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Yoda is just one of the 16,938 animals you helped in 2018!


Yoda, also featured on our cover, was found abandoned in a cardboard box in September 2018 when he was only 7 weeks old. This tiny kitten was extremely dehydrated and received medical attention from our shelter veterinary team. After spending several weeks in foster care, Yoda – now named Frodo – found his perfect match at our Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center – all thanks to you!

Our Mission We are an unwavering champion for animals in need, committed to keeping them safe and healthy in habitats and homes.

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Volunteers in Action


Summary Financial Statements


Trusts and Bequests


President’s Council


Champions Circle


Corporate Partners, Foundations, and Media Partners


From the President and Board Chair owners; the remaining feral cats returned to their colonies and network of caregivers.

Dear Friends, In 2016, ARL adopted a new strategic vision that focuses our efforts and resources on animals and people most in need. We are proud to share the progress made, with your support, to realize this vision for the benefit of nearly 17,000 animals in 2018. We learned that access to affordable veterinary care was the number one concern for pet owners in under-resourced communities. With support from PetSmart Charities and Boston’s Mabel Louise Riley Foundation, we were able to expand a small pilot project into the Wellness Waggin’; a mobile veterinary unit where we provide low-cost exams and vaccinations in three Boston neighborhoods. This work builds off of our longstanding spay/neuter services offered through the Spay Waggin’ that serves Southeastern MA and Cape Cod.


Our community outreach vision has benefitted not only owned pets, but also cats living outdoors. In 2018, with dedicated field staff, ARL trapped, provided care for, and rehabilitated cats living in communities; many of whom suffered from starvation and disease. Remarkably, of the 521 cats served, 72% were adopted to permanent homes or returned to their

Many of our insights into community need come from our law enforcement investigations. In 2018, we filed criminal charges for animal cruelty in 56 cases and saw a record number of animals saved from hoarding-type situations. These cases inform our advocacy for laws and regulations to protect animals. This advocacy paid off with the passage of PAWS II, an act which establishes a commission to explore mandatory reporting of animal cruelty; ensures property owners inspect vacant properties for abandoned animals; and prohibits the drowning of wildlife. While our new programs focus on community-based service, ARL continues to innovate and improve the services for animals at our Animal Care and Adoption Centers in Boston, Dedham and Brewster. We have organized our services to minimize the length of stay in shelter and maximize the “live release rate”, positive outcomes for animals coming into our care. We also launched Adoption-Forward, a conversation-based adoption program to facilitate making the best match for both people and animals. In 2018, we also marked a leadership transition of ARL’s Board of Directors. We celebrated the 17 years of service by Malcolm McDonald, the Board Chair for the past six years. Under his leadership, the strategic vision was adopted and many parts of the organization were strengthened. His tireless leadership and commitment to good governance is seen throughout ARL. In fact, it was his recommendation for term limits

for board members, a good practice for non-profits, which prompted this transition. We are deeply indebted to Malcolm for his service and delighted that he remains a dedicated supporter and cheerleader for our work. In the pages that follow, you will note the nearly 12,000 individuals, foundations, and corporations recognized for their contributions to ARL. The annual support provided by people like you is put to work immediately for animals and the people that care for them. Some of you have decided to leave your “print” or legacy for future animal care, as members of the Anna Harris Smith Legacy Society, named after ARL’s founder. This society reflects supporters that have named ARL in their estate plans, securing this important work for generations. Thank you for being part of this exciting vision and for making an impact for animals and people throughout Massachusetts. We strive to honor your support and commitment every day through excellent animal care, good governance, compassion for those we serve, and a vision for a more humane community. Sincerely,

Mary Nee President

Walter Kenyon Board Chair

2018-2019 Board of Directors Malcolm McDonald Chair

Alisa Plazonja

Mary Nee President

David Cawley

Walter Kenyon Vice Chair

Christina Nagler Heather Ridill Randi Cohen

Rich Davey Treasurer

Kelly McKernan

Richard Kelly Secretary

Malisa Schuyler

Tara Oliver Neal Litvack Tim Sullivan

Welcome to our new Board Chair, Walter! 2018 Leadership Council Walter Kenyon Co-Chair Alisa Plazonja Co-Chair Jane Urban Cassie Ryan Christina Nagler Christopher B. Primiano Claire Mansur Grace Fey Heather and Park Ridill Herbert Bohnet and Carrie Simons Jennifer Clark

Katherine A. Burdon Kristin E. Casey Lisa A. Clifton Michelle Gewandter Peter and Constance Lacaillade Carol Akerson Robert Van Sickle Rosemarie Boucher Sadhana Downs Sharon Tan Stephen Spiegelberg and Denise Saltojanes Sydney Rosen

He started as a volunteer in 2014 and served as a foster parent before being elected to the Board in 2015. Walter deepened his commitment to ARL by joining the Leadership Council and serving as a co-chair.

“ARL has a long and proud history of helping animals in need, and animals have been a major source of happiness and enrichment throughout my life. So I am very pleased to help guide an organization that does so much to help animals and the people who care for them. “ - Walter Kenyon, newly elected Board Chair


Thank you, Malcolm, for over 17 years of dedicated service to ARL and animals in need. So many of our successes and accomplishments over the past 17 years would not have been possible without the steadfast work of our retiring Board Chair, Malcolm McDonald. Malcolm started with ARL as a volunteer, walking dogs and cleaning kennels. He joined the board in 2010, and was nominated to Board Chair in 2012. Malcolm’s legacy at ARL has been defined by a commitment to three things: rigorous data collection and analysis, fiduciary responsibility, and relentlessly building for the future. These three commitments have launched ARL into a new era. Three years into the five-year strategic plan that Malcolm was instrumental in creating, we have grown our programs and made significant strides for the animals and communities most in need. We are so grateful for everything Malcolm has done for animals in need, and for ARL. Thank you for your service, Malcolm!


Malcolm McDonald and Hazel

Our Mission in Action In 2018, we helped 16,938 animals in need – together!


Prevent animal cruelty and neglect by strengthening laws and public policies, and increasing community awareness and action to report and combat abuse.

Grow and refocus programs targeted towards those animals in greatest need and to the people who care for them.

Grow volunteer membership and attract and retain a well-trained, committed staff to support program growth and strategic goals.

Increase financial resources to achieve greater impact for animals in need.

Enhance the capacity of ARL infrastructure to ensure the most effective and efficient use of resources for achieving organizational goals.

Progress ✔ Lobbied for and helped pass PAWS II, ensuring more efficient enforcement of animal control laws among many other protections for animals. ✔ Secured convictions in 3 major abuse cases, including “Puppy Doe”. ✔ Responded to 16 cases involving 1,024 animals impacted by hoarding conditions. ✔ Collaborated with the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine to produce and distribute, “Reporting Animal Cruelty”, a training manual for veterinarians. ✔ Began weekly Pet Wellness Clinic in the Codman Square neighborhood, Dorchester. ✔ Held pet events with resources like pet food, nail trims, and basic wellness for owners at three public elderly and disabled housing sites in Dorchester. ✔ Received 344 animals from out-of-state transports.

✔ Managed 544 volunteers who contributed over 27,000 hours. ✔ Introduced the Feline Mod Squad in Dedham and expanded the Canine Mod Squad by 12 members. These groups of experienced volunteers are trained to work with cats and dogs with a variety of health and behavioral issues. ✔ Raised $2.9 million in public support from over 11,400 donors, an increase from 2017. ✔ Added two specialized vehicles to our fleet:

- The Transport Waggin’ which provides safe transportation for animals between our locations as well as helping with out-of-state animal transports.

- The Wellness Waggin’, our mobile pet wellness vehicle which supports pop-up clinics in Dorchester, Mattapan, and Roxbury.


Your Support in Action:

2018 Impact Report Your support makes everything we do possible! We are pleased to share the outcomes and innovations you helped us achieve in 2018.


Total animals served in 2018:



Twelve decades of helping animals, people, and communities in need. Thank you for being part of our story!

LEAVE YOUR PRINT Join the Anna Harris Smith Legacy Society

ARL consistently goes the extra mile for animals in need. Whether through law enforcement or making sure that animals get the best care possible, I’m always impressed by ARL’s commitment to go above and beyond.

- José Rodriguez-Villalobos and Chris Lapan Anna Harris Smith Legacy Society Members

Susan Alt Holly Amans-Kaiser Pamela B. Bankert Stephen and Sarah Barkhuff Larry Barnett Jon Barron Nancy Z. Bender Harvey Bidwell and Nancy Binner Jackie Brenner Caleb and Edward Broach Diane M. Brown Bonnie E. Brown Barbara Burg and Priscilla Golding Cynthia W. Cadwalader Louise H. Cay Janice and Karl Cederholm Randi Cohen and Al Ossorio Judith and James Connors John and Mary Cotton Gerald Crown and Paul Dobrowolski

Sandra and Douglas Denninger Quentin P. Faulkner Deborah Flynn Kenneth Freed Frederick D. Gawron Dr. Peter Gray James E. Gui Richard and Lois Hall Judith Horgan Mary Lou Hughes Brian Hyde and Joe Fiorello Sandra Ilgen Jeanne Isenstein Walter and Elizabeth Kenyon Barbara W. Kidder Lee Ann and Michael Leahy Carol A. Legere Jean R. Leone Joann M. Lindenmayer Leslie R. Mahn Rose B. Mandelbaum

Lisa and Steven Mankita Fay Malcolm McDonald and Susan Passoni Thomas P. McIntyre Kelly and Brian McKernan Kate Merritt Laurie Messikian Paula Minihan Florence J. Myerow Mary Jane Niemann Theresa M. O’Brien Susan A. Oliver Joanne R. Penta Alisa M. Plazonja Julie Polvinen Lorraine Ramsay Wallace R. Rockwell, Sr. José J. Rodriguez-Villalobos and Christopher Lapan Cassie Ryan William J. Salem

Shira Sands Lynne Schlossberg Barbara J. Servis Jacqueline Seuss Paul S. Silva Nancy and Ted Smethurst Ms. Roberta Solomon Dr. Stephen Spiegelberg and Denise Saltojanes Catherine St. Clair Marna H. Terry John L. Trepaney Francois Vigier Teri F. Weidner David Wisholek and Christopher McBride John and Patricia Worden Kurt and Louise Wulff Susan Yauckoes Richard and Elizabeth Young

A N N A H A R R I S S M I T H L E G AC Y S O C I E T Y The Anna Harris Smith Legacy Society is a group of supporters who want their dedication to the well-being of animals and communities to continue long into the future. By including ARL in their estate plans, these special supporters are making a powerful investment that will touch the lives of animals forever. arlboston.org/anna-harris-smith-legacy-society


Thank You to Our Volunteers In 2018, our 544 volunteers donated 27,114 hours to keep animals happy and healthy. From direct animal care, training and socialization, and all of the daily duties that keep our Animal Care and Adoption Centers running, ARL wouldn’t be what it is without our volunteers.

Volunteers perform a variety of duties, including: •

Board of Directors and Committees

Dog and Cat Behavior Modification (MOD) Squad

Special training

Shelter opening and closing

Small Amigos

Foster Parenting

Special Events

Barn Buddies

Feline Field Team (Community Cat Trappers)

BE A CHAMPION FOR ANIMALS... VOLUNTEER! Contact Debby Chaplic at dchaplic@arlboston.org or (617) 226-5670


“There is no greater feeling than when a frightened animal comes into the shelter or your home and feels safe with you. To see an animal go from frightened and unsure to loving and confident is the best feeling in the world�. - Denise Fritschy, Volunteer and Foster Parent


Arnold Adopted

Over 940 cats and kittens spent time in dedicated ARL foster homes in 2018.


Summary Financial Statements Summary Financial Statements 2018 (IN THOUSANDS)

ASSETS Cash and Equivalents Investments, including Land Property & Equipment, Net Beneficial Interest in Perpetual Trusts Other Assets Total Assets


LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS Accounts Payable and Other Liabilities Net Assets Total Liabilities & Net Assets


4,499 79,627 7,312 13,104 839 105,381


971 94,717 95,688

1,025 104,356 105,381

2,460 688 3,023 3282 659 10,112

2,340 580 2,849 3,389 581 9,739

OPERATING EXPENSES Program Services Fundraising General & Administrative Total Operating Expenses


7,656 728 1,573 9,957

Change in Net Assets from Operations



16% General &


7% Fundraising

We continued to manage our resources prudently. We

4,503 71,627 7,439 11,371 748 95,688

OPERATING REVENUES Public Support Restricted Public Support Used for Operations Service Fees & Other Income Investment Return Appropriated for Operations Income from Trusts Total Revenues $

Operating Expenses


7,317 762 1,552 9,631

received a clean audit with no management findings from our independent auditors, Alexander, Aronson, Finning and Company.

Audited financial statements are available on our website.


Operating Revenues

7% Income from

77% Program

24% Public Support



7% Restricted

32% Investment

Public Support used for Operations

Return Appropriated for Operations

30% Service Fees & Other Income




Trusts and Bequests Ada Bradley Barbara W. Beyea Revocable Trust Beatrice W. O’Kane Irrevocable Trust Christine Farnsworth Revocable Trust Dorothy Whitney Charitable Trust Emma L. Borden Trust Estate of Anne Marderosian Estate of Edith H. Overly Estate of Esther E. Carlson Estate of Gladys Jean Lennox Estate of Helen G. Hamant Estate Of James E. Lyons, Jr. Estate of Jennifer L. Wahoske Estate of Marjorie D. Moerschner Estate of Mary A. Keeffe Estate of Mary H. Heap Estate of Mary L. Latour Estate of Mary M. Cowham Estate of Maurice I. Kaplan Estate of Pauline A. Rosen Estate of Priscilla Williams Hall Eugene B. Hamilton Trust Eugene Hamilton Trust, Par. 8 Florence Walsh Estate Frank B. Thayer Fund G. Gorham Peters Charitable Trust Gene F. Armstrong Gladys F. Wilde Trust Harold & Eleanor Brooks Trust Harris J. Lamson Trust Irene Roman Revocable Trust


Iris S. Feldman Janet E. Sanders Bequest Jeanette T. Sheldon Trust Jonathan L. Jenkins Revocable Trust Karen T. Brakke Irrevocable Trust Katherine A. Morey Charitable Trust Lelia M. Forster Trust Lois M. Monge Revocable Trust 2010 Lyman Morrison Charitable Trust Madge Fairfax Trust Margarette G. Crossman Trust Marieanne Romanick Bequest Marion B. Hamilton Charitable Trust Mary E. DeLoach Revocable Trust Mary M. Hanlin Revocable Trust Nina Purdon Charitable Foundation Olive F. Stengel Trust Pauline Bill Trust Ralph H. Tasker Trust Rita M. Bleakney Trust Stoltenberg and Swallow Revocable Living Trust The Edmund and Mary Comey Charitable Foundation The Laurence A. Phillips Revocable Trust Theresa Dann Trust William Clarence Briggs Trust


In 2018, over 530 small animals were adopted across our three adoption centers.

President’s Council The President’s Council is a group of special supporters who give $1,000 or more annually to help animals in need. Their generosity provides the critical resources needed to care for animals where they belong, connect community resources, advocate for stronger laws, and raise awareness to prevent animal cruelty and neglect everywhere.


Alewife Company, Inc. Anonymous Arnold’s Lobster and Clam Bar Joanne Berman Dennis Charette Lisa A. Clifton Richard Davey and Jane Willis Sadhana and Frederick Downs Michelle and Andrew Feinberg Michelle and William Gelnaw Robert and Margery Glovin Richard Kelly and Carol Akerson Walter and Elizabeth Kenyon Cynthia and William Kettyle Alessandra H. Kingsford Molli Krausz Peter and Constance Lacaillade Lee Ann and Michael Leahy Allison and William Mankivsky Jeffrey and Jane Marshall Malcolm McDonald and Susan Passoni Dr. David J. McGrath P. Andrews and Linda McLane Peter and Ulrike Mueller Martha S. Mugar Kiki and Tim Neely Tara and Christophe Oliver Cassie Ryan Jim Silverman Michael and Alyson Strianese Francois Vigier

$5,000 - $9,999

Jo-Ann Altmark David and Kelly Backes Rosemarie and Charlie Boucher Katherine A. Burdon David Cawley and Lisa Buesking Craig Davis and Steve Vondran Jane and Robert Deegan John D. Doyle

Ms. Margaret Dunn The Ellen B. Gray Memorial Fund Dr. Carol Epstein Alison B. Erbig Quentin P. Faulkner Grace and Ted Fey Daniel and Maureen Flatley Patricia Flatley Elaine Foster Patricia C. Goldsmith Nancy Haverty James and Robeson Herrnstein William and Barbara Hill Susan Hurwitz and Miguel Lessing Peter Jahn Richard J. Lavoie Neal G. Litvack Robert E. MacKay Michael and Debra McAleer Kelly and Brian McKernan Elizabeth C. Minot Robert A. Moeser Dr. Sarah Myers McGinty Christina and Daniel Nagler Mary Nee and James Chapin Paula J. O’Keeffe Beth Pfeiffer Christopher B. Primiano Arthur and Paula Rabe Patricia Regan Heather and Park Ridill Sydney Rosen Darin and Debbie Samaraweera Norman Satanoski The Sea Breeze Foundation Roger and Kristin Servison Dr. Stephen Spiegelberg and Denise Saltojanes Dr. Anthony Terrana Laura Tomasetti and David Beardsley Susan and Alan Tuck Raimund and Anne Vanderweil Marilyn E. Wales Holly Young and Michael Woodhouse

$2,500 - $4,999

Danah Al-Husaini Nate and Sara Amory Gregory D. Ansin Janet Bantly Nancy Z. Bender George Berry and Ellin Reisner Elaine Boltz Brian E. Boyle and Polly Marmaduke Barbara Burg and Priscilla Golding Elizabeth Cabot Lisa Cannata Howard Cohen and Myra Musicant Jonathan Delgado and Catherine Bird George A. Dillon Eaglemere Foundation Michael Eramo Anne Foresman Ellen and Gilbert Forest Wayne Gay, Jr. Michael J. Godek Josh and Sarah Greenhill Richard and Lois Hall Timothy T. Hilton The Jeffrey M. Conklin and Family Charitable Giving Fund Jeffrey A. Kaplan Steven Kaufman and Arlene Handschuch Bryan and Bridget Kendall Kirkiles and Associates Commercial Brokerage, LLC Renee Knilans Jonathan R. Leehey Robyn Liska Julie Mackin and Daniel Clevenger Norman and Kathleen MacLeod Barbara H. Magruder Charles and Jane McLagan Carol McMullen and Sean Rush Jeanne Nutt John and Mary Parker Paul B. Riddell Jose Rodriguez-Villalobos and

Christopher Lapan Frank and Mildred Savastano Christopher Souvey Diane and Bradford Straus Timothy and Jennifer Sullivan Sharon Tan Mary Torres Katherine A. Viator Priscilla L. White Sean and Sonya Wilder David Wisholek and Christopher McBride Antonia F. Zaccaria


Charles Ackerman Carol A. Ahearn Intisar Ahsan Hollis M. Allen, Jr. Richard and Nancy Allen Anonymous Sherene Aram and Sheila Murphy Catherine A. Armstrong Sarah E. Ashby Maureen and Carleton Atwood Judith Avery Tamara Baer and Michael Flood Sarah Baker Pamela B. Bankert Todd and Anita Basso Brittney Baumgardner Emma Baumgartner Marc Baumgartner Joan W. Bendery Virginia M. Berzin Harvey Bidwell and Nancy Binner Irene Bloomstein Dr. Jayson L. Bowers and Tanya Sokolsky Robert and Virginia Bradley Cheryl L. Brand Jill L. Bresky


President’s Council (Continued) $1,000-$2,499

Margot H. Brickelmaier Sierra H. Bright Willard and Paula Bright Dr. Susan Bromley The Bryce Family Foundation Jean P. Buchanan Linda A. Buckley Mary R. Buckley Dr. Nathan Burnett Michael and Isabella Busnach Emma Bzdafka Cynthia L. Cajka Michael P. Cannon Mary Jane Caranci Jon G. Carpenter Kristin and Joseph Casey Matthew Chan Chris Chapman Jennifer Chatburn Dr. Pamela A. Chatis Robert G. Childers Michael Cicalese and Julie Stanley Ann W. Clapp Janice M. Clarke Sharon N. Cofer Nancy E. Cogswell Randi Cohen and Al Ossorio Virginia Coleman Kathleen and James Connelly Judith and James Connors Tommy and Ann Costa Denise Cronin Robert Crosby and Shelley Gordon Joan H. Crowell David M. Cutler Alicia D’Alba Dr. Virginia L. Danielson

Dr. Bruce Davie and Christy Bonstelle Frances M. Davis Michael Denomy and Katrina Anderson Christine DeRosa Laura Deschenes Barbara A. DeVorken Doris Dewing and Frederick Koerner Steven and Anne Dodge Helen Donovan and Holly Nixholm Linda R. Dorian Emmett C. Draz David L. Driscoll Dian Dulberger and Evan Wells Barbara J. Dunay Ann V. Ehrhart Christian M. Elias Tara L. Eschbach Dr. Christine G. Espino Joseph Eubanks Patti A. Faff Jerome and Emily Farnsworth Dr. Stephanie R. Faucette Dr. Drew G. Faust Vinita and David Ferrera Roxanne and Michael Field David Fike Tracy K. Firth Sandra A. Fischer Kimberly A. Fluhrer John Forcier Dr. Lisa R. Fortuna Kyle Frey Anne and Christopher Gambino Avril Gardner Gerald Garlitz Kenneth Gasper George S. Troupe Foundation Dr. Pamela D. Gerardi

Jen Girgen Victoria A. Goldberg William Goldberg Karen Gondoly Judith M. Gonsalves Cynthia Gonzalez Elizabeth H. Gorman Frank and Michelle Granara Ms. Melissa C. Green David H. Halpert Thomas C. Harris Sherry H. Hatch Brian J. Hazard Neal and Susan Heffron Timothy and Ann-Louise Hittle Erick Holmberg Anna Holzhauer Mary E. Horgan Carl and Carolyn Howe Herbert Huene David M. Hutchins Carl Hutchinson and Chi-Chi Lin Curtis Huttenhower and Hong Luo James and Margaret Ingraham Joseph A. Isham Dana I. Jewell Yiqi Jin Ellen Johnson Sara L. Johnson Anne C. Jones Kimberly and Robert Karolides Danya L. Kazakavich Donald Keamy Mark Keane Andrew Kelleher and Nicholas Cakounes Meghan Kelleher and Kerry Herzig Greg Kelly

Dr. Holly L. Kelsey Scott Kennedy Matthew and Natalie Keys Arshad Khan Annmarie C. Khokha Deborah E. Kloter Catherine Knapp James T. Knowles Marilyn R. Kudisch Patricia La Valley and Geoffrey Hargadon Ernest and Frieda LeClair Claude M. Lee Heather Lee Carol A. Legere Patricia A. Leighfield The Leon V and Marilyn L Rosenberg Family Foundation Jeanne Leszczynski and Diane DiCarlo Robert and Karen Levin Jaye E. Lewis James G. Liebau Dr. Patricia Lindquist Wolfgang and Ulrike Lingnau Laurie Lovett Tracey Maclin and Karen Tosh Kathleen H. MacWilliams Peter and Susan Maguire Allegra Manacher and Curt Kohlberg Claire Mansur and John Ryan Susan Martone Marissa Mastrangelo Robert and Sandra Mazaika Andrea and Read McCaffrey Carole and Jeffrey McCarty Kathleen D. McFadden

“Every year we marvel at ARL’s ability to innovate, to find new ways to reach more animals and communities in need, while remaining true to its founding values.” - Polly Marmaduke and Brian Boyle, President’s Council Members

16 18

Edward M. McGehee Jessica McKellar Lindsay McNair Jay and Swapna Mehta Brigitte Meier Seanna Metzger Barbara W. Meyer John and Robyn Meyn Louise B. Montgomery Helen S. Mooradkanian Deborah and Timothy Moore John Moran and Michael Wood Dennis and Pam Morris Martha A. Morrison Caroline Mortimer Cathy and Alvaro Moura Justine and James Mullen Neil Nabar and Meghan Cooper Caroline Nagle Avi Nelson Charlotte Prescott Newton Ngan H. Nguyen Juan C. O’Campo John O’Connor and Rita Amoroso Paula A. Ogier Thomas O’Grady Richard D. Olson Kathryn Oram Jane P. Orr Karen M. O’Toole James and Patricia Paige Kishorkuma N. Patel Jay C. Pattin Corinne Paulsen Allen and Linda Peeler Linda and Winfield Perry Christina and Steve Pescatore Brenda Pike

Elizabeth and Robert Pozen Kenneth P. Pristash Keri Pyke Anne P. Randolph Elizabeth Rayer Leslie Read Samantha T. Reckis Meg Rehrauer Patrick H. Reilly Roger and Hannelore Reiser Ronald and Jane Remy Reuben Reynolds Jason Rhodes The Richard and Natalie Jacoff Foundation Julian Richards Yesim and Mark Richardson Susanne Richey Peter and Beverley Robbins Edgar A. Roca Jessica L. Rogerson Judith Rosen and Chuck Dresner Amy Rosenfeld Bonnie M. and Thomas A. Rosse Martina and John Roth Richard Rudman and Karen Greenberg Ellen F. Ruland Matthew and Carlyn Sanders Alison Sanzone Cynthia and Grant Schaumburg Dr. Edward Schettino Lana Schifano Peter and Cynthia Schliemann Lynne Schlossberg Eleanor L. Schmidt Martha Schuette Gerie R. Schumann

Malisa and Andrew Schuyler Margo Servison Mary Sherpick Richard and June Shibley Diana T. Shumway Michael A. Simpson Amy L. Slade Thomas E. Smale Alexander Smith and Katrina Schroeder Smith Tina L. Smith Michael and Debbie Sorkin Deborah and Randall Spicer Amy E. Spooner John F. Steele Walter Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sullivan Samantha Sutton Paula Swartz Benjamin Tarlow and Kimberly Hutchinson Bruce S. Taymore Christine M. Tierney John and Maryellen Toomey Debrah A. True Linda Tufts Andrew and Jane Urban Richard D. Urell Donna J. Venegas Angela and Robert Ventola Pamela W. Ward Mrs. Ross Whistler Christopher J. White William and Sonja Whitney Regina B. Wiedenski Kim Williams Becky A. Willoughby William G. Winterer

Monika A. Wirtz Robert Wohlgemuth Neil and Deborah Wolfman Arthur Wong Carolyn V. Wood Dr. Clive R. Wood John and Patricia Worden Kurt and Louise Wulff Richard and Stephanie Yirikian Garry Zacheiss Linda and Mark Zaitlin Douglas Zeghibe

JOIN THE PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL Contact Jessica Telemaque at jtelemaque@arlboston.org or (617) 226-5668 arlboston.org/presidents-council

17 17

Junior Adopted

Our transport program helps clear space in over-crowded shelters and bring dogs like Junior to families ready to take care of them!


Thank you to our Champions Circle Members The Champions Circle is a group of supporters who show their love for animals year round by giving monthly. We truly rely on these generous supporters to provide the resources needed to achieve our shared vision for a world where animals are safe and healthy. To see a listing of our Champions Circle members, please visit arlboston.org/champions.

“Being a Champions Circle member allows me to create a bigger impact. By giving monthly, I can feel good knowing I’m helping animals whenever they may need it most.”

- Carol Henry, Champions Circle Member and Volunteer

JOIN THE CHAMPIONS CIRCLE Contact Derek Stemmler at dstemmler@arlboston.org or (617) 226-5662 arlboston.org/champions


Foundations Allison Family Charitable Foundation Agway Of Cape Cod’s Charitable Foundation The Brian E. Boyle Foundation The Burton A. and Maxine C. Rice Foundation The Bryce Family Foundation Cannata Family Foundation, Inc. Cape Cod Five Charitable Foundation Charles and Dorothy Campbell Charitable Fund The Charles E. Foisy and Florida C.A. Foisy Foundation Copeland Family Foundation, Inc. Dunn Family Charitable Foundation Eaglemere Foundation Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation Edward Gorey Charitable Trust The Edward H. & Virginia K. Gunst Foundation

Eversource Energy Foundation George S. Troupe Foundation Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Foundation Helios Foundation Henry T. Wiggin Charitable Trust The Herb Chambers Charitable Foundation Hesed Foundation, Inc. The Highland Street Foundation Jack Tarver Foundation Jerry Orns Family Foundation John J. and Edith L. Sacco Charitable Foundation The Kathryn Goodman Foundation Kenwood Foundation Keuhn Charitable Foundation The LG-MEP Family Foundation Lotta M. Crabtree Dumb Animal Fund Trust

Corporate Partnerships 360PR+ Action for Boston Community Development, Inc. AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts Alewife Company, Inc. Alexander, Aronson, Finning & Co., P.C. Amundi Pioneer Asset Management Appleton Partners Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar At Home Again, Inc. Blue Hills Bank Boston Pet Sitters Bowditch and Dewey, LLP Century Bank Dickey Insurance Agency, Inc. Forget-Me-Not Pet Crematory, Inc. Grantham, mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. Grossman Marketing Group Harvard Community Gifts

20 18

Lovett-Woodsum Foundation, Inc. Mabel Louise Riley Foundation Maddie’s Fund The Martha Morse Foundation Massachusetts Animal Coalition, Inc. McLane Harper Family Charitable Foundation Nina Purdon Charitable Foundation Paul and Virginia Cabot Charitable Trust Paul G. Arpin Charitable Trust Petco Foundation PetSmart Charities, Inc. The Raffiani Family Foundation Red Acre Foundation Rosse Family Charitable Foundation Rubblestone Foundation Savastano Family Foundation, Inc. Sawyer Parks Charitable Foundation The Sea Breeze Foundation

Shelter Animals Count The Stolzer Family Foundation Tao Jones Charitable Foundation, Inc. Thaler Family Foundation The Leon V and Marilyn L Rosenberg Family Foundation The Richard and Natalie Jacoff Foundation The Thomas C. McGowan Fund for Animals at The Cape Cod Foundation Wagner Family Charitable Trust

Media Partners Kirkiles & Associates Commerical Insurance Loomis, Sayles & Company Marsh & McLennan Agency McCall & Almy, Inc. Merck Animal Health MFS Investment Management Middlesex Savings Bank Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. Opaleye Management, Inc. PolkaDog Bakery PowerOptions, Inc. Risk Strategies Company Roffi, Inc. Trupanion Tufts Associated Health Plans, Inc. Winter Wyman Company, Inc.

Boston Business Journal Cape Cod Broadcasting Dorchester Reporter iHeartRadio International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Magic 106.7 The Cape Codder The Dedham Times The Massachusetts Department of Transportation NBC Boston

Coco Adopted

ARL’s adoption centers are temporary homes for not just cats and dogs; we often house small animals such as Coco, a 2-year-old Concure.

17 21

The 2018 Annual Report is a publication of the Animal Rescue League of Boston, 10 Chandler Street, Boston, MA 02116. Please address any correspondence regarding this report to the address above, attention Development Office.

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