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sound art projects by Arnont Nongyao

PROFILE ARNONT NONGYAO Born 1979, Bangkok. Arnont graduated with BFA Faculty of Fine Art from Chiang Mai University in 2003. Although Arnont is graduated from painting department, Arnont is working with various and different media includes sound, video, installation, site specific, public art etc. Arnont’s work is engage with his interest in vibration; he works on diverse art experimental projects, vibration-related. Arnont Nongyao is interested in and does research into sound with concentration on vibration, so most of his works are differently experimental and relative to vibration in order to search for the value of vibration derived from connected things, such as human beings, objects and society. His works are involved in a specific space and audience’s participation. They are also connected with the mode of listening/ hearing in a social situation, and with how people interact with and participate in sound. Moreover, he still collaborates with Delicate, a group of new artists working on and organizing the activities of experimental music in Chiang Mai. Some of his selected exhibitions include 16th Media Art Biennale WRO 2015: Test Exposure, Wroclaw, Poland, TRANCE at Gallery VER, Bangkok, Thailand (2014), Imaginarium, (Water Cave) at Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand (2012), DRIFT A series of experimental sound project Project #1 : Duration at Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre, Bangkok, Thailand (2014) From Wat to Wat: The Vertical Perception at Soi Wat Umong, Chiang Mai, Thailand (2014), PROXIMITY, part of inSPIRACJE International at 13 MUZ, Szczecin, Poland (2014), Dialogue the Promise at Chiang Mai University Art Museum, Chiang Mai, Thailand (2013), Cross Stitch at Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre, Bangkok, Thailand (2013), The Sleeping Volcano On Crazy Star at V64, Bangkok, Thailand (2012), MADE at Ban Tuek, Chiang Mai, Thailand (2011), Madifesto 2011 at Chiang Mai University Art Museum, Chiang Mai, Thailand (2011), What to Dip at Sangdee Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand (2011) etc.

ARTIST STATEMENT I have been using sound and film experimental and as my primary medium since 2003, focus on site-specific work in public.Sound, as idea and material, is central to my practice and I am interested in all ways of listening and hearing, how these ideas are framed, and by whom and local people. I explore include ideas about the construction of culture, public, and the local people. I am drawn to common environments and find them successful sites for my playful style of site specific sound art. I also have extensive design team experience which includes teamwork with other artists and community. My research is both sound and participants in public space,I often create instrument and invite the peoples to create sound which is more than meaning of language. My ambition is to create and amplify the public sound spirit that makes some kind of developing social together.


This performance used the tape cassette recording sound from the Gay Ray music band and used tap tape cassette attached to human body, the mix tape play by tape cassette head cooperate with the music band performance. This project was part of Gay Ray band’s Experimental sound project in Retrospective Video Art 2012 at National Art Gallery, Bangkok

MIX Tape as Body The national gallery BKK/Bangkok/2012 Play with the Gay Ray band

MIX Tape as Body 2012 [above]Tape on the body [bottom] Tape cassette head pen


Phenomenon Under The Multi-Purpose Canvas. The multi-purpose canvas can be adapted and used in accordance with the needs of different users. Most of which are used to protect or cover things. In this exhibit, it was used to protect the lights of the exhibition area to cause shadows under the multi-purpose canvas to make the area that is normally beyond the exhibition. And let the vibrations of the voice is telling the story of a real life outside gallery. Sound of rain through the roof, which then makes sense of the atmosphere around. At Rumpueng Artspace, Chiangmai, Thailand.

Phenomenon Under The Multi-Purpose Canvas Rumpueng Artspace/Chiangmai/2013 [above] the speakers [right] Installatin


Mix Tape as Poster. This installation uses cassette tapes recorded sound of local traditions from suburb around Chiang Mai city covered an environment posters ,this work open for audiences come to join an art work and play recorded sound by the Pen Head Cassette Tape play with 1970’s Disco songs by DJ(Sam Cartmell) it is a Co-operate art work emphasis on participation between DJ(Sam Cartmell) Painter (Jirasak Sangpolasith) and Sound Artist(Arnont NongYao). At JJ market space, Chiangmai, Thailand

MIX Tape as Poster JJ market space/Chiagmai/2013 [above] installation [left] tape cassette head pen


MIX Tape as Wall Baan Tuek/Chiangmai/2013

Mix Tape as Wall (The musician don’t know the band) A part of a project “Mix Tape as ?”. An music instruments have dispart recorded by cassette tape,each tap tape from each of music instrument have bring together,collage sounds be a big CD digital audio shape,persuade and open for audiences to create a sound by Head Tape Cassette Pen. At Bann Tuek, Chiangmai, Thailand.

Water Cave // Sound Installation Faculty of Fine Art CMU/Chiangmai/2011 [above] Water tube dripping [left] Musician play with water dripping sound


Water Cave // sound Installation with performance. The installation ,Water from tube over a old car roof drip to objects in a roof structure make sounds.Invited musicians to join and play with sudden rhythmic sound of water drops. At Faculty of Fine Art galler, Chiangmai University, Chingmai, Thailand.


Water Cave // Performance The audience can observe and listen to the rhythmic sound of water drops on a different objects,the sound is unique not constant and changing all time. At V64 gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.

Water Cave // Performance V64 gallery/Bangkok/2012 Performance

Water Cave // Performance V64 gallery/Bangkok/2012 [above]Water tube dripping [bottom] The can installed microphone

CHANGE POSITION (SOUND THROWIES) Change Position (Sound Throwies) This interactive sound art aimed to transform audiences to be an audio source to create sounds by thowing a ball to the sound’s frame which make a diferent bells sound similar to bells in temple which create by visiters ,diferent people different bells sound to become a united song. At Pongnoi artspace, Chiangmai, Thailand.

Water Cave // Performance Pongnoi artspace/Chiangmai/2013 [above] Audience throwing balls [above left] The sound’s frame

Mobile Sound BACC/Bangkok/2013 [above] Detil of mobile sound [right] Moving by people


Mobile Sound. This instrumental is designs to use all parts that can create sound ,by putting a wireless microphone inside and wheels to move to the audience,the audiences can make a participation sound with “Mobile Sound� and push forward the instrument to the next audience and the next. Audio signal to be sent to sound effect overlap layer by layer and amplified to speaker on stage. At BACC, Bangkok, Thailand


Asomatous Everything (Sound) This performance invite audiences and things around the space (Junk Yard Space) to create sound experimental with the artist. At Junk Yard Space, Phayao, Thailand. Asomatous Everything (Sound) Junk Yard Space/Phayoa/2013 Create sound with neon lights Asomatous Everything (Sound) Junk Yard space, Phayao, 2013 [above] Create sound wiht thing [bottom] Invite audiences to create sound

Eat Canal In Bat’s Cave Chiangmai/2014 [above] Audiences join experimental film [middle] a Disk Tape handmade instrument [bottom] Handmade instumets play with fan


Eat Canal In Bat’s Cave 2014 Experimental sound art performing 2 fans, 7 cans speaker, P.A. Sound system, Projector, 1 Camera. at Motiva 15.0 / Rumpung Galler, Chiangmai, Thailand This performance that invited audiences join and play sound & film experimental. There were handmade instruments played with fans also disk tape circle, audiences could join film experimental realtime projects on screen.

Opera of Kard Nut Wat Pong-Noi Wat Pong Noi/Chiangmai/2013 [above] Land scape view [right] Recordign with wirelee microphone


Opera of Kard Nut Wat Pong-Noi is a site-specific public installation set up in pavilion of Wat Pong-Noi. It consists of an amplify and speaker, wireless microphone receiver systems and overlap effect sound. The sound come from signal of wireless microphone live recording around Kard Nut (outdoor market) Wat Pong-Noi. The sounds overlap by the overlap effect with live video of Kard Wat Nut Wat Pong-Noi. This project cooperate with Pisan Am Pim (video artist). At Wat Pong-Noi, Chiangmai, Thailand

Opera of Kard Nut Wat Pong-Noi Wat Pong Noi/Chiangmai/2013 Site specific installation


Opera of Kard Thung Fha Bod [left] HD video 16:9 [right] Loop station real time record & car camera

Sound art projects HD video 16:9 / time 6.24 min dimensions variable, 2014

Opera of Kard Thung Fha Bod This is sound art projects series Opera of Kard. This video showed a process record sound at local market. Recorder can record sound loops of activity at local market and overlapping sound in real times. As the sound in each loop became mixing of site specific rhythm in each market there are special individual vibration.


Sound art project performing that invited peoples co-operate by them voice and recording peoples voice by voice “ Democracy Sound” every one can join and listen this sound. Sound art performing Microphone, PA sound system, Boss loopstation. dimensions variable, 2014 inSPIRACJE 2014, MUZ, Szczecin, Poland.

DRINK SKY ON RABBIT’S FIELD IN SZCZECIN Sound art & video installation 2 speakers, P.A. sound system, 2 projectors, dimension variable International Festival of Visual Art inSPIRACJE 2014 at MUZ, Szczecin, Poland.

There are relation of 2 playground in Chiangmai “Kard Nut” & Szczecin some of child just playing and screening 2 circle shape. 2 speaker separate sound of playground left from Chiangmai and right from Szczecin, 2 speaker install by face to face like as kissing. The feeling of play around installation were related from sound and visual.

DRINK SKY ON RABBIT’S FIELD IN SZCZECIN [left] sound art & video installation [above] speaker kissing [bottom] some part of video screening


Sound art projects Sound recording QR code interactive on Soundcloud 2:00 min, Poster installation. dimensions variable, 2014 The Records of Soi is project co-operate with From Wat to Wat art project in Chiangmai. Sound recorded from each soi around Wat Umong Road that there are developing area for hight building and each soi there are site specific sound of construction sometime sound are noise. This project that arrange and made new records.

The Records of Soi Chiangmai/2014 [left] Installation poster [above] Poster [2 bottom] Developing area for hight building

Multi-Purpose Canvas of Phenomenon 2014 [middle] interactive sound installation [left] sound senser [right] installation

MULTI-PURPOSE CANVAS OF PHENOMENON 2014 Multi-Purpose Canvas of Phenomenon 2014 Site Specific Sound Installation Mixer, 10 Speakers, Multi-Purpose Canvas, 8 sensor, amplify. Drift Project#1, BACC, Bangkok, Thailand. As the universe is expanding, the galaxies are getting farther from each other. People’s conditions in the present art not following it yet. We try to speed up time and downsize things. These attempts.thus have a physical impact on us. For example, a space joining and entrance to an exit is used just as a passage, on the other hand, in terms of existence, it actually enables people to see and interact with each other as much as possible. This space is like the expansion of people’s relationship in terms of looking at each other’s lives. This is considered a paradox that impacts on the feeling happening in the space. Therefore, relaxing time of energy and compressed sound can also create relationship between lives in the space.

TRANCE exhibition 2014 Trance refers to a temporary mental condition in which someone is not fully conscious of or not in control of himself orherself, or a state in which someone is concentrating on something so intensely that the person does not notice what is happening around him or her. Also, trance refers to a type of electronic dance music that developed in the 1990s. To fall into the trance state could be a result of many factors, for example, being hypnotized, brainwashed by a propaganda scheme, being aroused by some form of psychological input, drug-abuse, practicing necromancy, a form of practice of communicating to the spirit or supernatural being, occurrence of mass hysteria and listening to trance music which is able to lead listeners into trance-like condition or fall into a half-conscious or absentminded state. Listening to a so-called propaganda song over and over again is unavoidable nowadays, especially for people who consume mass media like television and radio. We inevitably consume this trance like loop of the returning happiness campaign repeatedly. Whatever your political ideology, we all know the tune and can sing along to this “happy” tune and has probably dazed us into a trance like state. Arnont Nongyao and Piyarat Piyapongwiwat’s work in TRANCE exhibition is originally based on the artists’ personal interests in music, law of vibration, and linguistic theory. It could be a coincidence that the concept of this work is somehow in parallel with the current national situation, or it could be that the subject has somehow existed long into Thai history, but passed us unnoticed. Arnont and Piyarat have carefully selected propaganda songs from a range of nations, languages, cultures for this series of work. Although the selected songs cover a wide range of historical backgrounds and periods of time, they all share mutual points and have tremendous impact on the word’s history including the praise of heroic actions (be they genuine of fictitious), inciting the killing among people of the same nation, lead the masses towards genocide and into wars. TRANCE exhibition 2014 By Arnont Nongyao and Piyarat Piyapongwiwat Curated by Lyla Phimanrat Gallery VER / Venue: Yet Space,Bangkok

TRANCE exhibition “Metamorphosis” Metamorphosis is a series of multi-media installation resulting in many people’s participation. A piano melody was recomposed from parts of selected propaganda songs which were then passed to others to listen to. These people were then asked for their feedback and first impressions, which created this set of multi-media installation, featuring sound, video clips, texts, photographs, objects, and movie posters. All of the 8 selected songs had a march-song rhythm style, which has been used by the state and establishment institutions during conflicts or wars; interestingly, most of the feedback received was of a positive nature. The set of this work is reflecting Arnont and Piyarat’s art practices and their opening of new space and their collaboration with others.

All participation work passed to others to listen song “Marching piano”

Are We All Dust? , 2014 HD Video / 1.51 minutes / silent sound

Year Zero , 2014 HD Video / 2.30 minutes / silent sound

Video art installation room 4 Full HD tellevision monitors

TRANCE exhibition “The Video Installation”

The video installation is comprised of 4 works, entitled, Thousand Hills, Are We All Just Dust?, Year Zero and For What It’s Worth. All works are derived from the deconstruction of propaganda songs. Deconstructing the music structure, Arnont & Piyarat recreate a new meaning to these songs. Among 3 parts of the work in this exhibition, this video installation is the only part that is mute. As the visuals in each video dance in relation to its rhythm and vibration, as if...they are attempting to communicate something through silence.

Thousand Hills , 2014 HD Video / 10.0 minutes / silent sound

For What It’s Worth, 2014 HD Video / 2.31 minutes / silent sound

Warpaper Interactive sound & visual intallation. (chair, speaker, sensors, camera) Yet space, Bangkok, 2014. [above] Speaker water vibration interactive [bottom] Visual interactive [right] Installation

TRANCE exhibition “WARPAPER”

Warpaper is an interactive visual and sound installation, installed in the dark room. The speaker, camera, and sensors are attached to a chair, an ordinary chair that is easily available but somehow looks familiar to one of a significant photograph in Thai history decades ago...or perhaps this is just another coincidence. The work Warpaper acts like the artist’s invitation, asking the audience to join in and become part of their work. The key note from one of the selected songs is decoded and transmitted to a speaker that is filled with water, createing a sitespecific installation. Then, the vibration and image changed according to the audience’s actions and participation. In this idea, “us” the audience, have changed our role from ‘passive’ to ‘activ’ as we are now the creator.

ARNONT NONGYAO Born Thailand, 1979 Film/Video Screening

Selected Solo Exhibition 2014 2011

- TRANCE by Arnont Nongyao and Piyarat Piyapongwiwat, curated by Lyla Phimanrat, Gallery VER, Bangkok, Thailand. - Imaginarium, (Water Cave), Art Exhibition, Faculty of fine arts,Chiangmai,Thailand

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- 16th Media Art Biennale WRO 2015, Wroclaw, Poland. - Papay gyro nights Art Festival 2015, Art Basel, Hong Kong. - Papay gyro nights Art Festival 2015, ORKNEY, Scotland. - “PROXIMITY” inSPIRACJE International, 13 MUZ, Szczecin, Poland. - “TRANCE” art exhibition, Yet Space, Bangkok, Thailand. - “Drift” sound experimental project, BACC, Bangkok, Thailand. - “The Spirit Of The Land” sound scape event, Rumpueng Community Art, Chiangmai,TH. - Experimental Electronic Music VS Visual Art, Pongnoi Art Space, Chiangmai, Thailand. - From Wat to Wat, Soi wat umong, Chiangmai, Thailand - ALTERNATING CURRENT ART LAB, Rumpueng art space, Chiangmai, Thailand - Cross Stitch, (Mobile sound), BACC, Bangkok, Thailand - A Tale of Two Cities, (Mix Tape as Poster), JJ Market, Chiangmai, Thailand - M.A. Art Exhibition (Mix Tape as Wall), Baan Tuek Art Center, Chiangmai, Thailand - “The Sleeping Volcano On Crazy Star” sound art experimental exhibition at V64, Bangkok, Thailand - “MADE”Baan Tuek Art Center ,Chinagmai,Thailand - Madifesto 2011, CMU art museum, Chiangmai, Thailand - What to dip, Sangdee gallery, Chiangmai, Thailand - Imaginarium, Faculty of Fine Art, Chiangmai, Thailand - Myth Suck,VDO art and installation,Pai,Thailand - Freak Arts,Sound art and installation,Chinagmai,Thailand - Sound Art installation concert,CMU museum arts,Chinagmai,Thailnad - Insomnia48,ZogZag village, Singapore biennale, The arts house,Singapore - Alien(gener)ation,Lanna Version An art exhibition, Chiangmai, Thailand - Motel Project ,Tapainn motel, Chiangmai, Thailand - One Day Eu Ka Beuk 2 months culture sketch,Umong Silppadhamma,Chingmai, Thailand - Chiang Mai Social Installation 5 , zogzag group, Chiangmai,Thailand - “Klong Kan Hull Ku Tin Doi” , installation art, Chiangmai, Thailand

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- Sunday Market Orchestra with Otomo Yoshihide, Chiangmai, Thailand. - No Answer/experimental music, Pong Noi Art Space, Chiangmai, Thailand. - Sonic Moon festival, Phù Sa Studio, Hanoi, Vietnam. - Motiva 16.0, Chiangmai Experimental Music Series,Chiangmai, Thailand. - EESE : Experimental Electronic South East, Stereo Bar, Bangkok, Thailand. - Motiva 15.0, Chiangmai Experimental Music Series, RumpuengArts space, Chiangmai,TH. - 11.12.13 Art & Music, Chiang Rai, Thailand. - Experimental Music and Noise Music scene, JunkYard, Phayao, Thailand. - Motiva 10.0, Chiangmai Experimental Music Series, RAM Space, Chiangmai, Thailand. - Motiva 9.0, (Change Position), Pongnoi Art Space, Chiangmai, Thailand. - Retrospective 9 years Experimental Video Exhibition Thai - European Friendship 2004- 2012, The National Gallery,Bangkok,Thailand. - “The Sleeping Volcano On Crazy Star” sound art experimental exhibition at V64, Bangkok, Thailand.

Sound art Selected Performances

2015 - Papay gyro nights Art Festival 2015, SonADA 2015, Aberdeen, Scotland. - Papay gyro nights Art Festival 2015, Art Basel, Hong Kong. - Papay gyro nights Art Festival 2015, ORKNEY, Scotland. 2014 - NAAFestival 2014, (Drink Sky On Rabbit’s Field(Lost Control), Barcelos, Portugal. - Mica Film Festival 2014, (Drink Sky On Rabbit’s Field(Lost Control), Maraus, Brazil. - Experimental Video Art Exhibition, Thai-European Friendship 2004-2014, Moltkerei Werkstatt, Cologne, Germany. - Experimental Video Art Exhibition, Thai-European Friendship 2004-2014, BACC, Bangkok, Thailand. - The 18th Thai short film Festival, Bangkok,Thailand. - Non-Being by Itself project, (Anonymous) at ART STAGE SINGAPORE, Singapore. 2013 - Non-Being by Itself, (Anonymous) Satanni Project, Singapore biennale,Singapore. - Non-Being by Itself project, The Art Center 7th FL,Center of Academic Resources,Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. 2012 - Thai Video Arts Screening, (Mr. Weirdo and Anomalous Space),Osage Gallery, Hong Kong. - Retrospective 9 years Experimental Video Exhibition Thai - European Friendship 2004-2012, The National Gallery,Bangkok,Thailand. 2008 - Clermont-Ferrand short film Festival, (All the chapter of the song you ate me), Clermont, USA. 2007 - 7th Asia film symposium, (All the chapter of the song you ate me), Singapore. - 9th Jakarta international film festival, (All the chapter of the song you ate me), Jakarta, Indonesia. - FAT Festival 7, (All the chapter of the song you ate me), Bangkok,Thailand. 2006 - The 8th Thai short film Festival, (All the chapter of the song you ate me), Bangkok, Thailand. 2005 - Thai Takes II : contemporary thai film festival, (Mr. Weirdo and Anomalous Space), New York, USA. - Auditorium of Alliance Francaise, (Mr. Weirdo and Anomalous Space), Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand. 2004 - 2nd world film Festival in Bangkok, (Mr. Weirdo and Anomalous Space), Bangkok, Thailand. - EVA Experimental Video, (Mr. Weirdo and Anomalous Space), Bangkok, Thailand. 2003 - The 8th Thai short film & Video Festival, (Mr. Weirdo and Anomalous Space), Bangkok, Thailand.

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- Lecture Experimental Digital Sound, Media Arts & Design, CMU, Chiangmai, Thailand. - Co-Curator “Sunday Market Orchestra with Otomo Yoshihide”, Chiangmai, Thailand. - A committee member of The Land Foundation, Chiangmai, Thailand. - Lecture Experimental Sound art, King Mongkut’s University, Bangkok, Thailand. - Lecture at Workshop Experimental Sound art, BACC, Bangkok, Thailand. - Lecture at Workshop Experimental Music EESE, Stereo Bar, Bangkok, Thailand. - Art Director of RAM Space, RAM Space, Chiangmai, Thailand. - Lecture at CNXP music+tech+photo,Hand Made Instrument, Chiangmai,Thailand. - Lecture at Workshop Experimental Music, Phayao university, Phayao, Thailand. - Lecture at Workshop Drawing of Sense, Faculty of Architecture CMU, Chiangmai, Thailand. - Co - Curator at M.A. Art Exhibition, Baan Tuek Art Center, Chiangmai, Thailand. - Artist Assistant (sound & video) working for Kamin Lertchaiprasert at 31 st Century Museum, Chiangmai, Thailand. - Assistant Video Workshop “Asia Video Advocacy Workshop for displacement activists”, Chiangmai, Thailand. - Part time participants “ONE YEAR PROJECT”, The Land Foundation, Chiangmai, Thailand.

CONTACT Mr.ARNONT NONGYAO The Go Dung studio 143/43 M.10, Kunklonc Chonlaprathan Rd.,T.Sutep, A.Maung, Chiang Mai 50200. Thailand Phone: +66 84 804 8159 Email: arnont108@gmail.com www.arnontnongyao.com