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2019 April / May





Playing golf isn’t just for the elite anymore

27 Integration Brabant style

32 WestSide Stores

You have the idea, They have the space


UNA Amateur club with a professional organization

Notariskantoor Broekmans. Your notary.

Because you want to be comfortable

Getting married is a big step. During your wedding, but especially afterwards, you just want to feel comfortable. Therefore it’s important that you have a solid base to rely on. Your notary understands that agreements between you two have to be clearly recorded. So that you can enjoy a certain and comfortable future for you, your partner and your children. Your marriage. Your life. Your notary.

040 213 63 60 Like us on Facebook www.jouwnotaris.nl

Asparagus in the Fields Between 15 and 30 May POP-UP RESTAURANT Starting from May 15th until May 30th, the

Are you planning a birthday party,

fifth edition of Asparagus in the Fields will

a business meeting or do you have

take place. A unique event where flavour

anything else to celebrate and are you

and excellent service will meet in good

looking for a special location in the nature?

atmosphere in an extraordinary ambiance.

Would you like to experience a fantastic

During two weeks a stylish pop-up restaurant

3-course lunch or 4-course dinner in our

will arise in the middle of the asparagus

pop-up restaurant?

fields in the rural area of Veldhoven. Every

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for

day lunch and dinner will be served to our

further information and send an email to

guests, prepared at the spot with fresh


asparagus directly from the field by top-chefs and renowned restaurants.




HOWDO magazine is a bimonthly publication. Publisher Niels ter Haar Editorial Office Linde ten Broek, Chanique de Groot, Stephania Kipperman, Caitlin van der Kolk, Marielle Owen, Joost Pool, Pinar Sardar, Rebekah Villon, Nicola Wood Media Advisor

Joost Pool

Stephania Kipperman, Tim Pennings Photography Eddie Mol, Lieke Vermeulen Design Studio Bonkend Sanne Drieenhuijzen Distribution waiting rooms Tour de Ville Contact HOWDO magazine PO box 4988 5604 CD Eindhoven contact@howdo.info www.howdo.info

After the inspiring transformation Strijp-S has undergone in recent years, Eindhoven is still becoming hipper as we speak. The WestSide Stores in Woensel-West form the newest hotspot in the city. You will find shops and restaurants dedicated to your physical and mental health, arts and trends, amongst others. Read all about it in this edition. It might even stir up some entrepreneurship in you! Of course, many of us made New Year’s resolutions about exercising and getting into shape. And more often than not, those plans come to a halt after a week or two. But now that spring has arrived, get on your bicycle, or explore the woods and heath surrounding Eindhoven by foot. Why not visit one of the region’s many sports locations? Golf, for example at Haviksoord in Leende or de Gulbergen in Mierlo, is

Would you like to receive HOWDO at home? For € 14,50 a year you will receive the magazine once every two months. Mail contact@howdo.info

a great way to enjoy the outdoors and weather in the company of locals and internationals. An excellent chance to be active for hours on end without being worn-out at the end of the day. Or visit one of the many festivities of UNA Football Club for members and non-

for inquiries.

(or future!) members. They’ve got junior, senior, veterans as well as

Copyright and disclaimer

of it appeals to you.

All materials and content is

Since a fellow international or expat knows best what ‘obstacles’

protected under Article 15 of the

you run into in your early days in Eindhoven we’ve portrayed British

Copyright Act. Copying is prohibited. © 2019 HOWDO magazine HOWDO magazine is not liable for the content of the columns

women’s teams. Have a drink at the club any day of the week and see

Colin Owen and Turkish Özgün Yalçın in this issue. Find out how they’ve experienced Eindhoven so far. Well, enjoy the start of spring and we’ll be back in June. Till then: HOWDO!

and eventual inaccuracies and/or

Well, for now it’s HOWDO till spring welcomes us and we welcome

typographical errors.




ZO 21 APR 2019


r +31 (0)40 238 6777


SUN 21 APRIL A CELEBRATION OF PRINCE LET’S GO CRAZY CLUB TOUR A number of top Dutch musicians were asked to play at the commemoration of this


legend. They didn’t hesitate for a moment to honour their inspirator, Prince, who played an important role in their musical life. The musical click between the band members makes for a magical evening. They’re not imitating Prince, but paying homage to the man and his music, in the spirit of his genius. From ‘Kiss’ to ‘Controversy’ and from ‘1999’ to ‘Cream’, you’ll hear them all. Let’s go crazy tonight!

ANY QUESTIONS? CONTACT US TODAY! r +31 (0)40 238 6777


Check www.effenaar.nl for the complete program


Una Paloma Blanca Fun, fast, and efficient! That’s the motto at Una Paloma Blanca, a language school that offers courses in English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and – at our Rotterdam location – Mandarin and (Brazilian & European) Portuguese. Whether your needs are businessrelated, visa-mandated, or just for fun, you can start from scratch or brush up on your existing language skills with our experienced, nativespeaking teachers. Our aim isn’t just to teach, though – it’s to have fun in the process! We believe in practical learning, and that’s why our approach includes plenty of conversation practice, topical discussions, and even games. Our lessons are designed to be engaging and interactive, as well as informative. Fun is our focus outside the classroom too: we hold regular events such as holiday and seasonal parties and language meetups.

Una Paloma Blanca offers a variety of lesson packages, including intensive courses. You can take one-on-one lessons or opt for a duo course with a friend or partner. We also run regular, scheduled group courses for each language, organised in accordance with the Common European Framework Reference for Languages. Una Paloma Blanca P.Czn. Hooftlaan 12 | Eindhoven

Enjoy a wicked lunch or dinner at de Bengel! In the heart of Zeelst, Veldhoven, and in close proximity to ASML and business park de Hurk


you will find restaurant de Bengel.

Primary Education

De Bengel is known for its delicious spareribs,

De Wereldwijzer could be translated as the

burgers and satay and prompt, friendly

World wiser or pointing at the World. It offers

service. But de Bengel also has a great lunch

primary education for newcomers and a fluent

menu with a wide variety of salads, hot

transformation to the Dutch educational

sandwiches and of course tasty fried eggs and


ham sandwiches. All international children in the age of 4 to We are aware that some people have limited

12 are welcome. Pupils can apply and start at

time to enjoy their lunch. Therefore, it is

any given time of the year. They will be able to

possible to order in advance (from 11:00). Then

understand, speak, read and write the Dutch

we ensure that your delicious ‘Bengel’ lunch

language within 40 to 60 weeks. After that the

is ready for you to pick up or enjoy in our

pupil can enrol in the Dutch system.

restaurant. We provide the same service for our dinner guests. Order in advance and your

For more information please contact:

dinner will be ready to takeaway. Mrs. I. van Kemenade, Of course, large groups are also welcome at de


Bengel, please book a few days in advance.

Pastoriestraat 88 5623 AT Eindhoven

Restaurant de Bengel Veldhoven

Tel: 040-242 7892

Heuvelstraat 4 | Veldhoven veldhoven@debengel.com T 040 230 0012


pinboard TUE 9 APR









ST. PAUL & THE BROKEN BONES check our complete program:


Expat mortgages and the 30% ruling in 2019 In this article we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about expat mortgages and the 30% ruling. Does the 30% ruling affect your potential mortgage in the Netherlands? As you probably know, the 30% ruling has been adjusted. The maximum term for this tax benefit has been reduced from 8 years to 5. However, most banks and mortgage providers don’t take the 30% ruling into account when calculating the maximum mortgage. Also, the extra amount you can borrow under the 30% ruling is rather limited. Since tax laws are subject to change, it is wise not to rely solely on this tax benefit to apply or to pay for your mortgage in the Netherlands. Will losing or reducing the term for the 30% ruling affect your current mortgage? No, your current mortgage will not be directly influenced in any way. However, without the 30% ruling your actual disposable income will be lower and of course all mortgage payments still have to be made. So, it would be easier to meet the monthly payments if your income rises or your partner finds a job. Is it a good idea to buy a house without the 30% ruling? Yes, it could still be a very good idea. You must be able to meet the monthly payments at all times with or without the 30% ruling. Buying a house depends not only on your income, but also your own desires and your personal situation. We are experts in expat mortgages. Call us for more information. We’re here to help you. www.mortgage040.nl

Authentic Thai cuisine in Eindhoven

Dining ~ Takeaway ~ Quick Bite St. Bonifaciuslaan 1 ~ 5643 NA Eindhoven ~ 040-737 02 07 ~ www.kingthai.nl

’t Oude Wandelpark ‘t Oude Wandelpark is situated in the green heart of Eindhoven. Following its acquisition in 2010, Harold and Kaat went back to basics: food and drinks in a relaxed environment! About 12 minutes from the centre of Eindhoven, ’t Oude Wandelpark is a great place to enjoy a nice dinner, a business lunch, or even a BBQ. Thanks to its beautiful surroundings, it’s also the perfect location for walkers to enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of delicious apple pie. Besides this ’t Oude Wandelpark offers a wide selection of wines, either to complete your meal or just for a quick drink at the bar. There’s also the option of beer, or you can enjoy the classic combination of a good cigar and a whisky in our cigar lounge! Celebrating with a big group? Our knight’s hall could be the perfect venue!

Eindhovenseweg 264 Valkenswaard 040 204 0551 | www.hetoudewandelpark.nl

De Watermolen van Opwetten On the banks of the Kleine Dommel, on the edge of Nuenen and Eindhoven you can find DE WATERMOLEN van Opwetten. A versatile For many years in a row, we have been nominated for the title of best shoemaker in the Netherlands. And while your beloved shoes are in very capable hands with us, we also do so much more. We can duplicate about 98% of all keys, and we have about three hundred full-grain leather belts in stock that we can customize to your size. Our watch service can change your battery, and offers a variety of about 90 leather watch bands. We also have a special line of maintenance products for your shoes. We stock original materials from many wellknown brands, so you’re guaranteed to get your shoes back in excellent condition. Feel free to come in-store and learn about the latest developments. Our professional staff will be happy to help you. Coupon competition

establishment on a picturesque and nostalgic place. Food, drinks, terrace, parties, meetings… enjoying! Brabant’s hospitality and cosiness will get a true meaning in this familial setting. Whether you come for a short stop when you are cycling or hiking, drinking, or an elaborate dinner feel welcome at DE WATERMOLEN. They are also a great venue for your business meetings and lunches or completely catered parties.

Win a snackarrangement send a picture of your snack arrangement and make a chance to win ours with a WATERMOLEN beer. (for 4 people)

Win a €40 gift certificate What do you need to do? Take a picture of your damaged shoe and send it to info@howdomagazine.com Rechtestraat 12A | 06-21124225

DE WATERMOLEN van Opwetten


Opwettense weg 203 Nuenen



How a four-year commitment became a lifelong dedication

Colin Owen

Colin Owen “Having lived in London all my life, I suddenly found myself standing on the steps of my cleared-out house, watching the removal van containing all my belongings drive away. ‘Oh my gosh, what have I gotten myself into?’ I was moving to Eindhoven, knowing very little about the city and life in the Netherlands.” How did this come about so ‘suddenly’? “Of course, it wasn’t as sudden as I make it seem now. Even though you prepare for a major life change, which is what moving abroad is, it feels sudden when the moment finally comes and there’s no turning back. But I was a single guy with no commitments and ready for a new adventure.” “But let me take you back a little. I had worked for Philips in the UK for a number of years, and I’d achieved my Master’s in Business Administration from Birmingham University. I was part of a European project team and the head of that team was based in Eindhoven. He was looking for a new person to fill a permanent position in Eindhoven, and I was looking for a new opportunity. However, he needed some sort of commitment from my side. After all, Philips had to invest in housing and moving costs, among other expenses. I told him I was willing to commit to four years. That was back in 1999.”


‘I was a single guy without commitments and ready for some adventure’

That’s twenty years ago. What happened? It’s almost like the Eagles’ Hotel California. ‘You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!’ “Well, life always has surprises in store for you. You never know what the future will bring. When I left England, family and friends were worried that they’d hardly ever see me again. After I explained that Eindhoven is actually nearer to London than, let’s say, Manchester or Newcastle, they found my

Colin Owen

move less difficult. That said, if it hadn’t been for

What’s your life like nowadays?

an accidental run-in with a beautiful woman in the

“I now work for Signify, which is the former Philips

Philips parking lot towards the end of my four-year

Lighting company. More importantly, Marielle and

term, I probably would have returned to London in

I are the proud parents of Thomas, 11, and Michael


who has just turned 10. We live in a nice, quiet part of town and the boys both go to the International

A beautiful woman! We’d like to know more.

School. I speak English to them, and Marielle speaks

“Marielle was working for Philips at the time. She’s

comes to football, they support England of course.”

Dutch, so they are perfectly bilingual - but when it

Dutch but has an international background too. We started chatting, meeting up more and more and, to cut a long story short, we got married in 2006. You know, it all worked out so well. I really enjoyed living in Eindhoven from the moment I got here, and if you find the woman of your dreams in the city you’ve started to call home it’s simple mathematics really: you stay here!”

What did, and do you like about Eindhoven? “I never feel threatened here. My perception is that there’s a lot more street crime in South London. I love cycling, which is very dangerous in the UK. I just find Eindhoven a better, safer place than England, especially South London where I grew up. This is an easy country to live in, and a great country to bring up kids. And if you want a change of scenery, Belgium is just twenty minutes away, Germany forty. What I also like is that everyone is happy to speak English. Soon after I got here, I had some trouble

‘Sometimes I do miss the English pub culture’

with my car and took it to the garage. I asked the mechanic if he spoke English. He didn’t say, ‘yes I do.’ He answered, ‘of course.’”

Have you got any advice for newcomers? “Yes, look for help settling in. Especially with the

Is there anything British that you miss?

basics and the bureaucracy - housing, buying a car,

“I don’t get homesick, and I go back two or three

social security number, opening a bank account,

times a year anyway, but I do miss the British pub

taxes. Things like that. Don’t waste time and deal

culture. The pub is really the centre of the village.

with stress over things that people are trained to

Eating a Sunday roast, watching the football, having

help you with. Get all that sorted and enjoy your

a pint with your mates. Then again, I like the terrasjes

time here!”

here, which you don’t find so much in England. Probably most of all, I miss the mountains. I love to

Text: Joost Pool

go trekking through the British countryside.”

Photography: Eddie Mol



Holland Expat Center South

Welcome Evenings at The Hub By Olivia van den Broek-Neri

Project Coordinator Communication & Events at Holland Expat Center South

Holland Expat Center South wants to welcome internationals to the region. That’s why, in collaboration with the Municipality of Eindhoven’s Living In Program, we’re organizing a Welcome Evening on the first Friday of the month at The Hub Eindhoven. We invite newly-arrived internationals to this event

“What I like most about the Welcome Evening is that

to let them know that they are welcome in the

they are complete strangers at the beginning of the

region! This Welcome Evening, which provides an

evening,” says Rita Gabirro, a volunteer at The Hub.

opportunity to meet new people and get to know

“By the end of the event, you can hear them making

Eindhoven, is the best way to get started living

plans to get together the next day, just like friends!”

here. The event attracts attendees from all over the world. If you are new to the Eindhoven area, please The event attracts attendees from many countries,

join our next event! There is no charge for

including Brazil, Colombia, Turkey, India, the United

attending, but registration is required via:

Kingdom, Germany, China, and more. Most of the


attendees have lived in the Netherlands for a few months, or as little as one week, but everyone is

Upcoming Welcome Evenings


Friday, April 5, starting at 18:30 Friday, May 3, starting at 18:30

During the first part of the evening, attendees are given a brief introduction to The Hub. This is a chance for them to find out about activities organized at The Hub, and how they can get involved by becoming a volunteer. The second part of the Welcome Evening is a guided walking tour of Eindhoven’s city centre, led by guides from VVV Eindhoven. After being split into two groups, the attendees are taken on a tour of Eindhoven and given tips on where to go and what to do in the city!

Friday, June 7, starting at 18:30

Design Your Own Future


A HI GH- Q UA LI TY P ER SONAL APP ROACH TO LEG A L I SS U ES As one of the largest family law firms in the Netherlands, our office is home to high-quality, well-renowned attorneys and divorce mediators. We offer a personal approach to legal services across a whole spectrum of family law and/or inheritance law disputes, both to international, as well as Dutch clients. Every day we advise and represent our clients in family and inheritance law matters. Our services are based on a personal approach, never losing sight of the human dimension of a case. We are at your side in difficult times, but also when you settle in the Netherlands and want to be informed about the family law-related consequences.

If you are interested in no-nonsense advice on obtaining a decent out-ofcourt settlement or a court decision, we look forward to hearing from you. For more information please visit our website or send an email to cvandervegt@scg-advocaten.nl.



De Lairessestraat 151 1075 HK Amsterdam Tel +31 (0)88 909 49 20 Fax +31 (0)88 909 49 99

Parklaan 54 5613 BH Eindhoven Tel +31 (0)88 909 49 00 Fax +31 (0)88 909 49 99



Playing golf isn’t just for the elite anymore When we think of golf we think of the elite, however this is changing fast. Although golf has been a sport for the people for a long time now, many incorrect assumptions still exist. These assumptions create a threshold that essentially not exists. People still assume they have to be introduced by

Focus on the advantages of golfing, and let us

another member to join a golf club. This custom has

welcome you!

been long gone, the club is “open” and joining it is up to the golfer himself, not the existing members.

The coffee is ready, and the application forms are

People often feel that playing golf is just for the

nearby. Just stop by and let yourself be surprised.

retired, or CEOs of large companies. The reality, however, is that golf is especially of added value for the starting networker or the mom that sometimes needs a break. Playing golf is a fun way to let off steam. You have the advantages of a long walk outdoors, and the satisfaction of having achieved a goal. Reaching a certain handicap is no longer a challenge. Every golf course has a pro and a golf school that can transform any doubter into a true golfing fanatic. An afternoon on the golf course shouldn’t feel any different than an afternoon in the gym - a break from your busy week. This should be the case for everyone. Although I’m actively motivating women to be part of golfing, sometimes it still seems like a challenge to get these same women to join our golf club. I believe women play a very important role in all facets of society, and golf should be no different. In short, let’s all work together to take golfing out of the fictional elite corner. Everyone’s invited, and I mean that sincerely. Every golf club welcomes new members, and every golf school welcomes new students. Don’t let non-existent walls or thresholds keep you from a sport you could potentially love.

Robine van Gerwen.

Golfclub Haviksoord, a remarkable golf club located in the woods near Leende, is an unmissable feature in our golf special. Here you can enjoy nature in a sporty setting at any time of day.

Don’t worry if you arrive 15 minutes early, you can go ahead and start your game - after having a drink at our clubhouse, of course. The clubhouse is open from 09:00 to 21:00 in summer, and from 09:00 to 19:00 in winter. We highly recommend enjoying a drink on our terrace when the weather permits.

Haviksoord welcomed her very first players on the course in 1976, and has been known as a golf club

In short, whether you’re a starting golfer or an

where quality is a priority ever since. The world-

experienced player, there’s an excellent game of

famous Bentgrass flourishes on the fertile heather

golf to be played on Haviksoord’s 144 acres.

ground, and the courses have been laid out to blend in perfectly with the surrounding forest. The quality of the game on this 18-hole course is constantly

Maarheezerweg Noord 11

evaluated, and courses are improved as necessary.

Leende | T 040 2061818

Sometime in the next year, the entire 18th hole will


be renewed. While reserving in advance may be necessary at other clubs, there’s no need for that at Golf Club Haviksoord. As a guest golfer you can reserve by calling 040-2018181. Members have no starting time and non-members receive a “round about” time.



Golf de Gulbergen is a unique golf club in the Netherlands. A man-made mountain, not only does it provide an amazing view, it adds an extra dimension to the golf course thanks to the difference in height. Next to a beautiful 18-hole course. they also have a 9-hole par 3-4 course that offers a challenge even for the advanced golfer. Anyone can find their place at Golf de Gulbergen.

clubs, and a joint ending with a (walking) dinner and

The starter can find many opportunities to improve

a drink, the atmosphere is very informal. You can

themselves, while more advanced golfers can enjoy

choose to walk a 9-hole course with the networking

the challenge of height differences up to 45m. It

club or play 18 holes with the business club.

offers an experience like no other, and you’d be

Networking no longer feels like work.

hard pressed to find another golf course in the Netherlands that compares!

Check our website for more information, or just stop by!

The open door policy doesn’t only extend to their course, restaurant de Hooghe Berg is accessible for

Golf de Gulbergen

everyone and is a great venue for parties. A variety

Heiderschoor 26 Mierlo

of packages are available, combining a day of golf

T 0492 592 455

with lunch or dinner. Golf de Gulbergen is also a


great location for business meetings. Of course, you’re also welcome to come and play golf, all that’s required is payment of a green fee. Golf de Gulbergen also has a well-lit driving range, so you can practice in the evening. Golf de Gulbergen has a business club and a networking club. Due to the sporty nature of these

A big city garden, great international food and an informal atmosphere make Berlage beloved by people from all over Eindhoven. Kleine Berg 16 5611 JV Eindhoven 040-3400036 info@berlage.nl www.berlage.nl Open Sunday to Thursday: 11:30 till 00:00 Open Friday and Saturday: 11:30 till 02:00

Do you want to live in Eindhoven?

Excellent Mortgage Advice If you want to live in Eindhoven our mortgage advisors are happy to help you examine all your options. Make a non-binding appointment with one of our advisors and also receive a ₏ 50 voucher for a dinner at Berlage. Call us at 040-2482211 or e-mail us eindhoven@hypotheekvisie.nl for an appointment. Don’t forget to mention that you saw our ad in the Howdo!

Pastoriestraat 153, 5612 EK Eindhoven - 040-2482211- eindhoven@hypotheekvisie.nl



Essink Result program • Complete a full-body workout in 35 minutes • Personalized fitness program • Frequent check-ups with your trainer

g fo Ach ra iev gym the r e your g ? ight oals supp with ort

Join now! first 3 months

• Use your personal progress card to automatically adjust our machines





• exercise easy, safe and efficiently

unlimited access

Schedule a free appointment on www.essink.nl * discount depends on choice of membership.

Milon Circle

Pixformance Circuit


Yoga (all levels)

Large variety of group classes with local and expat participants! KidsClub



Free parking



Genneper Parken Eindhoven

Centrum Eindhoven

Toon Schröderlaan 2

Willemstraat 22

040 211 56 39

040 843 01 37

Boerrigter Fysiotherapie Boerrigter Fysiotherapie Algemene, Gespecialiseerde, Manuele Therapie, Lymfedrainage en Oedeemtherapie Algemene, Gespecialiseerde, Manuele Therapie, Lymfedrainage en Oedeemtherapie

www.boerrigterfysiotherapie.nl www.boerrigterfysiotherapie.nl

At Boerrigter Physical Therapy, we put your needs first. Our patient-oriented approach means you can expect high-quality treatments

Boerrigter Fysiotherapie

a relaxed, informal setting. We value openness, transparency and friendliness - all with a personal touch.

BOERRIGTER Physical Therapy

Algemene, Gespecialiseerde, Manuele Therapie, Lymfedrainage en Oedeemtherapie

Mauritsstraat 36 | Eindhoven

www.boerrigterfysiotherapie.nl www.boerrigterfysiotherapie.nl


Housing in Eindhoven Eindhoven really is becoming an International city. The number of different languages heard in the streets and supermarkets is increasing dramatically. The High Tech Campus and many start-ups are attracting international employees. Every organisation provides different services and reimbursements to their employees, but in the end they all need to live somewhere. The housing market is very saturated, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable accommodation. You really need to know the market, as houses and apartments are being sold or let at a rapid pace. There are also many large investors who have developed short-term (less than a year and some no longer than 3 months) fully-furnished accommodation in the centre of town. This type of accommodation is already sold before the previous tenant has left. Times are hard and using a real estate agent or relocator to try and find housing is no longer a luxury. They know the market and have the regional network necessary to find out where something might be opening up. They help make the property inspection process easier and know which documents and paperwork are required to make this easy and hasslefree. Luckily, there is still accommodation to be found in Eindhoven (if you know where to look), so we can welcome our internationals to the region. A relocator can also help you and your family with schooling options, navigating the medical system, obtaining insurance, using public transport, understanding the garbage system, getting an internet connection and buying a mobile phone, to name just a few.

Eindhoven and surrouding areas Tulip Expats Services BV +31 6 53 14 70 86 marielle@tulipexpatsservices.com

Postal address: P.O. Box 82301, 2508 EH The Hague +31 70 220 81 56 tulipexpatsservices.com



Do you want to learn Dutch quickly and thoroughly? If you work on the High Tech Campus

Why Regina Coeli?

in Eindhoven, you don’t have to travel


far to do so. Language Institute Regina Coeli provides Dutch language courses

Time-tested method based on scientific insights


Unique method ensures that you learn

on campus. It’s easy to combine with

to speak a foreign language quickly

your daily work, and there’s a course for

and effectively

every level. Learning the Dutch language


and getting to know the customs of the country will help you understand the

Well-educated native speakers who delve into your situation


Easy to combine with your daily work

Dutch and integrate smoothly.

Visit www.reginacoeli.com/htce or give us a call +31 (0)73 684 87 90

Learn Dutch


Integration, Brabant style Expats are advised to learn the local language to help them connect a bit with the natives. In Eindhoven, it can be a bit more complicated than that: besides Dutch, a lot of English and—in particular—a lot of “Brabants” are spoken. And that’s exactly what you usually don’t learn on Dutch courses! Brabants is the dialect spoken in

Here are a few essential Brabants words and expressions:

the province of North Brabant.


Asked as a question: What did you say? Said

People who speak it pronounce

with disbelief: Are you serious/ that can’t be

the ‘g’ softly, in comparison to


the harder, more guttural sound

’t Is wa…

Now that’s something! It’s a general expression

used in standard Dutch, and

to show that you empathise with someone.

sometimes they drop the last

Da is.

It’s true.

letter or letters of words in their

Dè minde nie!

You’ve got to be kidding!

pronunciation (“Das nie waar...”

Da’s sund.

That’ s a pity/ shame.

instead of “Dat is niet waar...”,

Witte geit?

Do you know?

which means “That’s not true”)

Witte wel, witte nie? Do you know, don't you know? A rhetorical

and fuse words together.

question, and totally useless, but it sounds

good. Complicated? No, not really. Take


advantage of it as an expat by

Gu wit ooit nooit

You never know.

learning a few Brabants terms


how Brabanders say goodbye


and tossing them in everywhere. And here’s a nice bonus: for years, Brabants has been voted

You automatically take over the accent you hear around you most, so if

sexiest accent in research done

you learn Dutch well and keep listening to the Brabanders around you,

by a well-known dating site.

you’ll soon be sporting that sexy Brabant accent, too!

Share the Vibe with Marco De Martini (New Jersey) In one of the old buildings where once Philips was

in life and be part of a working community. Marco:

situated, are living now a lot of internationals. Right

“I have a strong passion for Spanish and was ready

in the middle of town, where a lot is happening, this

for South America. But my mum and dad brought

is an inspiring place to work, to live and to look at

me back to reality.” Instead he went off to Spain and

the growing new skyline of Eindhoven. We are having

worked during summer in one of the best ice-cream

a lovely conversation with Marco De Martini. Born in

stores of Seville. By working he learned the value

Camden, New Jersey, and at the age of 12 he moved

of the Euro. He took Spanish classes at a private

with his mum, dad and sister to Italy. He had the luck

school as well. Finally, he went back to Italy, to

to study Architecture at the I.T.I.S. TITO Sarrocchi in

go to university again and finished his education.

Siena. It was a comprehensive study with topics as

He was proud, he followed his longing for being

IT, electronics, construction, architecture, anatomy,

independent at the age of 17.

restoring, AutoCAD, and much more. The institute had well equipped laboratories. Surrounded by

Father figures

the most beautiful buildings, history and lovely

Having studied Architecture, working in this field in

neighborhood he learned to draw the blueprints

Italy means a lot of restoration, but Marco wished

of the inside and outside of all kind of buildings.

to work in Architecture and create new objects, so he moved to the US and worked there for different companies run by Russell Mahoney and Hal Kesseler.

‘Pencils down moment’

They acted as father figures, mentors for him. Mr. Mahoney believed in his skills and showed him how to work and to live wholeheartedly. In his ‘wood mill office’, he encouraged him to use the machinery,

Inspiring and exhausting at the same time, Marco

and taught him how to make furniture. That was a

was not sure if this study would suit him for the rest

nice opportunity and a lovely experience. Marco:

of his life because he wanted to be independent

“Mr. Mahoney believed in my talents, and foresaw

and did not like to sit in the classroom, read books

a bright future.” Marco was the first employee

and study the whole day. He wanted to be involved

of Mr. Kesseler, in this company he worked on

Share the vibe


the construction site where he learned how to

year of Electronic Engineering at Fontys. He is very

communicate with the customers and all kind of

interested in the new development of solar panel

workmen. Marco developed himself very quickly. In

technology and sustainable energy.

the search for perfection he learned ‘The pencils down moment.’ Hand over your plans to the client,

Home is the world

although it is not 100% perfect and ready.

As a kid he loved to cycle, although his feet could nearly touch the peddles. Nowadays he cycles

Dive into a possible new future

every day with a big a big smile on his face. Living in

The curiosity for exploring new things was still

Eindhoven suits him, he feels at home. Talking about

there and he wanted to try something new again.

the huge population of internationals he is sceptical

He was fascinated by the work of electricians. A

about the way the programs for internationals are

very competitive, lucrative business and also very

organized now. He believes in programs where

demanding physically, carrying heavy cables in and

internationals and Dutchies mix, learn from each

out buildings. He started thinking of a Bachelor in

other and share their stories. And although it is a

Electronic Engineering and because the costs of

challenge to speak Dutch, you need to learn the

studies in Europe are less compared to the US, he

language and culture to get the feeling of being

made a list of possible universities. He travelled

somewhere at home. Marco: “We need to invest in

with his mum to Helsinki, Copenhagen, Groningen,

these people, so they will stay here and we will not

Assen, Enschede, Arnhem and Eindhoven to find

lose their knowledge. You need to integrate and

the university that suit him best. Marco: “It felt like

get to know each other. You have to mix, that is the

diving in a possible new future.” Because of the

challenge. And that has to come from both sides.”

endless possibilities of Eindhoven, he chose this

“Home is the world”, Marco says with a twinkle in his

city as his new home. Marco is now in his second

eyes. What an example of never ever stop exploring! Photos: Eddie Mol, photographer, www.eddiemol.nl

Text: Linde ten Broek, writes and tells your story, www.soulstories.nl

Eddie Mol and Linde ten Broek meet internationals and talk about life, love, roots, dreams and more.

Celebrating 10 years of Eindhoven News! That’s right – for 10 years now the team at Eindhoven

And it seems to be true. With an increasing number

News has been keeping the international population

of people from all over the world finding a job, a

of Eindhoven and its surroundings updated on local

place to settle, and a life to be lived in the Brainport

goings-on. They publish daily news in English, they

region, the need for accessible daily information in

write background stories to share information and

English seems to be growing.

they maintain a listing of local events suitable for non-Dutch speakers.

The last 10 years haven’t always been plain sailing for Eindhoven News. In the early years it took

Eindhoven News is The Voice of internationals in

extensive networking to find the right volunteers

greater Eindhoven, as well as a platform for regional

to keep the organisation going, and to find third

initiatives and organisations to showcase their

parties who were willing to collaborate. But reader

value to this multi-cultural audience. Eindhoven

numbers have been growing steadily ever since the

News believe that a unified society starts with

beginning. At this point, hundreds of international

getting to know each other.







submitting an article or two and others helping It started in 2009 with rumblings in Eindhoven’s

for months or even years to make Eindhoven News

expat community about not being able to read local

what it is today. Every single investment has been

Dutch newspapers, not feeling informed, and not

valuable and together they form the foundation this

knowing what was happening in town. A group of

service is built on.

internationals decided to do something about this. Hundreds of thousands, even millions of people They made a website and began translating and

have been able to read about what’s happening in

writing news articles on a small scale with a handful

the city and its surroundings. We like to think this

of articles each week. In 2011, with most contributors

helps make them feel welcome and provide a head

having left the city, this initiative was on the verge

start on their arrival in this Brabant town.

of disappearing until one of them, Irene Martens,

Eindhoven News will celebrate its 10th anniversary

realised the value of the service. “In my 20 years

this year, a noteworthy achievement! Check the

of experience living abroad, we always managed

EN website for the announcement of a full day

to keep each other informed by collecting, making

of festivities! If you’d like to take part with your

and sharing publications for us, the expats. As a

group, organisation or company, send an email

foreigner living in a new country you have a certain


need to be informed - you want to know what is

anniversary event team will take care of it.





happening, you want to take part and contribute too. You want to be a full, recognised citizen. You

Last but not least: join the party - everybody is

don’t want to miss the point. And if the government


doesn’t provide it, you have to take action yourself.” “I thought we could bridge this gap with Eindhoven News.”


Purchase guidance € 500,You don’t buy a home each day. It’s one of the most valuable purchases in your life. Everything is strange for you: the language, the country, the municipality but also the law. LamotMakelaars knows the market and has the

If we reach an agreement with the sellers about the

knowledge of the region.

purchase price, a purchase contract is made. We control this contract and explain it , so that there

When we go to work together, we start listing your

are no more questions and that everything is clear

living requirements. We also discuss the various

to you. It is a big purchase and everything has to be

locations in and around Eindhoven. Your budget is

100% in order.

also important an important factor. We accompany you with everything including visiting When you have seen a nice house on Funda or

the notary inspecting the property before going to

another website, we go together for a second view.

the notary. From the first moment to the last at the

We validate the correctness of the price for the

notary, we are there for you. We are also available in

house but also check in the land register whether

the evening hours and the weekend.

everything is in order. We also look at the location, how is the house situated in the neighborhood,

There is only one thing that matters to us and that

which facilities are present in the neighborhood.

is a good home for you without problems.

We then discuss our assessment with you and then we purchase a bid which we then issue for you. We

For the very competitive price of € 500,- incl. VAT

then do all the negotiations for you. LamotMakelaars Gebroeders van Doornestraat 32 | 5614 BN Eindhoven 06 574 252 97 | info@lamotmakelaars.nl www.lamotmakelaars.nl

WestSide Stores


All these exciting WestSide Stores form a unique hotspot in Eindhoven. A great place for you to reach by bike, and with free parking available everywhere. Get off the train at Strijp-S station, if you’re doing an “Eindhoven day“. Or just cross the road coming from Strijp-S, which - together with Woensel-West - is increasingly becoming the creative heart of the city. Original. Cocky. A little bit of underground: That’s WestSide Stores for you!

You have the idea, we have the space Ever thought “that was the place to be for my shop? In hip & happening Woensel-West! Pity, those WestSide stores will be full by now” Wrong! There’s still enough space for sparkling ideas and concepts. Including yours! Around the start of summer, 15 business units will be available in Plan Celsius at the top of Edisonstraat. Want to get started here? Hurry, there are only a few spaces still waiting to be used for something special. You have an idea, we have the space!

Want to know more? Please send an email to: bijzondereprojecten@trudo.nl Prefer to speak by phone? Call us on 0900 444 44 88 www.westsidestores.nl


YOGATRAINER At Yogatrainer you can participate in breathing training sessions and 7 styles of yoga lessons every day of the week. That’s 365 days, all year round, with 15 professional trainers in 4 yoga spaces. Active and intensive yoga, or deep, relaxing and restorative yoga? Yogatrainer is the place to be. Book your free trial lesson! Marconilaan 2, 2A, 4A, 4B | www.yogatrainer.nl

For tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers, from loft to exclusive villa. Without waiting lists but with years of experience in real estate, a giant network, extensive extra services and an infectious smile. Oh, by the way… With an art gallery. Edisonstraat 67 www.mdg-makelaars.nl Find us on FB Instagram


Besides a very diverse assortment of fries, döner and “kapsalon” dishes, cafeteria restaurant Arif has a wide selection of grilled dishes and original Turkish food such as lentil soup and baklava.

CAFETARIA RESTAURANT ARIF Edisonstraat 146 040 237 72 20 www.thuisbezorgd.nl/ cafetaria-restaurant-arif

A very unique wine boutique that sell exclusively biological wines. Personally selected by taste and quality. We also offer wines without added sulfite, alcohol free wines and vegan wines. Yes even local wine from Brabant! Come by and have a taste of our wine and our atmosphere. Esther is here to welcome you.

You can also enjoy lunch at cafeteria restaurant Arif. Sandwich rolls, toasties, and Turkish pizzas are just a few of the many options on their lunch menu.

Edisonstraat 20 www.kurkorganicwines.nl

We look forward to seeing you!



Eindhoven now has its own Animal Hospital. You can go to the Animal Hospital in Eindhoven for surgery, blood work, x-rays and endoscopies. We also welcome you and your pet for treatment of minor complaints such as vaccinations and full check-ups. We provide all the care your pet needs, from vaccination to surgery.

Sensitive to gluten? Do you have a lactose-, dairy- or sugar free diet? Nowhere in the Eindhoven region will you find such a diverse assortment of tasty fresh bread, pastry, pasta, pizza, croquettes and ice cream. You can shop carefree again!

Marconilaan 26 www.dierenziekenhuiseindhoven.nl

Find us on: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn

Edisonstraat 10 glutenvrijesuper-eindhoven.nl



The only genuine urban plant & garden shop in Eindhoven and Woensel-West’s green living room. Here you’ll find everything to make your house flourish. Owner Sanne has a story about every item. Le Freak Botanique is also the place to be for plant cutting workshops or children’s parties.

Such a colorful store, it will make you happy. A slightly different and surprising homeand gift store, with beautiful home accessories, furniture, lighting, funny gadgets, toys, baby shower gifts, cards and more…

Franklinplein 2 Find us on FB and Instagram

Edisonstraat 26 www.hellashome.nl



A Vegetable feast! Not only is this the truth, it’s also the name of one of the dishes here. This Arabic, 100% vegetarian, (almost completely) vegan restaurant is the absolute best in Eindhoven when it comes to falafel. And don’t forget all the soups, salads, stews, sides and dips, all filled with veggies. Delicious tea is served in traditional pots by friendly servers. It’s like being on a Middle Eastern holiday. All of this can be found at Woensel Westside stores.

All breeds big and small: they have been able to find her from anywhere near and far. For the entire grooming and care for you dog’s fur. Also behavioural advice and complete treatments. Exclusive one on one attention, love and relaxation. Quality time for your dog! Edisonstraat 14 www.bibitrimsalon.nl

Edisonstraat 131-133 | +31 40 8423406 | info@falafelmasters.com ANI HAIRSTYLE SPECIAL OFFER Now at Ani Hairstyle: threading your eyebrows for just 1 euro! (instead of 10) Womens and mens hairdresser, specialised in bridal hair do’s and make up. For extensions Ani hairstyle is also the place to be. Ani Hairstyle Edisonstraat 135 06 1489 3211

Logo_De_Gulle_Griek_1-12-2018_DEF.indd 1

02-12-18 20:24

Καλώς ήρθατε! A warm welcome! De Gulle Griek (The Generous Greek) brings a piece of Greece to Eindhoven. In my cozy store with an authentic Greek look, I sell all the good things that Greece has to offer. Gifts, olive oil, ceramics, beauty & care articles: I am always looking for the nicest and most delicious products. Καλή ορέξη! Edisonstraat 89 | www.degullegriek.nl Find us on FB Instagram

KIDSKARTEL Coolest kids store in Eindhoven? 150m2 Top quality second hand, outlet fashion and retro toys. There is no beauty without some strangeness We can provide an original interior design, but also we’re also always on the hunt for vintage stuff. Our shop is an eclectic mix of vintage, design and reuse….. So wake up and smell the salvage! Edisonstraat 129 | www.strangeavenue.nl Find us on instagram

Like us on facebook and who knows what happens @kidskartel. Edisonstraat 50

We buy and sell! You can throw the coolest childrens parties at Kidskartel, do a workshop or buy vegan candy in our kidsproof lunch cafe with a very cool train table. That ‘s shopping, playing and lunch fun all under the same roof! See you soon @ www.kidskartel.nl !

Rebekah Villon is an American, living and working in the Netherlands as a professional writer and marketing consultant. In her spare time, she writes blogs, makes crafts, explores Europe, and nurtures big ideas.

Book Review by Rebekah Villon Stoner by John Williams

Stoner was written in 1965, and is a very academic book. It's written by a professor, about a professor, taking place on a university campus, and if it wasn't required reading in one of your college English classes, it reads like it was. It reads like a book that English professors would assign year after year. However, in the real life of the book, it wasn't very popular when it was published. It was only during reissues in the 2000s that the book found an audience, as Waterstones' Book of the Year in 2012 and The Guardian's must-read novel of 2013. The novel gained a popularity and following in Europe that led to it's re-emergence as a bestseller in America. On the face of it, a slim quiet little book about the life of a farm boy who becomes an English professor doesn't seem to have the makings of a bestseller. The title character, William Stoner, lives a modest life,

Book Review by Rebekah Villon

hemmed in by obligations and driven by emotions

withdrawn and impassive on the outside, but who

even he doesn't fully understand. On the outside,

have a heart full of passion.

his life is unremarkable, just one of those kooky characters one sees on campus, not especially

Passion is a recurring theme; it always catches

significant in any way.

Stoner unaware, and, under the sway of his passions, he makes four crucial decisions in his life. Between

Critics speculate that the spare, clear, factual

these moments, years pass, and time erodes and

language of the book is an antidote to today's

corrodes the paths he has chosen. The novel is

habitual exaggeration of words, feelings, and

engrossing, heartbreaking, disquieting, relentless,

images. That the novel is popular now because

without a spare word.

readers are seeking a respite from the florid language we are surrounded with every day. But I don't think that's it. The book presents the rich, faceted, passionate, attentive inner world of a character who is virtually incapable of sharing that world with those around him. Painfully aware of how he seems, Stoner's joint stoicism and delicacy prompt an inevitable series of painful withdrawals and evasions from a life full of relentless, petty cruelties. In a telling passage: “There was always near his consciousness the blood knowledge of his inheritance, given him by forefathers whose lives were obscure and hard and stoical and whose common ethic was to present to an oppressive world faces that were expressionless and hard and bleak.� Stoner has almost no dialogue, and almost all of the important conversations are betrayed by Williams before they even begin. Williams tells you, at the beginning of these conversations, that they are to be the only ones of their kind, the last there will ever be, so that every conversation is already concluded before it begins. Dialogue in the book is critical for its scarcity, and brevity, and finality. Everything in between is thought and impulse, the interpretation

I suspect that the reason for the book's sudden

of oblique glances, broken phrases, subterfuge.

resurgence and newfound popularity is that all too many of us find ourselves worn away, simply

In one sense, I found it infuriating; I wanted these

outlasting a world in which our dreams have

characters to speak, finally, to emerge and have

foundered. And the idea that, within even the

their wars in the open. And I also found it disquieting

stoniest exterior, there may be passion, there may

to think that the world is probably populated with

be dreams, there may even be poetry, is simply

Stoners, with people who seem reserved and



Learn how to swim better with Nextline Did you know that swimming is the healthiest exercise you can do, and the easiest way to get a full-body workout? And did you know that swimming is part of Dutch culture? Most people don’t know that the best exercise

Besides the weekly program, Nextline has developed

in the world is something most of us have been

special swim courses. These courses are a good

doing since we were children - swimming. Much

opportunity to learn the basic techniques involved

more effective than weight training or running

in different types of strokes. The first swim course

and, thanks to its low-impact nature, less prone to

is a short program for beginners, in which you learn

injuries. All you need to learn is some good basic

the basics of the front crawl and back crawl. As a

technique, which will provide you with the joy and

follow-up you can take part in the second swim

motivation necessary to do this full-body workout

course. This course lasts for a number of weeks,


during which you will improve your basic technique and learn how to swim the breaststroke.

In the summer of 2018, Nextline was founded as a swimming organisation in Eindhoven. Nextline

We share information about swimming through our

wants to help everyone who likes to swim. By

digital platform. To obtain good content, we work

offering a varied range of swim programs, we

with some of the best international athletes, such as

make sure there’s something for everyone. The

Olympic champion Ranomi Kromowidjojo and Ferry

only prerequisite is that you know how to handle

Weertman. The inspiring images ensure everyone

yourself in the water.

has the motivation and opportunity to develop their technique. Have a look at our website www.nextline.

Nextline will start with a special swim training

org or check the Nextline Swim Academy YouTube

session for adults in Eindhoven’s National Swimming

channel to see all our different technique videos.

Center Tongelreep. This is a weekly program tailored to your needs and skills, and you will be trained by

Do you want to learn how to swim better and

some of the best coaches. We will motivate you to

improve your swimming technique? Get in touch

improve your swimming skills and help you swim

with us via www.nextline.org and join one of our

easier, and - if you like - faster and further.

programs. We hope to see you soon in the pool!


Frequently asked questions at the estate agent What exactly is the three-day cooling-off period? And when I offer the asking price, does the seller have to sell the property to me? When you’re about to start selling your house or buy a new house, many things are often unclear. We at Pit estate agents have also noticed recurring questions from people we meet at viewings and during negotiations. To make sure you have the correct information, here are the answers to two frequently asked questions! What is the ‘reflection period’? When we say reflection time, it means exactly three days of reflection time. A buyer therefore has three days to reflect on whether he/she wants to purchase a property. During those three days, the potential buyer is completely free to abandon the purchase. The reflection period commences (officially) at the moment the buyer receives a copy of the deed of sale signed by both the seller and the buyer. Important to know: the reflection period starts the day after the buyer receives a copy of the contract signed by both the seller and the buyer. Can a sales estate agent continue with viewings while a bid is being negotiated? Yes, that is allowed. Naturally, a negotiation does not have to lead to a

de sleutel tot ieders droomhuis

final sale. Besides this, in many cases the selling party wants to know whether there is more interest in the home. Receiving bids from several interested parties at the same time is also allowed. In this case, the estate agent will inform interested parties that there is already a bid on the table. Can’t find an answer to your question in the above text? Or do you want to know more? Please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy

Pit makelaars Your real estate agent: Anita Fiers (040) 255 30 03 makelaar@pitmakelaars.com www.pitmakelaars.com

to assist you!

Bar Restaurant Thym by Parkzicht

Parkzicht went bankrupt just seven years ago. Today, it’s busier than ever. The reason for this drastic change? New leadership.

In 2012, Nicky and Derk van Westenbrugge (then both 26 years old) took over Hotel & Restaurant Parkzicht. The decision had to be made quickly due to the bankruptcy situation. “We started without a business plan” says Nicky. “It was a simple yes or no. We chose Yes.” Suddenly we were taking care of 45 staff members, obtaining permits, learning about rules we’ve never heard of and making sure all the guests were happy. Starting this business was never easy, but Derk and Nicky have managed to turn the tide. Parkzicht has become an established and authentic place in Eindhoven, located across the street from the green “Stadswandelpark”. With this success comes a new look. The hotel had a grand makeover in 2017, and this January it was the restaurant’s turn. The restaurant has been completely renovated and given a new name: Thym by Parkzicht. The name reflects not only the French herb, but also the street name: the Alberdingk Thijmlaan in the Elzent-Zuid district in Stratum. The stately building also boasts


Photos: Lieke Vermeulen

a beautiful terrace overlooking the park for sunny

steak tartare. For the main course, you don’t want

days. The bistro chic and cosy interior – designed by

to miss out on the classic bouillabaisse, sole or the

King Kongs, also from Eindhoven – still emulate the

popular ‘tournedos’. You can finish your evening

30s, the year Parkzicht was built. This place gives

with an excess of sweets and tasty cheeses. All

you a homely feeling from the moment you walk in.

accompanied by a wide selection of wines.

Thym by Parkzicht is the result of a passion for “Brabants” hospitality and modern FrenchEuropean





combines a relaxed and intimate atmosphere with visible high quality. You can visit for an informal evening, but business meetings are also a frequent occurrence. It’s the place in Eindhoven where you’re always guaranteed to be welcomed with a sincere smile. “We’re convinced that positive leadership and a focus on coaching leads to the best results”, says Derk. “We give our team a lot of independence and responsibility. Teams should have fun together and respect each other. In the last years a real Parkzicht family has emerged organically”. Alberdingk Thijmlaan 18 | 5615 EB Eindhoven The kitchen serves their modern take on authentic French-European cuisine. You’ll find charcuterie and oysters to start with, as well as scallops, bisque and

040 211 48 88 | www.thym.nl @thymbyparkzicht

UNA Football Club is the highest-playing amateur

international be part of an already existing team,

club in the Eindhoven region, and currently

this also helps him/her in finding new friends".

plays in the Third division. UNA was founded on November 7, 1929 by residents of Zeelst, a village,

Dick Bijkerk, chairman of the youth board, adds:

part of Veldhoven, and in this jubilee year several

"In our board meetings every now and then we

festivities and events will be organized, as well for

discussed that we don’t have to many internationals

members as non-members.

as members, especially when we look at our colleagues from DBS, who are only 3 kilometers

“That’s also one of the important pillars of UNA,"

away. But the internationals are very welcome, as

according to Willem Bakermans, chairman of

Willem already said.

the senior board. "We would like to be a second home for our members, but at the same time be

We’re running a financially healthy football club

hospitable to people who are not members of our

with 55 junior and senior teams, in addition there

football club. This certainly also applies to the

is a women's and a veterans team. Willem and Dirk

many internationals who live here. Our club house

have one big wish: "At this moment we have only

is open every day of the week and everyone is more

one artificial pitch. To provide all our members

than welcome to have a cup of coffee or a glass of

the best possible circumstances for training and

beer here. Especially for the people who are new to

playing matches, we urgently need an extra artificial

this area, this offers a great opportunity to make

pitch. For this, we depend on the municipality of

contacts before or after watching a match. We also

Veldhoven, as the accommodation is their property.

applaud it if internationals want to join our club,

We are constantly in contact about this, and have

but we don’t have the intention of forming a special

good hope that the municipality will decide to make

"expat team". In our view it is much better to let the

this, for us, much needed investment.


UNA: Amateur club with a professional organization

Certainly when having the extra artificial pitch, both gentlemen have full confidence in a prosperous future for UNA. Willem: "We are an amateur association on paper, but Dick, I, all the other board members, technical staff and last but not least all our volunteers, are working all week to make our organization work on a professional basis, so our members are happy to come to the training or matches. Our goal is to have all our youth teams play at the highest level, and to return with our first team, the flagship of the club, to the Second Division. However, we are very aware that we also have many members who just want to kick a ball in the weekend and have fun. To make sure that both

For more information

groups like it in the same football club: that's what’s

or becoming a member, contact:

it all about for us. Last words for Dick: "I hope this article will encourage the internationals to visit our

Dick Bijkerk

accommodation" and laughing: "Most should know

+31 6 22 23 28 22

us anyway, because our sports park is just about on


the route from Meerhoven to the High Tech Campus and ASML".

Willem Bakermans +31 6 40 74 44 37 voorzittersenioren@vvuna.nl


‘t Parelbosch Kim Bakker is the pedagogical coach at daycare center ‘t Parelbosch. She consults the pedagogical workers that support all the different daycare groups. She is also active in creating solutions to fulfill in any special need a child may have. She started working for ‘t Parelbosch in september 2018, next to her day to day work on location, she has also been very busy with her research testing several different pedagogical theses. The government has set a minimum amount of hours for pedagogical support at a daycare center. Although most daycare centers choose to stick to that minimum ‘t Parelbosch has chosen to over exceed this minimum by far.This way they can be true to their vision, that every child deserves to be supported in a unique and personal way. Kim: “When there is a possibility a child could fall behind with language, or is getting bored because they are ahead of their group, it’s my job to react to the situation before it becomes a problem”. Kim is present at both locations of daycare center ‘t Parelbosch, and spends time with the groups frequently. That way she has insight in what is going on with her co workers and children. Kim feels it is very important that pedagogical support is easy accessible, and parents can turn to her with small questions as well as more serious issues. Everything at ‘t Parelbosch is designed to support children in their own unique situation and development. Kim: “They give me plenty of space to create personal projects for my co workers, and change pedagogical policy along with changes in needs that arise. I can see my co workers growing over time, and the very high

't Parelbosch Daycare

quality of daycare we offer improves constanty.

Pasqualinistraat 10 De Waghemakerstraat 1-B

Contact Kim to discuss if daycare center ‘t Parelbosch can support your


child’s pedagogical needs.

T 040 256 9090 info@parelbosch.nl www.parelbosch.nl


SALTO offers a new and accessible international school concept in Eindhoven “Eindhoven is changing rapidly. The rapidly-growing international

The aim is to help students

population is not only changing the city’s characteristics, it’s also



creating a whole new educational need”, opines Geert Simons,



chairman of internationalisation project SALTO and director of 2

into Dutch society while also

soon-to-be-opened international schools. “Before, international


families usually stayed 2 or 3 years before moving back home or to

international profile and their

another expat location. These families need the traditional form of

English language skills. SALTO

international education: high-quality tuition with a similar curriculum

wants to offer accessible, high-

to other international schools worldwide, with English as the language

quality education to all children

of instruction”.

in Eindhoven, so this new school





concept will also be available to Research shows that the “Eindhoven international family” of today

all children who require it”.

stays in Eindhoven for an average of approximately 6 years. So, some

Geert Simons is happily looking

families stay much longer and others much shorter. The one thing

forward to the start of the new

these families have in common is that they don’t actually know how

concept and is confident that

long they will stay; but they do know their stay is temporary.

this initiative is a great addition to




“When, for example, a family eventually stays in the Netherlands for 9

available in the Eindhoven area.

years, and their children have always attended a monolingual English-


speaking school, they will find it hard to integrate into Dutch society

international education:

and make Dutch friends in their own neighbourhood”, Geert continues.


“On the other hand, when a family sends their children to a regular Dutch school and then decides to move again after 2 years, their children have worked hard to master the Dutch language but may also have created a gap in their international development”. For this new type of international family, a hybrid school concept is the best solution. Their children need international education with a strong focus on Dutch and integration into Dutch society. “At SALTO, a group of 22 public primary schools in Eindhoven, we created such a concept: SALTO International School. In August we will open 2 locations operating under this new concept, one in the city centre (SALTO International School RISE) and one in Meerhoven (SALTO International School I-st@rt). Both schools offer international primary education with both English and Dutch as languages of instruction.



KEK-040! is THE platform run by and for artists in the Eindhoven region. The aim is to stimulate art in general and to bring art to the attention of third parties, giving artists the opportunity to grow and develop. According to Marcus van Roode, chairman of KEK040!, “Eindhoven artists have been “invisible” in the city for a number of years, and their social position needs improvement. Therefore, artists have united in “KEK-040!”, providing artists with the stage they deserve online, offline and even on the street. To stimulate mutual contact, KEK (Collective of Eindhoven’s Arts) -040! organizes meetings where artists connect to exchange ideas and share their creativity”.

Lex Grote

“Eindhoven in art” by Lex Grote

They share the combination of drawing and

One of KEK040!’s board members is Lex Grote, who

painting, together with a certain transparency

will introduce us to a number of new and interesting

in their work. However, it is the differences in

initiatives (“Eindhoven in art”) in upcoming HOWDO

structure, handwriting, theme and the final image

editions to push Eindhoven even higher up the

that reinforce their individuality.

cultural city ladder.

“KUNSTEINDHOVEN” Lex (Eindhoven, 1958; lexgrote.com) studied graphic

Discussing “Eindhoven in art”, Lex says, “there

education in Eindhoven and at the Royal Academy

is a lot happening in Eindhoven art-wise, but

for Art and Design in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

apparently the budget for making events visible is small. I will do my best to make readers aware

In his work, Lex is guided by his personal expression

of upcoming art events. One of the new events is

and inspiration: “I compose, and I’m working on

“KUNSTEINDHOVEN”, (14-26 April 2019), organized by

several works at the same time. I look closely to see

“Staat op Straat”.

when it is finished”. The starting point: Lex Grote exhibited in Aruba, Istanbul, Rotterdam,

30 (vandalism-proof) showcases will be placed in

Amsterdam and, on many occasions, in Eindhoven

the city centre of Eindhoven. These showcases are

and the surrounding area. You can see his paintings

the heart of the exhibition. Every display offers

and sculptures hanging in company offices both big

space for one unique art egg (“kunstei” in Dutch),

and small, private practices and galleries. By now,

made by established artists, but also as a result of

his signature is recognized by many art lovers. From

special projects by, for example, CKE (Arts Centre

April 4th until June 3rd, you can visit his works at


the “Academisch Genootschap” at Parklaan 93 in Eindhoven. Lex is exhibiting with Monique Rutten for the second time, and although their work is entirely different in atmosphere and theme, they began painting together as an experiment. Lex’s artwork looks extroverted, with expressive colors. The more introverted work of Monique Rutten is built in a much slower process using layers. Her use of color is more subdued and her performances offer a lived-in representation of people in resistance. “In my art you often see a silent or open protest against imposed expectations. I like to confront and provoke discussion. I don’t want to please, reassure or create a lovely scene, but am looking for the truth behind the masks”, says Monique.

Marcus van Roode


KUNSTEINDHOVEN is the new spring event. The result is an ‘art route’ through the city centre,

through the city centre. Each art egg will have

with 30 unique artefacts in the leading role. The

its own QR code. Visitors can enter the contest,

ambition is to make KUNSTEINDHOVEN grow into

which offers a wonderful trip as the main prize, by

THE spring event of Eindhoven over the next few

scanning all the QR codes.

years. Because of the event, in spring the city centre transforms into a place where visitors are shown positive and creative inspiration, and 2019 will be the prelude to this. With a unique art route, a noble objective and lots of inner-city fun.

For more information about KUNSTEINDHOVEN

Beside plenty of exposure, impact and attention,

contact Lex Grote

a contest will be organized using the showcases

06 21 93 88 80 or lex@grotekunst.nl


Maserati Experience for WTC·E Entrepreneurs of the Year 2019! WTCE announced the ‘WTC·E Entrepreneur of the Year 2019’ and ‘WTC·E Young Professional of the Year 2019’ at the Philips Stadion. In the presence of 150 representatives from the business community, knowledge institutions and government, Anton & Hans van Limpt, directors at Bestronics, and owner of SuitIT Otto Lodewijk were awarded ‘WTC·E Entrepreneur of the Year’. Maserati Experience With this award, the entrepreneurs receive privileges that increase national and international awareness of them and their company in the region. WTCE Founding Member Driessen Autogroep surprised the “Entrepreneurs of the Year” with a unique Maserati Experience! A weekend of enjoying the beautiful design and pure passion of this prestigious Italian car.

Photography: Reportage Fotografie Annie van Schayk and Eddie Mol Fotografie

Low-Key Ways to Practice Your Dutch By Rebekah Villon @rvillon

Dutch is a notoriously difficult language to learn. And the Dutch people all speak English so well that, for better or worse, many people simply default to speaking English all the time, and never really get in the habit of speaking Dutch. However, greater proficiency in the language does help foster deeper connections in the community, and has a lot of other advantages as well:

Being bilingual benefits the brain. Many studies show that learning a second language has incredible benefits for cognition, memory, and can even help prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Connect better with those around you. While it’s easy for Dutch neighbors, co-workers, and friends to speak English in order to include you in the conversation, they don’t always. It can be isolating to feel left out of the conversation, or to request that everyone switch language for your benefit.

Practice Dutch

For all these reasons, it is a good idea to practice your Dutch when you can. Here are some low-key ways to work more Dutch conversation into your life: Encourage people to speak Dutch to you. Many Dutch people will simply switch to English because it is faster and more efficient. When possible, ask them to be patient and keep speaking Dutch so that you can practice. Learn key phrases like “Please help me practice speaking Dutch” ("Zou je me alsjeblieft kunnen helpen mijn Nederlands te oefenen?" / "Ik zou graag Nederlands met je praten, om te oefenen") and “Will you please repeat that more slowly?” ("Zou je dat iets langzamer kunnen herhalen?"). Of course, choose the right time and place; if someone is in a hurry, don’t try to coerce them into being your language tutor, but try to use every conversation you can as a chance to practice. Go to a sit-down restaurant and ask questions. Try to visit a sit-down restaurant during non-busy hours, and ask questions about the menu. “Is this fish fresh?” “May I have a side order of french fries?”, etc. The nice thing about this method is that, because you can anticipate the topics and scope of these conversations ahead of time, you can look up and practice relevant phrases from home, so you can feel prepared and

Speaking Dutch has social and legal benefits in the Netherlands.

confident. It’s much easier to practice this way than it

where you need to be prepared for any topic.

If you eventually want to become a

is to launch into a random conversation with a stranger,

naturalized citizen of the Netherlands,

you must be able to speak, read, and write

Attend events for kids.


Go to story-telling events for children, or even watch

While contracts and legal documents are

Dutch children’s TV shows. When people are speaking to

often provided in other languages for your

and for children, they tend to use shorter sentences and

convenience, only the Dutch version of

simpler words, making it easier to pick up the language.

these documents is binding, so the ability

to read and understand the fine print may

Visit The Hub.

help you in a variety of situations.

The Hub has regular Dutch language events where you

Dutch language proficiency is increasingly

can learn and practice with other expats, and build

important when applying for Netherlands

community and make friends while you gain language

social welfare benefits, and is necessary

proficiency. Check out our event calendar:

if you want to eventually become a


naturalized citizen.

for more information.


Özgün Yalçın Always looking over the Turkish horizon

Özgün Yalçın


After arriving in the Netherlands almost a year ago, Turkish Özgün Yalçın (30) is easily adapting to life in Eindhoven. “About ten months ago I arrived in the Netherlands after having been contacted by a company in Rotterdam. Things were looking very good, but eventually small contractual details stopped me from pursuing a career there. Nevertheless, my wife had already found work here and I wasn’t going to let a small setback change my future plans. After all, I had been considering a move abroad since 2015. Fortunately, I was offered the position of Quality Liaison Engineer at Fokker in Helmond in December of last year. That was a logical next step in my career after having studied material engineering at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. In Turkey, I had already worked as a Quality Assurance Engineer at Turkish Aerospace Industries.”

You mentioned you had been considering a move abroad for a few years. Were you set on the Netherlands?

renting a house in Eindhoven, but we’re looking to

“Not necessarily, but now that I’m here I’m really

Belgium and Germany are only the proverbial

glad it did turn out to be Holland. As I said, my wife

stone’s throw away. Yes, we like to explore as much

had found work here - she’s also in the aerospace

as we can. Apart from that, I was an active musician

industry - and we both enjoy life in Eindhoven so

in Turkey and am now trying to get back on stage.”

buy as soon as the opportunity arises. We spend many weekends visiting Dutch cities and of course

much that we hope to stay here permanently.”

Interesting! Tell me more. Exploring

“I play the bass and drums, and I’m also a singer.

Aside from your job at Fokker in Helmond, what does your daily or weekly life entail?

I get together with friends from here and abroad

“In the beginning my wife contacted a recruitment

groups and styles really. I play the blues for fun and

company who helped us with the basics, such as

metal music on a more project-like basis.”

a few times a year to record. It’s divided into two

permits. They were basically the key that opened the door to life in the Netherlands. Both my wife and I attend Dutch classes weekly. We are currently

‘I appreciate the social equality here’ Great Equality

On a broader level, what’s your social life like here? “I was pleasantly surprised about how I was greeted here. Far better than expected. I find it quite different from my experiences in other parts of Europe. People are very friendly, and I

had no trouble adapting into the community. I have friends from various nations, both at and outside of work. I really appreciate the social equality here. My boss doesn’t earn five times as much as I do. People have ‘relatively equal’ purchasing power, especially compared with the US or the Middle East. It’s not all about status and possessions here.”

‘We like exploring Dutch cities’


Do you miss Turkey? “I wouldn’t call it homesick, but of course I miss my family and friends. We haven’t been back since arriving here, but now we’re settled we plan to go back to Turkey twice a year. Besides




friends, Turkish food is better! Then





better at brewing beer. I can only repeat myself: my wife and I are very happy here and plan to stay permanently. I have an interesting job with both Dutch and international colleagues, we are learning Dutch and we hope to buy a house in Eindhoven real soon!” Text: Joost Pool Photography: Eddie Mol







be international

, b e D ut


International School RISE

SALTO is starting up a new school concept: SALTO International

You can enrol your child by

School RISE. With our new multilingual primary school concept we

filling in an enrolment form

believe we have found an inspiring balance between traditional

on our website:

international education and Dutch education.


In January 2019 our school will open its doors for children of the


age of 4 and 5 (Kindergarten). Subsequent in August 2019 we will

Reigerlaan 3

open a complete primary section (ages 4-12).

5613 CD Eindhoven

We strive to support our students in becoming bilingual/

(At a later point in time we will

multilingual children who will have the option to either continue

move to another location near

their education at an international secondary school or a Dutch

the city center of Eindhoven)

secondary school after they graduate from SALTO international School RISE.

´ Petar Culibrk, Welcome Desk volunteer at Holland Expat Center South By Olivia van den Broek-Neri

Holland Expat Center South has volunteers working at its Welcome Desk in Eindhoven. These people volunteer their time and expertise to help other internationals who have recently moved to the Eindhoven area. Each of them has his/her own story as to why they are in Eindhoven, and what their plans are for the future. For this issue, we spoke to Petar Ćulibrk, who

As a volunteer, Petar welcomes internationals who

moved with his wife to Eindhoven in July 2018. He

have an appointment at the Expat Center. He also

first visited the Expat Center to get a welcome bag.

helps answer these expats’ questions via email and

“I heard there was a welcome bag,” he says. “The

Facebook, and in person.

bag was full of pamphlets about finding a doctor, about hobbies (sports, music and lots more) and of

What is the most frequently asked question at the Welcome Desk?

course - THE EXPAT GUIDE.”

“People who come in mostly have the same

opening a bank account, as well as information

questions,” he says. But, without hesitation, Petar When he saw a posting on the ‘Holland Expat Center’

says the most frequently asked question is, “How

Facebook page looking for volunteers, he sent an

can I get a job?” He goes on to mention other

email. “I wanted to get out of the house because I

frequently asked questions including needing help

didn’t have a job yet,” he explains. Petar has now

with taxes or how to register with a doctor, for

been a volunteer at the Expat Center’s Welcome

which Petar refers them to Official Partners of the

Desk for more than two months.

Expat Center. There are also internationals who

Expat Center


want information about volunteering or how to start a business. “We’re here for you with advice and, if we can't help, one of our partners will know what to do,” he says. Petar recommends expats attend the Expat Center’s events. “Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get all the pertinent info on our latest events and workshops where you can learn how to buy a house, find an apartment, do your taxes or simply make new friends,” he says.

The best part of volunteering at the Expat Center “It’s really nice to greet people,” he says. Petar especially enjoys meeting people from so many different countries. “It’s not as much of a melting pot where I come from, in Croatia!” But he goes a

Photos: Fred

step further and greets as many internationals as possible in their native language. “I recommend everyone learn a few words of any language they encounter,” he says. Petar is fluent in Croatian and English. He is also A1 level in Dutch, French, German, and Portuguese, and is learning Turkish. “I have Turkish friends and I try to learn a few words a week!”

What’s his advice for internationals living here? “I always tell them to go to the Meet & Greets,

“The Expat Center is the information point for all newcomers to the city,” he says. “You're always welcome!”

especially if they are in another city instead of Eindhoven.” He mentions how he and his wife joined the Meet & Greet in ‘s-Hertogenbosch that Holland Expat Center organized in October. Holland







But, as a professional musician who currently gives

governmental agency. There is no charge for our

private piano lessons, he points out that his favorite

services and no appointment is required. Our office

event was the Meet & Greet at the Muziekgebouw

is open from 09:00 to 17:00.

Eindhoven, which included a behind-the-scenes tour of the music centre. During the tour, Petar

Vestdijk 27a, Eindhoven

treated the other attendees with an impromptu

+31 (0)40 238-6777

piano concert!


Parktheater EUGEN ONEGIN Staatsopera van Tatarstan do 4 apr 2019 opera SECOND NATURE Nederlands Dans Theater 1 za 6 apr 2019 dans THE PROTAGONIST Dunja Jocic | Korzo Producties wo 10 apr 2019 dans BLACK, BRAVE & BEAUTIFUL Abafazi vr 12 apr 2019 show PINK FLOYD’S ANNIVERSARY SHOW! Pink Project za 13 apr 2019 muziek PASSION Yamato di 16 apr 2019 muziek 4: STILL LIFE Nicole Beutler Projects & Theater Malpertuis wo 24 apr 2019 dans

THE LAUGHING LIZARD do 25 apr 2019 comedy LEVE LARBI Introdans di 30 apr 2019 dans £¥€$ Ontroerend Goed za 4 & zo 5 mei 2019 toneel WOODSTOCK THE STORY (50TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR) di 7 mei 2019 muziektheater

CHOPPING A SWEET OLIVE Simon Bus do 23 mei 2019 dans ALL HANDS ON DECK Scapino Ballet Rotterdam en Wëreldbänd di 28 mei 2019 dans BRUCE SPRINGSTEENS BORN IN THE U.S.A. Legendary Albums Live wo 29 mei 2019 muziek

DANSVERRASSING Ontroerend Goed wo 15 mei 2019 dans FANTASIO Opera Zuid vr 17 en zo 19 mei 2019 opera RÉVERSIBLE Les 7 Doigts de la Main / 7 Fingers ma 20 mei 2019 circus

Weekly events at The Hub MONDAY 19:00 International Game Night TUESDAY 10:30 Ladies coffee morning 19:00 Introduction to Improvisation 19:45 Dutch Night 19:45 English as a second language WEDNESDAY 10:30 Dutch speaking class

THURSDAY 10:00 Rainbows International Playgroup 19:00 Music with Strangers FRIDAY 20:30 TGIF! It’s Friday at The Hub!

See the website for full details, newsletter sign up, and upcoming events. www.thehubeindhoven.nl

agenda Kids agenda SATURDAY 6 APRIL Helmondse Lightly Parade SUNDAY 7 APRIL Goat Viewings, ’t Geiteboerke Oerle SUNDAY 7 APRIL Cows dance, Farm Maarheeze SUNDAY 14 APRIL Openings event, Bevrijdende Vleugels Best SUNDAY 14 APRIL Party, Paviljoen Op Noord Eindhoven SATERDAY 20 APRIL A Fruity Fantasy Festival, Aarbeienland Horst SUNDAY 21 APRIL Feelgoodmarket, Ketelhuisplein Eindhoven SATERDAY 27 APRIL Kingsday, everywhere SUNDAY 28 APRIL Meet & Greet Sandcastle, City of Veldhoven WEDNESDAY 1 MAY Opening Aquapark, Vossemeren Lommel (B) SUNDAY 5 MAY Cows dance, Brabantse Kluis Aarle FROM FRIDAY 24 TILL SUNDAY 26 MAY Festival Lepeltje Lepeltje, Anne Frankplantsoen Eindhoven MORE INSPIRATION >> www.kidsproof.nl/Eindhoven


Pim van Lommel

A Dutch spoken talk about near-death experience classical | literary


Janne Schra Lalala Love pop



City Lights Tour 2019 pop


Douglas Firs

presented by Naked Song pop


Location: De Rozenknop

International Franz Liszt Piano Competition 2017 Alexander Ullman piano Barnabás Kelemen violin classical


Rosanne Philippens violin Rick Stotijn double-bass Hans Eijsackers piano classical


tickets available at muziekgebouweindhoven.nl Tel:040 244 20 20 (Mon - Sat 13:00 - 17:00)


1-4 MAY

Expat friendly bikeshop We are the allround (e)bike specialist in Veldhoven / Eindhoven and we supply Urban transport Solutions for you and your family.

You are welcome!

The International Theatre Collective Eindhoven presents (DE)Humanize. Nine actors from nine different countries tell a story about a time in which people must decide whether they want to live forever.

Visit us for new or used bikes! (De)Humanize is about what defines the identity Veldhoven Heemweg 2, 040 2558540 Eindhoven Bisschop Bekkerslaan 6, 040 2558545


of the human species during a time in which technological developments open a window towards immortality and perfection. We need to know what we want to preserve, before our desire to improve makes us lose the very core of what makes us human. Director and author Geert Niland wrote the script after interviewing several young internationals in Eindhoven and talking in depth with the cast about their thoughts concerning the topics

SIKI; Different, special and unique! Streetwear for kids & teens 0-18y. Urban style, for urban people! Dare to be different! Brands: Molo, Grunt, Levi’s, Play-Up, Collegien I Dig Denim, Mini Rodini, Claesens, Yporque,

highlighted in the play. “It doesn’t help to be perfect. We need our quality of being a living contradiction. We need new horizons.” (Laetitia in (De)Humanize)

Nadadelazos, Gosoaky, Enfant, Trixie and more! See you @Strijp S

Torenallee 60-02 Eindhoven T 06 330 105 67 sikiwebwinkel.com Siki_Kinderwinkel

Open Wed t/m Sun

Pand P Leenderweg 65, 5614 HL Eindhoven Performed in English. Buy your tickets online: www.pand-p.nl or www.parktheater.nl


Collaboration between Eindhoven News and OUTtogether/SamenUIT Finding interesting events on our website is one thing, but at Eindhoven News we think we could be doing more to make sure you really get out there, experience Eindhoven and meet people. International AND local.

It’s easy to use. Simply create your profile (for free) and you can start looking at events and inviting others. Be an influencer and create an interest group, place a reaction or share the page and start meeting new

We think the best way to do this is by providing


opportunities to find people who also want to meet others. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the

Go to the OUTtogether website to find out more.

OUTtogether/SamenUIT digital platform.

Events, activities, clubs and groups.

On this platform you can find groups, events and interests where you can place a reaction below the event to ask other people to join you. You can ask others to join you at a gig, a game night, a theatre show or a museum. Or start a cooking, running or biking club by creating a group on the platform (for free).

Eindhoven News wants to make sure you’re really having fun. With real people, in real life.


BOOK NOW: 040 - 760 0179

SPA - BEAUTY - FACIAL - MASSAGE MANI/PEDI - SAUNA - GIFTS & MORE www.agua.nl - Wilhelminaplein 17 - Eindhoven

Cristal Cleaning cleans everty type of clothing and textiles for consumers and businesses Geldropseweg 50 | 5611 SJ Eindhoven T. +31(0)40 211 2764 | eindhoven@cristalcleaning.nl www.cristalcleaning.nl

Learn Dutch! Level 1 (to A1) for real beginners! Start: Wednesday April 10 13 lessons of 2,5 hours Volksuniversiteit Eindhoven Tongelresestraat 146A | Eindhoven More info or registering www.vu-eindhoven.nl

Buying a house?

Know what you’re buying and don’t pay more than you have to! Bring your own agent for independent guidance and advice. 040 - 84 331 84 www.aankoopmakelaardijvanweele.nl

If you want to have a shot at the

EKOPLAZA 50â‚Ź gift coupon or the second prize coupon of 20â‚Ź: send the missing numbers in the centre box to info@howdo.info by May 30th with your name and telephone number.


STARTING AT â‚Ź 379,-A MONTH SIGN UP FOR THE POWER CHALLENGE. The all new Corolla Touring Sports takes you on a spirited drive. It combines stylish design with a spacious interior and a generous boot of 598 litres. Innovative features like Lane Departure Assist, Lane Trace Assist and a Pre-Collision System provide you with a next level safety experience. The Touring Sports is available with a 2.0 litre High Power Hybrid engine that delivers smooth drives and allows you to drive electrically for up to 50% of the time*. Sign up for the Power Challenge at toyota.nl/power-challenge to experience for yourself what the Corolla Touring Sports can do and to win a year of free Corolla driving. Combined fuel consumption varies from 3.3 l/100 km (30.3 km/l) - 5.8 l/100 km (17.24 km/l), CO2 emission 76-134 gr/km. *The actual percentage depends on the use conditions, vehicle conďŹ guration, battery age and condition, driving style, environmental and climate conditions.


Eindhoven, Pietersbergweg 31, 040-2646645, toyota-eindhoven.nl Valkenswaard, Parallelweg Noord 10, 040-2646600, toyota-valkenswaard.nl

Profile for LICHT op Eindhoven

HOWDO magazine April May 2019  

The magazine for internationals

HOWDO magazine April May 2019  

The magazine for internationals