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Your Go-To Guide Welcome to The Best of Lantau 2017/ 18, your ultimate guide to everything our beautiful island has to offer. From sports clubs to schools, restaurants to realtors, whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it covered. The largest island in Hong Kong, Lantau is a treasure trove of fantastic local businesses, community groups, unique days out and much more. In this, the third annual edition of The Best of Lantau, we’ve sorted through the island’s offerings to bring you the best of the best, all in a handy, compact guidebook.

Photo by Tim Draper - www.facebook.com/lifehouseimage

As well as being a practical resource that you can refer to throughout the year, The Best Of Lantau is full of fascinating features from some of our island’s very own experts. So, whether you’re wondering how’s best to invest, where to head on holiday, or how to crack the school entrance code, you’ll find all this and more in the pages to follow. From the publishers of Around DB and Life on Lantau OUR THANKS GO TO OUR CONTRIBUTORS: Rachel Ainsley James Allen (intern) Graeme Bradshaw James Carlile Danny Harrington Elizabeth Kerr Katrina Mercado (intern) Kelly Merrick Anne Murphy Sue Oliver Emma Pike

6 The Best of Lantau

Sue Pollard Thomas Powell Tracey Read Wesley Reid Dr Anita Tomasov Ivailo Tonchev Stephen Tse Jason White Cecilia Yee Alyona Zarnitsyna


The Best of Lantau 7

5 about Lantau LANTAU FACTS


fascinating facts By Stephen Tse

Where does the name ‘Lantau’ come from? The English moniker for Hong Kong’s largest island likely originated from the imperfect shape of Lantau Peak—named 爛 (Lan, meaning broken) 頭 (Tau, meaning head) 山 (Shan, meaning mountain) by local people.

The Chinese name—Tai Yue Shan (大嶼山)—is an evolution of the 11th century Tai Hai Shan (大奚山), meaning big (大, Tai) island (山, Shan) with barbarians (奚, Hai) living on it—a possible reference to the island’s original inhabitants, the Yiu people (傜人), before the arrival of the Han Chinese.


Who is the last Nam Mo Lo of Tai O? Nam Mo (喃嘸), traditional Taoist religious practitioners, were once very important in the daily lives of fishermen in traditional villages like Tai O, where they would help people to bless boats and festivals and even act as exorcisers. Cantonese people often call them Nam Mo Lo (喃嘸佬)—Lo (佬) in Cantonese meaning ‘chap’.

Today, there remains just one Nam Mo in Tai O named Nam Mo Gong (喃嘸江), who has a tiny workshop full of religious objects—a family business, which has been running for nearly 100 years—and a small shrine at the end of Tai Ping Street.


Did expatriates live on Lantau 400 years ago? In the western part of Tai O lies a tiny village called Fan Kwai Tong (番鬼塘), 番 meaning foreign, 鬼 being similar to gweilo —the centuries-old Cantonese slang for caucasians, and 塘 meaning pond. The name probably therefore means a village with water resources where foreigners live.

This theory is backed up by local families who have passed stories down through the generations about Europeans living in the area. Some suggest they may have been Portuguese or Dutch—no one knows exactly—however their presence makes sense due to Lantau’s proximity to Canton (廣州), or Guangzhou—the most important trading centre in southern China.

8 The Best of Lantau



Did Lantau almost become another Macau?

The first Europeans to travel to China by sea were the Portuguese, who made contact with By Stephen Tse Chinese soil at Guangzhou in the Pearl River Delta in 1513. Shortly afterwards, the colonisers established a settlement called Tamão, known in Chinese as Tuen Mun (屯門). The location of Tamão is unclear—some suggest it was Lintin Island in the Pearl River estuary—now known as Nei or Inner Lingding Island—while others suggest Lantau. The Tamão settlement was destroyed by Ming China in 1521, and the Portuguese people expelled. It was another 36 years before they successfully established another settlement in Macau in 1557. If Tamão was located on Lantau, and if it had prospered, the island may have developed very differently. Perhaps we would have casinos, Macanese cuisine and colonial buildings, and maybe we’d even be driving on the right.


Do Lantauers actually speak Cantonese? The indigenous people in the rural villages of Lantau are not ‘true’ Cantonese speakers and even local people from the city may not be fully able to understand what the island’s senior citizens are actually saying.

The dominant language in Hong Kong originated from Canton (廣州) and is a dialect of Yue (粵語), a Sinitic language that is spoken in the southernmost part of China. There are many varieties of Yue language. For instance, the fishing people in Tai O speak Tanka dialect (蛋家話), which contains some interesting slang words relating to weather and fishing that outsiders cannot understand. Further inland, some farmers speak Waitau dialect (圍頭話), Wai meaning walled village. This dialect is even more difficult to understand, with city folk perhaps able to grasp around 80 to 90% if they listen very carefully. There are also many villages on Lantau whose residents speak Hakka (客家). Hak (客) in Chinese means guest people, referring to newcomers to the island after the 1690s. Hakka is not a Yue dialect and is practically incomprehensible to Cantonese speakers. Inevitably, as time moves on, and the rural population of Hong Kong continues to give way to urbanisation, it is likely that many of these native languages will disappear.

Contact Stephen Tse, tour guide at Hong Kong with Stephen, via the contact form at www.stephentourhk.com.

The Best of Lantau 9

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DINING Asian dining International dining Barbecue recipes The Best of Lantau 11





Koh Tomyums, Discovery Bay

Curry Lounge, Tung Chung

Koh Tomyums provides a truly authentic Thai experience, from the traditional decor to the delicious food. The dishes are fresh and tasty, with specialties including classics like grilled pork neck and pad thai. Contemporary Thai fusion dishes are also on the menu. You can sit inside or on the terrace, with lovely views over the water. Bookings are recommended. Open seven days a week from noon to 11pm. Shop 105B, 1/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2987 0767.

Melody Thai, Tung Chung

Melody Thai serves rustic and authentic Thai food in a pleasant and relaxing environment. Specialties include tom yum kung, gaeng kiew wan kung and pad thai as well as favourite Thai desserts. Free transportation services are available within the Tung Chung area. The restaurant can also be booked for private events. Closed Wednesdays. 10 Ha Ling Pei Village, Tung Chung, 2988 8129, www.melodythaitungchung.com. 12 The Best of Lantau

With an exciting yet traditional range of the finest Indian dishes, Curry Lounge uses fresh local ingredients, halal meat, and herbs and spices imported directly from India. The menu boasts a vast array of vegetarian and nonvegetarian options from various regions of India. Shop S, G/F, Seaview Crescent, 8 Tung Chung Waterfront Road, Tung Chung, 2960 0911, www.currylounge.com.hk.

First Korean, Discovery Bay First Korean’s expert Korean chef, innovative menu and elegant, traditional tableware make for a rich culinary experience. The restaurant offers a large variety of barbecue specialties served with a unique soy sauce. Open weekdays from 11.30am to 3pm and 6pm to 11pm, and at weekends from 11.30am to 11pm. Shop 102B, 1/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2987 9123, www.kingparrot.com.


Man Ho Chinese Restaurant, Chek Lap Kok

Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott’s signature Chinese restaurant, Man Ho, offers dim sum and Cantonese delicacies in a sophisticated atmosphere. 1 Sky City Road East, Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok, 3969 2888, mhrs.hkgap.manho@marriotthotels.com, www.skycitymarriott.com/dining.

Mansarover Indian Restaurant, Tung Chung

Mansarover serves up tasty Indian favourites such as chicken tikka masala and lamb korma, as well as a delicious prawn curry. It’s open seven days a week, with a pick-up service or home delivery. G/F, 21 Ha Ling Pei Tsuen, Tung Chung Road, Tung Chung, 2109 1927, www.mansarover.hk.

My Thai Bar & Restaurant, Tung Chung

My Thai Bar & Restaurant offers authentic Thai cuisine at affordable prices in a comfortable setting. G/F, Coastal Skyline, 12 Tung Chung Waterfront Road, Tung Chung, 2907 6918, Facebook: My Thai Bar and Restaurant.

ride away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong Island, with the beach a stone’s throw away, Coyote is a great spot for team-building events and family celebrations. Shop G08A, G/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2987 2848, www.coyote.com.hk.

PizzaExpress, Discovery Bay & Tung Chung

PizzaExpress has been serving hand-crafted pizzas made with the freshest ingredients since 1965. Having opened in Tung Chung in 2016, PizzaExpress also docked in DB Plaza in 2017. Shop G01B, G/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2465 2426, www.pizzaexpress.com.hk/dbplaza. Unit G21, G/F, Citygate, 20 Tat Tung Road, Tung Chung, 2297 3588, www.pizzaexpress.com.hk/citygate.

The Gallery Bar & Restaurant, Tong Fuk Well-established and extremely popular with Lantau residents and visitors alike,

Nura Rolls, Discovery Bay

New in DB for 2017, Nura Rolls has over 60 varieties of sushi rolls to choose from. Dine in or order online for home delivery. Party and event catering is also available, with platters delivered to your door and collected afterwards. Shop G13A, DB North Plaza, DB, 2652 6613, www.nurarolls.com.


Authentic Caribbean food Inspired by the culinary delights of Trinidad and Jamaica, Di Jerk Shed offers weekly specials, discounts for airline crew and free transport to Mui Wo, Tung Chung and surrounding areas.

TOP PICKS Coyote Bar & Grill, Discovery Bay

A cosy restaurant in DB Plaza, Coyote offers tasty, authentic Mexican food in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Whether you want a quick weekday bite on your way home or a long Sunday brunch with the little ones, Coyote is always buzzing with activity. Only a short ferry

TEL: 2234 5375 COME VISIT! ach Cheung Sha Be r we Lo 50

30% discount Airline night on Wednesday evening after 6.00pm

The Best of Lantau 13


Bathers, Lower Cheung Sha

The Gallery Bar & Restaurant is known for its superb international cuisine. Specialities include steaks, salads, burgers and pizzas. 26 South Lantau Road, Tong Fuk, 2980 2582, Facebook: The Gallery, Tong Fuk.

The Kitchen, Mui Wo

The Kitchen is an old-style Italian restaurant located near Mui Wo ferry pier. Almost every dish, including the pasta and pizza, is homemade. Diners are welcome to bring their dogs. Shop 1, G/F, Scenic Crest, 18A Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road, Mui Wo, 5991 6292, Facebook: The Kitchen HK.

The Pier Bar, Discovery Bay & Central

The Pier Bar is a wine, beer and coffee bar, offering ferry travellers a high-quality beverage experience to go, or to enjoy while waiting DB or Central side. The Pier Bar is also the perfect location for busy residents to grab a great bottle of wine for dinner. Open seven days a week from 11am to midnight. Discovery Bay Ferry Pier, 2520 2166. Central Ferry Pier 3, 2520 2816, Facebook: The Pier Bar. 14 The Best of Lantau

FEATURED Bathers, Lower Cheung Sha

Bathers takes the ingredient-driven culinary innovation and laid-back ambiance of Australia and delivers it to Lantau in a space that’s part refined destination restaurant and part contemporary beach club. Perfect for everything from family lunches and intimate evening dining to parties, celebrations and even small-scale beachfront weddings. 32 Lower Cheung Sha Beach, Lower Cheung Sha, 6255 1142, www.bathers.com.hk.

Brasserie 22⁰ North, Discovery Bay

Offering an alfresco dining experience, with lovely views over the bay, Brasserie 22° North is a popular restaurant, which serves up a large selection of tasty, classic recipes with a creative twist. Open Tuesday to Friday from 4pm to midnight, and Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to midnight. Shop G08B, G/F, DB Plaza, 2987 2298, www.22north.com.hk.

Café Bord de Mer & Lounge, Discovery Bay

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Café Bord de Mer & Lounge offers a choice of buffet


or à la carte dining. Auberge Discovery Bay, 88 Siena Avenue, DB, 2295 8299, enquiry@aubergediscoverybay.com, www.aubergediscoverybay.com.

Cafe Isara, Mui Wo

A stylish little bar and bistro, Cafe Isara is a great spot for a casual meal with friends or a game of pool or darts. It serves up a superb selection of Asian and western dishes. 18A Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road, Mui Wo, 2470 1966, www.cafeisara.com.

Café Solo, Tai O

Friendly and welcoming, Café Solo offers good food and cakes with a view. Sit out on the terrace above the water and watch the world go by. All tips go to supporting local, disadvantaged students. G/F, 86-88 Kat Hing Street, Tai O, 9153 7453.

Caffe Pascucci, Discovery Bay

Caffe Pascucci offers high-quality coffee while

op n sh




e m o H




The sou


afri th ca

ng kon

t To Your Door!

Delivered Straigh

You name it and we’ll import it!

Ouma Rusks, Mrs Balls Chutney, Peppermint Crisp, Rooibos Tea, Pronutro, Nik Naks and More! 9457 0639




sharing the Italian coffee culture with the DB community. Customers can enjoy gourmet coffee as well as an authentic Italian dining experience. Shop G03A, G/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2591 1426, info@pascucci.com.hk, www.pascucci.com.hk.

Cali-Mex Bar & Grill, Discovery Bay

Cali-Mex Bar & Grill features signature CalifornianMexican food including burritos, quesadillas and tacos with gluten free, vegetarian and vegan dishes available. Bar & Grill is the only restaurant in Hong Kong to have beer taps at each table for customers to pour their own chilled drinks! Shop G12, G/F, DB North Plaza, DB, 2652 5525.

Di Jerk Shed, Cheung Sha

New to Lower Cheung Sha Beach for 2017, authentic Caribbean restaurant and bar Di Jerk Shed offers customers transportation to Tung Chung and surrounding areas during evening hours. Weekly specials are available, while every Wednesday is airline employee evening with 30% off all alcoholic beverages. 50 Lower Cheung Sha Village, South Lantau, 2234 5375, www.dijerkshed.com, Facebook: Di Jerk Shed.

Hemingway’s by the Bay, Discovery Bay

Hemingway’s by the Bay serves up gourmet, pub-style food in a lounge bar setting. Live music and the extended happy hour, every weekday from 4pm to 7pm, make Hemingway’s a popular choice. Open weekdays from 3pm till late, weekends from 12pm till late. Shop G09, G/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2987 8855.

Lantana, Cheung Sha

With its beach-front location at Lower Cheung Sha, Lantana is known for its relaxing ambiance and great food. The small menu is big on homecooked Italian favourites—pizza, pasta and salad. 40 Lower Cheung Sha Village, South Lantau, 5465 5511, Facebook: Lantana, Hong Kong.

Long Island, Cheung Sha

Located on Lower Cheung Sha Beach, Long Island serves up a variety of international dishes from curries to salads, seafood, pasta and more. 35 Lower Cheung Sha Village, South Lantau, 2320 2001, Facebook: Long Island 長沙下村. The Best of Lantau 15


Mavericks, Pui O

Overlooking Pui O Beach, Mavericks is a supercool bar, restaurant and board shack. It’s a great spot to grab a cold craft beer and watch the sunset. Pui O Beach, 5662 8552, info@mavericks.hk, www.mavericks.hk.

McSorley’s Ale House, Discovery Bay

McSorley’s Ale House is a popular spot to grab a pint or enjoy a bite to eat, while watching a game of sport. It offers pub favourites and also has a kids’ menu. Open Monday to Friday from 3pm to 12am, weekends and public holidays from 11am to 1am. Shop G11A-1, G/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2987 8280, info@mcsorleys.com.hk, www.mcsorleys.com.hk.

Moccato, Tung Chung

Enjoy a wide selection of coffees, drinks, salads and desserts at Moccato—a perfect way to start

your day. Eat in or take away, the choice is yours. Open daily from 7.30am to 8.30pm. Unit 225, Citygate Outlets, Tat Tung Road, Tung Chung, 3602 8838, www.novotelcitygate.com.

Mucho Gusto, Mui Wo

Mucho Gusto is a Mexican restaurant serving specialties including nachos, tacos, burritos and quesadillas. Breakfast is served from 6.30am with breakfast burritos, continental breakfasts, vegetarian breakfasts and more. Private catering is also available. Shop 9, G/F, Mui Wo Centre, Mui Wo, Facebook: Mucho Gusto.

Resto, Tung Chung

Resto is known for serving Italian favourites including pasta, pizza and risotto, as well as other international dishes. Shop G, G/F, Seaview Crescent, 8 Tung Chung Waterfront Road, Tung Chung, 2886 3156, www.resto.com.hk.

THE PIER BAR DB ferry travellers will be happy to hear that they can now grab a drink when getting on or off the ferry in Discovery Bay at The Pier Bar - the latest branch of the popular establishment. Customers can choose from a wide selection of wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks and Uncle Russ coffees. Cheers everyone!



Make the most of Hong Kong’s temperate climate with these delicious yet simple meat and wine combos By Emma Pike and James Carlile

Greek lamb backstrap with garlic and tzatziki This lean dish is great for people who enjoy lamb but don’t feel like they get enough meat off cuts such as lamb chops or cutlets.

Photo courtesy of Farmer’s Market

For the marinated meat: • 1.2 kg (4 pieces) lamb backstrap (eye of loin) • 4 cloves garlic • 4 tbsp olive oil • Juice of 1 lemon • 1 tbsp dried oregano • 1 tbsp thyme leaves • Salt • Pepper

For the tzatziki: • 170 g Greek yogurt • ½ cucumber, grated • 1 small garlic clove, crushed • A handful of chopped mint leaves

Lamb generally pairs well with medium- to full-bodied red wines, such as the 2015 5 O’Clock Somewhere Nero D’Avolo. This post-ferment blend of five Italian and Spanish varieties grown in the McLaren Vale is elegant, smooth and alluring, and will not only enhance the marinade on the lamb, but also your social standing among any true red wine lovers.

Method Mash the cloves of garlic to a paste with a pestle and mortar. Mix in the olive oil, lemon juice, oregano, thyme leaves and a pinch of salt and pepper. Place the lamb pieces in a large bowl and pour over the marinade. Massage the marinade into the meat and leave it at room temperature for one hour or around four to eight hours in the fridge. Put the barbecue on a high heat to warm up the grill then turn the temperature down by around one quarter. Cook the lamb for approximately eight to 10 minutes in total, turning it as you go. Remove the meat from the barbecue, place it on a plate and lightly cover with foil. Let it rest for five minutes before cutting into it. While you wait, mix the tzatziki ingredients together in a bowl. Carve the lamb and serve with the tzatziki on the side. The Best of Lantau 17


Solera Spanish Restaurant, Discovery Bay

Solera serves up classic Spanish cuisine in generous portions, and all your favourite Spanish drinks including beer, wine, spirits and, of course, sangria. Enjoy waterfront views on the terrace or relax in the spacious bar. There’s live acoustic music on Friday and Saturday evenings and happy hour from 4pm to 7pm on weekdays. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm till late. Food is served until 10.30pm. Shop 101, 1/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2555 0772. Facebook: Solera Spanish Restaurant.

Stoep at High Tide, Mui Wo

Stoep at High Tide, just a five-minute walk from Mui Wo ferry pier, offers a very reasonably priced set meal at lunchtime on weekdays, as well as a varied international selection on its à la carte menu. The Namibian beers are ice cold and the bread homemade. Outdoor seating and free Wi-Fi are available. Shop 2, Riverwalk, Mui Wo. 2980 2699, dollabruce@yahoo.com.

The Bounty Entertainment & Sports Bar, Discovery Bay

Featuring large LCD screens and TVs for live sports and game nights, The Bounty Entertainment & Sports Bar offers a relaxing vibe with an extensive drink and snack menu. Private functions can be held in the venue’s VIP room. Auberge Discovery Bay, 88 Siena Avenue, DB, 2295 8299.

The China Beach Club, Mui Wo

The China Beach Club is a Mediterranean barbecue restaurant, located at Silvermine Bay. This popular eatery boasts a large balcony overlooking the beach as well as indoor seating and a 2,000-square-foot rooftop, which can be hired for private parties and functions. Two-for-one cocktails are on offer all day, as well as takeaway cocktails for the beach. Open Friday to Sunday

18 The Best of Lantau

and public holidays from noon to 11pm. 18 Tung Wan Tau Road, Silvermine Bay Beach, 2983 8931, thechinabeachclub@hotmail.com.

The Water Buffalo, Pui O

British restaurant and brewpub The Water Buffalo serves quality British food such as fish and chips, pies, apple crumble, etc., and a range of craft beers including cask conditioned ‘real ales’ brewed on the premises. The Water Buffalo was recently listed as one of the top 10 restaurants in Hong Kong with a dedicated gluten-free menu. G/F, 13 Lo Wai Tsuen, Pui O, 2109 3331, info@thewaterbuffalo.com.hk, www.thewaterbuffalo.com.hk.

Uncle Russ Coffee, Discovery Bay & Central

Established in 1992, Uncle Russ Coffee offers a wide selection of drinks from espressos to fruit smoothies, plus assorted snacks. Shop LG19, DB North Plaza, DB. Central Ferry Pier 3. Central Ferry Pier 6. info@uncleruss.com.hk, www.unclerusscoffee.com.hk.

Village Bakery, Mui Wo

Village Bakery is an artisan bakery serving fresh, homemade bread every day, as well as a range of cakes, pastries, cheeses and selected groceries. Stop by and relax with a delicious coffee at one of the bakery’s indoor tables. Shop 2, G/F, Lucky Court, 16 Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road, Mui Wo, 2980 3344, Facebook: Village Bakery.

Zentro Garden, Tung Chung

This relaxed outdoor bar and restaurant is known for its extensive, varied menu. Specialities include steaks, salads and Indian curries. G/F, Seaview Crescent, 8 Tung Chung Waterfront Road, Tung Chung, 2802 8000.



Soy-marinated chicken wings A simple recipe that the whole family will enjoy, these chicken wings are full of flavour yet light on the spice, making them a real crowd-pleaser. For the marinated wings: • 1.5 kg chicken wings • ½ cup soy sauce • ½ cup Italian-style salad dressing

For the butter sauce: • ¼ cup butter • 1 tsp soy sauce • Hot pepper sauce (optional) • Salt • Pepper

Photo courtesy of Farmer’s Market

These chicken wings are crying out for a smooth and elegant white with enough body and character to stand up to all the flavours. Cue small batch producer Ess & See with its 2015 Chardonnay from the Adelaide Hills. The subtle vanilla and buttery feel of the wine will perfectly complement the sauce over the wings. Don’t over chill it though or you will lose the bouquet and dull the aromas.

Method Mix the soy sauce with the Italian-style salad dressing and chicken wings in a sealable container. Make sure all of the ingredients are mixed together well and that the wings are completely covered. Close the container and place it in the fridge for approximately four hours or overnight if you can. Preheat the barbecue to a medium heat. Melt the butter in a small saucepan and stir in the teaspoon of soy sauce with a pinch of salt and pepper. If you like your wings spicy, you can stir in some hot pepper sauce at this point. Remove the chicken wings from the container and pat them dry. Cook the wings on the preheated grill, turning occasionally, until the chicken is well browned and no longer pink. This will take around 20 to 30 minutes. Place the grilled wings in a large bowl, pour over the butter sauce, toss well and serve.

Contact Emma Pike, founder of Farmer’s Market (premium online butcher), at info@farmersmarket.com.hk, or visit www.farmersmarket.com.hk.

Contact James Carlile of Wine Brothers (online small-batch Australian wine merchant) at info@winebrothers.com.hk or visit www.winebrothers.com.hk. The Best of Lantau 19


Surf ‘n’ turf at Moofish




hen it comes to food, there are options in DB to suit all sorts of different palates. You can find cuisine from all corners of the globe, with Coyote and Koh Tomyums, Chef’s Choice, Zak’s and PizzaExpress ensuring a diversity of choices.

Photos by Baljit Gidwani - www.evoqueportraits.com and courtesy of HKR

For a family treat, why not try the weekend buffet offered by Café Bord de Mer & Lounge at Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong? Or, for an authentic Chinese dining experience, head to Peony in the Discovery Bay Recreation Club, where Peking duck is the order of the day.

aims to cater to all with its menus. “You have got to be able to have a family of five walk in and everyone is happy,” he says. “We don’t want to limit ourselves to a cuisine.” The options don’t end there, with Paisano’s, First Korean, Hemingway’s by the Bay and Solera all featuring a long list of culinary delights.

Islanders may choose to spice things up at CaliMex, which has proven a hit since opening in DB North Plaza in April 2017. Its new bar and grill concept offers customers sit-down dining in a comfortable environment, rather than the takeaway service the brand has been long renowned for.

Hearty Mexican dining at Cali



at Peo Traditional Peking duck

Cali-Mex’s chief executive Jeffrey Moss says the company prides itself on making all its food inhouse and that the response from the public has been overwhelming. “It’s been pretty unbelievable actually—we are getting some really great support from the local community.” Over in DB Plaza, DCH Food Mart Deluxe, while not a restaurant as such, offers perfect solace from the hot and humid Hong Kong weather. The coldpressed juices and range of Japanese ice lollies are specialities, and it also offers delivery services on its gourmet meats and other products. Castelo Concepts, the operator of Zak’s, Jaspa’s, Figos and MooFish, provides islanders with yet further culinary choices. Matt Wilcock, general manager of the group’s DB outlets, says Castelo

20 The Best of Lantau


Seafood platter at Café Bord de Mer & Lounge at Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong

USEFUL CONTACTS • Café Bord de Mer & Lounge, www.aubergediscoverybay.com • Cali-Mex, www.cali-mex.com • DCH Food Mart Deluxe, www.dchfoodmartdeluxe.com • MooFish, www.casteloconcepts.com/our-venues/moofish • Peony, www.dbrc.hk • PizzaExpress, www.pizzaexpress.com.hk • Zak’s, www.casteloconcepts.com/our-venues/zaks




Realtors and boat brokers Moving companies Pest control Home services Furniture and home accessories

The Best of Lantau 21



A classic home interiorMarina on Lantau. luxury Photo in DB. courtesy Photoofcourtesy Bricks & of Mortar LifestyleDesign Homes


AquaBlu Marine is a rapidly expanding, forwardthinking and customer-orientated boat and yacht brokerage. The business specialises in selling high-quality pleasure yachts and super yachts in DB and throughout Hong Kong. DB-based owner Paul Fortune, formerly a partner in two leading international shipping law firms, has more than 35 years of experience in dealing with all aspects of maritime and shipping matters, in Hong Kong and internationally, and he has unparalleled contacts throughout the shipping world. 6017 7802, oceanblu@netvigator.com.

Headland Homes & DB Homes, Discovery Bay

Established more than 27 years ago by the King family, Headland Homes specialises in residential properties in Discovery Bay. Whether you are looking to purchase or rent a home, or find an investment property, 22 The Best of Lantau

Headland Homes can expertly guide you every step of the way. Its new division, DB Homes, focuses on property management and acts as a bridge between landlords and tenants, taking care of every aspect of a landlord’s assets. 2987 2088, info@headlandhomes.hk, www.headlandhomes.hk.

HomeSolutions Real Estate, Tung Chung & South Lantau

HomeSolutions Real Estate’s experienced team hails from around the world and therefore understands the challenges of moving both domestically and internationally. The team takes pride in seamlessly guiding you through the buying, selling or leasing process. Offering real-estate services in a variety of different languages, HomeSolutions enjoys helping people in all areas of transition, from assisting with a new mortgage or helping find a new home to navigating school choices. Making you feel at home is HomeSolutions’ business. Shop 10, Mui Wo Centre, 3 Ngan Wan Road, Mui Wo, 3483 5003, property@homesolutions.hk, www.homesolutions.hk.



Lifestyle Homes, Discovery Bay

Lifestyle Homes is a Discovery Bay-based real estate company and boat broker. It is well known in the community for building longterm relationships with its clients and delivers exceptional customer service. DB Plaza, DB, 2914 0888, info@lifestylehomes.com.hk, www.lifestylehomes.com.hk.

Mandarin Yacht, Discovery Bay

With more than 60 boats sold over the last 15 years, Mandarin Yacht’s vessels offer openplan designs with more than 2,500 square feet and the option of three or four bedrooms. Simple, modern interiors are easy to maintain, ensuring a good second-hand resale value. Those looking to maximise space will love the new square back, which gives even more square feet for your money. DB Marina, DB, 9142 4343, info@mandarinyacht.com.hk, www.mandarinyacht.com.hk.

Riverwalk, Mui Wo

Sino Group’s Riverwalk comprises a variety of different units including studios, one-bedroom flats, one-bedroom duplexes and two-bedroom flats. The beautifully outfitted apartments are

available to rent and range from 204 square feet to 882 square feet. Residents enjoy easy access to Mui Wo, Silvermine Beach and South Lantau’s heritage hotspots. Amenities on offer include Stoep at High Tide, a combination of two popular restaurants previously located in Cheung Sha. Riverwalk is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet the ferry time to Central is just 35 minutes. 8207 7608, leasingcs@sino.com, www.riverwalk.com.hk.

WHITESANDS, South Lantau

WHITESANDS is a development of two-storey detached houses by Swire Properties. The 28 three- and four-bedroom houses range from 1,954 square feet to 2,598 square feet, all with private front and back gardens and spacious rooftops. Contemporarily designed and blending beautifully with the unspoiled natural landscape, WHITESANDS is easily reached from Tung Chung and connects directly to Central via a well-developed road and railway transportation network. Nearby Pui O and Cheung Sha beaches are hotspots for water sports, as well as first-class beachside dining. 2922 4888, sales@swireproperties.com, www.whitesands.com.hk. The Best of Lantau 23



The team from South Lantau’s Home Solutions

FEATURED Century 21 Newcourt Realty, Discovery Bay

With over 28 years of experience in Discovery Bay, Century 21 Newcourt Realty has a diverse portfolio of DB properties for both rent and sale. Its warm and welcoming team is there to help every step of the way. Shop 113, 1/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2987 9729, dbay@c21newcourt.com, www.c21newcourt.com.

Findley Leung, Mui Wo

Specialising in Lantau property, Findley Leung offers various home services, including interior design and renovation. It also provides a wide range of investment, property management and listing choices. Shop 2, G/F, Silver Pearl Mansion, Mui Wo, 2984 8223, www.findleyleung.com.hk.

Homes R Us, Discovery Bay

Homes R Us is a Discovery Bay-based realtor that prides itself on listening to what the client actually wants. Its aim is to help people move with as little stress as possible. The company’s strong ethical foundation, combined with a sense of unparalleled customer service, helps to ensure that each move is a great success. 9197 0235, natalie@homesrus.hk, www.homesrus.hk. 24 The Best of Lantau

OKAY.com, Discovery Bay

OKAY.com is a technology-driven real estate agency with a 100-strong team of agents dedicated to increasing transparency in the Hong Kong property industry. It provides DB residents with better access to the newest listings, information and online tools for a more efficient home search experience. 2102 0829, support@okay.com, www.okay.com.

Savills, operating in Lantau

Savills is a global real-estate services provider with a vast international network. It offers a broad range of specialist advisory, management and transactional services to local and overseas clients. A combination of sector knowledge and entrepreneurial flair gives clients access to realestate expertise of the highest calibre. 2987 1919, www.savills.com.hk.


OFFICE 3483 5003 Kelly Merrick Sharon Riley Misako Takato Kim Jomar


9331 8141 9664 4749 9757 0927 9748 2367

(S-365384) (S-415475) (S-287062) (E-352962)


Kelly Merrick

Sharon Christine Riley

Misako Takato

Kim Jomar

+852 9331 8141 property@homesolutions.hk

+852 9664 4749 sharon@homesolutions.hk

Languages: English, Japanese and Spanish

+852 9748 2367 kim@homesolutions.hk

+852 9757 0927 misako@homesolutions.hk

$2M+/ $28K-$70K

$13.9K to $26K

$13.5K - $45K




Beautiful homes built w/ space & convenience in mind. Full home is usually 4+ beds & 3+ baths including en-suite. Design typically includes 3 floors at 700 sqft each with a 700 sqft rooftop for entertaining – may have sea and/or mountain views. Many offer gardens & patio areas. Perfect for families & those who enjoy space and comfort of the village life. Most are walking distance of our beautiful beaches.

Modern and stylishly finished new 1 & 2 bedroom flats in the heart of Mui Wo. Kitchen equipped w/ induction stove top, telescopic vent hood, microwave oven, 2-in-1 washer/dryer and a refrigerator. Many have roofs and/or balconies. 24-hour security & direct phone communication w/ visitors. Very conveniently located near ferry pier, schools, shops, and restaurants. Beach and hiking trails are just minutes away.

Situated in the lovely Cheung Sha this villa complex offers quiet, secure & affordable living. Villas ranging from 350’ (Studio), 766’ (2 Beds, 2 Baths). 990’ (3 Beds, 2 Baths) & 1382’ (3 Beds, 2 Baths and office). Most villas have sea view and all have a private car park. Complex has a large swimming pool, tennis court, gym, reading room & 24-Hour Gated & Manned Security.

Photo By Robert Clark

$36.6M - $58M/ $72K - $95K

$3.2M+/ $9K+

$60K - $68K




Surrounded by lush greenery and a beautiful coastline in Cheung Sha, comes the newest development to be built in South Lantau. Whitesands comprises of 28 modern detached houses with saleable areas ranging from 1,954 sqft to 2,598 sqft. The villas have four different configurations to suit your desires and budget. Three villas provide a private swimming pool. Whitesands is a gated community with 24-hour security, a shared swimming pool, private parking, and large front & back gardens. Whitesands is a truly unique housing estate in a most desirable area.


If you are looking for convenient living in the heart of Mui Wo, a flat is perfect for you. Varying sizes in low-rise buildings from 2 to 5 residential floors. Building can be walk-up or include a lift. First Floor & Top floor can include lovely outdoor terraces and stunning sea views. Minutes from the Ferry to Central; Super Easy Commute! 10 minutes walk to beautiful Silvermine Beach.

Renovated into modern stylish Zen style, these semi detached villas feature bamboo flooring, double glazed windows, and a water recycling system for watering plants & cleaning to be environmentally friendly. Spacious living & dining area, 4 generous bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Separate kitchen with all essential appliances and ample storage. Gorgeous sea views! Washing machine on large rooftop. Covered car park and sockets for Electrical vehicle. CCTV camera, alarm and lightings for security are a few of the great features. Short walk to the beach, and restaurants.

Call us anyNovember time at20163483 5003 or Email PROPERTY@HOMESOLUTIONS.HK www.arounddb.com




MOVING COMPANIES TOP PICKS Crown Relocations, operating in Lantau

Over the past 50 years, Crown Relocations has carefully mastered the art of relocating. The respect shown for clients and their belongings is a hallmark of the company’s service. With offices in 54 countries, Crown helps clients get to know their destination prior to facilitating a move. Crown also supports local communities through its wide-ranging CSR (corporate social responsibility) programme, supporting health, education and welfare. Free, no obligation quotes are available. 2636 8399, hongkong@crownrelo.com, www.crownrelo.com.hk.

FTC Relocations, operating in Lantau

FTC Relocations is a specialist international moving company dedicated to offering its clients a first-class service at an affordable price. Its employees are professional, experienced and 26 The Best of Lantau

committed to protecting your belongings. 2814 1658, sales@ftc.hk, www.ftc.hk.

reloSMART, operating in Lantau

reloSMART offers a variety of moving services from international and domestic moves to pet relocations, vehicle and boat moves, and airconditioned storage. It is determined to meet clients’ requirements and make each move as smooth as possible. 2561 3030, enquiry@relosmart.asia, www.relosmart.asia.

FEATURED Akash Moving, operating in Lantau

Over more than 10 years, Akash Moving has built a reputation as an affordable and reliable moving service. It is a complete one-stop shop for clients’ packing, moving and storage needs. 2421 8088, info@akash.hk, www.akash.hk.

Asian Express International Movers, operating in Lantau

Asian Express International Movers is one of Hong Kong and China’s leading relocation

AquaBlu Marine Setting higher standards

s act u Cont rther u f for on our ils deta ehensive r comp tings lis

Lantau’s premier, professional & preferred boat brokers Boat/ Yacht Sales & Brokerage - Berths/ Debentures - Marine Insurance - Marine Problems/ Dispute Resolution





Finance available Contact Paul for all boat listings from $5-25Million

Paul Fortune, LLB (Hons) +852 6017 7802 Email: Oceanblu@netvigator.com

Professional - Discreet - Effective

35 years international and local experience in maritime and shipping matters and marine insurance. *No commission is charged to buyers

Covering: Discovery Bay | Gold Coast | Aberdeen | New Territories


companies. Since 1979, Asian Express has strived to provide the highest level of service to its customers, be they multinational organisations or individual families. Asian Express is part of the Harmony Relocation Network, so wherever clients are relocating, its network offices ensure a consistently highlevel service. Asian Express has been awarded the FIDI-FAIMPLUS certification, which is the highest level service award in the moving industry. 2893 1000, www.aemovers.com.hk.

SwiftRelo—the international movers—attracts clients looking for a quality move at a competitive price. Specialising in overseas relocations and storage, SwiftRelo is a member of the internationally recognised Harmony Relocation Group. 2363 4008, contact@swiftrelo.com, www.swiftrelo.com.


SwiftRelo, operating in Lantau

PEST CONTROL TOP PICK BioCycle (Hong Kong), operating in Lantau

While getting rid of pests is the main focus, BioCycle (Hong Kong) is also committed to preventing pollution and improving its environmental performance by using ecological materials and methods throughout the pest-control process. BioCycle offers both indoor and outdoor services, including rodent management, snake prevention, wasp nest removal, carpet cleaning, termite prevention, sanitising services and airconditioner cleaning. 3575 2575, info@biocycle.hk, www.biocycle.hk.

Control provides a thorough and efficient way to get rid of pests for good. 9871 0771, 9774 3554.

Truly Care, operating in Lantau

Applying only the most professional pest-killing and control methods, Truly Care is equipped to tackle pest-infested environments such as offices, warehouses, restaurants and homes. Its proven track record relies on a five-step process and a one-year contract of treatment and maintenance. 2458 8378, info@trulycare.com.hk, www.trulycare.com.hk.




Greenland Pest Control, operating in Lantau

Amity Shoes Care, Discovery Bay

Offering tailored pest-control solutions for rodents, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, termites, ants, ticks and more, Greenland Pest 28 The Best of Lantau

After 24 years at the Amity Shoes Care store off DB Plaza, Lawrence Lau now provides an oncall service to repair shoes and offer key-cutting services around DB. 5369 2329.



FEATURED Best United Engineering, operating in Lantau

Best United Engineering specialises in both commercial and residential design and installation of awnings (retractable awning systems imported from France), insect screens and rolling shutters. 2344 9028, www.bestunited.com.hk.

DRS Company, operating in Lantau

DRS Company offers interior and exterior painting and handyman services for your home. 9156 0360, drscompanyhk@gmail.com.

New Look Design, operating in Lantau

New Look Design provides design-and-build home renovations specifically catered to clients’ tastes and lifestyles. It prides itself on affordable prices, exceptional professionalism, top-quality construction and functional designs. 9783 5840, westley@newlookdesign.asia, www.newlookdesign.asia.

Nick Lambert Painter, Discovery Bay

DB-based Nick Lambert is a native Englishspeaking, UK-trained painter and decorator. Having managed his own business for over 25 years, Nick brings his experience and expertise to clients, offering a reliable and professional service. All consultations are free of charge. 6796 4317, nick_lambert16@yahoo.co.uk, www.nicklambertpainter.com.

Sonthra Handyman, Discovery Bay

Peter Sonthra, of Sonthra Handyman, repairs furniture (both in and outdoor) and is a polishing specialist. Peter provides all kinds of solid wood

work, as well as wall work, such as hanging pictures. 9674 7531, sonthrapeter@gmail.com.


EL:AR is the supplier of high-quality, ecofriendly ceiling fan products. The firm has a large selection of ceiling fans and is recognised for delivering an excellent service to its customers. 2164 7228, www.elar.com.hk.

FEATURED Ayesha Oriental Carpets, operating in Lantau

Ayesha Oriental Carpets offers cleaning and maintenance services for rugs and carpets, including washing, repair and restoration. It also sells a wide variety of Pakistani and Persian carpets in different styles and sizes. 6341 0346, khushicarpets@gmail.com.

Nomadic, Discovery Bay

Nomadic sells a tempting and diverse range of Southeast Asian-style jewellery, clothing, decorative homeware and plants. Shop 120A, 1/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2987 8460, nomadicshop@yahoo.com.hk.

rapee-LIVING, Discovery Bay

rapee-LIVING focuses on seven categories: bed linen, quilts and pillows, skincare products, home accessories, baby linen, home fragrances and illuminations. Shop 134, 1/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2987 7082, info@rapeeliving.com.hk, www.rapeeliving.com.hk. The Best of Lantau 29

We know what to expect at every step Moving can be a little bit unpredictable Quite apart from the excitement of finding a new home, the actual move can be a stressful experience.

We’ve built up a support network here in Hong Kong and ensure you start out confidently at your new home.

At Crown we know what to expect at every step and how to help you prepare for your move – whether you are on your own or with a family.

Tel: +852 2636 8399 hongkong@crownrelo.com

Special Offer HK$1,000 off your local move in Hong Kong.

Go knowing

Simply mention ‘MAKEITBETTER’ when you request your quotation. Terms and conditions apply.



Hot Property Why Lantau is proving itself to be a more cost-effective option for both residents and investors By Elizabeth Kerr

But that was then and this is now, and Hong Kong is in a very different position than it was just a few years ago. Trend-setting institutional investors have exited the residential sector in favour of more lucrative pastures in commercial and retail, and tenants are opting to decentralise. Since 2003, residential property has been the purview of end-users, who are casting a net wider than Central and its immediate vicinity, making locations such as Lantau attractive and viable options for living and investing. Lantau has a raft of purchasing pros and cons. Concentrated mainly in Tung Chung and Discovery Bay, with smaller towns in South Lantau, residential real estate’s chief pro is cost, the island’s properties offering better rental yields than Hong Kong Island.

Photo courtesy of OKAY.com


ith the exception of a few major market shocks over the last two decades, Hong Kong has seen its property market ebb, flow and bounce back robustly, making it a strong capital gains market. For investors, specifically speculators, the residential sector was once a favourite, with flats previously bought and sold at incredible gains on a single day.

A positive financial outlook According to Kelly Merrick at HomeSolutions Real Estate, village houses in South Lantau can be found for as little as HK$4,700 per square foot. That’s a considerable difference, particularly given this May’s directives from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority requiring 50% down payments on second (read: investment) mortgages, as well as a 15% stamp duty for all second homes regardless of residency status. The Best of Lantau 31

Photo courtesy of OKAY.com


The returns are positive too. “South Lantau has many properties between HK$2.5 million and HK$4 million where the return is between 4 and 6% for investors,” says Kelly. “This is quite good for the Hong Kong property market,” she explains [the typical Hong Kong yield stands at just 2 to 3%].

Convenient connections Other factors recommend Lantau as well: many of its developments are relatively new, keeping repair and renovation costs to a minimum, and a growing population has given rise to strong school networks and public amenities—a must for end-users and investors seeking tenants. “In Tung Chung, because of all the small units being built, rents are relatively lower than most parts of Hong Kong, and because there’s such a large supply I think rents will be stable,” theorises Savills’ Head of Residential Services, Edina Wong. Edina is also quick to dispel the myth that Lantau is inconvenient for commuters. “If you work on the island, a 25-minute ferry ride is actually preferred. It’s not cramped, it’s on time, and I know your life 32 The Best of Lantau

is governed by a schedule, but you will be anyway if you’re taking a train or the MTR from [farther afield]. We’re seeing quite a lot of staff in grade-A buildings in Central, who actually prefer to go to Discovery Bay.” Lantau’s other great residential destination is South Lantau, quietly making a name for itself as a more affordable alternative to DB and prime spots like Repulse Bay. “Living in Discovery Bay or South Lantau is simply a personal, lifestyle choice. [We] often have families move to South Lantau from Discovery Bay,” begins Kelly. “We have village houses, villas and luxury living available. WHITESANDS has created more choice for luxurious, larger homes for families to purchase or lease.” Kelly calls South Lantau a hidden gem for its sandy beaches, greenery, peace and family-friendly community living.

Long-term investment potential On the north side of the island, a large chunk of Hong Kong’s new supply is rising in Tung Chung (like Century Link’s second phase), and with prices already lower than Kowloon, developer incentives are tempting for buyers and investors alike. On top of that, the Tung

Chung New Town Extension (nearly 50,000 flats), the forthcoming Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge and the expansion of Citygate make Tung Chung an investment option akin to Wong Chuk Hang and Kennedy Town on the heels of their infrastructure improvement announcements. “I think the investment is in Discovery Bay. The lifestyle is attractive,” says Edina. “But on the lower end Tung Chung is attractive because they’re all newer properties.” For investors, leasing potential is crucial, however for cash buyers looking to the long term, a supply imbalance works for bigger units across Lantau. “In recent years, no one has built anything that’s over 2,000

Photo courtesy of HomeSolutions Real Estate Photo courtesy of HomeSolutions Real Estate

Photo courtesy of HomeSolutions Real Estate

Photo courtesy of OKAY.com


square feet… As people look to upgrade, they realise there’s not much on the market,” says Edina, adding that this will likely lead to a rebound in select secondhand sales. “People are not going to stay in 200 square feet for long.” Kelly agrees. Tung Chung is a good entry point and a smart investment, but its ‘Hong Kong lite’ vibe will keep buyers keyed on the rest of the island. “Once people move to Lantau, they usually comment on how they wish they would have moved out here sooner,” finishes Kelly. “We are optimistic about the long-term viability of property investment in South Lantau.” The Best of Lantau 33






things you need to know about renting in Hong Kong

Anything can be negotiated in tenancy agreements as long as both parties agree prior to signing the contract. Standard contracts in Hong Kong are for 24 months with a break clause at 12 months (plus two months’ notice), meaning the minimum lease is 14 months. If you know you are leaving in 12 months’ time, negotiate for 10 months plus two months’ notice to ensure a contract that suits your needs.


If you need to break your contract before the break period, let your real estate agent know right away. Agents can usually find a new tenant and create a new lease. In this situation, the landlord usually keeps part of the deposit for the new commission. Paying half a month’s rent is much better than losing two months’ deposit. Communication is key to creating a situation in which everyone can be happy.


Wear and tear is a somewhat subjective term and can vary depending on the years that you have occupied the home. Tenants are not required to paint the interior walls unless they have changed the colour, in which case they would need to return them to the previous colour. Most landlords understand that items will need repair and replacement over the years. It is important to address who is responsible for the repairs and 34 The Best of Lantau

By Kelly Merrick

broken items in the contract. Landlords are normally responsible for repairing items that are part of the house, but read your contract carefully—this is not always the case.


Most contracts warn against pouring grease down a sink drain or toilet. If a plumbing problem arises due to grease being poured down the drain, the repair cost can be the responsibility of the tenant. It’s a good idea to keep a glass jar under the sink to pour the grease into when cooking. Be sure to teach your family and helper, if you have one, not to use sinks and toilets for the disposal of grease, hair and other such items.


Lastly, finding an agency you can communicate well with and that you can trust is an important part of the process. Having an agent as an intermediary can take a lot of the stress out of dealing with any troublesome issues that arise. It also provides you with peace of mind, as you’ll know you always have an expert at hand should you need advice.

Contact Kelly Merrick, property agent at HomeSolutions Real Estate, at property@homesolutions.hk, or visit www.homesolutions.hk.




Animal rescue centres Pet products and services Veterinary services

The Best of Lantau 35

Photo by James Allen


DB residents and their pooches

PETS ANIMAL RESCUE CENTRES TOP PICKS Hong Kong Paws Foundation, throughout Lantau

Hong Kong Paws Foundation (PAWS) was founded and registered as a charity in 2005 by Hong Kong-born Kat Cheung. PAWS aims to help raise awareness of animal welfare issues and reduce the number of abused and neglected animals in Hong Kong. To operate, it relies 100% on donations and volunteers. PAWS holds a weekly homing day in DB Plaza every Saturday, from 3pm to 6pm, for families looking to offer either permanent or foster homes to animals in need. Kat: 9485 5188, kat@hkpaws.org, Kate: 9705 7630, kate@hkpaws.org, www.hkpaws.org.

Protection of Animals Lantau South, Mui Wo

Protection of Animals Lantau South (PALS) was formed in 1998 as a response to the dumping of unwanted kittens and puppies. The society’s voluntary efforts now span a wide range of welfare and rescue activities, however its primary concern remains the rescue and rehoming of local stray 36 The Best of Lantau

and abandoned animals. PALS is an advocate of desexing animals to prevent indiscriminate breeding and urges the community to support the practice. PALS ensures all its animals for adoption are vet checked and vaccinated, and strives to create the perfect match between pets and people. 9197 4371, jaquigreen@gmail.com, www.pals.org.hk.

FEATURED Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Mui Wo

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) cares for abandoned, sick and injured animals, rescuing and rehoming them as necessary. It provides desexing services and hospitalisation. SPCA also works with the government to improve animal welfare across Hong Kong. Mui Wo Clinic, Shop 17, 3 Ngan Wan Road, Mui Wo, 2984 0060, www.spca.org.hk.

Villa Kunterbunt Lantau, Pui O

Pui O resident Okka Scherer has a mission to rescue any unwanted or neglected animals. Having checked and improved their health, the ultimate goal is to rehome the animals. If they


cannot be homed, a sanctuary is offered, at Villa Kunterbunt, for them to live out their days. Volunteers and donations (towels, food, medical supplies and money) are greatly welcomed. Every Saturday, from 3pm to 6pm, Okka holds an adoption day in conjunction with PAWS in DB Plaza. 9544 9181, okkascherer@gmail.com, Facebook: Villa Kunterbunt Lantau.


Mypetshop offers a comprehensive menu of food and accessories for dogs, cats and fish. Full grooming services are available, and owners can choose to have their dogs washed in a unique pet washer machine with hydromassage jets and pre-heated water. Shop G09, G/F, DB North Plaza, DB, 2987 8873, mypetshop@live.hk.

Pet Planet, operating in Lantau

Pet Planet is an international pet relocation organisation serving the Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta markets. Pet Planet’s experienced team is ready to support pets and their families as early as possible, so that they can settle in at their destination swiftly and peacefully. 6655 5575, info@petplanet-hk.com, www.petplanet-hk.com.

VETERINARY SERVICES TOP PICK Tung Chung Vet Centre, Tung Chung Tung Chung Vet Centre (TCVC) covers all of your pets’ veterinary needs, from annual vaccinations and in-house blood work, to desexing surgery and dentals. Prescription diets, acupuncture, grooming and pet retail are also available. TCVC can even help with pet export services. Dr Anita, Dr Maggie and Dr Nori all graduated in Australia and have over 50 years of veterinary experience between them. Phone for an appointment. Shop Q2, Seaview Crescent Retail, 8 Tung Chung Waterfront Road,

Tung Chung, 2328 7282, Facebook: Tung Chung Vet Centre.

FEATURED Community Vet Clinic, Pui O

Community Vet Clinic is a friendly neighbourhood pet care clinic offering consultations, vaccinations, diagnostic lab tests, advanced digital radiology, dental care, surgical procedures, health certificates, transportation, pet food and ancillary services. Open from 10am to 6pm. Closed on Fridays, Sundays and some public holidays. 3486 6100, communityvethk@gmail.com, Facebook: Community Vet Clinic Ltd.

Doctors Beck & Stone, Discovery Bay

Doctors Beck & Stone is a leading international pet hospital group, supporting responsible pet ownership and providing the highest level of veterinary services. Doctors Beck & Stone also offers emergency services, hospitalisation, boarding and grooming. Pet food and toys are available. Shop G38, G/F, DB North Plaza, DB, 2788 1599, dbnorthplazareception@drbns.com, www.doctorsbeckandstone.com.

Island Veterinary Services, Discovery Bay Island Veterinary Services has been caring for Lantau pets for over 20 years, offering services such as vaccinations, general checkups, dentistry, surgery, neutering and more. The friendly vets and certified nursing staff ensure pets get the right attention and treatment. Shop G10, G/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2987 9003, 9142 9709 (after hours), dbsouthplazareception@drbns.com, www.db-vets.com.

Tung Chung Animal Clinic, Tung Chung

Tung Chung Animal Clinic provides vaccinations, dentistry, surgery, radiology, blood tests, oncology, acupuncture, house calls and airport consultations. Its team is happy to discuss preventative medicine and basic animal care. Shop 7, Ma Wan Village, Waterfront Road, Tung Chung, 2988 1534, www.tc-vets.com. The Best of Lantau 37




reasons why owning a pet is good for you By Dr Anita Tomasov



As well as improving your emotional wellbeing, owning a pet can have a positive effect on your physical health too. Research suggests that children who grow up in houses with animals are less likely to get sick or develop allergies and that pet owners generally make fewer trips to the doctor.


Pets can help you get in shape. Dog owners lead the way here, with daily walks getting people up and out, and burning those calories. Those with energetic or very active pooches have even more of an opportunity to stay trim, and many dog owners find combining their dog’s exercise with their own gives them that extra level of motivation.


Pet owners are more likely to be socially engaged than non-pet owners. Whether it’s a simple wave to other people while out walking the dog, or the opportunity to strike up a friendly conversation about your pet’s funny 38 The Best of Lantau


Pets make us happier! Did you know that spending time with your pet can help reduce stress levels, combat depression and even reduce blood pressure? Studies have shown that petting an animal actually changes the balance of chemicals in your body, reducing the level of stress hormones and increasing the level of ‘feelgood’ hormones serotonin and dopamine.

antics, animals have a unique way of bringing people together.


Pets can help your marriage! According to research, husband and wife teams who both owned animals as a child are less likely to divorce than those who didn’t. The theory is that interaction with pets helps teach children empathy and makes them better able to read body language, both of which help with relationships later in life.

Contact Dr Anita Tomasov, owner and senior veterinary surgeon at Tung Chung Vet Centre on 2328 7282, or see Tung Chung Vet Centre on Facebook.



SPORTS Fitness Team sports Tennis Water sports Martial arts Golf Sports equipment

The Best of Lantau 39


Dance class at The Beat

SPORTS FITNESS TOP PICKS Body Express, Discovery Bay

Body Express EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) training is an intense and effective total body workout with electro impulse. Only requiring one 20-minute session per week, you can expect to see a visible difference within six to eight weeks. Unit 16, 1/F, Office Block 2, DB North Plaza, DB, 2805 6993, bodyexpress.hk.

Greenwich Vinyasa, Discovery Bay

Greenwich Vinyasa specialises in yoga and kickboxing classes designed specifically for different target groups including kids, women, men and seniors. Greenwich takes pride in its no package, no joining fee system, its aim being to focus and improve clients’ overall fitness and wellbeing. The studio is led by certified Jivamukti instructor, Rosanna Chan. Unit 11, 1/F, Office Block 2, DB North Plaza, DB, 9685 40 The Best of Lantau

8366, enquiry@greenwich-vinyasa.com.hk, www.greenwich-vinyasa.com.hk.

Pause Studio, Mui Wo

Pause Studio offers a range of yoga and Pilates classes for small groups of all skill levels, with a personal level of attention. Classes are available for both adults and kids. Pause by the river for group classes and Pause by the banyan for private consultations. G/F, 8 Ngan Kwong Wan Road, Mui Wo, 9708 0187, hello@pause.hk, www.pause.hk.

The Beat Dance & Fitness Studio, Discovery Bay

The Beat Dance & Fitness Studio was founded by DB residents Ivailo Tonchev and Alyona Zarnitsyna in 2015, with the sole purpose of revealing the beauty of dance and the benefits of exercise to everyone. It is a one-stop, premium-style studio where you can learn how to dance, exercise and stretch—all benefiting a healthy lifestyle. Group and private classes are available for both children and adults. DB Plaza, DB, 5194 9630, info@thebeat.com.hk, www.thebeat.com.hk.

The HIT Room


Photo by Baljit Gidwani - www.evoqueportraits.com


The HIT Room, Discovery Bay

The HIT Room is the only independent studio in DB which links indoor and outdoor training together. It includes two purpose-built studios for group exercise classes and personal training, as well as outdoor terraces and direct access to the waterfront promenade. From Les Mills Bodypump, GRIT, Bodystep and RPM classes to TRX, Spin, CrossHIT and boxing, the studios cover all your training needs under one roof. Don’t like classes? Personal training, online programming and small group sessions are also available. Units 13 & 15, LG/F, Office Block 2, DB North Plaza, DB, 6621 7410, info@thehitroom.com.hk, www.thehitroom.com.hk.

FEATURED AEROkids, Discovery Bay

AEROkids is a sport-aerobics and fitness programme aimed at children and teenagers who love to perform through music and dance. Sport-aerobics is a fantastic way for children to improve fitness, flexibility, coordination and selfconfidence, while having fun. DB Community Hall, DB North Plaza, DB, 9154 6841, www.aerokids.hk.

Beyond the Line, Discovery Bay

Beyond the Line offers tailor-made training plans to busy executives with ambitious goals in triathlon and other endurance sports. Founded by Olivier Baillet, a former international banker who has himself qualified for the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Hawaii four times, its programmes are designed to help you optimise your time in order to perform at your best. olivier@beyondthelinecoaching.com, www.beyondthelinecoaching.com.

Claire Mas, Discovery Bay

Health coach and fitness professional Claire Mas specialises in customised health, personal fitness and nutrition programmes. An internationally accredited health coach and personal trainer, Claire helps her clients change their mindset and achieve their health and lifestyle goals through a six-month health-coaching programme. 9387 0735, claire@clairemasfitness.com, www.clairemasfitness.com.

d.BeFit, Discovery Bay

Founded in 2012 by Katia Kucher, d.BeFit offers group training, personal training and outdoor classes, including trail running and road running. The Best of Lantau 41


Unit 11, 1/F, Block 2 DB North Plaza Discovery Bay, Lantau Island (opposite Wellcome supermarket)

(+852) 9685 8366

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DB 10km Run for Charity

The focus is on endurance, agility, cardio, speed work and strength. Greenvale Village, DB, 6974 7707, dbefit@gmail.com, www.dbefit.com.

Embody, Discovery Bay

Embody is a community studio in the heart of DB that caters for bumps, kids, tweens, teens and adults. A variety of classes are available, including pre- and postnatal, yoga, Pilates and Nirvana Fitness, as well as high-intensity classes, such as Piloxing, FatBurn Extreme and Zumba. DB Plaza, DB, 6624 8712, susan@embody.hk, www.embody.hk.

KIPMOVIN, Discovery Bay

Catering to adults and children of all fitness levels, KIPMOVIN offers outdoor fitness training programmes, particularly running, in a disciplined, fun and supportive environment. DB resident Thomas Kiprotich, an elite Kenyan athlete and certified fitness trainer, founded KIPMOVIN in order to share his passion for running and fitness with others. 6180 3256, thomas@kipmovin.com, www.kipmovin.com.

Perun Fitness, Tung Chung & South Lantau

Founded by personal trainer Jamie McGregor, Perun Fitness has offered professional training sessions in Lantau since 2011. Ranging from the highly popular boot camp and circuit training to TRX and Boxercise, the outdoor classes provide a full body workout. 6443 6597, jamie@perunfitness.com, www.perunfitness.com.

Ryan Lau, Mui Wo & Cheung Sha

Ryan Lau is an energetic and knowledgeable sports medicine-fitness coach. His comprehensive training system ranges from boot camp to Crossfit and stand-up paddle boarding. Group classes or one-onone personal training sessions take place outdoors. 9228 2334, Facebook: Ryan Lau PT.

YogaUP, Discovery Bay

ChauKei Ngai, the founder and director of YogaUP, makes it her mission to bring together people of all cultures, ages, sizes and shapes with the tool of yoga. Several forms of yoga are offered in an intimate and supportive environment. Unit 2, LG/F, Office The Best of Lantau 43

Photo courtesy of www.highjumpphotography.com


DB Angels

Block 1, DB North Plaza, DB, 8197 5591, hi@yogaup.com.hk, www.YogaUP.com.hk.


and dragon boating. Its mission is to enhance character development through team sports and to develop a family environment within the community. 2516 7397, admin@dbpirates.com, www.dbpirates.com.


ESF Sports, Discovery Bay & Tung Chung

Asia Pacific Soccer Schools, Tung Chung

Asia Pacific Soccer Schools (APSS) is a soccer coaching school for girls and boys aged five and up. APSS aims to provide quality coaching in all lessons, regardless of player ability, with new students always welcome. The curriculum is designed to be fun and demanding, helping all players develop their skills and self-esteem. There is a free trial class for newcomers. Tung Chung Sports Centre, Man Tung Road, Tung Chung, 2385 9677, admin@apsoccer.hk, www.apsoccer.hk.

DB Pirates, Discovery Bay

DB Pirates is Lantau’s most successful sports club and DB’s only rugby, netball, hockey and dragon boat club. It offers senior mens’ and ladies’ rugby (19 and over), boys’ and girls’ youth rugby (U13 to U19), mini rugby (U6 to U12), senior and youth netball, mini and adult hockey, 44 The Best of Lantau

ESF Sports comprises a range of fun, exciting, challenging and structured sports programmes. Taught by experienced and qualified coaches, the aim is to instil a love of sport and activity in young people through different sports programmes and competitions. ESF Sports caters to kids aged two years (just four months for Baby & Me swim classes) and up, with advanced, competitive squads and leagues for teens. Discovery College, DB. ESF Tung Chung International Kindergarten, Tung Chung, 2711 1280, sports@esf.org.hk, www.esf.org.hk.

HK Dragons Football Club, Discovery Bay, Tung Chung & Mui Wo The HK Dragons Football Cub offers football coaching for girls and boys of all abilities from the age of three to 21, as well as football camps at various times during the year for all Lantau residents. The Dragons motivates players to try new things, develop their game skills and realise their full potential, both on and off the

We are a community-led rugby club, promoting rugby as a ‘game for all’. We coach girls and boys aged 4-13, and train youth and adult sides. Did you know…? • we are one of Hong Kong’s largest ‘mini’ rugby clubs • we train Sundays (August – April) at the YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College • rugby is not just for boys – over 40% of our players are girls • we are multi-cultural – 50% Hong Kong Chinese, 50% mixture of other nationalities • rugby is not just for kids – we offer touch rugby for youth/adults, and full contact rugby for adults

Together we … • build our physical strength and co-ordination • build our courage and self-esteem • learn to work together as team Fee: HKD600/year for coaching and training, HKD900/year includes kit. For kids, it also means playing at the Hong Kong Mini Rugby Football Union rugby festivals all over Hong Kong. For youth and adults, playing at Hong Kong Rugby Union’s Local Touch Leagues. Join us via:

Tung Chung Rugby-Club,

www.tcrc.org.hk / www.tungchungrugbyclub.org or email: tc.rugby.fc@gmail.com What are you waiting for?! Tung Chung Rugby Club Limited is a non-profit company limited by guarantee (2333568), and part of the Hong Kong Mini Rugby Football Union.

Get your family moving with


Classes for children aged 5 years and over. Adult classes for beginners to experienced. See our website for details

Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA) Like us on facebook to keep up-to-date with KIPMOVIN www.kipmovin.com Tel: +852 61803256


Sportsmanship Gymnastics has been running in DB since 2003

DB Smashers

pitch. Members have the opportunity to compete in tournaments and matches. Football birthday parties are also available. 5360 0565, acc.admin@dragons.hk, www.dragons.hk.

FEATURED DB Angels Football Club, Discovery Bay

DB’s only all-girls soccer programme, DB Angels Football Club provides a safe, fun and inclusive learning environment. Girls aged six to 14 develop their skills, teamwork and enjoyment of the game. Inexpensive, nonprofit and family-friendly, the club provides dedicated, hands-on coaching on Sunday mornings. Discovery Bay International School, DB, dbangelsfc@hotmail.com, www.dbangelsfc.hk.

DBees, Discovery Bay

DBees is a non-profit ice hockey team that offers programmes for boys and girls of all skill levels, aged five and up. Practice sessions are held at Elements Ice Rink in Kowloon on Saturdays. dbeesicehockey@gmail.com, www.dbeeshockey.com. 46 The Best of Lantau

DB Smashers Cricket Club, Discovery Bay

Coached by Hong Kong International cricketer Ankur Vasishta, DB Smashers holds weekly practice sessions helping players aged six to 14 years understand the rules, improve technique and develop a love for cricket. The club also enters teams for matches in the Hong Kong Cricket Association League. kids.dbsmashers@gmail.com, Facebook: DB Smashers Cricket Group.

DB Tigers, Discovery Bay

Founded in 2011, DB Tigers is a baseball club for boys and girls aged five to 14. Kids are taught basic skills by a professionally certified head coach. Sessions are held on Saturday afternoons. Sports Pitch, DB North Plaza, DB, info@dbtigers.com, www.dbtigers.com.

Discovery Bay Cricket Club Silverbackz, Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay Cricket Club (DBCC) Silverbackz sets a high bar when it comes to cricket, providing a structure under which all players, regardless of age or ability, can thrive. The club trains every Saturday from 4pm onwards. The senior touring team has tours coming up in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Australia. DB Recreation Club, DB, 9011 1319, dbcricketclub@outlook.com.

Photo courtesy of ESF Sports


Dream Sport Academy, Discovery Bay

Lantau Cricket Club, Tung Chung & Pui O

Hong Kong Junior Cricket Academy, Discovery Bay

Rugbytots, Discovery Bay

Dream Sport Academy (DSA) is one of the largest basketball academies in Hong Kong, providing fun, high-quality courses for the DB community. Its professional coaches teach discipline and life lessons for use both on and off the court. 3462 3271, info@dreamsports.com.hk, www.dreamsports.com.hk.

Hong Kong Junior Cricket Academy (HKJCA) trains every Saturday during term time at Discovery Bay International School. In September 2017, DB founder and Cricket Australia Level II coach Nilesh Jhaveri is introducing progressive structured coaching programmes for both boys and girls, aged three-and-a-half to 15 years. 9011 1319, jcadiscoverybay@hotmail.com, www.jcahk.com.

Kinder Kicks, Tung Chung

Kinder Kicks is a soccer-based programme for pre-schoolers (toddlers through to age five). Special equipment, such as bean bags, mini balls and skittles, is used to develop motor skills, soccer-specific skills and social skills. Tung Chung Sports Centre, Tung Chung, 2835 9677, admin@apsoccer.hk, www.kinderkicks.hk.

Lantau Cricket Club (formerly South Lantau Cricket Club) was established in 2013 and its U11 and U19 teams play at Cricket Hong Kong competitions. Training takes place on Sunday mornings (9am to 11am) at Tung Chung North Park, and on Sunday afternoons (3pm to 5pm) at Pui O Playground. lantau.cricket@gmail.com, Facebook: Lantau Cricket Club.

Rugbytots’ fun, structured play sessions take children on a journey of sporting imagination with engaging and energetic coaches supporting them every step of the way. Kids are taught how to catch, pass, kick and run with the ball, as well as to play as part of a team. 5307 6677, info@rugbytots.hk, www.rugbytots.hk.

South Lantau Buffaloes Rugby Club, Tai O South Lantau Buffaloes Rugby Club (SLB) is friendly and welcoming, with a great community atmosphere. Run by volunteers, SLB boasts qualified coaches and a team of certified first aiders. Boys and girls, aged four to 12, train on grass in Tai O on Sunday mornings. admin@SLBRFC.com, Facebook: South Lantau Buffaloes Rugby.

The Best of Lantau 47


Formed in 2012, Tung Chung Rugby Club (TCRC) has grown fast, and has a vibrant community focus. Young children play non-contact rugby, before moving on to contact in the older age groups. TCRC has an active touch-rugby side, which fields both youth and adult teams. TCRC plays at YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College, Tung Chung. tc.rugby.fc@gmail.com, www.tungchungrugbyclub.org.

Vikings Football Club, Discovery Bay

Vikings Football Club, run by English Football Association qualified coach Richard Hainsworth and a team of professional footballers, caters to children aged two to 12. Sessions, held indoors and out, are split into Mini Vikings (two to four years) and Pro Vikings (five to 12 years). Discovery College, 38 Siena Avenue, DB, 9533 2600, vikingshk@outlook.com, www.vikings.hk.


Forward Motion, Discovery Bay

Forward Motion’s team of dedicated tennis professionals provides tennis coaching services for all ages and levels, as well as developing club programmes and organising tennis events. During the holidays, Forward Motion runs popular sports camps for children. Training is held in DB at Discovery Bay Recreation Club, Club Siena and DB Marina Club. info@forwardmotionhk.com, www.forwardmotionhk.com.

Pure Tennis Academies, Discovery Bay & Tung Chung Pure Tennis Academies provides modern coaching and competitive programmes to suit players of all ages and abilities. Players have the opportunity to improve their technique and challenge themselves. DB Golf Club, DB. Coastal Skyline, Tung Chung, 9813 5111, rickycumes@icloud.com, Facebook: Pure Tennis Academies. 48 The Best of Lantau

Photo by Baljit Gidwani - www.evoqueportraits.com

Tung Chung Rugby Club, Tung Chung

Necker Cup

WATER SPORTS TOP PICKS Harry Wright International, Discovery Bay Harry Wright International has been offering a swim programme for children in the community, taught by professional swimming instructors, for almost 40 years. The programme is designed to give children the skills they need to enjoy swimming, while also providing pathways of excellence for competitive swimmers. There is an Infant Aquatics programme for children aged four months to four years, while the Learn to Swim programme is designed for children aged three and up. Classes are held at Discovery Bay International School and Club Siena. 2575 6279, swimming@harrywright.com.hk, www.harrywright.com.hk.

Splash, Discovery Bay

Splash runs free learn-to-swim programmes for under-served communities. Its 12-week, programme for foreign domestic workers runs on Sundays in multiple locations on Hong Kong Island, and most recently in Discovery Bay with the help of local residents Jenn Atepolikhine and Olivier Baillet. Splash provides an opportunity for

Photo courtesy of Splash


Swimming lessons for foreign domestic workers

individuals to develop confidence and improve wellbeing, helping them to flourish both in and out of the water. info@splashfoundation.org, www.splashfoundation.org, Facebook: Splash.

Treasure Island Group, Pui O

Treasure Island Group is now in its 21st year as a trusted leader in outdoor and adventure education, team-building and events. Its summer surf camps are the largest in the region, with over 500 kids participating. 2984 8711, inquiries@treasureislandhk.com, www.treasureislandhk.com.

FEATURED Discovery Bay Yacht Club, Discovery Bay Discovery Bay Yacht Club (DBYC) is an association of yacht owners and crew who enjoy regattas, cruises and races. DBYC prides itself on its approachability, and hosts fun and competitive events throughout the year. commodore@dbyc.net, www.dbyc.net.

Hong Kong Kiteboarding School, Shui Hau Wan

Hong Kong Kiteboarding School provides kiteboarding lessons for beginners through its Discovery programme. The course includes 50 The Best of Lantau

land practice, theory, kite setup and a water session. Lessons for all skill levels are available through group and private classes. 9288 4571, davy4291@yahoo.com.hk, Facebook: Hong Kong Kiteboarding School.

Kyama Swim School, Discovery Bay

Kyama Swim School offers training programmes for adults, from beginner stroke development to advanced training, as well as learn-to-swim courses for the helper community and development squads for Discovery College students. Kyama offers a comprehensive programme that encourages every swimmer to reach their potential. 9487 5049, kyamaswimschool@gmail.com, www.kyamaswimschool.com.

Lantau Boat Club, Discovery Bay

Lantau Boat Club (LBC) specialises in nonpowered, water-based activities, with catamarans, dinghies, canoes, dragon boats and coastal rowing boats. Its members also participate in SUP, surf-ski, windsurfing and kayaking. New members are welcome, whether experienced sailors or not. Tai Pak Wan, DB. admin@lantauboatclub.com, www.lantauboatclub.com.


TRAIL RUNS ACROSS LANTAU Lantau 2 Peaks – October 1, 2017 Lantau 2 Peaks offers two courses—a 15-kilometre, ‘half-peak’ hill climb and a 23-kilometre trail which passes over both Lantau Peak and Sunset Peak. Both races begin by climbing the Ngong Ping 360 relief trail, with the 15-kilometre course reaching a maximum elevation of 564 metres and the full course peaking at 934 metres.

The Lantau leg of the HK50 Series comprises two races—the Lantau VK (Vertical Kilometre), consisting of a 5-kilometre run starting at Tong Fuk beach and finishing 934 metres above sea level at the top of Lantau Peak, and the Lantau 50, which takes place two days later and offers 16-, 27- and 50-kilometre options.



Moontrekker – October 13, 2017

HK Stairmaster Series – Mid-December 2017 to April 2018

One of the most eagerly awaited events on the race calendar, the ninth annual Barclays Moontrekker features two trek distances—the Moonlit 30km and the Sunrise 43km—covering some of the toughest sections of the Lantau trail. The overnight races start in Mui Wo and see participants battle it out to beat the sun. www.barclaysmoontrekker.com Salomon LT 70 – October 28, 2017 Photos by Yat Lam Studio - www.facebook.com/yatlamstudio

MSIG Lantau VK – December 1, 2017 and Lantau 50 – December 3, 2017

This gruelling, 70-kilometre race, covering the entire distance of the Lantau trail, sees individuals and teams tackle varied terrain from rough, steep mountainous tracks to flat concrete footpaths. events.lantaubasecamp.com

Comprising four short yet super-tough races, the Stairmaster Series covers some of Hong Kong’s most iconic trails, with three runs taking place on Lantau. Places are limited so early registration is recommended. events.lantaubasecamp.com Inov-8 Lantau Ladies Trail Running Race – January 20, 2018 Aimed at encouraging more ladies to hit the trails in Hong Kong, the Inov-8 Lantau Ladies Running Race is back for 2018 with both a 12- and a 20-kilometre race, starting in Mui Wo. events.lantaubasecamp.com LBC Valentine’s Day Race – February 10, 2018 The popular Valentine’s race sees teams of two tackle a 13-kilometre course, starting at Nam Shan picnic area on South Lantau Road. There are three different categories: male, female and mixed teams. The race is short enough for beginners yet challenging enough for experienced trail runners, with a maximum elevation gain of approximately 850 metres. events.lantaubasecamp.com The Best of Lantau 51


Discovery Bay Golf Club

MARTIAL ARTS TOP PICK CDK Taekwondo, Discovery Bay

The largest Korean Taekwondo school in Hong Kong, CDK Taekwondo runs classes at Club Siena and DB North Plaza. Sessions are aimed at building character and confidence, and improving health and mental strength, while teaching self-defence and instilling discipline in a fun environment. Unit 12, LG/F, Office Block 2, DB North Plaza, DB, 5406 9281, cdkdbay@gmail.com, www.hongkongtaekwondo.com.

FEATURED Daruma Judo Club, Discovery Bay

Husband-and-wife team Cedric Sum, Fourth Dan, and Emily Lau, Third Dan, provide judo education for kids (aged four up) and adults at Daruma Judo Club. The focus is on learning combat skills and getting fit, while becoming considerate of others. Discovery College, 38 Siena Avenue, DB, 6244 6093, www.darumajudo.com. 52 The Best of Lantau

Hong Kong School of Capoeira, Discovery Bay, Tung Chung & Mui Wo Capoeira is a high-energy, Afro-Brazilian art form, incorporating elements of dance, music, acrobatics and self-defence. Classes for kids, aged two-and-a-half years and up, help to develop their social, physical and creative skills. Adults can keep fit and gain flexibility and strength through functional body movements and exercises. www.capoeirahk.com.

GOLF FEATURED Big Sai Wan Golf Society, Discovery Bay

Big Sai Wan Golf Society holds monthly tournaments throughout Hong Kong, as well as annual overseas tours. The club welcomes new members of all skill levels, and prides itself on having as few rules as possible. bigsaiwan@gmail.com, www.bigsaiwan.com.


Discovery Bay Residents Golf Society, Discovery Bay

Membership of Discovery Bay Residents Golf Society is open to all golfers in Hong Kong. Membership benefits include concessionary green fees at the Discovery Bay Golf Club and the Macau Golf and Country Club. dbrgssecretary@gmail.com, ybuncle@gmail.com, www.dbrgs.com.

SPORTS EQUIPMENT TOP PICK Friendly Bicycle Shop, Mui Wo

Friendly Bicycle Shop sells and repairs city, road and mountain bikes of all sizes and type. It also sells all kinds of biking accessories. G/F, Shop 5, Scenic Crest, 18A Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road, Mui Wo, friendlybicycle@netvigator.com, Facebook: Friendly Bicycle Shop.

FEATURED Lantau Base Camp, Mui Wo

Mountain Bike Shop, Tung Chung

Established in 2003, Mountain Bike Shop provides high-quality biking instruction and advice. Services include bicycle rental, cleaning, bike and component sales, upgrades and maintenance, and monthly bike parking. 2988 8511, alscnlwk@yahoo.com.hk, www.sunnybike.com.hk, Facebook: Sunny Bike Shop.

Photo courtesy of YB Rai

Find a wide range of high-quality products including kids’ and adults’ sportswear, swimwear, shoes, backpacks, gels, bars, electrolytes and powdered fuel, both online and at the retail store. Lantau Base Camp also organises weekly runs and annual trail races. 2983 8428, lantaubasecamp@gmail.com, lantaubasecamp.com/shop.

The Best of Lantau 53


NEW TRENDS IN EXERCISE Fusion fitness Mindful movements 3 1 One of the latest classes to arrive in Lantau is Nirvana Fitness, a unique blend of uplifting music, Pilates, yoga, functional movements and rhythmic breathing. The concept focuses on achieving a slower and deeper daily breathing pattern, calming the nervous system and creating the potential for regeneration, while at the same time toning, shaping and stretching the muscles. This mindful combination is ideal for combating stress, depression and insomnia, and improving overall health and wellbeing—perfect for helping you cope with Hong Kong’s fast-paced city life! Sue Oliver, Embody www.embody.hk

2 High Intensity Training (HIT)

The latest research shows that High Intensity Training (HIT) is the key is to building a super-strong, lean and athletic body. HIT sessions focus on strength, functional movement, power and usable energy—utilising heavy weights and explosive movements, while workshopping form at the same time. From Strongman/ Strongwoman, CrossHIT and boot camp sessions to Les Mills Bodypump, Bodystep, GRIT, TRX, Spin and boxing programmes, whatever sparks your interest, there’s a HIT class to match it. It’s all about challenging yourself to be the best you can. Eat clean, train mean, rest well and stay lean! Wesley Reid, The HIT Room www.thehitroom.com.hk

Much like fashion, exercise trends come and go. Hybrid workouts are hot right now, incorporating elements of multiple exercises to challenge your body. A fun and fresh way of exercising, these fusion fitness classes add much-needed variety for those wanting to stay in shape. Examples include Piloxing, a cardio class incorporating Pilates, boxing and dance to help you zap calories while boosting tone in your arms, glutes and legs, and Zumba, which mixes low-intensity and highintensity moves for an interval-style, calorieburning dance fitness party. And now hybrid workouts are set to go one step further by giving our minds a workout as well as our bodies, with classes such as NIA, which aims to tone your body while transforming your mind through dance, martial arts and mindfulness. Alyona Zarnitsyna & Ivailo Tonchev, The Beat Dance & Fitness Studio www.thebeat.com.hk

4 Electric Muscle Stimulation

Relatively new in Lantau is EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) training—a full-body workout that combines active exercise with the electrical stimulation of muscles to help reduce fat and strengthen and tone the body. The electrical pulses are delivered via a special suit containing a number of electrodes that help to work the deep skeletal muscles. One-a-week sessions last just 20 minutes, with research showing that each one is equivalent to over five-and-a-half hours of non-aided exercise. EMS can also help to relieve back pain and improve circulation. Thomas Powell, Body Express bodyexpress.hk

54 The Best of Lantau



PASTIMES Dance and gymnastics Creative classes, art and games Drama and singing Party entertainers

The Best of Lantau 55


Photo courteay of DMR School of Ballet

affiliate teacher and a former soloist of Ballet Philippines. Shop 34, Caribbean Square, Caribbean Coast, 1 Kin Tung Road, Tung Chung, 6681 4274, admin@edgenpointe.com, www.edgenpointe.com.

FEATURED Dance for Joy, Tung Chung

Dance for Joy’s programmes include kids’ pop, hip-hop, jazz, cheer squad, adult funky dance fitness, Zumba and salsa dance classes, in an engaging and fun environment. Birthday parties and corporate events are also available. Man Tung Road Sports Centre, 39 Man Tung Road, Tung Chung, 9264 8597, info@danceforjoyhk.com, www.danceforjoyhk.com.

PASTIMES DANCE AND GYMNASTICS TOP PICKS DMR School of Ballet, Discovery Bay Since as far back as 1984, DMR School of Ballet (DMR) has provided quality dance tuition in RAD ballet, ISTD tap and modern. DMR’s main studio is located in DB Plaza with daily classes also held at Discovery College. Students range from three to 18 years and a significant number have gone on to become professional dancers and teachers worldwide. Shop 112, 1/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2987 4338, info@dmr-hk.com, www.dmr-hk.com.

Edge ’n Pointe, Tung Chung

Edge ’n Pointe offers quality performing arts training through a wide array of classes from ballet (American Ballet Theatre Training Curriculum), ADAPT jazz, contemporary and musical theatre, to Latin, Barre Fit and Zumba. The faculty is composed of certified teachers who have all performed professionally in their field of expertise, headed by Verna Fajilan-Brazil, an American Ballet Theatre 56 The Best of Lantau

Future Stars Dance Academy, Discovery Bay

Future Stars Dance Academy (FSDA) offers classes in disco freestyle, modern, jazz, lyrical and contemporary styles of dance. Taught by highly qualified dance teachers, FSDA students perform in numerous shows as well as an annual ISTD dance examination session. DB North Plaza, DB, 2987 6867, melissa@futurestarsdanceacademy.com, www.futurestarsdanceschool.com.

iGym, Discovery Bay

iGym offers high-energy classes for girls and boys aged three to 17. Highly qualified coaches aim to instil a passion for the sport in their students, who regularly attend international camps. Classes are held at Discovery Bay International School and EpicLand in DB. 6077 2758, igymhk@icloud.com, www.igymhk.com.

Island Dance, Discovery Bay & Mui Wo

Island Dance is one of Hong Kong’s premier dance schools, offering various styles of dance class to children aged two to 17. Dance venues on Lantau include DB Plaza, Discovery Bay Recreation Club, Club Siena, DB, and Mui Wo Sports Centre, Mui Wo. 2987 1571, dance@islanddance.com.hk, www.islanddance.com.hk.


La Sylphide School of Ballet, Tung Chung & Mui Wo

La Sylphide offers outstanding RAD ballet classes to students aged three to seven. Classes are held at Caribbean Coast Clubhouse, Tung Chung, and Kind Hing Trinity International Kindergarten, Mui Wo. 2109 9886 (Mui Wo bookings), lasylphideschoolofballet@gmail.com, Facebook: La Sylphide School of Ballet.

Russian Ballet School, Discovery Bay

Russian Ballet School is a premium provider of high-quality ballet in Hong Kong. Founded in 2012, the school follows the Vaganova system of ballet, regarded by many as the highest quality in the world. Classes are available for children aged three and over and adults. 2570 2006, rbsindb@gmail.com, www.russianballetschool-hk.com.

Winky’s Workshop, Mui Wo

Winky’s Wokshop offers ballet and jazz classes. Its dance curriculum entitles students to join RAD ballet examinations and the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) jazz examinations. Opportunities of open-stage performances and competitions are organised periodically to help students build self-confidence. 9324 3754, chan_wai_ki@hotmail.com, Facebook: WorKshop 創作室.

FEATURED Chameleon Workshop, Discovery Bay

Established in 2002 by DB-based artist Eleanor McColl, Chameleon Workshop provides artist-inresidence programmes. The Chameleon team offers unique creative experiences for art lovers aged eight years and up, whether it’s an artist talk with demonstrations, year-level specific courses, or whole school projects. el@chameleonworkshop.com, www.eleanormccoll.com.

CodingKids, Discovery Bay Offering classes for kids aged five to 16, CodingKids blends online, self-guided and selfpaced tutorials with unplugged activities that require no computer at all. Although the majority of exploration is done on iPads and computers, coding principles are applied to fun, real-life situations. Parkridge Village, DB, 6274 1167, twayburne@codingkidshk.com, www.codingkidshk.com.

CREATIVE CLASSES, ART AND GAMES TOP PICK Ark Eden presents Lantau as a living, worldclass environmental wonder within Asia, and suggests how its natural assets can be used to benefit education, local communities, Hong Kong residents and overseas visitors. Through a series of integrated permaculture workshops, field trips and camps, every participant is led towards a better understanding of his/ her role in conservation, preservation and sustainability. 2984 8514, arkeden@gmail.com, www.arkedenonlantau.com.

Photo courtesy of Faust International

Ark Eden, Mui Wo

The Best of Lantau 57


Creative Coding HK, Discovery Bay & Tung Chung

Creative Coding HK offers computer science courses and camps for kids aged five to 15 covering science, maths, art, robotics and technology. Classes include Creative Coding with mBOT, a STEAM-based programme to encourage kids to develop a maker mindset, Let’s JAVA with Minecraft, and App Lab with JavaScript—perfect for kids ready for more complex design thinking and programming. 2707 6578, 9469 8225, nora@creativecoding.hk, www.creativecoding.hk.

Winky’s Workshop, Mui Wo

The visual arts programmes offered by Winky’s Workshop include creative arts and crafts, experimental drawing, sketching, and acrylic painting. Different topics are assigned to each lesson to give students the chance to explore the visual language of art and to achieve the balance of creativity and technique. 9324 3754, chan_wai_ki@hotmail.com, Facebook: WorKshop 創作室.

DRAMA AND SINGING TOP PICKS Faust International, Discovery Bay

of the performing arts, helping them to grow in confidence. All courses require dedication and hard work, but are exceptionally rewarding. Classes take place on Friday evenings. DB North Plaza, DB, 6894 7243, emma.performersstudio@yahoo.com, www.theperformersstudio.com.

FEATURED Acting Antics, Discovery Bay

At Acting Antics, children aged four to 12 can develop acting, singing, dancing, presentation and performance skills by attending classes on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Students take part in two fully costumed performances per year. Discovery College, 38 Siena Avenue, DB, admin@actingantics.com, www.ctchk.actingantics.com.

DB Glee, Discovery Bay

DB Glee offers a fun and engaging way for adults to embrace music, have a laugh and de-stress. Members are not required to audition or read music. jetshk@rocketmail.com.


Faust International has specialised in teaching drama and theatre classes for more than 18 years. Students have the opportunity to learn an array of drama techniques through a range of different workshops. Every term a particular theme is explored, for instance improvisation, puppetry or script-work. Students also have performance opportunities throughout the year, from workshop open sessions to the annual Faust Festival. Saturday workshops in DB are for kids aged four to 16. Discovery Bay International School, DB, 2547 9114, info@FaustWorld.com, www.FaustWorld.com.


The Performers Studio, Discovery Bay

The sought-after children’s entertainers at Rumple and Friends perform at over 500 parties and events each year. Professionally trained actors, from the US and UK, provide premium party entertainment at affordable prices. 9830 8287, info@rumpleandfriends.com, www.rumpleandfriends.com.

The Performers Studio is a professional youth theatre company offering high quality and exciting performance opportunities for young people from seven years upwards. Its workshops are taught by industry experts and challenge students to develop skills in all three disciplines 58 The Best of Lantau

M.O.P.S Amsterdam, operating in Lantau M.O.P.S Amsterdam provides face painting services for birthday parties and events, as well as glitz and glam make-up parties for teens and tweens. Its team of professionals will travel to your event and uses only the safest paints and make-up. 5910 1107, mopsamsterdam@gmail.com, www.mopsamsterdam.com.

Rumple and Friends, operating in Lantau


Playgroups Kindergartens Primary schools Secondary schools Schools serving the Lantau community without premises on Lantau


Tutoring and languages

EDUCATION The Best of Lantau 59

Photo courtesy of Discovery Mind Kindergarten


EDUCATION PLAYGROUPS TOP PICKS Discovery Mind International Play Centre, Discovery Bay & Tung Chung Discovery Mind International Play Centre offers a Tworiffics course for children aged 15 months to two years. It provides young children with a gentle introduction to preschool life, accompanied by a familiar adult. The playgroup class, for pupils aged two to three years, teaches children of all different backgrounds and languages to accommodate and accept each other in a harmonious learning environment. G/F, 2-8 Coastline Villa, DB, 2987 8088, pc@discoverymind.edu.hk. G/F, Seaview Crescent, 8 Waterfront Road, Tung Chung, 2987 8070, dmtc@discoverymind.edu.hk, www.discoverymind.edu.hk.

Early Adventures Playgroup, Discovery Bay Early Adventures Playgroup offers a warm and caring environment for children aged 60 The Best of Lantau

20 months to four years. Children are given the opportunity to participate in exciting and interesting activities to ensure they achieve their full potential. Greenvale Village, DB, 9511 2107, sarah@earlyadventures.net, www.earlyadventures.net.

KiDZNJOY, Discovery Bay & Tung Chung

KiDZNJOY specialises in English-language playgroups for early childhood, offering classes for kids aged approximately nine months to three years. With its unique ‘Play and Learn’ methodology, KiDZNJOY is known for its original and rich content, and fun classes that target the development needs of young children. Through a variety of stimulating activities, children learn all the basics. Classes include singing and dancing, arts and crafts, circle-time, 3D storytelling, sensory trays and much more. EpicLand, DB North Plaza, DB. Seaview Crescent and Coastal Skyline clubhouses, Tung Chung, 6273 7347, info@kidznjoy.com, Facebook: Kidznjoy Playgroups Hong Kong.

Photo courtesy of ESF Language


Woodentots, Discovery Bay

Providing the full, child-centered Montessori experience, Woodentots, run by Natalie Regazzoni, offers a caring and nurturing environment where children grow and learn through self-discipline and self-discovery. It offers a wide range of activities to keep children productive and entertained. For children aged two to six years. DB Plaza, DB, 6108 9131, woodentotsdb@gmail.com, Facebook: Woodentots DB.

every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Club Siena, DB, 6302 6327, funfitdb@gmail.com, Facebook: Funfit (Hong Kong).

Little Buddies, Tung Chung


Little Buddies encourages little ones to explore and discover sensory, dramatic and creative play. Each session is filled with music, art, dance and social play, and is run by an experienced teacher. Little Buddies lays the foundation for English-language skills, while building friendships in a fun environment. 5107 7447, littlebuddiestungchung@gmail.com, Facebook: Little Buddies Playgroup.

Bayview House of Children, Discovery Bay

Little Explorers, Discovery Bay

Bayview House of Children offers classes for children aged 18 months to six years. It provides a rich learning environment appropriate to children’s needs at each stage of their development. Units 5 and 6, LG/F, Office Block 2, DB North Plaza, DB, 6114 2436, ramesha@bayview.hk, www.bayview.hk.

Funfit, Discovery Bay

Funfit offers an active learning programme and accompanied toddler playgroup with lots of physical, sensory, imaginative and educational play opportunities to stimulate and delight little ones. The focus is on building confidence, friendships and lasting memories, and having fun. Classes range from 45 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes

Little Explorers is an established playgroup that provides a caring and stimulating learning environment. The emphasis is on learning through play and having loads of fun. It caters for children aged 18 months and up. 9327 0507.

Tree of Joy, Discovery Bay

Tree of Joy is an extension of the family experience where children play and learn in a fun, engaging and supportive setting. Run by a qualified and experienced Early Years teacher, programmes include a nursery class, parenttoddler class, afternoon camp and cooking class. Peninsula Village, DB, 9787 2755, info@treeofjoydb.com, www.treeofjoydb.com. The Best of Lantau 61

Discovery Mind founded in 1996, we provide children from ages 15 months to 11 years old with exciting learning experience.

Outstanding Pastoral Care

Discovery Mind is committed to the development of the whole child and provides a safe and secure environment where each individual is nurtured, supported and their happiness and confidence are of paramount importance.

International & Putonghua Curriculum

The Discovery Mind Curriculum provides a strong academic education. Based on the framework of the National Curriculum for England and Putonghua Curriculum.

Learning for Life

Careful attention is given to equip children with the essential skills they will need to

lead successful lives. By recognizing the importance of different learning styles and talents, Discovery Mind nurtures all aspects of children’s growth including their intellectual, social, creative, moral and physical development.


We involve parents every step of the way in their child’s educational journey and encourage participation and dialogue to establish an effective partnership between school, home and the community.

Celebrating Difference

We ensure that each child progresses through a program of personalised learning which includes intervention strategies, support programs and academic extension as necessary.

Discovery Mind International Play Centre, Kindergarten and Primary School will be hosting Open Days on Saturday 21 October 2017 & 13 January 2018 at our Discovery Bay & Tung Chung campuses.


Discovery Mind International Play Centre and Kindergarten Discovery Bay T 2987 8088 Tung Chung T 2987 8070 Discovery Mind Primary School Discovery Bay T 2914 2202 Tung Chung T 2915 0666


Photo courtesy of ESF Language


KINDERGARTENS TOP PICKS Discovery Bay International School, Discovery Bay

The Early Years section is the starting point for the Discovery Bay International School (DBIS) approach to learning, providing an open and warm environment for children aged three to five. DBIS Early Years currently has five nursery classes and five reception classes. Each class comprises 20 students, one teacher and one full-time education assistant. The facilities are spacious and welcoming, and include purposebuilt classrooms, an engaging outdoor play area and indoor reception room, a library, music room and computer suite. Discovery Bay Road, DB, 2914 2142, dbis@dbis.edu.hk, www.dbis.edu.hk.

Discovery Mind Kindergarten, Discovery Bay & Tung Chung Discovery Mind Kindergarten (DMK) has been providing children with an international education for 20 years. It offers both an international curriculum and a bilingual curriculum, through classes for children aged two years eight months to five years. Kindergarten students have priority going forward to Discovery Mind Primary School. G/F, 2-8 Coastline Villa, DB, 2987 8088, dmk@discoverymind.edu.hk. G/F, Seaview

Crescent, 8 Waterfront Road, Tung Chung, 2987 8070, dmtc@discoverymind.edu.hk, www.discoverymind.edu.hk.

Kind Hing Trinity International Kindergarten & Nursery, Mui Wo

Kind Hing Trinity International Kindergarten & Nursery follows the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage and integrates Cantonese into the curriculum, as well as daily Putonghua. Children are encouraged to express themselves through the performing arts. G/F, Sea Crest Terrace, 19 Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road, Mui Wo, 2109 9886, info@kht.edu.hk, www.kht.edu.hk.

FEATURED ESF Tung Chung International Kindergarten, Tung Chung

ESF Tung Chung International Kindergarten offers an English language (and Chinese as an additional language) education for children aged three to five years. Students learn in a highly interactive, play-based learning environment. 1/F, Commercial Accommodation, The Visionary, 1 Ying Hong Street, Tung Chung, 3742 3500, kinder@tc.esf.org.hk, www.esf.edu.hk. The Best of Lantau 63








Programmes offered at ESF Tung Chung International Kindergarten • English Playgroup (6-36 months)


(choose from 3, 2, or 1 day(s) a week)


• Kindergarten English (K1-K2) • Kindergarten Drama (ages 4-5) • Holiday Camps



Venues Across Hong Kong | Supports Local & International Curricula

ESF Language



EpicLand, Discovery Bay Seaview Crescent, Tung Chung Coastal Skyline, Tung Chung

Visit: www.kidznjoy.com Email: info@kidznjoy.com Tel: 62737347

Kidznjoy Playgroups Hong Kong


Tel: 2711 1280



THE SCHOOL ENTRANCE www.pexels.com

CODE Your guide to primary school interviews in Hong Kong


By Anne Murphy

he international school admissions process varies greatly from one establishment to another. There is, however, one critical requirement that is nearly universal—the interview. A major concern for a lot of parents, entrance interviews can be quite daunting for children as they find themselves in an unfamiliar environment, being asked to talk to ‘strangers’. The good news is that teachers have a wide range of techniques to help children get through the process. But what exactly do school interviews involve and how can you help your child prepare? Some primary schools only conduct one interview, while others (highly selective schools) choose a number of students from the first round and invite them back for a smaller one-to-one or group interview. These interviews normally take place between November and March. Some highly selective schools narrow down the pool of applicants and have a second round that is more likely to involve an individual interview with each child or an interview with a small group of children. Standard questions for primary interviews focus on aspects of the child’s everyday life. They may be asked to speak about their family (first names, birthdays and ages), where they live (including specifics of their address), the fun things they like to do or the last book they read.

During the interviews, children are evaluated on their ability to work alone and to complete an activity with minimal guidance. They are also assessed on how they interact with other children. English communication skills and vocabulary awareness play a big part too, with teachers looking to see if they can hold a conversation using extended sentences (four years old and above). As part of group activities, students may be asked to complete puzzles, write their names, colour or describe a picture, draw shapes, and identify colours or numbers. Some schools like to include story time, during which the teacher will ask questions to examine who is concentrating and who can completely understand what is happening. Some kids will be quiet, while some will be jumping up and down with their hands up, trying to get the first word in. Other kids will shout out an answer that they hear from another child. You can never predict what your child will do on the day. Overall, the teachers are looking to form a picture of your child’s gross motor skills (physical abilities such as running, walking and catching), fine motor skills (pencil grip, writing, cutting etc.), numeracy (recognising numbers up to 20/ 30, counting forwards and backwards or identifying the number of sides on a shape) and their social and emotional development (whether they can separate from their parents easily, whether they share and take turns, how well they follow instructions and so on). The Best of Lantau 65


Preparing for interview Don’t try teaching your child new skills in the run up to the big day. The last few weeks prior to an interview should be a time of revision, not a period of learning. Make learning a fun part of your daily routine instead. Point out the colour of your clothing; count the number of steps you climb; sound words out phonetically. More important than knowledge, however, is confidence. If your child comes across as confident and mature, he/ she is likely to be noticed. Encourage your child to speak to people in everyday situations, arrange playdates and sign him/ her up for group classes. Crucially, make sure that he/ she is familiar with the school. On the morning of the interview, ensure that your child isn’t sick, hungry, tired or needing the toilet. Arrive 10 to 15 minutes early and dress appropriately. Talk to

your child about what will happen when the teacher calls him/ her into the room and explain that you will be waiting outside the door. You may even choose to mention a treat for after the interview. Remind your child to be polite and well-mannered at all times, then give a reassuring hug and smile before entering the classroom. Remember that no matter how much prep you have done you cannot anticipate your child’s behaviour during a school interview or assume that he/ she will respond in the same way you have observed in the past. Whatever happens, just stay calm and go with the flow.

Contact Anne Murphy, director of ITS Education Asia (School Advisory Services) at anne.m@itseducation.asia, or visit www.itseducation.asia.

Discovery College IB World School educating students in Years 1-13

Discovery College provides an environment that fosters a passion for learning, enabling all students to Grow. Discover. Dream. Our teachers and staff, recruited from among the world’s best, provide a well-rounded and high-quality education. Discovery College graduates go on to attend top universities all over the world.

Discovery College 38 Siena Avenue, Discovery Bay Lantau Island, Hong Kong +852 3969 1000 office@dc.edu.hk www.discovery.edu.hk

Established by the English Schools Foundation (ESF), we welcome applications from students across Hong Kong. Scholarships are available for exceptional Secondary students.

DC-Best-of-Lantau-2016.indd 1

27/04/2016 03:35

Photo courtesy of Discovery Mind Kindergarten


Greenfield English (International) Kindergarten, Tung Chung

Kong. Children follow a French, a bilingual French-English, or an international FrenchEnglish-Mandarin curriculum. La Petite Enfance Kindergarten is an IB candidate school. Units 5 & 6, LG/F, Office Block One, DB North Plaza, DB, 8191 0813, 6071 3136, info@ecole-discovery.com, www.ecole-discovery.com.

Greenfield English (International) Kindergarten, established in 1994, sees children explore a world of fun, knowledge and challenges. English and Chinese are taught simultaneously. Podium, 1/F, Caribbean Bazaar, Caribbean Coast, 1 Kin Tung Road, Tung Chung, 2162 5538, www.greenfield.edu.hk.


Lantau International School, Cheung Sha


Established in 1995, Lantau International School (LIS) offers two reception classes, with a choice of full- or half-day classes. The school follows the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage with Mandarin taught as a second language. Situated in low-rise buildings in beautiful Cheung Sha, LIS is truly an international kindergarten made up of children and teachers from all over the world. 22 Upper Cheung Sha Village, 2984 0302, lisadmin@lis.edu.hk, www.lis.edu.hk.

La Petite Enfance Kindergarten, Discovery Bay

La Petite Enfance is a French kindergarten registered with the Education Bureau of Hong

Discovery Bay International School, Discovery Bay

The experience for primary school students at Discovery Bay International School (DBIS) is characterised by a highly personalised learning environment, small class sizes, creative approaches to teaching and learning, and a broad range of extracurricular activities. DBIS was established in 1983 with an initial cohort of three students and three staff. The school now comprises over 40 different nationalities, 1,080 students and 160 staff across two well-resourced campuses. It offers a broad international curriculum with British characteristics. Discovery Bay Road, DB, 2987 7331, dbis@dbis.edu.hk, www.dbis.edu.hk. The Best of Lantau 67


Bui O Public School

Bui O Public School

Discovery College, Discovery Bay

Discovery College (DC) is a private independent school run by ESF that has been educating students since 2008. For students aged three to 12, the international, transdisciplinary IB Primary Years Programme focuses on the development of the child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and in the world outside. DC is known for its award-winning state-of-the-art design, exceptional performing arts centre, gymnasium spaces, heated swimming pool, library, science labs and more. 38 Siena Avenue, DB, 3969 1000, office@dc.edu.hk, www.discovery.edu.hk.

Hong Kong International Learning Academy, Discovery Bay

Hong Kong International Learning Academy (HKILA) prides itself on being the only education centre in Hong Kong where children are taught alongside one another, regardless of background, level of achievement, language and/ or ability. Unit 8, G/F, Office Block 1, DB North Plaza, DB, 2416 3088, hkilacademy@gmail.com, www.studyhkila.com.

FEATURED Bui O Public School, Pui O

Bui O Public School offers a free, Chinese education. Adjustments are made to teaching materials and assessment procedures to meet the needs of non-native speakers. 2 Lo Uk Village, Pui O, 2984 1189, buioschool@hotmail.com, www.buiosch.edu.hk.

Discovery Mind Primary School, Discovery Bay & Tung Chung

Discovery Mind Primary School (DMPS) integrates a British and international curriculum with a comprehensive Putonghua programme. The DB campus serves Years 2 to 4, and the Tung Chung campus covers Years 2 to 6. Shop 102, 1/F, DB North Plaza, DB, 2914 2202, primary@discoverymind.edu.hk. G/F, Shop A-D, Seaview Crescent, 8 Waterfront Road, Tung Chung, 2915 0666, primary_tc@discoverymind.edu.hk, www.discoverymind.edu.hk. The Best of Lantau 69


SKH Wei Lun Primary School, Discovery Bay

Photo courtesy of Discovery Bay International School

SKH Wei Lun Primary School is a Chinesemedium school with approximately 500 students, teaching a local curriculum. Through diversified activities, children develop their potential and talents. As a Christian school, it hopes to nurture the children to grow up and live a life that will glorify God. Discovery Bay Road, DB, 2987 8608, skhweilun@skhweilun.edu.hk, www.skhweilun.edu.hk.

SECONDARY TOP PICKS Discovery Bay International School, Discovery Bay

Lantau International School, Tong Fuk & Pui O

Lantau International School (LIS) offers classes from reception, with a choice of full- or half-day classes. It provides a unique international primary education, following the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage and Primary Curriculum, with Mandarin taught as a second language. Situated in low-rise buildings in beautiful Lantau, LIS is made up of children and teachers from all over the world. 113 Tong Fuk Village, 2980 3676. 17 - 19 Lo Wai Tsuen, Pui O, 2984 0302, lisadmin@lis.edu.hk, www.lis.edu.hk.

Mui Wo School, Mui Wo

Mui Wo School is a friendly, local primary school with around 150 students. Subjects are taught in Cantonese, following the Hong Kong Curriculum. Putonghua and English classes are also offered. Tai Tei Tong, Silvermine Bay, Mui Wo, 2984 8461, mws@mws.edu.hk, www.mws.edu.hk. 70 The Best of Lantau

Discovery Bay International School (DBIS) secondary school’s distinction lies in the emphasis placed upon small class sizes, a personalised approach to student learning and the pursuit of creativity and innovation. DBIS provides a broad and balanced curriculum, based on the English National Curriculum and tailored to meet the needs of international students based in Hong Kong. Key facilities include a multipurpose sports pitch, an auditorium, a library and a 25-metre swimming pool. In August 2017, DBIS became a full through school with the launch of its new AS/ A Level programme for Years 12 and 13. Discovery Bay Road, DB, 2987 7331, dbis@dbis.edu.hk, www.dbis.edu.hk.

Discovery College, Discovery Bay

Catering to Years 1 to 13, Discovery College offers the IB Middle Years Programme and IB Diploma Programme for secondary students in Years 7 to 13. Part of the English Schools Foundation (ESF), Discovery College has no catchment area in its admission policy, meaning students from all over Hong Kong can apply there to study. Scholarships are available for exceptional students. 38 Siena Avenue, DB, 3969 1000, office@dc.edu.hk, www.discovery.edu.hk.


Embracing Integrated Subject Learning


Photos courtesy of Yew Chung International School

he Year 7 Integrated Curriculum is the beginning of the new Middle School programme at Yew Chung International School (YCIS), reinforcing the school’s vision of a vibrant learning community of self-directed, globally minded and enthusiastic life-long learners. Students at YCIS are engaged in authentic educational experiences that develop and nurture them as they develop into young adults.

YCIS uses flexible teaching methods to ensure that the needs of all students are met, whatever their learning style, helping them to develop life-long skills so that they graduate as global citizens. Each year, the integrated programme will be introduced to the next year level and will eventually run from Year 7 through to Upper School. At each stage, teachers will concentrate on nurturing this approach in order to help students connect with their peers, their classroom area, their teachers and the school as a whole. The new curriculum combines the traditional classroom, where teachers are the subject experts, with the ‘integrated programme’, where students approach the topics with a skills-based emphasis as they gain expertise. The new learning areas will be used in many different ways so that students benefit from the flexibility of their new learning space. The current high standards of YCIS will be maintained as students gain the necessary skills to outwardly communicate the knowledge they are inwardly gaining. 72 The Best of Lantau

Collaborative learning spaces YCIS is the first school to bring the concept of learning communities from USA company Fielding Nair International (FNI) to Hong Kong. Year 7 and 8 students and their teachers are already enjoying the benefits of this concept and have made the transition towards deeper, more integrated subject learning. Now the other parts of the YCIS Secondary campus are transforming as well, in order to facilitate flexible and collaborative learning communities.


the river’s viewpoint. Students could choose to work in small groups or pairs to plan and present a unique piece of creative written work.

A ‘non-classroom’ environment Students and year group teachers are now able to use the open-air podium space, which offers a ‘non-classroom’ environment, intended to inspire. Their various subject teachers collectively plan and execute the sessions, mixing and overseeing the students’ work. The flexible learning spaces have been specifically designed to facilitate observational, information-based, project-based, spontaneous, peer and individual learning. With a range of seating and gathering options, students are able to select the optimum set-up for their own personal learning needs. Secondary teacher Mr Sharma has found the new arrangements to work exceptionally well, saying, “In just a short time, we have already seen advanced student collaboration and positive responses.”

How subjects are combined For selected periods of the timetable the whole Year 7 group and all relevant teachers can unite and link subjects. For example, students exploring why and how people write autobiographies in an English lesson were able to link their research to a major river in Asia—the Yangtze. Looking at the river’s birth point, its trickle to gain momentum and the landmarks along its journey towards the sea became a fascinating ‘life journey’—an autobiography from

The designs have been developed over several months, with input and guidance from academic leaders and specialists, and the project is set to significantly enhance the YCIS learning spaces and bring them up to speed with the school’s progressive international curriculum.

For more information on YCIS’s progressive new approach to learning, call 2338 7106, email admissions@ycef.com, or visit www.ycis-hk.com. The Best of Lantau 73


Kellett School

YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College, Tung Chung

YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College (YHKCC) has over 70% international students from approximately 40 countries worldwide and provides a caring, dynamic and student-centred learning environment. The school offers both the Hong Kong Curriculum (HKDSE) and UK Curriculum (IGCSE and GCE A Levels). The focus is on giving students a quality education based on Christian beliefs and values, and ensuring a joyful and stimulating setting to enable students to become confident and responsible citizens. A strong home-school partnership is encouraged. 2 Chung Yat Street, Tung Chung, 2988 8123, www.yhkcc.edu.hk.

FEATURED Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College, Tai O Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College offers both full English Medium of Instruction (EMI) and Chinese Medium of Instruction (CMI) streams. 74 The Best of Lantau

The school follows the local New Senior Syllabus leading to the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education. 99 Tai O Road, Tai O, 2985 5365, info@eclass.bfhmc.edu.hk, www.bfhmc.edu.hk.


Kellett School, the British International School in Hong Kong, provides an outstanding education to students aged four to 18. With a reputation as one of Hong Kong’s leading independent international schools, students learn with growing independence in a challenging and stimulating environment. Kellett School reflects the best of British education and follows a modified English National Curriculum, including IGCSEs and


FEATURED Australian International School Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong

Australian International School Hong Kong (AISHK) is co-educational, enrolling students from Reception through to Year 12. AISHK follows the Australian National Curriculum, with adaptations to accommodate Hong Kong’s international setting. As part of its dedication to offering broad yet tailored academic choices, senior students can undertake either the New South Wales Higher School Certificate or the IB Diploma. 3A Norfolk Road, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, 2304 6078, info@aishk.edu.hk, admissions@aishk.edu.hk, www.aishk.edu.hk.

Yew Chung International School

A Levels. Pokfulam Preparatory, 2 Wah Lok Path, Pokfulam, 3120 0700. Kowloon Bay Preparatory and Senior, 7 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay, 3120 0700, www.kellettschool.com.

Yew Chung International School, Kowloon Tong

Yew Chung International School (YCIS) enrols students aged six months to 18 years. The YCIS programmes aim to ensure that all students are given opportunities to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible global citizens. The YCIS international curriculum is based on the framework of the English National Curriculum (Years 1 to 9), IGCSEs (Years 10 to 11) and the IB Diploma Programme (Years 12 to 13). Information sessions and private tours are offered for prospective parents. Early Childhood Education, 3 Somerset Road, Kowloon Tong. Primary section, 2 Kent Road, Kowloon Tong. Secondary Section, 3 To Fuk Road, Kowloon Tong. 2338 7106, admissions@ycef.com, www.ycis-hk.com.

Canadian International School of Hong Kong, Aberdeen

Considered one of the leading schools in South East Asia, the Canadian International School of Hong Kong enrols pupils from Pre Reception to Year 12. The school offers the IB Diploma, Middle Years and Primary Years programmes, as well as the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. 36 Nam Long Shan Road, Aberdeen, 2525 7088, schoolinfo@cdnis.edu.hk, www.cdnis.edu.hk.

Harrow International School Hong Kong, Tuen Mun

Harrow International School Hong Kong is the first international boarding and day school in Hong Kong. Located in a magnificent crescentshaped building with specialist facilities near the Gold Coast, it now has a combined roll of approximately 1,200 pupils aged three to 18 years. 38 Tsing Ying Road, Tuen Mun, 2824 9099, info@harrowschool.hk, www.harrowschool.hk.

Island School, Mid-Levels

Island School is the founding school of the English Schools Foundation (ESF), with a roll of approximately 1,200 students aged 11 to 18. Students take IGCSEs and then move on to either the IB Diploma Programme or BTEC in Years 12 and 13. 20 Borrett Road, Mid-Levels, 2524 7135, school@online.island.edu.hk, www.island.edu.hk. The Best of Lantau 75


King George V School is ambitious in developing its fine traditions of high achievement and creativity in an engaging, enjoyable and sustainable learning environment. The 1,800 students, through Years 7 to 13, enjoy a diverse and exciting curriculum, studying for IGCSEs through the Middle Years Programme and then going on to either the IB Diploma Programme or BTEC. 2 Tin Kwong Road, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon, 2711 3029, www.kgv.edu.hk.

TUTORING AND LANGUAGES TOP PICK The Story Studio, Discovery Bay, Tung Chung & Mui Wo

The Story Studio runs workshops for kids who love writing stories, and mums and dads who’d like their kids to practise and improve their writing, while exploring their own, unique creativity. Each weekly, 90-minute workshop looks at both the creative and technical side of writing, using a wide range of genres and forms. Students range from seven to 13 years and have English as their first or joint-first language. 6341 3989, thestorystudiohk@yahoo.com, www.thestorystudiohk.com, Facebook: The Story Studio.

FEATURED Eye Level, Discovery Bay

Eye Level makes learning mathematics fun for children who bore easily in a traditional rote learning environment. Kids love the special Critical Thinking Math programme, designed to train multiple areas of intelligence. Eye Level has been operating in DB for over 11 years. Unit 1, G/F, Office Block 2, DB North Plaza, DB, 9366 0000, hi@hicentre.biz, www.myeyelevel.com.

Mandarin for Munchkins, Discovery Bay

Yifan Mandarin offers Mandarin lessons to children aged 12 months and up and adults, using an interactive teaching approach. Unit 1, LG/F, Office Block 1, DB North Plaza, DB,

2480 3909, admin@yifan-mandarin.com.hk, www.mandarinformunchkins.com.

Mathnasium, Discovery Bay

Mathnasium, new in DB for 2017, teaches maths in a way that makes sense. Children’s success is the Mathnasium instructors’ first priority, and they delight in seeing their students’ excitement towards the subject grow as they improve their skills and gain a greater understanding of the subject. Shop 105B, DB North Plaza, DB, 2628 3362, discoverybay@mathnasium.com.

Wise Choice Education, Tung Chung

Wise Choice Education’s aim is to help you speak to the world! Specialising in Englishlanguage training for all ages, the experienced instructors teach a range of Englishlanguage skills, from phonics to business English and more. 3957 0082, 9064 1842, wisechoiceedultd@gmail.com, www.wisechoiceeducation.info.

Zhizhi Chinese Education, Discovery Bay Discovery Bay’s own Chinese language Institute, the courses at Zhizhi Chinese Education are RICE: Relevant, Interesting, Challenging and Engaging. The founder, Debbie Tai is an experienced, enthusiastic and focused Chinese educational leader who is passionate about giving children the best possible education for the future. Popular courses include Chinese Homework and Enrichment Club for primary and secondary students and Chinese Breakfast Club for adult learners. 9648 2966, info@zhizhichinese.com, www.zhizhichinese.com.

Photo courtesy of The Story Studio

King George V School, Ho Man Tin

The Best of Lantau 77

• Math Help and Enrichment • Test Prep • Homework Help

What does your child want to be when they grow up? Whatever the answer, a solid math foundation will be a necessity. Mathnasium goes beyond basic tutoring to develop true understanding and build a love for math. Math-only learning center Experts in mathematics We go beyond homework help and test prep Customized learning plan for each child Proprietary Mathnasium teaching methods 850+ locations worldwide

Phone: 2628-3362 • Email: discoverybay@mathnasium.com Website: http: //www.mathnasium.com.hk/discoverybay Location: Shop 105-B, North Plaza, Discovery Bay


Eureka (bamboo) Socks aren’t just regular socks, but healthy ones thanks to the natural bamboo fibres which make them gorgeous, soft and comfortable and ready for every step they’ll take!

What’s more, we’re 100% committed to the community


Bamb schoo oo l socks and at hletic socks

Let’s reach our 2017 target together: 100,000 pairs of socks will be donated to children in need.

Order online at


EUREKA socks



Advice and guidance for students and parents on applying for secondary schools



By Anne Murphy


any parents and students worry about getting into the right secondary school. We all know a parent or two (or three) who feels that if their child doesn’t get into a top school they will be disadvantaged for life. Here in Hong Kong, it’s easy to become infected with this kind of hysteria, with conversations revolving around where your child is going next— whether they’re going to stay in the same school for secondary or move on to another, whether they will wait to move for Sixth Form, whether they’ll get into Cambridge and so on...

Getting a foot in the door For Year 7 entry, schools take many things into account, including grades, test scores, extracurricular activities and the all-important interview. Spaces can be quite limited for Year 7 at certain schools, though not all, and if your child does not attend a ‘through-train’ school, or if you wish to switch your child from one school to another, there are a few options available. Don’t fret just yet! On Lantau, the international school choices are Discovery Bay International School and Discovery


It’s also common to hear people sharing admissions stories—some good, some bad and some downright scary! Whatever you’ve heard, the truth is that the secondary admissions process

doesn’t need to be a stressful one, as long as you’re prepared.

The Best of Lantau 79



College in Discovery Bay, and YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College in Tung Chung. There are also a number of schools outside of Lantau that accept students from the island. Each school expects prospective students to sit an entrance test and to attend an interview with the head of school or a senior member of the teaching staff. Commonly, students are tested on their English comprehension and writing skills. Some schools also expect a child to complete a maths test, as well as a verbal and non-verbal reasoning test. When preparing for these tests, students should ensure that all subjects are afforded attention, but should divide that attention proportionally according to their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s also a good idea for them to sit practice papers under exam conditions well in advance of the test date, in order to become comfortable with the examination environment. Structure your child’s preparation so that subject learning decreases and revision increases as the day approaches. 80 The Best of Lantau

So, is it possible to prepare for an interview? Yes, it absolutely is! But to do this effectively your child needs to practise Preparation is key It’s very common to hear teachers and admissions managers telling students that little—or even no—preparation is needed for interviews and that the head of school “just wants to know the real you,” and “all you have to do is be yourself.” To a point, this is very good advice, however it’s only part of the story. Who, in all honesty, would not want their son/ daughter to be well-prepared for their interview? While schools do genuinely want to know more about the prospective student, for more competitive interviews—perhaps for selective schools—the interviewer really wants to understand how a candidate’s mind works too. So, is it possible to prepare for an interview? Yes, it absolutely is! But to do this effectively your



child needs to practise thinking and putting their thinking processes into words.

Interviews and the art of conversation For parents, the interview is the most dreaded part of the process. After all, most parents feel more responsible for their child’s social graces than they do for their maths skills. “The worst thing is you don’t know what to expect,” says Judy Lynch, whose son was successfully interviewed, after his entrance test, for Harrow International School. “Most 11 year-olds are not used to talking formally to adults. They’re not used to presenting themselves in the way we know they need to. We’ve all heard stories of children being asked what they like doing at home and answering [that they] like playing computer games. It’s quite terrifying.” If you can, talk to parents whose children have been interviewed at the school before to get an insight into what your child might be asked. Help your child to prepare by getting them to consider possible interview questions and to think about them in depth. They may be asked why they would like to come to the school or

whether they have applied to any other schools and, if so, why? It’s also common for interviewers to ask what the student can offer to the school and what they like to do in their free time. They may even be asked nonschool related questions such as who they admire and why, or what interesting news stories are going on in the world at the moment. On the day of the interview, dress appropriately— smart but casual—and try not to stress your child with last-minute instructions—you don’t want a child on the brink of tears when they walk through the door. In the end, the most important thing is for everyone to try and stay relaxed. If you think the stress or pressure is getting to be too much, seeking the advice of confident academic consultants can reassure you and your child, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Contact Anne Murphy, director of ITS Education Asia (School Advisory Services) at anne.m@itseducation.asia, or visit www.itseducation.asia. The Best of Lantau 81

No 1

UK Scho o for Dysle l xia Provision

St David’s College Est. 1965

Discover the

FREEDOM TO FLOURISH From our foundation, St David’s College has pioneered teaching that enables pupils with additional learning needs to reach their academic potential, whilst allowing pupils with no specific learning needs to thrive and excel. Alongside this we aim to develop every individuals character, enabling them to gain an extroadinary range of skills and discover true self-confidence.

WHAT OUR PARENTS SAY “Both my daughter and son go to St Davids College in Llandudno North Wales. My daughter Olivia is Dyslexic, and is coming up 16 this July. My Son James is not Dyslexic, but still attends the school. Both are boarders.All I can say is this: It was the best decision my wife and I have ever made. It is by far an exceptional school that has given both our children the skills to approach their futures full of confidence and with a sound knowledge of all that is necessary for the rest of their lives. I would highly recommend this school to any prospective pupils.

Mark & Morag McGinn

Discovery Bay

Dave Maidment

Tel: (+852) 6808 7976 Email: dave.maidment@btinternet.com

“As expats we relocated to Hong Kong 11 years ago when our son was 2. Orin spent his early years struggling through the educational system here in Hong Kong with dyslexia. We tried various schools but constantly failed to get proper support and educational tools required to fit his learning needs. We finally discovered St Davids College, and Orin, who is now 13 years old, started at St Davids College in 2016. His educational learning experience has simply been transformed. Orin has embraced boarding experience and simply loves the outdoor education and activities, which play a pivotal part of his new education. St David’s College is so much more than a school, its a life’s education.”

For more information visit our website www.stdavidscollege.co.uk/hongkong


ALL ABOARD www.pexels.com

Choosing a boarding school for your child By Danny Harrington


eciding on the right school for your child is one of the biggest decisions a parent has to make. For many Hong Kong-based families, the decision can be even more fraught, with the option of boarding school thrown into the mix. No longer are you purely trying to find the right establishment, you are preparing to tackle a whole new family dynamic.

to Debbie Gispan of London-based firm Panoba (www.panoba.co.uk), a lifestyle service company offering assistance to people based overseas, most families find the school search a real uphill struggle and often fall foul of common mistakes such as basing their decision on a friend’s experience, or only considering the top-performing schools.

Traditionally, expat parents have tended to look to their home countries for boarding, however many independent schools now operate satellite campuses, complete with boarding, in the Asia region, providing families with more options.

Debbie warns that it’s important to keep things in perspective. “Managing to secure a place for a child in a ‘top-named’ school does not necessarily ensure the happiness and success of that child,” she advises. “Academic ability has to be considered too.” That being said, the big-name schools have the reputations they do for a reason, and can provide a great start in life.

So, with all that choice available, how do you select the right setup for you and your child? According

The Best of Lantau 83


It sounds obvious, but the first thing you should consider is curriculum, especially for older children. Although many Asia-based schools run along the same lines as their overseas counterparts, programmes can vary, with many using the IB Diploma for Years 12 and 13. This is an excellent academic preparation for university, but it’s often felt that it is less suitable for those with lower academic goals, so may not be right for every child. There’s also a new complication with regard to A-levels, which have now been split into two types— the GCE, a linear two-year course, compulsory in the UK, that is wholly examined at the end of those two years, and the International, which retains the modular format of ‘Curriculum 2000’. Some people prefer all their exams in one go, others to spread them out. Both are acceptable for university so it comes down to personal preference.

Whatever your situation, and no two families are the same, there are a few simple dos and don’ts that will help you along the way...


DO go into the process w ith an open m ind and witho ut preconcep tions.

DO N lea ’T ju st g exa gue o t and m res ables by and suc ults– doe ah ces a s goo n’t ju sful st ppy ude d g st le av nt ra a w des b e with u h tw o of s ith kills le set for life .

84 The Best of Lantau

Then there’s the network factor. Part of the attraction of boarding school is the lifelong friendships that will be made, so think about the demographic of the school and whether that will work well for your child. One of the biggest concerns for families of course is the issue of separation. Debbie’s business partner Nicky Sakpoba says that, for overseas families especially, being so far away from each other can be tough. Guardian companies can help here by offering homestay options and academic progress services (APS), giving families the peace of mind that come parents’ evenings someone will be there with their child to support them and find out how they are progressing. They then report back to the families abroad and highlight any areas of concern or any social or academic issues they feel should be flagged.

DO start e arly. School pla ces fill up fast.

DO ensure that you g ive as much in formation to the agent or s chool abo ut your child as p ossible so that they can h elp you na rrow down you r choices and maximise your chan ces of a success ful applica tion.

DON’T as sume that a sch ool that is right for a family friend will be the right scho ol for your child–eve ry child is unique.

DON’T presume that all schools have the same entry criteria and processes–they can vary widely.

Contact Danny Harrington, director and founder of ITS Education Asia (School Advisory Services), at danny.h@itseducation.asia, or visit www.itseducation.asia.



HEALTH Pregnancy and babies Medical services Medical emergency and hospitals Physiotherapy and osteopathy Dental health Mental wellbeing Alternative medicine Nutrition and wellbeing

The Best of Lantau 85



HEALTH PREGNANCY AND BABIES Birth Story, throughout Lantau

Jeanne Hauguel is a certified doula and childbirth educator. She offers birth and postnatal support, antenatal classes, breastfeeding support and placenta remedies. Jeanne believes that given the right support everyone is able to have a positive birth experience. 6496 4318, jeanne@doulabirthstory.com, www.doulabirthstory.com.

La Leche League, Discovery Bay La Leche League Hong Kong is the local branch of La Leche League International, a non-profit organisation which provides information, support and encouragement to mothers who wish to breastfeed. La Leche is recognised by WHO and UNICEF as the leading authority on breastfeeding. Siena Two, DB, 5695 3809, www.lll-hk.org.

DB Doula, Discovery Bay

DB-based Cathee Jackson is a birthing doula, breastfeeding counsellor and placenta encapsulation specialist. She also teaches antenatal classes. 5993 3699, cathee13@hotmail.com, www.dbdoula.com. 86 The Best of Lantau

OT&P Healthcare, Discovery Bay Midwifery services. Consult: Sue Pollard. Unit 12, 1/F, Office Block 2, DB North Plaza, DB, 2468 3577, www.otandp.com.


MEDICAL SERVICES Dr Ka Cheong Kwok, Mui Wo

Grandview Mansion, 11 Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road, Mui Wo, 2984 7530.

Human Health Medical Centre, Tung Chung

Shop 20, Tung Chung MTR Station, Tung Chung, 2109 2711. Shop 22, Tung Chung Crescent, 1 Hing Tung Street, Tung Chung, 2109 2288.

Island Health, Discovery Bay

Consult: Dr Winnie Siu, Dr James Oliver and Dr Douglas Kwan. Shop 109A, DB Plaza, DB, 2987 7575, enquiries@islandhealth.com.hk.

Mui Wo General Out-Patient Clinic, Mui Wo G/F and 1/F, 2 Ngan Kwong Wan Road, Mui Wo, 2984 2080.

Quality HealthCare Medical Centre, Discovery Bay

Consult: Dr Simon Siu, Dr Yau and Dr Tracy Leung. Shop 108, 1/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2987 5633, www.qhms.com.

Raffles Medical Group, Chek Lap Kok

Landside Medical Centre, Level 6, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok, 2261 2626.

Tai O Jockey Club General Out-Patient Clinic, Tai O

G/F, 103 Shek Tsai Po Street, Tai O, 2985 7236.


Open since 2013, North Lantau Hospital has a 24-hour accident and emergency service, and offers in-patient services, ambulatory care services, specialist out-patient services, allied health services and community care services. Pharmacy, diagnostic radiology and pathology services are also provided. 8 Chung Yan Road, Tung Chung, 3467 7000.

Raffles Medical Group, Chek Lap Kok

Open 24 hours (on-call doctor off-site from 12am to 7am). Landside Medical Centre, Level 6, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok, 2261 2626, 2261 0999 (emergency hotline).

Quality HealthCare Medical Centre, Tung Chung

Consult: Dr Siu Hon Pong and Dr Yung Oi Kwan Iris. Shop 18, G/F, Block 3, Tung Chung Crescent, 1 Hing Tung Street, Tung Chung, 2403 6623, www.qhms.com.

www.pexels.com The Best of Lantau 87


PHYSIOTHERAPY AND OSTEOPATHY Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI), Discovery Bay

Osteopathy consult: Aaron Anderson, Jonathan Vallade and Jodi Waugh. Unit 2, G/F, Office Block 2, DB North Plaza, DB, 2537 1087.

Island Health, Discovery Bay

Physiotherapy consult: Melanie Potgieter. Shop 109A, Discovery Bay Plaza, DB, 2987 7575, enquiries@islandhealth.com.hk.

North Lantau Physiotherapy, Tung Chung Physiotherapy consult: Cardeux Nel, Celia Wong, Daisy Chak, Gary Fan and Kenny Yu. Shop P1, G/F, Seaview Crescent, Tung Chung, 2194 0020.

OT&P Healthcare, Discovery Bay

Physiotherapy consult: Upekha Senaweera. Unit 12, 1/F, Office Block 2, DB North Plaza, DB, 2468 3577, www.otandp.com.

Quality HealthCare Medical Centre, Discovery Bay

Physiotherapy consult: Sapna Harris. Appointments are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and must be booked in advance. Shop 108, 1/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2473 6200.

Quality HealthCare Medical Centre, Tung Chung

Physiotherapy services. Call for appointments. Shop 18, G/F, Block 3, Tung Chung Crescent, 1 Hing Tung Street, Tung Chung, 2403 6328, www.qhms.com.

Skyline Physiotherapy, Tung Chung

Physiotherapy consult: Kenny Yu. Shop 9C, G/F, Coastal Skyline, Tung Chung. 2194 4038, kenny@skyline-physio.com.

DENTAL HEALTH Bayside Dental, Discovery Bay & Tung Chung

Bayside Dental provides a variety of dental treatments in its modern and child-friendly clinics. It is fully equipped with the latest in dental technology, but the emphasis is still on oldfashioned values, like prevention and practising family dentistry with a friendly touch. Patients in pain are given priority and parking is available at the Tung Chung clinic. Unit 1, G/F, Office Block 1, DB North Plaza, DB, 2987 0855, 6071 4530 (emergencies), www.baysidedentalhk.com. Shop 26, Caribbean Square, Caribbean Coast, Tung Chung, 2185 6550, info@baysidedentaltc.com, www.baysidedentaltc.com.

Quality HealthCare Dental Centre, Tung Chung

Shop 18, G/F, Block 3, Tung Chung Crescent, 1 Hing Tung Street, Tung Chung, 2403 6613, www.qhms.com.

MENTAL WELLBEING Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI), Discovery Bay

Counselling and psychotherapy. Consult: Libby Bentham. Family and relationship counselling. Consult: Kerri Gunthorpe. Unit 2, G/F, Office Block 2, DB North Plaza, DB, 2537 1087.

OT&P Healthcare, Discovery Bay


Cognitive behavioural therapy. Consult: Julia Minsberg. Unit 12, 1/F, Office Block 2, DB North Plaza, DB, 2468 3577, www.otandp.com.

88 The Best of Lantau



BUSTER How to recognise and deal with the pressures of Hong Kong’s fast-paced lifestyle

tress, an all-too-common problem for many Hong Kongers, can be very depleting over time. Whether it’s regularly working late, travel commitments, financial worries or relationship conflicts, our fast-paced lifestyles mean that most of us feel stressed at some point or another. The onset of stress is related to your ‘metabolic reserve’—the long-term capacity of your cells and organ systems to withstand repeated physiological and mental demands. Think of it like a battery. We usually deplete our metabolic reserve in five ways:

1. Perceived stress: The impact of emotional and psychological stressors such as financial, relationship or job-related issues—anything that provokes a response of anger or worry. 2. Lack of sleep: 97% of us need 8 hours’ sleep regularly. Any less than that and we start to lose energy and resilience.

3. Inflammation: Whether caused by infection or

diet, inflammation is an internal stress that disrupts how energy is made in our cells and can cause depression and disease.

4. Blood sugar swings: Sugars and excess carbs put

stress on our reserves and can cause blood sugar highs and lows, as can skipping meals.

5. Lack of/ too much exercise: A triathlon camp is not

a holiday! For most busy people, anything over six hours’ exercise a week is depleting. It’s important to get a balance. So how do you combat stress? First of all, make sure you are getting enough sleep. If you wake at 6am, make sure you go to bed by 10pm. Avoid screen



By Graeme Bradshaw

time after 9pm. Try an evening stroll after dinner or a tepid bath. A suitably cold, dark bedroom can help your sleep habit as well. Fortunately here in Lantau we tend to have less noise and light pollution than elsewhere in Hong Kong. Another aspect is having the resilience to ‘feel’ less stressed. Find an activity that works for you—make the most of Lantau’s hiking trails, practise mindfulness or try yoga. Take a proper break and get away on holiday. Remember that perceived stress is often under your control. Those suffering from inflammation and blood sugar swings may find it more difficult to address things themselves, but there are simple tests that can identify chronic problems and natural treatment plans available to address them, so call on professional help if you need it. Whatever the cause of your stress, the key is to get to the root of it and to take action. It’s up to you!

Graeme Bradshaw is the founding director of Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI). For more information, visit www.imi.com.hk. The Best of Lantau 89

Natural Medicine in Lantau Easy bus access from Sunny Bay or Tung Chung MTR Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI) is Hong Kong’s leading natural and integrated medicine clinic. Established for over 25 years in Central, we extended our service to the Discovery Bay community with a clinic located on the waterfront at North Plaza. Since 2014, this family friendly clinic has supported hundreds of individuals and families to overcome a wide range of illness and to achieve optimal wellbeing. Our most popular core services in DB are Osteopathy and Naturopathic Medicine. Additional core modalities include Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Counselling and other Complementary Therapies. Our herbal dispensary at the clinic carries high quality, clinical grade supplements and health products selected by our practitioners. These include independentlytested, clinical-grade supplements and remedies that are formulated to higher standards in purity and potency, compared to most other retail brands.

Let us be your guide to optimal health and total wellbeing, call 2537 1087 to make a booking today! Discover y Bay Location: G-02 Office Block Two, North Plaza. Web: www.imi.com.hk

Shop: shop.imi.com.hk

Tel: 2537 1087

: facebook.com/imihk

DIESTEL DENTAL GROUP Diestel Dental Group is proud to announce the opening of their sixth clinic in Hong Kong. David Braga & Partners 6/F Parker House 72 Queen’s Road Central 2525 5666 Diestel and Partners Family Dentistry

Smith and Jain Dental and Implant Practice

Dr Richard Tinlin & Associates

Bayside Dental Discovery Bay

Bayside Dental Tung Chung

David Braga & Partners

Queen’s Road, Central Tel: 2522 2099 www.diestelandpartners.com

North Plaza, Discovery Bay Tel: 2987 0855 www.baysidedentalhk.com

D’Aguilar Street, Central Tel: 2526 2383 www.smithandjaindentists.com

Caribbean Square, Tung Chung Tel: 2185 6550 www.baysidedentaltc.com

D’Aguilar Street, Central Tel: 2117 4180 info@drrichardtinlin.com

6/F Parker House 72 Queen’s Road Central 2525 5666


ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI), Discovery Bay

Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI) boasts the largest natural herbal dispensary in Lantau. It specialises in naturopathy, homeopathy, osteopathy, cranial-sacral therapy, chiropractic, family medicine and medical testing, traditional Chinese medicine, holistic therapies, life coaching, psychotherapy and counselling. IMI can also help with allergies, asthma, eczema, stress, anxiety, insomnia and sporting issues. An online dispensary with delivery to Lantau is now available. Arrange for a complimentary 20-minute session to optimise health and wellness. Unit 2, G/F, Office Block 2, DB North Plaza, DB, 2537 1087, www.shop.imi.com.hk, www.imi.com.hk/dbclinic.html.

NUTRITION AND WELLBEING Alcoholics Anonymous, Discovery Bay

If you think you may have a problem with alcohol, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) can help. AA holds three weekly meetings in DB: Two of the meetings are for alcoholics and those who think they may have a drink problem, while the third welcomes alcoholics and their family and friends. Parkridge Village, DB, 9073 6922 (24-hour hotline), aahelp@aa-hk.org, www.aa-hk.org.

Cambridge Weight Plan, Tung Chung & South Lantau

Cambridge Weight Plan offers personalised weight loss plans and nutritional advice for both men and women looking to regain selfconfidence and boost energy levels. For Tung Chung, contact Theresa: 9576 2147, theresa@cambridgeweightplan.hk. For South Lantau, contact Jill: 9708 0187, jill@cambridgeweightplan.hk, or Sarah: 6333 0952, sarah@cambridgeweightplan.hk. www.cambridgeweightplan.hk.

Herbal Health Care, Discovery Bay

Herbal Health Care offers traditional Chinese medical treatment and alternative medicine products and services, such as acupuncture and

moxibustion. Owner Jackie Ng has a Masters in acupuncture and moxibustion, and a Bachelor’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine from the University of Hong Kong. Shop G36A-2, G/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2834 7276.

Ingredients of Wellness, Discovery Bay

Ingredients of Wellness offers eight to 10-week mindfulness programmes teaching young people to direct attention, be calmer, concentrate more fully and to notice what is happening with their minds, bodies and emotions. 9048 5425, angie@ingredientsofwellness.com, www.ingredientsofwellness.com.

Just Green, Discovery Bay

Just Green is Hong Kong’s largest chain of organic convenience stores, with a selection of over 5,000 organic and allergy-free foods, beverages, supplements and home and beauty products. Open seven days a week from 11am to 7.30pm. Shop G29, G/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2448 1180, info@justgreen.com.hk, www.justgreen.com.hk.

Nutrition Nation, Discovery Bay

Ditch the diets and learn how to make smart food choices to keep you fit for life. Nutrition Nation provides education and support to help you achieve healthy living. Monthly packages and tailor-made plans are available to cater to specific needs, info@nutritionnationhk.com, www.nutritionnationhk.com.

OT&P Healthcare, Discovery Bay

Dietician services. Consult: Joyce Chan. Unit 12, 1/F, Office Block 2, DB North Plaza, DB, 2468 3577, www.otandp.com.

Pause Studio, Mui Wo

Pause Studio is a one-stop health and fitness destination located in Mui Wo, offering a full range of mind and body services for optimal health, including massage, physiotherapy, hypno/ psychotherapy, reiki and crystal healing. G/F, 8 Ngan Kwong Wan Road, Mui Wo, 9708 0187, hello@pause.hk, www.pause.hk. The Best of Lantau 91


10 New Parents


Top tips for

By Sue Pollard

Becoming a parent is a life-changing event to say the least. Add in sleep deprivation, sore breasts, cramping and a demanding newborn, and it’s no wonder new parents struggle at times. Here are 10 tips to help keep mum, dad and baby healthy through the first few weeks.


Expect that you will fit around the baby’s needs, and not the other way around. Don’t put undue pressure on yourself to keep to your old routine.


Sleep when the baby sleeps—Facebook can wait. A proper rest will leave you feeling refreshed and better able to cope when the baby wakes.


Accept help when it is offered. Although many people in Hong Kong are fortunate enough to employ domestic helpers, there are still times that you need that extra pair of hands from a friend.

4 5

Sit in front of the TV with the family while feeding. You don’t need to live in the bedroom for months!

Go out for gentle walks. Getting out is good for you both physically and mentally, but halve the distance you think you can walk—your body has been through a lot!


Eat and drink well. Have healthy snacks and a bottle of water nearby when feeding. Give your

92 The Best of Lantau

body the nutrients that it needs to cope with the demands being placed on it.

7 8

Babies cry. Accept it.

There is no magic formula for sleeping and feeding routines. There are, however, many wealthy book authors.


Listen to the friendly, contradicting advice of friends and relatives, then take what you want and disregard the rest.


Babies are tiny for such a short time. Enjoy them. Remember everything is just a phase.

Contact Sue Pollard, registered midwife at OT&P Healthcare, on 2468 3577, or visit www.otandp.com.



BEAUTY Hair salons Spas and nails Jewellery The Best of Lantau 93






Salon De Art, Tung Chung

Afflatus Hair Workshop, Discovery Bay

Afflatus Hair Workshop is a well-established hair salon for men, women and children. This contemporary salon offers top-quality services, including cutting, colouring and straightening. The professional team of stylists is dedicated to providing the best quality service. As a special bonus, the mirrors in the kids’ area are fitted with televisions to entertain children while they are having their hair cut. Open daily from 10am to 7pm. Ask for Matt or Roy. Shop G13F, G/F, DB North Plaza, DB, 2987 0283, afflatushair@gmail.com. 94 The Best of Lantau

Salon De Art offers reasonably priced hair and nail services. The team is highly professional and friendly. Shop T, G/F, Seaview Crescent Plaza, Tung Chung, 2618 0909.

Salon de Coiffure, Discovery Bay

Salon de Coiffure is a well-established and professional hair salon, very popular among DB residents. The dedicated and talented team of stylists specialises in creating the perfect look for special events. Shop G20, G/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2987 4112.


SPAS AND NAILS TOP PICKS Nailed It!, Discovery Bay

Very popular among DB ladies, Nailed It! offers professional artificial nail services and nail art design in a relaxing and peaceful environment. The highly experienced and creative team is happy to cater to clients’ individual needs through customised manicures and pedicures. DB Plaza, DB, 2987 2266.

Quan Spa, Chek Lap Kok

Renowned for its tranquility zones, Quan Spa is unique to the Marriott brand. The award-winning spa offers a variety of massages, authentic treatments and spa packages. 1 Sky City Road East, Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok, 3969 2188, quanspahk@marriott.com, www.skycitymarriott.com/spa.

Spa Botanica, Discovery Bay

Spa Botanica at Auberge Discovery Bay has won prestigious awards for the purity of its products and their effectiveness. Trained specialists offer more than 30 different treatments, including a detox retreat and aromatherapy treatments. Family treatments are also available such as the 75-minute Mommy & Princess Treat. From cleansing facials to stress-releasing massages, Spa Botanica can provide a head-to-toe makeover, leaving guests feeling revitalised, refreshed and relaxed. 88 Siena Avenue, DB, 2295 8288, www.aubergediscoverybay.com/ wellness-experiences/spa-botanica.

FEATURED Elly House of Beauty offers a wide range of facial products and focuses on rejuvenation and beauty. Unit 21, 1/F, Office Block 2, DB North Plaza, DB, 6131 9039, www.ellyhouseofbeauty.com, Facebook: Elly House of Beauty.


Elly House of Beauty, Discovery Bay

The Best of Lantau 95



Maximum Care & Max Beauty, Discovery Bay & Tung Chung Nancy Wong, co-owner of Maximum Care in DB and Max Beauty Spa in Tung Chung, is dedicated to making people look and feel beautiful. Her friendly and professional team provides massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, laser hair-removal treatments and more. Shop 140B, 1/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2987 2060. Shop 10B, Caribbean Square, Tung Chung, 2162 5752.

M Spa Beauty Centre, Discovery Bay

M Spa Beauty Centre, run by 32-year DB resident Ivy Minshall, offers massages, manicures, pedicures, facials and much more. The centre opened in 2006, and focuses on building a trusting, relaxed relationship between clients and therapists. Clients can also opt to be treated at home. DB Plaza, DB, 2987 0614.

OM Spa and Fitness Centre, Chek Lap Kok

OM Spa and Fitness Centre at Regal Airport Hotel, ranked as one of the world’s best airport facilities by Travel and Leisure magazine, features numerous spa suites and rooms, including a dedicated foot massage room. It is the first and only spa facility in Hong Kong to offer couples’ massage and Jacuzzi facilities 96 The Best of Lantau

in an alfresco setting. 3/F, Regal Airport Hotel, 9 Cheong Tat Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok, 2286 6266, spa@airport.regalhotel.com.

Thai Pailin Massage, Mui Wo

Thai Pailin Massage serves up pure relaxation in a tranquil and comfortable environment. It specialises in traditional full-body massage and a customised head-and-shoulder treatment. Shop 1, Seaview Building, Ngan Wan Road, Mui Wo, 9062 0148.

JEWELLERY FEATURED Zen Sisters, operating in Lantau

At Zen Sisters, each piece of chic, contemporary jewellery is hand-strung. Hallmarked 925 sterling silver is combined with natural materials, such as rudraksha beads from Nepal or Balinese lava stones. Available online and at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong. For direct sales and a private viewing, contact DB resident Christa den Boogert. 6344 4520, christa@zensisters.com, www.zensisters.com.



SERVICES Finance, wills and insurance Photography Helper agencies

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SERVICES FINANCE, WILLS AND INSURANCE TOP PICKS Carey, Suen Will Services, serving Lantau residents

Long-term DB resident Annette M. Houlihan is the managing director of Carey, Suen Will Services, an advisory company assisting individuals and groups with all aspects of estate planning. Services include wills and cross-border planning, guardianship, living wills and Power of Attorney. Annette’s business partnership with Gladstone Morgan ensures that further services in relation to estate planning are provided. These include the need for life insurance, family income benefit, tax mitigation, succession planning, wealth preservation and retirement provision. 2542 2285, annette@careysuen.com, www.careysuen.com. 98 The Best of Lantau

Harvey Law Group, Discovery Bay

Celebrating over 25 years of experience and a multinational team, DB resident Jean-François Harvey is the founder of Harvey Law Group (HLG). Originating in Montreal, and with offices throughout Asia and worldwide, HLG offers full corporate and cross-border legal services to inbound and outbound investors. It specialises in immigration law, business law, employment law, private client services and cross-border transactions. Unit 11, LG/F, Office Block 1, DB North Plaza, DB, 2416 8618, dboffice@harveylawcorporation.com, www.harveylawcorporation.com.

Lifestyle Brokers, serving Lantau residents

Lifestyle Brokers, Lifestyle Insurance and Platinum Fiduciary is part of Business Class Group (BCG) Asia with headquarters in Hong Kong. Its expertise ranges across UK and offshore financial services, international mortgages, estate agency and property sourcing, as well as insurance broking and trust



creation. 501 Unicorn Trade Centre, 127-131 Des Voeux Road, Central, 3115 7616, info@lfsbrokers.com, www.lfsbrokers.com.

Parsons White Wealth Management, Discovery Bay

Parsons White Wealth Management is a Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management, a FTSE 100 company with £83 billion of client funds under management and one of the largest wealth management companies in Asia. It specialises in the provision of face-to face financial advice to individuals and businesses. The strength of the business is underpinned by satisfied clients, their referrals and the dedication of the wider St. James’s Place Partners team. Parsons White Wealth Management, Unit 20, 1/F, Office Block 2, DB North Plaza, DB, 2433 6980, esmy.lanuza@sjpp.asia, www.sjpp.asia/pwwm.

Tanner De Witt, serving Lantau residents Tanner De Witt is an established, leading independent law firm with a primary focus on business law. Featuring a Lantau connection

through DB residents Tim Drew (partner) and Joanne Brown (solicitor), the firm provides legal advice and representation in corporate and commercial law, litigation and dispute resolution, family law including divorce, insolvency and restructuring, employment, immigration, wills and trusts, criminal law and hospitality. 2573 5000, timdrew@tannerdewitt.com, joannebrown@tannerdewitt.com, www.tannerdewitt.com.

FEATURED Phoenix Wills, South Lantau Phoenix Wills, run by Asa Wilkins, aims to provide an easy solution to the will-making process. Clients are consulted throughout, as each will is customised to suit the individual’s exact needs. 3100 0101, info@phoenix-wills.com, www.phoenix-wills.com.

Professional Wills, serving Lantau residents

Professional Wills is a specialist will-writing company helping clients not only write their wills The Best of Lantau 99

GET A WILL IN LESS THAN A WEEK It’s never too late to put a Will in place. Take it easy and feel safe in the knowledge that your loved ones are covered should the worst happen. Be prepared - contact us today.

WHAT IS EFFECTIVE ESTATE PLANNING? “Effective Financial Planning is to speed up the overall distribution of your estate; and to mitigate unwarranted taxes whilst providing the right people with the right money at the right time!” - Annette M Houlihan

How does one do this?

Writing your Will - If you die with a Will in Hong Kong, the Grant of Probate (a legal

document releasing your assets) can take months. Without one, it can take years!

Setting up a Family Trust - Trusts can be used for Tax Mitigation, Asset Protection

and/or Succession Planning and are not just suitable for the wealthy.

Nominate Beneficiaries - If you have any life insurance plans, savings plans linked

to life insurance or are a member of a company pension or death in service benefit, you can have beneficiaries nominated to speed the process of distribution.

Updating and Reviewing - As you acquire assets globally; you should review your

estate planning instructions.

We at Carey, Suen Will Services Limited have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in establishing your own estate plan. Carey, Suen Will Services Ltd

8B Wing Yee Commercial Building 5 Wing Kut Street Central Tel: +852 2542 2285 email: annette@careysuen.com website: www.careysuen.com



but also overcome all the associated issues. These include estate and succession planning, domicile and inheritance, estate tax, and appointment of guardians for children of expat parents without family members in Hong Kong. 2561 9031, www.profwills.com.

portraiture, fashion and event photography, in both the UK and Hong Kong. Tim is available for small- and large-scale events and is happy to attend your home or a location of your choice for personal or family shoots. 9724 6969, Facebook: Tim Draper Photography.




Trix Malan Photography, South Lantau

Evoque Portraits, Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay-based photographer Baljit Gidwani of Evoque Portraits captures all your family’s natural moments of love, affection and play. From the time of pregnancy to the moment of birth, as well as all those special moments you experience with your children, Baljit helps create lifelong memories. He also offers modelling shoots, homeinterior photography and event coverage, as well as tailor-made photography workshops for mums, beginners and photography enthusiasts. 9659 6034, baljitgidwani@gmail.com, www.evoqueportraits.com.

Tim Draper Photography, Discovery Bay & Tung Chung

Tim Draper is a professional photographer from London, UK. He graduated from Epsom College of Arts with a Bachelor of Arts. Having spent 15 years travelling the globe shooting for Rough Guides travel books, he now enjoys shooting

A natural observer, Trix Malan loves witnessing the interactions within families. She is passionate about capturing these precious moments on film and documenting them for clients to keep as treasured memories. 6053 6069, www.trixmalanphotography.com.

HELPER AGENCIES TOP PICK Maid for You, Discovery Bay

Maid for You is a helper agency owned and operated by expats for expats. Offering ethical, personalised services, its mission is to match the right helper with the right family. Maid for You’s expert team has placed hundreds of qualified helpers with satisfied clients. Call today and let them do the same for you. 9167 2737, freedom@maidforyou.com.hk, www.maidforyou.com.hk. The Best of Lantau 101






Navigating the path to long-term financial security


By Jason White

here was a time when saving and investing for the future was considered a relatively uncomplicated affair, many steps removed from the intricacies of finance and global economics, but not anymore. Technological progress in recent decades has simplified many parts of our lives, but it has also brought more complexity, particularly in matters of personal finance. So what is the best path to long-term financial security nowadays? These five simple principles can help keep you on track:

1. Make sure you have sufficient reserves

All over the world, savers are enduring the lowest returns on cash for centuries, but many remain wary of stock markets, despite their recovery from 2009’s lows. Instead, they continue to accumulate cash, but disappointing rates are expected to endure and the eventual rise is likely to be slow and low, so those who wish to achieve meaningful returns may need to reassess their savings on deposit. Don’t deplete your reserves completely though; make sure you have enough to hand to cover any unforeseen emergencies.

2. Guard against inflation

The effects of inflation can be as severe as a sharp fall in markets. However, whereas market dips are usually followed by recoveries, inflation permanently reduces the value of your savings. While you should hold money on deposit for short-term needs, there is significant risk in trying to play safe by putting all your money into cash-like investments. The Best of Lantau 102

$ $

3. Invest for the longer term

The best chance of seeing inflation-beating returns comes from long-term investment in real assets such as equities. No one knows what will happen to share prices in the short term, but those who invest over a longer period—say five years or more—are likely to end up better off than they are today.

4. Diversify your investments

The old adage that investors should not put all their eggs in one basket still rings true. Shares, bonds and commercial property are examples of assets that can provide growth. Investing in funds rather than individual investments also ensures that money is more widely spread, and by investing in a selection of funds, investors will be better placed to withstand shifts in economic and financial conditions.

5. Find a financial manager you can trust

Different managers have different styles and assets, but many invest in the same way, so variety is no guarantee of diversity. There are no paths for investors that are risk-free and there probably never were. The key to building long-term wealth is a realistic assessment of needs and goals that reflects a level of risk that feels comfortable. It’s important to review your approach often and seek advice for peace of mind.

Contact Jason White of Parsons White Wealth Management, partner practice of St. James’s Place, on 9318 3705, email jason.white@sjpp.asia, or visit www.sjpp.asia/pwwm.

Photo courtesy of Flight Centre


TRAVEL Travel agencies Hotels

The Best of Lantau 103

Photo courtesy of Flight Centre






Flight Centre, Discovery Bay

Auberge, Discovery Bay

At Flight Centre, the team is committed to providing a great travel experience at unbeatable prices. Its highly-trained consultants are dedicated to finding the best travel deal for any destination. Flight Centre offers a full range of travel services including flights, accommodation, tours, car hire, travel insurance and much more. A DB-based expert is available for mobile consultation. 2829 2010, www.flightcentre.com.hk.

FEATURED Apple Travel, Discovery Bay

Apple Travel has been providing expert travel services to the DB community since 1998. It specialises in fully-packaged Asian weekend getaways. The team offers everything from flight tickets and travel visas to special package deals. Shop 125, 1/F, DB Plaza, DB, 2987 2626, annie@appletravel.com. 104 The Best of Lantau

Set right on the water, Auberge Discovery Bay is the perfect choice for a relaxing island escape. You can immerse yourself in facilities ranging from an outdoor pool and 24-hour gym, to the tranquil Spa Botanica. There’s also an activity centre to keep the kids entertained all day. The hotel has a romantic seaside chapel and even a horse-drawn carriage to take you to the ceremony. 88 Siena Avenue, DB, 2295 8288, enquiry@aubergediscoverybay.com, www.aubergediscoverybay.com.

Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel, Chek Lap Kok

Internationally acclaimed, Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel is located next to AsiaWorld-Expo and Hong Kong International Airport. The hotel features 658 guest rooms, a grand ballroom, 11 meeting rooms, five food and beverage outlets, a 24-hour fitness centre, a 27-metre indoor


Exploring Asia – season by season A handy guide on where to go, and when





Hong Kong enjoys plenty of public holidays in spring, making it the perfect time for weekend escapes. Temperatures across the region are starting to rise but are still bearable, so you might want to hop on a flight to discover the rich culture in China and Japan, where it is also cherry blossom season. Other slightly warmer options include Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Summer in Asia is hot, hot, hot! While many choose to escape the heat and head west, there are lots of great beach destinations here in Asia for those who want to soak up the sun. Weather-wise, this is the best time to visit Bali, or if you’re looking for something a little different, try Java, its mix of rice paddies, temples and mega-cities offering something for everyone.




With typhoon season still in action, those looking to get away over autumn are best to look southeast of Hong Kong, where temperatures in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are starting to become more moderate and rainfall lighter. It’s also a good time to visit northern Asia (think Mongolia or South Korea), where the weather is comfortable—not too hot, but also not bitterly cold.


Winter offers Hong Kongers a whole host of travel possibilities. With typhoon season out of the way, options for exotic holidays abound. Top up your tan in Thailand (Phuket and Krabi) or learn to surf in Australia. If you prefer a white winter, take advantage of the fine powder in Japan (Niseko and Hakuba) or South Korea (Pyeongchang). Or why not check out the Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in Harbin around January? It’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else!

Contact Flight Centre on 2870 2776, visit www.flightcentre.com.hk, or contact DB-based rep Natalie Flyazhenkova on 2829 2006.

The Best of Lantau 105

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FEATURED Regal Airport Hotel, Chek Lap Kok

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong is the only hotel connected directly to the passenger terminal of Hong Kong International Airport by an enclosed link bridge. It provides superb accommodation with 1,171 rooms and state-ofthe-art meeting and banquet facilities. With 30 function rooms and six restaurants/ bars offering a variety of western, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and halal cuisines, the hotel is ideal for business and leisure travellers alike. Recreational facilities include a 24/ 7 gymnasium, outdoor and indoor pools, and a luxurious spa. 9 Cheong Tat Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok, 2286 8888, www.regalhotel.com. 106 The Best of Lantau

Tai O Heritage Hotel, Tai O

Tai O Heritage Hotel, built in 1902 as a police station to guard the shore against bandits, is a luxury getaway with a difference. While the original beauty of the building has been preserved, the rooms are classically furnished for added historical authenticity. Nestled on a headland to the west of Tai O, the hotel boasts a glass-roofed, open-view restaurant, Tai O Lookout, which enjoys a stunning vista of the South China Sea. Shek Tsai Po Street, Tai O, 2985 8008, info@taioheritagehotel.com, www.taioheritagehotel.com.


swimming pool and Marriott’s signature Quan Spa. Just a 28-minute train ride from the central business district, a complimentary shuttle bus service is also available to the airport, Tung Chung MTR Station and Hong Kong Disneyland. 1 Sky City Road East, Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok, 3969 1888, www.skycitymarriott.com.

PLANNING YOUR NEXT TRAVEL? Let us do the hard work, so you don't have to. At Flight Centre we offer you unbeatable one-stop travel service - we take care of all your travel needs, and provide great insider knowledge and expert advice wherever you are going. What's more - we'll always look for the best way to save you money.








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9092 3775

AKASH MOVING Local packing & moving service Best Move - Best Rate

Akash offers a packing / unpacking service, provides boxes & Alcoholics packing materials & Anonymous makes small deliveries

Call 2421 8088 or visit



Great Escapes Sometimes a short break is all you need to re-energise your body and mind; here are seven great destinations, all within a three-hour flight of Hong Kong By Cecila Yee

CHINA: Guilin

Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful places in China, Guilin is famous for its incredible scenery, with rivers and peaks covered in lush greenery. Located in Guangzi Zhuang province, south of the border with Hunan province, the region boasts rugged mountains, crystalline rivers, and verdant forests, providing a welcome escape for city dwellers.


Images courtesy of www.wikimedia.com

It’s easy to see why Hoi An, with its charming fusion of Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and French architecture, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This small, atmospheric, picture-perfect city can be easily explored on foot. Wander down to the Thu Bon River and watch traditional boats float past, see farmers and fishmongers hauling their goods to market, and enjoy the fragrant aromas from the colourful food stalls which can be found on almost every street corner.

The 108 Best The ofBest Lantau of Lantau 108

Flight time: Around 1 hour 25 minutes. Where to stay: Banyan Tree Yangshuo or Shangri-La Hotel Guilin (for couples) and Club Med Guilin (for families).

Flight time: Around 1 hour 50 minutes to Danang. Hoi An is a 30-minute taxi ride from the airport. Where to stay: Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai (for couples) and Sunrise Premium Resort Hoi An (for families).


TAIWAN: Taipei

Words you will often hear associated with Taipei include underrated, friendly and diverse. Taipei city is very much a cosmopolitan capital and a pleasant blend of the modern and the traditional. In the 1980s, concrete apartment blocks made way for green, leafy boulevards and trendy eateries, giving Taipei tourism a little wink and a nudge in the right direction. Though the streets may be lively and colourful, there are pockets of serenity everywhere with cathartic walking trails, dynastic temples and natural hot springs just minutes from the heart of the action.

Flight time: Around 1 hour 50 minutes. Where to stay: W Hotel Taipei or The Humble House (for couples) and Grand Hyatt Taipei (for families).

JAPAN: Okinawa

Okinawa’s blue skies, white sands, and consistent subtropical temperatures make it a great escape at any time of year. The Churaumi Aquarium and WW2 memorials keep you occupied in town, while castle ruins and waterfall trails tempt you into the countryside. Most, however, head to Okinawa for its beautiful seas, and they do not disappoint. For the best beaches, hop over to Miyako-jima or Zamami. No matter which island they’re on, snorkelers and scuba divers are sure to delight in the clear waters and abundant coral offshore.

Flight time: Around 2 hours 30 minutes. Where to stay: Hyakuna Garan (for couples) and InterContinental Manza Beach Resort or Club Med Kabira Beach (for families).

The Best of Lantau 109

TRAVEL Siem Reap is home to the majestic remnants of the Khmer Empire and some of the most iconic temples in the world. A chic resort town in close proximity to world-famous Angkor Wat, Siem Reap is equally loved for its excellent hotels, food and nightlife. A city that exemplifies the paradoxes of Cambodia as a country, Siem Reap offers a startling contrast between rich and poor, and tradition and modernity. Flight time: Around 2 hours 35 minutes. Where to stay: Belmond La Residence D’Angkor (for couples) and Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa (for families).

Photo courtesy of Flight Centre



An incredibly diverse destination, Cebu caters to every type of visitor, from culture vultures and foodies to beach bums and divers. Close to the airport are lavish beachside resorts, perfect for those looking for quick getaways from Hong Kong. In the other direction, Cebu is a different kettle of fish, boasting the Philippines’ oldest church and a ruined Spanish fort. Take the time to explore this massive island and discover hidden gems from stunning waterfalls to secluded beaches. Flight time: Around 2 hours 50 minutes. Where to stay: Abaca Boutique Resort (for couples) and Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan or Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa (for families).

THAILAND: Chiang Mai

Known as ‘The Rose of the North’ and surrounded by lush mountains, wild jungles and sprawling countryside, Chiang Mai is as beautiful as it is diverse. Spend your time visiting sacred temples, exploring the city’s streets, taking Thai cooking classes or setting out on wildlife adventures. With friendly locals, a tropical climate all year round, and some of Thailand’s best regional cuisine, Chiang Mai is fast becoming a hot spot for tourists the world over. Flight time: Around 2 hours 50 minutes. Where to stay: Anantara Chiang Mai (for couples) and Sunrise Shangri La Hotel Chiang Mai (for families). 110 The Best of Lantau

Contact Flight Centre on 2870 2776, visit www.flightcentre.com.hk, or contact DB-based rep Natalie Flyazhenkova on 2829 2006.


EXCURSIONS www.pexels.com

Lantau attractions

The Best of Lantau 111

View of Tsing Ma Bridge

Photo by Natasha Ransey

Photo by Amrit Bharadwaj


Silvermine Waterfall

EXCURSIONS TOP PICK EpicLand, Discovery Bay

Hong Kong’s largest indoor family entertainment centre boasts the biggest indoor slides in Asia and a variety of games and activities to captivate all ages. EpicLand offers 14,000 square feet of pure, exhilarating fun, from an airtrek obstacle course and sky-high rock climbing wall to laser tag and mini-golf. Relying on stateof-the-art equipment and certified international safety standards, EpicLand provides a safe and clean environment for the whole family. DB North Plaza, DB, 2441 0098, events@epiclandhk.com, www.epiclandhk.com.

FEATURED Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau

At the happiest place on Earth, kids get to meet their Disney friends in person, fly through space, hop onboard a river cruise or ride in Winnie’s honey pot. Recent additions to the park’s lineup include the Iron Man Experience—the first ever Marvel-themed ride to feature at a Disney theme park—and the STAR WARS: Command Post. www.hongkongdisneyland.com. 112 The Best of Lantau

Inspiration Lake, Lantau

Located around 1 kilometre from Hong Kong Disneyland, Inspiration Lake is a wonderful place to kick back and relax with a family picnic on the grass. Kids will love cooling down in the water splash fountains and there are pedal boats and surrey bikes available to rent. The park is open daily from 9am to 7pm.

Saffron Cruises, operating in Lantau

Bringing you the largest fleet of boats in Hong Kong, Saffron Cruises’ options range from traditional Chinese junks to high-end luxury motor and sailing yachts from 40- up to 160-foot. Working with the best catering companies in Hong Kong, Saffron Cruises can provide anything from party food to a four-course gourmet meal, making its vessels ideal for birthdays, dinner parties, corporate functions, weddings or just a fun day on the water with family and friends. 2857 1311, 6493 2650, info@saffron-cruises.com, www.saffron-cruises.com.

Silvermine Waterfall, Mui Wo

Silvermine Waterfall is quite a spectacle, especially during the rainy season from May

through October. It’s a gentle 3-kilometre hike from Mui Wo. www.discoverhongkong.com.

The Big Buddha, Ngong Ping

Tian Tan Buddha, known to most as The Big Buddha, was erected in 1993. At 34 metres, it’s the biggest bronze, seated Buddha in the world. On a clear day, you can climb the 268 steps to enjoy superb views across Lantau and beyond. www.discoverhongkong.com.

Wisdom Path, Ngong Ping

Located close to the Big Buddha, Wisdom Path offers up a pleasant and peaceful 10-minute stroll. The path is lined with 38 wooden steles (upright monuments) inscribed with the Chinese version of Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist prayers, arranged in the shape of the infinity symbol. www.discoverhongkong.com.

GIVING LIFE SHOULDN’T BE SO DEADLY Ramatoulaye, who lives in Burkina Faso, was about to give birth to her fourth child, but the boatman was nowhere to be found. Unable to get to the health centre across the river, she gave birth alone on the river banks. Maternal health is a human right — join Amnesty International to defend human rights for women like Ramatoulaye. Learn more at www.amnesty.org.hk.

Photo by Natasha Ramsey


© Anna Kari



Your Around DB and Life on Lantau website is packed full of local news, events, giveaways and community info. Keep an eye on www.arounddb.com www.lifeonlantau.com Follow us on social media and never miss out!

To discuss advertising opportunities for both print and online, please contact the Bay Media sales team on

2987 0577 publishing and design studio


Photo by Natasha Ramsey

COMMUNITY Charity and community organisations Religious centres Annual charity events

The Best of Lantau 115

Photo by Baljit Gidwani - www.evoqueportraits.com


The BIG Picnic


DB Green supports and promotes environmental initiatives and public awareness, focusing on the issues relevant to Discovery Bay. Community involvement is encouraged. Regular events include beach clean-ups and a stall at the DB flea markets to encourage reuse. To get involved, contact DB Green through its website or Facebook page. www.dbgreen.org, Facebook: DB Green.

DB Mothers & Friends, operating in Lantau

Through DB Mothers & Friends, DB resident Nikki Boot collects useful second-hand goods at a small cost from those who no longer want them and redistributes them to people in need. She provides a household and office moving and clearance service, and redistributes the items collected to local charities, schools, churches, and people in need via social 116 The Best of Lantau

workers. Door-to-door collection appointments are arranged on a first-come-first-served basis. Since 2013, DB Mothers & Friends has collected and redistributed over 2,000 tonnes of unwanted goods all over Hong Kong. 9677 6676, nikkiboot@gmail.com, www.2ndhanditem.wordpress.com, Facebook: DB Mothers & Friends.

Enrich, Discovery Bay

DB resident Myriam Bartu started up Enrich in 2007 to promote the economic empowerment of migrant domestic workers. Enrich offers a wide variety of workshops and services to migrant domestic workers to help them learn about budgeting, saving, paying off debt and setting up a business. Enrich also provides services and information for employers. Employers can sponsor their helper to attend either a single workshop or the full financial and empowerment education programme. Donations of time or money are welcome. 2386 5811, info@enrichhk.org, www.enrichhk.org.

Photo by James Allen


Dana Winograd, Plastic Free Seas

Living Islands Movement, South Lantau

Living Islands Movement (LIM) is a South Lantau-based community group that promotes ‘A Liveable Lantau for All’ by campaigning, with the support of the community, for outcomes in management processes that enhance the quality of life on Lantau. LIM engages the government and other stakeholders regarding key issues of local concern (e.g. waste management, transport, parking, illegal dumping and landfill etc.) and makes highquality submissions. Through media and events, LIM seeks to bring greater awareness and visibility to issues affecting Lantau and its surroundings. info@livingislands.org.hk, www.livingislands.org.hk.

Plastic Free Seas, Lantau

Plastic Free Seas (PFS), led by DB residents Tracey Read and Dana Winograd, is dedicated to reducing the amount of plastic pollution in Hong Kong. Through education in schools and organising regular beach clean-ups and events, PFS aims to deliver waste reduction and prevention information as efficiently as possible to spread awareness and understanding. dana@plasticfreeseas.org, www.plasticfreeseas.org.

Save Lantau Alliance, Lantau

Initially formed to monitor the government’s plans to develop Lantau, Save Lantau Alliance (SLA) focuses on encouraging public discussion on the matter through forums and questionnaires. SLA aims to help save the island’s beautiful natural environment that is now under threat. It also shares information on conservation, history and planning at local schools and through guided tours and presentations at public events. savelantau@gmail.com, www.savelantau.org.

Sea Shepherd Global, Hong Kong

Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Global is an international nonprofit, marine wildlife conservation organisation, aiming to end the destruction of wildlife in the world’s oceans. DB resident Gary Stokes is Sea Shepherd Global’s director for South East Asia. info@seashepherdglobal.org, www.seashepherdglobal.org.

Tai O Community Cattle Group, Tai O

Tai O Community Cattle Group (TOCCG) was formed to improve the safety of Lantau’s cattle, helping residents and cows to live in harmony. Led by Tai O resident Kathy Daxon, it provides The Best of Lantau 117


THE PLASTIC MENACE Photo by James Allen

How plastic is polluting every part of our lives and what you can do to help bring about change


By Tracey Read

very year, tonnes of primarily plastic waste wash up on Lantau’s beaches and pollute our sea. While, sadly, this is nothing new, two significant events in recent years have brought the issue into the spotlight and have been a catalyst for action in Hong Kong: The 150-tonne plastic pellet spill in 2012 and the worse-than-usual summer marine pollution seen in 2016. The 2012 spill, which saw swathes of white plastic pellets wash up on Hong Kong’s beaches after a cargo ship lost a number of containers overboard, led the government to set up a multi-departmental working group called Clean Shorelines, targeted specifically with tackling marine pollution. More recently, last summer, as masses of waste from both Hong Kong and mainland China began to wash up across across the territory, then Chief Executive CY Leung travelled to Shui Hau in South Lantau to join in a beach clean-up, a gesture which helped to raise the profile and highlight the seriousness of the plastic marine pollution problem both here and across the border. In addition to the government’s response, there are now hundreds of people and groups within the Hong Kong community mobilising not just for beach cleanups but also demanding changes in how plastics are used in society today, calling for the introduction 118 The Best of Lantau

of a deposit refund scheme on plastic drink bottles, a reduction in the amount of plastic packaging used by supermarkets, and alternatives to polystyrene. As consumers, we need to be pushing for change at every opportunity. We need to make a statement through our everyday actions. Refuse single-use items such as water bottles, straws, coffee cups, plastic bags and cutlery; bring your own containers and bags to the supermarket for meat, deli items, nuts and fruit and vegetables; do the same for takeaways. Use your voice on social media; send emails to manufacturers, supermarkets and the government. Plastic is affecting us in all aspects of life. It’s in the fish we eat, it’s wrapped around the food we buy, it covers our beaches, and things will only get worse if we don’t push for stronger legislation and corporate policies. If you haven’t done so already, join a beach clean-up to see the problem first hand and find out for yourself why we all need to reduce our plastic usage. It’s quite sobering.

Contact Tracey Read, founder of local community group Plastic Free Seas, at tracey@plasticfreeseas.org, or visit plasticfreeseas.org.


fluorescent road safety collars for cows in South Lantau. TOCCG regularly monitors herd statistics and roaming patterns, and reports injuries and sickness. It also works hard to monitor the water catchments to save the barking deer. Educating visitors to Lantau is a top priority and the group leads frequent eco tours and nature walks in Shui Hau and Tai O. 5181 4406, taioccg@gmail.com, Facebook: Where is Melvin?

RELIGIOUS CENTRES Bridge Church, Tung Chung

Bridge Church is an international family of Christian believers meeting every Sunday at 10am. YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College, 2 Chung Yat Street, Tung Chung, www.thebridgechurch.hk.

Calvary Church, Discovery Bay & Tung Chung

Calvary Church is an English-speaking international church that holds services on Sundays at 10.30am. DB Community Hall, DB North Plaza, DB, robertescueta@calvaryhk.com. Novotel Citygate, Tung Chung, kevinhar@calvaryhk.com, www.calvaryhk.com.

Discovery Bay International Community Church, Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay International Community Church (DBICC) holds services for adults every Sunday at 10am. Separate age-appropriate services are held for children and teens. Discovery College, 38 Siena Avenue, DB, 2987 7061, office@dbicc.org, www.dbicc.org.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Discovery Bay The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (members are commonly known as Mormons) holds a worship service every Sunday at 1pm. Discovery College, 4/F, 38 Siena Avenue, DB, 6099 8020.

Trinity Chapel, Discovery Bay

Trinity Chapel welcomes anyone keen to learn more about the Catholic faith. Sunday mass takes place at Discovery Bay International School at 8am and 10.30am (in English), and at 9.15am (in Chinese). 9234 3548, info@dbtrinitychapel.org, www.dbtrinitychapel.org.

Discovery Bay Alliance Church, Discovery Bay

The Discovery Bay Alliance Church invites anyone wanting to know more about Jesus Christ to its prayer meetings and services. Sunday service takes place at 8.20am, 10am, and 11.40am, with a teens’ Sunday school at 10am and children’s Sunday school at 11.40am. Services and Sunday schools are conducted in Cantonese with Mandarin translation. 2987 8780, church@dbac.org.hk, www.dbac.org.hk.

Following the Anglican/ Episcopal tradition, Discovery Bay Church is an English-speaking daughter church of St John’s Cathedral in Central. Mass is led by Reverend Mark Rogers at SKH Wei Lun School, DB every Sunday at 10am. 2987 4210, www.discoverybaychurch.org.hk.


Discovery Bay Church, Discovery Bay

The Best of Lantau 119


Bart’s Bash

Discovery Mind International Play Centre, Box of Hope

Bart’s Bash, Lantau waters

An international sail race, locally sponsored by Lantau Boat Club and Discovery Bay Yacht Club, Bart’s Bash takes place in September globally. Funds raised go to help promote and develop sailing opportunities for young people and the disabled. admin@lantauboatclub.com, www.lantauboatclub.com.

Box of Hope, across Lantau

Through Box of Hope, local kids get to send useful and educational gifts to underprivileged children in Hong Kong and Asia at Christmas. There are collection points at schools in DB, Mui Wo and South Lantau. siantrodd@boxofhope.org, www.boxofhope.org.

DB 10km Run for Charity, Discovery Bay

Taking place on November 11, 2017, the annual DB 10km Run for Charity now attracts over 500 (road) runners. Proceeds go to a different charity every year. info@dbrunforcharity.org, www.dbrunforcharity.org. 120 The Best of Lantau

ANNUAL CHARITY EVENTS DBRC Tennis Charity Cup, Discovery Bay Keen local tennis players battle it out every September at the Discovery Bay Recreation Club, and there’s a fun family carnival to keep the kids entertained. All are welcome. Funds raised go to the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association and the Watchdog Early Education Centre. dbrc-enquiries@dbrc.hk, www.dbrc.hk.

DMK Operation Santa Claus Walk, Discovery Bay & Tung Chung

Get decked out in your festive gear and join the children from Discovery Mind Kindergarten (DMK) as they walk for Operation Santa Claus on November 18, 2017. www.dmk.edu.hk, osc.scmp.com.

Harvey Law Kart Race, Discovery Bay

The fifth edition of the Harvey Law Kart Race takes place towards the end of 2018, in November/ December. Open to kids aged seven to 12, proceeds go to a different charity every year. Prizes are awarded for each age category, as well as for the fastest freestyler and best kart design. kartrace@harveylawcorporation.com, www.hlgkartrace.com.


Harvey Law Kart Race


Lantau Beer Dash


Photo by Andrew Spires


DBRC Tennis Charity Cup

The BIG Picnic

Participants in this hugely popular, 5-kilometre fun run dress up and drink a different international beer at every checkpoint. Funds raised each March go to Lantau-based animalwelfare charities. melaniepotgieter@hotmail.com.

Moon Bear Concert, Discovery Bay

All proceeds from the Moon Bear Concert, being held on March 17, 2018 at Discovery Bay International School, go to Animals Asia and its quest to end bear bile farming. ccyc123123@gmail.com.

Team FEAR, Discovery Bay

Over 800 students, aged eight to 18, gather on November 19, 2017, to run, cycle, swim, kayak and climb across DB. Funds raised go to Youth Outreach (www.youthoutreach.org.hk). Registration starts in early September. www.team-fear.com.

The BIG Picnic, Discovery Bay

The BIG Picnic, previously Picnic in the Park, is being held at Tai Pak Wan and DB Plaza on November 4, 2017. This live music and

www.evoqueportraits.co m

Lantau International Beer Dash, Tong Fuk

The Crayon Run

dance festival, now in its eleventh year, attracts crowds of over 10,000. Proceeds go to charity. www.thebigpicnichk.com, Facebook: The BIG Picnic.

The Crayon Run, Discovery Bay

In an aim to promote family bonding through physical activity, The Crayon Society is holding its annual family run towards the end of the school year in April/ May 2018. Proceeds go to the Society for the Relief of Disabled Children, to help children with orthopaedic problems. thecrayonsociety@gmail.com, www.thecrayonrun.com. The Best of Lantau 121


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A caring and nurturing Montessori programme, held in DB Plaza, where children grow and learn through self-discipline and self-discovery.

Discovery Bay 6108 9131 woodentotsdb@gmail.com

For children aged 2.5-5 years


Tung Chung Vet Centre

All your vet needs surgery, dentals, vaccinations, retail and grooming.

Shop Q2, Seaview Crescent Retail, 8 Tung Chung Water Front Road, Tung Chung (near Zentro Bar)

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LANTAU MOMENTS From rolling hills and white, sandy beaches to buffaloes and biking trails, Lantau really does have it all. Six of the island’s residents share with us their own special Lantau moments...

“Tsing Ma Bridge is the gateway to Lantau. The bridge is beautiful any time of the day, especially at sunset, when the golden glow of the sunlight surrounds it and creates an aura of crimson colours.”

“Just a little water and open spaces, I can find so many genuine, innocent and happy faces here. Simply wonderful!”

“Stop every now and then. Just stop. Take a deep breath. Relax and take in the beauty of Lantau.”

May James

Natasha Ramsey

“Peace and tranquility is all around us on Lantau, even in and amongst the high-rise flats of Discovery Bay.”

“When I think Hong Kong, the words that come to mind are industriousness, trade and food... and beneath the hunky dory of fast-paced living I also see humanity. This image captures all of the above.”

Amrit Bharadwaj

“What a zen yet spectacular sight it was when this group of chanting monks made their way up to the temple for their morning meditation. Indeed one of the many reasons why I love Lantau!” Jeanice de La Grandiere 124 The Best of Lantau

Colin Sim

Asha Sridhar

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The Best Of Lantau 2017/ 18  

From the publishers of Around DB and Life on Lantau, The Best of Lantau 2017/ 18 is your ultimate guide to everything our beautiful island h...

The Best Of Lantau 2017/ 18  

From the publishers of Around DB and Life on Lantau, The Best of Lantau 2017/ 18 is your ultimate guide to everything our beautiful island h...

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