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TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Contents and Quick Facts................................... 1 About the Academy .......................................................2-3 Why West Point? .............................................................. 4 Distinguished Graduates .................................................. 5 Academy Leadership ........................................................ 6 Athletic Director Kevin Anderson ...................................... 7 Coaches and Support Staff ...........................................8-9 2010 Men’s Roster and Outlook ..................................... 10 Men’s Profiles ............................................................ 11-14 Men’s Plebe Profiles ....................................................... 15 2010 Women’s Roster and Outlook ................................ 16 Women’s Profiles .......................................................17-20 Women’s Plebe Profiles ................................................. 21 2009 Results..............................................................22-23 Patriot League Information ....................Inside Back Cover 2010 Schedule................................................. Back Cover

CREDITS The 2010 Army Cross Country Media Guide is an official publication of the U.S. Military Academy Office of Athletic Communications. The guide was designed, written and edited by Pamela Flenke. Editing assistance was provided by Tracy Nelson and Ryan Yanoshak. Photos courtesy of the USMA Department of Information Management Creative Imaging Center, Jon Malinowski and Mady Salvani.



U.S. MILITARY ACADEMY QUICK FACTS Location ........................................................ West Point, N.Y. Founded ........................................................ March 16, 1802 Enrollment ..................................................................... 4,400 Superintendent ........................ Lt. Gen. David H. Huntoon Jr. Athletic Director .............................................Kevin Anderson Nicknames ...........................................Black Knights, Cadets Mascot ............................................................................ Mule Motto................................................... “Duty, Honor, Country” Colors ...................................................Black, Gold and Gray Conference ......................................................Patriot League


WEST POINT The United States Military Academy is renowned because of its historic and distinguished reputation as a military academy, and as a leading, progressive institution of higher education. Made legendary in books and movies produced over the years, the Academy’s “Long Gray Line” of graduates includes some of our nation’s most famous and influential men: Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, George S. Patton, Omar Bradley, Douglas MacArthur, Dwight Eisenhower and Norman Schwarzkopf. Because of this superb education and leadership experience, West Point graduates historically have been sought for high level civilian and military leadership positions. Their numbers include two U.S. presidents, several ambassadors, state governors, legislators, judges, cabinet members, educators, astronauts and corporate executives. Today, West Point continues to provide hundreds of young men and women the unique opportunity to develop physically, ethically and intellectually while building a foundation for an exciting, challenging and rewarding career as an Army officer in the service of our nation. Cadets have much more responsibility in running the Academy than students in most other colleges or universities. It adds to the leadership experience. Cadets succeed at West Point because of the support they receive from the staff and faculty. After all, many faculty members are West Point graduates and understand the challenge cadets face on a daily basis. They also serve as ideal role models, showing cadets what Army life is like. The U.S. Military Academy’s primary strength is its ability to develop leaders of character who are committed to “Duty, Honor, Country” and selfless service to our nation.



WEST POINT The mission of the U.S. Military Academy is to educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country; professional growth throughout a career as an offi cer in the U.S. Army; and a lifetime of selfl ess service to the Nation. Founded on March 16, 1802, the Academy celebrated its Bicentennial in 2002. But West Point’s role in America’s history dates to the Revolutionary War, when both sides realized the strategic importance of the commanding plateau on the west bank of the Hudson River. Gen. George Washington considered West Point to be the most strategic position in America. He personally selected Thaddeus Kosciuszko, one of the heroes of Saratoga, to design the fortifi cations in 1778 after problems arose with French engineers originally placed in charge of the design. In 1779, General Washington transferred his headquarters to West Point. Continental soldiers built forts, batteries and defensive barriers. A 100-ton iron chain was extended across the Hudson to control river traffic. Today, several links from that chain are arranged at Trophy Point as a reminder of West Point’s original fortifi cations. In 1802 President Thomas Jefferson signed the legislation establishing the U.S. Military Academy to create an institution devoted to the arts and sciences of warfare. This effectively eliminated America’s wartime reliance on foreign engineers and artillerists. West Point became the nation’s first engineering school and served as the model for engineering programs which were eventually established at other colleges. Col. Sylvanus Thayer, the “Father of the Military Academy,” served as Superintendent from 1817 through 1833. He upgraded academic standards, instilled military discipline and emphasized honorable conduct. Early graduates were largely responsible for the construction of the nation’s initial railway lines, bridges, harbors, and roads. Although the curriculum maintains its focus on engineering, in recent decades the program of instruction has markedly changed, providing cadets a selection of more than 40 majors. This tradition of academic and military excellence, guided by a demanding standard of moral and ethical conduct, remains the cornerstone of the West Point experience. It is said at West Point that “much of the history we teach was made by those people we taught.” The Academy has produced famous leaders throughout its illustrious past…Civil War Generals Grant, Sherman, Lee, and Jackson, to name but a few. In World War I, 34 of the 38 corps and division commanders were graduates. World War II would see many graduates

reach brigadier general or higher, to include Eisenhower, MacArthur, Bradley and Patton. In more recent confl icts, MacArthur, Ridgway, Westmoreland, Abrams, Schwarzkopf and Abizaid were in command. Academy graduates have also excelled in air and space exploration, and countless others went on from military service to become leaders in medicine, law, business, religion and science. Since its founding, the Military Academy fulfills the same mission as it always has . . . to educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets. It accomplishes this mission by developing cadets in three essential areas: intellectual, physical and military. These developmental paths are balanced and fully integrated into the daily life of each young man and woman at the Academy. Intellectual growth is fostered through an academic curriculum that provides a broad liberal education in the arts and sciences. The electives program builds upon the foundation of the core, allowing cadets to develop even greater competence in selected areas. In addition, the fields-of-study and majors nurture the development of creativity, critical thinking, and selfdirected learning, essential characteristics of 21st century officers. The four-year academic experience leads to a bachelor of science degree and a commission as a second lieutenant in the Army. Physical development is achieved through a rigorous athletic and physical education program. Each cadet participates at the intercollegiate, club or intramural level each semester. This readies the cadet for the physical demands of military life and helps teach good judgment and self-discipline, even while under mental and physical stress. Military development begins with the cadet’s first day at West Point. Most military training takes place during the summer, with new cadets undergoing Cadet Basic Training, or Beast Barracks, their first year, followed the second summer by Cadet Field Training. Cadets spend their third and fourth summers serving in active Army units around the world; attending specialty training such as airborne, air assault or northern warfare or helping to train the first- and second-year cadets. The Cadet Leader Development System seeks to give the cadets increasing responsibility until they are ready to receive their commissions and assume their duties as leaders in today’s Army. Moral and ethical values guide cadets throughout their four years at West Point. Commitment to the Academy’s “Bedrock Values,” based on integrity and respect for the dignity of others, begins on the first day. Integrity is reflected in the Cadet Honor Code which states: “A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.” Respect denotes that cadets treat others with the same respect and dignity they themselves would expect. At West Point, it is not enough to train leaders—they must be leaders of character. Admission is keenly competitive and is open to young men and women from all states and territories and from every socioeconomic level. Prospective cadets must receive a nomination by a member of Congress or from the Department of the Army. The Academy seeks candidates who possess records of success in academics, athletics and leadership indicative of wellrounded individuals. Although the life of a cadet is demanding, there remains an array of club activities ranging from golf, skiing, boxing, crew and orienteering to such organizations as the cadet radio station, Habitat for Humanity and Big Brothers-Big Sisters. Additionally, the U.S. Corps of Cadets hosts a Special Olympics event each spring. Today’s Military Academy is a vastly different institution from the small academy legislated into being by Congress in 1802. Originally just 1,800 acres, the Academy has grown to more than 16,000 acres. The first graduating class numbered just two men; today’s classes graduate more than 900 new officers annually, both men and women, who are prepared for leadership roles within the Army. With the expansion of knowledge and the changing needs of the United States Army and the nation, life at West Point has changed to keep pace. Ever mindful of its rich heritage, the U.S. Military Academy is developing leaders for tomorrow, and its focus remains the national needs of the 21st century.




“I was so proud to be on the verge of entering the only institution in American society at that time that was totally integrated, in which I would have the opportunity to rise, based solely on performance and ability. The nation always looks to West Point and always looks to each and every one of you to follow always the angels of your nature.” - GENERAL COLIN POWELL

“You have ahead of you the best of all professions. Being a leader is the best thing you can possibly be and you’re at a school that will make you the best possible leader. West Point is the ring. It’s the foundation of everything I have done.” - HEAD COACH MIKE KRZYZEWSKI


“I believe in the code ... ‘Duty, Honor, Country.’ I believe in service to one’s country. The institution of the armed forces has thrived on its commitment to developing excellence. It is meritocracy in action. Race, religion, wealth, background count not.” - PRESIDENT GEORGE H.W. BUSH

“From the birth of our existence, America has had a faith in the future -- a belief that where we’re going is better than where we’ve been, even when the path ahead is uncertain. To fulfill that promise, generations of Americans have built upon the foundation of our forefathers -- finding opportunity, fighting injustice, forging a more perfect union. Our achievement would not be possible without the Long Gray Line that has sacrificed for duty, for honor, for country.” - PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA





Robert E. Lee ’29 The Academy’s ninth Superintendent (1852-55), Lee was a model cadet during his four years at West Point. He graduated second in his class and never earned a single demerit during his four years at the Academy. At the beginning of the Civil War, he was selected to serve as Commanding General of the Army, but instead resigned his commission and was named General-In-Chief of the Confederate Army from 1861 to 1865. Lee’s surrender to Ulysses S. Grant (USMA 1843), at Appomattox Court House, Va., ended the Civil War. Fort Lee, Va., was named in his honor. Ulysses S. Grant ’43 Grant distinguished himself during the Civil War at the Battle of Vicksburg in 1863; his victory secured control of the Mississippi River for the Union. President Abe Lincoln later appointed him Commanding General of the Army in March 1864. On April 9, 1865, at Appomattox Court House, Va., Robert E. Lee (USMA 1829) surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia to him, ending the Civil War. Grant later served as the 18th President of the United States from 1869 to 1877. Today, his image graces the $50 bill. George W. Goethals ’80 Goethals became an architect and was builder of the Panama Canal, 1904 to 1914. John J. Pershing ’86 Considered the second most senior officer in Army history, behind only George Washington, Pershing served as commander of the American Expeditionary Force during World War I. The two-million-plus troops of the AEF made a decisive contribution to the defeat of Imperial Germany. Pershing’s abilities as a leader distinguished him among European commanders, and through repeated successes on the battlefield, promoted American prestige around the world. He served as Army Chief of Staff in 1921, and was named General of the Armies of the United States upon his retirement in 1924.


Douglas MacArthur ’03 After World War I, MacArthur returned to West Point to serve as the Academy’s 31st Superintendent from 1919 to 1922. During that time, he was responsible for the revitalization of the Academy. He was later promoted to General of the Army and served as Supreme Allied Commander in the Pacific Theater during World War II. During that time, he received the Medal of Honor for leading defense preparation and operations on the Philippine Islands. He later served as Supreme Allied Commander, Japan, and as commander, United Nations Command in the Far East. He was one of only five officers to be promoted to General of the Army (five stars). George S. Patton Jr. ’09 “Old Blood and Guts,” Patton was one of the most colorful commanders in the Army. During World War II the famed commander of the 2nd Armored Division and later the Third Army displayed courage and daring as prominently as the pair of ivory handled revolvers he wore. Patton accomplished one of the most remarkable feats in military history in December 1944, when he quickly turned the Third Army northward to reinforce the Allied southern flank against the German attack in the Battle of the Bulge. The General’s doctrine of aggressive employment of massive armor forces continue to prove themselves in combat arenas around the world. Omar N. Bradley ’15 During his career, Bradley earned a reputation as one of the best infantry commanders in World War II. He commanded the 82nd Airborne and 28th Infantry Divisions before going on to command the 1st Army and the 12th Army Group. After the war he served as Army Chief of Staff from 1948 to 1949 and served as the first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1949 to 1953. He was the last Army officer to be promoted to General of the Army (five stars), and the Bradley fighting vehicle is named in his honor.



Dwight D. Eisenhower ’15 During World War II, Eisenhower served as Supreme Commander of Allied Forces Europe from 1943 to 1944, during which he led the D-Day invasion of Europe. During that time, he was promoted to General of the Army (five stars). After the war, he served as Army Chief of Staff from 1945 to 1948 and was named President of Columbia University in 1948. He served as the 34th President of the United States from 1953 to 1961 and was one of only five officers to be promoted to General of the Army (five stars). Alexander M. Haig Jr. ’47 Haig served as Chief of Staff to President Richard Nixon from 1973 to 1974; Supreme Allied Commander in Europe 1974 to 1979; President of United Technologies Corporation 1980 to 1981 and Secretary of State during the Reagan administration from 1981 to 1982. Frank Borman ’50 An astronaut from 1962 to 1970, Borman commanded the first circumlunar flight of the earth. He later served as President of Eastern Airlines. Fidel V. Ramos ’50 One of the Academy’s international cadets, Ramos served as a Philippine Army officer after graduation. He eventually became the country’s military Chief of Staff and later Secretary of National Defense. He also served as President of the Republic of the Philippines from 1992 to 1998. Edwin E. Aldrin ’51 An astronaut from 1963 to 1972, Aldrin participated in the first manned lunar landing with Michael Collins (USMA ’52) and was the second man to walk on the moon. Edward White ’52 An astronaut from 1962 to 1967, White was the first man to walk in space and was one of the three astronauts killed in the Apollo I disaster in 1967.


H. Norman Schwarzkopf ’56 As Commander-in-Chief, United States Central Command from 1988 to 1991, Schwarzkopf’s command ultimately responded to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait with the largest U.S. deployment since the Vietnam War, including portions of the Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps as well as units from dozens of nations around the world. After retiring, Schwartzkopf received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Peter M. Dawkins ’59 Dawkins was Cadet Brigade Commander (First Captain of the U.S. Corps of Cadets) as a senior and became the third Heisman Trophy winner in Army football history. He later served as chairman and CEO of Primerica. James V. Kimsey ’62 Kimsey was the founding chairman of America Online, and was named chairman emeritus in 1996. He founded the Kimsey Foundation in 1996. Michael W. Krzyzewski ’69 Krzyzewski served as head basketball coach at West Point from 1974 to 1979 before assuming similar duties at Duke University. Krzyzewski has led the Blue Devils to three national championships and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in October 2001. He coached the U.S. at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Raymond T. Odierno ‘76 Odierno commanded the 4th Infantry Division during the fall of 2003 which, along with Special Forces units, captured Saddam Hussein in December of that year. Odierno helped plan and coordinate the raid that netted Iraq’s fallen dictator. Robert S. Kimbrough ’89 Kimbrough was named one of 11 new astronaut candidates by NASA in May 2004. Kimbrough ranks among Army Baseball’s career leaders in saves. A veteran of Desert Storm, he currently works for NASA in Houston as a flight simulation engineer and is scheduled to participate in a space shuttle mission this fall.









Lieutenant General David H. Huntoon, Jr. became the 58th Superintendent of the United States Military Academy in July 2010. He had previously served as Director of the Army Staff in January 2008. Huntoon was commissioned from West Point in 1973. From 1973-1986, he served as an infantry officer in a series of command and staff assignments with the 3rd Infantry Regiment at Fort Myer, Va., the 9th Infantry Division at Fort Lewis, Wash., the 7th Army Training Command at Vilseck, Germany, and with the 3rd Infantry Division in Aschaffenburg, Germany. From 1986-1988, Huntoon attended the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. and the School for Advanced Military Studies. He then served in the Directorate of Plans, XVIII Airborne Corps, Fort Bragg, N.C., as Senior War Plans Officer (Operation Just Cause), Deputy Director of Plans (Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm), and Director of Plans. Huntoon commanded 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry (Mechanized) at Camp Casey, Korea, and served as Chief of Plans, CJ3, Combined Forces Command and United Nations Command, Yongsan from 199294. In 1994-95, he was the Army’s National Security Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. He then took command of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), Fort Myer, Va. Huntoon’s next assignment was the Executive Officer to the Chief of Staff of the United States Army. Prior to that assignment, he served as the Assistant Division Commander of the 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas, and from 2000-2002, he was the Deputy Commandant of the US Army Command and General Staff College. Huntoon moved on to become the Director of Strategy, Plans and Policy, Army G3, at the Pentagon. In August 2003, he was assigned as the 46th Commandant, United States Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. Huntoon’s awards include the Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit (6th Award), and the Bronze Star; Expert Infantryman’s Badge, Parachute Qualifi cation Badge, and the Ranger Tab. He has a Masters of Arts in International Relations from Georgetown University and a Masters in Military Arts and Sciences from the CGSC Advanced Military Studies Program.


Brigadier General William E. Rapp graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1984 and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers. His civilian education includes a Bachelor of Science degree from USMA, a Masters of Arts in Political Science and a PhD in International Relations from Stanford University. His military education includes the Engineer Officer Basic Course, Infantry Officer Advanced Course, US Army Command and General Staff College, the Army War College where he earned a Masters of Arts in National Security Policy, and the Joint Forces Staff College. He was the distinguished honor graduate of his Infantry Officer Advance Course, Ranger School class, Jumpmaster class, and the Strategist Program at CGSC. Brigadier General Rapp is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Virginia. Brigadier General Rapp’s early assignments included duties as a Platoon Leader, Executive Officer, Assistant S3, and the Corps Operations Officer in Germany and at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He commanded an airborne engineer company during Operation Desert Storm. Brigadier General Rapp was selected for the Council of Foreign Relations Fellowship at the Institute for International Policy Studies in Tokyo, Japan. He returned to the States in the summer of 2003 to attend the Army War College before proceeding to Fort Lewis to serve as the Chief of Plans (G3) for I Corps Headquarters. In June 2005, he assumed command of 555th Combat Engineer Group and deployed in support of the 101st Airborne Division for Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2007, Brigadier General Rapp completed his command and returned to Iraq as the Director of the Commander’s Initiatives Group serving under Gen. Petraeus in Multi-National Forces-Iraq. In his most recent assignment, Brigadier General Rapp served as the Commanding General of the Northwestern Division of the Corps of Engineers in Portland, Oregon. Brigadier General Rapp’s awards and decorations include the Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star with oak leaf cluster, the Meritorious Service Medal with five oak leaf clusters, and the Army Commendation Medal with two oak leaf clusters. He has earned the Combat Action Badge, Master Parachutist wings, Air Assault wings, Ranger Tab, and the Engineer Regiment’s Bronze DeFleury Medal.

Brigadier General Timothy E. Trainor, PhD., became the Dean of the Academic Board at the United States Military Academy in the summer of 2010. He previously served as professor and head of the Department of Systems Engineering at West Point where he taught courses in engineering management, systems engineering and decision analysis. Trainor graduated with a Bachelor of Science from West Point in 1983 and entered the Engineer Branch of the U.S. Army. As an engineering officer, Trainor has served in operational assignments around the world, including Germany, Honduras, Fort Bragg, N.C., Fort Riley, Kan. and Sarajevo, Bosnia. Trainor has a Master of Business Administration from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke and a doctorate degree in industrial engineering from North Carolina State University. He is a member of the Military Applications Society of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences the Military Operations Research Society, the American Society for Engineering Management and the American Society of Engineering Education. He is a past president of Epsilon Mu Eta, the national Engineering Management Honor Society. Trainor is also a member of the Board of Fellows for the David Crawford School of Engineering at Norwich University. As an analyst, Trainor helped develop the Installation Status Report that provides the Army a standardized means to assess infrastructure and environmental conditions on installations to support resource allocation decisions. He has applied decision analysis methods in completing an organizational analysis of the Army’s Installation Management Agency and in assessing defense security cooperation programs. Trainor deployed to Basrah, Iraq in the summer of 2007 and worked with the British-led Provincial Reconstruction Team in helping the provincial Iraqi leaders improve their infrastructure revitalization plans. Trainor is married to Col. Donna Brazil, a 1983 graduate of West Point, who is a professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences at the Academy. They have a daughter Cory, who is currently attending West Point, and two sons, Danny and Zach.

Brigadier General Rapp is married to the former Debbie Biggi of Sacramento, Calif. They have three children: Anna Marie, David and Robby.


DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS KEVIN ANDRESON • Directof of Athletics • • Seventh Year • • San Francisco State, ‘79 • Since Kevin Anderson was introduced as Army’s Director of Athletics on Dec. 13, 2004, West Point’s intercollegiate athletic program has enjoyed immense success both on and off the “fields of friendly strife.” Boasting more than two decades of leadership and experience, Anderson departed his post as executive associate athletic director at Oregon State University to accept the challenge of reinvigorating Army’s proud athletic program. The veteran administrator has played a large role in accomplishing that goal during his six years along the banks of the Hudson. In that time, Army has sent 22 intercollegiate athletic teams to the NCAAs, captured its first National Championship in more than 50 years, witnessed the revitalization of its hockey, men’s basketball and lacrosse programs, and experienced unparalleled success in several others, such as baseball, softball, women’s volleyball, women’s tennis and women’s basketball. This past spring, Army’s lacrosse team became West Point’s 11th different intercollegiate program to advance to the NCAAs under Anderson’s watch, while the women’s volleyball team reached the NCAAs for the first time in school history last fall. During the 2004-05 academic year, Anderson’s first at West Point, Army’s athletic program won a National Championship in rifle, sent a record seven teams to postseason appearances, defeated Navy in the year-long series for the first time since 1978 and forged an overall winning percentage of .582. It marked Army’s finest overall performance in more than a decade. Seventeen of Army’s 25 intercollegiate teams carved records of .500 or better that year as the Black Knights put forth their highest year-long winning percentage since a .604 effort in 1993-94. In addition, Army reclaimed the Patriot League’s Presidents’ Cup—signifying the league’s all-sports champion—for the first time since 1997. Army sent its rifle, gymnastics, baseball, lacrosse, men’s tennis, women’s tennis and golf squads to postseason play, surpassing the previous standard of six teams in NCAA action. Six of Army’s eight spring teams won Patriot League titles that year. Army’s success opposite Navy snapped a 27-year drought in the all-sports rivalry, giving the Black Knights their first series win over Navy since going 9-8-1 (.528) in 1977-78. Additionally, four Army teams earned NCAA Tournament appearances in 2005-06, highlighted by the women’s basketball team, which earned its first postseason berth at the Division I level. In 2006- 07, Anderson presided over a resurgence of Army’s men’s basketball and hockey programs, as well as the continued success of the Black Knights’ women’s basketball squad, which set a single season school record for victories at the Division I level. All three programs flourished again the following year with hockey earning its first Atlantic Hockey Association regular-season crown and the men’s basketball squad advancing in the Patriot League postseason for the second straight year, a first since 1995 and 1996. Additionally, a young Black Knights’ baseball team captured its third regular season Patriot League championship in five years and Army’s women’s tennis team earned its fourth consecutive conference championship and accompanying NCAA berth. Three Army teams traveled to the NCAAs during the 2008-09 academic year, headlined by the women’s soccer and baseball squads. The Black Knights’ baseball team gained national attention by reaching the finals of the Austin Regional and nearly upsetting national top seed and NCAA runnerup

Texas in a “championship” game. Women’s soccer, meanwhile, made its first trip to the NCAAs. Off the field, construction of the Foley Athletic Center, a spacious indoor practice facility for football, was completed in the winter of 2007. During Anderson’s time at West Point, Randall Hall, which houses offices, locker rooms and team rooms for men’s and women’s basketball, as well as luxury suites that overlook historic Michie Stadium, was also unveiled. Army’s fabled football home received additional state-of-the-art amenities with the installation of a new FieldTurf playing surface and a sparkling 30-foot-by-50-foot scoreboard, complete with a 20-foot-by-50-foot high-definition video board. In the last two years, Anderson led the searches that resulted in the hiring of Rich Ellerson as Army’s 36th head football coach, Zach Spiker as the Black Knights’ 30th men’s basketball mentor, Michelle DePolo as Army’s eighth softball coach and Russell Payne as Army’s 11th men’s soccer field boss. In Ellerson’s first season, Army fell one win shy of earning its first postseason bowl bid in 13 years last fall. Anderson was also instrumental in negotiating a broadcast extension with CBS Sports to televise the Army-Navy football game through 2018, a new national television deal with CBS College Sports Network for Army’s football program, separate contracts with three different cities to serve as host for future Army-Navy games, and a landmark agreement with the New York Yankees that will result in Army’s football team playing one game in each of the next six seasons at Yankee Stadium. As part of the deal, Army will battle Notre Dame this fall in the first college football game to be played at the Yankees’ majestic new home. Anderson has also secured postseason bowl tie-ins for Army’s football team for each of the next four years. Prior to his most recent hectic stretch, Anderson brokered major broadcast agreements for Army’s football program with ESPN and WABC Radio (770AM), as well as aligning the Black Knights’ athletics teams with Nike, as part of a significant apparel deal, and Learfield Sports Properties. The Army “A” Club has continued to flourish under Anderson’s leadership, establishing school records for annual giving during each of his six years at the Academy. During his time at Oregon State, Anderson directed the athletic department’s external operations, to include marketing and promotions, sports information, ticket operations and the Beaver Athletic Student Fund. He also oversaw Oregon State’s highly successful football, men’s basketball and baseball programs, leading the search and recruitment for head football coach Mike Riley. Anderson, who ranks as the first African-American to hold the position of director of athletics at West Point, was a member of an OSU management staff that balanced the athletic department’s budget for the first time in nearly 15 years. Anderson took residence in Corvallis, Ore., in December 2002 after serving as executive associate athletic director for external affairs at the University of California. He joined the California staff in November 1997 as assistant athletic director for annual programs and was promoted to associate athletic director for development, tickets and the Bears’ baseball team in March 1999. Before accepting his position with the Golden Bears, Anderson served as area executive director of the YMCA of the East Bay from 1995 to 1997. He was director of annual giving with Stanford University’s athletic department from 1993 to 1995. Anderson graduated from San Francisco State University in 1979 with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He is also a 1981 graduate of the Xerox Corporation’s New Manager School and the Xerox Marketing School in 1986. He completed the executive management program at the Sports Management Institute in 1995. In addition to his duties at West Point, Anderson has served as chairman for the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) Division I-A Athletic Directors McClendon Minority Scholarship Steering Committee and is a member of the NCAA’s Basketball Academic Enhancement Group. He also serves as chairman of the Division I Men’s Basketball Issues Committee and was elected Second Vice President of NACDA this past June. Kevin and his wife, Moira, have four children: daughters, Olivia and Michaela; and sons, Kevin Jr. and Chauncey.



COACHES & STAFF HEAD COACH TROY ENGLE • Third Year • • Amherst College, ‘83 • Troy Engle brings a wealth of coach all the events and assisted in recruiting a class which was international and collegiate rated fourth-best in Division I by Track and Field News. coaching experience to West Point as he enters his third season as the In between his first two stints at Army, Engle served as the director head coach of the Army men’s and of sports for the Papua New Guinea Sports Commission. Engle women’s cross country and track directed all sports development programs for the nation of five and field teams. This is his third stint million people and served as the national track and field coach. at the U.S. Military Academy after He first served as the national coach for Papua New Guinea previously serving as an instructor between 1987 and 1991. of physical education and assistant coach for the men’s and women’s Engle closed out a successful stint as head men’s and women’s track and field teams from 1995-96 track and cross country coach at Washington (Mo.) University (1992-94) by guiding the women’s outdoor track and field and and again in 1998. cross country teams to the University Athletic Association title in In his first year as head coach, Engle his final season. His efforts earned him UAA “Coach of the Year” guided the men’s cross country team to a share of the Patriot honors in both track and cross country. Engle also served as the League championship with arch-rival Navy, the Black Knights’ first men’s track and cross country coach at Swarthmore College since 2001, while helping the women’s squad improve its Patriot (1991-92). League standing to fourth. In addition to his international and collegiate coaching experience, During the 2009-10 seasons, Engle led the women’s cross country Engle is a respected administrator and clinician. He was a member team to its first victory over Navy since 2005, defeating the Mids of the NCAA Track and Field Committee from 2001-06, chairing 24-31 in West Point. He also guided the men’s indoor team to it from 2005-06. its 14th Patriot League title. His second season was topped off by being awarded the fifth annual Mike Krzyzewski Teaching Engle has also served in various leadership capacities within Character Through Sport Award as an exceptional leader who USA Track and Field, both as assistant coach at such meets as exemplifies the Army Values of integrity, respect, selfless service, the 1995 World Indoor Championships in Barcelona and through his involvement with the Coaching Education Program. He has duty, honor, loyalty, and personal courage. lectured in the Level II endurance program since 1998. Prior to returning to Army, Engle coached the U.S. track and field team in the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing from September 6- In addition, he has conducted clinics for the world governing 17. During his tenure with the United States Olympic Committee, body of track and field, the International Association of Athletic which began in 2006, he also served as the associate director of Federations, in four nations and has lectured at numerous the Paralympic Division. Engle directed all aspects of the U.S. coaching clinics around the United States. track and field team’s preparation for the Paralympic Games and served as the head coach at all major international competitions Engle earned his bachelor’s degree from Amherst College in 1983 leading up to the Paralympics, including the Pan American and and a master’s degree in sport management from the University World Cup games. Engle orchestrated a growth in the program of Massachusetts Amherst in 1985. that resulted in an increase in the U.S. team’s medal count and a He currently resides at West Point with his daughter, Nawen. jump in the track and field standings to second behind China. Prior to joining the USOC, Engle was the head coach of the men’s and women’s track and field and cross country teams, assistant athletic director, and athletic department business manager at Division III Occidental College in Los Angeles, Calif. He turned the women’s cross country team, which was initially unable to field a full program, into a Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference title winner by his fourth year. In his seventh and final year at the school, Engle led the team to its first NCAA appearance in 12 years. Engle garnered three West Regional NCAA Division III Coach of the Year honors at Occidental; one for cross country (2006) and two in indoor track and field (2003 and 2005). A native of Council Grove, Kan., Engle served as an assistant coach for the men’s and women’s track and field team at Kansas State University for the 1998-99 academic year. There, he helped


Engle was awarded the fifth annual “Coach K“ Teaching Leadership Through Sport Award in 2010


COACHES & STAFF ASSISTANT COACH JAYNE PENN • Second Year • • Georgetown, ‘07 • Jayne (Ja-NAY) Penn joins the Army She was also a vital member of the Hoyas’ relay teams that cross country team for her second won the 2007 Penn Relays, ECAC 4x400-meter relay, the 2006 season as an assistant coach with Big East Championships 4x400m and the 2003 ECAC Indoor the Black Knights. Penn is also an Championships distance medley relay. Additionally, Penn was a assistant with the track and field team, top-eight finisher in the 2007 ECAC outdoor 400-meter dash and primarily working with the middle- 2007 Big East Indoor 500m. distance events. Penn served as a volunteer assistant track and field coach at “Jayne brings a keen awareness of James Hillhouse High School for two years prior coming to West what it takes to compete at such an Point. As a student at the school she was an all-American and allacademically challenging institution, New England runner and set the Connecticut record for the 600and she has been surrounded by meter run. She also captained both the cross country and track tremendous coaches and athletes and field teams during her junior and senior years. throughout her career,” said head coach Troy Engle. “It is very apparent that she cares about the Throughout her athletic, academic and professional career, Penn athletes first and foremost. We are thrilled to have her contributing has demonstrated phenomenal leadership and teaching abilities. to our program.” The New Haven, Conn., native graduated with a degree in English from Georgetown and most recently served as an English and Penn was a standout performer on the Georgetown University literature teacher (seventh and eighth grades), while also serving track and field team that claimed the 2006 Big East Indoor as the cheerleading coach at St. Martin de Porres Academy in her Championships and 2007 Outdoor ECAC Championships. She hometown. excelled in the 400 meters, running that leg on Georgetown’s distance medley relay teams which ranked in the top-10 nationally Penn resides in Wappingers Falls, N.Y. during the 2007 outdoor season.


2LT Amanda Napolitani Athletic Intern

LTC Liam Collins Officer Representative

Jason Heiar Athletic Trainer

Pamela Flenke Athletic Communications



MEN’S ROSTER & OUTLOOK MEN’S ROSTER Name Boyd, Blake Burns, Michael Cal, Charles Castelli, Mark Cioffoletti, Chris Ecker, Joshua Galindo, Ricardo Hogden, James Jester, Daniel LeHardy, Barrett Livingston, Bryce Mitchell, Mike Morenus, Brian Nix, Dan O’Reilly, Blaine Russell, Kevin Santiago, Torre Sheppard, David Trainor, Brian Ward, Kendall

Brian Morenus ‘13

Yr. Jr. Fr. Fr. So. Fr. Fr. Fr. So. So. Jr. Sr. Jr. So. Jr. Sr. So. Sr. Fr. So. Fr.

Hometown/High School (Previous School) Pinehurst, N.C./Union Pines Strafford, N.H./Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Stevens Point, Wis./Stevens Point Area Carmel, N.Y.,/Carmel (USMAPS) Armonk, N.Y./Byram Hills Seoul, South Korea/Seoul American High School Farmington Hills, Mich./Novi-Detroit Catholic Clarks Hill, Ind./McCutcheon (USMAPS) Alpharetta, Ga./Alpharetta Roanoke, Va./Hidden Valley Tucson, Ariz./Salpointe Catholic (USMAPS) Ridgefield Park, N.J./Bergen County Academy Naperville, Ill./Neuqua Valley Williamston, Mich./Williamston Gloucester, Va./Gloucester Danbury, Conn./Danbury Hope Mills, N.C./Gray’s Creek (USMAPS) Tucson, Ariz./Salpointe Catholic Clifton Park, N.Y./Shenendehowa Highland Falls, N.Y./James I. O’Neill

Bryce Livingston ‘11



MEN’S OUTLOOK “It’s going to be a true team effort.” In the words of third-year head coach Troy Engle, the 2010 Army men’s cross country season will be focused on the success of all the runners, from the top of the roster to the bottom. As no standout has emerged in the early goings of preseason, Engle is looking for the entire squad to perform at their highest level.

could be dangerous for Army’s competitors if he hits his stride in time for the Patriot League Championships.

The Black Knights lost a number of their top runners from the 2009 season to graduation, including Zac Reiter, Greg Griffith and Kirk Chitwood. Reiter was Army’s top finisher in each of the five races he was in last year, while Griffith and Chitwood were both top-five scorers for the Black Knights in each competition.

Senior captain Blaine O’Reilly will provide leadership for the relatively young squad which features 11 plebes and eight yearlings on the preseason roster. Coach Engle sees a lot of potential in some of his young runners, especially in freshmen Ricardo Galindo and Kendall Ward.

While no star has been revealed yet, Engle believes quite a few of the cadets have the potential to become one this season. Junior Barrett LeHardy and seniors Bryce Livingston and Torre Santiago are filled with potential and will be looked to especially during the late-season championship runs. All three cadets competed in every race last season. LeHardy was a top-five scorer in every meet, while Livingston’s solid campaign was highlighted by his team-leading finish at the NCAA Regionals.

Engle believes one aspect of the 2010 season which will be beneficial is Army’s schedule. “With the first two meets on our home course and another two relatively close, we will be able to see everyone compete. We will also be able to focus on training as opposed to traveling early on.”

Santiago, coming off a long track season which included competing for Puerto Rico at the Central American and Caribbean Games this past July, will need time to recover but


Though still early in the preseason workouts, junior Mike Mitchell has also shown promise to potentially be one of Army’s top runners this season.

Amidst Engle’s second preseason where widespread cuts have distinguished the true runners from the pack, the hope for the Black Knights this fall is that the same will be true in the regular season, that someone will differentiate themselves from the herd and lead Army to an eighth Patriot League title.




• Senior • • Tucson, Ariz. • • Salpointe Catholic (USMAPS) • • International History •

• Senior • • Gloucer, Va. • • Gloucester High School • • Psychology •

Last Season: One of only two Black Knights to compete in every race ... finished in the top three of Army runners in six of eight meets ... was the only Black Knight to finish in the top 50 at the NCAA Regionals, crossing the line 48th ... best 8K course time was 24:43 at the Paul Short Run at Lehigh where he finished 66th of 386. Personal: Son of Carol and Richard Livingston ... sister Shea, brother Jace ... earned nine letters at Salpointe ... 2005 cross country individual and team runner-up at state championship ... likes to sleep and play guitar in his spare time.

ALEXIS TORRE SANTIAGO • Senior • • Hope Mills, N.C. • • Grays Creek (USMAPS) • • Portuguese/Foreign Area Studies • Last Season: Finished the season on a high note, earning the Black Knights’ top finish at the IC4A Championships - 14 of 204 - in a time of 26:17.4 ... also led the team at the Patriot League Championships with a 15th-place finish (of 83) ... finished in the top four of Army runners in five of seven meets ... crossed the line 90th of 244 at the NCAA Regionals. Personal: Son of MSG Axel and Ana Torre ... brothers Juan and SPC Axel and sister Brenda ... twin sister CDT Gloriemar attends the Air Force Academy ... four-year letterwinner at Grays Creek ... career highlight was running for Puerto Rico’s Olympic team in the summer of 2010.

Last Season: Competed in six meets ... top finish came at the IC4A Championships at Van Cortland Park where he was the seventh Black Knight to cross the line, 76 of 204 overall ... best 8K course time was at the Paul Short Run at Lehigh where he finished in 26:12. Personal: Son of Robert and Sara O’Reilly ... sister Maureen ... holds the two-mile record time at Gloucester ... six-time district champion ... first team all-region selection in the 3,200meters ... National Honor Society ... likes to swim and spend time with his family in his free time.

BLAKE BOYD • Junior • • Pinehurst, N.C. • • Union Pines (USMAPS) • • Geospatial Information Science • Last Season: Competed in three races ... finished 14th (16:55.6) at the Army Open, 40th (28:30.2) at the Cornell Dual Meet and 72nd (27:32.6) at the IC4A Championships. Personal: Son of Carla Lea and Jimmy Boyd ... holds Union Pines record in the cross country 5K ... four-year letterwinner in track, three years in cross country ... National Honor Society ... student body vice president ... grew up and worked on a farm his entire life ... likes to spend time with his family and travel in his free time.





• Junior • • Roanoke, Va. • • Hidden Valley High School • • Environmental Geography •

• Junior • • Ridgefield Park, N.J. • • Bergen County Academy• • Geospatial Information Science •

Last Season: One of only two runners to compete in all eight meets ... was a top-five scorer for Army in every race ... secondbest finish for the Black Knights at the NCAA Regionals, crossing the line 72 of 244 ... best 8K course time came at the Paul Short Run at Lehigh, crossing the line in 25:34. Personal: Son of Marcel and Nancy LeHardy ... sister Annie and brother Sammy ... grandfather Ward LeHardy was a 1956 graduate of the Academy ... two-year cross country captain at Hidden Valley ... holds school records in the 5K and DMR ... allstate selection in 2007 ... National Honor Society ... is a certified scuba instructor ... Dathan Ritzenhein is his favorite athlete.

Last Season: Competed in five races ... top finish came at the NCAA Regionals when he was the fifth Army runner to cross the line, finishing in 34:59 and 157 of 244 ... also was the fifth Black Knight to finish at the Patriot League Championships, crossing the line 36 of 83 overall. Personal: Son of Mike and Lynn Mitchell ... sister Hannah ... four-year letterwinner at Bergen County ... all-county in cross country and track ... all-region in track ... school record holder in 3,200-meters (9:18) ... favorite athlete is Lance Armstrong, favorite teams are the New York Giants and Yankees ... plays the electric guitar.



• Junior • • Williamston, Mich. • • Williamston High School • • Geospatial Information Science •

• Sophomore • • Carmel, N.Y. • • Carmel High Schools (USMAPS) • • Engineering Management •

Last Season: Competed in six races ... was the seventh Army runner to cross the line at the NCAA Regionals, finishing 209 of 244 overall ... top 8K course time came at the Paul Short Run, finishing in 26:04 ... finished 19th overall at the Army-Navy Star Meet in a time of 27:01.4.

Last Season: Competed in three races ... best performance was at the IC4A Championships when he was the sixth Army runner to cross the line and 72 of 204 overall ... finished 19th (17:12.9) at the Army Open and 33rd (27:53.8) at the Cornell Dual Meet.

Personal: Son of Gary and Nancy Nix ... sister Katie ... earned two letters in cross country and track at WIlliamston ... school records in the 4x800 and mile ... 13 allstate honors ... National Honor Society ... likes to watch German soccer ... reads and eats in his spare time.

Personal: Father Michael Castelli played football and graduated from the Academy in 1978 ... brothers Michael (‘07) and Christopher (‘03) also were football lettermen ... all-state, all-section and allleague honors at Carmel ... National Honor Society ... favorite teams are the New York Giants and Yankees ... John Elway is his favorite athlete ... likes to fly fish in his spare time.





• Sophomore • • Clarks Hill, Ind. • • McCutcheon (USMAPS) • • Kinesiology •

• Sophomore • • Alpharetta, Ga. • • Alpharetta High School • • Psychology •

Last Season: Did not compete. Personal: Son of Cathy Hodgen ... brother Rodney ... lists Gerry Lindgren as his favorite athlete ... biggest thrill in sports was watching Chris Solinsky run a 26:59 10K.

Last Season: Competed in three races last season ... was one of four Black Knights to finish in the top 40 at the IC4A Championships, crossing the line 38 of 204 ... finished 20 of 51 at the Army Open and 31 of 42 at the Cornell Dual Meet. Personal: Son of Lynn and Barbara Jester ... sisters Emily and Andrea, brother Gregory ... all-state honoree at Alpharetta ... school record holder in two-mile ... two-time team captain ... unique talent is juggling ... likes to read, watch movies and play video games in his free time.



• Sophomore • • Naperville, Ill. • • Neuqua Valley High School • • History •

• Sophomore • • Danbury, Conn. • • Danbury High School • • Undeclared •

Last Season: Competed in five races ... top finish was at the IC4A Championships, crossing the line fifth among Army runners and 66 of 204 overall ... was the ninth Black Knight to finish at both the Paul Short Run (273 of 386 overall) and Patriot League Championships (62 of 83 overall). Personal: Son of Jim and Terry Morenus ... earned three varsity letters at Neuqua ... academic all-conference honoree ... favorite athlete is Chris Derrick ... likes to read in his spare time.

Last Season: Ran in seven meets ... was the sixth Army runner to cross the line at the NCAA Regionals, finishing in 35:18, 174 of 244 overall ... was 50th out of 83 competitors at the Patriot League Championships ... finished seventh at the Army Open in a time of 16:40.07. Personal: Son of Debby and Keith Russell ... sister Kim .... earned nine varsity letters at Danbury ... all-state recognition ... National Honor Society favorite teams are the New York Yankees and Cleveland Browns.




MEN’S PROFILES BRIAN TRAINOR • Sophomore • • Clifton Park, N.Y. • • Shenendehowa • • Kinesiology • Last Season: Ran in the first two races of the year before being sidelined by an injury ... finished 23rd at the Army Open in a time of 17:36.4 ... was 42nd at the Cornell Dual Meet, crossing the line in 32:11.2. Personal: Son of West Point graduates James (‘81) and Eileen Trainor (‘83) ... father played baseball, mother played softball and basketball ... sisters Colleen, Katie and Jennifer ... uncle is USMA dean General Timothy Trainor ... two-time NYS Federation team champion at Shenendehowa ... National Honor Society ... competes in triathlons ... favorite athlete is Johan Santana ... favorite team is the New York Mets.





• Freshman • • Strafford, N.H. • • Coe-Brown Northwood Academy • • Undeclared •

• Freshman • • Stevens Point, Wis. • • Stevens Point Area Senior High • • Undeclared •

Personal: Earned nine varsity letters at Coe-Brown Northwood ... owns the school record in the 1,000-meters ... all-state honors in cross country ... member of the 4x800 relay team to earn all-state recognition ... enjoys going outside in his free time.

Personal: Son of Raymond Cal and Patricia Baker ... brother Nathan ... earned eight letters at SPASH ... was a second team all-state selection in cross country.



• Freshman • • Armonk, N.Y. • • Byram Hills High School • • Undeclared •

• Freshman • • Seoul, South Korea • • Seoul American High School • • Undeclared •

Personal: Son of Tony and Silvia Cioffoletti ... sister Michelle, brother Nick ... six-time varsity captain ... all-county honors in cross country, 4x800 and 3,000-meter steeplechase ... Section 1 Class B champion in 1,000-meters and 3,000-meter steeplechase ... National Spanish Honor Society.

Personal: Son of Linda and CSM Gerald Ecker ... sister Jordan ... member of Far East Asia Country champion team ... Far East Asia cross country all-star ... National Merit Scholar ... favorite athletes are Robby Andrews, Nick Symmonds and Bernard Lagat ... rock climbs, camps, hikes and kayaks in his free time.

RICARDO GALINDO • Freshman • • Farmington Hills, Mich. • • Novi-Detriot Catholic Central • • Undeclared •


Personal: Son of Ricardo Galindo (USMA ‘78) and Anne Cloherty ... brother Stephen ... earned six varsity letters at Novi-Detriot ... all-state, all-Catholic, all-region selection ... cross country team won 2009 state championship ... National Honor Society ... National Merit Commended Scholar.



• Freshman • • Tucson, Ariz. • • Salpointe Catholic • • Undeclared •

• Freshman • • Highland Falls, N.Y. • • James I. O’Neill • • Undeclared •

Personal: Son of Abby and Allen Sheppard ... sister Kelsey ... all-region, all-city selection at Salpointe Catholic ... owns three cross country course records ... student council student body officer ... favorite teams are the Denver Broncos and Phoenix Suns ... plays guitar in his spare time.

Personal: Son of USMA graduates Kelly (‘88) and Karen (‘87) Ward ... brother Kyle (‘14) also attends West Point ... sister Katherine (‘11) attends the Air Force Academy ... cross country all-section selection at James I. O’Neill ... state medalist in cross country and track ... National Honor Society.




Annie Nagy ‘11


Name Betterbed, Claire Brosnan, Meagan Busby, Jillian Clement, Courtney Collins, Katherine Dowdy, Shalela Forshee, Cecelia Letarte, Jessica Nagy, Annie Nordt, Marcie O’Donnell, Elizabeth Prahl, Chelsea Prakel, Mary Rath, Christina Rotondo, Gina Salmon, Alexis Sutherland, Alexandra Ulmer, Lauren Vaughn, Mackenzie West, Jennifer

Yr. So. Fr. So. Sr. Fr. Jr. So. Sr. Sr. Jr. Fr. Jr. So. Sr. Jr. Fr. Fr. Jr. So. Jr.

Hometown/High School (Previous School) Fox Island, Wash./Gig Harbor Island Heights, N.J./Monsignor Donovan Merrimack, N.H./Merrimack Dallas, Texas/Allen (New Mexico Military Institute) Brookfield, Conn./Immaculate Mobile, Ala./S.S. Murphy North Wales, Pa./Philadelphia-Montgomery Christian Eaton Rapids, Mich./Eaton Rapids McKinney, Texas/McKinney North Spring, Texas/College Park Central Valley, N.Y./Monroe-Woodbury Greenville, Mich./Greenville Versailles, Ohio/Versailles Easton, Pa./Wilson Area Plymouth, Mich./Mercy Woodbridge, Va./Woodbridge Senior High School Houston, Texas/Clear Lake Chesapeake, Va./Western Branch Olalla, Wash./Bellarmine Preparatory Cape Coral, Fla./Fort Myers

Marcie Nordt ‘12

WOMEN’S OUTLOOK With only one major loss to its lineup from a year ago in second-team Patriot League honoree Ashley Morgan, the 2011 Army women’s cross country team is in position to improve upon last season’s second-place finish at the Patriot League Championships. Head coach Troy Engle has his sights set high, believing 2010’s runner-up finish was not indicative of how talented they were. “We were not at full-strength in our championship season in 2010, not because of injury, but mainly illness that took down quite a bit of our team. Being the true competitors they are, they wanted to compete regardless, so the end of last season really did not reflect how strong we were in 2010 or will be in 2011.” That commitment to compete will come in handy this season when the Black Knights travel to Annapolis for the Army-Navy meet. While Army will miss the high-energy atmosphere that comes with competing on their home course, Engle describes the squad as “true professionals” that certainly possess the ability to be successful regardless of location. After last season’s 24-31 defeat of the Midshipmen, the Black Knights will look to earn their first back-to-back win over Navy since 2004-05. Senior Courtney Clement earned Army’s top individual finishes at three key meets last season – Army-Navy, the Patriot League Championships and the NCAA Regionals, including a fourth place overall time at the conference championships. As the 2011


women’s team captain, the 2010 first team All-Patriot League selection is primed for another successful campaign, especially during the championship runs in late October and November. If she can remain healthy, Engle believes she is capable of being among the top 10 runners in the competitive Patriot League. Leading the way alongside Clement are junior Chelsea Prahl and sophomore Jillan Busby. Busby, a three-time Patriot League Rookie of the Week selection, earned Army’s top individual finish in five meets last season. Prahl finished in the top four of Black Knights in each of her five competitions and capped the 2010 season as a second-team All-Patriot League choice. Sophomore Cecelia Forshee, who started to flourish in last year’s indoor and outdoor track seasons, also shows promise to come alive during this upcoming cross country season. The strong core of returnees will be the stalwarts of Army’s success in 2011, but an impressive incoming set of plebes could push their way into the top of the lineup of Engle’s squad, including freshman Elizabeth O’Donnell. “Between those returning and the new athletes coming in, we could definitely have four or five of the top-20 runners in the Patriot League.” The Black Knights have the strength and depth to be competitive within the conference and beyond. Army will be in search of its sixth Patriot League title and its first since 2004.





• Senior • • Dallas, Texas • • Allen/New Mexico Military Inst. • • Systems Engineering •

• Senior • • Eaton Rapids, Mich. • • Eaton Rapids High School • • International History •

Last Season: Competed in seven of eight races ... was the first Army runner to cross the line in her final three races ... was the second Black Knight to finish in three meets ... led Army at NCAA Regionals with a team-best 65th-place finish ... was fourth of 89 competitors at the Patriot League Championships ... led Army to a 24-31 victory over Navy with a first-place time of 21.37.6. Personal: Daughter of Mary and Jimmy Strader ... sister Megan, brother Tommy ... has five stepsisters and two stepbrothers ... four-year varsity member at Allen ... threeyear captain ... Texas regional qualifier ... Hawaii state qualifier ... biggest thrill in sports was beating Navy in 2009 ... fan of all teams from Texas ... likes to read and hang out with friends in her free time.

Last Season: Ran in five races ... best 6K course time came in the win against Navy, finishing in 23:05.4 for 16th place ... was the seventh Black Knight to cross the line at the Paul Short Run at Lehigh, finishing in 24:02. Personal: Daughter of 1988 West Point graduates John and Lisa Letarte ... brothers Matthew, Tim, Chris and John ... 10 varsity letters at Eaton Rapids ... National Honor Society ... salutatorian ... highlight of career was beating Navy in 2009 ... likes to wear bright socks ... likes to swim, read and watch movies in her free time.



• Senior • • McKinney, Texas • • McKinney North High School • • Human Geography •

• Senior • • Easton, Pa. • • Wilson Area High School • • Environmental Engineering •

Last Season: Competed in six races ... top 6K course time came at the Paul Short Run, finishing in 23:44 for 256th place out of 363 competitors ... was the seventh Black Knight to cross the line at the Roy Griak Invite, finishing 121 of 193 overall in a time of 25:47. Personal: Father graduated from West Point in 1978 ... four-year varsity member at McKinney North ... team captain ... National Honor Society .... favorite team is the Dallas Stars ... likes to listen to music, travel and read in her spare time.

Last Season: Competed in five races ... was a top-five finisher for the Black Knights in each meet ... top finish came in the 2431 victory against Navy when she finished sixth overall in 22:07.6 ... was the fifth Army runner to cross the line at both the Patriot League Championships and NCAA Regionals. Personal: Daughter of William and Marie Rath ... brother Freddie attends the Air Force Academy ... earned 10 varsity letters at WIlson Area ... four-time team captain ... did not start running competitively until college ... biggest thrill in her career was beating Navy last season ... likes to hike and go to the beach in her spare time.





• Junior • • Mobile, Ala. • • S.S. Murphy • • Law •

• Junior • • Spring, Texas • • College Park • • Environmental Engineering •

Last Season: Competed in three races ... finished 14th (21:09.3) at the Army Open ... crossed the line 28 of 42 (20:48.1) in the Cornell Dual Meet ... finished 54 of 89 (25:12.3) at the Patriot League Championships. Personal: Daughter of Makeba Dowdy and Mark Thomas ... has 11 brothers and sisters ... earned seven letters at S.S. Murphy ... two-time all-state selection ... owns school record in 800-meters ... competed at the USATF Junior Olympics in ‘06 and ’07, highlighted by a third-place finish in the steeplechase ... National Honor Society ... passion for modeling and fashion ... likes to read and watch reality TV in her free time.

Personal: Daughter of Margie and David Nordt ... sister Marlo ... earned six varsity letters at College Park ... captained swimming and volleyball teams ... National Honor Society ... biggest thrill in sports was winning nationals for triathlon in 2010 ... likes spending time outside in her free time.



• Junior • • Greenville, Mich. • • Greenville High School • • American Politics •

• Junior • • Plymouth, Mich • • Mercy High School • • American Politics •

Last Season: Competed in five races ... finished in the top four of Army runners in each meet ... had the Black Knights’ second-best time at the NCAA Regionals, finishing 95 of 243 overall in 24:20 ... finished 14 of 89 at the Patriot League Championships ... crossed the line seventh in the 24-31 win over Navy. Personal: Daughter of Barbara and Steven Prahl ... sister Anna, brother Zachary ... eight varsity letters at Greenville ... all-state selection ... owns school records in 3,200meters, 1,600-meters and cross country 5K ... academic all-state ... vice president of National Honor Society ... career highlight was beating Navy last season ... likes to spend time with friends and family in her free time.


Last Season: Ran in six meets ... was the fourth Black Knight to cross the line at the Patriot League Championships, finishing 24 of 89 overall in 24:18.2 ... best 6K course time came at the Paul Short Run, as the third Army runner to cross the line in 22:28 ... finished 81 of 193 at the Roy Griak Invite.

Last Season: Ran in three races ... opened the year with an 18thplace finish at the Army Open ... crossed the line 31 of 42 at the Cornell Dual Meet ... finished the season at the ECAC Championships, finishing 165 of 192. Personal: Daughter of Michael and Karen Rotondo ... sisters Nicole and Teresa ... National Honor Society ... class valedictorian.




• Junior • • Chesapeake, Va. • • Western Branch High School • • German •

• Junior • • Cape Coral, Fla.. • • Fort Myers High School • • Psychology •

Last Season: Competed at the ECAC Championships, finishing 131 of 192 in 20:42.3. Personal: Daughter of Tom and Elizabeth Ulmer ... sister Rebekah, brother Grant ... uncle (USMA ‘79) and grandfather (USMA ‘52) both West Point graduates ... earned four varsity letters at Western Branch ... two-time soccer team MVP ... National Honor Society ... career highlight was winning Disney Soccer Tournament with Virginia Rush club team ... favorite athletes are Oliver Kahn and Bayern Munich.

Last Season: Ran in four races ... opened the year with an 11thplace finish at the Army Open ... finished 24 of 42 at the Cornell Dual Meet ... was the eighth Black Knight to cross the line at the Paul Short Run ... wrapped up the season as the ninth Army runner to finish in the 24-31 win over Navy. Personal: Daughter of Cindy and Reed West ... earned six varsity letters at Fort Myers ... all-conference honoree in cross country ... National Honor Society ... Mu Alpha Theta ... International Baccalaureate Program ... favorite athlete is Lance Armstrong ... likes to hang out with friends, read, scrapbook and cook in her free time.



• Sophomore • • Fox Island, Wash. • • Gig Harbor High School • • Undeclared •

• Sophomore • • Merrimack, N.H. • • Merrimack High School • • Undeclared •

Last Season: Competed in seven of eight races ... best 6K course time came in 24-31 victory over Navy, finishing 15 of 24 in 23:03.7 ... was the seventh Black Knight to cross the line at the NCAA Regionals, finishing in 26:07 ... was the sixth Army runner to finish in both the Roy Griak Invite and Paul Short Run. Personal: Daughter of Tom and Vicki Betterbed ... sister Elizabeth is a 2010 USMA graduate ... brother Tommy ... favorite team is the New York Yankees ... favorite athlete is Derek Jeter ... likes to listen to music, go boating and play pingpong in her spare time.

Last Season: Standout first season with the Black Knights ... only athlete to compete in all eight races ... had the top Army times in five meets ... only Army runner to record a top-50 finish at the ECAC Championships, finishing 32 of 192 ... had the second-fastest time in 24-31 win over Navy, finishing in 21:45.6 ... earned Patriot League weekly recognition four times, including three Rookie of the Week honors. Personal: Daughter of Troy and Dena Busby ... sisters Bailey and Gayle, brothers Barak and Gable ... earned varsity letters in cross country, track and soccer at Merrimack ... National Honor Society ... has lived in Chile, Guatemala and Korea ... likes to play ice hockey and shop in her free time.



WOMEN’S PROFILES CECELIA FORSHEE • Sophomore • • North Wales, Pa. • • Philadelphia-Montgomery Christian • • Undeclared • Last Season: Competed in five races ... finished in the top five of Army runners in three meets ... top 6K course time came at the Paul Short Run, finishing in 22:37 ... earned a sixth-place finish at the Army Open ... was 16 of 42 at the Cornell Dual Meet. Personal: Daughter of Charlie and Colleen Forshee ... brothers Peter and Matthew ... earned four letters at PhiladelphiaMontgomery Christian ... all-state and allleague honoree ... National Honor Society ... favorite athlete is Ryan Hall ... likes to read, listen to music and dance in her free time.



• Sophomore • • Versailles, Ohio • • Versailles High School • • Undeclared •

• Sophomore • • Olalla, Wash. • • Bellarmine Preparatory • • Undeclared •

Last Season: Ran in four meets ... opened the year finishing 25 of 42 in the Cornell Dual Meet ... top 6K course time came in 24-31 win against Navy, finishing in 24:03.5 ... was the ninth Black Knight to cross the line at the Paul Short Run. Personal: Daughter of Christine and Mike Prakel ... father was a collegiate hurdler for DePauw University in Indiana ... sisters Margaret, Caroline and Lucy, brother Samuel ... earned four varsity letters at Versailles ... state champion in 3,200-meters, 4x800-meter relay and cross country ... school record in 4x800 ... National Honor Society ... student body president ... likes to draw, ski and sew in her spare time.


Last Season: Did not compete. Personal: Daughter of Tracy and Daniel Vaughn ... brother Jason ... varsity letter in cross country at Bellarmine Preparatory ... team captain ... valedictorian ... AP scholar with distinction ... National Honor Society ... favorite athlete is Ryan Hall ... enjoys scuba diving ... likes to read, draw and run in her free time.




• Freshman • • Island Heights, N.J. • • Monsignor Donovan High School • • Undeclared •

• Freshman • • Brookfield, Conn. • • Immaculate High School • • Undeclared •

Personal: Daughter of Neil and Lisa Brosnan ... sister Abigale ... earned 12 varsity letters at Monsignor Donovan ... earned all-county and all-division honors ... National Honor Society ... favorite athlete is Rafael Nadal ... likes to swim and watch movies in her free time.

Personal: Daughter of Charles and Maria Collins ... brothers Charles III and Joseph ... all-state, all-conference and all-area honoree at Immaculate ... class salutatorian ... National Honor Society ... ran PR time in 1,600meters while placing second at high school conference championships.



• Freshman • • Central Valley, N.Y. • • Monroe-Woodbury • • Undeclared •

• Freshman • • Woodbridge, Va. • • Woodbridge Senior High School • • Undeclared •

Personal: Daughter of Dennis and Jo Ann O’Donnell ... sisters Meghan and Dana, brother Michael ... earned 12 varsity letters at Monroe-Woodbury ... member of the Latin Honor Society ... favorite team is the New York Yankees ... enjoys cooking, traveling and snowboarding in her free time.

Personal: Daughter of Tim and Annette Salmon ... sister Stephanie, brothers Niall and William ... all-district selection in soccer at Woodbridge ... Spanish and National Honor Society ... family is from Panama ... favorite team is the Yankees ... likes to read, cook and bake in her free time.

ALEXANDRA SUTHERLAND • Freshman • • Houston, Texas • • Clear Lake High School • • Undeclared • Personal: Mother Patrice and father Scott Sutherland both graduated from the Academy in 1990 ... sister Torie ... four-year letterwinner in track and cross country ... captained both teams senior year ... graduated at the top of her class ... favorite teams are the Yankees and Steelers.



2009 MEN’S RESULTS Oct. 16 Navy (Star Meet) WEST POINT, N.Y. 8 km L, 19-41 (24)

Oct. 31 Patriot League Champ. Hamilton, N.Y. 8 km 5th of 8 (83)

Nov. 14 NCAA Regionals Boston, Mass. 10 km 17th of 36 (244)

Nov. 23 IC4A Champ. Bronx, N.Y. 8 km 4th of 24 (204)




28:16.8 (115/10) 27:32.6 (72/6)

25:54.0 (9/3)* 26:07.1 (14/5)* -----

27:17.9 (25/4)* 27:08.9 (20/3)* -----

----34:10 (115/4)* -----

--------28:37.5 (131/12)

Date Event Location Distance Finish (# of Runners) Blake Boyd Mark Castelli Kirk Chitwood Greg Griffith

Sep. 4 Army Open WEST POINT, N.Y. 5 km NTS (51) 16:55.6 (14) 17:12.9 (19) 16:32.1 (5) -----

Sept. 11 Cornell Ithaca, N.Y, 5 miles L, 18-42 (42) 28:30.2 (40/18) 27:53.8 (33/14) 26:29.9 (9/3)* 26:28.4 (8/2)*

Sept. 26 Roy Griak Invite Falcon Heights, Minn. 8 km 11th of 18 (167) --------25:48 (42/2)* 27:29 (103/5)*

Oct. 2 Paul Short Run Bethlehem, Pa. 8 km 15th of 42 (386) --------24:44 (67/3)* -----

Zeke Hunsberger Daniel Jester Christopher Jones Barrett Lehardy Bryce Livingston Justin Marburger Steve Marthy

17:25.8 (22) 17:14.3 (20) 16:55.9 (15) 16:10.0 (4) 16:06.1 (2) 16:51.1 (11) 17:55.3 (27)

28:25.7 (38/16) 27:49.4 (31/12) 28:19.5 (37/15) 26:38.1 (14/5)* 26:46.2 (17/6) 28:28.6 (39/17) 32:11.2 (42/20)

------------27:01 (91/4)* 26:00 (51/3)* ---------

------------25:34 (201/5)* 24:43 (66/2)* ---------

Mike Mitchell Brian Morenus Dan Nix Blaine O’Reilly Dan Prial Zac Reiter

16:08.1 (3) 16:53.2 (12) 16:35.9 (6) 16:42.8 (8) 16;54.1 (13) 15:46.8 (1)

27:01.1 (21/7) 27:29.6 (28/11) 27:28.9 (27/10) 27:26.9 (26/9) 27:61.6 (32/13) 26:15.2 (3/1)*

27:32 (104/6) ----------------25:47 (40/1)*

25:35 (203/6) 26:26 (273/9) 26:04 (253/7) 26:12 (262/8) ----24:36 (51/1)*

Kevin Russell

16:40.0 (7)

27:26.2 (25/8)


26:47 (281/10)

Torre Santiago

16:45.9 (9)

26:30.5 (10/4)*


Brian Trainor Team Regional Ranking (Northeast Region)

17:36.4 (23) -----

32:11.2 (42/20) N/R (as of 9/14)

----N/R (as of 9/28)

Individual Honors

Zac Reiter PL Hon. Ment.


Zac Reiter PL Hon. Ment.

25:07 (127/4)* --------N/R (as of 10/5) N/R (as of 10/12) N/R (as of 10/19) Zac Reiter Zac Reiter PL Hon. Ment. PL Hon. Ment.





26:52.8 (38/4)*




28:18.3 (117/11)

26:06.3 (13/4)*

27:07.7 (19/2)*

33:17 (72/2)*

26:36.8 (28/3)*

24:45.2 (5/2)*

27:51.6 (38/6)

32:52 (48/1)*

26:34.0 (22/2)*





27:25.3 (23/10)

28:08.5 (46/7)



27:21.7 (21/9)

27:48.1 (36/5)*

34:59 (157/5)*



28:48.5 (62/9)


27:30.0 (66/5)*

27:01.4 (19/7)

30:00.0 (75/10)

36:43 (209/7)


28:14.8 (24/12) -----

31:13.7 (82/11) -----


27:35.4 (76/7) 27:42.9 (88/8)

24:40.9 (4/1)* 27:03.1 (20/8) 26:29.6 (18/6)

----28:15.5 (50/8) 26:59.3 (15/1)*

----35:18 (174/6) 33:43 (90/3)*

----27:57.5 (104/9) 26:17.4 (14/1)*

----12th (as of 10/27)

----15th (as of 11/3)



Key: (overall finish/team finish)……* = top-five scorer……Bold = first team finisher……OTW = of the Week

Torre Santiago had Army’s top individual finish at the 2009 Patriot League Championships, crossing the line 15th out of a field of 83.


Zac Reiter finished his final season in the black & gold by earning Patriot League honorable mention accolades four times in 2009.

Barrett LeHardy had the Black Knights’ second-leading finish at the league championships, finishing 19th.


2009 WOMEN’S RESULTS Date Event Location Distance Finish (# of Runners)

Sept. 4 Army Open West Point, N.Y. 5 km NTS (34)

Sept. 12 Cornell Cornell, N.Y. 5 km L, 18-42 (42)

Sept. 26 Roy Griak Invite Falcon Heights, Minn. 6 km 12th of 18 (193)

Oct. 2 Paul Short Run Bethlehem, Pa. 6 km 31st of 40 (363)

Oct. 16 at Navy West Point, N.Y. 6 km W, 24-31 (24)

Oct. 31 Patriot League Hamilton, N.Y. 6 km 2nd of 8 (89)

Nov. 14 NCAA Regionals Boston, Mass. 6 km 18th of 35 (243)

Nov. 23 ECAC Champ. Bronx, N.Y. 5 km NTS (192)

Claire Betterbed

20:23.5 (8)

19:52.9 (19/7)

24:33 (88/6)

23:31 (249/6)

23:03.7 (15/7)


26:07 (196/7)

20:36.6 (125)

Jillian Busby

18:58.8 (1)

18:59.7 (5/1)*

22:56 (32/1)*

21:46 (78/1)*

Courtney Clement

19:35.3 (2)

19.17.4 (12/4)*

23:25 (47/2)*

22:06 (116/2)*

21:45.6 (2/2)* 21:37.6 (1/1)*

24:28.3 (31/6) 23:09.5 (4/1)*

24:31 (105/3)* 23:54 (65/1)*

19:07.7 (32) -----


Shalela Dowdy

21:09.3 (14)

20:48.1 (28/11)




25:12.3 (54/9)



Cecelia Forshee

19:59.2 (6)

19:41.5 (16/5)*

24:31 (86/5)*

22:37 (175/4)*

27:07.7 (24/12) -----

----25:11.4 (53/8)



----23:05.4 (16/8) 22:12.7 (8/5)*

----25:57.5 (72/10) 23:27.1 (10/2)*



24:09.8 (22/11) 22:32.0 (11/6)

27:10.6 (85/11) 24:18.2 (24/4)*



Leah Fynaut

21:12.1 (15)

20:54.6 (30/13)



Caitlin Gamble Jessica Letarte

----21:21.7 (17)

----20:08.8 (21/8)


----24:02 (264/7)

Ashley Morgan


19:02.2 (6/2)*



Annie Nagy

20:27.1 (9)

20:50.0 (29/12)

25:47 (121/7)

23:44 (256/7)

Marcie Nordt

20:10.4 (7)

19:50.2 (18/6)

24:19 (81/4)*

22:28 (156/3)*

Chelsea Prahl


19:42.2 (10/3)*

23:51 (63/3)*


22:12.3 (7/4)*

23:43.9 (14/3)*

24:20 (95/2)*


Mary Prakel


20:31.8 (25/10)


24:37 (274/9)

Christina Rath

19:36.0 (3)



23:10 (226/5)*

24:03.5 (21/10) 22:07.6 (6/3)*

27:29.4 (87/12) 24:27.6 (29/5)*

----24:45 (122/5)*


Gina Rotondo Stephanie Schoeneman Lauren Ulmer

21:36.4 (18) 20:33.6 (10) -----

21:02.5 (31/14) ---------




----25:07.1 (49/7) -----

----25:52 (183/6) -----

21:28.6 (165) ----20:42.3 (131)

Jennifer West

20:44.6 (11)

20:19.0 (24/9)


24:08 (267/8)

23:35.9 (20/9)




Team Regional Ranking (Northeast Region) Individual Honors


11th (as of 9/14)

11th (as of 9/28)

11th (as of 10/5)

N/R (as of 10/26)

Jillian Busby PL Hon. Ment.


Jillian Busby PL Rookie OTW

Jillian Busby PL Rookie OTW

N/R (as of 10/12) N/R (as of 10/19) Jillian Busby PL Rookie OTW Courtney Clement PL Hon. Ment. AAA Athlete OTW

Key: (overall finish/team finish)……* = top-five scorer……Bold = first team finisher……OTW = of the Week

Jillian Busby earned Patriot League accolades four times last season, including three Rookie of the Week nods.

Courtney Clement finished fourth of 89 runners to lead the Black Knights to a second-place finish at the 2009 Patriot League Championships.

Courtney Clement First Team All-PL Ashley Morgan Second Team All-PL Chelsea Prahl Second Team All-PL

Chelsea Prahl was one of two Black Knights on the All-Patriot League second team following her 14th-place finish at the championships.




The Patriot League, which was founded on the principles of admitting athletes who are academically representative of their class, is in its second decade of academic and athletic achievement. Participation in athletics at Patriot League institutions is viewed as an important component of a well-rounded education. The Patriot League began as a successful Division I-AA (now called Football Championship Subdivision) football conference in 1986. Full League members include American, Army, Bucknell, Colgate, Holy Cross, Lafayette, Lehigh and Navy. Associate members include Fordham (football) and Georgetown (football). These member institutions are among the oldest and most prestigious in the nation. Alumni from Patriot League colleges and universities have played a leadership role in the shaping of our country. In the classroom, the Patriot League’s full-member institutions, individually and collectively, consistently rank among the top Division I programs in the NCAA Graduation Rates Report. For the eighth-straight year the Patriot League ranked first among all Division I conferences in student-athlete graduation rates according to the NCAA Graduation Rates report. League members have also distinguished themselves on the field of play. The Patriot League sponsors championship competition in 23 sports (11 for men; 12 for women). Championship teams from 14 sports are guaranteed advancement into NCAA post-season competition: baseball, men and women’s basketball, field hockey, football, men’s golf, men and women’s lacrosse, men and women’s soccer, softball, men and women’s tennis and volleyball. In the Patriot League’s history, more than 225 teams have been selected for post-season play in the NCAA, ECAC or National Invitational tournaments. The Patriot League also boasts nearly 100 individual student-athletes who have qualified for NCAA Championships, the pinnacle of collegiate individual competition. In excess of 235 Patriot League student-athletes have earned All-America honors. Along the timeline of Patriot League history about three-quarters of the Patriot League’s 410 Scholar-Athletes of the Year also received All-Patriot League status for their exemplary athletic performance. Additionally, more than 70 of the Scholar-Athletes honored were named Players of the Year or Performers of the Meet in their respective sport. In the Patriot League’s history, 169 Patriot League student-athletes have been recognized as CoSIDA Academic All-Americans, while more than 10,500 more have qualified for the League’s Academic Honor Roll by accumulating a 3.2 grade-point average and earning a varsity letter. Twenty-seven student-athletes have received NCAA Postgraduate Scholarships. Additionally, Patriot League student-athletes have earned four Fulbright Scholarships, a Rhodes Scholarship, a Luce Foundation Scholarship, a Marshall Scholarship, three NACDA/Disney Scholarships, five National Football Foundation Scholarships and three ECAC/Robbins Scholar-Athlete of the Year awards among their many accomplishments.





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