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ACA offers comprehensive evaluations by our Licensed Psychological Examiner. Evaluations include Autism Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disabilities, ADHD and other diagnoses in addition to comprehensive psycho-educational assessments.

Outpatient Services Include:

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r u o from Yours… o ! t s ’ s e t N r i t a N e h Y Vale p p a h

New middle school for 6th, 7th, 8th Grade studeNts with autism Full dAy ClAss sChedule where ACAdeMiCs And liFe skills Are CoMbined with eACh individuAl students dAily routine And sChedule

CertiFied eduCAtionAl stAFF • ClAssrooM integrAtion oF oCCupAtionAl, physiCAl And speeCh therApy speCiAlized trAining opportunities For pArents, CoMMunity And proFessionAls individuAlized student Centered CurriCuluM • privAte pAy, tuition, 12 Month progrAM Adult trAining progrAMs • developMentAl therApy • MentAl heAlth serviCes eMployMent ContrACts • residentiAl serviCes • wAiver serviCes • trAnsportAtion Currently ACCepting AppliCAtions! (Ages 11-15) • CAll 501.982.0528 extension: 1500 For More inForMAtion AppliCAtions AvAilAble online: • www.FACebook.CoM/pAthFinderinC 2611 W. Main Street • Jacksonville • 501.982.0528 • Certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities Since 2003 February 2012 savvy kids


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Dresses and tuxes and limos, oh my! Browse our guide to prom to find everything you need to plan an amazing night out with your friends.


Connecting With YourTeen

As our kids get older it becomes hard to maintain a close parent/child relationship. This article offers advice and tips for bonding with your teen.



Looking for a delicious way to tell someone you love them this Valentine’s Day? Look no further! Find scrumptious cookies, cupcakes, petit fours, and more here.


Explore. Discover. Learn.

The Museum of Discovery has opened its doors after a year of remodeling. Get an in-depth look at the 90 new exhibits!


Go Play in Conway

Just a hop, skip and a jump north of Little Rock, the Conway community has a lot to offer families.

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ON THE COVER: Hope Reed photographed by Brian Chilson at the Harmonic Fugue in Conway. Gown and styling by Emerge (

Find Everything For Your Perfect Valentine’s Day Here! We bag and carry out your groceries

Family owned and operated since 1959


Available at these Little Rock locations: 1701 Main Street 501-376-3473

10320 StageCoaCh 7507 Cantrell road 7525 BaSeline road 501-455-3475 501-614-3477 501-562-6629

now in Bryant

Service and savings

2203 reynoldS road, 501-847-9777

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s a parent, it’s hard for me to believe that my kids will one day think I’m embarrassing. (I mean, I AM the coolest parent ever, right?) Alas, it happens to the best of us. As our kids grow up they being forming many relationships outside the home, causing them to become more independent. On page 14, read about ways to keep a strong connection with your independent teen, in a very non-embarrassing way.

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Also, be sure to check out our guide to prom, written by our editorial intern, Ariel Blackwood on page 18! Drool over some sweet treats on page 22 and shop for your Valentine on page 26. Learn about the new exhibits at the Museum of Discovery on page 28, and discover why your family should visit Conway on page 32.

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Our Special Needs section has information on therapeutic listening, the new Showstoppers Cheerleading program offered by Community Connections, and important tax information for families with developmentally and physically disabled children.

As always, be sure to sign up for the Savvy Kids Club by visiting our website: Club members receive e-newsletters filled with upcoming events, the latest Savvy news, and, of course, the discounts and promotions from tons of central Arkansas retailers! While you’re on our site, be sure to submit your kids’ upcoming events. Whether there is a birthday party in the near future, a team gathering, or a school fundraiser, we want to hear about it! Fill out the event form on our site and your kid’s event could be featured in the next issue of Savvy Kids!

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On the Web is a phonics-based reading website. Beginning with ABCs and working up to reading stories, there are activities and games for children at all reading levels. The site also includes songs to play, coloring activities, online books to practice reading skills, and an entire section devoted to math. 6 | savvy kids February 2012 is a very popular site with kids aged 6-12. It features lots of games, the most popular of which is Roblox, a building simulator. The website also features contests, a virtual catalog to purchase items for your Roblox game, and parental controls to help you manage your children’s presence online. is a website that helps parents remain in control of where their kids are going and what they’re seeing while on computers, tablets, and phones. Features include ad blocking, highlighted educational subjects, and the ability to block specific characters from his or her virtual “playground” if you find them annoying or offensive.

February 2012 savvy kids


Photography by Patrick Jones


Dave and Rhea Lana Riner By Emily Griffin To many parents living in central Arkansas hearing the name Rhea Lana means it’s time for a children’s consignment sale (Score!). Few realize how those wonderful consignment sales began. “We were living in Texas and like many young families with three very young children; we continually strived to stay on that not-so-fun family budget. This meant that I could not afford my desire for new name brand and boutique brand clothes for my kids. So, I became an expert at shopping garage sales and consignment stores, always on the hunt for the amazing bargain,” Rhea Lana Riner, CEO of Rhea Lana’s Children’s consignment Events, said. Riner recalled thinking to herself, “wouldn't it be fun to invite some girls to get together and buy and sell each other's clothes.” So, in the fall of 1997, when her youngest child was heading off to preschool, she decided to send out invitations to get the first sale, which took place in her living room, started. “I organized and held consignment sales in my home for the next several years. Each year we added another room of the house. Looking back, it was really nutty. I had piles of clothes everywhere…,” she recalled. Now, nearly 15 years later, Riner’s dream of hosting a small sale with a few friends has become multiple sales moms and dads in 16 states across the country look forward to every year. I would like to introduce you to Rhea Lana and her family. Dad: Dave Riner, Executive Director of Student Mobilization Mom: Rhea Lana Riner, CEO of Rhea Lana’s Children’s Consignment Events, and Rhea Lana’s Franchise Systems, Inc. Children: Rebekah Riner, 22, at University of Tulsa; Ben Riner, 20, at Texas A&M University, and Leah Riner, 18, Conway High School Current Activities: My kids have been playing sports for years and I’ve always been involved with their teams. We love Conway schools and we love supporting the Wampus Cats! This year I’ve helped with the Conway High Tennis Team and the Swim Team. With my two older kids in college, I’m enjoying more time to get in8 | savvy kids February 2012

volved with community events. I am currently part of an executive leadership team assisting the Conway Chamber of Commerce in hosting Conway’s first Chick-fil-A Leadercast. This is a national simulcast event featuring national level leaders on May 4, 2012. I’m also honored to be participating in the upcoming UCA Women’s Leadership Conference. I am passionate about helping women learn to be better leaders. By growing and maturing in their leadership skills, they are able to positively impact their families, their workplaces and their communities. Parenting Style: Our parenting style looks much like a funnel. When our kids were young, we were pretty strict; as our kids grew older and we saw that we could trust them in the small things, we gave them more and more freedom. We also had tons of fun and played a lot together! Life lesson learned from parenthood: Focus on the major issues, not the minor things. Laugh a lot and make memories together! Protect your family time—have some meals together each week. Listen a lot. Keeping It Organized: I keep a calendar with me constantly. When the kids were younger, I also had a color coded calendar on the refrigerator, so that we could easily track each child’s practices, games and music lessons. I remember at one stage of competitive soccer tournaments, we had three kids in three different states on the same weekend! Favorites: Book: My favorite right now is EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey Music: Country and Christian Contemporary Place to shop for you: Lefler’s, The Kitchen Store Place to shop for teenaged kids: EM Jeans, Pizzazz, Hipsway Family Activity: Going for a run on one of Conway’s wonderful bike trails Restaurant: MarketPlace Grill Guilty pleasure: Chocolate Place to go for date night: See a movie at the new movie theater Won’t leave home without: my pillow







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Big Heart The inspiring story of how one boy has dedicated himself to the children of his community. By Ariel Blackwood

Seth Washispack, a senior at Conway High School, developed a love for his community at a young age. He watched his father, a dedicated missionary, and his sisters being involved in the Faulkner County Youth Leadership Institute and was inspired by their commitment. As he developed an ultimate goal to help his community, Seth applied to the Institute, and started the lengthy and competitive process of becoming a part of the program.

Photo by Patrick Jones

Seth’s hard work eventually made him a leader of the Special Events Committee, where he searches for exciting activities in his area, keeping the community fresh and entertained. After five trips to China for missionary work, Seth’s eyes were opened to a whole new world, and his inspiration caught fire. “Seeing [their lifestyles] made me realize we should never take for granted the opportunities we have” Seth witnessed. He knew he wanted to make a difference, but the question was: How would he go about it?

Seth Washispack, pictured above, created a jump rope team for kids in his community to help keep kids active while having fun and creating friendships.

Interested in getting involved? The Faulkner County Youth Leadership Institute (FCYLI) is accepting applications for high school juniors and seniors eager to make a difference in Faulkner County. The Institute was created to expose high school students to leadership development through community involvement. Students acquire such skills through training sessions of various subjects such as government, health care, agriculture, finance, industry, education, and economy. The classes teach the importance of public concerns while emphasizing that personal experience is ideal. The ultimate goal of FCYLI is to broaden the overall awareness of the community of each student, creating a productive atmosphere in the process. If you are interested in making a difference visit or call 501-327-7788.

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During school one day, a student teacher played a song about jump roping, and Seth was intrigued. Seth explained that he had dreamt of starting a jump rope team for underprivileged kids, and the coincidental class activity only confirmed his passion. Seth now leads the Sallie Cone Jump Rope Team, a close-knit group of third and fourth grade students who love to jump. Seth emphasized that the small team encouraged a personal relationship, creating a certain comfort for those involved. “Setting goals is an important thing. If you set your mind and stick with it, [your goal] can be achieved.” explained Seth, who set a challenging goal for himself, and persevered to achievement. While Seth loves helping his community, he hopes to attend college out of state next year. So, how will the hometown hero continue his work as his life takes a turn and he leaves the Sallie Cone kids? “Conway wise, I hope to get juniors and seniors in high school motivated now so they can carry it on.” As for his continued work away from home, Seth wants to start a new elementary team wherever he ends up. Seth’s constant excitement for benefiting his community is an admirable characteristic. While he is the National Honor Society, FBLA, and Beta Club President, as well as members of various activities such as Model U.N., Quiz Bowl, Swim team and soccer, Seth has continued to make time for his team and the Faulkner County Youth Leadership Institute. His advice for others interested in being involved in their community is to “Never make excuses. Even if you are very involved, go after what you love, there’s always something you can help with.” Seth’s success in his community through evident determination is proof that no matter how busy, one can always find a way to make a difference in the lives of others.

By Emily Griffin

Therapy Services • Developmental Day Treatment Pediatrics Plus theraPy services

consists of a team of dedicated speech, occupational, and physical therapists who are committed to excellence in the identification, evaluation, and treatment of children with developmental and/or special needs.


Little Rock • 32 Rahling Circle • 501.821.5459 Conway • 2740 College • 501.329.5459 North Little Rock • 2400 Crestwood • 501.753.5459 Russellville • 411 North Elmira • 479.890.5494

Pediatrics Plus center Of early learning nOw enrOlling! Provides developmental day treatment for infants, toddlers, and preschool aged children in a quality, inclusive environment. we offer physical, occupational and speech therapy. Educational curriculum is based on individual goals and objectives. Full-time registered nurse and medical services provided.

caLL Us today

Little Rock • 6020 Ranch Dr. Ste. 3 • 501.868.4474 Conway • 2740 College • 501.328.5696

Making a Difference, One c hilD at a tiMe February 2012 savvy kids

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PArTY 2012 Tea Party honorees

Dr. Lisa Buckmiller Princess Anna Gonglu Hinkle Mistress of Ceremonies

Alyson Courtney

Anchor - KATV Channel 7 News Daybreak Fashion Jewelry Women, Kids & Razorback Apparel And Accessories Monogramming Free Gift Wrapping

February 11, 2012 | 10:30am at the Country Club of little rock let the fairytale begin… crafts, tiaras, photos, brunch fit for a Queen, and a fashion parade including every princess! For ticket information, please visit or contact us at 501.680.0973 or

Unhinged Attitudz 2850 Prince Street • Conway 501.205.0602 Open 7 Days A Week!

Arkansas’ Original Children’s Clothing Consignment Event


Nothing says lovin’ like en v o za iz p e th m o fr g in th e som y it s sa and our heart shaped pizza very well!

Feb 2,3,4 LR Expo Center - Jacksonville/ LRAFB Exit

Hot Springs

Win A $25 Gift Certificate Text AP1 To 90210 To Enter

Feb 23,24,25 Crossgate Church - Hwy 70

“The BIG Sale” in Little Rock Mar 15, 16, 17 Arkansas State Fairgrounds

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maumelle . lakewood . litt

le rock

758.8800 753.0081 225.1900

EvEry ChilD DEsErvEs Our BEst.

Let us help you find high quality child care. Better Beginnings is Arkansas’ voluntary quality rating and improvement system for child care and early education programs.

Visit to Get Started. The Better Beginnings website makes it easy for parents to: • find Better Beginnings certified child care providers in their area • compare providers based on their quality ratings (one star, two star and three star) • learn what to look for in a child care facility Get off to a good start by equipping yourself with the knowledge and information to choose a Better Beginning for your child!

Department of human services Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education • 1-800-445-3316 Help Us Recognize Outstanding Early Childhood Professionals! We are looking for persons who are making a significant contribution to the early childhood field in Arkansas. We want to recognize and honor these outstanding persons who care for our children! For more information or to request a nomination form, contact the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education at 800-445-3316 or visit our web site at February 2012 savvy kids

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Connecting with YourTeen By Paige Parham

As parents, we tend to look towards the teenage years with a sense of dread. We are aware that this is the age at which our children begin the painful process of separating themselves from our families and strike out on their own. They develop friendships with people whose families we don’t know, and they begin to drive themselves to all of the places that they previously depended on us to take them.

14 | savvy kids February 2012

Adolescence is not an easy time for kids or their parents, but it’s a necessary part of development. The best thing that you can do for your teen is to give them room to grow and figure out their own place in the world, while remaining a consistent source of support and encouragement. Although most teens would be reluctant to admit it, they need to know that you will love them in spite of their sometimesquestionable choices, and

that they can come to you for advice regarding any issues that come up. So how do you manage to hold on to a relationship with a child who no longer wishes to be treated like one? Keep reading; we’ve gotten some great suggestions from parents, teens and even mental health providers on how you can foster a new type of relationship with your adolescent. It usually begins in junior high. Suddenly your kid has become more involved outside of the home than in previous years. She has friends whose names you’ve never heard, and she may be reluctant to invite them to your house. What’s a parent to do? It’s tempting to play the enforcer, to demand answers about where your child is spending her time and who she’s with. However, research has shown that taking that tactic could backfire. Some suggest that parents use their adolescent’s friends as a buffer to reconnect with her. In other words, don’t go straight to your teen with complaints of not spending quality time together, just schedule some, invite other kids, and let the fun blossom. Host a sleepover, stock up on pizza and popcorn, and try to get a feel for this group of kids. Chances are the other teens will be respectful of you and grateful for a safe, welcoming place to spend their time. They may even encourage your child to appreciate the blessing of a supportive relationship with their parents. Imagine that you bring out a movie that you know for a fact your fifteen year old son has been dying to see. In front of his buddies, he scorns your choice and says he doesn’t want to see that stupid movie. One of his friends, who maybe doesn’t have a great relationship with his mom and dad, tells him that he should be thankful to have a parent who cares enough to invite his friends over and provide them with food to eat and movies to watch. Your son will probably look at you in a new light, knowing that not everyone is as lucky as he is.

Dr. Amanda Boeke of Pinnacle Pointe said “I think that it is important for parents to do their best to become self-aware. I see a lot of parents struggling with fear and misunderstanding, when it comes to relating to their teenagers. It’s important for you to help them figure out a way to solve their own problems.” She went on to explain that one of the best ways to get involved with your teenaged children is to find out what they are interested in and get involved with them.

"The biggest benefit for me as a mom was gaining a common link with my daughters..."

I had the pleasure of speaking to Jennifer Sellers, a local mother who practices martial arts with her entire family. I asked her to speak with me about why her family, which includes two teenage girls and a preteen son, has chosen to study martial arts together. “Our entire family signed up for taekwondo after our son started. We decided it would be great exercise for us all. The biggest benefit for me as a mom was gaining a common link with my daughters, who are now 13 and almost 16. Most of the time I am the typical mom of a teenager – I know absolutely nothing! On the taekwondo floor, we are all on a level playing field. We’ve found a common ground.” Mr. and Mrs. Sellers get the benefit of regular exercise as well as knowing exactly what their kids are up to and who they’re spending time with. In addition, the girls are seeing their mother gain valuable skills in self-defense, which is providing them with a strong, influential role model to look upon as they ease into adulthood themselves. Many teens and pre-teens would be embarrassed by mom or dad wanting to spend time with their friends. For those kids, you might think about planning a special night in which the two of you can do an activity that you both enjoy, and possibly squeeze in a conversation as well. Ideas for this type of night are unlimited – try to choose an activity that you know your son or daughter is already interested in trying or enjoys. It should be something that you can do together – popular ideas in my home for nights like these are boardgame and movie nights, a trip to a museum and a nice lunch out, and taking a friend or two to the bowling alley for a few frames and a pizza. The important thing to remember is to not focus on the activity, you’re trying to build a relationship and that cannot be done in a couple of hours. Your teen’s life is rapidly changing and she needs to know that you are available for her to come to when she has a problem. This isn’t an assurance you can give with words, you need to back it up with actions. According to Dr. Boeke, adolescence is sometimes referred to as “the time of turbulence.” She said, “It’s normal for teens to be really moody and to challenge authority. I think that’s hard for a lot of adults to accept and contend with, but kids have to go through that process to form their own identity.” If we, as parents, can gain a better understanding of what our teens are going through and can be there for them as a confidant and a support system, it will help to guide them through this difficult period while preserving the close relationship you’ve spent years building.

OMG! Sometimes, as parents, we do or say something that we think will help us to fit in with our kids and their friends. You’re probably familiar with the look of horror that crosses a teen’s face as he’s getting a big hug from mom as he’s dropped off for school. I’ve spoken with a few local teenagers and they’ve given me insight on some things that mom and dad do that they would rather them not, at least in front of friends. “My mom dances randomly, it’s SO embarrassing. In the car, in lines at stores…wherever. She just dances.” – Jaycee, Little Rock Try to keep your urge to boogie away from your teens. Who knows who else may be watching, anyway! My favorite place to shake it is while doing the dishes – it sounds silly, but no one sees except for my family, and we just laugh at my lack of skills. “I wish my mom wouldn’t kiss me on the cheek in front of people. I always get teased after she leaves.” – Kristal, Conway It’s normal to want to express your love for your kids, especially when they’re leaving for the day. Keep the smooching to a minimum, and if you must get a goodbye peck, try to do it before you leave the house or create a code word or gesture (like a wink) that only the two of you know what it means (think Carol Burnett). “My parents both try to be cool by posting on my Facebook wall and retweeting me on Twitter. They even try to use hashtags (those little # symbols that tag other Twitter users in a tweet.) - Andrew, North Little Rock If you have a teen, it’s a pretty good bet they’re using social media. It’s up to you to keep them accountable for what they do and say on the internet, but a hands-off approach is the best option, unless they are hurting others or themselves. It’s fine to be online friends with your kids, and to follow them on Twitter. What you shouldn’t do is to post constantly on their page, comment “LOL” on their photos, or otherwise embarrass them with their friends.

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(501) 217-0275 Market Place Shopping center 11121 north rodney Parham road Little rock

fringe Benefits for Your Big night!

Creating Excellence... in Pre -K education! Pre-K classes available at your neighborhood school or one of our four early childhood centers.

Whatever your vibe is, there’s a perfect hairstyle to match your prom look!

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11100 Chicot Rd.

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Little Rock School District Student Registration Office

501 Sherman Street • 501-447-2950 •

savvykids_prek2011.indd 1

5600 Kavanaugh Blvd 501.664.1515

9/19/11 11:35 AM

February 2012 savvy kids

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How Much Will it Cost Me? It’s exciting to get all dressed up…until reality comes into play and the cost of all the glam starts adding up. However, prices vary for every school and every prep place. Think about each piece of the process before jumping to conclusions.

Tulle, 9851 Brockington Rd., Sherwood (501-255-0899;, has tons of formal wear, including tuxedos! The dresses photographed here are from the Tony Bowls collection. Beautiful hair is also a must for prom. The hairstyle to the left was created by Manja Morris at Fringe Benefits Salon, 5600 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock (501-664-1515; The style features low curls in the back and loose ringlet curls to frame the face.

prom By Ariel Blackwood

As the New Year rings in unanimous excitement and motivation, high schoolers begin the overwhelming yet thrilling hunt for the perfect prom attire. For girls, the dress is everything, and for the guys, the best looking suits and tuxes are necessary to compliment their date from head to toe. Leave it to Savvy Kids to provide the hottest prom advice for both! First of all, you can never go wrong with simple dresses. Try a one-shoulder embellishment to spice up your long or short dress, or even a sweetheart neckline with an empire waist, which looks great on most body shapes. For all those apple and pear shapes out there, consider fun, full bottoms to add an edge to a tighter chest piece. Another popular style this season is the high/low style, which is perfect for rectangle shaped bodies. Loud designs come and go but elegant styles never leave the spotlight. Keep it chic: consider a ruched fabric to compliment every kind of body. Modestly open backs and evident slits are all the rage in 2012, especially for petite shapes looking for a little extra height. Last but not least, don’t forget about the shoes. If you decide to go simple on the dress, rock some ornamented shoes for some extra spunk. Now for the guys: Neutral colors are great for ties and vests rather than trying to match her dress exactly. Stick with a quiet color to avoid a clashing date. Black, silver, grey, and light colors are usually best. If you find a perfect match, go for it, as long as you aren’t both rockin’ neon staple pieces. The same goes for the boys as the girls: classic never fails. Bowties are always in style, so if in doubt, keep it old school. Be original, stay classy, and steal the show with your savvy styles. 18 | savvy kids February 2012

Tickets Depending on the school, getting in the door can vary from $20 to $200 for the couple. The facility also plays a part in the price: An elegant ballroom or fancy hotel will probably cost more than if it is being hosted in your school gymnasium. A Bite to Eat If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If your school does not provide dinner, Call ahead to make reservations for your pre-prom meal so you don’t get caught up in the prom traffic and miss the dance. Preparation Station Hair, make-up and nails are essential pieces to a perfect prom look. The prices vary from $30 to $275 depending on whether you go to a salon or do it yourself from home. The dress/tux Most prom gowns cost between $100 and $500, and most tuxedo rentals cost between $75 and $200. Boutonniere/flowers Depending on the type of flowers, the boy’s boutonniere and girl’s corsage usually costs between $10 and $30. Get the Picture Professional photography prices range from $30 to $125. Most prom committees arrange for a portrait to be snapped during the event, so don’t forget to spare some money for a copy of your photo. Check the pricelist beforehand to confirm the cost. Limousine Rental This is an extravagant option, but remains very popular among prom-goers. They usually cost between $200 and $500, so gathering a group and splitting the cost is the best way to go.

Slip on a great pair of shoes to give your dress the perfect accent! Find all styles and shades of shoes to accompany your formal wear at Emerge, 2585 Donaghey Ave., Conway (501-329-5123;

Need a tan, but don’t have time to hit the tanning beds? Try this all over body bronzer for a healthy, luminous glow. Finish off the look with a touch of Gloss-n-Glow. Both products, by Borghese, are available at Emerge, 2585 Donaghey Ave., Conway (501-329-5123;

The traditional corsage and boutonniere get a facelift when you order from Fairytale Floral, 3321 JFK Blvd., North Little Rock (501-7538393; Their team of florists use bright, vibrant flowers, arranged in the latest style.

Emerge, 2585 Donaghey Ave., Conway (501-3295123; can get you ready for prom from head to toe‌literally! The stylists at Emerge will help you find the perfect dress, accessories, and shoes to match. They can even style your hair and apply your make-up!

Arrive to prom in style! Call Argenta Limousine Service (501771-9500; to reserve your stretch Cadillac Escalade or Limousine, or their new stretch Hummer. Plus, Argenta Limousine Service is certified by the US Department of Transportation, so you have peace of mind knowing your ride will be a safe one!

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20 | savvy kids February 2012

Spunky SaSSy Sweet Dressing You The Best For Prom and Special Occasions

9851 Brockington rd. • Sherwood 501.255.0899 •

It Only Cost A Little More To Go First Class Serving Little Rock Arkansas to all points and beyond.

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3100 1-30 • Little Rock 501-771-9500 • We are Department of Transportation Authorized to operate and transport anywhere within the United States. Our DOT # is: USDOT 1966998 | And our FMCSA Number is: MC-696670 February 2012 savvy kids

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t e e w s S t a e r T Make this Valentine’s Day a little sweeter with some gourmet goodies from local bakeries. From petit fours and truffles to cakes and cookies, you’re sure to find something delicious to share with your loved ones this year.

Once you’ve found the perfect Valentine card in June’s Hallmark, 11525 Cantrell Rd., Little Rock (501-907-8025; hallmark. com), grab some of their delicious chocolate gourmet truffles to accompany it!

By Emily Griffin

Does your Valentine have gluten intolerance or some other sort of food allergy? No problem! Dempsey Bakery, 323 Cross St., Little Rock (501-375-2257), has all the delicious gluten, wheat, soy and nut-free products you could ever want! Take it from me, it’s all delicious!

Try something new this year, visit Sweet Love, 8210 Cantrell Rd., Little Rock (501-613-7780; Find these “cookie pops”, cupcakes, cakes, brownies, and many more baked goods at the newly opened bakery. 22 | savvy kids February 2012

This scrumptious cake is the perfect size to share with your family! Covered with pink shimmering icing that fades into purple along the base, the cake is completed with a fondant bow and heart accents. Available at Knight’s Super foods Baker (501-843-8101;

Make Someone Happy Love is in the air at The Promenade at Chenal where you’ll find just the right gift for your valentine. Surprise him with a new timepiece… pamper her with a spa treatment… enjoy a romantic night out with dinner and a movie. Declare your love with cupid-inspired ideas like these and more at an exceptional collection of stores and restaurants in one wonderful setting.

Create your own Valentine message with these chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry petit fours designed by The Blue Cake Company, 14710 Cantrell Rd., Little Rock (501-868-7771;

Little hands will love the assortment of cookies available a Edward’s Food Giant (edwardsfoodgiant. com)! Find sugar cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal, chocolate and many more flavors ready to pick up and take home!

Valentine’s Day is tuesDay, February 14. Apple | Big Orange Burgers • Salads • Shakes Bravo! Cucina Italiana Chenal 9 Theatres with IMAX | Kay Jewelers Kenneth Edwards Fine Jewelers Luxury Nails Spa | Perfume Max | Ya Ya’s Euro Bistro

Shop. Dine. Escape. Chenal Parkway | Little Rock | | Personalize this cake for your special Valentine! Ready-made cakes are available at the bakery at Edward’s Food Giant (edwardsfoodgiant. com). Simply pick out your favorite and ask the bakery specialists to add your personal message. February 2012 savvy kids

| 23

Your other fishing license When you purchase a Conservation License Plate for yourself, a friend or family member, you’re supporting the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Conservation Scholarship Program. Black Crappie

To purchase the 2012 Conservation License Plate visit an Arkansas Revenue Office near you, or call 1-800-364-GAME to purchase a gift certificate. Of your $35 purchase, $25 benefits the scholarship program and other educational efforts.

The secreT To geTTing

sKinnY is geTTing sTArTeD! JOani Of sherWOOd LOst 38 3/4 POunds 53 1/2 inches & 11.5% bOdy fat On instant shaPe uP PLan®

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start losing weight now!

“I never thought I would own skinny jeans, but I do now!” Before

Call toDaY! (501) 663-9482

after thanK YoU 24 | savvy kids February 2012

heights 5901 “r” street

for MaKing Diet Center heights the



Kumon of North Little Rock

Congratulations Advanced Student Honor Roll... achieving above your grade level!

At Kumon, we give your kids the power of knowing. Whether your child needs extra help with math and reading or wants new academic challenges, our specialized learning program helps children gain the confidence to achieve more all on their own.

Chloe Cunningham

Aayushi Modi

Dhruv Modi

Diya Patel

Liam Lemaire

Maddox Rousseau

Nate Rousseau

Emerson Partridge

Mary Kate Partridge

Vin Zimmerman

Ayden Makan

Rheeya Makan

For the kinds of benefi ts that last a lifetime, call for a FREE PLACEMENT TEST.

Kumon of North Little Rock 501.812.5437 “Since my four year old has started Kumon, her progress in math and reading has been nothing short of amazing”. - Proud parent of Chloe C.

Academic Enrichment Pre-K – 12th Grade

© 2012 Kumon North America. All rights reserved.

February 2012 savvy kids

| 25

e ’ s n i t n e Gift Guide l a V At Scarlet, 11525 Cantrell Rd., Little Rock (501-223-8585;, they know the difference between selling someone an “outfit” and giving them a “look.” Find your perfect look, plus tons of accessories here.

At Pink Avenue, Central Ave., Hot Springs (501-520-0624) find a wide variety of clothing and accessories from labels sush as Kinzie Girl, Karlie, Joe’s Jeans, and many more!

Surprise your Valentine with a floral arrangement from Fairytale Florals, 3321 JFK Blvd., North Little Rock (501753-8393; From romantic roses to impressive modern bouquets, you can find it all here.

26 | savvy kids February 2012


The Theraderm skin care line was developed by a plastic surgeon as a four step effective regiment for skin renewal. Cleanse, exfoliate, repair and moisturize. Find this and many more skin care products at Renaissance Medical Spa, 140 John Harden Dr., Jacksonville (501-982-3223;

▼ Vivid Designs, 11525 Cantrell Rd., Little Rock (501-225-3828), may be known for their stylish interior design service and elements, but they also carry a wide variety of accessories for women including jewelry, purses and bags, and more!

▼ She will love a trendy cuff bangle from the Chisel collection. The cuff pictured here is “Love and Ink” and is available at Byron’s Jewelry, 2601 E. Race, Searcy (501-268-1660).

Make Valentine’s Day extra special for your kids by sending them to school in a special Valentine’s Day shirt. Find these adorable elephant designs and many more at Grow, 239 Cornerstone, Hot Springs (501-520-4769).

Many women wear the popular Pandora bracelets. This Valentine’s Day give her a Love You charm to add amongst her charms. The charms are available at Bimini Butterfly, 2540 West Main St., Cabot (501-944-9911).

When you purchase three Valentine cards from June’s Hallmark, 11525 Cantrell Rd., Little Rock (501-9078025;, you will receive a Love Pup (seen here) or a Li’l Love You Bear for only $6.95!

▼ Paint the town red this Valentine’s Day while you wear these leather boots available at The Painted Butterfly, 5407 Hwy. 5 N., Bryant (501-847-6300). Plus, find women’s, junior’s, and guy’s clothing and accessories too! Advertisement

February 2012 savvy kids

| 27


Explore. Discover. Learn.

Since closing in April 2011, the Museum’s current location at 500 President Clinton Avenue has been completely remodeled. Outdated exhibits have been replaced with nearly 90 customized, stateof-the-art, interactive science and technology showpieces in three new galleries focused on health, physical and earth sciences. “The Museum of Discovery has many educational offerings. We’re here to serve as a science resource for the whole state. For years, we’ve been a 28 | savvy kids February 2012

The all-new Museum of Discovery offers something for everyone.

favorite with families and educators. This new facility will be a quality attraction for all ages,” said Nan Selz, Executive Director of the Museum. The renovated space boasts almost 6,000 additional square feet, primarily in the elegant front entrance and reception area. The new space has a contemporary look and feel. A new theater, conference room and multi-purpose classrooms provide new teaching spaces and rental opportunities.

Funding has been provided by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, a national philanthropic organization founded in 1954 by the late media entrepreneur for whom it is named. The Museum was awarded a $9.2 million grant which funded the new construction, the renovation of the old facility and the purchase of all-new exhibits. The museum is divided into three main galleries: Amazing You!, presented by Arkansas Blue Cross Continued on page 30

Pretty Things Taste Better Place Your Valentine’s Day Order Now 501.613.7780 8210 Cantrell Road, Little Rock AR 72227

Cheetahs – the fastest land animal on Earth – are coming to live at the zoo in early spring. Cheetahs – the fastest land animal on Earth – are coming to live at the zoo in early spring. It’s part of the zoo’s commitment to preserving endangered species for all future generations. It’s part of the zoo’s commitment to preserving endangered species for all future generations. #1 Zoo Drive • Little Rock, Arkansas • 501.666.2406 #1 Zoo Drive • Little Rock, Arkansas • 501.666.2406 February 2012 savvy kids

| 29

Dinosaur Discoveries

Tornado Alley

Tinkering Studio

Continued from page 28 Blue Shield; Discovery Hall; and Earth Journeys. Guests will also find the WOW Gallery, which houses traveling exhibits; the Room to Grow, a favorite from before the renovation (it too got a face lift); and the Tinkering Studio. So, now you’re asking yourself, “Is the renovated museum better than before?” Short answer: yes! Savvy Kids received a complete tour of the museum and below are a just a few of our favorite exhibits.

Dinosaur Discoveries The first traveling exhibit to roll through the museum is “Dinosaur Discoveries: Ancient Fossils, New Ideas.” The massive exhibit, funded by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation and custombuilt by New York’s American Museum of Natural History, spans 1,500 square feet and includes seven interactive stations. Modern science has been used to learn something new about creatures that lived millions of years ago. Dinosaur Discoveries focuses on how dinosaurs lived, maneuvered, defended themselves, and how they eventually became extinct. Dinosaur Discoveries provides a journey into the exciting world of modern paleontology. New dinosaur fossils are being discovered faster than ever before. Advanced technology allows scientists to look at these fossils in fresh ways. And researchers are gaining surprising insights into these amazing animals. New discoveries, new technology and new ideas are helping today’s scientists piece together what these living, breathing dinosaurs were really like. This is one exhibit you have to see for yourself before it travels on 30 | savvy kids February 2012

to the next museum!

Tinkering Studio

Tornado Alley

Do your kids love hands-on activities? Do they have a knack for taking things apart and putting them back together? Then they will love the Tinkering Studio! The new Tinkering Studio provides a place where visitors get to work in a collaborative environment and explore basic and advanced building techniques. All activities are hands-on, supervised and at least partly improvisational. Grand schemes, wild ideas, crazy notions and intuitive leaps of imagination are encouraged and fertilized. Kids can venture in and learn how to make all sorts of things.

Many residents of Little Rock still remember the devastating tornado that tore through the downtown area on January 21, 1999. Visitors to the museum can step back in time and relive the experience. Walk into what looks like an ordinary basement. Have a seat on the bench and watch the Today’s THV footage from 1999. Rain begins to fall on the roof, lighting strikes, thunder rolls, and then the power goes out. Listen as residents recall what the tornado sounded like, what they remember seeing; look through the “basement” window as the sky turns green and a tree crashes onto the lawn above. Be advised that some small children might not be comfortable participating in this exhibit. However, having experienced it myself, I have to say it was very realistic and helped me to understand what I might experience if a tornado ever came through my neighborhood.

Amazing You! Your body does amazing and complex work each and every day. In the Amazing You! gallery, learn how healthy choices make healthy bodies as you explore the wonders of Amazing You. See how moving your body is fun and helps you stay healthy. As you enter the gallery, watch as blood cells travel overhead. Learn how much blood you have in your body, piece together a skeleton, you can even pull a rope to see how long your intestines actually are! Learn the difference between a healthy lung and how it works compared to the lungs of a smoker. Guests will certainly learn some amazing stuff in here!

Woosh When you walk into the main room of the museum the first thing you will notice is the Whoosh exhibit, a huge system of clear tubes with air rushing through. Kids can place soft pom poms, scarfs and other available items into the tubes and watch as they get sucked through the tubes and shoot out above!

Museum Information Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Sunday 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Monday Closed Admission: $10 ages 12 and older, $8 ages 1-11, Free under age 1 Mission: The mission of the Museum of Discovery is to ignite a passion for science, technology and math in a dynamic, interactive environment. For more information, visit www. or call (501) 396-7050.

Come Look At Our Beautiful Collection Today!

• A Full Service Jewelry Store • Repair and Sales • The Largest Bridal and Engagement Selection in the Area • Buying Gold and Silver • Extensive Knowledge on All Scrap Precious Metals


Family Owned and Operated

2601 East Race Searcy Mon - Fri 9am - 5:30pm Sat 9am - 12:30pm February 2012 savvy kids

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Go Play in By Emily Griffin Before Kris Allen sky-rocketed to fame by winning American Idol, I didn’t know much about Conway. Sure, the city is just a short drive northwest of Little Rock, but it seemed so far away. As Allen progressed through the show and more video footage of the artist’s hometown was aired, I wanted to see for myself what the city was all about. If you watched American Idol during Allen’s season, you remember the parades, concerts and events that took place in Conway. With each return visit home, it seemed as though the entire town came out to greet him with open arms. I wondered if all those people really wanted to meet Allen or if they just wanted a chance to be on television. But if you’ve ever visited the town, you understand that Conway is a very close-knit community; it has a small-town feel in a large city. My family visits Conway often and I encourage your 32 | savvy kids February 2012


family to learn more about the city as well. Read on to learn more about what Conway has to offer.

Higher Education A bustling college town and one of the fastest growing communities in the state, Conway has over 50,000 residents. Being the home to not one but three colleges - University of Central Arkansas, Hendrix and Central Baptist - means there’s always something going on whether it’s a theatrical production, an art exhibit, a concert or a lecture by a renowned speaker. Plus, the nationally renowed schools are nearby for families living in central Arkansas. Homesick freshmen would only have a short drive to a homecooked meal with mom and dad.

Outdoor Recreation Locks and dams on the Arkansas River in Little

Rock and Conway have created pools at Toad Suck Park in Conway that comprise approximately 19,000 acres of water. This area is particularly popular with anglers and boaters.

Lake Conway, the largest man-made game and fish commission lake in the United States at 6,700acres, provides excellent fishing, while Beaverfork Lake is popular for water recreation.

Shopping Conway is home to some great boutiques as well as big-box stores. Oak Street in downtown Conway is a popular destination for shopping. Visitors can shop stores like Something Blue, Kicks Active-Wear, Bevy’s, EM Jeans, Mary’s Boutique, Lefler’s Fashions, Ann’s Trendy Kidz, Pizzazz, Dayer Jewelers, Kitchen Store, The Sporty Runner, Mommie 2 B, HipSway, and many more!

Think Downtown’s just a place for business? Think again! Families can also browse, chic galleries and historic sites, jam to concerts and take part in many exciting festivals, fairs and open-air entertainment, like the Downtown Conway Sidewalk Players. Families can also have a lot of fun watching movies at the Silver Moon Cinema – the original outdoor community cinema program in Arkansas (be on the lookout for event dates this spring)!   Another popular shopping destination is the Conway Commons Shopping Center. Conway Commons is a 600,000 sq. ft. shopping center, with major tenants including Kohl’s, Belk, Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, TJ Maxx, Pier 1 Imports, The Children’s Place, Petsmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Hallmark, Kirkland’s Old Navy, Chili’s, and Chick-fil-A.

Toad Suck Daze Conway’s annual early May festival, Toad Suck Daze, is one of the largest and most popular in the state. It derives its attention-getting title from the Legend of Toad Suck, one of the state’s most colorful. According to local folklore, long ago when steamboats plied the Arkansas River and the water wasn’t the correct depth, the captains and their crew docked where the Toad Suck Lock and Dam now spans the river to wait until the water level rose. While waiting, they occupied themselves at the local tavern there, to the displeasure of the locals who lived nearby. The residents described the sailors this way: “They suck on the bottle ‘til they swell up like toads.” Hence, the name Toad Suck. The tavern is long gone, but the legend lives on at Toad Suck Daze. The family-friendly festival, Toad Suck Daze is

a 3-day festival of food, family and fun held on the streets of downtown Conway. This “Laid Back Weekend” occurs annually the first weekend in May and has something for the entire family: arts and crafts, “Toadal Kids Zone” which is full of games and activities just for youngsters, a carnival, local and national entertainment, food, rock wall, petting zoo, “Stuck on a Truck,” 5K/10K, golf tournament, a 3 on 3 basketball tournament, magicians, and so much more! Toad Suck Daze is also home to “The World Championship Toad Races.” The festival is run almost exclusively by volunteers from Conway and

Faulkner County, including the local police and fire departments. It has free admission and proceeds go to support higher education in Faulkner County. Since the start of the festival, over $1 million has been given in scholarship and towards scholarship endowments. This money has helped over 200 individuals attend local institutes of higher learning. This year the festival is scheduled to take place May 4, 5, and 6. Stay tuned for a lineup of musicians and other entertainment! This weekend, take a short family road trip to Conway—you won’t be disappointed!

February 2012 savvy kids

| 33

A Meal for Two

New concept restaurant Pitza 42 donates a meal to a starving child for every meal purchased. By Blair Tidwell Samuelsons decided to translate the idea to food: one meal donated for every meal bought.

How many times has your child left a half-eaten meal filling his plate, to which you replied, “There are starving children all over the world who would love to eat that food!”? Well, that lesson becomes all the more tangible at Pitza 42 in Conway, where pictures of real hungry children hang on the walls. Parents won’t have any trouble getting youngsters to eat the tasty, healthy pita pizzas, and they’ll get the chance to instill the value of giving back. Conceived by husband-and-wife team Austin and Ashton Samuelson, Pitza 42 borrows the social business model made popular by TOMS shoes, in which a pair of shoes is donated for every pair bought. After hearing a lecture about starving children in third-world countries, the

Surprisingly, it only takes 24 cents to feed a child for an entire day, so consumers still get an affordable dinner—a single-serving pitza averages $5 or $6—while providing one for someone else. By asking to “double” their meal, visitors can give an extra 24 cents and feed two hungry children instead of one. Pitza 42 works with Minnesota-based Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit that ships food to 67 countries around the world. Their signature is the MannaPack, a mixture of rice, soy protein, dehydrated vegetables and chicken flavoring, and is designed specifically to bring malnourished children back to health.

Pitza 42 will begin signing up volunteers later in the spring. For now, families can get involved simply by visiting the restaurant for lunch or dinner! Pitza 42 is located at 2235 Dave Ward Dr, Suite 101 in Conway. Find more information at

Since opening in September, Pitza 42 has pledged over 20,000 meals and has a goal to reach 50,000 by April of 2012. That month, Feed My Starving Children’s MobilePack will head to Conway and local volunteers will pack 100,000 meals in two days. On Friday, April 13, those who have donated by eating a meal at Pitza 42 can see exactly what they’ve purchased when they


“Our mission statement is ‘Eat Good. Do Good.’ So you eat food that’s good for your body, good for your budget and good for your time,” says Ashton. Not to mention, good to your taste buds! Here are a few reasons we think Pitza 42 is a perfect spot for families: Fast, healthy food – the quick cooking time saves families precious minutes without having to order at a drive-through window. The nutritious menu features gourmet salads, a hummus and veggie side and lots of fresh vegetable-pack pitzas. Plus, calorie counts are posted alongside signature items, and range from 212 (ChickyChicky Bang Bang salad) to 455 calories (Big Fat Greek Pitza). Kiddie Concoctions Ashton says that kids rarely order from the menu and usually choose to pile on their own ingredients instead. At the pitza “bar,” little ones can point out their favorite toppings and watch their pitza as its being made. Not surprisingly, pepperoni is a popular choice, but some tots choose olives, mushrooms and more. Adult-Approved Menu According to Ashton, the Saucy Clucker is by far the most popular choice with adults. The adventurous option is made with grilled chicken and barbecue sauce, and topped with red onion, cilantro and creamy gouda cheese. The Mediterranean-inspired Big Fat Greek comes in at a close second, combining chicken, olive, artichoke, sundried tomato and feta cheese.

Photos by Nick Hillemann


34 | savvy kids February 2012

help put together MannaPacks. Families are encouraged to attend, and kids as young as five years old can participate with a chaperone.Volunteers work for two-hour shifts, measuring out rice and veggies, filling and sealing packages. The event’s second day will see business groups do the packing; the Samuelsons are currently approaching local organizations to get involved by donating funds and time.

ng EvEry Day i k a B littlE BEttEr a


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Offer Vaild Through 2/29/12

Monday-Friday 7aM-7pM Saturday 8aM-5pM 2106 Robinson Avenue • ConwAy


855 E. Oak Street • Conway 501.932.2300

February 2012 savvy kids

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Pleasant Shopping. Pleasant Dining. Pleasant Ridge.

Designing Your Home To Your Unique Style!

Happy Valentine’s Day! AT & T • Bar Louie • Belk • Beyond Cotton • Bonefish Grill • Cheeburger Cheeburger Chick-Fil-A • Chipotle • Cobblestone & Vine • Coming Home Interiors • Cupcakes On The Ridge • Easy Runner • Embellish Faux Paus • Forsythe’s • The Fresh Market • Glo Limited • Hallmark Huntington Learning Center • Istanbul Mediterranean Restaurant Jeante • Kitchen Co • Kristen Todd • Learning Express Toys M2 Gallery • Match Point • Merle Norman • Moda • Orange Leaf Yogurt Panera Bread • Pigtails & Crewcuts • Pinky Punky • Powder & Smoke Roberson’s Fine Jewelry • Rose Spa • Scarlet • Solemates Thread City Wear • The Toggery • Tuck & Cover • Unique Threading Vesta’s • Vivid Designs • Warren’s • Broadway Performance • Carino’s Farmers Insurance • Far East • J.Duke • Oasis Tanning • Salon Frisor Mina • Studio XS Salon • Schickel’s Cleaners The Ridge Wine & Spirits • Vanness

11525 Cantrell road • little roCk 501.225.7807

36 | savvy kids February 2012

11525 Cantrell rd # 304 little roCk Pleasant ridge town Center (501) 225-3828 Monday-saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Valentine’s Decor For Your Front Door

a fashion lounge

June’s Hallmark 501.907.8025  11525 Cantrell rd.  little roCk Find Us on FaCebook

Pleasant Ridge town CenteR 11525 CantRell Rd., ste. 401 little RoCk 501.223.8585 sCaRletClothing.Com

February 2012 savvy kids

| 37

Does your child have difficulty with attention, organizing his/ her behavior, auditory sensitivity or discrimination and/or sensory integration dysfunction? If so, Helping Hand Children’s Center offers a specialized Therapeutic Listening program that may prove beneficial.

Margaret Fry, occupational therapist at Helping Hand, works with her student, Jack, while incorporating the Therapeutic Listening program.

Everyone has heard about the five senses – auditory (hearing), visual (sight), gustatory (taste), touch (tactile) and olfactory (smell); but did you know that we have several other senses that are necessary to function independently within our environment? Our vestibular and proprioceptive systems are two other important senses that must function properly for our bodies to maintain organization. The vestibular system is the sensory system that is responsible for maintaining balance, movement, and the body’s orientation to space. The proprioceptive system is responsible for the body’s awareness in space. Proprioception is the sense that indicates whether or not your body is moving and where various body parts are located in relation to the other. Our proprioceptive sense allows us to touch our finger to our nose with our eyes closed and our vestibular system allows us to stand upright while performing this movement. Continued on page 40 Photo by Brian Chilson

The Therapeutic Listening Program By Julia Washburn, OTR/L 38 | savvy kids February 2012



september February october 2012 2011 savvy kids

| 91 39 63

Continued from page 38 Many children and adults have difficulty with sensory processing, which is the ability to take in sensory information, filter what is important, ignore what is not important and produce an appropriate response. A. Jean Ayres defines sensory integration as the neurological process that organizes sensations from one’s body and from the environment, and makes it possible to use the body to make adaptive responses within the environment. Listening is an important process to sensory integration functioning. Listening differs from hearing in a variety of ways. Listening is active, voluntary and requires one’s attention. Listening is the ability to “tune in” what is relevant and “tune out” what is not relevant and then be able to focus again. Hearing is a passive

and involuntary process that never shuts off. Therapeutic Listening was created by Sheila Frick, an occupational therapist with more than 25 years of experience. She has co-authored several books, and continues to teach the Therapeutic Listening courses as she continues to develop the program. There are several other listening programs that have been used over the years, including Auditory Integration Training and the Tomatis Method, but the Therapeutic Listening program differs from these. Therapeutic Listening is defined as a sound based intervention that is embedded in a sensory integration perspective. It is an expansion of Sensory Integration and is an auditory intervention that uses the organized sound patterns inherent in music to impact all levels of the nervous system. Auditory information from Therapeutic Listening CD’s provides direct input to both the vestibular and the auditory portions of the vestibularcochlear continuum. The emphasis of Therapeutic Listening is on blending sound intervention strategies with vestibuleproprioceptive, core development, and breath activities to sustain grounding and centering of the body and mind in time and space.

Photo by Brian Chilson

We have seen many improvements using the Therapeutic Listening approach on children with a variety of diagnoses. All share the need for improved sensory integration processing. The process starts with a thorough evaluation by an occupational therapist. The evaluation includes, but is not limited to, the Sensory Profile, the Listening Inventory, parent interview, evaluation of visual perceptual, visual motor, fine motor and daily living skills. There is also an evaluation called the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT) which can be useful in diagnosing Sensory Integration Dysfunction but it is very time

SOUND INVESTMENT Helping Hand has the Sennheiser headphones which can be used during therapy to determine how the child responds and which CD’s should be used first. This is usually done before asking parents to purchase the headphones. Helping Hand has established a large library of the listening CD’s so that parents can pay a one-time price to use the CD’s for three months instead of purchasing them individually. For a complete evaluation to determine if a Therapeutic Listening program is appropriate for your child, call Helping Hand Children’s Center at 501-791-3331. More information on Therapeutic Listening can be found on the Vital Links website at For more information on Helping Hand Children’s Center visit 40 | savvy kids February 2012

consuming and expensive to administer. However, Helping Hand Children’s Center has occupational therapists trained in the SIPT if it is determined that this evaluation is necessary. If the occupational therapist determines that a Therapeutic Listening program is a good option for your child, the program can begin after a discussion with the parents and a sensory diet is written. The program equipment consists of high quality headphones, a CD player and electronically altered music CD’s. A tune belt, which is a fanny pack made of neoprene material, is also useful so that a variety of activities can be carried out when listening to the CD’s. The music on the Therapeutic Listening CD’s has been electronically altered to emphasize the parts of the sound spectrum that naturally trigger our attention and elicit the orienting response. The program is set up in two 30-minute listening sessions per day. While listening, children are encouraged to participate in a wide range of therapeutic activities. Consistency is important and although a seven day program is highly recommended, it has been successful when done five days a week at school. Once a routine is established, most parents and teachers have found that implementing the program is not difficult. Julia Washburn is an occupational therapist with 25 years of experience. Julia and her husband own Helping Hand Children’s Center which includes therapy and preschool services. She is certified in Neurodevelopmental Treatment, certified to administer the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT) and previously Board Certified in Pediatrics. Julia has held several positions in the Arkansas Occupational Therapy Association including President and Secretary. She currently serves on the Therapy Advisory Council for AROTA. Julia was named the Occupational Therapist of the year in 1997 and was awarded the Clinical Merit in Pediatrics in 1992 from the Arkansas Occupational Therapy Association.


Showstoppers Cheerleading By Paige Hunter Parham

If you have a child with special needs, you know first-hand the difficulties of finding fun and safe extra-curricular activities. Making friends can sometimes be hard for children with special needs, but when they become involved in exciting new activities in which they are able to meet many other kids, just like them, they begin building relationships that will last a lifetime. Community Connections is a non-profit organization which provides extracurricular activities such as art, dance, football, gymnastics, and theater, to children with special needs. Lindsey Stone, the parent of a child with severe disabilities, felt a need to bring the popular Showstoppers Cheerleading team, now based in Conway, to the Little Rock area. The Showstoppers Cheerleaders train during Saturday clinics. The first clinic for the Little Rock group will be on February 25 at 10:00 a.m.; the location is to be announced at a later date. Children between the ages of 4 – 18 are welcome to participate at no cost to their families. They will go on to perform at Community Connections events and to compete in the special needs events at regional cheerleading competitions.


Your solution to “Managing Academic Stress & Struggles” Thursday, March 17, 2011 7:00-8:00 p.m. learning struggles Speakers: Jenny Caldwell, LCSW, LearningRx Center Director Dr. Stephanie Harrington, Ph.D., LCSW and homework hassles. Call to Register. Space is limited. CEU Credit available.

501.223.9500 At LearningRx, we test your child and help you understand the challenges he or she faces to learn efficiently and effectively. Our Programs will increase your child’s confidence and performance. Contact us to schedule an assessment.

Stone feels that there are numerous benefits to the children who participate in the programs at Community Connections. In addition to the physical benefits that the children gain from getting exercise, they build relationships, develop social skills, and they get opportunities to participate in activities that they otherwise would never get to do. If you would like to get your child signed up for the February 25th clinic in Little Rock, or just get more information about the Showstoppers Cheerleading program, call Lindsey Stone at (501) 940-1372, or email her at You can also sign up on the Community Connections website at 501.223.9500 February 2012 savvy kids

| 41

Tax Strategies

for Parents of Kids with Special Needs By Regina M. Levy, CPA Schwab Learning estimates that 15-30 percent of families with a special needs child have one or more unclaimed tax benefits. Are you one of these families???

Medical Expense Deductions

• Many parents don’t realize that Learning Disabilities are considered a medical condition, as are other disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, ADHD, etc. [Rev. ruling 78-340, 1978-2 C.C. 124] • Medical expenses are limited by 7.5% of Adjusted Gross Income, but some of the following out-ofpocket costs may cause you to exceed that limitation. Costs that can be deducted include: Special Schooling including tuition or tutoring by someone especially trained to meet the child’s needs. The purpose and primarily reason for the choice of school must be to alleviate or remediate the disability. • Regular education when the purpose is to treat the disability and the school – such as typical preschool for socialization purposes. • Aides required for a child to benefit from regular or special education. • Special instruction, training or therapy such as OT, Speech, remedial reading, etc. • Diagnostic evaluations by qualified personnel. • Exercise program if recommended by qualified medical personnel to treat a specific condition, includes yoga, dance, horseback riding, etc. • Transportation: Mileage to and from special schools or therapy sessions at the medical mileage rate of 20 cents per mile. Also parking fees. Airfare for parents and child to obtain treatment or testing. • Diapers – if related to a medical condition, such as autism. • Equipment or devices used primarily for the alleviation of a person’s illness – examples would be specially designed bedding, car seats, etc. Rev Ruling 76-80. 42 | savvy kids February 2012

• Home Improvements – costs are deductible to the extent they exceed any increase in the home’s fair market value [Reg. 1.213-1(e) (1) (iii)]. Certain improvements (e.g., altering the location of or otherwise modifying electrical outlets and fixtures are deemed to have no affect on the home’s fair market value and thus, the full cost can be claimed as a medical expense [Rev. Rul. 87-106, 1987-2 CB 67]. • Lead Paint Removal – The cost of removing the paint can be deductible if the child has lead poisoning from the paint. Lead poisoning can resemble and complicate other conditions, such as autism.

Legal Expenses

Legal expenses incident to medical care have been allowed as a medical expense deduction only when the legal expenses are “necessary to legitimate a method of medical treatment ” Levine v. Commissioner [83-1 USTC ¶9101] Lenn v. Commisioner. This means that attendance at IEP meetings is not a deductible legal or medical expense. However, if you have to engage a lawyer to enforce an IEP or IFSP, that may be deductible, especially if you are suing the school to hire appropriate personnel. Suing the school district for reimbursement is also not deductible.

Child and Dependent Care Credit

Covers work related expenses for dependents of taxpayer. Dependent must be under the age of 13. BUT if the child requires supervision due to a disability, the age limit no longer applies. A dependent is considered to be physically or mentally incapable of self-care if the dependent is incapable of caring for his or her hygienic or nutritional needs, or requires full-time attention of another person for his or her own safety or the

safety of others [Reg 1.44A-1(b)(4)]. Covered expenses – up to $3,000 per year per dependent are allowed, max for all dependents is $6,000. Amount does not need to be equal among children. Regular childcare, after-school programs (including classes) and day camp all qualify. Sleepaway camps do not. Credit is calculated at 20-35 percent of expenses, based on AGI. (Over $43k it is 20%; the maximum credit per dependent is $600 for one child, $1,200 for 2 or more). Planning strategy – use the first $3000-$5999 of special schooling costs to claim this credit; any remaining costs can be deducted as medical expenses. At least $1 must be for the other child to claim more than $3000.

Earned Income Credit

Families with AGIs under $39,783 may qualify for EIC depending on number of children and filing status. EIC is normally limited to children under age 19. If the child is 19-23 and a full-time student, then he or she also qualifies. As long as a severely disabled child lives with his or her parent, there is no age limit for EIC.

Gina has been a Certified Public Accountant for over 20 years. Recently she opened her own CPA practice in West Los Angeles. Gina is also the mother of two children with special needs. She has recognized that many parents of children with special needs are unaware of how they can access additional services by tax planning. She is available for consultation on any of these issues and looks forward to helping parents. To contact Gina visit http://, or via e-mail, *This information is for educational purposes only and is not considered tax advice. Please consult your personal tax advisor.

Helping Hand nOw enrOlling! ageS 6 weekS - 6 yearS 501.791.3331

A place where children with learning differences and developmental disabilities can grow and develop in an environment tailored to meet their unique needs. 9 - 3 = ? 6 + 8 = ? 12 x 2 = ?

ServiceS Offered: • Day Habilitation/Preschool • Occupational Therapy • Physical Therapy • Speech-Language Therapy • Outpatient Services Available (Birth to 21 years old) Specialized ServiceS: • Sensory Integration • Handwriting without Tears • Neuro-Developmental Treatment • Therapeutic Listening • Kaufman Apraxia Program • Beckman Oral Motor Program • Reading & Vision Program • STAR Program Our Goal Is To Help The Child And Family Reach Their Fullest Potential

The Academy focuses on the basics of reading, writing, language and arithmetic for all age groups. We offer a full curriculum that includes science, social studies, history, and geography, incorporating art, social and life skills into the school day. Reading and math are studied in small groups based on students’ developmental level; other subjects are studied in their homerooms. A School & A Therapy Clinic Small Class Sizes (maximum of 8 children per class) Occupational, Physical & Speech Therapy Therapy is available on an outpatient basis. *Now taking applications for kindergarten. If your child has been diagnosed with a development disorder: Autism, Asperger syndrome, PDD, Down syndrome, Apraxia or other language disorders, or sensory integration issues, contact us today for more information or to schedule an evaluation for your child.

(501) 663-6965 • 1600 Riverfront Drive, Little Rock, Arkansas

We work with a variety of private insurance providers as well as ARKids 1st, Medicaid, TEFRA and TRICARE.

Call To Schedule A Tour Or To Discuss Admissions

4901 Northshore Drive • North Little Rock •

Beautiful SmileS make Happy people!

ChiLDren anD aDuLtS We accept: AR-KIDS, Medicaid and all types of insurance. Payment Plans • Monday-Saturday

Lilliam Prado, DDS

7301 Baseline Rd • Little Rock • (501) 565-3009 February 2012 savvy kids

| 43

LLENCE E C X E G IN T A E CR W FOR TOMORRO Magnet Programs visual arts performing arts math science economics engineering information technology international studies business

165 nationally board certified teachers 17 national merit semifinalist in 2011




ittLe information, ock chooL For registration call 447.2950 or visit



Speech-Language Therapy Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy Evaluations Individual Treatment NO Waiting List

DO YOu HavE CONCERNS aBOuT a CHILD’S‌ Walking or talking? Interacting with others? Being ready for kindergarten? Poor handwriting or coordination skills? Conveniently located in West Little Rock | 400 Natural Resources Drive | 501.687.2000 44 | savvy kids February 2012

Pink Avenue Central Avenue 501-520-0624

Grow Children’s Boutique 239 Cornerstone 501-520-4769 Find us on Facebook & Twitter! February 2012 savvy kids

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CICI’S PIZZA Ages 3 and under eat free at buffet. • Conway: 1250 Old Morrilton Hwy, 764-0600 • Hot Springs: 3321 Central Avenue, 321-2400 • Jacksonville: 120 John Harden Dr, Jacksonville, 241-2224 • North Little Rock: 2815 Lakewood Village Dr, 753-1182


Cheeburger Cheeburger Free half Best of Both Basket with purchase of two adult entrees. Little Rock: 11525 Cantrell Road, 490-2433 CHICK-FIL-A First and third Monday of each month. • North Little Rock: 3929 McCain Blvd, 758-8497 SHORTY SMALL’S Up to two kids meals free per paying adult. • Conway: 1475 Hogan Ln, 764-0604 • Little Rock: 1110 N. Rodney Parham, 224-3344 • North Little Rock: 4317 Warden Rd, 753-8111 TA MOLLY’S 5-9 p.m. • Bryant: 206 W. Commerce St., 653-2600 46 | savvy kids February 2012

BEEF O BRADY’S 4 p.m.-close. • Maumelle:115 Audubon Dr., 803-3500

Western Sizzlin One child east Free with the purchase of an adult meal. • Benton: 1916 Congo Rd., 778-9656

PIZZA HUT 5-8 p.m.. Dine in only. • Little Rock: 11410 W. Markham St., 228-7000 JIM’S Razorback Pizza Kids 12 and under receive a FREE six inch pizza with the purchase of an adult entree (Dine-in only). • Little Rock: 16101 Cantrell Rd. • Maumelle: 20608 Hwy 365 North • Hot Springs: 4330 Central Ave.

GOLDEN CORRAL Ages 3 and under eat free at buffet. Discounted prices for kids on Tuesday. • North Little Rock: 5001 Warden Road, 771-4605

ZAXBY’S 5 p.m.-close, dine-in only. • Jacksonville: 209 Marshall Rd., 241-0546 • Maumelle: 104 Carnahan Dr., 851-9777 • Sherwood: 208 Brookswood Rd., 833-9777

Whole Foods Market Free kids meal with purchase of $5.99 adult entree (child must be present). • Little Rock; 10700 N. Rodney Parham, 221-2331

LONESTAR STEAKHOUSE 4 p.m.-close. • Little Rock:10901 Rodney Parham, 227-8898

DENNY’S RESTAURANT 4-10 p.m. Ages 10 and under. • Benton: 16732 Interstate 30, 315-9367 • Conway: I-402 Hwy 64 E, 329-6638 • Little Rock: 4300 S University, 562-5651; 310 S Shackelford Rd., 224-8264

San Francisco Bread Co. One FREE Kid’s Meal with the purchase of Adult Meal, after 5 p.m. • Hot Springs: 261 Cornerstone Blvd., 525-7322


Arkansas Burger Company One free kid’s meal per adult meal. Dine-in only, 5:30-9 p.m. • Little Rock: 7410 Cantrell Road

JJ’s Grill Free kid’s meal with the purchase of adult meal for kids 12 and under (all day). Conway: 1010 Main Street

LARRY’S PIZZA Ages 4 and under. • Bryant: 4500 Hwy. 5 North, 847-5003 • Conway: 1068 Markham, 329-3131 • Little Rock: 12th & Center St., 372-6004; 12911 Cantrell Rd., 224-8804

Below is a listing of locations and days in which kids, 12 and under, can eat free with a paid adult (unless otherwise noted).

Stromboli’s One FREE Kid’s Meal (12 or under) per adult meal purchased at regular price. Kids may choose from the Kid’s Menu or Pizza By-the-Slice with up to two toppings. Dine-in only. Cannot be combined with any other offer. • Conway: 605 Salem Rd., 327-3700

THE VILLA ITALIAN RESTAURANT • Little Rock: 1211 West Markham, 219-2244 TROPICAL SMOOTHIE CAFE Kids 12 years of age or younger eat free with purchase of a Paradise Combo (dine-in only). • Conway: 705 Club Lane, 764-4800 and 790 Elsinger Blvd, 764-1500 • Jacksonville: 140 John Harden Dr, 241-2233 • Little Rock: 11900 Kanis Rd., 221-6773; 12911 Cantrell Rd., 224-1113 • North Little Rock: 12007 Maumelle Blvd, 851-9555


FAMOUS DAVE’S 4 p.m.-close. • Little Rock: 225 North Shackleford Road, 221-3283 FIREHOUSE SUBS • Bryant: 3108 Horizon St., 653-3700 • Little Rock: 12312 Chenal Pkwy., 228-5553; 10300 Rodney Parham, 225-2001 • Maumelle: 11617 Maumelle Blvd., 753-9898 • North Little Rock: 2811 Lakewood Village Dr., 812-5002

THURSDAY CAPTAIN D’s • Benton: 1419 Military Rd, 778-7909 • Hot Springs: 1906 Central St., 321-4288 • Jacksonville: 1109 West Main St., 982-3330 • Little Rock: 6301 Colonel Glen Rd., 568-6244 • North Little Rock: 5320 JFK Blvd., 758-5144 Mexico Chiquito One FREE kid's meal per adult entree for kids 12 and under (Dine-in only). • Conway: 1135 Skyline Dr., 205-1985 • Jacksonville: 1524 W. Main St., 982-0533 • Little Rock: 13924 Cantrell, 217-0700; 102 S. Rodney Parham, 224-8600; 4511 Camp Robinson, 771-1604; 11406 W. Markham, 217-0647 MOE’S SOUTHWEST GRILL 4 p.m.-close. One free kids meal with paid adult meal. • Bryant: 7409 Alcoa Rd., 778-3111 • Conway: 625 Salem Rd., 336-6500 • Little Rock: 12312 Chenal Pkwy., 223-3378 • North Little Rock: 4834 North Hills Blvd., 812-5577

SATURDAY BOSTON’S GOURMET PIZZA RESTAURANT • Little Rock: 3201 Bankhead Dr., 235-2000 LUBY’S CAFETERIA • Little Rock: 12501 West Markham, 219-1567

SUNDAY BOSTON’S GOURMET PIZZA RESTAURANT • Little Rock: 3201 Bankhead Dr., 235-2000 CORKY’S 4 p.m.-close. • Little Rock: 12005 Westhaven Dr., 954-7427

LARRY’S PIZZA 4-8 p.m. With purchase of one adult meal, up to two kids get a small one topping pizza, drink, and $1 in tokens. • Cabot: 2798 South Second Street, 843-7992

EL PORTON • North Little Rock: 5021 Warden Rd., 753-4630

JIM’S Razorback Pizza Kids 12 and under receive a FREE six inch pizza with the purchase of an adult entree (Dine-in only). • Little Rock: 16101 Cantrell Rd. • Maumelle: 20608 Hwy 365 North • Hot Springs: 4330 Central Ave.

If you would like to add your Kids Eat Free information to this list, contact us at 501-375-2985.

kids eat free!



At Dine-In Locations

Two can dine fo r on ly

Dolce Pere Cannella Courtesy of Patrick Jones, Art Director, Savvy Kids

Ingredients: • 2 cups diced pears • 1 stick salted butter • 2 boxes mini fillo shells • 1 tsp. cinnamon

• 1/2 pint whipping cream • 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp. brown sugar • 1/2 cup chopped pecans • 1/4 tsp. almond extract • 1/8 tsp. vanilla extract

$ 1 5 .9 9

Two Appetizers, Two Entrees, Two Desserts

Directions: In a saucepan, melt butter over low heat. Add 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1 tbsp. water. Raise heat to medium until sauce comes to a low boil. Stir every 30 - 45 seconds. When sauce begins to look foamy, add 1/2 tsp. cinnamon, vanilla and pears. Increase to medium-high heat until pears are soft.

2 cheese dip $

Remove from heat and immediately add all but 1/3 cup of the pecans. Allow to cool. Sauce should thicken while cooling but still be somewhat fluid. Under broiler toast the remaining pecans. When cool, crush with back of spoon to fine chop. Add 1tbsp. brown sugar. In a bowl mix whipping cream, almond extract and 1tbsp brn sugar. Whip until stiff. Spoon pears into fillo shells, top with whipped cream. Dust tops of whipped cream with toasted pecan mixture and serve. As a dinner party alternative, use angel food cake in place of the fillo cups. Toast slices under the broiler, stack, spoon on the pears and top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Dust the top of the ice cream with pecan mixture from above.


Large or Extra Large 13924 Cantrell Rd.

1524 W. Main St.

Little Rock • 501-217-0700

Jacksonville • 501-982-0533

Mex-To-Go • 501-217-0647

Conway • 501-205-1985

11406 W. Markham St.

4511 Camp Robinson Rd.

1135 Skyline Dr.

North Little Rock • 501-771-1604

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February 2012 savvy kids

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Love, Splat by Rob Scotten Recommended by the William F. Laman Public Library

Lovable Splat the Cat is back and celebrating Valentine’s Day in this story. Splat has a huge crush on Kitten, but then so does Spike. Spike convinces Splat the Kitten really doesn’t like Splat at all; she pulls his ears, ties his tail in knots, and thinks he’s smelly; so Splat throws away the Valentine he made for her. Kitten thanks Spike for his Valentine, but isn’t all that happy with the sentiment in the card. She then notices the envelope in the trash with her name on it and surprises Splat with a Valentine of his own. Children will laugh and groan right along with Splat as he discovers the awkward situations that arise with Valentine’s Day!

iHomework • $1.99


By Ariel Blackwood here to help! Late grades and “surprise” tests will no longer haunt the unorganized student, but promptly presented papers and extravagant exam grades will sweep the schools thanks to the handy app made for the understandably overwhelmed achiever.

completion so you are sure to master that reading assignment before moving on to the next project.

MAKE IT COUNT: As you mark an assignment complete, enter in the grade you received to maintain a healthy average in each class. No need to worry about weighted classes or unique grading scales, iHomework can handle them all.

LAY IT OUT: Keep detailed course information on the iHomework app to help narrow down the workload for each course. Include Teacher information, course location and class times to maintain an organized schedule for each subject. Tired of crinkled to-do lists and misplaced assignment reminders? The iHomework app is

STAY ORGANIZED: Get your priorities straight by entering each assignment in order of necessary

ASK THE D CTOR Q. My six year old daughter wakes up a lot of mornings saying her feet hurt. She’s not overweight. I tell her it’s growing pains. After a couple of minutes being up she doesn’t mention it anymore. Should I be concerned about it? --Rebecca P.


Many seemingly healthy children can get quite good at telling their parents that their feet, legs, stomach, head, etc. hurt. As a general rule, I would not worry about a child that is happy, active, able to run and play, eats well, does not wake from the pain, and has no fever. The key is to see how she is acting when she doesn’t know you are watching her, and, if she has 48 | savvy kids February 2012

SYNC IT: Dont limit yourself to just one source; stay organized with all your Mac devices! By syncing iHomework to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or MacBook, your remodeled schedule is available in the most convenient areas of your life. For ages 12 and up.

Dennis Z. Kuo, MD, MHS is the Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Center for Applied Research and Evaluation at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Arkansas Children’s Hospital. If you have a question you would like to see answered in Savvy Kids, e-mail it to

any of the above symptoms, I would see her doctor. I’d also see her doctor if you see her actually limping, if the pain prevents her from doing something she wants to do, or if the pain is on one side only. If she’s acting fine, it’s good to acknowledge the pain to show your daughter that you’re listening, but don’t make a big deal out of it. –Dr. Kuo

Q. Every winter, it seems like my son starts having lots of nose bleeds. Sometimes he has them in the middle of the night while he’s asleep, and other times it happens in the middle of the day while he’s at school. Is this something I should worry about? --Erin J.


Nosebleeds are common, and usually seem much scarier than they really are! The vast majority of nosebleeds come from the front part of the nostrils, where some tiny blood vessels lie in the nasal septum, or the middle of the nose. During the winter, when the air is dry, the nasal mucosa can crack with minor trauma such as nose rubbing. This results in bleeding from those tiny blood vessels. The bleeding should also stop quickly by pinching the tip of the nose. To keep the nosebleeds at bay, use a Q-tip to apply a small amount of Vaseline to the inside of your son’s nares. Do this twice a day for a couple of weeks. I would see his doctor. –Dr. Kuo


the art of Light and Sound

Photography by Nelson Chenault

Interactive artwork is one of Conway’s best kept secrets By Emily Griffin

Many students of Hendrix College in Conway walk from building to building between classes, paying little attention to the beauty around them. But as they walk through the underpass of Harkrider Street that connects campus to the Wellness and Athletics Center and the athletics complex, they can’t help but enjoy the interactive art of the Harmonic Fugue. “Harmonic Fugue” is an interactive sound and light environment conceived as a place to experience creativity – not just by looking at or walking around an artwork, but by actually walking into and through it, an “immersive experience”. Designed by artist/composer/architect Christopher Janney as part of his “Urban

Musical Instrument” series, the artwork consists of a series of interactive “touch” sensors, audio speakers and colored LED lights. As one reaches up and waves a hand in front of one of the “white dots,” both an LED light and an ever-changing soundscore from the audio speakers is triggered. The score is composed of a palette of melodic instruments and environmental sounds indigenous to Arkansas including the song of a Mocking bird and the Honeybee. All the sounds are pitched according to certain laws of harmony so that no matter what is played, the sounds in each tunnel play in concert with one another. Also designed into the artwork is “a riddle”

created by Janney, adding an additional experience for the returning participant. Placed somewhere in the tunnel is a text etched on a plaque. If a participant deciphers the riddle and “plays” the sensors in the order denoted by the puzzle, the piece will respond with a special “dance” of its own! The riddle can also be found at "It is the role of Harmonic Fugue to make this passageway not just a transition space, but a destination place for creative play at all hours of the day and night,” Janney said. “Hopefully, I have conceived an icon for Hendrix College and the city of Conway that speaks to the social interaction of public spaces and to the open classroom.” February 2012 savvy kids

| 49

At the OCK AthLetIC CLUB LIttLe R Is A FAmILy AFFAIR! FItness PM 8:30AM-3 3-5 yeArs ry extended Care

m • 3-6pm




spring 6-12 yeArs 9AM-5 break ture! camp eAch dAy is AN ActioN PAcked AdveN March 19th - PfAerberNutA’sryN1ig0ht out eNtiNe’s PArty for kids 23rd (A*gfeesbr3u-1A2r)y 24 ~ vAl PM am • 5-6pm re • 7:30-9 tended Ca ex ry ta Included In Complimen Field Trips n Snack, & oo rn te Af ack, Lunch, Morning Sn e ic Pr p m Ca trained. ust be potty children m & e ad m ns must be Reservatio ! Mited

PAce is li



g, fieldtrip , swimmin fers sports Each day of acks are included. h and sn more. Lunc games and tary Complimen re starts Extended Ca d an am at 7:30 pm. ends at 6:00 ers b eM M NoN WelcoMe

501-225-3600 • 4610 Sam Peck Rd • Little Rock •

Lovely gifts for Mom & Daughter

Leopard Love Jet Setter Heart Skirt Set

Smith Caldwell 414 N. Main St, Benton 501-315-7700 •

50 | savvy kids February 2012

Moving Sale

February 18th!

Great Valentine’s Day Gifts Handmade T-Shirt Scarves Jewelry Door Hangers Lip Glosses w/ LED Light & Mirror

~New LocatioN~

Grand opening March 10th 5311 Hwy. 5 N. • Ste. 210 • Bryant (next to Casa Mexicana and K-9 Splash & Dash) 501.690.3245

Gift & Clothing Boutique

February 2012 savvy kids

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FEBRUARY CANSTRUCTION PRESIDENTIAL CENTER February 1 thru 15: Canstruction at the Clinton Presidential Center is a design/build competition that puts a visual spotlight on hunger while showcasing the design community of central Arkansas. Local architecture firms compete with each other to build giant sized structures made entirely out of canned food. The Mayor’s Youth Council of both Little Rock and North Little Rock will also participate in the event. The creations will be on view to the public as giant art exhibits until February 15th. At the close of the exhibit, all cans used to create the structures will be donated to the Arkansas Food Bank. For more information, contact Mary Jean Walker at 571-344-3925. 2012 HEART-FILLED WISH-A-THON February 3: Show your love for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the MidSouth during the 2012 Heart-Filled Wish-A-Thon with The Buzz, KATV and The Point! Join us at the Rev Room where we will broadcast live from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., sharing inspirational wish stories, volunteer favorites, and donor testimonials. For more information, visit NATIONAL WEAR RED DAY February 3: Heart Disease is the number one killer of women, claiming almost 435,000 lives a year, or nearly one woman every minute. Since 2004, through its fundraising efforts, Go Red For Women has contributed almost $44 million to women-focused research and has provided additional funds to life-saving educational programs and tools for physicians. For more information, visit or call 501379-1193. DUCK DUCK GOOSE CONSIGNMENT SALE February 2 thru 4: Moms who shop Duck Duck Goose can find name brand, quality children’s clothing such as Gymboree, Polo, Hilfiger, Gap, Limited Too, Children’s Place, Baby LuLu, American Eagle, Old Navy, Smocked Dresses, and more. Picky moms shop at Duck Duck Goose. This event will take place at LR Expo Center (Old Wal-Mart in Jacksonville) take the LR Air Force Base ext. For more information, visit 52 | savvy kids February 2012

S M T W T F S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

STORYTIME AT ARGENTA February 9: Join us on the 2nd Thursday of each month for storytime at 11 a.m. until noon. Home school children are welcome. For more information call 501-687-1061.

3rd ANNUAL TEA & TIARAS TEA PARTY February 11: This is a mother-daughter tea party. Let the fairytale begin with crafts, tiaras, photos, brunch fit for a queen, and a fashion parade including every princess. Doctor Lisa Buckmiller will be honored as 2012 Tea Party Princess. The event will take place at the Country Club of Little Rock, AR. Attire: Tea Party Dress. Event time: 10:30 a.m. For tickets visit or call 501-680-0973. 9TH ANNUAL CHOCOLATE FANTASY BALL February 11: Presented by McDonald’s of Central Arkansas. The event will take place at 6 p.m. at the Peabody Hotel in Little Rock, AR. You won’t want to miss it, so mark your calendar now! Contact Emily Piechocki for tickets, for event details, and for sponsorship opportunities at 501-978-3119 or via e-mail All proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities. For more information, visit SWEETHEART HAYRIDE & CAMPFIRE February 11: Take your sweetheart on a romantic hayride through fields and woods followed by a cozy campfire, blankets, and snuggling recommended. Advance reservations and payment required. Meeting place: Pinnacle Valley Rd. ¼ mile East on Hwy. 300. Meeting time: 3-4:30 p.m. Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children ages 6 -12. For more information or to make your reservation, call 501-868-5806. LIL’ WILD ONES February 11: You are invited to join us for the program series Lil’ Wild Ones the second Saturday of each month through the school year at 2 p.m. We will explore the wildlife and habitats of Arkansas through nature stories and hands-on activities! These programs are recommended for children ages 4-8. For more information call the Witt Stephens Jr. Central Arkansas Nature

Center at 501-907-0636. “TAIL WAGGIN’ TUTORS” THERAPY DOG READING PROGRAM February 11: This program is to provide a relaxed and “dog-friendly” atmosphere, which allows children to practice their reading skills. It helps build self-esteem by sitting down next to a dog and reading to them. For more information call 501-687-1061. RHEA LANA’S SALE EVENT February 12 thru 18: Come shop for all your children’s needs in one spot. You’ll find clothing, toys, baby equipment, nursery furniture, maternity, and more. Sell your children’s items as a consignor and earn 70-80%. Volunteer and shop before the public to get the best deals first. Join our mailing list at We’ve been clothing and connecting with families since 1997! This event will take place at Conway Expo Center, 2505 East Oak Street, Hwy. 64 East (one mile past Chick-fil-A on the right). The sale will take place from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information call 501-4990009 or REEL CLASSICS WITH THE REP PRESENTS, “THE WIZARD OF OZ” February 13: This event takes place at the Main Library from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. We’re off to see the Wizard at this month’s Reel Classics With The Rep! In partnership with The Arkansas Repertory Theatre, “Reel Classics…” brings classic film to life with pre-film discussion by The Rep’s artistic production staff. This month, join the Rep’s costume designer, Rafael Castanera, as he shares an exclusive sneak peek at the costume sketches for The Rep’s upcoming production of The Wiz, opening March 9, and talks about designing costumes for the stage. For more information call 501-918-3000. "MEET THE STRING FAMILY" WITH THE QUAPAW QUARTET February 17: Presented by the William F. Laman Public Library Argenta Branch, children will be introduced to the string family and then the quartet will play for 30 minutes. During this time, the musicians will discuss their

instruments and give the children a chance to try to play a violin, a viola or a cello with the musicians. The event is free to the public and will take place from 6-6:45 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church auditorium, 201 West 4th St., North Little Rock. For more information call 501-687-1061 or visit www. FREESTYLE MOTOCROSS: NUCLEAR COWBOYZ February 17 and 18: This event will take place at the Verizon Arena starting at 7:30 p.m. Purchase your tickets now to see Freestyle Motocross: Nuclear Cowboyz with live dancers and entertainment! Tickets are available at the Verizon Arena Box Office, and all Ticketmaster Outlets, or charge by phone at 800-745-3000 or online at www. ARKANSAS RV SHOW February 17 thru 19: Arkansas RV Show is Arkansas’ largest RV Show where it features nearly 100,000 square feet of RV exhibits. Over 125 recreational vehicles on display… Motor Homes, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, and Camping Trailers plus exhibits featuring resorts, campgrounds, RV accessories and other items related to the RV industry. Manufacturer will have factory reps on hand to answer any questions. Whether you are an experienced RVer looking to trade up or a first time buyer looking for answers… you have the opportunity to shop and compare dozens of dealers at one time… in one place! Friday & Saturday open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Statehouse Convention Center. Tickets: $5 for adults and children 12 and under get in free. For more information call 501-765-1423 or visit www. HEART BALL February 18: The Central Arkansas Heart Ball is gala benefiting the American Heart Association. The evening features a hosted reception, dinner, sweetheart presentation, silent and live auction, award presentation and dancing to the B Flats. Black tie evening/ dinner. Event starts at 6 p.m. Tickets: $500. For more information call 501375-9148 or visit https://ahalittlerock. 2012 WINTER JAM February 19: The Winter Jam 2012



February 11: This is a mother-daughter tea party. Let the fairytale begin with crafts, tiaras, photos, brunch fit for a queen, and a fashion parade including every princess. Doctor Lisa Buckmiller will be honored as 2012 Tea Party Princess. The event will take place at the Country Club of Little Rock, AR. Attire: Tea Party Dress. Event time: 10:30 a.m. For tickets visit www. or call 501-680-0973.

Tour Spectacular will be headlined by Grammy-nominated alternative rockers Skillet. The 47-city tour will also feature Sanctus Real, former Newsboys frontman Peter Furler, Kari Jobe, Building 429, Group 1 Crew, illusionist Brock Gill, and national speaker Nick Hall. In addition, the OneVerse Pre-Jam Party will include performances from Dara Maclean, For King & Country, and We As Human. VeggieTales’ Bob and Larry will also make a special appearance. Event place: Verizon Arena. Doors open: 5 p.m. Admission: $10 at the door, no tickets are required! For more information call 501-975-9000 or visit UNDERSTANDING IQ February 21: Presented by Dr. Sabine Falls, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, ACCESS. Why would you need to know your child’s Intelligence Quotient? What exactly is IQ? Why is assessing and knowing IQ important? Does a child’s IQ stay the same over the course of his or her life? How is IQ determined, and what information does it provide when planning therapeutic and educational treatments? Did you know there are IQ tests for children as young as 2 and cognitive development indexes for babies who are only six days old? Why would you test a child that young, what does your 8-year-old’s IQ tell you, and what to do with the student whose IQ doesn’t seem to match his or her abilities? Get these answers and more at this informative session.

All classes are at the ACCESS Stella Boyle Smith Campus, 10618 Breckenridge Drive, Little Rock. Cost is $10 per person. (The less formal Brown Bags are free). All parent training workshops are free for ACCESS parents. Class time: 6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. Contact Shalene Hammons at 501-217-8600 or via e-mail shalene@ for reservations. Due to staff availability, childcare is available to ACCESS families only at this time. Childcare reservations must be made one week in advance. There is a $10 fee for the first child and $5 for each subsequent child per family. TODDLER STORY TIME AT ARGENTA LIBRARY February 23: Enjoy storytime and a craft starting at 11 a.m. until noon. For children 4 years and under. For more information call 501-687-1061. STRIKE TWO February 23 and 24: Parkview Arts and Science Magnet High School presents “Strike Two,” which utilizes songs and spoken word to explore the Negro Baseball Leagues and the integration of professional baseball. Meeting place: Great Hall at the Clinton Presidential Center. For more information call 501-374-4242 or visit www.clintonpresidentialcenter. org. ARKANSAS GARDEN AND FLOWER SHOW February 24 thru 26: This is a

family-friendly event celebrating gardening in Arkansas. Events include educational speakers and demonstrations, shopping for garden-related items, a silent auction, and interactive children’s activities. Admission: $8 for adults, Seniors (60 +) $6, and Children under 12 are FREE. Meeting place for this event: The Statehouse Convention Center. Parking: Park for FREE at DickeyStephens Park and then take the shuttle ($1 round-trip for adults, free for children under 12) provided by Arkansas Destinations to the show! For more information visit www. or call 501-821-4000. ARKANSAS FIRST LEGO LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP AND JUNIOR FLL EXPO February 25: The competition has two parts: the challenge and the project. This year’s project is “Food Factor: Keeping Food Safe.” In the Food Factor challenge, teams of up to 10 children will build, test and program a robot using LEGO MINDSTORM NXT to solve a set of food safety missions, as well as research, develop and share their innovative food safety solutions. Throughout their experience, teams will operate under FLL’s signature set of core values. More details to be announced. Event place: Clinton Presidential Center. For more information call 501-374-4242 or visit ACTS JR. THEATRE BEGINS IN CONWAY AND RUSSELLVILLE February 13: The junior theatre program encourages young artists to

participate in positive extracurricular activities while interacting with other kids. The rehearsals will take place once a week on Mondays from 4:005:00 p.m. For more information or to register visit AUTISM RESOURCE CENTER OF ARKANSAS EDUCATIONAL/ SUPPORT MEETING February 25: The support meeting will be held at Pediatrics Plus Therapy Clinic in Conway. The meeting will begin with a guest speaker who is an expert on the subject at hand, and will close with a follow-up discussion. Childcare will be provided. Please RSVP to Courtney leach@ SHOWSTOPPERS CHEERLEADING BEGINS IN LITTLE ROCK February 25: The Little Rock clinic will be held at 10 a.m. and the location is to be determined. Aspiring boy and girl cheerleaders will have the opportunity to learn routines and excel in their desired area. The kids, ages 4-18, participate in cheer clinics and perform at TOP Soccer & RUFL Football games as well as at an annual national cheer competition. Contact Lindsey Stone at lestone@ to sign up. MY ART BEGINS February 28: The classes will take place on Tuesdays from 4-5 p.m. at the Faulkner County Library. Students will have the opportunity to explore a new artistic medium, including acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencil, crayon, charcoal, and craft materials each week. Projects are designed to challenge the students both physically and creatively, using physical and sensory stimulation such as finger paints. For more information or to register visit www.

February 2012 savvy kids

| 53

Rock School at Little Rock Jams


Photos by Cynthia Rankin

Rock School is the performance program at Little Rock Jams. They place kids in student bands and teach them how to play as a band. They get a chance to move out of the practice room and actually make music on stage and play for friends. It is like a recital program, but the kids get to rock on stage to their favorite songs. At the shows, Little Rock Jams holds a food drive for the Arkansas Food Bank. The band promotes their shows to family/friends and the cost of admission is a canned/boxed food item. This year, the bands also supported a local family that lost everything in a recent apartment fire. There were four bands who performed, with kids ranging in age from 8-16.


Niklaus Fisher turns 11! Photos by Cynthia Rankin

Niklaus Fisher celebrated his 11th birthday with a party at Playtime Pizza in Little Rock! Niklaus and his friends had a great time playing games, riding go-karts, and enjoying the hundreds of activities that Playtime has to offer. They filled up on pizza, fried chicken, and salad from the buffet, and then had some of Niklaus’ awesome birthday cake from Walmart in Bryant. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


Niklaus Fisher PIzza Buffet Winning Tickets! Bryce Thomas Playing Games Dax Clatworthy Niklaus & Party Guests

5 3 4

54 | savvy kids FEBRUARY 2012


6 7

Therapists: Join us at our Sherwood Clinic on February 23rd, 8:30 a.m. til 4:30 p.m. as we host Vital Links Continuing Education’s “Therapeutic Listening: Practical Integration”

Therapy Proud to be... • A Governor’s Work Life “Family Friendly” Ambassador • A partner with Arkansas Children’s Hospital and the University of Central Arkansas providing a Pediatric Fellowship for Physical Therapist • A provider for Beyond Boundaries, an Equine Assisted Therapy Program • An employer that offers its employees “individualized” contracts and schedules

Additional information about the course & registration is available at

And YES - We are always looking for qualified Speech, Occupational or Physical Therapists to join our team!


1500 WILSON LOOP RD WARD, AR 72176 501-941-5630


201 COUNTRY CLUB RD SHERWOOD, AR 72120 501-834-0437

mommy & me Valentine's Date: valentine's date: make it a valentine's to remember!

sweet hearts spa

Mini-Mani • Mini-Pedi Mini-Facial • Make-up • Hair-do

Make Your Own Cupcake!

Friday 10th through Tuesday 14th

book your appointment now! Upon availability & Appointment Required

add a girl and save!

APRIcOT GIRLS boutique & party studio

• Pink lemonade & light finger foods 9871 Brockington Road • Sherwood (501) 833-1000

Tue - Fri: 10:30am - 5:30pm Sat: 10am - 5pm

Spa Party • PJ Party • Rock Star Party • Princess Tea Party • Fairy Tea Party • Slumber Party • Bottle Cap Party February 2012 savvy kids

| 55

MLK Day of Service Photos by Nick Hillemann







8 4

On January 16, a group of children mentored by local artist and math teacher, Sandra Strong, gave Kanis Park a fresh coat of paint and a new mural. This activity was sponsored by the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center in Little Rock. Thousands of people all over the world donate their time in service to others to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Hard at Work Marvin Watson Jr. Finished! Erin Borst Demetrius McFadden Camille Burton Mya Thomas


Santa at the Center Photos by jay white

During the month of December, kids were invited to see Santa Claus at the Clinton Presidential Center. There were cookies, art projects, entertainers – and of course, everyone got to visit with Jolly Old St. Nick! The Center was decorated festively for the occasion with a huge tree, a throne for Santa, and of course – tons of presents! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

1 4

Anna Tennille Annabelle Conrad Brooks Holland Caroline Orbach Chloe Handerson Olivia Erbach Xander Working on art projects

2 5


3 7


56 | savvy kids FEBRUARY 2012

Let the discoveries begin.

Come and save Big on Your Favorite Styles

Featuring “Dinosaur Discoveries: Ancient Fossils, New Ideas” Jan 14 - Apr 7

Donald W. Reynolds Science Center

Brand Name gently Used Clothing

500 President Clinton Ave . Little Rock, AR 72201 501.396.7050 .

2621 Lakewood Village • North Little Rock


Is your child’s school challenging enough? If not...

D’s Choose PCSS am! gr o r P y t l a i c e p S



Pulaski County Special School District

Three schools dedicated to talented and gifted teaching and learning College Station Elementary, Fuller Middle and Mills University Studies High Transportation provided Accelerated curriculum; academic excellence Foreign languages including Chinese National Board Certified teachers Wireless classrooms, iPads Award-winning orchestra Pre-AP and AP courses; college credit classes Students earn millions in college scholarships

501.234.2093 //

PCSSD students from College Station Elementary, Fuller Middle and Mills University Studies High February 2012 savvy kids

| 57

Makenna Jones turns seven!


Photos by Nick Hillemann

Makenna Jones hosted a party for her 7th birthday at Occasions Candy & Gifts in Conway. She and her friends played games, painted, and got to hit a zebra piñata, which was filled with many different kinds of candy!

1 6 2 3

7 5

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.


Hadley Holden & Maddie Circle Makenna Jones Avery Smith Jaylin White & MadiGrace Garvin Olivia Lipscomb Jaylin White Addy Ellis & Olivia LIpscomb Ainsley Smith


Santa at Mary's place Photos by Kirby Tidwell

Mary’s Place in Bryant hosted Santa and his helpers at the Christmas tree farm in early December. Guests were treated to sugar cookies, a train ride, and a visit with Santa himself! Mary’s Place is one of Central Arkansas’ best-loved pumpkin patches and tree farms. 2 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Alexis Norris & mom Gavin Hershbine Maddie & Dylan Enis Julianna Branson Maddie Enis Greyson Hershbine Micah Lyman Braylyn Parker


4 5 1 8

6 7

58 | savvy kids FEBRUARY 2012

Don’t Be Left Out! 2012-13 Registration In Progress.


It’s never too late to regIster for classes! regIster onlIne or call today!


• Girls & Boys Gymnastics • Preschool Gymnastics • Competitive Gymnastics • Tumbling • Cheer-nastics • Cheer Prep • Tiny Bubbles (Mommy and me) • School's Out Camp • Birthday Parties

(501) 843-9805 • 15 Glenwood Dr. Cabot •


A Leader in Christian Schooling



501-227-7077 ext. 368


GWATNEYCHEVROLET.COM Stock #9935, MSRP $15,410, Sale Price $13,900, 2.9% APR for 60 months, WAC, Service & Handling fee $129 February 2012 savvy kids

| 59

Charlize Griffin turns eight!


Photos submitted

Charlize Griffin celebrated her 8th birthday by treating her friends to a day of beauty at Shalee’s Day Spa. The girls were picked up in a white limo from Above and Beyond Limo service, where they toasted Charlize with sparkling apple juice. At Shalee’s the girls each got a mani, pedi, and facial. While at the spa, they had pizza followed by cake and ice cream. 1


2 5

4 6

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Georgia Cates Abigail Roper Arriving at the spa Charlize Griffin In the limo! Georgia Cates, Abigail Roper, & Genna Cates 7. Georgia & Genna Cates


Grant Mitchell turns nine! Photos by jay white

Grant Mitchell turned nine and invited his friends to celebrate with him during a football-themed party at D1 Sports Training and Therapy in Little Rock. Grant and his guests played touch football on the indoor turf. His Dallas Cowboys themed cake was created by The Blue Cake Company in Little Rock. The matching party supplies and decorations were supplied by Party City on Cantrell Road. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Grant blows out the candles Brock Ballard Jackson Barron Alex Borengasser Kedrian Phillips Mason Morgan, Grant Mitchell, Conor Brown, Griffin Brown, & Kedrian Phillips 7. Jaylan Adams 8. Block! 9. Mason Morgan 10. Grant & Party Guests

60 | savvy kids FEBRUARY 2012





6 4





7 3 10



L ITTLE RChristian OCK C HRISTIAN A CADEMY • Independent • Collegiate

’t n d l u o W e t o Be You Lik or too? i r r a W A

Apply Now 3 year old — 12th grade For the 2012-2013 School Year To Find Out More Call 501.868.9822 Or Visit Us On-Line At

See amazing sculptures out of LEGO® bricks.

SEPT. 24, 2011 - FEb. 12, 2012 PRESENTED bY

1200 President Clinton Avenue • Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 • 501-374-4242 •

February 2012 savvy kids

| 61

Museum of discovery reopening











After nearly a year of renovation, the Donald W. Reynolds Science Center at the Museum of Discovery reopened its doors on Saturday, January 14th. The museum is currently displaying a national travelling dinosaur exhibit – which will definitely be a hit with kids of any age. Come check out the changes and see what all the buzz is about at the Museum of Discovery, 500 President Clinton Avenue, Little Rock.




1. Sadie Sutton 2. Alkeese Simpson & Shaun'te Abbott 3. Jacob Burkhalter 4. Taylor Hall 5. Grace Murphy 6. Eric King 7. Trisha Goldsmith 8. Chris & Drake Overcast 9. Bailey Stephens

Jaden Barnes turns 11! Photos by Cynthia Rankin

Jaden Barnes celebrated his 11th birthday party at STRAIGHTRIGHT Boxing and Fitness in Little Rock. He and his friends trained like professional boxers in the gym and boxing ring. They jumped rope, did boxing drills, push-ups, and even had a dance party! Jaden’s red and white cake and cupcakes were provided by Sam’s Club Bakery in Little Rock. 1. Jaden Barnes 2. Trej'Yon & Brantyn Barnes, and friends 3. Taj Stigall 4. Sage Rouse 5. Thomas Miller, Jaden Barnes, & Ross Elliot 6. Alec Nichols 7. Warming up!





4 5


62 | savvy kids FEBRUARY 2012

2012 toyota camry

Savvy MoMS can Drive SPorty too! What’S neW?

10 StanDarD airbagS • blinD SPot Monitor • entune • Fuel econoMy PoWer • 3 yearS Free ScheDuleD Maintenance & roaDSiDe aSSiStance


301 South PoPlar Street • Searcy • 501-281-4620 w w w. g r e g g o r r a u t o . c o m | 63 February 2012 savvy kids

Bennett Maune turns two!


Photos by Cynthia Rankin






Bennett Maune recently celebrated his 2nd birthday with his family and friends during a train-themed party at The Little Gym in Little Rock. The children enjoyed singing songs, blowing bubbles, and playing with instruments, and even got to have free play in the gym! Guests were treated to a table full of tasty treats, including cake pops, cookies, and cupcakes, which were provided by the Sam’s Club bakery. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Lila Cross Carson Ray Kameron Farish Bennett Maune Cupcakes by Sam's Club bakery Bennett Maune Hangin' around Olivia Crawley & Amilia Anderson 9. Ryan Grace Hutcherson





Madison Smith turns four! Photos by jay white

Madison Smith celebrated her 4th birthday with her friends and family at All Aboard Restaurant and Grill in Little Rock. Everyone was delighted to see the trains whizzing overhead and delivering food! Madison and her guests were entertained by Tommy Terrific's Wacky Magic and enjoyed a delicious Little Mermaid cake created by Delores Morris. 1. Madison Smith 2. Joshua Alexander and Calieb Dorsey 3. Haylee Porter 4. Savannah Grace Ellis, Raven, Lyric, & Scott Wright 5. Paris and Kendle Smith 6. Logan Brown 7. Blake Ewy 8. Jayce Patrick 9. Tommy Terrific!

3 6

4 5 8 1 9 2

64 | savvy kids FEBRUARY 2012

7 6

KIDS EAT FREE Kids Eat FREE on Tuesdays!

One child (12 or under) per adult meal purchase at regular price. Kids may choose from the Kid’s Menu or Pizza By-the-Slice with up to two toppings. Cannot be combined with any other offer. No coupon required. Dine-In only.

Now hosting the best parties your imagination can stand.

Themes include:

Mad Scientist . Safari . Dinosaurs . Do It Yourself Rated 6.5 out of 7 Stars and 2011 Top 10 in Arkansas by KATV Pam’s Picks Strombolis • Pastas • Philly Cheesesteaks • Garlic Knots NY-Style Hand-Tossed Pizzas • Salads • Wraps • Grinders Gelato (Italian ice cream) • Sorbetto (dairy free) • Tiramisu Italian Margaritas • Bottled Beers • Wines By-the-Glass


605 Salem Rd at College Ave in Conway


Donald W. Reynolds Science Center

500 President Clinton Ave . Little Rock, AR 72201 501.396.7050 . /museumofdiscovery


2540 WEST MAIN ST CABOT 501.944.9911 February 2012 savvy kids

| 65

Canvas Community Photos by jay white




5 3

4 6

The Young Artist Exhibit at the Canvas Community Art Gallery in Downtown Little Rock was a smashing success! Works by students of Jamie Freyaldenhoven were displayed in the gallery and refreshments were served to visitors. Displayed works were created by artists aged 5-11 in a variety of mediums. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


6. 7. 8. 8


Lucy & Taylor Lea Carson Davis & Connor Eckert Isabella Hall Ashley & MacKenzie Anderson and Kyleigh Thompson Elizabeth, Catherin, Rami & D. William Rapp Anna Wimberley Jillian Dean & MacKenzie Anderson James Paul Freyaldenhoven, Bryce Sugg & Grace Ivey Olivia Cordell & Carle Reeves


Rayn or Shine 5K Photos by Patrick Jones

The Ray of Hope Foundation of Maumelle held a 5k to raise funds to support local residents in need. The Foundation strives to support Maumelle families in need. The Rayn or Shine race was the first of several events to be held in the upcoming year, which will include a scholarship pageant and golf tournament. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Lauren Beene JJ Burton Rounding the curve Tate Whiteside & Cade Higgins Hannah HIggins Lydia Duke, Caroline Wright, & Blakely Rochelle 7. Addison & Blakely Brighton 8. Bailey Shelton 9. Nathan & Eva Bercher 10. Malia & Grant Bugg

1 2 6



66 | savvy kids FEBRUARY 2012



4 9



Join Us For Arkansas Dietetic Association’s

2012 Going Bananas for Nutrition & Fitness 5K Fun Run/1 mile Health Walk March 10, 2012

• Prizes for schools with the most participation • Proceeds from the event will be used for community programs that encourage nutrition and fitness in children, scholarships for kids to participate in group sports, and the Arkansas Action for Healthy Kids essay contest. • We are accepting gently used running shoes, sports equipment, and gear to donate. The items will be distributed to kids in need of them, to be able to participate in sporting activities.

Fall Openings!

Accepting Children With & Without Disabilities Ages 6 wks to 5 yrs • Teaching Basic Kindergarten Readiness Skills • Low Teacher To Child Ratio • Certified Educational Staff • Occupational, Physical & Speech Therapy Services • Transportation Available

CHILDCARE 6124 Northmoor Drive, Little Rock, AR 72204 (Near Park Plaza Mall)

501-614-7200 •

Cabot’s Gymnastics at its BEST We offer recreational gymnastics, tumbling, and competitive team gymnastics through all levels. Karolyi’s Gymnastics Camp 2011

8:30 - Registration & T-shirt pick up • 10:00 - 5k/One Mile Race 10:45 - Health Fair & Award Presentation Place: River Trail Rentals – NLR •

TAkiNg YOur BOdY TO New HeigHTS SpOrT SpeCiFiC ANd NON-SpOrT SpeCiFiC TrAiNiNg FOr mAle ANd FemAle ATHleTeS AgeS 5 ANd up!

Visit our web site for times or call Aimee (501) 605-2051 or LeAnn (501) 425-5087 12 Douglas Road off HWY 89 N Cabot

Clean Up Those Dirty s! 20% Off UGG Cleaning With This Ad*

Speed & Agility • Coordination • Flexibility • Strength Conditioning • Nutrition • Fitness Fitness Bootcamps for adults of all ages and fitness levels. Our goal is to make sure you reach your goals.

Chi-Rho Sports & Fitness 501.551.6222 Justin B. Pickens, Owner

*Offer expires 2/29/12. Please allow 1 week for cleaning. Must present ad.

Premium Guaranteed Services: Mon - Fri SAME DAY Service, If Dropped Off By 9am 24-Hour Drop Off Service • Wedding Dresses Family Heirlooms • Quilts • Table Cloths • UGGs Cleaning

2516 Crestwood Road • North Little Rock • 501.753.5771 Store Hours: Mon - Fri 7am to 6pm • Sat 9am to Noon February 2012 savvy kids

| 67

Brody and Austin at Apostolic Church


Photos submitted

Brody Lambert and Austin Nguyen celebrated their December birthdays by inviting their friends to choose “Angels” from the Salvation Army Angel Tree and make Christmas wishes come true for those in need. Everyone enjoyed playing games like volleyball, basketball, air hockey, and more! The football cake and matching cupcake towers were created by Knight’s Grocery in Cabot and featured the two boys’ football numbers.

Lindsey and Jackson Photos by Kirby Tidwell

Lindsey and Jackson Alexander recently celebrated their birthdays with a festive reindeer-themed party at Party Central in Benton. Lindsey turned seven and Jackson was two. Guests enjoyed the many inflatables, games, and slides inside Party Central. The guests enjoyed a delicious cake which was made by Kristin Clemons. 1. Jackson and Lindsey Alexander 2. Cupcakes by Kristin Clemons 3. LIndsey Alexander 4. Vivian and Corina Carafello 5. Jackson Alexander 6. Austin and Jackson Alexander 7. Easton Alexander 8. Party! 9. Jackson & Colton Goudeau 10. Corina Carafello & Lindsey Alexander

3 8


9 1 5 2

6 7 68 | savvy kids FEBRUARY 2012


blue cake! savvy AD PROOF PROOFCOPY COPY KzDS Open House in the New Party Boutique


cupcakeS, petit fourS, & cookieS

Please contact contact your your rep rep with with approval approval or or changes: Please changes: Jennifer 590-2236  Laura 590-9140  Ronda 590-3340 Jennifer 590-2236  Laura 590-9140  Ronda 590-3340 Sabra 590-6992 or fax changes to 501-975-6780 Sabra 590-6992 or fax changes to 501-975-6780

™ ™

(501) 975-6776 February 26 1:30-4:30pm (501) 975-6776

Please respond respond by: by: __________________ __________________ Please

Hosted Theme Parties for Any Occasion

I understand that thisthis proof is provided so so that I may correct anyany typographical errors. I have checked this adad I understand that proof is provided that I may correct typographical errors. I have checked this thoroughly andand authorize it for publication. Kid’s Directory bears nono liability. thoroughly authorize it for publication. Kid’s Directory bears liability. AdsAds areare copyrighted andand intended forfor useuse solely in Kid’s Directory ofof Central Arkansas unless expressly authorized copyrighted intended solely in Kid’s Directory Central Arkansas unless expressly authorized by by publisher of Kid’s Directory. Using adsads produced by by Kid’s Directory in in other media will result in in a usage fee. publisher of Kid’s Directory. Using produced Kid’s Directory other media will result a usage fee.

Enchanted Princess • Garden Fairy • Hollywood Starlet Pampered Girl Spa • Rock Star Diva • Dance • Cheer Teddy Bear Tea • Elegant Vintage Tea • Pink Pizazz

buy 4, Get 2




4 . 0 .94 ixb 501.minn ww uth

. So 7W



• eet

*offer expires feb. 29, 2012. Must present this ad.


(501) 868-7771


Approved: ___________________________________________________ Approved: ___________________________________________________Date: Date:______________ ______________

6776 776


Grand Opening! February 26-29

PROOF COPY PROOF COPY Everything Everything

Please contact your rep with approval or changes: Please contact your rep with approvalorRonda changes: Jennifer 590-2236  Laura 590-9140 590-3340 Jennifer 590-2236  Laura 590-9140  Ronda 590-3340 Sabra 590-6992 or fax changes to 501-975-6780 Sabra 590-6992 or fax changes to 501-975-6780

You Need Need You to Get Get the the to Party Started! Started! Party

Please respond by: __________________ Please respond by: __________________

Everything you you need need Everything to get get the the party party started! started! to Little Rock

Little Rock 11218 Rodney Parham 11218 Rodney (Pleasant Valley Parham Plaza) (Pleasant Valley Plaza) 501-223-4929


North Little Rock North Little 4822 North HillsRock Blvd. 4822 North Hills Blvd. (off McCain, next to Kroger) (off501-978-3154 McCain, next to Kroger)



50Fayetteville West Joyce Blvd. 50 West (JoyceJoyce Plaza) Blvd. (Joyce Plaza) 479-571-2147 479-571-2147

Over 600 stores nationwide. Not responsible for typographical errors. Product selection and everyday low prices may vary by store. Party City reserves the right to limit quantities. Prices available at participating stores. Over 600 stores nationwide. Not responsible for typographical errors. Product selection and everyday low prices may vary by store. Party City reserves the right to limit quantities. Prices available at participating stores.

February 2012 savvy kids

| 69


Little Critter Mailboxes By Paige Hunter Parham

It’s February, and that means it’s time for school Valentine’s parties! It’s highly likely that your child will be asked to bring in a mailbox cleverly crafted from a shoe box. It can be hard to come up with fresh ideas every year, and sometimes simply wrapping construction paper around a box and adding a sticker or two won’t cut it. We’ve got some ideas to inspire some creativity – so grab a box and get to work! What you will need: Shoebox Glue Paint Small craft notions like pompoms, pipe cleaners, stickers, markers, foam or felt Directions: Start by making your box one solid color as a base for the head or body. We used tempera paint to cover the words on the boxes, but you can also use construction paper or even wrapping paper. Next, cut a hole for the valentines to go into. You don’t have to make it on the top – be creative! Our crocodile likes to eat valentines, and our little owl hides hers under a wing. Finally, put the decorative touches on to make your mailbox come alive. Eyes, mouths, antennae, arms, wings, and tails – your child will know best what features her creature needs! Some additional ideas we had were lady bug, dinosaur, shark, monkey, pig, and cat. We’d love to see your kids’ boxes – email pics to paige@ or post them on our Facebook page at www.facebook. com/SavvyKids.

70 | savvy kids February 2012





DEAL #57256

STOCK #8487

MSRP $18,100


1 . 8 0 0 . 8 5 6 . 0 5 9 7 G O G W A T N E Y. C O M February 2012 savvy kids

| 71

largest Behavioral health care hospital in arkansas for children and adolescents


GROWING! 12 NeW OutpatIeNt clINIcs seRvING adults aNd chIldReN Little Rock (2) • Hot Springs • Searcy Cabot • Batesville • Fordyce Helena • Marion • Forrest City Benton • Bryant • Arkadelphia

Our Goal Is To Continue Delivering Quality Behavioral Health Care Across Arkansas. We Have Expanded Our Services And Extended Our Hours To Better Serve Your Family.

pinnacle pointe BehavIORal healthcaRe system

Excellent family services by the most caring, professional staff in Arkansas

1.800.880.3322 11501 Financial Centre Pkwy. Little Rock, AR 72211

72 | savvy kids February 2012

Savvy Kids February 2012  

Savvy Kids

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