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CONTENTS Welcome .........................................2–3 History of the pork industry ...............4 ‘Meat’ the baconeers.........................6 Long Table Breakfast .........................8 Men’s Shed .......................................10 SunPork’s contribution.....................12 Pin-up pageant .................................14 Rashers Rush Run and Ride ...........15 Festival program .........................16–17 Festival map................................18–19 Market & entertainment guide ........20 Little Piggies in the Park...................21 Our region’s wineries .......................22 Murphy’s Pigs ...................................24 The Porkers ......................................25 Our volunteers ..................................26 Kevin Bacon Film Festival................28 Merchandise .....................................29 Wine and Swine ...............................30 Barbecue challenge .........................31 South Burnett food ambassador....32 Recipes .............................................33

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PIG LEAGUE: Kingaroy BaconFest chief baconeer, Kathryn Stevens. PHOTO: MARGUERITE CUDDIHY

BACON IS BEST A RASHER OF AN IDEA KINGAROY BaconFest began as a rasher of an idea that once verbalised had to be attempted. Many committee meetings later, plans for this community festival have now surpassed our wildest expectations. An event like this does not happen overnight and it cannot be executed without enormous support from local businesses, community groups, friends and families. I am forever grateful to my extraordinarily patient family, my husband Michael and two children Annabelle and William. Kingaroy BaconFest has involved many enthusiastic conversations at kids’ birthday parties, at the school gate, at the shopping centre, by the public swimming pool and over a beer at the RSL and constant talk about bacon. We began mapping out plans as a small committee of four almost two years ago and gradually grew into a team of 14 enthusiastic volunteers. We come from a variety of professional backgrounds but have one thing in common, a love of the South Burnett and a desire to see it thrive. We are very grateful to our sponsors for their support, particularly SunPork Fresh Foods and the Australian Government’s Building Better Regions Fund. We’re also thankful to the wider Kingaroy community for its generosity in allowing us to attempt something new and providing plenty of encouragement along the way. In addition, the team at Discover South Burnett has been hugely supportive in the development of Kingaroy BaconFest by facilitating our participation in the rEVENTS Academy and paving the way for important promotional opportunities at events such as Regional Flavours in Brisbane. Kingaroy BaconFest is more than just a food festival, it’s an excuse to visit the South Burnett and discover all this beautiful region has to offer. As a committee we’ve thoroughly enjoyed planning this event and every meeting has involved much hilarity and laughter. The pig puns come thick and fast with us these days. We hope you enjoy Kingaroy BaconFest, it truly is the next pig thing! — Kathryn Stevens, Chief Baconeer






THE South Burnett is home to a thriving pork industry. Swickers’ state-of-art pork processing plant is one of the region’s largest employers, producing premier pork products for local and international markets. In its inaugural year, BaconFest celebrates and recognises the outstanding contribution the pork industry has made to grow our economy and enrich our community. As mayor of the South Burnett Regional Council and on behalf of my fellow councillors, I’m delighted to welcome you to BaconFest 2018. Whether you are a resident, business owner or a visitor, I encourage everyone to come together to celebrate all things bacon at this lively three-day event. Indulge in pork themed culinary treats, be entertained by local and national performers and participate in a range of activities that will appeal to the whole family. If you are visiting from out of town, make the most of your stay by exploring our vibrant, rural region. While you are here, discover the natural beauty of the Bunya Mountains, stop by one of the many wineries and cellar doors scattered throughout the region. If you enjoy camping, fishing or boating, you can visit one of our two inland lakes, Bjelke-Petersen Dam and Lake Boondooma. There’s lots to do in the South Burnett. I look forward to seeing you at BaconFest 2018. I hope you enjoy the warmth and hospitality of our local businesses and community.

THERE are two reasons why I’m counting down the days to Kingaroy’s first BaconFest. Firstly, I love bacon! I can’t wait to get stuck into those bacon burgers, as well as all the other mouth-watering goodies that will be on offer at this event. Secondly, BaconFest will bring visitors to the beautiful South Burnett and promote this region and its food to the rest of Australia. It’s a massive win-win for our community. I am so grateful to the BaconFest committee for coming up with this amazing concept and working so hard to make it a reality. They’ve shown what imagination and a have-a-go attitude can achieve. Kingaroy is home to Swickers, the largest pork processor in the southern hemisphere, and the pork industry is a big part of our local economy. We are world-leaders in this industry and we should celebrate the fact. Just as we should celebrate all of our tremendous natural produce. The finest peanuts and navy beans are grown in our rich red land. We grow grains, pumpkins, melons, avocados, stone fruits and so much more. We produce some of Queensland’s best beef – and some of the best wines. The South Burnett is beautiful and bountiful and I know visitors will be bowled over at BaconFest. So on behalf of the local community, I want to thank the volunteers behind BaconFest and their generous sponsors for making this event happen. I also want to thank all of the businesses and producers who are taking part. And I want to urge everyone else in the South Burnett to get along to BaconFest. It’s going to be the “piggest” thing you’ve ever seen!

— Keith Campbell, South Burnett Regional Council Mayor

— Deb Frecklington, Member for Nanango

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• Dressing Clinic (operates daily seven days a week) • Referrals to other health care providers with the patient’s consent • Home visiting service by arrangement and after hours care

The service is free for eligible patients and daily dressing clinics are offered as appropriate. For patients who have difficulty travelling to the hospital for wound care a home visit may be arranged.


South Burnett Chronic Wound Service and Outreach Program

The Lady Bjelke-Petersen Community is proud to support the Bacon Festival and remind the community of our free chronic seven-days a week wound service. For more information just see your GP. See your GP for a referral through the LBPCH central intake Fast Track Service Telephone +61 7 4162 1444 • Fax +61 7 4162 4688 • Email

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SOU TH BURNETT PORK INDUSTRY THE South Burnett region has a rich and sprawling history that’s tied intimately to the pork industry. Kewpie Pig Enterprises was established in 1969 and were leaders in the production and breeding of pigs along with building efficient piggeries. Kewpie Piggeries was the first in Australia to build English dry-sow stalls and the Woltmanns were leaders in the pork industry, acquiring a number of key roles on relevant pork boards. Kewpie’s pigs have been sent to Swickers for many years and the enterprise currently owns 3000 sows in owned and contracted units. Bruce Trout and his family have been farming pigs for about 50 years and said the South Burnett was very dependent on the pig industry. “We have Swickers, feed mills, transport companies and the farms themselves all rely on it,” he said.

RICH HISTORY: Lesley Trout, a founding member of the Porcollettes, at home in her piggery in the South Burnett. PHOTO: MARGUERITE CUDDIHY

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“The industry employs a lot of people. “The proximity to an abattoir reduces the freight component of marketing your pigs, and the welfare of your pigs. “When Swickers started out 50 years ago, farmers would take six to eight pigs in the back of their ute to be slaughtered. It’s grown from that to 300-400 pigs in a truck.” Bruce’s wife, Lesley Trout, was a founding member of the South Burnett Porcollettes. “The concept of the Porcollettes was based upon the Porkettes organisation in America,” Lesley said. “The three aims of the organisation were to bring together women who were involved in the industry and promote their product, foster friendship and fellowship and to educate the public. “The South Burnett Porcollettes was the first group to be formed in July 1984, and continued to grow throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales and still exists to this day.” While pork prices have taken a hit in recent times, consumers’ love for pork meat is growing and it was recently announced as the second most consumed meat in Australia. “The pig industry is on the decline at the moment with high grain prices in Queensland for the past few years,” Bruce said. Darling Downs and Northern NSW haven’t been able to keep up with the grain demand, so many South Burnett farmers are getting their grain from WA and SA. “While pigs don’t suffer from the drought themselves, the effects of the drought have dramatic consequences for the industry, including input and feed costs,” he said. “BaconFest is a novel idea. It’s something different that’s creating interest and we hope will bring many different facets to the community and that it will be a draw card for people to visit this area.”

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Suzanne Mungall.

Jo Berry.

Kristy Board.

Abigail Andersson.

Kathryn Stevens.

Allen Ledger.

‘ M EAT’ THE M A NY BACO NE ER S BEHIND THE FESTIVAL WHEN the baconeers sat down for their first committee meeting, they had a singular vision. “Everyone loves this community and we wanted to stimulate growth and provide something the entire region could be positive about,” chief baconeer Kath Stevens said. From there, a core committee of 15 members have poured their hearts and souls into making Kingaroy BaconFest 2018 a reality. “I had individual conversations with Stephanie Denman, Paul Reeves and Felicity Cavill and they all said, ‘You have to make this happen’,” Kath said. “Without those champions to really push you along, you never do anything. “I’m forever grateful to those people because they were at the very first meeting to thrash out some ideas.” Kath said the committee members had been working tirelessly, estimating thousands of combined volunteer hours. “It’s been a wild ride and I don’t think anybody would have any regrets about being involved,” she said. “I’ve never been involved in such an exciting and dynamic committee with so many people who are passionate about this area. “They are really skilled professionals outside of their volunteering capacity who are happy to use their talents for the betterment of the community. “I’m really excited about the way our committee thinks outside the box and is willing to do things a bit differently. “And we’re so grateful to the Kingaroy community for coming along for the ride and giving us permission to do something a little bit different.” Kath said the committee was overwhelmed by the support they had received from KCCI and businesses around the region. “The Little Butcher for instance, are slicing 100kg of bacon for BaconFest – I can’t understate how grateful we are,” she said. “We’re also very appreciative of the sponsorship from SunPork. “There’s no doubt BaconFest will be much bigger than it would’ve been otherwise, if they weren’t involved. “They’re providing all the meat for the barbecue competition, Wine and Swine, and the Long Table Breakfast. “And they’re doing a special run of bacon, just for BaconFest. So we’re really excited by the way they’ve embraced the BaconFest concept as well, and are so willing to give back to the community that they do a lot of business in.”

Melissa Barnett. Page 6.

Kylie van Schyndel.

Sheena Lindholm.

Felicity Cavill.

Laetitia Hansen.

Damien Martoo.

Rodney Harvey.

Stephanie Denman.

Paul Reeves.

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ALL THINGS BACON: My Kitchen Rules 2013 champion Dan Mulheron with sous chef Matt Taylor.


GET PORK ON YOUR FORK LO NG TABLE BREAKFAST IS S ET TO TANTALISE TASTE BUDS WITH pig the main dig, it’s inevitable that BaconFest 2018 will be rife with smoky, salty and savoury flavours, but 2013 My Kitchen Rules champion Dan Mulheron has ensured there will be plenty of sweet treats on offer too. Under the open sky, seated in the centre of all things BaconFest, Mulheron and sous chef Matt Taylor will tantalise taste buds at the Long Table Breakfast. “Sweet works well with bacon, it’s a great combination, and that will be showcased at our Long Table brekky,” Mulheron said. “We’ve got some candied bacon throughout one of our cocktails and there will be lots of bacon-maple syrup pancake-type things happening.” Everything on the breakfast plate will be sourced from the South Burnett. “All the local producers have jumped on board to make sure that, right down to the watermelon and capers, everything you get at our breakfast will be local,” Mulheron said. Once he heard about BaconFest, Mulheron said there was no questioning whether he would attend, and he’s excited about it for

more than one reason. “One, it’s the inaugural and it’s always exciting to be part of something in its first year,” he said. Mulheron said he also understood the concept instantly and knew it would work. “I know it’s going to be a massive festival and one that’s going to be around for many years to come,” he said. “Everyone who we tell we’re going to BaconFest responds with ‘no way, there’s a festival for bacon?’ and the name just says it all.” Mulheron said that the Burnett was a great food destination because of the vast array of local produce on offer. “There’s a lot of farming that goes on out there that a lot of people don’t know about, a lot of vineyards and one of your biggest pork suppliers in Australia,” he said “It’s festivals like this, alongside the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival and Gayndah Orange Festival, that make you understand how much of our food comes from the Burnett, but how much the locals care and appreciate about the food.” The breakfast will be on Sunday, August 26, 7.30am-9.30am.

FESTIVAL HASHTAGS TO PROMOTE BACONFEST MAYBE you’re chilling at the market stalls on Saturday morning, or hanging out under the fairy lights for the Wine and Swine dinner. Perhaps you and your friends have just finished the fun run, or you’re heading to check out a band. Either way, social media is the ultimate

Page 8.

destination for all the photos you snap throughout Kingaroy BaconFest. Post your photos, stories and statuses to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any other form of social media using the following hashtags: #kingaroybaconfest

#baconfest #baconfest2018 #happybaconday And don’t forget to check back to see what other festival goers have been tagging over the weekend.

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BUSY BEES: Joe Cachia, Eirc Ford, Paul Reeves, Phil Day and Tom Johnson, along with other blokes from the Kingaroy Men's Shed, are hard at work building seating and pig inspired signage for BaconFest. PHOTOS: MICHAEL NOLAN

MEN’S SHED LENDS ITS EXPERTISE TO BACONFEST HIVE OF ACTIVITY GEARIN G U P FOR COMFORTABL E S E ATING KINGAROY’S Glendon St will be a hive of activity when it hosts the bacon and pork themed food markets on Saturday, August 25. The street will be lined with food vans, custom made barbecue and smoker set-ups and market stalls, serving as a focal point for BaconFest. With thousands of tourists set to descend on Kingaroy for the weekend-long festival, it’s only right we give them somewhere comfortable to sit. This is where the blokes from Kingaroy’s Men’s Shed come in. They have been feverishly working away in their workshop – building chairs, tables and benches out of old forklift pallets. Men’s Shed president Eric Ford said most of the pallets were donated by Swickers. “We like the Swickers pallets because they are food-grade, they are cleaner and more hygienic,” he said. The blokes have been given orders to build 20 benches and ottoman-style seats along with a handful of smaller stools. A few minor alterations were needed to make the seats more bum-friendly, including thin lengths of timber to block gaps in the pre-existing pallet lengths.

Page 10.

Along with the seats, the blokes are making a dozen piggy cut-outs covered in chalkboard paint for BaconFest organisers to use as signs. They point tourists towards BaconFest activities and other fun things to do in Kingaroy. As part of the payment for their services, the organisers gave the men a stall at the BaconFest markets where they will sell wooden toys and other novelty items. One member made a toy pig and another is building more sculptural pigs from recycled gas cylinders. “Hopefully we’ll be able to sell a few items, promote the Men’s Shed and promote men’s health,” Mr Ford said. The Baconfest Food Market will run from 10am until 8pm on Saturday, August 25, and 10am until 3pm on Sunday, August 26. The cost of entry will be a gold coin donation. Speciality food trucks from across southeast Queensland have applied to take part and all food vendors are required to put a pork or bacon spin on their menu. There will be live music from local artists plus other entertainment throughout the day.

Proudly Supporting Kingaroy Bacon Fest Paul Reeves Carpentry Licensed Builder

Phone 0410 541 577

• Patio & Decks • Maintenance • Roofing • Carpentry • Shop Fitout • Bathrooms & Kitchens • Renovations • Commercial QBCC: 1174311 ABN: 21 870 743 305


• Extensions

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GOOD FOOD: SunPork CEO Dr Robert van Barneveld. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

KINGAROY has been home to the largest pork-processing plant in the southern hemisphere, Swickers, for more than 50 years. During that time the abattoir, which is owned by SunPork Fresh Foods, has grown to become one of the town’s biggest employers. “SunPork and the South Burnett are intimately linked,” group CEO and managing director Dr Robert van Barneveld said. “It’s so important to have a festival that celebrates the region’s major form of business.” Dr van Barneveld said sponsoring Kingaroy’s BaconFest was a cause close to SunPork’s heart. “It’s a small contribution to bring the recognition that the community deserves,” he said. “SunPork invests tens of millions of dollars into the South Burnett every year in just salaries. Our sponsorship is just that bit extra that helps recognise a major part of the community, and hopefully brings the community closer to a business in the area.” Dr van Barneveld said the relationship between Swickers and the South Burnett region was symbiotic. “We need the community to support the business, not only in terms of labour force but in terms of development and expansion. We require community support for that, and I think we can’t live without each other,” he said. “We’ve made a massive investment in the region and we intend to be active for a very long time. “Bacon tastes good. It’s a fantastic product that is highly versatile. When you come across a really good bacon it’s very hard to walk past it. We’d like to see the bacon hysteria and excitement extend to all pork products. The more we learn about it and how to cook it in Australia, the more people flock to it.” As for the festival itself, van Barneveld said he was most looking forward to the smoke-off. “I like to dabble in that area myself and I love seeing how the experts do it,” he said. “I’m also good friends with a number of band members from Murphy’s Pigs. They actually performed at my wedding. “I’ve had a long association with them. They put on a fantastic show that everyone will enjoy, whether you’re a Celtic music fan or not.”

ICE CREAM IS BACON ME CRAZY AMONG the many other delights that will be available over the BaconFest weekend, there will be a limited edition salted caramel and bacon ice cream up for grabs. The ice cream has been created by Lick in Brisbane, with the invaluable input of our very own Roberta Schablon, of the Saucy Fork. “Roberta provided them with instructions about how she thought Page 12.

it could taste nice,” chief baconeer Kath Stevens said. “There’s been a couple of dummy runs but as soon as Roberta started talking to them and gave them her input, they’ve come up with a winner and it’s really, really good.” The salted caramel and bacon ice cream will be sold in waffle cones out of an ice cream cart from the Kingsley Grove Estate market stall over the weekend and the Kevin Bacon Film Festival.



Once again, Toyota HiLux proves itself to be Unbreakable. For the second year running, HiLux is Australia’s #1 selling vehicle, with over 47,000 Australians taking the wheel last year. Oh, what a feeling! Toyota.

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Ken Mills Toyota

Ken Mills Toyota 12 Strathdee Street,



T 07 4162 2300

T 07 4165 3400



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COUNTRY GIRLS CAN DO PIN-UP PAGEANTS WITH STYLE ENT RANTS PROVE A POIN T HOSTED by Bettie Butcher, Miss BaconFest 2018 is set to showcase amazing vintage fashion, style and grace in the inaugural pin-up pageant. Entertainment co-ordinator Kristy Board said narrowing down the selections from 19 semi-finalists to 10 finalists was an incredibly difficult process. “The criteria involved photos, questions, a bio, favourite thing about Kingaroy and their favourite bacon recipe,” she said. Of those 10 finalists, six of them are local to the South Burnett region. “We’re really proud of the local people who have participated. They are all fun, kind, amazing and comfortable in their own skin. “And that’s what the pageant is about, confidence, not beauty, because confidence is beautiful,” she said. The winner of the pageant will receive a prize pack that includes a sash and tiara, a limited edition pack of BaconFest bacon and will be responsible for official festival duties. The judges of the event include Ms Board, Cherry Divine and the Flying Pin-Up. Doheny Designs have also assisted with sponsorship of this event through a Bacon Bites sponsorship pack.

PIN-UP: Miss Kingaroy BaconFest host Bettie Butcher (top) is looking forward to the South Burnett's first pin-up pageant, which will feature Kingaroy’s own Miss Adena Ruby (bottom). PHOTOS: BILL STRUTHERS PHOTOGRAPHY / CONTRIBUTED

Great Coffee and the FOOD is even Better

• Extensive Breakfast and Lunch Menus • Puro Bean Coffee & Specialty Teas & Beverages • Cakes & Pastries

Extended hours over the Baconfest weekend

Address: 3/30 Glendon St, Kingaroy Phone: (07) 4162 1297 Mon-Fri 5am to 5pm Sat-Sun 5am to 3pm 6835780aa

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RAIL TRAIL FUN RUN R AS H ER R USH RUN AND RIDE THE Rail Trail Rashers Rush Run and Ride are family friendly and fun events being held on Saturday. The 10km run will be a quick fun run to Crawford and returning along the Rail Trail. The 25km ride, co-ordinated by Jason Wyeth and the South Burnett Mountain Bike Club, will be along the Rail Trail to Memerambi and back. There will also be a 5km shortcut bacon walk. Registration and participation is free. “We just wanted to have a free, fun event on the weekend that would get people out and about and active,” Kingaroy Nutters Running Club’s Mick Freeman said. “You’ve gotta work off the bacon somehow,” he laughed. The first 25 registrations for the run and ride will get a commemorative event shirt. The event will be open to all ages, however anyone under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Registrations will be open on the day from 7am behind the rotunda at Memorial Park.

TRAIL RIDE: Mick Freeman gears up for the BaconFest Rail Trail Rashers Rush Run And Ride. PHOTO: MARGUERITE CUDDIHY

Details: ■ 7am: Registrations for Rail Trail Rasher’s Rush cycling event opens. ■ 8am: Cycling event begins ■ 8.30am: Registrations for Rail Trail Rasher’s Rush cycling event ■ 9.30am: Running event begins ■ 10.30am: Rail Trail Rasher’s Rush event concludes. Prizes (vouchers from local sporting shops): 1st place: $100 2nd place: $60 3rd place: $30 Prizes will also be awarded for best dressed runner and best decorated helmet.

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Brett, Jacqui & Staff wish the Baconfest Committee great success with the inaugural Baconfest 2018 11 Markwell Street, Kingaroy

Weekday Services running from: Murgon to Wondai, Kingaroy, Nanango, Yarraman, Blackbutt to Caboolture and Return. See our web site for a Time Table.

Ph: 07 4162 4533

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email: 4168 1533 Page 15

Kingaroy BaconFest 2018 Program 24th – 26th August 2018 Friday 24th August 6pm-10pm

SunPork Wine and Swine Featuring Murphy’s Pigs

Town Hall

Brought to you by SunPork Fresh Foods and supported by Dundas Automotive

Various Times

Kevin Bacon Film Festival - Brought to you by Samios Plumbing Supplies

Kingaroy Cinema

See for session times and to book tickets

Saturday 25th August 7am-10:30am

Rail Trail Rasher’s Rush - A running and cycling event along the South Burnett Rail Trail

Memorial Park

Brought you by Huston Motors and supported by Kingaroy Shopping World


Little Piggies in the Park - A special event for pre-primary and primary aged kids

Memorial Park

Brought to you by Saint Mary’s Catholic College and supported by Northern AgriServices


BaconFest Food Market ( Detailed program on page 20 )

Glendon St

Brought to you by Proteco Pressed Purity and supported by Ollies Mowers

Various Times

Kevin Bacon Film Festival - Brought to you by Samios Plumbing Supplies

Kingaroy Cinema


Miss BaconFest 2018 Pin-Up Pageant - Featuring Bettie Butcher

Glendon St

Brought to you by Doheny Designs


Sunpork Smoke-Off BBQ Competition Starts

Glendon St

A round of the National Barbecue Championship Series Coordinated by the Australasian BBQ Alliance Brought to you by Sunpork Fresh Foods and supported by Dundas Automotive


The Porkers - Featuring Cherry Divine

Town Hall

Brought to you by Australian Concert Productions and supported by Westlink

Sunday 26th August 7am 7:30am-9:30am

Sunpork Smoke-Off BBQ Competition Continues

Glendon St

The Long Table Breakfast

Glendon St

Brought to you by Torkit Business Solutions and supported by South Burnett Regional Council


BaconFest Food Market ( Detailed program on page 20 )

Glendon St

Brought to you by Proteco Pressed Purity and supported by Ollie’s Mowers

Various Times

Kevin Bacon Film Festival - Brought to you by Samios Plumbing Supplies

Kingaroy Cinema


Sunpork Smoke-Off Winners Announced

The Com Pub

Plus plenty of free, family friendly entertainment and local music | Find us on Facebook and Instagram: @kingaroybaconfest Page 16.


Kingaroy BaconFest

Kingaroy BaconFest Sunpork Smoke-Off Program Saturday 25th August 5pm

Sunpork Smoke-Off Starts – Glendon St

Sunday 26th August 8am

Judges Course – Judges Tent


First turn in – *Pork Belly (Non GC) – Judges Tent


Second turn in – Beef Ribs – Judges Tent


Third turn in – Pork Ribs – Judges Tent


Fourth turn in – Pork – Judges Tent


Fifth turn in – Chicken – Judges Tent


Sunpork Smoke-Off Winners Announced – The Com Pub

Little Piggies in the Park Program, Memorial Park Saturday Morning 25th August From 7am

Food vendor service commences

From 8am

All Stalls Open: FREE and low cost games, craft, activities and competitions 100s of PRIZES and give-a-ways including a Samsung Tablet provided by Telstra

8am & 9.15am

Better than Bacon Man: Athletic games with Bacon Man

8am & 11am

I’m Not Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf: A lesson in karate by Karate 4 Kids

8.30 & 10am

Crackling Crackers demonstration: Saint Mary’s Catholic College Whip-Cracking Team

9am & 10.30am

Pig-gl-ets, Wig-gle-it! Fun Dance lessons: Saint Mary’s Catholic College Senior Dance Class

9.30 & 11.30am

Wee Wee Wee All the Way Home: 3 Little Pig Speed Building LEGO House Competitions


COMPETITIONS DRAWN including: colouring competition, treasure hunt, piglet participation


Event concludes

Rail Trail Rasher’s Rush, Memorial Park Saturday 25th August 7am

Registrations for Rail Trail Rasher’s Rush Cycling Event Opens – On William Street at Memorial Park

8am 8.30am

Cycling Event Begins Registrations for Rail Trail Rasher’s Rush Cycling Event Opens –


Running Event Begins


Rail Trail Rasher’s Rush Event Concludes

Kingaroy BaconFest | Find us on Facebook and Instagram: @kingaroybaconfest


On William Street at Memorial Park

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Page 18.


Page 19

Baconfest Food Markets Saturday 25th August 10am 10:30am 11:10am 11:15am 12pm 12:10pm 12:30pm 1:10pm 1:30pm 2:10pm 2:30pm 3pm 3:10pm 4pm 4:10pm 5pm

5:10pm 6:10pm

Glendon Street

BaconFest Food Market Opens / Kingaroy State High School Stage Band – Musicians Oasis Main Stage Cooking Demonstration with South Burnett Food Ambassador Jason Ford – South Burnett Flavours Marquee Kingaroy BaconFest Official Opening – Musicians Oasis Main Stage Masterclass in Bacon with Grant Coleman from Manning Valley Natural Smokers – SunPork Fresh Foods Marquee Bacon Eating Competition – Lard Lane Amber Goldsmith - Musicians Oasis Main Stage Masterclass in Boston Butts with Grant Coleman from Manning Valley Natural Smokers – SunPork Fresh Foods Marquee Miss BaconFest 2018 Pin-Up Pageant with Bettie Butcher – Musicians Oasis Main Stage Cooking Demonstration with South Burnett Food Ambassador Jason Ford – South Burnett Flavours Marquee Cherry Devine – Musicians Oasis Main Stage Masterclass in Pork Ribs with Grant Coleman from Manning Valley Natural Smokers SunPork Fresh Foods Marquee Cooking Demonstration with South Burnett Food Ambassador Jason Ford – South Burnett Flavours Marquee Whole Hearted – Musicians Oasis Main Stage Cooking Demonstration with South Burnett Food Ambassador Jason Ford – South Burnett Flavours Marquee Lloyd Black – Musicians Oasis Main Stage SunPork Smoke-Off Competition Starts Brought to you by Sunpork Fresh Foods and supported by Dundas Automotive A round of the National Barbecue Championship Series Coordinated by the Australasian BBQ Alliance SKIN n’ BONE – Musicians Oasis Main Stage Mr Q – Musicians Oasis Main Stage

7:10pm 8pm

RiSa – Musicians Oasis Main Stage BaconFest Food Market Concludes and Town Hall doors open for The Porkers supported by Cherry Devine

Sunday 26th August 10am 11am 11:10am 11:15am 12:10pm 12:15pm 1pm 1:15pm

BaconFest Food Market Opens The Kingaroy BaconFest Bacon Olympics (because true athletes eat bacon) – Lard Lane RiSa - RiSa Main Stage Masterclass in Bacon with Grant Coleman from Manning Valley Natural Smokers SunPork Fresh Foods Marquee Peter Martini - RiSa Main Stage Masterclass in Pork Ribs with Grant Coleman from Manning Valley Natural Smokers SunPork Fresh Foods Marquee The Big Pig Sing! (a musical event for bacon lovers) – RiSa Main Stage Masterclass in Boston Butts with Grant Coleman from Manning Valley Natural Smokers – SunPork Fresh Foods Marquee

The PIG Entertainment Guide 10am 11.10am 12.10pm 1.10pm 2.10pm 3.10pm 4.10 pm

KSHS Band Official Opening Amber Goldsmith Miss BaconFest Cherry Divine Whole Hearted Lloyd Back

5.10pm Skin & Bones 6.10pm MR Q 7.10pm Risa 8pm Close of Saturday Event and Doors open to the Porkers and Cherry Divine Gig

SundAy I0am 10.10am 11.10am 12.10pm 1pm

MC Open Sunday Wondai Town Band Soul Good Pete Martini The Big Pig Sing

Kingaroy BaconFest | Find us on Facebook and Instagram: @kingaroybaconfest Page 20.




OINK: Eloise Mungall, Josh Lamping and Matilda Phillips get ready for Baconfest's Little Piggies in the Park.



LI TTLE PIGGIES IN THE PARK IS A FREE EVEN T FOR CHI LDRE N THIS little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef and this little piggy went to Little Piggies in the Park and had a morning to never forget! Little Piggies in the Park will provide an opportunity for the younger members of your family to have baconlicious fun. Activities, food and entertainment will be available to entertain all the piglets at the festival. Kingaroy’s Memorial Park will be filled with stalls of activities and food for the whole family on Saturday, August 25. Little Piggies in the Park coordinator, Suzanne Mungall said the event specifically catered to the younger bacon lovers, up to 12 years old. “We wanted to make this part of the festival a family orientated activity that supported the community,” she said. Families are encouraged to come to the park early from 8am to get breakfast and register their names for the free competitions.

Half of the little piggy stalls would be offering bacon inspired breakfast options, such as bacon and egg burgers, bacon and maple syrup pancakes and pork or bacon pies. “Come and eat a bacon burger with BaconMan,” she said. Some of the stalls would give children an opportunity to make pig masks or get their face painted like a little piggy. “You’ll feel as happy as a pig in mud when you get to dress up.” Free activities and competitions will be run in the park from the best oinker or dancer, to the top Lego house made for one of the three little pigs. The little piggies event, running from 8am to 12pm, was designed to provide BaconFest activities suitable for younger children, with free or low-cost activities, providing free options for local and visiting families. Mrs Mungall said family members could have breakfast before competing in the Rail Trail Rashers Rush fun run leaving from the park, or head up to the BaconFest markets for lunch.

PH: (07) 4162 5745 29-45 Alford St, Kingaroy QLD 4610



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HERE’S CHEERS: Kingsley Grove Estate's Jo Berry prepares for BaconFest.



WINER IE S OP E N T H EIR DOOR S TO SHOWCASE PROD UCTS BACONFEST is an opportunity to showcase the region’s vast array of fresh produce, friendly residents, beautiful vistas and famous wineries. A number of South Burnett wineries have come on board to promote their wares as part of the festival, including Moffatdale Ridge, Nuova Scuola Wines, Crane Wines, Kingsley Grove Estate and Clovely Estate. “This is an amazing opportunity to showcase South Burnett wines and Queensland wines,” Kingsley Grove’s Jo Berry said. “South Burnett wines are among the best in Australia and I think the platform of BaconFest will just increase and enhance that.” On Friday night, BaconFest will host the Wine and Swine Cocktail Party. This formal event under the fairy lights in the town

hall forecourt will feature the best produce the South Burnett has to offer. Local wineries will be selling their products by the glass or bottle, as well as welcoming guests to take part in wine tasting. Taabinga Wines and Ohana Winery and Exotic Fruits will also be supplying their products at the cocktail party. All these fine wines will complement the catering by Roberta Schablon from The Saucy Fork. Mrs Berry said local wineries would also have stalls set up at the markets over the weekend. “If you come during the market, wine makers and professional wine sellers will be there to help you match different wines with pork and bacon recipes,” she said.

WHAT WINE GOES WITH PORK? WHEN you’re enjoying the succulent, sweet flavours and juicy tender texture of pork, Kingsley Grove Estate’s Jo Berry suggests you make an immediate beeline for white wines with a bit of body and flavour. “A dry white sparkling wine goes really well with breakfast bacon,” Mrs Berry said. “It cuts through the fattiness and brings out the goodness of that rich bacon flavour.” However, Mrs Berry said it was important to note when choosing a wine for a pork dish, a red can also make the perfect match. “A juicy bacon burger will work well with a Shiraz. “The tannins and acidity counteract the fattiness of the burger,” she said. Pork is often served with a fruity or sweet sauce, so reach for a full-bodied wine from the South Burnett region. Page 22.

Here are some other basic tips to guide you with pairing your favourite pork dish with the perfect drop of wine. ■ Pork with apple sauce: a fruity Pinot Gris, Chardonnay or light Pinot Noir. ■ Sweet and sour pork: an off-dry Riesling or light Chardonnay. ■ Garlicky pork: fresh whites such as Arneis or Viognier. ■ Bacon: with all that smoky, salty, savoury flavour, many varieties of wines go with bacon such as sparkling, Riesling or a Pinot Noir. ■ Braised pork belly: enhance the spices with a peppery Shiraz. ■ Barbecue pork: you can’t go wrong with a full-bodied Rosé or Syrah-Grenache blend. ■ Pork dumplings: Riesling, sparkling wine or dry Rosé. ■ Pork sausages or chops: rich Pinot Gris, or aged Semillon ■ Sticky pork spare ribs: fruit-filled red such as Grenache or Syrah.

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BIG BAND, BIG SOUND: Ten-piece Irish band Murphy’s Pigs will perform at Kingaroy BaconFest, thanks to sponsorship from SunPork. PHOTO: SARAH MATTHEWS


MURPH Y’S PIG S AR E CELTIC BY NATUR E AND PIGS BY CHOI CE will be surrounded by bacon for a few days excited everyone in the band. Everyone loves bacon, bacon is our friend.” Graham said he was particularly excited to get out to the country and perform for the lively crowds that Murphy’s Pigs love. “We’ve been hoping to play regionally for a long time so this has given us an opportunity to come back out there.” The group’s on-stage banter, rich voices and lilting ballads will have the crowd buzzing as they experience folk, rock, jazz, country and blues. The band has performed at international and national music festivals including Festival Interceltique (the world’s largest Celtic festival, held in France), Woodford Folk Festival, Tamworth Country Music Festival, Gympie Music Muster and the Australian Celtic Festival.

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THEY are set to stand up the National Music Muster for the bacon bonanza of the year, and they’re bringing their instruments with them – Murphy’s Pigs are looking forward to feeling at home at BaconFest. A 10-piece Celtic-rock band Murphy’s Pigs are as excited to perform at BaconFest’s Wine and Swine event on August 24, as they are all for the food they will get to taste all weekend. “When I told the boys I was going to apply for us to perform at the Gympie Muster that weekend too, a few of them hung their chins down on their chests with a pout and puppy dog eyes, and they told me they actually wanted to stay in Kingaroy for the bacon,” ‘Boss Hog’ John Graham said. “They’d rather stay there, have a look around and get involved in all things bacon than come and work for me. But the idea that we


ROCK ON: Ska punk seven-piece The Porkers are bringing their high-energy performance to the Kingaroy Town Hall.



SKA BAND THE PO RKE RS ARE REA DY TO ROCK BACO NFEST THE Porkers are one of the hardest working bands in Australia. Their story starts in 1985 when two Newcastle boys lamented the demise of their favourite Australian ska bands and decided in a drunken stupor to start their own band. Neither of them could play an instrument at the time, but that clearly didn’t stop them. “Thirty-three years later we’re still playing,” frontman Pete ‘Porker’ Cooper said. “There’s been a few stops and starts, lots of members come and go, but out of sheer stupidity and determination we’re still here.” The ska band will be bringing their fun, fantastic, high-energy performance to Kingaroy Town Hall on Saturday night. “Punters can expect a good time,” Cooper said. “If people aren’t familiar with our band, we essentially play ska music. It’s an upbeat form of reggae and immediately danceable. The energy is contagious and hopefully it will spread and hopefully it will be sizzling.”

There are seven band members who make up The Porkers on drums, guitar, bass guitar, saxophone, trombone and trumpet. “And then there’s me out the front, using my body as an instrument,” Cooper laughed. “We’re very excited to play BaconFest. My real name is Pete Cooper but everyone calls me Pete Porker, so coming to BaconFest just feels right, and it tastes right.” Cooper also runs a business called Hard Core Logo and he’s been responsible for the iconic BaconMan t-shirts that will be available at the Festival. The Porkers will be supported by rockabilly chick Cherry Divine. People in the biz refer to her as the ‘Princess of Rockabilly’ because no one can replace the queen, Wanda Jackson. Cherry is a mixture of Wanda, Imelda May and Janis Joplin, with her own personal style thrown into the mix. Her love of rockabilly has taken her around the world and she is gearing up to release another original album.

Ham I t Up

Perfect Porky Breakfast

August 24, 2018

August 26, 2018

4 Course Banquet

Ham it up - 4 Course Banquet - Perfect Porky Breakfast -

07 4162 1966


During BaconFest Weekend

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VOLUNTEERS: Jason Ford, Sandra Gibson, Lydia Ford, Brooke Thompson, Rebekah Firman, Jazmyn Mills, Aimee Swan, Darlene Ryan and Sandra Perry. PHOTO: MARGUERITE CUDDIHY



THE BaconFest committee knows that volunteers are at the very heart of the event. With this in mind, they have been on a quest to secure 50 smiling, local faces to assist with the running of the weekend. “The most important part is, we want people who love bacon and can enjoy helping out,” volunteer co-ordinator Kylie Van Schyndel said. “Volunteers not only help run the event and support the committee, they ensure everyone at the festival has an unforgettable, exciting, fun and safe time. “We’ve got a variety of tasks, setting up and packing up, standing at entry ways, taking gold coin donations, helping support events as they run. There’s a variety of tasks. “We will also have some wonderful Tafe hospitality students assisting with the Long Table Breakfast on Sunday morning.” Ms Van Schyndel said about 50 volunteers would be needed to spread the workload. “That will mean people aren’t tied down volunteering all weekend and can still go and enjoy the festival.” Volunteers will receive a limited edition BaconFest volunteer shirt with the logo on the front and “Pig Crew” on the back.

Ms Van Schyndel said she even received a phone call from a man at Macleay Island in the Moreton Bay area, who was interested in helping out with BaconFest. “He told me he’d worked in the pork industry his entire life and he said, ‘Whatever I can do to help, I’m there’, which has been just fantastic,” she said. “We’re also looking for lots of local people with local knowledge. That way they can point visitors in the right direction of wherever they need to go.” “At the conclusion of the festival we’ll have a big thank you for all the volunteers who got in and helped out,” she said. “They’ll be our boots on the ground and they’ll hear peoples’ feedback. That means volunteers are our voices for future festivals. They’ll have great feedback for us.” The volunteers program is closed for this year’s festival, however if you’re interested in last-minute volunteering or eager to sign up for a future festival, head to the BaconFest Pig Crew – Volunteers Facebook group. Simply click “join group” and an admin will be in touch with details. Alternatively, email or call the Bacon Mobile on 0499 389 668.

WINDOW ENTRIES SET TO SIZZLE KCCI has been encouraging businesses in the Kingaroy CBD to let their imaginations run wild and share in the spirit of BaconFest by entering the street window competition. KCCI president Rob Fitz-Herbert said the competition was a way for local businesses to attract visitors into their stores and capitalise on the increased number of visitors in town. “The competition enables businesses to really get behind the festival and show their support,” he said. “We hope the Kingaroy CBD will help set the scene for the festival and make sure visitors go home with memories of a unique BaconFest experience. “There are two limited edition BaconFest merchandise packs up for grabs including tickets to the VIP tent at the BaconFest Food

Page 26.

Market and some of your own limited edition SunPork Fresh Foods BaconFest Bacon. “It’s fair to say you will be the envy of your neighbourhood with the smell of the limited edition BaconFest Bacon sizzling on your barbecue”. Judges Deb Frecklington MP, Senior Sergeant Dave Tierney and KCCI vice president Brett Irwin will be on the hunt for the most creative and best bacon-themed window on Monday, August 6. “The lead up to BaconFest is such an exciting time for the region and I’m looking forward to helping the BaconFest committee promote all things bacon,” Mrs Frecklington said. Shop window displays must remain for the BaconFest weekend from August 24 to 26.


Animal Production Crop Protection Fertiliser Irrigation Seed Packaging Produce Fencing Livestock Handling Equipment 21-29 Youngman Street, Kingaroy QLD 4610 (07) 4160 0500

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BACON’S STAR LIGHTS UP SCREEN FAN FAVE: Kevin Bacon with Lori Singer in Footloose.

CATC H A CLASSIC FILM IN THE glitz and glamour of Hollywood, one name gets mouths watering like no other: Kevin Bacon. Described by superstar Tom Hanks as the “best smelling” actor he had ever worked with, Bacon will add a unique flavour to the inaugural BaconFest. All throughout the festival, Kingaroy Cinema will screen some of Bacon’s best-known films, putting the delicious star front and centre. Screening times are to be confirmed, so check in with the cinema on 4162 2336 to find out more. Here’s what’s on:


Arguably Bacon’s most iconic role, this is the story of a city boy who moves to the country and just wants to dance. Featuring classic ‘80s hits and some amazing hair, this is the definition of a classic.

The space capsule prop from the movie Apollo 13.


The Academy Award winning space drama featured Bacon mixing it with the likes of Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton and Ed Harris. Depicting one of the most harrowing moments in modern history NASA’s aborted third moon landing attempt - it is a riveting watch. The film is directed by the legendary Ron Howard, and it was applauded for its realistic depiction of “weightlessness” experienced by astronauts in space.


It’s always fun to see an actor taking on a villainous role, and Bacon shines in this one. As the terrifying Sebastian Shaw, former mutant Nazi scientist and the leader of the Hellfire Club, Bacon provides some of the film’s most memorable moments.

Kevin Bacon (Sebastian Shaw) with January Jones (Emma Frost) in a scene from X-Men: First Class. PHOTOS: CONTRIBUTED

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THIS LITTLE PIGGY... .. .IS OFF TO THE MARKETS THIS year’s BaconFest Food Markets include plenty of mouth-watering food attractions, including a food truck run by My Kitchen Rules 2013 winners Dan and Steph. The markets will run 10am–8pm Saturday and 10am–3pm Sunday. This year’s stall holder co-ordinator Abigail Andersson said the community should expect to be taken aback by all the different ways to enjoy South Burnett’s pork. “We’re talking pork ribs, bacon-flavoured peanuts, BBQ pork, pork jerky, bacon ice cream, and even pork fairy floss,” Ms Andersson said. It seems food trucks will be everywhere at this year’s BaconFest Food Markets. “There’s going to be so many of them and each one is providing something completely different. Although we do have a few cooking demonstrations lined up. “We’re even going to have a guy there who matches different types of bacon to different beers. Yes, there is going to be alcohol too – it’s a great opportunity to try local wines.

MARKET DELIGHTS: The Peanut Van will be selling their limited edition pork-flavoured peanuts at their market stall. PHOTO: MARGUERITE CUDDIHY

“I’m so excited to show people what a small and strong community is and can do. “It’s a time for our community to come together and recognise the families and hard workers who are producing our food. We are proud to have the best pork and wine in Queensland. “I love being able to celebrate this all while showing our regional farmers how thankful we are for their efforts and their pork.”


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BEST ON SHOW: Roberta Schablon, from the Saucy Fork, said BaconFest's Wine and Swine dinner would feature the best our local producers had to offer. PHOTO: MICHAEL NOLAN

WINE AND SWINE SET TO IMPRESS AN OPPORTUNIT Y TO S HOW OFF OUR GREATEST ASSETS A UNIQUE twist on the classic pork belly, local cheese, black garlic and hearty spread of the Burnett porcine delights. These are just a few of the tasty morsels that will be on offer at BaconFest’s Wine and Swine Dinner. Roberta Schablon, from the Saucy Fork, will cater the event and she reckons it will give South Burnett’s producers a chance to promote their food to a large audience of eager foodies. “Friday night is the entrance dinner and it’s a welcome to the whole weekend,” she said. “It’s a cocktail-style party with canapes. There’ll be grazing tables loaded with local produce.”

The spread will showcase Woombye and Kenilworth cheeses, Australian Black Garlic, local fruit and vegies, wurst from Murgon, and Goomeri Bakery breads among others. “We’re trying to utilise a lot of different places so people are aware of what’s available in their backyard.” Through her catering business, Mrs Schablon regularly calls on a lot of local producers, and events like Wine and Swine are a chance to market their foods. Social media helps, but nothing beats the first hand taste and smell of local food. To secure your place at the dinner visit and seach for “BaconFest”.

GOODS UP FOR GRABS GRAB your wallets and get greedy, folks – there are so many goods up for grabs over the BaconFest weekend. From aprons to smoky bacon candles, from stubbie coolers to t-shirts and little piggy earrings and everything in between, there is merchandise for everyone. The aprons are sure to be the ultimate crowd pleaser when you’re next barbecuing a cut of the finest Aussie pork for friends and family. “The material has been custom-made and it’s an exclusive design for BaconFest,” marketing and sponsorship co-ordinator Felicity Cavill said. Page 30.

“And we’ve got a team of local sewers stitching them together as we speak. “We’ll also be making bits and pieces with all the leftover remnants, so who knows what else is going to be available on the day.” The aprons, alongside all of the other merchandise, will be available at the BaconFest Food Markets at the headquarters behind Office Central. MERCH: Steph Denman and Felicity Cavill show off just a selection of BaconFest merchandise. PHOTO: MARGUERITE CUDDIHY


SMOKIN’ HOT CHALLENGE THE SECRET TO LOW AND SLOW BARBECUE D MEATS FOR Adam Roberts, co-founder and general manager of the Australasian Barbecue Challenge, the secret to low and slow barbecuing is cooking over a wood fire. “That’s the first thing,” the self-confessed food enthusiast said. “When you use good fire and good smoke, the flavour profiles are superior to any other cooking method.” What you put on top of the fire is a whole other ball park. “For the selection of meat you’re looking for a large or fattier cut that can take a bit of bashing around, such as brisket, lamb shoulder or pork shoulder,” Roberts said. “You want to cook it at a low temperature for a long time to break down the fat so the meat will be a lot juicier and full of flavour.” Roberts is no newcomer to the world of competitive barbecuing. He owned his own food truck for several years where he served up tasty morsels of American-style gourmet hot dogs and crowd-favourite smoky barbecue pulled pork sliders. “My buddy, Jay Beaumont, and I started barbecue competitions in 2014 and we’ve been cooking pretty solidly and growing the sport of barbecuing for at least five or six years,” he said. This year, BaconFest will host one of the national championship rounds of the Barbeques Galore Australasian Barbecue Championships. “There’s 30 rounds and the BaconFest competition will be one of those, with competitors coming from NSW and Queensland to compete for prize money, trophies and points to go towards the national leaderboard,” Roberts said.

HOT OFF THE GRILL: Australasian Barbecue Alliance's Adam and Kristy Roberts. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

“The Manning Valley Natural Smokers, who are currently in the number one spot, will be heading along to compete at BaconFest. “Although they’ve won two or three competitions, it’s much like a family reunion when everyone gets together. “It’s just about mates, friends and colleagues getting together and making a mouth-watering experience for the judges,” Roberts said.

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YOU’RE BACON ME CRAZY: South Burnett Food Ambassador Jason Ford on the Queensland Taste Stage at the Regional Flavours festival in South Bank from July 21-22. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

We Know Paint!



BACON is made from various cuts of pork (generally the belly) which is cured in a liquid brine or dry salt packed. Then it is commonly infused and showered with liquid smoke and baked. The more traditional bacon is cooked in a smoking oven or boiled. Bacon is often firmed up by refrigeration for various periods of time, so it can be thinly sliced into rashers before packaging. Many butchers will produce their own homemade bacon, and can be very protective of their top secret recipes. Bacon can be fried, grilled, baked or boiled and can add a delicious savoury flavour profile when used as an ingredient in recipes, such as soups. — Jason Ford, South Burnett Food Ambassador

(Formerly Earle Paints)



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Page 32.

BACON is the major reason I’ve never become a vegetarian. I consider bacon one of the most extraordinarily delicious foods known to mankind. It’s also my belief that bacon goes with almost anything. Its salty, savoury flavour is moreish and its smoky aroma is completely addictive. For many people, the mere mention of the streaky pink rashers can provoke the same mouthwatering desire as chocolate... bacon is indeed the chocolate of meat. As the official South Burnett Food Ambassador, I was immediately excited upon hearing the magic word “BaconFest”. The pork industry has developed as one of the largest regional employers and food producers in the South Burnett. Our region is the most fitting and obvious location for this sizzling new festival. It will be a fun-filled three day celebration of the South Burnett, certain to satisfy the most die-hard pork fanatics, devotees of crispy crackling, and connoisseurs of all things bacon. Kingaroy BaconFest is destined to become an iconic Australian event.



■ 2 pork tenderloin fillets, sinew trimmed off ■ 8 thin (full) slices of prosciutto 1. Roll tenderloins tightly in cling wrap to compress into a firm even cylinder shape. This will maintain the round shape during cooking. 2. Poach gently at 65oC for 30 minutes until cooked. 3. Unwrap tenderloins and roll in the rashers of prosciutto ham. 4. Cut tenderloins in 40mm lengths, and panfry on a preheated griddle pan to achieve a sear on both sides. 5. Serve with chocolate and bacon sauce and assorted steamed vegetables.


250g ham bone 50g bacon eye, thinly sliced 1 celery sticks, mirepoix 1 small carrot, mirepoix ½ leek, mirepoix 3 black peppercorns

■ a few parsley stalks ■ 1 bay leaf ■ 1 sprig fresh thyme ■ 1000ml water 1. Place all the ingredients in a cooking pot with cold water. 2. Bring everything up to simmering point, remove any sediment from the surface and simmer gently. 3. Simmer for approximately for 1½ hours, then strain.


■ 250ml bacon stock ■ 25g dark cacao (pure) ■ 30ml maple syrup (pure) ■ 30g butter, chilled and cubed 1. Bring stock to simmer in a saucepan. 2. Add cacao and simmer until combined. 3. Add maple syrup and remove from heat. 4. Whisk in the cubes of butter until sauce is thick and emulsified. Serves 4


■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

4 tablespoons olive oil 160g pancetta bacon slices 8 thick slices of Turkish bread 2 garlic cloves 2 ripe avocadoes, halves, skinned and sliced 2 fresh limes 80g parmesan cheese, finely grated freshly milled black pepper to taste


1. In a griddle pan, heat olive oil over medium-high heat. Cook the pancetta for 2-3 minutes, turning once, until crisp and golden. Drain on paper towel, and then break into pieces. Retain oil in pan. 2. In the same pan, grill the slices of Turkish bread until toasted.

3. Rub toasted bread with fresh garlic clove for flavour. 4. Arrange slices of avocado on toast, and drizzle with lime juice. 5. Sprinkle with crispy pancetta, parmesan cheese and ground pepper. Serves 4

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