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From the Editor

Extraordinary Living importance of vision and financial introspection as a non-negotiable basis for protecting and enjoying one’s wealth. In this vein, our special feature, capturing an intriguing interview with immediate past Group CEO of Royal Exchange, Chike Mokwunye is a must-read. As a prelude to the holiday season, when the desire for opulent rare collections runs high, we also explore significant history and even more alternative investment opportunities - ranging from the impending extraordinary auction, after 200 years, of Queen Marie Antoinette’s jewels this November, to the eagerly anticipated historic unveiling of Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Salvator Mundi’ at the Louvre Abu Dhabi.


t is my great pleasure and honour to present the second issue of Premium Wealth magazine, closely following the successful launch of the first print.

This edition holds many surprises, the first being a piece on one of the latest and most distinctive names in the world of Contemporary Art, Njide Akunyili Crosby, whose pieces continue to captivate true connoisseurs by their executing perfection. As her work now commands prices of up to US$3,375,000, Art continues to strengthen its position as a new asset class for the investor’s well diversified portfolio. Next, we build on the premise that, ultimately, luxury is about living your best life, one that is rich in experiences and learning, while allowing you time for the things you love the most. Nothing projects this better than our realistic columns on retirement and estate planning which both underscore the

Editor Kai Orga Editorial Consultants Numeris Media Limited Layout and Art Direction Cregital Design Agency

Contributors Diébédo Francis Kéré Petra Awanyai Ethan Price

In concluding, because we are all so busy, time has become our most precious luxury. We have therefore taken the liberty to assemble a definitive list of lifestyle, leisure, and haute choices that include magnificent hospitality beacons, brilliant architecture, excellent wine vintages, and exclusive personal style items. In an interview that highlights his impeccable credentials as a pleasure craft owner, boat aficionado, Afolabi Balogun weighs in on the mix of control and relaxation that sailing brings. ARM Investment Managers continue to provide leading edge insights on asset management, and in so doing, we trust you will derive pleasure from this rich edition of Premium Wealth – as you navigate your way towards realising your ambitions.

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Contents 12 Sailing Away: The Great Outdoors Connoisseur Cruiser: Boat owner, Afolabi Balogun, shares the joys of sailing



Special Feature

The World’s Top Vacation Destinations

Life after retirement: Interview with former Group CEO of Royal Exchange, Chike Mokwunye

Exceptionally tailored, once-in-a-lifetime holidays



The Manifest Wine Vision by Dom PĂŠrignon

The Changing Shape of Metal

An absolute dedication to vintage wines

From Burkina Faso to Washington, the very best of modern architecture

46 Luxury Mobile Apps for Exclusive Services A curated collection of VIP tech for the wealthy

The Arts

Njideka Akunyili Crosby Image Credit: CONDE NAST

5 | Issue #2



Visual Art Star Extraordinaire

awarded a US$650,000 MacArthur “genius” grant, won both the Prix Canson (an international prize for works on paper) and the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Contemporary Artist Prize, and succeeded in attracting influential names such as New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art, and London’s Tate Modern. Her large-scale pieces have been exhibited in her current home city, as well as in New York, Milan, London, and Belgium. Ms. Akunyili-Crosby’s art style is as intriguing as it is intuitive. Her use of different materials and techniques – a densely layered mix of painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, and collage – creates a visual metaphor that expresses her experiences across multiple cultures: African, British, and American. Her imagination serves her well. Weaving her personal narrative into the larger political history

Sotheby’s New York, May 16, 2017 – Lot 5: Njideka Akunyili Crosby, “Bush Babies,” 2017 (acrylic, transfers, coloured pencil and collage on paper, 72 by 60 in. 182.9 by 152.4 cm). Estimate $600,000 — $800,000. Sold for $3,375,000 (including fees).


n May 2018, foremost auction house Sotheby’s set new world records for Nigerian artists: Njideka Akunyili Crosby’s Bush Babies (2017) sold for more than six times its estimate at US$3,375,000 - with Sotheby’s describing her as ‘the most valuable Nigerian artist ever, and one of the most valuable female artists of all time.1 Born in Enugu (eastern Nigeria) in 1983, Njideka Akunyili Crosby came to settle in the United States at the age of 16, earning degrees from Swarthmore College and Yale, after completing studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Now living and working in Los Angeles, she has since, amongst other accolades, been


6 | Issue #2

Christie’s New York, May 17, 2017 – Lot 64B: Njideka Akunyili Crosby, “I Refuse to be Invisible,” 2010 (ink, charcoal, acrylic and transfers on paper, 117 3/4 x 82 inches). | Estimate $1.5 million — $2 million. Sold for $2,647,500 (including fees)

Sotheby’s New York – May 18, 2017 – Lot 10: Njideka Akunyili Crosby, “Thread,” 2012 (acrylic, charcoal, pastel, color pencil and Xerox transfers on paper, 52 x 52 inches). | Estimate $600,000 — $800,000. Sold for $1,032,500 (including fees)

Europe Supported by Africa and America , 2015

of Nigeria, the collaged paintings – composed of Xerox transfers of family photos and pages from Nigerian newspapers and lifestyle magazines – represent autobiographical scenes of Akunyili Crosby’s childhood in the West Africa country, and adult life in America. Her message is subtle but always clear: a challenging of stereotypical narratives about the lives of contemporary Africans. Akunyili Crosby only produces a few paintings each year and rarely is one of her works made available on the primary market. One of her latest endeavours is a bright mural at the Brixton (London, UK) underground station which shows a scene of family life from a black, British perspective. Tagged “Remain, Thriving”, the mural straddles the entrance to the station, and forms part of the 2018 Art On The Underground programme, a commissioning by Transport of London, of contemporary artworks that enrich the journeys of millions on the Tube every day. Njideka Akunyili Crosby. ‘Remain, Thriving’ 2018. Commissioned by Art on the Underground

Images and ascriptions, publicly accessible via Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction houses

7 | Issue #1


Let us take you on a complete sensorial journey complimented by a spectacular range of beauty treatments known for their purity and authenticity. Our treatments are memorable moments where pleasure and indulgence meet with precision and service excellence.

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In-Home Curating: Mastering the Art of the Gallery

Art is the new décor, and it is occupying a central position, like never before, in luxury homes. As this trend grows in popularity, we bring you tips for successfully curating your own home gallery.

landscape – will make a small room seem bigger, while an abstract image with no depth will create a visual barrier that lends greater intimacy to a large space.

Affirm your taste

Place art for the best effect

Some things in life speak to you, and you alone. Instead of trying to conform to an idea of what should be in your home, consider what instinctually draws you in. Indiscriminately chosen art will give you no pleasure. Listen to your heart, and surround yourself with what you love. Find the best art you can afford, go for quality over quantity, and collect over time. To build value, choose originals over reproductions, and limited-edition prints over copies that are mass produced. Be open to different media. Masks, plates or even weavings can add texture and dimension to your collection. Emotional and practical purpose More than mere decoration, art gives a room its emotional appeal, conveying both meaning and personality. Without art, a room is unfinished, like a story without a climax, a musical sans finale. Art also solves design issues. An image with depth – such as a

Poorly placed art will disturb the visual balance of a room. Art should be enjoyed from both a standing and seated position without having to crane your neck. Choosing pieces too small for a space, and hanging them too high is a common mistake. When using art to create a focal point, go either big or group a number of smaller pieces. Don’t clutter very large artwork by surrounding it with other, smaller pieces. Left alone, a larger piece will have more impact. Your home serves as the outward expression of your inner-self, something of a vessel for your spirit. However you decide to curate for your inner-sanctum, let it reflect your personality and show yet another side to how you love to live.

Eclectic ideas from Sotheby’s Realty, Christie’s Real Estate

9 | Issue #2


Cultural Hotspot Locations

The Louvre Abu Dhabi

Global art lovers have a lot to look forward to with the opening of new and upcoming museums around the world.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi Opened in 2017 in the United Arab Emirates, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is a universal art museum launched by the leaders of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, wishing to make their country a top cultural destination, internationally recognised for art, education, and culture. Major Event The Louvre Abu Dhabi indefinitely postponed one of its most exclusive events - the unveiling of Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Salvator Mundi’ – which was slated for November 2017. The portrait, bought last year by a Saudi Prince for a record $450m (£341m), is the world’s most expensive painting. Reportedly, the museum might be targeting its oneyear anniversary (11 November, 2018) to finally unveil ‘Salvator Mundi’.

‘Salvator Mundi’ was cleaned and restored from the image on the left to the one on the right © CHRISTIE’S

Hidden Treasures The extraordinary permanent collection at the Louvre Abu Dhabi features more than 600 artworks and artefacts. Some of these – such as an intricately crafted reliquary casket from the 13th century – stand out immediately, have a unique story, and are worth seeking out.

Reliquary casket with the Three Magi, Limoges, France (c.1200) | Image © Pawan Singh / The National

10 | Issue #2

Boats & Yachts


Sailing Away: The Great Outdoors


r. Afolabi Balogun is naturally attracted to the sense of serenity and liberation that blue waters and open seas bring. Little surprise, as from the age of 13, he often went boating with his parents who were members of Nigeria’s Lagos Motor Boat Club. On becoming ‘of age’, he also naturally joined the same club, bought a boat that he learnt to drive, served the boat club committee for 10years, and rose to become a Commodore. His greatest joy? Seeing the exact same sense of freedom and excitement in his older son’s eyes as he discovers the waters. In this interview, we chat with Mr. Balogun – who works as a lawyer and Senior Partner at Libra Law Office (Nigeria) – about mastering ownership of a vessel, and getting the most pleasure out of it:

As a boat connoisseur, would you suggest purchasing or renting a boat and why? I would absolutely suggest owning a boat because of the freedom to get up and go as you please. While non-boat enthusiasts would argue about the expense, boating has personally brought me fun and amazing hours of relaxation with family and friends.

12 | Issue #2

When purchasing a boat, what, in your experience, is the most effective acquisition process – working directly with the shipyard, or going through a broker? And why? The first thing I would suggest to a first time buyer is to go onto the Internet, look at existing options, and then go to a dealer and buy off the lot. For the more avid boater, attending a boat show is also an option for physically seeing what is suitable to them. Building a boat from scratch can be expensive, but also desirable if affordable to the buyer.

How a boat-owner plans to use the vessel is critical to deciding the type of vessel to purchase. What questions would you advise a potential boat owner to consider before investing in a vessel? Indeed, how a person intends to use a boat is critical to buying. There are several types of boats - cruisers with cabins, open bows, high performance boats, pontoons, and so on. So it depends on the type of boat the buyer likes, and the use he desires it for. He would have to do a bit of research to see what is available and what tickles his fancy. For me, the most critical factor is easy and affordable maintenance, as well as berthing. Boating must be affordable for you and within your lifestyle budget. If you are not realistic with that, then you may find it frustratingly expensive and easy to give up.

“In Lagos, cruising around Cowrie Creek as the sun sets is always a great experience, especially the opportunity to purchase fresh seafood off the local fishermen.� only allows the owner to settle the expenses towards crew salary and maintenance, and to prevent the boat from being an idle asset. Chartering your boat out will come with increased maintenance and wear-and-tear.

Please describe your interior design process, and what, to you, are the most functional and aesthetically pleasing finishes and amenities you can have on a boat.

There are however various types of boat charter businesses that can be started, to include sightseeing, business functions, dive charters, weddings, whale watching and fishing charters. This is different, and in such cases the boats are built for charter business only. You will find yacht charter managers and yacht charter brokers engaged in this type of business who provide guidance for venturing into this area.

Personal taste will play a huge role in this, but I think less is more. Think about what you want to do with your boat, how often you will go out on it, or if you will entertain with it.

Finally, few modes of travel can rival the experience of cruising or racing on open waters. What would you recommend as the finest boating experiences to be had, and why?

A boat owner would ideally decide early on whether they intend to charter it out when not in use. What is the business case for chartering (renting) out an idle vessel?

In Lagos, cruising around Cowrie Creek as the sun sets is always a great experience, especially the opportunity to purchase fresh seafood off the local fishermen. When one is abroad, places like Portofino and the Greek Islands - which I just recently visited - are perfect examples for getting an amazing view of mountains, hills and endless blue waters.

Anyone who buys one boat with the intention of making money from it will find that that idea is not well thought out. It’s very improbable that he will turn a profit. Most boats that are offered for charter are super yachts that are used for cruising, sightseeing or holidays. Chartering

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14 | Issue #1

Special Feature Retirement

15 | Issue #2


This CEO retired. But he hasn’t slowed down. Here’s what he learned.


fter retirement, CEOs sometimes grapple with a loss of power, prestige, and immense responsibility. The things that work for them as a leader work against them as a retiree, such as being in command and their high energy level. But perhaps not for long. Our interviewee – immediate past Group CEO of Royal Exchange, Mr. Chike Mokwunye – shares how it may take a while to find one’s footing, but purpose and passion gradually return, based on a retirement plan forged years before.

Please tell us a bit about yourself, especially the contrast between your perception of retirement as a young professional, and the adult person who had to decide that it was indeed time to retire. If you were speaking to your younger self, what life lessons would you be passing on?

16 | Issue #2

long time during active service - my idea was to retire as soon as I reached the peak of my career, in order to pursue my other passions and interests. I actually targeted my 60th birthday as the date for retiring, and was planning towards it.

I started work after my National Youth Service (NYSC) in 1982, and retired as the Group Managing Director of Royal Exchange in 2016, after serving out my terms. This means that I worked for about 34 unbroken years. In the Public Service, people retire at the age of 65 or after 35 years of service, but here I was, just 55 years old, blessed with good health and still energetic!

“I started work after my National Youth Service (NYSC) in 1982, and retired as the Group Managing Director of Royal Exchange in 2016”

From the time I started working - and for a very

Having said that, a decent retirement plan

Interview is extremely important. It must start with establishing a savings target - one that tells you roughly how much you should set aside over time to meet your retirement goals. This should be followed closely by putting aside substantial savings as early as when you get your first job in your 20s. The gains from each year generate their own gains the following year, under a

powerful wealth-building phenomenon known as compounding. Let’s not forget maximising pension contributions as an employee, building a diversified investment portfolio, and creating an emergency fund to help absorb the shocks of unexpected events such as illness.

“[Start] putting aside substantial savings as early as when you get your first job in your 20s”

Many people do not start to aggressively plan for a retirement nest-egg until they reach their 40s or 50s. How, in your view, can anyone in this age group eventually achieve their financial goals for retirement? Financial discipline and smart asset allocation are imperative. If for example, you are in your 40s or even 50s, and you haven’t started investing for retirement, time is short. But there are still a few things you can do, starting urgently. One such option is to turn to securities, which provide growth. Stocks and bonds, for instance, can both be good investment vehicles. As an unspoken strategy, investors are encouraged to “own their age” in bonds, meaning that a 40-year-old person would hold 40% of their portfolio in bonds, and 60% in stocks.

A Financial Adviser is in the best position to suggest the right mix of stocks and bonds at every stage of life.

17 | Issue #2

Interview “Wealth preservation is based on the philosophy that it is more important not to lose money, than it is to make money.” How about retirees? What are the elements required for maintaining a safe and solid investment portfolio? Most wealthy retirees are more concerned about capital preservation than achieving higher returns, which leads them to maintain a portfolio that is lean in stocks and heavy on bonds. Wealth preservation is based on the philosophy that it is more important not to lose money, than it is to make money, and can therefore be attained in two ways: growing net wealth at a rate greater than inflation, or ensuring that wealth is preserved by limiting the charges (such as taxes) on it.

It’s critical to plan your free time in retirement as thoroughly as you plan your finances. In your experience, what is the best way to avoid the emotional angst that could come with unplanned, long, empty days - and how have you kept yourself actively engaged?

Corporate life was, for me, very fulfilling, but stressful. Every day, I left for work as early as 6.30 a.m., sometimes returning as late as 11p.m. I travelled a lot, and always had a lengthy “To Do” list.

the week, and without a schedule, boredom set in after three months. Reading, exercise , travel, and attending board meetings did not fill the gap. I found that I was missing the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction associated with successfully completing tasks, testing and successfully implementing strategies, and problem solving. I went straight back to work, but this time in the less pressurised environment of a family business that satisfies my passion and interest in retail and hospitality. The business was funded from savings from rent on my real estate portfolio, and proceeds from disposal of some stocks. It has been very rewarding.

I must admit that after working for so many years in the high pressured environments of banking and insurance, I was tired, and needed the rest that retirement provided at that point in time. But one can only rest for so long. With 24 hours on my hands, every day of

My advice to any retiree would be to draw on the unique knowledge gained as a top executive (whether employee or entrepreneur) and use it as a foundation for creating a new or spin-off business that is undemanding but viable.

Aside from finance, managing one’s time is a major area of concern for the newly retired.

Long-term care: We all want to believe we will stay healthy, long into our retirement years. But, anyone can succumb to serious illness that quickly wipes out even a sizable retirement nest egg. What are the best plans for funding long-term healthcare, and retaining the lifelong medical service provider that you have always known and trusted? For me, the introduction of Healthcare Insurance companies should help solve the problem of long term healthcare funding. A few of them have proven to be reliable and consistent and are providing good services. My fear is that I do not think most (if not all) are pricing their risk adequately because of a quest for market share. This is quite unfortunate since it will affect profitability in the short run and sustainability in the long run. I am lucky that my medical service provider is registered with the healthcare insurance company that I use. 18 | Issue #2

19 | Issue #2


Mountain Peaks

High Altitude Vineyards


s extreme weather and climate change continue to disrupt growing seasons across renown wine regions such as Burgundy and Bordeaux, vintners are pushing grapes to all kinds of extremes in order to produce memorable wines. One of those extremes is altitude. From the dizzying heights of South Africa’s Mount Sutherland, to the vertigo-inducing slopes of a boutique vineyard in the Himalayas, high-elevation winemaking is gaining ground. Here is why:

Direct and intense sunlight. As elevation increases, sunlight becomes more concentrated. The intense sun exposure in high elevation vineyards causes grapes to develop deeper pigment concentration and a thickened skin which contribute rich colour and strong tannin, both essential for making a wine age-worthy. Extreme temperature shifts. The toughened skin of grapes grown in high-elevation vineyards protects the berry from the dramatic climate shifts (dry, extremely hot days, and freezing cold nights) of the terrain. These powerful extremities in temperatures force grapes to ripen slowly, and produce a multitude of flavour-inducing sugars, as well as acids and other chemical complexities that are essential to fine wines.



20 | Issue #2

Extraordinary drainage. Rocky, mountainous soils divert rainfall away from grape roots, causing the vine to grow deep into the earth – up to 40 feet in some regions – in search of water and nutrients. The constant battle for nourishment in high elevation sites forces the vine to divert energy from grape production to simple survival, therefore reducing its overall yield. Though lower in number, the surviving berries end up being of higher quality, and with more character. 1

Top of the World

Scott Torrence (Christie’s New York-based senior wine specialist) weighs in: “Think of elevation as a solar panel. Going up is a way to gain access to the sun, and to mitigate rainfall and drainage, which together give grapes the ideal ratio of tannins and acid. Align grape variety with elevation and climate, and you get

South America Uraqui

Quebrada de Humahuaca GI, Argentina 10,922 feet above sea level Price (on request only): +54 9 11 3794 3667

the world’s great wines.”2 Many wineries agree with Torrence, and take special pride in referring to the altitude of their vineyards. Here are some interesting winegrowers (and their wines) that reach for the sky.



Meili Snow Mountain, China 8,530 feet above sea level

Mount Sutherland, South Africa 4,921 feet above sea level

Price (on request): Circa US$300 per bottle

Price: US$52 per bottle

Ao Yun, LVMH Moët Hennessy’s Himalayan wine estate

Super Single Vineyards

21 | Issue #2



Top Wine & Spirit Museums

History in a Bottle


ndulge your appetite for fine wine and spirits with a visit to some of the most engaging museums dedicated to the history, expertise, and terroir that go into making some of the world’s much-loved drinks

La Cité du Vin Bordeaux, France In 2017, the renowned National Geographic magazine voted Cité du Vin as one of the best museums in the world. On August 29, 2018 this fabulous wine-themed venue reached a milestone when it welcomed its one millionth visitor. The main highlight of the extravagant $95 million museum is to take visitors on a multisensory journey through the history of wine, from 6,000BC to the present day. Other attractions include the eighth-floor Belvedere restaurant and bar with its breathtaking 360-degree view of the city, as well as Latitude20, where floor-to-ceiling shelves carry 800 wines from more than 70 countries

Bourbon Heritage Centre Bardstown, Kentucky, United States If there is one spirit immersed in the history of America, it’s Bourbon. Each year, thousands of whiskey lovers head to Heaven Hill Distillery’s award-winning Bourbon Heritage Centre in Kentucky to learn about both the fascinating history of Bourbon as well as the story behind Heaven Hill Distillery, family owned and operated since 1935. Visitors are taken through Rickhouse Y for an insight into how the distillery ages and produces some of the world’s finest Bourbons. The tour ends with a tasting of three nationally acclaimed American whiskeys, each from a different mashbill in the world’s largest Bourbon Barrel. |

I The manifest wine vision by Dom PĂŠrignon


om Pérignon’s creation is centered upon its absolute dedication to vintage wines. Dom Pérignon wines come exclusively from one year and one year only - a true challenge for a unique interpretation of the seasons, and for reinvention.

Dom Pérignon also aspires for each of its vintages to have the potential to gradually transform, in a quest to find itself. Seemingly still in the obscurity of the cellars, in the long journey of its elaboration, the wine paradoxically takes on a decisive dynamic. It goes through a metamorphosis, a magnification. It keeps its original promise, yet expresses a new interpretation of classic codes. Each evolution contributes to Dom Pérignon’s beautiful singularity. These privileged moments of succession are called “Plénitudes” - moments where the wine sings higher and stronger. From one Plénitude to the next, Dom Pérignon’s “Power of Creation” is affirmed in discreet perfection, as the intriguing drama of the vintages grows in the secret of the cellars.


24 | Issue #2


he experience of the Dom Pérignon Second Plénitude unfolds in a high-definition universe, both intense and penetrating. Dom Pérignon’s energy signifies an art de vivre oriented towards the future, an intense personal freedom and luxury. Unrestricted, the experience is timeless, focusing on the essentials of the wine, and the essentials of Dom Pérignon, suggesting a territory of curved steel, modern and lively.

This facet of the brand underscores the avant-gardism of Dom Pérignon. 16 years ago, the wine was created to one day project the future of the Second Plénitude, a differentiation with its share of surprises. Today Dom Pérignon in Second Plénitude uniquely sets the tempo, the pace of time. To take part in the experience is to exalt the ideas of the time - those that push concepts to the maximum in all their dimensions. Purified and drastic, the exploration of Dom Pérignon through the Plénitudes lives in the luxury of discretion, the absolute mantra of desirability.


25 | Issue #2


Bespoke Footwear Gentlemen


Sole Masters

espoke footwear is the very quintessence of artisanal craftsmanship and creativity. The master shoemaker is present to listen to the customer’s wishes, understand his habits and tastes, and subsequently share his (the craftsman’s) vast know-how: helping to select the best calf leathers and suedes, before proceeding to cut, stitch, last and finish for a truly exclusive pair of shoes.

Alfred Sargent BEST OF BRITISH Founded in 1899 in England, Alfred Sargent shoemakers have continued to work out of the very same premises in Rushden, Northamptonshire, in the heart of the world renowned English shoemaking region. The brand is synonymous with high quality English shoemaking, with its handcmade goodyear welted footwear crafted to impeccable standards, using only the very finest materials. Alfred Sargent footwear are a true investment as they can undergo a full re-sole, re-heel or a simple refinishing of edges and uppers without needing replacement. Current production time is four months from date of order.

Jésù Ségun London OUT OF AFRICA Jésù Ségun London (JsL) is a young luxury shoe brand based in London, with a Nigerian heritage. Founded in 2016 by Andrew Moss Mackenzie, JsL everyday and special occasion shoes are crafted by a talented team of expert artisans who create handmade leather shoes, using only the finest materials. A bespoke service is available for customers who require shoes that are tailor moulded to the shape of their feet, offering not just comfort, but one of-a-kind footwear that no one else in the world owns. Bespoke clients are able to amalgamate 24 carat gold, platinum thread, exotic leather skins, and name engraving with their special footwear.

26 | Issue #2


Leading Luxury

Vintage-inspired Handbags


ounded by Seth Weisser and Gerard Maione in 1993, ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ (WGACA) has become the premier luxury vintage retailer for clients, fashion industry insiders and celebrities, with its highly curated approach. We bring you one of WGACA’s most sought-after pieces, as well as an exquisite vintage-inspired one from Nigeria’s leading luxury bag maker, Zainab Ashadu.

Louis Vuitton AURORE EMPREINTE ARTSY MM Meet the Artsy -- a simple, yet sophisticated, timeless silhouette. This bag is rendered in the luxurious, debossed Monogram Empreinte leather and features an ornately stitched handle, accented with gold-tone brass hardware. The key ring charm forms part of the package. Price: $2,950.00


Vintage-inspired top handle bag featuring detachable shoulder strap, inner side zip pocket, and zip fastening. Perfect for daytime, this green lizard print piece is handmade in Lagos, Nigeria. Zainab Ashadu bags are available on a semi- and full bespoke service, with the former taking a lead time of 4-8 weeks. Price: NGN 250,000

27 | Issue #2

28 | Issue #2


The Changing Shape of Metal From Burkina Faso to Washington, a string of world-class buildings is appearing across the world, representing the very best of modern architecture. Increasingly, metal architecture, both as main and accent material, has become more prevalent and influential, with hard-wearing metals such as bronze, Cor-ten (weathered) steel, copper, aluminium and zinc proving an evergreen, durable and versatile choice for today’s innovative architects. Unlike any other material, metal can be folded, stamped, perforated, etched and coated in almost unlimited ways.

RESIDENTIAL Robert M Gurney Architects Washington, DC-based Architect, Robert M Gurney appreciates the use of copper not only for its unique aesthetic qualities, but also because it weathers well in salty locations. Over time, the material also develops an attractive green patina. Gurney deployed a folded copper roof and wall for his Buisson Residence in Virginia, which can be exposed to harsh winds and rain. He specified copper for the building because it is durable, timeless, fares well in inclement weather, and complements other materials. A fair amount of Gurney’s work is on the Atlantic coast of the United States where there can be extreme temperatures alongside a water environment. In such conditions, metal not only performs well but is also low maintenance. The material might always be more expensive, but it’s a beneficial trade-off of long-term maintenance costs for a higher upfront price.

29 | Issue #2


COMMERCIAL Diébédo Francis Kéré Born in Burkina Faso, but now based in Berlin, Diébédo Francis Kéré’s work is a blend of traditional and contemporary design, with generous use of lightweight steel frames. In 2017, Kéré designed the Serpentine Pavilion (located in Kensington Gardens, London), and has emerged as a standard-bearer for African-inspired architecture. Taking inspiration from the great tree in his home town of Gando, where members of the community often meet to reflect about the day, the Serpentine Pavilion design is based on replicating this sense of community while connecting people with nature A great over-hanging roof canopy made of steel and a transparent skin covers the entire footprint of the Pavilion, allowing sunlight to enter the space while also protecting it from the rain. At the centre of the Pavilion is a large opening in the canopy, creating an immediate connection to the sky. In times of rain, the roof becomes a funnel channelling water into the heart of the structure. This rain collection acts symbolically, highlighting water as a fundamental resource for human survival and prosperity.

30 | Issue #2




31 | Issue #2

Life & Living

5 Reasons for Estate Planning


he late celebrity chef and CNN TV host Anthony Bourdain reportedly left his estranged wife his frequent flyer miles, which are believed to be considerable. This might seem trivial, but it shows a meticulous mind that planned for the disposal of his assets - right down to the minutiae of his ‘digital assets’.

The transferring of wealth is full of complexities. When thinking about one’s legacy and to whom or what to leave behind, everyone - regardless of family standing or financial status - can benefit from the security and organisation that an estate plan provides. Estate planning, simply put, is the process of anticipating and arranging for the management and disposal of a person’s estate during the person’s life and after death. Yet, most people neglect to put such plans in place, which can cause costly headaches - from the obvious to the highly obscure - for their loved ones. Here are five important reasons for estate planning:

1. Being in effective control

2. Guaranteeing wealth is distributed as desired

Wrongly, most people think an estate plan is something that is required for after you die. However, this is incorrect. An estate plan protects you and your assets in case you become incapacitated or are no longer able to make decisions or speak for yourself. Plan to designate a healthcare proxy or power of attorney who will make medical and financial decisions on your behalf when necessary. In addition to this, you may want to consider what insurance you could need if you’re no longer able to provide for yourself.

A will or trust clearly defines how your assets should be transferred upon your death. If you die intestate (without a documented estate plan), the state where you reside will decide how your assets are distributed after you pass on. Beneficiary Designations made directly on assets like life insurance policies are also important, as many people do not realise that the designations take priority over bequests made in wills and living trusts. Proper documentation can save your family members time and frustration, completely remove the fear of uncertainty, and guarantee your final wishes regarding asset distribution.

32 | Issue #2

3. Protecting & preserving family wealth Estate planning helps preserve your family’s wealth by removing your name from your assets and placing them into very valuable and legallyprotected vehicles, such as trusts.

altered or dissolved after it is created, but the trust provides extensive tax benefits, as well as protection against litigation by creditors or predators.

A Revocable Trust gives control and access to the assets you have placed inside the trust, as well as the flexibility to change its content. It also allows the opportunity to “revoke it” and end its existence. Creating a revocable (or living) trust facilitates timely distribution of assets - by your trustee to your family members – without undergoing probate.

4. Planning for philanthropy

Irrevocable Trusts, on the other hand, are generally less flexible, but can provide greater protections. Assets placed in an Irrevocable Trust cannot be

Legacy planning is often included in an estate planning process to shape the way you are remembered after your demise. For many people, this may mean setting up a charitable trust, or deciding to create a family foundation. Establishing philanthropic intentions and developing a plan to ensure that such goals are implemented into the future is a great way to support the causes important to you.

5. Managing Family Dynamics Family dynamics – marriage, divorce, re-marriage, births, deaths, acquiring or losing property – can be tricky, and will usually alter your financial, emotional or personal situation. As these changes occur, reviewing and updating your will or trust are crucial for reflecting any modifications in the way you want your assets distributed to beneficiaries, new or old.

Estate planning can be a complex and emotional process. But, the earlier you get started, the more prepared you and your family will be to face a variety of challenging situations. It is most beneficial to work with Wealth and Trust Advisors who will help explain estate laws and help you achieve the peace of mind that you deserve.

33 | Issue #1


Luxury Escapes

The World’s Top Vacation Destinations


eople who have extremely demanding lives focus on experiencing exceptionally tailored, once-in-a-lifetime, yet relaxing holidays. These extraordinary destinations span the globe and have something to satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Venice, as you have never seen JW MARRIOTT LUXURY RESORT & SPA, VENICE (ITALY) Visiting Venice is like unwrapping a gift for the senses: elegant piazzas and glistening waterways with beribboned gondoliers churning their oars. Then imagine viewing this northern Italian city from the rooftop of the JW Marriott Venice, located on the private island, Isola delle Rose. This exclusive resort offers fine dining, exploratory tours, a cooking academy, shopping, kids’ activities, and first-class wellness treatments. Transportation options: Private shuttle, vaporetto, traghetto (a gondola with fixed stops), gondola, and water taxi

34 | Issue #2

Travel Stunning private island JOALI RESORT, MALDIVES (INDIAN OCEAN) Located on its own private island in the Raa Atoll – and designed as a sophisticated globalista’s luxurious island retreat - Joali Maldives opened on October 1 to offer unconventional luxury through its 73 private beach and water villas and residences. The resort’s thoughtfully curated offerings include: four restaurants that provide inventive fusion cuisine from several corners of the globe; an artist-inresidence program that encourages guests to enrol in courses during their stay; and an on-site Espa spa that offers unimaginably indulgent treatments. Welcome to the epitome of sustainable glamour.

35 | Issue #2


Crafted to Command

2019 Lexus LX 570 Two-Row Luxury SUV The 2019 Lexus LX boldly traverses into the territory of uncompromising refinement and capability as a flagship luxury utility vehicle.

EXQUISITE CRAFTMANSHIP Commanding demanding terrain and attention, the two-row 2019 LX 570 features a luxurious interior with spacious five-passenger seating, ample cargo space and exceptional 3,175 kg towing capacity. POWER Engineered as the largest engine of any Lexus vehicle, the LX 5.7-litre V8 with 183 kg-ft of torque is loaded with Variable Valve Timing with intelligence, an advanced eight-speed paddle-

36 | Issue #2

shift transmission, and bold acceleration that goes from 0–60 MPH in 7.3 seconds. Full-time four-wheel drive with four-wheel Active Traction Control automatically responds to changes in road conditions, sending power to the wheels that can handle the engine’s prodigious output—with no extra effort from the driver. Base Price: US$ 85,830 Fuel Type: Petrol Certified Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV II) Find out more:


Doing the Unthinkable

2019 Bentley Bentayga V8 The newest addition to the Bentayga range, the 2019 Bentley V8, is the ultimate expression of a luxurious SUV, taking everything you think you know about comfort, performance, and physics, and quickly turning each around to set new standards.

DESIGN The V8 immediately establishes its premium pedigree with a handcrafted interior that features elegant fluted seats and supple leather hides. Its stunning exterior is distinguished by a black and chrome radiator matrix grille at the front, while the rear sports “twin-quad” exhaust outlets. The imposing look for this supercar is completed with a selection of large, striking wheels. DYNAMIC The innovative new Bentley V8 engine is seamlessly powerful and efficient, effortlessly delivering an impressive 542 bhp (550 PS) of power that can take it to a top speed of 180 mph (290 km/h). The V8 engine allows acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 4.4 seconds (0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds), contributing to the car’s agile, sporty driving experience. HI-TECH A range of in-car technology is designed to enable navigation, ventilation and a host of other features through an 8” high-resolution touchscreen. Driver assistance technology - such as Exit Warning and a rear view camera - is included as standard, as are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Apple CarPlay connectivity. BESPOKE A wide variety of bespoke options can make your V8 utterly exclusive: for the ultimate in personalisation, the Mulliner personal commissioning service can create everything from monogrammed upholstery and the full choice of hide, carpet and interior colour combinations, to tailored body modification. Base Price: US$165,000 Fuel Type: Petrol

Information: courtesy, Bentley Motors USA

CO2 Emissions: 260 g/ km Find out more:

37 | Issue #2



The Best al Fresco Luxury Terraces Terraces. These well-appointed, alfresco spaces feature eye-catching architectural design, astonishing views, and every conceivable modern amenity, such as luxurious lounge, dining area, and wet bars. Here is an overview of some of the most sensational hotel terraces in the world:

Switzerland Hotel Villa Honegg (since 1905) If you would like to take anyone’s breath away with a fantastic view, while also enjoying the most delicious of meals, bring them to the architectural wonder of the terrace at Hotel Villa Honegg. Perched on Mount Bürgenstock heights, in Switzerland, this early 1900s residence boasts an exquisite terrace that overlooks the charming natural landscape of Lake Lucerne. Its restaurant has been awarded 14 Gault-Millau points, with cuisine focusing on locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

France Shangri La Hotel – Paris Located on the top floor of the hotel, La Suite Shangri-La’s modern architecture provides a sublime bird’s-eye view of Paris’ most iconic sights, including Montmartre’s Sacré Coeur to the Trocadero, the Grand Palais, Notre Dame, the Alexandre III bridge, the Pantheon, the Invalides (Napoleon’s Tomb), the Quai Branly and, of course the most famous of all, the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine.

38 | Issue #2


The Eclectic Eye

Pairing Period & Modern Furnishing Mixing contemporary and traditional interior design requires careful use of proportion and balance in combining various textures, shapes, styles, and colours to create a cohesive, interesting and distinctive look. If done right, the overall dĂŠcor would suggest a seasoned design eye is at work. These tips will ensure that your space can accommodate styles from different time periods while looking and feeling modern, yet luxuriously classic at the same time.

Which period dominates?

Match similar items

Mixing modern with antique or vintage furniture brings instant character to a space. But to create really fine balance, decide whether you want your space to be primarily modern or primarily traditional. Letting one style dominate is essential because you don’t want to create a space where everything is fighting for equal attention, causing chaos. Essentially, you are furnishing in one style while choosing the other one as an accent. The famous 80/20 rule (the Pareto principle) would apply here.

To create harmony for a more restful look, select furniture pieces that are more alike, or just a few degrees apart. No matter the period of the furniture, you may want to pair items that at least have one attribute in common - a vintage wooden work desk, for example, with a contemporary chair if they have a similar hue, are made from like material, or have comparable grain texture.

Restrained colour palette Limiting the colour palette is the easiest way to ensure that a room will look

coherent even if it features a variety of styles. An example would be a strictly black and white palette, accented with pops of greenery.

Scale Scale refers to proportion and the comparative size of objects in a space. For instance, dainty objects tend to look good next to weightier, heavier ones. Creating balance is what counts. Shop Agatha’s Interior (Lagos-Nigeria) for period and contemporary pieces:

39 | Issue #2

Couture Collection


High Jewelry


n the high jewellery world, diamonds reign unquestionably supreme, with diamond-only houses finding innumerable ways to surprise and delight their clients. It was no different in Paris during this year’s Haute Couture Fashion week, where high jewellery collections of every hue lit up the city with colour. From exquisite neck pieces to elaborate cocktail rings, and sublime earrings, the delight was absolutely in the detail.

DE BEERS RA MEDALLION NECKLACE Radiating with the intensity of the sun, hand-selected yellow and white diamonds in an array of fancy cuts and pavĂŠ forms radiate outwards from a 3 carat, fancy, intense yellow, round, brilliant diamond. With a detachable central and outer motif, the medallion can be worn as a pendant, brooch or on its sautoir chain. Price on Application



A burst of colour as contemporary diamond brand Messika introduced its Firebird open ring, which features a surge of marquise-cut diamonds around a magnificent seven-carat Fancy yellow diamond. This Messika creation is to be worn like a precious talisman.

The lightness of the honeycomb workmanship and the elegance of the white and yellow gold colours remind one of the impalpability of the camelia flower and the endless layers of its petals. The white gold decorations are set with 404 diamonds, for a total weight of 5,07 carats, while two diamonds are set in the white gold bezel that render the pendant part detachable. Price on Demand Price on Request

40 | Issue #2

Couture Collection


Royal Jewels After 200 years: Queen Marie Antoinette’s jewels come to auction at Sotheby’s


A 1775 portrait of Marie Antoinette CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES

t is epoch-making. One of the most important royal jewellery collections ever to come to auction is set to capture the world’s imagination when it comes to Sotheby’s this November 12. After 200 years in hiding, Queen Marie Antoinette’s breathtaking jewels have surfaced, and will lead an aristocratic collection of Royal Jewels from the Bourbon Parma Family, which spans centuries of European history - from the reign of Louis XVI to the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The auction will offer a fascinating insight into the splendour of one of Europe’s most important royal dynasties. Some of the exquisite pieces on offer include:

A huge natural pearl, suspended from a diamond oval and bow; Estimate $1-2 million

Natural pearl and diamond necklace, once owned by Marie Antoinette; Estimated at $200,000-$300,000

One of three signet rings; Estimate $20,000-$50,000 for the set


One of three signet rings; Estimate $20,000-$50,000 for the set

One of three signet rings; Estimate $20,000-$50,000 for the set

Full Auction List:

41 | Issue #2


Scents of the City


t’s no secret that luxury fragrances are made of only the finest ingredients. On our list of some of the most coveted scents, expect to see the name Clive Christian appear a number of times. The brand is a leading independent British perfume house whose predecessor, the Crown Perfumery Company (established in 1872), is the only house ever to have been granted permission to use Queen Victoria’s crown on its bottles.

Ladies Chanel No. 5 Parfum GRAND EXTRAIT One of the most well-known names in perfume, Chanel created this extraordinary, highly sought-after fragrance in 1921. The Grand Exrait is an absolute treasure for the perfume connoisseur and the fragrance collector as it embodies a mix of expensive ingredients of an era gone by: superior ylang-ylang, Rose de Mai, and Jasmine from Grasse. $2,150 (7.6 FL. OZ)

Clive Christian Twists Collection | Violet No1 FLORIENTAL The heart of No.1 with the innocent introduction of violet, grown under shady palm trees to protect the delicacy of the scent, gives the soft sensuality of No.1 a loving twist. $650 (50 ML)

42 | Issue #2


Gentlemen Clive Christian Twists Collection | Basil 1872 CITRUS WOODY Herbaceous Basil and sweet green Mint complement dry Black Pepper and spicy Nutmeg. Clary Sage in the heart carefully folds into a base of earthy Orris and warm woods. $385 (50 ML)

Hermès Cuir D’Ange + Leather Case Described as one of the most masculine fragrances ever made, Hermès’ Cuir D’Ange “combines an oily, grimy leather note with an astonishing, delicate luminosity, offering the softness of leather, like a promise hovering over the skin. The fragrance is accompanied by a leather case in swift calfskin. $530 (100 ML EDT)

43 | Issue #2


The Ultimate Bespoke Luggage


ll bespoke pieces start as a figment of someone’s imagination, coupled with a definite desire to experience that ‘je ne sais quoi’ which comes with having something tailor-made. The following international luxury brands bring a sense of sophistication back to travel, combining extravagance with expert craftsmanship to create the perfect luggage for today’s cultured traveller.

The Overnight Case NOBLE & GRAF Noble & Graff specialise in producing the world’s rarest and finest travelling trunks and leather goods, each of which is hand-created by highly skilled European craftsmen and artisans. Only produced for prestige clientele with a limited number of less than 30 annually, every item is extremely scarce and sought-after, with a 6-8 month waiting list. Starting price: £4,000.00 (including hand personalisation of two initials)

Orient 30 Extra Deep Suitcase with Wheels- Urushi/ Burgundy GLOBE TROTTER Founded in 1897, British company Globe-Trotter has been producing handcrafted pieces for more than a century, and counts members of the British Royal family as customers. Skilfully hand-finished with Japanese `Urushi` lacquer, this collection is inspired by the luxury of traveling aboard the Orient Express. Handcrafted in Hertfordshire (UK), the high-gloss finish and contrasting burgundy leather trim, combined with a plush beautiful suede style, means the Orient collection is the epitome of luxury travel. Price: £2,425.00

45 | Issue #2


Luxury Mobile Apps for Exclusive Services VIP BLACK iVIP offers its members exclusive, unavailableelsewhere access to a curated collection of the world’s finest brands, venues and services. Prospective members of the VIP Black service will not only have to spend US$1,000 to purchase the app, but will also be required to certify they are High Net Worth Individuals with assets and/or income in excess of £1 million. Download (US$1,000):

BENTLEY REMOTE APPS Bentley’s mobile applications are designed to elevate the Bentley ownership experience to another level. Whether it is an app that provides access to exclusive products and services, or to personalise your in-car experience (climate control, infotainment, vehicle information, rear seat heating, ventilation or massage), the Bentley app family has it covered. Free download:

JETSMARTER The Jetsmarter app connects members to idle jets and unused seats in planes across 170+ countries worldwide, with even an option for quick helicopter transfers in select cities. Jetsmarter also offers a concierge service for élite reservations at the finest hotels, restaurants, and exclusive events. Joining fee: US$3,000. Annual membership starts at US$4,950. Free download:

46 | Issue #2

48 | Issue #2

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Premium Wealth Magazine, Issue 2  

Nigeria's premier luxury lifestyle magazine by ARM.

Premium Wealth Magazine, Issue 2  

Nigeria's premier luxury lifestyle magazine by ARM.

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