Armenia Art Fair Catalogue 2019

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MAY 31 JUNE 3 2019 yerevan expo center


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Dear Art Lover, We are pleased to welcome you to the second edition of the Armenia Art Fair, 2019 – a contemporary platform that showcases and connects Armenian and international art and artists, providing Armenia with the opportunity to contribute to developing international trends. It is our vision to help Armenia become known as a thriving and unique art destination worldwide, and we’re moving quickly. This year the Armenia Art Fair has gathered 35 galleries from across the world, including Armenia, Iran, Belarus, Ukraine, Israel, USA, Spain and the UK. New this year, we are excited to provide public access to academics, curators and art professionals from across the region through lectures, artistic performances, and educational programs via our expanded platform, ART WEEK 2019. One of our goals is to create an open dialogue through a platform that is both flexible and affordable. Our openminded nature has taken us across borders and language barriers, following the rich tradition of the Armenian culture. The 2019 Fair is pleased to continue working on collaborative projects which will unveil new talents and highlight new partnerships with international curators, art collectors and art professionals. This year, our cultural program will focus thematically on two important confluences in today’s art world: Art & Technology and Art & Investment. Highlighting the impact of new technologies in the cultural and creative sectors is especially important, as Armenia carries a strong science, technology and mathematics tradition. Check out the installation work by Polish artist, Przemyslaw Jasielki, who has collaborated with local students from Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, to create a piece

of art that is the physical embodiment of engineering, art and science. We also hope you make time to attend the lecture, A Love Story Between Data, People and Art, where Spanish designer Pau Garcia, examines the perception of data in politics and history. The Art & Investment section will feature special guest lecturer, Dr. Iain Robertson, Head of Art Business Studies at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. His Art Talk, New Art and New Markets in Iran, India, China, South America and Southeast Asia, is one not to be missed. We are also excited to welcome German conceptual artist, Olaf Nicolai, with his sound performance, In the Woods, There is a Bird…, in partnership with Goethe-Zentrum Eriwan. Also watch for the special installation and project by the Eiva Arts Foundation, in partnership with the Armenia Tree project, presenting Know Waste, a monthlong project designed to teach children about waste reduction through hands on workshops and art activities, led by contemporary artist Arsen Navasardi. At the fair, please also enjoy the outdoor sculptures and installation by artists Mels Gevorgyan, Grigor Khachatryan and Manvel Matevosyan, as well as the design installation by Vasken Brudian, the founder of Ardean. We are also proud to support Intra Mental Health Center’s Anti-Stigma Campaign through their lecture, workshops and art installation by Samvel Saghatelian. Finally, the Armenia Art Fair would like to thank all participating galleries, speakers, artists, the press, our partners, and the support we have received from cultural organizations and sponsors for making it all possible. We trust you will find this year’s program diverse and inspiring, so please take your time to enjoy the show. The Armenia Art Fair Team


2019, JUNE 1, 18:00 National Gallery

New Art and New markets capitalized in Iran, India, China, South America, and Southeast Asia A lecture and presentation by Dr. Iain Robertson, Head of Art Business Studies at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. New Art and New markets capitalized in Iran, India, China, South America, and Southeast Asia, discussing the ideological and cultural shift away from a global Western cultural consensus toward a multitude of new approaches.

2019, JUNE 2 18:00 National Gallery

Highlighting the impact of new technologies in the cultural and creative sectors Pau Garcia, Founding Partner of Domestic Data Streamers Studio, presents the lecture: A Love Story Between Data, People, and Art. The perception of data in politics and history will be examined with a series of graphic examples on how the arts and data physicalization can help people access the meaning behind each number.

2019, JUNE 2 16:00 Yerevan Expo Center

Sound performance “In the Woods There is a Bird” By German conceptual artist Olaf Nicolai, with an interpretation by Hayk Karoyi Karapetyan (in partnership with GoetheZentrum Eriwan).

Gal ler ies

Akanat Gallery (Armenia)

Akanat gallery was founded in 2001. The name of the gallery comes from the noun akanat (or aknat), prevalent in some Armenian dialects. It refers to an opening in the common wall of two adjacent houses, through which neighbors maintain contact with one another and exchange goods. Throughout these years, many Armenian and international artists have been exhibited at Akanat. Since 2016, Akanat is active in the virtual domain.

Karine Matsakyan “Morning Ghosts” Size: 37 x 52.5 cm Canvas / pencil, print 2015


Djala (Gevorg Sargsyan) “Chronology” Size: 50 x 31 cm Paper / mixed media 2008


Hamlet Hovsepya “Picture BT 025” Size: 40 x 50 cm Aluminum, bronze, canvas, oil 2008

Arevik Arevshatyan “About Nothing” Size: 100 x 70 cm Oil / canvas 2017

Arman Grigoryan “My New Idols” Size: 90 x 100 cm Oil / canvas 2010

Albert & Tove Boyajian Gallery


Albert and Tove Bayajian Gallery of the State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia was opened on May 1, 2001. The creative and pedagogical activities had become more complete and information in the presence of the gallery. Exhibitions of lecturers’, students’, graduates’ and contemporary artists’ art works are held here, as well as thematic, group and foreign artists’ exhibitions. In a very short period of time the Gallery has become one of the cultural centers of the capital.

Arpenik Nalbandyan “Self-Portrait in a Mirror” Size: 89 x 125 cm Oil on canvas 1960

Eduard Isabekyan “Lake Sevan in Fog” Size: 72 x 52 cm Watercolor on paper 1998


Eduard Isabekyan “Feast in Forest” Size: 72 x 53 cm Oil on paper 1998


Eduard Isabekyan “At Rest” Size: 56 x 39 cm Watercolor on paper 2000

Eduard Isabekyan “Woman’s Portrait” Size: 60 x 49 cm Watercolor on paper 1996

Eduard Isabekyan “May Day” Size: 100 x 80 cm Oil on canvas 1993

Antikyan Gallerey (Armenia)

Antikyan Gallery is one of the leading galleries in Armenia. It was founded by art expert Armine Antikyan in 2012. Since its establishment Antikyan Gallery has organized more than 20 different group and solo exhibitions both in Armenia and abroad. Aside from traditional museum and gallery exhibition sites Antikyan Gallery often explores also alternative locations for the contemporary art events and exhibitions.

Teni Vardanyan “Blue Man” Size: 210 x 180 cm Oil on canvas 2018


Armen Gevorgiants “From Personal Mythology” Size: 72 x 105 x 30 cm Paper-mache, wood, metal, oil 2018


Garen Bedrossian Pieces from the Constructed Nature -7 Size: 52 x 10 x 27 cm Onyx 2015 Between Unbeing and Being Size: 137 x 206 cm C-Prin 2014

Samvel Chibukhchyan “Wild Rose Bushes” Size: 100 x 120 cm Oil on canvas 2019

Marina Dilanyan “Brush” Size: 73 x 92 cm Oil on canvas 2016

Antikyan Gallery Bruno Bruni “Fortuna” Size: 68 cm Bronze, diabase 2003

Gevorg Tadevosyan “Stubbornness” Size: 60 x 22 x 22 cm Bronze, iron 2015

Sahak Poghosyan “Melancholy According to Durer” Size: 36 x 34 x 24 cm Bronze 2018



Arshak Sarkissian “Dancers” Size: 60 x 70 cm Oil on canvas 2019

Ararat Sarkissian “Lenduta” (installation) Oil on canvas, video 2017

Aramé Art Gallery


Aramé Art Gallery was founded in 2003 in Yerevan. The “Mashtots” branch of Aramé Art Gallery opened in 2012. Since its foundation Aramé Art Gallery has been organizing many exhibitions and taking part in prestigious international art expos in USA, Europe, Middle East and Gulf countries. Apart from the two galleries in Yerevan, Aramé Art Gallery also has a very active branch in Beirut, which is doing an important work in the promotion of Armenian Art in Middle East and Gulf countries.

Armen Gevorgian “The Woman and Balloon” Size: 97 x 130 cm Oil on canvas 2016


Ruben Grigorian “The Wizard” Size: 90 x 130 cm Oil on canvas 2018


Sarkis Hamalbashian “Village Breakfast” Size: 145 x 190 cm Oil on canvas 2019

Arame Art Gallery

Daron Mouradian “The Dictator” Size: 130 x 115 cm Oil on canvas 2019


Tigran Matulian “Spring” Size: 110 x 140 cm Oil on canvas 2019


Emil Kazaz “Eve” Size: 89 x 41 x 30 cm Bronze 2004

Emil Kazaz “Adam” Size: 90 x 53 x 24 cm Bronze 2004

Arame Art Gallery

Aram Hakobian “Imaginary Town” Size: 80 x 130 cm Oil on canvas 2019


Marat Margarian “Labyrinth Garden” Size: 90 x 100 cm Oil on canvas 2019


Arakyan Art Gallery (Armenia)

Arakyan Art Gallery was founded in 1991. From the very beginning it has put the problem to speak not about “what”, but about “how.” During this period the Gallery presented various manifestations of art in Armenia in the 80s and 90s. Since 1998, the Galleria has mainly started displaying abstractionism in Armenia. During the 28 years, the Galleria own collection has been supplemented with the artworks of 215 Armenian and foreign artists.

KIKI “Bobo” Size: 40 x 30 cm Mixed. technique on canvas 1991

Jala “Chronology” Size: 180 x 120 cm Mixed media on canvas 2015

Milanda de Mont “Fragmentary” Size: 120 x 140 cm Mixed media on canvas 2011

Aramyan Studio-Gallery (Italy)

Aramyan Studio-gallery was founded in August 2014. The scope covers Armenian figurative art with a focus on on Surrealism, Magical Realism and Fantasy tendencies. The gallery also offers educational programmes in arts for children and adults.

Aramyan Nana “Little Witch in the Cupboard” Size: 165 x 95 cm Oil, canvas 2012


Aramyan Vagharshak “Metabolism” Size: 80 x 95 cm Oil, canvas 1992

Aramyan Vagharshak “Lepidopterological Dream of Velasquez” Size: 136 x 148 cm Oil, canvas 1994


ArtAm Gallery (Armenia)

ArtAm is an Armenian Contemporary Art Gallery in a specially made exhibition space in the public areas of Zvartnots International Airport. Was opened from 2016. Organizing exhibitions in public areas such as the VIP Lounge and Departure hall gives the opportunity to show Armenian contemporary art to big groups of people of different nationalities and professions.

Artem Melik-Azaryants “Red Town” Size: 150 x 150 cm Oil on canvas 2018

Karen Movsisyan “The Clairvoyant” Size: 120 x 80 cm Acrylic / canvas 2018

ArtAm Gallery

HarutyuN Chobanyan “Kashmir” Size: A1 Photography 2017


Artem Melik-Azaryants “Miduza Gargona” Size: 150 x 150 cm Oil on canvas 2018


Vilik Zaqaryan “From the Past to Future” Size: 150 x 100 cm Oil / canvas 2015

Armine Tumanyan “Moon” Size: 107 x 88 cm Acrylic, mixed media / canvas 2018

Aram Movsisyan “Passion” Size: 74 x 44 cm Acrylic / canvas 2018

Bravado Fine Arts & Appraisal Services (USA)

Since 2000 Bravado Fine Arts has established itself as a uniquely streamlined, cutting-edge, globally knowledgeable source of expert fine art appraisals and consulting to private collectors, designers, corporate entities, architects and artists. Bravado Fine Arts provides personal property appraisals for modern and contemporary painting, sculpture, multiple prints and photography, specializing in Iranian, Turkish and Armenian art, both modern and contemporary.

Felix Yeghiazarian Self-Portrait Size: 81 x 65 cm Mixed-media 2008

Kaloust Guede “Joan” Size: 91.5 x 101.5 cm Acrylic on vinyl 2014


Romeo Melikyan “UFO” Size: 75 x 95 cm Oil on cancas 2012


Sam Saga (Samvel Sagatelian) “Treasures of the East” Size: 162 x 82.5 cm Oil on canvas 2003/2010

John Lewis Rushing Jr “Resurrection From Purgatory” Size: 91 x 61 cm Digital photography, archival metallic canvas / aqueous ink 2015

Anna Kostanian Untitled Size: 20" x 25.5" Photo 2018

Canopy Gallery (Israel)

Canopy Gallery is a contemporary art gallery with an accent on painting and drawing. We represent mid-career and emerging Israeli and international artists. The gallery is new and is one of the first contemporary art galleries based in the center of Netanya, Israel.

Efrath Bouana “Blue Geometry 3 Size: 120 x 120cm Acrylic on fabric 2017

Efrath Bouana “Blue Geometry 2” Size: 120 x 120cm Acrylic on fabric 2017

Anuradha Delacour “Animal State 1” Size: 35 x 70cm Ink on paper 2019



Esquisse Gallery


Esquisse Gallery was founded by art collector Zara Mazmanian in mid 2009. The gallery aims to serve as a conduit, for international contemporary art scenes. It showcases the work of established international artists in Armenia and abroad as well as dedicates itself to nurturing emerging Armenian artists abroad in order for them to achieve international recognition

Mkrtich Mazmanian “Hera” Size: 130 x 70 x 20 cm Fiber glass

Mkrtich Mazmanian “Salome” Size: 80 x 33 x 33 cm Bronze

Crisolart Galleries (Spain)

Crisolart Galleries is a network of international galleries with over 25 years of experience in the field of national and international art fairs and exhibitions. The head office of the company is located in Barcelona. At the moment, two exhibition spaces are successfully operating in Barcelona (Spain) and New York (USA). Crisolart Galleries has a large client base of art lovers around the world, has strong business contacts with the international and local press.

ALEXANDER YAYA “My Yellow Fish” Size 100 x 100 cm Mixed media on canvas


JT LISS “Cracked But not Broken” Photography


SUSANA ANAYA “CONECTIONS” Size: 100 x 100 cm Oil on canvas

MERCEDES CASTRO LOMAS “Patos Mandarines” Size: 130 x 80 cm Oil on canvas

PILAR OSTOLAZA “Luz Para Mi Tierra” Size: 130 x 170 cm Watercolor on paper

Dalan Gallery (Armenia)

Since 2011, The Dalan Art Gallery in Yerevan has promoted the work of twenty-six talented contemporary artists from the post-Soviet period. These artists are given space to exhibit in Yerevan, but also given the opportunity to reach worldwide collectors, museums, and galleries.

Arthur Sarkissian “Image Lines” Size: 160 x 100 cm Acrylic on canvas 2018

Arthur Sarkissian “Between the Images” Size: 45 x 95 cm Oil on canvas 2017



Manvel Matevosyan “Two Parts” Size: 72 x 28 x 10 cm Iron 2018

Manvel Matevosyan “Rotation” Size: 130 x 60 x 27 cm Iron 2018

Mushegh Mkhitaryan “Without Winter” triptych Size: 450 x 150 cm Mixed media 2016

Galería Weber-Lutgen (Spain)

The Weber-Lutgen gallery opened its doors in June 2007, in the street Fray Diego de Cádiz nº 9. A space inserted in the historic center of the city. This Sevillian gallery is directed by Ed. M.A. Weber, a Luxembourger who decided to settle permanently in the city of Seville and start a bet of plastic renovation with his particular vision and dedicated to show the vanguard in the south of Spain.

JesÚs Algovi “Nanas de la Cebolla II” (onion nanny/lullaby) Size: 12 pieces of 30 x 40 cm. Edition of 7 (each) Etching on digital matrix cut with water jet, linoleum and embossed 2012

Jesús Algovi “Ideales” (Ideals) Size: 16 x 17 x 15 cm Bronze and naval rope 2015



Veredas López “My Dear Ana” Size: 49 x 31 x 16 cm Recycled plastic (PE), bicycle wheel and found objects 2019

José María Larrondo “Ideas” Size: 41 x 50 cm Oil on canvas 2016

Veredas López Without title (series “Bubble”) Size: 45 x 45 cm Mixed media on aludibond 2016

José María Larrondo “I KANT do it” Size: 73 x 50 cm Oil on canvas 2016

Galería Weber-Lutgen Ana Quesada “Fronteras” Size: 25.5 x 25.5 x 5 cm Collage in light box 2019

Ana Quesada “Raiuces” (Roots) Size: 180 x 160 x 1.5 cm Installation, acrilic on wood and wool, variable dimensions (approximatively) 2016

Adriana Torres part of series “Roots of Dreams” Size: 50 x 25 cm Acrilic on paper and pencil on japanese paper 2018


Adriana Torres “Heard in Soul” Size: 13 x 15 x 7 cm Plaster and ink, approximately 2018


Kobalt Gallery (Armenia)

“Kobalt” virtual Gallery was founded in 1995. The main goal is to support Armenian women artists and to present their art in Armenian stage as well as and abroad. During these years we were presented several actions, performances, instalations and international exhibitions. “Kobalt” Gallery is the representative of German art organization “Kobalt” in Armenia.

Yevgine Martirosyan “Days” Size: 150 x 150 cm Oil on canvas 2016

Zara Manucharyan “Meditation 7” Size: 89 x 116 cm Mix media 2007

Karoyan Gallery (Armenia)

KAROYAN GALLERY was opened in 2016 as the successor to several private art galleries initiated by Nazareth Karoyan. Featuring contemporary art by emerging and established regional, national and international artists, KAROYAN GALLERY exhibits works in a variety of mediums and is often at the forefront of challenging gallery norms.

Nechama Levendel “Book Objects� Size: different Bookart objects 2018


Nechama Levendel Untitled Size: 27 x 33 cm Mixed media 2017

Nechama Levendel Untitled Size: 146 x 72 cm Mixed media on carton 2018


Avraham Eilat “Again and Again” Size: 33 x 34.5 cm Carton collage 2016

Avraham Eilat Untitled Size: 25.5 x 21.5 cm Carton collage 2017

Avraham Eilat “Diggers” Size: 28 x 38.4 cm Carton collage 2016

Avraham Eilat “Camel” Size: 32.5 x 32 cm Carton collage 2016

KulturDialog Armenien (Armenia)

KulturDialog Armenien is a culturally oriented, non-profit foundation, founded and registered by the art historian, Sona Harutyunyan in 2012. KulturDialog Armenien supports cultural exchange and promotes dialogue between Armenian and non-Armenian artists.

Gagik Harutyunyan “Yard” (from the series City) Size: 60 x 59.8 cm Photography 1991


Narek Avetisyan “Jajur Essence” Size: 160 x 160 cm Acrylic on canvas 2018


Zhora Gasparyan Untitled Size: 55 x 45cm Oil on canvas 2013

Gevorg Grigoryan “Seen Sun 01.52” Size: 55 x 110 cm Oil on canvas 2019

Azat Petrosyan “System Error” Size: 60 x 180 cm Oil on canvas 2018

Edgar Amroyan “Matomato” (Green) Size: 125 x 175 cm Oil on bagging 2018

MAIFOTO Gallery (Germany)

MAIFOTO Gallery is the independent producers gallery of visual artist Ute Langkafel, founded in Berlin in 2002. Carrying out a dual role as artist and producer, Ute Langkafel creates communication with the art recipients, especially residents of the ‘diverse’ neighborhood of Berlin Kreuzberg, passers by and visitors of the gallery. In 2018 a cooperation between visual artist Hrachya Vardanyan (Gyumri, Armenia) and Ute Langkafel started with the inauguration of the project MEGHRI.

Ute Langkafel/Hrachya Vardanyan INSIDE THE CRATER “Vishap Tzolkin” “Red Sulphur” Size: 2.10 x 1.00 m Size: 2.30 x 1.40 m Mixed media Fine Art Print drifted on canvas in beeswax and fir 2016 2018

Ute Langkafel/Hrachya Vardanyan INSIDE THE CRATER “Mounts of Meghri” fragment of “Crimson” Size: 2.30 x 1.40 m Size: 2.60 x 2.10 m Fine Art Print drifted Mixed media in beeswax and fir on canvas 2018 2016

Ute Langkafel/ Hrachya Vardanyan INSIDE THE CRATER Installation view of the opening presentation in Galerie MAIFOTO, Berlin, Germany, Autumn 2018



Neolocal Gallery


Was founded in 2010 by artist and curator David Kareyan as an online platform. Restarted its activity in 2018. The gallery aim is to present local contemporary art and artists working with different medias to as large audience as it possible. We hope that we can make contemporary art more accessible for different levels of society and we believe that art is making great possibilities for every individual to educate and to develop.

Manan Torosyan “Refraction#1” Size: 160 x 60 x 60 cm Organic glass, metal 2017

Manan Torosyan “Refraction#2” Size: 86 x 96 x 36 cm Fabric, metal 2015

Neolocal Gallery

David Kareyan “Nature Receding Day by Day” Size: 87 x 100 cm Oil on canvas 2010

David Kareyan “Where Loneliness Grows” Size: 87 x 100 cm Oil on canvas 2009



David Kareyan “Route-Seeing Wind” Size: 87 x 100 cm Oil on canvas 2010

David Kareyan “Images Frayed from Darkness” Size: 87 x 100 cm Oil on canvas 2009

Nur Art Gallery


Situated in the very heart of the city and overlooking the Republic Square, Nur Art Gallery is a cozy environment, where Arman Nur expresses himself through his works as a multidisciplinary artist mastering painting, sculpture, drawings and conceptual jewelry. All the art pieces are exclusive and one of a kind. Today, Nur is considered as the most popular and sought-after artist in Armenia, where his artworks also enrich the streets of Yerevan.

Arman Nur Ring “Frida Kahlo” Gold585, diamonds, pearls 2015


Arman Nur Cross “St. Gayane” Gold585, diamonds, emerald, enamel 2016


Lousnak “Komitas” Size: 80 x 60 cm Acrylic on wood panel 2019

Kohar Kevorkian “Shield” Size: 150 x 50 cm Acrylic on canvas, 14ct. gold 2019

Ara Badalian, “Polemica 2” Size: 60 x 70 cm Oil on canvas 2019

Sarah Watterson “Spring Mosaic” Size: 30 x 30 cm Acrylic, epoxy collage 2018

Saye Art Gallery


Saye is a Tehran based contemporary art devotee Gallery founded and directed by “Babak Baharestani”, Since July 2014, aims to present young talents as well as practiced artists to the public and art lovers. Indeed, with a great collection of modern and contemporary Iranian art and visual artists in attendance, Saye Art Gallery has a significant role in Tehran’s creative scenery.

Ali Ganjavi “At Night-01” Size: 41 x 53 cm Painting 2018


Ali Ganjavii “At Night-02” Size: 41 x 53 cm Painting 2018


Ali Rahimi “Paradox” Size: 48 x 52 cm Acrylic on canvas 2019

Elahe Farjad Untitled Size: 50 x 70 cm Acrylic on canvas 2019

Bahar Ranjbar “Inner Monster” Size : 57 x 74 cm Charcoal on paper 2016

Saye Art Gallery

Hani Najm, “Tea Bags in Row” Size: 53 x 43 cm Installation 2019


Mehdi Ziraki “Vertical Horizon” Size: 53 x 53 cm Acrylic on canvas 2019

Saeedeh Saeedi “Passing” Size: 52 x 72 cm Acrylic on board 2018

Javad Vatandoust Untitled Size: 50 x 50 cm Oil on canvas 2019


VARBO ART (Czech Republic)

Founded in 2008 with galleries in Prague and Yerevan, VARBO ART is specialized in modern and contemporary European and Armenian art. VARBO ART is a project of VARBO CORPORATION from Czechia.

Charles Atamian “Terrasse à Antibes” Size: 32.5 x 41 cm Oil on panel 1918

Varbo Art Albert Hakobyan Size: 150 x 150 cm Oil on canvas 2018

Gagik Ghazanchyan “Perpetual Mobile” Size: 125 x 80 cm Oil on canvas 2008


Nina Khemchyan “Bonjour” Size: 60 cm Faïence chamotté, oxydes métalliques 2016


Hasmik Avetisyan “Still Life 3” Size: 90 x 80 cm Oil on canvas 2007

Garen Bedrossian “Flight” Size: 8 x 40 x 47 cm Bronze, brass, marble 1996

Lilit Sogomonyan “Conversation About Everything” Size: 56 x 76 cm Mixed media on paper 2015

Vista Art Gallery


Vista Gallery was established in 2013 in the center of Tehran near some of the most important old and new cultural centers under the management of Ms. Parisa Pahlavan. The purpose of this gallery was the promotion and support of modern contemporary Iranian Art. The gallery has constantly followed this goal by holding art exhibitions, publishing art books and founding Vista Great Award.

Tayyebeh Dezhdoost Untitled (from the Appropriation series) Size: 30 x 30 cm Mixed media on canvas 2017



Gandom Amiri Untitled Size: 30 x 20 cm Oil on canvas 2018

Nafiseh Emran Untitled Size: 170 x 130 cm Painting 2018

Setareh Hosseini “The Eternal Flowers� Size: 46 x 57 x 10 cm Mixed media 2017

Vista Art Gallery Sormeh Arab Untitled Size: 95 x 95 cm Mixed media on canvas 2018


Samira Darya Untitled Size: 120 x 80 cm Painting 2014-2018


VisualGap Gallery


VisualGap Gallery was established on 2007. Since 2018, in collaboration with Yerevan Goethe center and Gangeviertel Art center (Hamburg), gallery has opened first silk screen printing studio in Yerevan.

Areg Balayan from the “MOB” (Military mobilization) series Size: 19 x 29 cm Silkscreen printing, limited edition on canvas 2016

Kima Gyarakyan Untitled Size: 64 x 43 cm Silkscreen printing, limited edition on paper 2019

Mary Moon from the “City” series “Yerevan”' triptych Size: 89 x 110 cm Silkscreen printing limited edition on canvas 2005

4Plus Documentary Photography Center (Armenia) 4Plus is an initiative by Armenian women photographers with the aim to develop documentary photography and to empower women in Armenian and beyond. Currently 4plus members are Nazik Armenakyan, Anahit Hayrapetyan, Piruza Khalapyan and Nelly Shishmanyan.

Anahit Hayrapetyan “Grandmother with Cabbage� Size: 50 x 70 cm Photo print 2009


Nelli Shishmanyan Untitled Size: 50 x 70 cm Photo print 2018


Piruza Khalapyan “Mental Hospital” Size: 60 x 80 cm Photo print 2018

Nazik Armeniakyan “The Salt of the Earth” Size: 60 x 80 cm Photo print 2018

Ar-Art (Armenia)

“Ar-Art” – the union of recognized personalities of fine art. “Ar-Art” aims to create highly artistic works of all types and genres. “Ar-Art” organizes and carries out exhibition activities in Armenia and abroad. The Union is interested in the preparation and holding of master classes, creative laboratories, sales exhibitions, etc.

Sona Tumanova “Triptich Birds” Size: 42 x 29 x 3 cm Mixed media. Digital art 2018



Vahagn Igityan “Life Lines” Size: 110 x 90 cm Oil on canvas 2019



Vahagn Igityan “Bird՛s-Eye View” Size: 110 x 90 cm Oil on canvas 2018


Gallery Girl (UK)

Gallery Girl is a London-based curatorial platform and website dedicated to modern and contemporary art from across the globe with a mission to provide a platform for emerging female artists from across the Middle East, the Caucasus, and the respective diasporas.

Ripsy may “Angel Boy” Size: 30 x 40.5 cm Oil pastel, acrylic and oil paint on canvas textured acrylic paper 2018

Ripsy may “Me, You, Dupree” Size: 35.6 x 45.7 cm Oil pastel and oil paint on canvas textured acrylic paper 2018

lus Ka “The Doer” Size: 100 x 75 cm Mixed media on board 2018

Curator Iren Barseghyan (Armenia)

Iren Barseghyan is an interdependent art curator, who formerly worked with Artbeep online art gallery. She presents works which demonstrate the rich diversity of artistic approaches in Armenian contemporary paintings. Displayed works belong to successful Armenian artists based in Yerevan and Gyumri.

Vahagn Ghukasyan “Shadows of the City” (diptych) Size: 120 x 80 cm Mixed media on canvas 2018


Arpi Vardanyan “Dreamer” Size: 105 x 75 cm Oil on canvas 2018


Vahagn Galstyan “Still Life with Irises” Size: 100 x 73 cm Oil on canvas 2013 Suren Safaryan (Safar) “Shadows” Size: 90 x 90 cm Oil on canvas 2018

Seda Bekaryan “Buildings” (triptych) Size: 80 x 180 cm Oil on canvas 2014

Curator Gagik Siravyan (Armenia)

The works of Renowned Armenian artist Henrik Siravyan and his two sons, artists Davit and Gagik Siravyan.

Davit Siravyan “The Willow” Size: 60 x 60 cm Oil on canvas 2018


Gagik Siravyan From “The My Trees in Shorja” series Size: 50 x 80 cm Oil on canvas 2014


Henrik Siravyan “Parajanov and the Beauties” Size: 90 x 90 cm Oil on canvas 1993

Henrik Siravyan “The Rock” Size: 90 x 90 cm Oil on canvas 1992

Curator Daria Pashchenko (Pride Art Advisory, Ukraine)

PRIDE ART ADVISORY provides expertise in identifying, acquiring, curating, and managing contemporary art with a focus on the Ukrainian art scene, that is almost unestablished on the international art market. PRIDE ART ADVISORY gives counselling to private and corporate collectors in all aspects of the contemporary art market, acquisition and collection building.

Alina Fedotova “The Tide” Size: 172 x 136 cm Oil on canvas 2014

Kateryna Motyleva “With a Flow” Size: 30 x 40 cm Digital print 2019



Sergey Melnitchenko “HER #6” Size: 40 x 25 cm Archive inkjet print on hahnemuehle photo rag paper 308gsm 2018

Sergey Melnitchenko “HER #7” Size: 40 x 26 cm Archive inkjet print on hahnemuehle photo rag paper 308gsm 2018

Sergey Melnitchenko “HER #8” Size: 40 x 25 cm Archive inkjet print on hahnemuehle photo rag paper 308gsm 2018

Sergey Melnitchenko “HER #11” Size: 40 x 26 cm Archive inkjet print on hahnemuehle photo rag paper 308gsm 2018

Curator Juraj Carny (Curatorial Studies Institute, Slovak Republic) Mission of the Curatorial Studies Institute is educating, connecting and accelerating. EDUCATING: Curatorial Studies, research / publishing activities /// CONNECTING: international exchange / residency programs for curators and artists /// ACCELERATING: Curatorial Incubator / Public art projects: TRAM (gallery and cultural centre in the train) / Wandering gallery NomadSPACE (art against xenophobia, extremism and racism) / Crazycurators Biennale Augmented reality.

Stano Masár Contemporary Art Size: 15 x 15 cm each, C-print on plastic slate, 60 pieces 2007

Ivana Šáteková There Were People There, Even Women Participatory engraving 2018



Tomáš Rafa Nazis Against Roma People 2016-2017

Marina Hakobyan (Representation, Armenia)

FROM AN IDEA TO REALISATION / ARAM ISABEKYAN AND ARTHUR HOVHANNISYAN The exhibition has brought together two Armenian artists of utterly different cultural developments and perceptions. Their different principles and thinking encircled in the same versatile outline, form an artistic atmosphere of free coexistence and dialogue.

Arthur Hovhannisyan “Bus Forms” Size: 90 x 80 cm Oil on canvas 2019

Arthur Hovhannisyan “Bus Forms” Size: 46 x 80 cm Oil on canvas 2018



Arthur Hovhannisyan “Bus Forms” serie Size: 47 x 130 cm Oil on canvas 2018

Arthur Hovhannisyan “Feel the Warmness’’ Size: 100 x 200 cm Oil on canvas 2018

Arthur Hovhannisyan “Bus Forms” Size: 100 x 140 cm Oil on canvas 2018

Marina Hakobyan

Aram Isabekyan “My Garden in Winter” Size: 100 x 100 cm Acrylic on canvas 2018

Aram Isabekyan “Holiday” (sketch) Size: 22.5 x 25 cm Oil on canvas 2019


Aram Isabekyan “My Garden in Winter” (Sketch) Size: 22.5 x 25 cm Acrylic on canvas 2018

Aram Isabekyan “Holiday” Size: 110 x 120 cm Acrylic on canvas 2019


Slime Friendz (Alex Jahani & Rachel Gisela Cohen, USA)

Alex Jahani and Rachel Gisela Cohen group is called “Slime Friendz,”composed of American artists from all over the United States. The many members of Slime Friendz are actively practicing artists, curators, designers, educators, and so forth. Collectively, they are an extremely diverse group of artists whose interests span across several professions and academic interests.

Rachel Gisela Cohen “Sky Thighs” Size: 40.64 x 30.48 cm Flashe, pigment, compound and sequined fabric on canvas 2017

Carlos Rosales-Silva “Yeyi Coatl” Size: 40.64 x 30.48 cm Acrylic paint crushed stone sand on birch panel 2018

Rachel Gisela Cohen “Disco Web” Size: 30.48 x 22.86 cm Acrylic, silkscreen medium and sequined fabric on canvas 2018

List of Exhibitors Akanat Gallery (Armenia) Arman Grigoryan Karine Matsakyan Arevik Arevshatyan Djala (Gevorg Sargsyan) Hamlet Hovsepyan Albert & Tove Boyajian Gallery (Armenia) Eduard Isabekyan Arpenik Nalbandyan Antikyan Gallerey (Armenia) Armen Gevorgiants Sahak Poghosyan Gevorg Tadevosyan Teni Vardanyan Bruno Bruni Ararat Sarkissian Garen Bedrossian Samvel Chibukhchyan Marina Dilanyan Arshak Sarkissian Arakyan Art Gallery (Armenia) Zara Manucharyan Gagik Charchyan Chala Albert Hakobyan AramÉ Art Gallery (Armenia) Marat Margarian Armen Gevorgian Ruben Grigorian Daron Mouradian Tigran Matulian Emil Kazaz Emil Kazaz Aram Hakobian Sarkis Hamalbashian


Aramyan Studio-Gallery (Italy/Armenia) Vagharshak Aramyan Nana Aramyan

ArtAm Gallery (Armenia) Vilik Zaqaryan Harutyun Chobanyan Karen Movsisyan Aram Movsisyan Armine Tumanyan Artem Melik-Azaryants

Bravado Fine Arts & Appraisal Services (USA) Sam Saga (Samvel Sagatelian) Kaloust Guedel Romeo Melikian Anna Kostanian Felix Yeghiazarian John Lewis Rushing Jr

KulturDialog Armenien (Armenia) Gagik Harutyunyan Narek Avetisyan Zhora Gasparyan Edgar Amroyan Gevorg Grigoryan Azat Petrosyan Karoyan Gallery (Armenia) Avraham Eilat Nechama Levendel Kobalt Gallery (Armenia) Yevgine Martirosyan Zara Manucharyan

Canopy Gallery (Israel) Efrath Bouana Anuradha Delacour

MAIFOTO Gallery (Germany) Ute Langkafe Hrachya Vardanyan

Crisolart Galleries (Spain) MercedesCastro Lomas Pilar Ostolaza Susana Anaya Irina Markova Chagall Jt Liss Alexander Yaya Will Yaya

Neolocal Gallery (Armenia) Arman Grigoryan Arthur Sarkissian David Kareyan Diana Hakobyan Levon Fljyan Manan Torosyan Sona Abgaryan

Dalan Gallery (Armenia) Arthur Sarkissian Mushegh Matevosyan Manvel Matevosya Esquisse Gallery (Armenia) Aykaz Arzumanyan Mkrtich Mazmanyan Galería Weber-Lutgen (Spain) Ana Quesada Adriana Torres Veredas López José María Larrondo Jesús Algovi

Nur Art Gallery (Armenia) Arman Nur Kohar Kevorkian Sarah Watterson Lousnak Ara Badalian Saye art gallery (Iran) Bahar Ranjbar Ali Ganjavi Javad Vatandoust Ali Rahimi Mehdi Ziraki Hani Najm Elahe Farjad Saeedeh Saeedi Nazanin Behzadi

Varbo Art (Czech Republic) Charles Atamian Jean Jansem Carzou Wartan Mahokian Arsene Chabanian Albert Hakobyan Gagik Ghazanchyan Lilit Sogomonyan Hasmik Avetisyan Nina Khemchyan Garen Bedrossian Anahit Boyajyan Vista Art Gallery (Iran) Samira Darya Setareh Hosseini Sormeh Arab Gandom Amiri Nafiseh Emran Tayyebeh Dezhdoost VisualGap Gallery (Armenia) Armen Ter-Mkrtchyn, Areg Balayan Mary Moon Kima Gyarakyan 4Plus Documentary Photography Center (Armenia) Nazik Armenakyan Anahit Hayrapetyan Piruza Khalapyan Nelly Shishmanyan Slime Friendz (Alex Jahani & Rachel Gisela Cohen, USA) Abigail Cheney Yen Yen Chou Rachel Gisela Cohen Nicholas Cueva Edith Fikes Katie Hector Kate Huffman Kaleb Hunkele Alex Jahani Danni O’Brien

Sasha Phyars-Burgess Mike Picos Carlos Rosales-Silva Clayton Skidmore Luisa Valderrama Anne Wu

Ar-Art (Armenia) Vahagn Igityan Sona Tumanova Narek Babumyan Artesson (Armenia) David Kareyan Arthur Sarkissian Diana Hakobyan Vahag Hamalbashyan Levon Fljyan Curator Iren Barseghyan (Armenia) Arpi Vardanyan Suren Safar Seda Bekaryan Vahagn Galstyan Vahagn Ghukasyan Curator Gagik Siravyan (Armenia) Henrik Siravyan Davit Siravyan Gagik Siravyan Curator Daria Pashchenko (Pride Art Advisory, Ukraine) Alina Fedotova Sergey Melnitchenko Roman Mikhailov Kateryna Motyleva Artur Samofalov Curator Juraj Carny (Curatorial Studies Institute, Slovak Republic) Stano Masár Ivana Šáteková Tomáš Rafa

curator Oleg Kostyuchenko (Belarus) Oleg Kostyuchenko Vasilii Kostyuchenko Mihail Gulin Julia Nazarova Antonina Slobodchikova curator Tereza Davtyan (Armenia) Kamee Abrahamian Gohar Sargsyan Valentina Maz Vanane Borian Samvel Saghatelian Gallery Girl (UK) Ripsy May Luska Iranian Emerging Artists (Iran) Masoud Jazani Amin Moazzami Parham Peyvandi Hamidreza Karami Marina Hakobyan (Representation, Armenia) Aram Isabekyan Arthur Hovhannisyan State Academy of Fine Arts (Armenia) Narek Tserunyan Raffi Ghazaryan Syuzanna Mkrtchyan Hamazasp Manukyan Davit Davtyan Marieta Arzumanyan Anna Manukyan Narine Aleksanyan Alisa Gevorgyan Irina Ghulijanyan Kristine Soghomonyan

Gallery Addresses Akanat Gallery (Armenia) 28 Koghbatsi Str., Apt.47, Yerevan, Ani Sookiassian +374 91 951659 Albert & Tove Boyajian Gallery (Armenia) 36 Isahakyan Str., Yerevan Irina Isabekyan,, +374 55 581618 Antikyan Gallerey (Armenia) 33/21 Pushkin Str., Yerevan Armine Antikyan, +374 10 538820, +374 91 415734 Arakyan Art Gallery (Armenia) Yerevan, Armenia Tatul Arakyan +374 91 535389 AramÉ Art Gallery (Armenia) Yerevan, Amiryan str., 13 Aram Sargsyan +374 10 500097, +374 91 416927


Aramyan Studio-Gallery (Italy/Armenia) 54 Mashtots ave., Yerevan. Udne, Viale Leopardi 92 Nana Aramyan +374 94 158085, +39 3471974902

ArtAm Gallery (Armenia) Zvartnots International Airport, Armine Tumanyan +374 77 555089

Bravado Fine Arts & Appraisal Services (USA) 825 North Larchmont Blvd Ste.222 Los Angeles, USA Israel Stepanian + 323 823 9352, +800 498 7627 Canopy Gallery (Israel) Tel-Hai 3 Netanya, Israel Dina Shabi +972 525 41 57 41 Crisolart Galleries (Spain) C/ Villaroel, 43. 08011, Barcelona Spain, 674 9th Av. 2 Fl., New York 10036 USA Alexander Yaya M. Dalan Gallery (Armenia) Yerevan, 12 Abovyan str., 2nd fl. Ara Melkonyan, +374 99 553307 Esquisse Gallery (Armenia) Zara Mazmanian +374 95 555109

Galería Weber-Lutgen (Spain) C/ Fray Diego De Cádiz, No 9 Bajo Edouard Marie Anne WEBER +34 954909471, +34 629324970 KulturDialog Armenien (Armenia) Yerevan, Maschtots Str. 16 (Apt. 36) Sona Harutyunyan +374 93 825459 Karoyan Gallery (Armenia) Yerevan, 48, Fizkulturnikneri str. Marine Karoyan +374 93 275788 Kobalt Gallery (Armenia) Yerevan, 82 H.Emin str.apt.103 Yevgine Martirosyan +374 77 542726 MAIFOTO Gallery (Germany) Berlin, Dresdener Str. 18 Ute Langkafel +49 172 3920884 Neolocal Gallery (Armenia) 79 Bagramyan ave., apt.11, Yerevan Evelyn Kareian +374 77 085067 Nur Art Gallery (Armenia) Yerevan, Amiryan 1 Lilit Hovhannisyan +374 94 879966

Saye art gallery (Iran) 21, 13th alley, Sanaei Street, Karimkhan Street, Tehran, Iran Babak Baharestani, +989122067960, +982188827886

Artesson (Armenia) Yerevan, 3/4 building 1ally 11 Aygestan St Vahan Sarkissian, Tereza Davtyan, +374 94 482218

curator Tereza Davtyan (Armenia) Yerevan, Shahumyan 4 street, 1st line, h.16 Tereza Davtyan +374 94 482218

Varbo Art (Czech Republic) Americka 41, 120 00 Prague 2, Czechia, Spendiaryan Str. 4, Yerevan, Armenia Vardges Boyajyan +420 776 328488, +374 98 760084

Curator Iren Barseghyan (Armenia) Yerevan, 8th Nor Nork 38, Apt.2 Iren Barseghyan +374 91 933906

Gallery Girl (UK) 200 Staines Road East, Sunbury-on-Thames, UK Lizzy Vartanian Collier 074 54 79 84 27

Vista Art Gallery (Iran) No. 11, 12 th Alley, Miremad St., Mottahari Ave. Tehran, Iran Hamidreza Karami, Ms. Parisa Pahlavan, +98 21 88513933/34, +98 912 193 3371 VisualGap Gallery (Armenia) Yerevan, Hr.Kochar 13, apt 69 Mary Moon +374 95 506601

Curator Gagik Siravyan (Armenia) Yerevan, Mashtots 15, apt. 42 Gagik Siravyan, +374 94 487680 Curator Daria Pashchenko (Pride Art Advisory, Ukraine) Kyiv/Berlin (Exerzierstraße 7, 13357) Daria Paschenko, +4915228099409

4Plus Documentary Photography Center (Armenia) Yerevan, Koryun str. 8, apt. 8 Nazik Armenakyan +374 98 086609

Curator Juraj Carny (Curatorial Studies Institute, Slovak Republic) Na Riviére 2, 841 04 Bratislava, Slovak Republic Juraj Carny +421 905 23 11 87

Ar-Art (Armenia) Yerevan, Vardanants str. 14/1 Vahagn Igityan +374 91 915575

curator Oleg Kostyuchenko (Belarus) Mogilevskaya 16-420, Minsk, Belarus Oleg Kostyuchenko +375291640325

Iranian Emerging Artists (Iran) Apt.#7, No. 16, North Ghalandari St., Mirzapour St., Shariati Ave. Tehran, Ira Hamidreza Karami +98 912 236 4291, +98 921 325 5737 Marina Hakobyan (Representation, Armenia) Yerevan, Isahakyan 36 Marina Hakobyan +374 95 588866, +374 93 550722 Slime Friendz (Alex Jahani & Rachel Gisela Cohen, USA) 929 Bush St, San Francisco, USA Alex Jahani/Rachel Cohen +1 (908) 510-4758 State Academy of Fine Arts (Armenia) Yerevan, Isahakyan 36 Aram Isabekyan, Arthur Hovhannisyan +374 93 550722

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Alex Jahani/Rachel Cohen Slime Friendz Independent curator Oleg Kostyuchenko Galery Girl VisualGap Gallery Art Curator Iren Barseghyan “New Names” Curatorial Studies Institute Independent curator Tereza Davtyan Samvel Saghatelian Anti-Stigma project for Intra Mental Heath Center Installation Art Lab Przemyslaw Jasielski Installation Know Waste

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Floorplan / Gallery Level 2 KIDS & PERFOMANCE ZONE



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17 13






















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Varbo Art Akanat Gallery Crisolart Gallery Antikyan Gallery Esquisse Gallery Dallan Gallery Galeria Weber-Lutgen KulturDialog Armenien MAIFOTO Gallery Karoyan Gallery

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Neolocal Gallery Vista Art Gallery Bravado Fine Art Tatul Arakyan Gallery State Academy of Fine Arts Representation Gagik Siravyan Arame Art Gallery Saye art Gallery Iranian Emerging Artists Ar-Art

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Aramyan Gallery Marina Hakobyan Albert & Tove Boyajyan Gallery Canopy Gallery ArtAm Gallery Artesson Kobalt Gallery Nur Art Gallery 4Plus Documentary Photography Center

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