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Alberto Pinto: World Interiors Alberto Pinto and Julien Morel Flammarion September 2020 256 pages $34.98

Architectural Digest: The Most Beautiful Rooms in the World Marie Kalt Rizzoli September 2020 336 pages $65

The late interior designer and photographer Alberto Pinto needs no introduction: his eclectic and classic work is known worldwide. A graduate of the École du Louvre in Paris, he later honed his skills in New York City, specializing in photography and architecture, and eventually founded his interior design firm in the 1960s at the Place des Victoires. Pinto was also known for his home collection, which included furniture, tableware, and linens for Raynaud, Pierre Frey, and D. Porthault.

As a global authority on interior design since 1920, who better than Architectural Digest (AD) to pen a book on the most beautiful rooms in the world? AD’s French editor-in-chief, Marie Kalt, culled through the magazine’s vast international archives and the result is a wonderful curation of varied houses, apartments, villas, and exquisite interiors across the globe.

From corporations and hotels to yachts and residences, the designer’s global work is heralded in the new book Alberto Pinto: World Interiors. Featuring a study in refinement, eclecticism, and luxury, the book explores his innovative approach to well-established design principles. A fitting tribute to the legendary designer, Pinto’s work is also chronicled in the books Moderns (2003), Bedrooms (2006), and Alberto Pinto: Today (2010).


The illustrated tome features a who’s who of international designers from Jacques Grange, Joseph Dirand, and Peter Marino to Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Biijoy Jain. Readers can get an upclose-and-personal peek at Marc Jacob’s townhouse in Manhattan and Tommy Hilfiger’s Connecticut home, along with a country house in Russia, summer home in Majorca, and a palace in Morocco – just to name a few. The book is equal parts design source and a travelogue as it takes the reader around the United States and Mexico to France, Italy, Germany, and in-between. Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour pens the foreword.

A Day at Château de Chantilly: The Estate and Gardens of the Duke of Aumale Mathieu Deldicque and Adrian Goetz Flammarion October 2020 224 pages $35 The Château de Chantilly is also in the spotlight in the new book on the home of the Duke of Aumale. Rebuilt after the Revolution by Henri d’Orléans, duc d’Aumale (son of King Louis Philippe), the home is a museum and showplace for some of the most exceptional French collections of furniture, decorative arts, books, and paintings in Europe. It is also notable as the home of the Condé Museum galleries, that boasts the masterpieces of artists Raphael, Clouet and Ingres. Designers and antiquarians alike will enjoy the tour of Chantilly’s private apartments preserved in the elegant French Louis Phillipe style of the period. Landscape architect Andre Le Nôtré’s magnificent gardens and the opulent stables are also noteworthy. Conserved by the Institut of France, the cheateau featured in this book invites readers with rare access to one of France’s great cultural treasures.

A Château on the French Riviera: Modern Interiors by Oitoemponto Oitoemponto and MarieVendittelli Flammarion November 2020 224 pages $95 Chateau: the mere word conjures up images of elaborate palaces, refined interiors, well-manicured gardens, and all things grandeur. Since few of us reside in these architectural triumphs, a visit via an illustrated book will have to suffice. Flammarion’s new book, A Château on the French Riviera, features the work of the architects at Oitoemponto who oversaw the four-year renovations of Château Saint-Maur de Cogolin. Located on the chic Riviera (just 10 kilometers from Saint-Tropez), architects Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec take the reader on a design journey from preliminary watercolor sketches to before-and-after photographs. Bedrooms and master suites, secret chambers, reception rooms, and entertainment areas are reinvented with a modern slant in this immense 17,000 square-foot private family residence. The chateau is also known for its cru classé vineyard's high-quality rosé wines. Oitoemponto (translated as “eight o’clock precisely” from Portuguese) is known for its incomparable and timeless projects: from a piedà-terre in Paris and a summer penthouse in Ibiza to Paris’ La Maison du Caviar restaurant and the monumental Palace Hotel in Porto.

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