for the

then Marco obviously had to work. Therefore Kim

last round, we looked around and we saw that a lot

changed jobs, but kept working in an international

of people were already gone. So we obviously had

environment at a listed company, meaning their

more than an average chit-chat. "

working hours are better in balance.

Local Kim & Expat Marco

Volcanoes and earthquakes

Future plans

Especially the free weekends were a bonus, as

Asked if a career switch in the near future is in sight:

both like to go on a city trip. Prague, Lisbon and

"Never say never" they agree, but both are obviously

Copenhagen are no longer on the bucket list and

really comfortable with their present situation. And

a visit to the island of Lampedusa and to Bari are

although adventurous in nature, for the moment

already booked. And of course, Marco’s family in the

they love living in “small" Veldhoven. Marco's work

Catánia region (Sicily) must be visited every now and

at ASML offers many challenges, and he loves living

then. Especially the first visit Kim will remember for

and working in a country that is well organized, has

the rest of her life. Kim: "The night after we arrived

no corruption and good education

I heard a rumbling sound in the middle of the night and I tried to wake up Marco. Still half asleep he said, “I guess it was an earthquake” and fell asleep again.... The next morning we found out that the Etna volcano had erupted, triggered an earthquake and closing down all air traffic.

Concluding: it is safe to say that in their case two cultures mingled nicely, and that the delicious bite that is offered (Dutch cheese in combination with Italian sausage) is a good metaphor for how two elements from different cultures can strengthen each other.


A big city garden, great international food and an informal atmosphere make Berlage beloved by people from all over Eindhoven. Kleine Berg 16 5611 JV Eindhoven 040-3400036 info@berlage.nl www.berlage.nl Open Sunday to Thursday: 11:30 till 00:00 Open Friday and Saturday: 11:30 till 02:00

Do you want to live in Eindhoven?

Excellent Mortgage Advice If you want to live in Eindhoven our mortgage advisors are happy to help you examine all your options. Make a non-binding appointment with one of our advisors and also receive a ₏ 50 voucher for a dinner at Berlage. Call us at 040-2482211 or e-mail us eindhoven@hypotheekvisie.nl for an appointment. Don’t forget to mention that you saw our ad in the Howdo!

Pastoriestraat 153, 5612 EK Eindhoven - 040-2482211- eindhoven@hypotheekvisie.nl


A purchase broker Buying a house in current housing market can be quite daunting. Let alone in another country where you do not speak the language well or even at all. Having someone who does and is in your court can then be quite helpful. They can assist in the whole process or just parts of it. This is something that I would always advise internationals and locals to use. The purchase broker can help you understand the process here in the Netherlands. (As every country has their own way of doing things). Buying a house can be an emotional process so having someone looking with you objectively can help you decide with your head also and not only your heart. Firstly the purchase broker can assist in the preparation and looking for the perfect home. They can be present at the viewings of the properties and make a good comparison for you. They can do the investigation and arrange the technical inspection of the property, help with the negotiations. Be there for the transfer of the deed and all the official steps at the notary. They can also provide some after sales support. The houses are moving fast in Eindhoven, however there have been reports that the market has carefully been levelling out at the beginning of this year. When you are considering in buying a house please feel free to contact me so that we can discuss what we can do for each other.

Eindhoven and surrouding areas Tulip Expats Services BV +31 6 53 14 70 86 marielle@tulipexpatsservices.com

Postal address: P.O. Box 82301, 2508 EH The Hague +31 70 220 81 56 tulipexpatsservices.com



Do you want to learn Dutch quickly and thoroughly? If you work on the High Tech Campus

Why Regina Coeli?

in Eindhoven, you don’t have to travel


far to do so. Language Institute Regina Coeli provides Dutch language courses

Time-tested method based on scientific insights


Unique method ensures that you learn

on campus. It’s easy to combine with

to speak a foreign language quickly

your daily work, and there’s a course for

and effectively

every level. Learning the Dutch language


and getting to know the customs of the country will help you understand the

Well-educated native speakers who delve into your situation


Easy to combine with your daily work

Dutch and integrate smoothly.

Visit www.reginacoeli.com/htce or give us a call +31 (0)73 684 87 90

Regina Coeili

Do you feel at home in Eindhoven? The British writer and artist Edmund de Waal wrote: ‘With languages you are at home anywhere.’ If you speak another person’s language, it is very easy to make contact. And while many Dutch people speak English, for deeper, more meaning ful contact, it helps to speak Dutch. Start with a good foundation

How to get hands-on practice?

Learning a foreign language is not particularly

Start a conversation with Dutch colleagues.

complicated—if you approach it the right way, that

Join a sports team for locals. Practice your

is. For many expats, taking weekly Dutch lessons

favorite sport and talk Dutch with your team

does not really work. When everyone continues to speak English to you, the leap to speaking Dutch in

members. •

everyday life is simply too big. You need to make sure you have enough knowledge to really speak

Find a volunteer job. Look for example at the website of ‘Eindhoven Doet’.

Watch Dutch television.

Dutch in practice. I’m not a tourist expat fair The easiest way to learn a foreign language is get

On 16 June, the i am not a tourist Expat Fair &

into a flow. You can create that flow by learning

FeelGood Market comes to the famous Klokgebouw

intensively for a short period of time. After that

Eindhoven’s city centre. Language trainers from

focused stretch, be sure to get loads of hands-on

Language Institute Regina Coeli will be there too.

practice and plan another study sprint later on

You can ask them all your questions about learning

down the road.

Dutch and about our Dutch courses at the High Tech Campus and in our institute in Vught. See you there!


Eddie Mol and Linde ten Broek meet internationals and talk about life, love, roots, dreams and more.

Share the Vibe with Minha Lee (Korea) Give life to pixels

We care for the world. We want to be an example.

to inhabitants of Eindhoven who were born and

In Eindhoven, the city of technology, design and

raised here and have seen the city grow and evolve

knowledge, it’s all about those important words

as it is now. Eindhoven is a city of innovation, but

that are even more impressive when combined.

where is its soul? Minha Lee, a doctoral candidate in

As we become more well-known, we show up in

human-technology interaction at the TU/e sat with

newspapers and magazines all over the world. This

me on the 8th floor of the world’s most sustainable

relatively young city is taking a huge step forward.

education building, Atlas. We had a very interesting

More internationals are arriving to study, work

conversation about chatbots, compassion and

and live here, bringing their knowledge, wisdom

better understanding our own life along with its ups

and rituals with them. In and around the city there

and downs. Minha opened my eyes to a completely

are hotspots where people can learn, explore and

new world that I didn’t know existed. Are you ready

take an adventurous step towards a whole new life.

for a behind-the-scenes look at Human Technology-

Accompanied by family or friends, or even alone,

Interaction and the mission of a woman who wants

they come here and start a new chapter. Their

to contribute to a digital environment that can make

journeys are usually invisible to others, especially

us all happier and healthier? Read on!

Share the vibe


To stand in line at McDonald’s

the world can be modeled in 3D.

Minha decided to come to the

Minha was interested in how we

Netherlands to do her master’s

try to mold technology in our own

degree in Amsterdam, and then

image and how lonely it must feel

moved to Eindhoven for a PhD

to have self-awareness as a form

position at HTI. But she was

of technology stuck in these 3D

born in Korea, and she moved to

programs. The digital world is

Romania, Ukraine, and the United

a recreation of reality, and you

States with her family when she

are the creator of the story. It

was 7 years old. Her daily life

was interesting to ask questions

during the nineties in Romania

such as who are the characters

and Ukraine was very different

that I create? Do they have a

to what she knew of her life in

life? And why do I create these

Korea. She remembers specific

characters? In the animation


smells, such as the smell of the



fresh bread they made there,

House, a humanoid with a house

says, “research shows that the



for a head. By peering through


She got a glimpse of the fall of

the windows of the house, the

the interaction you have face to

communism and could see signs

viewer can see another small

face. An article in the New York

of capitalism breaking through.

house and, in that, another one,

Times said: the richer you are,

At the first McDonald’s in Kiev,

illustrating how stuck he was

the less time you spend in front

people stood in line to enter. It

in his world. Gary committed

of a screen. Technology is not

was a big deal to eat there at a

suicide by using another form

special anymore. You can learn

special moment that represented

of physical technology to hang

via digital media but it’s more

a country in transition.

himself. After that, you can get a

valuable to learn with a real










meet Minha



glimpse of his inner world, where

teacher. You can be entertained

How do we portray ourselves

a lot more was happening than

via digital media, games and

through technology?

what was seen from the outside.


In Amsterdam, Minha completed

Do we really know what is going

real-life joys are more valuable.





on inside of us? Do others know

You start to appreciate that more

Science and became more and

who we are? And isn’t it always

with the influx of so much digital

more interested in the fledgling

that we don’t really know what

stimuli. Digital communication


we see in front of us? On the one

has a lot to offer, but it is





human-computer she

hand, Gary is only a character, a

commonplace. It can be made to

studied philosophy and digital


digital being, and therefore he

feel warm and help you with self-

animation. The question that

cannot really “die”. So, can he

awareness. While working on the


actually commit suicide?

research of Caring for Vincent:






thoughts was, how do we portray

A Chatbot for Self-compassion

ourselves through technology?

Real life joys

When she studied animation, she


wondered what it was like to be a


the quantitative and qualitative




analyses suggest that human-


chatbot interaction can help us

character in the someone else’s

technology. We really are more

think about the future of well-

animation. Everything we see in

productive than ever before,






robots in science-fiction movies or even in research is usually very superficial, like making a robot smile, which means it’s happy, or making it cry, so it’s sad. It becomes far more complicated when we want to add emotions like guilt, shame and humanlike imperfections to it.” In her work, Minha has to design these emotions for a chatbot, but even as a human, it can be difficult to conceptualize it. You learn what compassion means to you and what it means to the interaction, when you have to program that into technology. That’s the personal discovery, the journey you take within yourself while working on these topics.” People do have complex emotions and we’re not automatically happy or sad. There’s The fake world

a lot under the surface. For instance, the longer

When we look at the impact of social media, we see

you live, the more you come to realize what regret

that everyone posts only the best stories, pictures

and grief really mean. These emotions make us very

etc. We don’t dare share our flaws and things we

human. Yet, we don’t know how to approach that

are ashamed of or feel guilty about. But we all, as

in technology, but that’s one topic we are engaged

humans, have those emotions hidden somewhere

with in our department.”

inside us. Our recent research project led to a very interesting outcome. While communicating with

Minha: “We need to understand how we can

Vincent, a chatbot that admitted its everyday flaws,

experience these emotions better. How do we

people ended up caring about him. They preferred

portray guilt in our everyday life? How do we

a chatbot they cared about, rather than a chatbot

process it? How do you show compassion? There’s

that cared about them, like a therapist. So, if you’re

a lot of research in psychology about this and

having a chat with bot that complains and shows its

there’s also a lot of studies on compassion and

flaws and human imperfections, you can relate to

the meaning of this in philosophy. I want to utilize

it more. This care receiving chatbot with everyday

that knowledge about complex emotions when

troubles increased people’s self-compassion. Thus,

researching interactions with technology in our

the more we see suffering in technology and find

department. I want to bridge the gap between the

ourselves caring about it, the more likely we are to

fields of philosophy and psychology and the newer

be kind to it and therefore be kind to ourselves. On

discipline of human-computer interaction. One

social media, we often only see the most positive

cannot maximize the benefits of each field until one

events, but of course there is a whole host of

sees connections to other existing disciplines.”

ugliness that we don’t really show as humans. “Also, it’s important that we open our doors to When digital beings display human-like failings,

the public more often, and that our colleges and

we are reminded of our own humanity. Minha tells

knowledge become accessible to more people than

us: ”these themes have always been present in my

just our students and university staff. The TU/e and

work. I always question the way we portray human

the Design Academy are sort of islands, where a

imperfections in digital technology. And that is a

lot is happening, but you can only enter if you’re a

challenge, because as humans we often don’t really

member. Isn’t that strange? We must invite them to

show that to each other. The way we add emotions to

participate in the research and also to be critical

Share the vibe


of it. Research is meaningless unless it is shared. I’m looking forward to participating in initiatives that bring all kinds of people together. Thanks to the research I do, I understand more about myself and I have more self-compassion. I am not only a researcher, I am human. Here in Eindhoven, I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn more about myself and others.” “Technology can be helpful when you can’t find the words for what you’re feeling. A chatbot that tells you what happened can talk about its experience of feeling ashamed. We tend not to use words like shame or compassion. Those are deep, heavy words that we don’t often use in our everyday language. We don’t really say we felt compassion towards someone. When we have difficulties with heavy concepts, we can have technology say things in our place when we don’t have the courage or selfawareness to reflect on our own feelings. Technology can be used as a mirror to show us what is human.” “Eindhoven is booming, but how

You cannot maximize the talent that you have until you see connections to other existing talents

can we care for its soul? I wonder what will happen when we add emotions like self-compassion to Eindhoven’s technology, design, and knowledge DNA.”

Text: Linde ten Broek Photos: Eddie Mol

Eddie Mol, photographer, www.eddiemol.nl Linde ten Broek, writes and tells your story, www.lindetenbroek.nl

What being a volunteer at Eindhoven News has meant for me By Melinda Walraven – News Editor-in-Chief

I grew up in sunny South Africa and have always

Since then, I am happy to say, Eindhoven News has

been a curious person. So, journalism was the

gone from strength to strength. We have a full roster

perfect fit for me. Not only did I get to learn things,

of translators who disseminate news to the local

but I would also be able to share them with the

expat community on a daily basis. I do something for


Eindhoven News - whether it’s translating articles from Dutch into English or editing other translators’

But you know the saying, “Life is what happens to

work - every day.

you while you’re making other plans”. Although I did go on to study journalism and I did get to work

What does it mean for me?

in the industry, I met the love of my life, had two children (whom I also love dearly), moved cities,

So, what has it meant for me? Working as a volunteer

got married. So, I put my writing aside for a while to

at Eindhoven News has meant a great deal for me.

focus on other things.

It has given me the opportunity to get back to doing what I love to do - writing - without having to take

And then we moved here. To Europe. Halfway across

time away from my family.

the globe. Which had been my lifelong dream. And once here, I had to try and find my place in the world

It has helped me learn the Dutch language in an

again. I knew I wanted to do something I love, but it

organic, informative way. It has also, incidentally,

had to be something that would not take me away

improved my English. It has helped me meet people

from my family. Especially my youngest daughter,

from many different countries, and make my first

who needed to adjust and settle in this new country

friends in Eindhoven along the way.

with its unfamiliar language and new ways. Working with all these different kinds of people

‘I can do that’

has also taught me to be more tolerant and understanding. Juggling different people with

One day, I was scrolling through Facebook. As one

different needs and schedules of their own can be

does. And I saw that Irene (Manager) was looking

tricky at times. I think it has helped me grow as a

for someone to help out with translations. “I can do


that,” I said to myself. That was more than two years ago. And the rest, as they say, is history.

My work at Eindhoven News makes me feel useful. I know our readers gain knowledge and insight into

I started off doing a few translations a week. A few

the daily going-ons in the city. This knowledge helps

months later, Irene asked if I would be willing to

them to start participating in a city that is brand-

lead the news/translation team at Eindhoven News

new to some of them, thanks to the work we do at

as the News Editor-in-Chief. I jumped at the chance.

Eindhoven News.

I could get back to my first love - writing and sharing information in a responsible way.

Photo caption: Melinda and her husband, Michael.


Purchase guidance € 500,You don’t buy a home each day. It’s one of the most valuable purchases in your life. Everything is strange for you: the language, the country, the municipality but also the law. LamotMakelaars knows the market and has the

If we reach an agreement with the sellers about the

knowledge of the region.

purchase price, a purchase contract is made. We control this contract and explain it , so that there

When we go to work together, we start listing your

are no more questions and that everything is clear

living requirements. We also discuss the various

to you. It is a big purchase and everything has to be

locations in and around Eindhoven. Your budget is

100% in order.

also important an important factor. We accompany you with everything including visiting When you have seen a nice house on Funda or

the notary inspecting the property before going to

another website, we go together for a second view.

the notary. From the first moment to the last at the

We validate the correctness of the price for the

notary, we are there for you. We are also available in

house but also check in the land register whether

the evening hours and the weekend.

everything is in order. We also look at the location, how is the house situated in the neighborhood,

There is only one thing that matters to us and that

which facilities are present in the neighborhood.

is a good home for you without problems.

We then discuss our assessment with you and then we purchase a bid which we then issue for you. We

For the very competitive price of € 500,- incl. VAT

then do all the negotiations for you. LamotMakelaars Gebroeders van Doornestraat 32 | 5614 BN Eindhoven 06 574 252 97 | info@lamotmakelaars.nl www.lamotmakelaars.nl

Sip is a Trip Rebekah is Reading by Rebekah Villon

Sip is the debut novel from American Brian Allen Car.

another sense, though, it's no more harrowing than

It's classified as science fiction, but it reads more

the stories of addiction we encounter every day,

like a surrealist post-apocalyptic western, a world

and we recognize many of the behaviors, if not the

with one impossible feature that leads to an all-too-


possible future. Carr is an accomplished short story writer who has In Carr's novel, people can get high off of drinking

published several novellas, and Sip isn't a long read.

their own shadows. The effects are strange and

His brief, staccato sentences drive the story forward,

far-reaching, as addicts go to any lengths to steal

using language so spare and economical that he

shadows, and domed cities are erected to exclude

often eschews full sentences. For example, this

the light and prevent “sippers� from getting in. In

wonderful introduction to the hermit:

Book Review by Rebekah Villon “He has a passion for grass fires. His teeth are like oyster gravel. You can smell the funny look in his eyes.�


Game of Thrones: we spend an awful long time with characters and details that end up not being relevant to the story. Or maybe they are relevant, in a symbolic way, but the connection isn't fully

One of the things I love about Sip is the unsparing

realized. I feel Carr wanting to gather up all these

spareness. Carr doesn't indulge in the science-

loose threads of story and detail and character

fiction writer's trope of long sections of dialogue

into one climactic moment when everything comes

explaining the way the world works for characters

together... but it doesn't quite.

who should know it already. He doesn't even fully explain the world at all: the characters simply live

It is entirely possible that, despite the battles and

and move and breathe in it as the only one they've

journeys and losses and adventures, the entire story

ever known. By the time we come to the Town of Lost

is actually about Mira and her mother's addiction,

Souls, the dusty dryness, the suspicious quietness

and that she needed to go all that distance in order

on Main Street, the madness in the saloon, we

to find a way for the two of them to go forward.

realize that even though we are in the future, we are well and truly in the Wild West.

Sip is a fast read and a good story, with 3.38 on Goodreads and a lot of great reviews. The movie

Unfortunately, for me, the book doesn't read like

rights have already been picked up, and a movie

it's entirely finished. The pacing doesn't quite

version may resolve some of the pacing issues.

work, almost as though he didn't know where the

Let's hope a movie also resolves some of these

story was going when he started it. It reminds me

loose ends. The book deserves a story as sharp and

of one of the most infuriating aspects of reading

unflinching as Carr's writing.

The Match

Check in, stay out This is the fixed motto at The Match hotel. This new hotel opened in January and can be found in the characteristic “De Bergen” area in Eindhoven’s Kleine Berg. The hotel encourages guests NOT to stay inside the hotel, but to explore the city. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t pay attention to the design. On the contrary, Studio Hank created a colorful and trendy interior, while Vincent Huibers provided a lobby and rooms with edgy street art. Check in via your smartphone or iPad at the hotel and enjoy a bite at the 24/7 self-service MatchMarket. Fun fact: Every room comes with a “handy”, a type of smartphone that allows you to make calls for free within Europe, USA, Canada, India, Hong Kong and China. Above all, this is a tool with all the information a guest might need to go out and discover Eindhoven. The hotel also sends push notifications informing you of special events in town, making sure you don’t miss out on anything. The Match does not have a hotel manager, but a “Match-fixer”. Much like a concierge, but with a twist. Someone who can tell you all about the hotspots in the city and who can assist you.

See you soon at The Match hotel! Kleine Berg 43 5611 JS Eindhoven www.hotelthematch.com


Brittany Lavallee


Brittany Lavallee How a transatlantic couple found each other in the Pacific

Born and raised in Vermont, USA, Brittany Lavallee wanted to broaden her horizons. That’s why she and her friend Francesca booked a flight to Hawaii. Still within the States, but at almost 5,000 miles it is further away from Vermont than Eindhoven is. Or Geldrop, for that matter, just to name another metropole… But we’ll get back to that.

What inspired you to move to Hawaii?

Because of that, it was never really a long-distance

“Vermont, just north of New York, is a very nice place

relationship, but it did involve a lot of travelling and

to live. A bit northern European-like, but I wanted

frequent changes of scenery.”

to see more of the world, or at least the States, to start off with. Climate-wise it’s the opposite of

And now you’re here to stay?

Vermont and let’s be honest: who wouldn’t like to

“Yes, for quite some time at least. Now it’s about

go to Hawaii? We started on the Big Island, I worked

being adults and paying bills. Two years ago, I

in a clothing store and restaurant for a while, but

received my five-year permit and since then Frank

we didn’t really have much luck on the Big Island.

and I have been living in Geldrop. Even Chaz, my

Therefore, we flew to Kauai, where Francesca and

16-year-old cat, has joined us. It took tons of

I found work in a hostel. I was responsible for the

paperwork, but I grew up with him so I couldn’t bear

upkeep and cleaning of the rooms while she worked

to leave him behind. He’s the best furry companion

at the front desk. I was perfectly happy to stay there

for our little family.”

for a while and return to Vermont eventually until a young Dutchman, Frank, walked into the hostel as a

“The plan is to stay for another three to four years

guest. We hit it off immediately, but unfortunately

and then we’ll see. The States are an option, Frank

he was only there on a two-month permit, so we

would love to live there, but we’re also considering

had to part ways quite soon.”

Germany and Switzerland. Who knows, it might just remain the Netherlands. I feel very fortunate living

So, that was the end of the love affair? Or, as we say in Holland, ‘at least we’ve still got the pictures’.

here. The Dutch community is very welcoming, and

“Haha, no, but yes, we do still have the pictures.

think they’re cost efficient. Groceries are remarkably

No, I flew back to Vermont to surprise my mom for

cheaper here than in the US. Some say that the

Mother’s Day and two days later Frank turned up

Dutch are blunt, but I’d rather call it open. What you

at her house, completely unexpectedly. Both my

see, or hear, is what you get.”

everyone goes out of their way to help you out. There’s this stigma that the Dutch are stingy, I just

mother and sister immediately loved him. After that, we went back and forth several times. We’d live with

I think you’re really settling in.

my family for a few months, then Frank and I would

“I am, I’m doing my best to say the least. I try very

stay with his family in the Netherlands and so forth.

hard to learn the language, I’m at level B1 now.

What are your plans for the near future?

Eindhoven is a real expat city, in Geldrop people address me in Dutch

“Frank is pleased that the house is nice and tidy, and that I have learned to cook since arriving here! But I’d like to spread my wings a little. Of course, I will keep on improving my Dutch and maybe pick up a course in interior decorating or design again.” “For now, my life is absolutely wonderful. Frank’s family have been fantastic. They’ve helped me out and shown me around. Not just the region, but also many parts of Europe. My mom recently

It’s probably a bit easier for me than for many of

visited us, so we showed her around town and all

my classmates because they have fulltime jobs.

throughout the Netherlands. This was very exciting

With Frank’s work at ASML I don’t need to work for

for all of us, especially since it was her first trip

financial reasons, so I have enough time to do my

abroad. If she comes back again, we’d really like to

homework. I also practice my Dutch by reading

go to Italy because her family is of Italian origin.

the subtitles in English and American movies. I

When Francesca came over, we went to Christmas

do experience a big difference between Geldrop

markets in Prague, Hungary and Switzerland. I

and Eindhoven. Eindhoven is a real expat city, and

really enjoy my Dutch classes, which I will continue

everyone automatically switches to English when

until I master the language and it’s a great way to

speaking to me. In Geldrop people tend to address

meet other expats as well. Although I haven’t been

me in Dutch.”

there yet, I plan to get involved with the Hub. All options are open, but for the time being I couldn’t be happier than right here in Geldrop!”

Embrace the Dutch way of life Just to conclude, what would you say to newcomers? “Learn the basics and the language. Show everyone that you’re trying. Embrace the Dutch way of life. Get out there. Celebrate Carnival and visit (free) gatherings. Be a presence!”

Text: Joost Pool Photos: Eddie Mol

Brittany Lavallee


Valkenswaard We would like to introduce you to Valkenswaard.

and sports enthusiasts. But also for children there’s

Valkenswaard wants to show its hospitality and

a lot to discover!

we welcome this initiative to inform expats about everything that is going on in Valkenswaard. With

Visit a museum, make a canoe trip, go for a nice

more than 30,000 inhabitants, and including the

shopping spree or grab a drink at one of the

villagecentres Valkenswaard, Dommelen, Borkel en

terraces. Almost every weekend there is something

Schaft, it’s a Burgundian municipality in the heart

to do in or outside the village centres. Town centre

of the Dutch Kempen and the Metropolitan Region

is buzzing when the day has only just started. And

of Eindhoven. Valkenswaard has a surprisingly

a little further away, the tranquility of the most

versatile level of facilities in social, cultural,

beautiful outdoor areas awaits. In short: There is

sportive and recreational terms. The municipality is

a lot to enjoy in Valkenswaard! We would like to

a place for bon vivants, nature lovers and culture

welcome you soon.

sniffers, for fun shoppers, culinary connoisseurs



June 30: Valkenswaard Volkoren (Music)


Like previous years, several choirs will perform along the various terraces and shopping locations in the centre of Valkenswaard. From folk songs to pop music, from ballads to rock, and everything in between.

May 30 (10.00 - 17.00 hrs): “Hemelse sferen” Be surprised by the wide range of items distributed over around 300 market booths, such as clothing, jewelry, home decoration, toys, baby articles, cleaning products and much more. Apart from all this we also have several attractions. Especially for the children we have a carousel and a scooter track.

July 28: Proost! Gerstenat Bierfestival (Burgundian) Time for beer tasting again! In town centre nineteen national and international Breweries will present their beers; by now well known for its cosy atmosphere. In addition, the “Biergondiër” offers two unique activities: Bierstachelen and Silent Beertasting, to enlarge the beer experience. June 8: “The Summer of 69” (Music)

August 8: 5th round of the 2019 UCI MTB Eliminator

“The Summer of 69” is a special edition of “Concert in

World Cup (Mountain Bike)

het Park”. Together with Harmonie de Dommelecho

As from 2017, Valkenswaard is hosting the UCI MTB

and many other local and regional artists, you will

Eliminator World Cup series. The series has an urban

enjoy a tribute to 50 years of Woodstock, based

character and welcomes Cross-Country Eliminator

on the legendary first edition in 1969. Access is

(XCE) races of the highest level. City Mountainbike

absolutely FREE! www.ameezingvalkenswaard.nl/

brings the very best of world's top athletes together


on an international racing scene. The format is open to all ages, from kids to locals and professionals, both for men and women. Be part of these unique city





August 9-11: Longines Global Champions Tour (Show Jumping) Valkenswaard, the spiritual home of the Longines Global Champions Tour, is always a favourite with riders, owners and sponsors alike. This year, the spectacular and state of the art Tops International Arena will host the 16th round of the Tour and the Global Champions League. The superb facilities created






founder and president Jan Tops have reached new






development cementing the venue as the epicentre of equestrianism in Europe w w w.g lobalchampions tour.com/event s/2019/ valkenswaard/info/about/

Ons Kato,


Where living becomes experience! September





(Culture) Corso Valkenswaard: The cosiest Corso in the Netherlands, every 2nd Sunday of September in the streets of Valkenswaard. A dahlia Parade of 14 beautiful flower-filled cars (12 metres long, 4.5 metres wide and 6 meters high) together with show bands and brass bands from all over the Netherlands. A colourful experience for young and

A unique store with contemporary __lifestyle products and presents.

old! www.corsovalkenswaard.nl Cor Driessen Valkenswaard Marketing Our brands: Madam Stoltz, Brynxz, Qoss, Collectione, Mijn Stijl, Micmacbags, Zinvol, The Gift Label, Scentchips, Artisan Home Handwerkstraat 12 a, 5554 HP, Valkenswaard, Tel. 06-14970181 www.onskato.nl

Till August 31st Shop BTW-free! (not valid in combination with other actions/special offers.)

Corridor Mode in Valkenswaard Personal service is our highest priority

For over 40 years Corridor Mode is located in Valkenswaard town centre and specializes in men's fashion and personal service is the highest priority. Thanks to many years of experience, the beautiful collections and the professional advice of the team, Corridor Mode guarantees pleasant shopping! Corridor Mode Corridor 2 Valkenswaard For more information: www.corridor-mode.nl


SAT 28 SEPTEMBER ABBA FEVER - Swing back into the 70’s & Get the Abba Fever MUSIC















THU 30 JANUARY RAÌCES CUBANAS Raìces Cubanas on tour 2020 MUSIC


SAT 9 MAY KNOT DANCE Acrobatic Dance Theater

Eindhoven News 10th anniversary

21 September 2019, Eindhoven News 10th anniversary celebration! For 10 years, Eindhoven News has been keeping internationals up to speed on what’s happening in the Brainport region through their online platform. That means millions of people have read their news articles, received an abundance of background info on expat life, and attended the thousands of events they’ve publicised. Since 2009, on all weekdays you have been able to find the news updates on this website in English, to make sure that you as a not-yetDutch speaker, also know what is happening in town. Connecting cultures is the mission of Eindhoven News; hundreds

A day for everyone: single,

of international volunteers saw the importance of this quest and

family, young and older,

contributed to this cause from 2009 till now because all experienced

international and local!

the benefits of this news and info service at first hand. With the support of many other people and organisations we have reached this

21 September 2019


The Hub, Vestdijk 25, Eindhoven 14:00 to 00:00

And now, 2019, behind the scenes, an event team is busy preparing a great day of festivities. Of course, for all.

You! Yes you! En jij ook! You are invited!

Free entrance but donations on the day are highly appreciated to fund our foundation. You can find more information on our website www.eindhovennews.com

The full programme will be announced later but to give you a sneak peek: there will be a formal part with talks and dialogues with remarkable

For participation, contribution or

people who you really would like to listen to. The seriousness will be

exposure for your organisation

balanced with ‘connective games’: to motivate visitors to get to know

before, during and after, contact

each other. International food from different cultures, spectacular


stage shows, a kids corner and after all the activities there will be music from different DJ’s to dance the night away. Oh yes and a lottery

We are looking forward to see

of course, so you won’t go home empty-handed.

you on 21 September!




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Meeting new people isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be difficult By Olivia van den Broek-Neri

Everyone can remember when someone said ‘hello’ to them for the first time. It is as though you felt part of the city when you are recognized by someone else; like you belong. And everyone needs that feeling of belonging. When you are new to a city, that doesn’t happen too often, because you have to meet people before anyone can recognize you. It isn’t always easy to meet new people. How do you meet new people? If you are working, you can meet people at your office. What if you do not work? How do even begin? It is not as if we are school-age children playing on the yard with fellow classmates who are the same age as us. You can’t just go up to someone and ask them to hang out. Or could you? But I digress. These are the times when social media connects, but also puts limits on our social activities. Why is it that we feel attached to our mobile phone, but cannot interact with someone in person? For one thing, it takes some guts to go out and meet people! Even for someone who is an extrovert like myself, there are times when I do not want to go up and introduce myself to strangers at an event, but the payoff can be handsome. There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people in Eindhoven! Joining a club or an organization is a great way to meet new people. Whether it is a sports club, a volunteer position or a club exclusively for internationals. Whatever it is, go and at least check something out! You may meet some nice people as a result, but in the least, you put

Tip: If you are new to the

yourself out there!

Eindhoven area, please join our next Welcome Evening on Friday,

Before you know it, you will begin to see familiar faces while out

June, starting at 18:30 at The Hub.

running errands, or someone will say ‘hi’ to you at the grocery store. I still smile whenever that happens. It’s nice to know people, and it’s

Register via

always nice to get a smile from someone!

www.hollandexpatcenter.com/ events/

Almonte and International School Eindhoven make a great team Founded in 2004, Almonte has become the largest basketball club in Eindhoven, with 350 members, of which more than 250 are actively playing. The members choose the combination of sporting ambition and sociability. Outside the competition there are various social activities: every season Almonte organizes club parties and clinics.

Geert Warrink is volunteer at the basketball club and

It's an original shirt from the Indiana Pacers. I still

The teams play from regional level to national

have to frame it and hang it on the wall."

(top sports) level. The flagships of Almonte of this

season are the women’s team 1 , playing at national

Unfortunately, the particular garment will not be on

level in the Promotion Division, the women’s

display for long, because the club most likely has to

team under 20 that play at a national level in the

move to Sports hall De Mortel in Achtse Barrier, next

Eredivisie, and the Men’s team1, also playing on

year. Recently Almonte got this devastating news

national level in Second Division.

confirmed: the Eckhart sports hall where the club

has played for as long as anyone can remember,

also the manager of the sports hall. Asked about the history of the club, Geert immediately shows a jersey from Rik Smits. Smits once started playing basketball at Almonte, but grew up to become the best paid Dutch professional athlete of all time. "I got this jersey from his father," Geert says proudly. "His granddaughter plays basketball here as well.

Almonte and International School Eindhoven

will most likely be demolished and replaced by a

different countries and cultures and often have

primary school. This means the end of an era for

different views on how sports should be played. The

the club.

directness in which Dutch people communicate can feel a bit confronting sometimes. Geert: “For that

"For us, this is very bad news," says Margreet van

reason, it’s a good thing we (like other clubs) have

Putten, chair of the club. "We probably will lose

a trust contact counselor available. This person is

members." We have many parents who volunteer

the first point of contact for anyone who comes

here, but we’re very worried if the youth of our club

across unwanted behaviour and feels the need to

will have to cycle for six kilometers, they may not

talk about it.

remain members. When the children leave the club, so will the parents. And those volunteers are vital

Geert views this collaboration as an enrichment.

for the club. Besides that, the players will simply

“For the club, working together with ISE means a

miss the hall because there are valuable memories

very welcome addition for new members and it

there. Not to mention the special atmosphere and

gives ISE the opportunity to bring students closer to

sound the hall has.”

the Dutch community”. Therefore both parties hope and count on the fact they will be working together

Cooperation with International School Eindhoven

for years to come. Their goal being the introduction

Robbert Wuisman has been teaching P.E. at ISE

of a new ISE team at Almonte every year.

for seven years, he is also the sports coordinator. Robbert explains: "At our school a school year

Robbert : “We are very happy with the connection,

consists of three terms of three months, each term

and it gives our students alternative ways of

we focus on another sport. A big advantage of

participating in sports. In Europe there are many

this system is that kids get introduced to multiple

exchanges between international schools and this

sports. As a school we feel it is important that

is definitely the case in sports. I am already looking

children join a sports club if they like a particular

forward to our trip to Switzerland where teams from

sport. Unlike f.i. the United States where sport is

17 different schools will competing”.

mostly organised through the school system, kids in Europe join sports club from a young age. An

If you have an interest in visiting an Almonte

additional advantage is that international kids have

game or if you would like to help this active club

an easy way to integrate in Dutch society. With that

as a volunteer please contact Geert Warrink at

in mind we contacted basketball club Almonte in


Eindhoven a few years ago and this resulted in a girls team of only ISE students, but playing under the Almonte name. Now three "ISE Wolves" teams play at Almonte, with another team on the way next season. Fun comes first, for as well Almonte as ISE, sadly this is not the case for all the teams Almonte competes against. Geert: “We completely agree with ISE’s standpoint to strive for sports to add to a child's education, but sometimes this may clash with the attitude of other teams that only play to win. Almonte and ISE members come from many




p i q c af h q G uF w H I C p mT b i M N w D s ic P w t g





k L a s lo k aa ned e r L a n d s




L e

L e e r s c ho o L


a e f v


t n



th u



S am e n er

Learn Dutch and live like a local Eindhoven is like a global village. People come together from all corners of the world and work together on smart solutions that make a difference. Speaking English will help you get around but speaking Dutch will allow you to blend in like a local. At STE Languages our well-trained natives will make you feel at home and know exactly what you need to make big improvements in your progress. By attending our small group courses we can help you take those first steps! Interested in joining?

Why STE Languages?

 Feel confident in speaking Dutch Stop worrying and start enjoying

 Small groups

Learn from each other in a supportive atmosphere.

 Personal approach

Tailor-made training based on your personal needs

 Skilled trainers

Qualified trainers that love to work with world citizens

 Learn when it suits you

Before work, during lunch break, after work or even on Saturday and during summer

Visit www.ste.nl, mail to info@ste.nl or just give us a call: +31 (0)40 - 245 28 60





"Speaking the language helps with everything" The added value of a Dutch language course Sometimes they have travelled there for love, sometimes a job is the reason. More and more internationals are finding their way to Eindhoven and not only to work but also to live and to build a life, and that means getting to know a new language. How do you deal with that? Two internationals talk about their experiences.

"The Dutch prefer to speak Dutch"

"Speaking the language is important for integration. That applies to everyone. Even if it is not necessary for your work, it is still a good idea to learn Dutch. Speaking the language helps with everything from shopping to boot camps. The Dutch are friendly and easy to communicate with but I notice that they prefer to speak Dutch. So keep practicing the language. Do your homework, read a book or watch a Dutch television program. Search for something that interests you, then you can keep it up more easily. " Julianna Feron, Hungary Consultant Global Sourcing, Brunel

“It feels a bit like home"

"For me, STE is more than just a language school and the trainers are more than just teachers. They help you with everything, even if it is not directly related to the curriculum. Furthermore, you have a lot of contact with students of different levels. That has a stimulating effect because you can directly see your own development and that of others. This is where my life in the Netherlands started and I am grateful for that. It feels a bit like home. " Rodolfo CastaĂąon Juarez, Mexico



Growing plants is easy, healthy, and makes the world a little more beautiful. It's also a very Dutch thing to do.

How Does Your Garden Grow? By Rebekah Villon

Sunny days are upon us, and the Dutch are eagerly sweeping their walkways and setting up their tuin meubelen to enjoy summer weather. From sidewalks to terraces to windowboxes, the urban gardens of the Netherlands are an essential part of life here, and this thriving greenery helps to make Eindhoven the beautiful city that it is. However, growing plants in the city goes far beyond

act of planting something and watching it grow is

simple beautification. There are a lot of reasons

inherently hopeful and optimistic.

to devote a few centimeters to cultivating plants,

Gardening helps the environment. The Netherlands

indoors or out, and some of them may surprise you:

strongly supports the creation and maintenance of sidewalk gardens (geveltuin), that ubiquitous little

Gardening lifts depression. Studies have shown

strip of greenery in front of buildings. These little

that growing plants significantly reduces depression

gardens add beauty and serenity to city streets,

and improves mood. Gardening is naturally relaxing

and help to boost the population of honeybees.

and stress-reducing, and the act of nurturing plants


and seeing them grow and thrive has been shown to

supporting initiatives to create more geveltuin and

help relieve anxiety and depression. Some studies

plant pollinator-friendly flowers.

also indicate that soil bacteria itself may help to

Plants clean indoor air. Believe it or not, indoor air

boost mood, and psychologists theorize that the

quality can actually be much worse for your health






How does your garden grow?

• Spider plants. Spider plants, or Chlorophytum comosum, are great houseplants for people who don't want to take care of houseplants. They are one of the best house plants for cleaning the air, are lowmaintenance and forgiving of poor care and lighting conditions, and grow rapidly and attractively. For cat owners, a few nibbles of this plant can actually be healthy for a cat, with the same benefits as wheatgrass, so they are a popular choice among cat owners. • Herbs. If you have a sunny window sill or window box, herbs are an incredibly simple way to have a thriving little garden. Herbs smell amazing, and bees and pollinators love their fragrant flowers. Rosemary, mint, thyme, sage, parsley, and oregano are all incredibly easy to grow and hard to kill, provided they get adequate sunlight. Herbs are incredibly good for you, with vitamins and trace minerals the body requires, and having your own garden gives you the freshest organic herbs all year long, for free. • Native plants. There are few remaining plant species native to the Netherlands, since the country has been so heavily cultivated for so than




long. However, more and more attention is being paid to preserving

Granted, if your apartment is

these local plant species. Local plants are not only an essential part

as old and poorly insulated as

of the country's landscape and heritage, but they are a vital part of

mine, there isn't much difference

the natural ecosystem, as part of the food chain for local insects and

between indoor and outdoor

wildlife. Seek out the beautiful yellow flag iris, the checkered lily, the

air, but there are houseplants

common daisy, or the pretty little Robert Geranium to contribute a

that are extremely efficient at

little bit to the natural ecosystem.

removing all kinds of harmful gases from the air, including VOCs from plastics, cigarette smoke, and artificial fragrances. Houseplants are a great way to not just cover up indoor air problems, but produce cleaner, healthier air. Even if you live in an apartment, and think you don't have a green thumb, there are so many beautiful,


plants that can improve your mood and health. Here are some great plants for citydwellers to enjoy.


Bourgondisch Eindhoven The ‘Stadswandelpark’ at the Kiosk is the place to be from June 7 to June 10, 2019. No Xcuse is the organizer of this culinary event, where several local restaurants will spoil you with specialties from their kitchens. Among them are Stadspaviljoen, De Bengel, Oriental Greenhouse, Smaaktheater Dertien, Saffraan, La Dolce Vita, Dommel 18, Holland Casino and Lobster & Ox. From Asian to Italian to the Persian kitchen, and everything in between, culinary bites will be accompanied by a good glass of wine, a beer, a cocktail or a soda. While you enjoy good food, drinks and, hopefully, good weather, you will be entertained by various artists. Culinary events have been held at this location for almost 25 years, under the name Eindhoven Culinair. This year will be the first ‘Bourgondisch Eindhoven’. Burgundian is a lifestyle; enjoy life to the fullest. And that’s what we’ll do during this weekend. Even the younger ones will have a great time in our special VIP Kids area! On Friday 7 June we’re open from 18:00 until 23:00. On Saturday and Sunday, we’re open from 14:00 until 23:00 and on Monday from 14:00 until 22:00. We hope to see you there! More info at www.bourgondischeindhoven.nl

Bourgondisch Expat Eindhoven Center


WTC·E Golf Open @Best Golf! Thursday 20 June 2019

Photography: Reportage Fotografie Annie van Schayk Meet thé Golf Course of the Year 2018: Best Golf! A beautiful 18-hole course with course-loop combinations, water features, a hilly terrain and a challenging program. Do you want to expand your network and enhance your golf skills? Get acquainted with an ambitious network for entrepreneurs: World Trade Center Eindhoven!

Program 1 – WTC·E Golf Open Experience Best Golf 11.00

Registration for the 18-hole course & welcome drink


Start of the golf competition!


Registration for the Clinic & welcome drink


Start of the Clinic!


Meet & greet with drinks and snacks


Enjoy the TOP Business Dinner!



Program 2 – Experience Best Golf 17.00

Registration & welcome drink


Experience Best Golf on golf cars


Enjoy the Top Business Dinner!



Registration Do you want to discover Best Golf? You’re also welcome to partcipate in this dynamic event. The participation fees are €65 for the WTC·E Golf Open & €29.50 for the Top Business Dinner. For further information please don’t hesitate to send an email to info@wtce.nl

Location Best Golf, Golflaan 1, Best

Interview Eva


Text: Joost Pool Photos: Eddie Mol

Eva Bellocchia An Italian volunteer at the Catharina Hospital

Born and raised in Turin, Italy, Eva Bellocchia knew from the age of six that at some point she wanted to move ‘up north.’ “At the time, we had a Swedish neighbor, and from the stories she told me I knew I wanted to live in the north of Europe. As you can tell, I didn’t get as far as Scandinavia, but I am very glad to have ended up in Eindhoven.

to, and I couldn’t get any of the Italian specialties. Luckily, we, a group of four Italian women, had found an Italian shop just across the Belgian border that we would visit every two months. Besides that, it took me some time to adapt to the early darkness during the winter. And I wasn’t used to the fact that you have to make an appointment with somebody to ‘drop in’ for a cup of coffee… Other than that, everything in Eindhoven was a pleasant surprise to me!”

Such as? “I had cycled in Turin, but Turin wasn’t really bicyclefriendly then. Now I can ride my bicycle just like a Dutch person, with shopping bags hanging from my handlebars and all that. I like to watch people eating and walking at the same time. You don’t see that in Italy. But I am especially pleased with the openness, or directness, of the Dutch people.

‘At the reception you see a thousand faces a day' How did you end up in the ‘not so romantic’ city of light?

What you see is what you get. And I love carnival

“It isn’t Paris, I’ll give you that, but it is the city of

Holland. It is so inviting for a nice walk or bicycle

light, and it was romance that brought me here.

ride. Which does actually bring me back to a few

Sometime in the nineties I was holidaying in Spain

things I miss. From our home Turin, we could be up

and met a wonderful Dutchman, Robbert, who

in the mountains skiing within 45 minutes. Turn the

worked for Philips Medical Systems. We fell in love

car the other way and you’d be at the sea in an hour

and in 1997 I came to Eindhoven.”

and a half. And I miss my parents, of course.”

Did you have trouble adjusting to life in the Netherlands?

I’m sure you do. How did they react to your migration?

“Of course, there are things you have to get used to,

“My parents found it difficult, but they absolutely

things that surprise you and things you find difficult

love my husband. They’ve been here a few times and

at first. Grocery shopping was a bit of a thing in the

Robbert and I go back two or three times a year.”

early days. Shops closed earlier than I was used

and King’s Day. I really appreciate the nature in

Interview Eva

You’ve been here for 22 years. What have you been up to all that time?

What do you do at the Catharina Hospital?

“To be honest, I haven’t been here all that time.

point of contact for people entering the hospital.

From 2005 until 2018 we lived in Belgium because

That could be either the patients or their family

Robbert wanted a detached house, and houses

and friends. You see a ‘thousand’ faces a day so to

were cheaper there. But my life, my friends, my

speak, and I find it very rewarding. I calm people

work was always in Eindhoven. I’m not exactly a

down, show them directions, hear their stories.

job hopper, I remain very loyal to my employers,

There are many emotions involved. There is often

because I’ve always really enjoyed the work I was

joy in the hospital. Babies are born, people recover.

doing. I spent many years working for Philips and

Others are nervous for tests or an operation and

after that I worked at Kentalis for eight years where

get better again. At the same time of course, sadder

I was a facilities employee. Kentalis is a foundation

things happen as well. You must be able to deal

for children, zero to eighteen years old, who suffer

with a mix of emotions that can literally switch from

from autism, or are either deaf or blind. It is such

one minute to the next. But I can advise anyone

rewarding work that I decided to remain in the care

with some time on their hands and at least a basic

provision sector to become a volunteer at Vitalis

command of the Dutch language to become a

and the Catharina Hospital.”

volunteer at the Catharina Hospital. Whether it will

“I work in the reception area, so I’m really the first

be at the reception desk or in one of the many other departments. I, for one, am proud to represent the

‘It is so rewarding to work in the hospital’

hospital at its front door!” www.catharinaziekenhuis.nl Volunteer center: T 040 239 67 77


Authentic Thai cuisine in Eindhoven

Dining ~ Takeaway ~ Quick Bite St. Bonifaciuslaan 1 ~ 5643 NA Eindhoven ~ 040-737 02 07 ~ www.kingthai.nl





be international

, b e D ut


International School RISE

SALTO is starting up a new school concept: SALTO International

You can enrol your child by

School RISE. With our new multilingual primary school concept we

filling in an enrolment form

believe we have found an inspiring balance between traditional

on our website:

international education and Dutch education.


In January 2019 our school will open its doors for children of the


age of 4 and 5 (Kindergarten). Subsequent in August 2019 we will

Reigerlaan 3

open a complete primary section (ages 4-12).

5613 CD Eindhoven

We strive to support our students in becoming bilingual/

(At a later point in time we will

multilingual children who will have the option to either continue

move to another location near

their education at an international secondary school or a Dutch

the city center of Eindhoven)

secondary school after they graduate from SALTO international School RISE.

Daycare ‘t Parelbosch

kinderdagverblijf ‘t Parelbosch www.parelbosch.nl info@parelbosch.nl T 040 256 9090

't Parelbosch Daycare Pasqualinistraat 10 De Waghemakerstraat 1-B Eindhoven T 040 256 9090 info@parelbosch.nl www.parelbosch.nl


Yes, I do!

Happy wishes

Perhaps you know these words, they were written

But first back to the text above this article.

long long time ago for the bride-to-be. Rituals and

According to these words the bride has to wear on

words with a lot of symbolic content. Rituals can

the wedding day something old, new, borrowed and

add something precious to a marriage. And although

blue. And put a silver sixpence in her left shoe. All

I can imagine that a lot of people do not want to

this is supposed to bring more happiness and love.

follow those old rituals and want to add something

Something old means continuation. Something that

contemporary to it, I believe it is good to honour

comes from the mother or (great) grandmother that

them and to keep them alive for our heritage.

is passed on to the bride. In this case she can wear

Eindhoven is a city full of internationals and I am

a ring, or other jewelry that belonged to a woman

very curious to find the rituals and traditions of all

that was very happy in her marriage. Something new

these cultures. As a wedding officiant I meet a lot

stands for optimism and a new future, a new chapter

of internationals and talk about their traditions and

in life. I think this is not difficult to find. She may

the way they want to celebrate their big day. It is

wear a new dress, new shoes, a new bag, underwear.

always a great honour to hear stories about people

Something borrowed will give a bright, wealthy

that fell in love. I would like to write about it and

future. You can borrow something from your best

share it. I asked my colleague wedding officiant

friend, your sister, or anyone who is happy. This item

Ellen Schoumacher to enrich these stories with

will bring happiness. Blue is a symbol of modesty

special drawings.

and faithfulness. She can think of something blue in her lingerie, in a ring, a necklace. And then the myth about the sixpence in her left shoe. I can imagine



Something old, something new Something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in your shoe Tekst: Linde ten Broek Drawings: Ellen Schoumacher

that it is not the most comfortable part of this old

everybody was having so much fun and all dressed

saying but they say it will bring her abundance and

at their best. The couple enters the party dancing.

financial safety‌

Shadn shared another interesting tradition where the bride-to-be is locked in the house of her family.

Shiny happy people

The groom has to pay before he may enter the

And now last but not least I want to share something

house. It is these kinds of rituals that we are looking

really lovely. It was a Friday evening and Ellen and I

for! So, if you have stories for us, please share them.

had an appointment with Rania and Shadn.

We are thrilled and looking forward hearing from

We had never met them before but it was obvious


that those two shiny people sitting in front of the information desk were them! Two young people

So, if you want to share some wedding rituals with

who met each other at the engagement party of the

us, you are more than welcome. Please send an

sister of Shadn. He is from Syria and she is from Irak.

email to me: info@lindetenbroek.nl and share why

They did not tell us much but for sure the love was

this ritual means a lot to you. We love to meet you!

in the air. They both do not know what is happening to them, they cannot find words that describe their feelings

In this column Yes, I do! Linde ten Broek, wedding

for each other. And perhaps it is a bit too early

officiant and soulstoryteller, www.soulstories.

to talk about marriage, they have found Love in a

nl and Ellen Schoumacher, wedding officiant and

way they never experienced before. Shadn tells

visual storyteller, @ellentekent, share stories about

about the big engagement party of his sister where

international wedding rituals.

Agenda June/July 7th – 10th June BOURGONDISCH EINDHOVEN Stadswandelpark www.no-xcuse.nl 12th June ENGLISH COMEDY NIGHT The Hub Eindhoven www.thehubeindhoven.nl 17th June EXPAT FAIR & FEELGOOD MARKET Klokgebouw www.expatfair.nl 18th June DUTCH NIGHT The Hub Eindhoven www.thehubeindhoven.nl


21st June EXPAT SPECIAL Dinner in Motion www.dinnerinmotion.nl

Björn van der Doelen Bless me, Father, for I have sinned

pop | singer-songwriter | Americana


Katia & Marielle Labèque Stavinsky’s Rite of Spring classical | 4-handed piano


30th June UNITY FESTIVAL Urban Sportpark Eindhoven https://www.facebook.com/UnityFestivall

Slagerij van Kampen Toccata da Fuga pop | percussion




A kids concert investigtating different styles of music kids



One night of peace & music pop


27st June Music With Strangers The Hub Eindhoven www.thehubeindhoven.nl

Hania Rani

neo-classical | pop

tickets available at muziekgebouweindhoven.nl Tel: 040 244 20 20 (Mon - Sat 13:00 - 17:00)

5th July PUB CRAWL The Hub Eindhoven www.thehubeindhoven.nl

agenda Kids agenda Sunday 2 June CLASSICAL FESTIVAL ON THE CAMPUS TU/Eindhoven

Sunday 16 June FEELGOODMARKET Ketelhuisplein Eindhoven


Saturday 29 June CHILDREN’S ART CLUB Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven


Saturday 29 June and Sunday 30 June KOMMUS CASTLE FESTIVAL Kasteeltuin Geldrop

From Wednesday 12 June to Sunday 16 June STRATUMSE FAIR EINDHOVEN

MORE INSPIRATION: www.kidsproof.nl/Eindhoven

Parktheater 20 May, 20:00 LES 7 DOIGTS DE LA MAIN / 7 FINGERS RÉVERSIBLE

BAR RESTAURANT ROZENKNOPJE Music * Comedy * Movies Lunch * Dinner * Drinks Historic bar close to the center Open 7 days a week 12.00 PM - 02.00 AM Kitchen open 12.00 PM - 22.00 PM Every Friday: vinyl DJ's Every Wednesday: Live music Every Monday: Shared Diner Check our website for full program!

www.rozenknopje.nl Hoogstraat 59 | Eindhoven

29 May, 20:00 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN’S BORN IN THE U.S.A. 1 June, 20:00 THE MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTEE 4 June, 20:00 NEDERLANDS DANS THEATER 1 - SOL & PAUL XXX 6 + 7 June XARAH VON DEN VIELENREGEN & EL TIGRE BLANCO - CLUB SALVADOR 2019 13 June JAKOP AHLBOM COMPANY - LE BAL 14 June STEPHEN SHROPSHIRE - CANTATA NEW 2019/2020 PROGRAM AVAILABLE NOW! Check out the program at Parktheater.nl Our ticketing staff will be happy to assist you on 040 - 211 11 22

UNITY MULTICULTURAL FESTIVAL Daylight Foundation is a non-profit organization and its main objective is to promote togetherness and a peaceful society by bringing different individuals, cultures and nationalities together through sports, entertainment and fun activities. In






Eindhoven, we believe it’sessential to create an opportunity for different nationalities to get together, interact and connect with each other. We aim to provide a platform for peaceful coexistence. UNITY Multicultural Festival is for everyone, no matter what their ethnic or cultural background is. It’s for all our international communities and, of course, Dutch people. For young and old. For all layers of society. To provide easy access for everyone, we think it’s extremely important to make entrance free of charge. This is a cultural event with lots of activities such as sports, live music, workshops, children’s activities and multicultural food stands. UNITY Multicultural Festival takes place annually, and June 29, 2019 will be our 3rd edition. For an even more successful outcome at this year’s festival, we have secured a new location at Urban Sportpark Eindhoven with a contract for next 5 years. This new location offers more and bigger facilities, as well as additional activities such as Survival Run Eindhoven and calisthenics. We want to reach out and invite even more international communities, groups and local businesses. We don’t just offer a passive invitation, we actively encourage the community to come and take part.

BOOK NOW: 040 - 760 0179

SPA - BEAUTY - FACIAL - MASSAGE MANI/PEDI - SAUNA - GIFTS & MORE www.agua.nl - Wilhelminaplein 17 - Eindhoven

REPAIR SERVICE FOR MACBOOKS, TABLETS, AND SMARTPHONES Dillenburgstraat 11c | 5652 AM Eindhoven T. +31 (0)40 287 0700 | info@repairlab.nl www.repairlab.nl



Learn Dutch! Course program online end June. NEW coming season English spoken courses! Early Bird discount throughout the month of July. Courses start in September. Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven Tongelresestraat 146A | Eindhoven Check our website: www.vu-eindhoven.nl


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Expat Center Interview

Pragati Singh, Welcome Desk volunteer at Holland Expat Center South By Olivia van den Broek-Neri Volunteers man the Welcome Desk at Holland Expat Center South in Eindhoven. These people volunteer their time and expertise to help other internationals who have recently moved to the Eindhoven area. Each of them has their own story as to why they came to Eindhoven and what their plans are for the future. For this issue, we spoke to Pragati Singh.

What’s her advice for newly arrived internationals? “I would advise them, first of all, to visit Holland Expat Center South”, she says. Her second piece of advice is for newly arrived expats to attend a Welcome Evening! “If you’re going to explore [Eindhoven] yourself, it’s going to take you days”, Pragati says. “But with the tour you get to see it all in one go with a local!” Having lived in Sydney, Switzerland and Calgary,

Initially a retail merchandiser by profession, and

Pragati enjoys her new life in the Netherlands.

later a teacher, Pragati is currently a volunteer at the

“What’s the best thing that I like about the

Expat Center. When we sit down for our interview,

Netherlands? It has lovely weather,” she says. She

she points out that she has been living in Eindhoven

offers an explanation: “In the Netherlands, whatever

with her husband and daughter for almost exactly

the weather is you can go out and walk”. In India,

a year.

with a temperature of 40 degrees, you cannot go for a walk.” She quickly follows that up with another

Pragati first contacted the Expat Center when a

reason she enjoys living here: “Eindhoven has lovely

friend told her about a Facebook post asking for


volunteers for the Welcome Desk. “I was talking to one of my friends and she had seen an opening on

“I have a small community that I joined called

Facebook for a volunteer job, and at that time – that

NICE: North Indian Community of Eindhoven, and

same minute – I sent an email, and here I am!” she

whenever they have questions, they come to me,”


she says. “I might not know the answer, but I know where to look for it!”

Working as a volunteer “The Eindhoven I knew before volunteering here,

Holland Expat Center South is a non-profit

and the one I know now, are totally different!”

government agency. There is no charge for our

Pragati says. “Helping the expats who come to

services and no appointment is required. Our office

ask questions has helped me as an individual.”

is open from 09:00 until 17:00.

Does she ever see the newly arrived internationals she has welcomed outside of the Expat Center?

Vestdijk 27a, Eindhoven

“Yeah, sometimes, because Eindhoven is not very

+31 (0)40 238 67 77






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HOWDO june july 2019  

HOWDO june july 2019