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Official Magazine of the 2017 Arranmore Farm & Polo Club Season


discover the tradition of polo 3rd Annual Arranmore Polo Classic Sunday, August 27, 2017 Gates open at 1:00 PM Game starts at 3:00 PM To purchase tickets: Lawn Seating: $10 per person. MAM Polo Club Lounge Tickets: $40 per person Fieldside Tailgating: $45 per car, all passengers enter VIP Fieldside Tailgating: $75 per car, all passengers enter Private Tent: $650 for 10’x10’ tent and private lawn in front

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Arranmore Welcome Letter


A Party For The People


On The Field


Women In Polo


Contemporary Connection Through Lasting Legacies

Polo tailgating

The 2016 Arranmore polo season in photos

The parallel preservation efforts of Arranmore and The Tempel Lipizzans

Handcrafted to be savored responsibly.




Equine 101


What’s A CabCab?


Artist Shoutouts


Work of Art Wedding




The 2017 Season

How much do you know about horses?

Arranmore’s open-air concert series

Get to know the on-stage talent

A blank canvas for your special day


The past and present of female polo players

Perfect picks to attend Arranmore events in style

Every event to fill your calendar 7

ARRANMORE FARM & POLO CLUB MAGAZINE Arranmore Farm & Polo Club PUBLISHER Shannon Greene Robb MAGAZINE ADVISOR + EDITOR John Sternisha CREATIVE DESIGN + ART DIRECTOR Lara Filip, Lisa Gangi CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Photographers: Bari Baskin, TimeStops Photography; Nima Taradji, Morgan Terlouw, Verdigris Photography; Karl Knapp and Thomas Reinacher Front and Back Cover: Bari Baskin, TimeStops Photography Special Thanks: Jenin Paradise, Heidi Booth, John Greene, James Drury, Dan O’Leary, Jennifer Dodson, Leila Yahi, Scott Stevenson, Samantha and Scott Falbe, Marcus Fischer, Sarah Platt, Jaime Adams, The Colonial Cafe, Cindy Raymond, Emily Riccio, Elizabeth Headly, Justin Powers, and the United States Polo Association Arranmore Farm & Polo Club John Greene OWNER, Shannon Greene Robb PRESIDENT + CEO Jenin Paradise VENUE DIRECTOR + EVENT COORDINATOR, Lara Filip ARTISTIC DIRECTOR + PRODUCER, Heidi Booth FINANCE + MARKETING MANAGER, Lisa Gangi SPONSORSHIP + VIP COORDINATOR, Marie McIntyre CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE COORDINATOR, Daphne Ortiz, Statement PR PUBLIC RELATIONS, John Sternisha GRAPHIC DESIGN + VIDEOGRAPHER Jose Blanco HEAD TRAINER, Colin Rojas GROUNDSKEEPER, Mario Torres ASSISTANT GROUNDSKEEPER, Robert Wilkinson and Paul Picero POLO ANNOUNCERS ©2017 Arranmore Events, LLC + Arranmore Farm & Polo Club. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part of any material in this magazine is expressly prohibited.



live & love local. It’s our guiding principle, our mantra.

“ I d o n ’t t h i n k a n y o n e s h o u l d wake up in a home that they d o n’t l o v e .” - John Greene (1976) We’ve built our family business around the communities we serve, and our family is dedicated to finding a home your family will love.

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welcome from arranmore farm & POLO CLUB

Seven years ago we stood out on the pristine fields of Arranmore Farm & Polo Club and said; “What can we do here? How can we share this special place with our community in a meaningful way? Can we combine the arts, nature and personal connection in a way that leaves a lasting, positive footprint? Is it possible to create inspiration that carries over into people’s everyday lives?” The answer was, and is, YES.

Stop in and check out the brand new Lincoln

C ONT IN E N TA L Conveniently located at Ogden and Rickert in Naperville 2055 West Ogden Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540 • (630) 355-8140 • 12

What started with a small concert, the very first Cabernet Cabaret, an event with just a couple hundred guests, has grown into something we never could have imagined. “CabCab”, as it is now affectionately known, regularly hosts crowds of over a thousand. The best part is seeing multi-generations of families dancing together, neighbors sharing wine openers and artists leading a group of kids in an impromptu flash mob. In addition, last year we were able to expand and bring polo back to the public, another way of sharing the traditions started at Arranmore Farm & Polo Club nearly two decades ago. A recent high school grad said to us, “I can’t believe I have to leave before the September CabCab! It will be the first one I have EVER missed!” That means everything to us. Tradition is built upon memories that we cherish and if we can become a part of your tradition and leave you feeling a bit more inspired; we’ve answered all those questions we asked ourselves those seven years ago. Whether it’s attending a concert, or winding down with friends at Wednesday Polo; seeing a bride and groom celebrating their special day; dressing up for a special Sunday polo event; gathering co-workers for a team-building means we have becomes a part of your history and for that privilege, we are so very grateful. As always, none of this would be possible without the support of our incredible sponsors, artists and polo players. We extend our deepest gratitude to them. We are excited to make more memories with you all this year. And with that...The gates are officially open! Happy Summer! Cheers, Shannon Greene Robb President + CEO, Arranmore Farm & Polo Club | Chicago Polo

Lara Filip Artistic Director, ArranmoreArts Producer, Arranmore Farm & Polo Club

John Greene Founder, Arranmore Farm & Polo Club


Thank you

Thank you to our 2017 season and event partners who helped make this season a success.






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Proud Partner

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A PARTY FOR THE PEOPLE Polo Tailgating Tailgating is most commonly associated with stadium events; and let’s face it, it’s hard to beat the parking lot festivities before seeing “Da Bears”. However, polo tailgating takes things to a whole new level. What’s the difference? Well…do you get to take that party into the stadium and set it up just feet away from the actual game? Does the winning play happen right in front of the spot where your friends and family are all set up, with your very own portable party? In polo tailgating, the answer is an absolute “Yes!”


The interactive nature of polo tailgating sets it apart from nearly any other social sporting experience. The creativity of set up, the fun of seeing how many folks you can get in one vehicle, the spontaneous fun of just stopping at the store on the way to grab snacks and show up, or those who go all out, spending weeks ahead of time planning décor and menu to. It’s all part of the spectacle and tradition of polo tailgating. And no one does it better than the Arranmore crowd.


Wine Down Wednesday Polo Gates open at 5:00 PM Game starts at 5:30 PM To purchase tickets: Fieldside Tailgating: $20 per car

34 Rance Road, Oswego, Illinois 60543

W W W. D O W N TO W N N A P E R V I L L E .C O M 20


on the field 22






Congrats and best of luck for a great season Arranmore Farm & Polo Club!

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That laser-focus served her well. Polo is dangerous. Match play is fast and can take place on treacherously divoted terrain. In a Naperville Sun article from July 18, 1980, Patti summarized, “It requires the knowledge of team play, the talent of top horsemanship, and the courage of a jet-fighter pilot” and likened polo to “hockey on horseback.”

women in polo Google the words “women’s polo,” and you’d have traditionally found more links to clothing websites than news articles. However, thanks to the foresight of the late Patti Greene and her fellow pioneers, decades after the founding of a seminal women’s polo group, women in polo begin to take center stage at Arranmore Farm & Polo Club… and around the world.

Patti found her love of riding through her association with the Oak Brook Hounds, a fox-hunting group, in 1972. She is remembered as being an excellent rider. Patti embarked on her polo experience at Fairlane Farm, the Kuhn family’s property in Naperville. In 1981, she started playing polo herself, at age 35, after years of attending her husband John’s matches and sitting in on the post-game “Chalk Talk”. In 1983, Patti founded the Naperville Women’s Polo Club, the first operating women’s polo club in the United States, along with friends and neighbors Sarah


Platt, Sandy Barbier, Chris Read, Kathy Yackley, Liz Kuhn, and Barbara Alexander. The league was active for several years, and included multiple generations, including Shannon Greene Robb, Patti’s eldest daughter and the current visionary behind the development of the Arranmore family of companies. Patti’s passion and creativity was evident in everything she contributed to the club. She created the NWPC logo by drawing flowing hair onto the existing logo of another polo league. She and her teammates also famously, (or perhaps infamously), brought new life and fun to the games, with attractions such as foot-mallet matches and stick-horse races, which will be coming back in 2017 at Arranmore! Husband John Greene fondly remembers his late wife as “a kind, generous, loving woman off the field… but during a match, Patti was laser-focused and competitive. Look out!!”

Women currently play on men’s league teams, and women have flocked to the sport in ever-increasing numbers, to great success. According to the USPA, approximately one-third of registered players are women. And that number continues to grow. The current generation of “horseback riding, jet-fighter pilots” who comprise the Naperville Women’s Polo Club (names) are dedicated to keeping the competitive spirit, traditions and most of all fun alive in this unique sport that they so love. Arranmore Farm & Polo Club has been a hub of Chicago Polo since 1999, hosting private matches between professional league players. 2017 is the third year of Arranmore’s hosting of public polo tournaments, still with world-class professional players, male and female, from all corners of the earth. 2017 is also the second year of the Women’s Polo Invitational at Arranmore Farm & Polo Club. Be sure to join us on August 13 for the Arranmore Farm & Polo Club Women’s Invitational (men vs. women)! You can also follow the Naperville Women’s Polo Club page on Facebook to keep up with news and activities.



Sunday, August 13, 2017 Gates open at 1:00 PM Game starts at 3:00 PM To purchase tickets: Lawn Seating: $10 per person. MAM Polo Club Lounge Tickets: $40 per person Fieldside Tailgating: $45 per car, all passengers enter VIP Fieldside Tailgating: $75 per car, all passengers enter Private Tent: $650 for 10’x10’ tent and private lawn in front

The All-New 2017 MINI Countryman

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Contemporary Connection through Lasting Legacies

The Greene family has worked to preserve the tradition of polo for nearly four decades, culminating in the formation of Arranmore Farm & Polo Club in the late 90’s. Similarly, the founders of Tempel Lipizzans, Tempel and Esther Smith, have worked to preserve the Lipizzan breed and promote the discipline of classical dressage and their spectacular airs above ground training. Almost immediately upon meeting one another, Shannon Greene Robb (the current President of Arranmore Farm & Polo Club) and Esther Buonanno (the current Program Director of Tempel Lipizzans) felt the kindred nature of being next generation women, working to preserve their family legacy. Their meeting occurred as a result of a shared desire to promote different forms of equestrian arts/sports in the Chicagoland area. As the Arranmore team toured the Tempel Lipizzan barns and listened to the conversation between the two women; as we planned visiting exhibitions between the two farms, it became clear that a special partnership was forming. Not surprising when you see the parallels between the two histories. Esther spent summers on her grandparent’s Tempel Farm with hundreds of Lipizzan horses. At the same time, Shannon spent winters with her family in Wellington, watching her Dad play polo at Palm Beach Polo and Country Club and learning the ropes herself at Fairlane Farms. Esther learned how to care for the Lipizzans from the best vets, grooms and trainers, picking up tricks like how to call a stallion to the fence by whistling through a blade of grass and how best to approach a mare and her foal. Shannon learned horsemanship through the Wayne-DuPage Pony Club, Foxhunted with the Massbach Hounds and stayed active in the family passion for polo. 34

In her late teens, a non-horse related back injury took Shannon out of the saddle indefinitely. She turned her attentions to her work as an artist and musician. As fate would have it, both women returned to their roots in 2011. Shannon settling back in the Naperville area and beginning her work to expand the Arranmore companies and Chicago Polo. Shannon formed ArranmoreArts, a nonprofit that brought hundreds of students and professional artists together through her InspirEd programs, as well as creating the outdoor summer concert series “CabCab” which now hosts thousands of attendees each season. She was also instrumental in opening the Arranmore Farm & Polo Club gates to public polo matches for the first time in history. Esther returned to Tempel Farms as Program Director which includes oversight of performances, training, operations, education, breeding and the promotion of classical riding and Lipizzan horses in the United States. The past couple of years brought many accomplishments to Tempel Farms, including rare exhibitions at the renowned Devon Horse Show, a National Championship win for their prize stallion in Musical Freestyle and the introduction of new bloodlines to the Tempel Lipizzan herd with the importation of several mares from Piber Stud Farm in Austria.

The Greene family, left to right, Tim Greene, Megan Llambias, John Greene, Shannon Greene Robb, Patti Greene. Taken at Palm Beach Polo & Country Club in Wellington, FL in the early 1980s after father, John Greene, played a game.

Patti Greene and Shannon Greene Robb, mid 1980s

Esther Buonanno, above, current Program Director of Tempel Lipizzans. Tempel and Esther Smith, right, founders of Tempel Lipizzans, 1958.

Arranmore is proud to cultivate relationships that honor tradition, beauty and sport. The bond between horse and human is a wonderful pathway to new connections between people and communities. We can think of no better partner in this endeavor than our new friends at Tempel Lipizzans and cannot wait for our cross-visit exhibitions! Tempel Lipizzans will make an appearance at the Arranmore Women’s Invitational Match on August 13th and Arranmore will appear at Tempel Lipizzans for a special intermission exhibition on June 24th.


Oswego Life Connect with Friends & Nature U M S , I T C R I N A , M Y OTION R O T S I H MATINEE & EVENING PERFORMANCES

JUNE 18-SEPTEMBER 10 the Tempel Lipizzans




A polo pony isn’t technically a pony. A true pony is anything measured at 14.2 hands or under. The traditional term “polo pony” refers more to the quick, agile type. If you want stories about actual ponies, ask Arranmore founder, Shannon Greene Robb about her first pony, Willie Lump Lump!

How do we measure horses and why are they called “hands”? A hand is 4 inches (the general size of a hand held sideways). Horses are measured up to the withers, the large bone at the top of the shoulder, where the neck and back meet. Horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal. In addition, they have nearly 360-degree vision, with blind spots directly to the front and back. This makes them especially well adapted for polo, with so much action occurring with competitors approaching from the sides!

equine 101 38

A 2016 study, reported by The Guardian, revealed that horses recognize positive and negative human facial expressions. It has also been widely accepted that horses, as social animals, bond closely with their chosen humans and will recognize people who have been kind to them, even after years apart.

When horses look like they’re laughing, with their upper lip curled, they’re actually engaging in a special nose-enhancing technique known as “flehmen,” to determine whether a smell is good or bad. Our Arranmore polo pony, Marly, became the finalist in a photo contest for being captured midflehmen, by one favorite photographers, Time Stops Photography. The horse trailer was invented by Lord George Bentinck, an inventive Brit, who needed a more effective transport for getting his six horses from one racetrack to another. At polo matches, visiting horses are transported and kept near their trailers, as their “home away from home”.

In 1872, Leland Stanford made a bet that in a full gallop, all four horse’s legs are off the ground at the same time. Photographer, Eadweard Muybridg proved him right by using a series of 24 cameras and photographing a racehorse named Sallie Gardner. See if you can spot that moment of full flight as our polo ponies race past you today! Polo ponies are highly valued for their ability to produce short bursts of speeds. The fastest recorded sprinting speed of a horse was 55 mph.

If you are interested in giving horseback riding a try, check out our friends at Legacy River Equestrian Center in Sugar Grove. Our Artistic Director, Lara, is still an avid equestrian and her retired racehorse Gibson resides there. They would love to meet you!




What’s a CabCab... ...and Who’s the Band? “CabCab”, as it’s affectionately known, started out under the more formal moniker of Cabernet Cabaret. The name was in honor of the fact that our very first sponsor was a wine distributor. We started calling it CabCab as a nickname and it stuck. The funny thing is, it came to represent what the event really is; a Chicago Artist Band Cabaret.


We’re asked all the time, “Who is the band? Have we seen them before?” The answer is yes…and no. You have seen them before. They are Broadway veterans, Grammy Award nominees, stars of the Broadway in Chicago theatres and featured in TV shows and movies. However, every CabCab concert brings a different set of artists together. No two shows are the same. So, yes, you’ve seen them before…but you’ve never seen this exact group of artists together and you never will again. Not to say that CabCab regulars haven’t earned quite a following over the years! We’ll always bring your favorites back, while exposing you to the hottest new talent.


The mission of Arranmore has always been to bring world class arts to the Western suburbs and to create community. As members of our artistic community, we are lucky enough to call the extraordinary artists we host our friends. By the end of the night, you’ll feel like they are your new best friends too. CabCab Concerts give our audience that world class arts experience, but in an intimate, fun setting. The performers come out and dance on the lawn right beside you, as you dance with your friend, families and neighbors. At the heart of every CabCab show is its unique theme. Every concert is dubbed with a fun subtitle like “Say My Name”, “Rich and Famous” and “Forces of Nature”. Using those themes, we build a night full of popular cover tunes, featuring many different genres, so there is something for every taste. We never release the set list before the show. (Although, you might get teasers on our social media pages). It’s always fun to hear the guesses of what the songs will be based on the themes! So, if anyone asks you what a CabCab is and who the band is, you just tell them, “It’s a one night only show, with a surprise set list, full of your favorite songs from every genre, performed by the most incredible talent you will ever see.” Or, better yet, tell them to, “BYOP (bring our own party) and check it out for yourself!” Because the real magic of CabCab is that you just have to be there to understand how truly special it is. For more info on the credits of these amazing artists, (and your new best friends), check out the artist page at




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Artist shout Outs

Donica Lynn

Donica Lynn, Our incomparable songbird, was awarded the Chicago Tribune, Chicagoan of the year in Theatre. Duh, Chicago. We already knew she is the BEST.

Evan Tyrone Martin, Who recently slayed audiences with his masterful portrayal of Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar at The Paramount Theatre, was nominated for not one but two Joseph Jefferson awards (Chicago’s version of the Tony Awards) in the SAME category. Over achiever much?

Evan Tyrone Martin Our beloved Sawyer Smith was awarded a Joseph Jefferson Award for Choreography this year! Absolutely no surprise to us, since he is the pied piper of spontaneous dance-a-thons at CabCab.

Bethany Thomas Jess Godwin

Liz Chidester

Lara Filip Natalie Myre

Michael Mahler

Sawyer Smith

Christine Mild

Michael Mahler, one of our original CabCab artists, has been trying to get back to our stage for the past couple years and I GUESS we’ll let him off the hook since he’s been off doing such cool stuff; like writing contributing lyrics for the revival of Miss Saigon on Broadway, as well as developing the Broadway bound Diary of a Wimpy Kid musical.

Ericka Mak Emily Rohm

Meghan Murphy Girl Power! Not only did our Artistic Director, Lara Filip, release an album this past year ; so did Bethany Thomas, Liz Chidester, Jess Godwin, Natalie Myre, Meghan Murphy and Christine Mild; all of whom you’ll see either at WineWalk or a CabCab. If you’re looking to add to your iTunes collection, check out these great local ladies. 48

Speaking of Jess Godwin, did you know she got to sing a duet with Kristen Chenoweth at her fall concert at the Chicago Theatre. We think that is WICKED cool!

Lillian Castillo

Emily Rohm, Lillian Castillo and Ericka Mak got to represent Chicago in the Big Apple when the acclaimed new musical RIDE THE CYCLONE was picked up for an off Broadway run with MCC Theatre. Emily Rohm was even nominated for a Lucille Lortell Award; the awards honoring excellence in New York Off-Broadway theatre. And now she’s singing Spice Girls music for us. #Goals. 49

make our tradition yours Now Booking for 2018 Weddings & Special Events



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Start with a Blank Canvas and create a “Work of Art Wedding” First and foremost, it is your day. It’s a great party. It’s a celebration. These days, more and more, bridal couples are also looking for ways to create a truly memorable one-day work of art, often breaking the rules and creating new traditions in the process. From tents, to menu, to ambiance and music, it seems like anything goes. Starting your vision with a blank canvas like Arranmore Farm & Polo Club can be an exciting but sometimes daunting proposition. So, we asked our resident genius of all things wedding and event planning, Jenin Paradise. Here were some of her top tips for wedding magic.

with a live musician and guests strolling through the barns? Afterward, your guests can continue the journey to the tent, which is exclusively for the dinner and dancing portion of your celebration. Take this idea one step further by creating a lounge space with swanky furniture by the bar, for guests who need a break from the dance floor. Another popular trend is a food truck drive-by, for late night snacks. Instead of a plated dinner, try stations to get your guests moving and mingling, as they enjoy a variety of tasty treats. From the ultra-traditional, to unconventional, swanky, romantic, funky, boho, cultural, casual or black tie; there is literally no end to the possibilities that await your vision. Make it fun. Make it beautiful and most importantly, make it your own!

Don’t get hung up too much on your color palette. Try to think more of the atmosphere and style you want to create. What kind of story do you want to tell your guests? A color palette will come to life if you start with the overall mood. When it comes to the dreaded guest list and budget issues, be decisive! If you can choose a budget and a guest list and stick to it, it will help cut down the possibility of unexpected complications and stress. With a little imagination, anything is possible on any budget. When you have a unique setting like Arranmore Farm & Polo Club, think of ways you can utilize different areas of the farm. How about a cocktail hour



In the heart of downtown Naperville, occupying the entire 2nd floor of Hotel Indigo Naperville Riverwalk:

Naperville’s Premier Event Venue • 4,200 sq ft banquet ballroom with 250 seating availability • Large pre-reception lounge, separate private meeting room space, and open air views of the beautiful Naperville Riverwalk • 158 Guest rooms and bridal suites with special rates on room blocks • Organic, contemporary design with open air spaces, ribboned hard woods, a dash of fire, and elements of flowing water surround • Complete menu planning, private tastings, full service bar, and wait staff • Convenient attached hotel parking

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2017 Season calendar of events jul|12AUG|30 Wine Down Wednesday Polo

jul|13 Two Brothers Dinner

jul|15 CabCab:

British Invasion

jul|16 ArtJam

A Kids’ Workshop

jul|23 Chicago Polo Cup


Gates open at 5:00 PM. Game starts at 5:30 PM. Wine Down Wednesday Polo is a tradition at Arranmore Farm & Polo Club. Every Wednesday in July and August, a late afternoon match is open to an enthusiastic public. Cars park next to the field for a breathtaking up close vantage point to enjoy the action.

6:00pm 10:00pm Two Brothers will be serving its house-ground burger sliders, dry-aged skewers, chicken skewers and veggie kabobs with salads and all the fixins. Of course, there will plenty of Two Brothers beer (or BYOB wine), games and a raffle to win great Two Brothers’ swag! And don’t forget the music! Live entertainment will be on hand throughout the night.

Gates open at 6:30 PM. Show begins at 8:00 PM. Last season, we heard your cries of despair as I Love Rock-n-Roll Vol. I came to a close. We heard you shouting “Ozzy! Def Leppard! Freebird!!” and then, we knew. We had to finish what we started. Get ready for round two. Dust off your vintage concertT’s. Classic Rock. ‘Nuff said. Those over 40- start head-banging-conditioning-exercises now. Gates open at 1:00 PM. Game starts at 3:00 PM. Women’s Polo Invitational. This year we are going to mix things up with high-spirited fun - Women vs. Men. Join us and cheer on our enthusiastic players! A portion of the profits will go to the Edward Foundation’s Campaign Against Cancer at the Edward Cancer Center.

Gates open at 6:30 PM. Show begins at 8:00 PM. Kick off the season with a super swanky, 007, Austin Powers dance-on-the-lawn-a-thon! Music by all your favorite artists from across the pond! The Beatles, Adele, Mumford & Sons, Eric Clapton, Ed Sheeran, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Jessie J, Amy Winehouse and many more!

Gates open at 1:00 PM. Game starts at 3:00 PM. The Arranmore Polo Classic is Arranmore Farm & Polo Club’s signature tournament event. Guests are treated with unique pre-match access to the club’s barns and horses, along with premium field-side views of the action.

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM This fun-filled mini-InspirEd is a two-hour superfun arts intensive that gives kids ages 6-14 and their parents a sample of the InspirEd experience in the schools and a chance to create with accomplished artists. Participants will learn the art of beat-boxing, discover lyrical dance moves and collaborate to create a piece of art.

Gates open at 6:30 PM. Show begins at 8:00 PM. Arranmore has become a “home away from home” for so many people (and horses). We welcome you back for one more chance to rock the lawn. Dance away at “Our House…in the middle of the field”. Jam out to Daughtry, Edward Sharpe, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Miranda Lambert, Flo Rida and Bruce Springsteen and more artists that have paid homage to idea of “home sweet home”.

Gates open at 1:00 PM. Game starts at 3:00 PM. In 2016, the Chicago Polo Cup was a two match series against rival clubs Arranmore and Oak Brook. The long-term goal of this trophy was to make it Chicago’s signature polo tournament. For 2017, the tournament will invite Clubs from the surrounding states to participate in 4-6 team friendly invitational. Join us for the opening game!

AUG|05 CabCab:

I Love Rock-n-Roll Vol. II

AUG|13 Sunday Polo Women’s Invitational


3rd Annual Arranmore Polo Classic

SEP|09 CabCab:

Home Sweet Home

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Arranmore magazine 2017  

Family-owned and operated since 1999, and just 40 miles outside of Chicago, Arranmore Farm & Polo Club is Chicagoland's premier open-air ven...

Arranmore magazine 2017  

Family-owned and operated since 1999, and just 40 miles outside of Chicago, Arranmore Farm & Polo Club is Chicagoland's premier open-air ven...