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Philips Museum

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Interview STE: ‘The mind should always be free to learn new things’


Regina Coeli: What are you missing out on by not speaking Dutch?


Behind the Veils: Revealing Mata Hari


International Women’s Club Eindhoven


Museum door de stad


ISE: More than a school


Meerhoven Internationals Platform

The Brainport community is here for you

Did You Know: Carrots are Orange because of the Dutch?

Entrepreneurs Breakfast: Meet the Designer!

Effenaar and Klokgebouw united at 1.5 meters

Eindhoven in Art



HOWDO magazine is a bimonthly publication. Publisher Niels ter Haar ( Editorial Office Stephania Kipperman, Monique Mols, Rebekah Villon,

Niels ter Haar

Frans Claassen Media Advisor

It is hard to imagine how much our world changed in just a matter of months.

Fred van Deurzen (

From going to the office every day to completely being adjusted

Stephania Kipperman

to working from home, going out every night to staying in, eating


at restaurants to cooking yourself and flying across the globe to

Vera Gruijters

exploring Eindhoven and its surroundings.


A lot has changed but it could also be for the good. Eindhoven has so Coverphotography

much to offer, also during these changed times. It has so many nice

Snehal More, More Dimensions

museums to visit such as the Philips Museum and the preHistorisch


Dorp and fantastic places to experience the arts, music and culture at the Theaterlab, Parktheater and the Effenaar.

Design Bonkend., Sanne Drieenhuijzen,

Just want to relax? Go to Hi,Q Nailstudio to get your nails done or

Lisa Schelcher

take a walk-through Eindhoven and experience some real peace and quiet that nature gives you at the Genneper Parken or the Stadspark.

Distribution waiting rooms

HOWDO is your source for all these tips and to ensure that we do not

Tour de Ville

miss out on anything that Eindhoven has to offer, we are kicking off our collaboration with International Creative Women. Keep an eye


out for all their updates on what is hot and happening in Eindhoven

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for expats on our website. Maybe you have already noticed, but we

have improved our website and provide you with daily updates.

You can also register for our events via our website. Don’t miss out on our launch drinks, a great place to meet and mingle with other

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All materials and content is protected under Article 15 of the

Take some time to sit, watch the leaves turn and enjoy everything

Copyright Act. Copying is prohibited.

that Eindhoven has to offer in this very special autumn season. You don’t need to be anywhere else than here.

© 2020 HOWDO magazine HOWDO magazine is not liable

Niels ter Haar

for the content of the columns

and eventual inaccuracies and/or

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Exploring the City! Biking through Eindhoven on a sunny day to find

act as a local guide the first few days upon arrival,

beautiful street art and great food, while being in

we decided to test our newest innovation with them.

great company, who wouldn’t like that?

To experience and test a brand new service of

Exciting to launch our new service by testing it with

housing specialist Corporate Housing Solutions, a

these ‘local guides’!

group of professional relocation specialists went

Would they be just as enthusiastic as we are? What

on a special bike tour through Eindhoven. Together

kind of feedback would they give? And what would

they explored the city’s beautiful street art and

they think of the local partners we added to our

some of its’ delicious culinary treats.


Oftentimes expats and business travellers find

We decided to give them a taste of our local guide

it hard to settle into their new home and city.

by experiencing one of the fun activities together

Upon arrival they hardly know anyone and the

and visiting some of our other local partners on

city is also unexplored terrain. We wanted to help

the way.

our international guests to feel right at home in their new environment, and decided we could

The event started at Wielercafe Cyklist, where

help by introducing some new features within

we were treated to a coffee with pastry, just like

our Comfortable Living App. The chat feature we

our guests would enjoy when showing our app.

developed enables our guests to interact among

After downloading our app, our guests for the day

each other and easily build new connections. The

received a short explanation about the information

newest feature we added serves as a digital local

menu in the app and were asked to scroll through

guide and helps our guests to explore the city and

the chat function. Finally we asked them to have a

find the best places to visit from day one!

peak at the list of local partners offering special deals to our guests. After this short introduction

Since relocation experts know from experience

we received a bike from local partner Velorent

where to take newly arrived expatriates and often

and started the street art tour from City Tours

City Tours

Photo: Frans Claassen




guide Maurice took us to places

The feedback we received gave us confidence we are on the right

that you normally won’t see if

track. These are some of the comments we received:

you drive by in your car. Besides the fact that the app is very informative, it’s a Lots of us hardly ever see the

really strong service that you offer your guests special


deals to some of the best places in Eindhoven. It’s very

instance, though there is a lot

welcoming and invites expats to explore their new city!





of beautiful street art to be seen over there. During the

Though I am a local, even I discovered beautiful parts

tour it became obvious there

of the city I hadn’t seen before!

is a difference between graffiti

I am very enthusiastic after experiencing the

and street art. What we saw

comfortable living app!

deserves the name art and it was

Great that your app helps your guests to build a new

a joy to see the many beautiful

network, it could even be a connective social tool!

art works all over town and even inside some buildings. To

Could we also offer this app to expats that are not a

relieve our hunger, Happiness

guest of Corporate Housing Solutions?

Café surprised us with some happiness: homemade sweets to eat during a short break in the shade. After that, the bike tour continued and brought us

Let’s hope our guests will feel

to the beautiful street art in

the same as our test panel and

Woensel-West before finishing

will appreciate the many different

our tour with a refreshing drink

offerings in our app just as much.

at one of our local partners

We can’t wait to hear their first

in the trendy neighbourhood

experiences when they explore the

Strijp-S; restaurant MOOD. After

city with our new digital city guide!

this active day full of testing and tasting, we surprised our guests with a good bottle of wine from Piters Wijnen.



CALL US IF YOU WANT ADVICE BY APPOINTMENT Days are getting shorter. Is your interior still as wished? Our experienced advisors are happy to help you! They will take your wishes and transform them into inspiration and ideas. Just pop in or call for an appointment.

Kruisstraat 181, Eindhoven, T: 040 243 9720,

HR Expat Services The Relocation Specialist With the relevant know how and great enthusiasm we reduce your Human Resource departments’ work load while creating a productive start for your employees.

‘The mind should always be free to learn new things’

Aayushi Yadav (28) moved from India to Eindhoven in June 2019. Learning Dutch was her first priority. She took a big step by enrolling in an intensive Dutch language training course. Now she is ready for more and is eager to learn: ‘Never underestimate the impact of language.’

Interview STE

Why did you decide to attend a Dutch course?

sure no one is left behind. She is very approachable

‘When I moved to Holland, I felt a real urge to learn

and knows how to keep students motivated.’

Dutch. I love to communicate with people, to interact.

Learning the language helps to communicate better

How was the training course designed?

and to feel more integrated.’

‘It was a good mix of listening, reading, speaking and

writing. Well organised, very extensive and dynamic.

How did you get in touch with STE Languages?

There was lot of practice during class combined with

‘I was just casually browsing the internet when

homework. During this time of Covid we couldn’t go

I came across STE. Their institute appealed to me

to class but STE made it possible to learn online by

and so I started to read the reviews and then came

means of their online classroom. There was always

across a nice article on After that

a good atmosphere during the lessons and right

I decided to give it a go. The staff were very friendly

from the beginning of the course I could feel the

and welcoming, right from the start.’

confidence was building up inside me. I never felt

pressured to learn the language, which was helpful.

What are your personal goals?

The mind should always be free to learn new things.’

‘Right now I’m focusing on learning the language. I

believe that will help me find a suitable job. I have

Do you have any advice for other students?

a degree in Biotechnology and it would be great to

‘Speak as much Dutch in your daily life as possible.

work in my field. I’m also interested in life sciences,

Whenever you go outside practice! The Dutch

public health and social work. Besides that, learning

are kind. If you tell them you’re trying to speak

Dutch is of course also important for daily life.’

Dutch, they will help you. Besides that, go through

the material and learn the basics of grammar.

Can you give an example of that?

It takes time and energy but it’s worth it. Never

‘Well when you go shopping, visit a restaurant or

underestimate the impact of language.’

even if you just want to greet someone, it’s very

helpful if you understand the local language. After

What is your favourite Dutch word or expression?

a while I started to recognise the signs on the

‘Gefeliciteerd! A difficult word to pronounce but

street and I was able to understand what the NOS

always nice to say. I also like the word lekker.’

Journaal was about. I became better at framing

sentences and that gave me more confidence and

What is your general impression of STE?

made me feel happier.’

‘A very good institute to learn Dutch. I highly

recommend STE to everyone who comes to Holland

You just finished an intensive training course. Why

and wants to learn the language. The staff at STE

did you opt for that program?

made me feel very welcome. Language plays a very

‘I had time and I wanted to learn at a faster pace.

important role and the whole process allowed me to

You practice a lot and so you learn a lot. It’s like a

feel more confident, more connected and more at

quick start. We worked in a multicultural group of

home in the Netherlands.’

six people and I loved the interaction we had with each other. The classes were very fun and involving. We had an incredible teacher, Marie-Claire Gijsbers. She helps you understand the basics and makes



ANY QUESTIONS? CONTACT US TODAY! ANY QUESTIONS? CONTACT US TODAY! r +31 (0)40 238 6777 r +31 (0)40 238 6777

Hi, Q nailstudio Professional manicure and pedicure in a relaxing atmosphere.

Hi, Q nailstudio invites you, My name is Elina Vershinina. Since 2018 I run my own nail studio in the Achtste Barrier in Eindhoven. I’m a Russian certificated nail master specialized in gel lack, gel systems, extensions and full pedicure. Always wanted to have beautiful gel-nails or beautiful smooth feet? With HI,Q you are in good hands. Every client for me is a unique person and every client deserves a special treatment. Weather you come for a special nail design or you have ‘’problem’’ feet, for every item I can find or create an individual solution. Hi,Q nails further more offers: • Pure clean manicure and pedicure • Nail art • Repairing of nails • Cleaning feet and toes • Paraffin therapy (for hand as well for feet) • Esthetical pedicure So, weather you’re a newly expat or already found your way around in Eindhoven but still searching for a highly qualified nail design, you’re very welcome to my studio.

HI, Q nailstudio Fransebaan 129 Eindhoven manicure_and_pedicure_by_hi_q 06 25 35 52 36

3 Female International Artists to know in Eindhoven Covid 19 has affected many industries especially the creative one. There were no fairs, exhibitions or markets for a long period. So we wanted to shine a light on a few talented creative women and showcase their work. Ioana Caraba (Romania), Payal Puthran (India) and Henriett Brezinski (Hungary) are gifted painters and active members of International Creative Women’s community. Their work can be seen and bought at Creative Town, a new co creation space in the city centre of Eindhoven.


When did you arrive to EHV, why EHV?

developed as a hobby for my whole life. During all

Payal Puthran (P.P): I came to the Netherlands 8

these years, I just tried new techniques, took a few

years ago because My husband had taken up a new

art classes and gradually developed my skills.

role in his company. So Eindhoven wasn’t really a

H.B: I started to practise painting regularly 10 years

choice for me, but it soon became a place that I

ago. I was really lucky because after the first year,

would start to love.

I got a scholarship and I had my first exhibition. At

Ioana Caraba (I.C): I moved here almost 2 years ago.

the same time I started to learn art therapy. The two

Eindhoven was not our chosen city but we got a

ways developed together in my life.

job offer in Eindhoven and we loved it! It just fits perfectly to our requirement. Henriett Brezinski (H.B): When I met my Dutch husband 6 years ago, we both lived in Greece. After


What motivated you to start a business? P.P: When I first came to the Netherland, I wanted to start a business. I had decided to take a year-

he decided to come to the Netherlands to meet his

long break from being a software engineer and try

family, he asked me and I said, yes. Also, I worked

to follow my passion. But it was not easy due to

with a company in Valkenswaard in the past. So, it

unfamiliarity with the culture and language, so I

was natural for me to come to Eindhoven, almost

went back to my profession but continued making

like a coming home.

art and gifted my products to my close friends. I


got very positive feedback and realized that my

When did you start painting?

products are good and deserved to be seen by more

P:P: I have been painting for as long as I remember.

people. So I started to join markets and opened an

My youngest memory is finger painting the walls of

online store.

my house, much to the annoyance of my mother.

I.C: Well, I always thought about my hobby as a

Other than that, there were weekly classes in school.

hobby, not a business. But when I moved here and

I didn’t have a chance to learn to paint formally, and

I met so many wonderful people, many were very

all of what I do today is by observing and doing.

encouraging and saying, ”Hey, you can sell these!

I.C: Well, all my life (smiles). I started when I was five.

You can start a business easily here”. So I just

But unlike other kids who copy or colour in books,

thought, why not?

I was just drawing my own paintings and it slowly

H.B: When I worked together with the company in

International Creative Women

Valkenswaard in the past, I realized how logical the

which I didn’t even expect when I joined. It’s an

Dutch system was not overwhelmingly bureaucratic

amazing process and I am so grateful for that! Every

but more reasonable and helpful. It was an easy

meeting is a new inspiration for me. I often get new

step to start a business, especially because I am

ideas by meeting and talking. I feel the energy is

passionate about helping people discover how

truly uplighting and I love this vibe!

beautiful it is for the soul, to make art.


How art has impacted your life? P.P: Art gives me the ability to express myself and


Best part of Living in EHV? P.P: Well, it is home now. There is a lot of happiness even when returning from a good vacation away.

it is like an outlet. Art is my home, my safe port, is

I have grown to love the Dutch culture that is so

what I do in my best or my worst.

vastly different from my own Indian culture. I also

I.C: Well, it is my way of relaxation. it just gives me

love the fact that Eindhoven is so well located to

comfort and I can forget about time or stress or

make that quick, unplanned getaway in just a few

anything else. Art is part of me now. Though many


other things have changed: my job, my city, my

I.C: What I love about the city is that I can trust

country, even my group of friends - but art remains

people, I can ask for help and people will actually

a constant.

try to help me. The state is transparent and is

H.B: Beautifully! Colours have such power! They

helpful. I feel very safe and very welcomed even as

open us up without even being conscious of the

a foreigner. I doubt if there are many other cities like

process, and provide us with a greater emotional

Eindhoven where a foreigner is accepted so well.

balance. I love the end result as well, which brings

H.B: Besides having this beautiful community, I get

positive vibes to other people’s homes. As artists,

to know more people with similar goals, who think

we can drag the attention towards certain points,

alike. Through regular communication and common

feelings that are important to us. Through my

activities, deeper personal connections are evolving

artwork, I can bring this energy to people’s lives,

in my life. I also love that Eindhoven is a big city and

which I personally find very rewarding.

still, it doesn’t feel big. It has a natural environment


Best part of being an International Creative

with lots of green spaces and water bodies, which is lovely.

Woman. P.P: ICW is an immensely encouraging group. I have learnt a lot in terms of communication, interactions, smart marketing and more importantly, supporting

Pictures: Anca Bejinaru

each other. ICW gives you the feeling of having

Text: Sudakshina Ghosh Coder & Writer

found your tribe. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for existing and I wish I had found them sooner. I.C: It’s a feeling that I can count on ICW .It is a community where I can get support, offer support and be part of a family that does things together and helps each other. It’s not a contest, it’s not like trying to undermine others, but it’s a helpful group that lets everyone get in front and be recognized and visible. H.B: I am learning so much from this community,




Do you want to learn Dutch quickly and thoroughly? If you work on the High Tech Campus

Why Regina Coeli?

in Eindhoven, you don’t have to travel


far to do so. Language Institute Regina Coeli provides Dutch language courses

Time-tested method based on scientific insights


Unique method ensures that you learn

on campus. It’s easy to combine with

to speak a foreign language quickly

your daily work, and there’s a course for

and effectively

every level. Learning the Dutch language


and getting to know the customs of the country will help you understand the

Well-educated native speakers who delve into your situation


Easy to combine with your daily work

Dutch and integrate smoothly.

Visit or give us a call +31 (0)73 684 87 90

Regina Coeli

What are you missing out on by not speaking Dutch? You’re reading this edition of HowDo magazine in English. How much of it would you be able to understand if it were written in Dutch? Most of the time, it’s not such a problem if you can’t

pretending to be! Dutch speakers often tuck little

speak Dutch. You’ll generally get a reply in English,

softeners (called ‘hedges’ in linguistics) into their

and a lot of communication is available in English by

sentences—words like perhaps (misschien), rather

default. Yet, you’re missing out on something...

(wel) and only/just (maar). When you’re aware of these, Dutch people suddenly sound a lot more

Five things you’re missing out on if you don’t speak

1. Dutch:

Deeper connections with the Dutch Most Dutch people speak English well enough, but not as well as Dutch, of course. When a Dutch person

5. polite.

Career opportunities Who knows, you may soon see a great opportunity for another job in the Netherlands. Chances are that employer will require knowledge of the Dutch

tells you something in English, it’s often more to the

language. According to Indeed, it is the most sought-

point and less detailed than when they would do so

after language in job vacancies in the Netherlands.

in Dutch. That makes it more complicated to ‘click’

2. 3. 4.

with each other.

Is the reason you haven’t started learning Dutch because everyone around you has said it’s difficult

The Dutch culture

to learn? Then please contact Regina Coeli. Plenty

The language is an important key to the culture.

of people have learnt a foreign language with us.

You’ll find that you better understand the culture

And in a short time even! We’re known for that.

when you learn the language.

You can learn at our language institute (also at the

The humour

weekend!), and we also give online training courses and courses on the High Tech Campus.

What leaves one country rolling on the floor with laughter can leave their neighbouring country scowling. That, too, is culturally determined! What a pity, missing all those good Dutch jokes! The indirect side of the Dutch Are the Dutch so very direct? They’re often just +31 (0)73 684 87 90


Photo: Eddie Mol

All Is Not Well On The Farm Book Review by Rebekah Villon

The Farm is a story about race, class, and motherhood in an America where everything is for sale. Joanne Ramos’ The Farm was nominated for multiple

high-class surrogacy service where wealthy women

awards when it was published last year, and hailed

outsource child-bearing.

as a “must-read” by The Wall Street Journal, New

This focus on women’s stories and women’s

York Magazine, and The Oprah Magazine. It’s a novel

perspectives isn’t unique, but it is interesting. The

about class and race in America, wrapped in a story

few male characters in the book are incidental and

of high-tech surrogate child-bearing.

unimportant, with no inner lives or motivations.

The book tells the story of three women: the upper-

The women drive all the action, with a rich cast

middle-class blonde white aspiring photographer,

of supporting characters who are dimensional

the ambitious Asian business mastermind, and the

and well-realized. It’s also a woman’s book in the

down-on-her luck Filipino immigrant who works

sense that it frankly discusses women’s bodies,

as a domestic servant. The three women’s stories

particularly around pregnancy and child-care.

intertwine as they are drawn into “The Farm”, a

It richly details the minute, constant, repetitive

Book Review by Rebekah Villon

aspects of caring for babies,

I stayed late at the office, I

times it seems it wants to be an

of navigating the world with a

didn’t worry about my children–

exploration of class and money,

stroller, of being up all night, of

because of [the nanny].”

the differences between the

the challenges of breastfeeding. This






If that dialogue seems ham-

it never confronts the situation


handed, that’s The Farm. This


childcare is returned to again


income inequality with lines like:




Haves and the Have-Nots, but







without subtext, and without complexity. In fact, I found it

“How many people believe in… I

have time or patience for it, that

frustrating that every character

don’t know… fighting terrorism

it’s overwhelming and difficult,

so perfectly embodied the class

but don’t enlist in the army?

or that it interferes with other



Or feel bad when they see a

life goals and ambitions. This



homeless guy on the subway

message is driven home with

is no Filipino hairdresser with

but then get out at Fifty-ninth

passages like:

a wicked sense of humor, no

and buy an overpriced handbag instead of donating to charity?”






characters admit that they don’t
















who surprises or challenges the

morning before seven she drops

reader in any way.

Despite all the poverty and

Rosa at daycare on her way to

At times it seems like The Farm

drama, the book has a happy

work. She’s on duty all weekend

wants to be a sort of sci-fi thriller,

ending [spoiler alert]. The Filipina

while Ric goes to school for his

in which the Hosts need to

gets a good job as a domestic

master’s. Katie rarely complains,

escape the constant surveillance

servant. The white girl becomes

but it must be exhausting.”

and high-tech wizardry of the

a successful photographer who

wealthy owners of The Farm.

doesn’t have to borrow money

“My success was only possible

However, the plot is too slow, the

from her father anymore. The

because every morning when

setting too mundane, the stakes

Asian woman gets rich and has

I went to work and every time

too low for that kind of story. At

a beautiful life and family. This happy ending is the ultimate betrayal of The Farm. Everyone perfectly




destiny, and is made happy by it. If the book has a message, the ending completely undermines it.

Questions or comments about this review? Ideas for what I should read next? Contact me at rebekah@


de Wereldwijzer

basisonderwijs voor nieuwkomers

De Wereldwijzer could be translated as the World wiser or pointing at the World. It offers primary education for newcomers and a fluent transformation to the Dutch educational system. All international children in the age of 4 to 12 are welcome. Pupils can apply and start at any given time of the year. They will be able to understand, speak, read and write the Dutch language within 40 to 60 weeks. After that the pupil can enroll in the Dutch systeem.

Pastoriestraat 88 5623 AT Eindhoven

For more information please contact: T. 040 242 7892

Philips Museum About the Philips Museum The Philips Museum is located in the heart of Eindhoven, where Gerard Philips produced his first light bulbs in 1891. The museum takes visitors on a tour of the company's rich history. You get to see how Philips constantly reinvents itself and how its innovative technology plays an important role in social changes. First with electric light and later on with radio, television and the dawn of the digital age. These days, Philips stands at the forefront of major innovations in the healthcare sector. As ever, the company's goal is to improve people's lives. Activities and tours The Philips Museum offers various tours. Such as Mission Eureka. An interactive game about more than 100 years’ worth of Philips inventions for families with children aged eight and over. You work together to solve eight challenges with the help of an iPad. Children aged four and over can go on a treasure hunt through the museum to look for hidden images with a UV flashlight. Exhibition Now in the Philips Museum: the exhibition ‘Eendracht maakt macht’, about the unique collaboration between Philips, PSV (the ‘Philips Sport Vereniging’) and the city of Eindhoven. With free audio tour. Visit the website for up-to-date information about admission fees,

Opening hours

activities, opening hours and detailed information about the museum

Tuesday to Sunday 11.00 - 17.00.

Please order your ticket online.

Behind the Veils: Revealing Mata Hari by Rebekah Villon Part 5: The Trial and Execution of Mata Hari This is part five of a six part series exploring the life, loves, and legacy of the legendary Mata Hari, born Margaretha Geerdruida Zelle. In the previous issue, we covered her arrest in France on charges of espionage, and the public campaign against her. When Mata Hari was arrested, there was little concrete evidence

to get close to German secrets, as

against her. In recently declassified documents, French prosecutor

the French had asked her to do.

Captain Pierre Bouchardon admitted to British intelligence that they

Mata Hari was also an eminently

didn’t have any evidence, but that she would surely confess her crimes

practical woman, unlikely to turn

while being imprisoned and interrogated.

down money from any source. The French also had intercepted

At the beginning of 2017, the war was not going well for the French. They

a German communication that

had experienced losses, failures, and even mutinies on the Western



Front. Many of their prominent spies had been identified and executed



by the Germans. It seems that vilifying Mata Hari became part of a

like a deliberate attempt by her

morale-building strategy, a scapegoat for all that was going wrong in

suspicious German contact to

the war. She was publicly accused of sharing information that cost the

betray her to the French. And

lives of 50,000 soldiers.

they had gossip: she wasn’t






really a Javanese princess after The facts against Mata Hari were that she had accepted money from the

all, just a Dutch woman. She was

German military, although that may have been an attempt on her part

a woman of loose morals, known to keep company with men from many countries. She traveled extensively... suspiciously. Throughout her interrogations and her trial, she repeatedly proclaimed her innocence. Mata Hari said that she would never betray




country. She frantically wrote to all her former friends and contacts,




repeatedly the


Behind the Veils: Revealing Mata Hari part 5


Ambassador in Paris, explaining

appeal to the French president

fraction of a second it seemed

that her extensive travel and



she tottered there, on her knees,

many connections are the natural

wrote two final letters, dressed

gazing directly at those who

consequence of her work as a

carefully, and then said:

had taken her life. Then she fell



backward, bending at the waist,

dancer. No one defended her. In fact, during the trial, her heart was broken, when her Russian lover Masov, who she had sacrificed so much to try to

“I am ready”

with her legs doubled up beneath her. She lay prone, motionless, with her face turned towards the sky.”

visit when he was in a military hospital, refused to defend her

She stood resolutely before the

and said that he didn’t care what

firing squad. She was 41. She was

happened to her.

not bound, and she refused a blindfold. British journalist Henry Wales witnessed




described it like this: “At the report Mata Hari fell. She She was a model prisoner, polite

did not die as actors and moving

and dignified. While in prison, the


nuns tending her asked to see

believe that people die when they

her dance. So, in her cell, for an

are shot. She did not throw up her

audience of a handful of nuns,

hands nor did she plunge straight

she performed her famous Dance

forward or straight back.





of the Seven Veils for the final Instead she seemed to collapse.

Stay tuned to the next

Slowly, inertly, she settled to her

issue of HOWDO where the

On the morning of 15 October 1917,

knees, her head up always, and

final installment in this

just before dawn, Mata Hari was

without the slightest change of

series explores Mata Hari’s

awoken by her jailers. Her final

expression on her face. For the

legend and legacy.


A HI GH- Q UALITY PER SONAL APPROAC H TO LEG AL ISSU ES As one of the largest family law firms in the Netherlands, our office is home to high-quality, well-renowned attorneys and divorce mediators. We offer a personal approach to legal services across a whole spectrum of family law and/or inheritance law disputes, both to international, as well as Dutch clients. Every day we advise and represent our clients in family and inheritance law matters. Our services are based on a personal approach, never losing sight of the human dimension of a case. We are at your side in difficult times, but also when you settle in the Netherlands and want to be informed about the family law-related consequences.

If you are interested in no-nonsense advice on obtaining a decent out-ofcourt settlement or a court decision, we look forward to hearing from you. For more information please visit our website or send an email to



De Lairessestraat 151 1075 HK Amsterdam Tel +31 (0)88 909 49 20 Fax +31 (0)88 909 49 99

Parklaan 54 5613 BH Eindhoven Tel +31 (0)88 909 49 00 Fax +31 (0)88 909 49 99

The Brainport community is here for you On September 15, the fifth edition of the Women

I know it is hard to ask for help but the interesting



thing is that most people will provide help happily

Expat Spouses Initiative and the municipality of

when asked. Sharing or liking a message of someone

Eindhoven, the program aims to help women who

who is looking for a job is not a great effort but it

came to Brainport with their partners to explore

can increase someone’s visibility significantly. Next

opportunities on the job market. Each woman is

level is a network conversation. Find people on

matched with an ‘ambassador’, a woman working in

LinkedIn who work in a field you are interested in

the region who shares her network and experiences.

and ask them if they are willing to talk to you about

This is my second year as an ambassador and once

their experiences. Don’t expect anyone to just give

more I am impressed with the simple and effective

you a job. By making connections you will find out

set up of the program. It is a true illustration of our

what you are really looking for, learn about potential

collaborative spirit and the fact that this region

employers and effective ways to apply. And the

understands that people with talent are always

extra bonus is you will expand your network and

welcome – but they do need our active support.

meet people who can become more than a contact





on LinkedIn. The program also makes me aware of some typical Dutch characteristics of our job market and the way we search for jobs. LinkedIn, for instance, is an essential part of networking. You just do not exist if you are not on LinkedIn. It is the best way to make connections online, engage in conversations and present yourself. Tip: if you reach out to someone on LinkedIn you don’t know, include a little text as an intro. In these times of social engineering and cybercrime, not everyone will trust every invite that appears in their mailbox.

Monique Mols Corporate Communications, ASML

International Women’s Club Eindhoven: Welcoming international ladies from all over the world to share their time, hobbies and opinions Moving abroad to live as an expat is so exciting and refreshing! It’s fascinating to enter a completely new terrain, get to know another culture, meet interesting people or learn a new language. You realize then how important it is to appreciate the diversity of other cultures and backgrounds and to be able to function out of your comfort zone. But when the initial excitement of expat life wears off, you begin to understand emotional and social challenges you’ll need to face. You start missing your home country, your family and circle of friends. The sense of being isolated is especially strong when a spouse follows his work routine and you previously had a career too. The good news is that struggling to settle in as

IWCE started as the ‘How do you do’ club in the

an expat is not uncommon and the best way to

late sixties thanks to the American expat Margaret

overcome these difficulties is to connect with other

van Mourik. She started what would become the

people. One of the places to share your passions

IWCE by inviting international ladies to her home

as well as relocation experiences with other

for a coffee and for piano concerts. Thus, 14 ladies

expat ladies is the International Women’s Club in

decided to create a group to support newcomers

Eindhoven. We are a leading and dynamic social

to the Eindhoven area. Everyone was glad to meet

club for international women living in the Eindhoven

someone else who had the same problems and

area, whose participants believe in the impact of

experiences and was speaking the same language.

empowering women, and actively support them to

Over the years the club has developed into the group

thrive in the new environment. Through our daytime

of 150 ladies it is today. It welcomes international

and evening activities IWCE promotes networking

ladies from all over the world to share their time,

and friendship between English speaking women

hobbies and opinions with each other in a casual

from many different countries.

and friendly atmosphere. Special Interest Groups The Club organizes meetings for all the Club members once a month, with every month offering something new and inspirational. Winter and summer luncheons, a spring outing and the Winter Market are interchanged with meetings featuring Guest Speakers. One of the most attractive characteristics of the Club are Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which run

International Women’s Club Eindhoven

Members are of all ages and nationalities Whether you prefer a large or smaller meeting, to talk or to listen, the IWCE has lots to offer. It has also proven valuable for Dutch ladies who have repatriated to their home country after spending many years abroad. IWCE members are of all ages and nationalities. Some




some are retired, but what they all have in common are their amazing experiences of living in




weekly, twice weekly or monthly. They are smaller groups of like-minded

knowledge of different cultures

ladies which promote common interests and provide lots of fun as

and their ability to understand

well as stunning ideas. Our members are welcome to join SIGs ranging

newcomers and make them feel

widely from Choir to Film Group, Book Clubs to Italian Conversation,


Gourmet Club, Wellness Group, Walking Group, Mahjong, and so on. To join the club you must be Another unique feature of IWCE that makes members feel at home are

an international lady who is

Area Representatives living in defined postcoded areas of Eindhoven

resident in The Netherlands and/

and its surrounding villages. An Area Representative is a contact point

or Eindhoven area or a Dutch

for ladies living in the same area, she invites members for smaller

national who has lived abroad

local gatherings, introduces the new ladies and is able to answer any

for more than three years. Dutch

practical questions members may have.

applicants must have returned to the Netherlands before seeking

While the IWCE as an organisation provides activities and support


to its members, it also supports endeavours enriching the wider community. Once a year, members are invited to nominate their chosen organisation to be voted the IWCE's charity of that year. Also, we invite guest speakers from various charitable organisations to present themselves and inform us about their goals and the ways members can give support. For many years the IWCE has been organising the Winter Market, where you can find that special Christmas present or something to pamper yourself with. Products are often handcrafted and made in small

To learn more, visit www.

quantities, or have a unique cultural origin. From hand-made jewelry or drop us an email

and home decorations to home-made treats, and Veldhoven honey;

at iwceindhoven@gmail.

there is something for everyone.



Giving birth in the Netherlands: being informed and making your own decisions Client M. was 20 weeks pregnant when she came to the Netherlands. She was planning to return to France a month before her due date, determined to have a hospital delivery with epidural anesthesia. At our practice she participated in our Centering Pregnancy sessions. Because of all the information she received, she became convinced that the Dutch system was a better fit for her. She delivered her baby boy at home, on a birthing chair, supported by her husband, a doula and her midwife. Client D. came from India. She was a bit skeptical about the Centering Pregnancy group sessions, but at the end the support of the other women, experiencing the same as she, turned out to be great. For her delivery she felt more comfortable at the hospital, a decision completely supported by her midwife. She thought about having an epidural, but within 8 hours her baby boy was born without any medical pain relief. The women from the group still meet, together with their babies. Geertje Swinkels en Janneke Oudenaarden

Gezondheidscentrum SGE Meerhoven Meerwater 27 5658 LP Eindhoven Gezondheidscentrum SGE International Strijp-S Videolab 4.042 Torenallee 20 5617 BC Eindhoven Tel: 06-28069584 (24|7)

Client K.’s first child was born in Brazil. She had a planned cesarean section, simply because she had reached her due date. All the information she received in the Netherlands during her second pregnancy made her think if, looking back, the c-section had been the right decision. However, she was also afraid of the pain that comes with a natural delivery. After counseling and shared decision making with her midwife and gynaecologist, she chose to go for a natural delivery with epidural anesthesia. Her baby girl was born this way and client K. felt heard and supported throughout the whole process. 3 different birth stories, 3 women making different choices, every choice being a good one. At Midwifery Practice Eindhoven we think it is very important that you are well informed about your pregnancy and delivery. You can’t choose if you don’t know your options. We offer every client the opportunity to write a birth plan in which they tell us what kind of support they expect from us during their delivery and share with us their wishes and their fears. We can’t always influence the medical process of a delivery, but when you feel safe, informed and in control, then we have reached our goal.

Is That A Monkey Up Your Sleeve, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me? If you’ve ever heard the Dutch phrase de aap komt uit de mouw, you may be wondering if it’s a local custom to go around with a monkey up your sleeve. Alas, it’s not the case. The Dutch think of the monkey as the spirit animal of mischief and shenanigans, and showing the “monkey up your sleeve” typically means revealing a hidden motive or agenda, or uncovering a secret. It’s a lot like the English phrase “let the cat out of the bag”.

Did You Know: Carrots are Orange because of the Dutch? Carrots in nature are typically purple, yellow, and white. When the Dutch began cultivating them in the 16th century, they came in a wide range of colors, and were very seldom orange. As Dutch farmers cultivated carrots for size, consistency, and other desirable attributes, the orange color emerged. Farmers called these improved carrots a tribute to William of Orange, and the royal family appreciated the patriotic gesture. In 1721, Dutch farmers perfected the Long Orange Dutch carrot. The cultivar was further developed in Hoorn into the Horn carrot, which is the genetic ancestor of all modern western carrots cultivated today. Today, carrots grown and sold around the world still reflect this patriotic gesture from so long ago.

Museum door de stad Eindhoven Museum originated in 2012 by teamwork between now former Openlucht Museum Eindhoven (now called preHistorisch Dorp) and Museum Kempenland




collection consists of 23.000 objects, specialised in folklore, painting and sculpture art and religious heritage from Noord-Brabant. Eindhoven Museum now presents an innovative

This year Museum door de Stad is building a

museum concept for the cultural-historical museum

temporary museum in the form of a tower which

of the future. From 2018 till 2020, Museum door de

will move location every two weeks: De Toren van

Stad is traveling through the city with installations

Eindhoven. In 2020 Groot-Eindhoven has been in

inspired by the cultural-historical collection of

existence for 100 years. Museum door de Stad will

Eindhoven Museum and the history of the city.

be celebrating Eindhoven along with the districts:

Museum door de Stad brings the history and stories

Woensel, Strijp, Tongelre, Gestel, Stratum and

of Eindhoven to its inhabitants and makes them

Eindhoven city centre. Eindhoven Museum will

aware of where the city comes from and how we see

be exploring the identity of each part of the city

our future.

and will offer an insight into how they have been developed over the last 100 years. De Toren van Eindhoven will be at Stadhuisplein in October for the last location of Museum door de Stad: Eindhoven city centre. Please look at our website

details. Come along and join in!



preHistorisch Dorp

Medieval play weeks at preHistorisch Dorp Eindhoven Plays and crafts during the autumn holidays in the preHistorisch Dorp

This autumn break, from October 10 to 25, the open-

barns and houses, and has historical residents

air museum in Eindhoven will organize the medieval

who are dressed in period costumes who offer

toy & play weeks. In 1560, the painter Bruegel made

demonstrations of skills used by people from the

a beautiful print portraying many children’s games

prehistoric and medieval eras.

that youth played during medieval times. Think of knucklebones, pasterns, hoops, and much more.

The preHistorisch Dorp currently has a maximum

Most of us have never heard of these folk games,

number of visitors permitted per day. It is therefore

while children in the Middle Ages enjoyed playing

necessary to book your ticket to the museum in

them every day!

advance online via

Children and adults can play these games from the

Entrance is

painting during the autumn holiday. There are fun

â‚Ź 9,95. Children

crafts you can make, games you can play with the

up to three

historical residents who work at the preHistorisch

years old are

Dorp or with your friends and family. Romp around

free of charge.

with others or just tinker with the villagers inside. You can of course take the toys that you make home with you, so you can continue to play fun medieval games at home. The open-air museum preHistorisch Dorp is one of the most unique attractions in Eindhoven. It consists of a replica of prehistoric and medieval


Today is ...... day! October


Oct 1 |

International Coffee Day

Nov 1 |

World Vegan Day

Oct 4 |

World Animal Day

Nov 4 |

Stress Awareness Day

Oct 5 |

World Teachers Day

Nov 6 |

Nachos Day

Oct 8 |

World Octopus Day

Oct 10 |

Hug A Drummer Day

Nov 8 |

Tongue Twister Day

Nov 10 | Sesame Street Day Oct 11 |

Coming Out Day

Nov 14 | Operating Room Nurse Day

Oct 13 |

No Bra Day

Nov 15 | Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

Oct 16 |

World Food Day

Nov 17 |

Oct 19 |

Evaluate Your Life Day

Nov 19 | World Toilet Day

Oct 27 |

Black Cat Day

Nov 20 | 2020 Universal Children’s Day

Oct 30 |

Bandana Day

Nov 23 | Espresso Day

Oct 31 |

Hug A Sheep Day

Nov 27 | Buy Nothing Day

Homemade Bread Day


Entrepreneurs Breakfast: Meet the Designer! Thursday October 24th, 07:45 – 10:00 am

Who is the "Social Design Talent" of 2020? Students of the Design Academy and TU / e Industrial Design compete for the 'Social Design Talent Award 2020'. This prize is awarded by the municipality of Eindhoven to the talent who has developed a solution for a social issue with his / her graduation assignment. During this dynamic entrepreneurs breakfast you will come into contact with designers, entrepreneurs and nominees of the Social Design Talent Award through a table arrangement! What added value does design have for my company? Do you have a request for a designer or do you want to discuss a specific theme? Let us know! Program 07.45 Registration 08.00

Meet designers & entrepreneurs

Word of welcome by moderator


Pitches of nominees Social Design Talent Award 2020


Enjoy Breakfast



Announcement of the Social Design Talent Award 2020

Evoluon, Noord-Brabantlaan 1a

10.00 Finish!


Are you an ambitious professional and do you want to expand your network? Sharing know-how, experiences and meet ups? Then you’re

more then welcome to partcipate in this dynamic event. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and send an email to

ISE: More than a school The International School Eindhoven (ISE) is situated in the world’s most dynamic innovation hub for design, science and technology, the Brainport region of Eindhoven in the southern part of the Netherlands. For international families, who work and live in different places around the world, it is so much more than just a school. On our beautiful (green) campus we provide excellent primary and secondary education, parent workshops, language lessons and so much more! We want to ensure that each and every ISE student

just an ‘education’ in its traditional sense. We offer

is known, cared for, and challenged. We know that

a meeting spot for the international community

moving into a new country, region and community

so that people, new to the region, can make good

can be challenging. As a school that serves

contacts with fellow nationals and the local

families coming from over 55 different countries,


we recognize that we must also provide more than

International School Eindhoven


This is an exciting job and we are pleased to show

to a new environment. They are highly qualified and

you how we do this through different stories. In

work closely together. They are in close contact with

a previous edition of Howdo magazine teachers,

the parents. Every Friday parents are welcome in

children and parents spoke of their experiences

the class and get a newsletter from the teacher of

with ISE. It was lovely to hear their comments such

their child with information about the activities and

as: “for me this is more than a job, it feels like home”

developments in the class.”

and “there is no I in ISE, we are a group.” Daphne also speaks out of her own experience:

“We work hard and we think it is fun!”

“I have worked at local schools and I see and experience that at the ISE the collaboration with colleagues and contact with parents is much more intense and the parents also ask this of us. Parents really want to know what we teach and how. We are connected through their children’s education but we

This time we will be focusing on the Primary Dutch

also provide workshops for these parents and make

Department because it is unique to have the

them feel part of our community.

combination of international and Dutch curricula in one school. Daphne Dansen, Head of Primary Dutch

So, parents, are you (planning to come) back to the

department will tell you more about it in this article.

Netherlands? Do you expect to stay longer than a couple of years and want to stay connected to the

“ISE Dutch department is a bilingual school. Our

international “culture”, as well as integrating in

teachers teach their lessons for 70% in Dutch and

Eindhoven? Then the ISE Dutch Department might be

30% in English. In the Dutch department teaching

a good alternative for your children’s development

methods are used which fulfil the attainment

and your own wellbeing.

targets. The subject areas in the Dutch department are theme based which means that, for example, in

We work hard and we think it is fun!”

a period of time ‘house’ is the theme and that all aspects of housing will be taught. We pick subjects that are universal to all nationalities and ages. One thing that is special about our school is our small classes, with maximum of 22 children, and the amount of support we can offer. We can provide extra help in international settings, giving the child a sense of other cultures without reducing his/her own cultural identity. We ensure that students settle in quickly. For example, we have specialists in Dutch language for children who do not have Dutch as their home language. On the average, children have learned to speak Dutch within a year. We also have remedial teachers who can help with difficulties

Discover our beautiful

of different kinds, like educational and social-

campus on the Oirschotsedijk

emotional. Teachers who work at the ISE know what

it is like to have lived abroad and have to settle in

Buying a house in the Netherlands Free events for expats If you are an expat, buying a home can be an

such as residency, contracts, and salary. We will

attractive option, even if you won’t be living in

also take you through the full process of buying a

the Netherlands permanently. Monthly mortgage

house in the Netherlands.

payments are possibly lower than what you are charged in rent and you may even enjoy tax benefits.

Check to find out when the next webinar will take place.

Visit one of our free events ABN AMRO International Clients Retail organizes events throughout the year outlining what buying a home in the Netherlands involves. We explain the relevant Dutch regulations and legislation, how buying a home in the Netherlands works and what your mortgage options are. During our free events we will give you all the information you need about buying a house. There are a lot of rules and regulations that you should be aware of. During the events we will explain things


BELL’S COMEDY CLUB English comedy night with international talents.



EXTRA SHOW Dinnershow with acoustic and full electric concert. LOCATION: KLOK




The pearl of Dutch indie pop music


COMEDY NACHT Dutch spoken comedy night



Effenaar and Klokgebouw united at 1.5 meters. Effenaar and Klokgebouw will be hosting a series of corona-proof concerts with a capacity of up to 1,000 people, seated, in the autumn of 2020. This collaboration ensures that major artists can still come to Eindhoven this year. The first two confirmations in this series, of eight minimum, are Eefje de Visser on Friday October 30th and The Dutch Queen Tribute on Saturday November 28th.

Friday October 30th Eefje De Visser

Stunning Belgian indie


Dark drums, dreamy synths and a catchy and sultry sound. You’ll recognize Eefje de Visser’s unique style out of thousands. An artist who is always changing and looking for the experiment. Her show at Into The Great Wide Open 2019 was voted the best show of the festival by NRC.


Saturday November 28th The Dutch Queen Tribute


Rhythm and Gospel live-sensation

THE DUTCH QUEEN TRIBUTE Simply the best Queen tribute



check out our full program:

The Dutch Queen Tribute brings a tribute to the band that now seems bigger than ever: enjoy a show, driven by the unrivaled energy that is so typical for Queen live in their heyday. Famous and lesser known hits will pass the revu: from ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ to ‘The Show Must Go On’, from ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ to ‘Another One Bites The Dust’. For both shows, ticketsales have already started via Ticketmaster and

OSPITALITÀ ITALIANA Restaurant La Dolce Vita


August marked the one year

end wine list and use of the

Despite the great achievements,



best Italian products. Receiving

this year also had a downside for






the certificate from Ospitalità

Kosta and his team. The Corona

restaurant la Dolce Vita in the


Italiana this year, confirmed what

crisis and the following lockdown


many people already knew about

brought their beautiful start to a

the renowned La Dolce Vita.

sudden halt. It was a confusing




After relocating from Son, the restaurant made a lightning start in the heart of Eindhoven, where the people welcomed them with

“Florian, Silvia, Roberta, Alessandro,

open arms. Soon, La Dolce Vita

Ana-Maria, Alex, Moad and

was the place to go and enjoy

Raffaele welcome you to their

the best that Italian cuisine has to offer.

beautiful restaurant”

That did not go unnoticed. The Italian







Kosta Tasi has spent most of his

and worrisome time for them as

Chamber of Commerce, has set

life in between exclusive Italian

well as the rest of the restaurant

up an initiative to test Italian

restaurants. With his years of

industry. The 1st of June the

restaurants around the world,

experience, he is able to make

team went back to work with

based on the highest quality

the best culinary choices and

renewed enthusiasm and the



to offer an ambiance that is

people of Eindhoven could once

guarantee the real authentic

unprecedented. By selecting the

again enjoy their exceptional



most skilled people in their field

hospitality and delicious Italian


he has built up a strong team.


regarding taste and experience,

Their regard towards the guest









and their passion in the kitchen,


honor of being recognized by

ensure a delightful evening. This


Ospitalità Italiana as an original

combination of talented people

Moad and Raffaele welcome you

Italian restaurant is reserved

led to the wonderful recognition

to their beautiful restaurant in


of La Dolce Vita by Ospitalità

Dommelstraat, Eindhoven.








with high-


Restaurant La Dolce Vita | Dommelstraat 24 | Eindhoven | T. 040 209 2888





Meerhoven Internationals Platform In 2019 a number of neighbourhoods in Meerhoven decided to combine their activities. Grasrijk, Waterrijk, Zand-, Bos- and Meerrijk became ‘Residents’ Association Meerhoven’. “By joining forces in a single organization, we can act more decisively and efficiently. All the more so because the number of volunteers is limited”, says chairman Ruben Trieling. During the first General Meeting of Members in


February 2020, Ruben Trieling (chairman), Geert van

various committees have been set up, including



Buul (secretary), Jos Hendriks (treasurer), Marianne


van Dorenmalen, Veronica van der Biezen and Pierre


America, were elected as board members.

contacts with the municipality, police and other

The board members come from all over Meerhoven

partners such as the Terminal M shopping center

and have been active as volunteers for a long time.

and Dynamo Youth Work.









communication also



Residents who want to make an active contribution within the board or a committee can register via

Become a member!

“The association is open to all residents of Meerhoven”,











“Representation of interests and the promotion of



contacts between residents are the most important

neighbourhood. Since Meerhoven is the home of an

objectives of our association”, Ruben continues. “A

increasing number of Internationals we especially

good, pleasant and safe living environment is also

welcome them to become a member. As a member

high on the agenda. Important themes are traffic,

you also decide together with other members on the

municipal heating, the shopping center, security and

themes we should focus on.

internationalization”. Geert van Buul adds: “We also

With a yearly contribution of € 5,- per household,

try to support residents in organizing activities. For

members also support initiatives such as collective

example, by making materials available, arranging

and legal actions, the newsletter,,

permits or making a financial contribution in the

Sustainable Meerhoven, the Neighbourhood Watch

form of a subsidy.”

Meerhoven, the Meerhoven Internationals Platform,

Meerhoven Internationals Platform


the Children’s Holiday Week Meerhoven, Municipal Heating Foundation Eindhoven, street activities, events and much more. New members can register at membership.“ Meerhoven Internationals Platform One of the initiatives of the association is the ‘Meerhoven Internationals Platform (MIP)’. According to Diana Angelova, one of the coordinators of the Platform: ”MIP is a volunteer-based organization founded at the end of 2014 as part of Residents’ Association Meerhoven (back then it was Residents’ Association Grasrijk). Since the start, we constantly increase the number of partners we are interacting with e.g. the Municipality, the local schools, kindergartens, and the consultation bureau. Diana Angelova has been living Every year we organize three main social events:

in The Netherlands with her

New Year Borrel in café De Hangar in Meerhoven

husband and two daughters for

Chocolate Egg Hunt in Park Meerland

5 years. “My husband studied

Before or After Summer BBQ in Park Meerland.

in TU/e in 2004, but at first, he worked in a Bulgarian branch of

Dutch Course and Coffee and More

a Dutch HiTech company. Then in

The biggest project of MIP is the Dutch course. It started in 2015 and

2013, he moved to the office of

covers levels from A0 to B2. The lessons are given by professional

the company in Eindhoven.

teachers and the MIP volunteers support the administration of the course. There are two semesters per year and when the registrations

In 2014 our second daughter was

are open, details are posted on the MIP website and FB page. Because

born and a year later we joined

of the corona virus, most of the lessons are currently online.

him in Meerhoven. Back then, the neighborhood just started

Another great initiative of MIP is Coffee and More (Koffie en Meer)


which started in February 2019. Internationals, Dutch and especially

and it was exciting to see the


people who are new in the neighbourhood, are welcome to these

changes throughout the years

informal coffee mornings that take place every third Friday of the

to follow. The variety of different

month at 10.30h and in Echt Welschap Café in Meerhoven. The idea is


to have a cup of coffee in a relaxed informal atmosphere, to exchange

My background is in social

information and experience with others, people can expand their

work and economics and a

network and why not even make new friendships.

few months after my arrival





in the Netherlands I joined People can reach ‘Meerhoven Internationals Platform’ and stay tuned

the Meerhoven Internationals

via two channels:


was to be a stay-at-home mom

for the first years of our Dutch




adventure, the volunteer work More information about ‘Residents’ Association Meerhoven’

gave me the opportunity to |

stay active, to help and connect


TV Meerhoven: Tennis is fun, whether you’re 6 or 90! Hi





Meerhoven is situated in the west of Eindhoven at Waterfront 2, and is always happy to welcome new players. Eight all weather tennis-courts (LEDlighting) are available to play free tennis in a casual atmosphere from 08.30 - 23.00h daily. Unique about the club is the wide spectrum of playing strength. Starting from beginner, but go up to Dutch Champions level, so all players should find strengthappropriate opponents. And maybe good to know: members are aged between 6 till 90 years old! During the year several (open) tournaments are organized

and many teams participate in the

KNLTB competitions. Many opportunities to play good matches are offered and to get to know other people. Have a look in the clubapp to be updated.

Eindhoven Sport


Lessons in Dutch and English for all ages Improving your game is not always easy and requires a lot of effort.

Every HOWDO edition, Ben

For inexperienced players or players who wish to improve their skills,

Wiermans, sports coordinator

additional suitable lessons are given by a professional trainer for all

internationals at ‘Eindhoven

ages, in either Dutch or English. In the training sessions you will receive


advice about technical skills and strategic concepts.


introduces sports


that are happy to welcome After the match or training you have the opportunity to analyze the

internationals to their club.

match with your opponents. This is also a great time to socialize with your club mates over a glass of beer or cup of tea in the cozy bar or

If you would like to keep


up to date with what is happening



Interested, or want to learn more?

follow Eindhoven Sport on

Contact the board at /

Twitter and/or Facebook. If

you can’t find what you’re looking for, do not hesitate

Normally you’re welcome to walk-in, but due to the

to contact Ben Wiermans at

Corona measures, please register in advance.

Holland Expat Center South


Holland Expat Center South’s Guides to Brabant By Olivia van den Broek-Neri The Autumn/Winter edition of ‘The Expat’s Guide to Brabant’ is

“It is great to see that many

available at Holland Expat Center South. This guide is packed with

partners in our ecosystem make

information to help internationals settle into the region so that they

an effort to share this valuable

can feel at home in Brabant!

guide and therefore also help (international) students in their

Aside from an introduction to the Netherlands and Dutch culture,

journey,” says Mira. “Because in

there is also information about Brabant and its major cities and towns,

the end, the region will benefit

as well as local traditions such as Carnaval. The guide also includes

from initiatives like this.”

practical information about the education system, waste and recycling, health care, transportation, places of worship, and sports and social

Read both of the guides online at

clubs that may be of interest to the international community. “When I

first arrived [in Eindhoven] I read all [of] the sections and found all of


them useful,” says Ecehan Onay who moved from Turkey to Eindhoven in 2019. “I always keep one copy of the welcome guide on hand.” Holland Expat Center South’s Official Partners are listed in the back of the guide. These partners are private service providers that can assist internationals while they settle into the region and include language schools, lawyers, childcare providers, realtors, banks, and more. Ecehan finds the Partnership Program section valuable: “You can easily find various companies/organisations for different needs” she says. The guide also includes tips and photos from the international community. Each issue features a cover photo from someone living in the region. The current edition was published in July and features a cover photo from Pragati Singh, as well as photos from Roland Rosier, Tatiana Kostina, Jayeeta Sengupta, and Avik Pramanik. A new edition for international students

Holland Expat Center South is a

“International students have specific questions that expats might

nonprofit governmental agency. It

not have,” says Mira Dreessen, Project Manager Brabant International

is a one-stop shop for highly skilled

Students, Brainport Development. That is why Mira collaborated with


the Expat Center on a guide for international students. “I wanted to

and their families who can obtain

make sure that international students are aware of the services the

their BSN number and/or residence

Expat Center can provide them with when looking to settle into Brabant,

permit at its office located on the

especially after their studies,” she says. This guide is funded by the

Vestdijk. Contact the Expat Center

Regiodeal as part of the Brabant International Students project. It

to schedule an appointment or

includes information that is specifically for international students, such

with any questions about settling

as, information about a one year visa and student organizations. Mira

into the region. There is no charge

hopes that international students will find this guide helpful during

for their services.

their studies, including soon-to-be graduates who are interested in

T+31 (0)40 238-6775

staying in the Brainport Eindhoven region.



Turkish Professionals Network Eindhoven: Connect, inspire, strengthen. In 2009, some higher educated people of Turkish descent, including engineers and academics, met regularly to discuss the day-to-day affairs in the Netherlands and to see what they could mean for the Turkish community in Eindhoven. They were also a point of contact for Dutch organizations. It took almost two years to organize, but finally, in 2011, the ‘Turkish Professionals Network Eindhoven’ was founded with a ceremony in City Hall. “We bring people into contact with each other

are active in Dutch society. We want to be involved,

in a hospitable manner to share knowledge and

form a dialogue and work together for a happy,

experience, to inspire and strengthen each other,

peaceful and successful common future. We want to

so that new connections are created. We do this

achieve this by creating a large and strong network

by organizing network meetings, presentations,

in Eindhoven and the surrounding area of especially

lectures, workshops and events.” Ebru Janssens-

higher educated professionals of Turkish descent.”

Kayan, Chair, explains. "Both the 11 board members and volunteers of the activities do this purely pro

Bringing more activities from the Randstad to

bono: no one is paid and the association is also


completely independent."

Ebru continues: “Traditionally, most social and cultural events took place in the Randstad and

Board member Gülnur Nielen-Saridayi adds: “We

one of our goals was to bring more activities to

are of Turkish descent but feel at home here, we

Eindhoven. For example, there was the Red Tulip Film

Turkish Professionals Network Eindhoven

Festival in Rotterdam, and in collaboration with the organization and NATLAB we brought it to Eindhoven in 2015 and 2016. During this three-day festival, a large number of Turkish films were screened, and were well attended by both immigrant and native residents of Eindhoven.” “We want to show the diversity of Turkey,” according to Gülnur. “There is often a one-sided image of Turkey, but there is so much more. That's the beauty of TPNE: with our different backgrounds, we can all contribute to give a more realistic picture of Turkey. For example, I am involved in the Dutch Design Week and through Ebru I came into contact with a number of designers from Turkey. They visited DDW and were given the opportunity to exhibit last year and many good contacts have arisen from that.” Always open for cooperation Ebru would like to state that TPNE is open to cooperation with organizations and agencies that are engaged in bringing the “original and new” Eindhoven resident into contact. “Being invited by 'Centro Latinoamericano de orientación Eindhoven', we took part in International Women's Day in March and we are also a partner of 'Samen voor Eindhoven'. Through them we were given the opportunity to follow a coaching program, but we were also able to organize activities with some of their partners, such as a seminar and a guiding tour at GGzE. In recent years, new members of our network have mainly been Turkish expats, who are quickly familiarizing themselves with Dutch society thanks to their membership. Our social media channels are information sources for the followers and a platform for sharing

More information about Turkish Professionals

knowledge and experience. The many music evenings

Network Eindhoven:

that we organize in collaboration with the Music from the Orient foundation give many Eindhoven

residents the opportunity to become acquainted

with Turkish culture in a relaxed manner.”


a Practical


Established in 2020 with 9 years of industry experience, Odin Engineering is focused on helping and consulting the companies in design and manufacturing of engineering goods in the Netherlands. Odin Engineering has reliable partners to be able to fulfill the customers’ needs that are in Turkey. Our aim is to provide “Best-Cost with High Quality” solutions to our customers.

Precision Machining Composite Production

Copper Alloys

- Mechanical and Electromechanical Design and

- Composite manufacturing for Aerospace, Automotive,

- Copper parts for Aerospace, Automotive, Marine,


Defense industries

Welding, Casting, Heavy Machinery industries

- High class multi axis CNC machines for turning and

- Material selection, Mechanical Design and Finite

- Wide range of High Conductivity Copper and


Element Analysis

Aluminum Bronze alloys

- Certified weld manufacturing

- Autoclave, ISO 14644 Class 8 Clean room

- Casting, Forging, Heat Treating and Machining

- Turn-Key solutions from scratch

- Freezer, Curing Oven, CNC Ply-Cutter, Laser Projection

- Bar, rod, disc shapes can be produced

for Lay-up

Flight Forum 40 Ground Floor 5657DB Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS


+31 6 11286980 +31 4 07983018

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The Trend Before the Trend: Dutch Coffee Did you know that the Dutch East India Company was making cold brew coffee 300 years ago? The Netherlands was instrumental in spreading coffee consumption around the world, and the Dutch East India Company invented a unique way of brewing coffee using cold water. Unlike cold brew, Dutch Coffee drips cold water through the coffee grounds, rather than immersing them. This method requires less coffee and takes less time than cold brew, providing delicious cold coffee in just 3-4 hours. While today, Dutch Coffee makers may look like strange laboratory equipment, and be unfamiliar even to people in the Netherlands, this method of brewing and enjoying coffee is still widely enjoyed in places around the world where it was introduced so long ago. From Japan and Korea to Indonesia, Dutch Coffee is still a local favorite. In fact, because of the recent popularity of cold brew, Dutch Coffee is enjoying a resurgence worldwide, and these unique coffeemakers are now available everywhere.

Dutch Roots: The Iconic American Vanderbilt Family is from the Netherlands The Vanderbilts are a legendary American family. Cornelius Vanderbilt was the richest man in America in 1877, and, upon his death, his son William became the richest man in America. Vanderbilts built everything from the New York Railroad to the Vanderbilt University in Nashville, and lived in famous mansions from The Breakers in Rhode Island to the Vanderbilt Mansion in New York. Famous Vanderbilts include Harld Stirling Vanderbuilt, a yacht racer who won the America’s Cup three times; Gloria Vanderbilt, famous fashion designer; Anderson Cooper, award-winning television journalist; and actor Timothy Olyphant. The family roots, however, go back to the Netherlands, when Dutch farmer Jan Aertson emigrated from De Bilt to New Amsterdam, adding “van” to his name, which was eventually Americanized to Vanderbilt. The family is also descended from the fascinating Anthony Janszoon van Salee, son of a Dutch pirate and a Moorish mother. He is though to have been the first Dutch Muslim to settle in New Amsterdam, and he became one of the largest landholders on Long Island, and one of the first settlers of Coney Island. It’s amazing to think that this controversial biracial figure would go on to establish one of the wealthiest and most respected families in American history.

Theaterlab, the ultimate place to bond with your fellow audience member

Do you want to be part of the

individuals together. I think that

have is not to call someone on

theatre experiment and at the

making theatre is a creative

stage. “We do not want to put the

same time start a circle of new

way of connecting with each

public on the spot. All they have

friends from various cultures?

other. When they are creating

to do is to sit down, enjoy and re-

Hop on and visit the Theaterlab!

the scene together with us”,

act. That is our motto”, according

said actress and theatre maker

to Noordhuizen.

Behind the scenes, together

Ineke Noordhuizen, creator of

with the audience







working with different perfor-

You may think that everything behind the scenes stays behind

Director and theatre maker Geert

mers. Each day is a different



Niland could not agree more.

experience, so you will never be


“This format of theatre making


approach. It is quite the opposite:

brings the spectators together

the audience is invited to work

so that they can explore. The

with them behind the scenes.


“With these experimental per-

experiment. It is amazing to know

These experiments take place on

formances we are doing, we

the perspectives -a different

October 14th, November 18th and

would like to contribute to the

view- of the crowd. Every culture

lastly December 16th at 7:30pm

expats and internationals in

has its different outlook on

in Micro lab Eindhoven. The bar

Eindhoven. It does not matter

situations. In that way we create

opens at 7pm. Reservations

which background you have or

a play that even I cannot come

can be made through https://


up with”.














speaking. The main goal is to



This theatre event is set in a

and costs are 10 euros. Go for


respectable corona proof work-

more information to www.

experience is what binds the

space. The one and only rule they

make the

theatre, audience.

together This

Eindhoven in Art

NUL ZES: Multiplication of knowledge, skills and network. On the former gas terrain of Eindhoven and between the Dommel and the Canal you can discover a non-Eindhoven-like ensemble of historical buildings. A small-scale village near city-centre, combining residences, hospitality and creative entrepreneurship. One of the buildings has the letters NUL ZES written above the entrance. There is -and has been- quite a lot going on behind this door‌ Returning visitors know the constant transformation

the neighbourhood. It sparked the growth of a

that this place undergoes. Not only the terrain itself

mentality, an open-minded creative atmosphere

grows and transforms, but the NUL ZES collective

that keeps welcoming the unknown.

loves constant transformation of their own space. Inside we encounter two of the founders, Dirk and

Last milestone in the development is the completion

Renee. For seven years they have been putting

of the transformation of the building itself. The new

their energy and enthusiasm in the location and

NUL ZES is, at the moment, quite museum-like. Dirk

the people. It all started with using this vacant

explains: ‘NUL ZES is a collective of designers. We

building with a very temporary permit, starting with

grew to a group of 18 members with a variety of

small-scale expositions and drinks, mainly inviting

disciplines, together running the place. We share a


variety of spaces, a workshop, tools and a van, but above all: we share parties, stories, diners and ideas. Every member of NUL ZES has their own studio, everyone is an entrepreneur in the design field. The result of this set-up is the multiplication of knowledge, skills and network. The artist meets the engineers Inside you can find a rich combination of graphic design, ceramics, copywriting, architecture, furniture and product design, material design or social design. At NUL ZES, the artists meet the engineers. We always aim for interaction with visitors, and to embody this, the heart of our home-base is kept open and transformative. Collective spaces never reach a definite state, shape shifting for every event. In the past seven years we hosted a variety of workshops, different restaurant-setups, a playground for grown-ups with 2000 crates and a stand-up comedy stage. People have flown through the space on a unicorn, an installation made it rain inside for a week, we hosted poledancing queers - and the evangelical church. In all these events, we found the sweet spot between our creative work and public interaction. If you haven’t experienced it before, perhaps this year’s Dutch Design Week is a good moment to come have a look.’ Bringing people together, playing together and understanding different perspectives Philippe adds: ‘All members experience the freedom to transform the collective space to their needs, and they invite others to be part of that. The result is two-fold: every member acts as an owner and takes care of - and enriches - their environment. Gradually we have learned that this curious and experience-based design attitude has its effect on many levels. This attitude might be an important ingredient when solving the wicked problems that we are facing nowadays. Bringing people together, playing together and understanding different perspectives all together seem to be a very healthy starting point when trying to find integral solutions. Therefore we hope it will be infectious. We already see that the approach of userbased redevelopment of a terrain and buildings with social cohesion and diversity is making multiple developers curious. We started collaborating with the large Dutch construction and development firm Dura Vermeer. Together we orchestrate the experimental redevelopment of the historic machine and engine room in the center of the NRE terrain. These two small buildings will be the concluding piece in the redevelopment of the former gas terrain, becoming ‘clubhouse NRE’.

Eindhoven in Art


When finished, The NUL ZES ensemble will work as an inspiration

Our philosophy: people-first

machine: with studio’s (places to think), workshops (places to

With the city-maker experience

make) and interaction spaces (places to share). In Dutch we call this

of the past seven years, being

threesome: Denken, Doen en Delen. Three steps in a design process,

part of a city whilst influencing

that the artists and engineers can experience together with visitors

and trying to nourish that same

and clients. An open process with the end user as the main ingredient.

city, we found an energy that is

You can see this as an invitation‌

spreading out to other areas. Members of the collective are part





developers, housing corporations and the municipality, all started to find their way to NUL ZES. With our philosophy of people-first, we try to push the developments (from to



to to

Vredeoord Sectie


towards a more green, inclusive, welcoming defined






these developments are all too exciting for civil servants, but when they are, it will be exciting For more information: |

for visitors as well.

agenda Parktheater Friday 6 November AMAZING ASIA - INTRODANS Asia as a source of inspiration Hertog Jan Zaal / dance Thursday 12 November DARE TO SAY - NEDERLANDS DANS THEATER Two world premieres by two distinctive makers Hertog Jan Zaal / dance Saturday 14 November LIVESTREAM LA VOIX HUMAINE & L’HEURE ESPAGNOL – OPERA ZUID Enjoy opera on the big screen. Two women crave for love. One wants her lover back, the other cheats. Hertog Jan Zaal / opera Saturday 14 November LEAVING TRUMPLAND - GREG SHAPIRO A Trump election special: we find out how to leave Trump behind. (English and Dutch spoken) Philipszaal / comedy

Tuesday 17 November ASIAN CELEBRATION - DON’T HIT MAMA Performance about family baggage from an Asian colonial past, with dance, music, photography and spoken word. Hertog Jan Zaal / dance Thursday 26 – Saturday 28 November SWAN LAKE - CLUB GUY & RONI + SLAGWERK DEN HAAG + TOMOKO MUKAIYAMA A performance about our need to escape in a perfect fairytale world and the danger of losing sight of reality. Hertog Jan Zaal / dance Sunday 6 December CHRISTMAS UNDER AFRICAN SKIES - THE AFRICAN MAMAS A musical program with beautiful African traditional songs, a-capella songs, gospel and the well-known international Christmas songs. Hertog Jan Zaal / show

Sunday 15 November ZIN IN ZONDAG New at the Parktheater: Zin in Zondag? Treat yourself and someone else to this lively Sunday morning concert. Grote Foyer / music

Safe at the Parktheater: view the Corona measures for a safe and responsible theater visit on our website.

Autumn crossword puzzle

Autumn is here! Get ready by seeing whether you know the Dutch translations of the words below! If you’ve done it correctly, a word should be revealed from top to bottom. Send that word to to enter a drawing to win the book ‘Stuff Dutch People Eat’.

1. 4. 7. 10.


A downpour

Rain puddle


2. 5. 8.

A walk in the woods


Rain boots

3. 6. 9.



Pine cone


Peter Zuidlaan 30 5502 NH Veldhoven Peter Zuidlaan 30 5502 NH Veldhoven