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The dif ference you make for animals in need

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M i s s i on

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is dedicated to rescuing domesticated animals and wildlife from suffering, cruelty, abandonment, and neglect.




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F r o m t h e P r e sid e n t & C h air m a n o f t h e B o a r d Yo u r g e n e r o si t y a t w o r k : A nim als’ li v e s, c h a n g e d f o r t h e b e t t e r F in a n cials a t a gla n c e H u g t h e m t o d a y, h elp t h e m t o m o r r o w : A n n a H a r r is S mi t h L e g a c y S o cie t y L e a d e r s hip C o u n cil M e dia a n d corporate par tners Thank you t o o u r 2 014 d o n o r s B o a r d o f Dir e c t o r s a n d M a n a g e m e n t Te a m


You helped


animals in 2014.

hen Anna Harris Smith founded the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) in 1899, she aspired to provide animals a haven from the poor and sometimes cruel treatment they often suffered. Thanks to the kindness and compassion of supporters who offered their barns to the ARL, hundreds of animals received shelter and care when they needed it most. Without the generosity of those original supporters, the ARL simply could not have answered the call for help. Today, the ARL helps thousands of animals in even more ways than Anna Harris Smith originally imagined 116 years ago. In addition to our shelters in Boston, Brewster, and Dedham, our rescue services, law enforcement team, and mobile Spay Waggin’ actively deliver assistance in our community.

The red barn in our logo reminds us of the essential role our supporters continue to play in making our work possible.



Assisted by our rescue and law enforcement teams

6,344 Aided by our shelters and foster volunteers


Cared for by our community veterinary services and Spay Waggin’

NOTE: The ARL often provides assistance to animals through multiple programs and services. As a result, the statistics presented here include some overlap between departments.


2014 Annual Report

From the President & Chairman of the Board

D e ar

F ri e n ds,

When Anna Harris Smith got into the “business” of protecting the welfare of animals in Massachusetts over a hundred years ago, she knew she had a long road ahead of her. Shifting long-held beliefs about the treatment of animals and prevailing opinions about how to improve their lives in the short and long term was by no means an easy or popular task. Yet she believed so deeply that there was a necessary, better, and even transformative alternative, she dedicated all of her resources and energies to pursuing it. She rallied a strong and committed group of supporters who felt just as troubled by animal suffering and very much wanted to help. Though many of the animal welfare issues have changed since Anna first began her life’s work, we see evidence every day that we are still travelling on that long road. Animal hoarding, for example, is an increasingly frequent and challenging problem that cities and towns throughout Massachusetts struggle to address. In 2014, when local law enforcement discovered 199 dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles living in deplorable conditions, stacked in cages and crates in different areas of a Massachusetts home, they called for help.

The entire ARL organization mobilized a response. Our rescue services team helped remove and transport many of the animals to our shelters where our shelter and community veterinary team provided emergency treatment. We took in and provided on-going care for the sudden influx of animals, and eventually found them homes. Even as we respond to the immediate needs of animals, we continue to invest time and energy into thoroughly exploring emerging trends in animal welfare and challenges in our community to develop a strategic plan for the organization’s future. We are in the final phase of our analysis and discussion, and look forward to announcing where we see the ARL growing and expanding in order to better reach and assist animals. Though the “business” of protecting the welfare of animals has not gotten any easier, we stand where we are today — able to help thousands of animals ever year — because of supporters like you.

In general, many more charitable causes ask every day for a contribution — sometimes multiple times a day — to help them achieve their mission. We imagine that there are many issues and societal problems you care about and want to solve. For all of these reasons and more, we feel truly honored that you have chosen to give to the ARL. We feel as inspired by your commitment to improving the way we treat and care for animals in our state as Anna once did. Thank you. Sincerely,

Mary Nee P r e sid e n T

Malcolm McDonald B o ard C hair

We know many more organizations assist animals locally, nationally, and internationally than in Anna’s day.


Your generosity at work | Animals’ lives, changed for the better


Zorro a chance at a safer life In one of the largest hoarding situations the ARL has responded to in recent years, the ARL partnered with other local animal welfare organizations to remove 199 animals from a home in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. Sixty animals rescued from the home came to the ARL shelter in Boston, many suffering from serious health issues resulting from neglect. Zorro and five other dogs, for example, arrived filthy and matted. They received a complete medical evaluation, spay or neuter, proper nutrition, and a bath. Shelter staff provided attention and individualized care to help Zorro acclimate to having space and freedom to go outdoors to play. Within just a few weeks of his rescue, Zorro and all of the dogs had found new homes.


2014 Annual Report


Madeline a chance at a better life YOU GAVE…

Mabel a chance at a healthier life

When Madeline, an 8-yearold cat, first arrived at the ARL’s Dedham shelter, she could not move her back legs because her fur had become severely twisted and tangled. A kind Samaritan discovered her crumpled in a ball where someone had left her, and shelter staff shaved off several inches of matted fur from 70% of her body. Madeline’s back legs had become so weak from her inability to move, she had to relearn how to walk. Staff gave her time post-shave to recuperate and get to know them before carefully and caringly beginning to work with her to get her walking. They gently moved her back legs, three times a day. As she built up some strength, they gradually helped her stand on

her own by placing her in a sling to support her weight while she got up on all fours. Eventually, staff worked with her on walking across the floor and maneuvering changes in elevation. As her mobility and strength improved, the focus shifted to getting Madeline ready for adoption. She spent time with an ARL foster volunteer in a home environment to re-acclimate to living with people, and returned to the shelter to meet her new family. By all reports, Maddie, as she is now called, is the “princess of the house.” She walks very well and can climb up and down the stairs in her new home. She happily spends the day playing with toys and looking out at the world from her window perch.

As Barbara Prada, an animal control officer in Edgartown explained, for some pet owners on Martha’s Vineyard, “getting their animals spayed or neutered was so out of reach for them financially.” While they can feed and provide care for their pets, medical services can add a significant strain. Making matters worse, no veterinary clinics on the island currently accept Massachusetts Animal Fund vouchers, which cover all the costs of spay or neuter surgery for state residents in financial need. Through a collaborative effort between the ARL’s mobile Spay Waggin’ surgical unit and animal control officers (ACOs) on Martha’s Vineyard and in

Falmouth, Mabel and 8 other dogs boarded the ferry from the Vineyard to the mainland in a first-of-its-kind effort to provide island residents with highquality, affordable spay and neuter services. With the help of the ACOs, Spay Waggin’ staff evaluated all the animals and prepared them for surgery. All the animals received a post-operative evaluation and went home with instructions for their owners for care at home. In addition to the health benefits having a pet spayed or neutered provides, the ACOs report the ARL’s Spay Waggin’ will also help manage pet overpopulation on the island.





was surrendered to the ARL because of medical issues. She was blind in both eyes, and had cataracts and retinal detachment. The ARL’s shelter veterinary team removed her eyes and animal care staff helped her recover after surgery. Thanks to you, today Myrtle is healthy and happy in a new home.

Missy was surrendered




2014 Annual Report

to the ARL. Previous living situations caused her to become withdrawn and aggressive to people. The ARL’s animal care staff helped Missy learn to trust people again through enrichment and behavior training. Thanks to you, today Missy likes to cuddle and give doggie kisses in her new home.

We continued to manage our resources prudently and ended the year with a small surplus. We received a clean audit with no management findings from our independent auditors, Alexander, Aronson, Finning and Company. At the end of 2014, the Center for Shelter Dogs (CSD) moved from the ARL to its new home at the Shelter Medicine Program and Center for Animals and Public Policy at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. The decline in restricted revenues reflects the transfer of CSD. Very importantly, public support revenues generated from individual donors increased year over year.

Financials at a Glance

Summary Financial Statements


(In thousands)

■ Assets Cash and Equivalents Other Current Assets Investments, including Land Property & Equipment, Net Beneficial Interest in Perpetual Trusts Total Assets


3,099 397 81,167 5,416 12,372 $ 102,451

■ Liabilities & Net Assets Accounts Payable and Other Liabilities Net Assets Total Liabilities & Net Assets

Operating Revenues* 24%

Service Fees & Other Income


Public Support


Investment Return Appropriated for Operations


Restricted Public Support Used for Operations


3,125 1,135 82,688 5,363 12,179 104,490

3,297 1,490 99,154 103,000 $ 102,451 104,490

■ OPERATING Revenues Public Support Restricted Public Support Used for Operations Service Fees & Other Income Investment Return Appropriated for Operations Income from Trusts Total Revenues $

2,154 984 2,184 3,307 588 9,216

2,112 1,330 2,121 3,242 441 9,246

■ Operating Expenses Program Services Fundraising General & Administrative Total Operating Expenses


6,728 538 1,685 8,951

6,719 594 1,624 8,937

■ Change in Unrestricted Net Assets ■ from Operations



Income from Trusts


*Excludes non-operating revenues and expenses. Complete audited financial statements are available from the Accounting Department upon request.


General & Administrative

Operating* Expenses*





Program Services


Anna Harris Smith Legacy Societ y

Thank you to our donors who have made a commitment to improving the lives of animals in need… now and in the future. Members of the Anna Harris Smith Legacy Society have generously included the ARL in their estate plans by: • Including the ARL in a will or trust • Adding the ARL as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy • Naming the ARL as a beneficiary of a retirement plan

CURRENT MEMBERS OF THE ANNA HARRIS SMITH LEGACY SOCIETY Kathleen Airhart Holly Amans-Kaiser Anonymous Pamela B. Bankert Larry Barnett Jon Barron Barbara Beyea Harvey Bidwell and Nancy L. Binner Pauline Clark Randi Cohen John and Mary Cotton Richard Davey and Jane Willis Christine M. Farnsworth Deborah Flynn Howard W. Fortner, Jr. Frederick D. Gawron Dr. Peter Gray and Ellen Gray James E. Gui Judith Horgan Mary Lou Hughes Sandra Ilgen Walter and Elizabeth Kenyon Barbara W. Kidder Mary L. LaTour Michael and LeAnn Leahy Jean R. Leone Rose B. Mandelbaum

Malcolm McDonald and Susan Passoni Brian and Kelly McKernan Thomas P. McIntyre Paula Minihan Florence J. Myerow Theresa M. O’Brien Jose Rodriguez-Villalobos and Christopher Lapan Wallace R. Rockwell, Sr. William J. Salem Shira Sands Lynne Schlossberg Barbara Servis Jacqueline Seuss Paul S. Silva D. Brenton Simons Catherine St. Clair Marna H. Terry Nicki Tripodes William Troiano Deborah M. Walsh Teri F. Weidner David Wisholek John L. Worden, III Kurt and Louise Wulff Richard Young

If you have included the ARL in your estate plans or are interested in making a commitment, please contact Caitlin Oates, 617.226.5690 or

Bequests provide

critical financial support for ARL programs and services. The ARL’s mobile Spay Waggin,’ for example, provides affordable, highquality spay/neuter services to pet owners on Cape Cod and the South Shore thanks to a generous bequest.


2014 Annual Report

Hug them today,

help them tomorrow…

Meet the pets who inspired members of the Anna Harris Smith Legacy Society to ensure animals in our community will get the help they need, when they need it most.

“Because we are so blessed with having dogs in our lives now, our interest in dog rescue is reflected in our decision to donate a portion of our final estate to the ARL. It is a good feeling to know that our legacy will carry on after we are gone.”

“We are grateful for how Benny and Spago enrich our daily lives, and for the important work of the ARL.”

– Lee Ann and Michael Leahy

— Jane Willis and Richard Davey

“Our estate planning is focused on impact. The ARL’s compassion and commitment to helping animals in need is exceptional and inspires us daily. We’re so proud to support their work.”

“Our decision to join the Legacy Society was based on our desire to impact the welfare of animals beyond our lifetime. Since its founding in the 1899, the ARL has been there to rescue and rehabilitate animals. The ARL has also influenced animal welfare legislation. We are pleased to support the endeavors of such a highly regarded organization.”

– Malcolm McDonald and Susan Passoni

— José Rodriguez-Villalobos and Christopher Lapan


The Leadership Council

Walter Kenyon Chairman M EM B ERS Carol Akerson Herbie Bohnet Rosemarie Boucher Kathy Burdon Kristin Casey Lisa Clifton Lindsey Hyde Rich Kelly Michelle Kozlov Gewandter Connie Lacaillade Joan Sarles Lee Alisa Plazonja Sydney Rosen Cassie Ryan Carrie Simons Jane Urban Rob Van Sickle Marilyn Wales

Thank you to the members of the

invitation-only Leadership Council for expanding our network of supporters and awareness of our work on behalf of animals in need. Members of the Leadership Council pledge to personally engage potential new supporters in their business and personal networks with the ARL’s mission. Using a variety of approaches, members help fundraise, spread the word, and cultivate new relationships for the organization.

Sugar A D O P T E D


2014 Annual Report

“When someone you know and respect says ‘take a look at the difference an organization is making in the community’ you pay more attention and respond.” — Walter Kenyon, chair Leadership Council and member of ARL Board of Directors

You can be a leader for a more humane community for the animals and people you care about most… EXPAND CORPORATE CONTACTS Leadership Council member Jane Urban worked closely with the ARL and representatives at law firm Mintz Levin to expand the firm’s annual Jeans Day fundraiser.

BECOME A FUND DRIVE CHALLENGE DONOR To help encourage other supporters to give during the short-term fund drive for the ARL’s rescue services team, a member of the Leadership Council who prefers to remain anonymous challenged the organization to double a $5,000 donation in just 7 days.

HOST A FRIENDRAISER EVENT Leadership Council member Connie Lacaillade graciously offered to host a summer meet and greet for the ARL and a select group of animal-friendly and charitable individuals from her social circle.

For more information about the Leadership Council, contact Caitlin Oates, 617.226.5690 or


Media and Corporate Par tners


pecial thanks to our corporate and media partners for the meaningful contribution your business made to improving animal welfare in our community. Our media and corporate partners help support our programs and services, events, and public awareness campaigns through sponsorships and broadcasting support.

M E D I A PA R T N E R S Clear Channel Outdoor New England Cable News Radio 92.9 The Boston Herald The Pet Gazette WAAF Radio WBZ Radio WBZ TV/CBS Boston WEEI Radio WHDH TV WROR WZLX Radio 98.5 The Sports Hub



For more information about becoming a corporate partner, please contact Bonnie Porter-Huggins, 617.226.5638 or


2014 Annual Report

Positive Associations C O R P O R AT E PA R T N E R S A. Russo and Sons Acadian Asset Management LLC Active Paws, Inc. Agway of Orleans & Dennis AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts Alewife Co., Inc. Animal Hospital of Orleans Ark Angel Animal Hospital Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar The Barkery Beacon Capital Market The Black Dog Tavern Co., Inc. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Brewster Book Store The Bridgespan Group Brookline Bank Cambridge Savings Bank Chestnut Street Animal Hospital Cityside Subaru, Inc. Conway, Homer & Chin-Caplan, P.C. Crum & Forster Dingley Dell Publishing Dogwatch of Cape Cod Eldredge & Lumpkin Insurance Agency, Inc. Forget Me Not Crematory Gatekeepers Property Management Granite Telecommunications Halliday Construction Hingham Savings Bank Hounds About Town (HAT) Howl A Day Inn Irving Consumer Products Jamaica Hill Realty Jarrett Law Office, PLC Kinlin Grover Real Estate Loews Boston Hotel Lower Cape Veterinary Services Macmillan Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Nauset Pet Services New Angle Designs Pawblo Picasso, LLC. Polka Dog Bakery Printex, Inc. Robert Paul Properties Seamen’s Bank Long Point Charitable Foundation The Seaport Hotel Swing Limited Tunameltsmyheart, Inc. Tzell New England, Inc. Unit Realty Unleashed by Petco Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod Winthrop Wealth Management ZipCar


hen you become a corporate and media partner of the ARL, you send a powerful message to your customers and employees that you support and care about animals in our community. Greg Sweeney, director of marketing and administration of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, experienced the positive effect of a partnership with the ARL, when a shopper came into the Back Bay location of the high-end furniture retailer and explained why she was buying a decorative pitcher at the store.

“She told me she couldn’t afford to shop at our location, but she had heard that Mitchell Gold had helped the ARL. She said she wanted to support us, because we had supported the ARL.” — Greg Sweeney, director of marketing and administration of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams


O u r 2 0 14 D o n o r s | T H A N K Y O U Rio + Sid A D O P T E D

Thousands of animals every year receive care and assistance because supporters like you choose to give to the ARL – THANK YOU. We gratefully acknowledge your dedication to improving the protection and treatment of animals in our community.

2014 BEQUESTS Katharine G. Bingham Trust Estate of Elizabeth Ann Brown The Ruth E. Burroughs Trust Doris J. Costello Jeannette R. DeSantis Estate of Alice Drago Marilyn Goldthwait Patricia Gonyea The Kathryn Goodman Foundation Marjorie R. Grady Estate Shirley B. Grant Family Trust Estate of Priscilla M. Hobbs Lorraine L. Lecomte Virginia A. Lindenmayer 1999 Family Trust Joy R. Long Trust Estate of Anne MacConnell Estate of Evelyn McElhiney Estate of Mary D. Mello Richard Mooradkanian Dorothy J. Mulcahy Living Trust Estate of Margaret R. Nicholson Viola J. Prakapas Estate of Julia Rumpf Estate of Katherine Sherman Lodge Dorothy P. Smith Jean A. Sullivan Phyllis C. Wheeler Trust 2014 TRUSTS Pauline Bill Trust Emma L. Borden Trust William Clarence Briggs Trust Harold and Eleanor Brooks Trust The Edmund and Mary Comey Charitable Foundation Margarette G. Crossman Trust Madge Fairfax Trust Lelia M. Forster Trust Eugene B. Hamilton Trust Marion B. Hamilton Trust


2014 Annual Report

Katherine A. Morey for Vivian Pierce et al Morrison Charitable Trust G. Gorham Peters Charitable Trust Nina Purdon Charitable Foundation Jeanette T. Sheldon Trust Olive F. Stengel Trust Ralph H. Tasker Trust Frank B. Thayer Fund Dorothy Whitney Trust Gladys F. Wilde Trust 2014 PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL A dvocate ($10,000 and above) Anonymous Dr. Beryl Benacerraf-Libby and Dr. Peter Libby Katherine A. Burdon Lisa Clifton Leo Flaherty Patricia Flatley Michelle and William Gelnaw Dr. Peter Gray and Ellen Gray Jim and Robin Herrnstein Molli Krausz Peter and Constance Lacaillade Jane and Jeffrey Marshall Malcolm McDonald and Susan Passoni Charles and Jane McLagan P. Andrew and Linda McLane Peter Mueller Kiki and Tim Neely Tara and Christophe Oliver John and Edith Sacco Charitable Foundation Hope H. Swasey BENEFAC TOR ($5,000 to $9,999) Charles and Dorothy Campbell Charitable Fund

The Copeland Family Foundation, Inc. Richard and Lisa Carona Richard Davey and Jane Willis Mary-Louise and Ruth N. Eddy Foundation Dr. Carol Epstein Quentin P. Faulkner Daniel and Maureen Flatley Elaine Foster Margaret and James Gerstle Edward Gorey Charitable Trust Timothy T. Hilton Walter and Elizabeth Kenyon Susannah A. Knight Law Enforcement Fund Jane and Esko Korhonen Douglas and Judith Krupp Patricia E. La Valley and Geoffrey L. Hargadon Lee Ann and Michael Leahy Bob and Kathy Mahoney Rose B. Mandelbaum Massachusetts Animal Coalition, Inc. Dr. David McGrath The Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society Elizabeth C. Minot The Martha Morse Foundation Martha S. Mugar Mary Nee and James Chapin William B. Nichols David A. O’Donahoe and Diane M. Pienta Jane P. Orr Parish of the Epiphany PETCO Foundation Beth Pfeiffer Savastano Family Foundation, Inc. Cassie Ryan Dr. Anthony Terrana Alan and Susan Tuck* Raimund and Anne Vanderweil Marilyn E. Wales * Champions Circle

2014 PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL (Continued)

Mitch Weiss Henry T. Wiggin Charitable Trust

S U S TA I N E R ($2,500 to $4,999) Gregory D. Ansin Marc Arsenault The Sea Breeze Foundation The Beal Companies Herbert Bohnet and Carrie Simons Elaine Boltz Boston Does Boston Dr. Jayson L. Bowers The Brian Boyle Charitable Foundation Sierra H. Bright Susan E. Bromley, Ph.D. Barbara A. Burg Frederick C. Cabot Janice M. Clarke Jonathan M. Delgado and Catherine Bird Kathleen Devin-Garvey Peter Y. Flynn Avril Gardner Spencer Glendon and Lisa Tung Michael J. Godek Michelle and Frank Granara* Josh A. Greenhill The Edward H. and Virginia K. Gunst Foundation John Hitchcock Dr. Vincent Jacintho Jebidiah Foundation K & M Fund Jeffrey A. Kaplan* Scott Kennedy Bruce Klinger and Frank Shanbacker James T. Knowles Marilyn R. Kudisch Jonathan R. Leehey Anne Lovett-Woodsum and Stephen Woodsum Julie Mackin and Daniel Clevenger* Kathleen and Norman MacLeod* Tracey Maclin and Karen Tosh Barbara H. Magruder* Andrea and Read McCaffrey Brian and Kelly McKernan Carol C. McMullen Helen S. Mooradkanian Northeast Utlilties Foundation Allen and Linda Peeler* Karen and Jason Purcell Arthur Rabe Paul B. Riddell Sydney Rosen Darin S. and Debbie Samaraweera Dr. Marilyn Sarles Diane and Bradford Straus The Michael and Alyson Strianese Charitable Foundation

SUPPORTER ($1,000 to $2,499) Anonymous Carol A. Ahearn* AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts Allison Family Charitable Foundation Jo-Ann Altmark* Max Altschuler Catherine A. Armstrong Maureen Atwood Nancy and Herbert Baer Pamela B. Bankert Nancy Z. Bender Joan W. Bendery Joel Berman John Biske and Duane Lefevre Irene Bloomstein Anne Booth Rosemarie and Charlie Boucher Bob and Karen Boudreau Elaine and Timothy Bowe Amy Breckenridge* Marilyn S. Bregoli* The Bridgespan Group Willard M. Bright, Jr. Pauline Brine Sandra Brown Shepard Brown Laura Bruck The Bryce Family Foundation Linda A. Buckley* Lynne G. Bumpus Emma Bzdafka Cynthia W. Cadwalader Cynthia L. Cajka L.E. Cannata The Cannata Family Foundation, Inc. Joseph and Kristin Casey Kevin Casey Judith E. Cassano Amelia Charamba Charity Partners Foundation Elizabeth Charm Taylor Chartier and Samir Jalloul Michael Cicalese and Julie Stanley Jennifer Clark Victoria Coburn* Nancy E. Cogswell Dr. Randi C. Cohen* Virginia Coleman Jeff M. Conklin Kathleen Connelly Timothy Constable and Ann-Louise Hittle John W. and Mary P. Cotton Dr. Virginia L. Danielson Craig Davis and Steve Vondran

* Champions Circle

“The folks at ARL do everything they possibly can to rekindle the true personality and natural trust of every single animal that comes through their doors, no matter how sad the story. How could I not support that?” — Andrew Gouldstone, President’s Council and ARL cat volunteer

Mary M. Dawley* Dedham Country Day School Laura Deschenes William DiPietro David L. Driscoll Dunn Family Charitable Foundation Patricia Edraos Ann Ehrhart Michael Eramo Jerome and Emily Farnsworth Dr. Stephanie R. Faucette* Michelle L. Feinberg The Felis Fund David and Stephanie Ferreira Vinita C. Ferrera David Fike Tracy K. Firth Deborah Flynn Howard W. Fortner, Jr. Kenneth Freed and Company CPAs Meredith Fuhrman Dr. Pamela D. Gerardi* Jen Girgen* Cynthia Gonalez Karen Gondoly


O u r 2 0 14 D o n o r s | T H A N K Y O U




2014 Annual Report

2014 PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL (Continued) Dr. Elizabeth H. Gorman The Reverend Patricia V. Handloss Karen Harper Thomas C. Harris Nathan Hasson Mrs. John C. Hatch Petra E. Hausberger and Laurence B. Cote Nancy Haverty* Phyllis E. Hawkins William and Patricia Hayes Maryanne Hertel and Kevin Counihan Christina Hobbs Christopher and Theresa Houck John and Sharon Howell* Jonathan and Amelia Hughes Carl Hutchinson and Chi-Chi Lin Russell and Janice Isaia The Richard and Natalie Jacoff Foundation, Inc. Sara L. Johnson Steven A. Kaufman and Arlene Handschuch Donald Keamy Deborah E. Kloter Richard Kelly and Carol Akerson Dr. Holly L. Kelsey Kirkilies & Associates Lance Koenig Sheryl Koenigsberg Frank Ledwith Michelle Leeds Jean R. Leone Robert and Karen Levin Dr. Joann M. Lindenmayer David Lippman* Roy Liu and Elizabeth Ratto Ellen A. Loeb Mary Ann H. Lonski Sharon Lowe Pamela B. Lyons Martha Mahoney Allison and William Mankivsky Claire Mansur and John Ryan Lam Markely Shaun Marston Persis N. McClennen and Arshad A. Khan Edward McGehee David McLellan* Julie Anne McNary* Harry Mellinger Seanna Metzger* Barbara W. Meyer Robyn and John Meyn Gary Mishuris Dr. Susan L. Mitchell Robert A. Moeser * Champions Circle

Louise B. Montgomery John Moran and Michael Wood Richard Grubman and Caroline Mortimer Danielle Myers Hans P. Nef Jeanne Nutt William and Marion Oates Mr. and Mrs. William O’Brien Paula Ogier Paula J. O’Keeffe Olander Family Foundation Kathryn Oram James and Patricia Paige* John and Mary Parker Andrew Parker and Lisa Diver Kishorkuma N. Patel Colin and H. Machtilda Patteson Jessica Perkins Physicians’ Organization at Boston Children’s Hospital James A. Plocica Drs. Peter and Astrid U. Rapoza Leslie Read Patricia Regan Roger and Hannelore Reiser Sarah Reynolds Julian Richards Susanne Richey Heather and Park Ridill Nancy J. Roach Bev and Peter Robbins Jose J. Rodriguez-Villalobos and Christopher Lapan Victoria and Rhoda Roman Judith Rosen Ellen F. Ruland Norman Satanoski Peter and Cynthia Schliemann William and Gerie Schumann Malisa and Andrew Schuyler Jacqueline Seuss James R. Sexton Richard and June Shibley Michael A. Simpson Alex Smith Nancy Smith Randall and Deborah Spicer* John F. Steele Ernest A. Steeves Marcus Stern James and Viola Storer Rebecca Sykes Laura Tomasetti and David Beardsley John and Maryellen Toomey Debrah A. True Linda Tufts Andrew and Jane Urban Richard D. Urell Robert and Elizabeth Van Sickle * Champions Circle

Francois C. Vigier Martha Wadleigh and Angela Williams Leo F. Warren William and Joanne Watson Priscilla L. White Robie and Jane White The Whistler Fund Sarah Whittaker Regina B. Wiedenski Kim Williams David Wisholek* Neil and Deborah Wolfman Dr. Clive R. Wood* Carolyn V. Wood* John L. Worden, III Kurt and Louise Wulff Liang Yap Diane Zinn 2014 ANNUAL FUND ($250 to $999) Stacie and Tor Aarestad Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Aberhart Paul Abraham Vaughn Abraham Vaughn and Geraldine Abraham Chava Abrams Sonia S. Abrams Ruth A. Adams Tim Ahearn* Marilyn C. Ahrens* Dean Aiguier Michael and Laura Albert * Constance Alkins* Hollis M. Allen, Jr. Richard Allen John Allison Elizabeth N. Allred Peter R. Altroggen Margaret A. Amaral Mary Ames Holly Anderson Judith M. Anderson Anita Anger Roger and Beverly Arbo Luigi and Angelina Arduino Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Arruda* Danielle and Ash Atkins* Kristine Atwood* Audrey’s Rescue Angels Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Bachelder Veronika Bachmann-Baron Nathlie Badian Cheryl Bailey William M. Bailey* Barbara Bailin Jane H. Balboni Dr. John P. Balser and Dr. Barbara E. Balser Jovanna Baptista

Ilona L. Baranauskas* Christopher Barber Kathryn Bard Dr. Ayelet R. Barkai Michael Barone Connie Barr Terry A. Barrasso* Richard Barton* Michelle Basil Debra Bateman Jeff Bauer Marc Baumgartner Fredericka Baytos Huber Mr. and Mrs. Curt A. Beard Kathleen and Kevin Beatty Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Beauregard Jerry Bedrick Sara Begin* Jacqueline Beirnes Margret Bell* Mary Louise Bell Beth E. Bellows* Belmont After School Enrichment Collaborative Dr. Joan Bentinck-Smith Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Berg Donna G. Bering Catherine F. Berlo* Vincent Bernard Ernst and Joan Berndt Emily Berry John and Joanna Berube Bethlehem Covenant Church Barbara Beyea* Dr. Harvey Bidwell and Nancy L. Binner Ilene J. Bilenky* Kelly and Rob Bitinas L. Christopher and Judith Black Elinor R. Blair Amy Blankenship Kenneth Bloom Rebecca Blumenfeld and Scott Aronow Mark and Linda Boardman Mary Ann Boari* Dr. Andrew G. Bodnar and Dr. Amy Pruitt Dr. Nancy A. Bolanis* Deborah Bond-Kennedy Ellen Bonnevie Anne Borg Judith Bostrom Doris E. Bouwensch Melissa Boyd James Bracciale Anthony Braga Paula Bramwell Jackie Brenner Robin Brenner Peggy Brewster*


O u r 2 0 14 D o n o r s | T H A N K Y O U

2014 ANNUAL FUND (Continued) Margot H. Brickelmaier Kathleen Bright-Procopio and David Procopio* Jo and Arthur Brisbane Karen C. Bristol Susan J. Britt Martin Brodbeck Lucia and John Broderick Lise Brodzik Nancy A. Bronson Diane M. Brown* Howard M. Brown Maria Brown Rachel Brown Mr. and Mrs. James F. Buchanan* Andrea and Brad Buchbinder Mary Buckley Joanna Buffington* Kim and Kurt Bunge Mary Buonanno Nathan Burnett Frances Burns Helen V. Buttrick Helene Cabour Loretta Caffery Mary Ellen Cahill* Richard Callahan Dr. Paul D. Cammarata Cdr. Mary Jo Campbell* Anne Canfield Leann Canty Giordano Caponigro and Whitney Hable Mary Jane Caranci Diana Cares Margaret A. Carey Jon G. Carpenter* Paul Carty* Mr. and Mrs. Edward Casieri Joseph and Marlene Cavagnuolo Louise H. Cay Lynne Champion Dr. Pamela A. Chatis Surabhi Chatterjee* David Chavolla Sgt. Brian Chin* Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Chirillo Drs. Lynda and John Christian* Church of Our Saviour-Longwood Victor and Priscilla Claman Pamela J. Clancey* Mr. and Mrs. John S. Clapp Courtney A. Clark* Robert M. Clarke and Deborah A. Millar* Arthur P. Clough Priscilla M. Cobb


2014 Annual Report

Michael Cocolla Howard A. Cohen Duane A. Colburne* Priscilla Collins* Henry W. Comstock, Jr. Nicole Conner* Michiyo M. Connor* Evelyn Connors Judith and James Connors Jill K. Conway Lindsay Cook Deborah Corcoran* Richard Corkey Jean Cormier Amy E. Costa Mr. and Mrs. Tommy D. Costa Regina Costello Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Coulman* Liz Covart and Tim Wilde Denise Cronin Robert Crosby Constance W. Crossan Mr. and Mrs. William H. Crosson Diane Cummings and Emily O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Cunningham Sharon A. Cunningham David and Patti Curran Mary R. Curtin Kim Cyr* Mr. and Mrs. William N. Dadasis Gina B. Dailey and Mark Greeley Sheila A. D’Alessandro* Geraldine Daley* Janice E. Daley Evan Dame* Helena D’Angelo Vincent D’Angelo and Mary Gilbert Haven Daniels Christopher Danis C. Edward Dasch* Frances M. Davis Fred G. Davis and Jane Hibburt-Davis Pamela Davis Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Davis Dr. C. Russell de Burlo June L. De Willoughby Rhoda J. Deady Richard R. Deangelis Mark W. Dearing Christopher J. DeBord Linda M. DeCelles Carol L. DeCourcey* Jane and Robert Deegan Joseph Deitch Barbara Delinsky

Jamie L. Demas Lauren DeMatteis* Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Z. Demb* Edmund J. Dennehy, Jr. Sandra and Douglas Denninger* Linda B. Devonshire George Dexter Mary Dillon* Phyllis and William Dillon Jodi Dion Gillian and Stuart Dixon Dianne Dobie* Jan Donley and Diane Felicio Joseph J. Donnelly Helen Donovan Mr. and Mrs. Peter Donovan Susan Doran Emily Dori Sandra Drought Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dubuisson Mary Ann Duffey* Dennis J. Duggan* Alexandra M. Dulchinos and James Benninger Matthew Dunn Douglas W. Dunphy* Catherine D’Vileskis* Daniel J. Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dwyer Audree and Robert Dyson Dr. Richard Eaton William R. Eddows Steven Eimert James S. Eisenberg Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Ek Joan Eldridge Kyla Ellis Hope Epting Susanna Erber* Alison Erbig* Nora J. Etkin Jean M. Every Patti A. Faff Rebecca W. Fagone* Phyllis C. Fairchild Martha J. Farquhar Barbara Farrell Chris Feige Edna Ferrino Roxanne and Michael Field Barbara Fillion Elio R. Fine Richard A. Fisher Caileen Fitzgerald Sheila Fitzgerald Marian A. Flaherty* Lucille F. Flammia* * Champions Circle

William Fleischmann* Kim Fluhrer* Lorraine Flynn Connie A. Foley Jonathan Foote Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Fox Martha Fox Alison Franks James Fraser* Patricia and E. Allan Frederickson Paula Freiburger Sue Freihofer Mr. and Mrs. Peter Friedenberg Terrill L. Gadde Frederica W. Gamble Eileen M. Ganley Ute Gannett Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gardner* Ellen Gates Mary S. Gattis Peg Gavenonis and Robert Raco Dr. Bruce R. Gelin Elizabeth A. Gerber Victor Gerdes Michelle and Justin Gewandter Mr. and Mrs. Paula D. Giblin* Phil and Indira Gillingham Mark and Diane Gillis Dr. Elizabeth S. Ginsburg Sheila Girouard Adeline Giuggio Wayne A. Giuliano Phyllis Giusti* Alexander Glover Joan R. Goddard Jennifer Godlewski Wolfgang Goetzinger John Goldberg Emily Goldberger* Mark and Nancy Goldman Noah Goldstein Ronald A. Gomes Judith Gonsalves Steven Goodwin Rudolph Goss Andrew Gouldstone Todd A. Goulet Monica Graham Seth Grandeau Susan Grasso Jane C. Gray* Mary-Ann Greanier* Melissa C. Green Myra Green and Jeffrey Heidt Rosine Green Donalyn Gross Lori E. Gross and Douglas R. Campbell Yvette S. Groszmann Sam Guptill and Jill Garzik * Champions Circle

Cathy J. Gustafson Jennifer Gwinn Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hagen Mr. and Mrs. John K. Haley Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hall Elizabeth B. Hall Karen J. Hall Richard A. Hall Tara N. Hall* Prof. David H. Halpert Theresa M. Hamm Claire J. Handalian Dustin Harder Jacque Harper Marie Harrington Susan J. Harrington* Morgan A. Harris Rosemary Harris* Madeline T. Hartley* Barry Hartunian Christine Hatfield Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Hausner Dr. and Mrs. Mark Hayes Donna Hazard Michael D. Healey Eileen M. Healy* Stacey and Gary Hedman Dr. Olaf Hedrich Dr. Linda J. Heffner Clinton A. Heitman Bruce Hemeon Jessica Hernandez David Hill Val Hilton Robert W. Hitchcock Joshua Hodgson Jennifer Hoffman Natalie Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Hokanson Anna Holzhauer Ronald Homer Priscilla L. Hook Lovelace O. Howard Margaret Hughes* Margaret Hunter* Agnes Huot Ekaterina Hurst Jean Husson* Maria Iannuccillo Mr. and Mrs. John W. Iberg Claire Sherry Immediato Kalina Ingham* Joseph A. Isham* Mr. and Mrs. John E. Jacobus Gwenwyn M. Janett Jeannine Jarvis Diane Jean* Sandra Jeffries* Suzanne Jenne* Dana Jewell

“I’ve been involved with the ARL since 2010 when I adopted my cat, Phoebe, and soon after became a monthly donor. I’ve always been passionate about animals. I am constantly amazed by the work that the ARL does, so I’m honored to be involved in as many ways as I possibly can.” — Amy Breckenridge, President’s Council and ARL Young Professionals Group co-chair

Debra A. Johnson* Dr. Patricia I. Johnson Anne Jones Candace Jones Cynthia M. Jones* Michelle Jones* Emily Kahn Tatiana Kamarskaya Judith A. Kane* Quentin H. Kane Stephen and Jill Karp Joseph A. Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keating Kristiana Kelley* Eleanor M. Kelly* Margaret M. Kelly Melissa Kelly Patricia A. Kelly* Stephen and Joan Kelly Terence and Jennifer Kelly Stephen M. Kenney Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Keough* Hristiyaniya Kessler Martha C. Kingsbury Helen R. Kisiel* Karl A. Klauer


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2014 Annual Report

2014 ANNUAL FUND (Continued) Susan Kooperstein Kathryn Kowalski Barbara Krede Ruth A. Kupfer Jeffrey Kushner Karen A. LaFrance* Chelsea Lambert* Elaine Lancto* John and Nancy Landon Stephen Langer Lee L. Lanza James and Michelle Lapides Adele Larson Brond Larson Anthony Laskaris and Emily C. Snodgrass Jean D. Laterz* Joan Lautenschleger Beth A. Lavender Amy Lawrence* Ann Lawrence Mary Beth D. Lean Kathrine LeBlanc Ernest and Frieda LeClair Claude M. Lee Heather Lee H. Anthony Lehv and Robin S. Gross Patricia A. Leighfield* Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Leis Mr. and Ms. Paul B. Lembo* Danielle B. Lemmon Ellen V. Leon Svetlana Levicheva* Elsie Levin Joshua Levin-Epstein and Janell Phillips Jan Levinson Paul Levitt Jaye Lewis James G. Liebau Judith Lieberman* Lauren Lineback Matthew Linton Jeff and Angela Lipson* Anne Marie Litchfield Joelyn Livingston Mr. and Mrs. James R. Loible Jacques Longerstaey Deana Longo* Peter W. Lorey* Gary W. Loveman Lucy Lovrien Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Low Linda C. Lufkin Sarah H. Luick Catherine Luzzi* Janice E. Lynch* Linda J. Lyster * Champions Circle

Myrna E. MacDonald Heather S. Mackler Dugan MacVaugh Kathleen MacWilliams Karen Magee Mr. and Mrs. Peter Maguire Anne E. Mahoney Jeanne Mahoney* Michael Maina* Mal Malme and Meg Stone Robyn Maltz Gross Margie L. Malva Matthew and Christine Manke James K. Mann* Mike P. Marcone Darin Q. Mardock Dorothy K. Mareb Lorraine Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Marshall Rose Martocchio* Alice C. Marullo Bill Matthews Mary M. Maturen* Mr. and Mrs. Bob Mazaika Mr. and Mrs. Michael McAleer Mr. and Mrs. James V. McCallum Rachel McCleary Margaret Ann McDade Melissa McDermott Elizabeth and Marc McDonough Robin McElheny Kathleen McFadden Martha R. McGowan* Thomas P. McIntyre Jessica McKellar* Susan McKenna Margaret A. McKenzie* Ruth McKinnon Elizabeth A. McLagan Christine McLaughlin and Ofer Gneezy Mr. and Mrs. Colin S. McNay Victoria Melcher* Maurice W. Melchiono Pamela A. Memishian Katherine Metzger* Andrew Mikita Betty A. Milligan* Catherine Milmoe* Ellen Minnihan* Anne M. Mitchell* Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Monaghan Christine and Joseph Montesano Tiffany Montgomery* Paul D. Moore Susan Moore* Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Moore Janet E. Morehouse Mark Morelli Barbara Moreton * Champions Circle

Jennifer and Steve Morlock Elizabeth Moroney* Carolyn S. Morrill* Maureen Morrow* Susan Moses Catherine Mosgofian Dr. Veronique S. Moterle* William Moyle David Muller Dr. Frederick G. Murphy Stephanie and Chad Murphy* Thomas H. Murphy, Jr. David and Ginger Murray Jane A. Murray* Michaela and Cindy Murtagh Claudia Napolilli * Barbara J. Nason Sharon and Keary Naughton* Ralph Needleman Alex Nelson* Lisa and Robert Neubauer-Wong James Neumann John and Marilyn Newlin Jeffrey and Diane Newton Alan Nichols Richard Nilo Kathleen E. Noonan Lucy Ann Norris Andrew Oates Dennis and Joan O’Brien* Stephen and Regina O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. William D. O’Callaghan* Mary M. O’Connell Cmdr. Barbara O’Connor Elizabeth H. O’Connor John O’Connor and Rita Amoroso Marguerite Oliva Christine Oliver* Sherry Oliver Vincent Olson* Marie T. O’Malley Martha Ondras John and Michele O’Reilly* Annalisa Oswald* Edith Overlay Diane Oxford Dr. Lance A. Page and Dr. Leena Singh* Dr. Robert A. Page Amy T. Paige* Deborah S. Palmer Janet Palmer Dr. Donna R. Palumbo* Jaime Panella Comellas Pamela L. Papineau* Linda Paquette* Park Street School Kate Parsons* Mildred M. Pasek Guy Patston Gail R. Patt*

Steven Pendery Mr. and Mrs. Arnoldo Perez Jean Pernarelli* Linda S. Perry Jason Pesaturo* Allen K. Petersen Alice B. Peterson Dr. Astrid O. Peterson J. Laurie Peterson Dorothy M. Phaneuf Robert Philbrick* Anne Phillips Mr. and Mrs. David Phillips* Mr. and Mrs. Susan A. Phillips Sara C. Pickett Barbara A. Pike Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Pilch Webster Pilcher Stephen Pinto Susan F. Pioli Arlene A. Pippin Robert Poe Robert Pogainis Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Pollock Patricia Polocz Frances Polverini Janis Porter Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Post Sarah Potts and Alexander Caruthers Elizabeth Pounders Mr. and Mrs. Roderick E. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Pratt Cynthia Primett and Alfred Johnson Susan Pritchard* Keri Pyke Meng Qu* Patricia Race* Anne P. Randolph Jean Rankin Karen Rankin Elizabeth Rayer Barbara A. Reade Cynthia M. Reardon Paloma Rezende* Randy R. Rice* Cinda Rich Mark Richardson and Georgia Buck* Yesim and Mark Richardson Kim A. Richlin Candace and Daniel Richter Karl D. Riemer Michael P. Ritz, Jr. Roger Robinson Jack Roche Linda Roche Suzanne Rodday William Rodday Stella W. Rogers* Lauren Rolfe Constance M. Roman


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2014 Annual Report

2014 ANNUAL FUND (Continued) Paul Romary Kristin Root Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas K. Roschak * Elise A. Rose Leonard and Barbara Rosen Amy Rosenfeld David Rosenthal* Meredith Rosenthal Roslindale Pediatric Associates, P.C. Matthew and Ruth Rossi Martina and John Roth Sarah A. Rothermel Patricia Rotondi Brandy Rowe* Kathleen Rowe Carol Rubel Paul F. Rulison Jennifer Rupp Cynthia A. Ruscitti Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sakakeeny Kristine Salo Susan D. Sampson* Mr. and Mrs. Harvey M. Sapolsky Viktoria Sarkisianz Mr. and Mrs. Sarmiento Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Sartori Kenneth Scarry Peggie Schattgen* Lynne Schlossberg* School Exploration David Schramm Martha Schuette Thomas J. Seeley* Kathleen Seiders Sandra J. Selvey Electa Sevier and Jos Nicholas Amalia Sgourakes Michael Shamrell Kathryn Shane Mary Shanley-Koeber Henry D. Shaw Susan M. Shea William H. Sheehan Juliette E. Shih Mr. and Mrs. Milton W. Shoemaker* Dr. Amy Shroff and Howard Greenblatt* Sherry R. Shulman Carl L. Siegel* Kim Sieurin Jude Silver Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Simeone* Steve Simmons Joshua and Randi Simons Audrea Simpson Joseph Sims Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Slade James and Saundra Slater * Champions Circle

Gail S. Slifka* Leone Nell Smets Donald W. Smith Dorothy P. Smith* Elizabeth D. Smith Lorraine Smith Marion B. Smith Robin G. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Smith Tina L. Smith Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore* Louise F. Snow Ellen Soderholm* Valerie B. Sorenson Jesus E. Sosa* Marina Sousa James Sowles Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Spiegelberg Geraldine Spies Michael Spillane and Deborah Saunders Patricia Spillane Judith Spooner* Alison Spring* Ian and Bonnie St. Germain* Carol A. Staiti John Stake Lauren Stara Judith Stavis Meg Steiner Grace V. Steward Sally Stitt The Stolzer Family Foundation Dennis Stone* Dr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Stone Sarah Strassburger Susan C. Stupariu Leah Sugarman Mary Sullivan Amy K. Sutherland Alison H. Swallow* Amy and Joe Sweeney Kimberley Sweeney* Chris Swenson Martha Taft Betsey Tan Lillie Tang Theresa M. Tanner Frederick M. Taylor Roberta M. Taylor Bertha Terhune Joan M. Thomas* Caroline Thompson* Judith J. Thomson Michele Topor* Richard B. Tourangeau Lorraine Trepaney Carolina Tress Balsbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Trilling Mark Trilling * Champions Circle

Thank you to our volunteers! Your hard work, time, and commitment help so many animals in our community, every day.

Thalia Tringo Michele Truhe Catherine Truman Lorna B. Tseckares* Wen Tseng* J. Barry Tubman Andrew William Tully Christopher Turner* Dr. Greta E. Tyson* Maria Uribe Mary Utt Patricia M. Van Blarcom Dr. Trudy Van Houten* Mr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Vanderweil Erin Vega Natalie Vellturo Angela M. Ventola Charlotte G. Ventola* Charles Villanueva, Jr. Rob L. Vitale David Vitiello Lisa Volkening Karin Von Hodenberg Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Vose Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Wackrow Dorothy W. Waldron Mary Walker* Shawn Walles Mr. and Mrs. James W. Walsh Jeffrey S. Ward and Janice M. Debruyn* Thomas and Carol Ward Rose Marie Washak* Robert Weinerman Suzanne R. Weinstein Rob Weir Theresa Weir Susan M. Weise Dr. Earle Weiss*

Stanley and Carolyn Weiss Suzanne Wenz* Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Whinn Mr. and Mrs. William Whitcomb* Carol Whitney Mr. and Mrs. William T. Whitney* Becky Willoughby* Kaj Wilson Angela L. Winandy Mary H. Winslow Rebecca Winters Sally Withington Tarsilla Witkos Mary L. Wlodyka Robert Wohlgemuth Dr. Barbara Wolf Jun Wong Pat Wood* Travis Wood Stephen Woodward Linda Woolford Emily Woudenberg Richard W. Woznac Paula S. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Stan M. Wrightsman Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wunderlich* Mr. and Mrs. John F. Yauckoes, Jr. Andrew and Colleen Yavarow Raymond A. Yezukevich and Donald A. Garand Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yirikian Lauren Youngquist Betty Yu Antonia F. Zaccaria Linda Zaleski Bruce and Ruth Zeller Michelle and David Zgarrick




The 2014 Annual Report is a publication of the Animal Rescue League of Boston, 10 Chandler Street, Boston, MA 02116. Please address any correspondence regarding this report to the address above, attention marketing and development. Managing Editor: Ami Bowen Contributing Writers: Ami Bowen Bonnie Porter Huggins Malcolm McDonald Mary Nee Caitlin Oates Contributing Photographers: Angela Altobelli Christine S. Barton Joe Cataldo Elizabeth Dobrska Jennifer Fick Deb Ratner Maria L. Uribe


2014 Annual Report

B o ard o f D ir e ct o rs Malcolm McDonald, Chair Lee A. Leahy, Vice Chair Richard Davey, Treasurer Malisa Schuyler, Secretary Barbara Burg Randi Cohen William C. Joyce Jeff Kaplan Richard Kelly Holly Kelsey, DVM Walter Kenyon Kelly McKernan Tara Oliver John L. Worden Mary Nee, President

M a n ag e m e n t T e am Lieutenant Alan Borgal Director of the Center for Animal Protection Ami Bowen Director of Marketing and Development Julie Chirillo Director of Human Resources Angelo Colace Director of Information Technology Sharon Deleskey Controller Katie McConnell Director of Strategic Initiatives Maryann Regan Director of Shelter Operations Dr. Edward Schettino Vice President of Animal Welfare Steve Simmons Vice President of Finance and Administration Bob Williams Director of Facilities


Animal Rescue League of Boston 10 Chandler Street Boston, MA 02116-5221

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is dedicated to rescuing domesticated animals and wildlife from suffering, cruelty, abandonment, and neglect. animal care and Adoption centers at: • 10 Chandler Street, Boston, MA 02116 • 3981 Main Street (Route 6A), East Brewster, MA 02631 • 55 Anna’s Place, Dedham, MA 02026 Stay connected with us! @ARLBoston

Animal Rescue League of Boston 2014 Annual Report  

Thanks to the generous support of individuals, corporations, and foundations, 15,100 animals received the care and assistance they needed, w...

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